Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Amanda Blackburn Murder Investigation: Polygraph

I am frequently asked:  

Why do guilty liars take polygraphs, signing on to not only taking the test, but admissibility?

This is the one who "did it" and knows that he is going to be asked,  "Yes or No, did you do it?" in the polygraph. 

Why would someone who "did it" and knows he is going to be asked this simple question, go ahead and take the polygraph?

It happens a lot.

It is a signal that the subject is a pathological liar; one who has done so since childhood, and will even lie when no apparent reason to lie exists. It is as if breathing, and as natural as truthful recall is to you and me.  The habit is not just an external habit, it is where one has almost a dual personality or a dual reality where one is what happened and the other is what one wanted to happen.  When he or she goes into memory, he is so used to making a 'choice' between the two that the processing speed of the deception is quite efficient; not up to speed with experiential memory, but it is up there.  This is where you hear someone is "a good liar."  

The lies appear almost seamless, but it is when someone close to the liar hears a lie that was senseless that further consideration is given.  

In the Amanda Blackburn murder case, the Christian Post had an article in which it said that readers wanted the husband, Davey Blackburn, to stop publishing victim Amanda's private journal via tweets.  People find it to be crass exploitation of a murder by one who's mantra has been to get the attention of as many people as possible, similar to a pyramid scam, where each person tells 3 people, who then each in turn tell 3 people...and on it goes.  

From what we know of Statement Analysis:  

He is not going to stop unless he is arrested. 

Even there,  if he is arrested, he will only pause but eventually get back on it and will sell his story --it is his compulsion and he is not going to listen to what readers suggest.  In fact, there is likely only two people he is going to listen to in life:  one is if his mentor still pays his salary and the other is himself.  

He is obsessed with success and as each of us has an internal subjective dictionary, he has defined success for us:  numbers in attendance, in person, or via internet, but it is numbers.  He has used the murder of his wife, from the very beginning, to promote himself. 

Why won't he listen to others? 

This is a man who has seized authority and it comes at the expense of those who were not educated enough in their own faith to grasp the sufficiency of Scripture, itself.  

It is very sad. 

It is very common. 

Having said that, what he has done, however, is not common:  

I have spoken to many who thought God was speaking to them.  Some did not show deception; they believed it.  They were often very under-educated, very emotional, and in desperation to be 'relevant' in life.  At times, it was heartbreaking.  Some were in vulnerable positions, such as medical necessity.  They were different than the deceptive: 

Those who showed deception, knew what they were doing, were purposeful, driven and used it to exploit others while gaining attention for themselves.  

When caught, they feigned humility and went on the attack. 

The "attack" may start small (refusal to stop publishing her private journal) but goes on to law suits, etc.  They cannot bear being "undone" by truth.  These are those who take polygraphs and fail miserably.  

They felt compelled to "prove", even to their own selves, that they are not liars.  

For some, their own self worth or in deeper terms, their own relevancy in life, itself, was tied into their 'cause', which was to be so special, so marvelously unique, and so very different than the rest of us, that they heard from Almighty God, Himself.  

What was the results?

Heartache for the victims, status for the perpetrator.   Deception always has victims.  

The Q&A shower session was this very thing. 

He had 'heard' so much from 'God' that his own first name was used, and the history making event was, itself, also qualified

What if it does not come true?

"Don't let Amanda's death be in vain" was his response.  He put the onus upon the 'dead' congregation he had just finished insulting.  Blackburn is well above average intelligence.  

He could take this 'divine authority' and subordinate his father in law and an entire congregation but still give himself an 'out' where he could blame them.  

His message was that Amanda gave her life for the church to live and the church is dead and in need of being brought to life and it is going to happen in a way that history books have not thought of. 

but, by the way, if it fails, it is their fault for letting her die in vain. 

This speaks to investigators (and criminologists) who must learn if he was involved in orchestrating his wife's murder, as circumstances point to, as he, like all liars, has a need to justify her death.  

He will not stop exploiting her death.  He went from obsessed to outright deceiver with his 'marching orders from Divinity.'

He is left with two authorities:  money and himself.  

If his mentor pays his salary, he will yield to him, but beyond that, having been divinely commissioned by the death of his wife, there is no higher authority to yield to.  

He is it.  

If his father in law is to rebuke him, it would have to, in the very least, equal the authority of the shower encounter.  

Unless someone holds purse strings, he has no one above him. 

Statement Analysis has shown the obsession with numerical success and once 'divine authority' was added to it, there is no human that can reason with him on anything.  

If charged, this suggests that his own defense attorney would have a terrible time controlling him. 

He would likely take the stand in his own defense. 

He has given divine revelation as to "why" Amanda died.  

"We are baffled" as to why she died, has now given way to a specific reason for death; it was not due to a bad marriage, nor was it due to random theft where she decided that she would stop the thief.  

Expect the self promotion to continue unabated.  It may take on different forms but it will continue. 

The self promotion came at Amanda's expense while she was alive, and she died so the promotion would  successfully bring in numbers.  That even subtle insult continues including revealing her private journal to the public, is the expected.  

Will law enforcement investigators ask him to polygraph?

This has its pros and it has its cons.  

Right now, he is speaking freely and often and his latest revelation that has justified her death is important.  Should they ask him to polygraph, they risk him quieting down while they continue to seek to learn of any possible connections.  

Should he take the polygraph and pass, it would reduce suspicion upon his possible involvement, something he has done much to keep suspicion levels high.  

Offering a polygraph would immediately invite him to hire a defense attorney.  

There would be no shortage of high powered defense attorneys who would take this case at no cost due to the high profile nature of exposure.  

Rare would be a  defense attorney who would allow him to polygraph.  

For now, it is not known if investigators have found any connection between Blackburn and the shooter, yet the coincidental nature of the case, and the words of Blackburn, himself, press for an answer. 

While no polygraph is offered and no formal suspicion comes from investigators, Blackburn is likely to continue to commercialize Amanda's death.  

A polygraph that is passed would quell suspicion of involvement. 

If Blackburn has no guilty knowledge of her death; that is, no connection to the killer whatsoever, a polygraph would help aid him in his thirst for publicity.  It would allow him to take the 'martyr' role where he is not only the grieving husband, but the 'victim' of relentless internet 'trolls' who doubt him. 

It would be useful to his drive or publicity and numerical success. 

John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted by a Grand Jury in the "death by child abuse" homicide of their daughter, Jonbenet.   

The District Attorney, Alex Hunter, refused to sign the indictment.  

He did not want to face off against the Atlanta attorneys hired by the Ramseys.  

These attorneys reportedly took their clients "polygraph shopping" where, they had hoped, they could capitalize on the publicity. 

They had taken them on polygraph after polygraph until they found one who's questioned were so perfectly designed, the Ramseys would pass, after repeated failures.  

They not only handsomely rewarded this polygrapher, but had a specific 'red dog' contract with him which forbids him of disclosing  the wording of any of the questions.  

This means that "did you cause Jonbenet's death?" as a simple, and straight forward question, would not have been asked of them.  
"Did you write the ransom note?" would not have been asked. 

How did the publicity of the "passed polygraph" work with the public?

They did not count on the failed polygraph information leaking to media. 

It ended up actually increasing suspicion of their clients, rather than alleviating it.  

Blackburn could volunteer for one from police, or he could seek to take a private one, which reduces credibility as people would wonder if he was "polygraph shopping."

In any case, public relations is front and center here.  Each day there is new information, via tweets or information such as the public statement made about the victim's reason for being murdered, made available to the public via the internet.

As a public figure who has made the rounds of the networks, his words are heard and examined.  A polygraph would bring him right back to national headlines and allow him to portray anyone doubting him as 'the bad guy.'

Every hero needs a villain. 

Without a villain, the story puts us to sleep  but where there is a story, there are t shirts sold and lots of free publicity.  Yet, there is a problem:  

Should he be proven utterly criminally unconnected to the murder, Americans are not likely to look upon him fondly even as his clean cut good looks and gift of theatrics suggest, due to his early emotional disconnect from Amanda, and his self serving ambition.  

Rocky Balboa was a violent, organized crime leg breaker, loan shark collector, with a criminal history, yet, we cheered for him for decades as he was 'liable' in the story. 

Arrogant, cocky, emotionally disconnected and lacking of emotional self awareness, he would need a complete overhaul to get America to pity him as the underdog. 

Would a polygraph help this cause?
More importantly,

would a polygraph help the cause of justice for murder victim, Amanda Blackburn?


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Unknown said...

Believers out there, please join me in praying for Amanda's parents, that they come to grips with the truth about their son-in-law.

BingBangBong said...

Dear Peter

I love your work.

I wonder if you could do an analysis on this:

I understand if you cannot, it is a hot potato (from a number of angles).

Am fascinated by the Crazy Davy story. There is more discussion of it on this discussion board also:

Anonymous said...

Davey seems to be afflicted with severe ADHD, which shows up in the intensity of his interaction with people, the non-stop babbling, the grandiose narcissism. Many people with this disorder don't seek treatment because the "highs" are so pleasurable to them that they discount the effect their overwhelming intensity has on the listener/audience. Ordinary people will see this and move away from the person. You can see it in people like Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise, actors who are aware of the effect they have on people, yet decline to "fix" the problem with medication. In Cruise's case, he's made several statements against psychiatry and his "church" seems designed to permit people with various personality disorders to be not only accepted, but exalted. Davey would make a good Scientologist. Whether Davey is responsible for his wife's murder or not, I'm riveted by this character.

lynda said...

I agree Peter. Davey has already seen quite an increase in twitter followers (it seems to me around 2,000 more than he had) facebook followers, and comments on both, tho I have noticed only positive ones are on FB. He will keep going.

I believe the police have found a LINK. Friend of friend on FB and I'm sure more than one person has forwarded to police but as I said before, now they have to PROVE that he was involved which is no easy task unless someone rolls. I anticipate the next arrest to be Alonzo Bull (isn't he the one that told them they had to pick up Taylor?) so he was aware of the crime and what happened. It's interesting he has not been arrested yet but these people do alot of talking over throwaway phones. Alonzo (if he was the "boss" and got his instructions from Davey) might not roll but I'm thinking his 17 year old wife Donae, might.

I feel that if he is ever arrested, the DA will have to indict on a circumstantial case and that will be hard. If the DA has balls, he will take it to trial but as we have seen, politics, fear (Ramsey) doesn't mean it will ever come to trial. Unless Perry Noble deserts him if he is arrested, DAvey will have an unlimited source of funds for his defense. Not good either.

I find it sad that Amanda wasn't the one to go to the gym the day that all these "coincidences" happened.

Davy is omnipotent in his own mind. Like George Costanza said in the Seinfeld episode in regards to a lie detector test "If YOU believe it, it's not a lie."

lynda said...

BingBang...Silverstein is liar and a thief. Was there a conspiracy? Who knows...but just his "storytelling" on where he was on 9/11 makes me want to vomit.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update's:

Re-post: My initial one, went "poof"

DPS needs public's help in unsolved murder of W. Texas teen

On Dec. 27, 2010, 13-year-old Hailey Dunn of Colorado City, Texas, left her mom's house to go to a friend's home. She never arrived.

Despite countless searches by law enforcement and the community, Hailey's body wasn't found for more than two years. It was discovered on March 16, 2013, near Lake J.B. Thomas in Scurry County.

Today, no one has been arrested for her murder, and that's something the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers Unsolved Crimes Investigation Team would like to fix.

Hailey Dunn's case is part of a recently-launched initiative by the DPS and Texas Rangers to try to generate new tips to solve cold cases across the state.

Colorado City is in West Texas, about a three-hour-and-forty-minute drive from Dallas, located between Abilene and Midland. Scurry County is located just north of Colorado City. At the time of her disappearance, Hailey Dunn was an eighth grader at Colorado City Middle School, and active in cheerleading, sports, and band.

If you have any tips or information that could help solve this murder case, please submit them at this website or contact the Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 1-800-346-3243.


Judge declares mistrial in Freddie Gray case

Unknown said...

Anon 3:16, I have ADHD, and you're exactly right.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Jessica Chambers: 'Operation Bite Back' arrests indirectly linked to case of murdered 19-year-old

Law enforcement officials arrested 17 people in northern Mississippi early Tuesday morning in connection with the investigation of the death of Jessica Chambers, the Clarion-Ledger is reporting.
The arrests, while not directly related to the death of Chambers, came out of the investigation into the 19-year-old's murder, authorities said.
Chambers was found badly burned by the side of the road in near Courtland, Miss. on Dec. 6, 2014. She was taken to a hospital in Memphis where she died. She had been doused with gasoline and set on fire.

The arrests were part of what authorites have called "Operation Bite Back" which focuses on crimes involving suspected gang members. There have long been rumors that Chambers' death had something to do with gang activity in the area.
The 17 were arrested on charges ranging from child endangerment to possession of stolen firearms and narcotics sales, the Clarion-Ledger story reported.
For the full story, see The Clarion-Ledger.

- See more:


OT Update:

Family of missing Bardstown Woman hoping to bring attention to unsolved cases in Nelson County

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Nearly six months after she disappeared and two months after police named her boyfriend as a suspect, there are still few answers about what happened to a Bardstown mother of five.

Crystal Rogers' parents say they are holding a protest to bring more attention to their daughter's case and other unsolved murders in Nelson County.

Rogers disappeared in early July. Her car discovered on the Bluegrass Parkway with her purse, phone and keys still inside.

"The hardest is knowing she's out there," said Crystal's dad, Tommy Ballard.

"And we don't know where," Crystal's mom, Sherry Ballard, added.

The Ballards have been searching for months but had to put their efforts on hold during hunting season.

"We're just kind of stuck to where we don't know where to turn," Sherry Ballard explained.

Rogers' parents say they're hoping a gathering at the Justice Center in Bardstown Thursday morning will help bring more attention to their daughter's disappearance, as well as other unsolved murders in Nelson County.

Cases like Kathy Netherland and her 16-year-old daughter Samantha, who were killed inside their home last year and Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis, who was gunned down in 2013.

"We're not planning on being loud and rowdy and all that," Sherry Ballard said. "We just want to hold up our signs and just be recognized that we do want justice."

The Nelson County Sheriff's office has named Rogers' longtime boyfriend, Brooks Houck, as a suspect but he has not been arrested.

The Ballards say they hope more publicity will lead to more help on their daughter's case.

"I think our county needs help," Tommy Ballard said.

Rogers' parents say they're not concerned about ruffling any feathers with the protest.

"When it comes down to the bottom line, it's me coming home every night without my daughter. So we're a little past making somebody mad. I'm doing what's best to find my daughter," Sherry Ballard said.

The gathering is scheduled to begin at 8:30 Thursday morning at the Justice Center in Bardstown.

Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly says there are no new developments in the Rogers case but also made clear that he hopes his office will find justice for Rogers.

Kentucky State Police are investigating who killed Kathy and Samantha Netherland and Officer Jason Ellis.

Louise K said...

Davey Blackburn = glib

Also I believe LE tactics are to nurture a sense of false security for Davey

Give them enough rope, they will hang themselves

Scott and Drew Peterson did it

Davey is doing it

#cantshutup becomes Part of the Evidence


Tania Cadogan said...

I agree Louise K

Everything he says and poss can be used as evidence.

The videos of his sermons are damning, i wonder his defense will explain those away?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that we're talking about the pastor-father-in-law-dead-church's *daughter.*

I have a hard time believing it's an accident that the person God 'took' to bring this dead church back to life was the dead-church-pastor's daughter.

It's really ugly of me to say this, but...if this has all been a power trip on Blackburn's part from the beginning, her murder might even make sense. Maybe it's not freedom from a bad marriage...maybe it's Blackburn doing something he could use to take away his father-in-law's church.


Louise K said...


someone has gone out of their way to get a still of Davey waving a gun on stage in a House of God and ensured it has gone pretty much viral.

I'm sure we've all seen it.

The only thing Defense lawyers can do with things like this, negative stuff put out their by their own clients, is Blame the Investigation.

Even more motivation for LE to Get It Right The First Time.

Geekrad said...

Thanks for the Hailey Dunn post John. I am glad so see it back in the hands of DPS and the Texas Rangers.

GeekRad said...

Anon at 4:57, I am not following you. What did I miss about DB taking away his father in law's church?

Trigger said...

I agree with the ADHD aspect of Davey Blackburn. I think that the "high" of talking intensely to anyone who will listen, will keep him going for more attention.

The manner in which he demeaned Amanda was to get a reaction from his audience to keep them focused on him.

He seems to like the feeling he gets from "grandstanding."

Anonymous said...

Hey GeekRad, look here:

What I'm saying is, Davey Blackburn criticized his father-in-law's church, while saying Amanda died to give that church life. Yes? Isn't that just a shade away from saying God punished the father-in-law by taking his daughter away?

Or am I misunderstanding?


Bobcat said...

Teresa Taylor, wife of Kenneth Z. Taylor, was brutally murdered in 1984 - a case many may not remember. This is the first case I thought of when I heard of Amanda's attack.

I pray for Weston.

Trigger said...

Peter, I could envision Davey being the "martyr" as you have described if he passes the poly.

How could he pass up on an opportunity to get that "message" out? He could then prove the "glory" of his connection with God and divine things coupled with the opportunity of praying for all that "failed" to believe in him.

John Mc Gowan said...

Geekrad said...

"Thanks for the Hailey Dunn post John. I am glad so see it back in the hands of DPS and the Texas Rangers."


It's my pleasure. I know this is very dear to you. I don't know why, but, something is telling me, things are moving forward. It maybe something said, in the language, words from LE, that i haven't picked up upon, consciously.

Fingers crossed!!

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GeekRad said...

My fingers are crossed too John. I have confidence in the DPS and Texas Rangers:). They always felt Shawn was guilty so they will be looking he and Billie. Hopefully this a priority cold case for them. Thanks again!

GeekRad said...

I get you know Jen. I wasn't following. Thanks for the clarification.

GeekRad said...

Now not know. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

What more tips could they possibly need in the Dunn case? What part of her freakazoid boytoy don't they get?

Are they afraid of some cocaine snortin' lawyer?

The last tips they got sounded like they came from the offspring of LE...letters in jail, sightings at a flop house....basic moron crap that has nothing to do with the girl and more to do with their ability to stretch it out until retirement time so they will be well remembered.

Lis said...

Peter, do you plan to analyze the bomb threat? I found the full text posted at zerohedge:

* * *


I am emailing you to inform you of the happenings on Tuesday, 12/15/15.

Something big is going down. Something very big. It will make national headlines. Perhaps, even international ones. You see, my last 4 years here at one of the district high schools has been absolute hell. Pure, unmitigated, agony. The bullying, the loneliness, the rejection... it is never-ending. And for what? Just because I'm 'different'?

No. No more. I am a devout Muslim, and was once against violence, but I have teamed up with a local jihadist cell as it is the only way I'll be able to accomplish my massacre the correct way. I would not be able to do it alone. Me, and my 32 comrades, will die tomorrow in the name of Allah. Every school in the L.A. Unified district is being targeted. We have bombs hidden in lockers already at several schools. They are strategically placed and are meant to crumble the foundations of the very buildings that monger so much hate and discrimination. They are pressure cooker bombs, hidden in backpacks around the schools. They are loaded with 20 lbs. of gunpowder, for maximum damage. They will be detonated via Cell Phone. Not only are there bombs, but there are nerve gas agents set to go off at a specific time: during lunch hour. To top it off, my brothers in Allah and I have Kalashnikov rifles, Glock 18 Machine pistols, and multiple handheld grenades. The students at every school in the L.A. Unified district will be massacred, mercilessly. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

If you do end up trying to, by perhaps, beefing up security, or canceling classes for the day, it won't matter. Your security will not be able to stop us. We are an army of Allah. If you cancel classes, the bombings will take place regardless, and we will bring our guns to the streets and offices of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Bakersfield, and San Diego.

I wish you the best luck. It is time to pray to allah, as this may be your last day.

* * *

I haven't looked at it carefully yet, but on a quick reading, I noticed several things.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you REALLY believe DB will be brought in for questioning in his wife's murder? If so, when can I get some of whatever it is you are taking? It would be nice to escape reality ever now and then.

rosy said...

Bobcat said...
December 16, 2015 at 5:44 PM

Good read! Any progress with James B?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59,

Please tell us about your connection with DB that makes you so certain he will never be questioned.

Bobcat said...

rosy 7:03

Sorry, no revelations here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59 sounds like DB or another close associate who is distancing - "his wife's" (not Amanda's) murder.

Unknown said...

Anon 6:59 Hi Davey!

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous said...

"Do any of you REALLY believe DB will be brought in for questioning in his wife's murder? If so, when can I get some of whatever it is you are taking? It would be nice to escape reality ever now and then."

December 16, 2015 at 6:59 PM

TJC said...

All the "coincidences" are why I believe he had something to do with it. Everything adds up and it doesn't look good. Was it Alonzo Bull who was fb friends with Davey? I know one of the 4 was, saw it with my own eyes. Now of course, they're not. Donoe isn't going to talk... she needs her baby's father out of jail. I saw a lot of talk about them getting things straight with God... wonder if Davey had anything to do with that?

Anonymous said...

If Amanda was Davey's "favorite person in the world," I'd hate to see how he treats his enemies. I think this picture has been posted before

Yes, I've been creeping at photos. Amanda's sister, Amber, described Amanda's personality in more detail than I'd heard before (other than her faith and loving people):

Perhaps Amanda was a bit too spunky & too much of her own person for the likes of her husband?


Anonymous said...

@John McGowen:

What do you interpret the following to mean? Is it written by a narcissist, a psychopath, or someone who should take remedial English Comp I?

Anonymous said...

"Do any of you REALLY believe DB will be brought in for questioning in his wife's murder? If so, when can I get some of whatever it is you are taking? It would be nice to escape reality ever now and then."

December 16, 2015 at 6:59 PM

December 16, 2015 at 7:33 PM

Anonymous said...

Copying this from the previous thread, apology from flightfulbird (me) in case posters have migrated here and don't see it on the other -

Reading back over my posts, I can see that I've stated some things as facts when we really don't know everything that happened that morning. I've also said I was reaching and there is no question that some of my theories are way out there. Many of us are throwing things against the wall on these boards and seeing if they stick because we are frustrated, wanting answers and hoping for fairness - trying to piece together what happened while we wait.

That's no excuse though. I am very sorry that sometimes my speculation gets out of hand. It is interesting to read the documents and watch videos and try to sort out what happened. There is a line between creative writing and solid facts for sure. Reading between the lines it seems that some of the scenarios might be possible, yet we are guessing until we can hear the 911 call and get more information.

I feel that this whole situation is so unfair to Amanda and am hoping that evidence is clear and it's just a matter of time before things are sorted out.


GeekRad said...

OT.. and I apologize because I am emotional and invested in this case. My good friend was brutally murdered last February. Every bit of evidence, unquestionable evidence was his friend beat him to death. Blood on his boots, my friend's bloody shirt in his murderer's home, murder took place in a dirt parking lot with the murderer boot prints every step of the way. Spoiler alert, at some point, the DA or medical examiner said my friend's injuries were so severe that it looked like a truck ran over him. The defense got him off by telling that to the very stupid jury. The point of my rant, I do not have confidence in juries, no matter how hard LE works. Go to national geographic badlands tv to see this case. Skip the first 2 shows which are Hollywood. Start with the investigation show. You will see that the would be bubba interviewers did a really good job, as Peter talks about. The case is Tony Flint who murdered Glenn Felts. Again, my point, it is so hard for a DA to take a case to trial. I call it the Casey Anthony syndrome but know it has happened long before that trial. I apologize for my OT rant. Check out the Nat geo show on this. I will add you will find the characters and scenery priceless.

Anonymous said...

I do think Davey and his supporters are reading and/or posting here for sure


lynda said...

GeekRad...I'm sorry you have to bear such a tragedy.

I also agree and have stated that it's all going to come down to politics, money, and if the DA is in control of his own balls. Barring some "eureka" moment of evidence leading to Davey's arrest, it will depend on if they will prosecute a solely circumstantial case which they CAN do..but will they?

M said...

GeekRad - you have touched on something I've been thinking about this case. If LE and the prosecutor's office thought that the manboys they have in jail are the only people involved, I believe they would be coming out in a strong way to show that they are not looking at DB.

There appears to be a large underground of people who believe DB was somehow involved in the murder of his wife. Since so many people believe this, I would think that a defense attorney wouldn't have too much trouble convincing a jury of the same.

If all of our speculating has a chance of hindering a prosecution of those arrested, the Prosecutor would be doing whatever he could to shut us up.

M said...

I mean a defense atty for the guys in jail now, not a defense atty for DB

M said...

I'm I making sense?

Concerned said...

M at 10:01
Perfect sense!

Anonymous said...

That would be likened to prosecuting someone that says to a foe, "Drop dead!" and having the foe be gunned down walking past a black dude being killed by police.


Anonymous said...

I watched the video of the Kentucky police officer being questioned by the FBI in the Rogers disappearance and I laughed out loud for the longest when the FBI agent failed to convince him he had a masters degree and his computer analyzed what he had said and proved he was lying. His reply: I don't give a god damn what your computer says!

They still need proof; not a degree in bs and intimidation.

GeekRad said...

Lynda and m, I want to be so wrong. But I fear that no LE can make a case. Defense attorneys are really good at their jobs, prosecutors are over cased and juries are really stupid. I do big study of jury selection and have an acquaintance who is good about jury selection. He told me no way would he let me on a jury. Scientist, management, analytical. He will strike me every time. Jury selection is how you win. The successful attorneys are good at jury selection. Assuming they have a choice in the pool. My attorney acquaintance tells me the prosecution will want me but he will strike the me every time. My point, jury selection is the key.

Anonymous said...

John, I read a couple of those articles in which Hailey Dunn was mentioned and I understood it to be a public awareness campaign in which cold cases were brought to the public's attention. Hers will be featured due to the time of year since she went missing close to Christmas.

I didn't sense anything moving on her case from what I read. However, one article wanted others to believe they may be linked or a serial killer running about. It is for this reason that her bones will be shelved much longer, imo.

The only way it could be a serial killer is if a black man was spotted and her earring was placed at her father's house. I doubt any of that is true and the writer of that article may have told on him/her self. There's a difference between homicidal child murderers and domestic extortion/terror rings.

Everything points to her boyfriend.

JBB said...

Just a bit of interesting info. Here's Indiana Corporation Records for Resonate Church. This is the other principal for the Resonate Church.
Wonder who this guy is?

Derek Barrett
9012 Cornucopia Dr
Indianapolis , IN 46268

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Derek Barrett is the Worship Pastor at Resonate that filled in as pastor while Davey & Amanda were away (see Strings series on Resonate Video Sermon). His wife Ashley Barrett was one of Amanda's church best-ies and fellow marathon runner, IIRC.

mom2many said...

I believe he is the music minister or worship leader or whatever his title is. His wife is the instagram account that has been posted a few times in these threads, most recently with the encouragement card picture from Amanda. I haven't verified, but when I watched the worship as weapon video yesterday, it sounded like he was the guy Davey thanked for filling in as "communicator" in his absence, so there are likely videos on Resonate's site of him preaching.

JBB said...

He's listed in corporation records with DB as principal. Does this mean anything legally as far as business ownership of Resonate? Davey Blackburn is listed as registered agent and Barrett as principal. Maybe he will take over if Davey is canned?

Juliet said...

Here is an interview with Derek and Ashley Barrett, made while Amanda was still on life support. There are four videos on the page - the Barret interview It is the last video on the page. They don't appear utterly devastated, but that's how these people roll #nothingiswasted #thebestisyettocome #soinappropriate. #jesuswept


rosy said...

Derek Barrett, guy with the beard and the guitar, so-called Worship Pastor.

JBB said...

Just watched the interview with Barretts. No tears there either. Since they (Blackburn and Barrett) registered this business with the corporation commission early in 2012, they would have known each other early on. The interview makes it sound like the Barretts knew the Blackburns from attending the church. They should have been close--at least close enough to have been very upset by Amanda's murder. These people are all sick and twisted.

I actually looked up the business entity because I wanted to see if it was registered by a different name, and then I was going to look up other records. But, the business is registered as "Resonate, Inc." I find nothing else under Resonate.

I do find it odd that the business is not listed under P. Noble's name. I would have thought he'd have some financial interest in it.

Concerned said...

Looks like Derek Barrett was a student at
Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia.
Same schtick as NewSpring.

Juliet said...

Yep, the Barrett's seem quite beamingly comfortable with it all, while poor close-friend Amanda is on life-support with a bullet in her brain and her tooth smashed out - but let's smile, anyway, because we still have all our teeth and the best is yet to come. It's so weird - it's like watching Stepford Christians.

Anonymous said...

Re: Hillsong church:

Anonymous said...

LE is absolutely 100% positive the shooting was not done by DB so he should be free to talk to his heart's content. May the earth barely be able to contain how much favor DB has been granted by his god. He should continue to be paid and be reinstated in the pulpit so that he can ABUNDANTLY share more and more and more of Amanda's story. He needs to be out there expressing how Amanda would have preferred things and how he, Davey, can make her life count and not waste drop of her sacrificial blood. If that has the effect of raising his church up with this terrible occurrence, all the better for Davey's faithful kingdom, right? Of course, Davey will have to generously share how his god has abundantly blessed his efforts. I'm sure Davey will barely be able to hold it together, but someway, somehow, he will find the strength to go forward leading the sheep no matter what it takes!!! May God. direct his every word.

Now, please excuse me while I go buy stock in a triple stranded utility item. I think this should be kept in abundance so Davey will never be without it as he shares generously with his flock... ;)

BB said...

I'm new to this site, and very much appreciate it, but have to admit that I'm bothered by the disregard for dissenting opinions on a site dedicated to rational analysis. Stop accusing everyone who questions of being an associate of DB. DB appears to be a criminal super-douche who has his coming...but we can get there objectively. Also, we (I.e. Peopl outside this case, but following it) can't make accurate assumptions because there are a lot of things we don't know. Don't assume that what we know is all there is to be known. Sorry. Rant over. Carry on.

BB said...

Right on at 3:19!!

BB said...

Derek Barrett: "Just cruising the hood looking for a hitchhiker to hook up with a ride". #ForIndyofCourse

Anonymous said...

@JBB (12:03 am)

Great info regarding articles of incorporation...

I took it a step further and went to IRS website and have concluded that the the "DAVEY BLACKBURN FAMILY FUND RAISING" via Resonate Indy is in direct violation of Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) regarding the strict prohibition of "Private Benefit and Inurement" that is greater than "incidental" to "any person who is in a position to exercise substantial influence" of said charitable corp.

(See Compliance Guide link below)

The purpose of this limitation is to ensure that the tax-exempt organization serves a "public interest."

According to code, Resonate Church Indy is not only at risk of losing its tax exempt status, but the one receiving this benefit along with anyone who knowingly approves such a transaction are all subject to an excise tax and are required to file special forms designating the money as an "excess benefit transaction."

And since DB has made it CRYSTAL CLEAR publically that he is the LEAD PASTOR (if you have any doubt that the LEAD PASTOR has virtually unfettered control of this tax-exempt corp then read the 26 page articles of incorporation - ad nauseum - that is interspersed with NewSpring wordage including accidently using the actual name NewSpring instead of Resonate and North Carolina instead of Indiana).

Very interesting....

#Justice for A-W-E (Amanda, Weston, and Evie)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...only a couple more paragraphs after 'I hate to say this' than when 'I will say no more' or 'I am speechless' or 'words fail me'.

Hate must get your verbal juices flowing, ABB.

Anonymous said...

Guess that last comment went into the shoppe for editing, eh?
Whilst doing so, omitting 'depression,' "Silence of the Lambs" (the name is Hannibal Lector) and 'evil spirits' could bring jolly to your yuletide spirits.

Anonymous said...

Anon @7:50, since it appears that my post was deleted by Peter anyway, I guess it doesn't matter what my opinion was since it must have not been totally in line with his beliefs.

However anon, you do not need to dishonestly add words or thoughts to my post as I did not say "I will say no more" or "I am speechless" or that "words fail me." I did say, "I hate to say this", as I really did and do feel badly in that my opinion differs from several others whom I respect, for which I apologized; perhaps "hate" was a strong word to use since in fact I have no hate for anything or anyone, therefore, "hate" does not nor can it get my juices flowing. You cannot read into my soul or my feelings so don't even try. Just so you know.

Peter, I am disappointed, hurt even, that you would delete this post as it was from my heart, was honest, and was a very good post; my opinion and beliefs were explained carefully and with consideration for others. You don't have to agree with everything I said, but you could at least respect my opinion and allow it some consideration. Have a good day. Sincerely, ABB

andrew said...

Great analysis as always.

I would just add that there was a LOT more to the Ramsey case than the DA being afraid of Atlanta lawyers. He was afraid, yes, but the Atlanta lawyers were the least of his fears.

There is a reason why even his successor felt "compelled" to exonerate the Ramseys years later.

The Ramseys were connected to some very powerful people. Think of the Lincoln S&L scandal...

Anonymous said...

BB at 3:43 Thanks for getting my 3 am sense of humor! I say as long as Weston is safe that we keep supplying him with all the rope he can use and more. The more he talks, the faster he reveals the truth.

C said...

In one of the public statements LE made, the spokesman actually said something to the effect that it is not what you know, but what you can prove. That was said prior to the arrests, so it made me wonder if the LE suspect Blackburn as being involved, but just had no evidence to back up their gut instincts. He very well may be a psychopath who just does not care about her murder, except that he benefits from it. He may not have had anything at all to do with planning it. Either way, he will NOT go crazy or mad from tormenting Amanda (if he is psychopathic). He won't give it a thought other than she deserved it and how it affects HIS life now. He WILL give it a pitiful me thought if he is arrested because then it affects HIS freedom and life. He will be sorry, but only sorry that he got caught.

I also would not discount former intern/babysitter involvement. She moved there and shortly after found out Amanda was pregnant. If she moved thinking (or being told) she was "the one" who could make Blackburn happy and fulfil his needs, then discovered he was still not only having sex with his wife, but got her pregnant, well, hell hath no furry like a betrayed mistress. She knew all the details of both DB and Amanda's schedule. She could easily set up coincidences to make it look as if he did it.

I would like to say an unlocked door does not equal planning for murder. My housemate, in spite of the fact that I remind him at least weekly to lock the door, still leaves it unlocked several times per month.

Psychopaths can get sane women to believe insane lies and behave in ways they would never normally behave. Read the book "Women Who Love Psychopaths" by Sandra Brown. This book is about women who have formerly been involved/formerly loved psychopathic men and put up with or behaved in ways even the women themselves (once it is over and they have counseling) cannot believe they allowed themselves to behave or be used or degraded in that manner. Psychopaths are master manipulators and brainwashers and gaslighters, particularly in the love arena.

We may never know the truth of what actually happened. The events as described by the ones arrested, or playing informant, may not even be entirely accurate. Criminals are not know for being truthful

The use of his pronouns regarding her death could be because psychopaths do not view people as people like a normal person with emotions view them. They view people as an object. That is just a thought I am tossing out. I know nothing about statement analysis other than what I read here.

I do not know the status of the investigation. If I was a betting person though, I would bet the LE is furious over this case (murder for hire, virgin bride who was pure, the purity and modesty she so valued being the one precious thing--other than her life--taken, or STOLEN, from her and put on public display. Not only her body on public display to the murderer and medical and law enforcement, but also to the public at large through the news media. She valued her relationship with GOD and she valued her purity. A psychopath would delight in tainting her pure image and knowing she experienced the horror of having her purity taken away at the hands of a thug. A mistress who hated her might possibly also enjoy degrading her in that manner.

If I suspected this to be the case (murder for hire) and I was an Indie LE, I would consult any professional in personality disorders I could and take professional advice on how to play/manipulate to try to obtain any information I could that would be useful. I would leave no stone unturned and I would not make an arrest, or even hint of making an arrest, until I felt certain there was enough evidence that he (or she, or both) would be indicted and the charges would stick.

Anonymous said...
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GeekRad said...

M at 10:06, you are correct. The defense attorneys will build the case against DB for their defense of the accused. It is a matter of question that the prosecutor does anything with it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When was DB's birthday, does anyone know? Amanda's instagram shows her wishing him a happy 30th, but I don't know if the 6w means six weeks ago?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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mom2many said...

I appreciate the digging into the tax status of Resonate. It bothered me that they were funneling all the fund-raising through the church. Can we pull a page from the Ezzo's book Davey so loves, and make a report to the IRS? I posted ages ago that it wouldn't surprise me if Davey is initially charged with financial irregularities (fraud).

JBB said...

Anon @4;33 Am and mom2many...
I've looked at all available court records for Marion County, IN and there appears to be nothing going on with DB. You cannot see much on assessor records for his house without paying a fee--only that his property taxes are "paid." He has not filed bankruptcy. I looked in Alabama, SC, and Indiana. NOTHING. I was thinking that financial troubles could have spurred his need for his wife's death because he needed money. It might still be a motive of his involvement--we don't know about the life insurance payout. It's too early for a payout there, IMO. Anyone have insight on how long life insurance takes to pay out? I can find no "Probate" case records with his name either, but it might be too early for that too.

I am not convinced DB wanted his wife murdered just because he is a controlling nutcase. I think he had her killed and I think there's a money motivation of some kind.

And, for sure, mom2many, you KNOW he is doing "jiggy" stuff with his taxes! There's just NO WAY a character like CD is not working the system in some way!

Amy Smith said...

I think DB birthday was about one week before her murder.

JBB said...

In case anyone is interested in searching as time goes on, here is link to search Marion County court records. This appears to be the only records that are searchable online. There could be some state searches--like Indiana Supreme Court--I have not looked. But, here is local search link:

JBB said...

Did a bit more searching. Actually, that link is it on all Indiana courts searchable through the state's online access program. It's not limited to local county searches.

mom2many said...

It is super easy to make an IRS complaint, and the first criteria on the form is "Directors/officers/persons using income/assets for personal gain". At least it could put a hiccup in the exploitation of Amanda.

JBB said...

It is super easy to make an IRS complaint, and the first criteria on the form is "Directors/officers/persons using income/assets for personal gain". At least it could put a hiccup in the exploitation of Amanda.

Yes, good point. It's also a great place to start the digging into whatever else might be lurking in Resonate's finances! Do you think LE has already looked into all this stuff? I do. I am disappointed that there might be NOTHING LE has been able to use as financial motive for the murder of his wife, Amanda:-(

There are too many coincidences and too much yapping by this guy for him not to be involved, imo. He is so driven by the idea of "success" that I just cannot let go of the idea he is motivated by money--lack of it or need for more of it.

Anonymous said...

Are you insane?

First off, I know people who were acquainted with Mrs. Blackburn and her relatives.

Secondly, I am NOT shocked that she was murdered by some HOODRATS. That's the kind of thing hoodrats do.

Why do people hate Christians so much that they try to jump at ANY opportunity to blame a Christian husband for the death of his wife?

JJBB said...

The idea that a bunch of 20-somethings are keeping the proper financial records on a non-profit organization makes me laugh! Right! A tip to "investigate Resonate" (has a nice ring, doesn't it? Rhyme time:-)) that could lead to loss of tax exempt status would be a big deal. What would DB do? How would he make money? How desperate would he become?

An IRS investigation as well as the school district lawsuit (if one is actually filed. I did not see filing as of yet) would be a good way to "see what Davey does next."


JBB said...

anon @ 11:07-
There have been no comments that I recall having to do with "blaming Christians" for a crime. What specifically are you referring to? Where is it that DB is blamed for his wife's murder because people are "taking ANY opportunity to blame a Christian husband for the death of his wife?"

In fact, it is Davey Blackburn HIMSELF who is pulling the religion card to draw attention and suspicion upon HIMSELF; not the other way around.

CJ said...

BB at 3:41 am,

Let's test this.

Here is where I am currently:

If Larry Taylor and Davey Blackburn were on trial today for the murder of Amanda Blackburn and I was sitting on the jury I would vote to acquit both on grounds of reasonable doubt.

Thoughts for/against? Anyone?

mom2many said...

I've looked Davey up through the Indiana court portal, too. I don't know if he had a financial motive, but he is making a killing, isn't he? I suspect he was tired of her, ready to move on, and getting a divorce would hurt his career. I, too, am suspicious of the babysitter and his intentions with her, or her potential involvement.

JBB said...

It couldn't be "reasonable doubt" if one of them has confessed. Hasn't one confessed to being the shooter? Have they all entered pleas of "not guilty?" Refresh me memory with the details:-)

CJ said...


Neither Larry nor Jalen has confessed. The story we are hearing is based on the account of a CI who did not witness the murder but says he heard Larry talking about it later. This is hearsay.

mom2many said...

No, neither has confessed. There is a statement from a CI (assumed to be Gordon) who says Taylor admitted to the CI that he killed Amanda. This is in the Probable Cause document. BUT, the problem is, that 'confession' is hearsay and inadmissible in court. My understanding after reading about hearsay is the only thing that would be admissible is for the CI to acknowledge that he and Taylor had a conversation about the crime. The details of the conversation are inadmissible.

CJ, I have trouble with your scenario because at this point there is not enough evidence to which we are privy, to bring either of them to trial. HOWEVER, if the hearsay testimony of the CI is enough to charge Taylor with the murder, there is at least enough probable cause to be investigating Davey.

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:07 I regret to inform you that being a pastor's wife puts a woman at a higher than normal risk for murder by husband.

I'm sure other posters can name cases off the tops of their heads.

JBB said...

Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

Their pleas of "not guilty" would mean they would answering in court as to how AB ended up dead, right? Wouldn't that be logical line of questioning by prosecutor? LOL--I'm not an attorney and I do not play one on TV! That would be my assumption anyway. Will they say they didn't see her, she was alive last time they saw her, she was dead when they arrived to rob the place?

To clarify again: Did all the accounts of "what happened" that morning come only from the informant and not at all from those arrested? Thank you:-)

JBB said...

Thanks for more clarification on the probable cause affidavit:-)

CJ said...


There are several accounts (CI, Taylor, Bull, Mitchell) that agree on the fact that the three suspects left Bull and Mitchell's house at 3:30am that morning, and plenty of direct and circumstantial evidence tying them to the first two burglaries.

The only account of the murder comes from the CI.

Anonymous said...

i know there are lots of shocking stories this past week but this one is just something people in the united states should consider

Anonymous said...

CJ said...
BB at 3:41 am,

Let's test this.

Here is where I am currently:

If Larry Taylor and Davey Blackburn were on trial today for the murder of Amanda Blackburn and I was sitting on the jury I would vote to acquit both on grounds of reasonable doubt.

Thoughts for/against? Anyone?

would you want to hear the evidence first?

mom2many said...

Christians cannot commit murder? David, the man after God's own heart, murdered Bathsheba's husband. Moses, God's chosen to lead his people from Egypt, murdered an Egyptian. Judas sold Jesus out knowing he would be murdered. Sadly, intimacy with God hardly appears to inoculate someone against committing murder.

I can hardly bear to read or watch Davey's tweets and sermons for the violence that pours out of his mouth. This man's heart is full of violence. Jesus said that one who is angry has already committed murder in his heart. Davey's own words lead me to believe he is capable of murder.

I detest false Christians that lead people away from Truth.

Anonymous said...

OT: Enjoy!

She succeeded in getting him arrested three times and fired from his job at an insurance company, where he had worked for over 24 years. Blazejowski didn’t stop there. She targeted several others in Good’s life: colleagues, neighbors and even his new girlfriend’s landlord."

She had him investigated for allegations of pedophilia - with his own daughter.

She also made death threats.

Blazejowski was finally arrested after investigators found all of her plans laid out in a notebook. She was arrested and charged with making threats to maim and murder.

In the end, she pleaded no contest to the eight felony counts against her.

In addition to nine years in prison, the judge also sentenced her on Oct. 10 to two years of house arrest and 19 years probation.

CJ said...

mom2many at 11:31,

RE: CJ, I have trouble with your scenario because at this point there is not enough evidence to which we are privy.

Right. In the void of evidence (which I hope is coming) we engage in speculation. SA indicates Davey is being deceptive. We don't know what he is lying about, or why. Interestingly, some convincing arguments have been made about the possibility of him doing the shooting himself, which actually casts doubt on Larry's role.

Larry Taylor IS going to trial in January for the charges listed in the affidavit which include murder.

Hopefully by then the LE will have a stronger case against him, because at the moment I don't see enough evidence to convict him of murder.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are you insane?

First off, I know people who were acquainted with Mrs. Blackburn and her relatives.

Secondly, I am NOT shocked that she was murdered by some HOODRATS. That's the kind of thing hoodrats do.

Why do people hate Christians so much that they try to jump at ANY opportunity to blame a Christian husband for the death of his wife?

December 17, 2015 at 11:07 AM Delete

This is something that the anonymous poster may have missed when the story first broke.

Yes, this case can turn into a forum for people who despise Christianity, or Christians, as well as a forum for those who bear a grudge from a hurt from a church, somewhere, but for the most part, this has been a discussion on whether or not the husband is involved in orchestrating her murder.

The discussion comes from some serious issues. Please consider some very basics:

1. That when a pregnant woman is murdered, the husband, boyfriend is the statistically most likely suspect.
2. The husband revealed he had a bad marriage
3. The husband revealed the marriage got worse with pregnancy
4. The wife said it was a bad marriage and this due to his drive to work above his commitment to her
5. When she died, his very first statement was bizarrely focused on himself and his work
6. His follow up statements were also bizarre: he commercialized her death and used little to no emotional connection to her in his language; only correcting this after it was pointed out
7. He uses the language of guilt which means he is, in fact, "hiding" something.

His language is very similar to others in sexual homicides. His language is the language of guilt. I have not concluded guilty knowledge, however; it could be something else, but whatever it is, it is powerful and it does relate to Amanda.

Lastly, we know the shooter's identity.

In gangs, he would be at the bottom and he would NOT know Davey Blackburn. He would be told to harm or kill the victim, but he is very unlikely to give up the name of the gang member from whom he got this directive (if he did) due to many issues, including hellish life in prison as a rat.

Davey Blackburn has also used deception and fits, to a limited manner, the psychological profile of one so detached and so selfishly ambitious that he could have been involved.

I regret this, as it brings a bad name to Christianity if true.

If not true, he brings a bad name to Christianity through this narcissistic anti-social like handling of this.

As his mentor said accurately, "something is very wrong with that boy..."

Having said all of this, there are many people who profess belief in Christ who currently debate possible involvement.

He is unconnected and innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. People, including experienced investigators, have their doubts and police have been investigating every possible angle here. Anonymous postings of emails to the contrary are fake.


CJ said...

Anon at 11:45,


One piece of evidence could change everything. Taylor's DNA traces in the house, on Amanda. A murder weapon. A confession.

My opinion, at this very moment in time, is based on my assessment of the evidence that has been publicly revealed.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

As I continue...

there have been relatively few 'hateful' posts in need of deletion over the past month. People have been respectfully debating the question of possible association with some insightful and fascinating points.

We await the release of the 911 call, which was made by the husband. That it has not been released for a month, particularly when police originally cleared DB as the shooter ("100%") but must thoroughly investigate this gang, particularly due to the circumstances above, as well as a number of them that would not fit in one post.

I am not associated with this investigation and have only published information publicly available.

When I work on a case, it is not covered in the blog

The blog does general Statement Analysis, but only in general terms. Deeper analysis is reserved for investigations, corporations, professionals, etc.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


the 911 call analyzed would be of use.

It is possible that it is short, and does not yield enough for a conclusion, or it could be that it allows us to know, much more thoroughly, if there is any connection.

It could be:

1. Guilty Knowledge of the Crime indicated
2. No guilty knowledge indicated
3. Inconclusive (rare)

If it is "no guilty knowledge indicated", it does NOT mean he was not involved; it simply means that in this short call, there is nothing to conclude guilty knowledge.

Many 911 calls that are only 2 minutes in length provide a great deal of information, including not only guilty knowledge, but also motive.

As to what he is hiding, many here think it is related to sexuality. This is a very strong hypotheses due to language.

It may not be this, OR it may not be limited to this, but it is strong in the language.


if anyone is jumping in on this case late, go back to the original analysis and DO watch a few minutes of a video.

mom2many said...

CJ, you and I are on the same wave-length here. There needs to be evidence that puts Taylor in that house and the gun in his hand. Otherwise, I think charges will be dropped, because there will not be enough to convict. They will get convictions on the burglaries, but I don't see a conviction in Amanda's murder without the evidence putting the gun in his hand. If a defense attorney could not get a 'not guilty' verdict for Taylor and Watson on this, as it stands, he or she should be applying to the nearest fast-food establishment.

CJ said...


Followup to your question: there is also direct evidence tying Jalen Watson to the Blackburn robbery, as he was in possession of the ATM card.

The owner of the Swisher Sweets package has not (yet) been established. Early on there were also reports (neighbor sighting or on surveillance camera) placing one or more of the suspects on the porch of the house.

Louise K said...

Hi Peter

it seems indisputable that Weston was found alone in the house

as you will agree Police Notebooks are (supposed) to be accurate

On finding his deceased wife at the foot of the stairs (nearly deceased) the Most Immediate Action would be to wonder about Weston

He will have been wondering about Weston while administering comfort cares to Amanda (ha!)

He will have been wondering about Weston while waiting for the Ambos

He will have been wondering about Weston yet not gone to check/fetch him

What father does this? Your FirstBorn is the Most Important member of the Household usually!

Unless of course your dad is DB...then you're way, way, wayyyyy down his List of Priorites

Louise K said...

The Swisher Sweets may have been part of the haul from another house

Part of the plan

Steal something small from House A then leave it behind when you hit Amanda and Weston"

Something like that

Louise K said...

Here we go again with the "LE have dropped the ball" UTTER BS

I get so, so soooo annoyed with this

LE haven't "dropped the ball"

LE are likely working 24/7 and have been since the EMT called them

LE may well miss their own Christmas with their families over this Freak

And all the Public can say is, an hour in, "Welp, I don't think this will ever get to court"

Showing utter ignorance of the entire Investigation/Prosecution Process in the meantime

PLEASE STOP DISSING LE!!!! its barely been a Month!


Louise K said...

Yeah and those "phone pings" - LE cannot subpoena them unless they prove A Good Reason

LE also has to jump through the hoops of the Law and Judiciary

As a (former) Financial Investigation type person I can tell you that Most Phone Companies refuse to release any information until forced by subpoena

This subpoena may/may not have been granted

LE may be working with their hands tied

And everyone's yelling They're Useless

Also - anyone else who's worked in Finance - these things go in monthly cycles.

They are called Billing Cycles.

Chances are as Amanda was only murdered a month ago, THE BILLING CYCLES ARE NOT EVEN COMPLETE YET

which will mean the Phone Bills aren't created

which will mean LE cant get something that doesn't yet exist

While there will be pings from everyone's phone on certain towers, Subpoenas are required to download those outside a regular billing cycle>>>>may have been denied

This sort of information may not even be obtainable yet.

Police themselves may be waiting on it.

Juliet said...

Mom2Many - to be a tad pedantic, but more in the interests of accuracy, David and Moses weren't Christians - neither was Jesus. Still, your meaning is clear. :)


Larry said he stayed in the car, and that he was so out of it he couldn't remember if he had gone into the Blackburn house, as I recall.


At the press conference, it was said that some information about the crime scene had not been released in order not to compromise the investigation, standard, but it shows there is more, probably something that only the perpetrator could know - plus there will be the 911 call, which is going to be interesting. I'm most interested in what happened with Weston between the time Amanda was shot and Davey called 911, and what the medics have to say about what Davey did or did not say about his son, and whether Davey had been up to check that he hadn't also been harmed. I am confident that if Davey is involved there will be justice for Amanda, and that even circumstantial evidence might be sufficient to build a case.

mom2many said...

Louise, please stop accusing "everyone" of anything. We are analyzing the information that has been released. We are pointing out that it is not enough in our courts of law. If you have logical arguments to make, please identify exactly what point you are analyzing and give us logical arguments to the contrary. I would be grateful to see other points of view. I sincerely want the perps of Amanda and her child's murders to serve a just sentence. The only evidence the public has on that right now is evidence that is currently inadmissible according to our laws. We can't make up that which we do not have and use that as a base for deductive reasoning.

I am not in the habit of instructing other posters what can and cannot be posted, but I have had enough of the shouting.

Louise K said...


"forgetting" about Weston will be used by Prosecution

Assuming of course that LE's notes are correct...which I do...

But this disregard and Not Requesting Police all adds up = Circumstantial Evidence

DB behavior since 9 November adds up too >>> ZERO grief displayed

Louise K said...


stop dissing police and ill stop getting pissed off about it

it just makes you look STUPID when you allege LE have No Idea, barely a month in

They had Enough Idea to arrest the burglars eh

The Brain Behind It may take a bit more time

mom2many said...

Juliet, I am quite aware that David and Moses were not Christians. I worded my post carefully, to point out that those intimate with God aren't immune. There are NO Christians in the Bible. The term wasn't coined until well after its pages are written. The early Church merely called itself, "The Way," after Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Light.

There, pedantic right back atcha. ;)

Louise K said...

Mom2many - as long as your "deductive" (sic) doesn't diss police 5 weeks in to a Major Conspiracy, Im good

The minute you start accusing LE of Not Being As Smart As You, I'm going to say something

Someone has to stick up for LE

I bet you've never worked with them in an Investigation have you? Never sat with plainclothes for your morning tea and heard them talk? Never shared an Office with Senior Police, assisted in their enquiries, heard and read the Inside Dirt?

Nope. So stop "deducting" what YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.

mom2many said...

Louise, quote where I have ever dissed police. I am working on the evidence as released. It is insufficient. I have also commented based on evidence of public opinion defense will have plenty to cause reasonable doubt. Stop attacking posters and work with the ideas.

Louise K said...

Let me give you the strong tip -

one of the reasons freaks like DB occur in the first place is Hatred and Lack of Respect for LE

LE are stupid, im smarter

etc etc

This isn't even logical

Every single case we know about has been BUILT by police

Every single organized wife murder/hit has taken LONGER THAN A MONTH for arrest

In this case, LE DID arrest - still being doubted and dissed

No wonder the Daveys of the World think they can get away with anything

They too think Police are Stupid.

Louise K said...

mom2many said...
CJ, you and I are on the same wave-length here. There needs to be evidence that puts Taylor in that house and the gun in his hand. Otherwise, I think charges will be dropped, because there will not be enough to convict. They will get convictions on the burglaries, but I don't see a conviction in Amanda's murder without the evidence putting the gun in his hand. If a defense attorney could not get a 'not guilty' verdict for Taylor and Watson on this, as it stands, he or she should be applying to the nearest fast-food establishment.

December 17, 2015 at 12:08 PM


Well now mom2many

Im not good with the bolding etc on here

But "I think charges will be dropped" 5 weeks in is one of the Most Insane Rushes to Judgement I've ever read

You have NO IDEA what police are up to

yet you go right ahead and accuse them of eating donuts, in so many words

mom2many said...

Wow, way to skip over the context. Please analyze my statement.
"There needs to be evidence that puts Taylor in that house and the gun in his hand. Otherwise, I think charges will be dropped..."

Context is everything.

Anon "I" said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are you insane?

First off, I know people who were acquainted with Mrs. Blackburn and her relatives.

Secondly, I am NOT shocked that she was murdered by some HOODRATS. That's the kind of thing hoodrats do.

Why do people hate Christians so much that they try to jump at ANY opportunity to blame a Christian husband for the death of his wife?

December 17, 2015 at 11:07 AM
Interestingly enough, you will find many Christians, themselves, who can add. DB's facts and actions do not add up. You can stack the facts and actions up in nearly limitless configurations and something still seems off about DB. Many people sense it. I am willing to venture that there is a very diverse representation of people from many schools of thought here on Peter's blog. In this particular case, many various Christians can see this as plainly as someone who hates Christians... So, please, don't make this out to be about DB being persecuted, although you may donate and buy a t-shirt to support him if you'd like. There are serious reasons to examine DB apart from his religion.

Louise K said...

Also this is Statement Analysis

which has TOLD us there is deception indicated

Louise K said...

I know people who are acquainted with the fekkin Pope

Father Smelly in the Vatican<<<friends little brother

doesn't give me any advantage

Louise K said...

Actually my friend always jokes she's going straight to heaven no matter what she does; her brother Knows the Pope.


Anonymous said...

When I log on and Louise K is once again yelling and calling commenters "stupid", I have learned to leave and come back later. People, please don't engage when someone calls you names and seems to know everything. It's a waste of everyone's time.

Louise K said...

who did I call Stupid?

I am talking about Davey Blackburn

I have spoken of irritation at statements such as "police have dropped the ball" and "there will be no prosecution" barely 5 weeks after the event

I will continue to do so as such ridiculous and inaccurate and unnecessary statements are Beyond Insulting to LE and those working incredibly hard on this case

It is not Myself I am defending but LE

and the fact that I even need to defend them, is pathetic

They've made arrests already and theyre STILL being doubted...

Nowhere have they indicated the Investigation is Closed

I am speaking on behalf of LE whos friends family or themselves may even be reading here

Reading this "dropped the ball" "drop the charges" BS

5 weeks in, already they're being accused of Not Doing Their Jobs.

This is Not Good Enough and I will speak about it every time some brainiac starts with the "LE have no idea" BS

They are NOT stupid!

But what they KNOW and what they can PROVE are usually months if not years of work apart

Skittles said...

Just read at watchkeep that LE reports say DB had not checked on Weston. Does anyone have the info link to where I can read about this?

mom2many said...

Does anyone have a screenshot of the comment of the Blackburn's friend instructing individuals to only post donations through the Resonate website? I think that page was taken down, correct? If you have it, let me know so I can work on a way to transfer it. Either we can set up an anonymous google docs link, or post it to twitter so I can grab it. I'd be ever so grateful!

Oh, also where was the information posted about the t-shirt sales at the funeral? Is that still public? If not, does anyone have that screen capped, too?

JBB said...

Anon @ 1:30.
I agree. It was a pleasant morning reading the comments before all the Louise K shouting and hysteria began again. I'm going to check back later too--although Louise K does appear to spend an awful lot of her day here, so "later" may be much later! Sometimes, you can read whole strings of her comments, one right after the other, with no breaks from anyone else. Oh my, the "get off LE" tirades are becoming so tiresome:-(

Louise K said...

Skittles: its on the affidavit

JBB and Anon: this thread is Not About Me.

You are the Only Ones trying to make it so.

Anonymous said...

Seems like I remember the t-shirt sales at the funeral were mentioned in a comment on the FB page of one of Amanda's family members.
Justice Seekers on FB may be a good place to look for the screenshot.

Dee said...


At the beginning, funds were being funneled through "Give Send Go" here: and that site has a statement now saying only donate to

Louise K said...

Folks can criticize LE all they want

but they cant do it 5 WEEKS IN

to do so is to show Incredible Ignorance

carry on

Dee said...

Here is the statement on the Give Send Go site

Thanks for stopping by the recent home of the Blackburn's campaign . As per the request of the family please use link below for any donations as we will not be accepting any on this page.

Please continue to support and pray for this family. Thank you everyone who has given.

Tish said...

What does LE stand for? I have pondered it for several weeks and I assume its the police or investigators. But please enlighten me someone(:

mom2many said...

Thank you to the above posters sending links!

I hope others continue to post here without engaging further in the tirades. I have said my piece. ;)

Skittles, here is the relevant portion of the probable cause affidavit (the only public legal document I am aware of in this case).

At 8:44 A.M., Officers Richard Crosby and Larry Crowe arrived as Medics were carting Amanda Blackburn from the home. Amanda Blackburn had sustained severe head trauma. Sergeant T. Michael Wilson and Officer Carl Grigsby cleared the residence. No one else was found in the home, except for Blackburn's year old son.

It does not indicate where Weston was found. Amanda clearly was still present, being loaded into the ambulance, so I assume Davey still was present. It does not state that Davey never checked on Weston. As a parent, if I consider what I would do if I found my spouse unresponsive and there was no one else present to keep my child out of the way, I suspect I would leave my child safe in his crib until I could care for him, after checking on his well-being, of course. So accusations that he never checked on Weston are premature and fictionalized, at this time.

Louise K said...

Law Enforcement

The Thin Blue Line

The guys who are likely working through Christmas to get DB arrested

Louise K said...


again - the Affadavit did not give an indication one way or another if Davey "checked" on Weston

What it DID say was the Responder found Weston Alone in the House.

Skittles said...

Thanks Louise, I found it.

Not that we've all been discussing this part much, but the wording doesn't make it clear to me that W had been left alone the whole time. To me, it only says that LE arrived as AB was being transported to ambulance and that W was the only other person they found inside... meaning they searched the house and there were no other people besides W- no other people that had not already been mentioned since 911 call. I read it as an "all clear" statement. As opposed to, "LE went into the house and the child was all alone". IMO.

As for the t-shirts at funeral.... IIRC it was a cousin who has a yoga place that had posted about the t-shirts being made for the funeral... don't remember her name at the moment, but hopefully that will help get closer to finding it!

Louise K said...

Also mom2many

what is Important about the No one in the House but Weston is

EMT called Police

EMT would not have left Weston in the house

Weston would be in the ambulance or a second ambulance also called

Weston would be retrieved from the crime scene for medical examination HAD EMT KNOWN ABOUT HIS EXISTENCE

it appears, from the Affadavit, that EMT did Not know Weston Existed

Because THEY would have retrieved him from the house

Just like 911 weren't told Amanda was shot

EMT were not told Weston was upstairs

The ONLY reason I can think of for this is - Davey thought Weston was dead.

Otherwise he would've gone and got that baby and held on to him for dear life. Amanda, Westons here, Amanda, you need to pull through for Weston, all the way in the Ambulance.

Furthermore, EMT will use the parent as a carryall for the Baby Patient. If theyd known about Weston, they would've likely asked Davey to hold him while they examined him.

This apparently did not happen

Nor was a 2nd ambulance called (that I know of)

Why not<<<<my question

Louise K said...

My point is, there is no way EMT would've left Weston in a crime scene had they known about him.

They would've retrieved him.

Skittles said...

Here is the wording from the Affidavit: "Sergeant X and Officer X cleared the residence. No one else was found in the home except for Blackburn's year old son."

I think the wording is ambiguous. I read it to mean they'd not found anyone else in the home not previously involved the events since the 911 call. Except for a 1 year old. Again, the "all clear!" type thing.

If the wording is taken as a literal description of order of events- for example, "A happened, and immediately following then B happened" (house cleared. THEN son found), it makes it seem like they found Weston alone after they thought everyone had left.

I personally think the way I read it to be the way it is intended, but I agree it's certainly up for interpretation.

mom2many said...

Skittles, thanks for the additional thoughts about the funeral t-shirt sales.

Anyone have any further suggestions about where to look, or even which of Peter's posts this was discussed? I don't want to have to spend all day tracking it down. Even if you think you know initials of the relative, that would be helpful. I have scanned the photos on Justice Seekers and scrolled through a portion of the posts. I'd rather not post under my actual identity on FB to find it.

Louise K said...

Weston was alone in the house = EMT weren't told about Weston.

There is simply no other explanation.

They would have retrieved that baby from the crime scene IMMEDIATELY for checking

EMT only job is to retrieve the Patient, treat the patient

They called Police so they themselves were the ones who ID'd the Crime Scene

Had they known a tiny baby was lying upstairs they would've rushed and retrieved him

they would not have just left him there

No way, no how

The Only Logical Explanation = Davey didn't mention him

just like Davey didn't mention Amanda had 2 bullet holes in her and one in the wall as well

Louise K said...

Also, Davey himself should've retrieved Weston

Weston's mummy was dying on the floor

Weston had a right to be fetched IMO

"Let the baby sleep despite his mummy unconscious bleeding possibly raped" - nope.

Weston was due to wake anyway. So wake the kid up, grab him tight, bring him to his mummy to help her hang on

you don't leave him in his crib in these sorts of circumstances

in extremis

another Makes Zero Sense on the Pile of Excrement that is Davey Blackburn.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant, cocky, emotionally disconnected and lacking of emotional self awareness, he would need a complete overhaul to get America to pity him as the underdog.

Would a polygraph help this cause?
More importantly,

would a polygraph help the cause of justice for murder victim, Amanda Blackburn?"

You find him arrogant and cocky as do I. However, a polygraph would only help if it is administered to Taylor-the shooter and his friends.

Many on here think there is a majority underground against DB. Quoting "people" want him to stop posting AB journal when in fact it is only two.

More to the truth: Building and majority underground to cause him to be polygraphed to aid in experimental research for the purpose of?....

The comments on here are far less than fascinating and insightful, imo. And, the man makes me sick to my stomach! I can only imagine how people feel that know and love him and don't view him in 30 second clips.

Louise K said...

polygraphs are a waste of taxpayers money

Skittles said...

mom2many: I think I may have found something. Is this what you were looking for?

Anonymous said...

@big_to6 except sub a z for t. Bulls/!* posted a VERY inappropriate and distasteful picture
of a split screen comparing an obese blonde haired white woman hanging upside down on a stripper pole with a rotisserie chicken. It's since been taken down. The gf monitors his account big time and prob saw that and about crapped. What a blaring indication, especially considering the situation, that he is a sick arrogant dumba/# full of contempt and an evil level of disrespect. I'd like to say to the stupid little girl that's so proud to be this freak's baby's mama... "Godly "man" my a#/, GIRL YOU BETTER RUN!!!


Amy Smith said...

The tshirts were made by DB's cousin at DB's request.

mom2many said...

Skittles, Yes that is it! Thank you! Alright, now to finish up the report to IRS.

rosy said...

Blogger Louise K said...
Folks can criticize LE all they want
December 17, 2015 at 1:49 PM

People who live in state do criticize law enforcement (LE) and do also criticize local media collusion and political influence. Consider criticism of the Carmel high school athletes' male-on-male sexual assault case. This January 6, a fictionalized version will show as season 2 of American Crime.

Here's a criticism of the original verdicts, where charges of assault by 19 and 20 y/o male basketball players on younger male players were reduced to misdemeanors:

In this notorious, recent case, local media aired a kid-glove interview with the mother of one of the accused, in her wealthy home, her "good" son standing meekly nearby.

Just found out, first episode of the fictional American Crime series 2, based (loosely) on the Indianapolis case cited above, is watchable now for free online.

Unknown said...

A friend of DB came on the Facebook page and said that Davey told him when he went in after his phone call Weston was crying and the dog in the garage.

Louise K said...

Í must admit, when I saw the Presser with all the investigators, I did wonder why not one of them had a waist size under 100cm

Our Law Enforcement tend to be physically fit

its part of the Job Description

Louise K said...

Either way, if Amanda's murder is as Planned as it appears, and the coverup as widespread as it appears (see: Pastor Kenneth) then we not only have Murder we have Conspiracy to Murder and several extra suspects/accomplices also.

5 weeks is far too early to even be thinking Police Incompetence imo.

NO ONE wants a murderer walking free

but its ONLY BEEN 5 WEEKS!

Louise K said...

So we have a burglar who will put a couple of bullets in a woman but a dog in a garage?


Kate said...

LE= Law Enforcement

Mom2many, sorry if I misunderstood, but were you looking for the name of the person who directed others to donate to Daveyboy's church? I grabbed the screenshot from one of the early gofundme's, they had raised $4360.00 before being shut down. A woman by the name of Juanita Whitacre wrote the following: "Leslie - I am sure you want to help, but the family has asked that all donations be sent through the church website RESONATE.ORG. Creating these gofundme pages is NOT what the family wants. Please contact them and ask. They will explain why. God Bless you for wanting to help, but there are ways the family would prefer."

I agree that cops MAY have botched the case. Then again, they could be working miracles behind the scenes. We've seen it before, where law enforcement has overlooked or botched the case, so I don't know why we wouldn't or shouldn't be able to discuss this angle. The crime scene was compromised, carpets cleaned the very next day, Davey wasn't talked to until he was at the hospital and so many other variables that come into play. I am very much hoping le is behind the scenes, working their fingers to the bones to bring Daveyboy in. However, if they are not and they believe they have the three who participated in the murder of Amanda Blackburn and they believe little Daveyboy is 100% in the clear, then it will be the defense attorneys (appointed or not) to bring out the truth within their individual cases and if they don't, then we will know something was up with this case from the start.

I can't remember who stated the phone bills cannot be had until the end of the month cycle, but let's be clear, that is not the case and I'm sure law enforcement had their phone records up until that morning of the shooting. Again, you do NOT need to wait for the bill cycle to end, nor does law enforcement. Phone company's can pull this information for law enforcement upon receipt of the supboena. With cell phones, you can pull your bill up online and it will show history as recently as yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Fabric'd Blog

This past week, tragedy struck my family. My cousin's beautiful wife was killed through an act of senseless violence. As I made the long drive to Indianapolis, I could not help but to be angry about...

I can't paste the rest of the story about the cousin, but you should read it. It again speaks to Davey's lack of grief and immediate capitali$ation....which, for some reason his relatives and/or church members mistake for strength and strong religious faith.. WTF?


Anonymous said...

"EMT were not told Weston was upstairs. The ONLY reason I can think of for this is - Davey thought Weston was dead."

Wow. I never thought of it that way.

Looking over the list of celebrities with ADHD, the names jump out at you because of the similar behavior exhibited by Davey. Some go on medication. (Justin Timberlake) But does anyone remember Ty Pennington (with his bullhorn). As I mentioned upstring, Tom Cruise is a standout. Most telling is the video where he is on the Today Show being questioned by Matt Lauer. His arrogance is unsettling to watch (link below). Mel Gibson - the actor who is known for the edgy characters he plays, who reside just this side of madness but could go off at any time. Football champ Terry Bradshaw lives with ADHD. None of these people has murdered anyone, as far as I know, yet most have suffered some form of public humiliation because of their personalities.

Someone with severe ADHD like Davey would naturally be looked at as a suspect simply on his rash behavior and overwhelming arrogance. I know three separate people who suffer from ADHD. They have a couple of things in common -- They are all successful but have not been able to form lasting relationships or friendships. In our society, social skills are an extremely important asset for people. Many people with the disorder who are afraid of drug therapy will live their lives out in solitude.

There are too many facts here that seem to indict Davey as the killer of his wife. ADHD alone, though, does not turn a person into a killer. However, unbeknownst to them they frequently resemble someone capable of murder. This may be true in Davey's case. But I seriously doubt it. I think he's guilty. And I think he will be found out.

Tom Cruise: Trying his best to remain calm but exhibiting a classic case of severe and untreated ADHD --

Kate said...

Jo - Thank you for the info and link.

Anon@3:35, Great points. I remember Cruise in that interview, he was out of his mind. The thing about Davey is how much he goes on and on about coffee. In one of his "sermon's" he goes on about what a self proclaimed coffee expert he is. Someone like Davey should never be drinking caffeine, yet that's all he did was drink coffee. You can see in the earlier vids of Davey, he was a freak but steadily got worse over the years. All those people around them, all of them, failed Amanda miserably. This is to include up to the current date. Who has Amanda's back? ANYONE?!!! Part of the reason I hate following this case so much is because of all the worthless people Amanda was surrounded with both in life and evidently, in death. But it's like a trainwreck, can't stop watching.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I noticed Davey talking about coffee. This would seem to be a reaction to the fact he knows how he is perceived, jittery, but not enough for him to do anything about it. One common trait people with ADHD have is insomnia. They can, and often do, exist on 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night.

I took a golf vacation with a friend a couple of years ago. He is aware of his ADHD but will never go on medication. He does not want to lose the euphoria and creativity (he writes horror movies (!!). On the course, we were joined by another twosome. My friend was "in charge" and had hired a caddie. After a few holes, each of the other players sensed there was something "off" about him, took me aside and asked me if he was mentally ill. "What's wrong with him?" This friend doesn't work because he inherited money, which means he will never have to go on medication in order to make a living (fitting in with others).

Although he came off as someone who could conceivably lose it one day, this friend is actually extremely timid and uncomfortable around people he doesn't "control" in some way. His friends are all on his payroll. Those that aren't have given up on him. Sadly that includes me as well.

Anonymous said...

You are clueless, and are arrogantly spreading your ignorance as though you are an expert. A few points:

-hyperactivity is rare in adults.

-there are no "highs" in ADHD, and nothing about it is pleasurable. You are getting confused with the highs of bipolar.

-it is a lifelong developmental disorder, affecting executive functioning in several areas. It can be severely disabling, as it is for me.

- there is no "treatment"; medication may somewhat help about 70% of sufferers, but you have to keep taking more and more of it, and it can have severe side effects.

- most ADHD sufferers are undiagnosed, as there is huge ignorance in society and among professionals about the condition. Sufferers go through life not understanding why they are so disabled and why they can't be normal.

- ADHD people often co-occurs with autism, as there is a shared heritability between them. About 80% of ADHD people, including me, are socially impaired. Any effects on other people are not deliberate or inconsiderate.

- however, non stop babbling and "grandiose narcissism" are not symptoms of ADHD.

- ADHD is not a personality disorder, as you imply.

- if Blackburn (or Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson) actually had severe ADHD, they'd be as dependant upon caregivers as small children, like I am. I have such severe executive dysfunction that I'm completely dependant upon my mum to run the house, make my food, do all the cleaning, organise everything for me, she even washes my hair. Small tasks such as making toast take me 45 minutes because I can't think straight. I'm 24 and have never had a job, higher education, or relationship. That is the reality of severe ADHD.

If you want to have a go at armchair psychiatry, educate yourself first. Start with the Thomas E. Brown books about ADHD.

boston lady said...

I do not read the affidavit as Weston being left alone. It clearly states when Le arrived amanda ex being carted out by emts. The police are staying no one else was in the house outside of weston. Meaning it was cleared. Making it sound like weston wad left alone by davey is spinning this and not true. I agree with the person who posted that in order to attend to the emergency with the adult, leaving the toddler in the crib contained and safe is appropriate. Txs

Louise K said...

Thanks Anon 3.57 I was still blinking in disbelief

Davey shows signs of psychopathy not ADHD!!! Although I'm no expert myself he appears at least to have the required

lack of empathy (Amanda)
grandiosity (Jesus in the shower)
delusions of grandeur (was I happy being a Pastor of 120? hardly)

Unfortunately Religion attracts these monsters like moths to a flame

They can hide better within Christian Goodwill than they can in the Real World where they tend to stick out like sore thumbs (see: The Early Lie, Ruined Reputation).

Louise K said...

If EMT didn't grab Weston, Davey should've.

It would have been a natural reaction to remove his baby from his wifes crime scene.

A lot of people find it difficult even reentering the house when something like this happens

Let alone LEAVE their baby in it

Affected or not, checked or not - would YOU want your baby in a house where his mother has just been found dying after being shot?

Or would you rush to that baby and cling on to him and get him out of that Horrible Scene As Soon As You Could?

Davey leaving Weston in the crib is weird

EMT leaving Weston in a Crime Scene is Almost Inexplicable

How did they know Weston wasn't slowly bleeding to death internally without picking him up and examining him?

They couldn't have.

How did Davey or EMT not realize there could still be a perp in the house, still a threat to Weston?

Protocol would be to REMOVE THE BABY from the Crime Scene, sleeping or not.

Police finding Weston in there alone = just aint right no matter which way you slice it. Which is probably why it appears in the Affadavit.

Kate said...

There are two anon posts @ 3:57.

To the first anon poster, when Davey speaks about coffee, he lights up and is animated as hell, I've never seen that much energy given with regards to his wife and child, that was pretty strange.

To the second anon poster, I'm sorry you have ADHD. I know your post was meant for another poster, but I don't believe anyone here is trying to come off as any type of expert, that's left to Peter. Someone posted information about phone bills not being accessible until the end of the month, but I didn't come out with both guns blazing, just made the correction so the facts are straight. Wish we could all avoid the insults and just talk to one another like we are at a table, in front of each other. I'm certain the insults would cease immediately.

mom2many said...

Thanks Kate and Jo! I have submitted my complaint to the IRS, using screenshots and urls from the church website, twitter, the funding site with the directions to contribute at the church site only, and the story of the printing and selling of 450 shirts already. I think that shows clear and ongoing activity using Resonate fundraising to contribute substantially to the pastor outside of his just salary for his job.

Louise K said...

I was the one who posted about phone bills not being accessible

and im right

and wrong at the same time

phonebills can be MADE accessible at any time which im sure is what you're getting to

but some phone companies refuse to cooperate and release without subpoena

which slows the entire process to a crawl.

Even more so if those companies are not American.

Chances that LE have DB's phone records at this stage are 50/50 at best imo.

Louise K said...


Religions are tax exempt here

mom2many said...

Here, churches have to follow regulations to retain their tax-exempt status. The IRS encourages complaints if it appears that any tax-exempt organization is violating regulations. Here is some info:

also: The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, and no part of a section 501(c)(3) organization's net earnings may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.

Kate said...

I disagree Louise. If it were just your local, random crime, I'd agree with you. However, the FBI were involved almost immediately and whatever the FBI wants, the FBI gets. This is all in the 2001 Patriot Act. An officer has the authority to search a cell phone when the search is "incident to an arrest."

Louise K said...

If DB collects tax on the tshirts he has to pay tax on the tshirts

Other than that Starting a Religion is the quickest way to Tax Exemption, there is.

If DB had the support of PN he would've been awarded Religion status also.

Big money possible, 100% tax free

Anonymous said...

"You are clueless, and are arrogantly spreading your ignorance as though you are an expert. A few points:"

You're right. I am no expert. And the person who said ADHD is often tied to something else is also correct. In this case, it is Bipolar Disorder. This is what creates the "euphoria" and "insomnia." (Do correct me if I'm wrong.) I should have clarified and put in a disclaimer about my lack of medical credentials.

Also "psychopathy" in Davey's case would seem to be the proper diagnosis.

I'm just writing about my own personal experience dealing with friends who, as you say, have several disorders at once, ADHD and Bipolar disorder. Don't mean to come off like an expert. Clearly I am not. And the correction was warranted.

Louise K said...


do we have proof of FBI involvement

because that would put an entirely new Ridiculousness to the "LE dropped the ball" claims

Anonymous said...

Louise K, 4:34PM

"Police say the man in those photos was seen leaving a house down the street where a break-in occurred — it was the same morning Amanda was killed. IMPD is working with the FBI right now and police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS."


mom2many said...

T-shirts are sold through the church website. Possibly he is collecting taxes, I don't know. The website is also set up to collect donations for the benefit of the pastor. That violates the tax-exempt status. Anyway, the ball is in the IRS' court and they will determine whether or not Resonate is violating regulations. I have done my duty as a tax-paying citizen of reporting apparent abuse.

The FBI was involved at the press conference announcing the arrest of Taylor and Watson. Please quote posters accurately. I have not seen anyone today say LE has dropped the ball except for your assertions.

Louise K said...

Thanks Lee

a bit vague though - that's an unsourced quote that could just mean they accessed FBI video enhancement services - doesn't confirm FBI are "on" the case IYKWIM

Does anyone have evidence of ongoing FBI attendance to this crime?

Louise K said...

The Tshirts (from memory) are $24.95 Inclusive of postage and tax.

No one's got their tshirts yet

but Davey has the $$$

mom2many said...

Louise, please substantiate your facts.

Go to the church website yourself and add shirts to the shopping cart. There is only shipping being collected, not inclusive. Here, best I can copy and paste from the Resonate website:
Order Summary
Total $43.00
2 x #ForIndy
Size: Large $40.00

Not a Robot said...

I refuse to call the unborn child "Evie" as I find it further proof of Davey's "God Complex" that he assigned a gender to the unborn child. Yes, I get it that he and Amanda supposedly both wanted a daughter, but I find it so offensive that he thinks he can just decide what the baby was without knowing and it becomes fact.

Louise K said...


since when did IIRC = im stating a fact

thanks for searching that btw

even if it was only to correct me :)

Not a Robot: the gender differentiation in a fetus starts after 9 weeks. They did an autopsy. Likely the gender was confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Louise, it is impossible to take anything you say seriously when you keep stating things as facts that are NOT facts. Weston was not "forgotten" by anyone. Knock it off already. There is PLENTY to point to that is factual without spinning your own tales to make things more dramatic.

BB said...

I'm guessing we don't have full details. I would be hesitant to put too much stock in this stuff until all the facts are revealed. They will be eventually.

mom2many said...

I didn't research to disprove you. I was curious myself. But assertions that can be proven should be posted with proof. It takes a very short time. Otherwise, rumors grow rampant very quickly. There are a lot of hot buttons on this case and proving what can be proven is very helpful to me and to others who might be reading along without the time to pull up the facts themselves.

Louise K said...

yikes you can do it from 10 weeks on with 99% accuracy...

Anonymous said...

Davey said in an interview that it was too earlier to know the sex but Amanda thought for sure it was a girl. They had talked about first names and liked Everett and he went ahead and chose Grace as its middle name.

mom2many said...

OT - I wonder about those tests that test the presence of fetal cells in the mother's blood. There are studies out there that show that the mother retains cells from each baby. How would they determine the gender of a current pregnancy if the mother already has one of each?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Peter, as much as I value your instruction and analysis, I can't keep trying to weed through Louise's posts to get to the good parts of any discussions. This has stopped being discussion about SA and become the "Sentence Fragments by Louise" Show. Can anyone give me the link for the Data Lounge site I've seen mentioned? Websleuths is useless, no actual conversation can be had there. Even a negative comment about DB's vocabulary is considered victim bashing there.

Louise K said...

They would've looked at the fetus at autopsy and confirmed visually it was a girl.

She was 13 weeks along

It would've been obvious which way the gender was going by then

Louise K said...

I shall excuse myself if unwelcome

There I was thnking Americans encouraged Free Speech

Anonymous said...

Davey stated in an interview that they did not know the sex of the child.

mom2many said...

Visual confirmation of gender at 13 weeks pregnant is extremely difficult. I would rely on DNA and not visuals. See this link with lots of pictures comparing stages of genital development:

Kate said...

FBI was involved in the beginning and one would assume, is still involved. They ran the pink sweater for DNA using the FBI DNA Index System. In the presser, they thanked countless agency's and departments, including the US Marshalls Task Force. Denise Robinson (Prosecutor) was thanked profusely, including to mention she has been helping them from early on.

Anonymous said...

Louise K,
Free Speech is an American constitutional right. However, there is a time and season for all things under the sun.

An example of putting a cap on free speech would be the firing of an associate professor at a Christin University stating Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Technically, this is true. Theological differences is what separate the two and the reason for her employment at the University.

Another example is the firing of a Fla. professor (think it's Fla.) who is teaching theory. Great! Theory is basic principals upon which the students leave the University equipped to take on the world. However, conspiracy theory raises lunatics and equips the students for a lifetime of psychoanalysis. (Hard to pay off student loan and mental health experts). This professor claims Sandy Hook was staged as well as other mass murders. These theories typically range from government interment in FEMA camps to the mass hormonal injections in to poultry in order to get children to develop at an earlier age in which to have sex. (A biggie among southern Baptists).

The person bashing you is still wishing to talk crime solving techniques though she/he will never view the crime scene, never attempted to take criminology classes, but more or less would prefer to be the expert perhaps on her own self hosted blog.

It's scriptural. Think of the song: For every thing...turn, turn, turn....there is a season...turn, turn, turn...........and so forth.

Juliet said...

Second Anon at 3.57 - how long did it take you to type your post, or did your mother do it for you?

Anon "I" said...

Louise, free speech goes both ways. Your views are welcomed here (at least by me), but
please respect that others may have differing views based on their life experiences and vantage point in life. There can be many conclusions that are correct simultaneously. Please give others the benefit of the doubt (that they are well-meaning) if they express themselves in ways that are different from yours. And, please allow others the respect you would want for yourself.

mom2many said...

Why did Davey pick up Amanda's wallet and credit cards and put them on the counter?

From the probable cause:
“Perkins spoke with David Blackburn at Methodist.
Blackburn noticed her credit cards and wallet on the floor.

Crime Scene Specialist Colleen Clark documented the scene …
Amanda Blackburn's purse and wallet were recovered from the counter."

Anonymous said...

Why not move on over to Peter's new post. It's about a murder of a little girl some years ago. Her skull cracked, garroted, and left in a dank, dark cellar of the home of a millionaire, the killer has never been indicted.

Despite every expert in the USA jumping on the gravy train, tons of books and entire courses designed to produce more of what ever the reason no killer is in jail today- this murder case is a Christmas favorite among those who prefer death and drama as opposed to a fairy tale dream of a jolly old man bringing toys to little boys and girls. (not a fragment but a run on)

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the answer to this qustion.

Kate said...

Good find mom2many. Why would Davey pick the cards up? Unless the cards were never by Amanda to begin with.

A lot of time passed in that home, especially from the exchange of the debit card. kind of strange to think Amanda died right next to the purse and credit card.

mom2many said...

I have found the documentation of Indianapolis EMS protocols: Scroll down to Indiana. The link on that website is a direct download of the pdf. I'm wondering if it addresses how to handle patient care at a crime scene, but also, Louise may be interested to use this document concerning how Weston would have been managed in the situation. It is 117 pages, so I wanted to post the link before sifting through it myself.

Anonymous said...

And, Lousie, what is most interesting about this case is the lead gossip was one of the first mailed anthrax after 9/11. There was a "note" connected to that slaying event as well.

At the time, the soon-to-be-future experts railroaded a scientist and eventually got another to commit suicide as to close the case. These credentials will not be listed on their books either.

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