Monday, December 7, 2015

Davey Blackburn: Deception Indicated

Did Davey Blackburn really have a conversation with God?

The actual question for analysis is this:

Does Davey Blackburn, himself, believe that he had a conversation with God? Or, is this something he simply wanted his audience to believe?

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.  

In Statement Analysis (lie detection) one must have an intent to deceive.  If someone truly believes that they have heard a voice telling them, they will say so and this will then lead to other questions.  

In order to be deceptive about hearing this conversation with God, Blackburn would have to show a "need to persuade" or an "intent to deceive" his audience. 

Christian Post published an article about Davey Blackburn's claim of Amanda's death. 

The journalist left out much information but what he did give should be viewed. 

He did write that Blackburn claimed to have a conversation with God about Amanda's death.   The quote is for analysis. 

Statement Analysis Principle:  90% or more deception is through missing information.  A direct fabrication of reality is very rare. 

To come right out and say "I heard a voice" would be a direct lie.  It would also put him close to the "delusional" state where one does not know what one is doing. 

Blackburn knows exactly what he is doing.  In order to deceive, there must be 'intent to deceive' present. 

Davey Blackburn's language shows an intent to deceive people into thinking that he had a conversation with the Almighty in a shower.  Note how he does it.  

This is very rare in the world of deception. It is not only very rare statistically, but it is very stressful:  the subject has no memory from which to work from, and it is easily influenced by a variety of sources; what one has read, what one has seen in a movie, on television, what another said, and so on. 

The source of the fabrication has no experiential emotional connection. 
It is easy to mix up words, and the influences (it cannot come from a vacuum) can become entangled easily. 

The lying subject fears being asked a direct question about it.  

He does give some quotes and here you see the progression of deception.  He does not want to directly lie and say he heard a voice so note the progression:  

"I had a thought this morning in the shower. And felt like the Lord spoke to my heart and said: 'Davey, I want my church, I want my bride to come alive. And if I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?
Of course, like anybody else I said 'absolutely not. There is no way.' I'm good with being married and having two little kids, pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life. I am good with comfort. And the Lord said, 'That's why I didn't ask you the question beforehand.' Because sometimes when you say, I surrender all, you mean I surrender some. So you are put in a situation where you have to surrender all.'

What was the source of this Divine Revelation?

Note the progression:

1.  It was only a thought. 

"I had a thought this morning"  Note that not only does the subject know how to use the pronoun "I", but he states that this was a "thought."

2.  It was a feeling

It "felt" like God was speaking to him...

3.  It was only to the "heart" 

  If "felt" like God was speaking, not to his ear, nor his intellect, but his "heart"

4.  Conversation 

Now it is no longer a thought of his own, and no longer a feeling, or emotion, that was to his heart, now it is an actual conversation with direct quotes and something else that should not be missed: 

5.  Attention Getting First Name

 "Davey" enters the language of the Almighty.  

This is not necessary unless someone else is in the shower with hi.  Since he is alone, the "thought" progressed to not only a conversation with quotes, but then with his own first name:  This is not going to be lost on the audience.  

Davey Blackburn is to have God use his first name.  

6. Then he goes into direct quotes in Q&A

This is to show that he knows that by qualifying the "Divine revelation" or "conversation" he can answer back with "thought" or what "felt like" and then only to his "heart."

Yet, the deception is indicated in the direct quotes. This is not a case where someone feels strongly about something else, but to attribute actual words, including the use of his own name, within quotes for the purpose deceiving the audience into believing that he has had a direct conversation with God, with the subsequent authority that this would entail.  

 This is to deceive people into believing that he has received Divine instruction and he does not make them wait long for him to wield this new authority.  He will openly rebuke them and insult the work of their pastor.  

We have already noted the location of this revelation and its linguistic association with sexual abuse and sexual homicide.  

Please also note: 

The answer to "God's" question:

Q.  if I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?

A.  This is just his "thought" (a) then it is his "feeling" that is in his "heart") but now it is not only a direct question, but it is one in which the Almighty needs to use his first name, which in analysis is a point of attention.  Please compare this to the 'first name basis' of Davey Blackburn and "George" as in George Stephonolopholis on Good Morning America. 

Would you give up your bride?  

Please note that within the question, God's bride is not alive, but dead, in need of life.  This speaks to the egomaniacal nature.

Would you give up your wife?

What is the expected response?


In Statement Analysis, we often have investigators count the number of words after the word "no", or even the repetition of the word "no", as a signal of need to emphasize. 
Anything beyond "no" and the question becomes sensitive.  

Blackburn "responds":

Of courselike anybody else I said 'absolutely not. There is no way.'

1.  "Of course" is to believe without question.  This is to cause his audience to believe, without question that his answer is "no" which shows a need to make this a 'matter of course' that needs no further investigation or questioning. 

2.  "Like anybody else"

Do you know anyone else who has been asked if they would be willing to give up their bride?

This is very similar to the use of the word "normal" in Statement Analysis.  It is an attempt to make something sound acceptable and the norm, and is often used in deception. 

School story telling time:  "The day was like any other day..." will make 7 year olds' ears perk up with the information that something unlike any other day is about to be announced. 

"I am a normal male" is only said by someone who has either thought himself abnormal, or has been labeled as such by others.  This is often the defense of the pedophile who refuses to say "I did not molest or touch the child" instead says, "I am a normal male" or "I am happily married" to avoid the direct lie and internal stress of saying "I didn't do it."

"Like anybody else" is a need to persuade that he, just like every other husband  would not do give up his bride's life. 

This is to say "I am like every other husband " in a situation that is unlike every other husbands. 

How many husbands do you know who have had conversations with God in the shower about their wife's death?

How many husbands of murdered wives have husbands asked if they would be willing to give them up?

How many of these wives were found murdered, with their clothes removed?

Hence, the shower as the place of washing, and the analytical connection with sexual homicide or assault. 

3. "Absolutely not" is to use "not", which is appropriate, but to weaken it with "absolutely", showing the need for more emphasis, which is the weakening of the denial. 

He is not done there. 

4.  "There is no way" is to continue all the words after the simple "no" which was all that was needed.  

Instead of "no", which is one word, we have:

a.  of course
b.  like anybody else
c.  absolutely not
d.  there is now way

5.  Ordinary 

And then in a self revelatory way, he tells the Almighty that he would have been happy with the  "ordinary" which includes 120 people (again, revealing the obsession with numbers).  Not that 120 will be well cared for, but it is in the negative of what he was about to announce.  

This is a very lengthy response to that which only required a single answer of "no" and is seen as "need to persuade." 

He needs his audience to be persuaded that he would not have traded his wife in death.  

Who would need such persuasion? 

In order to conclude "deception indicated" the subject must know he is deceiving people. 

By beginning with "thought" and then moving to a "feeling" and then to the "heart" all before going into exact quotations, Davey Blackburn is deception indicated about having a conversation with God in the shower.  He is not delusional but knew he had to qualify the conversation before delivering it, so that the listeners would be left with the impression that God spoke to him directly. 

A delusional person who believes he hears God speaking will make the claim of hearing voices and not have the need to qualify it. 

Blackburn then took this "authority", immediately exercised it over his father in law, and gave a stinging rebuke of the church "not really caring" what they think of him.  This is to say:

The sheep are dead because the shepherd has not been feeding them.  They are dead because he has not inspired them, cared for them, nourished them and overall cared for them. 

The man was silent in the face of this accusation, for what could he say, against one who just received the word from the Almighty in the  shower?

The journalist left out the quotes about "history books" having not written...Someone in the comments section wrote, "Blackburn inches closer to confession..." as it is that he, himself, is making statements that should not be missed by investigators. 

Blackburn's claim sounds delusional; it is not.  He knew how to frame it so the message would be received while he could later defend himself against by saying, "it was just a thought."

He knows what he is doing and knows his future plans to further exploit her death for his gain.  Whereas Christianity teaches that Christ died for his Church to live, so does Blackburn teach otherwise, leaving him in the authoritative role of re-writing history books anew.  

Davey Blackburn has justified his wife's death.  

In that which is so senseless that only faith could say, "I do not know why, but I must trust", he, no longer "baffled" (note:  Blackburn never said, "I am baffled" but "we" were baffled), he now knows why Amanda died. 

Would he trade Amanda for his church to live?

This is not the right question to ask. 

"Did he?" is more appropriate.  

                       Investigators always listen.  

Analysis Conclusion:  Deception Indicated.  Blackburn knows that his choice of words will lead his audience to believe that he has just had a private conversation with God.  


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Anonymous said...

After reading this reasoning for the death of his wife, Amanda, I was thinking about how Davey Blackburn responded to the reporter's question of "Who would want to harm Amanda?" I cannot find DB's exact quote, but her said something along the lines of him having no idea. This was such a "conundrum." Were his words off-the-cuff during the interview and he has taken time to develop this new rationale for Amanda's murder--that God had a greater purpose for the death? Was the "conundrum" perhaps his way of preparing us for what he has finally learned--from God speaking to him in the shower--the "conundrum" has been solved? Is this guy smart enough or manipulative enough to think this far ahead? I am unsure how I view him, at this point. I am not sure if he is a mastermind, putting all this together from the beginning or if he is feeling the pressure and is trying to find an answer, any answer.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hyatt wrote:
"Davey Blackburn has justified his wife's death.
In that which is so senseless that only faith could say, "I do not know why, but I must trust", he, no longer "baffled" (note: Blackburn never said, "I am baffled" but "we" were baffled), he now knows why Amanda died. "

I asked about the "conundrum"in first comment. Maybe my question will be clearer here! Is the statement "We were baffled" related to his new revelation? So, possibly there is no longer a conundrum and he is no longer baffled because he now KNOWS why Amanda was murdered? He knows because God told him in the shower? Hence, he has justified Amanda's murder.

BallBounces said...

Peter -- Thank you for this analysis. I agree that this is a bogus conversation with God and I recognized most of the points before you raised them.

I've noticed something else. Earlier, David had said how if Amanda had to be "cut" in order for e.g., there to be a cure for cancer, she would have readily agreed. It was clear that even back then he was trying to figure out how Amanda's death might be associated with a positive outcome. Now he is re-casting it in terms of the Almighty -- her death will revive God's flock (which is appalling and, if not blasphemous, at least sorely wrong-headed). I wonder if his latest formulation is an outgrowth from his earlier thinking.

The worst part of what he says is the unstated implication that, if only Davey had been truly surrendered to God, God would have informed him ahead of time of his plan to allow Amanda to be murdered. This removes Amanda from the spotlight and puts Davey front-and-center, as you have demonstrated over and over. It in effect re-casts the story from being about Amanda's murder to being about Davey's walk with God.

* * *

For what it's worth, I've heard other evangelical Christians question why God would allow someone's death, and they've come up with some pretty far-out ideas. I remember one woman who was stricken by a prominent pastor's death at a fairly young age. She reasoned that God had to take this man's life in order that younger ministers could/would come along and step into their roles. I disagreed. It does show, however, that there is something like this in the minds of some evangelicals/charismatics when trying to work through such issues: they want to put a spiritual spin on the death.

* * *

I hope you will analyze DB's entire speech. I posted a transcript in an earlier post.

Anonymous said...

DB reminds me so much of a pastor of a radical church in my community. They are always coming up with something controversial including provacative billboards for their sex series and giving away an assault rifle for Fathers Day. If you read this article you can see how fowl he is when not in front of the pulpit. He stepped down for a bit last year to get counseling after a DWI. He and his wife built a huge home from support of the church. Read this and see if you see any resemblance to Davey Boy. You can also go online and be just as discussed with the church videos.

Do you have the balls for America's manliest church:

Concerned said...

Excellent, Peter!
It's important to note that Davey would look to the mentor for guidance on how to proceed.
Perry Noble also had one of these chats with God one Christmas Eve when he was told to
preach that the Ten Commandments were just "sayings".
Davey may have been willing to diss his FIL in his home church, but he will likely try to stay in line with PN's
way of doing business. That's who signs his checks.

Anonymous said...

I should have said on and off the pulpit. He is sex and gun crazy like Davey. Watch the video embedded in the article.

Louise K said...

He put it all together with the Primary intent of benefitting financially from losing his wife.

Glory also seems very important to him also.

This is a guy who sulked for 2 days over a bent grill and sees absolutely nothing wrong with that - actual domestic abuse by ignoring and isolating his wife - and he tells folk about it?

"Amanda said "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry"" and he didn't forgive her for TWO DAYS> Abuser

And he's stop grandiose and egotistical he's committing it all to film

Without even realizing how SICK he sounds...!

Diagnosis: psychopath

Anonymous said...

"I'm good with being married and having two little kids, pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life. I am good with comfort."

I'm good - present tense. Doesn't say he was good being married.

He didn't have two little kids, he had a son and unborn baby. Was two kids sensitive to him.

The rest of my life - did he believe this was the only way that his church would increase in size?

Normally when someone refers to surrendering all, they are giving up their own life, not their wife's life. He doesn't question why God took his wife instead of himself. He also believes God would choose such a horrific death for his wife to further his church.

By saying he would have been good with his life as it was, he is implying that he is better with what he has now.

Anonymous said...

"I'm good with having two little kids for the rest of my life." is a problematic statement. It displays insincerity and emotional disconnectedness from his children.

How could he have two LITTLE KIDS for the rest of his life? Children grow up don't they? (as noted above, one wasn't even born yet)

As for, " I'm good with pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life" well that's just a lie. We've all witnessesed Davey's desperation to grow his church and his disappointment with numbers. Goodness! Imagine lying to God in the shower.

maudes harold said...

BallBounces said...
This removes Amanda from the spotlight and puts Davey front-and-center, as you have demonstrated over and over. It in effect re-casts the story from being about Amanda's murder to being about Davey's walk with God.


Spot on. I thought the same thing, especially with the recent reading of the journal entry about Job. Since his initial statement he has recast himself as the central focus of this murder. Looks like to some others, they have too.

VLW said...

Is there any indication that law enforcement is actively looking into this man for possible involvement, or has the arrest of two suspects led to this case being shelved as "solved"?

Anonymous said...

not davey's walk with God, it is davey's shower with God.
but you knew that, didn't you?

When I had a college logic course moons ago, never would I have been able to reason this rationale out in diagram form. So convoluted.
the boy has big problems indeed.

Deejay said...

In modern Christian understanding, God asks YOU for sacrifice, of your worldly goods, or even YOUR life, but never to 'sacrifice' a loved one. 'Would you give your bride for my church' is scarily more Satanic-like than Christian. Also Bride sounds younger, and more 'innocent' than wife. He makes that poor girl's death sound somewhat reminiscent of ancient Druid sacrifice, which was done for crop yields. (blood spilled believed to improve growth. yuck.)

Money- money- money is the root of all evil. Sex-sex-sex is Satanic. A pastor sending sex appeal out to young people in the audiences is predatory. Killing (or sacrificing a person) for money or for fame, either is horrible. ( and satanic) Send me money is questionable. I read somewhere he wanted to name a future child, if a son, Barnabas- which was a well-known Vampire in an old 60's TV Show.

This guy has the Jim Jones/David Koresh gene. If he gets cornered- I think he will commit suicide. In any case- HIS CHURCH needs to protect people from this nut.

Anonymous said...

There is no way this guy is not guilty. Please tell me that LE is as keen on this as the rest of the nation. Has he not been called in for any kind of questioning?

Concerned said...

From Twitter:
Perry Noble ‏@perrynoble Dec 5
Tomorrow @newspring we will be talking about THE most important thing for our church in 2016 - it's gonna change the world!!!!

Uh-oh, if this isn't about Davey, we may have a problem.
Has anyone watched yesterday's exciting news?

Anonymous said...

I'm not Christian so I'm just commenting from observing Christian friends. I've heard some say that God spoke to them or they felt like God was speaking to them. I've never taken those statements literally. I assume they mean it in an abstract kind of way. Think about it. If the creator of the universe actually SPOKE to someone that would be a miracle beyond compare; they'd be stunned, wouldn't they? They wouldn't be casually talking about it in a Twitter post or over coffee and shortbread.

Anonymous said...

If there is a God, I can't imagine he'd approve of most pastors or other religious "leaders." There seems to be way too many of them who are ego-driven, rather than scripture-driven.

Concerned said...

Deejay at 8:43
The scary thing about this is Davey's the only one running Resonate.
A classic narcissist is in charge.
The good news is that the effort is pretty much a failure.

His mentor who funded the "church" (term used loosely) plant is just as scary (if you leave out the murder part).
The bad news is he has 3000+ followers.
Look at pajama or just Google Perry Noble.

Unknown said...

I find it interesting when God supposedly asked him if he would give up his bride, his answer is all about him. He does not say " no lord don't take my wife, don't take my child yet to be born!" His answer is: "I'm good... I'm good." It's all about him!

For the life of me I don't understand how this father-in-law can listen to this guy? This is really strange. How can the spiritual leaders of this church hear all of this and do nothing?

By the way, on Sunday I left my note under the church office door for Pastor Phil. He knows who I am. The ball is in his court to contact me.

Anonymous said...

@VLW, that is so my concern!! Is it being pursued? Has this crazy guy ever been questioned??

Anonymous said...

Amanda's father is a likable man. I watched his service and I felt he was genuinely interested in his congregation and he's trying to find meaning in his daughters death that'll help other people. It's like Blackburn is trying to be like Amanda's father but without heart he falls short.

Anonymous said...

Ball bounces,

You're right. There is a some sort of link between the stories. They are really similar in some ways. Both involve being approached by someone who offers amazing things in exchange for blood sacrifice.

If someone came to Amanda and said they had a cure for cancer and they would give it to the world, but they had to cut her first, she would have happily said "do it"

God came to Davey and said "my bride could live if your bride dies"

The nature of both "bargains" is very disturbing.

By telling the first story, Crazy Davey is implying that Amanda would willingly have sacrificed herself for the church ( even though CD would have said "no way!" ..which is why God didn't ask him beforehand.)

The whole thing is ludicrous. Is he suggesting that if God HAD come to him before Amanda's murder and asked him if it was OK to take Amanda's life in exchange for the life of the church.....and CD said "Absolutely not. No way".....that God would have shrugged, said "No harm in asking....and Amanda would still be alive?

Louise K said...

"I'm good with being married and having two little kids, pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life. I am good with comfort."

^^^^leaves me wondering what he would do if he WASN'T "good" with it

Anonymous said...

Who is in the position of authority? crazy Davey or God?

I've heard that " you would have said no and that's why I didn't ask" kind of reasoning before, from children and teenagers.

"Why did you do XYZZY without my permission?"
"If I'd asked beforehand you would have said no"

Bingo3 said...

@martin durfey. Do you go to Phil Byars church? DO you think he has any doubts about davey?

Anonymous said...

The problem with the sheep not being fed:

Some charismatic types use terminology such as DB. Moreso than more stoic religions. It isn't unusual for someone of faith to say they heard God telling them to do such and such;not that they actually hear voices, but more to giving credit to God for whatever action.

Some are trained to take advantage of such faiths by rationale or reasoning made of their own devices.

Ex: Woman wants car. Is specific on what year, make and model. Voila! A police officer just visited the Buick dealership and traded in the car of her dreams (sans deep tinted drug dealer type windows). It was God's answer to her prayer. Months later it is broken into on the only night left out of the garage. (Was keeping a boyfriends sports car in the garage that night). Did the cop (not one that traded in the car of her dreams as God had moved in that direction) that kept coming by her house trying to have an affair help God? Did some kid (none in the neighborhood)just stumble in and seized the opportunity to smash and grab? A mystery for sure.

Did God, or someone similar, get the keys and used the car God had entrusted to her stewardship to block and Interstate off ramp-backwards in the section of the split-to intimidate and try to reroute traffic when it was supposed to be in the shop? Was God wanting something more?

No. It couldn't have been anyone but the alcoholic she'd been trying to rescue (God's calling for her)though he had no cause to do such, had plenty of money and would never put his own life in danger by blocking someone who is willing to ram him off the road.

What was God's purpose for her owning the car she prayed for? She'd heard God's voice. Someone almost saw God's face over the poor choice. Who, other than God, would want others to be safe on the highway? who would purposely make the highway a danger to others?

It serves someone. Perhaps. Maybe the one that bugs homes and is forced to pay PIs that work for the state. Maybe the drug dealers that run the county. Maybe the non-profits that help the little children. Or, maybe God really, really wanted someone dead!

God leaves his literature. God proselytes.God saves lives; is rough on tires.

The voice of the lord is a miserable event imo

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:42

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 8:48pm.... this is often how Christians speak about being touched by or "hearing" God. It doesn't necessarily mean God spoke to them literally, but often God speaks to others through thought, through knowing, etc. However, DB's body language and his smiling is what gives me the creeps when I see him talk about his wife or anything surrounding this case. He has that duping smile of someone who got away with something. That or he is definitely enjoying the attention this has brought.

Concerned said...

This would take boldness but is there a way you could meet with Phil Byars to discuss what Davey said during the worship service? Never mind your suspicions about his son-in-law, that was just so inappropriate. If not Phil, are there elders or deacons who could be approached?
How does one go back and worship with people who approved and applauded that scene?

Concerned said...

Anon at 9:48
But you don't think God breathes life into the dead bones of his church with a young mother's blood in 2015, do you?
Didn't he save past, present and future sinners with His Son's blood on the cross?
Davey says God needs him to do this. And God took Davey's bride to make it happen.
I'm a Christian who has been around a long time and I've never heard anyone claim this.

Anonymous said...

Malignant narcissism is far more pathologic than egotism. Malignant narcissist behave and think extremely different than emotionally healthy people. Please publish malignant narcissist Statement Analysis rules specific for these subhumans.

{Their need to avoid shame (not same emotion as guilt) controls much of their language and behavior.}

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:48 PM said:

"I'm not Christian so I'm just commenting from observing Christian friends. I've heard some say that God spoke to them or they felt like God was speaking to them. I've never taken those statements literally. I assume they mean it in an abstract kind of way. Think about it. If the creator of the universe actually SPOKE to someone that would be a miracle beyond compare; they'd be stunned, wouldn't they? They wouldn't be casually talking about it in a Twitter post or over coffee and shortbread."

I am a Christian. I hear lots of Christians say things like, "I believe God is telling me" or that God spoke something to them. I may have said this in the past, though not completely sure it wasn't my own thoughts. I hesitate to ever say it now, or listen to it when someone else says it. I don't believe God will "tell" us anything in our spirit by the Holy Spirit if it doesn't line up with what God already told us in the Bible. If God says something to someone now in spirit, it will never contradict the Bible. Nothing Davey says' God spoke to him is Biblical, so that to me shows he is lying. I know that isn't Statement Analysis, but I'm sure Peter understands this perspective. Yes, God did allow Ezekiel's wife to die in the Old Testament under the Old Covenant and for a specific purpose. It's a heart wrenching, unfathomable event in the Bible....but, a person can't take things like that and call it a standard for God's ways and plans. God completed giving eternal life to His "Bride", the Church, in the person of His Son Jesus. He won't be killing anyone else to perpetuate the life of the Church. That is already completed. I wish Davey was delusional. He is at best deceived and narcissistic. I'm holding out hope he isn't a murderer, but I've been skeptical from Day One. If Davey did kill her, he knows God knows the Truth. His language will eventually reveal this.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:39
Thank you for so clearly stating the truth.
Amen to all of it and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi i haven't posted here before just been reading the analysis and comments and fascinated with this case and hopes that justice will be done for Amanda. I saw the other night a video that DB posted on the church website or maybe FB. I can't find it now but did anyone see it? He is telling his "children" that he will be back with them soon and taking time and sure they understand etc. but he actually uses the words "capitalize" on (I can't remember what but of course the "situation or something to that nature. This was up over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is very good Peter: again, I appreciate the way you make things clear...

In reference to some of the comments above..God ha spoken in times past through the prophets, and then he spoke through His Son, but now we have His Word, against which all "words from God" ought to be tested. If they don't line up, they are not of God.

Since Jesus already gave His life, NO other sacrifice is needed. DB's claim does not line up with Scripture. He is a false prophet.

I, too, cannot reconcile the FIL's seeming endorsement of DB, but perhaps, as some have said, it is because of Weston.


Anonymous said...

ANon at 10:39

Very well said! And encouraging!


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate Peter's insightful articles and especially that he is willing to expose the spiritual deception involved. Since he pointed out the elements of persuasion/deception within the dry bones crap, I realize DB is using a lot of Neural Linguistic Programing.

DB first starts by disarming the congregation by saying something to the effect of he's going to say something that he hasn't planned or specifically constructed in a "crafty" way like he normally does.

Crafty is the only specific word I recall. This word stood out to me because of it's occultic connotation.

I had extensive personal experience
with witchcraft in the late 80's to early 90's. Originally it was outside of the "church" but later for a brief period it was inside the hip "church" that I had fled to. This was a "church" with hip leadership, modern "worship" and an emphasis on spiritual warfare. I initially was attracted to this group for the spiritual support to escape the International cult I was involved in.

It was the proverbial "out of the pot and into the frying pan" I soon realized that the latter group was practising a very subtle, but even more powerful form of spiritual manipulation and control.

Thankfully,I was able to break free and have been blessed with dicernment that has protected me from further deception.

Looking into DB's sermons and seeing this crap in action after all these years is definitely unsettling.

I know it's nearly impossible for most people to understand how anyone could be fooled and willing to follow someone like this.

Most people are convinced or are highly suspicious that something is majorly off with this boy,but unfortunately there is "craftiness" going on, and a lot of people are being bewitched by it.

BallBounces said...

Concerned said… Anon at 9:48
But you don't think God breathes life into the dead bones of his church with a young mother's blood in 2015, do you?
Didn't he save past, present and future sinners with His Son's blood on the cross?
December 7, 2015 at 9:57 PM

* * *
In his message, Davey said: "… I know there’s only one truth that can bring life, and that’s the light of life, that’s Jesus Christ, and the good news of Jesus how he gave up his life so that we could have life."

Based on this, he pretty clearly has something else in mind regarding Amanda than an atoning sacrifice; He's probably speaking charismatically, as others have suggested. He says the church was stale. Coming alive probably has something to do with Spirit-fueled revival rather than forgiveness of sins. His language is consistent with the language of charismatic renewal.

Gemini said...

It sounds so passive aggressive. For example if a spouse were to ask "are you ok"? And your response is "Fine. Everything is fine. I don't mind doing all these chores all by myself"...

Gemini said...

Ha! Yes, totally.

Concerned said...

BallBounces at 11:01
Then Lord, please deliver me from charismatic renewal.
I'll take my renewal in prayerfully asking God's forgiveness in His son's name.

I think if you read the Statement Analysis again you will find that Davey sees his role in this much more literally.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought about Ryan McConnells statements (crime watch neighbor?) Peter, could you possibly analyze?

Some of his statements were strange to me, and he even used the phrase "whatever it takes" in one interview..

Also, I found some of the press release statements odd, like they were plugging the reliability and success of LE a little too much.


Anonymous said...

@Peter and everyone else...

OK perhaps I am really late to the game here...Have you all seen this fricking video posted?

"Amanda gave her life to see Indianapolis changed" at about 1:30....No DB, CHRIST gave His life for us. He is the sacrificial lamb. Not your murdered wife. #blasphemy #narcissism


Anonymous said...

Canada: (I am also Canadian:)

Yes, pretty horrible!


Anonymous said...

The "conundrum", IIRC, had to do with the dichotomy between justice and forgiveness.

Crazy Davey must think justice and forgiveness are mutually exclusive. (Which they are not. )

Confused said...

Anon @ 11:00,

I agree that there is some craftiness involved and even perhaps a kind of withcraft. Davey is "bewitching" although one must want to be fooled to be suckered in. He is quite manipulative in the sermon he gives. There is a certain potency to his mental manipulations...he is attempting to get inside the heads of the congregation.

Davey is quite diabolical.
He is gay. He used Amanda as a beard while subjugating her further by insulting her as not being able to fulfill his sexual needs when most likely his obssession with hygiene and love of himself probably caused him to turn asexual. He probably enjoyed flirting (with men).

Davey has no empathy or conscience. In this regard, he is a psychopath.
He was targeting Amanda as a scapegoat for all of his sexual and emotional/mental deviancy and dysfunction.
Amanda was stuck with Davey.

Davey is a horrible person.
His conversation with God in the shower speaks to his need to feel narcissistically gratified. NOt only does he have no conscience regarding killing Amanda, he feels the need to be praised for it.

Davey has a complicated set of psychological problems and I would strongly guess, is skilled at calculating and may have planned the murder for some length of time. The police should probably be searching for any receipt, note, phone number, etc, any written phrase, verbalized phrase (telegraphing in sermon) that "predicted" or gave indication of the intention to murder Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous @ 11.22

Ewwww. "I don't want this tragedy to be wasted, I want to capitalize..."

I would really like to hear him speak without the rhetoric and bullshit. (Is he even capable?)

I want to hear him say that Amanda was murdered and how he feels about the killers. I want him to warn us about gangs and thugs and violence. I want him to say something/anything that doesn't sound like a sales pitch for his church. He talks SO much and says SO little that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Empty vessels make the most noise.

lynda said...

Another thing that bothers me from the hijacked service is when he said that God told him that's why he didn't ask Davey to sacrifice Amanda, because Davey would have said no. So God took her or the greater good knowing Davey (being the bright psychopath that he is) would eventually come to see that it was "all for the best" to serve Christ.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Part 1 of 2
The thing that concerns me about this whole "God took my bride so His bride could live" spiel (beyond what Peter and so many of you have correctly stated) is Davey's reference to "surrendering all" in his "revelation" at Phil Byers church. It came directly out of the Strings series the three Sundays just prior to Amanda's murder. This whole notion of sacrificing/surrendering your most important tangible so that you could get God's best ("The best is yet to come").

Anyone catch Derek Barrett filling in while Davey & Amanda were away? Anyone catch Derek Barrett's sermon that Sunday? It was Strings Week 1 and the sermon titled "Would You Rather". Worship pastor Derek Barrett said, "Option A: Would you rather have everything you could possibly want in this world. So we're talkin' about your dream life, your dream house, your dream car, your dream family. Parents we're talking about your dream kids. O.k. that may be enough for some of you to say I'm takin' this option, I don't even need to hear the next one. Your dream kids, dram job, dream salary, basically your bucket list of goals, you're checkin' off. Right now you can have it, that's Option A. Or, would you rather Option B, have Jesus...even if it means you don't get the other things? So, here's the question...Would you rather have everything that you could possibly want in this life or have Jesus, even if it means you don't get the other things?"

Followed at 9:19 with "I believe the way in which you answer this question ultimately reveals what it is you worship". He goes on to talk about what controls you, what controls the decisions that you make. He begins to suggest what are they willing to sacrifice. At 21:57 "What are you willing to let come in between you and your spouse? When there's a decision to be made, what's your highest priority?". At 22:12 Derek says,'You could say it this way, "What is is in your life that controls the decisions that you make?" '

Concerned said...

Anon at 11:42 and Everyone

While we're wanting:
I want this to be a Forensics Files episode where we quickly find out Davey was:
1. caught on video at 7-11 buying Swisher Sweets on the 9th,
2. caught on the neighborhood video checking and re-checking inside the house while talking/doing-life with Kenneth
3. videotaped baptizing Alonzo Bull
You all fill in the blanks!

Anonymous said...

He also says in the latest video that he is "excited" to get back to the church in the next few weeks. He sounds like a guy talking about coming back from a trip or time away not mourning the brutal murder of his wife. How could one feel excited to get back to work unless one doesn't feel.

Concerned said...

Is Derek's wife dead?
Somebody might oughta' check.

Kate said...

All of you have brought up great points on Davey's latest video mess. What I noticed is how healthy he looks. No drawn face, no blood shot eyes, no tired look. Okay, I get that it's not all about crying, puffy face, no sleep, look like crap all the time, but hell, he looks like he's been on vaycay for the last month. Who knew a murdered wife could make a man look so healthy.

I'd bet the farm he has action on the side, that is one HEALTHY looking man.

Anonymous said...

I may be reading into things, but at 8:33 in the video (link below), it seems that the father-in-law had no intention of hugging him, but only responded when Davey reached out to him.


Concerned said...

Kate at 12:07
He looked totally refreshed in that first interview, much more relaxed than during the church videos with his wife.
Had she even been buried then?

Unknown said...

What logic:

God: Davey, I didn't tell you before I killed your wife, because you would have said no.
Davey: That's right God, I would, of course, have said no.
God: So I took her and then told you how to maximize your numbers by using her death as a springboard.

So...God did not disclose his plans to Davey prior to Amanda's murder because he feared Davey would not give him permission to take her?


Concerned said...

JS at 12:08
I agree.
It seemed to me that the FIL let Davey usurp all the power from him and
he seemed like a beaten man.
I just have a feeling he's waiting for the police to do their work.
How could he not suspect him?

Anonymous said...

Kate at 12:07 said:

"he looks like he's been on vaycay for the last month."

He has.

Kate said...

Concerned, you make a great point. I'm wondering who is telling him to stay put. There's no way he's doing this on his own, he's all but foaming at the mouth to get back on stage. Do they think him staying out longer will bring more numbers in? If just to serve peoples curiousity? Also wondering if anyone else has gone to church and watched a video with no sermon before? Is that normal/typical?

As I sat there and watched him tonight, I thought about how in the world can he be doing and saying all of this if it turns out he had a hand in Amanda's murder? This will definitely be one for the books if cops nail him.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Part 2 of 2
The gist of the sermon is what are you willing to sacrifice for Jesus? Are you willing to give everything and everyone up for Jesus? At 27:16 Derek states "3 things that happen to you when you worship something other than Jesus: It will cause you to settle for less than God's best; It will cause you to be separated from God's presence; and It will eventually cause you to stop following Jesus." He correlates the tangible things we can see, hear, taste, smell, feel as good, but not God's best. In essence are you willing to sacrifice/give up the tangibles for the intangible (God's best)?

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Nov 5

Grateful for @derekmbarrett's & @zwoolie's messages the past 2 Sundays. Their work has really challenged me to become a better communicator!

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Nov 8

These last 3 Sundays have been the absolute BEST Sundays ever! I love my church!

So, recapping here...we've got this 3 part Strings series (Strings as in things that tangle, trip, bind you up and how to free yourself from anything that keeps you from receiving God's best). I'd love to know who wrote or suggested Strings Week 1 with it's theme of sacrificing/freeing oneself from the tangible to get the intangible. Id like to know who wrote/suggested Strings Week 2: Head and Heart that Zach Woolever presented. We all know who wrote Strings Week3: Worship as Weapon.

IMO, this series speaks to presupposes negative feedback from Amanda's death and seeks to preempt any questioning/fears/worries/loss of loyalty from the shaken congregation. Davey has gone far beyond "God allowed this to happen; we have to trust Him and someday we'll understand" to "God ordained my wife and unborn baby to die violently with Amanda being shot twice and once in the head, her being mostly nude, so that His Church could come alive.".

Davey "giving up his bride for God's bride to come alive", "Amanda giving up her life for the church, and "Amanda breathing out her life so that the church could breathe in her life and be made alive again...How convenient that Amanda's murder directly followed this Strings series.

Anonymous said...

Is it even possible that the brutal murder and sexual assault of a young, pregnant Christian woman in her own home could bring people to Jesus?

It seems to me that this type of unforgivable and senseless crime would be more likely to turn people away, or at least question their faith.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the video

I heard about it, but could not find it. What's with the leather jacket inside of the house? Because he thinks he looks "cool" with it on?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Larry Taylor could use the "God spoke to me in the shower and asked me if I would kill Amanda so that His bride could come alive"

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Concerned @12:01 AM

Concerned said...

Is Derek's wife dead?
Somebody might oughta' check.

December 8, 2015 at 12:01 AM
Funny that you should say that? Did you catch what Derek omitted from his list of "dream(s)" (i.e. dream job, dream house, dream kids, dream family, dream salary)? How about every man's Dream Wife? ;) Their Twitter marriage looks as perfect as Davey and Amanda's. Wonder why Dream Wife didn't make Derek's list?

Apparently from reading Ashley Barrett's Twitter account, Derek was not accustomed to preaching, just leading worship. She has since removed the tweet (as I discovered just now), but it said something to the effect of being so proud of her man for his awesome sermon. The Dream Wife omission made me wonder if Davey wrote Derek's awesome sermon or had a hand in editing it.

Bobcat said...

Kate 12:07

You say DB is very healthy looking.

Aside from the psychological issues, he's lucky in the genetic lottery. A lot of brains and longevity in his ancestral lines - I've been checking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks FFOF.

The "telegraphing" seems incredible but is undeniable.

Concerned said...

Somewhere Peter lists all the coincidences and talks about how unlikely it is that the young preacher who didn't love his wife, wasn't sexually fulfilled by her and found her a hindrance to his "numbers" increasing would suddenly be lucky enough to find her dead.

I also wonder how likely it is that she would
have her teeth knocked out,
be raped (or look like it),
have her face (grill) smashed,
and be capped in the head
when Davey had "preached" about all these things with great enthusiasm.

Not likely at all.

rosy said...

Blogger BallBounces said...
at 11:01 PM
He says the church was stale. Coming alive probably has something to do with Spirit-fueled revival rather than forgiveness of sins. His language is consistent with the language of charismatic renewal.
Yes, and his talk of revival and renewal is a fraud. More than a day late and a dollar short. He was scooped, and he knows it.

back in January/February this year, Amanda's parents and ministers across northern Indiana, including Mennonite and Amish, joined a revival. That's where the wristbands and bibles come from. An old-fashioned down-home banjo and guitar junket called Time to Revive, run out of Dallas, Texas by the charismatic preacher Kyle Martin. The initial schedule was 52 days. It was still running on November 22.

David may be angry with his father-in-law for accepting leadership from this young Texas charismatic. Davey's church, sponsored by Perry Noble, aims to "see people who have never connected with church connect with church." Resonate people meet one morning a week in dark middle school auditorium. They get Davey's cabaret.

Kyle Martin's rtevival takes place in existing churches and also in factories, barns, and other gathering places including prisons. They meet every day at 7.00am and all day on Saturday (leaving Sunday for their own churches). They feed the hungry. The mission is "to bring a sense of union to churches of all denominations by traveling across the country to spread the Gospel and to reinvigorate the faith of those already familiar with it."

Davey may want to "teach" his father-in-law a lesson by demonstrating that Kyle Martin sold them short. He himself is the true source of "spirit." God talks to him in the shower.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:29
So funny!
That could become a commonly used defense, couldn't it?
Charles Manson will be like, "Wait....I coulda' used that!"

Juliet said...

Yes to all that, Peter.


I'd like to add my thoughts but I'm too tired right now so it would be more rant than reason. Still, tomorrow's another day, (except that's now today and it's already 5.32am.) I have hardly posted as I've been away and busy, but I have been reading as much as I can - so many comments though, it would be difficult to justify the time it would take to read them all, and there are comparatively few SA comments - my DeOrr input seems pretty modest by comparison, but I can see now how frustrating so many non SA related comments are to those who just want the SA related ones, or mostly.


I think some people might find useful a link back to the transcript of the second part of the 'Amanda's journal" interview as discussion around the peculiar 'cancer cure/cut and sacrifice is ongoing.

Transcript - second part of two part interview

The links to the full interview are here:

Second Video

Juliet said...

PS - The transcript is in the first four comments on the working link (yes, I can make working links - it's just so fiddlesome on the iPad.)

Concerned said...

rosy at 12:42
That's so interesting.
I had heard just a little about Revive Indiana and thought Davey might be referring to it in his speech.
I'll have to listen again (if I can stand it) but doesn't he say near the beginning that he stood there in front of those people when they were dry bones and from that moment they started to turn around? As though whatever he said to them started that momentum and now Amanda's death would breath life into those tendons and such that had grown?
So he didn't just usurp authority from his FIL and criticize the work he had done in Elkhart, he took credit for anything good that has happened in the past year.
I continue to shake my head.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @ 12:22 AM

It is possible that if one sees genuine forgiveness (grace and mercy) extended in the face of a horrible murder, others can come to know Jesus. Simply put, in those instances, human nature would be bent on and somewhat consumed with revenge. Being able to sincerely forgive something of this magnitude can only be done with God's help.

It requires:
1. A real knowledge of God's mercy and grace in your own life
2. Spiritual maturity (someone who has known God and His Word, honestly trusted Him through thick and thin, and taken God at His Word for quite a while)
3. Time to honestly be emotionally broken and painfully honest with God about how you really feel and what you really want to do to the perpetrator.
4. It requires you to be willing to trust God knows more than you and a decision to handle the situation according to His principles (Love your enemy and pray for them, But love your enemy and do good to them.)
5. You to be willing to see that person the same way God does.
6. You being willing to truthfully say "God, I hate this person. I know you don't want me to feel this way towards him. Please take this hatred from me and fill me with your love for him."

It's the ability to genuinely forgive that draws people to Jesus and it's impossible without Him. Many Amish, in the face of their children being massacred in that PA schoolhouse said they forgave "because that's their way". Privately, they struggled, having immediate forgiveness thrust upon them as a requirement of their religious doctrine.

rosy said...

Anonymous JS said...
it seems that the father-in-law had no intention of hugging him, but only responded when Davey reached out to him.
at 12:08 AM
In the full video, Davey goes out into the aisle, puts his arm round father-in-law's shoulder and whispers in his ear. FIL looks at him surprised and says, "Now? Really?"

Davey may have been re-enacting a fantasy of the boy Jesus at the Temple (Luke 2:41-52). Perhaps that's why he referred to his church as "kids."

Kate said...

I keep going back to this piece

Amber's words and actions are interesting, when she speaks directly of protecting Amanda, she begins to crumble. That was the kind of guilt I thought we'd see from Davey. If nothing else, survivor guilt.

Amanda's Mom talking about how Amanda came to their room to wake them up and tell them how great Davey was on their first date. Of all things a mom can talk about at her daughter's funeral and she picks meeting Davey and describes how "that girl" didn't give me one moment of trouble.

Davey's bil, Amber's husband talks about when he first fell in love with Davey. Alrighty then.

Concerned said...

rosy at 12:42
I also just remembered how angry Perry Noble is at Baptists because they came out against him in a big way (justifiably, I might add) when he claimed God told him to preach that the Ten Commandments weren't commandments at all, only "sayings" or "suggestions".

If you Google it, you'll find lots of biting criticism. The criticism was so full of facts that Perry somewhat backed off.
My point is that Davey is deeply invested in PN and some of that disdain he showed for First Baptist Elkhart's members might have been a performance for his mentor. Maybe they got a good laugh over Davey standing in their church dissing them big-time.

Concerned said...

Fools at 12:53
This is all so true.
And I think we would have all been impressed with Davey's Godly desire and ability to forgive had there been no hateful videos that featured his own inability to forgive or if he had shown love for Amanda or the baby in his statements. If he had shown fear until the killers were caught or a little bit of grief, we would have wept with him.

Concerned said...

rosy at 12:42 from reply by Concerned at 1:00
In my final sentence I mean Perry and Davey getting a laugh over dissing people in their own church. Sorry.

Sus said...

One theme runs consistent for DB as far as his wife goes. A malignant narcissist holds a grudge FOREVER. He will bring the injury up over and over and over. We all heard DB tell his grill story and prove this fact.

So, what's the story that DB and his friends tell that Amanda did to DB? She gave him up for Lent. She chose Jesus over him. He may joke about it, but behind the joke is the truth. He was angry. He was hurt. His cousin had to calm him down. His friends said Amanda chose wrong in doing that.

All these years later, DB said immediately after Amanda's murder, she would tell the Lord 'Cut me.' He has spent every interview telling how Amanda chose Jesus, and basically wouldn't mind being murdered. He reads her "love letters to Jesus."

DB has honed his message now. My mistake. God told him in the shower. He was left out of the decision making...because he "was good." He would have chosen his wife, kids, and church of 120.

Unlike Amanda, who chose Jesus. For Lent years ago and as DB told us, by being murdered. There is something there. An envy on DB's part.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

rosy @ 12:55AM

Clearly, Davey was show-boating in that subdued, hushed ministry moment when Phil Byers was getting ready to pray. Then, Davey strides to the platform to talk about nothing related to the sermon or what was happening ministry-wise at that moment in the church. He added nothing relevant to the ministry going on that morning. God is not a god of confusion, but Davey caused confusion the moment he stood up during an invitation for people to stand who were nervous about talking to someone about Jesus! He proceeded to cause further confusion with his rambling blasphemous "revelation" about dead women giving up their lives for the church and breathing new life into the now-dead church that isn't dead at all (First Baptist has greater attendance every Sunday than Resonate and has been doing good deeds far longer,with their own building).

Just an aside, but Davey's version of God must not be all that of he has to: ask permission from a being he created; he can't manage to keep his bride alive by himself; and so he plans to violently kill and strip a pregnant mom. Does that sound like the God of Abraham, Moses, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, etc.? NOT! We all know from the New Testament that Jesus is the one who died for the people, not Amanda. Do we see Jesus going around "authorizing" the killing and sexual assault-like staging of pregnant women? Um, let me think about this...NO!

Looks like Davey's getting much bolder, declaring his importance to God, all "for Jesus". If he's not guilty (court of law aside), I'll be shocked and I'll personally mail an apology care of Resonate Church.

Sus said...

Of interest, the mother of the shooter just had her book published. She, her husband and other children still live in the community. She helps to care for one of the girls left brain damaged from the shooting. The girl's father said he forgives the shooters family, but he struggles daily to forgive the shooter.

Hope's Food and Family said...

Thank you Martin! I am praying for you and your church. I am also praying that Indy LE is still investigating this case and Justice will be served

Juliet said...

Ball Bounces - it seems you are trying to be objective in your comments about Davey, but what he said at his father-in-law's church was SO unsound that I can't see the point in even trying to defend it. His throwing in a bit of familiar 'convincing' sounding stuff in an attempt to add weight to his words does not justify or make right the rest of what he said - it was a poor attempt to add weight to his words. Personally, I find it a further disservice so Amanda's memory - it's appalling, and not only because he was her husband. If the 'Amanda's breath' thing had been said to an audience by a youth in the congregation, one could roll one's eyes, and think or suggest someone should have a word, and not be offended by it - but Davey is a pastor, and he is meant to be a teacher. He is abusing his power, his father in law's hospitality, the politeness of the congregation, and, as ever, Amanda. It's not some clumsy mistake - it is cringeworthy, though. He should let Amanda go now - it's becoming ghoulish, especially as he deemed her a hindrance to his ministry in life - it's not okay to try to capitalise on and monetise her death. IMO, which is only a little bit humble, sometimes.

rosy said...

Anonymous Concerned said...
at 12:51 AM
doesn't he say near the beginning that he stood there in front of those people when they were dry bones and from that moment they started to turn around? As though whatever he said to them started that momentum and now Amanda's death would breath life into those tendons and such that had grown? So he didn't just usurp authority from his FIL and criticize the work he had done in Elkhart, he took credit for anything good that has happened in the past year.
Yes, he does say. I took it that he was conceding that the revival began without his input. But you are right. He was claiming that his "message", around this time last year, BEFORE Revive Indiana began, brought the bones to life:

"And uh last, last year close to this time I spoke a message here, and whether you get offended by this or not, I don’t know and, and honestly I don’t, it doesn’t really bother me if you do but, when I looked out across this congregation I saw a valley of dry bones. [pause] I saw people who had life once, but there was staleness and I believe **from that moment** I’ve heard story after story after story after story of uh how God has been beginning to reconstruct this congregation in such a way as it can advance forward as an army."

What nerve. Now he's back in FIL's church retailing his grotesque distortion of his wife's terrible death (which he calls "this event"). God "allowed the breath of Amanda to come out of her so that the breath could be breathed into you and into me." For what purpose? To pretend Kyle Martin never existed and take over his method - "so that we could advance the Gospel" - in a super-inflated way: "in a way that history books have never even told."

He tosses in one of his characteristic violent assault images: "Now is the time to rip the face off of evil by taking the Gospel to the world."

Concerned said...

Juliet -
Yesterday someone angry over our discussion of Davey's appalling and inappropriate speech at Elkhart Baptist made the point that the congregation gave him a standing ovation.
I thought about that and realized how many of the people in any town's First Baptist Church would be elderly. If one person stood and clapped, they all would to avoid an awkward moment for their beloved minister.
Today I thought about it again, laughingly realizing that they may have just been clapping because it was finally over!

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Sus @ 1:10 AM

You are spot on that a malignant Narcissist holds a grudge forever. My Narcissist extended family member is still giving me and anyone else who might be close by blow-by-blow commentary of things that were said/done to her 40-50 years ago. She only has 2 modes- hero or victim (usually hero, unless she wants sympathy).

You're absolutely right about Davey envying Amanda. She was everything he is not and he knows it- sincere in her faith, honest in her relationship with the Lord, genuinely loving God and people, and moved by compassion to help them. Davey is all about charm, working the room, being the center of attention (narcissistic supply), life of the party, and ambitiously building a cult with wannabe celebrity-status, using catchy soundbites to sound like he cares. IMO, he couldn't stand that people loved Amanda and she was popular apart from him.

Perry Noble was right; Davey needed Amanda. By himself he was unstable and leech-like. Amanda gave him credibility. Noble knew it and also knew he could use it to his personal advantage to further the NewSpring network. That's why he fronted the start-up and first 2 yrs of salary. He expected a good return on his investment. Perhaps he underestimated just how unstable DB was or how ambitious. IMO, Noble recognized himself in Davey and that's why he insisted on meeting Amanda before he'd hire him.

Davey reminds me very much of a stalker in our former church. His parents knew he has "issues" to and chose to ignore them, even after a restraining order. When he ended up on a 30day tour of the mental institution, they finally acknowledged something was wrong. Davey's family's known for a long time, no doubt in my mind.

Concerned said...

rosy at 1:32

I had forgotten about that "rip the face off evil" comment.
I just can't get the picture of Davey smashing Amanda across the face out of my mind.
Where I once thought he just set up the murder, I believe he fulfilled all those violent "prophecies"
and killed her himself and that
"rip the face off evil" is a confession.

Juliet said...

If you don't need to honour your father or your mother, it's fine to take over the platform in your father-in-law's church accuse his congregation of being a valley of dry bones, and then take credit for a year's revival work done by said father-in-law (aka Dad). No respect, no problem - it was only a suggestion. Plus, how is Phil going to argue with Davey right there on the stage, contradict him before his own congregation, when the unsoundness so craftily 'involves' his beloved little girl, Amanda? Davey is one thoroughly unpleasant and scheming schmuck. IMnvhO.

Sus said...

Yes, I thought I'd misunderstood. DB was saying the congregation had changed from "dry bones" since HE had spoken there last year. He was taking credit for the growth simply from one sermon, I guess.

My thought at that moment was whether the plan is for DB to "steal" an entire ready-made congregation. Maybe he thinks they will rebel against his fil and ask for him. Lol.

Concerned said...

Fools at 1:40
I keep remembering that PN sent Davey off to Indy with the 100K before Weston was born.
Davey had to hold it together publicly at NewSpring until he got the promised funds for the Indy plant.

My guess is that the power of being "Lead Pastor" peaked at about the time Amanda's attention moved
to the new baby and she was less available to slingshot him to the fame he desired and, of course, deserved.
Not good for Amanda.

Louise K said...

God: Say Davey, I see we're in the shower you're looking handsome and chiseled today

DB: Why Thank you God, first, I use a honey herbal face mask...

God: never mind about all that. Theres a really important Q I have to ask you - Davey, son, if I asked you if it would be OK to murder Amanda would it be well - ok?

Davey: God...I've never heard you speak like this...murder my wife...gee I never thought about that option...can I get back to you on that?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Just tossing this out here, I think those whole Amanda gave Davey up for Lent thing was more that Davey was giving her the rush- pulling out all the stops to win her over. As a pastor wannabe, Davey needed a wife.

She was pretty, smart, funny, athletic, creative, self-disciplined, humble (no competition for attention), a Christian, daughter of a beloved pastor (built in pastoral support for both her and her dad/his pastor friends), and an ideal candidate for trophy pastor wife. For her part, she was genuinely worried/concerned that perhaps she was putting Davey above God in her heart, so she decided to give up their relationship for Lent and see how it went. If he bolted, he wasn't the guy for her. She needed to know that God was still first place in her heart because her relationship with God was important to her. Instead of being delighted to have found such a godly woman, Davey and his friends and cousin, mocked her behind her back for it. Both he and they thought it was stupid. So much for "pastor" Davey!

Anyone watching their many videos can see he's contemptuous of her faith and the stands she's made for it (her purity, giving him up for Lent, etc.). Why would a godly man be contemptuous of a virtuous wife? Because he's not a godly man. The purer she is, the more convicted he is...and the more contemptuous and angry he becomes. He begins to imagine she's doing it on purpose to show him up and the contempt and anger escalate into hatred and verbal attacks. Unchecked, it escalates into physical confrontation (personal or contracted).

Juliet said...

Concerned - I think you're right there - it's just what people do - then they go off in their little groups whispering 'What a liberty! Did you hear what he said? Just WHO does he think he is?' etc. They'll be discussing it, but it's such a raw and sensitive time for the family, I doubt many would think to bring it up directly with Phil just at the moment. I think Phil is simmering with rage, but his faith and his concern for his grandson will keep it on simmer, and as well hidden as it can be. I thought he looked like a man on the verge of exploding in one interview - he was speaking about how he protected his children, especially his daughters, as they were growing up - and you could tell, as he looked off camera, that he was thinking about how badly Davey had let Amanda down, and let him and Amanda's mother down, by not protecting her - indeed, even being so careless as to go off while it was still dark, leaving the front door unlocked.

I can't imagine what they are going through under the charade - though it is not a charade to Phil, it is his way of believing, so I don't mean he is being deceptive - Davey is the deceiver. Not the great deceiver, though, as some might almost have it - he's not that good at it, plus I wouldn't give him any type of excuse - whatever bad is in Davey is all of his own choosing.

Louise K said...

Davey was under financial pressure.

He posted a vid a year ago praising the Indy school system for renewing his lease.

They usually only give a year for plants.

Db apparently screwed them out of longer

What's the bet he got another year, membership still stagnant, nothing worked as it was supposed to

Indy people just don't have much of an appetite for gun waving Pastors

But everyone loves a grieving widow with a young baby

Louise K said...

They have already asked for $$$$$ by the way.

Of course in Amanda's name.

Concerned said...

Louise K at 1:59
Funny you were typing that while I was looking at Davey in the photograph from that Sunday.
Not only was he looking handsome and chiseled, I believe Davey-boy had enhanced himself with a
wee bit of make-up!
Am I just up too late and seeing things?!

Anonymous said...


There is something very jangly with the statement from Kenneth (?) that he and his friends were mad with Amanda for giving up Davey for Lent.

Some people give up chocolate, some people give up wine for 6 weeks. Whatever is given up, it a personal sacrifice. If you don't like chocolate or wine, giving those things up is not a sacrifice. It has to be something you care about and will, personally, suffer (to whatever degree) without.
The sheer temerity of "being mad on Davey's behalf" about Amanda's choice for Lent, is staggering. Unbelievable.

Juliet said...

Fools - I agree - great posts, your two above, haven't read the whole thread for more - still trying to catch up, randomly.

rosy said...

Has anyone found anything that might explain why Larry Taylor and the other two might have set out to break into the absent neighbor's house on that particular day, Tuesday Nov 10?

Or why Davey might have chosen to kill Amanda on that particular day?

Peter has laid foundations for understanding the psychology, motivation, and deception revealed by/in Davey's utterances.

Are there any signs of a possible timeline? The only one I can think of, if he had any hand in it, he wanted it done before the first fetal ultrasound. Was the ultrasound scheduled for that week?

Louise K said...

Concerned - if you look at the vid of him taking the mic off Pastor Byers, he's just had his do did.

Fresh as a daisy

Ready for his Closeup

Juliet said...

Lynda @. 11.50 - poor God, so misrepresented - I jest not.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I wouldn't give Davey Blackburn one penny.

1. As the primary breadwinner, he not suffered a significant loss of income.
2. There is likely a Life Insurance payout to replace any lost income and pay for/go towards Amanda's medical bills (the cost of which may have been partially offset by the organ donation). Likewise, there may have been medical insurance to cover some of the costs as well. Also, there were generous donations from strangers when the news first broke.
3. Davey has an extensive network of extended family members financially capable of helping support Weston should the need arise.
4. He is already directly receiving the proceeds from the sale of FOR INDY shirts "with Amanda Grace's initials on them".
5. If I read correctly, the funeral expenses were paid for by Perry Noble and NewSprings Church.
6. As the house is solely in his name, he can sell it and move into something smaller (preferably in a safer neighborhood for Weston's sake).
7. If he has time to make videos, go to Cubs games,play golf, and go to the gym, he has time for a part-time job to make ends meet (nod to Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace Institute classes that Davey taught).
8. He has one less family member and therefore less expenses (food, clothing, entertainment, shopping trips, furniture buying,etc.).
9. What does Amanda's death have to do with Weston's future education? Weston can work hard and apply for scholarships and work his way through college like many other young adults do (another nod to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Institute seminars). It is disingenuous to use a mom's death to panhandle for college funds for a 15 mo. old, unless she was a single mom or the primary breadwinner.

Louise K said...


the baby was a stressor

by my calcs Davey was running out of time at the school

His congregation had not built as predicted

Db is crazy and people just sense that, at a very deep level

I think he was under pressure to perform and it just wasn't happening

PN likely losing patience and wanting his seed money back/to start paying off

Nothing was working

And then Amanda went and busted his grill

So God came to him in the shower and they had a big convo about whether or not God wanted Amanda Dead

Apparently God did so

Amanda dead

money pouring in (tragedies do this) so possibly on his way to his first mill

Everyone's happy

(except Indy Police and maybe Weston but in Daveys own words, That's The Worst Part so yeah - he'll get over it)

Sus said...

I took that whole Kenneth statement on Lent differently. I know others have suggested his friends were mad on DB's behalf. I thought they knew DB would be mad. They already knew to walk on eggshells around him, that he would be unbearable.

Concerned said...

Just in case you wonder about the soil from which a Davey Blackburn grows, here's a summary of what his mentor, Perry Noble's "church" did to one who criticized PN on his blog:

"One interesting twist in this story that I'll leave you with, and that you'll see: the anonymity in this case was NOT the blogger, but a man on the church's side, an employee of the church, who went after the blogger anonymously to teach him a lesson to try to get him fired by sending a phony resignation letter to his employer, to paint the blogger as pervert, a homosexual, his kid as a cross dresser, and to make him fear for his family's life by actual threats against him…all in the name of God to punish the blogger for the audacity in criticizing a mega church pastor." from The Wartzburg Watch
And there is more, so much more.

Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of his "Worry is a worship issue" notes (link below). I'm assuming this is the preparation for the sermon where he waved the gun. It looks like "Worship as a Weapon" (name of that sermon) written at the top of the page. Can anybody read it? I wish I could, but it's not clear on my end. I can read, "How do you get rid of worry?" ...and with another child on the way...


Foolsfeedonfolly said...

rosy @ 1:32 AM
Anonymous Concerned @ 12:51 AM

Very good catches! I thought he meant when he was speaking this time at Phil Byers church, that Amanda's death would herald a great revival in Byer's church. That it was a revelation from last year, now fulfilled, completely escaped me. That he was usurping Kyle Martin and all Phil Byer's had done shepherding his people and claimed credit for their revival was a jaw-dropping moment. Good Job and excellent listening & analyzing! Y'all are good!

Note to Davey: Next time you want to grab credit, the proper Biblical procedure is to verify that the prophecy is Biblically accurate (God is not the author of confusion- If it doesn't match His Word, it ain't God talking). Make the prophecy verbally, in advance and in the presence of multiple witnesses(out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, let a thing be established). Then, when the prophecy is fulfilled, give thanks to God whose word does not return to Him void but accomplishes the thing for which He sent it.

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of what I feel is a very sincere Christian response of forgiveness towards a murderer:

Note the anguish in these peoples' voices. They chose to forgive and reached out in love in spite of what he had done but they are HURTING. They are filled with grief.

Contrast their pain and heartfelt desire to honor God with DB's attitude.

rosy said...

Louise K said
at 2:26 AM

Not sure when PN wanted his money back by.

One thing - Davey told the story of the grill 9 months ago in February '15. The story of the grill dates from N. Carolina before they moved to Indy in 2012.

Anon "I" said...

When I saw PB's sermon and Davey's take-over, I did not see anything improper as has been speculated. EXCEPT, Davey was posing. If you notice, he grabs the pulpit/table right about where PB had his hand. Davey keeps physically barging into the space and poor PB reluctantly shrinks back while being surprised at Davey's improptu exercise and subsequent insulting of his congregation. PB looked a little blind-sided, but was trying to be supportive of Davey and, more importantly, supportive of Amanda's memory, IMHO. Let's just say if DB was a dog, he was marking his territory to assert dominance, as I see it. I would say he should show some respect, but I fear DB is the only person DB respects and, perhaps, his version of God as long as God doesn't try to one-up him. All, IMHO.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

"If I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?"

Is this leakage?

Is this DB having internal dialogue with himself about bringing another woman (bride) in, to replace Amanda. Although he says "no", with qualification, is another on his mind.

rosy said...

I just watched the end of the "Shekinah grill" video (Change Week 3 - Change My Relationships) and must confess the tone changes half to two-thirds way through. He says, if you give someone the silent treatment, you put yourself in solitary confinement. That's an insight, and he says more about forgiveness. Yet he never looks back and says, "That's what I was doing when I gave my wife the silent treatment... and she forgave me." Instead, he addresses this to women as the ones who typically give men the silent treatment. He imitates a woman in his usual silly, demeaning way. Parts of this talk/sermon are strong (on whether and how Paul forgave Mark for leaving, and called him back). Other parts are troubling, violent (refusing to forgive is like feeding yourself rat poison). Overall, less frenetic than the performances he gave this fall.

Summer said...

Interesting quote from a website about narcissists:

"Narcissists will invoke the silent treatment upon a partner for days, weeks, and even longer, often with no explanation, as a way to control and demoralize their victim. Narcissists are fond of using the Silent Treatment as a cruel (but not unusual) punishment for doing nothing wrong at all and, from experience, I can tell you that the affect of this method of control is sheer torture."

from the

Anonymous said...

I am really bothered by the comment made by the person who saw Davey at the grocery store and in turn chastised readers here for being too hard on him--what, she watched him for a few minutes, was dazzled by the fact he won the genetic lottery and was acting, well, human.

Who knows what thoughts were spinning in his head?

This is how pretty people sway juries. Pretty people (bright, dazzling smile) can woo a jury.

Pretty people can be evil on the inside. DB may have a pretty exterior, but that brain and heart of his is pure evil.

Anonymous said...

5:00 He's not evil; he's a human being. Probably was abused as a child.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Last I checked emotional abusers were evil?

Anonymous said...

Vile, but not Evil. Abuse gets passed down for generations. Who you going to point the finger at?

Anonymous said...

DB'S words are so inappropriate, and insulting, just wow. He believes his wife's death is good. Now even God justified it for him. It is not only his fast acceptance of her violent death, and no sign of grieving her, but his harsh excitement over his new opportunities, telling now, it was God's intention, that is so inappropriate.
I am sure she wanted to live, she wanted to see her new baby, she wanted to raise her children, serve Jesus, being alive, and to grow old. Those men murdered her, took it all away from her. I am mad. The right reaction is anger from a husband, from a man, no religion should rob us the time to grieve. No religion should justify death with sacrificing our loved one for any purpose.

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ, 6:14, but chipping away at someone's psyche through mean, demeaning, and hurtful acts is evil.

Anonymous said...

FBC Elkhart - Davey Blackburn

This is incredible. DB seems to have all the right stuff and actually "appears" to be a fairly gifted preacher. He's feigning a southern accent and trying to come off like he's just a good old preacher boy/stand up comedian. CD comes through quite a bit. There were 2 instances that really stood out. 1rst is when God's talking to him and he basically shows Him the hands and waves Him away and another is when he mimics Jesus with a bad case of gas, lifting a cheek to let one loose and asking his disciple to pull his finger. There is so much in this hr long sermon,its worth viewing,if people can stand to watch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, text of link didn't come through. This is DB preaching at Phil's church 12/7/14

Anonymous said...

It occurred to me that maybe DB got home from the gym, went inside while still on the phone, expecting his BFF to be part of his alibi and call police for him. Then he saw Amanda was not dead as he expected she would be, went back out to the car continuing his call waiting for her to die. When the neighbor comes home, he knows it will look odd to be out in the car, so he finally goes in, but he hasn't had enough time to rehearse a new 911 script, and that is the reason the 911 call was all 'off'.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ December 7 at 11:00 PM-

Thank you for sharing about your experiences in the occult / witchcraft / spiritual warfare.

Early on in this case, when I went to babysitter Megan's etsy page, I saw a slogan on wall art that gave me chills, and does not fit in with her other sayings:

"You have bewitched me body and soul."

I learned it's a quote from Pride and Prejudice....Still, somehow it just does not fit, imo. I'm not accusing her of being involved in the occult, but, it gives me pause.

Anonymous said...

Check out this post from Kurt Goff Live praising Davey for his speech at the Elkhart church and asking people to fill in the blank what they would give up for God.

Anonymous said...

To Anons @ 6:00, 6:11 & 6:14; Yes, Abusers ARE evil. Vile AND evil. You can put that in your pipe and smoke it, or whatever. They are the MOST evil forms of demonic humanity anyone could possibly be for those who have to live with and tolerate them, and who have no escape from them.

Maybe you need to experience that for a few years out of your life. Then you'd know. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, just don't deny or excuse the horror of pain they inflict on others. In doing so, you are void of understanding and compassion and lacking in empathy. ABB

MrKatz said...

Does he have an advanced theology or ministerial degree?

Anonymous said...

Sus made mention on another article yesterday with a question concerning why the burglars would leave Taylor in the Blackburn home and drive to the distant ATM then have to go back and pick up Taylor (not in those words). This is the thing that has been bothering me from day one concerning the timeline that makes no sense whatsoever. WHY?

What was the purpose? There has to be one. Even stupid gang mentality thugs know the risks of being caught while lingering on the job and that it takes a lot of time and gasoline running hither and yon and back and all for no reason, when they just need to get the hell outta there.

They had already taken everything out of the house they wanted and took it to the car, Taylor apparently walks outside and has a little meeting with the other two, apparently some phone calls fly back and forth with the 'mystery man' and the decision is made; then Taylor goes back inside and stays all this time while these two are on their (precise location) ATM jaunt twenty minutes away. If his intent was to rape her, this doesn't take forty minutes to accomplish while he is running the risk of getting caught; just do it, get it over with and hop in the car.

Then the other two debated among themselves about not even going back to get Taylor, so why did they leave him there in the first place, and how could he be sure they'd even come back to get him? Something here just simply does not add up. It's befuddling. Sus, did you ever find out the answer to this question? ABB

Anonymous said...

@8:05, I believe he does, Mr. Katz. From Jerry Falwell's Liberty University? So someone said in one of their posts on an earlier article. Davey had been smirking about Amanda's nothing degree from some other university in Jacksonville, claiming she wasn't well read, or well-traveled, or yada yada. Lo-life. Her degree was at least as good as his. ABB

Anonymous said...

MrKatz, this is not about Davey's degrees, his wife's murder, or even about the Biblical interpretation as granted through an institution. It is about the gathering and breaking bread with others that wish to impose their belief on others: every one is guilty of something and should report back to the whiners for research. They should be shamed, blasted, and raked over the coals whenever evil happens due to the previous studies that has already concluded they are not capable of hiring any one willing to do their job.

It's about profiling for the next millennium. The guy is a turd-it's obvious. Why don't they accept it and move on? They can't as they are sleuths and there's something in it for them if they keep tearing him down

Safe places in church are needed to shield from words that might make others feel uncomfortable.

MrKatz said...

Does he have an advanced theology or ministerial degree?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:40, their little poll is just plain silly. Jesus doesn't ask us or expect us to give up anything to come to Him or to follow Him. There are no sacrifices. He makes it so easy for us, so sweetly, just pick up our burdens and come on just as we are. He makes everything okay for us. There is nothing required of us to follow Him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Katz, I see where you have asked the same question twice. I answered it for you above. Yes, he does. ABB

Anonymous said...

This was my post @7:40, sorry; not deliberately posting anonymously. ABB

Rachael said...

'I'm good with being married and having two little kids, pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life.'

Given that he no longer is married, and doesn't have two little kids, it stands to reason that he will no longer be pastoring a church of 120, yes?

An explosion of church attendees is coming! It's like he's leaking motive.

It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets home (or has that already happened)?

I would imagine that he WILL see a rise in attendance at first. Looky loos, and folks who genuinely want to see what Resonate is all about. And then they'll see, and attendance will drop off. And Davey will realize that Amanda will have died for nothing. Or he'll have to come up with a new reason.

Anonymous said...

At least he told us that he equates Amanda-alive as "having 2 little kids and pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life" and that he equates Amanda-dead as NOT having 2 little kids and pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr. Katz! Now that I know you asked twice I'd assume you are a tin-foil chaser for profit. Looking for contractors, those who've jumped bail, or merely ringing the bell for your non-profit?

Katz and Dawgs! First sign of multiple state burnout.

Rachael said...

I wonder why Davey isn't calling out for the immediate release of the gentleman charged with Amandas murder?

What with him being an instrument of God and all.

Anonymous said...

And, a way to rally others into "pseudo-Christian" troops for the betterment of their causes.

Pak31 said...

@anon 8:08 and 8:27. I have to partly disagree with you. I remember DB talking about that situation, being ok with his life. But and I don't remember the conversation exactly but when he said he was ok being married, having two little kids and pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life he was saying it that way because(and I don't remember if he said if God asked him or not) but looking back would he change anything? his answer claimed that he wouldn't. Not that it was the truth which I don't think it was but he DID say he was happy being married (you said he didn't) and the reference to two kids, you are correct that one wasn't born yet but he was referring to the future. Then you said he was happy with two kids for the rest of my life. That's not what he said. He said pastoring the church of 120 for the rest of my life. You were changing his quote. Happy being married with two kids was one thing and pastoring for the rest of my life was another. I hope I just made sense in my ramblings. I feel he's not being honest in the statement but I don't think it means anything either.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:23, all of those judging and debasing conflicts you describe in your post are due to these denominations trying to follow the teachings of 'apostle' Paul, who was not one of the twelve disciples Jesus chose to follow and teach to them His scriptures sent to us from God. Paul came along later with his message and doctrine that included the teachings of Jesus.

Jesus never judged any of his followers like some of those were judged in the churches Paul preached in, which as you point out, are still being judged.

It is JESUS we need to be following, not anybody else. He warned us NOT TOO, repeatedly. Paul was a preacher, much like any other preacher/pastor, teaching the congregations HIS WAY as he saw fit and believed to be his walk with Jesus, even saying to them... 'follow me as I follow Christ...' Come'ON now!

Follow PAUL? It isn't possible to follow both Jesus and Paul at the same time. Sooner or later one has to come to the realization that it is NOT possible to follow anyone other than Jesus; you can't follow someone else, a human man who might stump his toe and curse God just like others might; and who might not have it quite right themselves.

What man can read the mind of humanity at all times? No man; nly the divinity who created us knows us and can read our heart, our mind. There is only ONE who recues and who sticks by us, Jesus, not Paul; with Jesus there is no confusion. ABB

Anonymous said...

I would really like to hear from one of DB's 3,000 Facebook friends to know if there are other posts not visible to the public. Anyone else find it odd that he hasn't posted any photos of Amanda with a caption saying he misses her or longs to be reunited after their long distance relationship. I know he is super human and all, but when I've had friends lose a loved one, my heart aches for them when I read their FB posts after they share memories or heartache of their loss.

Anonymous said...

"I would really like" and "I want" are basically the same thing Mr./Mrs./Ms. whatever letter.

Anonymous said...

MrKatz, I think your question is important and I've been wondering if Blackburn has a ministerial degree as well. I'd love to know the thoughts of those who studied alongside Blackburn.
I wouldn't be surprised if there are people from his past just waiting in the wings to come forward and tell stories about what he was like as a student. They'll wait until he's actually charged and then the floodgates will open. Isn't that how it usually works? There HAS to be people who 'know' Blackburn; his kind of crazy didn't just happen overnight.

Anonymous said...

Scroll down the article to the Highlight reel video to see the similarities between Davey and this pastor. It's shocking. BC

Anonymous said...

Blackburn's use of 'conundrum' is so strange. I think of the word being used in trivial and puzzling questions that don't involve murder!! Who the hell uses conundrum in relation to a family members brutal murder? You'd think he was talking about the New York Times crossword puzzle, not his wife's murder.

Anonymous said...

daveyblackburn (@daveyblackburn)
12/8/15, 8:01 AM
Train now for the trial you're not yet in, so when it comes you will instinctively look to Jesus to see you through!

Anonymous said...

Anyone sitting in that congregation and listening to Davey Blackburn speaking his blasphemy against the cause of Jesus Christ, whose footstool is this earth and us inferior ones like the many sands of the sea and on the earth, so special to him, his own, that he bought and paid for with his precious blood, his death and resurrection;

IFF they had their ears open would have discerned loud and clear these few tiny little key points: 1) If in no other way, they would KNOW that Davey's words were not of God and were of demon possession when he said God asked him, if had he asked, "if he would give up his bride....." Amanda was NOT a bride! God doesn't commit trickery. 2) The "Bride" has already been named. His name is Jesus. There will not be another one under any other disguise or name. 3) They would have known Davey was lying when he said "no he would not"; Liar! The lie is Davey did not love his wife, in fact HATED her and God would know this. Liar Davey would have gladly given her up and gladly did.

I felt sorry for Davey's FIL last night in thinking about this. He quietly stood by and allowed satan, through Davey's demonic possession, to take over his congregation and did not defend the shed blood of Jesus Christ when Davey claimed that God had talked to him, placing himself above Jesus, whose blood has already been shed for us, even allowing him to chastise the members of his congregation. In doing so, he silently denied the Power of the Holy Spirit. That's sad. ABB

Anonymous said...

Blackburn's recent treat is so transparent. In other words, "I trained for this trial, THAT'S why I'm not totally distraught over my wife's murder." He's aware of the scrutiny and still trying to manipulate people into thinking it's his deep faith that stops him falling apart rather than the utter lack of decency and empathy. How stupid does he think people are!

M said...

ABB - Jesus is the Bridegroom, The Church (believers) is the Bride.

MDB said...

I'm as suspicious of DB as anyone, but I think that the SA discussion in the post is *off* at least a little bit because it gives too much emphasis to the idea that DB is claiming to have had some kind of conversation with God, even if non-verbally. I think that this is due to a lack of familiarity with this strain of evangelical Christianity. It is quite common for evangelicals in these circles to talk about realizations that they have and impressions that they have in their heart or even internal dialogue with themselves that they feel have come from God as effectively being conversations with God. It is assumed that the audience in these circles assumes that the speaker is referring to an internal dialogue with themselves or a heart impression or even mental realization, rather than an actual non-verbal conversation with the almighty. I'm not sure how much this would change the analysis here - probably not at all, as the "of course, like anyone, absolutely not..." is a pretty strong indication regardless of the nature of the dialogue - but it should be noted.

Though your analysis in this case has been excellent, Peter, I do think that you reveal a little bit of a lack of familiarity with this strain of evangelical Christianity, and it shows up in some of your discussion as you do mischaracterize some of what DB says.

Anonymous said...

In thinking more about Pastor Phil Bryar, I feel even worse for him. I would think that by today he is feeling very downcast and troubled. He knows the scriptures. He knows that we must stand up for Jesus at all costs, no matter the cost. We must speak up for Jesus, the Holy Spirit is all we have to guide and guard us, we cannot be ashamed of the lovely name of Jesus, and remain silent.

He did nothing and let this happen. He HAD to know it was wrong. The Holy Spirit is sensitive and will leave us if we do not want Him there, this is very dangerous ground Pastor Bryar allowed himself to walk upon. He could come to be so dejected that he could lose his ministry. It IS sad. I hope not, for the sake of the cross and those that suffer daily in need of a savior, not knowing they have one. ABB

Anonymous said...

M, I know this. Do you think I don't? I've been traveling this way a LOOONG time. ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...


you're not listening.

Amanda gave her life for the Church; not Christ. We've had it wrong for 2K years.

As to Davey Blackburn's deception: he can always claim, "I didn't say God talked to me! I said it was a thought!"

This is 100% truthful, while being deceptive. The deception is in the intent to the audience, and after he had completed his deception, and was now "Moses" with a "face to face" (howbeit naked) encounter, with the echo from Isaiah, he then took the words from Ezekiel and it was no longer Ekekiel's vision but Davey's.

He is not delusional; he is a liar. He is a deceiver and statistically as well as psychologically, this is associated with murder.

It still does not mean he contracted her death, but it does increase suspicion.

He, alone, is responsible for the high level of suspicion.


M said...

I think you mistakenly stated it backwards. I wasn't trying to pick a fight - simma down.

M said...

I should have addressed that to ABB

D said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 2h2 hours ago
Train now for the trial you're not yet in, so when it comes you will instinctively look to Jesus to see you through!


Anonymous said...

Anon @9:24

It is sad how the FIL allowed him to speak (he was manipulated into that) and then stayed silent while DB stripped him of his dignity/dishonoured him in front of his church.

Everything in me wanted PB to say "hold on a second", take the mike from DB and put him back in his place.


Anonymous said...

I see M, I misstated the wording and bride in the second paragraph of my post @9:24. I DO know the difference. Thank you for pointing it out. ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...


sounds like someone was prepared, huh?

It is he who keeps tweeting and he who tweeted the subtle insult about Amanda not being well read.

That which is in the brain comes out into words, even when he may be watching his every word.

The 911 call should be useful.


D said...

SLH I think DB had no business talking during FIl sermon. I think DB acted sad, and like he couldn't but we all know the real truth.

Kim said...

Good Morning, all. Thank you for another excellent analysis, Peter!

I don't have time at the moment to read through all the comments (darn it!) but wanted to quickly point out what disturbs me the most about what Davey said in this father-in-law's church, in front of the father of his murdered wife. Davey said that God asked, "If I had asked you before this if you would be willing to give up your bride..." and when Davey said, "no," he responded with, "That's why I didn't ask you." To say that God didn't ask ahead of time implies that God planned Amanda's murder. I can think of no other reason God would pose the question asking if Davey would basically sacrifice his bride (Amanda) for God's bride (the church). For God to say that was why he didn't ask Davey, means he knew his (Davey's) answer was going to be no, but he was going to kill her anyway.

If Davey had told us that God said something more along the lines of, "Davey, my heart breaks for your loss of Amanda. It was not my will that she be taken from you and Weston. I know you must be angry at me for allowing someone to break into your home and brutally murder your wife, but know that sometimes with free will comes pain and suffering, but one day I will make all new again. Amanda is in my loving arms now...," that would be something I would expect God to say to someone's "heart." It sickens me that Davey said, in front of the man who just lost his daughter, that God designed for Amanda to be brutally murdered so that His bride (aka Davey's church) would come alive. Not once does Davey ever say anything bad about the killer, as if the killer has long since left his thoughts. It would appear from his public statements, that the killer never even entered his thoughts. Davey has stated that God had a plan to use a criminal to brutally take the life of a beautiful wife and mother so that there will be more butts in the seats of Davey's church. This is not normal speech for a grieving husband. This oozes arrogance and motive to me.

If Davey orchestrated Amanda's murder, he behaves like a man who thinks he is going to get away with it.

M said...

Peter - when I first listened to that mini-sermon, I couldn't believe he was saying those things in front of that congregation. Surely he would know Baptist dogma. We believe the Bible to be plenary. There is NO new revelation.

God speaks to us through his Word. Period. Not music, not other individuals - only through his word. He chooses to use people to accomplish his plan, but new revelation is not necessary. This is baptistic theology.

MDB said...

By the way, the part about him nomrally being good about crafting phrases that are powerful and life-changing made me laugh out loud. I've listened to him. His phrasing is content is basically lifted from celebrity pastors that he emulates in style and in content. And it comes off as creepy. I've watched a lot of celebrity pastors who, for better or worse, speak powerfully and effectively. DB is imitating them, and doing a bad job of it. It also indicated that he was subtly indicating that he was in fact about to say something powerful and that they should be all-the-more impressed with him, because he didn't have the opportunity to prepare (yeah, right). If he really worried that what he was about to say wasn't polished and effective, he never would have started by downplaying it. He was just trying to emphasize how great he really is - as what he ended up saying was obviously planned, polished, and rehearsed.

He just wants to be the next celebrity mega-pastor. Heck, in the week after AB's death, he received hundreds of condolence messages on twitter. The only ones he responded to were from three celebrity pastors. He just wants to be part of their club.

Unknown said...

Haven't clicked on the link, but from your description, I'm going to guess its Steven Furtick.

Anonymous said...


I do agree with you that a lot of evangelical Christianity employs this type of language (i.e. Hearing from God, listening to God, etc) but I disagree with you that it is irrelevant to SA.

Even for someone outside of the Christian faith, it should be noted that DB is claiming to be an evangelical, yet in his statements, he does not hold the Scriptures as his highest authority. He claims to hear from God, but then speaks something entirely unbiblical.

With knowledge of the claims of Christianity (innerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture) DB's statements can be analyzed from that perspective. That is, Peter is analyzing DB's statements within the context they are given. IMHO it is relevant.

And it's a good reminder to test everything against the Word of God.

With respect,

Anonymous said...

Peter, I share your beliefs and analysis entirely in your post above and have all along. Oh yes, it was for the church, DAVEY'S church. I realize this.

I really misworded my post and should have proofed it and given it more thought. I realize that Davey is attempting to use Amanda's death as a step above Jesus, going directly to God and also bypassing Jesus. He did say that it will be such a (forgot the wording he used) that history has ever known so obviously the fool expects, or intimates that Amanda's death will bring about great and powerful salvations.

You know, I still don't think I'm wording this exactly as I'm thinking it, hope you know where I'm coming form on this. Thank you for your response and marvelous analysis of the whole matter. You are doing a FANTASTIC job on this, better than I would have ever thought you could or would! THANK YOU! ABB

Amy Smith said...

If you watch closely, when PB takes DB by the hand and leads him up on stage, a man quickly comes in from the side of the stage and hands DB a mic. I'm not sure this wasn't planned from the get go. DB had only whispered to PB that he wanted to speak. But the mic was ready. The stage hand was ready. How did the stage hand know PB wasn't just bringing DB up to pray specifically for him?

M said...

Amy - that would happen at my church, too. The sound guys are usually pretty sharp

M said...

Whatever happened to Buddy and Joe?

Anonymous said...

Yes SLH @9:23, it is very sad. Tragic almost. I don't know how Pastor Bryar might rectify the damage that has been done. This could go really deep and not in a good way. I am sorry for him.

Davey dug a deep hole for his FIL, and not with just his congregation which is bad enough, but also spiritually. He has probably already been on his face repenting before God that he did not speak up. There are members in his congregation who are going to be mulling over Davey's words for a long time and for those who really are trying to heed the warnings and teachings of Jesus, this is not going to set well with them.

Many people who really do strive to follow Christ and are doing the bet they can, are going to be deeply offended at being called dry bones, as if they'd been wasting their time all these years. They are going to realize how wrong this was and that their Pastor let it happen.

However will he fix this? Pastor Bryar is caught up between the devil and the deep blue sea. Literally. This is a real mess Davey has created for his FIL. But maybe, just maybe, some of them will start to see how evil he really is. I hope so, as he can only create more damage for them, and will. ABB

Anne of Port Charlotte said...

D @ 9:53, Davey is just making a plug for his church to 'train them', trying to lure in more business, fatten the kitty. ABB

Unknown said...

I wonder this as well!

Anonymous said...


Yes, literally the devil...

DB and the rock star pastors associated with PN and his ilk feign humility in their speech (I thought, felt God speak to my heart), then have the audacity to put words in His mouth, apart from Scripture.

This is very like the serpent in the garden, casting doubt in Eve's mind, "did God really say...?"

DB, in putting words into the mouth of God has actually made God submissive to DB (in his speech). In this twisted way, he is actually making himself higher than satan, "I will be like the Most High".


Anonymous said...

Isaiah 14:12:15

"How you are fallen from heaven, o Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground..
For you have said in your heart, 'I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God...I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High',

Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the lowest depths of the pit."


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Still think Phil was caught off guard but he didn't find fault in DB's speech. BC

Sus said...

Peter said, " He then took the words from Ezekial and it was no longer Ezekial's vision, but Davey's."

What gets me is that Davey insinuated the Bible, the word of God, was not complete. Davey said, "The Bible does not tell us..."

He then takes it upon himself (possibly he and God) to complete it...
"and so WE have to kinda fill in the blanks."

That statement by DB shows me he thinks he has the authority first, to question the written word of God; second, to speak for God in "filling in any blanks."

Unknown said...

Slightly off-topic, but useful for comparison, here's Simon Cowell's reaction when *his* $53 million dollar mansion was broken into:

Anonymous said...


Yes...WE...does that mean DB and God? Interesting observation


M said...

Neither church posted their sermons from this past Sunday. Both churches regularly post them every week. FB Elkhart doesn't post a video every week, but they do post audio.

Anonymous said...


I misunderstood I think... you meant WE as in people, that we have to fill in the blanks?


Anonymous said...

MDB, your post @10:03, I believe you are right in that Davey has his eye on being a big celebrity televangelist star. I have watched most of them too over the years. Some, I get tired of hearing their glorified self-promotion and move on. Believe it, they are looking out for themselves. I guess they'd have to, whatever it takes, in order to protect the dynasty they have built up. These are BIG money machines, not just little struggling preachers who salivate in envy.

They won't jeopardize their empire easily. With a little research, once they come to realize how Davey has placed himself in hot water in the mysterious death of his Godly wife, I don't believe they will have anything to do with him. IMO, he has blighted his 'good' name, now he reeks of blasphemy.

Unless he had already been a big star, like Benny Hinn (I listened to him practicing witchcraft one day on his show, saying he called up the spirit of the deceased Katherine Kuhlman at her crypt, and that's where he got his anointing power); when his wife (another kook) left him and he took up with another televangelist, Paula White, they stood by ever so prayerfully; but they won't stand behind little nothing Davey Blackburn. They did anyway with the hugely successful Benny until he went begging his wife back.

Further, many of the televangelist wives are friends. At some point, they will listen to those tapes made by Davey where he demeans his wife and his marriage, and his sensual sex promotions and degradations. They are not going to want exposure like him around their husbands. Just my thoughts. ABB

Anonymous said...

Decades ago I attended a church service where the minister reserved time at the end of the service for people in the congregation to speak, should they feel led. One Sunday, an engaged college couple came up front and told of a "sighting" of Jesus. A friend of a friend of a friend had picked up a bearded hitchhiker. The hitchhiker spoke of God, and then disappeared. The couple meant to encourage congregants by pointing out that Jesus still visits earth and is among us, I guess.

The following Sunday, the minister said that, although the couple meant well in relaying that "story," it was unbiblical, and an urban legend. That was the first time I'd ever heard the term "urban legend," so, that made an impression on me. Furthermore, it made an impression that the minister took a stance and asked us not to repeat the urban legend, as it was unbiblical. It did not match up with scripture.

It is my hope that Phil Byars will reflect more on Davey's hijacking "sermon," after his sermon, and point out to HIS congregation that it concerns him and does not match up with scripture. It's not too late....


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT posts and scripture SLH @10:37 & 10:47. All true. Frightening too, when one thinks about the fast and lose game they are playing with their eternal salvation and the wrath of God to come. It's like they don't even believe it. My God, what ARE they thinking?! ABB

Anonymous said...

Nvm my last comment, I re-read your post and it was very clear.


I can't shake the sense that there is massive cover-up going on in this situation. So many people's statements and behaviour dont seem normal, are disconnected from feeling.

It's also my hope that the right people are seeing through this charade.

M said...

"L" at 11:04 - I hope that's why we aren't seeing PB's sermon from this week.

The Beckster said...

I agree with most of your points except you have to remember that Weston needed full time care as a baby. I am a working mom with two kids - that costs over $1000 a month in daycare for full time care! So, theoretically, he could need money for child care IF

1) he is working full time
2) there are no family members willing and available to take care of him
3) he is trying to save money for the FUTURE after he returns back to work and needs full time care for Weston

I'm just being realistic - even loving grandparents aren't usually able to do 40 + hours a week of childcare. I have parents here and they help one day a week but they have their own lives and still work a little. So, honestly, he does have to plan for the cost of child care and day care which is often the same cost to rent or a mortgage. Really. I pay $1100 a month in rent and $1400 a month in childcare. So that is a very high expense.

And I think the in laws live nearby but not in the same city so realistically they can't do the child care forever.

All that said, I think Davey is guilty and is capitalizing and is greedy and wants that money for all kinds of cray cray. Just felt the need to point out that stay at home moms do provide full time care for kids which is VERY COSTLY otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Your plan could do nothing but help, Anon L. Hopefully, this is all it will take to restore himself to his congregation. HOPEFULLY. I do think however, that he'd best be repenting of it continuously anyhow, having allowed it to take hold in the first place. Once the denial or shaming of the Holy Spirit is done; it is a serious thing to trifle with the Holy Spirit, and not easy to get back to where we once were spiritually. We have to constantly be on our guard, and that's not easy either. ABB

The Beckster said...

My post at 11:20 am was in response to

December 8, 2015 at 2:24 AM: Anonymous Foolsfeedonfolly said...
I wouldn't give Davey Blackburn one penny.

1. As the primary breadwinner, he not suffered a significant loss of income.
2. There is likely a Life Insurance payout to replace any lost income and pay for/go towards Amanda's medical bills (the cost of which may have been partially offset by the organ donation). Likewise, there may have been medical insurance to cover some of the costs as well. Also, there were generous donations from strangers when the news first broke.
3. Davey has an extensive network of extended family members financially capable of helping support Weston should the need arise.
4. He is already directly receiving the proceeds from the sale of FOR INDY shirts "with Amanda Grace's initials on them".
5. If I read correctly, the funeral expenses were paid for by Perry Noble and NewSprings Church.
6. As the house is solely in his name, he can sell it and move into something smaller (preferably in a safer neighborhood for Weston's sake).
7. If he has time to make videos, go to Cubs games,play golf, and go to the gym, he has time for a part-time job to make ends meet (nod to Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace Institute classes that Davey taught).
8. He has one less family member and therefore less expenses (food, clothing, entertainment, shopping trips, furniture buying,etc.).
9. What does Amanda's death have to do with Weston's future education? Weston can work hard and apply for scholarships and work his way through college like many other young adults do (another nod to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Institute seminars). It is disingenuous to use a mom's death to panhandle for college funds for a 15 mo. old, unless she was a single mom or the primary breadwinner.

December 8, 2015 at 2:24 AM

CJ said...

Here's the latest from DB (thanks for the heads up, Canada). This is his videotaped intro to Sunday's ResonateIndy service.

Good morning Resonate Church family,

First of all, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you very much, uh, for all the support , all the prayers, um, every bit of love that you’ve shown me and, and our family through this time, um, I, I honestly do not know how anybody could go through what we’ve gone through without the family of God, without the body of Christ. You know one of the things that we say all the time is it’s impossible to do alone and I’m really feeling, um, that, that conviction as a, as a reality in our life right now. So I just want to thank you from the bottom of, of my heart.

[:40] Um, I, I’m not with you guys this week, um and I, I want to thank you for understanding through this process, um my absence. Um, it’s, it’s uh it’s difficult to figure out how to process through all of this right now, um but, uh, at this–, at this point I’m just taking a step back and trying to figure out what’s next for, um for me, what’s next for for Weston, what’s next for Resonate Church. Um, one of the things I do know and that I’m confident in is that through this entire season, uh what the Lord wants us to do and what Amanda would want us to do is not give up any ground. Um, I, I wholeheartedly believe that God has still called me to Indianapolis, that He called our family to Indianapolis, and that Amanda um gave her life to see Indianapolis changed. And so, um, at, at this season right now I’m, I’m gonna be, um, just kinda stepping back a little bit and and trying to figure out how to process, how to grieve through this, um, and, and, and so I appreciate the grace that’s been given me through that, I appreciate your support, your love through all of that.

[1:55] Um so the next, the next few weeks are just gonna look a little, a little bit different than what you’re accustomed to just in the sense that that I’m not going to be, uh the primary communicator. But we do have folks that we’re bringing in who are very close to me, who are excellent communicators, and we’ll be doing that for a few weeks now, so, and I’m, I want you to know that these are folks who love our church, who love the vision of our church, who are helping us carry out the vision of our church and see people far from God come to know Christ, do whatever it takes to connect people to life change. And so these people are going to come in with a heart to see people come to know Jesus and help people take their next steps.

Anonymous said...

They already know that Beckster. This is about them monitoring and stalking DB because he did not grieve according to the manual. He has a pissy personality and surrounds himself with other immature materialistic misogynistic evangelists. These people think he has some control over the N-worders in the area and should be held responsible for his wife's death because of the aforementioned.

CJ said...

[2:36] So this is again, not a time for us to um back down from our mission but to carry it out with even fuller force than, than what we would have before. I believe that even in this situation one of the things that God wants to use, um and, do in this situation is that He wants to embolden us and empower us with more courage to invite our friends into relationship with Jesus, and so I’m confident the next um several weeks there’s gonna be great opportunities for people to come to know Jesus. So, so I want you to invite your friends, I want you to invite your family, and uh I don’t want this, this tragedy to be wasted, and so I want us to, to capitalize on seeing more and more and more people come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

[3:27] Um, and so, in, in the meantime my role’s going to look just a little different. Um, my plan is to be back preaching on a regular basis, um I’m not sure when exactly that will be, I want to make sure I’m in a place where I’m healthy and I’m preaching out of a a place of , um, where I can offer you something. And right now I just need to take a step back and get healthy, and uh get filled up, and um kind of get redirected on, on what the next step is for, for, our life. And I’ll also want to make sure I’m taking time to, um, to make sure Weston is doing real well, and in this whole, um , in this bit of chaos that he’s finding some stability and that we’re really able to shepherd his heart well in this process. Um, and so, so that’s what the next couple of weeks are gonna look like, I’m really excited about getting back to see you guys, that will be very very soon, I’m just kinda taking this a day at a time and one step at a time, so thank you again for understanding, and um, I’m excited to hear about what the Lord does today.

CJ said...

[4:27] Today we will not have a, we don’t have a live guest speaker that we’re bringing in, ma– mainly because I wanted to, I wanted everybody to watch a message that has really, I think that God has used to prepare my heart for this, leading up to Amanda’s death. And has used, God’s used this to um, to help comfort my heart in all of this process. And it’s a, it’s a message that I’ve posted a, a couple days ago on my social media feed, um, by Levi Lusko called “Through the Eyes of a Lion.” And um you’re going to get to hear the story of Levi. I’m reading his book right now, um and it’s an excellent book to pick up, but it’s just talking about how to face impossible pain, and that through impossible pain God brings incredible power. And so um, again, I can’t, I can’t imagine trying to face this without, um, the the saving knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ and the hope of heaven. And so I’m really really grateful for Pastor Levi’s message, and I’m, um I’m actually really excited about being able to chat with him pretty soon over the phone, he’s reached out to me, and so I’m really excited about that, but I want you to make sure that you guys had this fresh, because I think it’s really going to help to speak to your heart as we’re all trying to cope with and deal with and move forward and move through, um, the loss of Amanda. And so, um, you guys enjoy this message. I know it’s going to speak to your heart. I love you very very very much. I cannot wait to be back with you. And uh, just just open your heart up to uh what the Lord wants to speak to you through Levi Lusko.

Anonymous said...


Right.. they are the goats whom Jesus will one day separate from the sheep and say to them, "Depart from me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matt 25:41)

Many will say to Him on that day, Lord, Lord didn't we do this or that IN YOUR NAME...but He will judge them accordingly. They have used/misused the name of Jesus for their own gain.


Anonymous said...

CJ and Canada:

Interesting how DBs supply preacher is a recording from another one of PN's cronies, Steven Furtick...someone else preaching at elevation church (where do they get these names?)

Way to shepherd the flock, show them a recording of someone else's 'sermon'..


Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands, probably millions of single women, many with more than one child, do it all day long every day, Beckster. NOW, maybe he'll learn what his little hard working sweet wife and precious mother of his child struggled with all day every day of her pathetic life while he harassed, belittled and tormented her.

I hope he has it REAL hard, it's the least he deserves. Just, the poor baby doesn't. I shudder to think how this baby will thrive with this evil SOB. If I were related to him, or one of his in-laws, I'd have my eye on taking this baby away from him if there was any way I could take care of the baby myself.

But shyt, to be realistic here, he doesn't even have a job! Does he even need a babysitter more than just occasionally? What he NEEDS is a full-time paying job like women have had to go out and beg for, for years. Let'im suffer. I hope he does. He likes to prance around like a woman, let'im live like one.

YOu can't count a little piddly ass substitute teachers job a committed job, and his little ministry is certainly no job, just running around burning up gasoline, going to the gym, spending his leisurely time in cafes, eating out everyday, fiddle-farting around and preaching once a week. But hey, I don't have an ounce of pity for the fool. ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...

CJ said...

[4:27] Today we will not have a, we don’t have a live guest speaker that we’re bringing in, ma– mainly because I wanted to, I wanted everybody to watch a message that has really, I think that God has used to prepare my heart for this, leading up to Amanda’s death. And has used, God’s used this to um, to help comfort my heart in all of this process. And it’s a, it’s a message that I’ve posted a, a couple days ago on my social media feed, um, by Levi Lusko called “Through the Eyes of a Lion.” And um you’re going to get to hear the story of Levi. I’m reading his book right now, um and it’s an excellent book to pick up, but it’s just talking about how to face impossible pain, and that through impossible pain God brings incredible power. And so um, again, I can’t, I can’t imagine trying to face this without, um, the the saving knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ and the hope of heaven. And so I’m really really grateful for Pastor Levi’s message, and I’m, um I’m actually really excited about being able to chat with him pretty soon over the phone, he’s reached out to me, and so I’m really excited about that, but I want you to make sure that you guys had this fresh, because I think it’s really going to help to speak to your heart as we’re all trying to cope with and deal with and move forward and move through, um, the loss of Amanda. And so, um, you guys enjoy this message. I know it’s going to speak to your heart. I love you very very very much. I cannot wait to be back with you. And uh, just just open your heart up to uh what the Lord wants to speak to you through Levi Lusko.

CJ, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I know SLH. What will they do in that great and dreadful day of the Lord? It is hard for me to even think of it, I just don't want to fall into that number myself. I think about it, and worry about it. It is a horrible thing to think about. Lord have mercy on us all. What I don't understand is why so many of them don't even think about it or care, like they think it's never going to happen. Well, it is! ABB

Amy Smith said...

From DB's new video it sounds like the Newspring mothership has not released DB back to preach in Indy yet. The historical revival is on hold folks.

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