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Janice Dickerson Accuses Bill Cosby of Rape

Statement Analysis of one of the other victims is HERE where a transcript of the interview exists.  In the article below, there is only broken quotes.  

This is from NY

Supermodel Janice Dickinson has shockingly claimed she was drugged and sexually attacked by Bill Cosby in 1982.
The former “America’s Next Top Model” judge is the latest woman to come forward with allegations of being attacked by Cosby years ago.
Dickinson told “Entertainment Tonight” Tuesday she was summoned by Cosby to Lake Tahoe to discuss a role on “The Cosby Show” and so he could advise her on “a singing career.”
But the meeting took a disturbing turn, she claims, after the comic legend offered her a glass of wine and a pill.

 “The next morning I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas,” she told “ET.” “I remember before I passed out thinking that I had been sexually assaulted . . . Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember he was dropping his robe and getting on top of me.” 

She added: “I remember a lot of pain . . . I remember waking up with my pajamas off and there was semen in between my legs.”

Dickinson met Cosby for career advice after being in rehab for drugs and alcohol. She says that years later she wanted to write about the incident in a 2002 memoir, but Cosby and his lawyers pressured her to leave it out.

“I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do . . . and this is the true story,” Dickinson, 59, said of going public. “I was afraid of the consequences.” And, “I believe all the other women.” 

She said angrily about Cosby, whom she never confronted, “How dare you take advantage of me? . . . Go f - - k yourself . . . And I hope you rot.”


john said...

OT Update:

Tuesday marks two-year anniversary of Dylan Redwine's death

Anonymous said...

"The former “America’s Next Top Model” judge"

"and this is the true story,” Dickinson, 59"

Sounds like someones 15 minutes ran out!

Skeptical said...

I have a hard time believing anything Janice Dickinson says. She has a deep seated need for attention and her speech is filled with exaggeration and hyperbole. For instance. her claim to inventing the use of the word supermodel. The term was first used to describe Twiggy back in the 60's.

Also one part of her story was not included. According to AOL, "Dickinson says they had dinner in Lake Tahoe, and claims that he gave her a glass of red wine and a pill, which she asked for because she was menstruating and had stomach pains." If this is true, the rest of the description of her condition upon awakening does not ring true. What was she doing in pajamas if she went to have dinner with him. Did she bring them along to his room?

C5H11ONO said...

“The next morning I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas,” she told “ET.” “I remember before I passed out thinking that I had been sexually assaulted . . . Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember he was dropping his robe and getting on top of me.”
--Isn't this out of order?
She discusses:
1. “The next morning I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas,”
--She also took ownership of her pajamas, which she states in the negative. What room was she in? Was she in her room?

2. "I remember before I passed out thinking that I had been sexually assaulted
--Now she is speaking of a time before she woke up and before she passed out.

3. Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember he was dropping his robe and getting on top of me.”
--Now she jumps to a time after she passed out, but before she woke up in the morning.

She added: “I remember a lot of pain . . . I remember waking up with my pajamas off and there was semen in between my legs.”
--She took ownership of her pajamas.

Because this happened in 1982 and over 30 years have transpired, I am not certain if this would cause someone to recall out of order. Her pajamas are sensitive to her.

Skeptical said...

Also Janice Dickerson is a vengeful person. Eileen Ford of the Ford Model Agency in New York rejected her when she was trying to break into modeling and made some unflattering comments on her looks. After she became well known, Janice Dickinson joined the rival Casablanca agency and got some of the top models at the Ford agency to join her. She admitted it was revenge aimed at Eileen Ford.

In her book she said that Bill Cosby blew off any attempts to help her in her career when she refused to sleep with him. Now she accuses him of rape. She can't have it both ways. Is this version of what happened the truth or an attempt at revenge?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Janice Dickson at all. When I listened to her interview I had several red flags pop up. That said, I do believe other accounts of his abuse. I do not doubt he did this to several women. I believe that Janice Dickerson is trying to cash in for the attention.

Anonymous said...

This article cuts out some key parts of the quotes in my opinion. From the ET article:

Dickerson is quoted as saying, "The next morning I woke up, and was not wearing my pajamas, and I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man."

It seems odd that she used the words "this man" since "this" usually indicates closeness and is a strange word choice for a victim to use when referring to her attacker.


john said...

The rape allegations against Bill Cosby are a classic case of he said/she she she she she she she she she she she she she she, she said - and 15 women can’t all be lying

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any of these women. why 20-30 even 40 years later, give me a break!

john said...

EXCLUSIVE: 'I thought he could kill me.' Lawyer who is FIFTH Bill Cosby assault victim to speak out reveals she was so drugged up by the comic 'I couldn't control my body, I couldn't walk, I thought I was dying'

Retired California attorney Tamara Green, 66, brands the comic legend a 'sexual predator'
Green claims the star gave her pills when she was sick with the flu and pretended to care for her
Cosby stripped her naked, groped and kissed her as she screamed for help
She says she felt intimidated by the actor's power and influence in Los Angeles and feared she wouldn't be believed if she came forward
She says he should come clean and admit that the fame and money went to his head and 'he lost control'

Read more:

Sally said...

Dickinson is prob the least reliable of the accusers. But even flakey attention seekers can be telling the truth. I got the impression that for many years she wasn't 100% sure what really happened that night. Now with the other women coming forward, she is convinced that she was in fact raped that night.

GetThem said...

I was trying to SA this earlier today and this is the part of the paragraph that wasn't on your blog: "The next morning I woke up, and I wasn't wearing my pajamas, and I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man," she tells ET. "... Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me. And I remember a lot of pain. The next morning I remember waking up with my pajamas off and there was semen in between my legs." -------------

I noticed she switched from calling him "this man" to Bill Cosby... why? The rest of her statement in this paragraph is consistent and it helps that she does not say "we" anywhere in her statement. I believe her.

GetThem said...

I think her statement is also hard to read, you have to really read it slowly or it seems out of order. But just because she had pajamas doesn't mean they hadn't planned on staying the weekend but were supposed to be in different rooms. Once drugged, he could go into her room. There is a gap of missing time between after dinner and getting ready for bed, but if she was passed out that would explain it. Sorry, but to the other commenter, I say so what if she takes ownership of her pajamas. I take ownership of mine too!!!

Maybe said...

Cosby jokes about drugging women

Maybe said...

“Stuffing feelings of rape and my unresolved issues with this incident has drove me into a life of trying to hurt myself because I didn’t have counsel and I was afraid,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

“I was afraid of the consequences,” Dickinson told ET. “I was afraid of being labeled a whore or a slut and trying to sleep my way to the top of a career that never took place.”

Maybe said...

Dickinson said Cosby was a bad guy, in 2006 interview

Dickinson continued, "The guy's a bad guy, he's not a nice guy. He preys on women who just come out of rehab. I'll say that."

Read more:
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Maybe said...

former prosecutor who declined to bring charges against Bill Cosby a decade ago said Wednesday that he wishes he could've nailed the comedian on an allegation that he drugged and molested a woman at his Pennsylvania home.

"Did I think he probably did something inappropriate? Yes. Did I think that I could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt based on available, credible and admissible evidence? No, I didn't," he said.

Anonymous said...

Wish there was a way to search past blogs. Wondering if you statement analyzed the Menendez brothers.

Maybe said...

ave zero evidence that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted or made unwanted sexual advances on anyone. But I do believe the growing number of women coming forward to say they were raped by Cosby or that he made unwanted sexual advances toward them. Here’s why…

Bill Cosby never hit on me and was never seductive in any way. But I remember how intimidating and menacing he was all the same. I met him when I was assigned to write a feature story on him for the Associated Press in February 1992.

john said...

Ex-prosecutor wanted to charge Bill Cosby but lacked evidence

Maybe said...

Sus said...

I believe Janice Dickinson. I don't know why her account is out of order. Possibly how and what questions were asked, or how the writer pieced it together. She uses first person throughout. She states her feeling of pain at the end.

Most convincing to me is her focus on undress...her pajamas and his robe. It shows a lack of control in the situation. She may have been there to further her career by sleeping with BC. As a matter of fact, that shows sensitivity in her statement. But he took all control away from her by giving wine to a person just out of rehab and drugging her.

john said...

Bill Cosby REFUSES to comment on sex assault allegations as he sits next to his wife - and then asks reporter to censor footage

Bill Cosby was asked to respond to recent allegations, with his wife Camille by his side, and said he had 'no response' and 'no comment'
The actor was noticeably upset and agitated as his wife Camille just tried to smile through it all
Cosby then demanded that that part of his interview never air, as his publicist yelled at the reporter for asking the question
The interview was conducted on November 6 but is only now being released
The AP have revealed they released the video now that more women have come forward to say they were drugged and raped by Cosby

Read more:

impulsive said...

@getthem : I think the change of language you were asking about was because he was "Bill Cosby" when referring to the last thing she remembered BEFORE the alleged rape occurred - he is then "this man" after

C5H11ONO said...

"I remember waking up with my pajamas off"
-I Janice remembers waking up with HER pajamas off, then she is also acknowledging that at some point she had HER pajamas ON at some point prior to Cosby's attack. If she was in Vegas meeting him, or wherever she went to meet him, then at some point he must have been in HER room while she was wearing her pajamas. I believe there was another woman that was attacked that indicated she woke up in his pajamas or some other pajamas. I surmise that he must have come to her room after they met and she must have been getting ready for bed and let him in. This is the part she is not discussing. I would have a hard time articulating it. She opened the door because she probably felt comfortable opening the door to dear old Cosby. There were sensitive areas in what she said which means in what she said, she was holding back information. This doesn't mean she is lying, it's sensitive to her.

GetThem said...

That makes a little more sense. Thank you Impulsive.

GetThem said...

@impulsive -- except .... she's describing what he is doing to her when she uses the name Bill Cosby. I'm not saying I disagree with you, but wouldn't it make more sense if she didn't use his name in that sentence? I feel there is something we're both missing... but I think you're very close to that answer, I just think there's something more. The rest of her statement reads consistently to me, but I just found the use of his name odd in that sentence.

OldPsychNurse said...

Google another alleged victim of Cosby, Janice Dickinson. She is a washed-up model who has bragged about how many Hollywood stars she has laid. Accusing Bill Cosby of rape is very similar to her verbal castration of MANY male Hollywood stars.

Here are some castrating excerpts from her Playboy interview, “I’ve F***ed the World”:
"Did a bunch of lines with Jack Nicholson all night and when it came time to do the dirty, dirty - he couldn't get it up!"

“In my 20s I had them all on my speed dial. Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson, Mick Jagger, you name it. It was fun, but the excitement of celebrity wears out really fast.

Mick Jagger was one of the worst. He was just terrible. I felt sorry for him. He was so bad and short. And just not good. I'm sorry, you were the absolute worst, Mick! You have the smallest penis alive."

In Janice Dickinson’s book “Everything about Me is Fake” (Yes, that’s the actual title.) she castrates Sylvester Stallone by stating he only wears custom-made elevator shoes and she was really disturbed about how short he was. But according to her book, her repulsion didn’t stop her from having sex with him. By her own admission, when Stallone tried to end their sexual relationship, she lied to him that she was pregnant with his child.

Read the story of another of Cosby's alleged rape victims, Therese Serignese. Her story is ridiculous. In addition to it's absurdity, it strongly suggests that she and her mother are gold diggers.

Stop being bleeding hearts! Recognize the pattern with Cosby’s alleged rape victims who had decades to report their alleged drug poisonings and rapes to the police, but didn't.

Anonymous said...

The last two months have been Bill Cosby on fire. The comedian's stand up to be the opening act, to what is today.

The women who have come forward, the women to be of the same obscure it happened, it did happen. Each to share their own story upon the premise of intimidation and undisclosed. These women to be under the spell of his fame, his notoriety, his agents. As Cosby wasn't a one man cyclone. He to be who he was, a man, yet he walked on water same time. As he was in good company in the late 60's, the 1970's. He was a comedian that broke the barriers. He not only to have his stand ups recordings, he had his own cartoon, he had his place and face in PBS television. Name another who had what he had? I bet you cannot recall a single person.

Bill Cosby was, if you chase him, he began stand up in Las Vegas, early 60's. He started in the trenches, and he was of many times boo'd off stage. He not to stop, as what happened ? he wasn't of the monologue that kept the Vegas audience laughing. So he recreated himself. He instead of doing improv, that he wasn't very good at. He utilized his wife Camille into his act. I know I have heard the early 1960's audios. He then to incorporate his childhood, his own children as they were born. That he gained and earned an audience. Not as Bill Cosby the " man" yet Bill Cosby the kid growing up, the husband, the father, he to leave out " the entertainer". Where did the entertainer exist? as he was being paid, he was under contracts, he was bought and sold. He was of major endorsements. This part of him, who was his pseudo personality that walked him into doors of kings. He found when he was alone, he thrived upon who his handlers made him to be. Bigger than God. It simply wasn't his to share. As he was who he was, and a part of him was not Hollywood created. The Hollywood, the fame, the drugs, the alchemy enhanced him. Adding the years dated of the allegations, the women who have presently came forward.

They not to come forward, they not to say a word, this is the sense and sensibility upon them, (year of) not him. If you truly know the history of Bill Cosby, how he went from a low scale Vegas Showroom, to " in every tube of America" in the early 1970's - it makes total sense.

The powers made him yes a God, and he upon his own demons, used this against them. He to be of, you don't own me. I will show and tell you who I am. Yet, none of his victims came forward. So he kept on, as he I truly believe, he wanted to be found out, before the victims tallied post one. His own wife covered him, he to lose respect for her, he to know he did heinous. She to be, as long as you provide, I will look the other way. Do I think that Bill Cosby is an evil man? No. What do I think of his early career, he tells us who he was. That he too was a victim. He had no say, he was to jump when he was told, he to be of who they said. He signed a contract with the Devil, in the late 1960's. He did willingly, not to understand what came with it. He is not a victim of his doings, the women are.

Do I think that the women who have come forward are lying? No. If the media in the last month or so is of any reflection of the Cosby himself, My bet is we will be reading his OBIT by mid 2015. irreconcilable differences, his cause of death. He will not ever admit to the allegations. What he did do. As when he did do what he did, he did it. That he lost himself, his personality of extreme, the almighty dollar fed him to be the monster, he was allowed to be. He was permitted by too many people, this what fed him. As he was and has never been known as " Bill Cosby" the man. He was paid to be the person he wasn't. He is a caricature interweaving himself, as a fraction of who he himself has not ever been recognized for. William H Cosby, Has he ever known himself?

Nolachurch said...

I know Janice Dickinson is a belligerent loudmouth who probably did as many drugs as Keith Richards in her day, but that's her "Schick",so to speak. IMO,its her defense/coping mechanism from childhood.It's how she learned to survive in this world & in a cutthroat business w vultures coming at her left & right who can smell the "victim" coming off of her a mile away!She comes off swinging from the get go before anyone can attack her first. I believe she probably made bad choices in her life, especially in her drugging days and I believe she has come to terms w/ this over the yrs & sought some form of therapy. I also believe she still may make bad/risky decisions bc I think she may have issues w/ impulse control by my observations of her over the yrs.The addictions & relapses over the yrs,her impulsiveness (if that's a word), her self-destructive ways and living in a "fake" world(distancing) most of her life are all symptoms of sexual abuse survivors and coping skills they learn through their ordeals. I believe her 100%!! I believe she may have been getting loaded and wasn't sure what had exactly happened bc she probably blacked out,due to her drug use possibly on top of him drugging her drink. I think she was scared to come forward bc of shame and mostly bc of her reputation after rehab, she thought no one would believe her or care. She just tucked it back in her safe in her mind just like she learned to do as a child. But now that other women are coming forward, I think she feels more empowered to get the truth out and a sense of "safety in numbers". It takes a chunk of your soul to have your mind/body violated, it's takes even more to seek help and not be heard or believed,which is every victims biggest fear. She may be brash and has a flair for the dramatics, but I don't find her to be untruthful or deceptive. I also find the other woman that you analyzed to be truthful as well. This is healing for both of them and their chance to be heard, IMO. I am a survivor from abuse as well as drug addictions and I know that 1-These women have been traumatized by listening to them speak about this.. 2-They have tucked it away in order to cope w/the reality of what happened to them.. 3-They both sound like they sought help at some point and are on a road to their recovery or healing their souls. He is very narcissistic from all the interviews I've read or seen and I'm curious to know what else may be lurking under his disguise of father figure of prime time. I also wonder about his longtime feud or issue w/ Lisa Bonet (or her issue w/ him), & did it involve anything like these ladies have described. I've always wondered about that. So, that's my 2-cents for whatever they are worth. Thanks for listening..

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the other victim is believable but Janice Dickenson is lying? Even when she basically told the same story as the other victims? She freely admits she's a promiscuous party girl from way back when. Why lie about being drugged and raped by Cosby when she brags about getting high and willingly sleeping with countless other celebs? It doesn't make sense. Anon J

Anonymous said...

On Nov 14, 2011 Janice Dickinson was on Celebrity Rehab for alcohol and drug abuse, she had state that her father had physically, sexually, and emotionally abused her for many years that is why she was abusing alcohol and anti-anxiety drugs. Janice did not meant anything regarding Bill Cosby only her father. Janice had the perfect opportunity to address any and all issues regarding her alleged rape by Bill Cosby and again she did not, and she had the limelight. Because other women claimed sexual abuse now she want to claim it. This is a butch of bull.

Anonymous said...

You only have to Watch Janice Dickinson with Nancy Grace to know she is attention seeking. Http://

Her "facts" are all over the place. She mixes up places, he wanted to fly me to Bali (she already was in Bali)

Then she switches to ... he had previously found out she was in rehab and sent her roses, now he's on the phone to her there as well, and she berates him as being a married pig, and yet later when she gets a call from him in Bali she happily drops everything and jumps on a plane to Reno.

She has regularly accused everyone of everything. She's nothing but a loud mouthed attention whore with NO credibility.