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Statement Analysis of Lindenhurst Anonymous Threatening Letter

                                      I receive many requests for anonymous work.  It is taught in our Advanced Statement Analysis course.

When a person or business receives an Anonymous Threatening Letter (ATL), the immediate need for information is obvious:

Is this for real?

Who wrote it?

Statement Analysis applied carefully to the letter or note can reveal the author's identity.

Each one of us reveals who we are; that is, our background, experiences, priorities and our personality (psychological profile) through our words.

In the news recently, we have been provided with just such an example for analysis.  In this case, a family from Lindenhurst, New York, received a threatening letter mailed to them, and called police, as well as published it in social media.

In the analysis of an anonymous threat, we seek to learn:

1.  Does the letter pose a tangible risk to the recipient?
2.  Can the identity of the writer be known?

Anonymous Threat work is an inexact science.  The more writing one does, the more the author is revealed.  In this case, it is a short letter, but there is enough for us to see a profile of the writer emerge.  We look for:

The author to reveal himself or herself by telling us of their:

Background including gender and race, geographic location
Experiences, including work and eduction, which then reveal age
Priority:  What does the author want?  Is the threat for real?  If not, what is the actual motive for writing?
Personality:  Who would write this?  What concerns the author?  What is the author like?  What will the author's friends and family say to describe the author?
Is the author introverted or extroverted?
Is the author a friendly person, or isolated?
Can we learn anything about the author's interests in life?
Does the author reveal anything about his or her childhood?
If so, what does this suggest?

This appeared on Facebook with the following introduction:

"Sooooo, I'm checking my mail and when I come across this I can't help but laugh😄...wait, it's not funny though. Where they do that at? Oh yeah Lindenhurst. Unbelievable but then it's not...our daily reality, I've just never seen it in this form."

This is how the family member who received the letter introduced it to the public, and this statement, itself, should be analyzed according to the principles of Statement Analysis.


I.  Analysis of Social Media Introduction 
II.  Analysis of the Anonymous Threatening Letter 

I.  Analysis of Social Media Introduction 

Please note:  the FB poster feels the need to explain why she went to her mailbox.  This makes the statement very sensitive to the FB poster.  (the person who found the note)

In Statement Analysis, when a person explains why they did something without being asked, it is considered "very sensitive" as it shows that they person not only feels a need to explain why they did something, but more importantly:

They anticipate being asked, "Why did you go out to your mailbox?"

When the question is unnecessary, it makes it doubly sensitive to the writer, as she feels a need to explain that which warrants no explanation:  Everyone goes out to check their mailbox for mail.

This is a very strong indication that something is sensitive in this story.  When taken with the present tense language, and the lack of need for "Who wrote this?", it becomes even more sensitive.

We expect to hear concern about who wrote it, will the writer be caught, will he be jailed, will I be safe, will my family be safe, and so on.  None of this is evident in the subject's writing.

In Statement Analysis, there are some statistical connections between anonymous threatening letters and subjects, which I will address below.

Also note that it is in the present tense.  This may be her manner of writing, or it may be indicative of story telling, but it reduces the odds of reliability.

Note the cause is to "laugh" and not be afraid.  Note the "laughing face" as part of the message.  Would you feel fear if you lived in a town where such a high percentage of people did not look like you, and because of your race, you were told to move out?  I would experience fear for my family and for myself.  This is my description of "the expected" in a case like this.  It may sound like Charlie Rogers declaring herself to be a "survivor" when she should have been in too much pain from the wounds to even sit up, which is 'scripted language' for a 'show' for media.

Then, note that she does not ask, "Who" did this, but "where" in:

" Where they do that at? " as the location is more important than the identity. 

Ask yourself:  Would you be more concerned with who did such a thing, than announcing the geography?

This is to show more concern with publication than with any threat.  

"Unbelievable":  agreed.

Note she calls it "our daily reality" and not "my" daily reality.

She just has not seen it "in this form", to which I agree.  I have not seen a hateful, racially charged letter demanding one move from out of a white neighborhood in such a polite, friendly form, either.

As to future plans, the FB posted added this recent update.  We look for a strong desire to learn the identity of the racist threat, so he can be arrested and the family made safe.

No such concern noted by the FB poster, Ronica Copes.

Ronica Copes
1 hr · Edited · 

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to EVERYONE that has shown concern and shared kind words on behalf of my family and I. The support and well wishes that we've received here on Long Island and abroad has been overwhelmingly positive. I am a firm believer in everyone and everthing having a purpose, and so I will use this "mess" to convey a "message". Stay tuned.....

Please note that the writer shows future intentions, and does not call this a "crime" but a "mess", and intends to use the "mess" to "convey a message."  What is the "message"?  Is it about race relations?
Or, is it about moving?

Or, is it about something else?

II.  Analysis of Anonymous Threatening Letter








We note that it is all in caps, giving us a reference point of all capitalization, reducing elements of emphasis where only certain words are capitalized.  The writer does, however, use some emphasis which allows for analysis.

First Please note some general themes.  These themes follow our

A.  "Expected Versus Unexpected" scenario.  Literally, you should write out what you think a racist letter like this would say.  This is the "expected" list of words.  For me:

"N" word, insult, taunt, demands" are expected.
Politeness, and concern for the family's well being are unexpected.

Statement Analysis sets up an expected and then is 'confronted' by the unexpected.

*There is no linguistic threat made to the intended recipient   (family)
*The language of racism is notably absent.
*The burden of moving is reduced as convenience for the family is noted.
*There is an absence of foul language, insult, or taunts.
*There is a polite theme with "please" and "sorry" used.

B.  Statistics of Anonymous Threatening Letters

There is a statistical connection of anonymous letters with:

a.  Location:   The one who finds the letter as a writer.  In the family, the interview should focus upon the one who made the claim to have found the letter.

b.  Sexuality:  There is also a statistical correlation between hetro-homosexuality confusion and anonymous threats.  This is not a moral statement, but a statistical statement. It means that when an anonymous letter with threats has been written, more times than not, the writer is either sexually confused about himself, or collateral contacts revealed that they were uncertain about the author's sexuality.  It is related to concealment and confusion, and, perhaps, some latent anger.

We must first see if a threat exists, that is, is actually communicated.  Remember, decisions must be made similar to triaging medical emergencies, as departments have limited resources and strained budgets, and must decide if it is a real threat, and if so, of what nature.

II.  Here is the statement, section by section, with analysis.  


Computers will spell check and even correct our grammar.  It is easier to identify the writer of an anonymous note when it is hand written, as capitalization, for example, takes more effort and grammar can reveal education level.

1.  ATTN:

a.  Note that "ATTN:" is the proper abbreviation for "Attention"
b.  Note that the colon used is the proper mark to follow the proper abbreviation

The writer appears to be familiar with writing for the public, or for a business.  This suggests at least 2 years of college and/or business school.  It is done appropriately, and 'raises' the age of the author beyond teenaged years.  It does not speak to gender, as yet.


a. "African-American" is considered something more likely to be used by white people in an attempt to sound politically correct, as if "black" is offense.

Question:    Would a racist care to be politically correct, since racism, itself, is so 'not' politically correct?

                                         What does this suggest?

It suggests that the writer is either a white person, who does not wish to offend the recipient, even while writing a racist letter, or the writer is someone who would like to be seen as white, increasing the statistical likelihood that the writer is black. (This is "attempt to persuade")

 It is noted that it is not likely a term that a white racist would use.  Therefore, this increases the theme that the writer is black, or a non-black friend of blacks.  The writer does not want to insult the "African American family" that receives the letter.  This is not expected from a racist who wants a family to get out of their neighborhood.

b.  Note next the hyphen between "African" and "American" affirms the opinion that the writer has at least a two year degree or business school training.  It is the proper use of the hyphen.

The profile of a racist often fits the caricature of ignorance.  This does not fit.

c.  "FAMILY" is to address the recipients as a whole, and in a polite term.  This term addresses all of them, and is a polite term.  This increases the connection between the author and the "family", suggesting that once the identity of the writer is known, the family is very much likely to recognize him or her.   The author is close enough to the inhabitants of the house to use the word "family."

It is here that we would expect vulgarity or racially charged language.

It is not expected that the word respectful "family" would be used.

Since "family" has come into the author's language:

This word leads to the question, "Did a member of the family write this note?" or

"Does the family know the author?" or

"Does the writer of the note have a bond with the inhabitants of the house?"

We now consider that the author of the note is someone close to the family and when revealed, will be someone the family recognizes. 

Where one begins a statement is always important.  After the greeting, the subject chose to begin his or her letter here:


The location is very important to the author.  The author does not claim to be the writer, nor does the author indicate who "wrote" this, instead, uses passivity, or "passive voice" in the statement.

Statement Analysis Principle:  Passivity in language seeks to conceal identity and/or responsibility.

a.  "THIS" is the word of closeness, versus "that" which is distancing language.  This is to indicate that the author is tying himself or herself closely to the note.

b.  "is coming" is not "is from" which suggests on-going activity.  The writer may have an expectation of 'involvement' in 'this' case that goes beyond writing the note.  Remember, in Statement Analysis, direct lies are very rare.  The author did not say "I am writing for the Lindenhurst Community" with the strong use of the pronoun, "I."  We follow, very carefully, pronouns in language, especially in anonymous letters.

Principle:  Pronouns, themselves,  sometimes reveal the identity of the author. 

c.  "Lindenhurst Community" has no article.  This is an important point of distance.

That "community" is plural in its scope, and that "Lindenhurst" has not article:

The letter is not from a plurality of authors and 

the writer does not assimilate herself or himself with the town or community of Lindenhurst.

This indicates that the writer is one person, and does not consider him or herself to be comfortable or at home with the community of Lindenhurst.  The missing article, "the" suggests distancing language from Lindenhurst.

The writer lives, currently (at the time of the letter), in Lindenhurst.  The writer ties herself to the letter, with "This", but distances herself or himself from Lindenhurst psychologically rather than geographically. 


Here we have the first change in typing, which includes two forms:

a.  Underlining
b.  Exclamation marks

This is something that will 'give away' the author as investigators see other email or electronic notices that includes three exclamation marks.

It shows emphasis and is indicative of the inclusion of emotion for the author.

We next look to see what emotion caused the author to write:

"YOU" may be singular or plural.  It is not "YOU ALL", but is singular, technically, but it comes after "FAMILY" as the recipients.

With the possibility of singular, there may be one person in the household who has strong emotions about where she or he lives.

The emotion, elevated, is about "belonging."

"Belonging" is a distinctive emotional feeling of a sense of unity and of identification.  The writer lives in Lindenhurst but does not feel a sense of 'belonging' in Lindenhurst.  The author has likely not had good contacts in the town and is elevated emotionally about this sense of belonging.

This is not a racist letter, but a "fake hate", that is, "fake racism" as it is the strongest language found in the letter (emotion) and it is about the feeling of being 'known', 'recognized' in the sense of being a member.

Think:  "community" and "belonging";  the writer is not attacking the family's race, but revealing his or her own feeling of not 'belonging.'  It is a soft, sad emotion and not the rage that we find in racism.

This is not a racial letter of hatred.  The author does not have emotions of hatred towards the family.  

This increases the odds that the author is known by the family and does not have negative feelings towards the family, instead indicates empathy for them.

"HERE" indicates that the author wrote this while in Lindenhurst.

The author has other emails indicating emotion and investigators will likely find "!!!" in his or her writings.


1.  "PLEASE"

The word "PLEASE" is a polite term.  It is not the language of hatred, nor of racism.  The politeness affirms that this is not a teenager, and has now increased the odds that the author is female.

This is an indication of gender.

We have thus seen that the author:

*Lives in Lindenhurst but is-
*Not happy about living in Lindenhurst
*Does not feel that she belongs in Lindenhurst as a community
*Does not have racial hatred
*Does not have hatred towards the family
*is female
*is not a racist
*is either black or friendly with blacks.

What we do with this is continue our analysis and see if the language supports or negates the suggested findings to this point. 

The analyst must be willing to change his mind at any time.  

This is how anonymous letter analysis works.  It is a constant changing of the mind, following the language, which can often appear confusing.

This particular note is not as challenging as others, as there have not been many "twists and turns" but is useful for instruction. Had it included racially charged language, it would have been more complicated.

There are often indicators that are conflicting in anonymous letters.  This one lacks the conflicting indicators or elements commonly found.

2.  "Lindenhurst":  The author does not write, "Leave here!" or "GET OUT!"  but has changed the language from not belonging "HERE" to "LINDENHURST"

A change of language should represent a change of reality.

The author lives in Lindenhurst but does not like living in Lindenhurst.  The author, herself or himself, wants to leave Lindenhurst.  This is distancing language from Lindenhurst as the author does not wish to live there.  We have "HERE" representing geographical connection, and "LINDENHURST" AS psychological distancing from the geographical location (Lindenhurst).


This is unexpected language.  It has no demand, no terrorizing, and shows no urgency.

If the author hated blacks the author would want them out now and the letter, itself, should presuppose a lack of care or concern for the family yet here, it shows a genuine concern for the family and it shows...something else.

Who might be one who would empathize with a family told to move?

Moving is not easy.  It takes time, planning, energy and it takes...


This may be more important that one might realize, initially, at least.

"When you can"

This is to affirm that the burden of moving falls upon the family, of which the author does not want to "impose" upon the family.  The author is telling us about herself here.

This affirms:

a.  politeness
b.  moving is not easy, but is exhausting and expensive.
c.  the author may have a history of moving and knows it is not that easy to do and actually feels sorry for the family having to move.  This is empathy for the family and the topic which produced the empathy is not race, but the act of moving, itself.

d.  does not want to inconvenience the family, reducing the odds of being a 'threat'

This author does not hate the family and makes no racial indications of such hatred.  In fact, this author does not hate black people.

If black, it rules out self-loathing as a possible motive.  This may further increase the sense of financial motive.

The author is known by the family, understands how troublesome moving can be, personally, and makes no demand that would be common in racially charged hate language.

The author has a history of moving and an empathy towards the family.

The soft tone further suggests female author.


Pronouns are the most important element in Statement Analysis.

Here we have:

1.  "will" is conditional.  This is to say that "if you move, it will be better" but presupposes that the move may not take place.

2. "it will be better"

 It does not say "You will be better off" but it will be better is passive.  The author knows or believes that the family may not move at the time of this writing.

Passivity seeks to conceal responsibility.  This indicates that the writer is not certain that the family will move.

THUS:  Interview each member of the family and seek to learn if any of them needed persuasion by a family member in the home, outside the home, or by a close friend, and move outside the circle from there (family members in the home, outside the home, close friends, acquaintances, co workers, etc)

"BETTER" is regarding quality of life (home life) and the author is concerned about the quality of home life for whom?

She does not make us wait long to find out:

3.  "Us" is the most important element here:

It links the writer of the note with the family.  It is similar to seeing the word "we" connecting a criminal with a victim:  it does not happen after the crime.

"Us" shows a direct link, or connection, unifying the author with the family.

This affirms that the author will be someone the family already knows.

"Us" shows concern of results for both the "Lindenhurst Community" and the "family" that received the letter.

Would a hateful racist care about how the family's wellbeing turns out?

This is not likely.

This is to affirm that this is not a racially charged hate letter.

This affirms "Fake Hate"; that is, the author is not a racist and does not hate the family.

The author has empathy for moving, does not want to inconvenience the family and is known to the family.

We continue to see if the words affirm these elements, or move us to a different opinion.


This is a critical mistake for the author.

This is to strongly suggest that the author has a particular town in mind:  "the" town and not "Find a town where..."

The writer has moved around enough to have empathy over moving, knowing it is not easy and cannot be done right away.
The writer cares for the welfare of the family.
The writer's own language suggests female with at least two (2) years of community college and/or business/training school.

This suggests that the writer has moved from a town where she was more comfortable.  The move history of the family should be examined, particularly in towns where the black population was higher OR that she lived near black people near by.


Here we have the politeness of someone who cares for the family and is concerned with being "rude", further suggesting that the author is female.

"SORRY" has no pronoun, making the pronoun "us" to be even more important.  The absence of a pronoun before "sorry" suggests reduced commitment.

In statemnet analysis, the dropped pronoun is said to reduce commitment, therefore, we ask, "To what commitment?"

In this context, the subject is reducing commitment to being "sorry" for "not belonging."

This may very well be true:  the subject feels sorrow for either:
a.  not having the feeling of belonging;
b.  that one or more of the family members does not feel content, or "belonging" to the community.  This suggests discontentment.

The lack of sorrow is to recognize that "not belonging" is not such a powerful emotion.

"It's the truth":

The family has likely heard this before.

This specific term, "but its the truth" has likely been heard by them before, by the author herself, in making arguments about wanting to move, while meeting resistance.

It may be that this is an expression of the author in one where she feels that she has a better handle on reality that others, particularly in the family.

I venture a guess here:  co workers of the author have heard her use this expression.

The author appears to be:

Adult, not teen
Known to the family
2 years college, minimum, or business school--minimum of late 20's, likely older, but not retirement age; (well below, active)
History of moving around, dissatisfaction
has lived in other towns
is not a racist hating blacks,
may have history of civil rights interest,
financial struggles leading her to seek to capitalize on the current racial tensions in our country
Up on current events
*Has a strong connection to the family
Computer history searches similar interests

The author cares for this family but is seeking attention by a 'fake hate' letter.  The author is not a "racist" in that the author does not hate black people.

Location Statistic:  the one who found it, statistically, could be the writer.

The writer does not hate black people, therefore, what is the motive?

It appears that the writer, who is either black, or is white, but does not hate blacks, wishes to capitalize on the current racial environment.

The author seeks recognition and may be looking to capitalize not only for fame's sake, but financially.

While masquerading as a racist, she struggles to even use the vile, hateful language needed to persuade us.

We all give ourselves away in our speech.

This writer holds no contempt for black people, but is likely fame seeking, selfish, and uncaring about what impact this may have upon others who may be victims of racism.

This is often the case of "fake hate":

The false rape claims, for example, hurt actual victims, just as fake racism claims will make the public more skeptical of such claims in the future.

I would also look for someone who may have attempted to "game the system" in other ways, as well as one who may have lost her job recently, felt under appreciated and certainly, under-paid.

The author thinks she knows how to get attention, so she may have experience in media and is young enough to risk this, while old enough to know what the current racial climate in America has become.

It comes on the heels of Baltimore riots, which not only suggests awareness, but that the author has timed it as such.  She is aware of current events and may have even:

commented on cases in which money was raised;

Opened a "go fund me" type account, or her computer will show searches upon such accounts, including pay pal, and others.

May have had a search history on racial discrimination.

May be one who is a proponent or advocator for black or civil rights. The author is not anti-black people exposing herself in an attempt to sound anti-black.  This suggests some connection with being proud of her race.  She may have joined societies or social media groups or celebrated black history, or has black idols she looks up to.  She does not hate black people.

Those close to the author will likely affirm that she is not a racist, but will likely, with lengthy interviews, reveal how selfish she can be, unless, of course, they agreed to this before hand.  In this case, it will be neighbors, friends, or co-workers who will begin with, "I never would have thought she would do something like this!" initially, but upon further reflection (time to process), the same people will say how they saw elements of real selfishness and ambition that went "too far" within her.

I think she may have "gamed the system" or knows those who have, including the welfare system, or any other fraudulent claim, including "falling", or being "harassed" and so on.

When exposed, the family will affirm that they know who she is.

This is not a racist threat against anyone; therefore, it is "Fake Hate."

As to the actual identity, it may be the woman who not only found the note, but who has spoken to the press, or someone she knows and may have put up to this.  If it is the woman, herself, the motive is not mental illness.

This is seen in the lack of self-loathing. The author does not hate black people.

If it is someone she put up to doing this, who partnered, the person who wrote it for her does not hate black people.

Computer history will help uncover the details leading up to this deceptive letter.

While examining motive, mental illness is evidenced often by self loathing. Its absence (there are no angry words in the statement) often leads to examining financial gain, even through fame.

The procedure is to :

Post on social media;

Make contact with local media

Seek national media and exposure.

Investigators should seek to learn, specifically, if the author is behind on her mortgage or rent, in Lindenhurst, or is having other financial difficulties, including recent loss of income, decrease of income, being passed over for a promotion, etc.  They should also seek to learn if the author has recently seen someone close to her "come into" money in any way, possibly provoking envy.

The use of the statistic of race indicates an understanding of computers and research, which is why the author's search history will yield much information.

Regarding self loathing:  This is not to say that the author does not have a history of depression, anxiety, or social phobias, etc.  It is to say that mental health, as seen in self-loathing, is not the motive for the letter.

One can be so  delusional that it becomes obvious that the anonymous letter was written from a very disturbed mind.

This is not an example of such.

This writer is self-contained.  She may have issues of 'not belonging' or social isolation, but it is not the reason for writing the letter, nor is the reason for writing to scare anyone, or exhibit hate.


The family has made several statements that I have added here:

"Copes' mother chalked the racist letter up to ignorance.

"Sometimes you have a preconceived idea of how a person is just because you don't know them, you don't know how they live, you don't know what they believe," Darcell Copes told CNN affiliate WABC.

"I would just like to say that I'll continue to pray for you, and you need to get out and meet people."

Please note:  "you need to get out and meet people" is spoken to the author of the note, letting us know that the subject believes that the author of the note may not be "out" among the community and may not feel as if the author "belongs" in the community.  

Ronica Copes said the family isn't moving.

"You don't have a right to force us to go anywhere," she told WPIX. "And we have every right to stay.

Please note that the anonymous letter does not use the words the subject used, including "force", or "right."

Also note that the anonymous letter has no demanding, or even strong language suggesting that the family is "forced" to move.


The anger was there, the hurt was there,” husband Darcell Copes told WABC, and then, of course, fear.”

Please note the order, as order speaks to priority:

1.  anger
2.  hurt
3.  fear

"Fear" is last, yet "fear" is given the unnecessary words, "of course" which means to accept without questioning. 

The letter has no forceful nor angry language, and in Statement Analysis, we do not accept anything unless the subject tells us, "I am afraid."

Note next the past tense:  "anger was there", and "hurt was there", which is not present tense (this just happened) yet when it comes to fear, the subject avoids telling us "I am afraid" or even "I was afraid", instead using passive voice. 

This is not a verbal commitment to anger, hurt, nor fear.   This is to distance himself from these emotions.


Darcell Copes lives in the home with her three grown children and five young grandchildren. 

"I went from being fearful, protecting my family, to being totally confused, and wanted to know who and why," she told NBC 4 New York Friday. "Today, it becomes even deeper: is it someone in the school district, is it the guy at the corner store, is it my neighbor down the street? Where?"

This particular family member also references fear in the past tense.  Is he no longer afraid for his family?

Note the move or shift in language from "who" to locations: 

"School district"
"corner store"
"down the street" 

Then, he asks, "Where?" 


John mcgowan said...

These are a few quotes i have found from different press releases.

"Copes' mother chalked the racist letter up to ignorance.

"Sometimes you have a preconceived idea of how a person is just because you don't know them, you don't know how they live, you don't know what they believe," Darcell Copes told CNN affiliate WABC.

"I would just like to say that I'll continue to pray for you, and you need to get out and meet people."

Ronica Copes said the family isn't moving.

"You don't have a right to force us to go anywhere," she told WPIX. "And we have every right to stay.


“The anger was there, the hurt was there,” husband Darcell Copes told WABC, “and then, of course, fear.”


Darcell Copes lives in the home with her three grown children and five young grandchildren.

"I went from being fearful, protecting my family, to being totally confused, and wanted to know who and why," she told NBC 4 New York Friday. "Today, it becomes even deeper: is it someone in the school district, is it the guy at the corner store, is it my neighbor down the street? Where?"

Order Noted.

Peter Hyatt said...

Thanks, John.

I updated the article to add the quotes and a bit of analysis following the quotes.


John mcgowan said...


I don't know if you saw these so i will repost.

From Ronica Copes the finder of the note. FB page in order of time and day posted.

Ronica Copes added 2 new photos.
21 May at 16:42 ·

Sooooo, I'm checking my mail and when I come across this I can't help but laugh��...wait, it's not funny though. Where they do that at? Oh yeah Lindenhurst. Unbelievable but then it's not...our daily reality, I've just never seen it in this form.

Ronica Copes

21 May at 21:59 ·

Hey my FB friends....update: A hate crime investigator just left my home. Next step-- Broadcast Media. Thank you all for sharing your frustrations, opinions, suggestions, and concerns! Will keep you abreast of the outcome.

Ronica Copes
1 hr · Edited ·

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to EVERYONE that has shown concern and shared kind words on behalf of my family and I. The support and well wishes that we've received here on Long Island and abroad has been overwhelmingly positive. I am a firm believer in everyone and everthing having a purpose, and so I will use this "mess" to convey a "message". Stay tuned.....

John mcgowan said...

The question marks in the first paragraph is a laughing face!

Peter Hyatt said...

John, I just added them, too!


tania cadogan said...

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A newly hired Boston University professor, who apologized over racially charged comments and allegedly ridiculed a white rape victim in Facebook posts, reportedly was charged in 2008 with felony identity theft.

According to, incoming BU sociology professor Saida Grundy was convicted of a misdemeanor in 2008 after she created a fake account for another woman on the adult website

Grundy, who was a graduate student at the University of Michigan at the time, said in a statement to “When this incident occurred I was 24, and exercised the poor judgment of a heartbroken 24 year old. I took accountability then as I do now. I hold true to the lessons learned, and my life has since moved on.” obtained the court records in the case, as well as the police report, which stated the fake account was created using photos Grundy got of a woman who was dating a man with whom Grundy had also been involved. The photos of the woman, who lived in Virginia, were taken from the man’s email account.

The Virginia woman became aware of the account in her name in June 2008. She called local police, reports, who then contacted police in Ann Arbor, Mich.

“This was a jealous thing regarding another man,” Grundy told the police, reports, citing the police report.

Grundy was charged with identity theft and using computers to commit a crime, both felonies. She also was charged with malicious use of a telecommunications service, a misdemeanor.

Grundy pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor count in exchange for the dismissal of the felonies. Her probation ended in June 2009.

Boston University says the 2008 conviction will not derail Grundy’s employment.

“A number of years ago, when she was a student at the University of Michigan, Dr. Grundy made a mistake,” Steve Burgay, the university’s senior vice president of external affairs, told

“She admitted the mistake, accepted the consequences, and brought closure to that case,” he continued. “Eight years later, we do not see any reason to reopen it.”

tania cadogan said...


Grundy, an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at the school, previously tweeted that "white masculinity is THE problem for america’s (sic) colleges," white men are a "problem population,” and that she tries to avoid shopping at white-owned businesses.

After several alumni complaints, Boston University president Robert Brown condemned the racist tweets.

“I regret that my personal passion about issues surrounding these events led me to speak about them indelicately," Grundy said following the controversy. "I deprived them of the nuance and complexity that such subjects always deserve."

The racist tweets were followed by reports that Boston University was sent an outrageous Facebook exchange in which a poster who identifies herself as the controversial sociology professor mercilessly ridicules a white rape victim.

That victim, Meghan Chamberlin, told that the posts, made in a February public chat about a controversial article on race that the Facebook thread had linked to, felt “like a kick in the stomach.”

The commenter, who identified herself as Sai Grundy in the Feb. 25 thread and uses the same photo the professor uses on tweets she acknowledged last week, responded by making fun of the victim’s crying.

Sai Grundy wrote: “^^THIS IS THE S**T I AM TALKING ABOUT. WHY DO YOU GET TO PLAY THE VICTIM EVERY TIME PEOPLE OF COLOR AND OUR ALLIES WANT TO POINT OUT RACISM. my CLAWS?? Do you see how you just took an issue that WASNT about you, MADE it about you, and NOW want to play the victim when I take the time to explain to you some s**t that is literally $82,000 below my pay grade? And then you promote your #whitegirltears like that’s some badge you get to wear… YOU BENEFIT FROM RACISM. WE’RE EXPLAINING THAT TO YOU and you’re vilifying my act of intellectual altruism by saying i stuck my “claws” into you?”

Chamberlin responded by trying to leave the discussion. “I am choosing to “exit” this conversation,” she wrote.

But Grundy posted again, finishing with: “go cry somewhere. since that’s what you do.”

Chamberlin responded: “Will do.”

Anonymous said...

I am certain that the writer of the note is black because the author uses "black grammar". Black grammar, even among people with post secondary education, omits the word "the" in "This is coming from (omitted the) Lindenhurst Community" and omits the word "an" from "Lindenhurst is (omitted an) 84% white population"

This is my unscientific analysis so take it for what it is worth.

Peter Hyatt said...


the school has acknowledged the professor's crimes but dismissed them as "kid" behavior.

They defended her right for free speech when she ridiculed a white rape victim and boycotts white owned businesses on MLK jr. day.

Back to the analysis:

Anyone feel the analysis has missed the mark this time?

If Suffolk County PD feel hesitant to approach the family and say,

"Hey, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news? Don't worry about the threat. It is fake.

The bad news?

We think you're not telling us everything you know about this letter.

Wanna take a polygraph for us?"

I would not blame them.

They are in a no-win position where they can be accused of racism, themselves, for not believing her.


PS: I spent a lot of time in Lindenhurst. It's a nice town.

John mcgowan said...
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Anonymous said...

What a disgusting creature. The only one who's racist is the professor. She ridiculed an actual rape victim because she was white, then acted like she was the victim just because she's black. Remembering that there is no tangible evidence that white privilege even exists.

John mcgowan said...
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John mcgowan said...

Long Island Neighborhood Crime Stoppers

Long Island Neighborhood Crime Stoppers
23 May at 18:24 ·

Copes says she found the letter disturbing.

"I was surprised, shocked," she says. "At first I kind of chuckled, because I was like, 'This can't be serious, is this a chain letter?'"

Copes adds that it's unnerving because her family doesn't know who sent the letter. "You, don't know who feels what way," she says. "You don't know if it's someone in a car, or if you have to watch your back behind you."

This is still very raw given the time stamp. Yet she uses distancing language "You" and "Your" .


"I don't know who feels what way," she says. "I don't know if it's someone in a car, or if I have to watch My back behind Me."

Peter Hyatt said...


the problem is that she keeps talking and the more she talks, the more we learn.

No wait.

It's the solution.

She does not know what the person is thinking. I thought it was a racist?

Did I miss something here?

As if we did not have enough racial tension, we now have a town being ragged on across the country, because of a fake hate stunt.

It is unfair.

Peter Hyatt said...


the problem is that she keeps talking and the more she talks, the more we learn.

No wait.

It's the solution.

She does not know what the person is thinking. I thought it was a racist?

Did I miss something here?

As if we did not have enough racial tension, we now have a town being ragged on across the country, because of a fake hate stunt.

It is unfair.

tania cadogan said...

Peter, I wonder what the university's stand would be if it had been a white male writing the same thing about black men?

Would they be so forgiving if the rape victim had been black and the professor had been white?

Racism isn't just white on black hate, it works both ways, black on white and one color skin on a different color skin.

Everyone jumps in when it is perceived to be white on black hate, political correctness rears its head, the huge sense of entitlement and victimhood takes front and centre, It is the white man dominating the poor black man

When it is black on white, it isn't called out for what it is.
It is the black man standing up for himself, it is the black man taking back what is his, he is allowed to due to all the oppression suffered over the centuries.
It is the right of the black man to be allowed to hate the white man, to demean, to insult, to hate the white man.

I want to know what the university would say and do if this was reversed.
Would they excuse it as 'kid' behavior or would they have fired them?

I suspect the latter would have happened in this politically correct world.
By doing nothing, the university has shown it is racist.

The same rules, the same laws must apply to all equally,regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, education, nationality, pet preference.
T show favoritism to one particular group over another only inflames the situation.

John mcgowan said...

Peter iv'e transcribed the 911 call from the incident below.

911 calls released: Pub owner allegedly holds black couple at gun point

Police released the 911 calls leading to the arrest of Kim Bruns, who owns the Orlando George & Dragon British Pub, and is charged with pulling a gun on Kayla Davis, 21, and her boyfriend.

OP: Emergency 911 Lisa

Caller: Yes i need a police, a car. At 6314 International Drive. I have a woman that just tried to rob me.

OP: What's the name of the store there?

Caller: It's George and Dragon British Pub.

OP: Where she go to?

Caller: She's right here trying to call you. She said..she walked up to me and said excu..i walked up to her table and said would you like anything yeah, she walked up to me and says i don't want nothing your service sucks and i'm not paying for my (Bleep out)

OP: Does anybody have any weapons?

Caller: I do.

OP: Do you have a weapon?

Caller: I do.

OP: What kind of weapon do you have?

Caller: I have a firearm.

OP: Do you have the gun out?

Caller: No i don't.

OP: Ok ok.

Caller: She just called me, she was not paying for my (Bleeped out) i had, i was terrible service and she was going to walk out on her bill.

OP: Ok we'll get some help to you over there, ok.

Caller: Yes and i through a glass at her.

OP: Ok.

Caller: She's leaving now. She's a black lady, not that i'm am prejudice. But She's walking out telling me my service sucks. I asked them if they wanted anything and they said we just got here and we don't need nothing yet and then i come back he..oh i'm not paying for my my drinks, i saw what you did, and i said (inaudible) I don't even know what she's talking about, what i did. Because i asked someone to keep an eye on her because she did not..i did not (inaudible) the gentleman with her, only her, she knew that. I told her, i said if you're going outside and you have an underage person and i catch you giving him alcohol, i will call the Police on you. So she didn't like that.

OP: Gunna send some help for you. Did she walk outside?

Caller: Yeah she is, she says i'm crazy, i through a glass at her. I'm tired of these people coming here and and telling me what they are, what they are not gunna pay for, my service is fine.

OP: Oh i think she is going to wait for the Police outside, why don't you stay inside and make sure you don't take the gun out ok.

Over talk ( Bleeped out)

End of call.

John mcgowan said...

Iv'e just realized that the note was sent through the mail.

Is there any Cctv in the area close to the letter box it was dropped in heading to the mail sorting office?

What postal mark was on the stamp? Ie, what area was it sent from?

Will LE be able to get DNA of the envelope if it was licked? Or was it a self sticking stamp? Although i doubt LE will spend the money to get it tested.

Finger prints will be very difficult to lift given the many hands that would have handled the envelope while going through the postal service.

All said. I can't see this going any further given in context it wasn't a threat as such.

The hand writing on the envelope looks very child like, although this is easily disguised if written with the opposite had one is used to.

Scroll down to see the photo of the envelope.

Anonymous said...

Vicki said:

Notice on the envelope the word Street is nice elegant handwriting, but Lindhurst is not.. Also see what one poster said to the FB picture? "Wait what, this was sent through the mail? frfr? <<(means for real, for real?)

Even her FB friend is skeptic!

John mcgowan said...

Hi Vicki

The letter "E" is written the same in both "Street" and "Lindenhurst". The letter "T" is very similar too, although it is attached to the letter "S" in "Street". The letter "R" is also very similar. This has been written by the same person. If they tried, whomever it was, to disguise the hand writing they failed. It is definitely, in my opinion, written by the same person.

John mcgowan said...

Thanks for the heads up on "FRFR.

Anonymous said...

John, That's what I thought...the obvious attempt/need to disguise...


Jen Ow said...

FB thread, interesting comments by Ronica Copes/supporters on the letter/envelope.

Notice the first comment is from someone who advises her that they can 'mobilize' around the incident if she wishes, and a few comments in someone advises her to 'sue, and press charges' despite the anonymity of the author. (That same person offers her their discrimination attorney, who won a settlement for them, and offers to contact them. Later in the thread someone relays a 'similar' story about suing the police for not protecting them in their neighborhood.)

When someone comments that they should take the letter to the media, Copes reveals that she had already done so through a friend connection at the station.

trustmeigetit said...


Written statements from the Duggars.

From Jim Bob and Michelle:

Back 12 years ago our family went through one of the most difficult times of our lives. When Josh was a young teenager, he made some very bad mistakes and we were shocked. We had tried to teach him right from wrong. That dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before. Even though we would never choose to go through something so terrible, each one of our family members drew closer to God. We pray that as people watch our lives they see that we are not a perfect family. We have challenges and struggles everyday. It is one of the reasons we treasure our faith so much because God’s kindness and goodness and forgiveness are extended to us — even though we are so undeserving. We hope somehow the story of our journey — the good times and the difficult times — cause you to see the kindness of God and learn that He can bring you through anything.

From Josh:

Twelve years ago, as a young teenager I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends. I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life. I sought forgiveness from those I had wronged and asked Christ to forgive me and come into my life. I would do anything to go back to those teen years and take different actions. In my life today, I am so very thankful for God’s grace, mercy and redemption.

Anonymous said...
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John mcgowan said...

Ronica Copes
1 hr · Today!

"With all that's been going on,. I haven't had much time to remind everyone of the upcoming experience. It's a fusion theme--Soul/Caribbean food. Please let me know if you will be attending still available."

Where to start?

"With all that's been going on,.

Note the passivity.

This is allegedly in regards to a racist note/message sent to her family, yet she can not bring herself to speak the words.

Why will she not address the specifics of the alleged "Racist" note.

"All that's been going on",.

Lets look at this from an outsider whom hasn't no notion of the situation.


A: What's been going on?

"That's been"

Past tense. The author is aware that something has been "going on" by using the past tense.
The statement does not begin with any pronoun at the moment ie "I" "Me" "My" etc, Tying her/him to the statement.

I haven't had much time

This is said in the negative and is noted as sensitive.

Now note, the entrance of the pronoun "I". This is probably true. Due to LE, friends on FB etc contacting the family.. Pronouns are reliable.

"I haven't had much time (TO) remind everyone of the upcoming experience.

Note the word "to"

This is highlighted in the color blue as the most sensitive in "SA" (LSI) along with the word "Left" as the highest sensitivity. Where there is a need to explain, and not be prompted to in the free editing stage (FES). The subject is anticipating what may be asked later, thus covering, and if asked, more than likely will say, i told you that earlier. This answer is also sensitive given that they have self referenced, and are not speaking from experiencial memory. Follow up questions will be directed within the area of the above words and sensitivity in the statement.

"to remind everyone of the upcoming experience."

Lets look at this in context. The family have received an alleged racist note/letter asking them to move out when its convenient? Yet her/ his mind is else where. What is more important, especially where there are children around?

"It's a fusion theme--Soul/Caribbean food. Please let me know if you will be attending still available."

Look at the above. Does this come across as a family in fear of a racist note/letter, threat etc?.

I will eat my hat if it is not from someone the family knows and or composed by one or other of the immediate family?.

maudes harold said...

I can't help it John, but as I read about the 'fusion theme' I am reminded of that scene in "A Christmas Story": "It's a COMMERCIAL, a crummy COMMERCIAL........son of a ....."

Anonymous said...

Interesting denials from Pamela Smart

Rachael2 said...

Some good analysis here. Addressing it to the "family" in particular really stood out to me. Definitely shows knowledge and/or a sense of compassion of the family unit that was mentioned. The description of the possible author is intriguing and I can imagine the type of person that would be. Regarding the "ATTN:" and hyphen... I personally felt like that was an indication of a middle aged adult. I happen to be a 28 year old adult who works with business and email, and have accumulated approximately 2 years of college. I personally do not use ATTN: when addressing a group through email. I suppose I might use it if I had to address a situation to the public, such as, Attn: No personal phone calls in hallway. Even then... I would only use it for an urgent or important matter. It's a salutation that sticks out to me as uncommon with my generation, and reminds me of my Father who would be 55 this year. Anyways, the hyphen doesn't necessarily indicate college to me either. There's plenty of non-graduates who write that way.. and plenty of graduates that write poorly.

I also wondered about the financial situation. Perhaps someone wanted to break their lease early. That might be in accordance with the theme of "where". Also when she describes checking the mail she says "when I come across this". which seems very passive. Rather then shouting that someone dare sent this to them, she came across it. Also it's in present tense

Anonymous said...

I agree it's almost certainly a fake letter, I suspect she didn't write it on her own tho. i think she was paid or put up to it somehow - there is a lot of very controlled and seemingly scripted stuff about race problems in the news these days - much of it seems taylor made for exactly the tone the news wants to take, it can't be a coincidence that it is so wide spread

Anonymous said...

I agree it is fake hate, but what does the family get out of it? That's the part that confuses me. I haven't found a go fund me account yet. Maybe they were hoping someone would offer to start one for them?

Anonymous said...

Stinky story:

Peter Hyatt said...

That doubts have arisen and been published, may cause the family to not proceed with a "go fund me" type situation.

Also, police may warn them not to get involved in seeking funds, politely, which could cause them to hesitate.

Lastly, what if the motive was to convince reluctant family members to move yet again?

This is something we must consider, as it is supported from the note, itself.

Peter Hyatt

Anonymous said...

TrustmeIgetit, OT: Ref your post above concerning the Dugger molestation matter; it's not that I wish hard luck on anyone, but it concerns me that Josh Dugger was not arrested and prosecuted for child sex abuse, particularly incest against his younger siblings as well as at least one other child that we know about. He and the Dugger parents lean on his being a youthful teenager, when in fact he was fourteen and fifteen at the time these crimes occurred.

So I guess that should apply to all teenagers who commit atrocious crimes of whatever nature? Just apologize for their age and go on, right? I don't see any excuse good enough for allowing Josh Dugger to have escaped his punishment. Christian family or not, IMO he should be a registered sex offender for life. Now he has three kids of his own and is expecting another one, while it has been proved statistically that there is no permanent cure for child sex offenders. IMO, he should have no contact with children.

Speculating, if the young Jewish boy becomes a man at age thirteen, at what age does Josh Dugger become a man? I'm not buying all this innocent youthful innocent act, including the one where he says he asked Christ to come into his life and repented. Okay, so he repented, but I thought he already had Christ in his life?

Ironically, he had to have known and been fully cognizant of what he was doing (hardened without fear of being caught doing the criminal acts he was performing,) when at that very same time his father was running a political campaign wherein he was advocating the death penalty for incest sex abusers. Unbelievably, Josh remained living in the home while his little sisters were left at his mercy even after he supposedly 'admitted' what he had been doing to them; and to this day he is allowed around them and other youthful family members. Not only that, these children have to continue living with their abuser right under their nose anytime he comes and goes at will.

How could this be that he totally escaped his punishment? Just admitting what he did and apologizing for it IMO does not make what he did okay, let's all just forget about it? I don't think so.

sidewalk super said...

Does this woman work at a printing company?
She has carefully balanced length of words in each line like she might in a handbill.
Matter of fact, the whole thing appears like a mass flyer or handbill.

Peter Hyatt said...

We have read, online, that she was or is a publicist.

We also saw a lengthy list of was extreme, if true.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit I'll share... I was looking into the history of Pamela Smart someone mentioned here earlier and noticed the victim's brother, Dean Smart, wrote a memoir of his brother Gregg called Skylights and Screendoors...


rob said...

That was the nicest 'hate' letter I have ever read. So nice.

Jen Ow said...

She is a caterer, and a publicist, and is advertising an upcoming event on her FB page alongside her updates about this 'hate' note. She has added 100's of 'friends' over the past few days, and generated tons of buzz.

Jen Ow said...

Hi Trust me,

I hope that people will take the time to read the police report. It is disturbing. Also, it's important that people realize the age of his sister's at the time of the abuse.

In 2002-2003 when the abuse took place, there were only 5 female siblings. The next female wasn't born until 2005.

Their ages were:

Female 1: 12yo
Female 2: 11yo
Female 3: 10yo
Female 4: 9yo
Female 5: 5yo

Jen said...

To those wondering why the Josh Duggar was not charged with a crime. Since this site is supposed to be filled with people good at research, it seems it is only research when your minds aren't made up yet. The Duggar parents called the police and turned Josh in. An officer responded and took notes. The family waited for the investigation and expected, but never received a visit from CFS.

Fast forward to two years ago- the officer involved was arrested for child pornography. After his separation from the department, someone went through his desk and/or old files and found the complaint from Duggars and turned it over to the DA. The statute of limitations ran, so no charges could be filed.

So a point to repeat- His parents turned him in to authorities.

maudes harold said...;_ylt=AwrXoCGtKmZVlQEAuxzQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

Peter Hyatt said...

Jen said...
To those wondering why the Josh Duggar was not charged with a crime. Since this site is supposed to be filled with people good at research, it seems it is only research when your minds aren't made up yet. The Duggar parents called the police and turned Josh in. An officer responded and took notes. The family waited for the investigation and expected, but never received a visit from CFS.

Fast forward to two years ago- the officer involved was arrested for child pornography. After his separation from the department, someone went through his desk and/or old files and found the complaint from Duggars and turned it over to the DA. The statute of limitations ran, so no charges could be filed.

So a point to repeat- His parents turned him in to authorities.
May 27, 2015 at 4:22 PM

Hi Jen,

do you have any sources on this? The child pornography cop's name?

Thank you,


maudes harold said...


The Arkansas State Troopers name is Jim Hutchens.

Red Meat said...

Jim Hutchens is the trooper.

Red Meat said...

b. Sexuality: There is also a statistical correlation between hetro-homosexuality confusion and anonymous threats. This is not a moral statement, but a statistical statement. It means that when an anonymous letter with threats has been written, more times than not, the writer is either sexually confused about himself, or collateral contacts revealed that they were uncertain about the author's sexuality. It is related to concealment and confusion, and, perhaps, some latent anger.

Do you have any sources on this? Numbers that constitute a statistical claim?

maudes harold said...

Jen Ow said...

I have actually researched it extensively. I read the 33 page police report, and it refutes what you said about the parents reporting the abuse, and how the abuse was discovered.

The reason the statute of limitations had run was BECAUSE the parents failed to report the abuse (which they first learned about in 2002) until years later, and even then they took him to talk to a family friend, who worked in L.E., who only "gave him a stern talk".

(That officer was indeed later arrested for child pornography, released from jail, and rearrested after being AGAIN caught with child pornography. Gee, wonder how the Duggar's picked him specifically to talk to Josh, out of all the other possible offers available??)

The abuse was first reported to the parents in 2002, and yet Josh remained in the home, where he maintained mixed sleep quarters with the girls, and abused them in other incidents in 2003, at which point he was sent away. Jim Bob, and Michelle originally claimed he was sent to a "Christian Treatment Program", but when pressed during the investigation they "couldn't recall the name of the program", and finally admitted that he was simply sent to help with a construction/remodel project in another state.

The official investigation came about after a family friend who knew of the abuse contacted the Oprah Winfrey show as the family was in Chicago, ready to appear on the show, letting them know about the abuse allegations. The show's representatives fowarded the email (which is also featured in the report) to DHS, and the investigation was opened. Jim Bob and Michelle allowed the girls, and themselves to be interviewed, but did not produce Josh to talk to investigators, instead opting to seek representation for him. Several attorneys DECLINED to represent him. (documented in the report). As you can see on the report, the investigation took place in 2006, after the statute of limitations of 3yrs had run out.

Peter Hyatt said...

Red Meat:

no numbers.

No source.


Peter Hyatt said...

RE: The trooper's name...

thank you.

For those who ask me to analyze the case:

When analysis is done, we are looking for truth or deception, but in this case, the molester admitted it, so I don't see the need for analysis.

I have not seen the TV show nor followed the case.

I asked for the trooper's name to view him and what happened to him on the job. The child porn connection is upsetting and unusual.



Anonymous said...

The author is seeking attention? Wrong. IMO, the author is known to the family but does not want to be identified. No way. If she did, she would have made herself and her message known to them personally. Actually, she wouldn't have needed to do the computerized perfectly worded and spaced message. Just go tell them in person. However, she does have a personal agenda. IMO, she wants them to move not so much for racial issues but for her own personal reasons. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

You may be a little misinformed Peter, in your comments in re the Josh Dugger incest molestation matter. According to published sources, child protective services did make visits to the Dugger home.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. I may be wrong here. Sorry Peter. It seems that it was you, Jen, who said the Dugger parents never received a visit from CPS. According to published reports, they did. Several.

Also, all this time during 2002 & 2003, AND subsequently; sex offender Josh was left living in the home where he had been molesting his little sisters and for all we know was continuing to do so. To what extent we will never know: molesting/diddling/raping? Probably all of the above. Ha... they are saying he just laid with them in their sleep to cop a feel? And we are to believe this nonsense? In actuality, Josh should be a registered sex offender for life.

It was also during this time that Jim Bob was campaigning for a political office, where his platform stanchly proclaimed the death penalty for incest child abusers. Obviously this did not apply to his own son. Later, according to Michelle, Josh was sent to a friends' rehabilitation program, which turned out to be not a rehabilitation center at all, but instead was to labor for four months at the friends construction company.

Oh well. Since child sex offenders cannot be cured, he'll likely offend again and they can nab him the next time. He'll certainly have plenty of opportunities now that he has three kids of his own and another one in the making, with a hayseed dumb wifey who totally trusts her pedophile hubby; and a family who gives him full visitation range in and out of the family home where the little girls he molested have to face him at any time, knowing they aren't safe around him. Pathetic.

Sustained said...

is this old news?

Monica moving around:

Davenport Ave, Lindenhurst.
258 Westview Avenue , Deer Park , NY 11729
View & Remove
Henrico , VA 23233
Instant Checkmate
View & Remove
96 Birch Rd , Amityville , NY 11701
Public Source
View & Remove
258 Westview Ave , Deer Park , NY 11729
Public Source
View & Remove
291 Plantation Centre Dr N Apt 805 , Macon , GA 31210
Public Source
View & Remove
475 New Hwy , Copiague , NY 11726
Public Source
View & Remove
6300 Wilson Mills Rd , Cleveland , OH 44143
Public Source
View & Remove
185 Davenport St , Lindenhurst , NY 11757
Public Source
View & Remove
16015 Euclid Ave Apt 203 , Cleveland , OH 44112
Public Source
View & Remove
37 Overland Ave , Amityville , NY 11701
Public Source
View & Remove
711 E 99th St , Cleveland , OH 44108
Public Source
View & Remove
155 Parkside Ct , Copiague , NY 11726
Public Source
View & Remove
16 Grant Ave , Amityville , NY 11701
Public Source
View & Remove
291 Plantation Centre Dr N # 8 , Macon , GA 31210
Public Source
View & Remove
42 Nathalie Ave , Amityville , NY 11701
Public Source
View & Remove
16 W 16th St , Deer Park , NY 11729
Public Source
View & Remove
16015 Euclid Ave , Cleveland , OH 44112
Public Source
View & Remove
New Highway , Copiague , NY 11726
View & Remove
Nathalie Avenue , Amityville , NY 11701
View & Remove
Cleveland , OH 44112
Instant Checkmate
View & Remove
Cleveland , OH
View & Remove
Amityville , NY 11701
Instant Checkmate
View & Remove
Farmingdale , NY 11735
Instant Checkmate
View & Remove
Amityville , NY
View & Remove
Parkside Court , Copiague , NY 11726
View & Remove
Instant Checkmate
View & Remove
Deer Park , NY 11729
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Peter Hyatt said...

I do not know the motive of the author but we can consider:


She does not show hatred towards blacks, and the subsequent indictment of whites in Lindenhurst is sans any emotional language. She may not hate whites, even though she is harming them. I refer to personal animosity. The action is "hateful" in its results, but it may not be the intention.

The author may have attempted to get the family to move previously only to fail, or...that they have moved so often they are sick of it, and the author is using race as a justification in a losing argument.


The author may be seeking recognition which leads to cashing in, one way or another.

Let's say, however, that the author has read this analysis, or has been told by others that "the gig is up" and police are

"looking into this matter", using the word "matter", rather than "crime."

This would dissuade the author from collecting money; instead, send her to the therapist's office for protection.

Next up:

How police might handle this!


Peter Hyatt said...

I posed this question to investigators:

"How would you like to be the one sent to the author?"

If the author is a family member...

"Uh, hello, yes, well, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that we have determined that there is no real threat to you and you do not need to be in fear of anyone hating you, as of now, and wanting you to move out."


What's the bad news?

"Well, I , uh, we have, well, we have determined that you, uh, you may not have told us everything you know about the letter and we, I, we would like you to take a polygraph."


"Oh, ok, ma'am. We will leave. It's just that you need to know that you may be facing criminal charges and if we prove that you falsely blamed white citizens of Lindenhurst, portraying them as ignorant racists, some might be angry..."

I can only imagine how difficult this could be.

In Charlie Rogers' case, police quickly distances themselves from her, causing her to know that they suspected her. This softened the blow.


John mcgowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John mcgowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John mcgowan said...

Surely she/he has read or has heard through the grapevine that some people are not taking this note seriously and believe it was written by either a family member and or someone close to the family.

If this is the case. Then why not come out publicly and issue a reliable denial.

I didn't/did not write the racist note/letter that was mailed to me, or something of that ilk?

Sus said...

I'm paraphrasing here, but the woman who found the letter 'We're not moving, AND IF WE DO it won't be because of the letter.' That says it all.

I hope investigators have asked members of the family about arguments and/or discussions about moving. My guess is they've had some. I think you mentioned that, also, Peter.

I would also question the mother on why she first mentioned someone at the school as the author. This ties into where her grandchildren attend. Did it come up in discussions about what's best for the children? Did someone in the family mention it could be school personnel? Does anyone in the family feel their school is not the correct experience for the children?

The author of this letter is not only harming the community, but her own family. She didn't mind taking security from her family for her gain...albeit possibly feeling she is doing it for the betterment of the family.

Jen said...

Well, I accomplished what I set out to do except come across as a b***h- but before I continue, I want to apologize to everyone. I was rude. I was settling in a cranky mood and took it out here. I certainly could have handled it better. I'm sorry.

To explain: It seemed to me as if there were some pile on drive-by comments here throwing anyone and everyone into the deceptive basket. The one about the police officer was the first trigger and the Duggars lit the short fuse. I have family in LE and I'm so tired of the media being so blatant in their deception, then to have comments pile on is very frustrating. I, like many, saw the number 3 in the number of attackers and my heart sank. However, I hold out hopes that there is dash cam footage, the plate being called in to dispatch and the presence of blood on the dog besides the officer's.

To Jen Ow- Perfect. Thank you. It was the details in your post that I was hoping for. I intentionally was vague or changed details to light a fire under somebody to do more than a drive by comment. All of this being said there is still no excuse for my rude post.

Lis said...

Don't you feel as though the letter may be giving away her own feelings? She is very aware she is in the minority according to her race. She feels like she doesn't belong there, she would be more comfortable in another town, somewhere that she is surrounded by her own race, people who feel familiar/comfortable to her. I.e., these are her own feelings, her own insecurities.
Even the statement by her mother fits; she is the one who needs to get out, to meet people, to make friends with her neighbors and lose the hypersensitivity to race, just see people as human beings.
Is this possible?

Peter Hyatt said...


I think that there are those who are concerned that the family recognize that police have a rather distant view of this "event", including noting that they have not called it a crime.

I saw some angry comments from family supporters "doubting" that police would "investigate", judging by wording.

This puts the police in a "no win" situation.

The family can cry "racism!" if police do not prove conclusively that the letter came from them, or with their knowledge or cooperation.

If the family tries to fund raise, they risk elevating criminal charges.

It is one thing for investigators to know the truth, and another for them to convince the district attorney's office to press charges and then...

it is still another thing to prove it to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt...

in the post Casey Anthony juror world!


Red Meat said...

Did anyone notice her flier for the cooking event?

All caps, centered, good punctuation. Has something bolded w/ different color in middle of flier. Includes "TIME:" and "FOR INFO:"

Peter Hyatt said...

Thanks, Redmeat!

Jen Ow said...

Good Catch!

Jen Ow said...

It's also all capitalized!

(Other than the words in the cartoon logo)