Friday, November 20, 2015

Video: The Murder of Amanda Blackburn

Author and Editor unknown, but a compilation with some commentary on the case. I hope the organization takes down each video in which Blackburn humiliates, insults, 'corrects, or 'over-talks' Amanda. I hope they take down the video where he pulls out a gun. If Blackburn is associated with the shooter, the videos will be in court. If Blackburn has no association with the shooter, they are insulting to Amanda Blackburn's memory, and to her parents who do not need to see this man parading on stage telling the world that his wife could not meet his sexual needs



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Samantha M. said...

Larger rewards tend to bring in bogus tips. The police spend a lot of time chasing shadows. And from what was mentioned here before, the NewSpring church (the Perry Noble church) paid for Amanda's services.

GeekRad said...

Anon @9:14, I will not be surprised if Nancy Grace changes her position. She started out a Billie Dunn supporter and quickly turned on her. I was shocked at the time and later thought that was intentional to get Billie to leak. As a former prosecutor she knows how to ask questions to get someone to reveal themself.

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't speak. Who wants funerals to become a kickstarter project?

Anonymous said...

As great & scientific as statement analysis is, I am still struck by my guts screaming to me he's guilty. There's nothing like it. By reading the comments, so many feel the same. I can't imagine this is lost on LE. At the time he was "cleared" they certainly couldn't clear him of murder for hire since the shooter hasn't been caught so this has to be a ploy. I can not WAIT until the 911 call is released!
A few have said they really hope it isn't him but WHY? He needs to be removed from basically his life for using the pulpit to spew his corrupt message and probably leading young innocent lives to doom. It's almost just as scary to think he's innocent of the murder and able to carry on like this. I think everyone agrees he had no feelings for her and the baby. How is he so unmoved by losing Amanda so tragically? If her parents come forward to support him I won't be able to stand it.

Anonymous said...

He's obviously googling himself because the minute these criticisms started appearing online he changed his tune. Now he's starting to get choked up in interviews and talk about their son without a mother, etc -- every point brought up in the original statement analysis he's now trying to embody.

Problems I'm seeing:

The police said there was no forced entry. He doesn't express any regret that perhaps he didn't lock the door behind him, or wasn't there to protect his wife when she needed him. Isn't feeling any guilt that he failed to care for her in this way.
He's goes to the gym for TWO HOURS on a weekday morning? Yikes, every day? With a pregnant wife and a baby at home? Seems like obsessive preoccupation with body.
Showing no devastation or grief, but doing the interview circuit like his moment has arrived to shine and talk in front of millions.
Having thousands tune in or be present at his wife's memorial -- what happened to quiet, private grief with family? Death isn't a spectacle or an opportunity for the widower to preach and proclaim in front of a huge audience.
No anger or desire for justice against murderer. Said police aren't really telling him about the investigation which seems to indicate they've got him on their radar. Said he's 100% cleared so they can watch him and wait for him to mess up.
Never once saying he can't imagine life without her (at least until he started reading the suspicions online) and never once expressing horror that she went through something so violent, must have been so afraid, alone, etc.
Expressing no devastation over the loss of the unborn child. Saying it was too early to know the gender, but saying he knew it would be a girl because he wanted a girl! In other words, doesn't matter that he came up with a girl's name because he knew she wouldn't live long enough for them to really know if it was a boy or girl.
All reports the first day saying she was dead, but then we find out later that she actually lived for two days. Was he telling the media she was dead?? Why wasn't he begging her to live, calling her name, encouraging her, refusing to believe she would die for those two days? There have been lots of bedside turnarounds because of devoted, determined family members who helped the patient fight for life. He pronounced her dead before she was dead ...

Chuck Cheesehead said...

Looks like CD updated Amanda's FB page to the past tense (he probably knows all of her passwords):

lynda said...


The link you provided regarding Amanda being raped goes to Fox 8 who is reporting that police confirmed to WTHR 13 news said "police confirmed to them". they are just repeating what WTHR has said. The Lt. involved in the investigation came out 14 minutes after WTHR posted this and stated, "We have no evidence at this time the Amanda was sexually assaulted." This is a rumor that continues to gain traction but at this time, we have to believe what LE says as opposed to an over eager reporter. Of course, the news gets spread all around and pretty soon it becomes "fact" but it is NOT. Nor is it fact that her ATM was used all over town. Or that they have "found" the SUV and removed evidence and DNA. All these things are untrue as far as LE is concerned but everyone's theories are changing based on "new" evidence. There is NONE. At least that LE is releasing. The "suspects" are black youth and I would imagine every black youth that comes into the station is asked about the Amanda Blackburn case. That doesn't mean the police think they have a viable suspect. The internet is a great tool but boy, rumors can become facts awful quick and it becomes difficult to keep on tract.

Tania Cadogan said...

CJ said...

This was DB's birth announcement from the pulpit on Sunday, Nov. 8:

"We have fears and some of them are rational and some of them aren’t—, rational at all, and, and fear can translate into worry, and I’m just like you. I worry about things.

Like—, you’re not going to show up to this church and it’s going to be a perfect pastor who doesn’t have any problems. I—worry—about—things—just like you.

I worry about finances. Like how are we gonna pay that bill, and how are we gonna make these ends meet, I mean how are we gonna do this—I worry about that. I bet every single person here worries on some level about that.

I worry about my future.

I worry about th–, the future of this church.

I worry about th–, th–, th–, th–, th–, the fragility of– of a new church and wh–wh– what that looks like.

I worry, I worry about my kids.

Davey, did you just say kids? Yes I did. Guess what?

Come on! Yeah-he-he!

We just went through a Love Song series, I just want you to know, that your pastor is smokin’ what he’s selling. He is practicin’ what he’s preaching. Come on, somebody!

We are expecting our second little one, so I’m praying for you guys, because you know how preacher’s kids are".

Look where he goes from almost fluent to uncontrolled stuttering.
it indicates sensitivity.
I worry about th–, the future of this church.

I worry about th–, th–, th–, th–, th–, the fragility of– of a new church and wh–wh– what that looks like.

I wonder if the startup money (start ups usually refer to a new business, a franchise)
Is the sensitivity because he isn't meeting his targets?
Is there a payment due back to the main church to payback what is essentially a loan and he can't make it?

I wonder why he tells us he is smokin' what he is selling
Given his OTT behavior, his many hours each day at the gym, is he perhaps supplementing his income?
It is a drug reference, not something i would associate with a church.
I would be looking closely at contacts in the gym, his financial statement going back a year, people he has contact with through his church such as outreach.

He is leaking more marbles than a game of Kerplunk.

Chuck Cheesehead said...

CD is a CROSSFIT disciple (one of the most extreme and rigorous physical training programs in the world).

Anonymous said...

Davey Blackburn isn't highly intelligent, talented, good-looking, or charismatic. He's not a psychopath; psychopaths are good liars. Immature, backward, uneducated, small-townish... just a few words I would use to describe him. Also: ambitious, egotistical, dishonest. But not "fascinating" "intelligent" "talented" and so on. PUH-LEASE!

Anonymous said...

To the poster above who mentioned that Nancy disGrace is against investigating (can't find it now) Davey Blackburn in the murder of Amanda, she sure is! As a general rule I don't watch the woman, can't stomach her shyt, but earlier in the week I happened to channel surf and saw where she was going to have an update on the murder of Amanda Blackburn, pastors wife.

Okay, so I sat through the entire show waiting while she devoted the first 40+ mins too Charlie Sheen's HIV diagnosis, the next 10+ mins to the little girl who was abducted and killed at a pee-wee's game, THEN the last (less than) -2 mins she has a detective come on who wants to discuss the possibility of the pastor hubby Davey being involved, whereupon Nancy Grace immediately shuts him up, literally screeching at him as if to say STFU and unplugs him. The rest of the show goes over to honoring the roll call of deceased.

She is a spiteful b'tch when someone disagrees with her already preconceived opinions. She has no in justice for the murdered, or any interest whatsoever in exploring the possibility of Davey being involved in Amanda's murder and doesn't want to hear it. I despise her as much as I ever did. Anyone who wants to read it can google Nancy Grace transcripts. ABB

Anonymous said...

Oooops! I meant to say, "she has no interest in justice for the murdered......." Sorry. ABB

Anonymous said...

Smoking what he's selling refers to the love song series. They talked/sold love and sex on the love song video and smoked/had sex and now Amanda's pregnant. He's just trying to sound hip and cool while announcing his wife is pregnant.

Chuck Cheesehead said...

Babysitter Megan Griffith posted this recent selfie on Instagram while she was sitting on the Blackburns' sofa (note the size of Amanda's dog):

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:20; IMHO, you are wrong. Davey Blackburn is everything you said, PLUS he is a psychopath. You said he isn't. He IS. He is also a pathological liar, not a very good one, but a pathological he is.

I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist but I was married to one (now deceased) who was. I learned a lot from him, I also helped to write his PHd dissertation under his supervision. I am familiar with other similar case studies. He published many articles in APA journals and other reference sources and was well known. He could have and would have diagnosed Davey Blackburn in less than an hour upon first meeting as being a psychopath and a pathological liar. No, I will not tell you who he was.

Tell you what let's do; let's call in Dr. Keith Ablow, one of the best in the business, and get HIS professional opinion, sight unseen. Guarantee you he would come up with the same diagnosis, more or less. If I'm wrong, then I'll apologize. ABB

Anonymous said...

Just watch -- since Davey is reading all this (hi Davey!) we'll be seeing a change in behavior soon according to all that we're saying we're not seeing in a grieving husband.

Juliet said...

The part of the War on Worry video in which Davey 'shoots' his worries is quite different to the clip which was removed from his Twitter/Instagram - I don't recall which. It's been toned down since the rehearsal - assuming the clip was a rehearsal. In the clip he had his back to the audience, and each time turned/leaped round to 'shoot' in the back a youth dressed in jeans and hoodie, who was stood a few yards over to the right of the stage. The sermon clip is much less aggressive, he's not 'putting his heart' into the 'shooting' and most significantly, he's not shooting at a person who, presumably, represented worry.

It seems rather ominous, to me - an unfortunate foreshadowing, or prepping the congregation? I don't think it's a coincidence. It is unbelievable that it has been put online unless it is in furtherance of Davey's agenda - accidental prophet, see God' at work in removing the troublesome Amanda from his life, whatever it takes, the best is yet to come - Romans 8.28. Davey has spoken and the Lord has heard him -it's all for the best, and for God's greater glory. Someone pass the sick bucket.

Here, tv programs which are deemed to be too near the bone following a tragic event, which might upset, offend or be deemed offensive, are rescheduled for viewing at a later date. It's considerate and courteous to the families of those who were involved in whatever similar event was du pen to be screened. Davey runs those websites, and if he doesn't deal with the technical side, he would be consulted as to what went online. The video is there to serve Davey's purposes. As others have said, the gun episode does not even fit the message - it's as incongruous and unnecessary as was Amanda's murder. Her family and true friends are likely to be horrified - Davey should be ashamed and embarrassed at its existence. Amazing - I'm so glad I don't live on planet Davey, or see through his eyes.

CJ said...

John Mcgowan, "we note order of priority."

This is what I see about DB's stated priorities:

1. "Our" finances
2. My future
3. Future of this church
4. Fragility of a new church
5. What that looks like (That = new church, or something else?)
6. My kids

In his October notes for this sermon DB had "Kids" at the TOP of his list of "Things We Worry About," with jobs, bills, and health at the very bottom (in that order).

It makes sense to me that if he was building to the birth announcement he would move kids down the list just for dramatic effect.

There are also the worries that he mentions as he is transitioning back into his sermon:

"But I mean in that route, when you get like, when, when your spouse gets pregnant don’t you worry about everything, like I remember Weston, I went up in the middle of the night, and, and just like for no reason and just because I was worried I would go just check to see if he was still breathing. I got, I just worry."

If I add those to the list:

7. Everything (when your spouse is pregnant)
8. Weston stops breathing.

SOM said...

I have been following this case, and following Mr. Hyatt's analysis here (been reading Mr. Hyatt for years, very interested in linguistics). Honestly: I can't believe what I'm seeing with this guy (Davey). His behavior is so so OFF. That's the only way to put it. Does it look normal in his world? Does this seem "inspirational" to his followers? I am trying to get a bead on the purpose of this affect - it seems so automatic to him.

The compulsive use of "we" is so startling. Once you clock into it, and how often he uses it ... the only way I can put it is you get this spidey-sense of how OFF he is.

This may not mean he is guilty - just a narcissist who only sees himself as a rising star preacher, and has no interest in the subjectivity of his own experience (which, honestly, is what makes us human. "I feel this ..." He can't really do that unless he's performing it.)

Have watched all the videos and cringed for Amanda, but this gun video literally made my jaw drop. I can't even believe what I'm seeing, actually.

So sad for Amanda for having to put up with this guy. Tragedy for her family and those who loved her. Thank you all for your very interesting insights into SA and this case in particular.

SOM said...

One further thought:

His thoughts on his expectations of marriage sound so immature - especially for a pastor who should have some more perspective on it - even if he is not married. Part of being a pastor is counseling people about to get married, those having troubles in marriage.

God help the young couples in that audience who may be going through hard times and unable to connect and seeking guidance from this bozo.

He really expected marriage to be one long "sex fest" as he says? His wife cooking dinner in an apron and nothing else?

Sexual fantasies are one thing - in my opinion, anything goes (well, almost anything) in your fantasy life. It's private, and if you don't expect reality to mirror your fantasies - have at it!

But he speaks as though that was his real expectation, that he honestly thought marriage would be like that. I find that very concerning - it shows a truly shallow understanding of life and intimacy - as well as the penchant (already noted everywhere else by the commenters here and Mr. Hyatt) - for dehumanizing his wife. Even before marriage, she wasn't a real person to him.

CJ said...


It's my impression that it is the same clip (I captured the whole thing before it went away) just from a different perspective. It originally showed up linked to a third-party Instagram account, so perhaps someone was filming from the audience on a cell phone. The audio picks up more of the gasps and cheers from the audience.

Horse chestnut said...

Has anyone seen the bizarre tweets specifically October 18th where he says that he loves Amanda grace and hope stay of 60 more years together? The way he hashtags their vacations romantic getaway number 15 as if to call attention to the fact that they love each other enough to go away 15x although there's no mention of her in those tweets, the way you would mention the cute habits personality or statements someone you loved and show pictures of them? I think it's really weird that both those tweets happened in the build up to this month as though he were alibi buildings in a way. I think the reason everybody thinks he's so strange is that he's empty the way psychopath and sociopath are empty. Ifor you've ever known one you know how alone you can feel in their presence because instead of filling them up the way someone who is normal environment does when you spend time with them, they are a drain on your resources. Dave is not crying because he doesn't know what grief is. He has poor impulse control, is obsessed with sex, doesn't peel or recognize fear, and does not see Amanda as a person beYond her utility for him

Anonymous said...

Nice post, and thank you Mr. Anonymous @11:01. It's good to hear from someone who knows Amanda's family. You are probably right in that Amanda's sister is grieving the loss of her sister; however, I do wonder how she could sit at Amanda's bedside in the hospital and rejoice with Davey over her passing. Oh.My.God.

THAT is no time to be rejoicing, her own flesh and blood sister just had laid dying in pain over a course of hours, is now in the throes of death, even if unconscious and she's rejoicing??! I don't care who you are or what you believe or who the near deceased is (your beloved loved one in this case); and you sing and tell stories and laugh while your dear sister in lying there in a coma and breathing her last only on a life support machine. The angels rejoice when we are welcomed home, but for US mortals there is nothing to rejoice about in the loss of our loved ones until we reach that heavenly place ourselves.

But this is neither the time nor the place, watching your OWN sister leave this earth in such a horrible tragedy, she don't even know who did this to her, it could have been her own husband she is gleefully rejoicing with; and she is making jokes and singing and laughing at past memories and good times to come???!!

NO, I am not going to judge her for this; I am not the almighty who will be judging us all.

Then there is the matter of the (lack of) reward money. There is no excuse for her family not raising the reward; I don't care if the theory has been given that a large reward would make LE have to work harder tracking down every wild lead that comes in. That's pure nonsense. That same theory could apply to every other child missing or murder case. Like you said, theirs is a wealthy ministry, and Amanda's father is supposedly a good Godly man, so what's his problem?

Doesn't finding Amanda's killer even matter to him, (or to other members of his congregation who could establish a refund fund for her killer themselves!) even if that killer has to be rooted out and a handsome reward paid to the one who will oust him/her? I see no good excuse. Actually, there isn't one. ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I hope a new article will be up shortly, as we will, collectively, take another view of pronouns and behavioral analysis.

By the way, a grain of salt, or a bit of discernment when you read strong assertions.


John Mc Gowan said...

CJ said..

In his October notes for this sermon DB had "Kids" at the TOP of his list of "Things We Worry About," with jobs, bills, and health at the very bottom (in that order)"


Maybe his priorities changed?

"It makes sense to me that if he was building to the birth announcement he would move kids down the list just for dramatic effect."

If that is the case, i would expect to hear him say "And finally and most important, my Kids"

Anonymous said...

In my post to Anon @11:39, I was wrong in calling Davey Blackburn a psychopath. I meant to say sociopath. I apologize that in my haste I mislabeled him. But you do realize how easy it is for a sociopath to become a psychopath? Not hard at all. Yep. They do, and that's my learned opinion. However, do keep in mind that I've already said that I'm not degreed in this field. ABB

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter. Good advice. ABB

Sharon said...

My husband was recently clinically diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (Actually, a good thing b/c now he is in therapy to address trauma he suffered as a child.) My husband is low on the spectrum, but is on the spectrum nonetheless, so I feel like I am pretty qualified to recognize true NPD behavior. This is what I know from my own experience - my husband in the past would inappropriately use the word WE a lot. A LOT!! So DB's use of WE is a big red flag for me. DB shows all the true clinical NPD signs in my opinion.

Indigo said...

Some random comments:
*I'm becoming increasingly troubled and grieved about this awful ordeal. I keep thinking about how inconsolable that poor baby must have been, and may still be, with the abrupt disappearance of his mother. That adorable little face (and hers!)leave no doubt of the deep bond of love between those two!

*Looking down the road here--If either set of grandparents suspects CD, they'd be wise to keep it under wraps and speak very privately only with detectives. Even if media and other family members ask their opinion, I think all four parents should bite their tongues if they have to and merely say something neutral such as, "We just have to trust police and detectives to sort this out and find the killer." After all, nothing can bring back their daughter and D-I-L now. If CD is innocent, they all risk permanent estrangement from that little boy AND a torn-apart family. If his father is innocent, then the baby needs to grow up with the security of knowing that his grandparents did not spout off their questions/suspicions. If he IS guilty and ends up being convicted, then justice will play out and, hopefully, do right by that baby. I know it's not always that simple. (Just saying that I've more often regretted what I've said more than what I HAVEN'T said.)

*I was curious about why no childhood pics of A.B. in the memorial service.

*Someone mentioned the tweets(?) about CD wanting 60 more years with her, along with his comments about their 7th year of marriage. In one message, he said something about marriage and the #7 being "perfection." (Is this their 7th year?) Maybe it's just me, but do great marriages have to be CONSTANTLY advertised? People who have great marriages simply LIVE them. They don't invite the world to be voyeurs about their every intimate struggle and their every temptation! By the way, it must have crushed A.B. to hear her husband speak of his temptations regarding other women. Was he aware that maybe SHE had "temptations," too, like towards quiet godly men who didn't feel the need to act like a game show host or carnival barker in front of the church?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Someone wrote that an on line group that 'investigates' crime has made the husband of murder victim, Amanda Blackburn "off limits" for discussion of possible guilt, even though statistics point to the husband or boyfriend of a murdered pregnant woman. This is to say: You may investigate it, but only if you throw out statistics, reason, and potential. Other than that, discuss away! If someone disagrees? Perhaps they, too, suffer from moral depravity and mental illness.

Ideas, freely exchanged, are the life blood of an investigation. "Thinking outside the box" should never preclude examining the box first, and then more tangents, with the circle widening as one goes along. If the husband is cleared of any association, the ignorance may self-congratulate itself to even greater ignorance.

The analysis is posted publicly which means experts in many fields may not simply read it, but challenge it, including federal investigators, retired investigators, insurance investigators, English professors, psychologists, criminologists and academia in general.

lynda said...

In regards to the "insider" told us that Amandas parents wanted to give a 10K reward but LE advised them against it because it could interfere with their investigation because all the crackpots would be calling in and they have to investigate EVERY lead that comes in. That tells me LE is focused on who the killer really is and don't want to be diverted to chasing leads that have nothing to really offer.

Amber, Amanda's sister, may not be crazy but there is something underlying her comments and "letters". At best, she's magically thinking because when someone is taken off life support because they're brain dead..there is no look of joy. There is nothing, no facial expression at all. They're mouths are hanging open, most times their eyes are open just a slit but you can only see cloudiness and a glazing. Death is not pretty. Your bowels and bladder release, it's very UNdignified. This whole movement about dying with dignity always was baffling to me because it is so undignified and messy. Horrible way to remember someone is as they die. You LIVE with dignity, not die. Amber just seems to be all about how her and Davey feel, what her and Davey did, her and DAvey, her and Davey, it's a little off-putting IMO.

lynda said...

Peter @ 1:03

Good post

BallBounces said...

Blogger Jen Ow said… What he is doing isn't preaching,

You got that right.

Sharon said...

I used to follow Webseluths, but they have changed to NO tolerance of discussing, for example a husband with a murdered wife, unless he has been charged, etc. I don't follow Webseluths anymore b/c the silencing of participants instincts has prevented open dialog.

The comment dialog here is very thoughtful, IMO. Refreshing to see.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted Peter on new news... Ive been following this and its disturbing if the husband is behind it. I find it really creepy that. He and Amanda had a DOUBLE WEDDING. as if weddings are some kind of casual birthday party you might throw with your neighbor to keep down costs. A DOUBLE WEDDING???????? Ewwww. I would say that was Daveys idea and he convinced the others it would be AWESOME. he turned the vows in front of God into almost a joke by doing a "double wedding". This guy is text book definition of psychopath. I think he is 100 percent the mastermind behind her death. And he may have had help from the obese babysitter. I mean, why would he EVER ask a woman other than his WIFE to go buy him a JOCK STRAP??!! He asked the obese babysitter to buy him a jock strap so she would have to stand in the underwear isle, imagining his penis, and how big it is. Just WRONG. on EVERY LEVEL. Hey Davey, and Obese babysitter, if youre both reading this, you are both going to pay for all eternity. And Davey just because you spew out memorized Scripture doesnt mean youre Saved. You know what the bible says, it says EVEN THE DEMONS KNOW THE SCRIPTURES AND TREMBLE. oh and another thing the bible says Davey.... VENGEANCE IS MINE.. I WILL REPAY....

Juliet said...

Cj - the clip,I saw is not from the video,- Davey had his back to the audience, and turned round to shoot at a young man's back -- he was not front-facing and did not have the guy to the side of him - it seemed more like an attempt at a drama sketch - that's what I thought and wrote at the time. I think it was another event, a rehearsal perhaps, and he was probably advised to tone it down - I was surprised to see the video version, it seemed half-hearted by comparison. Perhaps he did get how inappropriate it was but still went ahead anyway, because it was necessary to something, in his mind.

Sharon said...

Anonymous - YES agree!! The double wedding photos are STRANGE! It seemed the wedding was a performance for everyone. (Did you see the photos on her sister's Facebook?)

Anonymous said...

Some bossy cow named Bessie is the chief bitch at Websleuths.

Anonymous said...

Bovine and swine will stop up the sinuses.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

from upcoming article:

The following is something you have to ask yourself, whether or not police connect Blackburn to the shooter:

Is it just a coincidence that a man driven to succeed in ministry could repeatedly complain about his marriage, attribute pregnancy to its decline, show off a gun as a theatrical prop in a sermon, have his wife shot with a gun while being pregnant and have his language focus primarily on his ministry rather than her?

Anonymous said...

Following this for days. First post.

As far as the "Worship as Weapon" video - does anybody else wonder if he is grooming someone in the audience to carry out a plan he has discussed with that person? He's practically acting out how to justify shooting someone in the name of worship. Is there someone so enthralled with him - so obsessed - that they would do this for him? The shooting, if I have the timeline right, was two days later. Just a thought.

Juliet said...

Lol - shouldn't laughter, but that is funny. I went there a few times when DeOrr was the main subject of discussion - it seemed to be a bunch of adolescents arguing endlessly and earnestly over mountain lions. There's loyalty/dedication for you - I can't imagine how bored out of their minds they must have been by page 300.

Sus said...

Re Pastor Davey's pregnancy sermon:
He originally had "popularity" as a worry on his notes. And it was pretty high up there.

He also had spouses (plural) which he must have taken out.

Another thought I keep having. LE says a neighbor saw the potential suspect moving from the first burglarized home to the Blackburns. Someone in the same neighbor's home saw the same person moving away from the Blackburn home. I'm presuming over a half hour later given the timeline. Why didn't these neighbors check it out? Call police? Ok, point blank, I'm questioning that statement.

Sus said...


CJ said...

John Mcgowan,

RE: "If that is the case, i would expect to hear him say "And finally and most important, my Kids"

I agree.

I'm new to SA. When I read your first post I immediately wondered if order=priority still applies when one is analyzing a prepared script, vs. off the cuff interview, and so I went back to look at the sermon notes to see if and how the list had changed.

Unfortunately the notes aren't entirely legible, but "Kids" in the #1 spot suggested to me that DB knew that Amanda was pregnant again when he planned this sermon.

What I find unexpected in the birth announcement:

1. No mention of Amanda's name
2. Use of singular pronouns where I would expect plural pronouns: "MY future," "My kids."
3. Order of priorities: Kids at the bottom, Wife doesn't make the list
4. Related to order of priorities, a priority I wouldn't expect: a new church, and:
5. ...excessive stuttering, when introducing the topic of "a new church" and its "fragility" and "what it looks like."

Related to #4 and 5, is the new church he is talking about Resonate Indy? Could Resonate, at three years out from planting, be considered new? Could it be considered fragile? If he is talking about Resonate, why bring it up again? He has already included "the future of THIS church (Resonate)" in his list, why return?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11:20 said:

Davey Blackburn isn't highly intelligent, talented, good-looking, or charismatic. He's not a psychopath; psychopaths are good liars. Immature, backward, uneducated, small-townish... just a few words I would use to describe him. Also: ambitious, egotistical, dishonest. But not "fascinating" "intelligent" "talented" and so on. PUH-LEASE!

I totally agree! I would add he's selfish and thoughtless. So sad for Amanda and so sad for Weston and all the people who truly love them.

Anonymous said...

He wants to be the next Mark Driscoll. It's gross.

CJ said...


"Spouses" and "popularity" originated with me. The note is not entirely legible. I took it into Photoshop to zoom in close, but am not 100% sure about spouses and popularity. (Looking again, I wondered if I read "pregnancy" as "popularity." DB still has the photo on his Twitter feed of Oct. 14, you can look for yourself).

Frankly, listening to the Worship As Weapon sermon was the first time all my alarms got tripped. (I would go so far as to say this sermon, in it's entirety, is the Rosetta Stone for interpreting the language of all of Davey's statements and interviews post-murder).

The church is the bride of Christ. Davey is worrying about the future of THIS church (bride) and a NEW church (bride).

Here, Davy does not express worry about Amanda's future, Amanda's kids, or Amanda's fragility.

He worries about EVERYTHING when his "spouse" is pregnant.

Sus said...

Oh, ok. Thanks, CJ.
Looking at his sermon, there are some striking points.

As John says, priority is important. The first worry he mentions is "you're not going to show up to this church.

He repeats "the future of this church." Repeating it makes it even more sensitive to him.

Then he says something very strange. Actually two things.
"I worry about my future."
Only MY. This is beyond strange when he has a wife, son, church, and is about to announce his wife's pregnancy. He sees only his future, without them.

Add to that. "I worry about Th th th th th fragility of of a new church and wh wh what that looks like."
He is showing much agitation about a new church. He has changed reality from THIS church to A church.

I wonder if he was under pressure to get his church going or Perry Noble was dropping support? I would so love to know the answer to that.

Anonymous said...

Something else Davey said in the video talking about marriage as a sex fest was how when he has been on a business trip band he comes home he is only thinking of one thing but he found out you can't do a "boob grab" and get started... You have to listen to her day...

As a happily married middle aged woman, the boob grab part of truly offensive because sex in marriage (especially 7+ years into it) is about intimacy and connection and healing and very much an emotional coming together to be one person. Not a boob grab wham bam thank you mam. And he didnt just say women need to have sex even when they don't want to.. They have to fully participate. He wants the porn star performance. It reminds me of Michelle Duggar telling wives they have to be "joyfully available" for sex even when they don't want to because they husband will go look for it in another woman if they don't.

Damn them and their men will be boys mentality. Why would you want to have sex with your wife if she has to put on a performance because shie is tired and needs to go to bed? HELP your wife and help yourself and when she is relaxed and wants to, have sex.

Its just another reminder that not only did this poor girl get no help from him at home (he probably avoided home like the plague) but also she was likely emotionally manipulated into submitting to him (sex) when all she wanted was his presence at home and his full attention to her and weston.

I have no doubt her life with him was sad and miserable.

Signed, Ham

Tania Cadogan said...

I have no problem with a double wedding since my mom and her younger sister had a double wedding.

For some it is simply down to cost, for others it is a way of sharing their happiness, especially if a larger family with a lot of daughters all getting engaged at the same time.

A double wedding is memorable simply because it is not that common.
My mom and her sister were in the paper as it was uncommon.

CJ said...

Peter has a new post up, so this thread will be continuing there, but I wanted to add one more excerpt here from the Worship As a Weapon piece before I step away from the computer.

Note the shift at approx. 30:00 from DB talking about the battles that God fights for us, to the battles that we need to fight on our own. This section on relationship follows within a minute or so. To set the stage, he is acting the part of his congregation member, imploring God to fight his (supplicant's) battles for him:

"Well God, what about that, what about, what about that, that relationship; she made, she said that thing to me, made me so mad. Fight the battle! Do the judgment thing, BAM! DO IT! (Hammering motion)

There’s a verse in Psalms that says “break the teeth of my enemies,” right? That’s what you feel like. What about that?

God’s going, um, yeah, I already told you that you needed, you needed t–. you needed to release bitterness in your heart and, and go and approach her and forgive her for what she said. That’s your battle to fight, that’s not mine.


Davey has just projected his rage on his (fictional) worshipper.

It's that guy in the audience whom Davey is roleplaying who feels like picking up a hammer and smashing in the teeth of the woman he is in a relationship with. That woman who said something he did not like hearing.

Not Davey.

This is shocking, and dismaying, to hear, anywhere, not just in church.

CJ said...


RE: The fragility of a new church, and what that looks like.

New church (bride) could be code for new relationship.

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