Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is There Movement in the Baby Ayla Case?

                    Is there movement in the case of missing Maine toddler, Ayla Reynolds?

After an early January meeting with Trista Reynolds, have officials come closer to an indictment?

Officials met with Trista Reynolds earlier this month and reviewed with her the evidence in the case, including items found in the Kennebec River that are relevant to the case. 

In what has become a silent stand still, Baby Ayla was reported missing by her father in December of 2011.  

He portrayed the child as kidnapped from the small home in Waterville, that is owned by his mother.  From that 911 call, still unreleased, a steady stream of deception has emerged. 

                                Behavioral Analysis

When a child goes missing, the percentages say that someone in the house is responsible for the disappearance of the child.  

When a child goes missing, parental instinct is observed in action, that is, analysis of the parent's behavior is made. 

1.  Does the parent call out to the child?
2.  Does the parent cooperate with police?
3.  Does the parent take a polygraph?
4.  Does the parent pass the polygraph?

The well known critical first 48 hours is where most of the Behavioral Analysis is concluded.  

An innocent parent of a missing child will call out to the child.  This is no different than a parent who cannot find a toddler at a supermarket:  the parent calls out to the child, and calls out to workers to help find the child.  It is natural and reflexive in nature.  It is not anything that needs to be taught, nor counseled to do.  

Police follow a similar pattern:  The child goes missing so police facilitate the means of which a parent can, publicly, call out to the child and/or the kidnappers.  Communication is key. 

If a parent, at Walmart for example, has a toddler wander off, and were to decide, "I will not look for her, nor call out to her.  I will just go home..." we may safely conclude that the parent does not want the child found. 

It is the same with missing children and police. 

As police move into emergency mode, the media is contacted so that a public statement can be made.  This is where police will assist the parent in addressing the kidnapper, personalizing the child, address and comfort the child, and alert the public to the child's name and appearance.  

It is done very quickly. 

If a parent does not immediately cooperate with this facilitation of information, it is the same thing as the parent in Walmart getting in his car and driving home without looking for the child.

The parent does not want the child found. 

We saw this in the case of missing 7 year old Isabel Celis, where the parents held off police for almost 5 days before they agreed to go before the cameras on behalf of their daughter. 

Police knew.

In the case of Baby Ayla, the father, Justin DiPietro, refused to call out for Ayla.  When pressured into making a statement by Trista Reynolds, he claimed to be "emotionally incapable" of calling out to the kidnapper or his child.  

Police knew. 

In any and every investigation, just as in every and any interview, the police will have a distinct feeling from the parent:

Either the parent is doing everything he or she can to help me find the child (Elizabeth Smart's parents) 


the parent is hindering the flow of information. 

It is black and white, without gray. 

This is Behavioral Analysis, 101, the first hours of a missing child report.  

The innocent parent does not care about his or her "emotional needs"; all the parent cares about is the safety of the child.  (Desiree Young, mother of missing 7 year old Kyron Horman). 

Like the parent at Walmart who will not be silenced, nor leave without the child, so it is that innocent parents of missing children react, instinctively, to help the child by helping the police. 

Parents that seek to hinder, delay, or keep police at arm's length (John and Patsy Ramsey) have reason to do so.

Liars often react in a very embittered and often emboldened manner when accused.  This is why many will take polygraphs, believing, from years of successful lying, that they will "beat" or "smoke" the machine. 

They do not. 

Billie Jean Dunn, mother of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, had to be challenged into taking a polygraph regarding the disappearance of her daughter.  When she finally, along with boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, agreed and actually showed up, she did so under the influence of drugs, believing she would beat the machine. 

Sent home, red faced and embarrassed, she was forced to return and take the polygraph. 

She and Shawn Adkins both failed the polygraph, just as Justin DiPietro, father of Baby Ayla, did. 

In the case of Baby Ayla Reynolds, the failed polygraph, the subsequent statements, the life insurance policy against the child, the DNA/blood sample in the basement are all consistent with the Behavioral Analysis of the opening days of this case.  

Are officials now set to present their case to a Grand Jury in Maine to see if a Grand Jury will vote for indictment of those in the household?

We await word of such plans by officials responsible for bringing justice to Ayla Reynolds.  


rob said...

I hope and pray, this will be the case.

BostonLady said...

I agree Rob. As an outsider looking in on the Baby Ayla case, they have enough to move forward to prosecute the 3 adults who will not talk. Perhaps if the state does move forward to prosecute, the 3 will realize this isn't going away and they will finally tell the real story. Maybe even the uncaring grandmother will come forward.

In the Isabel Celis case, the only thing the parents are asking for are "prayers" for Isabel. They don't even pretend to want to find her. The police in that case seem to be more tight lipped about what they have found but given they do not have any other suspects named, they appear to be focusing on the parents.

As for the Hailey Dunn case, I'm praying there are arrests soon and this goes to trial - unless Billie and Shawn confess ! I believe if one talks, the other will roll and the finger pointing will take them both down. It's already happened on FB. I'll post below or this will be too long.

Anonymous said...

The Isabel case breaks my heart. Being from Tucson I am so frustrated to see the family going on like nothing happened. 2 weeks after she vanished they were attending baseball games and acting like no big deal. So strange it's hard to wrap your mind around such behavior.

BostonLady said...

The following was posted by Billie Dunn on December 17, 2012. Billie is no longer in love with Shawn or protecting him.

Billie Jean Dunn: Not just the camera proves this,but also his former boss says he didnt leave a thing in his locker,also I asked a trusted member of LE where the coveralls were,to which he stated,theyve never been found,now why is Shawn lying about taking me to work Monday when LE has already confirmed someone else did,there are cameras at the hospital where I was dropped off. Why is he denying failing a second polly in Dallas? Why did he lie & say he was with his mom all day Tues when infact he never went there

Billie Jean Dunn: And he has threatened every male coworker I ever had,Snyder PD has many reports from my friends there,but now youre a suspect in Haileys disappearance & you are dumb enough to msg my best friend,who I do love dearly, & threaten his children if he doesnt stay away from me. You are a disgusting pathetic waste,yes please keep talking. I cant believe it took me so long to see what a homicidal maniac monster you are. You will be made to answer,you will pay!

Billie Jean Dunn: There aren't any words to describe this sadistic,vile,decieving,split personalitied monster,but he is everything we think he is.

Billie Jean Dunn: Why did his uncle come from Houston Tues? why not come on christmas? Shawn why were you in Dunn for 5 hours Tues & you never made an appearance at your grandmas?

Billie Jean Dunn: Then you told LE you couldnt remember what roads you were cruising there,come on,you grew up there. Theres gotta be less then 8 roads

Billie Jean Dunn: who made the scratches on your hand on Dec 27th 2010?

Billie Jean Dunn: I know what you are,we all see it,I detest you

Billie Jean Dunn: Why is he still lying about the darn coveralls & the other polly that his mommy paid for.

Billie Jean Dunn: Why wouldnt Shawn return Officer Alexanders messages pleading for a description of what Hailey was wearing the day I reported her missing? Why start off noncompliant

Billie Jean Dunn: Get over it,I never loved u,u always cried & made me feel sorry for your pathetic self & now u can't stand that u can't have me

Billie Jean Dunn: Also,I'd like to know why,on the day remains were found in Big Spring,many of my friends & family called & left messages for me,why would Shawn not tell me & why was Shawn so insitant on not going? True he knew he would be staying,as I had been begging him to leave for months,but why was he so sure that it wasnt her & I didnt need to go be with David?

Billie Jean Dunn: Every day Im filled with more doubt about him & Ive learned so much this last year & especially the last month or so. I will continye to hold out hope,but I will also do everything in my power to make the beast talk

Billie Jean Dunn: Then he let his mom spend 1,000$ on another polly from a well noted, renowned pollygrapher when he knew he would fail again.

Billie Jean Dunn: Nothing he has said checks out. Here it is 2 years later & LE still cannot clear you!

Billie Jean Dunn: Yes he called his mom @ 11am,from what verizon says,she first said he told her Hailey went missing before she took her lunch break,until they informed her I called David at noon looking for her,then she said,well maybe he told me after lunch.

Billie Jean Dunn: Shawn was not told by us that Hailey was missing til around 2

Billie Jean Dunn: Why would Shawn go to his moms Monday,log in & google a pic of a decomposing body?

Frannie said...

If there is a legal move against Justin, Courtney, and Elisha can Courtney and Elisha's children temporarily be taken away by CPS? Would that action get them to talk? I imagine the gal that has Justin's other child thanks her lucky stars everyday she kicked him out of her child's life!

Frannie said...

Boston Lady- thanks for the posts regarding Billie Dunn. Sounds like the wheels are coming off the cart! Can you post the link to that Facebook page? Thanks again!

Elisha said...

"Officials met with Trista Reynolds earlier this month and reviewed with her the evidence in the case, including items found in the Kennebec River that are relevant to the case"

The items found in the river are relevent to to the case.
I asumme that you have verified this with Trista, Thanks for the scoop. When I repeat this fact I'll be sure to give credit to you.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


would police show items from the Kennebec River to the mother of a missing child that were unrelated to the case?

Do you think they showed her old shoes, fishing hooks, and strewn garbage?

When the police spokesman said items were shown, it presupposes relevancy.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
The Isabel case breaks my heart. Being from Tucson I am so frustrated to see the family going on like nothing happened. 2 weeks after she vanished they were attending baseball games and acting like no big deal. So strange it's hard to wrap your mind around such behavior.

January 29, 2013 at 12:37 PM >>

This is a well taken point.

What would devastation of NOT KNOWING look like in a parent? See Desiree Young.

It reminds me of Baby Lisa's parents going Trick o Treating with the cameras present.


As to Isabel, the parents were already dealing with the death and were processing it, justifying things in their own minds (my opinion), similar to the Ramseys.

Anonymous said...

Peter, when did MSP said they showed Trista the items from the river? I know Trista had said they (for many months now) planned to show her the items, but I have not seen statements from either her or MSP that they ever did.

Ben's article from after the meeting earlier this month doesn't say that. http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/investigators-meet-with-trista-reynolds_2013-01-04.html
If you have a source you can share I'm sure plenty of people would be interested.

BostonLady said...

Here you go Frannie. I only copied over Billie's statements. There is more on the page from others. Billie has told people that she has met with "her" FBI guy. I'm guessing she has spilled all of this to them about Shawn.


BostonLady said...

Peter Hyatt said...


would police show items from the Kennebec River to the mother of a missing child that were unrelated to the case?

Do you think they showed her old shoes, fishing hooks, and strewn garbage?

When the police spokesman said items were shown, it presupposes relevancy.


January 29, 2013 at 2:22 PM

Excellent points Peter !!!

Anonymous said...

The "not knowing" has been killing me and I am not the parent. How can a parent go on like normal and at the same time keep up the act and keep up the Facebook posts and fundraising and fake dispair? I have such a hard time imagining the thought process inside their heads. I guess that's why it is easier for most people to believe them and give them the benefit of a doubt rather than acknowledge that such pure evil exists.

Tania Cadogan said...

Why then isn't billie talking to LE and throwing shawn under the bus if she knows he murdered he daughter?

The reason she isn't is becaus she herself is involved and knows if she throws him under the bus he is going to take her with him.

She talks the talk but won't walk the walk.

Remember they both failed polygraphs, something she conveniently forgets to mention.

BostonLady said...

Hobs.. supposedly Billie is speaking with the FBI and sharing this information. Of course, I'm sure she is only sharing the info that points to Shawn's guilt and continues to paint herself as the victim in all of this!

Frannie said...

thanks, Boston Lady!

Dee said...

I hadn't heard they showed her items from the river when they met with her.

"Are officials now set to present their case to a Grand Jury in Maine to see if a Grand Jury will vote for indictment of those in the household?"

I hope so. I would think they have more than enough to go to a Grand Jury for indictment. That doesn't mean it's enough for a conviction, but if indicted it might loosen some lips.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter-
I'm hoping your hinting at something to come for Ayla Reynolds' case! :0). I pray often this precious angel gets her justice.

I am from Maine & it's been very disappointing not seeing more action from LE. I've lost some respect in LE over this.

As far as BJD I think she's trying to (obviously) position herself away from SA. And more importantly, trying to sway a jury pool.

Vita said...

Peter, questions for you

Two video's found, news, reports, Ayla Reynolds Missing

This video, article dated: 12/20/2011
3 days later, after she reported missing by her bio donor.

snip: A state police forensic team arrived at the house around 11:00 Monday morning. Both vehicles in the driveway were impounded. * Comment made by reporter: We haven't been able to reach Justin Dipietro for comment. Police outside his house say he was not there Monday.

*The video shows Justin's SUV, and Robert's vehicle parked behind his, State Police Forensic van behind her car. 72 hours later, they were or were not allowed to use their vehicles? in terms of impounding could they from onset be told to leave their vehicles as they were, when the report was made? The LE activity to view to the neighbors, the house, a crime scene, not anything less.

Link: http://www.wabi.tv/news/26139/search-continues-for-missing-toddler-community-holding-out-hope-shes-safe

12/22/2011 two days later, as it is shown MSP was there on Monday with a forensic team. The house now covered in yellow crime tape, who arrives to the scene? two men from the State of Maine, Deputy Attorney Generals.

Waterville - New developments in the Ayla Reynolds case. The Maine State Police forensic team is back at the Violette Avenue home where Ayla went missing over the weekend.

Shortly after the forensic team arrived Deputy Attorneys General Andrew Benson and Bill Stokes arrived on scene. Benson and Stokes spent about 30 minutes inside the forensic truck before putting on plastic gloves and boots and headed inside the house.

Video: http://www.wabi.tv/news/26225/breaking-forensic-team-dep-ags-at-home-where-ayla-reynolds-disappeared

Peter, can you please explain why these two men were called in, to meet with attending forensic officers first, then to go inside the house itself, in protective clothing. Isn't it the job of both men to investigate " Homicides". They to be called 5 days after Ayla's vanishing, to be a part of the investigation? correct? Therefore within the 5th day, Ayla's case, forensic evidence found, they were called in? for this purpose or? I do not know the answers, hoping you can help clarify.

The name of the one, Mr. Benson, he in the news of late. Benson is prosecuting the case against an 11-year-old girl who is charged in the manslaughter in the death of 3-month-old Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway.
The difference between the two cases is they have precious little Brooklyn's body. Ayla is not found. She not found, is no different than Brooklyn. They, these two men, Deputy Attorney Generals to be called in, leads me to believe there was enough evidence (5th day) to substantiate Ayla did not vanish from the house on Violette Ave " Alive".

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say, but I'm done with the Hailey Dunn case. What a mess of characters, and the facebook drama among supposed grown ups is ridiculous. What does that Bea Wacker person do with herself all day when there are no discussions ongoing? She seems to immediately be available to comment on every post and tell people to go away. (I missed the announcement where she purchased the Internet.) All of the other people yacking about online affairs, harrassment, insults, curse words etc -- it's embarrassing to even read anymore. Poor Hailey. I'm questioning whether there will ever be an indictment (and it is my personal belief that both BD and SA know what happened to her), but at the same time, if she were to miraculously show up alive, are the people arguing with one another on the facebook pages the kind of people we would want at her welcome home party? The Hailey facebook pages have disintegrated into nothing more than forums for hatred and cruelty. It isn't about Hailey anymore at all.

Vita said...

Portion of bio, of the one man named, William Stokes, he and Andrew Benson (below) were at 29 Violette house on 12/22/2011

Criminal Division

Division Profile: William R. Stokes, Chief; 15 AAG’s; 2 program directors; 2 victim witness advocates; 1 paralegal; 3 senior legal secretaries; 1 account clerk.

The Division is responsible for all homicide prosecutions in the State of Maine (with the exception of vehicular manslaughter cases); for providing significant support to the prosecution of drug-related crimes through six AAG’s specializing in this area; interstate extraditions; and handling appeals in criminal cases arising from the Criminal Division and as needed and as requested by the eight elected District Attorneys.

Cannot find a Bio on Benson, alike the one above, Stokes.

From Presser, one year later, Ayla's Missing.

Speculation and contradiction

In the beginning, it was a missing persons case. Then, it was classified as an abduction. Then the foul play declaration. Now, it has once again been classified a missing persons case, the third unsolved missing child investigation in Maine in the last 40 years.

A week after the toddler's disappearance, Maine's top two homicide investigators, Andrew Benson and William Stokes from the attorney general's office, were seen at the house.

Stokes said the case has been enormously complicated and that the processing of evidence has been painstaking.

If any charges are filed, they likely would come from his office. Asked whether the state could legitimately bring charges with no body and no weapon, Stokes said it has happened before.

"It poses complications, certainly," he said. "If we do charge, we only get one shot, so we have to make the best case."

"has been" it isn't complicated any longer? this a direct quote? as it is written is cannot be taken as words stated.

Anonymous said...

" They, these two men, Deputy Attorney Generals to be called in, leads me to believe there was enough evidence (5th day) to substantiate Ayla did not vanish from the house on Violette Ave " Alive".

-I couldn't agree more! From what I know & have seen from the MSP - the AG's office doesn't go out unless it is something very bad criminally. I knew, when I saw the AG's office there, something terrible happened to Ayla. :0(

Apple said...

My son is the same age Ayla was when she met tragedy at the hands of someone she loved and trusted. I think of Ayla often and although she was here for a short time, she changed my life and the life of my son.

Tania Cadogan said...

Me i wonder if you are the same one who posts on the complete mystery of Madeleine McCann?

~ABC said...

Of Billie Jean Dunn's comments the one thing that jumps off the page at me is her using the word "darn". Really? TOTALLY out of character and seems an attempt to paint herself as Polly Purebred now that she's decided to turn on Simon Sinister.

It seems more to be her way of trying to manipulate Shawn. Dangling threats but never making one directly.

Pixie Hollow Yarn said...

I do know that Trista was shown items by the MSP and they explained to her why they felt Ayla was no longer alive. Jeff emailed me today and did share that with me. He did not elaborate as to what the items were or why they felt Ayla was deceased and I did not ask nor will I. I assumed that based on the reports that investigators planned on meeting her to show her items and then the report that she finally did meet with them that It would only make sense that they finally did show her the items and they have already shown them to the paternal family so must believe they are related to Ayla if showing them to Trista after all this time.

Good article Peter will a great analogy of guilty parents getting in their cars and leaving Walmart without their missing child.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I don't know if we can find something more ironic than an anonymous posting insisting that a source be revealed.

Perhaps one thing...

follow up taunting to have a source revealed.

Anonymous said...


"When the police spokesman said items were shown, it presupposes relevancy."

I do not know why you'd be so offended by being asked for the source where MSP says this. If it was said by the spokesman, assumably McCausland, it must be out there for the public to confirm somewhere.

In a case full of rumors that get spread around as supposed facts, some people would like to be able to better discern between the two.

Lemon said...

Help! Help! I'm being kept from being better discerning…


Some People

~ABC said...

lol @Lemon! ;-)

BostonLady said...

It seems we must have a member of Casey Anthony's jury under the guise of Anonymous or Elisha. They are unable to use common sense and put 2 and 2 together. This, even after Peter so nicely clarified the statement above.

Anonymous said...

I know whats more ironic. Lying in the comments of a deception detection blog! Sometimes I learn more from the reactions than I do the articles!

Tania Cadogan said...

Lemon said...
Help! Help! I'm being kept from being better discerning…


Some People

~cue Monty Python sketch~

Lemon said...


Juli Henry said...

Here's a similar case, http://washingtonexaminer.com/manassas-dad-took-out-560k-policy-on-toddler-before-death/article/2519911

The dad is accused of killing the baby for insurance money, so it is a lot like this case. There are lots of statements made by both parents if you click on the link. What do you think of this case?

Marz said...

Is there any movement in the Baby Lisa case? :( I have been unable to find anything new online. Is Deborah Bradley going to be charged?