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DJ Creato Dead 911 Call

"I just woke up and my 3 year old's missing ..." the father began the 911 call.  DJ Creato, the father, established his alibi:  whatever happened to his son, he must have been sleeping, though he does not say he was sleeping.  Note the repetition which emphasizes his main point, "I was asleep."

The boy has now been found dead, and the neighborhood is fearful of a killer. The autopsy did not show cause of death, but testing is now being done.  This will look for the presence of drugs.

The call begins where it is most important to the subject.  This speaks to priority.  The call is short and he answers the basic questions plainly.  The only "free editing process" is the initial contact; the 911 operator doesn't bring him into this process during the call.  It is something operators should be trained to do, while the relevant rescue/emergency information is transmitted.  It can be as simple as asking, after the contact information is complete, 

"Tell me again what happened" (with the reminder, "police are already on their way"), which allows the subject to freely choose where to begin his account.  This allows for the free editing process to uncover priority and sensitivity indicators.  

We say that which is most important to us.  This is called "the expected" in analysis, and most parents would answer, "911, what is your emergency?" with, "My son is missing" which would reveal priority.

1.  I just woke up
2.  My 3 year old's missing is second.

He then repeats that he just woke up.

The use of the word "my" shows a good relationship and he offers the child's name.

"I just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment," he said after being asked by the 911 operator if he saw or heard anything. "I don't know if he wandered out or what happened. I don't know where he is."

"The door was locked. I guess he unlocked it and left,

The father's priority is himself, not the child in this call.  This first hints at negligence.  Some will comment on his cool demeanor, but people under stress react in various ways; the most reliable form of discernment is to view the words he chooses.  Remember, when he is asked, "What is your emergency?", he:

1.  Has a personal vocabulary of about 25,000 words.

2.  He will choose which words out of 25,000 to use
3.  He will choose what order of information to give first;
4.  He will choose what verb tenses to use and overall syntax;

All of this is done in less than a milli-second of time, giving us our reliability.  In such a short call, any word that is repeated is important.  

We note that he was asked questions and repeated the order, "I just woke up..."

That he feels the need to repeat "I just woke up" is very sensitive to him, and is more consistent with alibi building than parental reporting. 

We must also note that "I just woke up" is not to say "I was asleep", it only implies it.  Analysis does not deal with implication, but words chosen. 

What is the difference between "I was asleep" and "I just woke up?"

When someone must choose their words in this incredibly rapid time frame, he must go into memory to do so, which, if there is guilt, becomes very stressful; however, it is nowhere near the level of internal stress of the outright lie:  choosing words where no memory exists.  Therefore, the subject "takes his chances" with his words from memory of what happened.  

Had he been asleep when what happened to his son occurred, he would have said, "I was asleep" but he did not.  This means he is focusing, in his mind, at the point of his awakening, rather than the possible outright lie of "I was asleep when..."

This is why the short call gives us the indication that negligence must be investigated.  

The wording also suggests that the father not only is alibi building, but is withholding information.  He is "guessing" that his son "left."

3 year olds do not "leave."

This should lead investigators to consider that at this point, the father was not sleeping (avoidance of direct lie) and is suppressing information about his son. 

The door was locked. I guess he unlocked it and left,

He mentions the "door" in an open statement, which appears to come in an "open" portion and should cause investigators to look into the possibility of sexual abuse.  

"Doors" in open statements have been related to sexual abuse.  This sexual abuse association could be anything from the father's own childhood, to the child.  It is known to enter the language of those who deal in sexual abuse, including counselors, doctors, nurses, investigators, etc.  

This should be an element of the investigation.  

The references to his son show that he views the relationship as positive, so it will not be surprising to learn, for example, that he loved his son, was proud of him, etc.  This, too, means that neglect led to unintentional death, including the possible ingetstation of drugs.  

It is a short call, with little to go on, but thus far:

1.  The father's priority is to establish an alibi for himself;

2.  The father knows what happened leading up to his son's "departure" from the apartment, and is withholding it.

Toxicology reports may not be released for several weeks, though some answers may be known today.  

There is nothing within the call that suggests intentional death.  The call is brief and the interview with the father should reveal what happened, especially given the positive portrayal of his relationship with his son. 

Regarding social introductions:  a "good relationship" does not mean that it was a good relationship.  It means that the subject (speaker) has a verbalized perception of the relationship as good.  

"My wife, Sally" shows:

1.  the possessive pronoun "my"
2.  the title, "wife"
3.  the name, "Sally"

This is a complete social introduction and indicates that the subject perceives the relationship as positive. 

In a marriage, this perception is often accurate, but it is a perception.  When both spouses use the complete social introduction, it means that they both perceive it as positive, which it generally is. 

We have seen one spouse use this, and another use, "the wife", indicating that she perceives them as close, but he does not. 

In the case of children:

Parents love to post pictures of their children. 

Most due so out of genuine affection. 

Some may "over do it" to the point where the child is more of a novelty than a member of the family.  

Some project their own negligence. 

We sometimes say that the most vocal sports parents are sometimes the most neglectful who have a need to "put on a show" to compensate the poor relationship in the home. 

We sometimes see this on Facebook where extreme levels of devotion are expressed, publicly, that are best professed in private.  

In one discussion on a Facebook crime page, a husband and wife were writing back in forth, in the live chat discussion, terms of endearment.  Someone with training highlighted this to me.  A month or so later, they split up.  

It is in the need to persuade that we find weakness. 

That this father may have a host of pictures of his son does not necessitate a good relationship; it could go either way, but his language, itself, is the best indicator.  

"Tell me about Brandon" is the best question that Investigators can ask to gauge the quality of the relationship.  

Some very uninvolved parents build a shrine to their children, almost deifying them, and this sometimes comes from extreme neglect.  

Why is this important to this case?

It may come down to criminal negligence.  

Recall the principle, "no man can molest his own daughter" in analysis.  

In a sample statement, the guilty father used "my daughter" in his language before the molestation, and after the molestation, but during the time he sexually assaulted her, he called her, "the girl."  This change was significant and consistent with the victim's disclosure. 

We must always listen carefully how one describes another in relationship. 

It indicates the subject's verbalized perception of reality; not reality, itself. 


Anonymous said...

“Hold on,” the father says early in the call, appearing to speak to a woman in the apartment. “He’s out…is he in there?” ... Then he returns to the dispatcher. “Yeah, he’s missing.”

source -


Anonymous said...

This one could go either way. The press cares to project the area as one where no one locks their doors- a sign of problems, imo.

This man has problems; his friends and neighbors probably do,too.

50/50 on this being a murder by parent.

trustmeigetit said...

With so many parents getting away with claiming their child is "missing" i think it's giving all those killing their children more confidence that this excuse will work.

And the fact they have the right to silence makes me angry. They should not be allowed to not talk.

Lemon said...

"It indicates the subject's verbalized perception of reality; not reality, itself." - PH

This reminds me of the "I'm a wonderful mother" down in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ode said...

Brendan Creato //Full Audio of 911 Call
Father, D.J. Creato

911 Call Audio.
There is a 2nd person present in the background.
Suspected this is his own mother, grandma of Brendan.

He called her first(?) When? or he phoned a friend?
OR his mother did, she phoned a friend?

Someone did contact an outsider, they called a woman by the name of: Seneid Jen ORourke Kennedy before 5am, on Tues Oct 13.

Brendan was brought to his dad, Monday night. His mother, grandmother of Brendan is said to have brought Brendan
to his father's apartment at 9:30pm Monday evening.

What transpired (unknown) between 9:30pm and around 6am when
the 911 call was placed Tuesday, by DJ Creato.

There is no time stamp on: Hi, I just woke up and my 3yr old is missing. When did you wake up? wasn't asked, as DJ's sense of urgency conveyed is as if this all transpired in a matter of minutes, then he called 911.

There is a problem with the above information provided by DJ Creato. The woman, Kennedy who was informed prior to 5am Tues, she who posted on FB. Brendan's photo, she her ambiguously written cryptic below it.

She does not type his name, she didn't want to be linked to his name? his Name, had it been written within her words, this wasn't
meant to be for all eyes?

Who is she to Brendan? and who informed her prior to 5am? her post time stamped 5:02 am. How did she obtain the recently taken photo, of Brendan to make the post at 5am?

The photo of him seated at the table, with Halloween treats is the last photo taken of him? Taken Monday? by DJ's mother? this how the woman who posted at 5:02am was able to obtain the image? DJ's mother was informed prior to 5am " Brendan" left by DJ?

FB link below, her post. She offers his last seen wearing, Orange sleeves, Dad says Red, in the 911 call: he last was in
color of Jammies, Dad says firm: Red

5:02 am: If anyone sees him please let authorities know. Why wasn't Authorities to know? not until he was Seen by who? no implied danger, no urgency of for Brendan. The request
is cryptic, what is being asked ? nothing. The directive is: please search your properties, a broken statement. The family is besides themselves - then there was more than one person
familial to Brendan who knew he was missing prior to 5am.

Kennedy: HADDON TWP- please search your properties.
Last seen wearing PJs with orange sleeves and Mickey slippers.
Please this 3 year old is missing from his grandmothers house by holy savior. If anyone sees him please let authorities know. The family is besides themselves.

Post, the gathered comments. A person posted at 7:30am, *Bad news he was found drowned.....terrible.
My prayers are with the family.
October 13 at 7:30am

Authorities are said to have initiated a Robo Bolo to the locals via phone, the locals informed to look for Brendan, this at 8am, Tues. Why would the Authorities issue the Bolo? if he was already recovered, found dead by 7:30am. This person to type he was found, this a misnomer? this too a favor ' for ' a friend in need? There is something way wrong with the FB post from jump.


The post made, this a favor for who? this went out to specific persons or " Haddon Township" Who was UP at 5:02 am? a person of High Society, she a member? DJ the founder?

Who was MS Kennedy texting with that her felt self importance was to post this on FB. She then to follow up she was on her way at 5:34am, on her way to DJ, his apt?

Neighbors interviewed once I rec'd the call I was outside immediately, not for long. I was outside and then I saw police and crime scene tape, it was near 9:30am. The search for Brendan was over.

link to info audio 911

Anonymous said...

When I go to the link it says 7:02 and 7:34, not 5:02 and 5:34. Found drowned posted at 9:30.

I'm in Central Time zone. Does it translate from Eastern to whatever zone the facebook reader is in?

Anonymous said...

I'm in Eastern time zone. I see the original post at 8:02am. The post she was on her way was at 8:42am. The bad news post was at 10:30am.

trustmeigetit said...

OT. Myra Lewis's mothers (Ericka Sanders Lewis) latest post. 9-30.

This Myra Lewis mom who ever have my little girl please bring her home I miss her soooo much her family miss her she missing us its hard to sleep at night why are you doing this to her and her mom and dad and her sister's and brother's she have both grandparents on both sides why keep her from them let her come home so her I can continue to take care of her and love on her you think god like what you doing he see all that's my baby not yours mine so please bring her home you can take her to a public place and leave her I dont know who you are but if you have children you wouldn't want this to happen to you please have a heart.

Jane said...

OT: Mother finds a racist message in her daughter's meal from Wendy's:

Shannon In CA said...

I may be reading way too much into this, but does anyone else find it weird that Brendan was described as having been last seen wearing pajamas AND SLIPPERS? Did he wear the slippers to bed, literally? Was he sleeping in them?

Because I would assume he wasn't wearing them when he actually went to bed. If that's the case then how could he have been last seen wearing them unless he either 1) never made it to bed, or 2) was wearing them when the adults went to bed...and Brendan was still awake and playing.

But maybe he actually fell asleep in them and the adults didn't remove them. I'd still want to know that, though. It just seemed a weird comment. Dad is supposedly asleep and has no idea where kid is...but kid was wearing an item that normally isn't worn by sleeping people - slippers. So what's the deal with the slippers???

Anonymous said...

This thread is about the Creato child, not Myra Lewis, or Wendy's, or anyone else. The Creatio child was not drowned; that was another missing child.

Shannon In CA said...

But he couldn't have drowned, right? Because the autopsy would have shown that.

Anonymous said...

@ Shannon....maybe his slippers are missing?

The Sheep said...

""Tell me about Brandon" is the best question that Investigators can ask to gauge the quality of the relationship. "

Wouldn't it be a more best question if investigators called him by the correct name?

Shannon In CA said...

Wouldn't they say that though? Instead they specifically said he was last seen wearing them...Mickey mouse slippers and re pj's.

Shannon In CA said...

Someone who knows the Creato family, or on the FB page, said Brendan drowned. See ode's post at 3:14 pm.

Shannon In CA said...

But I agree he probably didn't drown, because that would have been obvious in the autopsy.

Shannon In CA said...

Calling him Brandon is probably my fault. I brought this case to peter's attention when I was awake in the middle of the night (like 2am California time when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep) and I accidnwtly called him Brandon instead of Brendan and Peter probably didn't notice either since the name are so similar.

Shannon In CA said...

And another typo...iPhone...

trustmeigetit said...

OT posts have always been allowed here..

The Sheep said...

Oh, that clears it up :)

Someone else must have told him about

SaidY Grundy, Chief McCollUm, Cynthia Witlach/Whitlach/Witlatch (it's Whitlatch), Hil_ary Clinton, Stephen McDanielS, NicolAi Sennels, AJ HadsWell, DeorrE Kunz Jr, Laurence FishbOrne


elf said...

Peter, I'm confused. You said 3 yeast olds do not leave but what about little Rainn? It still appears that she got out on her own. Is it that principle of the word 'left ' that is being used with the father also saying that the door was locked? So that makes the word 'left' as sensitive? And isn't the father saying the door was locked but the missing child must of unlocked it and left kind of like putting the blame on the missing child?

Lis said...

Couple of interesting quotes:
"The cause and manner were not determined … [and] the investigation is ongoing," McNeil told The Huffington Post. Authorities must now await the results of toxicology and additional testing to determine how Brendan died.
Sources close to the investigation told NBC10 Brendan didn't walk into the woods alone and his body was "definitely placed there."

Anonymous said...

A female friend's statement:
""No matter what happened in their family life with the relationship with his wife, his work issues, when he saw Brendan, all that fell away and all he knew was this was the most important thing in his life," another friend, Donna Duca, said."


lynda said...

Transcript of Edited 911 call

911 : 911, What is your emergency
Dad: K, I just woke up and my 3 year old’s missing.
911: Okay, what’s your address sir?
Dad: Address blanked out
911: Cooper?
Dad: Hold on a sec, he’s out…he’s out, is he in there? (Dad talking to someone that you can’t hear) Yeah, he’s missing
911: Operator is going over his address again, seconds of silence, (I have to say this is one of the worst 911 operators I have heard ) I’m not transcribing this part.
911: 3 yr. old, boy or girl
Dad: 3 yr old boy, his name’s Brendan
911: Asking dad to spell the name, dad spells the name
911: Ok, and what’d you last see him wearing?
Dad: Uh, he was wearing red pajamas.
911: Ok, an you didn’t see anything or hear anythin’ like that?
Dad: Uh, no I, I, just woke up and he wasn’t in my home, I don’t know if he wandered out or what happened, I, I, don’t know where he is. (4-5 sec of silence) The door is locked, I guess he unlocked it and left.
911: Operator is going over address and phone number, spelling, etc (In the background you can hear a woman calling Brendan? 3 sec silence Brendan?
911: Operator is telling him to stay on line, police is on there way, etc.
Dad: Alright, Alright
Dad: Starts talking to the woman present. “ The police are on their way”
Unidentified Woman: says something about the “top”
Dad: (Speaking to woman) The top door was locked and the bottom door was locked, he musta just unlocked the doors and went, I don’t know what happened.”

Call cuts off at 2:36 even tho father is still on the line waiting for police. I cannot find the FULL 911 call where father is on just waiting for police. It is stated on multiple MSM sites that what was released is an “edited” version of 911

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

O.k., looking at the 911 transcript above (per Lynda)...

Dad: "Uh, no I, I, just woke up and he wasn't in my home, I don't know if he wandered out or what happened, I, I don't know where he is. [4-5 seconds of silence] The door is locked..."- If 3 yr-old Brendan wandered out, how did the door get locked? First of all, very few three yr-olds would close the door behind them as they went out, much less lock it. Secondly, most three yr-olds wouldn't know how to lock a door, barring a simple push-button lock.

Dad: "Uh, no I, I, just woke up and he wasn't in my home, I don't know if he wandered out or what happened, I, I don't know where he is. [4-5 seconds of silence] The door is locked, I guess he unlocked it and left."- The account is out of chronological order here. The door is locked (present tense), yet it was unlocked (past tense), and then the child left (past tense). He doesn't say the child unlocked the door. He doesn't say the child locked the door after he left.

This is further compounded by the door having two locking sections, top and bottom. It is possible for a very precocious three yr-old to unlock a door and get out (happened to a former co-worker of mine, while she napped-she was often negligent though). His statement that "...he musta just unlocked the doors and went, I don't know what happened." is suggestive of negligence. I'd be interested to know what type of lock each door had and did they bolt together, as well as lock into a door frame. His statement alludes to the three yr-old both having unlimited time and access to figure out the locking system/practice unlocking both doors= unsupervised child. It still begs the question of who locked the door after, since "the door is locked" at the time of the 911 call. If the father was sleeping/incapacitated/negligent and the child did get out and met with some unfortunate accident, did Dad lock the door in an effort to cast the blame on the child instead?

IMO, the child didn't unlock the door, get out by himself, or re-lock the door after himself. ;) Dad's just trying to imply the child let himself out, so he has an alibi.

P.S. I've known parents of toddlers and preschoolers who've hung large bells on all their doors, just in case their child was smart enough to figure out how to unlock the door (by repeatedly watching Mom or Dad). The bells were large enough so as to not be a choking hazard.

Shannon In CA said...

And in the transcript, he just mentions the red pajamas....but later, I think on the FB page, someone says he was also last seen in Mickey Mouse slippers, which I questioned because I doubt kid went to bed with slippers. But I would totally buy that the kid had slippers on the last time any ADULT saw him...meaning the adults passed out/went to sleep, leaving the kid awake to do whatever. This would fit the kid "leaving." It doesn't address the mysterious lock that is both locked and I clocked during the same call. It IS locked, and later it WAS locked. Which is it? Currently locked or not?

Shannon In CA said...

Darn phone!!! Unlocked, not clocked...

Shannon In CA said...

Oh...and reading it again, I don't think there are two locks on ONE door, but instead two locked doors, "top" and "bottom." Meaning a screen door and other door? So he unlocked two doors, allegedly, to leave, one of which may have then been locked again at some point. His use of top and bottom is weird, but I'm pretty sure it's two DOORS as he says doorS at the very end.

John Mc Gowan said...

elf said..

"Peter, I'm confused. You said 3 yeast olds do not leave but what about little Rainn? It still appears that she got out on her own. Is it that principle of the word 'left ' that is being used with the father also saying that the door was locked?"

"It still appears that she got out on her own."


I think, i maybe wrong, Peter may clarify. We always highlight the word "left" as you have pointed out. It is the use of it, in this circumstance, when he says " 3 year olds do not leave. They "get out" as you say re baby Rainn.

If i was to say to a 3 year old. "What did you do while Daddy was asleep" i would expect to hear "i unlocked the door and got out" and not say, i unlocked the door and "left". Some may say they "left", but, it is highly improbable given the young age.

John Mc Gowan said...

To add.
Most adults would say the same. What happened? He unlocked the door and "got out"

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Suspended Bardstown police officer could lose job

BARDSTOWN, Ky. —An administrative hearing was held in Bardstown regarding whether suspended police officer Nick Houck should be fired, but a decision was not made during the meeting.

" We will be considering the testimony that was given and the evidence presented at that hearing," said Tim Butler, Bardstown city attorney, "We hope to make a decision within the next short period of time."

Houck is the brother of the boyfriend of missing woman Crystal Rogers.

He was suspended from the department in September.

Police have not said if the suspension is related to the disappearance of Rogers.

Mayor John Royalty said the decision on whether Houck will keep his job could come as soon as tomorrow.

An attorney for Houck declined to comment on the case.

Anonymous said...

John, three year-olds may unlock a door and exit. Would they close the door shut upon leaving? I doubt it.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think, too, with John, that a 3 year old "got out" or "must have gotten out" but he chose the word "left", which is not something kids do.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

The body of Chance Walsh, the 9-week-old Florida baby who went missing more than a month ago, is believed to have been found dead in North Port, Florida.

"The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office recovered the body of an infant believed to be that of Chance Walsh this afternoon in North Port," Sheriff Tom Knight says in a statement to PEOPLE.

According to Knight, the investigation to find Chance was a multi-state effort that brought in federal authorities. Ultimately, however, the investigation "confirmed our worst fears," the statement says.

"We will work with the Medical Examiner's Office on positive identification. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chance's grandparents and other family members at this time."

Police were first alerted that Chance was missing after his grandmother, Sally Susino, called authorities to report that she hadn't seen him in a nearly a month. She also said that the boy's parents, Kristen Bury and Joseph Walsh, had allegedly told relatives contradictory stories to explain his absence, "including that the child was unharmed, that he died in [a car] crash and that they gave him to a woman at a hotel in Georgia," police said.

Bury and Walsh have been in custody since last week, when they were apprehended by South Carolina authorities on charges of child neglect. No charges have been brought in connection with Chance's death, but a search of the couple's North Port home turned up bloodstains and evidence of blood splatter on the wall. Cadaver dogs also indicated the presence of possible human remains, according to a police report obtained by PEOPLE

Susino had publicly begged Bury and Walsh to tell investigators what happened to the missing baby boy. "We are hoping Kristen and Joseph, who were apprehended by the FBI and are in custody, will do what's right and tell us where Chance is," Susino, who is Bury's mother, said last Thursday in an emotional press conference.

A source tells PEOPLE that a tip that came in on Wednesday evening led authorities to a wooded area where the body of the infant believed to be Chance was found buried.

This is not the first time a child of Bury and Walsh's has died – they lost another son, Duane, in 2014. Duane was just 2 weeks old when he allegedly died of a kidney infection that resulted from a botched circumcision, a family friend told PEOPLE last week.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by PEOPLE, Bury allegedly told her stepmother that she "despised" Chance whenever she would look at him because he was not Duane and said it was "better that he was not around because she would have hurt him."

Deejay said...

'My home'- seems like odd words- was it not the child's home too? . 'Our house' seems more natural to me. 'left' seems like it should be 'got out' The father is responsible and watching his son. If you are watching a dog, for example, it 'gets away' or 'gets out'.

Where is the terror that your child is missing. In limited transcript father is alibi building twice.

I think this father left the house and the child was left home alone.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, this is general insight to your concern about the slippers, not related to anyone's innocence or guilt

But a child Brendan's age can get fixated on a favorite clothing item, wearing it everywhere regardless of whether it fits the situation.

My neice went through a stage where her favorite outfit was her pink ballarina dress and green cowboy boots.

Shannon In CA said...

I also thought "my home" was weird. In addition, WAS it his home or was it his mother's home? I've seen things that said the father's mother dropped Brendan off at dad's home after Brendan spent the day with her but I've also seen articles that say both Brendan and dad were at the grandmother's house when Brendan went missing. The latter makes sense when you consider that the dad isn't being allowed back into his mother's house during the investigation.

So which is it?

And "my home" has an artificial feel to he's trying persuade that the house isn't just a house. It's a home where a family lives and people are comfortable and happy. That'd be the last thing on my mind during a situation like this. If my 5 year old was missing when I woke up, my call would be "my daughter isn't here! I checked the entire house and she's not here!" I wouldn't check my "home." I know I'd never say that. But perhaps he always calls it his home. I guess we'd have to hear him talk more about it.

Anonymous said...

elf, I think Peter means that toddlers wander off, or go outside, but don't form conscious decisions to exit one location and proceed to another.

Anonymous said...

Keeping with such, here's article which underscores intentional cruelty:

John Mc Gowan said...

There seems to be a mix up of what was said and reported re 911 call.

In Peter's article it reads ""I just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment"

Yet, in Lynda's transcript (thank you by the way) it reads " Uh, no I, I, just woke up and he wasn’t in my home"

"Apartment" then "Home" Is there some words edited from the original 911? Is this bad journalism again? If it is edited. Then what we have is a change in language. This then, would have a much more impact on what he has reported. In SA terms.

Anonymous said...

My son is almost 3, and he loves to open doors, specifically between the one that leads to the garage. My mom was constantly yelling "Declan got out again!" so we had to put special locks on it. If this little boy was able to unlock the doors and leave, this is likely NOT the first time he has tried. He would need to practice and try a few times before being able to get it right. The father should have already been aware of Brendan's ability to unlock doors. Also, how IS the door locked (present tense) if he "must have unlocked the doors and left" (past tense)?
Answer - Brendan NEVER unlocked the door on the day he died.

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Why are folks posting unrelated cases on this thread? It confuses everything. Peter, how is one supposed to do that?

Anonymous said...

Folks with children in the home would be wise to use deadbolts or chain locks at a high level on the door and/or have a door alarm.

Anonymous said...

Dutch doors have a top door and a bottom door.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are folks posting unrelated cases on this thread? It confuses everything. Peter, how is one supposed to do that?

October 16, 2015 at 11:42 AM


Peter welcomes OTs. The % of cases (high) covered here, do come from OTs. As long time readers know. If memory serves me correct. This case was an OT from another article.


Shannon In CA said...

I thought about that. But why would a 3 year old unlock the top door? Couldn't he just get out the bottom door? Or do you have to open the top to open the bottom?

Shannon In CA said...

It was. I posted it.

Shannon In CA said...

The original article Peter worked from has the dad saying apartment but I just listened to the call again and the dad definitely says "home." So it's not peter's fault. He worked off what he had at the time and it wasn't until after he posted his analysis that them longer version of the actual call, where you can hear him say "home", became available.

Shannon In CA said...

Agree would be interesting to see if the use of the word "home" adds or changes anything to the analysis. I swear the more I listen to this guy, the more I'm convinced he's trying to persuade the operator that he was sleeping.

John Mc Gowan said...

Indeed, Shannon

It is one of Peter's pet peeves, bad journalism / reporting etc :)

GeekRad said...

Is there a link to the audio of the full 911 call?

Anonymous said...

I've lived in quite a few apartments in different cities and different regions of the US. I have only seen regular doors, and in rare cases, screen doors too. Has anyone seen an apartment with dutch doors? (unless its a house converted into flats/apartments)


GeeRad said...

I lived in a house in New Jersey that had a dutch door.

Anonymous said...

GeeRad - that's what I mean. The father and media are referring to it as an apartment. Unless it was a house-turned-apartments, I doubt an apartment complex would use dutch doors. But, as always, I could be wrong. :)

Anonymous said...

OT - Peter, here is an update on Judge Collins in Florida with domestic violence case...
"In another case, Collins said to a defendant, "If you are put on probation, I'm not allowing you to take Alazopram. I don't care if a doctor from the holy heavens comes down and tells you to take it. You're not taking it."

"Duct tape his mouth. Would that be a possible condition?"



Anonymous said...

Excuse please.perhaps he can't bring himself to say 'lock' when top door LOCK would mean deadbolt and bottom door LOCK would be the typical push button type mechanism or something similar.

John Mc Gowan said...

SA, teaches us, to believe what someone tells us, that is, unless they give us call not to. The Expected V The Unexpected. It is my belief, that to say, "he left," is unexpected, in the context of his sons age. This maybe how he speaks, however. We do not know his "personal, internal, subjective dictionary" of the word "left". This one word, in my opinion, is crucial.

Anonymous said...

This is an almost-unedited version. All that was cut was the address and the father's cell phone number.

Anonymous said...

OT --- Anyone care to analyze?

Mother bound and gagged toddler as a "joke" (statements are quoted in the article)

Lis said...

Good points about 'left', John. It seems unexpected that someone would say 'my toddler unlocked the door and left' because that is what an adult would do- a toddler would be said to 'get out' because he is basically escaping, not choosing to leave. He isn't old enough to make that choice! But, as you pointed out, it's possible this was the subject's normal way of putting it. Possibly he has little clue what is normal for a toddler.

The two points I am taking away from the news articles are that they are waiting for toxicology reports to determine cause of death and that the toddler did not wander to the area he was found on his own, his body was placed there (with no injuries/no obvious cause of death). This could suggest an accidental ingestion of a substance that caused his death and someone panicking and trying to hide the body.

Does anyone know if the dad and toddler were the only ones in the home? were there others there?

I'm curious if "I just woke up" could imply someone coming off of drugs?

GeekRad said...

Thanks for the link to the 911 call anon.

KC, I looked at google maps and most of the homes in the 100 block of Cooper Street (an address given in a news report) are two story homes. There are a lot of two story homes in New Jersey and the northeast US that have been converted so that the second floor is an apartment. You enter a hallway through a common door downstairs and then can enter the downstairs main house from the hallway or go up the stairs to the upstairs apartment. So the top door could be the upstairs and the bottom the downstairs.

Listening to the 911 call he sounds defensive about the doors being locked when he is talking to the woman in the house. Like someone who is expecting to be scolded.

Lis said...

Anon at 2:47, God help the child who is born to a psychopath.

Peter, this brings to my mind that "playing around" or "joking" are sometimes used to cover up evil intent. It would be interesting to see analysis of these terms in that light.

There is a reference to this in the Bible, in Proverbs 26:
"Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows and death, so is the man who deceives his neighbor, and says, 'Was I not joking?'"

Here is my analysis of her statements, I'm sure others can do better:

"I uploaded this photo but it is not as it seems, because we were playing around and my whole family was with me, so it was nothing sinister."

"I uploaded this photo" - a reliable statement with pronoun- she did upload the photo
"but it is not what it seems" - anything stated in the negative is important
"what it seems" - she realizes how it 'seems'
"because we were playing around" - flag 'because'
"we were playing around" - 'we' seeks to share guilt
"we were playing around" - who is 'we'? she and her husband? she and her children? was it someone online she was "playing around" with?
"playing around" - what is her subjective definition of "playing around"?
"and my whole family was with me" - "and" is information left out?
"my whole family was with me" - seeking to share guilt
"so it was nothing sinister" - flag the word 'so' and again, that which is stated in the negative is sensitive- it WAS sinister. The implication is that if her whole family was there, nothing sinister could have happened?

"It hurts this got published because it is a lie. It hurts that this exposes my baby."

"It hurts" - a passive statement, she does not state who it hurts. What about the hurt she caused to her baby? How terrified and helpless must he have felt? How did it hurt when she pulled that duct tape off of his skin?
"It hurts this got published" - the pain caused to her infant is not important, the pain (embarrassment, public censure) to herself is what is important to her - it only hurts because it got published
"because it is a lie" - flag the word 'because'
"it is a lie" - "it" is not defined- what is a lie? she doesn't tell us so we can't assume. Obviously it is not a lie that she did this to her baby, the photo is proof. So what is the lie exactly?
"It hurts that this exposes my baby" - again "it hurts" is passive, does not say who it hurts
"this exposes my baby" - what does "this" refer to? "this" is close, "that" is far. She implies that it being shared online was what exposed her baby but actually what she did to him is what exposed her baby- she is the one who "exposed her baby"
"my baby" - she takes ownership of her baby
"exposes my baby" - she exposed her baby, first of all to this terrible treatment, and secondly to the world by posting it online. Her baby has been exposed to all manner of evil persons who would view this photo in an salacious way, due to her own actions.

"My children are alright and this photo was published to the world by someone who dislikes me."

"My children are alright" - she now brings her other children into it, has she practiced this treatment on all of them? It implies they are all equally in danger.
"My children are alright" - what is her subjective definition of "alright"?
"this photo was published to the world" - she recognizes it was exposed "to the world"
"by someone who dislikes me" - seeking to put the guilt on someone else
"dislikes me" - it's all about her

Anonymous said...

There might be a street door (lower lock) and then a staircase that leads up to the apartment door (upper lock).

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A man convicted of ordering the murder of his wife so he could devote himself to a life of bondage and domination claimed his wife gave him permission to continue his unconventional lifestyle.

Bob Bashara from Detroit has petitioned Wayne County Circuit Court to overturn his first-degree murder conviction and life sentence claiming his constitutional rights were violated during his trial last year.

Bashara was convicted last December of ordering his wife, Jane's murder, in 2012.

However, Bashara, who was known as 'Master Bob', claimed his attorneys failed to represent him properly during the salacious trial by advising him against taking to the stand and testifying in his own defence.

He said: 'I felt that I was grossly misled by that.'

He said he had an ineffective defence.

Jane Bashara's body was found inside her Mercedes-Benz which had been dumped in a Detroit alleyway.

Prosecutors have said Bashara, 57, coerced handyman Joe Gentz into strangling her at the couple's Grosse Pointe home.

Gentz is in prison after a second-degree murder conviction.

Part of the focus of his original trial was on Bashara's extramarital affairs and the bondage and domination lifestyle.

Bashara, who was known as 'Master Bob' among those in that lifestyle, told Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Vonda Evans Thursday that his wife gave him permission to have extramarital affairs because the couple was unable to have sex due to medical conditions.
He said: 'It was important to show I didn't just go out and have an affair, your honor. Every night, we cuddled, we kissed. We were both getting older. The love and the caring never stopped."

Bashara is expected to continue his testimony later today.

Bashara's trial heard that he used cocaine and hosted men and women at a sex dungeon underneath a bar called the Hard Luck Lounge.

During the original trial, prosecutor Rob Moran asked the jury: 'What man would make his own elderly mother hide a gun for him?

'What kind of man has two women come to the marital bed and have sex with them while his wife is out of town? Is that what a man does who's in love with his wife? No. It's the ultimate act of betrayal.'

The handyman, Joe Gentz, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2012 and said Bob Bashara coerced him into committing the crime.

Bashara didn't testify but repeatedly professed his innocence in the weeks after his wife's death, even attending a candlelight vigil in her honor.

Jane Bashara was a marketing executive with a long record of service to her church and community. Nearly three years later, there still are lawn signs that say, 'Justice For Jane.'

Before his wife's death, Bashara was a successful local businessman, head of the local Rotary Club, a deacon at the local church and a backer of the Lochmoor Country Club in Grosse Pointe Woods.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Florida authorities believe they have found the body of a missing nine-week-old boy whose drug-addict parents are already in jail on child abuse charges.

Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight said Thursday afternoon that investigators found the body that is believed to be nine-week-old Chance Walsh buried in a wooded are in North Port, Florida after receiving a tip.

Authorities searched an area near Wylam Drive and English Circle for the baby's remains.

The infant has been missing since September 9 after authorities say they became involved when Chance's grandmother called them October 4, concerned about the baby's well-being.

Bury's mother told officers she had tried and failed to locate the baby and that his parents told relatives contradicting stories that the boy was dead, and that they had given him away.

His parents, Kristen Bury ,32, and Joseph Walsh, 36, were arrested on Florida child abuse charges in South Carolina and are awaiting extradition, according to WPEC.

Police from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office appealed for help in finding the boy, though a later search of the couple's home revealed blood spatter and evidence of a body.

According to an arrest report, seen by Fox 13, police found 'droplets of blood and evidence of blood spatter on the walls and ceiling and cadaver dogs indicated the presence of human remains'.

A probable cause affidavit, obtained by People, shows the couple had another son, Duane, who died a year ago.

The document says Bury had spoken to her stepmother about how she 'despised' Chance because he wasn't Duane, and admitted to having thoughts about hurting him.

That stepmother told police she had last seen baby Chance on September 9, almost a month after he was born.

She said she became concerned for the boy's welfare after such a long absence, and decided to try and locate him after hearing that Walsh and Bury had been in a car accident in South Carolina.

According to police, the couple, who are described as 'longtime drug users', fed various stories to relatives after the crash, including that Chance 'was unharmed, that he died in the crash and that they gave him to a woman at a hotel in Georgia.'

Police said she and the baby's other grandmother, from the paternal side, had gone to the couple's house to try and find the boy, and when nobody was there they decided to call police.

Investigators following up the couple's stories confirmed that there was no baby with them when they crashed their car, and also no sign of Chance at the hotel where they stayed.

However, police say they did speak to another guest of the hotel, a woman, who said Bury tried to sell her baby clothes, saying her child 'had died three weeks earlier'.

Jasper County, South Carolina, Jail Director Arthur S. Benjamin said he doesn't know if the parents have an attorney.

They are each being held in South Carolina on $150,000 bond.

Read more:

lynda said...


They have only released that portion of the 911. It is 2:36 seconds long and the 911 operator tells him to stay on the line with him until cops get there. I would LOVE to hear what he says to the woman in the house with him while he's waiting! Most newspapers clarify it as "edited". I've noticed that no one actually transcribes correctly. They take out the stammering, stuttering, and misc. ands and such. Which, as we know, are CRITICAL to correct SA. That's why I try to transcribe exactly what was said because it changes everything.

John...Dad definitely says "home"

The Sheep said...

"All of this is done in less than a milli-second of time"

Wow my Neuropsychology textbook says at least 300 to 500 milliseconds. This guy must be genius. I took him for a pothead, and the length of time it takes potheads to form words is like

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi, Lynda

He does. How can so called reporters / journalist be allowed to publish wrong, what is said. It infuriates me.

Again. Thank you, for taking the time to transcribe. Great job as always. :)


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Bardstown officer terminated for interfering in Crystal Rogers case

The mayor of Bardstown has terminated Bardstown City police Officer Nick Houck.

According to an order from Mayor John Royalty, the decision to terminate Houck was made based on Thursday's administrative hearing.

The mayor's order said Houck violated procedures and policies of law enforcement when he interfered with the case of missing woman Crystal Rogers.

Rogers, who disappeared in July, was dating Houck's brother.

Brooks Houck has been charged in the disappearance of Rogers. Nick Houck has not been charged.

According to the mayor's release, Houck called his brother while the brother was being interviewed by the Nelson County Sheriff's Department as part of the investigation of Rogers' disappearance.

The mayor said Houck knew his brother was being interviewed and the call was enough to be considered interference and put his brother's interests ahead of the public's interest.

In an interview with Kentucky State Police, Houck said he told his brother he "should protect himself" and that "they might be trying to trip him up," which contradicted affidavits by both brothers.

The mayor said later in July Houck failed a polygraph test administered by the FBI, which was a violation for the city of Bardstown policy and canon of ethics. Royalty said during the time period, Houck continuously claimed he couldn't remember details -- mundane and significant -- even regarding city property, including his take-home police cruiser.

As a law enforcement officer, the mayor said Houck should be able to remember facts, but that Houck can evidently remember few if any facts, which irreparably harmed his effectiveness as a law enforcement officer.

The mayor's order said Houck did not cooperate at a level expected from a Bardstown police officer.

During Thursday's hearing, Houck's attorney said Houck was put into a difficult position during the investigation and that his actions were well meaning, the mayor said.

But the mayor said Houck should have known to assert his constitutional rights and have his superiors address the situation. The mayor said Houck chose to participate in a manner that reflected poorly on himself and the city of Bardstown.

The Sheep said...

quite a while

John Mc Gowan said...

Lis, @October 16, 2015 at 4:41 PM


There are many red flags in that statement.

This though, jumped out at me.

"It hurts that this exposes my baby".
"Exposes" I do not like that, that word has entered her language. Was this said in the "Free Editing Stage"?

lynda said...

Yay Bardstown! I'm so glad they canned him!

Lis said...

John, that part of the statement bothered me the most too. Leakage?

Anonymous said...

The post was 8:02 EST. Assuming that you do not live in that time zone.

Anonymous said...

You would need to pull down a little metal slider that connects the two door segments if you wanted to open only one.
That could easily be mistaken or even just misspoken as unlocking the upeer half.

lynda said...

Doors could also be the inside and outside (screen door) of the front entrance. It was an apartment bldg. so "doors" could also mean the apt. door and then the outer door leading into the building but usually if those are locked, they are only locked from the outside. Or doors could even mean that Brendan's bedroom door was locked, and then the door leading out of apt. In any scenario, I doubt very much that he could get thru 2 locked doors and then just take off. It's absurd.
I mentioned before that the 911 operator seems to be one of the worst I have ever heard. Unless somewhere else on the call, he did not even ask if Brendan had shoes on.
Another point I find interesting is when dad says, "Hold on a sec, he’s out…he’s out, is he in there? (Dad talking to someone that you can’t hear) Yeah, he’s missing.

Where was this woman looking that dad didn't already look that he would ask "is he there?" Who IS this woman that is with him when he calls 911? Was she in the house when he went missing or did she arrive before 911? If she arrived before he called 911, then is it her arrival that caused dad to "just wake up". He called 911 at 6AM. That's pretty early. When I woke up at 6AM, I must say, I never peeked my head in my childrens bedrooms to look at them sleeping in the morning, I just relished the alone time before the chaos began! haha. The biggest thing that bugs me tho, is where did this woman look that the dad would say is he in there? And why wouldn't HE have looked before he called 911? Most people, I believe, would go over every nook and cranny before calling 911 and its not like the apt. was palatial.

Shannon In CA said...

I agree. "I've looked everywhere!" is pretty close to what I'd be saying. The "he's out" comment is so weird. OUT WHERE? "He's NOT..." Is more what I'd be expecting to hear. He's not here....or is he in there (his room, I assume)? Okay, he's definitely not here." But "he's he in there? Yeah, he's missing." It just sounds off. The whole call sounds off. Even the little bit I heard when I first posted the link for Peter to look at screamed "Dad is lying about something!"

And did anyone see the articles talking about how the dad has documented the kid's entire life on of the things Peter mentioned might turn out to be true about the dad?

John Mc Gowan said...

2 fundraisers after 3-year-old Brendan Creato’s death: 1 for dad, 1 for mom

Two fundraisers have been started for the family of Brendan Link Creato, the 3-year-old boy found dead in a wooded area of Haddon Township this week — but they each benefit different family members.

But the fundraiser for mother Samantha Denoto and her family is vastly outpacing one for father DJ Creato. The fundraiser for Denoto’s family had collected more than $16,000 from 370 people by mid-day Friday. The fundraiser for DJ Creato — with whom the boy was staying when he was went missing sometime early Tuesday — was at just $460.

The parents do not live together. Neither has spoken directly to media since their son’s mysterious death 3 hours after DJ Creato reported him missing early Tuesday — though DJ Creato’s father has been quoted saying the family is puzzled by the death, and Denoto released a statement saying family members “do not have any answers.

Authorities have still not yet said whether they consider the death suspicious, and no one has been charged. An autopsy has not yet lead to any answers.
Friends of the family have said parents questioned DJ Creato Tuesday and wouldn’t let him back into his own parents home, where he and Brendan were staying when the boy went missing, that day. It’s not clear if he’s been let back in since.
The organizer of the fundraiser for Denoto, Tommy D’Ambra, described the fundraiser as being for Brendan’s memorial.
“This campaign has been started to help with any and all costs associated with Brendan’s untimely passing and assisting Samantha with laying Brendan to rest,” he wrote. “During this time we are looking to ease some of the burden for Samantha. If you are unable to donate please keep Samantha in your thoughts and prayers.”
The organizer of the fundaiser for DJ Creato is listed as Tina Becker. Reached Friday by NJ 101.5, she said her half-sister is Brendan’s great-grandmother on DJ Creato’s side.
That page states it is to help pay for “the Creato family’s expenses of Brendan’s funeral.”
“We must pull together and support this devastated family during these dark times. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go towards eliminating any financial burden this horrible event has brought to such beautiful people,” the page states.
New Jersey 101.5 has not yet been able to confirm with authorities or the parents directly that the fundraisers are legitimate, but Tina Becker vouched for both.
She said no one on the families knows what will happen with the case or knows what to think of the situation. But she said she didn’t worry that uncertainty would keep people from donating.
“I feel like people will support it. It’s for Brendan, and Brendan’s family,” she said.

Read More: 2 fundraisers after 3-year-old Brendan Creato's death: 1 for dad, 1 for mom |

elf said...

Thanks John :) I feel silly that the answer to my question was basically in my question lol

John Mc Gowan said...

In boy's death, 'who, when, where, how . . . up in the air'

The family of a 3-year-old Haddon Township boy whose body was found in the woods Tuesday suspects foul play was involved, but has few clues as to how or why Brendan Link Creato died, a family friend said Friday.

"They know that the child couldn't have done this to himself. They believe someone did this to him," said Firas Emachah, 42, of Shamong, who said he had known the Creato family for 12 years and answered the phone Friday at the family's home improvement business.

"But again who, when, where, how, that's completely up in the air, to the point where they can't even comprehend for a second what could have happened or why."

Authorities have remained silent about their investigation into Brendan's death, other than saying an autopsy on Tuesday could not determine the cause. Brendan's body was found around 9 a.m. Tuesday in the woods near South Park Drive and Cooper Street, about half a mile from his father's Haddon Township apartment.

D.J. Creato, 22, reported his son missing from the apartment in a 911 call around 6 a.m. Tuesday. That stirred an automated police call to residents about the disappearance, and a frantic search of cars, yards, and garages.
Emachah, recalling conversations he said he had with the family after the disappearance, said Brendan had slept on a couch next to the front door, while the boy's father slept in the bedroom. Emachah said that the Creato unit is on the second floor and that a person must initially enter a door on the first floor to get inside the building, which has seven units.

Creato's mother lives a block from her son's apartment and had dropped Brendan off at the apartment sometime before 10 p.m. Monday, Emachah said.

He said Creato, who went to sleep afterward, woke up around 6 a.m. for work and noticed Brendan was missing. He first called his mother, then 911, Emachah said.

Emachah said that Brendan knew how to open the apartment door but had never done so while unsupervised.

Since that morning, questions and rumors have spread in the Westmont neighborhood about who - if anyone - is responsible for Brendan's death. At a vigil Tuesday, two other friends of the Creato family, Bernadette Ferraro and Donna Duca, said police had questioned D.J. Creato but that he was not involved in his son's death.

Emachah, also, said Friday that Creato had been questioned earlier in the week and that he was cooperative.

No arrests have been made in the case.

On Thursday, Creato answered the door at his parents' house but said he was not speaking to reporters.

Emachah described Creato as "extremely shy" but bright, and a helpful worker at his father's Haddon Heights business, Creato Windows & Doors L.L.C. "They keep saying he sounds calm [on the 911 call] - to me he sounds pretty desperate," Emachah said.

Brendan's mother, Samantha Denoto, and Creato do not live together, friends of the family have said.

As of 6 p.m. Friday, $16,000 had been raised on a page to help pay for Brendan's funeral. Those services had not yet been scheduled as of Friday afternoon, Emachah said.

Meanwhile, some Haddon Township residents made plans to commemorate Brendan and express solidarity with his family.

John Mc Gowan said...


Libby Henry, 46, who said she does not know the family, arranged with a florist to have blue bows with a black streamer made for people to hang outside their homes. The colors of the bows symbolize the death of a young boy, Henry said.

"We're all feeling so helpless and shocked," she said. With the bows, she said, "the family can see that we're all behind them, just to support whatever they need, and that we won't forget him."

At Haddonfield Floral Company on Friday, the phone was ringing constantly for orders of the bows, said designer Kathy Dallman, who was expecting to sell several hundred. She said many workers at the shop are mothers.


Anonymous said...

Let me add my voice to those who find these threads mixed with many different stories to be distracting. I go to a headline to read about that story and that story only, not to wade through pages of unrelated messages, cryptic references to an unidentified prior posting, and the like. For example, what the heck does "It was. I posted it." refer to? The immediately prior message or something else? The original story and its analysis gets lost in all this clutter.

Anonymous said...

"An autopsy on Brendan was inconclusive about how he died. A report in the Philly Voice late this week said that investigators are going to seek a second opinion, perhaps from the State Medical Examiner's Office, but that could not be confirmed."

" reported that a longtime friend of the Creato family says Brendan's relatives "believe someone did this to him." It quotes Firas Emachah as saying, "They know that the child couldn't have done this to himself.""

Carnival Barker said...

@ Anon 11:47 a.m.,

I think some of the confusion you're having about the seemingly arbitrary nature of some posts is directly attributable to the device you're using to read this blog. If you are using a phone or tablet (mobile) you can hit "Reply" under a particular comment to respond directly to it, and your response will appear immediately under the comment you responded to.

However, if you are using a desktop or laptop to read this blog, it's basically only one long list of comments, and that same response you posted will simply appear at the bottom of the list and seem somewhat out of place and like you've walked into the middle of a one-sided conversation.

Hope this helps.

Shannon In CA said...

Ummmmmm.... Can you not see when something is a direct reply to a post? This is an actual question because maybe the formatting isn't showing you indented replies? If you can see that it IS a direct reply (which it was, as is opposed to being a completely separate post), then it's pretty obvious I was replying to john's statement that this case came to Peter through an off topic post in another blog post Peter wrote. And I'm the one who brought it to his attention.

Shannon In CA said... that would answer my question. I wondered if some formatting issue was making replies look like separate posts.

Shannon In CA said...

But if the formatting isn't the same on a computer as on a phone (I'm on my phone so I see replies as actual replies), then I can see how that would be annoying.

Shannon In CA said...

I have a five year old and yes, kids are strange. Mine actually has never fixated on a piece of clothing but my cousin's daughter did.

But don't you find it strange that it was this family friend...the one who said ORANGE pajama's instead of red as dad said, who mentioned the slippers. But dad didn't. If kid was fixated on slippers, he'd have mentioned them. Look at DeOrr's parents...even they said he doesn't go anywhere without his blanket, cup, and something else.

So I agree with you in a general sense, but don't think that Brendan had that fixation with these slippers. I think dad would have mentioned them in his 911 call.

Who is this woman and why is she posting these things? Was she at the house with them the night before? Did someone tell her what Brendan was wearing, if she wasn't?

So I still think the slippers comment is strange in THIS case. In another case, I wouldn't necessarily.

Anonymous said...

Vic Filosa, who owns the Haddon Township building where Creato lived, told NJ Advance Media last week that he'd never had any issues with his tenant who'd been living there for roughly six months.

Filosa said Creato has started renting out his room in the seven-unit corner property during the spring, as renovations had been under way before then. Asked if he had been contacted by investigators, Filosa said he hadn't but was told earlier on that he was going to be.

"Nobody ever called," he said.

Interesting, since Dad said he was asleep in his room, and the boy was sleeping on the living room couch. So either he sublet just a room in a private apartment, or this is a boarding house type residence. And we don't know if the woman's voice we heard in the background was Dad's guest, or another renter.

Anonymous said...

This "friend" reads like she's trying to make DJ look bad in a backhanded way, point out his apparently numerous issues with the basics of responsible adulthood while pretending to compliment his devotion to Brendan.

That's not at all to say he's innocent; in fact she may be trying to tell something she knows without putting herself at risk, bringing the ugly media mob spotlight on her, etc.

But a loyal, devoted friend doesn't list a father's many failures at life while professing what a careful alert father he magically became when he had Brendan visiting.

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Claims Boy's Dad Not a Suspect:

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thanks, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

From the Phillyvoice article:

For instance, DJ Creato’s 17-year-old girlfriend, Julia “Julie” Spensky, has said in a social media post made after the toddler’s body was discovered that she “could be facing criminal charges in a homicide investigation.”
The Tumblr post began:
“For the first time in my entire life, I understand what it means to be lonely. Nothing I’ve experienced in the past could have prepared me for this.
“So give me a reason to live; give me a reason to stay. Give me a reason to see it to my birthday. Because I honestly can’t find a reason by myself. I can’t do this; I don’t think I am strong enough.
“I’ve handled **** before, but nothing this serious and terrifying and nerve-racking.
She closes:
“****, I could be facing criminal charges in a homicide investigation. How does a 17-year-old deal with that?”
In another Tumblr post after Creato’s death, Spensky wrote:
“I am possibly a suspect in a homicide investigation. I was advised by my attorney not to speak to anyone about my case. I am alone, I have no one to turn to. I can’t talk to my parents or anyone else in my family, not that anyone knows what happened…
“My boyfriend is in worse trouble than I am and can’t leave the state he’s in, but he has friends and family all around him to cry with and hug and vent to and lean on. I don’t have that luxury.
“I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say or where to go or how to handle this situation, but what I do know is that I cannot go to anyone.”
Spensky's attorney, Joseph Sorrentino, declined comment on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she [just] helped dispose of the body?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Note the baby carriage reference.