Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saying "Goodbye" In Homicides

Within a statement of a familiar homicide, we note the inclusion of "Goodbye", often with a term of endearment.

This often points to the time of death.

The reason being is that the person writing out the statement, while attempting to deceive, struggles because the homicide is in the perpetrator's mind.

In strange occurrence, the perp often includes such things as, "I said, 'see ya, Babe' and left."

This can often indicate, within the statement, the time of death.

This news story doesn't contain a statement but highlights the theme of how it would, possibly, translate to language as the mother 'recalls', even while attempting to deceive, what happened:

Cops: Mom kissed baby before tossing him off bridge to death

ALLENTOWN, Pa. –  A woman gave her 1-year-old son a kiss before shoving him off a bridge into a river and jumping in after him, authorities said Monday as they announced she was being charged with homicide.
Johnesha Monae Perry, 19, is charged with killing Zymeir Perry, of Allentown, who died Saturday, Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said.
Police said Perry told them she intended to kill her son when she threw him off the Hamilton Street Bridge in Allentown.
Authorities did not reveal a potential motive. Her public defender declined to comment.
The child fell more than 50 feet into the Lehigh River. Police pulled him out about 700 yards downstream, but he had no pulse. The child "appeared to be engorged with water and had a swollen face," according to court documents.
Emergency personnel eventually revived him, but he was declared brain dead six days later and removed from life support.
An autopsy performed Monday found he died from complications of blunt force trauma and drowning.
Perry jumped in after pushing him over the railing, according to court documents. She was found along the riverbank and taken to a hospital, then to jail, where she is being held without bail. Zymeir's organs have been donated, according to Martin.


Anonymous said...

@Peter- I am confused a little. I read, "The mother attempted to deceive" what happened. I do not see this...can you expand?

I read the mother kissed the baby before throwing him off bridge and she admits she killed him... Where does the deceive come into play? Thanks

trustmeigetit said...

OT repost by another. Peter this is one that I think seems like a reliae denial but would love your feedback.

John-wasn't sure if Peter saw but I think this one is hard to tell. But you may be right that he didn't say he didn't "kill" her.

John mcgowanMay 8, 2015 at 5:46 PM


A young Colorado mother is shot in the head with her own gun after a New Year's Eve party gone wrong - but who pulled the trigger

This is a partial interrogation of Tom Fallis. What do you guys make of it?


In the early morning hours of New Years Day 2012, officers from the Evans Police Department responded quickly to the call from the Fallis home. It's a small department, with 36 officers.

Evans is a peaceful, low-crime community, says Police Chief Rick Brandt.

"I don't think we've had an armed -- maybe one or two armed robberies here since I've been her in almost eight years," said Chief Brandt.

Even though Tom Fallis had called in the shooting as a suicide, police brought him in for questioning early that morning, while his parents watched the children. Investigators were suspicious right away, because neighbors said they heard yelling. Fallis was questioned by Detective Rita Wolf:

Det. Wolf: Then she's telling you to get off of her.

Tom Fallis: I wasn't on her.

Det. Wolf: Why do you think someone said that? They could hear her vividly saying, "get off me, get off me."

Tom Fallis: I wasn't on her.

Det. Wolf: So somebody's just making that up, Tom?

Tom Fallis: My wife never told me to get off of her.

Det. Wolf: When you went upstairs and you were arguing with her. The wound on the back of her head isn't where she could do it herself, Tom. It's not.

Tom Fallis [pounding table]: Oh bulls---! Bulls--- Bulls--- Bulls---! I didn't shoot my wife!

Investigators also searched his body and noticed scratches on his chest. Fallis says he scratched himself:

Tom Fallis to police: Because I just shaved my chest. I just shaved it, because I've never done it before ... I'm sitting there going like this with my shirt. Because it itches, it scratches.

Fallis gets increasingly agitated as Wolf continues her questioning:

Tom Fallis: You're accusing me of killing my wife. I'm not supposed to get upset? That doesn't make sense...

Det. Wolf: You were upset before this.

Tom Fallis: Yeah, 'cause I've been here the whole time.

Det. Wolf: You are known to blow off the handle, is what they're saying.

Tom Fallis: I didn't shoot Ashley. I did not shoot my wife. I didn't shoot the mother of my kids"

Although he Says "I didn't shoot Ashley. I did not shoot my wife. I didn't shoot the mother of my kids" He doesn't say. I did not kill my wife?

The full transcript of the show is below.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

thanks.. I will look into it.

Sara said...

I think Peter included the story of an actual goodbye before a murder to illustrate how common "Goodbye's" are before murder. This plays out in statement analysis as the subject includes reference to a "goodbye" in their statement.
Ironically, I will always recall my last goodbye to my father before his untimely death from natural causes. It had a surreal quality as he walked down the driveway, fading from the illumination of the side door light, enveloped in the darkness and a light snow fall. It was like a scene out of a movie. I never saw him alive again.

GeekRad said...

That sounds like reliable denial to me. The pronoun "I" didn't shoot (the act in question) and the subject in this order: Ashley, my wife, he mother of my kids. Ashley by name, role as wife, role as mother. If he said didn't kill her it might not be a reliable denial (I shot her but didn't kill her, the gun did.) I am going to have to read the whole transcript but I think it passes Statement Analysis 101. I am looking forward to everyone's analysis.

trustmeigetit said...

Geekrad, I took picked up on the proper social introduction. At least it seemed proper.

I record dateline, 48 hours and forensic files every since I discover statement analysis and 98% of the time I think they got it right.

This was the first one in a long time that didn't seem guilty to me.

Really looking forward to Peter's and others analysis.

GeekRad said...

Peter's analysis is up. I haven't read it yet as I am going through the 48 hours interviews to get the bigger picture- the written and then I will watch. But I think possibly in the context of the bigger picture he had a reliable denial, but was still deceptive. That she was possibly holding the gun to her head and they struggled as he tried to stop her and the gun accidentally fired. he could say I didn't shoot her and be deceptive about the struggle being the cause of the shooting. This is going to be a really good one for the lesson!