Saturday, January 5, 2013

Former Anthony Wiener In News Again

Anthony Wiener was accused of "sexting" pictures of himself.  He issued a denial.

Statement Analysis concluded the denial was technically:  Unreliable.

He then switched his story and said that his account was hacked.

Statement Analysis concluded:  Deception Indicated.

He continued to deny and his office asked that we stop posting analysis.

We did not, showing readership how it is that deception was indicated.

He finally admitted that he had lied.

Now, the original "fan" who takes credit for bringing down Wiener is speaking out.

Weiner sext gal apologizes on Facebook page for 'any pain I caused'

That wasn’t so hard.
Lisa Weiss, the sexy Las Vegas blackjack dealer who brought down Rep. Anthony Weiner in an explosive sexting scandal, has apologized on Facebook.
"So great to see you back! your wife and son are beautiful! please let me apologize again for any pain I caused your [sic] or the beautiful was unintentional,” she wrote in a September post that was discovered today. “I still think youare [sic] our liberal hero and we need you back in politics!!"
The apology appears under a photo of Weiner, his wife Huma Abedin - a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - and their son, Jordan Zane.

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner

Lisa Weiss
It was the same photo that graced the cover of People Magazine shortly after the couple's first child was born along with an interview.
In the carefully orchestrated sit-down, Weiner, 47, and his powerful wife, 37, tried to move the subject away from his embarrassing cyber-cheating scandal, in their first public remarks since he was forced out of Congress last year.
I really do feel like a very, very different person,” Weiner crowed to the mag at the time. “2011 was the best year of my life.”

Note qualifying of "different" includes the weak, "really" and the weaker, still, repeating of "very".  Also notice that he refers to himself as the gender neutral "person" and not "man."
Weiner has stayed out of the online limelight - only recently resurfacing after Hurricane Sandy.
The disgraced congressman, who resigned last June amid a sexting scandal, returned to Twitter in November for the first time since his post of a sexually explicit photo on the site ended his political career.
Weiner posted a link to a YouTube video that included a phone message left by a devastated resident of the Rockaways over a montage of scenes from the hurricane-battered neighborhood.
It was his first post since he tweeted a picture of his bulging crotch, which he eventually admitted was intended as a private message.
Sources say that Weiner has been volunteering in the Rockaways, which was part of his former congressional district, with his wife and Chelsea Clinton.
Political observers speculated Weiner’s Twitter return on the day after the presidential election, when attention begins to shift to next year’s mayoral race, indicates he is considering running for a citywide office.
Weiss first apologized to Abedin during an interview with "Inside Edition."
At the time, Weiss swore she only wanted to chat politics with the lewd lawmaker, but he quickly steered the conversation to his sexual fantasies.
"I was very shocked at the beginning," she told "Inside Edition." "I would want to talk politics. But he would turn it creepy."
Weiss said she feels "terrible" about flirting with a married man.
"I'm very sorry. I was single. I had a crush on him," she said.


John Mc Gowan said...

He continued to deny and his office asked that we stop posting analysis.

Dont you just love SA.


Frannie said...

I feel bad for his wife. Funny, in a way, she works for Hilary Clinton...get my drift?

Anonymous said...

He said"a man loves his wife"NOT "I love MY wife"!!!!!

ME said...


Anonymous said...

Actually Frannie, I don't feel quite so bad for his wife. She had/has the option to put him out of her life. Is he holding a gun to her head and forcing her to stay with him?

No woman has to stay with a humiliating scumbag; especially one who is as beautiful as she is, young, intelligent, well educated, and with an excellent income in her own right.

It's not like she couldn't make it without him and is at his mercy. She could replace and do better than this piece of filth in a heartbeat. Love? Ain't no way you can "love" a man like this who has dishonored and humiliated you in every way. What's to love? So she has a baby; no way would I allow his disgusting influence around my child.

And no, she doesn't work FOR Hilary. She works UNDER Hilary for the US Government.

So what was your drift?

Trigger said...

Anthony Wiener sends racy photos of himself to a woman that he wants to impress for future sexual purposes, so he doesn't care that it might hurt his wife and political aspirations because his lust comes first.

Now, his former interest says she is sorry for any hurt that she might have caused him.

She failed to keep his secret because? She thought that he was creepy.

There you have it. If Mr. Wiener had not been so creepy to her then he could have persuaded her to stay quiet and avoid all this public humiliation for sharing his personal preference photos with her. His wife would have never known and he could have kept up the behavior with many more women.

This woman effectively put an end to his antics and made him count the costs of his reckless indifference.

Pak31 said...

To Anon 1:36. Even though his wife chose to stay with him doesn't mean you can't feel bad that he did this to her. Not everyone leaves their spouse in a bad situation. Some choose to forgive and move forward. It was her choice to stay with him and I respect her for that, if she's truly doing it because they want to make it work. THere is no law that says you have to divorce if your spouse cheats. It takes a strong person to keep going like that. It has to do with how she feels not if she's capable of surviving financially without him. I think Frannie's comment about Hilary Clinton has to do with the fact that her husband Bill, cheated on her during their marriage.

Anonymous said...

Pak31, Hilary Clinton had way more at stake than Weiner's wife does or ever could. To begin with, Hilary has been in politics her entire adult life, her college major and life has been devoted to working her way up the political ladder and not just for her husband's benefit, albeit she is the one who projected Bill forward and fought mightily for him to become governor and then president; all being to her own political benefit.

She is/was a shrewd woman who recognized her husband's abilities and made him into what he became. She knew he cheated on her, still she hung in there having far more at stake than the pain of other women. Her solution was to take the tiger by the tail, so to speak. There was NO WAY Hilary would allow any little snippet to destroy what she had built up. Nor would I; smart woman, Hilary Clinton.

Bill could have had any woman he wanted but pursued Hilary, recognizing her qualities and the benefits she would become in his political career when he met her in college and subsequently married her. I think in his own way Bill loves Hilary, but was a player, good looking, a smooth operator who always had women throwing themselves at his feet; then Hilary would have to swallow his crap for the sake of her own future and put him back in his place and keep going. I admire that.

There is a HUGE difference between Hilary and Weiner's wife, Huma.

Anonymous said...

Pak31; This internet porno babe who came forward recently isn't the only one Weiner had been having lewd dalliances with on the internet.

His hard drive was found to have numerous firecracker hot lewd and suggestive emails, exposed penis photos and porno posts going on for a long period of time, both coming from his home during midnight hours while supposedly sleeping in bed with his wife and from his offices during supposed work hours. MANY of these obscene emails were to underage young women, some he was soliciting were just out of their pre-teens.

He is a nasty nasty individual who did NOT love his wife or anyone else; or even respect himself, nor did he care about the lives and reputations of these young girls he was exposing himself too, which is illegal, BTW. He is IN FACT, a pedophile exposing himself to young women. So this one who came forward just happened to be a little older? Purely accidental. There were many who were not older.

And his wife would STAY with him, LOVE him? What's to love? While I may feel bad for her that she made such a bad decision in the man she chose to marry and for the disgrace he brought upon her, I certainly do not feel bad for her in her choice to stay with him. "Love" him? I would despise him for what he did to me. Ewww.... perish the thought that he would ever touch me again!

Weiner is what he is, and this is what he IS. Just a filthy lewd sickening nasty porn hack. He will NOT change, that's what he is. There is NO WAY I would sacrifice the rest of my life to stay married to such a piece of garbage like Weiner is; give up all my youth for this POS? No way. I would have had him padlocked outside my door the day I learned what he had been doing all along, with a restraining order stuck under his nose.

Anonymous said...

These were more than just "racy" photos, Tigger. OF COURSE he was attempting to lure her in for future sexual episodes; her and many others, INCLUDING underage women!

How hard would it be to conclude that he had already been having sexual liasons with other women/young girls he had picked up on the internet? huh! Very easy. Any sane thinking woman would automatically know this had been and was his ultimate goal.

Is this wife stupid or what? Any wife would STAY with this kind of man, who has completely shattered and destroyed her self-esteem as a woman? Then she's a pathetic woman, giving her life away for the crumbs.

Trigger said...

Hi Anon 8:13

I agree about your assessment of Anthony Wiener.

He may have shattered and destroyed his wife, but if refuses to leave this lewd exhibitionist who uses the internet for picking up sexual partners, then she must have a reason.

Maybe she feels safe in a marriage with a man like him because he isn't aggressive with her and she privately enjoys his antics.

Trigger said...

Hi Anon 8:13

I agree about your assessment of Anthony Wiener.

He may have shattered and destroyed his wife, but if refuses to leave this lewd exhibitionist who uses the internet for picking up sexual partners, then she must have a reason.

Maybe she feels safe in a marriage with a man like him because he isn't aggressive with her and she privately enjoys his antics.

Sus said...

I think it's strange she's staying with him, also. He's no Bill Clinton in that he will not have a political future for her to want to be a part of. Wiener is what he is, and his words show he isn't changing to a better person. If anyone has a bright future, it's Huma...without him. The only reason I can come up with is that she is a co-dependent to his sexual deviance and narcisstic behavior.

Sus said...

OT Speaking of narcissists...I watched a Nancy Grace show on Jody Arias (sp ) last night. Now she is a classic narcissist! I believe she killed in a rage over the narcissist injury of him wanting to not see her at all and planning a vacation with another woman.

Trigger said...

"The only reason I can come up with is that she is a co-dependent to his sexual deviance and narcissistic behavior"

Or she has a long term and short term goals that would be thwarted or interrupted by a divorce.

This is a woman who has her own feminine identity apart from her husband, just like Hillary Clinton, so she can be unmoved and steadfast no matter what her husband does or does not do, if it interferes with her personal and/or professional goals.

Hillary Clinton has my respect because she did not let Bill's unbecoming, embarrassing behavior stop her from achieving her goals. She has remained focused on her goals in spite of Bill's glaring personal defects, that were publicly humiliating to everyone who believed Bill Clinton, on a national scale.

I see both of these women as courageous and intelligent because they have suffered severe public humiliation and still remained faithful to themselves.

"To thine own self be true." This quote is without qualifiers or exceptions.

Anonymous said...

I do not for one minute see Huma Weiner as being courageous and intelligent just because she has suffered public humiliation. She is little more than a pathetic nitwit by staying with this disgusting man, degrading her own self and forever destroying her own femininity and self-esteem.

In fact, she sells herself short in questioning her own intelligence, not holding her shoulders back, walking tall and putting his sorry ass out. Dingbat Elliot Spritzer's wife did the same thing, having nothing to gain by staying with her fool of a husband, making herself out to be nothing more than a fool too.

Trigger, I gather that you are a little naive and self-sacrificing, always looking for excuses and justification? Sometimes there isn't any.

Trigger said...

I don't see Anthony Wiener's behavior as reflection of Huma's character, not did I see Bill's behavior as a reflection of Hillary's character.

Yes, I may be a little naive and self-sacrificing.

"always looking for excuses and justification?"

That's an "all truism" that doesn't pass the straight face test. Look at your own motives, please.

Trigger said...

"He continued to deny and his office asked us to stop posting analysis."

This seems to be standard procedure when a public official is caught doing something that is illegal, immoral, or unethical.

They deny until the evidence invalidates them, but statement analysis gets to the truth before the evidence is uncovered.