Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Statement Analysis Christmas Quiz

2013's Flu for Christmas

1.  Isaiah 9:6

6 "For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

Question:  What is the difference between "child" and "son"?

Question:  is this consistent throughout the Scriptures?   (explain) 

Hint:  view original language 

2.  Weakening Sensitivity 

"I am happily married" is very strong. 
"I am very happily married" makes happiness sensitive.  Perhaps the subject is more happy than he thought he would be; or perhaps he was most unhappy before this.   
"I am very very happily married" begins the pathway of weakening with
"I am very very very happily married" calling out for a good divorce attorney.  

In the Gospels, Christ said, "Truly, Truly..." or "Verily, Verily" in some statements, but not in others. 
Q.  Does this show weakness?
You must explain and defend your answer. 
Hint:  view original language. 

Merry Christmas!  


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole. The Bibles warns us about "not splitting" hairs" leading to "much bickering and disputing...."

Just my thoughts...

Kellie said...

In the words "Verily, Verily" I perceive an intense desire to convince, because of the seemingly illogical nature of the spiritual laws Jesus was conveying. He REALLY wanted us to know the truth of the matter!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! :D :D

GetThem said...

My guess is that verily, verily is a start to a strong statement and that because it is repeated it is sensitive. I've never seen any of your analysis on repeating words like in this scenario. So... maybe because the sentence starts off with 2 strong, sensitive, repeated words, the information that follows is important to Christ, or a speaker with similar words.

GetThem said...

..."similar words" meaning words like verily, verily. Maybe as in: "please, please!!"

Anonymous said...

Jesus, in speaking to humanity, got down on the level of those he was speaking too in his desire to reach out to them so they might hear and understand.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Another hint:

Use statement analysis. Don't bend rules.

Look at original languages. The answers might fascinate you.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


If it was "listen, listen" and "this is reality important!" it would weaken the words without "verily, verily" or "truly, truly", so it is not emphasis added.

yet another hint:

there may be some translations that give away the answer!

Buckley said...

I agree with Kellie on verily, verily

A "child" is the small being of the parents; "son" implies something greater, not just to parents, but to the community, a "servant."

GetThem said...

"For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given."

Right, so why the change from Child to Son? A son being "given" is way more intimate than "a child born" to us. Maybe "child" introduces the subject and then the excitement builds when told a "son is given to us." Then the excitement continues to build with the explanation of who the Son is and his magnificent description.

Something I just thought of is that all Jewish first born sons belong to God, but THIS Son is a gift to all, to gentiles and Jews alike... to anyone that will accept him.

So if "verily, verily" is not for "emphasis added," as you said Peter, then I can't imagine why it would be said twice. I'm stumped why anything can be said twice without it being done for added emphasis.

Thank you for the Christmas SA and Merry Christmas to everyone here, you, your family and of course Dexter.

Anonymous said...

Simple explanation, Get Them:

Gods' thoughts are not mans' thoughts. Gods' thoughts are higher than mans.

It's a good thing it is, otherwise we would all be doomed.

GetThem said...

Thank you Anon but that answer is not Statement Analysis. I agree tho, good thing! Merry Christmas.

Kellie said...

The Greek work for verily is Ahmn! Ohmmmmm I see. ;) Amen. It is so! It is true!

Sus said...

Christ was of two natures...the CHILD in human form as suggested by being BORN to earth and the SON, who was GIVEN by his Heavenly Father. I think this usage is consistent throughout Scripture. Using SON connects Christ to God and his Heavenly form.

i have to think about "verily, verily." It seems it would weaken the following words. The words that follow are always, "I say unto you." Which seems to weaken it further. Could it be that Christ knew his words would not be accepted and what his ultimate purpose on Earth was? I don't know.

Apple said...

"Child" is associated with risk, danger. Appropriate since Jesus was killed on a cross.

Anonymous said...

I think it is really admirable the way posters here are gingerly walking around the teachings and sayings of Jesus without attempting to tear apart and destroy them. Jesus knew what He was doing, what He was saying, who He was talking too, from wench He came and where He was going, and why.

Specific details of the coming of Christ, the origins of His lineage and His life and death are spoken of indepth throughout the Old Testament, centuries prior to His coming birth and death. At the end of the Old Testament there are four hundred years of blackout/blankness with nothing in the scriptures during those four hundred years or concerning them (it could be that during this period God turned his back on mankind, sorry that he ever created them); then begins the New Testament which clearly defines the beginnings of those teachings and prophesies given in the Old Testament detailing the birth and life of Christ up to His death and the manner of His death, burial and resurrection.

Nothing weakens the Words of Christ; they are what they are and are meant to be as they are. We can either accept it or reject it. Our choice, believe His words or not; however, to tear His words apart and spit them out would be a great mockery and blasphemy against the holy ghost/spirit and against Jesus the only begotten Son of God; to do so being the one unforgivable sin.

I say we walk on in fear and trembling ("... the fool sayest in his heart there is no God..."); with utmost respect and in awe of the one who came to show us the way back to God and save us from the wrath to come.

John Mc Gowan said...

Merry Christmas Peeps :-)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Merry Christmas, all!

kellie: bingo.

Q. To Whom do we say "Amen" to?

A. To Divinity

Q. What was Christ thus claiming?

A. _________________________

To Lemon:


Follow through: two Hebrew words, with "child" associated with risk, and "son" (or lad) post weaning, safe, etc.

Now, see if you can find one "deviation" from this.

Hint: it is not a "deviation", but on the surface it would appear!


John Mc Gowan said...

I'm thinking. Does, subjective internal dictionary (SID) come into play here ?

Anonymous said...


This is not a statement analysis of Christmas. This is an analysis of some words of Jesus. They are not the same thing.

Tania Cadogan said...

Merry Christmas one and all and a happy new year xx

Tania Cadogan said...

Why does this make me go hmmmm?

WOOSTER, Ohio – With no cash to offer their burglars, an Ohio couple was robbed of their four puppies on Christmas morning instead.

A Wayne County sheriff's captain says three men slipped through an unlocked sliding door at a northeast Ohio home at around 6 a.m. Thursday.

Authorities say the suspects confronted a 32-year-old man in semirural Chippewa Township. They say the man was struck in the face with a handgun, and a 21-year-old woman was held up at gunpoint.

When the suspects' demands for cash weren't met, the men scooped up 3-week-old Cane Corso puppies and fled. Cane Corsos are an Italian mastiff-type dog that can serve as watchdogs and hunters.

Capt. Doug Hunter says the puppies' chances of survival are slim because they're not yet weaned. The puppies' mother wasn't taken.

John Mc Gowan said...

"three men" Maybe ?

Tania Cadogan said...

yep and three week old puppies.

Even the dimmest burglar isn't going to steal such tiny puppies since they know they wouldn't be weaned and would need feeding every couple of hours at least.
If they tried to sell them that young even the dimmest would say hang on aren't these a bit small/young?

How can it be a burglary if the men confronted the victims and demanded money?
Wouldn't that make it robbery and they are thus robbers?

Next, why would they attempt to burgle a property at 6 am?
Burglars work at night often after midnight and the early hours since they know their victims will likely be sleeping.
At 6 am their victims are likely to be awake if working early shifts.

Since, it was christmas morning, how were the 'burglars' not to know the whole family would be up especially if there had been children present.
The expected would be christmas eve at best since all the presents would be under the tree in readiness.
Demands for cash?
It's christmas, most people would be skint and it isn't likely there would be hoards of cash lying around.

I have been unable to find any video of the victims (mainly because i want to see if he has any marks on his face from being struck by a gun)
I have also been unable to find any description so far of the alleged abductors, all i can find is the same story pretty much word for word on the media pages.

I wonder what is not being said.

C5H11ONO said...

I would say that because this was written after Jesus’ death and translated from Isaiah’s words, that there would be a loss of what the message was even slightly because it was translated from another language. One would have to delve into the scribe’s life to determine what they were interpreting. I would say that there was sympathy when translating because of Jesus’ fate and knowledge of what happened to him. Additionally, child is being related to baby since it is “born” and after birth it becomes a “son” since it was a male. I would say that if there wasn’t consistency it doesn’t make it unreliable precisely because of the various “translators” and scribes involved each with different personalities, past and history behind each.
PS-Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! :-)

patrice said...

Here you go Tania Cadogan...a bit more could very well be about drugs.

Three puppies nabbed from Doylestown area home on Christmas morning

By THOMAS DOOHAN Staff WriterPublished: December 27, 2014 4:00AM

DOYLESTOWN -- Puppies at a Doylestown area home were yapping Christmas morning, but it wasn't because Santa was dropping in a little late. It was because three men, a couple of them reportedly armed, broke into their home and nabbed them.

A resident who lives in the 12000 block of Black Diamond Road reported to Wayne County Sheriff's deputies at about 5:50 a.m. he heard the dogs barking, and when he went to investigate, he found three men had broken into the house.

"He was struck in the face by one of the three men," Capt. Doug Hunter said, adding the resident received cuts and abrasions.

The resident reported seeing three black males, two of whom appeared to have handguns.

Hunter said the men demanded money, but no cash was at hand. Referencing three Cane Corso puppies in the room, Hunter said, one man reportedly said, "Here is some cash," and took the puppies.

The captain said the resident had planned to sell the puppies for $1,500 each.

The owner of the puppies was treated for his injuries and Hunter said the concern is now for the safety of the puppies, which are only 3 weeks old.

"Without an experienced caretaker ... their chances of survival are very small," Hunter said.

The crime seems to be an isolated incident, Hunter said, but the Sheriff's Office wants to bring the case to a conclusion because of the safety of the puppies and the violent nature of the crime.

Any information pertaining to the case should be reported to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office at 330-287-5758 or emailed to Hunter at

The call came into the Wayne County Sheriff's Office at 6 a.m. Christmas morning. No other agencies were involved, but were alerted of the crime.

Reporter Thomas Doohan can be reached at 330-287-1635 or

Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks Patrice.

Now it is 3 black men, again no description.
Is this akin to the generic bushy haired stranger/ obligatory black man descriptions?

Why would they be burglarising at that time of the morning when people would probably be awake?

I wonder how much the pups were really worth if the owner was planning on selling them for $1500 each.
WE aren't told the dogs actual worth, only what he was planning on selling them for, which is a big difference.
Without papers, the dogs are worth far less than registered pedigree pups.
Are we sure they were the full pedigree breed and not some crossbreed and he is perhaps looking for donations/insurance?

Why take only the puppies and not the mother as well given their age?
Common sense would be take the mom as well so she can continue feeding the pups and the 'burglars' would then have something o sell in 9 weeks time.
Why risk it all for pups that will likely die within days unless they have a surrogate mom or are willing to do feeds every couple of hours till fully weaned.

The puppies are 3 weeks old they wouldn't be barking at strangers.
They have only just begun to see and hear, it would, at best, be the normal puppy growls and yaps as they have just discovered they can make noises and will be interacting with each other.

There is a lot we aren't being told by the police and interestingly enough the 'victims'

I agree, i wouldn't be surprised if it were drugs or something else of a nefarious nature.
Bad debt perhaps?