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Amanda Blackburn Murder: Mentor Statement

The victim continues to be insulted.  

In Statement Analysis, we often find victims insulted, though only in subtle ways.  In many years, the only exception I have encountered was in the Heather Elvis murder by Tammy Moorer's open aggression towards her victim.  That is the exception.  Mostly we find subtle 'justification' via insult, even in child homicides:
"the baby would not take her food"
"you know how teens and hormones are..."
"if she would have just stopped crying..."

The human brain is quite good at shifting blame away from itself.  Sociopaths are no different:  they seek justification. 

In the many videos from the Amanda Blackburn murder case, we find degrading and humiliating insults from her husband, including depersonalization, sexual inadequacy, and so on.  

Even as she is now gone, this was sent to me today: 

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 4 hours ago
Amanda was not well-traveled, well-read, or well-to-do but the moment she stepped into eternity she heard, "Well Done"

This is to continue the subtle insult that is consistent in the videos. 

Two subjects close to Davey Blackburn who have spoken publicly are his mentor, Perry Noble,  and his best friend and former college roommate, Kenneth Wagnor.  

Both subjects have indicated 'concern' or suspicion about the husband in their own language.  

Here is what the mentor said. 

Statement Analysis listens to the words chosen, even in humor, as all words have an origin.  

In the public statement of his friend, he showed a genuine linguistic connection between himself and his wife, and the pain they felt in Amanda's murder. This is far more than the husband showed.  The friend/pastor spoke truthfully about pain, grief and loss, yet he showed his own doubt or suspicion, sensitivity over the alibi, and finally, in humor, showed his concern for Amanda, herself.  

In hindsight, those who felt that Davey was not good enough for Amanda have much of their own pain to deal with as their jokes in the form of 'warning' now echo in light of her murder.  

In Memorial services, there is an expectation that the focus will be:

a.  On the Resurrection of Christ from the dead; 
b.  On the attributes of the one being memorialized, which is Amanda.  

These are the expectations given the religious setting.  

Here is what the mentor said: 

On behalf of Davey and Amanda and his family I would like to thank you for taking some time out of a Sunday afternoon not to attend the funeral but to attend the celebration of someone’s life. So–, some people have funerals and some people have celebrations and in the 28 years that Amanda was with us she gave us a lot to celebrate, would you agree?

The subject signals that he will be "unconventional", which, once practiced, becomes the 'conventional.' This is a typical "us versus them" dichotomy where "some" go to "funerals" but "some" go to "celebrations." 

That the victim, Amanda, has given them reason to celebrate is put in the form of a question.  Therefore, we should expect this question to be answered throughout the message.

I want to thank those who are tuning in online and watching on Resonate church’s website . Um, I want to thank this church, Trader Point Church, for being just an unbelievable accommodating host and the way that the big C church has came together and has rallied around Davey and his family and supported them has been just a snapshot of what the body of Christ can be like when we decide to work together and rally around one man and his name is Jesus.

Please note that the mentor is well aware of the audience and reveals this awareness in his "thank you", prior to telling us what it is about Amanda that his question posed.

It is interesting to note that the subject associates "rallying" around "Davey" and "rally around one man", who would appear to be "Davey" but is, instead, "Jesus."

The indication of his connection is found in the unnecessary wording, "and his name is..." which shows a 'need' to explain who this is. 

Although his wife's killers were on the loose, the husband began to immediately capitalize on her death.  In his very first statement he not only failed to express love for her, but he expressed no fear of the killers, nor his unborn child, but he did invite people out.  The drive for success showed up in subsequent public statements and he even expressed personal disappointment when "16 people" had their "souls saved" because they "failed" to reach his set numerical goal for attendance.  We see now, in the mentor's own language, the same theme.  

Note "the big C" church.  

We now see if he will answer his initial question where he tells us about Amanda's life that is worth "celebrating":

I uh I first met Davey when he attended college. He attended Southern Wesleyan University which is close to the church where I pastor. And uh it was “Crazy Davey”, that’s kinda’ how I, um, referred to him in my mind, I don’t know if that’s proper or not but tha–, I have to remember people in certain ways, so he’s Crazy Davey, and um he came up to me one day and said, “would it be possible for you and I to, to go to lunch some time? I’ve got some friends, and they want to talk about starting a church". And um I took them to a, to a restaurant called Ryan’s, I’m not, do y’all have Ryan’s up here, Davey? It’s where I took starving college students who I wanted to impress but I didn’t have to spend a lot of money. 

Here we are not given any information about the Resurrection of Christ, nor about Amanda's life, but about "Davey."  This should be seen as a priority - as it gives specific information about Davey, but not Amanda.  

Next, what does he tell us about "Davey"?

a.  Note the inclusion of "I", not in relation to meeting Davey, but the inclusion of "I" where he, himself, pastors. 

b.  Note the introduction of the name or title, "Crazy Davey" is not only to rhyme with "Davey" but is in a derogatory sense of illogic, often used in humor.  Statement Analysis looks at the words used in humor.  What is it about him that has caused him to call him "crazy"?  Is it just the alliteration?  Or, is it something else?

We let the subject guide us to see if there is something "crazy" relating to mental health. 

"Someone would have to be crazy to have sex with her" and would have to be "sick in the head" said a suspect in the investigation of the rape of an elderly mentally retarded woman.  This led to,

"Do you have a mental health diagnosis?" which led, in the follow up interview, to an admission of a mental health diagnosis and eventually, a confession to the crime.   

"Crazy Davey"

1.  The mentor tells us the origin of this phrase:  "in my mind."  This is how he remembered Davey.  It was his phrase, a mnemonic, and

2. He recognizes the negative connection with, "that's proper or not", allowing for it to be "not" proper.  

The next portion of the statement has the focus upon him, and his desire to impress with the appearance of money, while saving money.  This is an insight into his "success" driven form of Christianity, which is why "unconventional" enters often the themes within the church:  "Conventional" Christianity does not focus upon money and numbers.  This is a form of "pragmatism" that does "whatever it takes to sell" and focuses upon numbers; however, in the subject's own language, he reveals that even when talking about building a church, the appearance of money is a priority.  Conventional Christianity, such as in mission work where one labors for years to save one soul, and rejoices over it, while Blackburn expressed more personal disappointment over the failure to reach "400 people in attendance" than he did over his wife's murder.  The mentor shows the similarity here.  We wait to see if he will return to Christ's Resurrection from the dead ("conventional Christianity") and "celebrating" Amanda's life.  

And they were highly impressed with me, and um, and we, we ate, I think they, uh, ate lunch and dinner, we tried to circle it around a time when we could have two meals ‘cuz they were college students, and Davey and his friends, they asked lots and lots and lots and lots of questions and they left and, um, 

Please note that there is no "Christ" (see the best friend/pastor's statement) and no "Amanda", but the focus continues on the mentor, himself, who acknowledges that "money impresses" where conventional Christianity would be impressed with knowledge, commitment, devout living, care for others over self, and so on.  

Note the use of "we" here:  the pronoun "we" connects him to the students who were "impressed with me"; which is to say that he will unify himself with those who he can impress.  

The setting, perhaps, needs to be reminded:  this is a memorial service for remembering Amanda, within a Christian context.  Thus far, it is void of both. 

He now reveals why he felt that Davey was "crazy":  

I remember thinking about Davey, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, um, I remember thinking about Davey, um, s–, something’s not right with that boy. I know I’m supposed to say nice things but I, I like said something’s not right. I thought it might be because he was an Alabama fan, um, and we still haven’t got that worked out, so there’s a matter of prayer that we’re going to have to take to the Lord, but I was like, something’s not right.

To learn what is important to someone, listen for pronouns and listen for repetition.  

"something's not right" is repeated three times here.  
"that" indicates distance (rather than "this", which shows closeness).  

This means that whatever he thought made him "crazy" caused him to distance himself from Davey.  

That he repeats it three times tells us how powerful this remembrance was.  This is to express acute concern about the mental status of Davey.  

This should be seen in the admission that it may not be proper for him to think this. 

Next the "fan" language:  even an attempt at humor is rebuffed by the word, "but."  
He uh, he graduated from college and I had a staff member approach me and said, um “there’s a guy named Davey Blackburn that we need to consider hiring on our staff.” 

Please note that the mentor further distances himself from Davey.  He does not take ownership of hiring Davey, but gives the additional and unnecessary "layer" with "a staff member" who thus can be 'blamed' as the initial meeting led the mentor to the acutely sensitive (repetition of 3) of something being wrong, not about the scenario nor the idea of a new church, but with the person, himself, Davey.  

I was like “Who?” He said, “Davey Blackburn, (unintelligible) those, he said “Crazy Davy”. And I was like, “Oh, we could hire Crazy Davy? Umm, okay. Maybe, I don’t know. And um, I, I didn’t know because there wasn’t, there was something just not quite right about him and I was just, I don’t know what this is, and so we went through some interviews and he passed and, um, I found out he was engaged. 

It was in the interview process that he "passed"; this is, specifically, in communication. 
When someone speaks of a sociopathic personality type, or even an anti-social personality type, they often remark what a "charmer" the person was; the person had the ability to talk some out out of their own convictions.  The charmer manipulates via language and has a powerful energetic presence but beneath it utterly lacks any true empathy for others:  he will micmic language and even attempt to cry, but "out of the abundance of the heart..." the words continue to reveal narcissistic thinking.  'It is all about him' the person says. 
People often feel like they cannot win an argument with the type and "he could sell air conditioners in Alaska" types.  

And one of the things I love to do is, as the pastor when we’re interviewing people, I love to meet the interviewee and, and their spouse, because, um if somebody joins your organization, that’s great, but if they bring crazy into the organization then they bring crazy to work with them every day. And so, we just try to identify crazy right from the start.

Note again the emphasis of self.  He was known as pastor, and instead of speaking of Amanda, he said "where I pastor" and now here he needs to assert himself "as the pastor" and the one who not only uses the appearance of money to impress, but to control the interview by orchestrating, "as the pastor" the spouse's inclusion.  

Please note the phrase, "bring crazy" is to further emphasize his concern about Davey's mental health impacting his own business (church) within his language.

And um and I was like, “Davey, I want to meet your fiancée, and, um, that will kinda’ be the final interview.” 

This is to further emphasize that bringing "crazy" would be a mistake.  

And he said “Okay.” And I never will forget where I was, I never will forget the first time I saw Amanda, and they walked in and I said, that thing that’s, hasn’t been quite right with Davey just got made right once she walked in the room. She truly was the person that completed him and made him a better man. And the thing I, the way I’ve described Davey and Amanda the past several days, is when Davey and Amanda walked into a room, you knew who Davy was, right away because he’s magnetic, he’s charismatic, he has that personality, and you would recognize Davey but you would remember Amanda when they left.

Here, the mentor tells us that Davey needed to be fixed, and completed and that this burden would fall upon Amanda.  

He then goes on to describe Davey as people often do with sociopathic personalities:  "magnetic" and "charismatic" and the distancing, "that personality." 

You "knew" Davey "right away" when he entered the room, but would "remember" Amanda when they left.  

We have yet to hear what it was about Amanda to be memorable, but we know:

1.  That the subject is impressed with money
2.  That he subject knew Davey had something wrong, acutely so, and that
3.  Amanda was needed to "fix" or "complete" that which was "wrong" with Davey.  

He continues with the pattern of charming sociopathic personalty description with:  
‘Cause Davey was working the crowd 

Davey wasn't "ministering Christ", or even "talking with people" or "meeting people."  He acknowledges that Davey was "working" the crowd.  This is salesmanship for selling, which includes solicitation for votes.  

and he was saying “hey” and he was giving high fives and handshakes and hugs like he should do

This is to show approval of the behavior, and the acknowledgement of the unconventional nature with "like he should do"

and Amanda was getting phone numbers and prayer requests 

Note the order:

1.  phone numbers
2.  prayer requests 

This is to help build the business.  

and giving people her number and saying, “you call me if you ever need–,” and Amanda was the kind of person that would sit and let you talk about you for thirty minutes and smile and nod the entire time. 

What "kind of person" was Amanda?  
Here, he praises her for listening, smiling, but not saying anything.  This is especially interesting as the subject was Davey's mentor, and the Q and A video shows this very thing:

Davey corrected, over talking, interrupting Amanda 

Later, in praising Amanda, Davey specifically praised her for what she did not do, that is, to take away the spotlight for him.  

They made an incredible team. And they wer– served on our ministry staff for four years and it was unreal the ministry effectiveness they had.

We have not heard the Resurrection of Christ, nor have we been told, in the affirmative, any of Amanda's traits that should be celebrated.

But then, they called me one day and said, uh we need, we need to chat. And so um we stepped up from Ryan’s to the Cheesecake Factory, because, because that’s how we roll. And, uh, we, we actually sat in the Cheesecake Factory in Atlanta and you and Amanda sat across from me and they said “We, we gotta’ go to Indianapolis, we gotta’ go start this church. We gotta’ go start this church.”

How did the mentor feel about the student breaking away?  Is this  part of memorializing Amanda?

And uh, I knew it was true, you ju–, you guys had just lost Peyton Manning, you all were in desparate need in Indianapolis, you were hurting and um, I’m like, God, they need healing, and so, Davey — it was so funny, I never will forget — Davey and Amanda sat their, and they, they logged, we, we all cried, and and they were like, we’re gonna’ go do this, and um I heard them both articulate with, wi–, we want to see Jesus make a difference in Indianapolis. And um, so our church, uh we, we sponsored ‘em and supported em, and um we celebrated that night but I knew, I knew I knew that they were going to come up here and they were gonna’ make a difference. 

Note the halting (repetition) on the pronoun "we"
Note the crying
Note the need for healing, even within humor. 
Note the body posture enters the language unnecessarily, signaling an increase of tension for the subject as he recalls;
Note "we're gonna do this" is Davey/Amanda ("they") 

This is to strongly suggest an initial disagreement.  Since he puts himself ("I") so strongly about the church, it is interesting to hear him say,

"our church, uh, "we, we sponsored and supported them" with the emphasis (and halt) shared with the church and not "I"

Note the word "but" after the celebration .

Please note that it was shortly after the start of the marriage (honeymoon) that Amanda said the marriage turned bad and that she contemplated leaving him due to his dedication to work and not to her. 

Please note that he has not given in the affirmative any personal attribute of Amanda to celebrate. 

And uh, and so I’ve got to watch that. For the past three years I’ve got to sit in the stands and watch them work together for Christ to, to make a difference. And it’s been remarkable, the birth of, Weston, of, uh 15 months ago was amazing ‘cuz I’m like, Davey, um, Davey’s the kind of guy that I didn’t like when I was in school ‘cuz he’s beautiful. He’s a beautiful man, and if you’re a man you know exactly what I’m talking about. Like he walks in the room and he’s an athlete, and he’s chiseled, and he’s got that smile, and that little dimple thing and, he’s beautiful. 

Here we have a 'passive aggressive' revelation as he gives the negative within the positive package. 
Note the language of "beautiful" and he goes into specifics:

a.  the way he walks into a room
b.  he is athletic 
c.  he is chiseled
d.  his smile
e.  his dimple
f.  he is beautiful

This sounds like a description that a female might give in romanticizing a man. 

 Please note the sentence, "if you're a man you know exactly what I am talking about" is something that is used for emphasis, highlighting the need for emphasis. 

Men reading this may be puzzled as to its meaning as it sounds either like a woman's romantic fantasy; not like a man's, which explains the unnecessary qualifier, "if you're  a man..." and may suggest homo-eroticism.   

For those who condemned commentators speculating if this murder has any elements of sexuality in it, please note that it is:

1.   The videos of Blackburn that tell us:
a. how strong Davey Blackburn's sex drive is
b.  how inadequate Amanda was in satisfying his sex drive
c.  how Blackburn, in teaching about sex, uses himself as the example
d.  how he dresses and choreographs himself

The need to repeatedly tell his audience that he has a strong sex drive for a female as projection may give us insight into something very "wrong" that needs fixing. 

Now, we have a description of Davey by his mentor that many men will "not understand" and will ascribe to a female love interest, or homosexuality.  

That "if you're a man..." is unnecessary language, it makes it, within Statement Analysis, "doubly important."  

It is not the language of a gay man; a gay man would not feel the need to ask for support from those who "if are men."  Gay men would be comfortable saying another man is "beautiful."  This makes the assertion very important.  

Was it the mental health or sexual behavior of Davey Blackburn that he did not like in school?  This is not supported by the language.  Being "the kind" he did not like in school is, in context, with the physical description of Blackburn. 

He used a generalization of "if you're a man", conditionally, the reader may question why the subject felt this necessary to the assertion.  

Most men do not call other men "beautiful", nor do they reference "dimples" in a man.  

When listeners/readers are confronted with such language, they should not be condemned for the obvious.   

And then Amanda wa–, was beautiful, right? 

"And then" is the second, or after thought and Amanda's beauty is first given as a question, before an assertion: 

She was beautiful, she was stunning, when she walked into a room you had to pause and notice, and I’m like, two beautiful people are gonna’ have a baby and this baby is going to be beautiful. 

Davey's "beauty" is given details, while Amanda's is not.  We do not know what was "stunning" about Amanda, but we do know, down to the physique and facial structure, what he finds "beautiful" about Davey.  

This is to say:  Davey is more in his mind than Amanda, even though the context is supposed to be on Amanda.

Why is he more focused upon Davey during this memorial of Amanda?  

And so of course they started posting pictures, and I’m like, yup, it’s a beautiful kid. Beautiful kid. Beautiful mom, beautiful dad, beautiful kid, and we got this, we just celebrated with them, they got to come to, um our our summer youth camp this summer, and it was amazing. Everything was great.

And Tuesday, this Tuesday, this past Tuesday, I got a text. And it said pray for, pray for Amanda and pray for Davey, because Davey just found Amanda on the floor and she’s got a head wound. And this is how it’s communicated to me, she’s got a head wound, and, um, they’ve rushed her to the hospital. 

He has now been informed of a head wound and next he feels the need to explain his thought process.  Please keep in mind that he has strongly asserted an acute problem with Davey, to the emphatic vague "something's not right":

Will his first thought be an accident?

Or, will an accident scenario show sensitivity indicators suggesting that he was concerned about "bringing crazy" since Amanda was supposed to "fix" "that boy"?

And for me, in the world that I live in, I’m just gonna’ let you know,

When someone gives a weak assertion, it is often an appropriately weak assertion:

1.  "I locked my keys in the car" is without weakness and is an assertion of strength. 
2.  "I think I locked my keys in the car" is to weaken the assertion because of the lack of certainty.  It is "appropriately weak."
It allows for himself, or others, to think otherwise.  

When someone says, "for me, I thought..." is to use the unnecessary "for me", which indicates not only the appropriate weakness of "I thought" but to indicate knowledge that "for someone else", this is not their thought. 

And for me, in the world that I live in, I’m just gonna’ let you know

He qualifies his appropriate weakness with "And for me", telling us that "others" have said contrary, but he is not done there:

"in the world I that I live in" is to further distance himself from these others as they "live in a different world" than he does; this is the second qualification or preparation before saying "I think" or "I thought";

Yet, he is not done there. 

"I'm just gonna" is to use "just", which is used to compare two or more thoughts ("it isn't $15,000, it is "just" $12,000) is to further qualify and weaken. 

It is at this point where he gives the accidental scenario: 

 I thought, maybe she’s climbed up on the kitchen cabinet and she’s tried to get something and she fell and hit her head, um, and that’s serious, and we need to pray.

Here is the scenario:  

"I thought she hit her head...." is qualified or modified with:
"maybe" which weakens it, but the preamble is key:

"As for me"
"in my world"
"I just gonna..."

Which builds us enough weakness to conclude:

The subject is seeking to suppress  his doubts that "crazy" did what he has long worried about:  something unthinkable. 

For those not trained in Statement Analysis, many may say

"Who is he trying to convince?  Us, or himself?

 And I went into a meeting and I stepped out an hour later and somebody said something about a gunshot and I said no no no no no this isn’t a gunshot, this is um, she probably fell in the kitchen, and they had to kind of take me to the side and sit me down and say no no, no no no no no, it’s a, it’s a home invasion, and Amanda has been killed.


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Anonymous said...

Oh and is there way way to tell or any refute to maybe Amanda was running downstairs and was shot from someone chasing her down stairs? (Was she fleeing DB and he shot her as she was running downstairs to get away is my speculation)

Anonymous said...

Peter's SA about motive is up.

Louise K said...

God in Heaven: Leave Me out of This Mess Thanks

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:27

How did you find out Gordon was at the same school as DB. I have looked for connections, and I feel like they MUST be there, but haven't found anything.

Also, about the dog..I have questions about that too..there was an early report by capt converse(?) or press release, in which he said that when they arrived on the scene, the dog came out of a bedroom and was licking them, and they played with him a bit

But if that dog was there when it happened, I can't imagine him calmly waiting in a room. He'd likely be going berserk...and wouldn't he run straight to where he could smell blood, and to look for Amanda?


Anonymous said...

What are treezy's & cheese's names? Also was treezy really shot this week?

Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one who would like to hack out a good honker at him, Anon @6:04. That boy would know what hit'im when I got through with him. That goes for preacher Nobel too.

Of all the lack of knowledge of God, the nerve, blaming HIM for Amanda's gruesome and painful death, as if to say HE ordered it, in a nutshell is exactly what he is saying in so many words. All this "God's will" in death makes it GOD'S fault? HE ordained it? This twist is to lay blame on God and is a pure lie of the devil. God has nothing to do with the evil others do on this earth! It is from satan. These people don't even begin to know who God is!! Liars all.

Tania, your post earlier today, pretty much says it all in my opinion too. ABB

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for such insight! I agree with Peter's analysis. When I initially read PN's comment referring to DB as the type of guy men would hate, I thought he simply meant that DB was so attractive that he could turn any woman's head, thus threatening any guy's relationship w/ his girlfriend or wife. Seems I may not have looked deep enough though... the plot thickens, and I will continue to follow this. RIP Amanda and baby girl

Sus said...

If I have who cheese is, he went to Lawerence Central. I'd feel awful if I have the wrong people. But I'm fairly certain on this. Others call him cheese. He has a pic with who looks like Taylor. He has two fb pages. An earlier one in high school and a more recent one. Go for it people. See what you think. Desmond Cheesebourough.

Also, you can find mention of Teeezy Jones being shot on his mother's page. Search Treezy Jones. His mother comments on it a lot. His real name is Richard, not sure if his last name is Jones or Crawford.

rosy said...

Blogger BallBounces said...
December 2, 2015 at 12:39 PM

As a previous poster on a previous thread pointed out, this is an adaptation of lyrics from a song:

"Not well traveled, not well read
Not well-to-do or well bred
I just want to hear instead
"Well done good and faithful one"
Nichole Nordeman -

I understand that including "not well read" sounds like a put-down, but, overall, quoting these lyrics in the context of the song as a whole, was a tribute to Amanda.


Thank for you bringing this.

rosy said...

*Thank you for...

Unknown said...

Have you told LE about this ? I feel this is so important . A link between Davey and at least one gang member , Treezy .

Anonymous said...

Breezy Montana, female rapper and friend of treezy was robbed and shot.

rosy said...

Sus said...
at 6:389 PM
If I have who cheese is, he went to Lawerence Central.

Blogger Emily Teyema said...
Have you told LE about this ? I feel this is so important . A link between Davey and at least one gang member , Treezy .
December 2, 2015 at 8:46 PM
What is the link? I've looked at the team photo. Did Taylor attend that school? Is he in the photo? Did DB coach or sub at that school?

rosy said...

DB Tweeted early this morning" “What joy for those whose strength comes from the LORD, who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Whe…” … 8:02 AM - 2 Dec 2015 ·

Does this sounds like he might go on a mission/ vacation?
Israel has an extradition treaty with the USA. It can take time to enforce. That aside, "Visitors are entitled to remain in Israel up to three months from the date of their arrival, in accordance with the conditions of the visa issued to them. Visitors intending to work in Israel must submit a request to the Ministry of the Interior for a special visa."

Sus said...

Treezy was also shot. He was robbed and shot five times on his way to work. I did finally get the date he was shot - two weeks before November 9. And he was just recently released from the hospital. So he was laid up through the burglaries and Amanda's murder.

annonymous17 said...

"Amanda was not well-traveled, well-read, or well-to-do but the moment she stepped into eternity she heard, 'Well Done'"

What a POS thing to say about your murdered spouse, the mother of your child. He probably thought that it made him sound humble and sweet or something. *&^%

Anonymous said...

The last thing I read was a statement Davey just made that Amanda was sunbathing in heaven. I guess he doesn't understand heaven

Unknown said...

I completely agree with your points here!

Anonymous said...

Davey sure appears to be a Malignant Narcissist. A Malignant Narcissist looks in the mirror cannot be at fault in any way. A Malignant Narcissist is Perfect In Every Way, a Legend in His Own Mind. All who do not share this dogma must be utterly annihilated. And his beloved in the mirror agrees 1000%.

In his book People of the Lie, M Scott Peck remarked that there was a much older and shorter term for Malignant Narcissism: EVIL.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Davey left "nor well bred" off his ill considered and plagiarised tribute to Amanda.

Maybe he didn't think Phil Byers would like it.

trustmeigetit said...

474 of his "friends" liked this and several commented positively. One wrote that it was "beautifully said"

The followers are blind. He has sold them all on his BS.

Like cult followers will follow blindly.

Anonymous said...

When did Perry Noble stop following Blackburn on Twitter?? I have a feeling the walls are closing in on Blackburn & Noble has no intention of being there when Blackburn is arrested. He's distancing himself, big time.

Anonymous said...

When I did a google image search for PN, I found a photo with his quote: "Leading with integrity is embracing honesty! We should always use our weaknesses to point others to Christ's strength." - Perry Noble - ("AZ Quotes" is at the bottom of the photo.)

I think DB probably tried to take this approach in his sermons, but, twisted it to show AB's weaknesses, or what he perceived to be her weaknesses, as he blamed her for their marital / sexual issues.

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@ anonymous 9:33 a.m.,

Did Perry used to follow Davey? I noticed Davey still follows Perry, so I guess he isn't blocked. But if Perry unfollowed him, that is very telling. Perry doesn't follow Resonate Church either. If I had that much money invested, I would definitely follow the church's Twitter feed.

Anonymous said...

Of course Davey was given the spotlight in Amanda's eulogy from Perry Noble. Davey is a salesman for Perry Noble's "company" which owes him $100,000.

rosy said...

Concerned said...
Maybe he took the MAC with him and pitched it in a dumpster.
Wow, someone may have found it and they have no idea it's evidence.
Of course, he could say the robbers dumped it but why would they steal it and then throw it away?
December 2, 2015 at 2:57 PM
The 2 not directly involved in the murder (according to LE theory) could have thrown it out, or could claim they did, after they heard about the murder

Jen said...

I just learned that there is a "high number" of members of the Kiltgang, one of the gangs at North High School in Indianapolis at 1801 E 86th St., Indy, 46240. Resonate Church meets at a school and the North High School address is the same address given on the Resonate Church site.

The gang killers may well have known about Amanda and Davey.

Jen said...

@ anonymous 9:33 a.m

I was told that Perry Noble doesn't follow ANY of his church plants so he may never have followed Davey.

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