Monday, December 7, 2015

Amanda Blackburn Murder: Psychology In Words

The murder of Amanda Blackburn has caught the interest of the public in spite of the arrest of the killer.  

This is unusual. It should be 'case closed', at least, for the public.  

Next, the interest is focused upon the victim's husband, Davey Blackborn.  

Davey Blackburn, himself, is the single person most responsible for this level of suspicious interest. 

Then, we note that the interest is that is upon the victim's husband is not due so much because he is a pastor of a church, but because he, himself, has driven suspicious attention towards himself which seems to increase each time he speaks. 

Initially, police said that he was "100%" not involved, which may have been in reference to the fact that he was at his gym, on video, during the shooting.  This may be the case.  

One of the most unusual observations I have about this case is that there is an overwhelming number of people who suspect involvement, such as hiring someone to murder his wife, but it comes not so much from those who despise faith or religion, as a popular 'whipping boy' of today, but it is from this self-identified group, as well as those who's interest is only in the murder case, sans agenda, that have the strongest doubts. 

There have been very few agenda driven comments that when the veneer is stripped away say, "Blackburn is guilty because Christians are hateful irrational bigots who carry guns and kill widows and orphans..."

Very few, indeed. 

Blackburn, himself, has 'united' those of faith who want justice with those who do not profess faith but who's interest lies in justice. 

The question to examine is this:  

Is Blackburn capable, psychologically, of orchestrating his wife's death?

Another way to look at this is:  What would we have known about this case had Blackburn either not spoken, or had given "the expected" in short appearances?

What if he had said, "Please pray for me and my son.  I love Amanda and the killers need to be caught..." and then later, "I had nothing to do with her death" when asked by Fox News what it was like to be under suspicion due to statistics.  When the issue of suspicion is raised, the expected answer from innocence is "too numb" to care and not to allow any possible guilt.  Why?  Because he was not involved.  The question is 'low impact' (in its expectation), but once met with, "For us, we have nothing to hide", we have both the bizarre plural pronoun, and the challenge to find what is hidden.  

The interest in the case would not be criminal.  In analysis, I would have concluded:  no further investigation into the husband is needed.  

With the crass advertising, the interest would have only been from those inside the Christian faith as they debate the use of her death in promotion.  It would not have been here, at the Statement Analysis blog, but relegated to Christian magazines and periodicals. 

Here deception is primary with criminal elements often associated. Once a murder is solved, the case is dropped.  

Not so here, and this is due to the husband's own words, and then later, the public words of his mentor.  

We would know only what the media has printed:  A murder, an arrest, and a grieving husband.  The 911 call would have, possibly, been released and the analysis would have concluded:

"No guilty knowledge" by the caller.  

In fact, this case might have been used to show not only what a reliable denial is, but what a truthful 911 call looks like.  

This is not yet the case.  

It was Davey Blackburn's own words that brought about such suspicion.  People openly wondered how a grieving man could expend so much on advertising while his wife lay dead and her killers on the loose.

We look for the psychology behind the crime; patterns of behavior, revealing a personality; etc. 

In San Bernadino, we looked to understand why a man and his wife would kill people who had previously thrown them a baby shower.  With Islam, we find the source even as the killer's father admitted to a European news outlet, that his son was devout and had made contact with The Islamic State, ISIS.  He did that which he believed, of which his personality was formed by, so that when a Jew who professes Christ told him that Islam was "not a religion of peace", the killer asserted that it was, while building bombs in his garage.  The ideology that calls for death also tells followers to deceive to advance its cause.  

In the murder of Amanda Blackburn, we have the actual killer under arrest.  

With Blackburn, we do not know if he is directly involved in Amanda's murder. We look for both behavioral and linguistic signals that begin to form a portrait. This is why those interested in justice are not only observing him, but are listening to him.  

Control, and loss of control.
Ability to talk others out of anything
Minimization of the death
Subtle insult of the victim making her 'worthy' of death
The overt complaints about the victim while alive
The linguistic obsession of career
The warning of spousal impact upon career.  

These are all small points but begin to add up.  As those interested in justice have actually listened to Blackburn himself, they have heard someone not only who is smooth, but one who will not simply twist Scripture to his liking, but one who will "invent" 'Scripture' as to take linguistic authority over others. 

In this, we have what defines a cult. 

After taking linguistic authority (the audience states openly to be under Divine Authority, as written; so the speaker 'added' to verbalized revelation.  It matters little if he began with "God spoke to my heart", as if the target of God's speech gave him a 'pass' on the claim of extra-biblical revelation.  His own language moved to direct quote, which removes any defense of him. 

Blackburn has now established authority over all others, claiming to have conversed with the Almighty, and having received marching orders of great importance through his wife's death. 

If you think that this is 'too much reading into' his words, consider that this status of authority that the 30 year old claimed one week ago, was quickly seized in his first proclamation as having heard from God:

He used his 'divine authority' to criticize or berate the congregation he stood before.  This is to say to his father in law:

'your church is dead.  The shepherd has not fed his flock.  What has the shepherd been doing instead of feeding and protecting his sheep?"

It is a stinging rebuke of the pastor's work.  If this is his father-in-law's church and work, Blackburn shows his authority over him.  

This is not a man devastated by his wife's murder.  "The family is devastated" but not "me,"  This is not a man unaware of his claim of having heard directions from God outside the 'by laws and constitution" of the church.  You may have missed this call, but he did not.  It empowered him enough to issue a stinging rebuke of his father in law's church. 

Which man stood in authority?

What does this tell us?

This tells us that if Davey Blackburn orchestrated, hinted, suggested, or outright paid for his wife's death, he did so because of 'divine authority.'

This is inside of him; not in reality.  'Amanda gave her life so his church could have life' is his theme.  

Amanda did not give her life; it was violently taken from her, in gruesome detail, against her will.  Whether or not tests prove she was legally sexually assaulted, the removal of her clothes tells us that this was a sexual assault.  

Since her clothing was removed, therefore, is there any issue of "sex" that we should know about?

Yes.  The husband complained publicly that the victim did not meet his sexual needs to the point of having an 'agreed settlement' of sorts, which debased her to the point of being a non-person unworthy of being heard at the dinner table unless she first engaged in sex.  

We have a man who believes he hears directly from the Almighty, in which he is told of great things to happen; things beyond history books,. 
We have a man who believes this is because of his wife's death. 
We have a man who complained about his wife, sexually, who was sexually assaulted in her death. 

We have a man who warned future pastors about wives, of who's own wife wanted to leave him because of his work.  

We have a man with so much "sample" available to the public, that a profile, itself emerges. 

Of recent days, readers have commented on the 'dented grill' story rightfully pointing out that Blackburn had stronger pronoun connection with a grill, as he did with failure to obtain numbers of congregants, than he did with his own wife's death. 

Readers point to his reaction to his wife's denting of a grill as a signal of just how self centered he is. 

I think readers miss something critical:

It is not someone losing his temper over a dented grill that is so important here:  

It is that the event was important enough to enter the language where the language has been seen (this is the context).

It is even more important than many may realize as seen in the need to bring this public. 

Remember the tweet that Amanda was not "well read" as a subtle insult?  Now take this insult in context and re-play his video performance called Q&A and see:

Since she was not "well read", is this why he interrupted her, over talked her, and corrected her?

The larger context helps focus. 

I have written extensively about the association between "water" and sexual abuse/sexual homicide over the last several years and how 'water' enters the language.  

We saw last week that his "Q & A" with Divinity took place in the shower.  I wrote that it was not the "shower" that was striking; we all take showers and we all do much thinking in a relaxing shower.  

Rarely, however, do we have the need to make a statement of such; and even more rare would be a statement about a shower after one's own wife has been murdered in a homicide in which she had her clothing removed. 

Davey Blackburn 'stood naked in the shower with Divinity' is something that criminal psychologists point to as an extreme need to be cleansed and the cleansing is statistically related to sexual activity.  Could it be that he was thinking of his wife?  Yes.  Yet, this is not something he articulated.  What came immediately after the shower was not about Amanda, but himself, with 'history making greatness' to ensue.  

I liken it to parents who say "I love you" to their children at night. 

For investigators, this is a signal of a bad relationship.  

Everyone says "good night!  I love you" to their children; it is that Statement Analysis points to the need to say this in, for example, police or child abuse investigations, where the parent is describing the entire day.  It is not conclusive, but when it is in a written statement, it is a signal for the professional to learn:  has this parent ever been accused of child abuse by family, friend, or a professional?

Often, it proves to be so.  

It is the setting that is so important.  Consider where Blackburn felt the need to assert this:  

The shower: the need to tell this in public, in a church, where forgiveness and cleansing are offered by God, of Whom forgiveness may come.  

On video, in the Q&A, where he has both audio and visual communication and can deride the victim while promoting himself (again, both in words and visually).  

What are some of the psychological factors that have arisen from the language and video, both before and after the murder?

A.  Narcissistic personality traits, as himself, the 'front and center' of performances, including choreographing, theatrics and self promotion. That 'his' grill is dented makes public news, blaming his wife, but it was his sexual needs, not hers, that was made as front and center as his own dress, appearance, antics and camera angles.  For people of faith, the greatest example of narcissism may be in his verbalized connection (using the pronoun "I") with disappointment; a negative emotion.  Not a negative emotion associated with Amanda's death, but in comparison to the single greatest outward sign of love a Christian can witness:  a human life saved.  He took that which a missionary may strive an entire lifetime for, and used it to negatively compare that they did not reach their goal of numbers.  This leads to the 3rd trait (C), "Obsession"; first: 

B.   Sociopathic like indifference towards the victim.  "I love you" is, in context, expected in deaths of loved ones, and as memorials and in statements.  Repeatedly, he gave no linguistic connection between himself and the victim.  This is not only distancing language, but extreme distancing language.  

When his mentor said, "there's something very wrong with that boy" he not only identified something that seemed undefinable to him, his language verified this very thing.  Even the word "that" shows distancing,  and the need to be 'fixed' came through a woman.  

Extreme distancing is seen in "the family is devastated" which is to, emotionally and linguistically, avoid, "I am devastated" in any form.  

Blackburn described a scene in which his high school entirely separated themselves from him, including not just adults, but peers.  Whatever he did was enough to harm many to an extreme.  He verbalized no empathy for the victims of his "lie", only concern for himself; his "reputation."

The anti-social like traits show such extreme distancing that his own motherless child was said that "we will dialog" with him, using both "we" as distancing language, and "dialog" as if this child were a patient in a clinic.  

The egotistically insult he placed upon his father-in-law's church was acute.  He, in authority, was able to undrape the older man's work stating they were 'dry bones' that needed "life", which came from Amanda's 'death.'  

That no rebuke or silencing took place at that point tells us of the subordinate role the older man has taken to the young man.  

C.  Career Ambition and Obsession is something that was highlighted above and is understandable in his high school story (self promotion) and his college story where his ambition took a terrible hit where he was dropped 2 letter grades for "1 remark"; where his focus is on the resulting consequence to himself and not to impact upon others.  (B)

That his mentor is obsessed with numerical 'success' is seen in his memorial 'sermon.'  Count the number of times he mentions himself in some form or another, and compare it to the number of times a Christian minister, speaking at a memorial service, used the term "resurrection" to see the meaning.  

Or, count the specific number of traits he assigns to Amanda that made her beautiful or lovely, and compare it to the number of times he referenced his own traits or career.  

This is the perfect storm of destruction:  a troubled but extremely talented young male meets with an obsessive career driven minister who's approach to Scripture is pragmatic; he will cause it to say whatever it is that brings in his 'success' and then 'sell' his success in any way he can.  This is why it is easy to predict the future "attack" of such.  I have often shown this to be the pattern of liars, and have cited a number of them, including Lance Armstrong, Billie Jean Dunn, and others who, once exposed, go on the offensive.  It is a principle noted in Scripture, itself, which is ironic given the nature of this case.  Matthew 7:6 " not cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot and turn again to attack you...'  

Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones showed in context how Christ gently and kindly spoke to those in open sin (the woman at the well, Nicodemus, the Quisling tax collector) , versus how he spoke to those who knew the truth but deliberately twisted it.  These were the wild bore like who did ask questions, not to learn, but to use against Him.  The 'pearls', that of value, is truth which exposes them, and once exposed, they trample it, and they turn "again" (second time) and go on the offensive.   Dr. Lloyd-Jones pointed out that Christ even treated Pilate differently from Herod:  He even gave Pilate a few words, but to the knowledgeable Herod?  

Not a breath. 

The Words Christ used to the religiously knowledgeable who grew rich from twisting of Scripture reflected harshness, insult and condemnation, in stark contrast to those in trouble, in need of assistance.  

The presupposition of those Words is this:  they are condemned because they lied.  They knew what they were doing.  They were not "in error" but they lied and twisted Scripture for personal gain.  This is the 'liar' who first receives the truth about himself, tramples, or insults it (rather than answer it) and then attacks.  

This is not only because they have been revealed for who they are, but because they have no answer to offer.  

Rather than refute facts, they reveal the dearth of their stance and openly attack, instead.  

When a deceptive person is seen as such, the anger boils.  When someone is deliberately and knowingly use Scripture to gain illicitly, when exposed, they have nothing from which to refute, so they attack.  

Lance Armstrong did it verbally, with law suits, and by pressuring others into assistance in destroying those who dared expose him by the value of words.  

Those who claim to be "fully cooperating" with police, often turn in anger and condemnation, once they have been seen as lying and the police are accused of everything from bumbling to outright fraud to criminal behavior...all instead of saying, "I didn't do it."

It is this principle we use to obtain "admissions" in interviewing, as they will not "confess", as "confession" is to admit what one has done, and agree that it was morally or ethically wrong. We seek admissions in criminal cases.  We do not need a killer to admit it was 'morally wrong' to kill; just that he idd it. 

Psychologically, could Blackburn have orchestrated his wife's death?  We know he is capable of capitalizing on it, but is there anything in his personality or background that suggests he could be capable of such an emotionless, or 'heartless' act?

The open minded must consider not only that he may have been, but perhaps, there is nothing in his background or personality that even hints that he could have.  

How obsessed was, and is, Davey Blackburn?

We have the testimony of his own words, which began with his first released statement that focused upon his career. 

We have the incessant promotion with the advertising jingle connected to Amanda's death with "the best is yet to come" bumper sticker phrase. 

We have the testimony of Amanda, herself, who told the audience listening precisely when the marriage turned bad:  the day the honeymoon ended and he went to 'work.'

His obsession is so acute that even under criticism, he continues to advertise.  The obsession shows itself in control which is the element of domestic violence that limits the violence. 

The need to control is to orchestrate anything and everything for a specific end.  

We saw this from a man who should have been incapable of saying much other than crying and professing love for his wife and fear of the killers.  No fear of the killers on the loose, he had the wherewithal to even tell people how to dress and what to say to media and, most of all, "invite as many people as you can..."

This was not 'expected' in the scenario. 

Husbands would not give a damn about their careers at this point.  The Christian defender of Blackburn is not even permitted to use, 'yes but he cares about salvation more than anything', if not for his negative portray of "16 people" 'receiving salvation.'  He took this away from his own defenders. 

Domestic Violence.   

I am often critisized for saying "those in Domestically violent relationships rarely experience violence" but not from those who live them.  

For many, the first act of violence is the last, and the woman leaves.  But note that I wrote "those in...", that is, those who stay. 

They rarely, if at all, experience violence because they have learned that they are under his control from the threat of violence.  They live life on eggshells. 

Recall the theft investigation where a suspect was asked to write out what happened the day of the theft and wrote,

"I woke up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and went to work..."

to which I told the owner that this was a strong signal that her employee was a victim of Domestic Violence.  The owner, shocked, asked how I could possibly know this, since she, herself, had been trying to get the young woman to move out. 

I showed her that personal hygiene in a statement is in less than 10% of female statements and it signals that the subject (writer) is concealing information of a personal nature, very often statistically linked to D/V. 

Objection:  Statement Analysis does not interpret. 

Answer:  Agreed.  Statement Analysis is not reinterpreting the brushing of the teeth.  In fact, as written, it is very likely to be true. We believe what one tells us unless reason is given to the contrary. 

We believe she brushed her teeth, but question:

Why did she need to tell this in an investigation into theft?

I believe Blackburn was in the shower.  My question is about his need to state this fact. 

In the above case, her boyfriend's gang had been involved in thefts, including at this company.  This was what she was concealing. 

The one in D/V lives her life under the control of another, who is a tyrant, ruling by the threat of violence.  She mentions personal hygiene because it is a short time in life that is so important to her that she mentions it:  for a few minutes, she has control over something in life, with, perhaps, the bathroom door locked and the perp asleep.  For a few minutes, she feels normal, and perhaps even safe.  

The need to control is often seen in D/V and domestic homicide and when control is lost (or threatened), the violence can break out.  

In the years of working with D/V victims and then with Susan  Murphy Milano, the height of danger comes when the perpetrator either loses control, or feels he is about to, including in the first 48 hours after she moves out.  The rage of having lost that which he had almost 'divine like' control, increases in the first hours and days, and then drops after several days, slowly.  It is still a dangerous time, but statistically, less danger with each passing day.  

We then consider:  

*Did Amanda threaten to do what she had said she wanted to do earlier, and leave him?

To say that Blackburn is 'controlling' and 'obsessed' is to understate.  

What if Blackburn, himself, lived under this threat?

He said that pregnancy was  a turning point that made his marriage worse.  

Amanda was 12 weeks pregnant when murdered.  

Amanda complained about his work obsession. 
His work -numbers success obsession is so extreme that those who would normally be predisposed to defend him (Christians) are among the most vocal critics.  

His control over all things:  was it beginning to come unglued?

His toddler. 

This is important for us to understand from Blackburn's linguistic expression of his reality; in other words, what he has told us: 

After the honeymoon was over, the marriage went immediately downhill.  Amanda wanted her husband, but her husband wanted his career and sex from her.  

When Amanda was pregnant with Weston, eventually, sexual activity decreased.  

The husband now said that marriage got worse.  

When Amanda gave birth to Weston a son was born to Blackburn.  People have commented that most, if not all photos, of the three of them have Blackburn, himself, holding the child.  This is not Statement Analysis.  Yet, consider it: 

The language of the father in the most critical time of Weston's young life, is distinctly and unexpectedly distant.  The photos and the language appear opposites.  

The video production shows 'front and center' of Blackburn, himself.  From pulling out a gun in a 'sermon' to the clothing designed to accentuate his muscles (something not lost on his mentor), to the minimizing and insulting of Amanda, he is the focus of all. This has led to consideration of the photos being, not family photos, but 'photo ops' from one who 'works a room' and is 'selling' above all else. 

Amanda now became pregnant again. 

Was this "all too much" to bear? 

Psychologically, we have someone who's words reveal a lack of empathy for his fellow man, a blind ambition for success, defined by him as numbers of followers, and one who's narcissistic like displays show f focus on self, even during the most tragic of all events.  

His mentor's statement, that something was 'wrong' with him, agrees with what not only his mentor's own choice of words showed, but that were affirmed by his best friend's words, too.  If Blackburn is angry, perhaps he should be angry at these two men.

But the mentor's opinion is also supported by the video appearances of Blackburn himself, as well as Blackburn's stories of both high school and college:  something is very wrong with him. 

The use of Amanda's murder to advertise tells us that something is very wrong with him. 

The lack of emotional connection to Amanda or even his own son, shows something is very wrong with him. 

Yet, all of this pales compared to the egotistical display of the 'divine shower encounter' where he 'red flags' for sexual abuse language, in which he now claims to have heard from God Himself, that not only did Amanda die so that the church could "live", but that Blackburn, himself, would be part of something so important that history has not yet seen such things.  

If you think this was hyperbole, listen to what he also said: 

mere weeks after his wife's murder, while starting off saying he did not know if he could even 'speak', he then took his new divinely granted authority to rebuke his audience.  The father corrects the children; the teacher corrects the student, the instructor corrects the attendees:  that is, the establishment of authority. 

For those who are people of faith, they note the authority did not come from the Bible; it came from God, Himself. 

It came in the shower.  

The shower is where we are cleansed.  

Davey Blackburn may have nothing to do with the orchestration of his wife's murder.  He may have not met anyone associated with the killer in custody.  

He was in a bad marriage of which pregnancy made it worse. 
He was in a bad marriage where she opposed his powerful ambition. 
He said he was at the gym, the place of his sexual temptation. 
He said his wife did not meet his sexual needs. 
His wife was murdered in a sexual assault, with the removal of her clothes being distinctly part of this murder.  
His wife was murdered on the very day and time he goes to the gym, along with the very day he speaks with the very same person at the very same time, each and every week. 
The door was unlocked. 
On this call, which is made every week, at the same time, for the same length of time, to the same person, the longest part of the call came while he sat outside the house, while Amanda lay bleeding out, dying. 

It all may be coincidence. 

The coincidental nature of the case, itself, is extreme and enough to bring suspicion, but it is the husband, himself, who has, and who has continued to, bring attention to himself.  Even his 'tweet' had an element of insult of Amanda, while another signaled that he did not like being "alone", though she has been dead mere weeks. 

The murder of Amanda changed to "Amanda's story" and the inability to refrain from using it to advertise is noted.  

The coincidental nature of the case is strong. 
The linguistic nature of the case reveals guilt, though the source of the guilt is not clear.  
The behavioral aspect of the case, including the lack of fear of the killer, and the ongoing advertisement is very odd. 

Statistically, the murder of pregnant women is most often from the husband or boyfriend.  

Perhaps the release of the 911 call will clear Blackburn from the position of Statement Analysis.

It is that Blackburn is seen psychologically from his words and his behavior, and the question, "Could he be capable of such a thing?"is answered. 

His statements, videos, and statements of those closest to him indicate that something is very wrong with him. 

The words indicate an indifferent, emotionally disconnected ambitious egotist, who believes he has heard from the Almighty, and is on a mission.  This is coupled with a strong intellect, talent for theatrics and good looks, suggests success. 

The subject has revealed himself of one capable of such a thing, especially through the grandiose coupled with the lack of human empathy.  He is not 'psychologically' or 'linguistically' cleared.  

Amanda died so the church could live.  

This is a chilling statement.  


Anonymous said...

"One of the most unusual observations I have about this case is that there is an overwhelming number of people who suspect involvement, such as hiring someone to murder his wife..."

What "overwhelming number of people?" Do you mean the commenters on your blog? No matter how much you want to beat the "Davey Blackburn caused the murder of his wife" horse to death, it's not going to make it true. It won't be the first time you've been wrong. Move on to the next family you want to harass because ... water.

And Davey isn't going to sleep with you, Peter, so stop indirectly asking.

Unknown said...

Please please do Paige Yore Wal-Mart story. It screams fake.

Anonymous said...

^^ Rather abusive comment above.^^
Not sure why it's necessary to attack the author.

That being said, I don't understand why the jailed accused simply do not go ahead and point the finger at him, if it is indeed true.

GeekRad said...

There are too many coincidences to ignore. Others comes to mind- his friend tweeting about their weekly call when he had apparently not in the past and a possible connection to gang members by facebook.

Anonymous said...

Because it's not true. The same thing happened with the young woman -- Leanne, I forget her last name -- from San Antonio who committed suicide a couple of years ago. Peter tried like hell to point the finger at her husband. He simply wouldn't let it go until he finally was forced to admit that the woman hung herself of her own accord. Then his response was that he had "reached out to the husband" he basically accused of murdering his wife.

This man (Peter) is a fraud.

And he has a weird interest in complete strangers' sexual preferences. It is a common theme.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:33 - a couple of years ago? So you have been following a fraud for at least 2 years?

Anonymous said...

I think it is not something gang members do, rat out others.

Amy Smith said...

anon at 12:33

"It is a common theme."

a common theme of DB that permeates his faux sermons.

maudes harold said...

"And Davey isn't going to sleep with you, Peter, so stop indirectly asking."

December 7, 2015 at 12:17 PM


I laughed at out loud at that. That so sounds like a Perry Noble retort, but if it's the same poster who has been following for a few years, it's probably not PN....

Amy Smith said...

The whole "mistress" grill montage from DB reminds me of Sleeping with the Enemy. He carries the "hurt" of his dented grill to the present. It is a psychological wounding to him, a dang dented grill. It is a narcissistic injury that he could not let go. He states that this "hurt" surfaces when he even tries to grill. He states and displays psychopathy in his messages and thinks it is a moving example of response to hurt in life and relationships. Chilling.

Perhaps he can finally buy himself a shiny new, undented "mistress" grill from Lowe's with the money his church is raising for him from the t-shirt sale.

M said...

The interesting thing about the fundraising is that his income isn't changing because of her death. He will still be the pastor at Resonate.

If he had life insurance on her, that would cover the funeral costs. If he had the proper amount of coverage, he'll be able to pay for childcare and house cleaning.

I find the fundraising to be tacky.

Dee said...

@GeekRad - And the fact that the friend tweeted about them having a weekly call at 7:18am, which would have been during the supposedly phone conversation.

Not a Robot said...

The guys arrested might be pointing the finger at DB, but investigators have to find evidence to support their claims. It took four months before Scott Peterson was arrested; even after they had the recordings from Amber Frey they didn't arrest him until the bodies were found.

It's been four weeks now. They're still waiting for forensic results. It takes time.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, It's DAVEY, I was immediately sympathetic - very sympathetic - to this poor pastor who lost his lovely wife and unborn child. I attended Bob Jones University -the fundamentalist college which is the "parent" of Pensacola Christian College where Amanda and her sister attended. ALL of those who founded and its first professors at PCC where former BJU faculty. You see, I was the one who first posted on a BJU facebook alumni page asking all to pray for Davey, Weston and the Byers family as suffering fellow "brothers and sister in Christ."

Then Davey went on and on and on the news. He couldn't even choke out ONE tear. Davey showed NO concern the murder(s) were still out there which caused great fear to his neighbors. He left Indianapolis before her killers were found while Davey's NEIGHBORS were the ones out passing out flyers and asking businesses to post flyers. Then his tweeting during Amanda's funeral. Then the selling of T-Shirts with Amanda's initials where the money goes to Davey instead of either founding or giving money to a charity (Christian?) in memory of Amanda - a victim of a brutal murder.

I still was beginning to have doubts but talked myself out of those doubts, until I saw Davey's interview that he read from Amanda's private journals - which he said she hated. When Davey was finished reading I watched what he did next. He threw her journal ON.THE.FLOOR! He threw her last words ON.THE.FLOOR.

That did it for me but I thought I was alone until others on this particular BJU alumni page began to post doubts too. Then I googled and found out MANY others outside of this blog had the same misgivings I had...

Davey is the one who sent me looking. DAVEY is one cold dude. I've had some great losses in life. I've never seen anyone like Davey - Christian or otherwise, act like as cold and unattached as Davey.

None of us put words in Davey's mouth. Some of us WANT to believe he has nothing to do with Amanda's horrific murder. Go get Davey some mental health help. Until then, you want to lay blame, lay it at DAVEY'S toes.

Sorry for rambling. Worked nights last night as a nurse.


Anonymous said...

Dee @ 1:15, I'm pretty sure the time stamp on that varies depending on where you're viewing it from. However, it is possible to tweet and text while on the phone. You can do both on many smart phones, or use a computer to tweet while you're on the phone.

Kip said...

I felt today's post was a good summary. I am quite surprised by the rudeness of some commenters, even taking it to a personal level.

First, if Peter was mistaken in the "Leanne" case, how honorable that he reached out and apologized to the husband afterward.

Secondly, Blackburn DOES have deviant sexual problems. How anyone can misconstrue Peter's analysis of this to insinuate he wants a sexual relationship with Blackburn is ludicrous and suggests the poster may have problems.

Third, why haven't the jaiied murder suspects pointed the finger at Blackburn? They may not know he was involved if he went through a middleman to set this up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @1:17, not to speak on behalf of Dee, but I thought the point she made was interesting. Why would Wagner suddenly tweet that information in the middle of a phone conversation with Davey? Did Davey ask him to tweet that RIGHT NOW? To establish an alibi?

Anonymous said...

Peter, You have said it well. It is Davey who causes most of us to be suspicious of him. As I have commented before, I have been a victim of a crime. A crime that could have taken my life but God let me live. I know what it is like to be so traumatized that you are nearly not functioning. If I had found my husband murdered in those circumstances I would have been in shock. Davey never appeared to be devasted by the loss of his wife. I pray that if he is guilty that his sins will find him out.

Scouser said...

Re Trump & 9/11 Celebrations!

Anonymous said...

Wagner didn't tweet that in the middle of a conversation with Davey. He posted it immediately after their conversation.

Anonymous said...

Kip it's possible they have pointed the figure and LE is taking their time. They know that Davey isn't leaving the spotlight anytime soon if they need to find him.

Summer said...

Here (below the dashed line) is an entry from November 20, 2008, in Davey's now-defunct blog, that made me wonder (not for the first time) what kind of drugs this guy is on. Note his use of all caps in certain places for emphasis.

We talked about freedom from Sexual Sin last night in FuseGroups and this is a topic that surrounds a lot of conversations.

I wish I could have this conversation with everyone in our student ministry and help them to understand, on a personal level, that Jesus has a plan for them – SEXUALLY. AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!

But I can’t have that conversation with everyone of our students so we rely on incredible small-group leaders to be those personal mouths for me.

CONVERSATIONS – the impetus behind life-change.

Everyone effected/healed/changed by Jesus had a direct conversation with either Him or someone who directly had a conversation with Him (or someone who had a conversation with someone who directly had a conversation with him, etc.)

What’s the point? “The Show” attracts, “Life Change” intrigues, and “A Conversation” brands . . .

Gemini said...

Ohhh a homosexual reference... Interesting. You Perry followers sure have an obsession with sex and homosexuality.

Peter, have you read Pajama Pages "Our Story"? You will read about this homosexual obsession from the Perry clan.

Gemini said...

I thought the same.

Anonymous said...

I think Peter has convinced us that there was a motive, and that DB was capable of planning to get rid of Amanda. Whether it was planned well in advance or he just exploded is another question. There are so many details that no one knows. What happened the night before her death—something that triggered the murder? What went on between 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. the day she was killed? Where was Weston during all this? Crying in his crib? (I can hardly bear to think of this).

I am hoping that someone in LE is talking with those who knew Davey as a child, a teen, and a man in his 20’s at seminary school. What was the high school lie? What remark of Davey’s caused his marks to drop 2 grades instantly? Surely those questions cannot be too hard to answer. Neighbors talk. School friends talk. Teachers talk. Where are these people? Are they sharing information anywhere? There is a link between something that went on back then, to his sick behavior now. I am not on FB, but is there chatter on there among people who knew him back when?

Also, has anyone talked about the professional house cleaners who came in after the murder? I hope LE talked with them right away. There must have been some clues.
Thanks to everyone on this blog who is sharing and thinking! M2

Anonymous said...

1. Total coincidence, DB is innocent
2. DB murdered his wife, gang covered up
3. DB hired gang to murder wife
4. Perry Noble is involved, explaining the "us" pronoun

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 12:33

Peter never said Leanne's husband was guilty. He also never said that the language of Leanne's husband showed deception. Peter showed his readers that the husband's language showed DISTANCING. Distancing and deception do not have the same meaning. Peter also showed his readers where Leanne's husband didn’t verbalize hope in finding her.
Read here:

Anonymous said...

Those are far from all of the blogs about Leanne. If you've read here for awhile, you're well aware that Peter deletes when he is proven wrong.

I just come here to read that water equals sex and everyone is all sexed up and sexing each other up. And if someone says "what" in a sentence it means they sexually abuse little boys and if someone says "where" in a sentence it means they sexually abuse themselves and if someone says "who" it means they have been sexually abused, but protect their sexual abuser because they like it. It's the never-ending theme that Peter always returns to because he is sexually deprived.

Anonymous said...

here, Peter: This should help -- and you're welcome:

Anonymous said...

Kip at 1:25 p.m. said:

"How anyone can misconstrue Peter's analysis of this to insinuate he wants a sexual relationship with Blackburn is ludicrous and suggests the poster may have problems."

That's exactly how I feel about the folks who suggested that Amanda's dad is "gay for" Davey and that their body language is the "body language of lovers." Sick puppies.

When I dared to point this out, I was told that I don't belong at a SA blog, even though the people saying these things about Amanda's dad offered no evidence -- not even statement analysis -- that what they were saying was true.

R.L Haley said...

I know Peter is laughing at some of theses stupid comments, I think he should just delete them
I am glad there is a place I can go to try and figure out why some things reported by the media or certain interviews sometimes give me that not right feeling.I know Peter is a Good man at heart,someone I look at the writings of and think hes also a good Christian man.There was a time I was so passionate about a side,I could not even hear his side and I even called him a Wolf,I am sorry for that Peter.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:06
I have followed this blog for years. Peter doesn't delete his statements. He or his moderator occasionally do remove other people's outrageous comments in the comment sections.

Anonymous said...

Peter has deleted entire blogs on may occasions when he has been proven wrong.

Never fear. He'll be deleting comments soon.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:44
Seek dialectical behavior therapy and your glasses. John Stamos is much sexier with his pants on. He has poorly defined leg muscles as if he has a muscle atrophy disorder.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:17 reeks of a not very bright troll. The M/O of ttoll is to incite heated exchange. That last statement is so laughable and ineffective that it exposes how much you suck as a troll.

Anonymous said...

Well. I for one will just come right out with it and say Davey Blackburn certainly was and IS capable of murdering Amanda. I have no qualms about saying it and don't need to look any further or dig deeper into his distorted sex life that I don't give two shakes about. Anyone who wants to accuse me of being rude, etc., so?

Her murder may well have been done earlier on the spur of the moment, or not, Amanda may have already been shot and made to appear that she was sexually assaulted before the thugs ever got there, or maybe she was sexually assaulted by one of the perps, or Davey. At this point who can say, or by whom. I certainly do believe he is capable of setting it up either way. He proved how little (so not) he cared for her comfort or nakedness being exposed by not even covering her. He is beyond cold and calculating.

He deceived and manipulated Amanda from the beginning. One doesn't go off on a week long honeymoon, all lovey-dovey, then only five days later they don't have time for their new "much loved" wife. Right there he started tormenting Amanda, making it HER fault. Her complaints weren't that he was spending all his time working; doing WHAT? He didn't have a hotsy-totsy top paying executive position; it was that he spent all his time IGNORING her while pretending to be working. That's a vast difference. But of course, he hid the real truth about his job.

Everything that went wrong in Davey's life or displeased him was always someone elses fault, always a manipulation of whoever stood in his way of what HE wanted to do, or not do. Always. Not once did he ever take responsibility for his actions. He has spent his life fine-tuning his manipulations and it won't stop now either.

However, whatever happened, and whoever killed Amanda, this is not just the premeditated work of a common little narcissist; there are many of those, walking the streets all day long every day, holding down full time jobs, and not masterminding and killing people. He is way more than this, is evil, dangerous and has no fear of God or man. Even if by some stroke of a miracle he didn't kill Amanda or have any part in it, which I highly doubt, he is STILL lunatic sociopathic, and more, and needs serious help; IFF he can even be helped.

If not stopped, he could easily kill, and justify doing it; so there you have it, my honest to God opinion. ABB

Concerned said...

This case is not Peter's first rodeo.
The petty comments aren't likely to make him back off analyzing Davey's nor Perry's statements.

DB and PN, I can't imagine that either of you can avoid visiting this page many times a day.
It doesn't surprise us that your first method of defense is to accuse Peter of wanting to sleep with Davey,
using the old "call him a homosexual and he'll shut up ploy".
Your group brought that tactic to new heights in a case for which you were sued and then settled out of court.
(Commenters, see

Whether you, Davey, manage to avoid prosecution or not, the brand is damaged because the interviews, the videos, the Statement Analysis...all of it will remain on the Internet forever. People will Google and find the millions of words that point to your unGodliness and lack of respect for His word.

You may squeeze money out of sympathetic people for a while but know this:
When people see as many coincidences that point back to a pompous jerk, they won't show up in droves to hear the speeches or line up to buy the books...The mother church will have to buy them like they have Perry Nobles'.

One last comment, Davey.
May you, Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson and Mark Seviers become close Pen Pals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anon@12:17 reeks of a not very bright troll. The M/O of ttoll is to incite heated exchange. That last statement is so laughable and ineffective that it exposes how much you suck as a troll.

I get it. I don't agree with you, so I am a ttoll.

Anonymous said...

If you are Anon@12:17, yes, Anon@13:13 you are an ineffective troll!

Anonymous said...

SA is a tool among tools, all to be utilized when pursuing justice. It's not the end-all, be-all and I think all of us here realize that. But it is fascinating to see what people's speech and choice of words say about them. Time after time it has been shown to be very insightful.

With that said, I think each of us that arrived here did so after realizing on our own that something wasn't right with what has happened in the aftermath of Amanda's murder, especially with CD's behavior. The guy has brought this scrutiny upon himself and either he is hiding guilt or he is one of the world's most self-centered, stunted, immature, pathological, bro-men I have ever seen. I think it's both.

Amanda, unbeknownst to him, was his supportive rock, making him seem half-way normal to those with any brains who encountered him. Without her support he is going to flame out very fast as a pastor, a dad, and a man in general.

His "flock" honestly had to have been mostly made up of extreme neo-phyte Christians and/or people with a general lower level of intelligence because the guy comes across as completely fake and weird in less than 2 minutes of every video I've seen of the guy.

I especially like the video on Youtube that he published one snowy Saturday some time ago to tell everyone church was cancelled the next day due to the snowstorm. It was a selfie video that went on for 4 minutes as he framed the momentous decision that he and the "leadership team" made with respect to the weather and the decision to cancel church the next day. So unbelievably narcissistic, shallow and agonizingly insipid. Put a post on facebook, announce it on twitter, post it to the church website and be done with it. People get it already--the weather is bad, we'll see ya next Sunday.

CD is trying to be the next, bigger and better PN, which is nothing to aspire to. Cut from the same cloth, both of those guys and others like them actually harm my Christian faith, not help it. PN just happens to be smarter and light years ahead of Davey boy on the shyster front, that's all.

Concerned said...

One more comment to Davey and Perry and your friends,
Welcome to our little club of Internet Trolls as Perry so eloquently named us.

We have nothing to do all day but accuse men like Davey who love God, their wives,
and mankind above self. We have watched his videos, read his words, explored the
coincidences the day his wife died and have all come to similar conclusions.
Go figure!

Anonymous said...

"But I can’t have that conversation with everyone of our students so we rely on incredible small-group leaders to be those personal mouths for me"

Wow, so his leaders are "his personal mouths"?? Is this a bizarre statement or what? It's incredibly narcissistic! Shouldn't these people be seeking to speak Jesus' words?

Eyes for Lies has a poll on her page: "Do you find David Blackburn's behavior hair-raising?" Over 90% say "yes."

These church leaders are going to find that the general public is not as easily manipulated and intimidated as their own followers.

Concerned said...

Anon at 3:24
The good that will come from this is no matter how many marketing companies like Story Brand they bring in to manipulate, this story will not slingshot their ministries.
People do not like it when sweet young mothers die under mysterious circumstance that point directly to the husband. They don't like it a bit.

I would disagree with you on one thing. I don't think PN is all that smart. Manipulative, savvy, willing to sell his soul to the devil for success maybe. Davey is all of that and more...perhaps willing to kill?

Our patience will be rewarded as we watch God take down these people who do nothing to bring the world to Him through Christ.

Anonymous said...

Great posts Confused @3:24! We've also come to the conclusion, that as Christians who do everything in our power that we can think to do to stand up for we know is right according to the Holy Word; hoping and praying that if just one will hear us, we have won a major battle against evil; and are sick and tired of those 'pastors' running big money making machines and schemes, luring in many who are being deceived while claiming to be men of God who are not, are false prophets in sheep's clothing and who are deceiving the masses. Oh, we're real tired of it, alright. ABB

Anonymous said...

My post was for you Concerned. Don't know how I got that wrong. OF course, I know when it's you! Sorry. My bad. ABB

Anonymous said...

Here's another good article about Perry Noble

Here's a quote from Perry Noble at 2009 "Unleashed" pastor's conference:

"Ignore the jackass. In Greek, 'jackass' is translated 'blogger'....bloggers that go online, that will take shots at you, that copy parts of your sermon...who has time for that? The jackass. You [the jackass] have no friends! The reason you have no friends is you're a jackass! That is your problem, either that or you're demon possessed or oppressed. Because when a move of God is working and people are getting saved and lives are changed, who would criticize that, God or Satan?"

It's a lot like, "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!" if you remember the Wizard of Oz.

This whole "people are getting saved and lives are changed" thing only means "I've convinced a lot of people to believe me and join my church." I'm not impressed.

Anonymous said...

I view them as paying customers, Anon @3:46. Added to the weekly/annual rolls that now tally at 34M! You believe that??! Of COURSE he will be foaming at the mouth in defense of his big bank roll, while still setting up more 'plant' schemes in other cities. Well, bully for him but it won't get him into the kingdom. ABB

Anonymous said...

Blackburn's been analyzed within an inch of his life. I don't know there's anything left to say that hasn't been said already.

Concerned said...

"Confused" would be a good name for me today as I wonder why I'm sitting here with so much to do all around me!
Hope your day is good.

Anon at 3:46
You're exactly right about the man behind the curtain!
Every liar I've ever known starts pointing toward others to deflect attention from his latest lie.

I've thought often about these guys and their "lives are changed" schtick.
The people I see changed by the gospel are so different from these people and are very conscious of having the appearance of evil.
I shake my head that Christianity is what they claim to hang their hats on. I wonder how long before they drop the reference to Christ altogether and write their own gospel. Well, I guess they've already started that be redefining the Ten Commandments!

Concerned said...

Anon at 3:57

said "Blackburn's been analyzed within an inch of his life. I don't know there's anything left to say that hasn't been said already."

Yes, there's one more thing.
In court.

And there might be one more. Who knows?
On Judgement Day.
"Depart from me. I never knew you."

Anonymous said...

Strange response from a dad when his son tells him he's just met the girl of his dreams???

"Dad, Mom, I just met the girl of my dreams. And my response was, 'Who are you and what did you do with my son?'"


Anonymous said...

These church members who supposedly got "saved" and whose lives were supposedly "changed" sent death threats against blogger James Duncan, disrupted his adoption, tried to cause him to lose his job, terrorized his wife and family... all because he spoke the truth.

Other church members who supposedly got "saved" and had "changed lives" stuck their fingers in their ears and looked the other way because it didn't agree with what they wanted to see and believe.

I am not impressed with these so-called "changed lives."

rosy said...

Anonymous CAthy said...
he read from Amanda's private journals - which he said she hated. When Davey was finished reading I watched what he did next. He threw her journal ON.THE.FLOOR! He threw her last words ON.THE.FLOOR.


Yes. He also dog-eared the previous page - instead of using a bookmark, even a slip of paper - and bent the book's spine rather than hold it open without curving the cover. He gave an atrocious display of not caring one jot for preservation of this hand-written journal of precious memories, which her family and his son may want to keep forever. And he was blind to what he was doing.

Concerned said...

Anon at 4:14
You are so right!
And the hard-earned dollars of the ones with their fingers in their ears went to pay off the law suit.
I wonder how many left when they realized that!

Anonymous said...

I read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I liked the book but at the same time, it didn't ring entirely true to me. Although there were parts that seemed sincere and authentic, I also felt like I was being led along a path to a certain end, kind of a bit like propaganda. In the book he speaks of his profession being a writer.

Now I see that Donald Miller has a company called StoryBrand, and it is a marketing company. It is a marketing company that will work to market a church. It will seek to market a church that has done bad things and has not apologized. It is a marketing company that will look at a pastor who impresses most of the population as strange and narcissistic and say that the church "is in good hands."

The words "story" and "brand" and "church" are unfortunate together.

I find myself wondering, why are some people looking for a "story" and other people are looking for truth?

Louise K said...

And Davey isn't going to sleep with you, Peter, so stop indirectly asking.

PMSL - Hi Davey!!!!!!!

PS. no one wants to sleep with you dude, you're a freak

Anonymous said...

He posted it at 8:18 just after hanging up ad Davey was walking inside to find Amanda. People see different times based on their own time zone.

Anonymous said...

"Peter has deleted entire blogs on may occasions when he has been proven wrong."


I've been following this blog a long time. I've never seen anything deleted except comments that violate the standards.

Louise K said...

I was watching 60 minutes Australia yesterday about Gerard Baden Clay.

He called up and reported his wife missing.

the canny local plod came out, took one look at the guy, and called their Sergeant

The Sergeant came out and immediately cordoned off the house as a Crime Scene

All within 20 minutes of the first call

They immediately smelt a rat

Baden Clay even went on tv with scratches on his face begging for news on his missing wife

He's rotting in jail for her murder

Even though police knew from Day One what he did, it still took months of investigation to finally prosecute.

Louise K said...

Regarding the accuracy of SA:

Peter I respect your work ENORMOUSLY

But my prying mind also needs to fact check and consider Actual Evidence

I believe there is a PILE of circumstantial evidence in this case

What appears to be "coincidence" is piling up and reeking badly

The young shooter was tasked with the hit to join the Non Gang, and None of them are talking (see: not guilty pleas)

That leaves police only one option


Cold hard plodding, asking questions of friends family neighbours ex neighbours even

This all takes a lot of time and is VERY expensive

But they'll get there

Like Pistorious and OJ

It may take a while but it's going to happen

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Kip at 1:25 p.m. said:
"How anyone can misconstrue Peter's analysis of this to insinuate he wants a sexual relationship with Blackburn is ludicrous and suggests the poster may have problems."

That's exactly how I feel about the folks who suggested that Amanda's dad is "gay for" Davey and that their body language is the "body language of lovers." Sick puppies.
When I dared to point this out, I was told that I don't belong at a SA blog, even though the people saying these things about Amanda's dad offered no evidence -- not even statement analysis -- that what they were saying was true.

Anon, I am not comfortable with a lot of comments that get made, either.

I would like to point out that the first comment above deals with Peter's analysis whereas your comment deals with blog comments that are not written by Peter.

Peter allows people a lot of latitude in comments on this blog but no one in the comments speaks for him or represents his opinion for him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I just come here to read that water equals sex and everyone is all sexed up and sexing each other up."

Are you trying to say that the emphasis on sex in this case isn't due to DBs constant obsession with sex in his statements? Good luck with that! lol

Louise K said...

It's fairly obvious that either DB himself or one of his acolytes are on SA

Trying to discredit Peter

and accuse him, bizarrely of wanting to sleep with Davey

which tends to make me think - its actually Davey himself commenting

Not so strange

Enter the name Davey Blackburn and SA is about 3 or 4 down

This is a guy who googles HIMSELF, constantly

I believe he's reading at the very least

Hai Davey

I think you murdered Amanda and Everett

And so does everyone else with a working brain


Anonymous said...

Slightly OT but still relevant: an article from yesterday's Boston Globe entitled "Why Didn't Anyone Stop Doctor Hardy?" DECADES of sexual abuse by a prominent physician, people knowing all along that he had a very dark side, warning signs ignored, heads stuck in the sand, etc. etc. Now it's all FINALLY being investigated and brought to light. (I guess I can't post a link to the story; it seems to cause my comment to be deleted)

There MUST be people from DB's past who felt/suspected/knew that something was very wrong with him (PN for one, of course). I only hope LE can find more of them and use their testimony to build a totally convincing case. Meanwhile I really don't know how those people can sleep at night, realizing the tragic consequences of their inaction...


Samantha V said...

Maybe Davey Blackburn had nothing to do with his wife's death, but he sure hasn't seemed sad about it. Or too broken up to try and capitalize on it and promote himself and his church.

It's not a crime to be so devoid of normal human responses, but it is weird. At the very least, Davey Blackburn has proven himself to be weird, saving potential members the trouble of visiting his church. I can't imagine who would want to have any part of it now. Who would want to be taught by a man like Davey, a man who can act so exhilarated and actually HAPPY about his wife's brutal killing?

Louise K said...

I remember comparing Amanda to Jessica Simpson

who also allegedly experienced her Father running away with her Boyfriend


Louise K said...

Samantha V

this is why I pay attention to other evidence as well as SA

There is too much wrong with Daveys story

The only thing he has going for him right now is Presumed Innocence

He's another Baden Clay

Police would've taken one look at him and gone "nup"

On the gym during a scheduled phone call - no one does that!

Leaving your baby and pregnant wife in an unlocked house in a bad area - ditto

Sitting in the driveway while Amanda was dying inside for an unscheduled 20 minutes while allegedly, cold and wet from working out - no

Not covering her or placing her in recovery position = HELLOOOO

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Peter Hyatt and Statement Analysis until a week ago. I've followed "Eyes for Lies" blog for a long time. She recently posted something about DB. Someone commented on her post saying that Peter Hyatt had some very interesting observations so I came over to see what he was all about. She/he was so correct! I have been following all the comments here ever since. Eyes for Lies observes people's eyes and facial expressions, Peter observes people's words. Other people observe body language. So many different ways to understand people's behavior even when we try to hide it. It will be very interesting to see the final outcome in DB's case, no matter how long it takes for justice to be done. M2

Louise K said...

Also Daveys behavior afterwards - basically, using Amanda's barely cold body as a metaphor to bring people to his church - while Actually Totally ignoring his own Congregation who were undoubtedly suffering also - inexplicable

Unless - he (or they) have been TOLD to have no contact

Anonymous said...

It's looking more and more like Blackburn is not going to be charged with anything. His using Amanda's death to gain followers and become a superstar pastor will not be successful. He believes in himself far more than anyone else; I reckon people for AND against him are tiring of him already.
Hopefully, he'll be charged if warranted or fade away into oblivion. The "Davey Show" is almost over, don't you think?

rosy said...

A word of warning. Well-known sites that come up high in Google's search results for "Davey Blackburn" may contain Trojans or viruses. I just clicked the top one, Christian Post: "Pastor Davey Blackburn Says God Allowed Wife's Murder So Church Could Live," posted 2 hours ago. While reading the article, my browser got switched to a red screen and one of those annoying messages that won't close.

I dealt with it, but would advise, be careful before clicking links. Davey's college degree is in media and communication. Some of his friends may be hackers.

trustmeigetit said...

That was me..Statement analysis is the most amazing thing I have learned in life. Then take all the different aspect like you said and together it gives you a good base.

Concerned said...

If Davey Blackburn turns out to be 100% uninvolved (and, no, that isn't what LE said on Day 2),
I believe he is still dangerous to the young (and old) minds in Indianapolis. The sexual grooming in the
name of Jesus is frightening. The barely disguised violent tendencies, disturbing.

Let me say that, with each new statement and it's attending analysis, I have moved further toward full involvement in
Amanda's murder (....event, accident, whatever he calls it!). I started out hope, hope, hoping he was just unlucky.
My doubts have all been erased by his own words and the beyond-belief coincidences. Nobody is THAT unlucky.

If one of you Indy folks wants to start s GoFundMe to pay for a billboard that says something like this:

GeekRad said...

Peter did delete threads regarding Leanne Beardon because posters would not give up on the conspiracy theory that she was murdered even though the autopsy determined that she hung herself and her family said she had been depressed about returning after the 22 month world wide adventure with her husband. Her family and her husband were feeling tremendous grief and depression over her depression taking her own life. Peter repeatedly asked posters to respect their feelings and told us he was going to keep deleting them. See his February 26 2014 post. He never said her husband was guilty, he only said that there was some unexpected behavior which he attributed to a possible fight that her husband was guilty about.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The article in the Christian left out a great deal was half way through the interview that the journalist told me that the mentor also writes for them.

Vicki said...

From the Resonate Church website:

Blackburn Family Support Fund......why is it necessary to mention "the Gym". Did he write this himself you think?

On November 10th our pastor Davey Blackburn returned from the gym to discover someone had broken into his home and his wife Amanda had suffered a gunshot wound. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died as a result of her injuries. Please consider supporting our pastor Davey, their son Weston, and their entire family during these hard days ahead. We have extremely heavy hearts and although we are hurting tremendously, we are hoping and believing that the best is still yet to come.

Concerned said...

Anon at 5:08
I believe he will be charged. LE knows the Mentor has plenty of money should Davey decide to lawyer up. They need to keep him feeling bold and talking. It may even take him finding a girl who cures the loneliness he's tweeting about or publicly taking up with one he already had.

I might also add that I love anyone who uses the word, "reckon"!

GeekRad said...

Good point Vicki, why not returned home? The gym is sensitive. That is very idly stated.

Anonymous said...

I still think Leanne was murdered. I was PISSED when Peter basically shut down any further discussion after HE determined there should be no further discussion. However, it's his blog and he can and does do what he likes.
I also think Peter is wrong about another case. But I'll stop now before I get more irritated.
I like Peter, but he's not infallible.

Concerned said...

About Davey's loneliness...
Have you ever taken care of a 15 month old by yourself?
Especially one who wants his mommy.
You have so much to do and spend so much time chasing after him, picking up toys and doing laundry,
you don't have time to think about feeling lonely.
One more slip-up, Davey, all in the name of soliciting donations.

Concerned said...

Peter keeps reminding us that repeated words should be noticed. The gym is important.

Davey is for sure the one writing Resonate's text. He's the only employee and besides,
he wouldn't relinquish control of the message.
And I can't imagine anyone else writing for the website would think where he was that morning mattered.
It seems they would lead off that message saying Amanda was killed
but Davey's writing it and it's all about him!

Louise K said...

You take him to the supermarket in the middle of winter at 8pm, apparently...

Am I the only one who finds this BIZARRE?

Considering all the circumstances?

trustmeigetit said...

Lies. Again people make this statements but not once has any of them provided a single case.

The other thing many try to do is discredit him by saying that he was wrong simply because someone was or was not arrested. That proves nothing. Innocent are convicted And guilty are cleared.

Other cases people claim he was wrong in saying someone was guilty..but in those cases he was clear that they were being noted for deception but stated he did not know why.

What's funny is SA us really about paying attention to what was said and not making assumptions. Yet these folks are doing just that.

Louise K said...

"911 what is your emergency"

"oh hai. My name is Davey Blackburn, you may have heard of me, I am the Lead Pastor at Resonate Indy, Come Along and Find the Word of God, anyhoo, I was working out at the gym and also on my Regularly Scheduled Call with My Best Ole Boy Pastor Kenneth, when I hung up the phone and went in the door and gosh golly wont believe what I found! My bestest ever Helpmate Amanda was lying on the floor with her knickers off! Well of course Im calling you...whats that...? Is she breathing? Well goldurn it, lemme check a minute...hang on will ya...yep, she's making funny sounds alright, I'll just leave her as she is okay? because you know I wouldn't want to disturb any thing right? because you know, her grills dented...Okies, see ya soon! God Loves Ya!"

Louise K said...

Concerned - lol @ Davey is Resonates only employee - what we downunder would call "unemployed"

If you watch his Instructional vids he's like Himmler organizing the Death Camps

Deeply strange if his flock is miniscule as it seems

trustmeigetit said...

My great grandmother passed away in 1977. My mom got her diarys and to this day has them kept in plastic in boxes. We have taken them out to read over the years and always treat them with kid gloves.

These were her memories and are loved still to this day.

Everything this man does proves Amanda meant nothing to him.

I hope her family is not sitting back accepting that he was not involved.

Jeffrey Macdonalds own father in law is the one that pushed LE to look at the case again after he was initially cleared.

The man has been Rotting away in jail since.

If this was my child these actions would cause serious alarm and I would investigate on my own if needed.

Louise K said...

The Gym is Important because its the Alibi

Pastor Kenneth is Important because he's the Secondary Alibi

He over thought it

He should have only had one alibi

as it is he has created two that CONFLICT with each other

Huge mistake Davey. Huge.

Louise K said...


These people are deeply religious

That means they are already primed to Believe

There is a fairly good chance that these folk Actualy Believe Davey may be some sort of a prophet

IIRC it was Amanda's own father who funded their ResonateIndy venture

By my calcs it was time for the school zone to renew their lease and they habitually turfed Religious Grops out after a year

Resonate was on borrowed time

Davey's fury at the lack of attendance plain to see

While he's supposed to be grieving and wondering how he's going to get through the next day

He's recording rants about lack of attendance

BIZARRE and highly suspicious

I wouldn't trust Davey Blackburn to walk my dog.

concerned said...

Louise K at 5:53

And we can see how much Davey thought a "church" of 120 was nothing by his conversation with God at First Baptist in Elkhart.

Anonymous said...

I had thought the first time the weekly talks with Kenneth was on the morning of Amanda's murder, but I have to eat crow on this one. Davey posted about it on May 12 on his Facebook, also a Tuesday morning.

rosy said...

Louise K said...
December 7, 2015 at 5:39 PM
You take him to the supermarket in the middle of winter at 8pm, apparently...
Am I the only one who finds this BIZARRE?

The weather in Indy this fall and early winter has been exceptionally mild thanks to El Niño. Yesterday's high was 54 F, overnight low 43F. Forecast for later this week, upper 60s F.

On the morning day DB sat in his driveway the temp was around 40F.

In wintertime here, parents do take young children and babies by auto to stores and shopping centers - unless road and wind chill conditions are bad, and Weather Service and TV issue warnings.

Sometimes, a need to shop may be just that, like sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
I find a lot of things bizarre but this is not one.

Amy Smith said...

Christian Post: Pastor Davey Blackburn Says God Allowed Wife's Murder So Church Could Live: Davey Blackburn

rosy said...

Louise K said...
at 5:53
IIRC it was Amanda's own father who funded their ResonateIndy venture

Any evidence of that? From what's been discussed so far. Resonate was "planted" with $100,000 from Perry Noble's NewSpring church.

Sus said...

Has anyone heard Larry Taylor's IQ? Or know where he went to school? Did he graduate? Special Ed?

I read in one news source that Watson answered "Yes" and "Yes, sir" to the judge.

Taylor acted quite differently in court, and was even reprimanded by the judge to speak up. He swiveled in his chair constantly. He answered questions with "yeah."

His prior charges include driving around a store parking lot showing his genitals. And a burglary where he stopped in the middle when confronted by a teenage boy. He wiped off his fingerprints, said 'I won't take your stuff.' and ran out.

These things all have me wondering about his IQ.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Amy, what is missing from the article speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure where else Taylor went to school but he spent time at Speedway. I believe he ended up dropping out.

Hope's Food and Family said...

I read somewhere that NewSpring was paying for the funeral? So the life insurance wouldn't even have to be used for that. Hope

Anonymous said...

Why is it important to focus on this murder/case/story? I have a feeling it's important because...

fill in the blank, anyone.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1:16 it is so encouraging to see that Alumni from the same college are seeing through this.

I did not pick up on DB throwing her journal on the floor. I can't bear to go back to watch, but if this occured, it needs to be majorly publicized because this is extremely revealing. A few may be able to dismiss his reading her journal publically, as an odd way to express his closeness, but throwing her journal on the floor when he was finished is not something a greiving person could EVER do with such a precious keepsake of their loved one. A private hand written journal contains one's inner most thoughts and feelings and is a physical representation of that person's being/spirit. If DB threw Amanda's journal to the floor, this is undeniable in what it symbolizes. Especially, because he would have done this right after he had just brazenly admitted that he was disregarding her desire for him to not read her journal and proceeded to read it on national TV.

Considering DB's past and recent behavior and comments, especially towards Amanda,I personally view his actions with her journal as an alarming display of malevolence and disrepect towards her. KK

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling it's important we keep focusing on the story because:
1) A person was murdered.
2) The murdered person was involved in a "Christian cult", the type of which there seem to be many more.
3) We need to get to the bottom of this, so it doesn't happen again.

Anonymous said...

Where did the journal toss occur? I want to check that out--very telling.

Anonymous said...

Was Davey at Resonate yesterday or not based on his comments at the beginning?
Was the Levi Lusko book promo complete with cultlike audience played in place of a sermon?

maudes harold said...

I just read a few articles on the Christian Post.

Is it just me or do they suspect DB of something as well?

The framing of those articles does not sound as if they are not suspicious.

Amy Smith said...

Were you interviewed by the Christian Post? Did your comments not make it in the story?

Anonymous said...

Concerned, your post @5:23, I might be all into something like that but I'd have to float it by my attorney first. I'd need to make sure I wasn't getting myself in hot water. (There's that water thingie = no sexual innuendo implied)!

A few years ago he cautioned me, 'stop doing these things you haven't asked me about first', course I don't really ask him, I tell him. We get more done that way. I'll be talking to him later on in the week. Will let you know. ABB

Sus said...

Thank you. Is Speedway a high school? I'm seriously wondering why they left Taylor alone with Amanda. They were burglars. Why would they take a chance like that?

rosy said...

Diart reading - Interview by WHTR channel 13 TV pt 1. Start around 7:45 min with the dimples, run through till about 11:45 mins to hear the book slap down on the floor. Watch after the first excerpt for the page corner turned down for his 2nd excerpt. See the covers bent back. The video format makes it hard to select exact moments.

Anonymous said...

According to Anon@1:16 said it was in the interview that he read from it. If I remember right,he read it in the inside edition interview.KK

rosy said...

Not aninymouse!
*Anonymous at 6:37 , Diary reading

Louise K said...

Mauds Harold: EVERYONE is suspicious

you can easily check

go up to the next cop you see and ask what they think

They'll tell you that something isn't right

And LE were not talking to a bunch of dumb burglars when they said "you think you're smart but you're not smart enough"

They were talking directly to DB


The lack of support for Pastor Davey seems to be coming more and more glaring

I am of the mind that the Supermarket trip with Weston is odd because:

There is no way on God's green earth Davey NEEDED to take Weston with him to buy a cigar (or swishers sweets whatever)

He has a pile of willing baby sitters

I don't find it odd DB was slumping around a supermarket at 8pm in the slightest

but I DO find it odd if he's doing it with Weston in tow

It implies a couple of things imo


1. Davey HAS no support to do his cigar buying for him


2. Davey is running low on narcisstic supply and has gone to the supermarket because he's not getting it off anyone else

Either way, you got to agree - it's odd.

Its like Josh Powell parading the boys around...just...unnecessary

Most parents would move heaven and earth to get in and out of the store without kids in tow, and im positive Weston should have been in bed.

Amanda wouldn't take Weston to the supermarket at that hour, IMO.

Louise K said...

I totally agree - he SHOULDVE treated that journal like it was spun glass

if he tossed it to the floor - well, allegedly he was reading from blank pages too so -

Six months in a leaky boat tralalala

rosy said...

Speedway is an enclave suburb of Indianapolis, location of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500. Map:,-86.2506393,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x886b57b65859029f:0x149621592eff1e90

Louise K said...

The very first thing Davey says is what a great sleeper Weston is

12 hours a night every night does this fit with an 8pm shopping trip folks?

rosy said...

Anonymous Sus said...
Is Speedway a high school?
@ December 7, 2015 at 6:48 PM

Speedway is a district outside the city center, I put map link above. it has a high school.
Speedway High School

Louise K said...

PMSL the next thing he says is "Weston has beautiful blue eyes....she had beautiful blue eyes"

She's the cat's mother Davey<<<what I always got taught

Why didn't he use her name?

He'd just spelt his own and Westons out but he didn't use the name Amanda when he first referred to her.

Louise K said...

Weston not only looks like his mother, he's "pushing the boundaries" too... omgzzzz...this is just worse and worse and im barely a minute in...

Anonymous said...

Why is it especially important to focus on this murder/case/story? I have a feeling it's important because...

fill in the blank, anyone.

Louise K said...


Q. Whats the thing you want to say about Amanda

A, Weston growing up with out her...that's THE THING THAT HURTS

not any of the rest apparently...painless...

omgzz hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Here's my reply (I posed the question)

I have a feeling it's important we keep focusing on this story because:
1) A person was murdered.
2) The murdered person was involved in a "Christian cult", the type of which there seem to be many more.
3) We need to get to the bottom of this, so it doesn't happen again.

Sus said...

Thanks Rosy. I'll see what I can find.

Anonymous said...

Louise K, you gotta stick to the facts girl! Davey didn't buy Swisher Sweets at the store. It's not a huge deal, but later down the line someone is going to question that and say, "Hey, there were Swisher Sweets the morning of the murder." That's how rumors get started. And he was there around 7, not 8. I left the comment around 8, I think. I also had my child with me, so I really wouldn't put much thought into that. It's been pretty warm here lately, not at all normal winter weather, so also not weird. The 12 hours of sleep thought was, he's taking Weston all over the place. I bet any type of schedule is out the window. It really wasn't meant to be a comment to analyze, I was just shocked that I was seeing him! I had to tell someone!

Anonymous said...

Peter has nailed the church speech in a new analysis!

Anonymous said...

Why is it especially important to focus on this murder/case/story? I have a feeling it's important because of Davey Blackburn's unexpected WORDS(written/spoken) and unexpected ACTIONS displayed IMMEDIATELY after his wife and child were brutally murdered in their home while another child was unharmed. There are no words to describe my anxieties regarding this case especially since LE has cleared him 100%.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Why is it important to focus on this murder/case/story? I have a feeling it's important because...

fill in the blank, anyone."


It's a literal treasure trove of statements to illustrate the principles of statement analysis

Concerned said...

Anon at 8:15
Right on!!

Confused said...

I am the one who suggested that the Dad and Davey's body language looks like lovers in the speech they gave to the church. That is my impresssion. Feel free to disagree.

Don't even get me started on what I have NOT said.
How about the fact that the Dad seems bamboozled by this idiot Davey when he really should have the wisdom of age to see through Davey's pompous ministry. He even called his congregation "dry bones" and the Dad said nothing. Nevermind, the Dad should be able to see his son-in-laws blatant coldness towards Amanda's death. This raises no red flags for him?

Have you ever heard of someone coming from an abusive background and then ending up with an abuser? It happens a lot. This certainly is a possibility here. Aside form the fact of how bizarre it is I don't even see any shock or mourning coming from the Dad.

For all I know, maybe he is gay with Davey.
There is something very wrong with Davey.
He frequently humiliated this man's daughter publically and bragged of his sexual prowess that he cannot concentrate at the gym because there is a woman nearby.

Honestly, I think he is asexual. Certainly he is gay, but I feel he is more asexual and probably just flirts with men.

I feel he is absolutely capable of murder.
This is a man lacking in any empathy and without even the self-consciousness to try to disguise it.
As I said earlier, he resembles Ted Bundy (although Ted was heterosexual). I would say he is very dangerous.
As far as people who get suckered in by his ministry though, I have to say they must be pretty clueless as there is nothing convincing about the act he puts on.

Confused said...

AND that disgusting comment that he will "dialogue with Weston" about his mother's death.

I feel this child should be taken away from Davey. The child is unquestionable in danger of being mentally scarred from being raised by this emotionless psychopath.

"Dialogue with Weston"

What a cold expression and used so callously, it makes it doubly cold.

Davey is an idiot. He was probably a spoiled brat and whatever he did that offended his entire school, Mummy and Daddy probably told him "it's OK. you can do no wrong."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think what is visible in the body language is not sexual. It is a subordinate role taken by the father in law to his son's theatrical and linguistic superiority.

He was put in a tough place and he should have asked Blackburn to sit down, and then ask to pardon his son-in=law's comments as one who is not thinking straight due to grief.

He should have protected his flock but did not.

the hugging is non sexual.


Confused said...

Perhaps it is Peter, it may be as you are saying kind of a "power" thing on Davey's part. I didn't see the hugging. It was more then hand proximity and body mirroring but I see what you are saying and feel you may be right.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Davey's shopping list.

A mirror
Ultra hydrating shower gel with elderflower pour homme
Steaks for the grill
Tissues - to dry his eyes as he weeps, trying to grill, remembering the pain of all the terrible thing that people have ever done to him
Laxatives - because he's full of shit
Butter - ahem
A computer
Wood scented candles
A book on how to appear to deal with grief
Silly string
Froot Loops

M said...

Peter - I wonder if PB was shocked or surprised at DB's statements at the end of that sermon and just didn't think fast enough. Those statements were baaaadd from a theology standpoint. They certainly weren't statements which someone with PB's background and denominational ties would agree with. (preposition at the end of a apologies)

I wanted to see if Phil corrected any of those comments this Sunday, but I didn't see a sermon posted. I have relatives who have attended there for a long time. I think I'll ask them.

What was excluded from the Christian Post article?

Anonymous said...

Well, if he did higher some black gang bangers to do it I'm sure he'll get away with it. After all, what are the chances they would sell out the white guy for a lighter sentence?

Anonymous said...

That should have been "hire" not "higher". Of course maybe DB really is the Hire Power?

M said...

No way PB is gay - I was disappointed to see that thought raised here.

Concerned said...

I've only watched the church service video once but Phil Byars came off as a very humble man who was in a seemingly impossible situation. He's no dummy and he has a computer where he can research what's being said about Davey and the murder.
He has to be watching Davey go off the rails of invincibility.
If he confronts him, their family may lose access to Weston. That can make a grandparent put up with a lot.
The police may have even told him to keep the lines of communication open. They know better than we that the more Davey says, the more guilty he looks.

Anonymous said...

This is his most offensive performance yet. Not only is he devoid of grief, he upstages papa & talks down to papa's congregation.

Whilst explaining Amanda's having been sacrificed.

I can only hope that the detectives are as fired up as we are.

Anonymous said...

Concerned, Preacher Byars might be a kind and humble man and perhaps was being a gentlemen when he refrained from speaking up when Davey blasphemed the Holy Spirit, which in this instance was to place himself above Jesus and on an equal footing with The Almighty God. He and his Mrs might also be concerned about crossing Davey;

However, what Preacher Byars actually did in not stopping Davey and holding fast to the gospel of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the price he paid for our sins on the cross before his congregation was to deny the Holy Spirit. There is none above Jesus. There is to be no more blood shed for the redemption of our sins; Jesus paid it all. We all know this.

In allowing himself to be deceived and to quietly and silently allow this anti-christ message from satan to be presented in the house of God that he has charge over is a very serious matter. It is so sad; however, in doing so, he has denied the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the cross he bore, and the power of the Holy Spirit. ABB

Confused said...

This poor girl Amanda was surrounded by wolves in sheep's clothing.

Davey is a disgusting excuse for a human being. Using Amanda as a beard, flirting with men at the gym, neighborhood, cafes, church.

Probably obssessed with hygiene and so in love with himself he became asexual.

Perverted and bloated with narcissism, unchecked by any around him, he lashed out at she whom he perceived as weak and the as the cause of all his devilish attributes.
It's surprising how often paranoid projection comes into play with these psychopaths. I've looked into the face of evil firsthand and know all too well how those who are most evil project that evil onto the innocent whom they torment. They are also skilled at recruiting and terrorizing enablers into staying silent and walking on eggshells and even joining in their scapegoating of their victims.

He telegraphed his desire and intention to destroy and kill Amanda in his sermon where he quoted the bible about knocking out the teeth of his "enemy".

The police, I"m sure, have closed the case. It is only through Peter's persistence we see this jackal from hell being held accountable for his murderous deed.

lynda said...

In watching DAvey take over his FIL's service, it appeared to me that when Davey started his "dry bones" rants, FIL looked startled and disturbed. Then when Davey brought it home that this congregation has "changed" from what it was, etc. You can see FIL begin to nod yes and smile. I also thought that FIL sounded annoyed but tried to play it off when Davey stood up with the rest of the people by saying, "What are you doing standing up Davey, you're a preacher."
We had a supposed insider in the chat room a few weeks back who said he was a personal friend of the family and that Amanda's parents do NOT feel good about Davey, that they didn't care for him at all, that they were upset when Amanda married him, that they had called and talked to the police twice, and basically they were just going along because of Weston, their faith, and their faith in LE to see that justice is served.
The cult-like adoration that comes from Amandas sister towards DAvey is disturbing to me.
It's a hard one to call..are we seeing a psychopath with a bible, or a murdering psychopath with a bible?

Confused said...


He telegraphed his desire to murder Amanda in a sermon the week before she died. Saying that when a girl you are in a relationship with says something you don't like you just want to (and makes gesture of bashing someone over the head), then says and you just want to bash out their teeth and quotes a biblical verse about God "knocking out the teeth of their enemy". This is the same sermon in which he pulls out a gun and waves it around.

The telegraphing removes all doubt in my mind that he did it. It is a little known fact, but psychopaths often telegraph intentions they have even in this type of telegraphing fashion, and, in fact, it can be used in a court of law when combined with other evidence to work towards a conviction.

In other words, if they find more evidence that Davey killed Amanda, that telegraphing sermon can be included as supportive evidence.

Anonymous said...

Even if Davey is innocent , I think most of us feel there is something wrong with Davey . When I saw him being interviewed by George Stephanapoulous on GMA , I felt a deep sadness . A sadness because , he showed no grief or sadness , and I thought , he doesn't seem like he loved his wife . And this was only about 1 week after he had found her , with a bullet in her head . I was shocked at his demeanor , and in a few minutes , I had this awful feeling that he was involved in her murder . Yes, everyone grieves differently , but he truly showed no sadness .

Anonymous said...

Vicki @ 5.28.

The phrase "the best is yet to come" is commonly used by CD and the church.

"The best is STILL yet to come" is a tautology.

The only other time I have seen "the best is STILL yet to come" is in the writing of the babysitter/intern. Maybe she wrote the message to which you refer.

It reminds me a little bit of Patsy Ramsey's misuse of the word "hence".

Cyndi said...

Anon at 7:55 p.m.

When you saw Davey at the supermarket were you tempted to approach him and offer your condolences?

Anonymous said...

Anyone with an eye knows Perry Noble's writing style. It's either him or someone on his church staff. I really hope he deletes his comments, before a skilled computer geek comes along & publishes the IP address.....

rob said...

As to DB's "dialogue with Weston", I think he is a lot like Jodi Arias or Casey Anthony, in that none are actually that smart, but like to use big words to sound like they are. I have a co-worker, not that smart, that married someone much higher educated than her, and she uses his words, many times incorrectly, and people just don't have the heart to correct her. They will share glances and smile, and she never catches on. Funny thing is, she is on the phone with husband all day, and he does correct her. (I'm the next desk over, and can hear everything he says on the cell phone) In fact, he has corrected her in front of me, which I thought made him a big jerk.
If I was a friend or family member of DB's, I would question him about that statement and ask what perception do you think that gives others of your relationship with your son?

BB said...

maudes harold said...
I just read a few articles on the Christian Post.

Is it just me or do they suspect DB of something as well?

The framing of those articles does not sound as if they are not suspicious.
December 7, 2015 at 6:38 PM


Absolutely! Their tone is just slightly less than full-blown snarky. Their articles display that they aren't buying DB's act.

BB said...

I'm going to say this again. There is TOO MUCH we don't know.

We don't know what DB's FIL knows or has been instructed by LE not to reveal.
Hell, for that matter we don't know what DB was instructed by LE not to reveal. (although, I don't think he is capable of holding back and not shining bright in his 15 minutes)
We don't know what the whole family knows and how they may be working with LE to get DB to hang himself, or what their necessary behavior is with regard to their grandson.
We don't know what else LE knows that they are not telling us.
We don't know why they are choosing to tell us what they are telling us (the tooth knocked out seems like a very specific thing to mention - but again I don't know enough to know what to make of the release of that information.)
We don't know if the men arrested are talking.
If they are, we don't know what they have said.
I think not being in LE is leading some of us to draw conclusions that LE are probably laughing at.

That said, DB is a guilty SOB. I'm just curious as to how they are going to prove it.
There is NO WAY his behavior is lost on LE. I do realize they are inundated with unsolved murders in Indy, where I live. It is HORRIBLE. Murders every single day. It's a real crisis here. I realize this means they might be inclined to wrap it up in a bow and move on, but I give them more credit than that.

Let's take a step back and remember that there is much that we don't know that could change the facts of the situation dramatically.

Anonymous said...

"Someone had broken into his house" not!

BB said...

For all we know, PB may have thought DB was about to stand up and confess when he interrupted his sermon. We can't blame PB for passing the mic or for the nature of the content that DB said when he spoke up and interrupted. PB didn't know what DB was going to say.

OK. Sorry. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

lol Perry Noble won't pay for Davey's attorney. He doesn't even give away free tickets for his seminars to financially-struggling pastors.

Anonymous said...

Perry Noble isn't going to buy Davey's book (if he writes one) in bulk or spend months pretending that he's 10,000 different individuals to artificially elevate Davey's book onto the NY Times or Amazon's best seller list.

JenB said...

I have to add my voice to those defending Amanda's father. I can only assume he is overwhelmed by grief, compounded by suspicions about Davey and worries for Weston. I would not expect him to confront or rebuke Davey in front of his congregation, under the circumstances. Surely her father knows that the more Davey says, the sooner he will know the truth about what happened to his daughter. He needs to keep Davey comfortable for a number of reasons. Let's not blame him for letting Davey's statements pass, for now.

JenB said...

Blogger Peter Hyatt said...
He was put in a tough place and he should have asked Blackburn to sit down, and then ask to pardon his son-in=law's comments as one who is not thinking straight due to grief.

He should have protected his flock but did not.


December 7, 2015 at 9:57 PM

Amanda's father should have done a lot of things, and I believe he knows it. He should have protected his daughter from Davey. He should have protected her from the purity culture that made her vulnerable to Davey. He should have let her know he supported her marriage, but that divorce is not unforgivable. He did not do those things, because he comes from a faith background that teaches that those things are wrong. He will pay the rest of his life for the things he should have done, but did not.

If he is once again in a position to choose between protecting Weston, and what his faith tells him to do (rebuke Davey for his false teachings), I would not blame him for going against his faith background. Now he knows what is at stake. He can speak to his congregants later and ask forgiveness, but if Davey takes Weston away or harms him, that is forever.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


well said.

I should have taken it further.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Amanda's parents will want to assume the majority of responsibility for Weston. The only way this will occur is for Davey to go to prison or Paul's church outbidding Davey's father's future job offer to Davey. At this time, Amanda's parents must remain silent and support Davey, so he'll accept the job offer from their church and move to their city.

Anonymous said...

I forgot the name of Scott Peterson's detective. Amyway, that detective was humiliated and criticized for so long. Now, I look back, after I saw the..behind the scenes (on youtube), poor man just didn't let it go. I hope this LE will find justice. I also think that Amanda's family is so blind by this ....way of thinking. This case starts to fade away. I feel so bad. I read all your comments since day 1. Dianna. God Bless You all ( internet trolls hahaha)