Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Statement Analysis Test: Intuitive Analysis

Some people dress warmly for winter.  


Some people are intuitively good at discernment.  Some are not.  Some lack critical thinking and are easily fooled.  Some are so suspicious they cannot see innocence. 

Do you know a lie when you hear it?

All can learn how to be good at discernment by learning and applying the principles of analysis.  

Readers:   There are two statements for your analysis.  I am hoping to learn what people hear in statements like these. 

Do your analysis on a separate piece of paper. 

Do not post your actual analysis in the comments section. 

                                          Post only your conclusions. 

I am looking for you to tell me:  What has the mother in this case told you, the listener/reader in her answers?

Add your name (or choose a nickname) at the conclusion, if you wish to have your answer followed up with a comment or question.  

There are only 2 questions that were posed to her that we are looking at.   The best question is "What happened?" but, unfortunately, it was asked after a more detailed question was posed. 

Remember:  When asking "What happened?" the subject can quickly enter the Free Editing Process and prioritize; choosing to begin her answer whenever and wherever she wishes.  This is vital. 

For Class:

Here is an exercise from a true story.  I have changed the names of those involved in case it is recognized.  I want nothing to influence your opinions other than the subject’s own words.  

A 13 year old child was reported missing by a mother.  A week later, the mother was asked several questions, two of which we will look at.  

Knowing nothing but the fact that a child went missing, what can you glean from the mother’s answers?

                                     What does the mother tell you?

Police Report:  Mother came into the office and reported that her 13 year old child went to sleep over a friend’s home, last seen at 3PM by mother’s boyfriend.  The next day mother had her son check on daughter to tell daughter to come home.  The friend said that the 13 year old never arrived, nor were there any sleep over plans.”

The mother said that the child saw mother’s boyfriend, at her home, and said she was walking over to her father’s house, and then on to the sleep over. 

We will look at the simple questions she was asked. 

  1. How far did she have to walk to get to the friend’s home. 
  2. What happened?

The best question is “What happened?” as it allows the subject to begin the story wherever she wants, and she will enter the Free Editing Process and prioritize for herself.  In this interview, before being asked “What happened?” the interviewer asked how long the walk to the friend’s house was.  This should have come later, but due to the mother’s answer, I have included it here. 

Part One:

The two questions and their answers.  It is here that you will work through your own analysis and write what it is the mother has told the audience. 

Part Two:  Complete Analysis of the two answers. Here, after completing your analysis, you will read my analysis.  

                                                  Part One

Interviewer:  1.  Miss *******, how far did she have to go to get to the little sleepover? 

Simple Question:  How far did she have to go?  

Mother: Four to five blocks. It
wasn`t rare for Hailey to walk a short distance during daylight. She wasn`t allowed out after dark especially to walk, but she only had four to five blocks to go.

Fill in your analysis:

2.  Interviewer: Tell me what happened the day she went missing, Miss Mother.

Mother: She went missing on Monday while I was at work. My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00. And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there. She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know.

So that evening when he picked me up from work, we got home, we were getting ready for bed. I didn`t get worried when I hadn`t heard from Hailey. I thought she was at Mary Beth`s. I was kind of upset that she didn`t call and confirm it with me, but not worried at that point.

Tuesday, I was at work again, I left my cell phone at home for my kids to use when I`m working. So Tuesday, I called my son. I said tell Hailey text the little girl, her friend, tell Hailey she needs to go ahead and get home. This was around lunch. My son called me back within a few minutes and she said, mom, she said Hailey never made it over there. She never spent the night.

So at that point I called Hailey`s dad and found out she didn`t over there and she didn`t stay the night with him. I left from work and went to the police station in Colorado City and reported her missing.

Part Two to follow.  


John Mc Gowan said...

Mmmm Sounds Familiar?

Tania Cadogan said...

ooops Peter you left an important name in :)

Nic said...

Conclusion: Making excuses for possible negligence. Deception indicated.

Conclusion: Deception

She said her daughter went missing Monday but she didn't find out her daughter was missing until that afternoon. Why didn't she say "I just found out my daughter has gone missing. The last time I saw her..... " Instead she gives/establishes the date and time and four paragraphs of subsequent story telling. i.e.,

why say there was a cell phone left at home when it's automatically assumed that a house has a phone regardless if it's a landline or not.

Tania Cadogan said...

Deception indicated.

Use of past tense.
anything in the negative is sensitive.
additional info added which was not part of the question
explaining why something happened

alibi building
temporal lacuna she tells us she was getting ready for bed no that she actually went to bed.
Omission of what happened in the morning such as who was there what time they woke up etc.
Tuesday starts with her at work again _ alibi building but no saying how she got there or when.
She explains why something some thing was done (the cell for her kids to use when she is working, not at other times?)
3 is the liars number.
my boyfriend ( incomplete introduction showing tension)
he came home changes to he left work at 3, which is it? it can't be both unless he lives immediately next door to work.
Seen rather than saw. interviewer needs to see if this is consistent in her speech , if not, where it changes.

She changes to first person singular present tense rather than the expect past tense 2nd person.
I would expect to hear her say " She was running across the street to her dad`s house for a few minutes then she's going Mary Beth`s, and (she's) staying the night there. Let me know." since she would be passing on what she was told unless she was asked specifically what the exact words said were.

As it was lunch how did she know Hailey was not yet at home?
Why does she need to include she LEFT work to go to the police station.
Again she distances herself from the scene by stating she was at work

Liar Liar pants (assuming she wears any) on fire

Lis said...

She's telling us she was at work when her daughter "went missing."

Anonymous said...

Was it RARE for her to walk four or five blocks in the chilling West Texas winds in December without a coat? (Am I the teacher's pet now?)

Was it RARE for her to consult with you, Ms. Mother, on her whearabouts or was there typically an elected emissary who carryied out this parental function?

Lemon said...

1. The mother tells us she has knowledge or belief that her daughter is dead.

2. The mother's first thought is an alibi for herself.

Notamuser said...


"Missing" Child Found Unresponsive

An investigation is underway after a young girl reported missing was found unresponsive.Emergency crews were called to a home on Graviss Court in Lexington around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.Police tell us the girl's mother called 9-1-1 to reporter her three-year-old missing.Police tell us firefighters found the girl inside her family's home 30 minutes after she was first reported missing.We are also told firefighters were attempting to revive the toddler when she was taken to UK hospital. Her condition is not known at this time.The crimes against children and the robbery homicide unit with Lexington Police responded to the scene, but we're told the case has now been handed over to social services.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

The mother can only offer an approximate distance of the route where her daughter went missing, yet she quotes her daughters words that were supposedly spoken in the mothers absense.

Vita said...

Somethings within the words in response, that stands out to me, now that this is broken down as it is here. Alibi of, I was at work on Monday when she went missing - the add in of Monday. I believe that adding in the word Monday, was said, to build reputation and or credibility. Persuading a career, day job, self importance? to the listener, interviewer.

The other thing, which hit me, is the response adding in DAD to the " long drawn out" response. She uses the word " DAD" not my Ex or her Father, but " DAD".
Introduced into language, individuals involved in last time Hailey was seen: She omits herself, then comes BF, then Hailey, last is Dad. As it is, she is repeating words, that she was not present to hear, yet is entertaining them to the Interviewer as verbatim. "She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes" BUT (onto I AM spending the night at Marybeth's no permission asked, I AM period) * Dad is a figure then of importance, he " DAD" she was going over to his house.

If I was the investigator, this would be a red flag.
My question is as this is playing out, me listening, why would the 13 yr old even bother with waiting for BF to be home to make this announcement, if DAD lives across the street. Bio Dad introduced into the " equation" I am running across to his house, " no reason said of why, only for a few minutes, not said, to ask permission to stay at Marybeth's, not said. Wouldn't Bio Dad have Authority over BF?

If it were reality, as it is said, she was going to return back to her house, after running to dads, but it's not said. It doesn't compute. Drive By verbage, I am running across the street to my dad's house, for a few mins -
Reality: to ask DAD If I CAN spend the night, she then to come back, pack her clothing, her toys and then meet up with Marybeth's mother, since her Mom is at work, none of this though enters the language, nothing is said. All is Hailey, briefed BF and out the door she went, never to be seen again. Nutshell observance, is Hailey was the Control, and the 3 remaining adults, are omitted, due to Hailey's actions of her own authority, that it equates, no responsibility nor liability upon the 3 adults. Her missing, her vanishing is of her own poor choice of not " communicating" with her Mother, but communicating with BF i.e. Her fault.

* A mother of a Missing Child, her child vanished, a week has past, no word, no news, the last thing that would be coming out of an interview with mother is statements of " what I didn't do". It's almost as if Mother is portraying herself as the victim, not the Child, who is a minor, who is out there, and no one can find her. The interview to offer little information, Other than " Wasn't ME" brick wall. Common Sense is key to finding anything, anyone lost, tracing backwards, up until the moment of, last seen. No information offered, only what happened after the fact, in enormous detail, when Hailey was not present, but poofed.

brosnanfan said...

Question #1: Deception. She answers the question, but then adds more information than is necessary, probably to establish in the interviewer's mind that she was a "good mom" who kept tabs on her daughter and set rules.

Question #2: Deception. She starts sentences and stops them; she establishes an alibi for herself; she mentions a specific time, she had to point out that they were getting ready for bed. But a big red flag to me is this: "I said tell Hailey text the little girl, her friend, tell Hailey she needs to go ahead and get home." She knew she couldn't tell Hailey anything, because Hailey was dead; but she could tell her friend.

I'm new at this...I hope I didn't break the "rules".

Anonymous said...

1. Deception Indicated

She answers beyond the question offering details when none were asked.

She stated what daughter wasn't allowed to do repeating the word wasn't indicating the opposite of what is being stated.

She stated daughter" wasn't allowed" she followed with the word "but" as an exception because it was only "four or five blocks" using the word "only" as in not a big deal.


John Mc Gowan said...


Mother: She went missing on Monday while I was at work. My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00.

And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there.

Sensitivity indicated .Why would you say, "Hailey was there" when you have just said "and hes seen Hailey"

"i went the shops"

"I was at the shops" Its unnessesary to tell you again unless i want to convince you i was there.

She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know.

TOLD is stronger than i said.

This sounds like Hailey is the dominant one.
Why portray her to be the dominant one?

Deception and Cover up Indicated.....

Amaleen6 said...

1. She knows her daughter is dead.
2. Her boyfriend is involved, but she attempts to establish an alibi for herself. She too is involved.

C5H11ONO said...

What has the mother in this case told you, the listener/reader in her answers?
-She has told me that she does not have a good relationship with her daughter. She is trying to portray herself as a caring mother who has rules and is involved in her daughter's life. She used the name of her daughter's friend more than she used her daughter's name. She has a bad relationship with her boyfriend, who she couldn't even introduce. She then claims amnesia of her daughter's friend name again in order to portray her daughter as being a little girl, just like her friend. This tells me that she is not a good mother and she knows it, so she tries to cover it up. She is also trying to cast subtle suspicion on the father in an attempt to take the focus off of her.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is how much was revealed in a short statement.