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Amazon: Wise As a Serpent; Gentle As a Dove: Dealing With Deception

Wise As a Serpent; Gentle As a Dove is available from Amazon. 

Peter Hyatt is currently working on a follow up volume specifically about the linguistic investigation into missing children, including Madeline McCann, Hailey Dunn, Baby Lisa, as well as the analysis of statements made by parents such as John and Patsy Ramsey.  

Parents who report their children missing but who show guilty knowledge of what happened to their children share certain traits of personality that is found within similarities in language.  

Details to be announced....

"Wise As a Serpent" is useful for training purposes, written in non-technical language employing common examples of discerning deception in every day life.  


john said...

Excellent, i look forward to reading it.

john said...


Missing baby’s body found after search of Knights Landing slough

Samantha Green’s family and extended family were frantic with worry. She had failed to show up at a family gathering on Saturday with her new infant son. Her mother and sister called Woodland police on Monday to report that she and the baby were missing.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Green made a panicked 911 call from a remote slough in Yolo County. Sheriff’s deputies found her, scratched and confused. Then, nearly 17 hours later, deputies in a patrol boat found the body of her baby, 20-day-old Justice Rees, in thick brush near the Ridge Cut Slough on Wednesday morning.

The outcome left searchers in tears and two families with questions over a wrenching tragedy and mystery.

Yolo County authorities said there is no early indication that Justice died as the result of homicide.

The child’s paternal grandmother, Patty Rees of Woodland, described the infant as “one of the sweetest babies I ever held.” She said Green, who turned 23 on Wednesday, was thoroughly devoted to her newborn.

“She was a little first-time mom,” Rees said of Green, who had lived in her home for the past year along with her son, Frank Rees, Justice’s father, and his four children from a previous relationship. “She was so sweet with Justice. There were some hiccups, but it was just all new-mom stuff, like trying to figure out how to make day and night work. ... She was a good mom. Attentive. I don’t think she did anything to that baby.”

At 5 p.m. Tuesday, Green placed a call to law enforcement from the Knights Landing area of Yolo County.

A Sheriff’s Office spokesman said she was found soon afterward in a backyard near the Ridge Cut Slough. She was wet and crying for help. Her car was parked near the opposite end of the slough, past deep thickets of brush and trees. The distraught woman said she had a baby that had been with her near the slough, but she didn’t know where.

“We found the female, but the son was not with her,” said sheriff’s Capt. Dale Johnson.

At 9:50 a.m. Wednesday, a sheriff’s boating patrol unit found the baby’s body near the slough, between where the vehicle was parked and the mother was found Tuesday.

Yolo County sheriff’s and coroner’s spokesman Capt. Larry Cecchettini said the baby’s body was “located in a thicket of brush right off the slough.” Cecchettini’s voice cracked with emotion as he made the announcement.

He said it wasn’t known how the baby died but that the case wasn’t being labeled a homicide. “It’s too early to tell from the investigation if there was any foul play,” Cecchettini said.

john said...


Randy Green, Samantha Green’s father and the maternal grandfather of Justice, was grief-stricken at the news.

“This was not the outcome we wanted,” Green said after showing up at the temporary sheriff’s command post near the slough. “We wanted our daughter and our grandson ... it’s mind-blowing. It’s like a dream I’m still trying to wake up from.”

Randy Green said he last spoke to Samantha on Saturday when she was supposed to bring the baby to his house for a visit. He said his daughter was acting “fine” but that she didn’t show up. Two days later, family members reported her missing.

Samantha Green’s sister, Aissa Green, put out numerous Facebook posts pleading for information on the whereabouts of her sister and nephew. A flier, posted online, included a photograph of Samantha Green, Justice and Samantha’s vehicle. It asked for people to keep an eye out in Woodland and Sacramento, Yolo and Solano counties for a 5-foot-6 woman “who just had a baby and does appear to have a pregnant look to her still.”

“Justice is a two-week-old boy,” the post went on. “His car seat is green and grey.”

Frank Rees posted on his Facebook page that Samantha Green is his fiancée and Justice was his child. “If anyone sees Samantha Green my beautiful fiancee please tell her that EVERYONE is worried sick about her and Justice. We love you Samantha. Just come home babe. I miss you and our son soooooo much. Whatever it is you want different we can fix. I love you momma.”

While police reported no evidence of foul play involving Samantha Green or the baby, Patty Rees said her son “told me she (Samantha) had been abducted.” Frank Rees, who his mother said visited Samantha Green on Wednesday at a Yolo County hospital, couldn’t be reached for comment.

Before Justice’s body was found, Frank Rees posted on his Facebook page that he had $5,000 to pay to anyone who knew where the child was. “He is our son and I will trade my life for his if need be,” his post said. “We can keep it public or private. Up to you. I will kill and die for any child you don’t want to know what I’ll do for my own.”

After finding Samantha Green on Tuesday, sheriff’s deputies and other searchers scoured the area looking for the missing baby.

john said...


The hunt stretched through Tuesday night and included dog teams, California Highway Patrol helicopters and 95 search and rescue officers from 10 agencies. It concentrated on Ridge Cut Slough, a body of water that runs east and west just before coming into the small community of Knights Landing after crossing over the Highway 113 bridge.

At daybreak, searchers walked along the brush- and tree-covered banks of the slough. Searchers said they were looking for any evidence of a scramble up the banks of the slough from the water.

Helicopters overhead aided in the search, and crews came from as far away as Contra Costa County to try to find Justice. Local firefighters also hiked the banks looking for the child.

Samantha Green was transported to the hospital for treatment, where she remained Wednesday.

As the search continued, Aissa Green thanked law enforcement and volunteers for helping out and spreading the word. But she asked for privacy for the family in a Facebook post.

“As of now we are focused on the search for Baby Justice and letting law enforcement do their jobs to find him,” Aissa Green wrote. “Thank you to everyone for your help. The flyers and shares have helped a great deal and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the extra help.”

On Wednesday morning, Randy Green eulogized an infant grandson he barely got to know.

“He was a good kid, he was a sweet baby,” Green said. “He didn’t really get a chance to be him. It’s really a sad situation, but I guess, at least, we got some closure. ... We know what happened now. There’s no more wondering if he’s still alive or if he’s dead. We know.”

Read more here:

john said...


California Investigators Puzzled by Disappearance of Woman on Valentine's Day

Detectives in Orange County, California, are baffled over the Valentine's Day disappearance of 27-year-old Erica Alonso, last seen driving off in her car alone after an argument with her boyfriend following a night of partying.

"At this point we just can't say that a crime has been committed," Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff Department tells PEOPLE. "It's a missing person case right now. All we have is that she was last seen around 4 o'clock in the morning and there has been no activity on her phone, bank account or on social media."

According to police, Alonso and her boyfriend spent much of the night at the Sutra Lounge in Costa Mesa, California, before she ended up making friends with another couple, who drove her and her boyfriend back to his apartment in Irvine, California, at 1:30 a.m.

The couple later told deputies that they left Alonso and her boyfriend at 3:30 a.m. after "they started to argue," says Hallock.

When questioned about Alonso's disappearance, her boyfriend "indicated that at 3:45 a.m. [she] left,on her on her own and drove away," says Hallock, adding that the boyfriend is "cooperating" with authorities.

Investigators believe that locating Alonso's car [a four-door 2014 Honda Civic EX with California license plate 7FSS563] could be the key to finding her. "Her vehicle hasn't been seen since she left her boyfriend's house," says Hallock. "But we are assuming she is with the car."

Alonso had been known to "take off" for a day or two in the past, family members told deputies, "but there had always been phone calls or text messages," adds Hallock. What makes her recent disappearance so troubling, he says, is that "everything just came to a complete stop on Sunday morning."

At an emotional press conference on Feb. 19, distraught family members held out hope that Alonso might still be alive. "We just want her home," said her sister Patricia. "We miss her so much."

Added her father Isaac: "I know she's out there somewhere. We have hope that she's alive."

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Is it available only via "Download"? I like paper books only.

Anonymous said...

Get Them,
It gives you a paperback option. It's the first thing after the price.


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That is not me posting Kat.

I am looking forward to this coming out! I was hoping it was available today!

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I just ordered it!

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Cool mines arriving on Tuesday.

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You can't buy it yet, it's in production.

Again, not me posting.

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Seagull said...

I've bought the paperback copy. I thoroughly recommend it. It's well written and easy to follow with many good examples.

GetThem said...

"Peter Hyatt is currently working on a follow up volume specifically about the linguistic investigation into missing children, including Madeline McCann, Hailey Dunn, Baby Lisa, as well as the analysis of statements made by parents such as John and Patsy Ramsey."

tania cadogan said...

I have a copy of the book and it is amazing.
It is well written and covers cases clearly.

I can't wait for the next one to come out.

john said...

tania cadogan said...
I have a copy of the book and it is amazing.
It is well written and covers cases clearly.

I can't wait for the next one to come out.

I echo Tania's words. I too can't wait for Peter's new book :)