Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Katelyn Markham: Taken Too Soon Interview Part One

Katelyn Markham went missing at age 22 and public statements made by her fiancé' John Carter showed deception about what happened to her. 

This is from the documentary, "Taken Too Soon."  

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Nic said...

At this point, I think LE should go for it and polygraph/interrogate John Carter along with every person at the confidential waste burning/bonfire that night.


Katrina said...

Interesting analysis Peter! I enjoyed watching!

Katrina said...

Also, you do have a natural gift for teaching statement analysis...I remember when I first started reading here years ago I was quite captivated by the statement analysis lessons. I think it would be quite difficult to teach statement analysis, as, although I believe I have a grasp of statement analysis basics after reading here for several years, I find it quite difficult to illustrate the concepts in written language...your ability to articulate things clearly, vividly and comprehensively is noteworthy. I think the FBI should hire you as a teacher! I think teaching statement analysis requires a quick, sharp mind as well as obviously language skills, a literary background is beneficial as well as the patience to pace oneself and make concepts come alive...I don't believe many people possess those skills! A job well done Peter!!! You are a very good teacher!!!

Nic said...


If you would like Peter to do analysis, it's up to you to provide a transcription of what it is you would like analyzed. If something Donald Trump says really pings your hinky metre, you have to be the one to provide him with the transcription.

Peter has blogged more than once that he has no time to listen to videos and transcribe what is said for analysis. What you read here, what is analyzed, is what participants have sent him directly. Myself included.


Which Lies Matter? said...

Black Lives Matters condemning the Ohio State police officer who shot the Islamic terrorist to death.


Misha said...

This is an interview with Tina Barrett, a lawyer, who runs a site that covers Katelyn's disappearance. In it she is basically saying that for some unknown reason, although there is evidence to follow that was available from early on and her and others alerting the police, they failed to take action. She also stated that she is very grateful that the body was foud in Indiana because (in so many words) the local investigators now have to pull their finger out and follow up all the evidence.