Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tammy Moorer: The Rage in Murdering Heather Elvis

When Heather Elvis was first reported missing, the focus went to Sidney Moorer and his wife, Tammy Moorer, as it was reported that Sidney Moorer had "an affair" with the teenaged, Heather. 

When statements were made, the analysis quickly showed that Sidney Moorer was deceptive about her disappearance, and then later, Tammy Moorer made more statements which eventually led to a simple Statement Analysis conclusion:

Sidney and Tammy Moorer had kidnapped and killed Heather Elvis.  

Although there were no arrests, this was not a complex conclusion.  

Eventually, both were arrested.  

In their words, profiles naturally emerged and in her open hostility towards Heather, Tammy did what most do not do:  she was open, rather than subtle, in her 'justification' of murder.  

This is a healthy reminder that in the statistical world of statement analysis, 90% is eventually met with 10%.  

What was it that caused such a severe rant against Heather during a critical time when being investigated?

Rather than point to innocence on the statistic, the statement revealed much about the personality of Tammy Moorer, of who's intense wrath the teenager met that fateful night.  It is within this personality that the answer to the "10%" may be seen, and it is not simply the rage of any "affair."

Sidney Moorer held a distinct age exploitative advantage over the  teen who, being on her own, was open prey to his disparity in sophistication of age, but also of money.  Heather, just 19, was now to survive on her own and although most young people today have this delayed several years, she would be especially vulnerable to any promises of security Moorer may have used to exploit her.  

In viewing the personalities through their words, Tammy Moorer first emerged as the dominant figure in the relationship, but this was to quickly and dramatically turn  to one of acute control, oppression, and perhaps, even violence towards her cowering and submissive husband.  More than just 'the brains' of the operation, her words reveaeled a demand of submission, not simply in action, or even words, but of thought.  

Tammy Moorer would not simply experience the outrage and humiliation of her husband having an affair, but she would experience some compounding factors that may not all be common to women in her situation. 

Yes, Tammy was aging and as seen in the photoshopping, the aging was not complimentary.  The need to photo shop is the concern.  

Yes, Heather was significantly younger and very pretty, which would further the humiliation.  

It is something else, however, that caused Tammy Moorer to drop her 'linguistic filter' and vent her hatred upon Heather and it is something that is related to Domestic Violence and men. 

Women who live in Domestic Violence relationships generally do not experience violence; instead, they live under the threat of violence, and learn how to 'tip toe' around the anger and rage, and how to pacify it through submission.  They learn not only what to say, but how to say it. 

The key to safety is submission.  

This is why the danger to the woman increases manyfold when the abuser senses a loss of control.  

Tammy Moorer fits the profile of a classic control abuser except that she is a female.  

The obsession with Disney and fantasy thrust upon his life, by 'breaking free' and actually talking the teenager into sleeping with him was a sign of independence which she could not abide. 

This loss of control is something far more acute than I likely realize or understand.  

Each submission of event after event in life grew until there was linguistic submission, which then grew to the point where the husband could not dare entertain thoughts 

Question:  What is it about someone who must control?

Answer:  Narcissistic tendency to believe oneself superior to others.  

For the price of having 'dare' to 'disobey' Tammy, after all the years of brutal tyranny, combined with the humiliation of age and beauty, and the broken intimacy, which reads in her statement like undiluted venom. 

What is worse than all of this?

The venom was poured without measure upon the victim.  

I do not believe the victim died quickly nor peacefully.  

The filter used by criminals in which they seek psychological means of justifying their crime without drawing undo attention was lost for Tammy Moorer because of not only the affair, but because Sidney had, even for a short time, dared to challenge her tyranny.  

Had she been a man and Sidney a woman, she would likely have gone to prison for murder.  

Instead, this rage was poured upon the victim.  

Should, many years from now, the truth come out, I believe we may hear that the entire murder was planned and carried out by mostly Tammy.  

I believe the words we read that were so venomous were some of the exact same words the victim heard before she died.

Tammy Moorer's hateful post revealed who she is, and sought to justify what she had done.  If a reader can picture this same scenario with the genders reversed, it may be easier to imagine what happened. 

A man is a brutally violent abuser who's wife submits everything to him in fear.  He demands she embrace his bizarre obsession, and obey his every word and deed.  She is so beat down that she does not even dare have an original thought, independent from his.  

One day she meets a man and forgets herself and her position and defies the abuser.  

There is hell to pay. 

The expression, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is, in this case, on 'steroids' as Tammy Moorer was not only publicly humiliated by her husband's actions, 

she was defied.  

This had to be punished.   It could not be abided.  

I do not know the evidence that the prosecution has in the case and since the Casey Anthony jury, I am always concerned about  the jury system, but from the words of both Sidney and Tammy Moorer,  police arrested the right persons. 

As to the rage that the victim met, it is found in the words of Tammy Moorer. 

 Tammy Moorer was the victim's prosecutor, judge, jury, and finally, executioner.  


Anonymous said...

She seems to have a LOT of control over her 16 year old son.

Anonymous said...

I hope Christofer can break free of the tyranny of evil mother.

Anonymous said...

You really hit the nail on the head again Peter. The MRS has shown time and time again her guilt. She can't seem to keep her flapper shut and her latest display of arrogance was more than obvious when she used her teenage sons profile to lash out yet again. Her days are limited.

Lis said...

Wow it's like trying to photoshop the face of "Dorian Gray"

And, yes, I am pretty good at photoshop and that photo is PHOTOSHOPPED! lol! way overuse of blur and sharpening.

I personally believe that how a person handles their photos reveals something about them. Yes, we can all relate to having a photo "touched up" but when a photo is changed to the extreme like this, I think it reveals a person's feelings about themselves. It's kind of like the extreme plastic surgery some people go to.

Anonymous said...

She's probably about 20-25 lbs heavier. she doesn't look unrecognizable, though.
Look at other photos and see how they compare. Many people could look like two different people on any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Look at the recent one coming out of courthouse with black dress on. She looks good. Heavier perhaps than photo on this blog on left, but still looks the same with makeup.

She must be tall woman.

She's just 40 something.

Unknown said...

Warning signs of an abusive woman

Past abuse
An abuser may say, "I hit someone in the past, but she made me do it." An abusive person who minimizes what happened with a previous partner is likely to be violent with their current partner. Abusive behavior does not just go away

Threats of violence or abuse
Threats can involve anything that is meant to control the victim.

Breaking objects
An abuser may break things, beat on tables or walls or throw objects around or near the victim. This behavior terrorizes the victim and can send the message that physical abuse is the next step.

Use of force during an argument
An abuser may use force during arguments, including holding the victim down, physically restraining the victim from leaving the room, and pushing and shoving.

An abuser will say that jealousy is a sign of love. In reality, jealousy has nothing to do with love. It is a sign of insecurity and possessiveness. An abuser may question the victim about whom they talk to or be jealous of time spent with other people. As the jealousy progresses, the abuser will call the victim frequently, stop by unexpectedly or monitor the victim's activities.

Controlling behavior
An abuser will claim that controlling behavior is out of concern for the victim's welfare. They will be angry if the victim is late and will frequently interrogate the victim. As this behavior gets worse, the abuser will control the victim's appearance and activities.

Quick involvement
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Unrealistic expectations
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The abuser will attempt to diminish and destroy the victim's support system. The abuser will accuse people who are close to the victim of "causing trouble."

Blames others for problems
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Blames others for their feelings
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An abuser can be easily insulted. The slightest setbacks are seen as personal attacks. An abuser will rage about the everyday difficulties of life as if they are injustices --

Cruelty to animals or children
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"Playful" use of force during sex
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Rigid sex roles

Jekyll-and-Hyde personality
Explosiveness and mood swings are typical of abusers, and these behaviors are related to other traits such as hypersensitivity. This is not always a sign of mental health problems but may be a way of controlling the victim by being unpredictable.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

"Dorian Gray"

How astute!


Anonymous said...

Sad to admit but at some point in my life, I've been both the abuser and abused, in varying degrees.

Sus said...

I'm sorry that I don't have time to read your post right now. I hope to the 26th. But I'm wondering if Tammy M wrote the comment attributed to Sidney. The one Kristi posted on the previous post.

Hey Jude said...

I think that might be an Instagram effect, and that the mug shot is better for skin tone, it's quite flattering as mug shots go.

I like the Photoshop - Light Room - Clarity slider - though soften too much and the result is like a wax doll, which effect some mothers like on their baby photos. (I think they should just get a doll, but not a 'reborn' in case it looks too much like a real baby.) At the other extreme, sharpening photos of women of a certain age (or any age) seems not the most kind or flattering thing to do with Photoshop - no-one likes to be presented in a bad light, or to have their flaws and wrinkles enhanced rather than softened or left alone.

Photoshopping doesn't make too great a difference to Tammy as she's very overweight - if she smiled for the mug shot there wouldn't be much to choose between the pictures. Everyone looks better and younger when they smile, and slim people look younger by years than their overweight counterparts.IMO.


That's a vicious rant against a young girl by a grown woman whose husband she should hold to account for any 'affair' - I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley, or anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know Jude, you are right. And, I noticed that within her rant she recognized she was just a girl. She called her husband "stupid," most aptly. And, put quotation marks around "husband."

Anonymous said...

Wow Peter, you hit the nail right on the head with this one. Most people who have followed this case from Day 1 have thought these same things. I have no doubt that her husband has no control what so ever of his own Facebook account. She posts from there pretending to be him. She posts from her sons page pretending to be him. She comments on things pretending to be any of them. It's a wonder how she keeps up, that along with her fake accounts as well. As you have pointed out, it is all about control. She controls her whole family.
While in jail for almost a year she lost quite a bit of weight. When it came time for Sidney to be released from Jail she had already been released 2 days prior. When she pick Sidney up 2 days after her own release she had attempted to make herself look like a 20 year old rocker chick. She got out the car and made a big deal for the cameras posing as she held the door open for him to get in. As he passed by her to get in the car,mi noticed he pucker her lips somewhat like she was expecting a kiss. Well, she didn't get it, he left her hanging. There was probably hell to pay for that one. She is all about appearances, not real life. She is a narcissist to the Nth degree. Those kids are being ignored. The youngest needs speech therapy. I could list so much more. Control control control m

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 6.07 - not apt, IMO - Tammy calling her husband 'stupid' is very different to saying that what he did (have an 'affair', if that's what it was) was stupid. Anyone can do or say something which is stupid, without that making them stupid,mend if - while to call someone 'stupid' in themselves is abusive. She calls Jeather's father 'a jerk', too - her language is very abusive, not only towards Heather.


Whoever said twenty-one is not a young girl - well, that's a matter of opinion. :) Twenty-one is still a young girl, to me. Twenty five is a young woman. Anyone up to thirty is still 'a kid' in my eyes. I imagined I was an adult when I was sixteen, which was not unusual in my family or community - to compensate, everyone else gets an extended youth, or should. How we consider others age-wise is an interesting subject - legally, a person may be an adult, but we don't all necessarily see them in that way, or have to. I recognise there is a vast difference between a teenager and a thirty year old, yet I still see them all as kids, or most of them.

Hope's Food and Family said...

Peter, will you be analyzing the FB post of TM's "son"? I was impressed with the writing of a "16" year old, it really didn't look like a teenaged boy wrote that post.

Anonymous said...

Tammy is so insecure that she has to photoshop pics to make herself look presentable but it doesn't change the fact that she's not young and she's not beautiful. Sidney saw qualities in Heather that had faded many years ago with Tammy who is less than average at her best. There has been speculation that Tammy's father William "Buddy" Caison helped cover up Heather's disappearance/demise. All fingers point to Tammy and Sidney so when they're incarcerated it will be no surprise, the community will be rid of two conniving murderers.

It's a known fact that Tammy uses Sidney;s, Christian's, Nikki's and her mother Polly Caison's accounts to post her infamous rants. The more she posts the more people see how out of control and dangerous she is. Tammy's a desperate woman who knows her husband Sidney will cheat again, once they're in prison she will have no control over his sexual liaisons or another woman's punishment.

elf said...

On Sidneys Facebook he has a picture of him proposing again to Tammy (posted Oct 9,2015) . My question is, isn't renewing vows something married people do to try to fix a marriage?

Anonymous said...

Most of HE accts have been taken down. I can only imagine they were far worse than anything TM has said online.

Her twitter still up, posts graphics of 'how to suck your own dick' and another with a photo of herself in a cute dress made of lace 'lace and vans its a pretty day'

Something is going on in that area worse than HE disappearance.

Kathead said...

The grand gestures usually signals something is wrong. I dont expect to see solid married couples proposing to each other again or renewing vows.

Anonymous said...

The more she posts the more people see how out of control and dangerous she is. Tammy's a desperate woman who knows her husband Sidney will cheat again, once they're in prison she will have no control over his sexual liaisons or another woman's punishment.

December 25, 2015 at 1:48 AM

They won't go to jail again. They are no more out of control than the people that vandalized the missing's father's place of business, or the people that threatened the accused with guns and those criminally trespassing on their and family members property.

I noticed a home sold near the family of the victim. They weren't rich people as others would have you believe. Were they threatening neighbors too? Or, did they want peace and not be forced into a reality show for charity?

No wonder they will call 800 people for jury duty. It will take a lot of culling to get down to 12 people they can depend on. Maybe this is why TM homeschooled.

Bet this stuff goes back to high school even in the accused days and has continually worsened.

Anonymous said...

Tammy has tried to float the story that she was involved with another man while her husband was in love with Heather. So, where is this mystery dude? I think he's as big of a figment of her imagination as the so-called baby she lost while in lock up.

And they will go back to jail. Both of them. Permanently.

Anonymous said...

The judge is not their jury -- although he apparently thought their whereabouts were worth watching, hence the ankle monitors. People are out on bail awaiting their murder trial all the time.

I have no proof, as I am not an investigator on this case. But if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck -- or in this case, a pig -- it's probably a duck.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


good point.

It is actually a spot upon what we view in analysis as 'need to display', revealing weakness, within social media.

Grandiose Facebook postings to tell the world what is best said in private is something we are classifying now.

Merry Christmas,


To others:

Putting Tammy's rants (including her writing through others, anonymous, her son, etc) do speak of just how violent and dangerous she is.

trustmeigetit said...

I think having an affair alone is signs of a troubled relationship.

And we'll, he had an affair...

lynda said...

Anon @ 1:48 and Kat..

I totally agree. Way to much need to persuade. Her having a "boyfriend" was so transparent as a lie that you don't even need SA! I can't imagine what that poor girl went thru at the hands of this raging, jealous woman and her "husband". I hope this case comes to a swift end for her family but I don't think Tammy will ever tell where Heather is.

Merry Christmas to all

Unknown said...

Whatever happened to Tammy being pregnant?

lynda said...

She "lost" the fake pregnancy in jail. Convenient. Also convenient that she refused a doctors exam, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy tests while in jail.

elf said...

Where do you think Heather was found, anonymous @8:29?

elf said...

Tammy posted that rant about a girl who had gone missing. And how is posting a joke, even a racy one, and a picture of herself (wow. A teenage girl posted a 'sexy' selfie! Call the press!) even comparable to disparaging a missing teenager? And never even ONCE does Tammy make a public plea for a alive Heather to come home and prove her and her husband's innocence nor does she or Sidney just straight up say they didn't kill heather. No where.

Anonymous said...

Peter, would you care to weigh in on this topic? A lunch worker fired for giving free lunch to hungry child when policy states when child is over credit limit on subsidized program food taken by child should be taken and thrown in trash?

Many cite the woman had been fired before on theft charges stemming from taking money from a golf course register and putting money in tip jar. None give circumstances or how much was actually stolen. The police had been called. Golfers are typically above average wage earners. Did they see no need for tips at the register? Why was there even a tip jar there?

Anonymous said...

The need to persuade on the above subject:
1) Parents offered the chance to comment
2) School policy reviewed
a) How much did it cost to review, write the letter of termination, and how much was spent during initial training. What did the school lose as opposed to the 1.70 lost lunch. (Costs were most likely more than $500-enough to feed several children for a year)
b) How much is the supervisor costing the lunch program?
c) Could the reporting be made simpler as it is clear they only want people who can remember all the rules? On minimum wage?
3)What is the cost to the terminated? Record of theft, dismissal, difficulty getting job elsewhere.
4) The point of throwing good food away over clerical error when it could feed a child?
5) Who is impacted by the termination and the hunger? How does this impact education?

Anonymous said...

I just have a hunch that the remains found in Florida wrapped in a bathrobe and Disney sheet are Heather's remains.

Nic said...

The more I read about this case/the Moorers, the more I am reminded of my father-in-law’s on-going 40 year relationship with his mistress. It's even worse now that my mother-in-law is in a Manor (dementia). He literally has no power/control/opinion anymore. I could write a novella about those two. It's just sad how she has managed to break the man down to a shell of his former self. I call my father-in-law Cinderfella. The threat of abandonment (he'll be 85 and she will be 64) is a powerful emotion when at the end of your life. To the point of investing heavily in home renos in her house so that it's "his place, too"/she can't boot him out. The only time he is "allowed" to be strong and forceful is when he's being challenged about my mother-in-law's affairs (he has Power of Attorney). Then he becomes uber defensive and severely lashes out turning my husband into a little boy again. Disappointingly, both of them are major scammers/liars, and I would not underestimate the mistress's manipulative and conniving actions, on any level. But even that has a (legal) limit. In our province three years is the time marker for common-law relationships. Come that time we can legally request that he recuse himself from being my mother-in-law's POA for finances, if he doesn't give it up beforehand (unlikely). That will also mark the end of my husband and father-in-law's 'relationship'.

Anonymous said...

Never mind about the Idaho cafeteria worker. I found a gofundme page. You wouldn't be interested. She used 7 "I"s in the first paragraph. What's that mean? Close to suicide over guilt perhaps? Life is ended at the age of 51 over feeding a child.That's the way it should be.Besides, her grammar isn't much either. This is why they only get one chance before being fired at a minimum wage job within the education system.

"I admits I broke the rules, but I'm not apologizing and I would do exactly the same thing again regardless of the consequences.
I was a lunch lady at Irving Middle School. I was placed on unpaid leave Tuesday after I gave a free lunch to a 12-year-old student who didn’t have money to pay for her hot lunch."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The lunch lady story has missing information.

I do not think this was a single, isolated incident. I do not see a school firing someone for feeding a hungry child.

The journalist did not appear to do a good job and I think that there is much more to this story.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about that, Peter. It is stated she'd been given a verbal warning once before for giving a kid a cookie. Something had been mentioned by the superintendent about losing federal aid for the lunch program if the paperwork isn't done properly. It is possible this really happened.

Any state in which a deputy guns down a farmer for trying to put his own bull out of its misery-then handcuffs the wife as she goes in to cardiac arrest after watching the senseless murder- after the deputy failed to do so with an assault rifle is prone to anything.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Moorer posted this on a Disney world forum, upsetting quite a few posters there. They put her in her place! She tried to delete her posts but people had already quoted her so they show up in the thread. Her narcissism is unmistakable here (I broke it into paragraphs to make it easier to read. This was post # 57 in the thread. Also check out post # 67 and #74. She just cannot be outdone!!!!

"For starters I use caps and bolds to grab attention, not because I'm angry or upset! And secondly both my husband and I own our own companies and make a #h%t(l@ad of money! I live in a HUGE 2 storied cutom brick house (that I designed) with a playground (just for my 3 kids) that will put the best private school out there to shame and the outdoor kitchen.....freaking amazing and it's bigger than the average persons HOUSE!

So, yes, I guess we're "rich" in the eyes of America, not that it matters because money is just money and it can not buy one happiness or make them a better person. It makes life more comfortable and easier but not better. Go back to my post and look at how I worded it.

I asked why people would choose this resort and pay this much extra if they're just using it to sleep and shower in! When I go somewhere with my husband to get away we always stay somewhere equivalent (as nice as our upgraded home). Disney doesn't even offer such a place! (Although the grounds of our home look similar to the Polynesian with all of the palms and fancy landscaping...)

I can't justify paying that kind of money when I USE the resort and it's grounds, but at Disney World (or any other theme park we'd go to as a family of 5) we NEVER stay in the room and we would rarely use the amenities. (We have our own pool and jacuzzi at home so staying in a resort because of the "pool" doesn't make sense for US!)

Disney, IMO, doesn't even have what we'd consider a 5 star resort and I feel the rooms get this hype for no good reason. Seriously, those little pods on the sides of CR...WHY in the World would someone want to stay there!? (for that price) Or in one of the Poly rooms where you're stuck in the back on a path where the coolest thing you see all day is a maid going by on a golf cart!?

I know the the concierge and preferred rooms have the nice views and perks but if you compare this to any high end resort Disney does not hold a candle. Everyone knows this. Anyone that's been to a really nice resort does. The places are overpriced and we ALL know it. It's like gasoline matter if it goes to $10 a gallon America will continue to drive and shell out the high prices instead of cutting back. If we all cut back a little the World would change!

If I was an 8 year old kid going to Disney for the first time I would freaking LOVE Pop Century Resort. It 's just kid friendly! If I was going on my honeymoon I probably would choose Poly or GF but as I said....when I go we all go and with that being said, it doesn't make sense to me.

I wanted to make it clear that we do have plenty of money and we can afford the best resort Disney offers, that doesn't mean I agree to paying that much for something when I don't think it's worth it.

I do apologize if anything I said sounded insulting, which I don't think I did, so if you took it this way maybe you are feeling a little guilty about something!? Not here to argue. I LOVE going to Disney. It's fun and my kids love it! If DLX makes ya happy stay there...enjoy it. I was just asking for reasons, not hate mail! "

elf said...

O.o she thinks her house is better than any rooms that Disney offers??? Wow.
The only thing she's right about is that money can't buy everything. I don't think she has all of the money she says she does because she would have had some plastic surgery or liposuction done by now. It's all false bravado and fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Moorer says she can't keep a secret. Well that explains why she didn't even bother to hide her hatred for Heather. (post # 59)

"You have a great boyfriend! I can tell, but he sounds like me in the part where he can't keep a secret. Me either."

Anonymous said...

Elf, she was completely called out for her elitist attitude on that thread. The posters there did not like her at all.

This thread offered pictures of her bathroom. It is very nice I might add:

Post# 53

Anonymous said...

The arial pics of her house show tons of garbage and filth around their house:

Anonymous said...

Jeesh! That's very little junk when you consider all the landscaping,barn/shed, etc.
Most likely garden stuff strewn or stuff from home projects. Looks like tarps, pots, fencing, etc. Maybe they'd just cleaned out the shed and hadn't hauled it off yet. Certainly nothing to gripe about considering the overall appearance of the place.

Anonymous said...

That's silly stuff Elf. Nothing to do with the price of tea in China. Some like to pay $800 a night just to sleep, whereas others prefer putting their money on something more memorable.

Those that wanted to brag about how much they spent to snooze were the ones peeved. Mommies with nothing to do other than beotch and fight. Or brag about their latest botx injection at age 29.

Absolutely obsessive behavior to look for message boards so long ago.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a lot of junk &I wouldn't want it all setting behind my house, I don't care how many projects I had going on. The boards I found links from via webslueths. Nobody was obsessing, only pointing out quirks in her personality. She showed her narcissism in her posts, no doubt about it.

Unknown said...

Wow, why so defensive?

Anonymous said...

Tammy was defensive because she was (and still is at heart) an obese, unattractive women. I don't have links but have seen other links from the dis boards. On the rare occasions that she is photographed she attempts to hide her large frame in the back of her family. The cuddly photos with Sidney didn't start until after she learned of his affair with Heather. She wanted to portray their marriage as steamy and she as his "hot, blonde wife." (More of her posting as Sidney. No man, including Sidney, would think of her as a "hot blonde." He found an escape from her hideousness in his relationship with the young and beautiful Heather. Undoubtedly, he was somewhat astonished and flattered that Heather would give him a second glance and fell madly in love -- or at least in lust -- with her.

Tammy has referenced her boyfriend a few times, and yet no man has emerged to claim that he was the lucky man involved with Tammy. That's because he doesn't exist.

Now Tammy claims that Sidney's love affair was more of a business relationship, where he paid her for "services" with cups of coffee. That's a very recent claim. Tammy is becoming unhinged, IMO. All of it will come out at trial and she will sit at the defense table, defiant as ever, while the sordid details of Sidney's love for Heather surface for all to see.

I also believe that Tammy's insistence that her life and her relationships are perfect stem from serious daddy issues.

Anonymous said...

The orange cow society are known for stalking-both cyber and physical.
If you don't like the trash, request they remove it before you move in!But don't, for the love of gawd, try to upload a decade old photo when advertising it for sale.You and your other pseudo-realotrs can and will loose your license if the state has anyone to look into your scams.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:08:

Whom is trying to sale a home, and with a psuedo realtor? I am lost. What is the orange cow society? It makes me think of Tammy wearing the orange jumpsuit.

John Mc Gowan said...

Tammy Moorer in her overt degradation towards Heather was off the scale. It is usually very subtle. Myself and others, Peter included, were taken aback at the brutality of her vicious language. This was not expected. SA, learns, and we adapt. This was a lesson, (for me) never to be forgotten.

elf said...

Lol @ silly stuff.

feng shui said...

I meant Tammy and Sidney in post above ^^^^^^^

dizzyingDisneylogic said...

I don't know who was/is suspending disbelief more severely...Tammy living in her Disney world or the commenters here who believe Sidney was overpowered by Tammy and forcefully shackled to Disney rides. This belief seems to have been instrumental in "solving" the case, so it is worth taking a closer look at.

Lis said...

This was a story in Seattle area last year with another lunch lady problem- this was the opposite, the lunch lady cruelly threw the lunch in the trash in front of the kid when he was short 26 cents.

KOMO news has since removed comments from their site but I remember at the time there were many comments, some from others whose kids had experienced similar problems, and others by people who worked for the district trying to explain and rationalize their policy.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The few posters (it is only a few, in spite of the many names) who feel such hatred towards the victim's father will not be posted here, no matter how often they post or if they change their IP address.

No matter how often the same person is deleted, she continues to post knowing it will be deleted. It takes google a bit of repetition to screen out the IP address into its SPAM folder, but eventually it does.

I had apologized to the victim's father, long ago, for the vicious comments that were left here and told him that I and my volunteers would be diligent in keeping this blog clean of the attacks. It is bad enough for him to read details, should he choose, that come from the language, without having he and his family subjected to attacks.

The Tammy defenders show the same base character. They do not answer the analysis, but attack me personally, and even my wife and children. They are vulgar, and posses no ability to follow an argument, nor the ability to think logically.

Please do not respond to them.

If you do, your post will also be deleted especially if you copy and paste their hatred of the victim's family.

I am concerned about the case. Police knew from the beginning that Tammy and Sidney were involved, and it did not take them long to see the ring leader, Tammy, and her dominance over Sidney. Had their genders been reversed, he would have been seen as a victim of Domestic Violence.

He dared to break away from her control, and Heather met the full wrath of all of Tammy's sociopathic rage. I shudder to think of what her final moments were like under this beast-like human, bereft of all human empathy, with her unleashed rage of everything in life poured upon the victim.

Tammy Moorer's words are but a small insight into the rage that Heather was subjected to.

Life in prison without the possibility of parole is to re-victimize the Elvis family by forcing them, via tax dollars, to pay for Tammy and Sidney's provision.

Thank you,


donediscussingthecase said...

I don't "hate" the victim's family. I only think Terry is a complete sleazebag as is obvious from things he has written including him writing about how to bury a dead body, etc. I also am deeply concerned about the meaning of some of the statements Heather wrote on social media in terms of what she may have been experiencing.
As far as Sidney being a victim of domestic violence, Sidney looks like a tall, strong man. I don't believe Tammy forcibly handcuffed him, and of course I don't believe it is physically possible that she overpowered him. He could of course overpower Tammy and refuse to be cuffed. Do I believe he was emotionally cowed and beaten down? No. HOw many victims of domestic violence are out having affairs and soliciting prostitutes? I understand the theory you are postulating, Tammy certainly does look like a woman who could give another woman a hell of a bad time, however, Sidney is a large man. Also, I don't understand either, what is being implied by the theory that Sidney was literally held captive, under Tammy's control, does that mean his lawyer could try to say he was not guilty, that he was forced by Tammy, if in fact they did kill Heather? Because there are lawyers who would absolutely pursue that kind of defense tactic if in fact Sidney were under Tammy's control and the victim of domestic violence.
This will be my last post. I feel confident the state of North Carolina will eventually bring justice upon whoever committed this heinous crime.

Anonymous said...


If you're simply going on physical prowess alone, Tammy is much larger than Sidney. She almost dwarfs him. He is a beaten down "kept" man, living on property owned by his in laws.

Do I believe he wanted to leave the drunken (according to his conversations with his sister in law) wildebeast for Heather? Yes. Let's not forget that Sidney willingly had an affair with Heather.Do I believe he had the guts to leave Shrek and start a life with Heather? No.

Is Terry perfect? Unlikely, what with being human and all. Was his relationship with his young daughter complicated? Perhaps. Don't all young women know better than their middle aged, more experienced parents? But she was driving a car registered to his name and she did text him, proudly, about driving a stick shift, from her date. There was love in that family, unlike Tammy's pig pen. Tammy's husband sought solace in the arms of a hot young thing while no man -- not her husband and not her phantom boyfriend -- wanted to touch her blubber.

When Sidney is in prison and fantasizing about his life on the outside, it won't be the memory of balding, chubby Tammy he gets off to, despite the handcuffs. I just hope it's not poor Heather, who had a full life to live before the MRS got hold of her swwet, young body.

DejaVu said...


Mmmm Hmmmm. I'm sure Tammy overpowered him and cuffed him. Funny, cops who are strong men have trouble getting cuffs on other men. Yet Tammy possesses hulk-like powers. Paint a picture for me (actually, please don't). Did he run? Did she overtake him with speed? Did she grab him, tackle him, carry him to the bed, (or did she drag him?), once reaching the bed, did she pin him down, beat him at the arm wrestling match that would inevitably ensue when she attempted the actual cuffing?

These ridiculous debates about whether Tammy possesses enough hulk-like strength to overpower Sidney really miss the point don't they?

Whether or not Sidney is thinking about Tammy's blubber in prison also very much misses the point.

I am not allowed to analyze anything related to the case. All I can tell you is you are missing the point, and I hope you are never in charge of solving a crime.

Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't really matter that he signed a "contract" ALLOWING himself to be handcuffed to the bed. Nor does handcuffing him to the bed -- or not -- change the fact that Tammy and Sidney killed Heather. Evidence far more compelling than handcuffs will emerge at the trial -- and very soon.

donediscussing said...


If Tammy and Sidney did it, I hope that hard evidence does emerge and that they will be convicted and punished to the highest extent of the law.

One thing I don't understand after reading Terry's piece over dozens of times, is why Terry, a month after Heather had gone missing, had not met with Heather's date to ask him about anything Heather had said, done, what her mood was like, quizzed him on every word she had uttered on their date...had she mentioned anyone in particular, mentioned possibly going to meet anyone, etc. Terry states in his piece that he has never met her date but that he had been fully cleared by police. But, if I had been in Terry's shoes, regardless of if I believed he had nothing to do with her disappearance, I would have absolutely met with him to ask him for every detail...anything she had said, done, her mood, every action, every word she had said, considering that the date was the last known person to see her alive. I literally do not understand how, a month into her disappearance, Terry had not even met him. Is this not peculiar?

Anonymous said...

Maybe. But I don't know. I am married to a police officer -- full disclosure. Now, does that make ME a police officer? Absolutely not! Does it make my police officer spouse an expert on every active case? Absolutely not!

I am also a parent, so I understand your point very well. And I agree,

But if the police told me, "You MUST trust us" (and remember -- Terry said they could hand over Sidney, or do a thorough investigation that would require him to be very patient) in the interest of seeing justice for my kid ... well, yeah, as hard as it might be, I might just shut my mouth.

Terry is a father in grief. You can criticize his actions all you want, but he didn't kill his daughter. Cleared and done. The Moorers will stand trial. I don't know Terry -- he could be a complete asshole for all I know. But as a parent, I hope his daughter's two killers are brought to the justice they deserve.

discussing said...

It seems inexplicable to me that the police would forbid or discourage Terry from speaking to the date (after he was cleared or even before) as Terry may have had questions that he could have asked the date that would give important information.

Just as a random example, what if Terry knew of someone shady Heather knew and said to the date "Did she mention "so-and so" at all? In other words, there is no way that the cops could get an exact transcript of every sentence exchanged between the 2, however a parent might be able to pull out something important by asking questions. I would want to know everything as a parent...what route exactly did they drive to look at Christmas lights, did Heather suggest driving down any particular street? As a parent I would scan my mind to see if I could make any connections...did she know anyone on any of the streets they drove down? etc I would want to have any puzzle piece I could get to figure out who she met that night, and I believe any parent would do the same thing.
It just seems like a no-brainer to want to quiz the date.
I hope her killers are brought to justice also.

Anonymous said...

It's been almost three months since anyone has commented and perhaps it is senseless for me to do so now, but because my views are different from yours, Peter, I want to speak up.

What so many see as Tammy being a ringleader of sorts in the disappearance and presumed death of Heather, I do not see at all. Maybe I have it all wrong, but part of me doesn't think so. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother posting.

I agree Tammy is a narcissist. I also think the same of Sidney and even Heather.
However, it is not Tammy I am picking up on as being so much involved. It is mostly Sidney in my opinion. If Tammy took part in planning out a murder, then it seems impossible to me she would trust Sidney to call Heather from a payphone without her being present to listen to the call. The evidence as it has been provided states it was Sidney who was seen walking to the phone and making the call, and in none of that was it mentioned that Tammy was present.

As far as I am aware, Tammy did not lie to law enforcement. It was Sidney who lied when being questioned about if he had contacted Heather. He lied up until he was questioned without Tammy present. It sounds more like Tammy didn't know about him calling Heather that night. Was he scared of Tammy finding that out? What husband wouldn't feel fear about admitting in front of their wife that they called their mistress... again?

I think there is much more going on with Sidney and his involvement. He has not spoken very much publically, so there is little to go on, but there is something about him that is very troubling to me. I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Now that some of the charges have been dropped, Peter. Would you mind going back and revisiting this case again? Many times I am in agreement with you, but not this time. And because of that, I am much more drawn into your opinion of those involved and what has led you to your opinion.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

You see the victim as a "narcissist."

Since we have had no statements from her, how did you come to this conclusion? The vein of victim blaming is present.


Anonymous said...

No, no. I am in no way putting any blame on the victim.

I brought her up in the context of narcissism only to point out that being narcissistic does not mean someone should be seen as a guilty party. My apologies if my point was not clear in the way I mentioned it previously.

Though I'd rather not publically answer your question, I don't want you to think I'm trying to avoid it, so briefly put: it was the victim's previously visible social media activity, photos, and other publically known information about her as to why I have formed an opinion of narcissism in regard to her. I do not think of it as an unhealthy narcissism--she was only 19--but narcissism, nonetheless.

Tammy's narcissism is extreme and unhealthy in my opinion, but still, it does not make her a murderer. If she did murder Heather, then hopefully there is stronger evidence to support the accusation than her personality.

Anonymous said...

Peter, in my above post I should have thanked you for responding to the previous one. When I read "vein of victim blaming present" in your response my priorities shifted to first address that statement. In doing so, I completely forgot to thank you. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and respond; thank you.