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Belief, Articulation, and Action Part One: Blackburn Murder

This is the first in several articles on the topic of "Belief, Articulation, and Action" that centers upon one's words revealing one's belief system, allowing us to adequately predict how someone may react in any given situation. 

This article focuses upon the murder of Amanda Blackburn and a recent statement by her husband, Davey Blackburn. 

He said that he was in the shower when God spoke to him and told him that Amanda died to give life to his church.  

It is critical to have a reference point for readers to understand what this means within Blackburn's own world.  In Statement Analysis, we do what we can to 'walk in the subject's shoes', to understand what he says, according to he believes.  

What we belief, we articulate and this is the best predictor of what may happen tomorrow.  

          "Amanda died so the church could live." 

 Christianity teaches that God is the Father, and that Christ died for His Church, that is, his people made up of both Jew and Gentile; and of people of all races and nationalities.  This message was then delivered to the men that Christ commissioned and has gone out through the world within history.  This is a central to their beliefs:  Christ died to give life to His people.  God is the Father.  

In this short video dated Sunday, November 29th, 2015, Davey Blackburn said he was not going to speak but his father in law told him to, and in this, he must obey his own "father" before he "speak to my own children", that is, his church (in full context).  

Rare is such visible linguistic display of narcissism but in this, he was only just getting started.   He began with stating he might not be able to "get through" speaking, but then went into the free editing process to speak without halting. 

What did the husband of murder victim Amanda Blackburn say, weeks after her murder?

Blackburn stated that "God" spoke to him while in the shower.  This was in a direct "Question and Answer" format. It began as a "thought" but quickly moved to direct quotes.  

For Christians, and for investigators regardless of belief, it is important to note his claim:

 God spoke to Blackburn outside the boundary of the Scriptures. 

This is important in understanding the murder in the context of religious belief of which the language is wrapped in.  It is important in understanding how cults are formed.  Once a boundary is broken, there is no telling how far it will go. The flood gate is open.  For some, it is immediate, while others, such as organizations, it can be generational.  

It is important in understanding the psychological need he is expressing. 

I.  Basic Background 

The Christian minister professes that the Bible is of Divine Authority and he is to declare it. There is no other Divine Authority than what is in Scripture.

 The most predominant feature of a cult is "control", something readily recognized by people, even without study of religions. 

This can be understood in religious context, or even in societal, or corporate context.  

In Protestantism, the stated belief is called a "Creed", and it is a "binding of the conscience to the Scripture alone." Every church has a creed; it is just that some do not write it down, but they have it.  Every human organization, such as a company, has a 'creed' or written standard.  
In Roman Catholicism, it is the same but with the addition of "sacred tradition" and Papal "ex cathedra" authority.  But since Blackburn reports to be "evangelical", we limit this to Protestantism. 

With the stated belief that the Bible is God's Word, a minister cannot be faithful to it if or when he decides to instruct or speak for beyond this authority.  

Even beginning it with "speaking to my heart" he still moved to direct quoting.  It would be no different than a president declaring a new law, without legislative procedure.  It is 'beyond' the scope of his authority and if accepted, there is no longer a limit in existence. This is the precise way a cult operates and a dictatorship operates.  

Authority is "beyond" that which is agreed to.   Once one has successfully gone beyond the set boundary (law, constitution, creed, mission statement, etc), the success may lead to more attempts.  

The scriptures, in fact, limit authority of government, church and family to the point where our founding fathers used it in forming the United States.  It allows for freedom which, historically, was without precedent in the early United States.  With this freedom comes responsibility and risk.  People can and have abused freedom, but with the belief system, corrections came along the way. Freedom and Tyranny are opposites.  

If the church states that its beliefs are from Scripture, it tells those who consider joining that they are limited to Scripture in authority.  

Cults, like tyrants, seek control and when people begin hearing what  is not found in the Scripture, creed, or by laws, but from "God", they take note that control is going "beyond the stated trusted boundary"and there is no telling where it will end.  

Let's say this is a library and not a church. 

The library organizes itself and has a board of directors and a mission statement and when people "join", they know "the rules."

Should someone in the library group have a very strong personality and begins to first suggest that he knows more than the bylaws, and then moves to demands, the remaining people can try to "hold him to the library's constitution and by laws" and if not, toss him out. They rightfully claim "tyranny" because they have a written standard. 

Our forefathers in the United States believed, religiously, in submission to authority and persuaded France to join the fight, specifically with this argument.  They were not in a "revolution", but a "resistance movement" because British Parliament did not represent them, and they had no legal authority to tax them.  They claimed that the oppressive taxes interfered with their Christian obligation which mandated that they had to provide for their families.  They made lengthy protests to the King stating, "you are obliged in our contract to stop Parliament who issues taxes while not representing us, and then enforcing the taxes with their soldiers.  You are legally and morally obligated to stop them. "

The king did not. The leaders took this to the people, who, many of them, took up arms against British soldiers.  Had England won, the very heroes we celebrate, would now be "villains" hung for treason.  When John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, the loss of the war would have meant death by hanging, and infamy in history.  

He did what he believed, as freedom has its risks.  

II.  Blackburn's statement is important because:

1.  It reaffirms why Amanda died.
2.  It affirms Blackburn is beyond the restraint of Scripture 
3.  He equates himself with God 
4.  He reveals delusional grander in his future plans.  

5.  For what it tells Criminal Psychologists 

1.  Amanda's death

Fox News highlighted that when Amanda was murdered, the initial statement of the husband looked suspicious:  no grieving, but a reminder that his work will go on.  This was shocking in itself, but what else was missing was any fear of the killers.  In a brutal murder where he found his wife with her head opened up and clothes removed is terrifying from top to bottom.  He indicated no fear, nor need for the killers to be caught.  

He used her death to advertise his church, repeatedly, even after public criticism.  He linked her death, verbally, to his success.   

But on November 29th, 2015, Amanda's death, which was consistently assigned to success in church growth, now was in a statement from God, Himself, to Davey Blackburn, himself, while "in the shower."

"In the shower" is an unnecessary detail which, in statement analysis means it is very important to the subject.  We would not care to know where he was or what he was doing when the Almighty spoke to him.  We would not care, but he cared enough to include this detail. 

Please note that in sexual homicides, references to water are frequently found in the language.  You may read about it here and in Amanda Knox' statement and in many other cases.    

Psychologically, there may be an element of 'washing' and we only highlight references to water (as well as lights and coverings) when they are unnecessary.  If one is asked, "Did you do the laundry?" a reference to water is expected.  

On the rape and murder of a teenager many years ago the suspect was a truck driver and his statement revealed the time of death:

"I was driving along Interstate 95 when I went south on 295, stopped and got gas.  Washed up, and then proceeded to..."

The unnecessary inclusion of "washing" pointed to the time of death, being just prior.  The need to 'wash' or 'cleanse' is in the language.  

It could be the language of the perpetrator, the victim of sexual abuse, or even enter the language of professionals who work with sexual abuse victims, but it is, when unnecessarily used, a linguistic signal to explore.  

It is interesting to note that when he claimed God "spoke" to him, he referenced specifically being in the shower, while:

a.  his wife was murdered and found with her clothing removed
b.  his mentor gave a detailed statement about Davey's 'sex appeal' at Amanda's service
c.  he frequently informed his followers that he has a strong heterosexual sex drive which Amanda failed to satisfy
d.  He "told a lie" which in high school caused both adults and peers to abandon him

2.   God "spoke to him" which now means this for Protestantism:

The insufficiency of Scripture.  

'God' addressed Davey directly, outside of Scripture in a Question and Answer format, in the shower.  God cannot be wrong.  God is eternal.  God's Word is eternal and even a single Word from God about a unique situation from 3,000 years ago, is seen in the Bible as having benefit for all mankind, for all time. 

Without 'God's words' to Davey, the Bible is insufficient.  There is something out there that needs to be added to it, and, in this case, it is 'really big news' of 'historical proportions.'

It is no different than the 'date setting' that cult or cult like leaders have done, or the psychic 'finding of children' claimed.  

Thus the message of insufficiency without Davey Blackburn is the message to all who listen to him.  

His father in law is now in the presence of one of whom "God" speaks directly to and has even told this young man what is going to happen in the future in the United States.  

If you are not associated with religion, but can see this from the perspective of the "library" or legal organization, 

Davey Blackburn has just spoken with Divine Authority.  If his father in law goes against him and defends his church, is he speaking against Davey, his son in law, or is he speaking against 'God'?

If you want to hear from "God", you must hear what "God" told Davey Blackburn.  Since any Word from the Almighty is eternal and profits all, those who have not heard, need to, and those who do not heed, are in deficiency. 

 Davey Blackburn has just seized the opportunity of his wife's murder for cult leader status.  

He even used this to insult his father in law's church, without a rebuke from the father in law, as pastor, when he called them "dead" and "dry" and that "Amanda died to give them life!" which led those without discernment to applaud.  

How did he 'know' this?

He had a "vision."

There was no rebuke nor correction from the pastor who allowed his flock to hear the nonsense while being given a solid "performance" from one who attempted to sound 'upset' at first, yet without tears.  

Thus the cult leader's status is established and submission to one who is so close to 'God' as to have 'God' talk to him while in the shower, is publicly declared. 

Blackburn did not stop at the status of a "prophet" with visions and a direct two way conversation in the shower. 

3.  Davey Blackburn equates himself with God. 

Is this the mystery of the "we" he so often used?

Please note, he does not equate himself as a "prophet" in his language, but is vaulted to equality with God.  

If so, it is something that makes sense to not only hide guilt, but to show just how delusional he is. 

He has no wife and when asked what he would tell his son, he said,

"We will dialog" with Weston.  "We will shepherd his heart."

It would have been considered rude, but I would have asked, "Who is this 'we' you refer to, Mr. Blackburn?"

Davey  referenced his church as his "children."  

The use of "we" is well documented and it is closely associated with guilt, from childhood right up to career criminals; the guilty do not feel comfortable being alone. 

Davey Blackburn tells us that Amanda died to give his church life.  Blackburn said that God did not ask him about doing this trade, his wife for the church, ahead of time.  What would have Blackburn said?

"Of course", he said, he would not "give" Amanda's life for the church. 

"Of course" is something we note in Statement Analysis  as one will say when a subject does not wish, nor feel the need, to be questioned. The subject wants the assertion accepted without question.  

Blackburn's use of "of course" should have been unnecessary, but it was not.  

Amanda died for the church, who are Blackburn's children.  This is his own language which brings the correlation between himself and 'God.'  The Scripture says "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..." not that Amanda gave her life for the church of whom Davey Blackburn is father.  Remember, this is his belief, and his articulation.  It is his verbalized perception of reality; not reality itself. 

Here, "God" told Davey that Amanda gave her life for the church, as he calls the church his children.  

This, alone, should send a chill down the spine of those investigating any connection between Blackburn and the gang who killed Amanda.  The reaction from Christians is predictable as it is from psychologists.  What is seen as outrageous, blasphemy, mental illness or personality disorder, received applause by those present.  This is consistent with his mentor's language about "Davey working a room" and what presence he has, yet, "something is wrong..."

4.  Blackburn's Delusion of Grander 

He said that "history books have not written" what greatness is about to happen through Davey Blackburn, because of Amanda's death.  

Over the years, I have noted many justifications by killers with most being subtle in the language.  Some have said that they killed their own children to spare them from future pain, but even there, the 'noble' or 'higher' motive reveals:

a.  The need to make the motive sound 'noble'
b.  It was not the truth, anyway. 

Susan Smith was depressed and wanted to spare her children future pain.  This was the illness justification and the 'noble' motive, yet we learned that she felt she, herself, had better romantic results without children.  

The need to assign motive, itself, is concerning. 

Even in his religious "vision", he leaves himself a way of blaming someone else:  "don't let this go to waste", so that if it does not happen, he can blame them.  The "revival" like never before, will not be because he was 'wrong' but because they let it waste. 

This man believes that the Creator of the world is not only talking directly to him, but he felt the need to say that it was in an intimate setting of "showering", something found in sexual homicides, and it was a message that contains information so great about him, that it is beyond historical precedence. 

Will many people be surprised if police announce an arrest?

He says that he would not have "chosen" this, but would have been happy to have a wife and 2 kids and a "church of a 120"


The setting is rather 'dull' by comparison of a church so large that history hasn't conceived of it, and by context, he is portraying the church of over 100 members in the negative, as if their souls are less valuable. 

This is not the first time we heard this from him.  

Statement Analysis showed that linguistically he did not connect himself, personally, to the loss of Amanda. 

Yet, he records himself with linguistic personal emotional connection to "failure" to get 400 people out to his church.  If this is not convincing enough, he compares something else to this, to highlight his disappointment:  salvation of 16 souls.  Whereas Heaven may be described as "celebratory" over one lost soul returning, 16 times that amount brought personal emotional disappointment in language stronger than in losing his own wife to murder. While his wife lay dead, he quotes how many customers attended on line. 

What we believe, we articulate, and we act upon. 

You now are looking at a man who believes himself equal to God, and the church his "children" and he, too, has given someone to die for the church.  I do not write that he gave someone he loved because Blackburn specifically avoided this in his distancing language.  

The language of delusion is evident.  Being able, then, to adequately predict what actions will follow is not difficult:  

Expect to see him do "whatever it takes" to "fulfill" the "vision" he had.  

He is no different than a psychic claiming to have found a lost child, except he wraps his in religious language.  

I believe that he self reports a history of anti-social behavior, without empathy of its impact upon others.  This is why his language is void of any emotion about Amanda's death, or even about his son losing his mother.  

His language is the language of guilt and delusional thought, as one who is exploiting others, with religion as merely a tool to use to accomplish his "vision" of overseeing an empire so great that history books have yet to be written of such.  

His obsession with projecting his sex drive before his followers is done in context with humiliating the victim of the murder. This too, as projection, is part of this murder investigation.  His own mentor addressed this very topic instead of Christ's resurrection, or even tribute to the victim.  

Blackburn's language is the language of distance, guilt, and narcissism.  He is obsessed with success, and even under scrutiny, he is incapable of refraining his ambition.  

He has now openly declared "why" Amanda died and this came directly from "God" to him in the shower.  Previously, seated alone before a camera he said that "we" were "baffled" as to "why", but now it is clear.  

5.  The connection of sex

As many have commented upon, he is obsessed with sex in his performances, and it was a theme even of his mentor in the memorial service. In 'sermons' he uses himself, repeatedly, as the example for sex.   Note now, even when he is hearing a voice, the subtle context of sexuality is in play: 

He heard the voice of "God" in the shower; and held his own 
"Q &A" with the Almighty while naked in the shower.  Do not miss the connection with his other "Q&A" where sex is also a topic.  

He reveals this, even under the delusional pretext.  He wants his listeners to picture his "Q & A" literally, with him without his clothes on.  This is not something that was essential for the narrative, yet it so dominates his thinking that it enters his language. 

Amanda was found with her clothes torn off her.  

If tests show she was not sexually assaulted, was this possibly staging of the crime scene?  Was the perpetrator told, perhaps, what we, the public had been told about Amanda's 'sexual inadequacy' (according only to her husband)?

Is this just another in an extreme list of coincidence?

He did not have to tell us that he was, too, without clothing when he had a "Q & A" with "God", but he did.  It was on his mind, and important to him.  That he was not only naked (sex) but was in the shower (water) may suggest the desire to be cleansed. 

Who was with him in the shower?
It was "God" in the shower with him. 

Criminal Pyschologists will wonder if this is a cry to forgiveness, a 'cleansing' that we see enter the language of perpetrators.  

He saw an insulting "vision" of Amanda's father's church
He has been assigned this great task of "bringing the church, his children, to life" because 

"Amanda died, so the church could live."

This too, will not be lost on police investigating this crime.  

*Is he involved in orchestrating the murder of Amanda Blackburn for his own success?


*Is he so sociopathic and narcissistic that he is incapable of human empathy and sees her death only in terms of how he can manipulate media and audiences for his own success?

Analysis Conclusion:

Davey Blackburn did not have a "Q & A" session in the shower with God.  His need to tell his audience that he was in the shower is significant.   

Move past the cult leader status, and past the claim of a "vision" that will propel him into the history books, and even move beyond equating himself with God, giving in death so others could live. 

Listen to him.  Listen to his need.  

When a little boy comes to school and the teacher has to prompt him to wash his hands before snack, this is normal and unremarkable.  

Should the same child come to school and the teacher notice that he is obsessively washing his hands, she will become concerned that something is very wrong with him, and will wonder if he is a victim of child abuse.  

In many investigations, the same is seen in the language.  

Victims and perpetrators both use references to water, in some form, in cases involving sexual abuse including sexual homicide.  

Both victim and perpetrator can show a  'need to wash' or be cleansed.  

I once had a nursing student make an unnecessary reference to water and asked me why this was.  I simply asked her a few questions which revealed:  She had just come from a class on sexual abuse of children and was shocked and felt a desire to take  shower.  The connection made sense to her. 

In investigating allegations of sexual abuse where the victim was mentally retarded and non-verbal, behavioral patterns are observed. Some victims refused to leave the home and wanted to take a shower every few hours.  Others became incessant hand washers.  Even when their words could not express it, their behavior did. 

For Blackburn, he is putting himself with 'God', the one who can 'wash' him, together, as having a conversation, literally with Questions and Answers, where he, himself can be 'cleansed.' This is why the location of God talking to his "heart" is important enough for him to tell the audience. 

He now places himself, with a desperation to be historically relevant; he is so important that 'God' is speaking intimately to Davey and making Davey of immense importance. 

It is easy to become angry at one who is taking a cult leader status, but listen to his words; listen to the choice of words he uses to convey the message:

He needs to be cleansed; 
He is without his clothes on;
He is the single most important person in that large room where this was spoken; all eyes were on him and the Almighty did not speak to any of them,
just Davey. 

The message makes Davey of "historical importance" and center of all that is about to happen.  He and God both, are the "father" of the church.  

Yet, in the words he chooses, we see the connection to the need of cleaning, specifically related to sexual abuse or sexual homicide. 

Blackburn has a need to be relevant that is so powerful that it literally overruled all the normal grieving reactions that any man would have who's wife was murdered. He 'sees' what was not what his eyes saw.  

If he is not connected to his wife's murder, the guilt would have to be explained in some other way, yet, what did he tell us in this video appearance at his father in law's church?

This is the language of guilt but even in the language of delusion of his future 'history making' acclaims, there is something very wrong with him and readers should consider not only the connection with sexual homicide or sexual abuse, but the fact that 

Davey Blackburn is broadcasting a need to be 'cleansed.'

He has a need to justify Amanda's death. 
He has a desperate need to be important, above all others, even to the point of making history.  

He has a need to be cleansed from sexual abuse, either as victim, or as perpetrator is not yet known, as it could be both.  

He has gone so far as to equate himself equal with God, as both he and God know what it is like to have their loved one die so the church could 'live.' Amanda's "breathe" was taken from her and put into the "church" to become an army for God.  

Blasphemous?  Yes, to the Christian, but to the Criminal Psychologist,  it is the words of a man terribly troubled and it must be learned if he orchestrated his wife's demise to profit from it and make himself the center of soon to be written history, or simply is one drive to profit from it.  He is calling out his own guilt.  

Listen to him:  

'I am the most important person here. I am of historical importance. Even the Creator has addressed me personally.  I and He are on the same level in having given one for the life of others. 

I am naked.

I am in a location of washing.'

God is present with me.  

It is true that many have made such grandiose claims, but we ask:  did those claims come on the heels of a murder?  The context of these delusions is murder. 


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Anonymous said...

The Eastern Orthodox Church doesn't have "church planters" and there are 300 million Orthodox Christians on Earth. New locations are determined by parishioners' demographics. If many parishioners are driving/walking long distances to reach worship services, a local large PARISH (not one or two people) establishes a missionary church in the underserved area. Also, a large PARISH can establish mission churches in areas where bilingual priest/services are needed.

Zsuzsanna said...

I don't know if you, the author of this blog, have time to read all the comments you receive, which is why I have been reluctant to spend time leaving one. Like many, I found your blog in connection with the Blackburn case, looking for more insight as the case just simply does not add up as is. Having never been introduced to "statement analysis" before, I have been so fascinated to learn a bit about it from your many insightful blog posts. I will admit to having spent the vast majority of my free reading time going through old posts of yours, as well as keeping up with current ones.

As a mother of 8 children, I have already picked up several new "techniques" to help get the truth out of them as needed, as well as used it to exculpate ones I might in the past still have considered "suspicious". My job can often feel like detective, judge, and executioner all in one. So thank you for your help in that regard!

In response to the Blackburn case, I am speaking as a Christian who believes the Bible literally, and the wife of a full-time pastor myself. I really appreciate your approach in this regard, as you have a clear understanding of what is appropriate in the spiritual context (and what is not). It stood out to me particularly in this blog post.

I wanted to point out that DB has repeatedly used the term "shepherding Weston's heart" when referring to having to raise his son without a mother. The term shepherding of course is a pastoral term, revealing that he even views his own, very young son, strictly from the perspective of pastor to parishioner, not father to child. A natural reaction would be to wonder how to fulfill both the role of father and mother to his half-orphaned child, not how to "pastor" him.

(cont. below)

Zsuzsanna said...


Do we need to guess as to the sexually deviant tendencies of DB, wait for more details to emerge about the case - or does the Bible give us indicators of such evil people? In the book of Jude, as well as in II Peter chapter 2, the Bible clearly and specifically warns us about false prophets, about "wolves in sheep's clothing", which is a religious leader/clergyman that is in the ministry not out of love for God and people, but love of money, fame, power, and/or easy access to victims. These people are compared to those of Sodom, are said to go after "strange flesh", and have a long litany of the worst sins and attributes ascribed to them. Warning signs of a false prophet include preaching a false gospel (such as works salvation), having private revelations from God outside of scripture (as outlined in this post), and generally perverting Christianity, such as with DB's incredibly vile sex talk.

I found it interesting that you brought up homosexuality as a possibility several days ago, as that would seem like a bold move without (a) believing the Bible as referenced above, or (b) understanding statement analysis, and how to read between the lines. As it turns out, the two line up, because both are accurate.

The whole crowd that DB and his church as well as Perry Noble and Newspring are associated with is replete with weird statements like those we have seen. For instance, when the pastor of an affiliated mega church, "Elevation Church," was asked what he thought about Perry Noble, HE replied: "Three words: Drop. Dead. Sexy." I'm sorry, it just seems like these dudes are all on the down low with each other, which is consistent with what we read of reprobate false prophets in Jude. The news talk often enough about these big "evengelical" pastors getting busted with their homosexual lovers to know this notion is not too far fetched. Time will tell, no doubt, but I am fascinated with your analysis in the meantime.

One possibility that maybe should be considered is that DB had a homosexual lover, who hired the killers, with or without DB's direct involvement in this. Having a homosexual affair while living a double-life, which then results in the murder of his wife and child, might produce sufficient guilt in DB to cause his bizarre behavior, even if the murder was the indirect result of his actions, and not planned by DB himself. Just my thoughts.

Anyhow, thank you for all the information you share so freely on your blog. It really has opened a whole new world to me.

Confused said...

OK, so...the handwriting of Amanda's journal entry before leaving Indianapolis is straight up and down, no slant.

The handwriting of journal entry right before her death is dramatically slanted to the left.

You can see from the letter formations etc that both entries were written by the same person HOWEVER this is unusual to see someone's handwriting develop an extreme left slant for all the letters.

Here is a question: What caused the extreme left slant?
Is it possible she was writing in a confined space (such as in a closet, causing her to have to hold her arm differently?
Is it possible that she was injured while writing? Is it possible she had already been shot in the arm while writing this entry?
Is it possible that the attack on her happened before the time they think it did?
Could she have been writing the journal entry sitting on one of the stairs of the staircase which would have been awkward holding a notebook in her lap, perhaps causing the slant?
Is it possible Davey knew she wanted to write in journal and that is why he shot her in the arm? Could he have shot her in the arm the night before, could it have been bandaged and she proceeded to write in the journal?

Louise K said...



I tell ya something Davey B

You've certainly got all sorts of folking talking and doubting

Christian, heathen, in betweeners - not one of us thinks DB "right"

Louise K said...

She may have been agitated or tired

My handwriting is nice but when im tired it goes to hell

Louise K said...


I see where you're coming from

but the simple fact is

If DB shot Amanda

She would've died the first time

BallBounces said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can someone please explain to me how Jesus allowing Amanda to die a violent death is going to bring revival like history has never seen (Daveys words that God allowed this) I'm genuinely confused how this tragedy is going to bring people to church?
December 3, 2015 at 7:22 PM

* * *
The church, inspired by Amanda's godly life, appalled by the advance of evil evidenced in her brutal slaying, and, perhaps, inspired by the example of her husband's resiliency, strength, and peace in the face of tragedy, will be inspired to rise up and go out and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the multitudes.

In what he said, Davey Blackburn was not suggesting that Amanda's death was an atoning sacrifice like Christ's. Nor was he suggesting, by saying that God spoke to his heart, that the Scriptures are insufficient, or that he is on a par with God. All kinds of evangelical ministers and persons speak of God speaking to their heart without diminishing the authority of Scripture or setting themselves up as God.

His theological spin on his wife's death is most unsound and unfortunate, and saying that what would happen would be unparalleled in history, even after discounting for hyperbole, puts Davey Blackburn in the thrall of delusions of grandeur. Self-deception indicated.

Concerned said...

Zsuzsanna at 8:01
Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent post.
I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts as the case progresses.
The wisdom from one who is raising 8 children in a Christian home will be most welcome here.

May I warn you of something? Clicking on your name here leads directly to your blog with
very specific information about your family.
Perry Noble's "church", from whom Davey Blackburn receives support, is known for harassment of those who criticize.
I worry that you will be vulnerable unless you choose a more closeted name.
Forgive me for getting in your business.

Anonymous said...

Donna said:

"The SA delving, "thinking" and liberal applications of "logic" has just left me feeling physically exhausted and mentally drained, and I need to do some grounding and centering to counter that."

Yeh!! I find SA & logic exhausting both physically and mentally, and it even seems to drain out my quick easy intuition / instant takes & reactions. And I have the same experience of feeling a need to get away from it for a bit, to get grounded and centered to counter it.

You expressed it perfectly!

I don't see any of this as a devaluing of SA; in fact, I am stunned at how powerful it is and I've learned so incredibly much, to the point I know I will be a life-long student of it!

Zsuzsanna said...

Concerned @ 8:27

May I warn you of something? Clicking on your name here leads directly to your blog with
very specific information about your family.
Perry Noble's "church", from whom Davey Blackburn receives support, is known for harassment of those who criticize.

Thank you for the heads-up. I appreciate your concern. We are familiar with the harassment from Newspring first-hand, as their members railed against us for some time after a YouTube video of my husband's ridiculing the church and PN went viral.

As a principle, I do not comment on posts anonymously. It just seems disingenuous. I'd rather not even comment at all. I am not afraid of backlash, and stand behind everything I believe and say. As they say, dogs that bark don't bite. :)

Louise K said...

...and I'm loving what you're saying Zsuzsanna...

But the low down gay sex connection is a bit um - well lets just say I haven't seen any evidence of that (yet)

I don't even think DB is gay.

If anything I would imagine he is asexual, which would also account for his insistence on talking about sex - to Hide his true identity which is

He really wants to have sex with himself

But to be a Pastor he had to have a wife, he is a good looking man and there was sweet natured Amanda, adoring him...

That poor girl.

Louise K said...

I believe Davey Blackburn attempts to seduce everyone he meets.

I believe he rarely if ever goes through with anything.

I believe he is "charismatic" by which I mean, he takes the time and trouble to make enough eye contact that everyone thinks he's talking only to them

Men and women alike form crushes on him

He seduced Amanda's entire family imo

She came with a Professional Pastor daddy who could get him started


DB may have had sex with *whoever* he thought would help him get ahead, but he certainly doesn't love anyone else imo.

Probably thinks sex is a bit hair...!

Donna said...

@ Anon @ 8:35

Thank you! I was hoping that I didn't come across as not believing in SA (because I do believe it), or as a whacko! I find SA very helpful - I applied it to something someone wrote to me (my intuition told me something very different from what they wrote), and SA supported what my gut knew to be true. It's simply a more scientific method of getting to the truth. And a lot less woo-woo than saying "the clouds are over the ridge, so that means the rabbits are going to have tea on Tuesday afternoon, which means I'll answer yes to your question." LOL!

Louise K said...

Lol @ Zsus "im the mother of 8 children and I have perfected the Location of Lies Technique" (pp)

I always say they should put a bunch of mums in to sort out the Middle East

you go to your room

You go to yours

you have that toy

you take this

THERE! And not another word!

Concerned said...

Zsuzsanna @8:37

Let us hope this case shines an even greater spotlight on these anything-goes "brands"
masquerading as churches.
Would you be opposed to putting a link of your husband's video here?
(First I warn you to be careful and now I ask you just to go all out! Sorry.)

Anonymous said...

Zsuzsanna said...
Thank you for the heads-up. I appreciate your concern. We are familiar with the harassment from Newspring first-hand, as their members railed against us for some time after a YouTube video of my husband's ridiculing the church and PN went viral.
When you have time, please share some specifics on what this group did to your family. Thank you and may God be with your family.

Confused said...

Louise K,

Yes, my handwriting gets messy when I am tired, but it has never developed a consistent slant to left or right from being tired.

I found something online about handwriting and injury. This particular article is about how leg injuries show themselves in handwriting. The article contains a handwriting sample with almost identical left slant which is the result of someone who has become paralyzed from the waist down. The left slant is almost identical to the one we see in Amanda's final journal entry.

Is there a possibility her legs were bound or tied to a chair while she was writing? I can honestly say that the slant of my handwriting has never changed in the manner we see Amanda's changed from straight up and down to extreme left slant in her final entry.

Was she tied, unable to walk, while writing the final entry?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:58

I think you might have wandered into the wrong blog.
I don't know how that happened but
here's a little heads-up...
Don't read anything here or you'll be hooked like the rest of us!!

Louise K said...

Hi confused

is there even proof that that's Amanda's handwriting?

If it is I'd like to know why the page got wet (2nd pic)

I have a friend who journals every day and has her entire life stored in matching black notebooks, one per year, on a shelf in her living room.

I find it weird but its practical - she knows where she was, when, what she was thinking etc.

Her journals are treasured. They don't get wet....especially ones Praising Jesus...?

Anonymous said...

Just to add to an earlier post, SA is mentally & physically draining, and even seems (for me) to cause me to lose track of my quick or instinctual reactions to stuff (regarding the topic at hand), HOWEVER I have noticed something very interesting since I came here and started studying SA, which was recently - it was the Blackburn thing got me here, and it is this: On off times, when I've been away from SA for a bit, and I'm just at work, I've noticed my quick instinctual reactions to people seem so much sharper now! And I'm one of those naive people who never know what's going on. But I've noticed my internal emotional reactions to others seems a lot more sensitive! Ha ha! (I don't get it.)

Concerned said...

Louise K at 9:04
If you want to see a blog where a group of Christians from all over the world are supporting each other
and a family whose young mom has died, take a look at the Mundane Faithfulness Blog.

It makes me sad that you see the Blackburn case and PN's minions as a snapshot of Christian behavior.
You are observing masqueraders and not Christians in this business/brand being discussed.

Christians follow the holy word of God which reveals the teachings of Christ, not some made-up mumbo jumbo that
suits the fancy of vain man-children.

Mdkd6262 said...

POSSIBLE ALTERNATE SCENERIO (Give feedback on what you think about the plausibility…)
The duct tape was found lying in the LR... according to my theory the boys were hired to do DB's dirty work - to dispose of the body - the duct tape there to be used to secure the sheet around her. I don't think there's any way Davey would deny himself the pleasure of actually killing her himself... there’s no way he would let someone else do this for him - it's the ultimate control that he has fantasized about for so long - he wants to shut her up for good - he needs a permanent SOLUTION for all those things he despised about her that have leaked into all his sermons.
The neighbor is in on it (prob DB's loverboy the creepy neighborhood watch dude) and is the provider of the "false" story about hearing "TWO gunshots and a scream" at a specific time: 6:45 - (otherwise why wasn't 911 called by that neighbor??).
The reason the neighbor said TWO gunshots were heard is because DB shot her twice - so that was the story to match up with the number of wounds -once in the arm as she tried to defend herself and once in the back as she was on her knees begging for hers and weston's life) - report said it was a downward angled shot thru the back.
Without the neighbor's fishy "I heard two shots and a WOMAN scream but didn’t call 911" story we have no reason to believe she was shot while DB was at the gym. The 1st two shots could have been inflicted prior to the head shot.
The neighbor's story is NOT credible - take that piece of the story away and everything changes. Now Amanda is critically wounded and unconscious and DB thinks she's dead so he leaves to create his alibi.
His leaving signals the awaiting hired clean up boys (who have loaded up the TV's from the neighbor as partial payment & are drinking beer & wine and eating oranges while they wait for him to leave). They walk right thru the open front door to burgle the body (this also explains why there was actually TWO vehicles, the SUV for the TVs and stolen car for the body). The 1st robbery was to get a 2nd vehicle so they could dump the car with the body in it.
They were to also specifically take the debit card (with PIN supplied by DB) and go to the ATM that DB told them to use -near his pseudo "mega church" to "steal" the rest of the payoff money they were promised for dumping the body so DB couldn't be tracked to “giving” it to them.
Back at the house, LT is smoking his Swisher Sweets (AKA: a blunt to calm down) waiting on the crew to get back with the money so they can load up the body. But she starts to moan and he freaks out and shoots her in the back of the head and watches her bleed.

Mdkd6262 said...

(Part 2 of 2)

Now all hell has broke loose because not only are they having to go to a 2nd ATM now LT has called freaking out cause he had to shoot her because she wasn't all the way dead. (Hence his experiential memory of the head shot and distancing himself from the body shot). JW & DG are ready to bail completely on LT but A. Bull (the one actually hired to do the job by Treezy) tells them to get him from the cul-de-sac because there’s no other way out and if he’s caught they all go down. DG says no way in hell I’m going back near that house now that this has become a murder so he waits for them at the gate.

DB prob had a throwaway phone they called him on and that’s who LT was yelling at on the phone as he was seen walking away from the house & why he looks so pissed in his mug shot. So at the exact time they are leaving Sunnyfield DBjumps in his car at the gym to hurry home. Panicked because of the news he got from LT he calls his old college roommate (who knows all his dirty laundry) in a panic to figure out WTF he’s going to do now! That’s why he has butchered his WEIRD account of their phone call that morning (out of sequence, telling us “all we need to know is..”, immediately posting the alibi online, etc).

Now DB gets home and delays going inside because instead of having to simply discover that his wife is missing and there’s blood on the floor and bullet holes scattered around, now he’s got to call 911 to summon help and have to fake trying to save her… (enter Louise K’s 911 scenario)

Mdkd6262 said...

@Anon 7:36

That neighbor taking care of the Blackburn's dog has a haircut JUST LIKE DB's. My gaydar is going ding ding ding....

Louise K said...


don't be sad

I quit believing fairy tales when I was about 8 or so

Louise K said...


well seeing as you mentioned it

I was looking forward to seeing a "im a better Christian than them" stoush

Between those in the bottom of the garden

I hope you take this with the humour it is written with

Anonymous said...

Why DB will fail in his attempt to build a megachurch:
-His teachings are not of God
-He's has periods of hypomania or has ADHD with poor impulse control.
-He's single and will start dating bringing turmoil and damning gossip.

As a narcissist, he'll have enormous staff turnover (dedicated cheap labor is required for megachurch growth) and mass emigration of parishioners in times of conflict because he...
-very easily feels "wronged" by others,
-invalidates others,
-cannot accept criticism,
-must win and always be right,
-sabotages successful people near him
-enjoys passive aggressively causing pain to others,
-projects all his faults,
-is interpersonally exploitative
-lacks empathy

Anonymous said...

It's a very popular style right now. My 12 year old even has it...

Anonymous said...

It's a popular style right now? Could you point me in the direction of the trendy hipsters who are wearing it like that? Those two haircuts are IDENTICAL. Ryan McConnell is on my hinky meter big time.

Jo said...

According to Davey, it was Gods will to have Amanda brutally murdered to further his church. God decided that she and her unborn child should suffer such a horrible death. And were her murderers actually angels sent from God to carry out his plans for the church? Even more that trying to convince others that God personally spoke to him, he wants us to believe that "his" God would allow such evil to occur in the process of advancing his church. Not a God I would want to worship.

Concerned said...

Louise K at 9:33
I must be dense because I don't know what that means
but I'm sending you a big hug anyway.

(I almost said, I have no idea what that means..." but Statement Analysis would have eaten me alive!)

Concerned said...

Anon at 9:36
I'm so impressed with your list!
I'm amazed you can think so clearly this late in the day....
Please tell me it isn't after 9:00 where you live!

mom2many said...

Louise, one correction to the 911 call. Instead of "there was my Wife and Major Helpmate on the floor," it should read, "there was my ministry partner and best friend on the floor."

mom2many said...

I know what the historically significant development is that will arise from Amanda's tragic army of newly addicted lay Statement Analysts who are not going to be swayed by these charlatans anymore.

trustmeigetit said...

I agree with the theory that DB had a gay lover.

The thing he said that originally made me think that was when he talked about getting matching clothes with his best (guy) friend.

Sorry but don't get matching clothes.

Anonymous said...

Confused @8:04

The change of handwriting slant is curious. Here's a couple interesting articles on handwriting slants...

If it leans to the left to a large extent, it means that the person tends to be withdrawn to himself. He usually doesn't like to mix up with the people around. Such a person may have experienced a very bad tragedy earlier in his life and is not so optimistic about the future. It could be that he keeps looking at something that's happened in the past, is deeply effected by it and its stopping him from looking towards the future.

The Backward Slant sign, in this interpretative framework, seems a reactive mechanism covering an initial relationship need which is frustrated or felt as too weakening for the self.

It kind of fits in with the assumption that she was unhappy. How could she not have been??


Anonymous said...

Oops, here is the correct 2nd link


Anonymous said...

Random thoughts;

Thank you Peter, for another fine and brilliant article. You're the best, giving so much time and perseverance to this very disturbing case; and if Heather is working with you on this, many thanks to her too.

Davey is not sorry little Weston has lost his mother because he does not believe his little stud Weston needs a mother. He proved this when he forced Amanda to use the child rearing book he recommended, against her wishes, that leads the parents into ignoring the crying baby, pinch the baby, only feed the baby during limited hours, yada yada. Amanda as a loving and caring mother was not in favor of these methods. Her disapproval of these disturbing methods was in defiance of Davey's leadership and authority. He doesn't have to worry about this anymore. To hell with what Amanda thought, HE will make all the child rearing decisions from now on.

I believe Davey sexually abused Amanda, in addition to being homo and having hidden homosexual interests in other men, while constantly flaunting his interest (and threats) of other women in her face. I believe his use of the butter term in conjunction to using butter during sex was meant as an anal threat to Amanda, "you know what I did to you with the butter..." Being all but impotent with Amanda, the nasty thing would use all the props he could, to hell with Amanda's pain, displeasure and humiliation. He didn't give a shyt whether she liked it or not. I believe Amanda had come to despise Davey as she silently kept her anguish to herself.

I believe he made her life hell over money and held it over her head, reminding her that the house was in HIS name, not hers, making her jump at his whims and at his mercy to meet his demands. Basically Amanda had no money that he didn't dole out when it suited him, until she started refinishing furniture and old antiques, a very hard, tedious and messy job, which she did on a shoestring, but her needing money is the reason she did it; only she became quite good at it which he deeply resented. Her hard work could have eventually led to her finding a way out of her misery with Davey Blackburn and he knew it. Even in her death he uses her goodness against her. What a lo-life despicable b'stard. ABB

Anonymous said...

mom2many 10:25 YEH!!!

Concerned said...

So far the spouses of people who were killed in the California attack have talked about their love for the ones who died, what great mothers and fathers they were...all the comments you would expect, with specifics about why they were so loved.

But dear Davey just couldn't squeak out any love for Amanda in his statements after her death. Nothing about what a wonderful mother she was. Nothing about her good qualities.

I wonder if he will read these stories and see how different he is.

Anonymous said...

Somebody said:

"Davey is not sorry little Weston has lost his mother because he does not believe his little stud Weston needs a mother."

I have never seen a father react with such disinterest regarding his young son losing his mother.

Anonymous said...

Well whadya know, guess where Ryan McConnell took his vacation in August of 2014? South Carolina. August 5th, 2014 to be exact. Can anyone look and see where Davey boy was around that time?

Anonymous said...

Is Amanda's Etsy shop still open?
If it was successful, I figured Meg Griffith would take it over since hers was just a little sign business.
Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever heard a father refer to his 15 month old son as a stud.
It creeps me out on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

I'm just talking outloud here, but what are the odds that Ryan McConnell would have another friend on FB named Amanda Blackburn? Different Amanda Blackburn, but what are the odds? Another coinkydink.

Anonymous said...

P.S... I'm still waiting for Davey and his mentor preacher Nobel to drop the other shoe: "Touch not thine anointed." It's coming. Count on it. Money making scam evangelistic cult-leaders in sheep's clothing who work so hard at not working LOVE that one. ABB

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:45

It looks like DB was at home, reading Baby Wise to baby Weston.


Mr Dos Centavos said...

We are a minority. Most of the US is on board with pretty boy lock, stock and barrel - Including, I fear, Indy LE. In my mind, we are right, but if what I read is true that the crime scene was contaminated, then "professionally cleaned" the day after the crime our quest for justice is over.

AB did not die in that kitchen. Reportedly, the first responders responded only to a "head wound". Curiously, but fortuitously for Davey, it was the paramedics who first called LE. By the time the cops got there Amanda was most likely already en route to the hospital where she died the next day. The crime scene was not contained, it was not sterile and it was not (yet) even a murder scene. To repeat, by the time is WAS a murder scene, it had been "professionally cleaned" - rendering it useless for hard forensic evidence.

Unless the 911 call indicates something suspicious on Davey's part, this case is over. Davey got away with something - just what we'll probably never know.

I'm confident, however, karma will catch up with this shameless grifter.

CJ said...

Anon at 7:24,

I would expect him to call her "my daughter-in-law Amanda," or at least "my daughter-in-law Amanda Blackburn."

He might as well be talking about a member of his congregation here.

mom2many said...

Dos, even after it was cleaned, reports indicated that LE was there removing drywall and other things with saws. I think they still have evidence in this case, including bullet holes.

Mdkd6262 said...

@ANON 10:45 and 10:50

Re DB reading BabyWise to his newborn.... makes my body ill. Weston is the whole reason DB needs to be outed. God help his little soul...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Centavos;

I'm afraid you're right. I have thought this from the beginning, only I have been hoping against all odds that somehow there will be 'something' found that will incriminate Davey Blackburn; hard evidence, that is more than just us seeing through him and knowing his guilt, without remorse, is all over him.

Still, I am hoping that Peter Hyatt is correct when he says he believes that LE is investigating Davey, and in fact indicates that there will be charges. I just hope he's right. IMO, Davey Blackburn is as guilty as the day is long. ABB

Anonymous said...

Another twitter gem from ol' Crazy Davey.

4:53 AM - 15 Apr 2015
Promoting self will kill you; Killing self will promote you! #KillTheSelfie


jarika00 said...

If at first you look at the handwriting it does look to be different. But if you split it up and look at letters individually you see it is the same writing. The Y and G is not constant but when you look at her M's and N's are constant of both entries, they are unique in form. Then her E's usually resemble a C. Her O's in the middle of the word resemble A's. They were most likely the same writer with time elapsed between the two entries.

I do believe something is odd with the husband, but studying the journal entries if you look closely enough they are written by the same person... IMO...

mom2many said...

This blog explains succinctly what is so wrong with BabyWise.

"I had acquaintances that swore by it…touting the only way they could do it (turn off their instincts to follow Babywise that is) was to go outside and talk on the phone or get in the shower and turn on music. This would drown out the cries. They encouraged me to do the same…it would be “hard” on me but “good” for the baby.
In my opinion...Just say no to Babywise...

In my opinion, you should Just Say No to Babywise

Now, I think about this advice as preposterous. If my four-year-old needed me because he was hurting or scared and I went outside so I couldn’t hear him crying…that would be cruel, right? Or, better yet, if I was sad, lonely, hungry, or just feeling insecure and I was crying in bed and my husband got in the shower to tune me out, that would sound like abuse, wouldn’t it?"

I can see readily how Amanda, who suppressed her feelings for what she 'knew' to be true, could fall into believing Davey that BabyWise was best. But I think she didn't buy into it completely. And that's why she wasn't a good enough mom to remember her as a mom in Davey's initial statement.

Anonymous said...

1. Amanda was sexually assaulted/Not enough evidence to press sexual assault charges.
2. The gun that was found is not related to Amanda/The gun that was found may be related.
3. BOLO light black male/Three suspects captured, all dark black males.
4. We know who you are, we have your picture/Releases grainy back shot of human being.
5. Amanda lunged at the killer/Was shot in the back of the head.

6. Davey Blackburn cleared almost immediately, crime scene contaminated beyond control.

People better start praying for a miracle, fast.

lynda said...

Peter..fascinating as usual and am Looking forward to the other parts. It is frightening to see, all laid out like you do, the possible beginnings of a cult/leader.

I had my 911 call MANY articles ago...SA students..ready, set, GO!

911: 911, What's your emergency?

DB: Hi! Hello? Hey, how are you doin this wonderful morning? I'm Davy Blackburn, LEAD pastor of Resonate Church here in Indy..have you heard about us? We are CHANGING Indy and bringin Jesus front and center. Come on down this Sunday and make sure you bring a friend or two.

911: Sir, what is your emergency?

DB: Well, see, I, I , I, I, went to the gym this morning and after I controlled myself from "working out" some of the whores there, I jumped in the shower, naked of course, and in the midst of washing my naked body, GOD spoke to me. At least I think it was God, cuz his voice sounds deeper than the other voices telling me what to do, anyway, um, er, so, did I say we were in the shower?

911: Sirrrr??

DB: oh yeah, yeah, ya know, I just have a tendency to go on cuz I love JESUS with my whole heart and soul. He's the most awesome Jesus in the universe and he is present every Sunday at MY church, that'd be Resonate Church right here in Indy. Where I AM LEAD PASTOR. We'd LOVE to see you there Sunday and invite your friends and family cuz we welcome anyone, even if they dress like whores.

911: Okay sir, do you have an emergency?

DB: um, well, you tell me. I went to the gym this morning after my devotionals, like I always do, ya know, just a normal day...AND after showering, I'm getting all jacked up talkin to my friend, which I do every Tuesday by the way, and the conversation, I, I, it, it, wa, wa, was such a great convo I couldn't end it when I pulled into my driveway. So, since we were talkin about Jesus, and Jesus can't be rushed, we just kept talking ya know? So..but, anyway, I hang up and walk into my house and the first thing I see is that there's a plant stand knocked over in the living room. I mean, I, it was probably my stud of a son and my biggest cheerleader, I can't remember her name right now, hasn't even cleaned it up yet even though she should be serving her man like I continually tell her. But she's not real bright, ya know, not well-read, and she can't quite grasp the concept that we don't want to be reminded that there is a kid here and she needs to clean up immediately. So...anyway, I noticed right away that there was an empty pack of smokes on my counter. I mean, I don't smoke, and she better not be smoking because we don't like that.

911: Sir, it has been 22 minutes since you called you have an emergency??

_______________to be continued____________________

Mdkd6262 said...

@Lynda 11:42

Laffing by butt off....

Mdkd6262 said...

Somebody please feature Cray Cray Davey trying to sell the 911 operator a t-shirt....

Anonymous said...

To the poster who commented on Daveys neighbor Ryan McConnell having the exact same hairstyle. Looks like they like to dress the same as well, eh?

lynda said...

911 continued....

DB: We asked YOU to tell us if we had an emergency ma'am but you keep interrupting me. That's rude and I want you to know that God just told me that you're a whore. Well, you just come on down to church on Sunday and we will put the fear of God into you!

911: I'm hanging up..

DB: Wait, wait, I,I, what, wha, you need to know is that we're not done with the story. So anyway, I picked up the plant and while i was washing my hands in the kitchen sink, which is normal, and i do it everyday, I noticed that cigarette package on my counter. WE ARE NOT PLEASED by this. I mean, ya know, I got this rockin body with biceps that look like pythons under my tight shirts and this woman, DAMMIT, i can't remember her name right now, she is SMOKING?? I don't smoke and pollute my body that way cuz it's a temple of the Living God. So, now, I, um...we, I, walked out of kitchen and practically trip over what's her face on the floor. I mean, ya know..what's up with that? It looks like maybe she fell or maybe she just fell asleep cuz she is always complaining how tired she is when I need sex. Which is 7 times an hour. She maybe wants it once a month. Tired of working, tired of taking care of the baby, tired of refinishing, tired of cooking, blah, blah, blah. I mean, I, I, can't even concentrate on what's she saying cuz I haven't had sex yet.

911: Sir, is this your wife that needs attention

DB: Well, let me tell you what you need to know, you need to know that she is my biggest ego booster. She knows i need constant affirmation, and, and, I guess she supports me too. What was...oh yeah, ya know, yeah..she's my wife. It looks like maybe she conked her head or something, maybe, I, wa, it looks maybe like she cut herself...I can't really tell cuz then I'd have to wash my hands again. Anyway, I'd be ever so grateful, and so would GOD , if you would send somebody to take her to the hospital and get checked out cuz ya know, I am LEAD pastor at Resonate church and I have Gods work to do. Bring a friend and come see for yourself! She would understand. She's probably having a really nice relaxing dream about suntanning so, no rush. I just don't want to take her cuz of the hand washing thing and I have a busy day. I haven't even checked my tweets, FB, instagram, telescope, snapchat, and Ashley Madison, accounts yet. Ya know, gotta stay relevant, whatever it takes. I have a motto that nothing is wasted, so this, this, thing, incident, event, whatever, would definitely be wasting MY time.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters must have pomp on top.

Talbots is selling a women's sweater just like that Ryan's. lol

Sus said...

I just read this post again, and it simply makes sense. A narcissist needs a source to inflate their false egos. They become addicted to their source. All that matters is keeping that false ego going.

DB's source and primary addiction is Jesus. To the point where he has become delusional with it. It is quite literally as if he is high on Jesus.

I think it can't be forgotten, though, that narcissists need lots of quick fixes as sources. Usually their primary source is not available 24/7. This is why narcissists are notorious addicts...alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, sports, any type of thrill-seeking.

Think of all the "religious" leaders who have worked sex into the dogma of their churches...Joseph Smith, Jim Jones, David Koresch, FDLS, and I'm sure others I can't recall.

It's for their personal interest and narcissism. Is there any doubt here DB eventually hoped to have a church which incorporated his addictions under the cover of religion? You are correct. He was setting up to go beyond the boundaries.

One has to think he already has gone beyond the accepted moral and tolerated boundaries of his church. This is where his guilt comes from. Now he is retroactively giving God's okay to it.

Mdkd6262 said...

Lynda @ 12:30

Now I'm bout to pee me pants... your 911 calls are classic and appropriate comic relief in the midst of this tragedy. Keep them coming...

And since you mentioned Ashley Madison... please tell me someone has Indianapolis' list to check for DB

Sus said...

It was mentioned last night that maybe Treezy worked at Fed Ex. I don't think so. I think he worked at Wendy's.

I can't get his Facebook past November 14, though. I don't know if that's me, or if he erased it, or if he began it then.

It's a possibility DB met him in the hospital when Ananda was shot. Treezy was in the hospital at that time as a gun shot victim himself. Teeezy's mother is super duper religious. And let's face it. Do you really believe DB stayed by his wife's bedside? He probably traveled around room to room gathering souls. I imagine Teeezy was one.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Anon 12:11 Thanks for link to interview.

SA’s gather ‘round:

QUOTES from the RYAN MCDONNELL (neighborhood watchman who dresses just like DB and has the exact same haircut... loves doing TV interviews, has difficulty processing things, and is committed to turning something bad into something good...coincidence?) news interview following arrests…

INTERVIEWER: Let’s talk about what you’re hearing from police specifically, any details you can share.

RM: So, uh, we know that they have three people in custody. They’ve made arrests and, uh, they plan to file some charges today. Uh and, an, we’ve heard a lot about the evidence, uh, you know, just different shreds (hinky choice of words) of evidence they have, and, an, uh it looks like it’s gonna be uh, uh, a very firm, solid case. (I don’t know why but my hinky meter went way up when he said “firm” and “solid” – his whole demeanor went from stuttering around to confident on those two words)

INTERVIEWER: And that news how does that make you feel personally?

RM: Uh, you know it’s a sense of relief, eh, it surly is. Uh, because we’ve been so wrapped up in this for so long. Eh it’s been hard to, to really process things at times, so you know, we’re happy, but this is just a start to a whole ‘nother chapter, for us. (Again, the way his tone changed when he said “whole nother chapter, for us"-engaged my hinky meter)

INTERVIEWER: Where do you go from here, where does the neighborhood go from here?

RM: “Well I think we continue that unity, and that, that firmness (hinky meter there’s that creepy reference to “firm” again) that we’ve gained throughout this. There’s such a rich bond (tone dropped on the word “bond”) between all of us as neighbors. Uh, and we try to educate the community outside of ours to this is what you have to do if you want to see crimes solved in your area you have to work with police, you have to talk to the media (tone drop on “media”), you have to do these things, and, and really fight for this. And, and do it together, with each other.”

INTERVIEWER: And for Amanda too that’s gotta be a main…

RM: This is all, this is all for Amanda. You know we do this in honor of Amanda uh, and, and we’ve tried to turn a bad thing into a good thing - with the community bond. But uh we’re , we’re happy to see these people (tone dropped on “people”) brought to justice too.

Peter Hyatt: Your thoughts?????

maudes harold said...


Do you have an agent? lol

Thanks for using a little dark humor to bring a little light to this case. My husband thanks you too, what he could hear of it between my laughter.

Confused said...

When I first saw the grainy pic of the back of the person, I thought it looked like the neighborhood watchman from his build.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Sus 1:05

I've had the same problem with more than one of these cast of character's fb pages of late from all sides of the track... I think they are tightening down

Confused said...


Neighborhood watchman said:

Uh, because we’ve been so wrapped up in this for so long. Eh it’s been hard to, to really process things at times, so you know, we’re happy, but this is just a start to a whole ‘nother chapter, for us.

"wrapped up in this"

coverings, blankets, sexual activity
something they have been planning for a while "wrapped up in this"

"start to a whole 'nother chapter"

Amanda's diary (and is there any chance he is left-handed?)
Watchman starting a new chapter in his gay affair with Davey

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Wealthy EVANGELICAL pastor Perry Noble makes those hoping to become church planters (to spread the Word of God) pay money to attend his "how to start a church" seminar."

Is this where he teaches his secret methods for silencing bloggers who expose his hypocrisy?

Confused said...

Watchman said

you have to do these things, and, and really fight for this. And, and do it together, with each other.”

Do what things?
Really fight for what?
Do it together?

Gay Affair

Sus said...

Omg, Lynda, I'm positive you have it word for word. Is God talking to you in the shower, also?

Confused said...

just different shreds (hinky choice of words) of evidence


minimal evidence
have papers been "shredded"?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if someone else posted this, but this tweet from Davey is so bizarre to me!

---For those who knew Amanda well, you know she’s sun-tanning on the shores of Heaven sipping her virgin pina colada . . . Loving paradise!” he tweeted on Tuesday. “Amanda was not well-traveled, well-read, or well-to-do but the moment she stepped into eternity she heard, ‘Well Done.’”

Mdkd6262 said...


That was exactly my reaction to the actual content of his message... I am addicted to SA. It is so telling... humans are so telling.

I am a nurse and I have continually said if you will just listen, your patients will tell you what's wrong with them... didn't realize I was subconsciously practicing SA. It really does work.

Anonymous said...

More odd tweets:
daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Dec 2

I'm beginning to understand on a whole new level what Paul meant by "To live is Christ and to die is gain."

I do not see one tweet where he mentions that he loved and misses his wife. So odd!

Confused said...


Thank you for the link and the information about how emotional state can effect slant in handwriting. I find this stuff so interesting. I do find her change in handwriting with the slant developing to be unusual enough to want to look into it more.

As odd as it sounds, and I can't really tie it together, I can't get it out of my head that she may have been restrained, confined or injured in some way when writing the last entry.
I also intially thought it was odd her attacker shot her in the forearm (close to the hand).
Again, I don't know how or if any of this could be tied together, but only know from my own handwriting, which definitely fluctuates when I am tired or in a hurry, I have never had a dramatic change in slant like that.
Thank you for looking into it as it has given me more food for thought.

Mdkd6262 said...

@ 911 Lynda

Not trying to tell you how to run your 911 calls, HOWEVER... (I started to use but and it felt so wrong, please give me a complimentary t-shirt sale.... I won't be complete until you do!

Anonymous said...

Here is an odd interview with Ryan McConnell, why does he speak as if Amanda was his bride? This is just weird.

Confused said...


Thank you for posting the interview with the Watchman...there is a LOT of stuff in there! I am sure others can find much more! It is very suspicious to say the least. That is very insightful that you are able to listen to your patients in that way...that things surface in our words, it sounds like it comes naturally for you! There is much surfacing in that interview for sure!

Anonymous said...

Good article on babywise:

“An inquiry by CT [Christianity Today] into Ezzo's background surfaces many new questions about his training, his conduct, and his professional interactions. Parents trust Ezzo to be professional and authoritative on parenting, yet many are not aware that he has no professional background in child development, medicine, or breastfeeding support

Ezzo, GFI, and his publisher have attributed to him three different academic degrees that he does not have. Ezzo stated in writing that he had an associate's degree in business from Mohawk Community College in Utica, New York, even specifying a major and a grade-point average. He never graduated from that school, officials say.

GFI and Ezzo's publisher, Multnomah, have both said he earned a master's degree in Christian education, but he holds no such degree. The master of arts in ministry that he does have gives significant credit for life experience and is designed for noncollege graduates.”


Another phony fleecing the sheep... and the women who trust his BS, and their innocent children, pay the price.

Children are worthy of better than this!

aud said...

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

aud said...

Wouldn't the thugs have implicated him by now?

Not a Robot said...

Neighborhood watchman said:

Uh, because we’ve been so wrapped up in this for so long. Eh it’s been hard to, to really process things at times, so you know, we’re happy, but this is just a start to a whole ‘nother chapter, for us.

"We've been so wrapped up in this for so long"? The murder happened on Nov 10th. When did he do this interview?

The whole quote above is just odd. You're happy about what? The arrests? Wouldn't "relieved" be a better word, because as a neighborhood watchman, isn't it good the criminals are locked up?

And the start of a whole 'nother chapter to what?

Mdkd6262 said...


I think the thugs in custody were once or twice removed from DB and were not aware of what they were actually getting into that morning.... IMO they were hired by a middle man and don't know DB directly... not excusing what they did

Anonymous said...

On this one, McConnell starts around 1:11, "There's no manual on how to respond to having one of your neighbors and friends murdered in her home."

Anonymous said...

And this one, Captain Bravey speaks to his important position and how le gives him the inside nudge. Wears the cape? Aren't they branding and selling the super hero capes by now? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

This is my new favorite obsession. I grew up in Indianapolis and am the same age as Davey. The second I saw our mutual friends posting about it sympathetically on Facebook I thought MURDER. One thing I haven't heard mentioned, though, is how could we ever actually know what time she was actually shot given that she died two days later? Unlike a dead body that decomposes at a certain rate...

Concerned said...

When somebody gives up Alonzo Bull, I think we might see things start to break.
I don't know how old he is but his wife is only seventeen and has a tiny baby.
Who knows what she might tell if he ever dumps her?

I would think the alliances are constantly shifting in their social circles.
And I believe Indy LE very much knows how they were lined up in November.
If we know Treezy was Davey's FB friend until yesterday, so do they, right?

If Peter's Tuesday Group of investigators (down to the last one) think Davey is guilty of something, Indy LE does too.
And you see how much we can't tolerate Davey just based on some videos and TV interviews? They've seen all that and more right there in person! I would think the whole department would be discussing the ins and outs of this on their coffee breaks and with their wives and husbands over dinner!

I have to keep telling myself these things because I cannot stand to think this egotistical faker will be let loose on the churches of America on a speaking tour!

Mdkd6262 said...

To put things in perspective as far as the odds of them singling out the Blackburn residence out of all the residents they had to choose from in the neighborhood they just "randomly" chose....

There are two entrances into this neighborhood, one off W 42nd and one off W Kessler Blvd N Dr. - both enter onto Sunmeadow Way which is a large partially J-shaped loop. Sunnyfield Ct is an offshoot midway of Sunmeadow.

The Blackburn house is in the VERY BACK cul-de-sac the FURTHEST DISTANCE from either entrance to the neighborhood.

If you turn off Kessler onto Sunmeadow, you can choose to turn left or right. Turn left and there's 18 homes with a cul-de-sac forcing you to turn around to get back out.

If you turn right, and stay straight and circle back around to W 42nd, you will drive by a total of 36 homes you could burgle and still be on the main egress out of the neighborhood.

Now if you're feeling like it's your lucky day, you could choose to turn down an offshoot, Sunnyfield Cv and drive past 32 homes to reach the very back side of the cul-de-sac and burgle the Blackburn's.

When you consider the entire neighborhood there is a total of 87 homes and they chose the one in the very back that put them at the greatest risk of being caught... 1 divided by 87 = a 1.149425% chance that they would choose poor Davey's house (if all houses were weighted as equal risk to one another) HOWEVER they chose the one house that placed them at the GREATEST RISK in that neighborhood... now factor in the total number of houses/apartments between burglary #1 and Sunnyfield Ct neighborhood.... WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT???

Concerned said...

Well, well, I guess Davey's getting lots of marketing advice to promote his story and his brand.
This guy is with, a marketing company.

From Twitter tonight:
Donald MillerVerified account ‏@donaldmiller 6h6 hours ago
"Just spent the last two days with @perrynoble and his team..."

Anonymous said...

What are the odds of that? To top it all off, what are the odds that they get to stroll right in? Thanks to Davey boy leaving the door wide open. I have to wonder if the autopsy included a toxicology report, but it's doubtful. I wonder if Davey drugged Amanda that morning.

I know it's going to be Davey's fluids that are found in and on Amanda's body. I'd bet the farm on it.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I know the duct tape found near Amanda is raising quite a few eyebrows, let's hope there's DNA and various fibers on the roll, as well as any tape pieces if there are any. The more info, the better.

My question concerns the phones listed in the Probable Cause doc ( Pgs. 20-21). There were 4 known people (Watson, Taylor, Gordon, and Bull), but 5 known phones in play from 4:00-8:00 a.m. Nov. 10th. According to the probable cause doc, at one point Watson's phone calls either both of Gordon's phones one right after the other OR Watson calls one of Gordon's phones and Gordon's phone calls Gordon's second phone. The document isn't very clear there. Either way it's an issue because according to the timeline, Watson and Gordon are together at the time of both calls. Why would you call the guy next to you, much less on 2 different phones? Why would Gordon on phone 1 call his second phone? Unless someone else has Gordon's second phone- Who?

For Taylor to be so angry about being on surveillance camera that he "wanted to kill the woman" and for being so worried Amanda might scratch him that he'd shoot her in the chest and the head, the repeated phone calling back and forth between the 4 known people makes zero sense. One could argue that criminals and druggies aren't too bright, but Taylor's smart enough to know he needs to avoid being scratched (his DNA under her fingernails, as well as fresh scratches indicating a struggle should he get caught). Gordon's smart enough to avoid re-entering Sunnyfield Court to pick up Taylor.

Another question- Pg. 24 of the Probable Cause doc states Watson dropped Gordon off at the entrance to the addition. Watson then drove in to pick up Taylor and on the way out picked Gordon back up. So, is Gordon on someone's home video standing or walking at the entrance to the addition?

Concerned said...

We'll never know but I would bet both Weston and the dog were drugged.

I wonder who was called on to care for Weston during what I assume was a constant vigil at the hospital.
I can't imagine that Davey would have left since he was busy impressing hospital staff and visitors with his hope and faith.

Weston must still be with the Byars since Davey is in his StoryBrand meetings at NewSpring.

Mark B said...

I have been loving Statement Analysis. Peter, Louise K, and Anonymous 37841229, y'all are the best.

My thoughts:
- DB is Flaming. So gay he shits in rainbow-colored loops.

In any other world. this would have been fine, but
-DB is from the South
- and more importantly, DB wants to be KNOWN.

What are the 2 easiest paths to being known (in the South)?
- Preacher
- Politician

DB chose Preacher.

Everyone's who's interacted with him for more than ummm, 3 seconds, figured he was gay.
No such thing as a gay Preacher. So he went and got himself a starter Wife and Kid.

My thoughts (controversial, so hold your bonnets)
- DB is gay
- PN is gay
- Pretty much every other pastor in their network is gay
- These churches are extremely sophisticated (or crude) cover-ups for gay men who don't/can't come out of the closet. They then get to use MINISTRY as a cover for the, um, ministry they are doing to one another's anal passages.

Speaking of cover-ups,
- I think MOST of DB's friends / church associates are in on this.
- I think AB's Dad may be in on it OR that he and DB are intimate

Reason for thought 1
- In the few videos released in which DB's friends express their "grief", the still for the video shows the person smiling.
I thought 'What an unfortunate coincidence?' until I found out that most video stills are obtained by using the most common 'image' from within the video. So if you are smiling 80% of the time in your video, the still will show a smile. I found it odd that for DB's friends -- not Amanda's -- the still was always a smile.

- Let us not comment on the number of times DB has smiled / laughed in interviews.

Regarding assertion 2
- DB's body language with Amanda's father is very OFF. Their hands when DB is giving that sermon that was totttttttally unplanned was OFF. They look like lovers, or they look like an old guy who can barely conceal his crush on this gay little Bible-misspeaking stud muffin.
I won't go as far as saying that AB's Dad was involved. But I think he supports DB more than anyone else and would object the most vociferously should anyone cast doubt on his son(in-law).

- I think PN is predicting financial/reputational hit should DB be found guilty, sorry, WHEN DB is found guilty, so he is trying to distance himself.

Background on me:
- I work in the most-alpha male industry you can picture besides construction. (Oil/Finance)
- I am from the South
- I go to an evangelical church (where I think many of the pastors are gay, and know for a fact that one is)
- I am gay (though most people do not know, so I can easily recognize the patterns of other people not fully out)

This has been titillating. Not just because I can't believe someone would misinterpret divine teachings in so blasphemous a way, but that someone would do it, and think that he has outsmarted everyone else, including his co-equal God.

By the way, the first thing that tipped me off to DB was the fact that EVERY single tribute image to Amanda had a picture of him in it. If you've ever lost a loved one, you scrape your albums and internets looking for nice pictures of the deceased BY THEMSELVES.

Last bit of controversy,
- I think DB may have found one of the guys (maybe LT) from Backpages when he (DB) was looking to have gay s-x with someone. Backpages is very popular among gay men, even gay men who live in places where they don't have to be in the shadows. LT is the youngest of the guys and the 'prettiest' and the one who looks the most upset about being arrested. Like, I can't believe this is happening to me.

Concerned said...

I don't know why but I'm convinced that Alonzo left his phone/phones at home with Donae so perhaps he was the one on that extra phone. He fits the light-skinned description more than any of the others. I believe the story of how this went down is just that - a story.
Just because it's in the PC affidavit doesn't mean it's true. It's just what LE needed to arrest them.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Mark B 3:12


Anonymous said...

Mark B, any opinion on Donald Miller?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

How about Mark Driscoll?

Anonymous said...

Mark B, great post and insight and dead on with the pictures. Here is what I was thinking tonight. Is there a picture where just Amanda is holding the baby while Davey is in the picture? It seems EVERY picture of the 3 of them, Davey is holding the baby. That is strange in my book.

Anonymous said...

If Davey has a male lover, my money goes on Ryan McConnell.

M said...

I want to stick up for AB's dad. I have family at that church. I know several people who know the family. He isn't having an affair with DB.

This is SA - not Days of Our Lives.

You people are killin' me with the talk of haircuts and sweaters. Don't any of you have kids that age? Seriously. Hipsters dress like that. Now - the way he wears his baseball hat is not what you see around here even on hipsters.

There is enough real information that points to DB guilt without making up wild made-for-tv stories. I'm with Peter in that I am not convinced of where the guilt comes from, but he's guilty of something.

I really appreciate those of you who go look at the timeline, phones, etc. You all find some interesting nuggets!

M said...

I don't know what protocol is for IMPD dispatch regarding 911 calls for injured persons.

We are in a community close to Marion County (that's Indy).

Protocol here is EMS/FD and Police are both dispatched. Police ususally arrive first because there are more of them and they aren't sitting at a station waiting for a run.

Based on the info in the PCA, my guess is that IMPD isn't set up like that. Whatever DB said to the dispatcher didn't trigger a police response.

Anonymous said...

M at 5:53-
What you said about AB's father fits with what my "gut" is telling me. Although I find all of these relatives and church friends' over-the-top positive outlooks a bit bizarre (and worry that they are not allowing themselves to truly feel their feelings and grieve their huge loss, which could very well backfire later), I don't think there's any sexual relationship between Phil and Davey. Phil seemed floored when Davey stood up with people in the congregation who were out of their comfort zones with being bold in sharing the gospel, which was bizarre on Davey's part (I don't think it was scripted- just my opinion). Davey quickly hogged the spotlight and added his own "impromptu" sermon, which, again, was bizarre. At first, I thought Phil looked taken aback when Davey dissed the congregation as being "dead bones" from the year before. By the end of Davey's self-serving sermon, when they hugged, I thought I heard Phil whisper to Davey, "Way to go, way to go," but, I could have heard incorrectly. Anyway, I think Amanda was the light of Phil's life, and he's not himself, and is trying to take Davey at face value. I think Amanda's family is sincere, yet very naive. They have assumed (publicly, anyway) the best of Davey. They all really want to believe that her death was not in vain, and that good will come out of it.

Davey and his words and actions are so bizarre- this entire case is so bizarre, that I think our minds tend to think that nothing is as it appears, and anyone could be Davey's lover (YES, my initial impression of his was flaming gay, or, at least bi), and complicit in the murder. I'm not knocking any of opinions. And, I know my "gut," can be wrong. But, Amanda seemed like the "real deal" to me- devout, she walked the walk, yet, as seen in the videos, she appeared to become increasingly unhappy. I agree with others who think she felt "stuck" in the marriage. And, I also agree that Davey could have been verbally and sexually abusing her. I do think it's very possible that she discovered he was acting on his presumed gay/bi desires, and thus, the macbook was "stolen" (are we certain it was his macbook?). And, I imagine she did confront him, and possibly threatened separation/divorce, which gave him motive to use worship as a "weapon," and has no remorse in his part of his death.

I'm rambling, and, obviously, giving my opinion, not SA. But, I wanted to express my opinion, nevertheless (and idk how to use spellcheck on this- sorry). -L

Anonymous said...

* Davey has no no remorse in his part of *her* death.

MrsP said...

Check out this map to illustrate what Mdkd6262 said @2:56 AM. What are the odds??!??

D said...

Which neighbor heard the scream and gun shots? Wouldn't Amanda scream right when she saw her intruder. Also she had to be in pain once hit in the mouth, with her tooth on the floor. I sadly think she was crying and I don't think she could of screamed loud enough at that point. I would call 911 and check on my neighbor at that point. Was there only one neighbor that heard this? They all live in a tight circle, wouldn't there be more that heard all of this. Do you guys think Amanda was still in bed, heard some commotion and came down stairs, or out of her bedroom, not sure where the bedrooms are.? DB could of left at his normal time, and hid the computer, and gun used. I'm starting to think that the guys were there to clean up, but chicken out. Did DB want his wife to disappear for attention?

I also wonder if DB if he was not guilty was disgusted with Amanda because she was sexually assaulted and blames her for that.

Gemini said...

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. I practice speeches, interviews, meetings, marital spat comebacks lol. Is it possible he practiced his "speech" in the shower and he mentioned it?

Anonymous said...


Yes it is possible. However, it is inappropriate to talk about what one was doing in the shower. As Peter notes, that immediately conjures up images of someone in the shower, naked. Not okay unless one is talking to one's spouse/partner.


ima.grandma said...

I'm happy to see so many new commenters posting intelligent and sincere thoughts via Peter's blog. His exceptional talent is illustrated beautifully in this article of pure quality. Please stick around. You will expand your mind and grow with fascination. I confidently answer you, Ms. Zsuzsanna, Peter has read your comments. I've read and re-read them several times. I'm diggin' on your posting principles, I feel the same way. Louise, your take is interesting. You are making me smile, I appreciate your clever sarcasm.

I'm behind on this case. The great comments are allowing me to catch up. I've been in the hospital ICU for awhile with acute renal failure and rhabdomyolysis. Reading here is helping my recovery begin.

Thank you Peter for dedicating such love and sharing your understanding of truth. The award really goes to Heather, for without her clearly evidential support, this blog would not be. pam

Anonymous said...

Lynda, you have cracked me up with your take on DB's call to 911! You are hilarious girl! Perfect way to start my day with a little humor. I hope you are using your talent for writing skits for one of the major tv comedy family shows. It does happen, you know.

I met someone here on the interwebs several years ago that I became good friends with during the Anna Nichole custody trial for baby Danielynn's paternity hearings; extreme writing talent like yours, who used to write for the old Starsky & Hutch shows. She could switch on a dime from being one character to another in nothing flat, you would never guess that it was all written by one person.

In real life she works in a pediatric dental clinic in Az, had no prior training for writing anything, so you see, talent abounds everywhere. Just gotta put your foot forward. You go, girl. You've got it; put that talent into making money. I'm serious! ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Gemini said...
I do some of my best thinking in the shower. I practice speeches, interviews, meetings, marital spat comebacks lol. Is it possible he practiced his "speech" in the shower and he mentioned it?
December 4, 2015 at 7:50 AM

This is true. Many like to think in the shower, sing, and take a bit of time for self. We even note this in domestic violence situations of personal hygiene.

It is not that one concentrates in the shower that is noted.

It is that one has the need to say so publicly that is linked to sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual crimes, etc. The setting is key.

For the subject, a few weeks after his wife is murdered,

He is in the place of cleansing,
He is conversing with the God who cleanses.
He is not only the recipient of "cleansing" but is now given marching orders of historical proportion.

Peter Hyatt

Anonymous said...

The womnan who lived in DB's neighborhood who's house was broken into first...Was she out of town a lot? Did she provide one of her neighbors with her alarm code in case of emergencies? How did the three thugs know how to disarm her home alarm?

Anonymous said...

IMAGrandma; I am so sorry to learn of your illness. Hey, that's serious! These dreaded and serious illnesses can hit us on a moment's notice, or no notice. I'm dealing with several as we speak; doing what I can and ignoring the rest.

I came so close to losing an eye just a coupla weeks ago without even realizing it. It had been feeling a little itchy so I would rub it, a natural reflex action. Well, it started to get itchy almost nonstop, then painful. This progressed a couple of months, only getting worse; all this time I'm thinking something is in this eye so I tried several different types of drops trying to wash out whatever was in there, but it only got worse. Dang, now I'm thinking I'm going to have to go see somebody about this, but it was not until the pain became so uncomfortable that I got on the ph and found an Opthomologist for the next day.

Would you believe, there was a stitch lodged in my eyeball in the back of my eye, left somehow from the cataract procedure I'd had several years ago; it was stuck and had developed an ulcer behind it which had gotten infected; I was told that I was close to losing this eye and still could, had to have the stitch removed, of course, now having treatments. Just shows how close we always are to something major all the while we perk along thinking this is nothing when it is.

You take care of yourself, I'MAGrandma; I had thought of you, glad to see you're back, missed your posts. ABB

Mdkd6262 said...

Anon & 8:55

Re neighbor, i remember hearing in a news report early on that she worked night shifts and came home from work around same time each day...

Mdkd6262 said...

Check out a VERY informative post on the Kenneth Wagnor thread that was posted early this AM by Sgt Sleuthy

dalrik said...

before the shooting didn't davey have a sermon(if you can call it that) about venturing into the night and meeting
the watchman? Something along those lines? now I see that Ryan McConnell his next door neighbor is the watchman
for the neighborhood. Some of his comments and inactions(was he the one who heard the shots and did nothing)
make you go...huh

Anonymous said...

I saw Sleuthy's post..The only thing informative from it was the introduction of Mr. Baker. Which I admit, is huge. The other information about Donae Mitchell has already been discussed and this Shelby Blackburn character seems to be coincidental. I don't think there is any relation there between she and DB other than a shared last name.

lynda said...

ABB-- that is one of the most bizarre medical stories I have ever heard and horrifying. I'm so glad you finally went to check it out. I wonder why the stitch didn't dissolve as the others did?

**Peter has Part two up in new blog*

BB said...

I get that there may be situations where water references are worth looking into out of a concern that they may be related to the concept of cleansing in relation to sexual or other sins. HOWEVER, there are always exceptions. I don't think it necessarily should be taken to mean much more than normal introspection (in as much as DB is capable of "normal" introspection!) in this case. He spoke at church, correct? It was a morning service, correct? What had he done before church, go the bathroom, workout, shower, eat a bite, drink coffee, drive to church? In the morning, taking a shower is one of only a few things a person has done, so it seems likely that the shower reference is less "emotional cleansing" and more likely to simply signal a timestamp. I think he is a guilty SOB, and criminally pervy, but I know most people have "aha" moments in the shower. NOw, if he had been referencing a shower at an odd time of day or in a place where one doesn't normally shower, sure, perhaps it would make more sense to read more into it. I find the shower reference, made in the morning, merely a timestamp. Also, I'm sooooooooo glad to be posting on a proper laptop/keyboard instead of my phone. There are so many things I struggle with about this wombat and this horrible crime. I'm extremely troubled by the potential backlash it will have on Christianity, certaainly, some of it is rightly earned and I will be the first to stand up and say that. Thi crap needs to be seen for what it it is and the damage it does...but it pains me still to witness it. I spend so much time defending Christianity to nasty, hateful atheists. I hate to see them have a legit argument. But they sure as shit do with this nutcase and his church. And I hate that. I feel bad that I REALLY want to see DB pay.

ima.grandma said...

Thank you ABB. You're kind. Life will change in all our lives through a moment of time. It is inevitable.

The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye. The story of love is hello, goodbye.
Jimi Hendrix

Only the Grace of God and brave firemen's resuscitation skills have gratefully delayed my goodbye...again.

BB said...

Dalrik at 9:11.

Yes!! It was about the wife venturing out to find the husband, after refusing to sleep with him, and getting raped by the watchmen. Can't recall in what context he used it, but it was early. Perhaps prior to the murder?

Gemini said...

I understand it better. Thank you!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

You're welcome.

It is similar to "I love you" to your kids.

We all say "I love you" while putting our children to bed at night.

In Statement Analysis, its inclusion is a signal to investigate the relationship with the children; it is a signal that sometime is wrong.

It is because the subject felt the need to include it.

Someone asked about Davey Blackburn pictures with the baby and in most or all, he is holding the baby.

I think it is posing.


mom2many said...

The thing that bothers me about the family photos is that Amanda looks like she is hanging on to Davey. He doesn't put her arm around her. It looks awkward and off.

Sus said...

I am so sorry to hear this, and have wondered where you are. Sending love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Mark B, a gay man, left a very interesting post @ 3:12 am. Most interesting and informative. One thing I find admirable about his post is his disdain at the Holy Word of God being mutilated by DB and others of his ilk in the ministry; at least he shows respect for God and the Bible, which I admire above all else.

However, Mark B seems to relate to recognizing the gay male world better than any woman could. They easily deceive us, even into marrying them. IMO, the best thing that ever could have happened in the gay community is when they came out of the closet and admitted their homosexuality. No more will these declared homosexuals be deceiving women and ruining their lives. That, in and of itself is like a divine miracle!

I believe that he is right, that Davey is a flaming homo, easily recognizable among other males as being homo, whether they are gay or not. A man can see this in another man, whereas a woman may not be able too, depending on his efforts at hiding behind a woman. He could very well be right about preacher Nobel, I'm still out to lunch on that one. (At one of those 3 nice restaurants he took me too for a long leisurely fattening lunch paid for by his deceived $34Mil congregation). jk

I know that Peter does not believe preacher Nobel is homo, but IMO, he has aligned himself with numerous other homos and could easily be one himself, tho well concealed on the hush-hush. I just know that anyone who would distort the Word of God the way he does and without conscience, would have no compunction about a little hidden homosexuality at play. Oh yeah, it's entirely possible.

These preachers don't even believe in God. Not really. If they did they would NOT be distorting his Word. It is not even possible to distort the Word of God if one has ever read it, truly searched the scriptures, sought to get to know Jesus and his divinity, and actually believe what they are reading and saying. Nah. They don't. "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom" and they have none. They live in a fools paradise as hell enlarges its' bowels daily.

Thank you Mark B, for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us. Well said. ABB

Anonymous said...

Seargent alwuth's post is this: i brought it over from the Kenneth wagner post:

My research on the Blackburn case runs wide and deep. Please allow me to introduce a cast of characters and dates worthy of exploration.

*Cast of Characters*

Kevin Baker ( & (

5/10/15: [MURDER]
5/10/15: [DON'T SNITCH]
5/11/15: [NOT A SNITCH]
5/12/15: [LIVE/DIE BY GUN]
11/10/15: Changed FB to possibly symbolize successful completion of a murder (wearing all red + gun to head)



Donae Mitchell (
(post has since been deleted)

Moral of the Story: KiltGangKevin aka Kevin Baker, Donae Mitchell aka Bull's Wife, & Shelby Blackburn are mutual FB friends. Shelby Blackburn went to Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis but now resides in KOKOMO. Shelby appears to be bi-sexual or lesbian. She is married to a chick. She leaves flirty pic comments on Mitchell's FB. Oh, her last name is a bit peculiar, as well.

Speaking of KOKOMO, what a great song!

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take ya
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go, Jamaica

Off the Florida Keys, there's a place called Kokomo
That's where you want to go to get away from it all
Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand
We'll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band
Down in Kokomo --->

Let's connect some dots, shall we?

ima.grandma said...

Thank you Sus. I'll be entering a long term skilled nursing facility this morning. This may be my last post as I'm not sure if I'll be able to use the iPad there. I wanted to post to make sure my peers know I'm still kicking. I've used up most of my nine lives but ain't going without a fight. I love you. pam

Anonymous said...

Along the lines of Sleuthy,

Communication in groups often can be symbolized rather than directly stated.
Perhaps Kokomo is code for the deed is done.
Who loved a tropical drink in the sun.
Hold the rum, of course.

Social media allows communication outside of a phone call.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and God bless you in all you do, I'mAGrandma. I just hope they will allow you to have your iPad at the facility. I hope they see it as being of help to them too in that it will help to keep you busy and your mind preoccupied.

Hey, you might be surprised at how much longer you have left on that 9th life! Just keep hoping and keeping your eye on the prize. I'm surprised I'm still here myself. I thought I would certainly go before my dear son did. Now THAT was a painful shocker. We just never know what lies ahead Pam, from one day to the next.

I just know that I've had the thought, of some urgency, to get my own self geared up for future possible care. I have a sister who lives within the same neighborhood, the only close relative I have nearby, and according to state mandates where I reside, she has the right to come in, take over and make decisions regarding my life, emergency guardianship and everything else. OH GOD.

She is the worlds biggest busybody and trouble maker, a bully, a verbal abuser, a plotter and a schemer; and ALL under her do-gooder religious reign and rule. I've never seen anything like it!! Yes, another one of those! WHAT am I going to do?

Oh yeah, I've got to get around here and make my OWN plans for somewhere down the road, sooner or later, unless I go quietly and quickly; but if for no other reason than to prevent her. I just shudder to think that she might gain any control over me, my life and affairs, either before death or afterwards. God help me to get this thing figured out. My best, and Peace in all you do, I'mAGrandma.... ABB

Tania Cadogan said...

Big Hugs Ima.Grandma.

Renal failure is a bit of a buggeration.
I am a full time carer for my uncle, who, in his happy wanderings through the medical A-Z decided to pick stage 4 renal failure as his disease of the month.
He occasionally dabbles his toes into stage 5 just to keep things interesting.
He also has a stricture of approx 2-3 cms and growing in his right urwtwe (tube going from kidney to bladder) he also has a nephrostomy inserted into his right kidney that behaves most times but when it goes bosoms it , everything crashes fast.

he is scheduled to have an op to remove the stricture and then reconect the tube ends, but, since they don't know ig he has any function left in that kidney, it is grossly abnorbals and has sacs all over it, they won't oerate until ICU and the dialysis team are on standbye for when things go bosms up ( as they will)

I wish you the very best and a good recovery.
Many any hiccups be little ones and that you have a nice good looking doctor with warms hands>

Hugs anagin and keep i8n touch.
if needs be will will sneak in some sporks for your escape tunnel :)

Sus said...

I looked into Shelby Mirchell and could find no connection to DB. Maybe someone else can.

I agree with some of what Mark B says. Not that Amanda's father is hot for DB, or gay.

I have had something like that in the back of my mind for awhile. My career before retiring, was working with youth like the gang that killed Amanda, so something kept niggling at me. Please bear with me.

In the hood things are tolerated, even revered, that society shuns. But two things are not put up with. 1. Harming your God-fearing praying Mama 2. Sexual perversion And let's be straight. Rape is not sexual perversion in the hood. It's gettin' your own.

Larry Taylor displayed sexual perversion according to his community's standards. He was arrested for driving around a parking lot showing his genitals. Not acting. Just showing. It's rumored he advertised on back pages. I cannot find him on any social media with Kilt members. It's like he lives in that area, yet is ostracized. Unil the burglaries and Amanda's murder. That he was included, and basically the leader according to the CI makes no sense. After the murder he was included in their pics.

Taylor was let out of the car at Cheese's. I think I have found Cheese. He is a small man like Taylor. Others rib him on Facebook about being gay. He gets pretty testy about it.

My working theory is that DB was cruising the fringes of the hood for his gay sex. It was an area he thought no one would ever discover what he was about. Others didn't like it. They forced Taylor to "act like a man" with DB's wife. Which may account for no DNA as he couldn't. And they wanted money from his account for taking from their community.

Sus said...

Oh my gosh. I can't type on this phone at all, or obviously think this morning. Ignore the typos.
And it's Shelby Blackburn.

Melissa M. said...

I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I'm curious as to whether Weston was intentionally spared, or was he supposed to be killed that day too? By sparing Weston, DB would have reason to bring Meg back (or replace her with another babysitter, or possible new girlfriend & future wife) and Weston could be used as an extra sympathy/profit prop.

Or DB may have figured that the in-laws would take Weston into their care (since DB is such a workaholic/busy having talks with God in the shower), and the "problem" would solve itself.

On the other hand, DB sure doesn't seem happy/overjoyed/relieved Weston's still around. Thoughts?

andrew said...


I have seen videos of Perry Noble where he says that he was sexually abused by two men during his childhood.

He tells his congregation this in the context of a sermon on homosexuality. This is the same sermon where he says (paraphrasing), "I don't hate homosexuals. I hate religious people."

BB said...

Make of this what you want, likely nothing at all. Just find it weird that this friend of DB and Resonate church member who is clearly a "disciple" of DB drove around "the hood" LOOKING for hitchhikers to give a ride to "#FORINDY". And he clearly KNOWS, at least partially, what it may look like because he hashtags it #dontworrymomimbroke. I do believe he is also smoking what Davey is selling. Just not sure what he is actually selling.

Did these guys all ride around the hood looking for someone to "hook up with a ride" #FORINDY ?

BS. Either he is a complete fool or he thinks everybody else is.

Sus said...

^^^^^There you have it. I've never seen that tweet. You can surmise that DB used his narcissistic manipulation to say he does just that...rides around the hood giving rides to hitchhikers. Then he suggests it to his church as a good deed. He has all his disciples out doing it. It covers up what he really did (which was sexual in nature) long before he suggested it. What a tangled web they weave.

BB said...

My link at 11:36 is NOT DB's Instagram. It is a post by his friend and church member.

Sus said...

Exactly. I'm suggesting DB was long before cruising the hood for sex. To cover it up, he in case some saw him there, he suggested to his congregation the idea of cruising for hitchhikers. He can say that's what he does.

BB said...

Oh, I gotcha Sus. I agree that DB very likely did the same/similar thing. #FORINDY "random" outreach potentially allowed people to go into some unusual places and interact with people they otherwise wouldn't. Maybe I'm just too caught up and my imagination is getting away with me. This is way more interesting, albeit disgustingly sad, than my job as of late.

Anonymous said...

On the news video, the neighborhood "watchman" scrolls through what appears to be some type of FB account. The camera pans in, where he's being recommended as someone that may be able to direct someone for counseling. One person identifies herself as a past Child Services employee... I would be very angry to be identified by first and last name and have my posts made public in a news cast associated with this case.

I don't understand how to read twitter all the time, so maybe someone else can interpret all the references to the KKK @Ryan_Mac_1. This account really has me scratching my head with one of the few "liked" tweets is from @BasedPaco and references the "n" word. @BasedPaco twitter account is filled with the same filthy street gang lingo I've been seeing on FB, twitter and insta.

Mdkd6262 said...

Great posts everyone! To add to it... Im pretty sure the guy doing the "cruisin in the hood" is his worship leader Derek Barrett (the one on the guitar)

re kokomo... Shelby Blackburn lists Kokomo, IN as her hometown.

Sus: Great insight on the culture...

Anonymous said...

when I open the instagram link from Sgt Sleuthy showing kiltgang_kevin's "rent money" receipts, the page opens under a new tab and on that tab are icons - a face, a pistol, and three gunshots.

where does this come from? Is this something put there by Sgt Sleuthy or KK?

Tania Cadogan said...

I broke my spell checker

urwtwe = ureter
abnorbals = abnormal
oerates = operates
bosms = bosoms
reconect = reonnect
ig = if

Hugs anagin and keep i8n touch = hugs again and keep in touch

I blame my spelling on insufficient coffee and a broken spellchecker :)

CJ said...

Foolsfeedonfolly at 3:07,

Trying to figure out what is going on with the phones from the PC is a bit of a logic puzzle given that the numbers are all redacted.

Here is what I have put together:

Watson provided a phone number to parole which he claimed was his sister’s.

Gordon provided two phone numbers to parole.

Larry Taylor was found with a phone in his possession.

Phones listed by service provider follow:

1. Sprint phone
Stays in area of 56th and I-465 during robberies and homicide

2. T-Mobile phone: Made five calls in total from time of initial burglary to after the second ATM attempt
Times, Locations
4:40 am In area of 56th and I-465 Call to Gordon’s second listed phone
6:25 am 2812 Sunnyfield Court
6:39 am 6881 N. Michigan (ATM)
6:54 am 1313 W. 86th (ATM)

3. Verizon phone: This phone ONLY communicates with a phone which is “moving back to pick this caller up.”
Times, Locations
6:38 am to 7:10 Sunnyfield Court

One number is traced to to Backpage ad placed by Taylor and unknown other, and subsequently found in Taylor’s possession. [ASSUMPTION: This is #3 Verizon phone]

One number is traced to Brendon Way West Drive, apartment of Mitchell, Bull [ASSUMPTION: This is #1 Sprint phone]

[ASSUMPTION]: T-Mobile phone is Gordon's first phone.


#1 Sprint phone belongs to Mitchell or Bull
#2 T-Mobile phone is EITHER Gordon's first phone number, or Watson's phone.
#3 Verizon phone is Taylor's

RE: The either/or scenario in #2: The outlier in all of the above is the phone call placed to Gordon's second phone at 4:40am from the site of the first robbery. If Gordon was at the robbery, and carrying both phones, why call himself?
The only thing that makes sense is that either someone else was in possession of Gordon's second phone, or Gordon was not at the robbery, and T-Mobile phone could have belonged to Watson.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Anon 11:56

KKK references are very strange on the watchman neighbor Ryan M's twitter acct

One of the people he is following & who follows him stood out to me - Jeremy Turner (@turnerJray) - when i went to his page he is a Drag Queen

GeekRad said...

As much as I hate to say this, or even think it, I have serious doubts that LE is investigating any connection Davey might have to Amanda's murder. They have two gang members in custody, evidence against them and a third suspect in the burglaries, and absolutely no-one (to our knowledge) putting pressure on them to look at Davey. The media is all for the young grieving pastor. The arrests were made with the cooperation of multiple agencies, the DA/Prosecutor has his case and LE are busy with other cases. Without the media or public pressure I just don't see them working it any harder than the arrests. That said, if the defense attorneys have any sense they could be going down that road. Reflecting on the complete lack of action in the Hailey Dunn case I am not holding my breath that LE will look at Davey when they have a nicely wrapped up case with the arrest of two punks. Not unless someone in LE feels strongly about a Davey connection and won't let it go. I know in the press conference LE said they were continuing to investigate. I take that to mean investigate the possible rape because the person answering the questions paused and looked for confirmation when he answered that question. That is my gut instinct. I hope I am wrong.

Mdkd6262 said...

Another obviously homosexual follower of R McConnell is Brenden Hudson (@bhud89)

I believe the homosexual angle to the possible motive and LT's involvement is becoming very obvious... likely Amanda was threatening to out DB

Amy Smith said...

Anyone familiar with Richard Shahan, former Baptist pastor in Birmingham, Alabama who is awaiting trial for his wife's murder?

from the news link above:
Richard Shahan was jailed for "investigative purposes" in August 2013, but was released without being charged. Shortly after his release, the pastor took paid administrative leave from his post as Children and Families Pastor and the Facilities Director at First Baptist, and he resigned Dec. 31, 2013.

He was arrested Jan. 1, 2014, at a Nashville airport while trying to board a plane to Germany. He was extradited and returned to the custody of Jefferson County authorities.

In an email sent to an unidentified recipient in February 2012, Karen Shahan wrote that she told Richard that he had to choose between the two lives he was trying to maintain, according to the prosecution's filing.

"I told him that he cannot keep both lives. That he will have to lose one of them. I said that if he was having any interactions that were not right before God that he should go to God and be completely honest with him because he knows anyway. I told him that God will reveal it to me. I told him that any texting or gmailing that does not bring glory to God has to go..."

Karen Louise Shahan's body was discovered about 11:15 a.m. July 23, 2013, inside the family's Hugh Circle home. She was stabbed to death and had several small defensive wounds, according to court filings.

In the document filed Wednesday, prosecutors say that email and text message conversations between Richard Shahan and his two "paramours" include explicit sexual statements, as well as a reference to Karen's death:

"I'm in a legal marriage contract [sic]. There is not an acceptable way for me to dissolve that and continue with the things that are important to me (my job and children)...There is only one way I could become legally 'single' and I have to wait until God grants me that gift. It will come; the woman I live with is slowly killing herself – she is diabetic and refuses to take care of herself physically. Her mother died early with the same disease and did the same thing to her body. So I pray and wait. It will happen in God's timing."

The filing states that Shahan also wrote emails noting that, because of his job, his sexual preference had to be kept secret and he could not get divorced. In a November 2011 message to his European paramour, Shahan mentions his hopes for the future.

mom2many said...

New motive: With Amanda pregnant she would be subject to a series of panels of blood work and possibly a pap smear. If Davey contracted something and passed it on, he would be caught.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I will take a look at it.

I am a bit over the top busy right now (I just posted a list of events in a comment on the article on rape explaining it) but will try to get to it.

I appreciate your posts and links.


Anonymous said...

I am just really starting to question Davey's involvement. I think he is a very strange man regardless but all signs are just pointing to these kids breaking into homes. I just have never heard of a home invasion like this in Indy where someone was murdered. The unsolved murder cases in Indy are at an all time high. LE was in a rush to solve this case and maybe they have already moved on. I'm so torn.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Although his girlfriend will not like this analysis:

"I'm in a legal marriage contract [sic]. There is not an acceptable way for me to dissolve that and continue with the things that are important to me (my job and children)...There is only one way I could become legally 'single' and I have to wait until God grants me that gift. It will come; the woman I live with is slowly killing herself – she is diabetic and refuses to take care of herself physically. Her mother died early with the same disease and did the same thing to her body. So I pray and wait. It will happen in God's timing."

Note "job" before children.
Note "that" distancing language.

Note the one he is living with is a "woman," and although the girlfriend would not like to hear this, in such cases the word "woman" can indicate sexual relationship.

As to waiting for God to set him free, he calls it a "gift."

Does he believe in this "gift"? Can he trust the gift's arrival?

Note the distancing language from gift is "that" gift. Here is someone not willing to wait until she dies from natural causes or disease. Since "God's timing" would be natural, and all the candy he has purchased hasn't worked....

Murderers sometimes use religion to justify their murder.
Non religious murderers will use ethics or morals, their own, to justify murder.

What they share in common is human nature, which seeks to alleviate the pain of conscience, including "we" instead of "I", and "God", and the subtle blaming of the victim.

Note that he says that she is responsible for dying: "She is killing herself" and the animosity is deep enough to include her mother.

Yet, I wager a cup of coffee that while feigning otherwise to his love interest, he was having sex with her.

Use her and rid himself of her.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am just really starting to question Davey's involvement. I think he is a very strange man regardless but all signs are just pointing to these kids breaking into homes. I just have never heard of a home invasion like this in Indy where someone was murdered. The unsolved murder cases in Indy are at an all time high. LE was in a rush to solve this case and maybe they have already moved on. I'm so torn.

Valid point.

Perhaps he was just incredibly lucky and the bizarre language is due to the guilt of being "free" to be the prophet of historic proportions who talks to God in the shower.


we wonder why these break ins did not include violence, nor sex, and why Davey was sitting so long in the driveway.

Could those 40 minutes have saved her?

I have not committed to an answer yet, but the more I hear of him the more I hear the detectives saying, "C'mon, Peter, what are the odds?"

Amy Smith said...

Thank you Peter. Shahan allegedly had a couple of boyfriends:

"In a document filed Wednesday, prosecutors responded to the request. Witnesses, numerous emails and statements from Shahan demonstrate that he was involved in romantic relationships with a man in Nashville and another in Europe, Deputy District Attorney Patrick Lamb wrote."

rob said...

Only thing I feel sure of in this case, there is no way these young guys, if anyone got them to do this (like a go-be-tween),ain't going to start spilling everything they know when they hear stuff like 'LWOP and death penalty' thrown around. Even if they have the run of the mill public defenders, someone is going to advise them to tell all. They would truly have to be stupid to just sit still for this, after at least some of them have confessed to doing the crime.

If DB is not involved in any way, then he is just the biggest jerk on the face of the earth.

rob said...

Even if the go between is their friend or cousin or whatever, LWOP or DP is not going to sound good to these teens.

Anonymous said...

Did the kids only steal a sweater?

BB said...

Those dumb kids are gonna talk if they got anything to say. I'm not very knowledgeable AT ALL about how the legal system truly works in trials like this. I don't want to act like what we see on TV is how it really goes, because I'm certain that is NOT the case. HOWEVER, I would think even the WORST public defender in Indy would be bringing all the husband's apparent guilt up in an attempt to get a jury to question the thugs guilt. I realize physical evidence and all that solid, hard stuff plays a dominant role, so I'm not sure how DB's public displays of guilt and motive factor into the thugs not guilty defense, but surely it will to some degree.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard about this case before they even caught the kids that did it.... I saw a family picture of Davey and Amanda and I immediately said, he did it. There was just something about him and his appearance. That was before any of his bizarre actions.

Anonymous said...

Someone has probably mentioned this in the several threads on the Blackburn case, but just wanted to add something minor to the collection of links, if you are bookmarking them like I am. On DB's twitter account, his website is given: He stopped writing on it in February 2009 because "it's not worth my time right now". (Adding M2 to my Anonymous submissions to identify myself.)

Jojo said...

Anon @1:41 PM. Same here... the instant I saw Davey Blackburn's face, I said he did it.

Sus said...

They are not going to talk. It's a badge of honor to not talk and serve your time. Prison is just home away from home, an extension of the hood. Please take a look at their fb pics. You can't see a pic without comments below that say "free so and so."'s their badge of honor.

Taylor, the shooter, has only said he was so messed up he can't remember. He thinks he was in the Sebring and he thinks they may have stopped on Blackburn's street.

Watson is screwed. They have him on tape at three locals. They have his DNA on the sweater. He's tied to the bank card. I doubt he counted on the murder charge. He'll stall to see if that's reduced.

Gordon is the only one "talking" and he's sticking to the story line. The one that saves his and Alonzo Bull's butt. He didn't enter the first home burglarized. He didn't enter the Blackburn home. Watson, not him, got the money from the ATM. He got out of the car before Watson picked up Taylor at the Blackburn's. Bull only spoke to them as a kindly friend, telling them Taylor was family, and not to leave him at the murder scene. How nice. Funny that most the calls throughout the burglaries were coming from Gordon's phone. Why, you might think he was in charge. Funny, Taylor called Gordon to be picked up. Funny, Gordon was outside driving the stolen car when Watson and Taylor went inside the Blackburn home. One might think Gordon was in charge. And now he's telling the story everyone is to stick to.

Louise K said...

Whoever is starting to Question DB involvement -


Apart from all the leakages Peter has shown us in SA, there remains one glaring fact

DB has NEVER cried or even looked like crying over Amanda


The only cases I know of where grief is absent, is murder.

Heck I hate my kids dad with a passion but I wouldn't want him dead! His kids need their dad (as shitty as he is) and he does love them (his one redeeming quality).

I would attend his funeral if the fat fuck finally obeyed my wishes and carked it

and I would cry because of my CHILDRENS loss not mine

I would also probably cry because I remember the Young Handsome Kind Guy I married not the fat gout ridden nut job in the coffin.

Davey Blackburn not only hasn't cried, he has SMILED - see GMA interview = dupers delight

A barely suppressed grin when describing the "tragedy"

This is NOT the action of an innocent dad.

Innocent dads can barely figure out what the eff just happened, are hospitalized due to grief, are paralysed with it so they function like machines when they're not screaming their pain out loud.

Not all chipper, never felt better thanks, Im ready for my closeup.

PS> apparently at 5.30am I don't know what a fucking bus is

The Beckster said...

Or it was his writing and that fits too...

Louise K said...

Why all the concern over Amanda's diary...

My handwriting changes all the time

A young pregnant mom will be feeling good some days, crap other days

I don't find anything strange at all about Amanda's diary

Apart from the content which I find BIZARRE beyond words for a mum with a growing baby in the house and one in her tummy - neither of whom get a mention (again)

Seems Jesus is the Only One folks can still legally stalk and not (in Indiana at least) be thought of as Crazy by others.

Louise K said...

If my wife got murdered

The Absolute LAST thing I would share with ANYONE but police

would be her diary

Its so offensive somehow

She's barely cold

Like leaving her dying body on the floor with no knickers...

Anonymous said...

Adding to the links you can bookmark if you haven't already, just for background. Davey has 2 youtube sites. 1) David Blackburn: 2) Davey Blackburn:


mom2many said...

Watson will likely plead to the burglaries if murder is taken off the table. He will swear up and down he thought they were done at the Blackburns and had no intention of returning until instructed to do so. He will say Taylor went rogue.

Taylor will deny ever being in the Blackburns. I would be surprised if they have physical evidence that puts him inside. If they have not found his weapon, they cannot even tie the gunshots to him. He will have enough reasonable doubt to get off, once the defense points out the coat that was worn was A Bull's and the height description matches him better, too.

Frankly, unless there is a lot more that we don't know about, I don't think anyone will serve time for Amanda's murder.

Anonymous said...

If DB is involved, I think it's going to be months, if not years, before we see any attempt at prosecuting him. And that's if he is involved. LE would have to be blind to ignore all the coincidences.

mom2many said...

DB's behavior and continuing statements only continue to weaken the case against the accused in this murder investigation. Why does he keep dishing the defense reasonable doubt? All defense has to say is that DB ordered a hit, and the hitman was not his client.

Louise K said...

Here's whats going on -

DB chose a gangsta to organize the hit

The gangsta subcontracted (like all good businessmen do) and passed the hit to the Prospect

The Prospect (predictably) screwed the hit up

The Prospect doesn't know about the details of the hit

He was just given a gun and instructions

Davey - there's a lesson here - if you want something done properly, do it yourself

Anyway Prospect isn't talking because he DOESNT KNOW

Gangsta 1. isn't talking because he's Gangsta 1

So now police have to prove the link and plan The Long Way

They have to reassemble the Past to find certain things

Such as $$ changing hands<<<<not so easy when DB has his own $ making machine (Church)

Prior communication

Post communication

Burner phones (I suggest DB was cunning enough to get two, one for him one for Gangsta 1)

The Real Weapon (we don't know if its been found do we?)

Unusual behaviours - welp, we've already got DB inexplicably on the phone while working out (IMPOSSIBLE) and sitting in the driveway on same phone for an extra 20 minutes (despite taking pains to tell us the Call is only supposed to last an hour)

Police need to find Actual Physical Evidence of Davey Planning This Mess

Any jury DB will face will be automatically inclined to believe the Pastor (as we see on these pages) ignore any circumstantial evidence (no grief) and convict what they see as a Man of God

The evidence must be found without tainting a potential jury pool

Which is why there is Police SILENCE on this case now

A whole bundle of hard work is going on

Some of those cops haven't even been home since this happened

and folk are all "welp, they didn't arrest him by the end of the show, so he must be Innocent"

Ut uh...

See: OJ

It might take years, it might take other charges instead of Murder, but they will get him.

Davey B = wouldn't wanna be ya

The Beckster said...

Or it was his writing and that fits too...

Anonymous said...

There's no way on earth LE is not looking at him. They'd have to be as dumb as bricks not to see right through this guy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Davey has three youtube channels. The two you mentioned as well as this one

Anonymous said...

Wait... What does Peter do besides write an awesome blog? Is he a detective?

mom2many said...

I'm thinking along similar lines of "other charges".

I predict that Davey will be charged on irregularities in the Church finances. It is super hinky to me that funds intended for support to the family after this crime were directed into the Church coffers. That right there indicates there is sloppy book-keeping.

FWIW, I almost brought up OJ, too. At the time, I stated to my mom that OJ would get off, that the Prosecutors had failed to make the case against him, and the Defense was silly but enough reasonable doubt for your average jury pool, and she was furious with me.

Anonymous said...

Louise, or anyone else, the reason I don't believe law enforcement are looking at Davey is because Davey is in possession of the journals and that is the first thing le will take into their possession.

If Davey is being investigated, why the hell did they not confiscate those journals? Why wasn't the home flipped upside down? I fear they may have bought Davey's story and had their second thoughts later. In all the media coverage, I don't remember one time seeing the yellow police caution tape. Was this entire crime scene botched and Davey Blackburn given a pass because he was a white pastor?

I am sooo hopeful le is staying on Davey, but I have serious doubts about that.

Anonymous said...

In reference to:
Anonymous Anonymous said...
when I open the instagram link from Sgt Sleuthy showing kiltgang_kevin's "rent money" receipts, the page opens under a new tab and on that tab are icons - a face, a pistol, and three gunshots.

where does this come from? Is this something put there by Sgt Sleuthy or KK?

December 4, 2015 at 11:57 AM
Actually when I go to that Instagram link the tab shows 3 gunshot icons, a gun, a red face AND a punching fist! Maybe someone with more Instagram expertise than I can explain how those icons are added...? Recent posts about Kiltgang Kevin and the ForIndy "cruisin in the hood" are zooming in on crucial aspects of this horrendous crime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 2:32. Have added the third one to my growing list. Getting too obsessed with this case! There are some great detectives on SA site! Thanks, Peter et al. M2

CJ said...


There were three men caught on video at the first robbery.

CI says Gordon was there.

Why does it take three guys to steal an IPhone, wallet, car keys and a MacBook Pro?

Anonymous said...

I talked to my mom about this case the other day, she replied oh that husband is so heartbroken.... WTF He puts on a good show I guess.. I told her to watch some of his video and get back to me.

Anonymous said...

Anytime Anon @ 2:30. Also remember, he's loaded up over on vimeo too.

CJ said...

Here is the link to the article and surveillance photos from the first robbery. When this article was published the crime had not yet been linked to Amanda's murder.

The apartment owner claims more was stolen than what is listed in the PC (car keys, car, wallet, laptop, and IPhone).

The PC places the time of this robbery at 4:36 (maybe time stamp on photos?) although the owner relates that she woke up at 4:30am and the robbers were already gone.

Anonymous said...

@DaveyBlackburn has tweeted again. He cannot shut up, can he?

I notice fewer and fewer retweets and likes on this account. Then again. it appears many of the likes are young Christian ladies.


daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 4h4 hours ago

I'm really thankful Isaiah 53 promises us that Jesus is familiar with our grief. He's our Sustainer through times of trouble!

Kate said...

He should be thankful his butt isn't in jail.

Louise K said...

Okay y'all are leading me into Murica territory.

I'm Australian.

This sort of Small Town Cop Corruption that seems almost endemic in parts of the US is pretty much unheard of here (nowdays).

We have a State Police, a Federal Police, and that's it.

Our police are HIRED not elected (this makes a huge difference).

Obviously when you remove politics from policing, there is more Actual Policing going on.

As Lead Pastor in a Church it could well be that SOMEONE released the crime scene way, wayyyyyy top early.

It could well be the Local Police Chief is part of Resonate.

I don't know.

It seems odd they let the Carpet Cleaners in so early BUT - If they did a thorough job of processing the scene there's no reason they shouldn't release is still someone's home after all.

I just don't know due to the sheer nature of US Police Departments being so different to ours.

All's I can speak for is Downunder.

There was a domestic murder not far from me years ago, IIRC there was no Crime Scene Tape at all as I never figured out which exact house it happened in.

It seems like in that case, they processed the scene and released it within hours, and this was a few years ago now so they are possibly even faster these days.

They don't sit about in white cotton and hold up swabs to discuss with detectives at length either.

Forensics here are far more "scientific" than is shown on tv, less guesswork.

Forensics come in, do their job, leave, give police results after processing.

The Lead FO gives police a walk through and talk through after the processing is done, not before or during like we see on teev.

The Detectives aren't allowed in again until Forensics complete then they get "what likely happened pending on tests" talk from the Lead Forensic Officer.

It's part of Scene Management. Here's the order it works here:

1. discovery of death/fatal injury/serious crime
2. initial respondents (sometimes uniform, sometimes uniform AND detectives)
3. forensics
4. detectives

this is the order scenes are processed.

Initial respondents are just that - they walk in, confirm that x has occurred, walk out again until after the scene is processed.

If its a very limited scene, if Amanda had clearly been shot once then left with no other disturbances throughout the home, then yes I can well imagine it released within 24 hours. This would be how long it would take a Good Forensic Team to process a scene in your average suburban home.

It lengthens if say, the victim is a hoarder - more to process.

But they usually have an excellent idea what happened just by looking about, then they tell this to Investigators who are already working on questioning loved ones.

mom2many said...

Could the books that were stolen be Amanda's journals? The one Davey was reading from hardly appeared used, as many here noted. Maybe she'd just begun a new one (or it wasn't hers at all) and like the laptop, the journals would contain damning evidence.

CJ said...

One more link to reporting on the first robbery:

Question: Donae Mitchell says the three suspects left her apartment at 3:30am. The woman who was robbed lived a few doors down. LE says the robbery happened at 4:36, even though the victim says that she first noticed the robbery when she woke up at 4:30am.

I've considered the possibility that the time stamp on the camera footage was off by an hour due to Daylight Savings time (we fell back an hour the weekend before), which would make the actual start time of that robbery 3:36 am.

Why does it take three guys to steal a cell phone, laptop, wallet and car keys? And if they are worried about being on camera, why aren't all the hoodies up?

Louise K said...

Anonymous - I have still not heard confirmation from anyone but Blackburn, that they are Amanda's journals.

Maybe she had several kept around the house so she could record her Godly experiences as they occurred.

This would explain the water damage on the pages of one of those journals.

Maybe she had a Devotional journal as separate from her Personal journal, which Police have got.

Maybe police processed the damn thing, found nothing but Praise Be to Jesus, and handed it back.

I don't know...the oddity here is that he chose to share something so personal, so early.

Some men never empty their deceased wife's wardrobe, so traumatized are they by her death...not our Davey who probably put her clothes into the Church jumble sale by sundown..!

Louise K said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 4h4 hours ago

I'm really thankful Isaiah 53 promises us that Jesus is familiar with our grief. He's our Sustainer through times of trouble!

December 4, 2015 at 2:48 PM

"times of trouble!"

>> ! <<denotes excitement

normally you'd say

times of trouble.

Because you wouldn't be excited if say, your wife and unborn baby died.


If you weren't Davey Blackburn.

But if you are DB you Are Excited about your troubled times! Shamelessly so!

Hallelujah Jesus!

mom2many said...

And there's the 'our' again. Our grief...Our Sustainer.

Anonymous said...

A Facebook conversation under Resonate's post advertising Amanda/Indiana t-shirts.
Just in case you doubted they were selling her within days of her murder!

"Yes. Got one at Resonates Sunday morning service when I was in Indiana. My kids got one too! They had them that night at Amandas celebration service too!"

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to a funeral where anything was sold?
Not even Elvis's!

Kate said...

Here we have prosecutor Denise Robinson speaking on the case, stating it could take up to months for dna and lab work to get back. Very low key woman here, interesting 0.59 seconds to watch.

Anonymous said...

Even her obituary is a bit off, seen in the overall context. Do you all feel the same way? I assume Davey wrote it. Wouldn't it be normal for him to say about her, "Mourned by her devoted and loving husband Davey Blackburn....."? Instead, here is what it says: "Amanda is survived by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and son Weston. Davey is the pastor of Resonate Church in Indianapolis...". Way to get another plug in there, Davey, even in your poor wife's obit!

Louise K said...

Woah @ Denise Robinson

So there are Death Penalty indicators

what would those be Murica?

The unborn baby?

Did the perps KNOW Amanda was pregnant? Surely prior knowledge of a pregnancy would be an essential for the DP to be indicated?

She is speaking as though All the Burglars are suspected of Involvement in the Murder right...? All with DP indicators such as...?

Surely if you accidentally shot a lady while trying to heave away her big screen, it would not be a DP indicator?

interesting...very interesting...

Note she also gave a quiet scold about the "life is not CSI" thing.

People expect instant results and that's simply not possible.

Robinson SEEMS to be indicating DP possibility for ALL perps...

Pretty much confirmation it Wasn't a Burglary, right there.

Anonymous said...

Link to obit:


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