Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trista Reynolds Stepping Back from the Public

For those of you unfamiliar with the case of Baby Ayla, here is a short view, via the lens of Statement Analysis.

Baby Ayla was reported missing, taken from her bedroom window, in Maine.

In a kidnapping, the "expected" is that the parent(s) will call out to the child, and begin to plead, with the help of police, for the child's safe return.

The "unexpected" is when the parent (s) refuse to call out after the child, for whatever reason.

Liars hate to be called liars. Oh, do they hate it!  Not that anyone likes it, but challenge a liar with a lie, and you will often see:

The liar will defend a small, minor, insignificant point of truth.

Although this may come more under the heading of Behavioral Analysis, the statement itself will show this point as well.

Trista Reynolds, Ayla's mother, tried to get the father, Justin DiPietro to talk.  She did not know what had happened to Ayla, and was both suspicious, and believing, thinking that, maybe, she really was kidnapped.  Justin DiPietro released the now infamous "I'm not emotionally capable" of speaking out for Ayla, statement that revealed just how little what Ayla may have been suffering mattered to him: just as long as his emotions were protected, to hell with the child.

Trista complained, "Justin won't speak to me!"

He then came roaring back, with proof of communication of text messages.  He said, "Contrary to rumors floating around out there..." as he sought to defend himself against a most unimportant allegation.

This told us something important.

"Contrary to rumors floating around out there...

Search for Ayla in water.

We then went on to learn that not only was Ayla referenced in the past tense by the father, but that his own mother had a need to deceive, telling a news reporter she "heard nothing" that night...only to later be caught and be forced to admit:  she was not home that night.

From there, the news was all bad.

Police admitted that Justin DiPietro, his sister, Elisha, and his girlfriend Courtney Roberts, had all been deceptive about what happened.

Then there was the trail of blood.

Then there was the life insurance policy taken out, not for, but against Ayla, with his other child left off the policy.

Then there was the failed polygraphs, and the connection to drugs...

A family friend rushed to his defense, posting a "story" that praised the girlfriend, Roberts, making Ayla almost a passing thought.  It needed revision work.


there was Trista.

Trista, making enough of her own mistakes in life, yet having the courage to have her children rather than abort them, endured a small, but vigilant group of DiPietro friends (including the maternal clan who sold him the policy, who later asked a reporter to "dig up dirt on Peter Hyatt, so we can silence him," revealing the inability to argue against facts) who posted, any and everywhere, against Trista.

Here was a young mother, from a rough background, enduring the slowly unraveling truth of Ayla's death, even before police had told her, while wondering why state prosecutors refused to go ahead and prosecute for Ayla, while enduring barbs from...well, since water seeks its own level, from those who's character bears a close resemblance to a man who's child was sacrificed to Mammon.

One reporter's research showed that the life insurance policy to cover a funeral "just in case" the healthy toddler died, would likely have cost the welfare laden DiPietro nothing, but if anything, no more than $500.

The life insurance policy would be a bonanza for the low level rumored prescription street drug seller.  Girlfriend Roberts' sister was caught with about $15,000 worth of drugs in her apartment.

Hey, somebody's got to pay for those wholesale narcotics.

I don't know much about the big drug sellers, but I'm thinking that they do not take American Express and in order to have so much drugs for sale, someone must be paid for them.

Hence, the connection to drugs.

There were a few notable quotes from the DiPietro Siblings.

When asked how he did on his polygraph, Justin DiPietro said, "I smoked it."

Interesting choice of words from the drug world.

When sister Elisha was pressed she said, "I did fine" but the reporter just kept on asking and Elisha, self described model, kept on a answering; "I did fine."

Neither was able to say "I passed."

Although it is true that Justin did tell the truth in the polygraph:  on some questions.  Liars often get their address correct and when a body is put into moving water, they may even pass the question, "Do you know where Ayla is now?" as water moves the body.

Trista then endured the proverbial, "I have 25 years experience prosecuting cases and..." 

In spite of government resources, the state attorneys must go up against the private, high paid and talented sector, and this case, since it went nation wide, would likely attract the publicity hungry ($700 per hour Joe Tacopina?) self assured attorneys from out of state who would hook up with a local, talented attorney, and wage a defense on CNN prior to going to court, for the publicity, at the expense of justice.

The new world of defense attorney is "win the game at all costs", rather than "protect the guilty from malicious prosecution."

I don't envy the state attorneys.  They are lower paid than the private sector and they work to bring justice to victims and have to work against not only private attorneys, but the intelligence level of jury systems.  Anyone say, "Casey Anthony jury"?

Trista must endure their promises that, eventually, they will prosecute.  These promises are likely made in good faith, from those who sincerely and emotionally are driven for Ayla's sake, but must feel certain in their case.

I hope they simply go forward with their "one shot" rather than wait too much longer.  Perhaps they are hoping that the Waterville Three, not quite so close anymore, will crack.  It is very difficult for anyone to hold a secret, even more so for two, but close to impossible for three.

Besides, given the connection to drugs, it is likely that one of the two females will, one day, be in need of something from prosecution...

and may be willing to trade information in exchange for catching a break on something.


Trista's had enough.

Can you imagine being a young parent and having your precious little one suddenly gone?

I can't.

Can you imagine, then, the frustration of listening, on television, to the father, only to realize that he is deceptive?  He who wanted her aborted...has he taken matters into his own hands?  Has he really sought to profit from her death?

The trail of blood must give Trista more than a few sleepless nights, night terrors, and nightmares.  Her family has endured the scorn of the insurance selling family's condescending comments about Trista's socio and economic status in life, contrary to their own.  They defend the indefensible and castigate the mother of whom police held no interest in even polygraphing.

Unable to defend against the message, they sought to attack the messenger, caring nothing for Ayla or for justice, nor for the family who is left bereft of her tiny face.

Is there atonement for murder?

After all, murder is the murder of all future descendants.  How does one atone for such?

Even if the DiPietros claim, as I think they do, that Ayla died accidentally, and panicked because (in their mind), Trista would have blamed them and "no one will believe us", felt compelled to hide the remains, in the very least, they could have come clean and told their story.

Emboldened, they continue their attacks and like the street thugs they are, Justin and Lance held a man down, two against one, while kicking and beating him.

This sums up the manhood that his theirs.  If manhood is the sacrifice of strength for right purposes, what is it when a father of a "missing" child says his child is kidnapped but he is "emotionally incapable" of making a deal with the "kidnapper" for her safe return?

When a grandmother can only say how tough it is knowing "someone is casing your house.  Someone is watching you... and you're waiting for a call" while her own granddaughter is missing, and then goes on to say "I heard nothing", the distancing language tells us that Phoebe DiPietro not only lied, but that she had a need to lie.

She knows.

It is the need to deceive, more than the deception itself, that must weigh upon Trista's mind, as she has now the need to step back from the public, and give her attention to her two little boys.

We wish Trista God's favor with her sons.  It is tough enough to raise children in a world gone wrong, but with the inability to gain closure through justice for Ayla, the road before her is most challenging.

She deserves our prayers and support.


Doty said...

Peter - please be careful. When I read what you wrote about them "trying to dig dirt" about you, I thought it wouldn't be much of a stretch for one of them to actually try to harm you or your family. I enjoyed the pics of your family but now the evil ones know what they look like. What if they went after one of them? I urge you to remove the photographs.

Dee said...

Thank you Peter. I'm praying Ayla sees justice in 2014.

Apple said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping Ayla's case out there. Trista needs to do what she needs to do, for herself and her boys. It's hard to keep Ayla's case public with no new news, but I'm always glad to see when you revisit her case.

ima.grandma said...

I'm proud of you Peter.

Tania Cadogan said...

A good looking family there Peter.

Unknown said...

Great article Peter. Ayla's has been failed by so many, and I respect Trista for continuing her crusade for justice.

The Prosecutors are incompetent cowards if they fail to bring child endangerment charges before time runs out. They have more than enough to prove it, and if they bring the charges against all three, and place Elisha's and Courtney's children in state custody pending the trial, I believe that one of them will roll on JDip.

elf said...

Why are the prosecution so scared in aylas case? There are a lot of similarities between ayla and baby Kate (Michigan June 2011) . Both were last in the care of their father. Both fathers seem to have anger issues. Both babies are still missing. Baby Kate's father ( Shawn Phillips) was found guilty of false imprisonment and now he's being prosecuted for baby Kate's murder, no body. Why is Justin dipietro still walking free?

Unknown said...

I wonder the same thing elf. I have come to believe that Pheobe is connected to someone with influence over the situation.

I have seen the theory floated that one/or more of Phoebe's kids were fathered by a local elected official. I'm not sure if I believe that, (or that was some SERIOUS 'slumming' on the guys part) but something stinks!

As I said, Prosecutors could easily prove child endangerment, or even child abuse resulting in serious injury, based on the blood evidence. There are several charges that could be brought with little to no fear of aquittal, and they could reserve the murder charge in hopes of finding more evidence.

Anonymous said...

Just guessing here, but if the prosecutor charged Justin with child endangerment, would he have to give all evidence he has about a possible murder to the defense?

Also Maine has some strict rules about double jeopardy that other states don't have. He may prosecute for child endangerment and then not be able to down-the-line prosecute for murder.

Anonymous said...

"Contrary to rumors floating round out there..." Justin DiPietro

If Justin put Ayla's body in a river, could he be sure that the body would not be discovered along the river's route? Perhaps snagged by a branch along the way to the sea?

Unless he weighted down the body in a container of sorts so that it wouldn't surface.

If he took the body directly to Portland on the sea, he could be fairly certain the body wouldn't be found.

Didn't he make several runs to Portland before announcing Ayla's "abduction"?

Katprint said...

Re your statement: "The new world of defense attorney is "win the game at all costs", rather than "protect the guilty from malicious prosecution."

This is based on what facts? Surely not the reality of police misconduct in Oakland and San Francisco where police officers are being disciplined right and left for planting evidence on innocent people. I invite you to reconsider broadcasting such an unfairly biased point of view which is utterly unconnected to statement analysis. Surely you would agree that innocent people are as entitled to protection as guilty people are deserving of punishment.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe's lie about hearing nothing and then being found out that she was not there has bothered me. I wonder if she stated she heard nothing at the time that Ayla went missing/was harmed. Could it be her subconscience was saying she didn't hear anything while Ayla was meeting her fate and not thinking about not being in the home on the date they claimed she disappeared?

Anonymous said...

Trista, take the time you need. I can not imagine going through what you have. Your two sons need you. God will ensure that justice will come to Justin, he will get his.
I have often thought that Pheobe originally heard something when Ayla was injured, but the decided to wait and report her missing after a night Pheobe "was not" in the house. Where was she that night? How normal was it for her to stay away overnight? There are so many questions and they all lead back to the same 4 people!

I don't understand the politics where the DA is involved. But you would think , charges would have been brought, and that Courtney and Elisha should have lost custody of their children. So much BS in this case.

Anonymous said...

The day Ayla went missing the tide was low ,so he couldn't have put her out to sea . He did go to Portland 2 hours before he called 911. they need to take all the kids away form them