Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Good Dad" Indicted in Murder of Son

from ABC News:

'Hot Car Dad' Justin Harris Indicted for Son's Murder

PHOTO: Justin Ross Harris is pictured in court on July 3, 2014 in Marietta, Ga.

Justin Harris, 33, will be tried for malice murder among other charges, the court said. He could face the death penalty, a judge said earlier this year.
Harris faces eight counts: malice murder, two counts of felony murder, cruelty to children in the 1st and 2nd degree, criminal attempt to commit a felony and two counts of dissemination of harmful material to minors.
Harris' 22-month-old son, Cooper, died on June 18 inside a hot car parked outside Home Depot, where Harris worked. The indictment said Harris left his son in the vehicle "with malice aforethought" and caused the boy "cruel and excessive physical pain."
PHOTO: Cooper Harris is seen in this undated handout photo.
PHOTO: Cooper Harris is seen in this undated handout photo.
Harris, who pleaded not guilty, has claimed the death was an accident, and that he forgot to drop his son off at daycare, on a day when the temperature reached 90 degrees in Atlanta.
The prosecution argued that because Harris returned to his car once during the day, to drop something off after lunch, he must have known the boy was inside. They suggested Harris was eager to live a childless life.
Police also discovered Harris had been sexting multiple women while his son was in the car. One of the females was under 18, prompting the charge of disseminating harmful material to minors.
Maddox Kilgore, an attorney for Harris, claimed his client is innocent and said prosecution only brought up the sexting claims to "publicly shame" Harris.
PHOTO: Leanna Harris, right, wife of Justin Ross Harris, arrives for her husbands bond hearing in Cobb County Magistrate Court, July 3, 2014, in Marietta, Ga.
Kelly J. Huff/Marietta Daily Journal/AP Photo
PHOTO: Leanna Harris, right, wife of Justin Ross Harris, arrives for her husband's bond hearing in Cobb County Magistrate Court, July 3, 2014, in Marietta, Ga.
Harris' wife Leanna Harris has remained by her husband's side but hired a separate attorney. She has not been charged with a crime but police have questioned her behavior surrounding her son's death.
Her lawyer Lawrence Zimmerman said she is "living every parent's nightmare" and mourning "in her own private way."
Harris' friends and family have described him as a loving dad who would never hurt his son.
"He was a loving father, he loved his son very much," his brother Randy Michael Baygents Jr., a police sergeant in Alabama, said in court in July. "We went on family vacations together. He was a good dad."


Tania Cadogan said...

Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia dad who left his 22-month-old son to die in his hot car earlier this summer, has been charged with the boy's murder.

If convicted, 33-year-old Harris faces a mandatory life sentence and possibly the death penalty.

A Cobb County grand jury indicted him on eight counts including malice murder - which states that he left his son behind 'with malice aforethought' - and two counts of felony murder on Thursday morning.

He also faces counts of cruelty to children in the 1st degree, cruelty to children in the 2nd degree, criminal attempt to commit felony exploitation of children, and two counts of dissemination of harmful material to minors.

The charges of criminal attempt to commit a felony and dissemination of harmful materials are not related to Cooper's death - rather, they refer to allegations that Harris sexted underage girls.

Harris pleaded not guilty to murder and child cruelty charges in mid-June, but these charges filed in a grand jury indictment supersede the previous charges.

More information will become available about the latest charges at a 3pm press conference.

Harris was arrested after his son Cooper was found dead in the back seat of his hot car, which was parked outside the Home Depot where he worked on June 18.

Police said the toddler was left in a vehicle for about seven hours as temperatures in the Atlanta area soared into the high 80s. The medical examiner's office has said the boy died of hyperthermia - essentially overheating - and has called his death a homicide.

During subsequent investigations, it emerged that Harris had sexted as many as six women while Cooper died. He even texted one 16-year-old girl an image of his erect penis, documents reveal

The latest indictment refers to these allegations, accusing Harris of requesting a nude photo of a minor's genitalia and sending the same girl descriptions of 'sexual excitement and sexual conduct'.

In mid-June Harris pleaded not guilty to charges of felony murder and second-degree child cruelty, claiming he had simply forgotten to drop his son off at daycare that morning.

At the time, Cobb County Chief Magistrate Frank Cox signed off on the charges, saying Harris must have noticed that 'the stench in the car was overwhelming' when he got in it and 'drove it for some instance' before stopping to check on his son.

Prosecutors have claimed that Harris, an unfaithful husband to wife Leanna, had wanted a life without children - even looking at website advocating a child-free lifestyle before the death.

Investigations found he had also researched online how long it takes to die in a hot car.

Another allegation was that Harris had taken his son's new forward-facing seat out of the car and switched it for an old rear-facing one before his death. If Cooper had been in a forward-facing seat, there would be more chance of Harris seeing the toddler when he got out of the car.

During a three-hour hearing in July, prosecutor Chuck Boring questioned a police detective at length, outlining evidence he said proved that Harris intentionally left his young boy in the hot SUV.

But defense attorney Maddox Kilgore argued that the evidence was insufficient and that the boy's death was a tragic accident.

Harris is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and moved to Georgia in 2012 to work for Home Depot.

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Tania Cadogan said...

o wonder if he will talk the fall for this, or, with the death penalty on the table, which is a sure fire way to concentrate ones mind, throw wifey under the bus as well and do a deal going for LWOP.

it does look suspiciously like both were involved, if not in the actual deed, then the planning and subsequent attampted coverup.

Why should he take the fall and allow wifey to walk away free to get divorced, get everything he has and go on to find a new man whilst he rots in jail waiting on the needle.

I suspect the police know of her involvement and will be more than willing to offer a deal if he dobs her in as well.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Authorities have arrested the parent of the 15-month-old boy who died after being left inside a hot car.

John Junek of Leonardtown was due to appear in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt for arraignment on Thursday afternoon on a charge of involuntary manslaughter according to an NCIS official.

Navy officials say the baby boy was found dead in a vehicle at a naval station in southern Maryland

Public affairs officer Connie Hempel said that the child was found unresponsive in the back of a vehicle about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

Hempel said emergency workers from the station performed CPR but the boy was pronounced dead at 4:15 p.m.

Authorities say the baby was left in the car by Junek, who works on the base.

He was arrested and charged in the death after investigators concluded the boy had apparently been in the vehicle for seven hours with temperatures of up to 85 degrees
In a court documents filed Thursday an NCIS investigator said Junek told authorities he was supposed to have dropped off the boy at a daycare center on the base, but failed to do so.

The charge sheet also claims that Junek got back into his car twice during the day - and still failed to notice that his young son was sill in the car.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A 26-year-old man has been arrested in the killing of an eight-year-old girl who vanished from her family's home in the middle of the night.

Justin James Rector was arrested on kidnapping and first-degree murder charges on Thursday morning after the body of Bella Grogan-Cannella was found in a shallow grave in Bullhead City, Arizona on Wednesday.

Just hours after Bella was reported missing in the early hours of Tuesday, Rector wrote a bizarre Facebook rant saying he was not a suspect.

'Everyone gonna believe what they chose but as of now shes still not home and talking s*** n making threats doesnt seem like a good strategy on getting her home to me,' he wrote at 8pm Tuesday.

'Everyones a suspect but ive been interrogated and cleared no charges and im still in touch with the authorities.'

He was described by the Mohave Daily News as a family acquaintance and Facebook profiles reveal that he was friends with Bella's mother, Tania, and other members of the family.

On Thursday, KNXV-TV reported that investigators served a search warrant at the family's home and could be heard telling people in the residence to come out with their arms up.

The little girl was reported missing at 1.30am on Tuesday after her family noticed she was nowhere in their Lakeside Drive home. She was last seen around 11.40pm on Monday.

Investigators found no signs of a break-in or struggle at the home but did not ruled out an abduction.

Isabella's family told police she wasn't in her bed or anywhere near the home, while her mother told authorities it would be unusual for her to run away or leave without telling an adult.

Bella lived at the home with her mother, stepfather and other children who are not Isabella's siblings, said police Lieutenant Jerry Duke. Isabella's biological father is not in the area.

One neighbor reported seeing a suspicious man lurking outside his home around the time Bella was last seen and on Wednesday, police were seen collecting evidence outside the house, ABC13 reported.

Dozens of police, firefighters and volunteers have fanned out in Bullhead City neighborhoods, nearby parks and river areas to look for Isabella using ATVs and search dogs.

On Wednesday night, Bella's mother, Tania, was seen sobbing and screaming 'No!' as relatives comforted her at the wash where the girl's body was found,ABC13 reported.

Crosses and candles were placed at the scene where the body was found on Wednesday as relatives held each other and wiped away tears.

'Everybody has come together,' her grandmother Sue said through tears. 'It's been wonderful, so we appreciate everything.'

Bullhead City, a city of about 40,000 people along the Colorado River some 100 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

another off topic. I'm sorry it seems to be a busy newsday for the truth to be coming out.

A former Navy SEAL turned prominent TV personality has been charged for allegedly lying about being shot by a random attacker in a mall parking lot.

Christopher Mark Heben, 44, has been summoned to appear at Bath Police Department in Ohio today after being charged with obstructing justice and falsification.

Police Chief Michael McNeely told MailOnline today despite vast evidence against Heben's claim that he was shot in the stomach following a fight with three men, the veteran maintains he is telling the truth.

Heben, who has served in Iraq, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, told police in March that he was shot by the driver of a car who backed into him.

In a sequence straight from an action movie, Heben said he chased after his assailant and then, realizing he was bleeding profusely, drove himself to a police station to seek treatment.

The former SEAL, who makes regular appearances on Fox and CNN, underwent surgery and police launched an extensive search for his attackers.

According to News 5, Heben got into a shouting match with three black men in a car which backed into him in the parking lot of the Mustard Seed Market & Cafe at 5.30pm on March 28 at West Market Plaza in Akron, Ohio.

He then continued to the cafe - before turning back to his car after realizing he had left his wallet behind.

As he walked across the parking lot, the vehicle pulled alongside him and Heben realized he had been shot, Bath Township Police Chief Michael McNeely told the Akron Beacon Journal at the time. Heben then jumped into his car and followed the vehicle - a gray sports car with tinted windows - as it drove north and headed to Interstate 77.

Realizing he was covered in blood and had been shot, Heben drove himself to the Bath Township Police and Fire Department for help.

'He indicated to us he actually plugged the hole in his abdomen to stop the bleeding as he drove to the station,' McNeely said.

He was hospitalized at Akron General Medical Center, where a 'brass projectile' was removed from his abdomen and then the wound was stapled shut.

Chief McNeely told MailOnline today that a detective had worked on the case for 30 to 40 hours a week and uncovered inconsistencies between what Heben told the police over several interviews and the media reports he gave.

Cell phone records also showed he was not at the mall at the time he claimed the shooting took place.

The police followed up on numerous tips that had been called in regarding the assailant's 'gray sports car' - but they led nowhere.

Chief McNeely confirmed that Heben did have surgery for a gunshot wound but could not say when it took place - only that it did not happen in the parking lot of the Mustard Seed Market.

The chief was also at a loss to explain why Heben would make up such an elaborate lie.

McNeely added: 'We have a low-crime, non-violent community and when this was first reported, it caused quite a stir. We want to reassure people that this has been investigated fully and that we remain one of the safer communities in the county.'

Tania Cadogan said...


Heben is currently a spokesman for the Montrose Auto Group in Ohio. MailOnline was awaiting a statement from Director of Marketing, Vinny Maculaitis, on Thursday but he confirmed that the car firm would continue to work with the veteran.

Following his alleged heroics at the mall, Heben constantly updated his Facebook group in March with information about his recovery.

'I've been up walking around, yesterday and again this morning,' he wrote on Sunday, two days after the shooting. 'The nurses are telling me to "take it slow".....YEAH RIGHT!

'The best thing for me to do is to keep my spirits up and to just keep moving! Onward and upward!'

He has also uploaded pictures to the Facebook page, which has more than 28,000 likes today, showing his medication and of his abdomen covered with a large bandage.

Heben, a father, served as a SEAL for a decade before retiring in 2006. Since, he has worked as a special operations expert on cable news networks and shows.

He has appeared on shows that have aired on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel and Channel 4 in the UK.

His website says he is the founder of INVICTVS Group, a special operations consortium, and holds a master's degree in physician assistant studies, specializing in sports medicine and emergency medicine.

He is also a public speaker and released his first album, The Patriot Project, in the spring.

He is due in court on September 11 on the misdemeanor charges. If found guilty he will face a fine but possible jail time.

Heben has a prior criminal history. In 2008, he pleaded no contest to three counts of forgery in Ohio and had his physician's assistant license suspended by the Ohio Medical Board for writing up fake prescriptions.

Read more:

Trigger said...

This is sad that an innocent, helpless, toddler had to die a tortuous death because he was in the way of his father's sex life.

I hate it when someone says a man like Mr. Harris is a good father.

This man deserves to be prosecuted.

Kellie said...

I pulled into our post office parking lot today and parked next to one of those big monster trucks. As I pulled in I could barely see the top of a child's head in the drivers seat, alone. My gut twisted!! What is wrong with people?! Both of the truck windows were down and when he saw (or heard) me pull in he stood up in the seat and was leaning out the window! My husband got out of the car and said to him, How ya doin? He responded, "Mama's in there." as he pointed at the post office. Interesting response to the question, don't you agree? My husband said, "Well I'm sure she'll be right out."

I immediately imagined a scenario of her telling him if anyone tried to talk to him to tell them where she was, YET SHE left him in that situation!!! He had to be only about 3 years old. And I thought ya know there would be far less need to warn children about strangers if parent's would just do their damned job! It's almost like some of them are setting their children up for tragedy.

I stayed in the car to keep an eye on him. When his mother came out she looked at me with the stink-eye. And I returned the sentiment to her. Interesting she wanted to shoot a nasty look at me!!! That little fella could have knocked that truck out of gear OR fallen out of the window (a good 5 ft. off the ground) OR someone could have snatched him!!! I just do not understand how people can be so careless with their children.

John Mc Gowan said...

Will more arrests come in Bella's death

It didn't take long for an arrest to be made in the death of eight-year-old Isabella Grogan-Cannella. This Thursday news report (among numerous others) reveals that a close friend of the mother's had allegedly kidnapped and murdered the child, but all of the details aren't being shared with the public. Justin James Rector was reportedly charged and arrested after evidence pointed directly to him -- and his stories to police didn't check out. It's reported that the girl's older sister last saw her with Rector at around 11:40 p.m. when she was going to bed. When she woke up to go to the bathroom later, she noticed her gone, and notified her mom -- who called 911.

Witnesses reportedly sighted Rector near the area where Bella's body was located, shortly before he allegedly went to Walmart and shoplifted a new outfit. It's been revealed that little Bella was buried in a shallow grave, but police won't release how she was murdered or if she was sexually assaulted. Nonetheless, it's a statistical likelihood that the motive for this child's murder was sexual. Justin was a known suspect on social media before his arrest when it was revealed that he had been questioned, and that he was literally the last person seen with the young girl before she vanished. News of his arrest does not entirely come as a shock to those who have been closely watching the case, or to those who are close to the case.

The tragedy of this murder has rippled from the small Arizona town, throughout the nation -- and the story also goes as a warning to parents everywhere. Be careful who you have staying in your home. Statistically speaking, crimes against children are most often committed by acquaintances and family members. Knowing this statistic, along with these horrible news stories, parents should be more diligent in making sure their homes are truly safe for their children. The mother of this child is completely distraught over the loss of her little girl, but there are plenty of rumors that speculate her possible involvement. While these may seem like mean-spirited rumors, police have also acknowledged that more arrests may come in the future regarding this child's murder. Who would be arrested in connection if Justin James Rector is truly the killer?

John Mc Gowan said...

Sidney Moorer defense attorney files new motion to compel in Heather Elvis case

John Mc Gowan said...


Alaana Gallagher.

Teen Pleads Guilty in Alanna Gallagher Murder

Anonymous said...

er: Sydney Moorer

he's asking for exculpatory evidence, which means evidence that would exonerate him or support his innocence - that the prosecution may have,

Anonymous said...

Sydney could be posturing. but I'd think his lawyer knows that if there's no such exculpatory evidene this action would only bring atention to that fact - rather than help them.

but it's such a tiny crumb of info. not much to build speculation on. still always interesting thanks for posting link.

Apple said...

re: the OT from john and the poster formally known as HobNob, i have been following the case of missing Bella Grogan-Cannella. The local community came together with an outpouring of information about Bella's family and their friends.
I was taught the "Swiss Cheese Model" of accident causation. For me it was in the context of aviation, but the theory could apply to many of these cases we read about. The premise is that though you may have several layers of defense in place, each layer has flaws. If these flaws were to align, like holes in separate slices of swiss cheese, an accident can occur.
The locals mention parents who are out of touch with each other, then drug use (i admit i had to google some terms. Like "tweaker".), then inviting questionable people into the home... It makes me wonder; if one or more of these things had been changed, maybe Bella would be here today and not found beaten to death in a field. That if one person stepped in or spoke up for Bella to change any of the defenses that were missing for her, would she be here still?

Unknown said...

OT Bella,

Well said, Apple!

It's tragic. Another young life lost to a preventable crime. These 'parents' on drugs create an unsafe environment for their children, who have no choice in the matter. Drugs and kids don't mix.

This poor girl became prey for a predator, within her own home. If only the locals, who were quick to comment on the family's situation after the tragedy, had intervened BEFORE this little girl lay dead!

Apple said...

You must have read the posts. It was as if i was in foreign world reading some of them. As if drug use and the behaviors around it were common. It is difficult to imagine an innocent child in that environment. What a confusing 8 years of life. :(

Shall we call you Tania, HobNob, Hobs, "formally known as", or something else? :)

Anonymous said...

@Apple- you have to wonder about Bella's family life. Monday was a Holiday, but Tuesday would have been school. I think they put her to bed at 11:30pm, or she was least seen at 11:30pm, and at 1:30 am they discovered her missing.

Something seems a miss in the timeline. What is an 8 year old doing up at 11:30 on a school night and what made the parents search for her at 1:30? It does sound like drugs or partying of some sorts.

What happened between 1130 and 130?

Apple said...

@anon 7:29,
Im not sure the timeline was reliable. More information is coming out. The more i read, the less i understand. It is difficult to understand the thought processes of those who were around Bella. I am middle aged and yet would be frightened in that envirnment. Poor Bella.

Apple said...


Tania Cadogan said...

HI Apple you can call me Hobs, Hobnob, Tania, i amswer to pretty much anything depending on how someone knows me.

I also answer to Goose in halsoft vp chat which is one of my play names,this though would confuse everyone.

I admit it is strange when someone uses my real name as i am so used to being called by a nickname, usually when i hear my real name, i wonder what i did :)

Apple said...

Roger, Goose it is. :)

Tania Cadogan said...

Roger is one of my cousins hehehe

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

transcript of phone call between jodi arias & lisa schilling on September 4, 2014.

Lisa: Yes - hey Jodi

Jodi: I thought you were at work. Hey, um—

Lisa: Well, I’m at lunch right now

Jodi: Oh, okay. Who was it that told me? Oh, Maria [Del La Rosa], she said that, um, someone had told her that you had said online last night that I was supportive of the site and I don’t want to give people that impression because I can’t support the site right now as long as you guys are collecting money. Because it should be—

Lisa: No we didn’t—

Jodi: Huh?

Lisa: No, we didn’t say you supported it. We said that you weren’t - not - you didn’t tell us to take it down which is what everyone else is saying.

Jodi: Oh. Well, I don’t mind the site being there. But what I do mind is like that Jason is collecting money and that this corporation thing and that he’s promoting it as if something that I want - because I really don’t. I want the
collection of money to stay within my family. And I think that if he really did support me he would just use all that traffic and energy and momentum that he’s building and just direct it toward the Appellate Fund, which is where it should be going to begin with. And remember when you and I were like first getting together with these ideas, it was more about how we can promote the Appellate Fund. But it seems like now it’s gone in a different direction. But, I just, that’s the only —

Lisa: So if we collect money, are you saying that you don’t want it?

Jodi: Yaah. No-no-no — I’m not saying that. I’m saying that I don’t want other people outside of my family to be accepting money on my behalf. Because it takes away from the fundraising that my family is trying to do for me, for one, and for two, with the Corporation, we don’t really know where that money is ultimately going to go, because it can go wherever the board members want it to go. And, as I told Jason, for example, if you guys vote to have an ice cream party with it, then you can. And he said that’s right. But with the Appellate Fund, it’s in the trust fund and irrevocable trust so you can’t have it go anywhere else. [unintelligible] trust it-

Lisa: Well, well — we’re not going to do that though.

Jodi: Well, I know. But the point is that if you wanted to you could. If you want to reward your hard work with like a trip to Vegas you know, or something. If you [unintelligible] wanna or something—

Lisa: No. I mean, but we’re not gonna do that though. And that’s why we have a board because, so, for that oversight.

Jodi: Well, I know that’s true but I was just thinking if someone were on that for example and they everyone wants to vote to like going to cruise, for example. And then one persons like, “Hey that’s not right. This money is for
Jodi’s appeals. And that’s not right.” And then people are mad and then people just have to vote that person off the board and then they can do what they want with money. That’s how it works. I’m not saying that’s going to
happen but the problem that when people donate to a cause they believe in then, they wanna know where the moneys gonna go. But at this point they don’t know where it’s gonna go unless they donate to the trust. It can
only go to there — to [unintelligle]

Tania Cadogan said...


Lisa: No but we have to [unintelligible] we, but we have to report our financials and where it’s going. So—

Jodi: Yah.

Lisa: Then I must be—

Jodi: I haven’t [unintelligible] your bylaws but they’re, you know. I dunno — I just, I don’t feel, I don’t feel right with it. I don’t feel comfortable with it. I know you guys have worked really hard on it and I’m sorry it’s gotten this far, but—

Lisa: So you don’t even want to look at the bylaws or — ?

Jodi: Well, I don’t — really haven’t seen the bylaws. I, I honestly, I don’t want to be involved with it. Because I just feel it takes away from the efforts that my other friends and family have been trying to get the fund going to try to get me an attorney. Um, you know, I just—I feel like it’s taken away from that and that’s the problem. The other thing I’m uncomfortable with is that Jason has just done this without my consent. [unintelligible] “Hey you guys, Jodi’s not quite comfortable with this yet, but we’re trying to explain [unintelligible] to understand what’s going on and we’re doing [unintelligible]. [unintelligible] on there an lies. “Jodi supports us 100%.” And I haven’t. I’ve never said that. So the fact that he just lies about that makes me not trust him, you know? It’s like if you’re going to lie about that what else are you doing, you know? And then he registered the site in my name and I never said to register my name. And he puts Perryville’s physical address on there? That, that’s just, that could get me into some, I dunno, that could potentially cause problems for me. So I know he took that off, but still, you know, it’s just, I think it’s just the fact that—I really wanted to support Jason. He has a lot of talent and everything, but I can’t. He [unintelligible] slams Pandora, he slams Maria, he slams SJ, he slams Ben, he slams Maria De La Rosa. I’m like, what?

Lisa: No, but they all slammed us first though!

Jodi: I know, but, I never said [unintelligible]—

Lisa: They called us thieves and liars and stealing before [unintelligible]
Jodi: [unintelligible] Well I dunno so much about what happened between him and Pandora and Maria and everything but he, he straight up just said a whole bunch of like, he dragged out records on people and humiliated them and I just, I dunno, it’s just. And then my art, like he—he doesn’t care about me. He slammed my art because he doesn’t like SJ. Like he still, like he so blinded by his dislike for SJ that he will throw my art under the bus just to get to SJ. He doesn’t care if it affects me. And he doesn’t care if affects my family and you know, their ability to travel to my trial. So, I dunno know, it’s just. I don’t — Everything says don’t trust Jason. Like, why was he so intent about having control over the money when my aunt started to — he, he coerced my aunt into giving her the password to the Paypal, giving him the password to my Paypal, which is weird, like, no one else needed that just to put it on the web site. You just need the code. But he wanted to be, he wanted more than that. Like every time he’s asking for more and more and more. And now he’s—

Lisa: No. Well, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’m— Yer just getting all the wrong information. He wanted the password because he [unintelligible] to put, like a banner in there so it would look professional and—

Tania Cadogan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tania Cadogan said...


Jodi: I know, well—

Lisa: I mean, everybody’s just twistin’ everything up.

Jodi: Well, the problem though is that I told him, I told him this directly on the phone, the problem with you having that email is that now you get the email notifications and you’re not supposed to be getting them. And [unintelligible]

Lisa: Why though?


Lisa: I know, but we fixed all that. We complied with everything you guys wanted. And then you still took it away. So, I mean, we got everything straight before you took the domain away. — — — Are you still there?

Phone call from Jodi A. Arias (Phoenix, Arizona) to Elizabeth (Lisa) Ann Schilling (Louisville, Kentucky)
Date/time Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 10:38 a.m. MST (Phoenix time)
Duration ~6 minutes

Lily said...

Another o/t: statement from Ericka Lewis, mother of missing Myra, posted to the Find Myra facebook page on Wednesday (one enormous run on, talk about a free editing statement! ):

Ericka Sanders Lewis‎Myra Lewis " Help Find Me"
Wed ·
Hello everybody all of you had your thoughts about me and my family I want y'all to know I love my baby very much with all my heart everybody hear other people talk and don't know my family story and what we went through when call for help I just want page be use for good use why everybody asking what family doing ask what the law they is doing to find my baby when I called them when I got back home and didn't see my baby I looked me and my children and her dad he got on his four wheeler looking for her and she didnt come to after we call her name i called they caome and looked to when they seen my wasnt ther why not put the amber alert out then I sent her in the house with one of her sisters to wash her hands and told them not come back outside by myra beening a baby she had to come out to look for me and i was gone lwould never leave my children out side by them self when we go places i put them in a line like there in school myra in front cause she was the at the i keep up with them iput them in the oder they where we always did that before she was born. I watch them walk on prouch and i turn around and got in the truck and back out the yard i didnt see them close door cause i had a car on the other sid of me so i had to keep my head turn back Myra and her seven year old sister went(this what I think happened) the house to wash her hands because she was playing with her puppy before i left they close the big door and not the screen door that's how she got out the house(if my seven year old would have close the screen door she wouldnt got out she had for get to the screen door) cause the nob on the screen door was lose it was hard turn she had to close both doors when she that I was gone she had try get back in and couldn't if she knock nobody her cause all the TV's was on and my room is on the other side of the house and she is only 2 so she don't knock hard so she went walking to her grandparents house which wasn't far from us she didn't have to walk the street we had path from our house to their house I think when she got nobody answer the door she coming back to the and somebody saw her in my in laws yard and picked her up and got scared now they don't know to do cause its been so long. Know body talked about a funeral that day on my Rd. I told the FBI them that but I don't if people know that are not. That's all I know everybody talk about what the parents we don't know what to do cause Investigater told use to stay away from the media and me going to jail that through me off of what to do I love all seven of my children ages from 17 thourgh 7 months my baby was sick on breathing treatment and cough medicine and antibiotic to bet they they didn't say that she had just got on her meds to I gave it to her that morning so now that y'all know my half of my story now use this page for My daughter Myra Lewis not negative talk y'all don't no what we go through day to day thank for all the prayers so

trustmeigetit said...

Still not a single word about what Myra may be going thru.

This woman again is going on and on about herself.

No fear or panic about her missing child.

She just is people are questioning her.

This BS just makes her look more guilty to me,

John Mc Gowan said...

911 released, 8-year-old Isabella “Bella” Grogan-Cannella

Tania Cadogan said...

Off the top of my head.

(if my seven year old would have close the screen door she wouldnt got out she had for get to the screen door)
Blaming the seven yr old for what happened.

lwould never leave my children out side by them self
Guture conditional.
She doesn't tell us she didn't, it is likely she won't now since all the neighbors will be watching real close.

it is interesting she writes That's all I know after telling us what she THINKS happened, rather than what actually happned.
When someone says that's all i know, that's all i remember, it makes it sensitive, they want to change the subject/ end the questioning.
I would be interested to know if the FBI searched the inlaws house and yard since she introduced it.

I love all seven of my children ages from 17 thourgh 7 months
It strikes me as interesting she felt the need to say she loves all seven of her children and their ages.
Why the need to specify a number rather than the easier and all inclusive ALL my children?
This indicates sensitivity, she has a need to convince.
I would ask have people questioned her love for all her children?
Was Myra perhaps not as loved?
Why the need to tell us their ages as well?

This sounds like she is again tryingto convince the public she is a caring parent regardless of their ages.


Investigater told use to stay away from the media
Why would an investigator tell them to stay away from the media?
What kind of investigator?
Public appeals remind everyone a loved one is missing, it hynabises the victim, it reassure the victim if they are alive that they are being searched for,
it tells the abductor everyone is searching m they haven't been forgotten about.

Guilty people however want to hide away in the hope everyone forgets about the missing person.
Bi publicity means less chance of them being caught

AS Lily says, this is all about her and how she is perceived.

We have her subtly blaming the victim for going out, then going to her grandparents, then coming home where someone saw her and picked her up and then got scared, we have her blaing the 7 yr old for not closing the screen door.
We have self justification and explanations as to why something happened,
We have her laying down rules for her page that it be used for good only , so, no questioning her version of events or her parenting.

What we don't have is her telling us to look out for her, to contact the police with any tips nor is there any plea to the alleged abductor to return Myra.

I am also amazed at how incoherent her writing is, I found it hard to read as she was all over the place.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Tania, i agree.

It is very difficult to follow. There is a strong use of the pronouns "I" and "My".

She does know how to use the possessive pronouns "I" and "My", yet she drops it when saying "I got back home and didn't see my baby." This is also in the negative. Note the marking time and what she "didn't" see.

"I looked me and my children and her dad"

We note the order. Although she puts her children first, which is a good thing. I would expect her to say, "me her dad and children looked for her. Note too, the distance between herself and their dad. Is he somehow responsible?

There are quite few things said in the negative.

There are also some references to "Water" and "doors". I am finding this difficult to analyze, given how incoherent she is.

Tania Cadogan said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

Exactly Jhn it is hard to follow, it made my brain ache trying to follow the grammar, the sloppy tenses.

myra beening a baby she had to come out to look for me and i was gone

If she was gone how did she know what Myra was thinking or did?

There are a lot of so's and because's which explain why something happened.

She wasn't there so how does she know what to think happened?
Why the convoluted story about visiting grandparents and stuff when the simplest one would be she came outside unseen and the abductor saw her and grabbed her.
This is what usually happens in genuine missing child cases, a passing opportunist see the victim, grabs and runs.
Instead we have a full fairytale she did this she did that etc etc.

It is worth noting she introduces the grandparents into her story, has their house and surounding area been checked?

There is also several mentions of doors open and closed and washing of hands, is this indicative of sexual abuse?

yellowfattybeans said...

Here is a news report with statements by the mother.

Timmer said...

Lots of OT comments. The comments should be about Cooper Harris and the statement analysis from the mother and father, but we have posters copying/pasting other stories that are not related to Peter's post into the comments section. Here's a novel idea for the "anything goes" group: email Peter about cases you would like him to cover (so you can comment) or join a crime forum to discuss the cases that interest you. I've been visiting this site for years, and it seems now that the comments section is a social gathering or Topix. Someone special has read all the interweb news and needs to file their reports, no matter how unrelated, in this blogs comments section. Special, please create a blog of your own, as I'm sure your friends will follow you - seriously.

Kellie said...

You're new around here aren't you Timmer?? :)

Peter has made it abundantly clear, on more than one occasion, that he welcomes and appreciates the OT posts.

ima.grandma said...

More information about little Bella from another proud member of the "anything goes" group. Timmer, you might want to rethink your post, as I didn't see any contributions regarding Cooper contained in your OT comment.

BULLHEAD CITY — Tania Grogan drove to Kingman on Saturday to ask Justin Rector a question. “I wanted to ask him why he did it, what did Bella do,” she said.

Grogan is the mother of 8-year-old Isabella Grogan-Cannella, whose body was found in a shallow grave Wednesday, about 36 hours after she’d been reported missing. Rector, a friend who was staying with the family when the girl disappeared, is in the Mohave County jail awaiting a preliminary hearing on charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping.

Grogan never got the chance to ask her question. “He already had a visit, so I wasn’t able to go in,” she said, adding that she’s not giving up. “I’m going to try and get a confession out of him.

“Not to mention the FBI thinks it’s a good idea because when he lawyered up and the FBI agent walked out of the room and said, ‘Why did you do this to Tania?’ that was a trigger and he broke down. He stood his ground until he heard my name.”

Grogan, who admitted she and the family were advised by the FBI to not discuss the case, has made several appearances on Las Vegas and Phoenix news channels over the past few days. 

Surrounded by friends and family, Grogan met with the Mohave Valley Daily News on Saturday evening to respond to negative comments about her on social media and other websites. 

“Right now everybody’s just talking out their a--,” she said. “They don’t know what’s going on.

“Everybody’s saying Bella didn’t have any toes left on her body. Not true. I went to the mortuary and I got to spend almost an hour with my daughter. I held her hand. Even though her body was very, very decomposed, I held her hand. I held her feet. I saw her. She has feet.”

“I held her hands, too,” said Ralph Folster, Grogan’s husband. “She has it all. People have got things so misconstrued it’s unreal.”

ima.grandma said...

Continued - part 2

“I was told that my daughter made a statement to (the Daily News) and you (reporters) took it out of proportion, that there was a text message,” Grogan said. “Well, you know what? She’s 10 years old, under a lot of stress right now, and she doesn’t know what the heck she’s saying.

“How would Justin even have had a phone? Because the FBI had my phone and there wasn’t a text message. I just want that to be clear.

“I did not hurt my daughter. I’m a great mother.”

Tasha Bahena agreed. “She would kill for her children,” she said, “and the police didn’t do their job as far as I’m concerned. Bella should have been found a lot sooner and she wasn’t even far from the house, I heard. 

“And it’s not fair that they’re talking about Tania. This case is not about drugs or anything like that. This case is about her child. She’s grieving right now. She doesn’t deserve to be called all these things that she’s being called.”

“Bella never listened to me because I let her walk all over me,” Grogan recalled. “I never once scolded her. Even though I said ‘Bella, you’re grounded for life,’ I’d still buy her everything she wanted.”

“There’s a $600 trampoline outside and an $800 inflatable water slide,” added Folster. “What kind of kids get that?”

Family friend Michael Collins said Grogan and Folster don’t deserve the treatment they’re receiving. “It’s (messed) up,” he stated. “They’re good parents.” 

He then spoke about a large jar that was kept in the house into which went spare change and dollar bills. “It was for a trip to Disneyland,” Collins said. “They’ve been planning that trip for a long time. 

“And they didn’t want to just go and come back, they wanted to see everything out there, like Knott’s Berry Farm. They wanted to make an actual trip out of it.” 

“I’ve known Tania for years,” Andrea Stock-Herrera said. “She was doing everything she could to be a good mom to those kids. They’re happy, healthy normal children.”

“Everyone has a background,” said Mike Vera, Grogan’s uncle. “That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad person, they’re just trying to do what they have to do to survive. They might not be making the right choices but they’re the product of their environment. They’re doing what they know, what they’ve seen their whole life.... She is a good mom.”

Details won’t be confirmed until early in the week, but the family is hoping to hold a memorial service for Grogan-Cannella at Community Park on Thursday starting at 3:30 p.m. so Bella’s friends can come after school.

“We have a priest coming, we have two singers coming and there’s going to be slide shows,” said Grogan.

“People are not going to donate money to help me,” she said. “Yes, Dimond and Sons is going to donate her funeral in full but what about the food at the funeral? What about all the family members coming from out of state?”

She anticipates opening an account at to help with bringing relatives to town for the service.

Police records indicate that Rector remained in the home with Grogan-Cannella and her 10-year sister while Grogan and her husband went to Walmart. When they returned, Rector and the 8-year-old were nowhere to be found.

Folster said he didn’t see Rector when they left for the store and figured he had left the house. Asked if he’d seen his daughter, Folster said, “of course. I kissed her goodbye.”

Kellie said...

Folster said, "...I kissed her goodbye."


Anonymous said...

The Georgia cops and detectives did a good job in arresting little Cooper's 'good daddy' as quickly as they did; and this before they knew anything about his lewd sexting and texting all day, and even before they knew he had made his incriminating internet searches. They suspected immediately he had deliberately left the child in his car seat that morning, deliberately leaving him to die a horrible death. Good for them.

They caught him in lies as soon as they started questioning him after they were called to the parking lot where he claims he first discovered the body of his 'forgotten' son; specifically he lied about stating he had not made any phone calls when one of the cops saw and heard him making calls from the opposite side of his car. That right there was enough to treat him like a suspect and arrest his sorry ass. They also quickly detected the decomp odor "good daddy" HAD to have already smelled the minute he opened his car door before he left work.

IMO, he would have known the condition of his son when he put the package in his car after lunch. The baby had already been in the car since 9:30, screaming and flailing hysterically, vomiting, urinating and defecating on himself prior to suffocating. When he opened the car door around 12:30 to 1:00, even then he HAD to have smelled the putrid odor in the car; and even worse when he got into the car after work, which by this time the child would have already been in decomposition.

There is no way this monster did not already know his child was in the car dead before he put on his big act when he pulled over in the mall parking lot, supposedly on his way to meet up with friends after work.

Unbelievable, the idiot actually thought he would only be a few minutes late for the movie he planned to attend, knowing he had left his son to die a horrible death. Man, he really had some balls thinking he could pull off the murder of this helpless baby and think everyone would be fooled into believing it was an accident. His stupid wife is an idiot too.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about what was in this idiots' head when he made a point in purchasing light bulbs and taking them out to his car at lunch time... Why, if not to catch a glimpse at what was going on with little Cooper left to die inside the car, or at least get a whiff of the death in progress? Did he decide that Cooper might not be dead enough this soon so he'd better give it 'til the end of his work shift? I think this is exactly what he did. Either that, or to make himself look oh so innocent. Either way, he HAD to have smelled the odor already inside the car three hours later.

Anybody can purchase light bulbs anytime. A few light bulbs aren't so urgent that you have to use up part of your lunch period to have your lunch buds drive you back to your car to put them inside. This was a deliberate action on his part, checking out Coopers' condition. There is no way he wouldn't have gotten a whiff of the stinking conditions inside the car when he tossed the light bulbs in, even momentarily.

If he had been truly innocent of forgetting to take Cooper to daycare, and now his getting a whiff of the odor inside the car; right then was his opportunity to grab his child out of the now stinking hot car and run screaming for help but he did no such thing. Oh no; he damned well intended to make SURE little Cooper was good 'n dead and make himself look innocent.

Meanwhile, he is so elated at being 'free at last' that he goes back to his sexting and texting and masterbating, having a grand ole time the rest of the afternoon with nary a thought to poor little Cooper dying a horrible death out in his hot car.

This is one of the most horrible cases of deliberate and lingering-death child abuse cases, with the killer monster KNOWING his child is suffocating to death for HOURS, that I've ever known of.

Unimaginable. The fool is so certain he will get away with what he's done to his child that he actually gets into the grossly decomp smelling car and drives out of the parking lot with the dead child inside, looking for a place to stage his sudden realization "oh God, what have I done" scene with an audience looking on, and he thinks this will make his story believable; not only that, he will quickly be on his way to meet up with his friends for a movie?

I have known some idiots in my time but none this stupid. I hope the b'stard gets the death penalty and lingers on death row to suffer in misery FOR YEARS before they finally inject him with a bad drug that takes HOURS to kill him.

foodnerd said...

Quoting tania catogan:
"Just hours after Bella was reported missing in the early hours of Tuesday, Rector wrote a bizarre Facebook rant saying he was not a suspect."
What kind of freakshow posts a rant like that on their Facebook? I can see the holiday gatherings years from now, and the family reminiscing:
"Here's one of you on your first day of college, honey!"
"And Susie with her little lemonade stand, that seems like yesterday."
"Oh, look, remember the time Justin was in the national spotlight accused of brutally raping and murdering a little girl? Such memories!"

As to the Harris couple, I feel really sorry for that little boy and any future children if they're actually allowed to procreate again.

From the childfree web sites and postings, contrasted with the look-at-me version of Christianity, reads to me like they never wanted children but were pressured by their supposed faith and need to cultivate friendships with some of those people to advance in business.

Then they finally found their miracle from God, a society of likeminded people who also have no wish to have kids, and realized they could live child free and still get ahead in the world, not being thought of as selfish, or shallow, or defective somehow.


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