Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Cruel Nature of a Liar

                              Some cruelty is beyond description, but I will give it try.

No parent should ever outlive his or her child; it is just a rule that doesn't always hold true.  For Tricia Norman, the dam broke and the worst was realized:  her 12 year old little girl, Rebecca, took her own life, after struggling with mental health issues and incessant bullying.

What could anyone say to a mother who has lost her little girl in such a way?  Had Rebecca had cancer, their community might have rallied around her, used words like, "heroic" and the support, itself, would have mitigated at least some of the pain.

No such reactions come when the disease is of the mind, and parents, left bereft of their child's life, only have self blame.

In interviewing parents who have, through one event or another, outlived their own children, I don't think a single one of them didn't blame themselves.

Even the parents of a murdered child openly blamed themselves saying, "If I had told her she wasn't allowed to go", or "If I had not taken that job, we would not have moved where she was killed..." and so on.

Parents find a way to blame themselves, but how much more so when it is that a child suffers from depression, knowing that environmental factors are always scrutinized, leaving the parent with the unending sleepless nights of,

"What if...?"

"What if I had done this, done that, moved away, checked her phone, stopped the video game, didn't let her walk home, didn't go to the store..." and on and on and on it goes, like a private tormentor whispering in the bleeding parent's wounded heart, at the very time when most of us are peacefully sleeping, refreshing our bodies and minds, while the hurting parent ages 7 days for our 1.

I will add another, "What if?" to the equation of pain:

What if you or I had lost our precious 12 year old to suicide from depression, triggered finally by bullying, and were broken beyond repair, doing all we could, not to heal, but to just summon the courage to get out of bed and...breath; what if...

at the very time you began to recognize that you were, in fact, clinically grieving, with the slightest glimmer of light at the end of a dark tunnel that says that you, too, might live and not end your own life, to be with your daughter, when the seemingly most cruel cut is lanced into you when someone suddenly stands up and says, "You're the mother of a murderer! "



Such a ridiculous remark is ignored except that it came from a "psychic."

If you have followed Statement Analysis for any length of time, you know that it is more accurate than a polygraph, and that it not only discerns deception from truth, but it reveals content.  You also have seen the contempt that the liar holds for the world at large:  with the expectation that you and I are too stupid to see through their lies.  It is the essence of the personality of the liar which is why there is no familiarity with the language of humility.

Statement Analysis is the scientific study of words; "scientific" indicating that the same principles applied to the same wording should reveal the same results, no matter how often it is repeated.

This is to such a degree that I encourage budding analysts to have a healthy "scientific skepticism" applied while learning.

Having known these things you also have read that "psychics" do not exist.  When their words are tested, the deception is indicated:  they did not "talk" to your dead loved one; they did not "see" what happened; they have never found a missing person, and they have the same personality traits of anyone who fabricates reality, except take that narcissistic, condescending personality and put it on steroids, and you'll meet a 'psychic.'

While Tricia was in the process of grieving and attempting to survive the almost-unsurvivable, a 'psychic' claimed that she "saw" Rebecca's sister "murder" Rebecca.

The "visionary" has the same first name as the deceased, giving her extreme narcissism a jolt:  she began a "campaign" under the thinly masked veneer of "reopening" the suicide case and change it to murder:

based upon the lie of a "vision" she had.

Why is it that mental illness is an excuse when inflicting such devastating harm upon another?

In the "psychic's" pathology, the need to be "unique" and "special" is not what the general population experiences.  It is not even close.

This form of deceiver craves to be the center of attention in a way that can become dangerous; particularly so when she is given the life sentence of "inconsequential" by being challenged as a "liar."

Face Book has given birth to an army of such liars who band together to "support" each other's "gifts" and the result is a small group of very angry narcissists who can "see" what the eyes cannot see, "hear" what the ears cannot hear, and communicate with those who's lives have been cut off.  For all their thousands and thousands of "visions", not one has ever found a missing person.

In Tricia's case, these exploitive liar got so much attention in cyber-stalking, that she gained what it was that she was after, from the very beginning:

She got herself on national television.

She has a little support group on Face Book now, due to this infamy, and posts incessantly hateful, vile, disrespectful and vulgar words, seeking to torment a family who has had to move from grieving and a mission to highlight bullying, to self defense and the realization that:   the liar is not going away unless there is some form of psychiatric intervention, which removes her from a computer, and, perhaps, gives her treatment that may yield some self awareness; just enough to show her how much she has needlessly harmed an already irreparably harmed human life.

When my second son was about to be born, I received a late night call that my nephew was in the hospital in Boston.  He was 5 years old, a darling of a little boy, who looked like, walked like and talked like his father, my brother.

I furiously drove from New York to Boston only to make it in time to see him taken off the apparatus that kept him artificially alive.

I named my son after him.

He was a healthy, robust, comedic little fella who loved life, but who, one day, just threw up.

He threw up again.

And again.

And again.

Dehydrating, he was rushed to the local hospital, air lifted to Boston, where he died very much a mysterious death.

The autopsy revealed a congenital twisting of his intestines and doctors were surprised he had lived as long as he had.

My brother, somehow, made it through the attempts on his own life, and was able to go on.  It is a remarkable testament to strength.

In those first critical days, months and even years when he either attempted to take his own life, or strongly wished to, what would have happened to him if the cruelest of human beings; the "psychic" had "gone public" demanding a new autopsy, exhuming the remains of my nephew, claiming that my own brother has somehow caused his death?

What if my brother was faced with this, when already he was finding creative ways to blame himself for that which was congenital?  Who would have thought to put a child that is healthy through exploratory surgery, for example, "just to make sure everything is okay"?

No one.

No doctor.

Danny had been raised in a loving, idealistic family home in beautiful New Hampshire, along with his father, mother and little brother.  He was not only a picture of health, but of contentment living the American dream.  My brother had been a firefighter who had his own business on the side, which outgrew his full time work and...well, you get the picture.  The son of a salesmen, one of ten siblings from a lower middle class family, he worked 18 hour days to "build" the dream.

When Danny died, he could no longer maintain his business.  Hell, he couldn't maintain his next breath.  He was, like parents of deceased children, searching for even a single reason not to end his life.

At that moment, or any moment in those horrible days, had a "psychic" said she had a "vision" showing that he or someone in his family "murdered" little Danny, he would have ended his life.


My brother would have killed himself.

Can you measure the immeasurably selfish and self serving evil found within this "psychic" who is doing such harm to the vulnerable so that she can be of consequence in this life?

She is an example that I can use in training businesses with the warning:  you do not know just how far a liar will go in harming you, your reputation, your business, your employees, and your life.

Nothing matters but the self.  Nothing. The liar will steal, yes, but the liar will also "fall", and be "discriminated against" in the Fake Hate scenarios, or be "harassed" and so on.  Anything to get the lying hands upon money that those hands did not earn.  This is what liars do:  they are self driven at all times.

They feign "care" or "concern" but it is just that:  an act.  They imitate the language of empathy, but their actions belie their words. The odds of professional intervention bringing it to an end are too slim to mention; only exhaustion from the public will result.

No police report, no law enforcement assurance, nor even being confronted with facts, or affirmations of the deception will persuade her.


Even if the family were to destroy itself, she would have no remorse because she knows what you and I know:

the "vision" is a lie.

The pain of this family has given this selfish individual a "cause" to live for:  the destruction of another while deceptively capturing it as "justice."


If people of faith are correct, she will meet justice and she will then pay for the pain she has inflicted upon those already suffering.

Recently, I wrote about how "psychics" prey upon the vulnerable:  they claim they can find their missing loved one, or claim they "know" what happened and so on.  Social media has given them the platform they crave and the lack of scientific evidence be damned, they get a following.

In the bigger scheme of history, it matters little and will not be remembered for much beyond a chuckle of ignorance of "those days" when a few made money off the many, but for the mother of a deceased 12 year old little girl, it is a world of hurt; her world, her history, her life, of a disrupted grieving process.

They have a "Go Fund Me" page seeking to be able to dedicate their lives to getting bullying to become so unpopular that they might save even one family from the hell that they have tasted.  Its a noble gesture, though I openly opine here that perhaps they should consider changing the mandate of what they will do with the money, and report that they need money to hire a lawyer to protect them, and perhaps some security measures that are expensive, but useful, against whatever bullying action one of the "psychics's" followers may seek to do to gain his or her own notoriety that is so clinically craved.

I say this knowing that once exposed, the liar can become desperate.

It is not that she "lied" so much, it is that she, herself, has been unveiled as a fraud.  She has been "undone" and revealed, hence, her purpose in life, utterly derailed by the truth. She thus loses her following.

The "psychic" craves attention, and getting her name in print, and getting her self on a nationally known television show only makes it worse; much worse, as success breeds success.  Note some of the nonsense on "reality" television.  It never ends well.

Whether it is the fake "televangelist" who claims "secret info", or the "Long Island medium" deception:  even proving them as deceptive often does not derail them.  One "evangelist" was found, years ago, with a small blue tooth like device (before blue tooth) giving him his "spiritual knowledge" directly. One might think after this exposure he would dry up and go away.

He did.

He is back on television and he still has a following.

Other methods do not generally yield much success.  Things such as "putting the psychic to the test" will often not discourage the following, and this is for good reason:  they are not simply deceived, but  willfully self deceived, for, after all, they "share the same gift", the same "intuitiveness", or "vision" that the leader follows, and are willing to bask in peripheral attention, if they cannot get attention on their own.

The followers long to be "included" in the "special club" and even may think they are "learning" to hear without ears, see without eyes, and so on.  The ingathering of information beyond the human senses is a lie.  It has been long practiced, even in antiquity, with a stead stream of evil result which is why it has been condemned in even religious circles.

They come out of the woodwork like rodents carrying disease in a plague ripe land, ready to spread death wherever they go, and they do not like the sunlight of truth exposing them.

I read just enough fabrications of reality to know:  the threat posed is real.  Counter steps should be taken for self protection.

It is their call, of course, and they may already have taken solid steps to protect themselves from the "Face Book Psychics" predators, and can concentrate their efforts and dedicate their lives to, in Rebecca's own name, helping other families in such vulnerable states.

May God have mercy.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article! Will the "liar" read it, or deflect. So sorry to hear about you brothers plight, and loss of a nephew! This is sad, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I worked with a woman for two years who had a son addicted to drugs and alcohol. She tried to save him. Each time he disappeared, she missed work to search for him. Sometimes she missed work to watch him so he did not do drugs or drink that day. She checked him into a facility many times but he would leave.

When he died from an overdose, she cried that she could have done more...What more could she have done?

She slowly lost her mind after his death. At night his voice haunted her -- screaming for her to rescue him or asking her why she didn't do more to help him when he was alive.

We did our best to comfort her but we did not know the words to say to her.

In thinking about the televangelist, I fell hook, line, and sinker for one when I was in my early twenties.

A friend and I became "groupies" with several others we met over that period of time in my life and we traveled to every single meeting of a televangelist. We received special parking, had backstage access, interacted on a personal level with his staff, and received VIP seating.

When my friend (who was incredibly beautiful) was invited to his house, I told her to tell him and his wife that the men who work for him in his meetings preyed on broken women by taking advantage of them sexually. When she returned from visiting him, she said his response was that it was not his problem.

Sometimes, when he televised parts of meetings he said things happened that did not happen. Sometimes, the confirmation statements of giving reflected less than what I gave when I gave in cash.

It took me a long time to understand and accept that I fell for a false doctrine and I was nothing more than a groupie. We were given things so we could be used when needed not because God thought we were special and wanted to make us evangelists/ministers one day.

We need to be careful of liars and deceivers. They cause suffering that may result in years of recovery or not recovering at all. Over a decade later, my beautiful friend is still trying to recover from what she experienced.

Statement analysis helps to detect these liars and deceivers by analyzing what is said. I have used your techniques at work, in church, and in relationships. It gives me peace of mind to hear something in one of those settings and know for a fact that yes, the truth was just told.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I can only hope that her remaining followers see this. The more she gets called out, the worse she gets. Yesterday she even claimed the daughter had been arrested and the police were, at that moment, looking for the mother as they had a warrant for her arrest. None of this was true. When she got called out on that lie, with proof, of course she said everyone but her was lying. I have never seen anything so viscous and baffling In my life. I just hope this ends now so the Normans can finally grieve.

Annonymous17 said...

Great article.

Could you do some statement analysis on the Dr. Phil update regarding the Dylan Redwine case? Mark Redwine appeared by phone and as usual came across and 100% guilty.

I read one behavior analysis blog in particular and am surprised that she doesn't think Mark Redwine harmed his son. She must be the only person in US who thinks that and it makes me question her abilities.

Anonymous said...

The thing that I find most disturbing, are the nimrods who buy into this person's lies. No matter how many times it is proven that she is a liar, they are there to defend and spew their vulgarity towards anyone who dare show just how much of a fraud and vile person this liar really is. How weak and gullible does a person have to be to not see through the lies and grandstanding of this rat?

GetThem said...

Maybe with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, these Frauds will start to be unmasked and there will be a new law to stop them in their tracks. Whether that means jail time, or mental health evaluations that lead to forced hospital stays or public hangings. Okay, well maybe not the latter...

Skeptical said...

TV also helps perpetrate the belief in psychics with programs such as Medium, Psychic Detectives, and Psychic Investigators. They always make the circustances fit the psychics vision.

Lis said...

This story hits a nerve for me, those who pretend to have some inside spiritual line to promote their own lies are repugnant.

on a lighter note, here is an amusing story about a deceiver who got his comeuppance...

Netcrimes said...

I saw that TV show and I was appalled at this woman's behavior. To do this to the mother of a child who killed themselves is unconscionable. I don't know how this woman can sleep at night with the lies, libel and slander she is slinging around. My heart goes out to Tricia and her family and I hope she finds peace soon.

Anonymous said...

This woman who has dragged this family through the mud with false allegations should be locked up. Her only reason for anything she does is to seek attention. Then she cries and blames everyone and his Uncle for what people are saying about her.

She put herself into the spotlight. I only hope she will be made to stop, so this family can move forward in peace.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know, "her" from childhood right up to adulthood. I must say that yes, she certainly is a narrcisit with a sorted past BUT, HOW DO YOU FIND A DEAD PERSON, ALONE, A CHILD NO LESS, NO WITNESSES AND NO REAL INDICATION TO AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME SUICIDE? BUT WITH ONLY THE MOTHER'S PROFESSION OF SUICIDE, CASE CLOSED........NEXT?

Anonymous said...

I did not say "hey my child is missing, she took her own life". The detectives asked questions and we answered them. I even expressed multiple times that as far as I knew, the bullying stopped months prior. During the investigation, "disappearing apps" were found, erased texts recovered, etc. When they were talking to the few kids who lived within the school district, they revealed things I did not know and some I did. There is MUCH more that was done or said that didn't make it into the reports. I struggle daily, go back and forth with what I believe but a couple of thing remains the same through it all: my daughter is gone forever and I may never know the truth of what happened, and I love my daughter and would never harm her nor allow anyone else to!