Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Casey Anthony Statement 2017

Caylee would be 12 right now. And would be a total badass."

Note that she states this without qualification or explanation.  She believes this.  This is a recognition of her own parenting and her experiences under her parents.  Had the subject raised her child, this is the subject's expectation of delinquency.  One may consider the tone of the statement, as if she is complimenting herself in what Caylee would be.  Statement Analysis looks at the words chosen, without interpretation, in initial analysis. 

It is here that we may be given insight into the mind of a murderer. This may help readers understand Casey.  This was not an impulsive panic murder, or of a foolish and selfish young person.  Casey Anthony is revealing something very important here.  

In discussing Caylee’s last moments, the 30-year-old Anthony spoke in halting, sober tones: “I’m still not even certain as I stand here today about what happened,” she said.

This is a deceptive statement.  It begins with the rule of the negative:   she tells us what she does "not" have certainty over.  

Next, she qualifies certainty with "even";

Then she shows her own inner tension with this statement with the need to add in her body posture (standing)

The pronoun "I" and "what happened" are far apart. 

This indicates that she knows what happened but resists saying so. 

There could be an element of truth within "even certain" in that covering Caylee's mouth:  Casey may have walked away without complete certainty over death...or

Casey could be referring to what would happen to the body after she dumped it; particularly about who might find it, what wild life may do, and so on. 

There is often reliable information within deception.  

Based off what was in the media, I understand the reasons people feel about me. I understand why people have the opinions that they do.

Here she allows for her guilt via the "understanding"; this is something refused by the innocent. 

  She admitted lying to police and lying presupposes contempt.  Here she reveals it when talking about lying to police: 

“Even if I would’ve told them everything that I told to the psychologist, I hate to say this but I firmly believe I would have been in the same place. Because cops believe other cops. Cops tend to victimize the victims. I understand now … I see why I was treated the way I was even had I been completely truthful.”

She knows that if she told police the truth about not working in Universal or where she dumped Caylee, her actions would have ended in her being incarcerated anyway.  

She still, however, blames police.  This is the "us versus them" that her own mother, Cindy, used to justify deceit.  

Asked about the drowning defense, Casey hesitated: “Everyone has their theories, I don’t know. As I stand here today I can’t tell you one way or another. The last time I saw my daughter I believed she was alive and was going to be OK, and that’s what was told to me.

The passivity indicates that she does not speak from experiential memory with the child, but what another told her.  In context of the legal trial, this is likely a reliable repeating of what her attorneys told her. 

Anthony speaks defiantly of her pariah status.
“I don’t give a s— about what anyone thinks about me, I never will,” she said. “I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night.

The sociopathic callousness that took the child's life remains in tact.  

Analysis Conclusion: 

Casey Anthony lies about what happened to Caylee.
Casey Anthony shifts blame about what happened to Caylee. 
Casey Anthony recognizes the damage she would have inflicted upon Caylee had she not killed her.  This may be a form of justification:  "it all worked out for the best..." often in the language of murderers. 
Casey Anthony's contempt for police and society at large remains. 


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Anonymous said...

She understands why people feel the way they do because she knows she's guilty of murder.
Being the liar she is I have to wonder if she was even standing when she said she was 'standing here today' or if she was sitting for the interview.

Anonymous said...

And she STILL can't/won't say that she didn't kill Caylee.

Anonymous said...

"I sleep pretty good at night." Sounds like she is proud of what she accomplished. She found success and may try it again sometime.


Anonymous said...

Classic sociopath. Any mother who lost a child, to murder or otherwise, would most likely nightmare every single night for the rest of her life, constantly thinking what she could have done differently to save or prevent the unspeakable.

I, myself, have constant nightmares about my children dying or being dead and they both are alive and healthy. I cannot even imagine what a true, loving mother would feel after losing a child. I can only assume that her nights would be restless, as best.


Hey Jude said...

There is a fuller account here - she empathises with OJ, wants to be an investigator, and asked the PA not to publish the interview - after she had given five interviews. Casey still can't make up her mind about some things, then.


I don't understand what she means by the last time she saw Cayley she was alive and she was told she was going to be okay.

Buckley said...

Don't forget the "I believed..." in the statement.

rob said...

KA always was a liar, still is.
She knows what happened to the baby cause she did it.
But, oh well, things happen.
One day people are going to get tired of keeping her azz up, THEN she'll really understand what people think of her.

Michele said...


"Muslim Slayer" - has anyone seen these news reports? Different cities and states and the notes are different.
Copied from different news reports:

“I have a dirty little secret," the letter said, according to the NYPD. "I fantasize about killing nonwhites. It really turns me on and I’m afraid you’re on my list."


"You and your filthy kind will be beheaded” and featured an illustration with the words “MUSLIM SLAYER.”


Casey Anthony's statement that the last time she saw Caylee alive and was told everything was going to be alright seems to be sticking to her Zanny the Nanny fabrication. How can she continue pushing that story when it was proven false?? If it is the story that Caylee drowned in the pool, who would have told her she would be alright? Casey is a sociopath and as we see in Statement Analysis, she expects to be believed. She holds the rest of us in contempt and looks down her nose at everyone. It still sickens me that the jury was so neglectful and stupid to not find her guilty. Now Casey is encouraged..actually no, confirmed by that jury, that everyone will believe her lies.

LC said...

Casey is firmly aligned with the 'story' that she thinks the jury bought: Daddy found her in the pool while Casey was sleeping, and would 'take care of it'.
This true pathological liar does expect her audience to believe what comes from her mouth.
The jury didn't understand that Opening Statement scenarios are Not to be considered as Evidence.
I wish these so-called journalists would learn how to conduct a proper interview.

lynda said...

CA is a creature. An empty void and she will never be anything other than that

Victoria said...

I cant believe she wrote/spoke this much bullshit. I knew she was evil but when she said she "sleeps pretty well at night" that was so evil and now she is going to give me nightmare.I am really creeped out! She makes things worse every time she speaks. I despise her. R.i.p. Caylee you sweet :) baby xoxox

Anna said...

"The last time I saw my daughter I believed she was alive and was going to be OK, and that’s what was told to me."

If somebody told her what to say in public, it may or may not match with her personal experience. Peter, why do you conclude that it was not her experiential memory?

Anonymous said...

A couple questions: Did they ever figure out who Caylee's father was, and if not, I wonder why was this so hard to figure out? I realize her father, George, tested negative, but who was Caylee's father? Even with all the publicity, noone stepped forward to say they were/could have been Caylee's father. Casey would not say who could be the father?? It's very strange, no?

I do believe Casey was involved in Caylee's death, and I have also thought that her father had some involvement in Caylee's demise.


Anonymous said...

I just found this about the mystery of who Caylee's father was...there is also video of GEorge on the stand on this link that I will watch later.


It is clear that whoever the father was, both Caylee and her parents were deeply ashamed of who it was; why else would every candidate for paternity have been guys who had died in car accidents, making it impossible to ever ascertain who Caylee's father actually was?

Are they absolutely sure George wasn't the father? They are hiding something bigtime.

Anonymous said...

sorry, should say both "Casey and her parents were ashamed"

jeff said...

Where are all of the posts about Trump and analyzing his speech and statements? He's full of deception. Here are some quick examples:

Feb 16: "Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with Russia. Haven’t made a phone call to Russia in years. Don’t speak to people from Russia"

Jan 11: "Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA - NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!"

Anonymous said...



oh dear, here we go again.
hate hoax

5 Things You Need To Know About The Khizr Khan Travel Ban Story

Anonymous said...

George Anthony @ 43 sec. in link I posted: Speaking of Caylee going missing:

"Was I demanding answers? That is my right as a father, as a grandfather, and as whatever you want to spin it".

In referring to Caylee's whereabouts after going missing, he refers to himself as:

1) a father
2) a grandfather
3) as whatever you want to spin it

Anonymous said...

George Anthony @ 1:49: "Was it not my daughter or my granddaughter that I found in the trunk of that car? No, they weren't there. But there is a smell of human decomposition in that car."

Doesn't George speaking in present tense reduce the reliability of his story about the car?

Also, how come in referring to Caylee he always uses the word daughter first and then switches to "granddaughter"?

Very strange. What type of DNA test was he given?

Anonymous said...

AT 5:11 he does it again! George Anthony speaking of money he retained says "to bring awareness of my granddaugter, my daughter, and other missing children."

It is no wonder the state lost this case although Casey I believe did have involvement in Caylee's demise. Even in this small sample, it is clear how sketchy George Anthony is, while Jose Baez seems much more steady in what he is saying and he also seems genuinely convinced that George Anthony is a liar and has some kind of involvement.

Anonymous said...

Asked by Baez if he ever molested Casey, George says "I never would do anything like that to my daughter."

No more comments from me, but I will always believe that George Anthony molested Casey repeatedly and had involvement in Caylee's demise. I do believe Casey had involvement also.

Anonymous said...

It was stated that GA was not the father. However, he was near the business
end of Caylee's delivery. How many women here that delivered babies had their
father anywhere in the delivery room with them during the delivery?

Heck, my own father wasn't allowed in the delivery room with my own mother
when I was born.

There are many new crimes coming to light and I wonder if Caylee was handed
off to be used, then returned dead? Haylee Cummings, Madeline McCann, etc.
Either no bodies or only bones left?

Anonymous said...

no way

Anonymous said...

Caylee has George Anthony's eyes...they have the exact same eyes. How can that be explained unless George is the father? George Anthony is a cop...how hard would it have been for him to get someone else to swab their saliva for the DNA test and lie and say it was his or he probably contaminated his own saliva sample? I do believe Casey when she says that cops lie about people and says my father is a cop and you can make of that what you will...George Anthony is most certainly a liar.

Anonymous said...

Was it actually possible to do a reliable DNA test since Caylee's remains were skeletal?

Regarding cops, some are honest upstanding citizens. Some are lying psychopaths. John Douglas has said that the most popular occupations for sociopaths are cops and priests/ministers. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is disgusting George was present watching the delivery. That's the thing...there are so many sketchy and deeply troubling aspects from George how do you just ignore them? You can't.

Anonymous said...

George joking about beer pong when being interviewed by FBI...trying to present himself as lovable, good-natured, swell kinda guy...yeah makes a lot of sense while his daughter is sitting in jail and going to be tried with death penalty as punishment. George is absolute slime. SLIME.

Anonymous said...

PSYCHOPATHIC BEHAVIOR "Look at me, I'm a lovable good-natured guy who just wants to help you in any way I can!"

George Anthony FBI interview:


Anonymous said...

That FBI guy seems really stupid and lets George undermine any form of actual interview through letting George ramble on and on about what a great guyhe is and ramble on and on about inconsequential details. It is so obvious that George is concerned about one thing: his image he presents to the FBI...if he had no involvement in Caylee's death, why would that even be a concern of his? It is also obvious he is pleased to unite with the FBI guy in yes, Casey is a horrible person...liar, bad pictures, etc...the point is he seems way too happy about the FBI guy thinking his daughter is a murderer.

Anonymous said...


Towards end of tape, that's so nice how George is talking about the birth of Caylee, and how Caylee was not immediately handed to Casey because the "afterbirth had to come out" and then George says "oh I'm sorry I don't want to get too technical"...isn't that so nice and sensitiv how George is concerned about the FBI guy having to hear the word "afterbirth"!???? He's just such a lovable, gentle guy who just wants to help. Look how sensitive he is!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTE PSYCHOPATH. He molested Casey. This case sickens me. I'm done.

aNoNyMoUs said...

Anon at 8:45 -
so, you are going to base your opinion of George partly on the words of Casey, the convicted liar?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Casey: "The last time I saw my daughter I believed she was alive and was going to be OK, and that’s what was told to me.”

Casey is saying the last time she saw her daughter, she "believed" she was alive. That she states this, why would she have cause to believe otherwise when she says she "saw" her daughter. Why would she need to believe? Would she not know that she was alive, since she saw her? I love how she dances around avoiding saying Caylee was alive- NOT. She wants us to "believe" Caylee was alive the last time she saw her, but she can't say it, so we can't say it for her. "Told to her" by whom?

Still a liar, still a murderer.

Anonymous said...

George is a patsy and a doormat for both his doberman wife and his horse-faced lying daughter.

Anonymous said...


No, my opinions of George are based off trial testimony from George and these FBI taped interviews. Casey's opinion of him does contain some truth, but it did not help shape my opinion of George. George is a psychopath who attempts to heavily ingratiate himself with the FBI agent. George linguistically reveals during trial testimony that he molested Casey. George is a liar who seems almost delighted to agree with the FBI agent that Casey is a child killer. I believe George and Casey were the culprits. George should have been on trial too.

Anonymous said...

@949, George is no patsy. He's a feminized psychopathic liar.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Abigail and Liberty? Very little info released.

Anonymous said...

George in not concerned about the gravity of his daughter allegedly killing his granddaughter, he is concerned about an FBI homicide investigator hearing the word "afterbirth". George is an absolute bitch of man, and I hate George.

TiffGGGG said...

Transcript from George Anthony at the trial for his daughter. Source from CNN transcripts. http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1106/29/ng.01.html


GEORGE ANTHONY: I have nothing to hide.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You sparred with Mr. Baez here today.


You are arguing with me, sir.

I`m going to answer this to you, sir.

You`re trying to take this joy of life away from me, sir, and you can`t do it anymore.

I can close my eyes at the moment, sir, and I can smell that again. The decomposition that I smelled in the trunk of my daughter`s car smelled like human decomposition.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s why you drove that car home.

GEORGE ANTHONY: You are arguing with me, sir. How dare you, sir, try to tell me that I had nothing to hide, sir. Never have.


Apparently George has nothing to hide. Never has....
Also interesting his this:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Something had happened to Caylee, and Casey was lying.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Sir, definitely something happened to Caylee. She`s no longer with us. And Casey was the last one that I saw with Caylee. One and one adds up to two, sir, in my mind. And no matter how you`re trying to spin it, I`m upset because my granddaughter is missing.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Anthony, you were questioned by the prosecutor in reference to ever molesting your daughter. Do you recall those questions?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t recall being asked by Mr. Ashton if you had ever molested your daughter?

GEORGE ANTHONY: You have to be specific, sir, when that might have happened, could have happened. You`re not being specific, sir.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: First day of trial. You were asked.

GEORGE ANTHONY: In a question, yes, sir. And I never would do anything like that to my daughter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sex with a child under the age of 12 years old is life in prison.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Objection. Relevance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re aware of the possible penalties of child molestation, don`t you, sir. You, of course, would never admit to molesting your child, would you, sir.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Objection. Argumentative.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Overruled. You can answer the question, if you can.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Sir, I never would do anything like that to my daughter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My question is, you would never admit to it, would you, sir.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Sir, I would never do anything to harm my daughter in that way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Only in that way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Objection. Relevance.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Please let me answer this.

And I also know that I called my family -- my sisters, my mother and father, basically, to tell them good-bye, even though I didn`t say that. I just told them not to worry. I wanted to -- I needed at that time to go and be with Caylee.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you expressed that in the note.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Yes, I did, because I believe I failed her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Need a break, Mr. Anthony?

GEORGE ANTHONY: No, sir. I need to get through this. I need to have something inside of me get through this!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You need a break, Mr. Anthony?

GEORGE ANTHONY: No, sir. I`m fine.


Anonymous said...

First part of Transcript:

So, linguistically, George's "joy of life" is closely tied with saying that Casey's car smelled of human decomposition. His "joy of life" is getting away with murder and pinning it (completely) on Casey.

Next part of transcript indicates George is a child molester.

TiffGGGG said...

Another bit from the transcripts:

GEORGE ANTHONY, CASEY ANTHONY`S FATHER: I needed at that time to go and be with Caylee because I believe I failed her. My emotional state even through today is very hard to accept that I don`t have a granddaughter anymore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As you sat in that motel room in Daytona Beach, did you put pen to paper, and write a letter to your loved ones?

G. ANTHONY: Yes, I did. I wrote the specific letter to my wife Cindy. And just to tell her how I felt.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you include in that letter questions that you had about what happened to Caylee?

G. ANTHONY: Absolutely. Exactly what I said in that letter, I really don`t remember because I never really looked it over.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "She was so close to home. Why was she there? Who placed her there? Why is she gone? Why? For months you and I, especially you, always questioned why. I want this to go away for Casey. What happened? Why could she not come to us, especially you? Why not Lee? Who is involved with this stuff for Caylee?"

G. ANTHONY: All I know is I just -- I had to express what I was feeling. And not feeling.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You wanted Cindy to know why you would be dead when she found the letter. Is that a fair statement?

G. ANTHONY: Yes. Because I couldn`t tell her face to face. I didn`t want to be in this world anymore.

In George's quoted suicide letter to Cindy he voices frustration at being asked why repeatedly from Cindy. It makes me wonder if in the family dynamic Cindy kenw George played a part and was indeed nagging him about why Caylee died.

Anonymous said...

Tifanny wrote

"In George's quoted suicide letter to Cindy he voices frustration at being asked why repeatedly from Cindy. It makes me wonder if in the family dynamic Cindy kenw George played a part and was indeed nagging him about why Caylee died."

Bingo. That's exactly why George did his fake suicide attempt.

Another thing of great interest from the transcript you posted:

George says "Who placed her there?"

George speaks of the killer "placing" Caylee in the woods implying Caylee was carefully "placed", ever so gently "placed there...George views the killer as a "gentle" person, just like he tries so very hard to portray himself as.

Lemon said...

my favorite headline on this story:

"Hillary Clinton Supporter Still Insists She Didn’t Murder Her Daughter"


Anonymous said...


lynda said...


Davey must be losing popularity, he now has "found" a brand new journal of Amanda's and it's filled with nothing except HIM HIM HIM. I'm sure he will release her rah rah Davey, Davey's so great letters accordingly. This guy is UNbelievable!

Daveys Instagram -

daveyblackburnJust found another one of @amandagblackburn's journal's as I was cleaning out my garage . . . All of her journals I've read up to this point are prayer journals directed at Jesus . . . This one is filled up with letters written directly to me . . . It may take me a while to get through this one

Anonymous said...

It may take me a while to get through this one

Should say "It may take me a while to write this one."

First entry: To my homo gay husband, you are so dreamy. I love your skintight white jeans. The way you meet men in the gym shower is so awesome. You are the gayest provider a woman could hope for. Great that you make rapey jokes too. Hugs and Kisses. Love, Me

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't have written that about Davey, because he truly disgusts me, and I shouldn't give him any energy. That's why I don't comment on the Blackburn case anymore.

He is going to fabricate a journal pretending to be Amanda praising him. That is disgusting. I'm sure she cringed every time she laid eyes on him. He is a pervert--gay and he made rape jokes. HE IS A PERVERT.

Anonymous said...

Children should not be raised by gay parents if at all possible. Two lesbians that is fine, but not gay men or a gay man. That is my belief. If they choose to be gay then they have chosen a life that does not give birth to children and they should not raise children.

LC said...

I can't absolve Casey from being complicit in the murder of Caylee. Whatever George's involvement may have been, no one can explain Caylee's whereabouts during the nearly 3 years of her life, while her mother claimed to be working at a non-existent job and leaving Caylee with a non-existent nanny.
It is agonizing to picture a child drugged and left alone in a trunk over and over and over again while her mother enjoyed the single life.
Child neglect and abandonment led to Caylee's eventual death.

Anonymous said...

LC, I don't know enough about the case, you could be absolutely right. Something about George deeply troubles me, as well as Casey's lies are incredibly troubling==she seemed out of touch with reality itself yet obviously was constructing lies. My brain is not working very well right now because I am sick and I think I have a fever or something bc I feel delirious. I also can't comment about the Davey case anymore bc he makes me so mad I end up making homophobic remarks, etc. and I am trying to be a nicer person to ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Russia is a ruse.- that's a pretty strong sentence.
I have nothing to do with Russia. - also a strong sentence.
Haven't made a phone ccall to Russia in years. - dropped pronoun weakens, could be due to the fact that he pays for everything for his wife and she has made calls to family back in Russia.
Don't speak to people from Russia. - dropped pronoun weakens the sentence but duh! His wife is of Russian heritage so.... that would probably explain the weakness .
I think the January 11 statement is truthful.

Anonymous said...

^^^ that headline speaks volumes. Next thing ya know Casey will do a PSA for the next election about late term abortion and how it all worked out great for her.

Anonymous said...

I need to take Advile and put food out forr the outdoor animals in case my adopted feral cat comes back or raccoons are welcome to eat it or bears

Anonymous said...

Children should be raised by any loving parent key word "loving" parent I should not have insulted lgbitrans

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of the LGBQRSTUVTrans community.

Ima.Grandmama said...

Honey I know you are, and I know you care very much about everyone, and I think you should take your medicine and go to bed now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ima. You always know just the right thing to say with your special, caring ways when one of us is ailing. I'm going to take your advice and have a hot cup of tea with honey and little dash of cinnamon and then go off to dreamland :)

Imagrandma said...

Sweetie pie, please don't strain yourself. I know many times I have struggled from my sickbed post-stroke to solve crime here and it's been a terrible burden. There are so many proficient crime solvers here who can take over while you rest. Please allow them to do so while you recover.

Anonymous said...

I can and I will. Thank you Ima for your sweet, caring heart and your gentle ways, and I will entrust all crime-solving to the other eager detectives here. Thank you and good night dear sweet Imagrandma. xo

Anonymous said...

That is super freaky that there is an Edgar Allen Poe book right next to Casey Anthony in the picture at the top.

Anonymous said...

Lynda at 11:29

That was already posted in the Blackburn blog. Are you one of those people who can't comment on a post ..... you have to be the original poster?

Take a seat, poseur.

Anonymous said...

George fathered Caylee.

Anonymous said...

Trump: Russia is a ruse. Yeah, I know you have to get up and ask a question, so important. Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with Russia. Haven't made a phone call to Russia in years, don't speak to people in Russia, not that I wouldn't, but I just have nobody to speak to.

The above statement is from Trump's press conference on February 16 2017.

Does the rule of missing pronouns apply?
What about the idea of "nothing to do" vs the way it is typically stated which is "don't have anything to do." You can't have "nothing" to do with something, can you?

Anonymous said...

I posted my comments at 2:51 before I saw Jeff's comment. Which is ironic.

Trump's wife is NOT from Russia.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMarch 8, 2017 at 2:17 AM
That is super freaky that there is an Edgar Allen Poe book right next to Casey Anthony in the picture at the top.


Super duper.

What do you think that means?

Anonymous said...

5:10 wrote

"Super duper.

What do you think that means?"

There are at least 2 Edgar Allen Poe books in the picture actually. What does it mean? Hmmmmm. It would be difficult to say. Maybe she does not sleep so well at night after all..."The Tell-Tale Heart" springs to mind. Maybe she finds comfort in poems like "The Raven" for the torment of her pariah status. It would be difficult to know for sure, but it means something, as her comments reveal she takes comfort in reading and literature, specifically her comments about Alice in Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

The blog crime solvers have nothing to say about the odd circumstances surrounding the murders of Liberty and Abigail? No suspects in custody despite a photo taken of the #1 person of interest and voice recording. Cause of death not revealed. Some odd statements made by sheriff.

Anonymous said...

GeorgeMarie has a hurting heart from Casey's comments. sHe & the doberman spoke to people mag.

Anonymous said...

"I hate to say this but I firmly believe I would have been in the same place."

She hates to say it. Is that because she doesn't believe it?

She firmly believes. Is she trying to convince people, herself?

Firmly. That's a strong word. She needs to be strong to keep her lie in place.

She would have been in the same place. But not now? Past tense used to distance herself?


Ugly Ink said...

I got an annoying Twitter account so I could see his tweets before they hit the news. I find his tweets and speeches extremely interesting. Trump would be a great person to analyse. Some of his statements appear concerning while others appear to be true in his mind. Fun...

"I have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy."

"Don't let the FAKE NEWS tell you that there is big infighting in the Trump Admin. We are getting along great, and getting major things done!"

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I have analyzed Donald Trump, including years ago. Ugly link, you might consider the article on Moral Narcissism; measuring the reaction to the inappropriate comment by Trump.

You then might want to consider the reaction to Trump's comment and the deception inherent within hypocrisy here:


See if you can label the responses.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Facebook comments indicate a lack of understanding of the "bad ass" humor.

It would warrant a lengthy explanation.


lynda said...

Peter..I only watched about 1 minute, if that, of the youtube video because the commentator was disgusting, his written comments degrading and name calling Pelosi were also disgusting.

I'm not getting the point you're trying to make Peter.

I heard what the congressman said, of course he's a pig for saying that.

Trumps words and actions also make him a pig.

Would I want my daughter bringing home the congressman or trump? God no.
Would I want my daughter bringing home Bill Clinton? God no.

You and I had a brief back and forth about your moral narcissism blog before as it made me look in the mirror. I worried that I was a moral narcissist without even realizing it.

I don't think it makes me a moral narcissist to call out ANY of the above men. Their words, and their actions/treatment of women is WRONG. The case cannot be made that either of them (trump or clinton) is RIGHT in saying and doing the things they have said and done.

I've looked at it from different angles and tried to see if I could "accept" the reasons that they themselves, their supporters, or the media, have attempted to use to make it NOT wrong. I can't.

I don't get why this is so partison. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth when it comes to their treatment and abuse of women. How do Democrats excuse Clinton and condemn Trump? How do Republicans excuse Trump and condemn Clinton?

Shouldn't everyone be condemning BOTH of their actions?

Anonymous said...

Good points lynda. Is truth selective?

Trigger said...

Great post!

C5H11ONO said...

Anthony speaks defiantly of her pariah status.

“I don’t give a s— about what anyone thinks about me, I never will,” she said. “I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night.”

--It is typical sociopathic talk. But I do believe that she is bothered. Not because she may feel guilty for killing her daughter, she is bothered and this is her anger leaking out. Look at the pictures of her home. There is nothing there that is hers. It's someone else's, and despite leeching off of people, she lives a pathetical miserable existence. That place she lives in has wooden walls circa 1964. Those are not new furnishings and it is not the "look" she had hoped to have. Why, there's an Edgar Allan Poe book just below the picture of her daughter and her. (A picture she put up just before the reporter got there). It looks out of place. She doesn't read Poe. She doesn't read anything that she didn't text first. How about the cheap little statuette. She fantasizes throwing it and smashing it to smithereens!

She has to have a pseudonym if she wants to have a social media life. Imagine this narcissist with just a handful of friends. Who could they be? Baez? The old man that was in her defense team, we forget so quickly who they are. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That's who she deals with, boring old men! Their old age cough must make her skin curdle. She must be contemplating slipping them a little too much Benadryl in their drink. She thinks she can convince them its Midori they are having. She is living in a "trailer home or boarding room" that she wouldn't have chosen to live in before murdering her daughter. Now this is where she spends her time. Look at her pathetic digs. The guys that must come around are so weak, she must cringe at the thought of letting them touch her. They are probably little half men with moms just like hers, that castrated them mentally when they were kids, and now she has to "pretend" to like them in order to get out of that house that must be caving in on her! She is craving her long lost days of partying with the real cute guys. I'm certain she is speaking out of anger because there has been a price to pay for killing her daughter. She is angry and wanted to come across as defiant. She was angry enough to use curse words in this only statement. She is upset. :) That makes me smile.

Anonymous said...


It's always been a case of actions being greater than words when it comes to Trump vs Clinton.

Trump has said some pretty dumb things, I think we can all agree with, but it remains to be seen if he's actually done anything reprehensible to anyone!

Maybe his bankruptcies and business dealings might be a little shady, I wouldn't be surprised, but when it comes to treating women, it seems like people can only point to rumours or shockingly, that he had the audacity to ask them out on a date! (This was a story that was actually run by news organizations from Lucy Lawless who was staying at a Trump hotel I believe).

Anonymous said...

I'm a lifelong liar. I was abused as a child and when I told an adult they said I was lying. I told the truth and they didn't believe me. I was just a little girl. So I lied when people asked what was wrong with me when I'd withdraw. I lied when they asked why I had injuries. I started to habitually lie to protect people from the truth. I found this blog when I searched 'how to tell when someone is lying'. I wanted to learn how to be a better liar because I wanted to protect myself. I live in an apartment. I tell the maintenance workers I have a Tiger Cam and that my father owns a surveillance company. I tell people I have a heart condition but I'm really greiveing the loss of my husband. I'm a liar and I DON'T SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT.

Anonymous said...

A man said this to his colleague in the workplace. I have tried to analyze it to see if there is any deception, but I am really stuck. What do all of you think?

"I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and f*** her. She was married.
No, no, Nancy. This was— And I moved on her very heavily in fact. I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture. I took her out furniture. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married."

Sorry for the crude language!

Anonymous said...

@Lynda x2.

As for Bill Clinton, well, 4 women (including Paula Jones I believe) who have accused him of rape are either very persistent liars as they still talk about it to this day, or they could be telling the truth.

On the other hand, the various women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault (using the feminist definition which is as broad as possible) appear to have gone very quiet which is odd for people who've claimed something as personal and upsetting as sexual assault (assuming it's genuine sexual assault, ie rape).

On a related note, does anyone else think it's delightfully ironic that Sweden appears to have narrowed the definition (this is me reading between the lines, but I'm ready for anyone to tell me I'm wrong here) of sexual assault, so that less sexual assault crimes show up in the national crime statistics?

This is the problem with feminists. They play around with definitions to suit their particular agenda and in a way so that they're never wrong.

Anonymous said...

'I moved ON her' showing dominance.
'AND I failed'
he did move on her but she pushed him off.

He moved on her heavily. He was forceful.

This man disrespects women and believes he can take what he wants.


Anonymous said...

@3:18, Actually, no, that's not typical sociopath talk. Also Casey Anthony was not diagnosed as being a sociopath by court psychiatrists...in fact, she did not score high enough on any criteria to be diagnosed with any personality disorder.
The area in the picture appears to be her bedroom, as you can see an unmade bed behind her. There is no basis for you declaring she doesnt read Edgar Allen Poe, except that you decided that in your own mind.
The fact Casey actually is not a sociopath (and actually does not have any personality disorder) combined with her unusual style of lying is what makes the case so strange. Casey is commonly referred to as a "sociopath" by media/commenters, etc but she was actually found by prison/court psychiatrists to not have ANY personality disorder. Which makes the case more troubling in a way.

happyuk said...

Anonymous March 9, 2017 at 4:06 PM

"I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and f*** her. She was married.
No, no, Nancy. This was— And I moved on her very heavily in fact. I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture. I took her out furniture. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married."

It does seem deceptive. This man is trying to impress bit did not consummate a sexual act "I did try and" seems less strong than "I tried to", and suggests that he did not get far, no further than offering to show where to shop for furniture. "I took her out furniture" is not saying they actually went out for furniture and is deceptive.

"I'll admit it" seems unnecessary - who forced him? Twice he says he moved on her and twice he says she was married. He wants it known that he made the move on a married woman, which suggests he lacked courage to make the move. My experience of those that say "I'll admit it" is that they are usually full of talk.

A clueless, belligerent oaf that cannot find a woman.

Anonymous said...

@4:06, Thats a Trump quote. Arent you clever!

How is what Trump said there equivalent to Bill Clinton raping? It's not. Trumps being honest...he tried to get a woman into bed and failed. Yet somehow that is equal to Bill Clinton raping women. Yeah OK whatever.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe a Christian man would try to seduce a married woman. Nor would he use the words "f***" and "bitch." If the man who made the statement is a Christian man it is puzzling to me. I believe the principles of statement analysis apply to all. If a man is deceptive in his statement it should be discernible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah OK Happy UK. Trump cant find a woman lmao. He's married to one of the worlds most beautiful (as well as smart and kind) women! Give it up on the Trump bashing!!! You people stink at it!

Anonymous said...

"And I moved on her very heavily in fact."

Does the addition of "in fact" negate the sentence? I am thinking it weakens it but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if he tried to seduce a married woman? It's her choice if she wants to keep her wedding vows or not! Who cares? Not your business!!!!

Anonymous said...

No it doesnt weaken it. Trumps saying he really wanted that woman and made an effort to get her in bed or have a relationship or whatever.

happyuk said...


"I moved on her very heavily in fact."

I agree that this is a weak statement, via the "very" and "in fact".

Anonymous said...

It is about trying to use the principles of statement analysis to determine if the statement shows any deception. Knowing that the speaker should find the conduct immoral means that the statement should be deceptive, since he would find adultery reprehensible. But I can't find any deception in the statement.

Christians know that their lives are to be an open book and that their behavior must be worthy at all times. So if someone says they are a Christian they are open to examination. If this man tried to seduce a married woman other Christians in his congregation should go to him and gently chastise him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that was a Trump quote. Some words were omitted which changes things. However, I still stand by initial amauture analysis. I began to read the full transcript but is was too disturbing to read on further.


lynda said...

See what I mean? Partisan?

2 people just maximized Clinton and minimized Trump.

I don't know...when a man actually says, "You can do anything you want, grab them by the pussy, maybe it's just me, but I'm going to believe him. I'm going to believe that he has done just that, that he has actually grabbed women by the pussy because he SAID HE DID. I'm going to believe when he says "because he's the owner" he can go backstage and barge in on naked women and stare and make remarks. I'm going to believe him when he says he has to use breath spray because he can't help himself, he just starts kissing them because he "can't help it"

There have been COUNTLESS women that have come forward about trump sexually assaulting them. Trump supporters just refuse to believe them, they're liars, whores, sluts, being paid, etc.

Just as Clinton supporters refuse to believe those women because they're liars, whores, sluts, being paid, etc.

Good Lord...can't anyone in this country, whether you like him or not, whether you voted for one of them or not, come out and say.."Yes..I believe he has sexually assaulted a woman (women) and I am NOT OK WITH IT, I am embarrassed I supported such a person, I'm embarrassed that he is my President, instead of making excuses for them or demonizing the "other" one??

I voted for Clinton first time around...when all the shit hit the fan and more and more stuff came out, I did not vote for him a second time. He repulsed me. When they voted to impeach, I was not one of those calling it a witch hunt. HE LIED. He should be impeached.That's the LAW. I never defended him, there was no defense. I LOATHED that I had voted for him in his first term.

I did not vote for Trump because he showed (me at least) what kind of man he was for the last 40 years! Why in Gods name would I vote for a man like that?

Pick a side. Either you think its okay for ANYBODY in politics to sexually assault women or you don't. Quit constantly minimizing the "degree" of sexual assault because "he's your guy". It's either OK (by anyone on any level) or its NOT.

If a man came up and grabbed my daughter's genitals, if I left him alive, he would BE IN JAIL.

If a man coerced my daughter up to a hotel room or to his office and pushed her head to give him oral sex, if I left him alive, HE WOULD BE IN JAIL. Whether he was President or not, if I was Paula Jones' mom,(I'm just using her as an example) I would have been screaming from the rooftops what he did. I would make so much noise, they would HAVE to take action. Same for Trump.

It's a no brainer for me and I hate all this Blue/Red sided crap. As a country, we should be united in feeling that it is not okay for ANYOne, in any position, to put their hands, tongues, whatever on a woman when she doesn't want him too!

lynda said...

Looks like more than 2 people while I was typing!

I will end my part in the discussion here.

It seems there IS no way for people to take partisanship out of it.

Horse Chestnut said...


Why is she sorry, Peter? Did she plant the roach herself?
Did she leak the story? After all, she has no idea....


Anonymous said...

Trump does not find adultery to be morally reprehensible. He has stated that it was awesome having a wife and a mistress. At least he's honest. Unlike other men who might feign remorse. Which is bull. Once someone is actively cheating, it's because they want to. They are not going to be "sorry" for it unless their wife throws them out and they end up sleeping in a cardboard box.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Trump's statement reveals he has actually done that stuff as in forcefully grabbing or kissing. I think he was just boasting that he can probably get more women bc he is rich. He does not use "I" before his statement about grabbing. Yes I agree it is disgusting statement.

Jon said...

@ Lynda.

I think you're relying, almost exclusively, on your own interpretation of statement analysis to say that because Trump said he "grabbed them by the pussy", then he must have, without taking into account the context of when he said this.

He said it in a private conversation with Billy Bush, a shorter, less famous man, and this may have been Trump's way of gaining rapport with said shorter man by using a dirty joke as a means to relax the mood - sometimes taller and/or more powerful men do this to ease any tension.

In other words, he may not have been serious.

But moreover, you seem to also omit the fact he said that women "let you" (grab them by the pussy), suggesting a consensual act, rather than sexual assault.

Now, I mentioned that he said it in a private conversation that just happened to have been recorded, and this is quite important, because I'm quite confident in saying that EVERYONE says all sorts of reprehensible things in private that they wouldn't say in public.

Does it make someone a bad person that they say something in private that might not necessarily be nice? Of course not. It says more about people judging that person than it does about the person saying - it reveals to us, that person's own moral narcissism (which everyone has!).

As a general observation on society, this is all part of victimhood culture of being offended at anything that deviates from the recently formed liberal orthodoxy.

Liberal minded people want to break down the barriers between public and private thought by controlling not only what people can say in public, but what they can say in private. They essentially want to control what you think.

This is psychologically dysfunctional and damaging for the people it affects. Imagine having to check yourself in private conversations just because it may or may not offend someone, somewhere, some time?

Anonymous said...

@4:03, I hope Peter will screen out your instigating posts where you seem to be "impersonating" someone who has experienced abuse as a child with the intention of insulting child abuse victims. Peter can do SA on your post and will realize, to begin with, that you are not female. Hopefully he'll delete your post. It seems like you're insinuating child abuse survivors are "liars" as a result of being abused. Peter will be able to tell you are impersonating being a survivor of child abuse.

Jon said...

And no, I'm not minimizing what Trump has done, because it remains to be seen whether he has done anything or not.

"There have been COUNTLESS women that have come forward about trump sexually assaulting them. Trump supporters just refuse to believe them, they're liars, whores, sluts, being paid, etc."

I've said elsewhere before and I'll say it again. If Trump is guilty of sexually assaulting any of these women (or anyone else), then of course I (and I would imagine plenty of other Trump supporters), would find this deplorable! But seriously, of course we would NOT be ok with that.

The problem with the accusers against Trump are that their stories either talk very vaguely about "sexual assault" where we don't know what specifically happened, or they talk about he acting inappropriately, but not physically actually doing anything to them. This is why I doubt the stories that these women have come forward with. I don't care about their sex lives and I have no idea whether they are getting paid or not, and it doesn't really matter, because we don't need to know that to doubt the veracity of their statements.

I only bring up Bill Clinton as a comparison in terms of actions vs words and to point to the fact that most of these women have talked very plainly about what happened in their experiences with Bill Clinton. You seem to be assuming we are simply believing one set of victims but not the other based on identity politics. This is not true.

What is true however is that feminists seem to change their philosophy quite readily depending on the identity of the accusers/accused.

Their mantra is "listen and believe" rape victims without skeptisim. But when it came to the rape victims of Bill Clinton, suddenly this mantra no longer applies.

Jon said...

One thing I forgot to mention.

I think one mistake people make when assessing the truth behind an accusation is making a judgement based solely on the NUMBER OF ACCUSERS, such as in the Bill Cosby case. FWIW, I think he's probably guilty btw, and Peter has at least a couple of articles on the victim statements, one of which he throws doubt on as to whether they were a genuine victim or not.

Now I'm willing to concede that, yes, having a large number of accusers with the same/similar accusation does increase the chances that their accusations might be true.

However, we don't just automatically assume it is true.

We still need to go through the same process and give people the benefit of being innocent before being proven guilty (and I'm not talking in a legal sense).

Anonymous said...

I get triggered by seeing my brother Chris. He lives at the Chrystal Springs School in Massachusetts. That's where I'm from. Christopher Laurence is a wonderful person. I wish it wasn't so hard for me to be around him.

Hey Jude said...


I wonder Is anyone else following this case - which seems to be going nowhere?

Robert (Bonzai) Bee Jr,
missing thirteen year old

Peking police said Robert ran away on Thursday Nov 17th, when a truant officer went to his home with a police officer to take him to school. His mother said she had not seen him since, but later on Thursday he had asked (presumably by phone) to spend the night at a friend's house - he said he would go to school the following day. On Friday, he walked with a friend to the bus stop but did not get on the bus. His mother reported him missing on Friday.

It's a quite complicated family - his older half-sister (by another mother) is concerned to find him. Their father is elderly, blind and lives in a nursing home. The mother does not seem too concerned and moved house shortly after Robert went missing. Months have passed, Robert is still missing, media interest was short lived.

Question: would it be correct to think the mother knows what happened to Robert, and that he will not be found alive?



Robert was last seen in the 200 block of Sapp. Robert is 4'6" and 110 pounds. Robert was last seen wearing a red/grey shirt with...


Lisa Bee
19 November 2016 ·
My son ran away this is what he looks like now he is 4'7" and 75 pounds

Michelle Anderson Hope you find him
Like · 1 · 19 November 2016 at 18:39

Lisa Bee I know so do I because I miss my angel and my baby boy
Like · 19 November 2016 at 18:56


Kris Lietz Does he have any friends near Broaway?
Like · 19 November 2016 at 18:12

Kris Lietz broadway in pekin
Like · 19 November 2016 at 18:15

Lisa Bee He does
Like · 19 November 2016 at 18:21

Lisa Bee Yes he has a kid he used to hang out with on broadway
Like · 19 November 2016 at 18:21


Pekin Police DepartmentLike Page
8 December 2016 ·
If you have any information, call Pekin Police at 346-3132 or Crimestoppers at 673-9000

Lisa Bee shared a link.
6 December 2016 ·

Statewide alert issued for missing Illinois boy
PEKIN, Ill. (KWQC) – Illinois State Police on Monday night issued a statewide missing person alert for a boy last seen eleven days ago. Robert B. Bee, 13, was last…
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Lisa Bee
Lisa Bee You dumb ass people I don't know who said that I said he has blue eyes you fuckin retards he has brown eyes my oldest son has blue eyes
Like · 1 · 31 December 2016 at 21:36
Angie Call
Angie Call Wow. We are the dumb asses looking for your son while you're busy looking for a new place to live.

The mother's Facebook

Anonymous said...

Peter -
As I read through the comments on this blog, I wonder if you have ever considered adding a 'like' tag to tally agreement (or not) to each post? There is not a 'reply' option, either, so some of the responses to certain comments are far removed from the original posts.

Anonymous said...

Trump was not elected president of the moral majority.
If we had to elect someone with the highest moral standing criteria, we would be without a commander in chief for a very long time.
It's a shame we end up voting Against someone and For the lesser of 2 evils.

Hey Jude said...

He has epilepsy, and went missing without his medication. thr mother is a state, to put it mildly. Poor kid, he did not appear cared for.

Anonymous said...

@7:02, This isn't facebook. and we don't need a "like" button. Peter, please don't give us a "like" button.

@7:06, Trump loves this country and he is not even in the same galaxy of evil as the Clintons. He DOES stand for the moral majority.

Hey Jude said...

Could she have sent him away to someone, or just knows where he is?

Hey Jude said...

Lisa Bee's older son, seventeen, was raised by and lives with her mother, who has not seen Robert for three years.

Jon said...

Ugh, I hate the term "lesser of 2 evils". I feel like people who use this term didn't or don't know all the facts when it came to Trump & Clinton.

I agree that these are probably two of the worst presidential candidates in history, but for very different reasons.

Clinton - Consistent lies and dishonesty on an industrial scale that have a countable cost of lives, corruption that hurt the social fabric and economic well-being of other countries, and a track record of incompetence to boot (blurting out the US nuclear procedures on live TV during a debate!). Her election would have been the beginning of the end for the US & western civilization as we know it.

Trump - A braggart, whose loud mouth and demeanor comes off as a bully boy who always says the wrong thing. A terrible politician...

Yes, I'm a Trump fan, so I'm going to say him being a terrible politician, ie saying pretty the wrong thing to offend certain parts of society is exactly the reason why he's the perfect candidate.

Let me explain:
The fact that he's a terrible politician shows to me, and probably a lot of his supporters, than he's just a regular guy that doesn't care about political correctness. At this point in time, that's perfect, because a lot (not all) of problems in the world seem to be as a result of a debilitating inability to address serious problems in the world because we think the facts might upset some people.

We didn't want a politician because that obviously hasn't worked. We just wanted someone (it could have been anyone really) that didn't give a crap about placating Social Justice Bullies.

Right man. Right place. Right time.

Anonymous said...

Just pitiful bickering. Are alledged sexual misdeeds the only things that captivate this group? Has either Clinton or Trump, Bush, BO or others in power done anything more relevant (good or bad) than the silliness you people focus on?

Anonymous said...

Jon at 722.

Your post is example of much better relevant opinions.

SKE said...

member cindi went to cops alone, then george was gonna kill himself?
cindi testified that she took the book and knife out of the trunk and laid them on the garage floor while she was cleaning out the trunk.
those items were then found with Caylee, but not in the bag.
george knew his mistake would find him out.
the duct tape stuck to her face but not her hair.... why/because, her hair was wet when the tape was put on and didn't adhere.

Anonymous said...

George is the one who put Caylee in the woods.

He is the one who "placed" her there.

Anonymous said...

People don't often use the word "place" to refer to putting something down. Although as I think about it, I think I've most frequently or perhaps only ever heard that word used when you here a COP saying that they "placed" their gun in its holster or that they "placed" the gun down on the table. The word implies that the individual is handling something very carefully, it seems a very personal and "up close" kind of word, almost as if George had to have been the one "placing" Caylee in the woods.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Jon @7:22, trump is just your average billionaire Joe. And you know, billionaires earn their fortunes completely honestly.

Jon said...

Yes, your point is completely not invalid what with it being completely unsubstantiated innuendo that assumes guilt before innocence.

I guess some people fall prey to the most base of human emotions. Envy and jealousy.

TiffGGGG said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
People don't often use the word "place" to refer to putting something down. Although as I think about it, I think I've most frequently or perhaps only ever heard that word used when you here a COP saying that they "placed" their gun in its holster or that they "placed" the gun down on the table. The word implies that the individual is handling something very carefully, it seems a very personal and "up close" kind of word, almost as if George had to have been the one "placing" Caylee in the woods.


March 9, 2017 at 7:53 PM

I believe you are on to something. He was the only other person home in that house. His trying to push the blame on to his daughter is very obvious to me, and this language of placement is very interesting. I usually say I just "PUT" something somewhere. To place is by far more specific. Great point!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying I made a good point, Tiffany. I'm not that familiar with this case, but since I've been sick the past few days I did watch a few videos with George Anthony, and he is clearly deceptive as well as a skilled manipulator. It's interesting that he uses the word "place" as it conveys the fact that he imagines the killer as a "gentle" individual who would carefully "place" Caylee "there". George disturbs me profoundly, and it is difficult, without knowing all the facts of the case, to give an opinion on what he specifically may be guilty of, but it is clear to me he is a perpetrator who attempts to present himself as a lovable, gentle, "great" guy, even concerned that an FBI homicide investigator would have to hear the word "afterbirth". What a great guy huh...so very, very concerned about others. It's also clear he attempts to create a "narrative" about Casey (Casey may be the most evil creature to ever walk the earth, however, George's narrative is designed to distract from something) such as implying that her mother holding the baby first after she was born would have some profoundly negative effect on relations within the family. It wouldn't. George tries to throw up smokescreens, a kind of "look over there, not over here" type thing, it is only natural to wonder what he is hiding, and quite frankly, I'm not sure I want to know!

Anonymous said...

As a sidenote, the videos I watched with Jose Baez cross-examining George Anthony...I thought he did a very good job. He seems steady and like he has a firm belief in his client's innocence, and he does a good job cross-examining George. Then the lawyer with the gray hair working for the state looks like he's having spazz fits not out of anger but because he appears discombobulated!?. That is not a convincing person. (Just commenting on the dynamics in the courtroom aside from guilt or innocence.)

trustmeigetit said...

I think Casey was responsible and George got rid of the body.

She was out living it up shopping and partying. She was never sad.

And remember the critical missing evidence that no one thought about during the trial...that even Baez later said he was worried because he had no clue how to defend it...was the firefox browser searches. They said only Casey used that. The search "fool proof suffocation" was entered. Can't get more pre-meditated that that.

I think Cindy suspected, specifically the smell but hoping she was wrong.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

RE: lynda March 9, 2017 @ 1:23 PM

"lynda said...

I don't get why this is so partison. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth when it comes to their treatment and abuse of women. How do Democrats excuse Clinton and condemn Trump? How do Republicans excuse Trump and condemn Clinton?

Shouldn't everyone be condemning BOTH of their actions?"
Yes, if it's it's wrong for one party it should be applied equally to the other party. I'm not a Trump fan by any means and to be frank the overwhelming reason I voted for him was because I have multiple close relatives in the IT security field and know that under absolutely no circumstances should a Secretary of State ever have a server in her bathroom, secured or unsecured...even more so if she has hired household help. This goes well beyond the "I'm just a Grandmother..." playing dumb act. The act itself carries both the knowledge and expectation that at some point, it is highly likely a Congressional Subpoena will be issued for all electronic communication. A "secret" server in one's private bathroom is an attempt to hide electronic information from legal proceedings; an obstruction of Justice. It speaks to contempt for not only for one's fellow colleagues and the law, but more so for the American people, the voters. It's a Hail Mary play, to ensure protection for Hillary Clinton, her top aides,leading Democrats, and her political party...at the expense of National Security. At every single family event for years, the IT relatives, without fail, gather to "talk shop". The rest of us have learned a lot about hacking, Denial of Service Attacks, Encryption levels, multiple Firewalls (and their purposes), etc.

Personally, the thing that makes Hillary Clinton's "attacks" on Donald Trump hypocritical is that her husband has done the same (if not more). She positioned herself as THE champion for women's rights, yet her own history is replete with her attacking the victims of her husband's abuse (as in publicly devaluing and demeaning any woman who dared speak against Bill Clinton). She led the charge calling them "Whores", "Prostitutes", and "Tramps". She raised billions of dollars since 1974 for her womanizing husband, campaigned tirelessly telling first Arkansas and then America how Bill Clinton was "for women everywhere". Bill returned the favor during Hillary's campaign, telling women that Hillary was "for women everywhere"...except his abuse victims.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, I don't know many facts of the case enough to have an opinion of who did what--most people followed the case, I didn't. George is guilty of something, he is a child molester, and he is also covering something up regarding Caylee's death. I have only watched a few videos of George's court cross-examination testimony and FBI testimony. (I am not knowledgable of the facts so this is kind of a "raw" reading of George's language.) I did notice sensitivity in George's testimony about smelling human decomposition in the car when he picked it up from the tow yard (again, I don't know the facts, how the car ended up there, etc, but there is linguistic sensitivity suggesting George is lying about smelling human decomposition...does that make sense? I don't know because I don't know the facts of the case.)
Also, The fact the state was trying to give Casey the death penalty and the father wrote her in prison to express concern she was gaining weight is so very bizarre. The fact all candidates for Caylee's paternity died in car accidents so that the paternity could never be found is so very bizarre. It's like the twilight zone. The computer searches...I did not know about that fact...but I would hope the jury had more to go on besides "they" (meaning George the molester) said Casey was the only one who uses the Firefox browser because that is not enough LEGALLY to go on to convict Casey.
Again, Casey may be guilty as sin, but George sure as hell did something also.

trustmeigetit said...

Then Trump...

Peter has analyzed one woman who claimed she was assaulted and found her unreliable. That same woman had written to his campaign months prior asking for a meeting and she had great things to say about him.

As far as he taped comments, as mentioned above he was more bragging that women let men with money and power do whatever.

Sadly this is true. Look at any male rock star and tell me women would not stand in line to be the next quick piece of ass.

My point is not that it's ok. But it's the reality. Money and power does impress some enough that they will let those that have that do whatever.

But while that makes him a douche, it is not assault.

And men brag.

I have even in anger said "I want to kill him/her" but saying something and doing is just simply not the same.

The Bill Clinton accusations also have been analyzed by Peter and were truthful.

It was also said above Trumps "victims" were super vague, while Bills were clear and told a real encounter.

Also, there was a claim made by a woman that says Trump raped her when she was a kid.

I really looked into it as that was huge for me.

What I found was not reliable.

First, the girl used a fake name and address. Which ok maybe fear.. but still was odd.

So it was dismissed

She filed again, fake name again but real address.

There are YouTube videos where she has he voice and face altered. I listed to them. What was odd as that there are 4 short videos. 3 are more about rude comments he has made like Jewish jokes (which to me were just harmless jokes about them being cheap) and he said something really negative about arabs after 9/11. But nothing that was awful.


trustmeigetit said...

The one video she speaks of the rapes she states she "went" to parties and Jeff Epstein's home 4 separate times. And Trump raped her each time. So really? Your raped at a party at this mans house. And go back? Happens agsina and you again, go back and the again?

Then she talks about how she was asked to give him a hand job and then was slapped away and told nobody touches him with out a glove. But then in the court paperwork she discusses being forced to have intercouse with OUT a condom? So hands need protection but not her vagina? That conflict was very concerning to me.

Still that video was super short and felt like she was just reading a script.

And we'll, she made it clear she was totally broke and was only a civil case for money.

She bailed on a conference about it

Then dismissed the claims the day after he was elected.

And with that.. while her claim was she was scared....

Let me share another part of this.

Epstein is in fact a convicted sex offender and was convicted of luring kids to be raped.

His trial had multiple victims.

This girl says he also raped her.

Yet never joined in the case with the other victims. She would have had a much stronger case with a group. And one of the men that helped with the case said he did dozens of interviews so where was this girl then. Also, despite the many rape parties that occurred, none of those victims ever named Trump.

Did he attend dinner parties at the mans house, yes but so did most of Hollywood.

He also had girls raped on his private plan. They were groups of men raping the girls.

Trump is not listed on any flight logs. Which is required.

But guess who is listed on 26. And guess who was named at those rape parties... Bill Clinton himself.

So while I can not state 100% Trump has not assaulted anyone, I have found nothing crediable. Just a lot of rude comments and he has been unfaithful.

Bill Clinton is another story.

And in all honestly, there is no way his wife is not aware.

But then she made a choice to defend a child rapist (she was not working for the city so was not required too) and there is sold proof in an avadicit that can be viewed that she attempted to state the child had fantasizes about older men in the past. So basically the child was at fault.

Trump and Bill are not the same. And the #pizzagate thing I am sure is exactly what it is rumored to be.

And last but not least.

I voted for Trump.

My reasons were as follows

I think Islam is a cancerous cult and want it or of America and I know he was the only man that wanted to stop the massive refugee crap that is destroying other countries

I am sick of illegal aliens getting more than those of us born here paying into the system

I am sick of the corruption so many think Obama and Hillary are free of

I am sick of politically correct BS

We needed someone thT had the balls to stand up and say no, say your fired and say "radical Islamic terrorism"

Bernie has no backbone. He would have been trampled

Gary was a moron that didn't know what Aleppo was and sat there talking with his tongue out to a reporter like an idiot. He too would have been trampled.

Trump has been talking about what this country needs in a leader for 30 years. And he is doing just that.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone discount the fact that for the 2 and a half years of Caylee's life, Casey continually claimed that parents were babysitting her -when they were Not- or friends were babysitting her -when they were Not- or that she was with the nanny -who did Not exist-.while Casey was working -NOT- or out with friends???
***Where Was Caylee?***
She was drugged and put to 'bed' in the Trunk of the car.
Caylee could have died on Any one of those Trunk Babysitter times.
Caylee disappeared Many times over, before she finally didn't exist anymore.
How convenient that the Florida Department of Child and Family Services found Negligence, which they reported Three years after her death.

trustmeigetit said...

And last on Trump...

He has done a lot of kind things

The man that ran The Harlem Hoops program died on 9/11 so he had the mans family tracked down and finds the program himself so it could continue

He refused to discriminate when he opened his palm beach night club despite they being the norm there. He let everyone in and was actually considered the problem so he sued the city for discrimination and won

He loaned his private jet to a sick kid who could not get his necessary medical equipment on a commercial airline

Etc etc etc

And he didn't make fun of a handicap man. He is very animated. He used those same gestures speaking of a general and Ted Cruz. He may not be posed but that is not the same as he is accused of.

So I think we need to see the bigger picture

And yes, he filed bankruptcy ONCE and had 3 reorganjzations but he has over 500 business's

That's less than a 1% failure rate

So yes. He can be a condescending asshole but he is not what the media or liberals claim

trustmeigetit said...

I do think it's likely she was abused by dad.

And the deal with the foxfire browsers is that they did not know during the trial these searches were made. A reporter just happened to ask after she was acquitted.

I think the initial comments about only Casey using them were than her mom said the chloraform searches were hers and were innocent. She said Casey uses foxfire.

I could remember wrong but pretty sure that's how it went.

Baez (caseys lawyer) said he could not believe no one brought it up in court. I would assume Casey told him. I mean it was her attorney.

And again, no one else seemed to have a clue until after she was acquitted except Baez...

And she was out partying and shopping have the time of her life. Even got a tattoo that translated said something like "beautiful life".

Hardly the grieving mother. She seemed the total opposite. Very happy.

So George I think had some role in disposing of the body and possibly some childhood trauma...but I think everything points to Casey

Just my views anyways.

Anonymous said...

@1236, I hope you don't think I'm discounting that, as I said I don't know the facts of the case. I get the feeling George is covering up something huge that he himself played a role in. George seems to be constantly elusive about answering questions pertaining to anything. But regardless, let's face facts. Casey's father was molesting her, and he himself is a pathological liar who was leading a double life (although Casey's lying seems different where she is living in a made-up reality--who knows how different this may be from the way George presented himself within the family hiding mistresses, gambling addiction, huge gambling losses etc it is quite likely he had his own made-up reality)...the family dynamics are bizarre, with the wife not knowing or remembering where her husband worked, noone noticing Casey is pregnant, the father watching the birth and on and on and on...it's really not mind-boggling that they produced a totally f&cked up person named Casey. And who knows what happened to Caylee??? The whole family lies so much, who can you believe? Can you believe any of those individuals is giving the full truth? It's a real tragedy what was done to Caylee and probably noone will ever know the full truth--I doubt any of them even know bc they are all nuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is crazy that they did not know that about the searches during the trial. And yes, obviously Casey's behavior does not resemble a mother in mourning. I had forgotten about the 30 days of partying. All I can say is Casey is one F&cked up person and that is one f&cked up family. Poor Caylee.

Marliese said...

All this idea that George disposed of the body is refuted by the fact that her car had evidence of a corpse in her trunk. She tried to excuse the smell by saying she hit a squirrel. Yes, George definitely acted cagey but I don't think it was because he had anything to do with Caylee's death. He was having an affair. Did he abuse Casey? Possibly. There are psychiatrists who think she was abused so I wouldn't deny the possibility but I watched the entire trial and I'm sure she was totally responsible for Caylee's death, intentional or not.

Anonymous said...


Casey Anthony says she ‘wasn’t present’ for daughter’s death: ‘I did what I was told’

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

A second University of Michigan student has admitted to fabricating a hate crime, committed in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

Halley Bass pled guilty, Monday, to filing a false police report, alleging that an unknown attacker had approached her in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, and scratched her face because she had a “solidarity pin” on her lapel—a safety pin worn as sign that she was a welcoming figure to those who felt marginalized by Trump’s victory.

Bass told the judge that she was “suffering from depression at the time” and had scratched her own face with her safety pin after a Women’s Literature class.

“I was suffering from depression at the time,” Bass told the judge. “I made a superficial scratch on my face. It was visible and I was embarrassed about what I’d done. So I made up a story and told a friend that a stranger had done it while I was walking. I was encouraged to report it to the police. I made the mistake of doing that.”

Bass reportedly told officers that the attack was in connection to a “surge” in hate crimes on the University of Michigan campus following Trump’s election. She described her attacker as a middle-aged white male in a black baseball cap and hoodie. She indicated to police that she was certain she was targeted for her overt display of solidarity with anti-Trump activists.

She also posted on Facebook, to convey, she told detectives, “that all people are equal and deserve to have their voice heard and not feel endangered.”

Heat Street reported on the surge in hate crimes as they were happening at the University of Michigan. This is now the second “hate crime,” however, to turn out to be a hoax. A Muslim student came forward several weeks ago to say that she’d also lied to police when she claimed a man approached her and tried to pull off her hijab shortly after Donald Trump was elected.

The UMich stories made national headlines and the FBI was even called in to investigate. The Muslim student was not punished for her false police report. Bass could could face up to 90 days in jail or a $500 fine.


LC said...

Marliese, I agree with everything in your post. I'm not sure if George's exposed affair occurred until After Caylee's death - I think it was allegedly with a search volunteer whom George confided in.
I believe Casey's "told to me" remark relates to the version for the trial defense, Not the events as they occurred.
I am not confidant that George abused Casey, given her ability to convince even psychologists of her justifications for Any of her actions.
George has acted like a grieving grandfather, but became defensive as he was set up as a scapegoat and put in a position of defending himself against the accusations while not exposing much against the defense of his daughter - a horrible position that he handled awkwardly.
I also watched the entire trial coverage and think Casey is solely responsible. I think Caylee died in the trunk of that car, and Casey wasn't present at the Time of death, but arrived to find Caylee dead, then attempted to create other scenarios after the fact to cover up how Caylee really died.
I also think that if Casey could have escaped to California like she was planning during the 31 days, she would have continued her deception of Caylee being with the nanny so Cindy would be none the wiser that Caylee was actually gone.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you news watchers nose why Prez O gettin 60,000,000 dollers for writing books? Is it fake news or reel?

Anonymous said...

Not a peep of curiosity, comment or inquiry from the SAer's about the recent and unusually guarded double murder investigation case in INDIANA. But an endless tabloid style circle of speculation about everything else.

lynda said...

Anon @ 1:14

Unfortunately, there is nothing to analyze in regards to the horrific double murder of the 2 young girls. The killers picture is on over 6K billboards, his 3 "words" have been released to see if anyone recognized his voice, and NOTHING. He is still amongst us which is terrifying.

I think LE are "guarding" info on how they were murdered to weed out the crazies that call in. I don't think that that is unusually guarded.

Hey Jude said...

Anon at 1.14 - where are the statements? It would help to post them if there are any - I think there are no identified suspects to date. There is a photo of a guy on a railroad bridge (was it taken by one of the victims?) who is the suspect, but he is yet to be identified. Investigators are trying to find if there is a link to an earlier murder of two little girls four hundred miles away - what other information is there - are there any statements to be analysed? The murders will probably be solved very quickly once the suspect is identified and found.

Anonymous said...

@Marliese, I find George's testimony about getting Casey's car very interesting linguistically for several reasons. Not sure what it means, but there are peculialarities.

A few things I noticed:

1) George repeatedly states what he did NOT find in the car (which is very sensitive according to SCAN), rather than stating what he DID find.
2) When pressed by Baez as to whether he actually smelled the smell he claimed to have smelled, he attempts to convince Baez that yes, indeed he did smell a terrible smell by saying when 1st approaching the car
"I could smell it from three (3) feet away."

3) He also says "if I close my eyes right now I could smell it". On the surface this seems to lend credibility to what George is claiming, but does it actually? Dont people actually use that line "If I close my eyes I can still remember blah blah to refer to something good they wish to remember? It sounds like he is "parroting" a phrase he feels is convincing ie. "if I close my eyes....."
4) When further pressed by Baez regarding the veracity of the car smell story, George, upset, says to Baez "Youre trying to take "my joy of life away from me"! (referring to Jose DOUBTING George's claim about smelling human decomposition in the Casey's car.

I draw no conclusions, but it is very odd.

Anonymous said...

“The last time I saw my daughter, I believed she was alive and was going to be okay, and that’s what was told to me."

If she saw her daughter then why would she need to believe she was alive? And why did she need to be told her daughter was going to be okay if she saw her with her own eyes?

Did her chloroform method of calming Caylee turn lethal?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is if Casey just wanted to party and considered Caylee just a big burden, why wouldnt she have just left her at home with her mother? Didnt the mother want to take Caylee anyway? So, just basing this on logic, why wouldnt Casey have just thought OK I just want to party here Mom you take Caylee see ya! And then she could have just taken off on her party spree. Why being Caylee with her?
I remember yrs ago hearing that Casey would bring Caylee along when she slept over the guys house she was dating. Why? Why wouldnt she just leave her at home?

Anonymous said...

@3:06, Could it have been a picture of Caylee Casey saw sent by whoever she had left Caylee with?

Anonymous said...

GEORGE ANTHONY: Sir, definitely something happened to Caylee. She`s no longer with us. And Casey was the last one that I saw with Caylee. One and one adds up to two, sir, in my mind. And no matter how you`re trying to spin it, I`m upset because my granddaughter is missing.

"She's no longer with us" is a what people say about someone who has died. He knew Caylee was dead.

"And Casey was the last one I saw with Caylee." And Casey was the last one... He's implicating Casey.
"One and one adds up to two, sir, in my mind." One and one adds up to two mathematically. I don't understand why he needed to add that to his statement except to further implicate Casey. He wants to play detective and help them solve the case.

"I'm upset because my granddaughter is missing." Only upset? His granddaughter went from "no longer with us" to "missing". Why the change?

Misha said...

OT Interesting diary entry by Kate McCann :

"TUESDAY, JUNE 26: I went for a short walk to the shops nearby. I had heard that there was a paedophile there. Nice, isn't it'

If people informed us about these criminals of course we'd be more cautious and we'd feel safer!

Unfortunately I read two books of messages that had been delivered... There were three horrible ones. One from a former Met Police officer' very insensitive/ cruel and far from constructive! Another said 'R.I.P. Maddie' 'how appalling!

Well, not surprisingly I was very upset and I went out to the rocks on the beach. I cried a lot and spoke to Madeleine and to God. I was still not ready to go but Gerry was calling me. The police had arrived, as planned, at the apartment. I calmed down and went to the meeting with the police. Everything seems to be so slow. We finished at around 7pm so I went to be with the kids and tell them bedtime stories. I had dinner, had a few drinks despite having said I wanted it without alcohol!! We talked some more.

My darling Madeleine, I feel such fear and dread when I think of you. Every day and every night, it is TOO MUCH. I can only have hope and trust in God and Mary to look after you and bring you back to us soon.

I'm so sorry if I/we let you down. I hope you know how fond of you we are and that we would NEVER do anything intentionally that would put you in danger' of any kind. You are so precious to me. You make me so happy and I miss you so much. Please God, please Mary, keep watch over our sweet Madeleine. Keep her safe and sound and bring her back to us soon! X X"

SKE said...

george was an ex-police officer of some sort... if that helps you guys understand his wordings.

"And Casey was the last one I saw with Caylee." as they walked away from his home, Caylee with the book in her hands. oh yeh, and the backpack. That was the last time george saw Caylee ALIVE. the last one other than himself?
cindi had argued with casey the day before about she was not going to babysit Caylee while casey was at work anymore.

it is my belief, casey then snuck into the home, left Caylee there without cindi knowing(cindi was zanaxed and sleeping), when casey returned and couldnt find Caylee, george who had returned home after casey dropped off Caylee, realized he hadnt seen Caylee there, so he ran out to the pool immediately, aware that he had found the patio door open when he got home.

if you were to leave your child with someone who was not an acceptable babysitter, and went to the bar to enjoy working your shift, and the child died while in the care of the bad babysitter, a yankee would say, you murdered your child so you could party, because technically in effect, that is what you did. but that would only be negligence on your part. but her brother asked, is this like last time, which leads me to believe casey should have known that cindi was not an acceptable babysitter while she was zanaxed, so it was more than negligence.

chloroform, levels in the trunk were the same as the sample trunk of car from junkyard of same year/make/model. alarmingly high level... because all cars of that type had high levels, enough to cause a driver to fall asleep on long trips during a hot day. the alarmingly high level did not prove a dead body had been in the trunk.

Anonymous said...

How did George open the car and drive it home? Did he have an extra set of keys? Or did Casey leave keys in the car?

If he had an extra set of keys how does anyone know for sure who abandoned the car or put anything in it including a pizza box?
Why does George take ownership of the bad smell when he tells Baez that when they opened the trunk, the toe yard guy allegedly said to him upon seeing the pizza box "There's your bad smell." Not "theres where the bad smell is coming from".

Anonymous said...

Is that not relevant...George taking "ownership" of the smell, as when OJ says "my guilt"?

Anonymous said...

It's disturbing to me that George Anthony, showing many alarming instances of linguitic sensitivity and also a child molester...why should I have to believe HIS version of things? I don't, and I won't.

Anonymous said...

Baez SHOULD HAVE asked George for a SPECIFIC example when George claimed that, as a cop, he had smelled human decomposition before. George was a small-town cop for how many years? His claim is doubtful. Doesnt he in fact say to Baez that as a cop he had had the "opportunity" to smell human decomposition before "in the woods". Yeah right. Tell us the EXACT case or call when that occurred George. Amazing noone asked him that.

Daphne said...

George should be in jail. He is responsible for Caylee's demise. He is a lying child-molesting former police officer who used his badge to be "above the law". George should spend a lifetime rotting away in prison thinking about his crimes.

Hey Jude said...

SKE - Why would George make an accidental drowning look like a murder? That would be crazy.

I thought he might have said 'placed' because it is how a former police officer would be used to speaking in some settings. Proceeded, placed, stated, accompanied, observed - the formal type of jargon used in statements. He was on the defensive so could have been using terms he felt safe with under cross-examination. IDK if that is so, just what I thought/wondered - I don't think I have listened to all his testimony. From what I heard, I didn't think he was involved in Caylee's death, his guilt is due to other concerns.

I don't see how he and Cindi could not find themselves in some way responsible, and feel enormous regret, for not having protected Cayley from Casey. They had never met or even spoken on the phone to the 'nanny' - they either knew or must have suspected she did not exist. They knew Casey did not really have a job and would have been unable to pay for childcare. Casey was regularly stealing gas from George's shed - he followed her to see if really she had a job - he knew she was not working or solvent. He and Cindi bought everything for Caylee, and presumably for Casey. They must have known there was no nanny as Casey lied about everything and Caylee was non-responsive when they asked her anything about the nanny. Maybe they thought Casey kept Caylee with her and looked after her - they might have assumed that, and mostly that could have been the case until the new boyfriend made Caylee's presence too inconvenient. It is very odd though, that they all, besides Caylee, played along with the existence of a nanny - another year or so and Caylee, had she lived, would maybe have learned to play along with the lie, too. What a strange family - why did they not challenge Casey about her made-up life, especially once it involved their grand-daughter spending time with the non-existent Nanny? It's incomprehensible.

Anonymous said...

OK, I don't like this case, but since I'm still sick, I've learned a little more about it.
How believable is it that Caylee was "unresponsive" when asked about Zanny the Nanny? Isn't that a little too "convenient"?

From Casey's jail house conversation with her parents:

Casey: "I know we're all in this together."

The belief in Zanny the Nanny is an example of folie a deux...a kind of shared "psychosis"...one problem though is that we really do not know who came up with the idea of "Zanny the Nanny". Was it George? Cindy? Casey? How can we know? All 3 "believed" in Zanny the Nanny and didn't want to let go of that belief. I would think that it would be more likely that someone in authority (Cindy or George) came up with the idea and that the idea was then "believed" by Casey, but who knows?? Cindy seems very strong-willed and unlikely to just hypnotically believe in a pretend nanny created by her daughter. George, similarly, does not seem like he would just "believe" something like that coming from his daughter. ESpecially as an ex-cop. The name itself "Zanny the Nanny" seems like a fictional character out of a children's book or something, a name designed to appeal to a child. Was this a name thought up by Casey to "fool" Cindy and George? Or was it a name thought up by one of the adults (and then "believed" by the other adults) to fool Cayley for some kind of nefarious reason? Cindy's questioning of Casey about whether a picture showed the inside of Zanny the Nanny's house means nothing as far as oh yes Cindy you were so fooled, you're so in the dark, Casey had you fooled. Give me a break. They all tacitly agreed to believe in Zanny the Nanny for a reason. They all went along with the existence of Zanny the Nanny for a reason knowing deep down she did not exist.

Bobcat said...

"...I went out to the rocks on the beach. I cried a lot and spoke to Madeleine and to God."

Was Madeleine hidden under rocks on the beach?

Hey Jude said...

Yes, it's scary. I think from George, when he was under cross-examination, it was Casey who invented the nanny. He said that when he or Cindy asked about the nanny, Caylee was blank - yet she was responsive when asked about a little playmate she spent time with - so they knew Caylee didn't know or spend time with any nanny. The Zanny name came later - maybe nearer the time Casey took off with Caylee.

I don't get how they could go along with it - how they could turn a blind eye to not knowing where Caylee might be when she was said to be with a nanny they knew did not exist. It's more than crazy. George followed Casey, he maybe satisfied himself Caylee was with her and they maybe humoured Casey about her job, and the nanny to keep the peace at home. IDK, except they should have got help with dealing with Casey long before things reached that stage. It seems they were very concerned with image and covered for her a lot rather than dealing with issues which might have embarrassed them socially.

Hey Jude said...

I think she was sleeping with the fishes, Bobcat - remember that early weird photo of Jerry and his brother in law wading round the rocks in the cove?- they weren't looking for crabs, and they didn't see the photographer. She might have been hidden by or between rocks in the cove till the body was moved.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, I agree, I don't get how they could all go along with it. The family is obviously totally f&cked up. I came across something when watching George's testimony, it is a 10 minute interview with one of the jurors...well-spoken individual who felt that the Anthony family always tried to pretend they were happy even when they weren't and she gives as an example Casey's cheerful, happy demeanor upon greeting her parents when they visited her in jail. She also felt George was deceptive. I thought her perspective on the trial and the Anthony's was interesting.

Here is the link if you want to watch it:


Anonymous said...

"It seems they were very concerned with image and covered for her a lot rather than dealing with issues which might have embarrassed them socially."


Anonymous said...

Watched a little more from Anthony jury members...it turns out the jury suspected that George may have murdered Caylee. They also all found him to be deceptive with selective memory. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Obviously SKE has never smelled human decomp. The car wreaked of human decomposition and a single hair of Caylees was found in the trunk with the 'death band' on it - in spite of Cindy trying to wash away the evidence.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

George wasn't in LE long enough to enter into their language; he shows a 'wanna be' style that imitates, rather than uses comfortably and freely.

Something produced the coldness (indifference to human life) within Casey.

Her language suggests very early childhood rape and sexual abuse, likely pre speech.

There is much within George's language to erase "mystery" from this case.


Hey Jude said...

If Casey is a victim of abuse, even pre-verbal abuse, from George, and if Cindi knew, it would maybe go a long way, at least some way, to explaining why the family is so odd and why they made so many 'allowances' for Casey.

I will listen to everything I can find which George has said - I have only listened to some, and I am biased towards believing George - I don't know why. I agree he said some strange things which one would not have expected. I will listen with a more open mind. I thought it was an abhorrent ruse that the defence accused George of sexually abusing Casey, and tried to implicate him in Caylee's death - as though he was not suffering enough. Thinking more about how he followed Casey, how he knew there was no job or nanny, allowed Casey to keep on stealing from him and the family, it does seem he was trying to contain a situation rather than seek help. Even when it must have been evident that Caylee was missing, he and Cindi acted like ostriches - what mattered to them more than the welfare of their grand-daughter? Was he afraid that Casey, if he had abused her, would break her silence if they involved police or CPS?

If Casey was aware, or suspected she had been abused, it would be understandable she would not want to leave Caylee in their care. If Cindi knew or suspected George had abused Casey - well, I don't know what to say about that, or to think, with regard to why she would have Caylee living with them. Did she convince herself George was not a risk, did he convince her?

I listened to Anon's link with the juror (interesting, thanks) and it auto-played the next set of videos which was an interview with a prisoner who knew Casey. She said Casey had said things which indicated she was jealous that Cindi cared about Caylee more than she had cared about her. That made me wonder if Cindi had made George move out when Caylee was born, to protect her from what happened or might have happened to Casey, but later relented, and let him move back in. Did Cindi need George more than she cared about Casey or Caylee, or convince herself George was not a risk to either of them? It seems bad (for me) to assume that of him, though I know if it's in his language, and in Casey's language, it is not an assumption on Peter's part, as SA does not involve assumption.

George has not been convicted of abusing Casey - she has not brought a case against him. I would think she might, if really she believed that. Is that, Peter, why you find it is pre-verbal, that actually, she did not have conscious knowledge of early abuse, but it shows in her language?

It's confusing as the defence accused George of childhood sexual abuse, which she would have remembered, yet having made the accusation, she has since not pursued it. Was that a lie, though actually true, she just did not remember it? Was there more, within memory which, for whatever reason, she does not want to pursue, even though the accusation was made during the trial?

Anonymous said...

Peter, does SA still indicate that Casey Alone was Directly involved in Caylee's Death?

Hey Jude said...

You can see why Casey would be angry if they all knew Casey had been abused by George, and Cindi made him move out when Caylee was born, but a few months later let him move back in - like she had cared more about protecting Caylee than she had Casey - but only for a while, till her need of George outweighed that concern. If she had it - if she knew or suspected. Something caused them both to not call the police or CPS.

LC said...

Whatever the dynamics of the relationships within that family, Casey refused to be Responsible for the care of her daughter.
Way before the '31' days of deceit, Cindy was restricting Casey from leaving Caylee for her to watch at every turn. Casey went about whatever she was doing during the days and nights without Caylee by explaining her absences on being in the care of friends, parents, nannies who didn't Really have her.
All the lying & cover-up for the 31 days and beyond, does not alter the fact that the child was With (in the Care of?) Casey at the last known sighting of Caylee alive.
Casey should have been convicted of Negligent Homicide at the very Least, whether the jury could establish an exact Cause of death or not. Caylee died at the hands of her mother, even If she wasn't present at the exact moment of her death.

Hey Jude said...

^ A former boyfriend testified that when Casey stayed over, Caylee did too - Casey slept between the boyfriend and Caylee, at least several times. Caylee was in the way in that respect, but it does appear that Casey had Caylee with her for at least some of the time when she was with friends and boyfriends. Evidently she put her own interests first, even when Caylee was present. The boyfriend believed Casey and Caylee had a good relationship.

If Cindi took Xanax or sleeping pills, she was not always in a condition to be able to care for Caylee - would Casey leave Caylee vulnerable to George, if she suspected he might abuse her while Cindi was asleep?

I agree Casey should have been convicted of negligent homicide at least. The duct tape was hardly for decorative purposes - besides the horror of putting her in the trunk of the car, the risk of suffocation should have been obvious. I wonder if she killed Caylee to free herself, punish her parents, and possibly, if she knew George had abused her as a child, even to make sure George never could have access to her. There must have been some reasoning in her madness.

If the row was over Cindi not being willing to continue babysitting, and if Casey knew Cindi used Xanax or sleeping pills, Casey either already trusted George not to abuse Caylee, or she was willing to live with the knowledge that he might.

What would it be like to be inside Casey's head for a day? Why did she tell her friend they could go and live in George and Cindy's house? I wondered if maybe she had plans for them which didn't work out, so Caylee had to go. It was strange she left the body in the car so long for the odour to be so putrefying - like, 'You're not having her, but you can have your wrecked car back.' Cindi cared the 'damned car' was wrecked - she even called the police at that point - only, finally, at that point. A whole month not seeing or hearing a baby she and George had seen every day of her life, 'knowing' she was with a non-existent nanny, yet she only called the police when her 'damned car' stunk - like a dead body had been in there.

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts: Baez brought up a good point when he pointed out why did George remember exactly what Caylee was wearing the last time he saw her? He had exact recall a month later despite not knowing that would be the last time he saw Caylee.
How accurate is a DNA test done to establish paternity using skeletal remains (at that time whatever year it was)? Im asking because I don't know, but something is so shady that not just ONE potential father but EVERY potential father (a few suggested by Cindy) had died in TERRIBLE car accidents.

Hey Jude, I get what Peter is saying. If Casey was sexually abused pre-verbally her body and mind would still be impacted by a fundamental sense of betrayal the same way if a pre verbal toddler/infant was neglected (not fed etc)...extreme damage would be done to the developing psyche.
George's language does indicate he sexually abused Casey. Even in the context of being on the stand at his daughter's death penalty trial, he DOES NOT make a reliable denial.
I agree also with Peter that George mimics police language rather than using it naturally.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMarch 11, 2017 at 10:07 AM
Peter, does SA still indicate that Casey Alone was Directly involved in Caylee's Death?

Why would SA change?

Hey Jude said...

I made and lost a quite lengthy response, Anon. I'll try again later or tomorrow. I noticed George didn't give a reliable denial, but I must have let my bias let that pass the first time round, which one can't do. I (honestly) don't remember. I think Casey can't be held solely responsible for Caylee's death, even if she acted alone.

Hey Jude said...

I was responding to Anon at 1.47.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude,

I'm sorry your lengthy response you took the time to write got lost! I would love to hear your thoughts. I too will watch more video of George. I don't believe him. I'm leaning towards thinking he may have harmed Caylee while Casey was there, and Caylee may have been unconscious and George must have told Casey something, whereby Casey now says that 'the last time she saw her daughter she believed she was alive. That's what (I) was told'. Something like Casey knew Cayley was injured/unconscious but for some reason was told to leave or even fled (perhaps George said he would blame it on her?) or perhaps Casey injured CAyley and it was the same situation with Cayley being unconscious but George saying she was alive (?) and Casey leaves at that point? One has to wonder how George knew exactly what CAyley was wearing that day and remembered it for a month even though at that time he did not know it would be the last time he saw CAyley (supposedly). That combined with everything else...why didn't GEorge and Cindy try to find them? Or did they? Why did the smell of human decomp in Casey's abandoned car not cause either one to call the police? Also weird that George said he had smelled human decomp "in the woods"? Really? OUtdoors? I mean...if you walk by roadkill it doesn't smell because it's outside I think would be why. I don't know...I will watch more video with George sometime soon and see what I can find.

pedoklown said...

hey jude asks...... If Cindi took Xanax or sleeping pills, she was not always in a condition to be able to care for Caylee - would Casey leave Caylee vulnerable to George, if she suspected he might abuse her while Cindi was asleep?

does not peter's daughter leave her child in peter's care?

Anonymous said...


Did NFL doctors and trainers push powerful painkillers on players?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Just my opinion here...I think "allowing" Baez to float that George/Lee molested Casey at some point and introduce the possibility that George may have harmed/killed Caylee was a strong arm tactic. George was clearly being interviewed/testifying against his will, back to the wall. IMO, it was an either-or situation, as in Cindy or Casey (or both) fired a warning shot across his bow: You either do this or we're going to go public with everything (whatever the everything entailed had to have been the worse option). George wasn't exactly willing to fall on his sword for Casey and yet he was willing to allow himself to be drug through the muck. So, at least one family member had more impressive goods on him than what was "suggested" at trial. That Lee was willing for the world to think he "might" have been Casey's father and allow for the incestuous possibility, speaks volumes to the level of dysfunction in that home between those 4 family members, long before Caylee arrived on the scene.

Cindy is the hub at the center of the dysfunction- she's the one kicking George out of the house, she's the one admitting him back, she's the primary provider for the family (at the time of Caylee's birth-murder), she's the one confronting Casey and running interference for her with George, she's the one financially enabling Casey (so she has to know no job, no paid babysitter), she's enabling Casey to come and go as she pleases child in tow for nearly 2 years (which is often given the rampant partying), she's the one driving Casey around to get the truth out of her, she cleaned the car, she called LE, she antagonized Le, she confronted protesters, she lied repeatedly for Casey for years and under oath, she perverted justice, she allowed her husband and her son to be thought of as molesters to save Casey, and she mortgaged the family home for Casey's defense.

Why? Either Cindy's a world-class Narcissist and Felon or she know whatever Casey has on her personally/George/ them together/Lee /the whole family will sink them all...and Casey is just spiteful enough to do it. Every child of a Narcissist dreams of revenge for all the wrongs done to them- Casey would be no different in that respect (per Narcissism support group websites). A Narcissist's Achilles Heel is their reputation, what others think and say about them does matter. Just my opinion.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Correction * Lee "might" have been Caylee's father..."

Anonymous said...

Interesting post Fools. Im sure you are right that Cindy has bigtime dirt on George.

I have a question. Who named Caylee? Because I know sometimes with husbands/wives, the wife might either feel pressured by the husband or simply allow him to name the baby. One thing that popped into my head is that if one of the parents came up with the name, or even if it simply was Casey who came up with the name, the "LEE" (along w the name itself) may be a diversion. Like if someone ever suspected, for example, George of being the father, the "LEE" part of the name would cause them to think "nah, it couldnt be George".

I don't know much about genetics, but doesnt Casey have blue eyes and Cayley has brown eyes. George has the same exact brown eyes, but genetically if Casey has blue eyes, and Caylee has brown eyes, what color eyes would the father have had to have (what are the possibilities for his eye color?)

Tania Cadogan said...

I think it was cindy named Caylee after a combination of her children lee and casey.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks Tania. Is there any proof that Casey is Caylee's bio mom rather than Cindy being cayleys bio mom conceiving her with a man other than George? A lot of George's statements regarding Casey's pregnancy labor and delivery are elusive, vague and sensitive.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to transcribe any please do. George's statements about Casey's pregnancy and labor are very sensitive. Why? Did Cindy conceive a child with another man and the family decided to pretend it was Casey's. We at least need to look at George's statements about Casey pregnancy/labor/delivery for deception.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic BBM

Durban - Conflicting details during police interviews about the alleged kidnapping of baby Siwaphiwe Mbambo are what eventually led to her mother and two others being arrested for the crime, police said on Sunday.

"Too many inconsistencies emerged during the interviews, especially in terms of the initial reporting to the police of how the incident developed," said national police spokesperson Brigadier Sally de Beer.

"Information generated from the interviews became critical in the setting up of a roadblock in Mariannhill in the early hours of [Sunday] morning."

A car was stopped and the baby was discovered inside with a man and a woman, unharmed.

"Three people, including the 34-year-old biological mother of the baby, another woman, and a man, have been arrested and are in custody."

The baby has been placed under the care of the Department of Social Development.

Initially, the baby was reported to have been taken in a car hijacking at a Durban shopping centre on Friday. She was in the back seat of a white Toyota Yaris which was then reported as stolen from her mother at gunpoint.

A large-scale search was conducted for the missing baby and a reward of R250 000 was offered for any information that would lead to her safe return.

"The South African Police Service invested a lot in this case, including members working overtime, the use of vehicles and aircraft which impacted negatively on the availability of police resources in the fight against priority crimes," De Beer said.

As such, the use of police resources by people "with selfish motives" could not be tolerated, De Beer added.

A special prosecutor was appointed to the case on Sunday morning.

"Those who have been arrested and are in custody will appear in court soon."

Acting National Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Khomotso Phahlane expressed his gratitude that the baby had been rescued from "a dubious situation to say the least".

"We thank our members, all other law enforcement agencies and security companies who stepped up to assist, as well as the civic minded members of the public who joined forces to assist in the search.

"We are a wonderful, caring society and it is disappointing when people take advantage of their fellow South Africans' trust and belief in humanity. False claims of crimes which have an entire nation and beyond in a state of sorrow and anxiety, should be condemned,” he said.


At the time it was reported, something was off.
I wonder as to motivr, drugs/drug debt?
Set up to then claim a reward?
Something else?

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks Tania. Is there any proof that Casey is Caylee's bio mom rather than Cindy being cayleys bio mom conceiving her with a man other than George? A lot of George's statements regarding Casey's pregnancy labor and delivery are elusive, vague and sensitive.

Photographic evidence of casey being pregnant and obviously so despite cindy claiming casey wasn't.
DNA tests

Anonymous said...

Is there photographic evidence showing her actual pregnant stomach or just the covered stomach?
Tania, where have you read there was a maternal DNA test?

Why does George, even when "fed" the words by Baez, linguistically remove Casey from the delivery room? It is always "when Cayley was delivered"...even when Baez feeds him "when Casey gave birth etc" he changes it to "when Cayley was delivered", removing Casey from the scenario linguistically.
Also, what is with "the couch" George "sat in close proximity to" when he finally. Learned the news of Casey's pregnancy? The couch is very sensitive. WHY?


Anonymous said...

Repeatedly George does not parrot back Baez' "when your daughter gave birth" when responding Baez' questions. .George changes it consistently to "when Caylee was delivered". Linguistically, George does not tell us that CASEY gave birth despite being offered those words repeatedly by Baez that "when your daughter gave birth". He does not tell us WHO gave birth....ONLY that "Caylee was delivered".
(see link above @6:34)

Anonymous said...

Yeah hilarious. But in that link alone, isnt it interesting that George does not tell us who actually gave birth to Cayley even when Baez feeds him the words? That is the only thing Ive cited based on linguistics. Also there is a picture on the internet of Casey in what is supposedly her delivery bed holding a very large baby wrapped in blankets so you cannot see any of the baby. It is too big to be a newborn and WAY too big to be a preemie which she supposedly had.

Anonymous said...

OT: Any thoughts on this? Recently widowed and quickly remarried mother of 5 and popular Mormon blogger supposedly accidentally shot by new husband. Sounds like he is the one writing the post but I could be wrong of course. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=811274065695459&id=218689858287219

Anonymous said...


Melissa Doyle: 'Are you Harry's father?'
James Hewitt: 'No, I'm not.'

Anonymous said...

I'm curious even on a linguistic level why George distances himself linguistically from connecting Casey with the "delivery of Cayley" yet states that he "watched Cayley being delivered" (making himself look bad when Baez was offering him the possibility that he has simply been "present" in the delivery room).

It's incredibly bizarre, and I am surprised a hospital would even allow a father to watch his daughter giving birth. There is no possible way that Casey could have wanted her father to watch the baby coming out of her. This family is so incredibly sick.

Anonymous said...

Also interesting how George refers on at least 2 occassions to "take her for a bunch of different tests" (or something like that) to determine if Casey was pregnant. No mention of a home pregnancy test given even though she was 7 months pregnant. When did Casey herself find out she was pregnant? No mention of Casey's Mom took her to the doctor back in whatever month and Casey got a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant. When did prenatal checkups start? Why does George speak of going to see an "ultrasound" when those are usually given at around 4 months when he clearly states he did not know Casey was pregnant until 7 months?

LC said...

In SA we gripe when an Interviewer 'feeds' possible answer options to the interviewee. So now we are supposed to question that George doesn't mimic the phrasing while being questioned As a witness of the Prosecution by the defense attorney who wants George culpable as a mitigating factor for the sympathy of the jury???
Caylee was delivered in a hospital, recorded on a birth certificate with Casey as the mother, no father noted. George, Lee & Jesse were all ruled out by DNA as Caylee's father.
Casey was sexually active before (obviously) during & after her pregnancy with Many partners, all unbeknownst to her parents. Cindy only repeated what Casey told her about Caylee's parentage. George & Cindy were well aware that Casey was never going to act in a responsible manner - with child care, job, gas for the car, etc. She stole checks from her friend, credit cards from her mother - this is an adult kid, and the parents tried to put their foot down. Casey was hiding her lifestyle, with Each contact getting a different version from her.
Personally, with Casey's attempts to hide Caylee's body (backing into garage, borrowing shovel, clearing the weeds & dogs hitting at the playhouse area) I don't even think George had a hand in disposing Caylee's body. And don't forget about Casey exclaiming to others that "dead squirrels" crawled into her car's engine. Dead Anything smells way different than sewage, trash or "Rotting Pizza" crusts.
Casey thought she could fool Everyone and convince them she was a Victim.
worst. mother. ever.

Anonymous said...

KC didn't have prenatal care because she wouldn't admit the pregnancy. Cindy denied the pregnancy also, long after her brother & family remarked about her belly. She prob had an ultrasound to determine the age of the fetus and determine a possible due date.

Anonymous said...

You didnt address anything I pointed out linguistically except to tell me my observation wasnt valid, BUT IT IS. You gave me a run-down of how Casey sucks (yes we've all heard that a million times)--this is not what I was interested in exploring. I was interested in George's linguistics surrounding the pregnancy & delivery.
Have you seen the birth certificate, because SA shows you haven't.

Anonymous said...

George removing Casey linguistically from the delivery was purposeless in terms of helping the prosecution or defense.

Anonymous said...

How about mothers who pay thousands and thousands of dollars to have their 8 month fetus slaughtered? Is that a good mother? Is that a better mother than Casey? I'm just curious. Cause that's actually celebrated in our culture and the murderer portrayed as a persecuted saint. I'm just curious how stupid people really are to think Casey is the worst mother ever. She's not. There's plenty out there JUST as bad.

Anonymous said...
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Ulla said...


Abby Hoffman Liberty German murder case in Delphi IN


Interview with the property owner of where the girls were discovered, he describes his land, etc.

Any SA red flags?

He is currently being held for an unrelated probation violation.

Yes, LE has made statements, about the likelihood that 2 are involved, leading some to believe that there were 2 perps, and that this is why the case is described as complicated and involved and having a twist,.perhaps in addition to the existing twist that Libby filmed and recorded her killer.

Justice for Abby and Libby!

Anonymous said...

“Caylee would be 12 right now. And would be a total badass."

This statement disturbs me. Casey admits she would've been a bad mother which most likely means she was a bad mother. The facts speak for themselves.

'total badass' she thinks it's a cool way to be. I think this needs to be examined further. My guess is that Caylee was already a 'total badass'. Was she involved in badass activities? What does being a 'total badass' mean to Casey?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you look at the full interview where she explains what she means by badass. She says Caylee would listen to classic rock and wouldn't take any crap from anyone. If I had a daughter I wouldn't want her to take crap from anyone! In fact, I am glad I don't have a daughter because of the horrible men roaming this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had a daughter and some guy ever hurt her, I would go PSYCHOTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I know they would hurt her, because men are SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Done with you amateurs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hey Jude said...

Anon March 12 - 12.06 - The prosecutor said, no-one makes an accident look like a murder. I think what you're proposing is that the defence made a not-accident (George injuring Caylee) into an accident (drowning) only in order for George to then make it look like a murder? That does not happen. I think those who posted further above are right - Casey means she is sticking with the drowning story, and with the claim George disposed of the body. I think if Caylee had drowned, he or Casey would have called 911 -it would have ended there, as a tragic accidental death.

I don't think George had anything to do with Caylee's death or disposing of the body. He maybe remembered what Caylee was wearing because he'd taken a photo on his phone that morning, or another say when she wore that outfit, and remembered she'd been wearing it that day too. I don't think it's so odd to remember what she had been wearing.


Whoever found it weird. It's not weird or unusual for fathers to be present when their daughter gives birth - some women are more relaxed about who is present than others. Why does it have to be creepy? - giving birth is not a sexual act. Personally I think it's probably better if fathers of the baby are not present, because it might traumatise them and freak them out and make them feel bad at not being able to help - or they might just get in the way and be annoying. I haven't thought much about fathers of women giving birth being present - they might be mor relaxed - or more likely to be freaked out. As giving birth is a woman's concern, I think it should be her choice who is there, that the father should be able to be there if he wants (well, if they are in a relationship), and anyone's choice to decline to be there if they think they'd rather not be. Well, except the mother, obviously.


Anonymous said...

Yeah OK Hey Jude, you don't think it's weird for a father to watch his daughter giving birth? OK, I don't what planet you're living on, but on planet Earth it's considered weird and very creepy. That's a violation of his daughter.

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