Saturday, December 5, 2015

Davey Blackburn: Man on A Mission

Husband of murdered Amanda Blackburn announced to the public that he has been sent on a mission by divine authority.  

Where he said this divine revelation happened is something not lost by criminal psychologists.

He was "in the shower" where 'God' spoke to him, in question and answer format, told him that Amanda died so his church could live, and then sent Blackburn out to do a 'mighty' work so great that history books have not ever recorded something of this magnitude.

The shower is a place where one is cleansed. 

 The reference to "water" is often found in statements (and the language) where sexual abuse, sexual assaults, and sexual homicides are noted. This is consistent with behavioral analysis where both victims and perpetrators sometimes go to wash more than normal.  I have seen victims of sexual abuse shower 6 times a day and refuse to leave home, while others become obsessive hand washers.  The damage done within sexual abuse is not only deep, but far reaching.  One child sexually abused developed an extreme fear of water.  Another scrubbed her skin raw.  

'Water' and sexual abuse go together, both behaviorally, and linguistically.  

The shower is a place of "washing" and in this place, 'God', the one who can wash, was present, and once washed, he then is sent out to do this work of historical proportion. The crowd applauded him.

First note, that he has plagiarized the theme from scripture where Isaiah, a prophet, who was in chapter 6,  brought into the presence of the Almighty which resulting in giving Isaiah a strong self awareness as his reference point in life was forever changed.  Isaiah now saw himself as distinctly unworthy with a need to be cleansed.  The symbolic language next uses fire or heat as cleansing from transgression.   Once the cleansing took place, the question went out, "Who will go out for Me?" of which the now cleansed, humble and most grateful servant, Isaiah said, "Send me!  I'll go!"

Isaiah was brought into the presence of the Almighty which gave him powerful self awareness which showed him how "undone" he really was.  What was the result of Blackburn's 'revelation'?

Blackburn's wife was murdered, and he appeared utterly unaware of how mercenary-like, uncaring and distant his language revealed him to be, including after 'corrections' and subsequent statements.  

Blackburn has his own spin on Isaiah, but even within the narcissistic self imputation, he reveals that, as his mentor said, "something is very wrong "with him; a description that is sometimes heard when someone has a severe personality disorder.  

In Blackburn's 'vision', he comes out of it narcissistic and the center of attention, not "undone" but 'worthy!' of great historic things.  

A sad side note is that the educated pastor of the church did not recognize the twisted plagiarizing of the Biblical account, and how Blackburn used it  to make "Davey front and center" in the upcoming historical, nation- shaking event.   

Does Davey Blackburn delude himself  into believing he is a prophet on a mission, like Isaiah?  This would be difficult enough to deal with, but...

Does Davey  Blackburn see himself more as equal with God? 

  Is this the reason he uses the pronoun "we" as often as he does?

Q.  Does Blackburn suffer a form of delusion where he has equated himself with God in a way that makes him unique not only in the world, but in history?

A.  His language gives us the answer.  

Next note, the "Mission" of the man of Isaiah's vision. 

Isaiah came out so humbled and grateful, that he was willing to be a servant. 

Davey came out, and at age 30, not only arrogantly rebuked his father-in-law's entire congregation (who are a reflection of his work) but called his own congregation "my children."  He is now the chosen one to re-write the history books and the arrogance was immediate in his short speech.  He went from "I don't know if I can even talk" feigning of grieving to announcing that he, through Amanda's death, will give "life" to the "dead" church.  

The progression of this "mission" has been clear from the moment this story broke.  

From her own words and video, Amanda appeared to be a very loving, quiet, Christian mother who took her faith seriously.  She was publicly humiliated by her husband while alive, and now dead, she is having her private diary read, like a movie trailer, whetting the appetite of the intended audience for the big release.  

Amanda may have 'hindered' his 'career ambitions' in life, but in death she is now tasked with bringing the nation's churches back to life, and we don't have to guess who will carry this message.  

When the horrible news of the murder took place, Blackburn released a statement that said, in effect,
"But my career goes on!"

This was what caused the Fox News commentator to point out the narcissism of the statement, as well as the blaring omission of love for Amanda or his slain child, as well as fear of the killer. 

Blackburn continued this "mission" theme, recognizing how this death has been the bonanza of free national advertising.  While he should have been grieving, or in the least, scared out of his mind that the killers were coming back for him or his son, instead, he had the wherewithal to tell his church, 

'the nation is watching, if media tries to talk to you, here is what I want you to tell them, and oh, by the way, wear jeans and come laugh...'

He would orchestrate, choreograph, and control every detail, down to flashing a gun, wearing tight shirts, and telling people what to say and wear.  The arrogance is extreme but matches the language and if you thought he was arrogant before, what is to come of him now, that he has conversed with the Almighty in the shower?

This, from a man who's wife and unborn child were murdered and the killer on the loose who refused to say "I love Amanda" or demand justice, or even express concern for the killers "out there" who could kill his neighbors.  

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.'

What would you say if your wife had just been sexually assaulted and brutally murdered?  Remember, the killer had removed her clothing.

If you could even speak after losing your better half, would you have the presence of mind that he had?

Once on TV, he gave the 'yeah, yeah, the family is grieving  but guess what?  6,500 customers tuned in online alone and...'

People were shocked.  

At the memorial, his mentor spoke.  You may have thought it would be about the Resurrection of Christ, or about Amanda. 

It wasn't.  

It was about Davey Blackburn and the language was that of first warning that something was very wrong with him, 
something that only a woman could fix, and then it was how "beautiful" or sexy Davey is.  


What does this mean?

It means that while speaking of Amanda's death, he was thinking about Davey and sex.  

If you think this was not 'sexy' language, take note of Perry Noble's own defensive qualifier. He knew it was when he said the unnecessary:  "If you're a man, you know what I am talking about."  

What is it here that men would understand, but not women?

It is an alarming statement and the context, again, is key.  

Remember:  everyone takes showers.  Showers can be relaxing and people like to be cleansed, and like to think, or even sing in the shower.  

Few people, however, feel the need to tell the public about being in the shower.  

Statement Analysis recognizes the linguistic need of water, not water itself, in statements where sexual abuse or sexual homicide are indicated.  

The key is context:  the need to say where he was when visited and conversing with the Almighty. No one asked him, "Where were you when God talked to you?"

It is an unnecessary part of the sentence and that which is unnecessary is deemed "doubly important" in analysis.  

Blackburn's best friend told the public what they "needed" to hear during the memorial.  What did the public need to hear?  Was it about the resurrection from the dead?  Was it about how kind, thoughtful and loving Amanda was?

No, they needed to hear something else. 

They "needed" to hear about Davy's alibi.  

He and Davey talked every week for one hour.  

Why would the public need to hear this?

It reveals his own doubts about "Crazy Davey" but it also raises a question by what he did not say:  

He did not mention if this talking for one hour, at the same time, included Davey staying outside in the driveway for 40 minutes every week, or this was just the week that he not only forgot to lock the door, but stayed outside on the phone instead of continuing in doors where, his wife was still alive, but bled out.  Consider this when you read his own father's comment about brain activity and the loss of blood.  

Would she have survived had he not sat outside for 40 minutes on this one particular week?

It was Blackburn, himself, who felt the need to tell the congregation that he was in the shower, naked.
Amanda was found murdered, with her clothing off.

It is Blackburn, himself, who hears 'God' talking. 

 What did 'God" tell him?

Amanda died so his church could live.

This certainly justifies Amanda's death for one who's ambition for his career was enough to make his own wife want to leave him, but wrapped in enough religious language and people applauded.  

Previously, Amanda had complained that her husband's work in his church was so much that she wanted to move back home with her parents.

Blackburn, previously, had said that a wife could "slingshot" or harm a man's career in a church. It was quite a warning.  

Blackburn had publicly complained about Amanda and pregnancy making for a bad marriage.  

What was his specific and public complaint about her?

It was sex.

Where did his 'God" have this Q & A session?

In the place where one is cleansed, in the language of those who are victims of sexual abuse, perpetrators of sexual abuse, or work in the field of sexual abuse:  the language of water.

What did his mentor talk about at Amanda's memorial?


Does the mentor have his own doubts about Blackburn?

Blackburn, even before the killer was caught, spoke of "Amanda's Story" and had family selling t shirts to raise money, though his career seems to be uninterrupted financially, and life insurance may be in the waiting.  

The obsession with career is more than just an obsession, it appears to be a frightening justification of Amanda's death.  

Why the need to justify the death?

"Amanda died to give life to the church' is blasphemous to Christians who hold that God gave His Son, Christ, to die so that His church would live.  

Is he equating himself with God?

The father-in-law, as pastor, gave affirmation with silence and then the audience showed its approval.  

His "vision" and his "Q&A" with 'God', has signaled that he is no longer bound by Scripture, (own authority as a cultist) and he is off on a mission. Since he went beyond Scripture, even any claim of "extra Biblical revelation" itself, being "of Scripture" is now null and void since it is in plain contradiction of Scripture. Those of the faith will understand why this is so important.  The authority now is no longer a written standard; it is Davey and whatever 'God' tells him is now authoritative.  

How far is he going to take this? 

His ambition is limitless; so much so that the murder of his own wife is but a yawn compared to the commercial opportunities.  His followers are impressed by his non reaction, as if, as one detective put it, he was already perfected in heaven, while yet being here on earth. 

If it is a show, it is one talented showman.  The lack of emotion and absence of fear of the killers, however, is more consistent with guilty knowledge than any sales technique connected to 'higher life' or stoic living.   

His language has signaled an obsession that, since first written, has shown neither filter nor ability to contain himself, and appears to have become either unhinged, or 'set free' to do any and everything he can to promote himself. 

He now believes himself to be directed by 'God' to be thrust into history.  This could prove to be something almost impossible to talk one out of.   He and 'God' both gave their loved ones to give life to the church.  I use 'God' due to the conflict of definition and respect to readers.  This man's delusional guilty language is an affront to many people of faith.  Think of the men who predicted the end of the world only to, once the date passed, feign a mea culpa and go back and set yet another date.  This form of ego is near impossible to reason with and the results can be tragic. 

His plagiarism of Isaiah may be readily seen by us, though not the pastor where he spoke, nor his followers, but what is not seen by his followers is what he is plainly stating:

                  His need to be cleansed.  

Of what?  

I am not sure, for even victims of childhood sexual abuse, as adults, express 'guilt' and a need to be cleansed from it, often evidenced through self loathing and self destructive behavior. 

Again, I return to context.  

Davey Blackburn is telling us of his need to be cleansed and it comes in context of his wife's murder. 

"For us, we have nothing to hide."

This is a statement of guilt by one who has ascribed himself both prophet like status, and Divine like status and he is on a mission. 

Is it a guilt from capitalizing so blatantly on her death, including the deliberate misuse of Scripture?
Is it a guilt from having done some other things wrong, in relation to his bad marriage?  Is this what is behind all the sex language from both him and his mentor?  Does his mentor signal concern about Davey Blackburn and sex?

Or, is the guilt far worse, as in one who, somewhere along the line, met criminal elements, even in 'counseling' sessions, and told them of his bad marriage, and how she did not satisfy him sexually and how much she is hurting his career...

Even now, they are plainly stating that money sales are going straight to "Davey and Weston", which in using the child's name, is a form of emotional manipulation.  It is unnecessary to  include the name, therefore, the inclusion, itself, is "sensitive" to whoever wrote it or had it written.  

Did he lose his salary?
Was Amanda supporting them?

Why the need for money now, since even some weekly expenditures have just gone down?  

Go back to that which is central; the context. 

All of this comes from the murder of Amanda Blackburn. 

The obvious hamming for the camera, the 'working of the room,' the marketing and  exploitation of his wife's death, all are tangents away from that which brought him into prominence in the first place and gave him his national audience.  

The central issue and the point of all comes from this:  Amanda's murder is not just the "lucky" odds-breaker of someone who openly complained about his marriage, but her murder is the "marching orders" of which a man now claims to have heard from the Almighty that he is called to "breathe life" into his church (whom he calls his "children") but to an entire nation.  

We should not lose focus as we see the bizarre ego-centric cult beginnings: . 

It is a murder investigation with coincidences that need to be thoroughly known.  

Blackburn is a man on a mission.  

When one sees himself as having a personal conversation with 'God' it is near impossible to reason with him. 

He is "special" above and beyond all others. 

By the fact that he has a talent for performance, a good intellect and can perform as he does, makes it very challenging to reason with him.  It often takes a "comeuppance" to bring someone "down to earth", like a tragedy. 

Instead, the tragedy of Amanda's murder has thrust him further from reality, not closer, and has vaunted him to this incredible personal status with 'God', where he is so special, and so wonderful, and so very different than everyone else, that he, himself, is chosen to do a work that history has not yet written about, placing him above the greats of American history, who accomplished things, but were not sent of 'God' like he was.  

He will not be bound by reason. 
He will not be bound by criticism. 

And he has now told us:

He will not be bound, nor limited even by Scripture, itself. 

If he has had no connection to the shooters, completely, and the source of his guilt not known, what becomes of him when he does not "rewrite" history books with his life?  Beyond reason, what happens when, in a sense, the 'date setting' fails?

What, in effect, does the equating himself with God actually tell us about his future plans of glory?

Listen to him. 

Listen carefully to what he has told us when he supplanted Christ with Amanda. 

He is a man on a mission to use books, television, movies, internet, and whatever it takes to spread the word:

 '...for 'Davey so loved the world, that he gave Amanda life to make the church live..."


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Anonymous said...

Wow Peter. Just wow. You have written a powerful article. Every word true, defining Davey Blackburn just as he is. He is anti-Christ and is a very dangerous man if he is allowed to run rampant within the Christian community.

On the other hand, he will not be able to usurp the Name of Jesus and the sacrifice Christ made for the world. No man is capable of doing this. He will make an utter fool of himself and will utterly fail. ABB

Anonymous said...

ummm.... is that the book of the Bible you meant to refer to?

Anonymous said...

I worry that law enforcement is not watching.

Concerned said...

This is so powerful, Peter!
I found myself almost yelling, "Yes!" many times while reading it.
As a Christian who understands that holy scripture is complete and that God does not call for further sacrifice beyond His son, I thank you.

Do you ever email your analysis to the press in particular cities?
I would think at least one reporter in Elkhart would be interested in the fact that one of their own was killed and her husband claimed her death had spearheaded an event unheralded in history, having become God, himself. That is big news!

The Birmingham News, Indy reporters and perhaps Davey's dad's (or whatever he calls him since Phil Byars is "Dad") hometown.
Please tell my you'll send it.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Davey thinks he is Ezekial which is why he thinks it's OK not to mourn Amanda's death.

A big difference is that God told Ezekial he was going to kill his wife BEFORE He did it; not afterwards in the shower because He knew Crazy Davey would say no.

AutumLeaves said...

Crazy Davey is on the verge of being Crazy Daisy in prison. The only thing he will be doing in the prison shower is praying he doesn't drop the soap.

rosy said...

Davey's intervention at his father in law's church, as I recall it, referenced Ezekiel Chapter 37 rather than Isaiah. I'll go listen again. Meanwhile, another text Davey is leaning on is the boo "Through the Eyes of a Lion: Facing Impossible Pain, Finding Incredible Power" by Levi Lusko, Steven Furtick.

According to Davey, a highlight of the train journey with Amanda to Chicago to revive their marriage was watching/listening on the computer to Levi Lusko preach. A romantic getaway kicked off by listening to Lusko? In a Tweet (which may now be deleted) he said they were "tears" -meaning IN tears - watching the Elevation Church video of Levi Lusko while on the train.

I find this ominous considering that Levi Lusko founded his revival on the death of his son: "As a parent who lost his young daughter, Pastor Lusko has been there. In this inspirational memoir, he shares the power of hope in a world often visited by pain, suffering, and loss; urges you to view life as an adventure; and encourages you to make an eternal impact."

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Did you see 20/20 last night.? It was about a wife's plot to murder her husband by hiring a hit man. It was so amazingly similar to Amanda's murder. The wife was to go the gym and at 6:30 the hired hit man was to enter and it was supposed to look like a burglary gone bad. I could not believe the similarities.

rosy said...

Link for Davey's Tweet on tears over Levi Lusko on train toward their romantic getaway. He Tweeted about this AFTER Amanda was killed. As recorded in his book "Heart of a Lion," Levi Lusko founded his rise as a preacher on the loss of his daughter. I don't like the pattern here.

OPN said...

He's not going to get very little narcissistic supply from writing books, public speaking, or television interviews because his narcissism is obvious and disturbing. Few people will buy Davey's narcissistic book. Even fewer will want to see him hypomanically jabber about himself in person. My prediction: He'll sink into Major Depression and be forced to take a job under Amanda's dad or his dad within a year.

OPN said...

"he's going to get very little narcissistic supply"

Concerned said...

OPN, unless PN dumps him, which I know is likely, Davey's book will be a bestseller. PN makes sure his own books are on the New York Times Bestseller list by having NewSpring buy 5000 copies. When this is done, a book is only on the list for a week but then the author can write NYT Bestselling Author on future books and in marketing himself for speeches and seminars.
Makes you feel sick, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Autumn Leaves @9:09; since apparently Davey is a back door man, which would explain his use for 'butter', I doubt he will be worrying too much about dropping the soap in the prison shower. Woudn'cha think? Yikes! He REALLY grosses me out.

On a different note, it is sad that neither sets of parents, supposedly god-fearing ministers of the gospel, seem to be taking this man and his anti-Christ blasphemy seriously. They just go along with whatever he says and does.

This would explain why none of them on either side paid any attention to how Davey was treating Amanda and little Weston. And they aren't hearing it now either. Are they really this gullible? It would appear they are. Lord have mercy. ABB

rosy said...

His fantasy is of supplanting his father and father-in-law by founding his own brand of revivalist church. His fantasy tells him to leverage his elders' sympathy and generosity so as to overthrow and crush then in the same way Perry Noble and Levi Lusko ("leader of the morbid evangelistic group Skull Church - See more at:")strive to overthrow existing churches with their personal mega-churches. Not satisfied with PN as his mentor, Davey wants to become PN's peer, leader of an independent revival movement across Indiana. Yet he is ambivalent about this ambition. He may collapse.

OP said...

I can't see Davey exploding into mega-church status or national speaking tour or big book numbers. Resonate would be much larger by now if he had the ability to draw. He's simply too off-putting outside of a small group of people.

Did the woman on 20/20 plan her husband's death after November 10th from what she learned, or did this happen a long time ago so perhaps ... someone else learned from it?

AutumLeaves said...

OPN, do you honestly think Amanda's father would hire him? I think the only reason her parents are keeping quiet is for the sake of Weston. Crazy Davey will use that kid as a weapon to keep Amanda's parents from seeing him if he needs to. Once the big sting happens (and it's gonna happen) that's when her parents will fight for custody.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8.16. The 20/20 thing - was it Dahlia Dippolito?

Too bad the thugs Crazy Davey hired weren't undercover cops.

Anonymous said...

It seems like everything I see from or about Davey Blackburn now has hidden meaning. I just have a feeling Amanda's death has been on his mind for a long time. I found this video on Resonate Church's FB page and can't imagine what sort of Christian message could come of it. All I could think of the whole time I watched it was, Where is Amanda Now?

Concerned said...

I think you're right about the reason Amanda's parents aren't confronting Davey.
If she were my daughter I would still be furious that he left the door unlocked,
never mind that he acts like an unloving lunatic with a microphone.
but they have to walk on eggshells or lose Weston to a crazy man.

Anon at 8:54
Tennessee just locked up an attorney who first tried to poison his wife with toothpaste, then tried to hire a hitman who turned out to be a cop, went to jail, then tried to have a fellow prisoner kill her when he got out.
Maybe Davey read that story and saw others on TV videoed in cars with hitmen who were actually cops.
Where else to go but to people he knew were genuine thugs? He knew that because some of them were known at the schools where he substituted.

Louise K said...


there is a vid of DB speaking of how tolerant the Indy school system has been, usually Religious Groups get a year then have to find a new meeting place but because Resonate is so Special They've had Grace to stay longer.

This was dated a year ago.

I suggest pressure to get a new church going became to much

something drastic had to happen

and it did

Kate said...

Anon @ 2:06, I've been going through those pictures on their fb, very interesting. Especially the one dated March 14, 2013 with what seems like a photo shoot of two men and a cop, cop car has sticky notes all over it, shows cop leaning one man over to cuff him, the other one is sitting on the ground. How close was Davey with law enforcement? This facebook also shows Davey doing A LOT of baptisms, not just a couple, but a lot. It also shows the audience from time to time.

OPN said...

Levi Lusko is a male, hipster, Christian pastor and experienced the death of a loved one, but that's all he has in common with DB that I've seen in youtube videos. Levi doesn't reek of narcissism, leak inappropriate sexual comments, and demean others. His presentations don't incite cringing like DB's.

CathieD said...

I was wondering when he would get around to the "unless a seed falls to the ground and dies" message. Does he have any idea how predictable he is?????

Concerned said...

NewSpring is famous for re-Baptizing and then re-re-Baptizing people.
They all count the same when you're working up the spreadsheet of success!

Kate said...

Ahhh good to know these things Concerned, learning slowly but surely, thank you!

Concerned said...

In future Resonate I would look for Davey to start splicing in some crowd videos taken from Amanda's "celebration" service.

Concerned said...

Insert Resonate "videos" above. Sorry!

Concerned said...

Did you guys learn anything new on the Live Chat? I could only be on for a little while and it wouldn't let me scroll back to read.

Kate said...

Not too much more, but it was so nice to vent in real time and to know others are thinking along the same way. Was so glad Peter opened that up and for everything he does to keep an eye on this story.

Anonymous said...

Warning: I typed this comment while watching one of Davey's "sermons" so it may sound all over the place. I just cannot believe people listen to his crap!

Ya'll, Davey's past sermons are so telling! Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but on one video entitled "Change My Relationship" from February 22nd, he talks about finding his grill face down on the cement because of Amanda. He says he was so mad he didn't talk to her for 2 days because he'd "never been more livid." He showed less emotion finding HER facedown than his grill that he refers to as his "mistress." At 15:10 he insults his church after telling them that Steven in the bible was being stoned by saying, "Now this is Resonate, so I gotta be clear..." and he makes certain they understand he didn't mean smoking weed. He goes on to to describe how "ticked" he would be if his best friend was "brutally killed" like that. He says around 16:42, "I'd be ticked. Like, livid. Like, blood for blood, out for revenge, get me my glock, I'm puttin' a cap in his head." THAT'S how he describes what his reaction would be if a fellow Christian was being brutally murdered. He says, "Is it okay for a pastor to admit that? I'm just like you! I want revenge just as much as anybody else." He sums up Noah's ark by saying it isn't a children's story, "God killed everybody," because they were disobedient to their parents. THEN he goes on to talk about a story he read about "a guy" (apparently the chapter and verse are irrelevant to him because he doesn't mention it) who has sex with a concubine "on the side" and he gets mad at her, so he "chops her up into 12 different pieces and ships her to 12 different parts of the world. Sex and murder seem to be on his mind often! At 20:00 he talks about how characters in the bible are "messed up." He uses King David and an example and says he was named after King David. If that's not telling, I don't know what is. He talks about how King David saw a naked woman sunbathing (sex again), brings her to his castle and has sex with her, gets her pregnant, then kills (murder again) her husband. So far, 20 minutes into this message I've hear NOTHING positive about changing your relationship, and WAY too much about murder and sex. This is chilling. He goes on to say that messed up people get a second chance. Is he referring to what he's going to do to Amanda, already justifying it by saying he's going to get a second chance too?

Now he's talking about Isis!! He just told them about how 21 people were beheaded. OMG, SO much murder in his message! AT 23:32 he asks his congregation to imagine if one of those 21 people were their mother, father, sister, brother, wife, or husband, and to imagine the rage they would feel. But yet he shows no rage when his own wife is murdered. He asks them to imagine the desire for revenge.

He says the bible says the people were "all afraid of him [Saul]," but Davey says he believes that is a weak translation and comes up with his own translation. He says he believes the people were out for blood, not afraid. THEN he says he believes in gun control. He says at 24:52, "You break into my house, I have a gun, I will control you with it, okay?" Then he laughs and says, "Hmm. I got a bunch of good claps for that one. We gotta lot of people who like guns." OMG. I really hope the police are watching all these so called messages that Davey has given.

Concerned said...

Kate at 10:16,

Me too.

Way back with the OJ case it seemed that everyone was interested in discussing it.
Especially after the verdict which made everyone I knew crazy.

Case Anthony wasn't quite the unifier but by then, we had Peter's blog, the Hinky Meter and Caylee Daily.

I vowed to never get so involved again but here I am, getting nothing done!

AutumLeaves said...

I'm quite sure the guilt Amanda's parents are feeling is incomprehensible. They no doubt knew he was very degrading to their daughter & I'm sure they said many prayers concerning the marriage. Out of Amanda's respect for her sorry excuse for a husband & her marriage vows, her parents were not told of the real pain she was enduring on a daily basis. Her parents are finding out things now that they wished they had known. I can't imagine all of the "what ifs" they are replaying over & over on how they should have rescued her. How were they to know it would lead to this? And what about her sister? I think her husband introduced them.
I also think they have frequent contact with the detectives. If that were my daughter I'd be demanding to know what was going on in the investigation. I feel her parents know deep down inside that he did it but they don't want to make any waves.....yet. They are not going to let the only little piece of Amanda they have left (Weston) slip thru their hands. They weren't able to save Amanda but they will save her son at any cost. They are just playing the game right now, as hard as it is, they have to do it. They couldn't bare the thought of letting Amanda down by not saving that poor little boy.

Anonymous said...

Did you know, right around Amanda's funeral, I looked at the picture of her red coffin on the resonate's webpage. I was shocked to see that they were selling her picture (the coffin). Really? So, he is cashing in big time. I don 't think LE are going to connect the dots. 1st of all, there were not supposed to say that CD is 100% innocent. I think LE is happy got some thugs and ...that's it. Kisses and hugs from me to you all. I have beed reading your posts since day 1. Very brilliant posts, and very brilliant SAs Peter. I can't write posts- it's hard w/ the phone.

Anonymous said...

Also, (me again-the same person) -I've seen cases on youtube (dateline,20/20 ), very similar, where hisbands (killers) got away with it. I am saying that LE doesn't connect the dots- think about- they came after the emt took the body, so the crime scene was contaminated already, then, the dog was greeting the officers, then at the hospiral finally they spoke with CD. Also, the LE does not have the computer - CD made sure they won't find it. The only way is a real proof of these blacks that they - or one of them is connected to CD. Time will tell. One more thing- the PN' church makes an anual 60 M in profits. They can buy everyone. Amanda was an item that had to go. Horrible!!!

Elizabeth said...

Starting around starts 3.11. listen to Davey going on and on about his "beautiful mistress grill" that fell off of the deck because Amanda forgot to put the "Shekinah glory grill" back after she'd moved it. He says "I can't remember another time I was so mad..." @ 7.37 mark "and I didn't talk to her for a couple of days." Then Davey goes on to say how much it bothers him 'til this day.

Davey shows more anger and resentment for his dented "beautiful mistress grill" than he has ever shown over Amanda's brutal murder.

This also shows more of Davey's warped mind. God's Divine Presence dwelt in Davey's "beautiful mistress grill."

(Shekinah Glory is from the Hebrew word “shekinot” which means where God's Divine Presence is.)

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:23
I used to assume from Davey's asinine behavior that most of his "church" was made up of white teenagers and young hipsters. After reading your post, I picture more thugs warming those few seats. I see him out in the community talking like a tough dude and promising his own funky brand of religion.

Looking at the Facebook pages of these thugs and then linking to their mothers' and grandmothers' pages, I've observed that they are women of faith with strong church connections. Maybe Davey provided something they knew was missing but he made it okay to think abut "capping" someone in the name of Jesus. These people have experienced a lot of loss...they're always saying RIP to a brother or a cousin or a friend. They have to think about dying themselves, which leads someone to thinking about God and salvation.

I'm convinced Davey knew people in the Kilt gang and wouldn't be surprised if they were some of his bums in seats, looking for redemption from a madman.

Gemini said...

Wondering if insurance money is at play here. Money for a new building. For a real church. His church. "Amanda died to give life to the church." The money from her insurance would enable him to build his church and get out of renting the school.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:23 has found some gems in Davey's "sermons".
You won't be surprised but you will see even more evidence of the crazy observed by the mentor!

GeekRad said...

Anon at 7:46, I worry too. I know my fellow posters here are sick of me saying it. They have gangsters in custody, they are busy, there is no media or public outcry. This case is far from their priorities. We all know it stinks but LE has a case wrapped up in a bow. For now........I hope I am wrong and if I am I will gloriously shout it out.

Lemon said...

Interesting thought Gemini.

Kate said...

I am listening to his Love song week how to win a fight. I've swallowed my stomach about three times now and I'm only 1/4th in.


BL said...

Anonymous at 10:23 -- thank you for the Cliff Notes on the sermon so I don't have to suffer through it! Unbelievable!!!! When you spoke about his anger over the grill it makes my heart go out to Amanda even more ... how controlling he was -- to not speak to her for two days period would be wrong, but to do it over the grill ... and to a Christian woman who'd been raised to obey her husband and think everything wrong must be her fault ... AND then to boast about it in a sermon like this is how we're supposed to live our lives. THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!

Concerned said...

I fear that hardworking people are making donations to Davey.
They made such a point of saying the T-shirt sales and donations were all going to Davey and Weston.
That seemed to go without saying but it was said.

I saw on one of the family's Facebook pages that there was another account set up at something like GoFundMe but where there are no percentages deducted.

Putting out the photos of Weston and Amanda's diaries plus Davie's tweeted Bible quotes about grieving is calculated to keep the sympathy train going.

A marketing company called Story/Brand tweeted that their representative had spent 2 days with Perry Noble and his team. Nothing that happens with them will be accidental.
Everything is about capitalizing and filling the coffers.

Anonymous said...

There is an episode on youtube about Scott Peterson ...behind the scenes, A Deadly Game: The untold Story of the SP investigation is worth watching it....He was free about 4 months he has been already 10 yrs on death row. I wonder if Amber Frey was worth this sentence!!

Concerned said...

Let me see...Davey was mad about the damaged BBQ grill longer than he was mad at his wife's murderers?
And God chose this unforgiving jerk to un-dry the bones of His people?
That's so believable since the Bible tells us that only perfect and all-forgiving Jesus could save any of us!

Anonymous said...

There is an episode on youtube about Scott Peterson ...behind the scenes, A Deadly Game: The untold Story of the SP investigation is worth watching it....He was free about 4 months he has been already 10 yrs on death row. I wonder if Amber Frey was worth this sentence!!

Concerned said...

GeekRad at 10:50
The Mark Seviers case in Florida should pump up your hope. Nancy Grace has Bombshelled this one to death.

A Probable Cause affidavit was filed last week and outlines how Mark paid his best friend to hire a hitman and drive him from Kansas (I think) to lie in wait for his physician wife and beat her to death with a hammer. The killers are in jail but Mark is still out there walking around. When asked why, LE said they "want to get it right". They even have info on the burner phones used by Mark and his friend to communicate.
The 2nd hired guy's girlfriend has spilled everything about him. LE is just tying up the loose ends with which they will hang Mark.

I believe that's the case here with Davey. One day we'll turn on our TVs and maybe even old Nancy Grace (who hasn't touched this with a 10-foot pole) will have a Bombshell we can celebrate!

Elizabeth said...

@ 16.50 "...out for revenge, get me my glock, I'm puttin' a cap in his head."

Cap in head, like the way Amanda was murdered?

Trigger said...

Davey, what troubles you so that you are willing to offer up Amanda an her unborn child as a sacrifice to your "church?"

I don't believe that God sent you to teach us how to live.

Karl said...

I have a hunch that he puts himself more equal with God, as time goes on, because he thinks he got away with murder, something only God could do.

AutumLeaves said...

GeekRad, don't be fooled. They want rid of crazy Davey & all of the nationwide negativity he has bestowed upon their city. They are getting all of their ducks in a row. In the meantime they are throwing him a little more rope. At this point I'm sure he thinks it's yesterday's news. Amanda who???
He thinks he is invincible (I mean, come on, apparently he thinks he is God's "go to" guy) he needs a little more rope at this point.
I hope I'm right

Concerned said...

Trigger at 11:25
I think it's good to speak directly to Davey here.
Someone that narcissistic can't avoid checking to see what people are saying about him.

Waving to Davey!

Boston Lady said...

I'm watching the video Change Week 3 where Davey talks about his beloved mistress the grill. He really should watch his videos and see how he leaks his presumptions of what people have experienced in church before coming to Resonate. He goes thru his "story" of the grill that blew off the deck and was completely defaced. (interesting term) Although his story goes on to say he still used it after the horrific accident that was all Amanda's fault. (according to him) But he is telling the attendees at 8:19 to be truthful about what has caused them such pain and angst and he adds "I know you are not used to being honest in church" Why would he assume this? Or, is he leaking about himself?

It's an odd statement. Or is it an arrogant statement? In Davey's church, people are honest and all other churches, they are not. Why? Does this relate to the statement he made at his father in law's church that he didn't care what they thought but he saw dry bones when he was at his church the year before but now he sees them coming alive. Again why? Because he's there?

Or is Davey telling us he is not honest in church? Telling his "stories"?

Anonymous said...

The video pans out and you can see its in front of East middle school. It could have been the resource officer from the school district

Anonymous said...

The coffin wasn't red. It was the lighting.

rosy said...

OPN said

Levi Lusko - another bloviator. And using his child's death. Here are a few pop-vox reactions:

Concerned said...

More incredible pre-crime leaking from Davey at Boston Lady @ 11:41
The "completely defaced" comment made my skin crawl.
I become more convinced daily that the gun lam in the face and the shooting was done by Davey with a staged robbery by the thugs.
Yes, they committed a crime but their lawyers need to be reading this Davey stuff and pointing the finger at him.

Kate said...

Davey Blackburn Love Songs Week 4 - How To Win A Fight

1 Month before Amanda's death.

"Now look, this is probably one of the most disturbing uh verses that I've ever read in scripture and I need you to feel the weight of this. It says in verse seven, (gestures and says "as she goes out to find him"), the watchman found me as they made their rounds in the city. They beat me, they bruised me, they took away my cloak, those watchman of the walls. Don't miss this because of the conflict, that took place in the relationship, he runs away, she goes try to find him and in the middle of the night, she gets raped. Listen to me, devastating things happen when we don't resolve things properly."

Concerned said...

gun "slam" in the face. sorry!

Concerned said...

Kate at 11:54
And the Bible does not say she was raped if I'm not mistaken.
Davey threw that in for effect. (Or his own fantasy which he fulfilled.)

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that some of Daveys social media posts are private? I can't hardly stomach reading any more vague posts that won't mention he misses the love of his life. Weston misses his mommy. Instead everything is just peachy. I'm just wondering if there are posts we're not seeing and he is talking about Amanda. He said in one of his early interviews that he called her cell phone knowing she wouldn't answer but wanted to leave her a message. Those kinds of posts would make him seem human.

Gemini said...

That's a good point. So not necessarily insurance money, but donation money. It really makes sense.

Concerned said...

Kate at 11:54

I couldn't find a single Bible commentary that mentions rape when discussing the verses Davey uses in his "story".
He is truly a student of The Mentor in spouting "whatever it takes" to sway your audience.

Ministers I've known spend hours in study and discussion, trying to understand the Word of God so they can lead Christians to love and service.
I can hardly wrap my mind around the knowledge that someone who claims to be a pastor
would knowingly ADD words that aren't there.
Such pomposity! (Is that a word? It should be.)

Boston Lady said...

Davey likes to repeat the teaching slogan in his sermon three times. I wonder if he was taught by someone to do that or if he is emulating PN? I've noticed him doing this in all of his videos. He speaks in slogans. Maybe I'm just being sensitive but repeating the slogan 3 times in a row feels like he's talking down to a child. Again he assumes people cannot hear him the first time?

Anonymous said...

Assuming that Davey does read comments about himself, what do you think he makes of the ones that are suspicious of his involvement and mock his narcissism? How would his psyche interpret them? I have an inkling that reading such comments would increase his arrogance, that he would see us as proof of his lofty superiority and as grist for the mill - more people to convert to Resonate...

Kate said...

Concerned, did it mention the watchman? If so, did they use the same word?

Boston Lady, it's draining listening to him, yes he always repeats and often he says "write this down" and so I wonder if Amanda had to take notes as well.

Concerned said...

Anon at 11:57
He's had a chance to say that to the nation and to Amanda's home church.
He can't.
I think he's afraid he would set off someone if he says publicly that he loved her.
Meg, the intern/ live-in babysitter? Maybe.
Maybe another lover - guy or girl. Most people here think it's a guy, it seems.
Whoever it is might hold the key to this.

AutumLeaves said...

"Waving to Davey" hahaha good one! 😂

Gemini said...

Crazy. Who talks like that?

Anonymous said...

The Bible verse in the King James is:

The watchmen that went about the city found me, they smote me, they wounded me; the keepers of the walls took away my veil from me. [Song of Solomon]

All the modern translations say something like "took my outer cloak from me" for the ending ... nothing about rape.

Concerned said...

Kate, yes on the watchman.
If you put Song of Solomon 5:7 and in Google,
it'll bring up the various translations and commentaries on the verse.
If you find rape mentioned, I'd sure like to know. I did not see it.

We're all going to become Old Testament scholars before this is over!!

Anonymous said...

The story of the concubine who was cut in 12 pieces does include rape. It's Judges 19.

Gemini said...

���� Hi Davey!

Gemini said...

Interesting point

concerned said...

Anon at 12:15
His mentor acts like all publicity is good publicity in the end as it gives you material for books and sermons.
I bet Davey's on board with that.

Nothing is Wasted, you know!

Jen said...

Why is Davey referred to as "CD"? TIA

Anonymous said...

Good evening Davey ! (and your friends. . . )

Can you explain to us exactly how you were more upset about your grill falling off of the deck because Amanda didn't put it back against the house (and still are upset about it this many years later) than you were about finding her "in the condition she was in" when you came back from the gym that morning? Seems like, from your "changing your relationships" video discussed above, you would have been enraged, livid, ready to cap the people who had exposed, assaulted and murdered your wife in such a brutal way.

Strange how docile and reflective and resigned you have become since the day you spoke this sermon at Resonate. . .

Gemini said...

Someone posted a map on another thread. Can you share that again. It was a map of the house and the entrances to the neighborhood.

Kate said...

Thanks all, it was an interesting and nauseating watch/listen.

Anonymous said...

CD stands for Crazy Davey - Perry Noble called him that first

Anonymous said...

here is the satellite map with the entrances to the neighborhood, I think this is the one you wanted Gemini?

Concerned said...

Cathy at 12:15
Sorry I missed your name on that first reply.
One more word about Davey's attitude toward us:
His mentor, Perry Noble pronounced everyone commenting on Davey "Internet Trolls" who are home with nothing to do.
That made me laugh...
I have plenty to do.
I'm just not doing it because Davey Blackburn getting away with murdering that sweet girl drives me crazy!

If we can drive him a little bit crazy by being here and
pointing out how he appears guilty of something to anyone visiting the blog, then good for us!
And many commenters have figured out connections between Davey and Kilt Gang members. That can only be good.

Gemini said...

Yes thank you!

Concerned said...

While we're greeting Davey tonight,
let's give a shout-out to
Kenneth and
Meg and
Perry and maybe even
Alonzo and
Treezy, my man!
Justice eventually comes calling, peeps.

Concerned said...

Anon at 12:24
Please clarify your point.
That is a different Bible story.

Jen said...

Anon, thanks! Of course it stands for Crazy Davey! I couldn't put it together but now it makes perfect sense. :)

AutumLeaves said...

Was the neighbor two doors down a woman? Maybe his mistress? Or a man, for that matter. His lover? It seems like maybe that person could be involved. The thugs knew he/she wasn't home & wasn't coming home anytime soon because they just sat in the driveway in a stolen car with stolen goods. Then they left, went to the Blackburns bc they saw a crime of opportunity when Davey left (Pffffft) notice there was no urgency when they went to the Atm machines, then came back, blah, blah, blah. Then they left, Davey returns, sits in driveway, then the neighbor just happens to come home, goes in, calls 911. That's CD q to then go inside & do the same.
Does anyone have any that's on this?

Boston Lady said...

Davey gave Amanda a direction to write down the name Barnabus . "I think I've discovered the name for our second son, Barnabus."

Okay I've reached the point that I would have gotten up and walked out of the change discussion. I can't call this a sermon. He is not teaching. He is trying so hard to be "cool, relevant" that he is speaking down to his audience. At about 15 mins Davey is telling them how Steven was taken out and stoned. He has to stop , clap his hands and say "This is Resonate so I need to say this is not the stoned" at that point he is demonstrating toking on a marijuana smoke. wow. just wow. This is how he is teaching God extending grace?

Who is in the audience that he has to stop and demonstrate? I think he wanted to show he is in touch with this practice.

Kate said...

According to whitepages, the address is lived by an Alison Becker 40-44 years old. I looked and she's not a friend of Daveys on FB.

Unknown said...

Davey Blackburn had what I believe, to be a person of interest on his FB friend list:
"Treezy's" now been unfriended, but what was he doing on there in the first place? He's obviously a game member! Photo's show him holding a gun, wads of money etc. Why was he FB friends with Davey Blackburn? He works out, possibly at LA Fitness?
Surely the Police are checking this out! If there wasn't a problem with this guy, why unfriend him?

Kate said...

But it looks like she is a friend to Ryan McConnell (facebook).

Unknown said...

Kate, the killers disabled the neighbors alarm. I'd like to know if Davey or Amanda had the code? Our neighbor has our code, just incase there's an issue when we're away.

Kate said...

Sondra, who better to give it to than your friendly neighbor pastor, right? It's interesting on her facebook she hasn't posted since November 1st, that's public anyway. Also interesting she's fb friends with Ryan McConnell, but not Ryan's wife.

Anonymous said...

Ah Kate, the burglary victim is friends with the neighborhood watchman ! It sure is strange that the burglars thought/knew they had so much time to spend in that house. So many twisted webs.

And yes, why unfriend this guy if there was no connection ? But, screenshots were snagged before the unfriending - screenshots are being snagged before the deletion of comments and posts - if LE was spending as much time as all of us are on this case, they would know something isn't right and be able to sort out what happened.

Yes definitely need to say hello to Kenneth the tweeter and life-doer tonight as well ! Maybe we should start posting questions to all of them, like hey Meg why'd you move out so suddenly. . .

Anonymous said...

Three way (plot, or more?) with Alison, Davey and Ryan (ewww ewww ewww)

Boston Lady said...

Anddddddd I should have stopped watching but I didn't. Davey talks about the disciples being afraid of Saul when he wanted to join up and says that the word afraid is a weak translation. It is more like wanting blood, revenge. And he goes into wanting to hurt Saul for what he had done . He uses terms of "home boy" and "capped". But what is rather disturbing is this was done in February 2015 and he talks about wanting revenge for what was done and to imagine this was your family member .. and then goes onto say imagine your house was broken into ...

" If someone were to break into my house ... Oh I'm afraid but I have my gun right next to me. okay. Now some of you will say but I believe in gun control. Oh I believe in gun control and if you break into my house, I have a gun and I WILL control you with it. okay."

I should have stopped watching. This was recorded in February and in November of the same year, his house was broken into and his wife was brutally murdered with a gun. eerie . (I tried to get what he said verbatim but I'm not that great at it)

Concerned said...

Treezy and Davey stopped being friends after the connection was mentioned on this blog.
I believe someone sent a screen shot to LE.
Treezy was also a friend of Alonzo Duguoise Bull and/or Donae Mitchell (Alonzo's 17 year old wife). They were/are in the middle of the investigation as the thugs left her apartment at 3:30 AM.

Seeing that Treezy has a gang name on Facebook and looking at his other friends, would you approve a Friend Request from him? Then you have to wonder if Davey sent Treezy a Friend Request. Either way it's hinky.

Kate said...

Wow Boston Lady, thanks I don't think I can take watching another one of his "sermons" tonight. Did he think people wouldn't be looking back at this?

Anon @ 1:22 Here's the weird thing and I might be wrong but someone here can correct me. If you google street Davey's address, and you push the camera left to the neighbor's home who said she was robbed, how could Davey and she possibly see one another and wave? Unless Davey was out of the car? Am I looking at the wrong home?

Anonymous said...

Concerned wrote on live chat -

Does the PC affidavit say that when LE talked with Davey at the hospital he told them about the Swisher Sweets on the counter?So he realized someone had been in his house but didn't call 911 back frantic that there was a break-in?He wasn't scared to death that someone might still be upstairs where Weston was sleeping?

I was on chat this afternoon but couldn't remember why the Swisher Sweets were so relevant - now I remember thanks to Concerned ! Davey said in the affadavit that the Swisher Sweets shouldn't have been in the house. This is key - because he would've known they weren't his or Amanda's, he would've known that someone else had been in the house (which he knew already from finding Amanda in the condition she was in, as Kenneth Wagner so eloquently put it) - WHY didn't he tell 911, in addition to telling them that his wife was injured and unconscious (minimizing), that there had been an intruder and that this was obviously a crime scene and that police presence was needed ?

I think the detectives might have been red flagged by that - that he obviously knew this was a crime scene yet he just made it sound like they only needed EMS / paramedics. He totally wanted to keep police and detectives as far away from the scene for as long as possible.

Kate said...

Ugh I should be in bed. Anyway, another connection is their neighbor Amanda Cummings. Her fb is a bit "shrinish" to Amanda and Davey and guess who's Davey's biggest cheerleader? Yep, Amanda Cummings.

Concerned said...

Anon at 1:35
I've got to believe that these seasoned detectives were on to Davey immediately. They probably listened to the 911 on their way to the scene. They may not be experts in Statement Analysis like Peter but I bet they know a lot just from experience. If that call doesn't start off with , "I was at the gym...", I'll be shocked.

They went right to the hospital where they listened to Davey and watched him. The people who have talked about Davey at the hospital say that they were all grieving and upset but Davey was spreading hope and showing his faith, comforting everyone, impressing the doctors and nurses with his composure. I've got to believe those detectives saw no-tears Davey and cocked their eyes at each other.

If every detective in Peter Hyatt's Tuesday group feels that Davey is guilty of something and most think it's something really bad, Indy LE has to feel the same. They'll get him, slowly but surely. Everyone here needs to keep looking for the things like social media links and pointing out more "sermons" for Peter to analyze.

I'm hoping someone will get emails of reporters for news media in Elkhart, Indianapolis, Birmingham and Brevard, NC and send Peter's Statement Analysis blog posts to them. It may take one of them filing a Freedom of Information request to get the 911 tapes released. (though I do think LE hasn't released them because they don't want Davey to lawyer up.)

Sorry, lots of rambling from a tired person!!

Anonymous said...

I keep telling myself that it took four months for LE to nail Scott Peterson and almost six for them to finally get around to Mark Sievers - it hasn't even been a month yet for poor Amanda (and Evie). I guess the more seasoned the detectives, the more obvious things would seem to them - and some of these gentlemen looked like they had been around the block for sure (I mean that as a compliment to them). It's their job to recognize things like this and act on the obvious things as well as their instincts and feelings. Here's hoping they do act ! (sooner rather than later). . .

Concerned said...

Anon at 1:57
I sure hope it's sooner rather than later because I am getting nothing much done!
Tomorrow, I've decided to take a break from it and get the Christmas tree up.
You guys solve it while I'm unplugged!

Kate said...

If you haven't seen this yet, watch it. For those who asked about Davey's family, his dad is in this and the resemblance is strong. It's very sad to watch as it goes from honoring Amanda to making it about Davey and yes, your heart will sink again :(

What Amanda's mom had to say was interesting as well, I've never seen this full clip.

Kate said...

His mom and grandpa are in it as well.

Not a Robot said...

When little infant Delano Wilson went missing in Indy, it seemed for a long time that LE wasn't doing anything, but eventually they arrested his father for murder even though they've never found his body yet. They take their time there and make sure it's done right.

MsSkeptic said...

Why does he feel the need to justify her death? This is a great question to have pointed out. At the end of his mini sermon he says "don't waste this, don't waste this" to the congregation. What are they supposed to do with "it?" I'll bet they were as confused as we are by his statements after they had a few minutes to digest them. He's got the rhythm of a sermon nailed down, so I think that's why they applauded - and just out of sheer politeness. You can see AB's father looking a little puzzled as he listens.

Could DB be manic? Might that explain his grandiosity?

I loved that you used the word "unhinged" in reference to DB. Are we watching a train wreck? Is that why we can't take our eyes off?

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Narcissist do not take criticism well, even the slightest. They do not like anyone whom disagrees with them, and their defence is to attack whomever disagrees and or criticizes them. We have yet to see this overtly with DB, passively maybe, but not overtly, in public anyway. Will he go on the attack if a question is asked of him about any involvement in Amanda's murder, or even alluded to it?. Will he go on the attack if someone disagrees with his attitude in dealing with Amanda's murder?. Will he allow his mask slip (Messiah like delusion) and become aggressive. This Narcissistic trait is missing (as yet) in DB, again, overtly in "public"

If a journalist or anyone else who has the cahooners to pose this question, or challenge him about his behavior, will he let rip? His mask will slip, (Messiah) i just hope, when it does, it is caught on camera.

Anonymous said...

Kate said...
Ugh I should be in bed. Anyway, another connection is their neighbor... Her fb is a bit "shrinish" to Amanda and Davey and guess who's Davey's biggest cheerleader? Yep,...
December 6, 2015 at 1:40 AM

Proud of ourselves are we now, Kate? Got them neighbors down, do we, eh? And DB's mom and grandpa, too?? What a coup for you!

AutumLeaves said...
Was the neighbor two doors down a woman? Maybe his mistress? Or a man, for that matter. His lover? It seems like maybe that person could be involved. (Pffffft) ...blah, blah, blah.
Does anyone have any that's on this?
December 6, 2015 at 12:56 AM

If you would bother to read, assuming your comprehension skills exceed the primary grade level, you would know the answer.

Pffffft! ...blah, blah, blah Peter should plug that into the old SA machine.

Concerned said...
Treezy and Davey stopped being friends after the connection was mentioned on this blog.

I believe someone sent a screen shot to LE.

Treezy was also a friend of Alonzo Duguoise Bull and/or Donae Mitchell (Alonzo's 17 year old wife). They were/are in the middle of the investigation as the thugs left her apartment at 3:30 AM.

Seeing that Treezy has a gang name on Facebook and looking at his other friends, would you approve a Friend Request from him? Then you have to wonder if Davey sent Treezy a Friend Request. Either way it's hinky.
December 6, 2015 at 1:28 AM

So who are the killers now? Treezy, Breezy and Cheezy?? And you know that because Facebook told you so, right? Or did you get it from Sleazy, Sneezy and Doc?

Pat yourself on the back while you put up your Christmas tree. Be proud of your effort to accuse a man of murdering his wife with not ONE -- not a single, solitary ONE -- credible fact.

I don't know Davey Blackburn. Never heard of him before his poor wife was murdered. Frankly, he sounds like a jerk. I became interested when I first heard about Amanda's murder. My local news was covering the story daily for awhile, and I found it to be incredibly sad and frightening. Since then, I've visited this site and others in search of new information or a good discussion. Now I read here mainly for laughs. But after awhile, the BS gets to me.

Do ANY of you care about the truth? Even a little bit? Enough to get at least a few of the facts straight? Are you really so obsessed with the gossip that you can't bear to let it go? So you turn the facts around, or pretend not to know the facts because once you acknowledge them, the lies go poof. And the lies are so much more entertaining now, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

-Dear friends, Peter, Christians, all;

We need to see this for what it really is. Davey Blackburn is an anti-Christ. Peter sees it and points directly at this in his article. Read it carefully, and understand what Peter is saying.

You all see Davey as a narcissist, a madman, and in layman's and psychologists/psychoanalyst terms you are correct, but he is more than this. Davey sets himself in high places, on a footing with God and above Jesus. THIS my friends is anti-Christ. Not THE anti-Christ, but AN anti-Christ. He sets HIMSELF up as a savior, above Jesus. He has by-passed the divinity of Jesus giving himself all power with God, with his toehold in the ministry. He is clearly defined in the scriptures, is easily recognizable.

Like lambs being led to the slaughter, the families on both sides are blinded by him and are asleep at the helm, falling right in line with him. They do not recognize his deceit, nor do they question it. All those under his influence move about as if in a daze. Pathetically, they don't see the signs all around them. All being misled, have fallen asleep and gone astray, they applaud him. They are not trying to out him as the devil possessed that he is, or to rescue little Weston; they don't see anything that needs to be rescued.

Amanda, having a spirit of discernment, would have tried so hard to work with him; she would have recognized what he was/is, being at his mercy and helpless to act, likely fearing none would believe or help her; biding her time, praying and holding onto her faith, quietly waiting to make her move to run. Her suffering at his merciless whims and demon possession, we will never know fully. We can only be thankful that she is at rest now, as is the soul of her little unborn baby.

I am glad that I have not read or viewed the many links that have been posted, even though I definitely was (still am!) curious; I do not want his words in my home, before my eyes or in my mind. I have read all those that have been transcribed here, which makes it abundantly clear what he is, in addition to being a murderer. He is also a murderer of the soul.

He is not of God, he is of the devil; the father of lies, trickery and deceit, and WILL be brought low by the fearsome and Almighty God in his own timing. Though many have tried, be assured, NO anti-Christ can prevail against Jesus the Christ, the ONLY begotten son and savior of the world. His ending will be a sad sad thing. Although we may find it hard to do, we need to pray for his soul, and for little Weston, and for all those he has misled and is deceiving. ABB

Turner said...

That is CRAZY. The poor people falling for this stuff??

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:27, you sure wasted a lot of time here stressing out with your silly nonsense. Your post is so important to you that you would work diligently at getting it 'just right'.

SOOOOo? How 'bout it? Give yourself a name instead of hiding behind your blind post so that next time we'll recognize you and not bother to read all your garble-t-gook about the murder of a woman that you don't give two shyts about. T/Y! ABB

Turner said...

You must not have watched the FIL sermon where davey was present. It was strange, creepy, weird and as misguided as the ones I've seen of Davey. there was not even a glimpse of anything but love and adoration of Davey and also oblivious to the horror of what their daughter just went through.

Anonymous said...

A LOt of things are crazy in this sick and insane world, Turner. ABB

Anonymous said...

Nope. I have no wish to hear any of their deceitful words. They are sorely misled, and have become a part of the deceit. Do I need to prove it to myself? Don't think so, I've already seen it. I've read enough right here; also realizing that more often than not, actions speak louder than words, their words only reinforce that they are blindsided, statement analysis proves this. All as fools, gone astray.

You get what you see. What you see is all there is. I see that none of them have stepped forward in Amanda's behalf and aren't smart enough to be quietly working in the background because they might 'fear' losing little Weston. What I see (AND hear) is, they are actually helping Davey Blackburn get away with killing their own daughter/DIL without the slightest thought that he might be involved in her death. They are blinder than a bat. Dumb sheep led to the slaughter. ABB

Anonymous said...

I am just SOO PO'd at the thoughts of what he must have put her through over a stupid grill that she dented accidentally. ACCIDENTALLY, mind you. Like, a grill, a material object, is the most important thing in his life. He even had named it. Never mind that it was an accident. He made her life a living hell over a damned grill, even ridiculing her publically for hurting his stupid grill.

He is a lucky man that he wasn't married to me. I would have thrown his stupid ass precious grill out in the street, along with everything else he "owned", and would have sat his sorry ass out there with it until he could go get a job and legitimately buy himself some more shyt. He wouldn't have messed with my mind more than once. Poor Amanda; pastor's wife or not, he would have KNOWN who he was messing with.

It makes me sad, thinking of how hard she was working, trying to make a little money refinishing old broken down furniture for resale. He must have made her life hell over that too, when he was physically capable of getting a PAYING job instead of leeching off a ministry that could not support his family; working so hard at NOT working. These men who work so hard at not working, using every excuse under the sun, and who have a family to support, make me sick to my stomach.

He had plenty of time to go to the gym, rising early to do it, and hang out at coffee shops, burning up gasoline they could not afford, wasting time with people having long winded conversations about pure crap; all which did not make him ONE thin dime, show up at his plant church once or twice a week; and him with a baby and a pregnant wife trying to make a little money however she could. Imagine if you will; she had him in and out of the house all day long every day, criticizing, badgering, belittling, making her life (AND that of baby Weston) a living hell.

She got criticized as a wife and a mother and insulted for not being well-traveled, or well-read, or well-educated enough to suit him. All which of course, made her NOT a good pastors wife and not good enough in bed, while he prances around, strutting and flaunting himself and making it clear PUBLICALLY, he's a back door man, embarrassing her. Oh My God. What a piece a shyt.

There was poor Amanda, breathing in dangerous chemicals in her refinishing HEAVY work and her pregnant. I'd guarantee you the fumes were making her sick as a dog and might have done some serious damage to the unborn baby in the long run. What a low down, LOW DOWN dirty dog he was AND is. If I could get my hands on him, I'd like to slap the living daylights outta him right now. ABB

GeekRad said...

I hope all of you are right about LE getting Davey. I we remain hopeful.

GeekRad said...

Will remain, not we remain

Anonymous said...

Looks like she also attended their church. I don't think she's involved at all in knowing what happened though after reading through her posts.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

We look for the psychology behind the crime; patterns of behavior, revealing a personality; etc.

In Islam, we look for what it is that causes...and this goes to small detail.

With Blackburn, we do not know if he is directly involved in Amanda's murder. We look for both behavioral and linguistic signals that begin to form a portrait.

Control, and loss of control.
Ability to talk others out of anything
Minimization in any way of the victim, making her 'worthy' of death

these are all small points but I think readers miss something critical:

It is not someone losing his temper over a dented grill:

It is that the event was important enough to enter the language WHERE the language has been seen (this is the context).

The shower: the need to tell this in public, in a church, where forgiveness and cleansing are offered.

On video, in the Q&A, where he has both audio and visual communication and can deride the victim while promoting himself (again, both in words and visually).

Next up for analysis of the murder:

We have the coincidental nature of the case...

do we have the psychological?


Anonymous said...

Alison looks to be as old as Daveys mom and not someone he would be into that way. If anything he knew the code to her home to help with pets.
Reading through her posts I see she moved to the neighborhood and shared a link about moving to the lowest crime rate (with only one recent report of crime). Did this change drastically in the past three years?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Davey is returning to "his children" this morning.

Anonymous said...

Peter, is there any way to add page numbers to comments for ease of scrolling when the comments get long? Love your blog! BC

Sus said...

I don't like that people are posting names of neighbors here. It is reckless and cruel.

Especially the woman who was burglarized. LE has not released her name or address. She has not done an interview. Obviously, she does not want her name out.

With any drop of empathy you would know she has to be frightened. She must be suffering immensely. Then you post her name.

Peter, can you please delete it and other neighbors who have chosen to stay private. Of course, it is your blog. I'm stating what I would want if my home were invaded and my neighbor violently murdered. Thank you.

Unknown said...

If we didn't care about the truth, we wouldn't give this case a second glance. If you did some research, watched his videos, read his posts, I think you'd have some inkling that something just isn't right. He states in one video, about his "Mistress Grill," that he was FURIOUS w/Amanda for not moving the grill back. Her failure to do so, resulted in damaging the grill. He went so far as to say "I didn't speak to her for two days. When Amanda said "Davey, I am so, so sorry," his reply was "whatever." Yet....He chose FORGIVENESS for Amanda's killers immediately. His lack of emotion towards losing his unborn child (which he claims to be a girl, says her name was to be Everett "Evie," then say they agreed her name would be "Everett "Evy" Grace, then says "well, we didn't agree with the Grace part, I decided that," makes it al about him. As usual. Watch his posted videos on YouTube & Vimeo. All of them. Especially the ones leading up to her death. Then come back & we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please post a link to the video about his grill? Lots going on and hard to scroll through it all. Thanks in advance,


Unknown said...

I am sitting in a pew of First Baptist Church of Elkhart, AB's father's church. I have been following this case since hearing of AB' murder. DB is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

But... When it comes to him speaking in a church that claims to believe the Holy Scriptures to be God's Holy Word:

"Recognizing that the Scriptures are given by God, we are committed to the authority of the Word of God as truth to be lived out individually and corporately. (2 Timothy 3:16-17; James 1:22)." (From the church's website.).

As a Bible believing Christian who desires to be like the Berean's (Acts 11:17) and follow God's commands in 1 Thessolonians 5:20f "Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good." When I heard DB say what he said in this church last week... I had to come here today. What he said last week was blasphemy and I can't believe the pastors here do not see the error. Have they not listened to DB's word's on the internet?

This is not a matter for LE, it's is a matter for Elders of the Church...but they are silent allowing DB to speak to this church via video tape this morning! When THEY OUGHT TO BE TESTING WHAT DB HAS BEEN TEACHING! How could their discernment be so poor... Do they not know God's Holy Word?

Are they putting politics ahead of sound doctrine? DB is the lead pastor's son in law. If my daughter's husband treated her like DB treated AB AND IT IS ON THE INTERNET FOR ALL TO SEE... HOW CAN HE BE SO UNDISCERNING? Is he in shock? But what about the other pastors? Is it like Obama who has only YES men around him? How can they not see DB's unbiblical teachings?

I sit here, as the first service ends... And so many older saints who have read the Bible for years, seem to have no clue?

Or am I in error? And DB is a kind, loving, selfless, humble servant of God who "rightly divides the Word of truth"?

I am a great sinner. My sins are ever before me. I deserve God's judgement and wrath. The blood of Jesus is my only hope. I do not seek to judge DB or his father in law... But the Word of God compels me to speak.

I will give him a piece of paper with "proverbs 27:6" written on it, along with my email address. I will put the ball into his court.

Anonymous said...

In investigating Davey, I wouldn't expect much support (if any) from any of Davey's church affiliated members, or from either of the two sets of parents and siblings, or from preacher Nobel or any of their followers.

"Where there is confusion and strife, there is every evil work."

Davey has already practiced witchcraft openly in their services by calling up the spirits of the dead, AMANDA, which they applauded, as well as the spirit of anti-Christ by claiming her spirit will breath life into their dry bones, again they applauded; further, he has set himself on top of the mountain by making himself equal with God.

I wouldn't take these matters lightly. God is not to be mocked. ABB

Turner said...

We are given the power of discernment for a reason. The murder may have brought me here but even more disturbing is the thought of others believing and influenced by their words. Especially the unbelievers who may be so turned off and turned away by them! This makes me so thankful for the pastor of my church. I will forever listen with a different ear.

Elizabeth said...


Here Crazy Davey finds his "mistress" grill face down is so angry he won't speak to Amanda for 2 days
Remember this is the same Crazy Davey that found Amanda facedown but was quick to forgive Amanda and their unborn child's murderers.

Sus said...

I hope you read Peter's post of December 3. It is about when DB spoke at your church.

Thank you for your post. It gave me hope this morning.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Martin @10:21. I share your thoughts and concerns. As far as I know, sinners we all are Martin. When the books are opened, we have only the forgiveness and the hope of the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

There isn't anything else, if there had been I would have found it, as I certainly searched long enough and hard enough looking for it; which, I am so ashamed now that I did when the truth was all around me all the time, standing right before me.

God be with you and bless you. ABB

Amy Smith said...

He's back.

@daveyblackburn tweet this morning; Can't wait to be back with our @resonateindy family this morning. It really is impossible to do this life alone!

Anonymous said...

Yes we are Turner. To ignore the Spirit of Discernment, warning and convicting our spirit to know good and evil, is a very serious thing. We have to be careful that we are not being deceived and that is when we have to fall back on the Word of God, seek His precepts and heed His warnings.

God bless you if you are listening too and heeding the words of the right pastor. You/we can't be too careful. Our eternal salvation can depend of it. They are so hard to find.

Yes, I too have thought of all those who are non-believers, and those who are confused, and can understand how they became that way. Still, we have to each think of our eternity, where will we spend it? (We know, we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater just because he was dirty, and the water got dirty, or we are disillusioned. It is a VERY serious matter.

God bless and keep you well. ABB

curious said...

Typical narcissism. Anyone who goes against them is "wrong" or "bad" because we do not hold them up on a pedestal.

Anonymous said...


Can't wait to be back with our @resonateindy family this morning. It really is impossible to do this life alone!
8:35am - 6 Dec 15

As an aside: I NEVER get the street signs correct

Also, I hate the cut/paste code available for 2 minutes because I'm on an ipad with no mouse and it is very difficult to get the copy highlight correct-- takes me many tries.

Anonymous said...

DB's dads "sermon" was majorly bizzarre. One of the many things that struck me as weird was that they had their fully decorated Xmas tree up at the beginning of Nov.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

He is signaling he will not be "alone" very long.

When we speak we reveal ourselves.

Tweets are short and must go to the point. Therefore priority emerges.


Anonymous said...

Pretty boys end up wishing they can "do life" alone and not in general population.

GeekRad said...

Thank you Martin.

Anonymous said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Dec 4
I'm really thankful Isaiah 53 promises us that Jesus is familiar with our grief. He's our Sustainer through times of trouble!

Tania Cadogan said...

Can't wait to be back with our @resonateindy family this morning. It really is impossible to do this life alone!
8:35am - 6 Dec 15

DO life and NOT LIVE life?

I spy leaking marbles :)

Sus said...

I agree with Peter. The tweet has signals that he won't be alone long.

With that in mind and thinking like a narcissist...he never would discard (emotionally or physically) his source without another source ready. Never.

If he brings out a girlfriend/friend/supporter before a proper grieving period, I'll know he had discarded Amanda, at least emotionally.

On another note, I've been thinking about that 911 call. We know DB called 911. We know the dispatcher only sent a medical crew, who then called detectives. The medical crew named it as an assault.

So whatever DB told 911 only related to a medical emergency, not an assault. DB may not have noticed, and it may not have been stated till he was asked about...the swisher sweets, the wallet and cards. He may very well have not known she was shot. It's common not to see bullet wounds.

But to see his wife unclothed, in a pool of blood, and then not to connect it to assault, is simply not reasonable.

Oh, how I want to hear that 911 call!

Anonymous said...

Sus, Davey had discarded his wife long before she was murdered. And despised her. Surely you had picked that up throughout all his insulting and humiliating her?

There was no excuse for him not calling LE, except that he was stalling for time. He knew damned well she had been shot; not once, but three times. Her body was riddled with bullets in three places and he didn't see that? Com'on now. ABB

Pak31 said...

This guy is toast. There is NO way LE is not going over everything with a fine tooth comb. I'm not worried at all. I believe that ABs dad is being told to act normal with him. I believe they are building a case and waiting for all the info to come together. If they want to get him good they need to make sure all t's are crossed and all I's are dotted so that no mistrial can occur. If I'm wrong I'll eat crow but there is no way DB wasn't involved. No way. He's a fraud and a scam artist and he was able to deceive a few people but like the one poster here said its all smoke and mirrors. He is a legend in his own mind as they say. He's focused on one thing and one thing only, himself. What he's thinking he's gaining out of this I don't know. I think he's truly demented. He's not as smart as he thinks he is. Which is why I believe police said that to the "killers" right off the bat.

Kate said...

Anonymous Sus said...
I don't like that people are posting names of neighbors here. It is reckless and cruel.
Especially the woman who was burglarized. LE has not released her name or address. She has not done an interview. Obviously, she does not want her name out.
With any drop of empathy you would know she has to be frightened. She must be suffering immensely. Then you post her name.
Peter, can you please delete it and other neighbors who have chosen to stay private. Of course, it is your blog. I'm stating what I would want if my home were invaded and my neighbor violently murdered. Thank you.December 6, 2015 at 10:01 AM

I had no idea I was being "reckless and cruel". I really don't like being described like that because I would never intend to put anyone in harms way or hurt anyone deliberately. I've not been on a message board before where anyone has stated that this was reckless and cruel. It's a matter of PUBLIC record, anyone who has internet access can see who Davey Blackburns neighbors are, if they want to know. If Peter finds this to be reckless or cruel, well then I hope he removes it, but I think it's quite the stretch.

Anonymous said...

A decorated a Christmas tree in the main sanctuary? Are they expecting santa claus with his little elves? Sheeesh! That right there should tell us they are not playing with a full deck. There's no santa claus and he ain't comin'.

For celebrating most churches have their decorated tree (if they have one at all) in their recreation and dining hall, don't they? ABB

Sus said...

I'm looking at all that could have happened to explain his 911 call. Bullet wounds are overlooked often when a gun is not laying there as proof.

But the one thing I can't rule out is seeing her in a state of undress and a pool of blood. Anyone could put two and two together and say to a dispatcher "my wife was assaulted or attacked"

As far as DB discarding Amanda. Yes, I said he did. And no narcissist discards without another source in the wings. Thus his tweet with "our" and "impossible to do this life alone."

Anonymous said...

Kate, I wouldn't worry about it. I've been misaccused and falsely accused in every way you can think of. I've been called a liar, a fake, a fraud, a man and everything else but a white woman, and told to take my meds and find myself. One in particular anonymously stalks me and is still nasty to me on occasion. I know who she is. She's good at sucking up to Peter & Heather, or thinks she is.

This is also how I know that some of these posters don't know doddly-squat about statement analysis. If they did, they would recognize and know truth when they see it. I try to let them drop off my radar and just move on. ABB

Sus said...

I stated my opinion. I asked Peter because it is his blog. I find it reckless and cruel.

LE did not release her name and address. She has not given an interview. The neighborhood watch guy speaks for them.

Her space and security were violated. Her neighbor was brutally murdered. I will guarantee you this woman does not feel safe right now, and won't for a long time, if ever.

It is cruel to add to her suffering by posting her name and address.

Anonymous said...

Well, he could see her lying there with blood all over the place, a ladder and a planter knocked over, naked with her shirt pulled up and her panties lying beside her. Also, I believe there was some duct tape lying there?

If he had been on the up and up he would have been able to determine if she had been raped, which we still don't know. He knew. NO WAY would he have not called for LE had he not been stalling and trying to keep LE out before he could get her out of the house.

Hell, he didn't even now if there might still be someone in the house. Did he know that she was unconscious and not dead? Did he check her vitals to find this out? Then he would have seen she was shot in THREE places. WHO but one who is a party to the crime would not be calling LE to come pronto! God only knows what he moved or disposed of before EMTs got there. ABB

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Sus at 12:30pm !

There's no way Davey could've seen Amanda lying on the floor in a pool of blood, unclothed, and not know it was a crime scene. So, the 911 call should've been frantic but also should've told the whole scene - not just the medical aspect of the situation. I imagine the medical team knew it instantly as soon as they saw it and would've / should've told police / detectives that immediately or as soon as they had a chance.

From there, LE has just been quietly building a case against Davey? From what I can tell, most of us here are truly hoping this is what's going on right now.

Anonymous said...

and ABB and others as well - all of us are thinking the same thing

Anonymous said...

Kate, some of these people like to critique how you feel, how they feel, how someone else feels and how they feel it should feel, and think they are getting inside someone elses head for them. Feel feel feel. They know how EVERYBODY feels and should feel, how they think and should have thought, and what they would feel and do in their place and on and on and on.

They also FEEL they are looking out for Peter, like he's not a big boy who can look out for himself? I don't exactly view Peter as a panty-waist. ABB

Sus said...

Who are you arguing with?

I am trying to dissect the 911 call without actually hearing the call.

Again, we know the dispatcher only sent a medical team. From that we can deduce that DB felt no immediate fear. He saw no assault signs. He only asked for or told the dispatcher his wife needed medical help.

We also know there were things in the house that should have alerted DB to an assault. That should have caused fear in him.

I'm giving reasons they may not have. Bullet holes are commonly missed. Especially without a gun as a clue. Things knocked over can be from falling. He may not have seen the wallet, cards, and swisher sweets.

But, DB could not miss that his wife was unclothed. And in a pool of blood. That's a strong indicator she was assaulted. It has been to the detectives and everyone else that hears it. Yet, it seems he did not mention it to the dispatcher.

Why didn't DB mention assault or his wife being attacked to 911?

Turner said...

I can't help but think of all the cold cases (dateline, 20/20) where the husband isn't caught until the second wife is dead. Idk they don't seem to be dripping with the craziness davey is.

Anonymous said...

The decorated Xmas was in DB's house in early November??? I do not know anyone that does that before Thanksgiving. Did he insist that she put her creative touch on it so he could have a nice background for his holiday photoshoots?

Anonymous said...

Davey did not need any indicators, Sus. Her front tooth was knocked out, blood all over the place, she was BATTERED, unconscious and NUDE. So he might not have seen where she was shot? In THREE places? But I'm not going to press the issue with you Sus; maybe we are trying to say (essentially?) the same thing, only in a different way? Let's just let it rest there.

But critiquing and accusing Kate of being cruel, now this is just wrong Sus. She is correct you know, all their addresses and names in the neighborhood are a matter of public record and none of this information has ever been withheld before in cases we have discussed. Using statement analysis, where do you read it in her posts that she was being cruel?

As for policing posters for Peter, from what I've observed he appreciates the opinions of new posters who come on board and we should not be attempting to drive them away. They are his business. Sometimes they bring an issue to the board that none of us had even thought of. If Peter wants rid of any of us he has only to say so or delete our posts. He has several adm readers scouting and deleting for him, doesn't he? Since when do we need to mother Peter Hyatt? ABB

Lis said...

Peter, I have a couple further questions about the references to water and washing.

I'm curious if a person is only a witness of a sexual assault or homicide do they bring up the same words about water and washing afterward? i.e., would finding a person who had obviously been sexually assaulted have the affect of a person feeling they need to wash?

My other question is, are all references to water something to flag? I knew of a pastor who often talked about wading in the water to do fly fishing and, interestingly, it was during these times he was in the water that 'God' spoke to him and were where he got his sermons.

Thanks, I love to learn more about these things.

Lis said...

Turner, you read my mind.

AutumLeaves said...

Who was the neighbor that heard a woman scream & then heard gunshots? Why didn't that person call 911? It's strange that only one neighbor heard gunshots (and they remember the time they heard them, but went about their morning routine?) Also, does anyone know why they were unable to be exact on her time of death? If she was shot 3 times, why did the neighbor only hear 2 shots?
On another note, this is to one of the " Anonymous " posters above. If you find this blog so annoying then why don't you just skidaddle on down the road? I don't agree with everything written on here either but I'm not going to attack that person's intelligence or say degrading things to them. You need to delete yourself from this blog & go grab a Coke with your buddy Davey.

Not a Robot said...

BC @ 9:34 am, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, there's an option that says "view web version" and it will change the format.

Kate said...

Thanks ABB, I'm new to this blog and I wasn't sure if I did something against Peter's normal rules. I will take your advice and move along :)

The neighbor that found that gun, they said he lived up the street from Davey, could it be McConnell that found the gun and turned it into the fire department? Another calculated move in my opinion. Who takes a gun to a fire dept?

Lis said...

martin durfey, welcome to cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous said...

Martin Durfey @ 10:21-

Thank you for your up close & honest thoughts& observations.

I'm curious if you plan to give your email & proverbs verse to Davey, Phil, or an elder?

Louise K said...

for whoever thinks its really really odd for a Christmas tree to be up in November

Downunder a lot of people put their trees up after the Christmas Pageant which is early November

I've seen Christmas decorations go up in the city train station in SEPTEMBER which I thought was totally unbelievable

But there you have it

Some folk really, realllllllly dig Christmas and want it to last 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right Turner. There could be a second wife murder or even a third one, or little gay young men could start disappearing.

How many MANY of these wife murders have we watched go unsolved for months, even some FOR YEARS? Child murders too, knowing who the guilty parties are, they STILL go unapprehended. Even wife killer Police Officer Peterson wasn't suspected until after his FORUTH WIFE Tracey disappeared, whose body still has not been found.

Now here we are with this one where Davey Blackburn's guilt is clearly obvious and LE declared him 100% innocent the first day, leaving him to dispose of multiple evidence and other evidence contaminated; meanwhile he does a number on his various religious relatives and their congregations? None there suspect him!

It doesn't matter about all the speculating, LE might be doing this and they might be doing that; we don't have one thing to go on that they are doing anything in regards to being suspicious of Davey Blackburn or even investigating him.

IMO, He is going to be a HARD dude to nail down, if ever. ABB

Louise K said...

Yeah and if you're going to come around the blog with your comments and counter comments AT LEAST give yourself an ID even if you cant be arsed registering


You're just another voice in the congregation

Chanting your beliefs

To deafish ears

Louise K said...

Ugh all this doubting of LE

In fact LE have actually taken to the airwaves to TELL US that life isn't an episode of CSI, some of the dna taken will not be back for months - yet everyone's all, Why Havent They Arrested CD Yet

Life is not wrapped up in an hour

In this case the investigation is likely to be VERY complicated

IF DB planned as much as I think he did he covered nearly everything

But to quote cop at presser "you think you're smart, but you're not"

They not only have to PROVE Davey is behind the murder

They have to do it in such as way as to

1. not let media know what they're doing
2. not alert DB or his smarter followers what they're doing
3. not alert the public what they're doing

This common insistence that Police need to share every detail of an ongoing and highly secret operation is just LOL

The CSI effect - doesn't work like that IRL

If Indy Police suspect some of their own members are covering for DB that adds a whole new phase to the investigation

We're talking Months here - every layer is more work.

rosy said...

Anonymous said...
Alison ....If anything he knew the code to her home to help with pets.
December 6, 2015 at 9:29 AM

What if it was Amanda who knew the neighbor's code to help with pets or in case of emergency? I think this is more likely. Amanda is the one who interacted with women neighbors. Her namesake neighbor Amanda - who spoke to David's Dad when he visited the house briefly to pick up an item - said Amanda had brought her to Jesus.

Amanda Blackburn may have kept info like the neighbor's security code in her wallet, or in a day book, or on the fridge. Davey might have memorized or copied it from there and passed it on. Or someone else who spent time in the Blackburn's house might have done so.

Louise K said...

So now weve got Davey Blackburn Homosexual Serial Killer......?????

Based on WHAT....???? :o

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a PN quote that I tried to post on another thread, a previous day:

It's at the top of the page and makes me ponder if this philosophy was ingrained in, and is why DB/CD was so over-the-top in giving tmi about his unfulfilled sex life and unhappy marriage. It was so disrespectful of Amanda. If he's going to give tmi, he should at least take responsibility for his BIG part in their well as his probable part in her brutal murder. -L

Anonymous said...

YEAH, right? Cute Louse. You make me laugh sometimes.

Gotta run now. All have a nice rest of the afternoon... ABB

Louise K said...

Yeah my take on Daveys constant harping on the Blackburn sex life = THERE WASNT ONE

That is to say, DB HIMSELF views sexual contact as gross, disgusting, icky, but necessary to build your little soldier family.

I think DB is ASEXUAL and all the posing and preening and sex talk is designed to hide that

I think Amanda finally woke up to the level of Lies she was living with

I think she may have asked for a divorce

Louise K said...

That street was Neighbourhood Watch

I suspect DB was trusted with EVERYONE'S alarm codes

Anonymous said...

several weeks on
as I take a step back
watch the various videos (sermons and interviews)
look at language, manner, body language
these are my impressions

- trying to be funny
- trying to be cool
- trying to be sexually attractive
- trying to appear wise
- trying to appear relevant
- trying to appear knowledgeable
- desperate to be successful in chosen field
- while not actually being any of these things
- so trying too hard
- never quite meeting the mark
- but convinced of his own importance
- and thinking the way forward (through a sermon, an interview, or life) is just to push on whatever it takes

more generally:

- white bread white boy
- good-looking
- always played a jock-type leader-of-the-pack kind of role
- not all that smart or sensitive
- acts entitled - towards possessions, towards women
- no sign of any emotional vulnerability or insight, just an undercurrent of anger and aggression
- therefore comes across as a jerk
- if not clinically narcissistic then at least on the spectrum
- slightly manic and/or chronically over-caffeinated
- mentally and spiritually insulated and indoctrinated his entire life
- no doubt fixated on sex as a result of this
- fully signed up to a "style over substance" mindset - in religion and everything else
- trying to emulate or gain the approval of someone or live up to some image of what successful is
- desperately insecure
- self-image as wonderchild under threat
- deep craving internal emptiness
- growing cognitive dissonance

I will leave descriptions like "anti-christ" and OTT speculation about sexuality to others - personally I don't find them necessary, helpful, on-topic, or likely to generate much respect for the posters concerned or for SA

Is he really an evil wolf in sheep's clothing who murdered his wife, or just a beautiful dumb desperate entitled man-boy whose world was crumbling anyway and now is dealing with a random tragedy in a way that is horribly impaired and incomprehensible to most, but is the only way he knows and is capable of....

My personal jury is still very much out on this, and waiting for the 911 call

- Girasol

Sus said...

I'm not good at going back and finding things. We need you, John. :-)

But, yes, a witness or one who has knowledge of sexual assault may use a water or washing reference.

Peter stated that DB (up till his mini sermon at his fil's church) showed no knowledge of sexual assault.

Which brings up a question for me. Buddy, an insider who posts here, said that LE would soon be announcing that Amanda was indeed raped. The timing coincides with DNA return. The following Sunday DB made his shower reference. Could the family have been informed of the findings?

Louise K said...

If Amanda's death were unplanned

We would've seen grief

we haven't

We've seen - not to put it too bluntly - joy and excitement for an Amandaless future

How does that fit in with a Horrible Random Crime in one's own home?

DB barely appears to feel violated.

Think of it - someone entered your home through a door YOU LEFT UNLOCKED then murdered your wife

Where is the Self Blame that is such a natural part of grief?

We haven't seen ANY

All DB has spoken of is his Congregation Numbers

and how they will increase now

WHAT EXACTLY makes you think he's uninvolved?

He's done NOTHING I would expect a grief stricken person to do

In fact, he's never looked better

Don't forget HIS home was invaded too, Weston threatened with harm - he should be at the very least, deeply traumatized just by the fact his baby son came so close to harm - but no

Its All About Davey

Anonymous said...

I have also been specifically musing over the "do life" wording that seems to keep cropping up.

It certainly does have connotations of prison.

Is this just try-hard dude-bro speak, or...

Is it the world-view that is the prison? as if to say....Here I am, sentenced to life with you guys (kenneth, resonators) in this way of doing things, of talking about things, of pretending...

All the while suspecting, wondering, obsessed by thoughts of how good the world outside might be, along with fear at the loss of structure that freedom might entail...

Not saying this is right, but I find it an interesting perspective to consider, especially in light of Peter's encouragement a week or two ago to consider alternative interpretations

however...I accept that it is one that might not be all that accessible to some people of faith on this blog....

- Girasol

Anonymous said...

Ding ding ding, Turner. I've been thinking the same thing: if he gets away with AB's murder, the next Mrs. B is in jeopardy. Of course, if there is a GF, I sure as heck hope she has run straight to LE just as Amber Frey did when she saw Scott Peterson on TV.

As to the blackburn homosexual serial killer, in one of his sermons he apparently said he had killed somone. Someone place the quote and context please...

Louise K said...

Amanda wasn't raped.


I don't get why folks are shifting the Facts like this....?

What IS questionable is -

Amanda was found STAGED

That is = no underwear and exposed, yet no sexual assault

That is = someone (wonder who) came in and Rearranged Amanda's clothing to make it APPEAR to be a sexual assault

We've got to wonder about the mindset of a husband who enters the home, finds his STILL ALIVE wife gasping in blood on the floor, then doesn't cover her.

Just leaves her apparently, in her unmodest state

She was still alive! He'd had First Aid Training! He should've placed her in the recovery position and got a blanket to minimize shock!

But no...didn't even pull her nightdress down apparently...

Louise K said...

Further thought - LE told us some of the DNA will take "months" to test

Is this the touch DNA on the underwear....???

Because whoever removed Amanda's undies, unless gloved, left touch DNA on them.

See: Not As Clever As You Think You Are

rosy said...

tania cadogan said...
.... It really is impossible to do this life alone!
DO life and NOT LIVE life?
I spy leaking marbles :)
December 6, 2015 at 12:29 PM

Asked and answered - "do life" is part of hip neo-Evangelist catch-phrases, book titles and Twitter hashtags such as #dolifewithjesus The idiom seems to be used to build community and "the body of Christ" by encouraging church members to socialize with one another, and to hold one another accountable. Don't just follow Jesus, do life with Jesus and one another as his disciples did:

Sus said...

Re DB's tweet "do life."

Girasol said.
"Is it the world-view that is the prison? as if to I am, sentenced to life with you guys(kenneth, resonators) in this way of doing things, of talking about things, of pretending..."

Davey Blackburn speaking to Insider Fox:
"...and it makes you go, you know, man, do I really believe this stuff? And um, I can honestly say through all of this WE do."

"...and then when it happens YOU know and the peace that WE feel is its testimony to um, um, Jesus is real in OUR hearts. And I've looked at OUR family . I've looked at OUR friends. And I'm like I see peace and I see joy in THEIR hearts through all of this."

I keep looking back at these quotes. I think you're on to it. DB does not not understand what he's preaching. It is like a prison to him, though, because it's his way to glory and riches.

Anonymous said...

13-word reply by LE during press conference (after arrests) when asked by a reporter if DB has any connections to the burglars: "I think it's fair to say we have no reason to believe that."

Anonymous said...

13 words just to say "No". I'm new to SA, and I can point to that sentence and say "not a strong statement".

Louise K said...


he will be on Death Row

His congregation will be unable to escape

He can preach all day all night if he wants

OPN said...

@Rosy 11:51
In the link that you posted, it's unknown if vision meant "an idea for the future" or if God talks to him too.

Read several Internet sources about Levi Lesko’s book, Heart of a Lion. Besides Levi's lack of malignant narcissism, hyperactivity, grandiosity, and inappropriate sexual comments, he talks about his love for his deceased daughter, wife and kids. He specifically states his daughter is now residing in Heaven. He discusses the profound pain he experienced with his daughter’s death. He states that he used his despair as a launch for writing his spiritual book.

Davey didn’t mention his love for Amanda. He didn’t state that Amanda is in Heaven or that he personally felt profound grief at her death. He didn't compliment Amanda and couldn’t even mention specific details of Amanda's life, unconnected to himself, in her obituary. Davey has no emotional catapult from Amanda's murder to effectively write a popular Christian self help book like Levi's.

To make an emotional connection with readers, Davey’s book will need to include pages of positive details about Amanda. He will need to write an entire chapter about Amanda’s caring personal qualities, how she was a wonderful wife/mother, and list all her works for Christ. As a malignant narcissist, this will be extremely irritating and perhaps impossible. He can hire a ghostwriter to write a complementary chapter about Amanda and delete all his narcissistic and inappropriate putridness, but he can’t take a ghostwriter on stage to speak for him during interviews and a megachurch book tour. His malignant narcissism will prevent any book he writes regarding Amanda's murder from obtaining the success of Levi’s book.

rosy said...

This is how rumor grows-->

Davey Blackburn's father visits the Blackburns' house briefly to pick up something needed at the hospital. He's moved to see that neighbors (as he supposes) have put things back in place and there's a Christmas tree decorated with Amanda's Christmas decorations. Now the cleanup, we know from media, involved a professional company. The decorated Christmas tree probably was put up by neighbors. None of the police or media reports mention it as already there.

In the same way, neighbors cleaned up Amanda's parents yard in Elkhart and neighbors cleaned up Davey's parents yard in N Carolina. It's a thing people do. Bring cookies and dish casseroles and the leaf blower or snow plow. So where does this lead:

Anonymous said...
December 6, 2015 at 11:41 AM
DB's dads "sermon" was majorly bizzarre. One of the many things that struck me as weird was that they had their fully decorated Xmas tree up at the beginning of Nov.

Anonymous ABB said...
December 6, 2015 at 12:51 PM
A decorated a Christmas tree in the main sanctuary? Are they expecting santa claus with his little elves? ...For celebrating most churches have their decorated tree (if they have one at all) in their recreation and dining hall, don't they? ABB

Anonymous Anonymous said...
December 6, 2015 at 1:38 PM
The decorated Xmas was in DB's house in early November??? I do not know anyone that does that before Thanksgiving. Did he insist that she put her creative touch on it so he could have a nice background for his holiday photoshoots?

"Rumor is a pipe
Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures...."

Anonymous said...

Thanks not a robot!

Louise K said...


you forgot the homosexual serial killer part

Anonymous said...

Both Amanda and Davey talk about how much they love Christmas after Nov 1st.

Hand going up that my tree was up in early November too!!! BC

Boston Lady said...

Peter Hyatt said...
He is signaling he will not be "alone" very long.

When we speak we reveal ourselves.

Tweets are short and must go to the point. Therefore priority emerges.


December 6, 2015 at 11:42 AM


Thank you Peter. That immediately jumped out at me. Even though I have not formerly trained on Statement Analysis, I think reading your analysis on this blog has given me some insight. One of these days I will take the formal course as I am fascinated with how our words can enlighten and show us the truth. Thank you.

Kate said...

My tree was up before Thanksgiving as well, but our pumpkins were tossed. Amanda still had pumpkins on her front porch.

Liz Enfield is a dear and old friend of Amanda's. When she gave her interview to the press, I found it strange that she referred to her dear friends murder as "an accident". Her facebook also shows a picture with the girls yesterday and talks about Amber filling Amanda's shoes. My heart sunk a little more seeing all the ladies with their big smiles, knowing Amanda's death wasn't even 30 days ago. Link to Liz's interview
Link to her fb

Boston Lady said...

Martin at 10:21

I hope that what you share with the Pastor will show him what you have seen and heard with DB. I'm encouraged to read your post and that someone is seeing the truth. I was offended by what DB stated at the end of the sermon last week and I am not a member of your church. I'm guessing there are others in your congregation who feel the same but do not understand why. Just that it is offensive.

God bless in your next steps. And, thank you for sharing !

Kim said...

Am I the only one waiting anxiously for Resonate Church to post Davey's "sermon" from this morning? This will be the first time he's addressed his "children" since his wife and child's brutal murder. Will he eek out a tear or will his God-like persona spout out more divine and prophetic words spoken to him while naked in the shower, rubbing himself with a fresh bar of Irish Springs? ~Kim

Anonymous said...

Kim I keep refreshing the Resonate page but it hasn't been posted yet. Do we know for sure he spoke today? Maybe he was just in the audience.

Anonymous said...

Listening to this Mistress Grill story. Does 'pastor" DB not know how Christians are called to not covet, to not worship false idols?



rdk said...

Good luck with that!

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