Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blackburn Murder: Path of Deception

Twitter users have called on Davey Blackburn to stop publishing Amanda Blackburn's private journal.   Read it here.  

Why does he do it?  The crass nature of his ambition, and ability to deceive tells us that he will do "whatever it takes" to accomplish his goals in life.  He always has.   

     Deception is linked to murder. 

This is very difficult for the average honest person to accept.  It is taught in Scripture, and it is taught in statistics and it is taught in Statement Analysis.  It is a progression, or pathway, of deception and its end.

It begins in childhood when the child is not corrected for lying and he grows stronger in lying so that each 'successful deception' only strengthens both selfishness, and contempt for others.  The liar is a murderer in training.  As one becomes desensitized to the impact of lying upon others, it is only the situation that arises that can lead to murder:  the liar will do whatever it takes for self to be satisfied and though the child liar's self only wants to get out of homework, the teenaged 'self' wants more, as does the young adult, and then, the adult.

 Liars get worse with age.

It is the path of life that actually gets stronger with age.

Deception is linked to theft and if needs be, murder.

Few people understand this, and this is why companies who screen for deception protect themselves from the myriad of fraudulent suits so popular today, and why homicide investigators must learn to discern deception.

'He lied about who's house it was, but that doesn't mean he killed her!'

Actually, it does.

It was the motive.

Statement Analysis showed the deception regarding the title deed of the home and linked him to the murder only to later learn:  he had no record of violence but had 50 years of deception and when his girlfriend saw through it, he killed her to take away her home.

In the Amanda Blackburn murder, I wrote that her husband, Davey Blackburn, would likely follow his obsession to the book world, movie world, and any other means of self promotion, as his language not only showed priority, but the leakage turned a brutal murder into an "event" in which "the family" was hurt, but then turned into "Amanda's Story", with disclosures from what is reported to be her personal diary.  He has already used lies to advance himself.  His cause is not the cause of Christ, but the cause of self.

Not only did Blackburn humiliate her in life, but continued to after her death, reading her personal journal, telling us that she was not well read, and than he won't be alone for very long, as his language of "moving on" came immediately and repeatedly.

He went from there to disparagement of the sufficiency of Scritpure, and turned a biblical story into his own "marching orders" with the delusional "God told me in the shower that I would be great in history" speech.

There is something else regarding this that should be considered.

1.  The coincidental nature of the case has been thoroughly explored
2.  The psychological profile of the husband has been mildly explored, including:

a.  obsession with work
b.  sexual projection
c.  subtle degradation of victim
d.  incessant marketing and self promotion

There is this that must be explored further:  the nature, design and pathway of deception.

Deception begins small but its end is murder.

I had noted that by going beyond the sufficiency of Scipture, he did so on the path of cult like status.

Once a leader or organization goes beyond their authority, the appetite for power is insatiable.  For some, it is generational, while for strong personailties, it goes quickly, even in one leader's life time.

The educated and intelligent man recognizes that in order to capitalize on his wife's murder, he had to go beyond the boundary of scripture for his own purposes:

He knows exactly what he is doing.

This is the key.

I wrote that in his statement about the quotes from God that he was "deceptive indicated" which has a specific meaning: in order to be deceptive, one must know he is deceptive; not wrong.  That he goes beyond the sufficiency of Scripture (demanding to be heard as one who has directly heard from God), he has shown a willingness to lie.

This lie must be seen for what it is.  Today, LA schools are shut down due to credible threat.

Q.  Why do many Americans fail to see Islam as the overarching criminal and lethal threat it is?

A.  Projection.

They see it not as a supremacist criminal ideology but as a religion.  For many Americans, religion is a "lifestyle" to be adapted into life.  They do not see it as that which formed the United States, or that is all encompassing.  It is compartmentalized and quickly overruled by most anything.

Americans project this view point onto Islam.  They do not grasp the slavery, mutilation of young girls, stealth jihad, view of work, itself, and so on.  They project themselves into another and fail to see. 

This is the point in lying.

A 15 year old girl is hired by her church to answer the phones from 5PM to 9PM and do basic clerical work.

While doing this, she is assigned the clerical duty of mail where people send in cash for prayers for their dead relatives.

She pockets a good portion of the cash each night, week after week, for the months she worked there.  Just a foolish teenaged thing, or an indicator of trouble to come in life?  Not only is 15 very late, but not caught, the consequences will increase in time.

Here is what most people fail to grasp and this failure will cost them dearly:

"Just because someone tells a few mistruths, it doesn't make them a murderer."  Cindy Anthony.

This failure to grasp the reality of deception cost someone her life; Caylee Anthony.

Regarding Blackburn and his 'divine revelation':  I pointed it out, not for theological arguments, but for another classification that is very closely associated with murder as part of the overall 'coincidental nature' of this case.

Not only do we have a husband madly driven for success with a wife hindering it, and all the bizarre coincidence pointed out by investigators, but we have a pattern of deceit that falls in line with the coincidence already examined.


We have noted that he had complained about Amanda, boasted of his heterosexual sex drive which Amanda could not satisfy, and that a steady stream of both distancing language and subtle castigating the victim has been seen.

We have noted the bizarre circumstances of being driven in his career, his wife's imposition to this career, and her sudden and violent removal from hindering his ministry.  He was at the gym, the place of his sexual temptation, when she went down and, we have been told, spoke every week at the same time to the same friend which also just happened to fall on the day of her murder...

like clockwork.

If that is not bad enough, there is then this:

On this particular one hour call, 20 minutes of the call was spent en route to the home, but for 40 more minutes of this weekly one hour call to the very same person was now spent in the driveway while Amanda lay bleeding out. 

What are the odds?

We have seen this, and the bizarre distancing language, lack of denial, guilty pronoun use and now, with his "vision" of Ezekiel, insulting of his father in law's congregation, and his personal "Isaiah" meeting with God (of whom Isaiah emerged humbled for service, but Davey emerged in historical importance) we have the category that, from his own Bible, is less than pleasant,and it predicts what may happen next besides the media and Hollywood assault with "Amanda's Story" blitz.

Liars versus the Errant

Blackburn did not have a Q & A with God. 

He is deceptive.

To be deceptive, one must know he is deceptive.  Statement Analysis does not pick up error; it picks up  the language that is used to deceive.

"I had this thought" previewed "God spoke to my heart" which then prepared for "God said, Davey..." which thus allowed the deception to be noted in the need to qualify it for later defense.

He was not done.

This is vital.

He showed that not only is he a liar, but a most purposeful and cunning liar. 

He wanted to show his authority.

It would not be enough to slogan Amanda's death to drum up business.  He knew he needed more which is precisely why he ambushed his father-in-law's church with the "authoritative insulting correction", which, in effect, said, "Your pastor has failed to feed you.  He has deprived you of nutrition and has fed himself while you have suffered famine and finally starved to death."

The emasculated father of Amanda took the spanking publicly.


Why would he allow a young kid who should have been grieving and incapable of doing much other than crying, to publicly insult and humiliate him and his entire congregation?

Davey knows why.

He had just played Moses in the mountain and returned with thunderous Divine authority.

Amanda's father is a victim of a lie, just as the congregation was.   Was Amanda, ultimately, the victim of a liar who so desperately wants success that he had her removed?
How does the father in law refute to his board, for example, that his flock is dead and he should not be fired?  Blackburn got his 'foot in the door' claiming divine authority while knowing that no such conversation took place, and no such vision was given.

My point about the sufficiency of Scripture was principly about the pattern of cult leaders who seize for themselves tyrannical authority, but there is something else that should not be missed and this comes from Christ, Himself, and how He spoke about people.  Cult leaders grow with success.  They don't back down.

Cult leaders are liars. They seek control over lives to exploit them and no one knows where the exploitation ends and the damage done.  Look at the 'date setters' in religion.  How many of them have actually said, "I was wrong; forgive me..."?

Even those who appeared to do a 'mea culpa' were embittered and sometimes 're set' the numbers and continued to arrogantly draw attention to themselves.

The authority, once claimed, is not returned, nor is it satisfied at its current level.  Like a successful thief, the score was big, but there will be the temptation for 'just one more' even bigger reward.


When you told your dearest Aunt Polly that she didn't look a day over 70, you are not a fabricator of reality.  You're not a liar and you must not think in terms of "all liars" are the same.

They're not.

Your son did not do his homework and lied about it.  You corrected him because you know

a.  Lying is wrong
b.  Lying has consequences
c.  Lying hurts people
d.  All children lie and must be taught otherwise.

If you do not correct him, you will be very sorry later in life, as will those who will be hurt by the liar you failed to correct.

In spite of all moral relativism, excuse making, delicate snow flake college feelings, and victim status, when a company hires a fabricator of reality, it is not "if" but "when" the liar brings his or her harm.

Liars who put their own needs and wants above others can, and do, graduate to murder.  The links of deception and murder are real, but often dismissed by social or white liars who fail to understand the threat and damage.

The liar who is 'successful' in childhood grows to continue to lie:

a.  He or she loses empathy for mankind
b.  Fears consequences less and less due to success
c.  Holds people in contempt; a growing contempt, as each successful lie 'proves' to the liar his or her own supremacy. 
d.  de-sensitizes 
e.  Increases selfishness.

This increase in selfishness along with the process of desensitization does things that just a few years before, he would not have considered.

Blackburn's message of 'jesus' has little resemblance to the Jesus described by John the Baptist.  This alone is enough to offend the senses, but it is something that matters to this case:  the driving force is greed.  He must have his numbers and a liar will stop at nothing because it is all he knows from childhood.

We have all remarked at the incredible lack of emotion he showed after Amanda's violent sexual murder.

We have all remarked at the incredible lack of emotion about his son or pre born child.

We all were shocked, as were police, at the calloused salesmanship so very close to her death and while the killers were on the loose. 

This is the path he is on, but he has given us insight into his history where he, himself, speaks of lying.

In his high school lie story, the lie he told had universally shaken everyone, from his own teachers and coaches, to faculty, to family, to...his peers.

In his remarks, he was left utterly alone, abandoned by all, including peer.

What is shocking about this is that a single lie can hurt this many people, including peer, yes, but there is something more shocking:

He showed no concern, or human empathy, for all the hurt he caused, as he, as an adult, looked back to high school.  His concern was only his reputation.  

This is a liar.  This is what they do and how they operate. 

They get worse with time as desensitization meets with continued success and an incessant growth of contempt. 

Where does the contempt lead?

This is not a white lie or a social lie:  this is one who's traits have become cemented into himself so that he is unafraid to lie using God, God's people, and the Bible. 

The purpose of swearing an oath upon the Bible was to so very heighten one's own fear of Divine Judgement, that one would be forced to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Blackburn is utterly unafraid to lie about his shower conversation with God.

Yes, we have noted the sexual connection to water and how in child abuse, sexual assaults and sexual homicides "water" enters the language.

Criminal psychologists, psychologists, and statement analysts, along with investigators, did not miss this reference from  a man who has coincidence standing firmly against him.

It is interesting as the Amanda Blackburn murder case has hit the news, how few people have felt that Blackburn was not involved.  Even among those who have stated that they believe he is not connected, their support of him ended there.  These have stated that he speaks the language of guilt and has something to hide.

Then there are those who, like me, identify the guilty language and behavior, and openly opine that they are not certain it is directly related to the murder.

It is not just the coincidental nature of the case that has drawn suspicion;
It is not just the emerging profile of selfish ambition that has fueled speculation.

It is now the factor of one who not only fabricates reality, but is unafraid of using his deception, boldly, to gain authority and control which will thus be used to further his goal of grandiose history making self.

Lastly, there is this to be known of liars:

Liars attack.

It is what they do.  Like the message of the 'pearls before swine' they 'turn again' and they attack.

Lance Armstrong, a liar since childhood, fabricated reality and when exposed, sought to destroy others.

Liars hold the world in contempt.  It begins early and even the kindly kindergarten teacher of whom the child has successfully lied to, is slightly devalued in the mind of the child and each successful lie means another victim, unworthy of the truth, incapable of discernment, further enhancing the ever growing self esteem of the liar.

Contempt grows and it grows.

Blackburn showed utter contempt of all that is holy when he expressed his personal emotional disappointment over failure to invite people out, comparing it negatively to those who claimed received eternal salvation.  This is far more telling than most realize.

He held his audience in contempt when he not only claimed to have intimate, name using conversation with God in the shower, but when he then turned and ripped his father-in-law's work, right in front of him, only to see the older man humiliated into accepting this subordination.  He ripped the congregation, just as he ripped Amanda, ever so subtly in the videos, and now, after death.

He knows what he is doing.

He will do the same to those who expose the deception, even as he trudges his way to Hollywood fame.

The path of the deceptive is an ever growing confidence, an ever growing contempt, and a bite that inflicts much damage upon those who dare question them.

This is the path of the deceptive.

Now multiply it manyfold by one who claims to have heard from the Creator of the universe and you have a liar with ambition that has allowed him to not only blaspheme the faith he claims to uphold ("Amanda gave her life so the church could live"), but who knows that this lie is used to sell.

We look forward to the 911 call, but even this, should it and a thorough investigation not link him to Amanda's death, will not cover that which has been made evident:

A liar with ambition who now claims divine authority.

It cannot end well for anyone.

Not only does coincidence bring suspicion,
not only does the language bring suspicion,
not only does the profile of ambition bring suspicion,

but the ability to fabricate reality while employing Divinity tells us that he is capable of that which many are suspicious of.


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Louise K said...

go to www.DaveyBlackburn.com where he burbles about sharing the Secrets of Fantastic Sex with his Youth Camp.

Grooming, no less

how stupid are these sheeple

Louise K said...

I still don't "desperately want a man one day" and im 50!!!! lol!

mom2many said...

One thing just occurred to me. The statements about Davey being cleared were nearly immediate. At the press conference, IMPD references that the feds have become involved. How likely is it that IMPD tells the feds, we cleared the husband and the feds decide, "OK, he's innocent." ?? I don't think so. I wonder if it was the fed agent that the prosecutor and the detective were looking at when asked about possible connections between the Blackburns/neighborhood and the gang?

Anonymous said...

I think people are misinterpreting the police documents (again) and getting too much into creative writing (again). It doesn't say Weston was left alone in the house and everyone else was gone. It clearly says EMTs were carting Amanda from the house when the police arrived. That means Davey was there, Amanda was there and the EMTs were there, and no one else besides Davey, Amanda and the EMTs was found in the house except Weston. It doesn't say whether Davey was inside or outside at the time. He might have been inside with Weston as the EMTs were removing Amanda.

Again, the police docs give very brief summaries, and people are trying to fill in the blanks with fiction. I don't understand the point of that.

Louise K said...

flightful - Davey himself says Weston is a Champion Sleeper.

12 hours a night no matter what.

He could've literally slept through the entire thing.

If he did, it could also have been what saved his life. That and a freaked out young hitman who maybe had a baby of his own.

Louise K said...

Anonymous said...
I think people are misinterpreting the police documents (again) and getting too much into creative writing (again). It doesn't say Weston was left alone in the house and everyone else was gone. It clearly says EMTs were carting Amanda from the house when the police arrived. That means Davey was there, Amanda was there and the EMTs were there, and no one else besides Davey, Amanda and the EMTs was found in the house except Weston. It doesn't say whether Davey was inside or outside at the time. He might have been inside with Weston as the EMTs were removing Amanda.

Again, the police docs give very brief summaries, and people are trying to fill in the blanks with fiction. I don't understand the point of that.

December 16, 2015 at 3:30 PM

It means that when Police entered the house, they FOUND WESTON ALONE.

EFT Amanda And Davey had all VACATED the house

EMT most likely were trying to stabilize her in the ambulance

Davey hovering

EMT called police themselves no? Which means EMT knew it was a crime scene and DIDNT GET WESTON - highly unusual - Weston needed checking and swabbing

Did Davey not mention Weston at all?

That seems to be the only explanation for the "found only Weston" statement by the Police

who as you so correctly say, do not fabricate

if they say they found Weston alone in the home, they found Weston alone in the home.

The end.

mom2many said...

Weston was trained from week one that no one was going to get him from his crib if he cried. That is the point of Babywise. If your child is crying, you are supposed to stand behind the door and peek at the baby and go in to him when he stops crying. He may have cried a little when Amanda was shot, but by the time Davey arrived and then paramedics, he would have shut down again, possibly even gone back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

mom2many, yes - that makes so much sense. The husband or boyfriend is usually the killer of pregnant women. IMPD says this husband is 100% cleared within a very short timeframe but let's bring the FBI into it anyway?

I like the way you think and laid this out - makes me feel so much better right now. I liked it when another poster wrote that they wondered what 80% cleared looks like. 100% cleared makes it seem like Davey could roam free, which he did, giving interviews and tweeting and making statements - and it all adds up to things not being as some would like to think they were.

And yes, Amanda could've been out in the yard with the EMTs, with Davey hovering - but nobody else was with Weston in the house when police cleared it. Davey was not there. Nobody else was found in the house except for Blackburn's year old son.

Which seems to mean that Weston wasn't mentioned to EMTs, didn't make noise to draw their attention, they left with Amanda - police cleared the residence - and wherever Davey was, Weston was not with him. Weston was found in the house. Noone else was found in the house.


Louise K said...

OK so the emts knew a crime scene when they saw it

called police

There is no reason on earth I can think of that Weston would be left alone in his cot

EMTs would've asked Davey to get him or got him themselves

The only reason they (apparently) did not fetch him, the Only Possible Reason - Davey didn't mention him.


Louise K said...

Davy expected Weston to be found dead by police


Anonymous said...

And I don't think IMPD encountered Davey at all because doesn't it seem that they would've mentioned that he was there at the house - or in the yard - or waiting by the emergency vehicle - in the affidavit?

It makes sense that if he wanted to avoid any questioning about a crime scene or why they weren't requested during the 911 call, he would remove himself from the situation quickly before IMPD could arrive.

It would be interesting to see surveillance video from the neighborhood and find out if Davey left in his car before the emergency vehicle did - or along with it - or whatever.

One of the writeups said they were going over surveillance video from several houses in the neighborhood - maybe one of those cameras has some video of him leaving - or sitting on the driveway - or going into the house and returning to the car - or something helpful.


Louise K said...

sadly I believe Davey was the One in his Street everyone trusted with their keys and their security codes and advised when they got cams installed :(

Anonymous said...

Yes if Davey had been on the premises when/if Weston had been found dead as well, that would've been even more devastation he would've had to conjure up to make it look like he didn't know it was going to happen.

There was a reason he got out of there before IMPD arrived, and what he said and didn't say in the 911 call definitely bought him some time to remove himself from the situation before anyone found Weston.

I think that statement that noone else was found in the house except Weston (paraphrasing now) was meant to be written just like that. Is this maybe what was "left behind?"


mom2many said...

They mentioned they had video of the burglar on the porch, so I would guess that they should also have video of Davey leaving (with a blue bag, maybe??) and returning. This was a neighbor's camera, right? So it wouldn't be zoomed in tight on the porch, would it?

Louise K said...

The hitkid knew the cams were there - he covered his face in an appropriate way in the street - this tactic for Burglars who left their fingerprints on everything - stretches credibility

Tania Cadogan said...

Louise K said...

I still don't "desperately want a man one day" and im 50!!!! lol!

December 16, 2015 at 3:26 PM

I got you beat i am 51 nearly 52 LOOL

Louise K said...

im wondering if the "left behind" was the perps vomit stain - which could possibly contain his DNA

They sent a boy to do a mans job

Killing a blonde lady in her fancy house is one thing, but killing an innocent baby in a crib takes a whole different level of cruelty

As far as Weston is concerned - EMT should've perhaps did ask Davey if anyone else was home.

Weston should have been treated by EMT at the very least examined to ensure he hadn't been harmed

EMT First Priority is Saving Life over Preserving Crime Scenes

This apparently didn't happen - no one got Weston -

why not?!

Anonymous said...

they didn't know he was there !


Anonymous said...

has to be, right? (we need a chat room opened up sometime again soon don't we !)


Louise K said...

it actually Has to be flightful

Not only has Davey barely mentioned Weston since the 9 November, he may have omitted to mention him on the day

Imagine that

If he thought Weston was dead too and never checked because he didn't have the stomach

Weston may have saved his own life by being such a placid baby

Maybe God does have a hand in this mess after all

Louise K said...

lol the tshirt drive

"100% of all funds go directly to Davey Blackburn"

no mention of Weston even then when it would conceivably sell more tshirts

the ego is absolutely rampant

Tania Cadogan said...

They should add a small/large note saying 'To be used for his defense costs'

mom2many said...

Tania, maybe someone can reply with that on the tweets. lol

Tania Cadogan said...

Teehee :)

Tania Cadogan said...

I did and promptly got blocked.
I can't even see his feed now unless i don't log in :)

Rella said...


I saw your tweet. Awesome!!!

mom2many said...

Sorry! :(

JBB said...

mom2many said...
"Every journal entry Davey has shared seems to hint at uncertainty, worry or fear of the future from Amanda. Also, I don't think she confided in anyone. She had a tweet or status about learning not allowing others into her marriage. I got the impression she had confided in someone about something and it backfired, or that Davey caught on that she was complaining about circumstances and convinced her that their troubles should be kept quiet, between them. I wish I could find it, but I think it's been scrubbed."

I wanted to share two of the things that I observed in a friend of mine when she became a more fundamentalist, evangelical Christian:
1. She considered her husband to be the "spiritual leader" of the household and relinquished all authority to him over all matters. 2. She was not allowed to gossip. One time, her husband came into the room when we were talking and told us, "girls, stop gossiping." (Not that it's that relevant, but we had been friends fro 20+ years and my friend was an independent outgoing, vivacious woman, so this kind of admonishment was startling to me at the time). It was unnerving to me to see how quickly she (well, both of them, really) became obedient to the rules of this new Christianity.

I think Amanda also did not indulge in any "gossiping" with her friends and never disclosed her troubles to anyone. Also, I don't think one can discount the fact that she was raised in this way her whole life. She more than likely was raised by a "spiritual leader" of the household (her father) and her mother was subservient. It was probably not in her nature to object to the "man of the house" anyway. So, talking about her husband might not have even crossed her mind, no matter how insidious his behavior.

I'm sad to think she probably did not tell her troubles to anyone:-(

maudes harold said...

"daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Dec 12

Jesus is a master surgeon. Though it may be painful, trust His healing scalpel"

So God cut Davey's wife out of his life....

I can't help it but when I saw this, a song with slightly changed words came to mind:

"I'm gonna wash that wife right outta my life, I'm gonna wash that wife right outta my life...."

JBB said...

mom2many said...
They mentioned they had video of the burglar on the porch, so I would guess that they should also have video of Davey leaving (with a blue bag, maybe??) and returning. This was a neighbor's camera, right? So it wouldn't be zoomed in tight on the porch, would it?

Details, please! Did you get this from the affidavit? But, wouldn't they have arrested Davey by now if they had video of him?

Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks Rella,

i guess i hit a hot spot.

mom2many said...

The burglar spotted on the porch on video was in early reports.
"A witness spotted a suspicious person in the neighborhood who was later captured in surveillance footage on the pastor's front porch around the same time as the shocking murder, officials said."

The bit about the bag is my own speculation.

JBB said...

Thanks for the link to new story about person on Blackburns' front porch. I would like to see a follow-up report on who that person is or if police have followed up and tried to discover who it is. This reminds me that that is a question a reporter would ask! It seems very odd to me that the local news is not going to police for follow-up on this story. Considering the publicity DB has received with his interviews and the fact that a third person was arrested a few days ago, I would assume it would be a "story" for Indianapolis news!

JBB said...

Meant "news," not "new" story! Woops!

mom2many said...

In the probable cause statement (http://www.scribd.com/doc/291143533/Affidavit-of-Probable-Cause-in-Amanda-Blackburn-Case) the CI states that Larry Taylor walked to the Blackburn's and opened the unlocked front door.

Anonymous said...

Louise, it sounds to me like you would know how to commit the perfect crime AND get away with it. You sure seem to know a lot, every little twist and turn and all the ins and outs. You've got'em all down pat, 'eh? IYKWIM? Maybe you HAVE...

Underneath all your concealed and cunning words, one only has to pay attention to realize that it sounds like you hate Amanda Blackburn. Maybe a little statement analysis is needed concerning YOU, Louise. If you could so blatantly hate another poster here who has spoken out for Jesus many times, but has never harmed you in any way, then you would also hate Amanda who was guilty of speaking out for Jesus. You slander everyone else who represents Jesus, God and Christianity as if you know these people personally, but pretend to care for Amanda?

Not all atheists mock religion but you sure do. You even quoted a scripture about satan coming as an angel of light. Guess you ought to know.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Re: Weston Home Alone

The Probable Cause document states "No one else was found in the home, except Blackburn's year old son.".
-Pg. 14 last paragraph http://www.scribd.com/doc/291143533/Affidavit-of-Probable-Cause-in-Amanda-Blackburn-Case#scribd)

The document details the scene when LE arrived. It states Amanda was being carted from the home. It does NOT state that DB rode with the transport or left following the squad. DB was already accounted for. It does NOT state Weston was in the house alone. It goes on to document Sgt. Wilson and Officer Grigsby clearing the home and "No was else [beyond those already known] was found in the home, except Blackburn's year old son.". Context is important.

Unless I missed it, it does NOT state what DB did with Weston (taking Weston with him, "forgetting" Weston at the home to go to the hospital, calling a neighbor/friend/Meg/in-law to come take care of Weston or meet him at the hospital to care for Weston. Wondering what he did is one thing; posting possible scenarios as though they are truth is unjust and damages your personal credibility as a poster. I'm not a DB fan, by any stretch-I have zero tolerance for people who use and abuse God/The Bible/Jesus for personal gain or for people who use religion to manipulate others.

Juliet said...

Well said, as so often, Foolsfeedonfolly. It does become a tad shrill at times.


I liked the Tweet, Tania.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Noticing in the Probable Cause doc that the Coroner recovered nail scrapings. I wonder if they contain Davey's DNA?

Pg. 15 Det. Lehn states that he located Amanda's cell phone next to the bed in the master bedroom. I found it odd that that information was included in the document; and even odder that her purse was on the counter downstairs in the kitchen. Reading through the Prob. Cause multiple times, I interpreted that to mean next to the bed, on a bedside table. No, he states next (sic) the bed in the master bedroom. So, her phone was on the floor in their bedroom, but her purse was on the kitchen counter downstairs? I wonder what their bedroom looked like, physically and evidence-wise. Was DNA/blood transfer/blood evidence/other evidence in the bedroom that shouldn't logically and reasonably be there? Does the evidence downstairs agree with any evidence elsewhere in the home, supporting LE "home invasion"-robbery theory/robber as murderer theories? Was there perhaps a gunpowder residue transfer upstairs or elsewhere without corresponding foreign DNA of said robber(s). Did the corner's exam find the robber(s) DNA on Amanda's body or clothing? On Amanda's wallet, purse, stair handrail/newel post, or phone? I wonder whose DNA was found on the landing floor coins.

The "what was left behind" bothers me too.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Nail scrapings could contain DB's DNA, being that they were "man and wife" and that may be their personal norm. It just struck me odd b/c according to the Cooperating Individual, Taylor seemed abnormally paranoid (for strictly a robber) that Amanda would scratch him. That he appeared to exhibit such a memorable, remarkable and spoken* fear, seemed to evidence he planned in advance to rape her at best, kill her at worst. *Spoken fear- Taylor had to have voiced his concern for the CI to have known it (unless the CI reads minds- LOL).

Anonymous said...

Reading back over my posts, I can see that I've stated some things as facts when we really don't know everything that happened that morning. I've also said I was reaching and there is no question that some of my theories are way out there. Many of us are throwing things against the wall on these boards and seeing if they stick because we are frustrated, wanting answers and hoping for fairness - trying to piece together what happened while we wait.

That's no excuse though. I am very sorry that sometimes my speculation gets out of hand. It is interesting to read the documents and watch videos and try to sort out what happened. There is a line between creative writing and solid facts for sure. Reading between the lines it seems that some of the scenarios might be possible, yet we are guessing until we can hear the 911 call and get more information.

I feel that this whole situation is so unfair to Amanda and am hoping that evidence is clear and it's just a matter of time before things are sorted out.


Anonymous said...

We think too much. In a few months we will know for sure. It bothers me the fact that Amanda was buying her son shoes from garage sale, which I never did, regardless 9f how broke I was. I have been reading all SAs, all your comments, and i 100% procent agree with you. We can think about this scenario: DB make a fake account on FB and gave a tip to the thugs to break in, steal, and just leave. If she was dead already??? Keep in mind, that morning he was late for the gym (40mins) but yet not late on his phone call with previous college friend. He will in jail for sure.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could hear from the EMTS , and hospital staff ( anonymously) about Davey's demeanor when this first happened . If he was how he has been in the TV interviews , then there is definitely something wrong with him . He should have been a basket case when the ambulance arrived , then in the hospital , not knowing if she would live .
I can't imagine anyone not showing grief after finding their pregnant wife shot and unresponsive,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:51pm, several posters have said that Amanda could've been killed before Davey ever left for the gym. I think it's totally possible as well. The timeframe fits. I wonder if the neighbor who heard two (not three) shots really is exact on the time they heard the shots (since they chose not to call 911) or if they were told a specific time to say they heard the shots.

This looked to be a personal attack - some have said it looked a hit. I don't know how these random individuals (if this was just a home invasion gone wrong) could have chosen her house and made this situation into such a brutal assault and murder - tooth knocked out, split lip, three gunshots with one being execution-style to the back of the head.

If this was just burglars being surprised by a homeowner, I don't sense that the aggression would've been the same. Seems they would've disabled Amanda and run for daylight. Instead it looks like someone took their time, made it hurt, showed their anger.

Just thinking. . .

Anonymous said...

that was my comment at 9:07pm (flightfulbird)

Pak31 said...

I thought the blue bag containing the lap top was taken from the other residence they robbed? I keep reading that the woman who had the oranges taken was missing a laptop. Did a laptop go missing from DBs home?

mom2many said...

Here is the Probable Cause Statement link again: http://www.scribd.com/doc/291143533/Affidavit-of-Probable-Cause-in-Amanda-Blackburn-Case

There was a laptop stolen at each burglary. Count V references the MacBook Pro in blue bag from the Blackburns. The first home also had a MacBook Pro (Count IX). The other home just says laptop, unless it is specified elsewhere in the document (Count XII).

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

flightfulbird- I'm sorry if you thought I was calling you out. I was not. I've enjoyed reading your posts-you have had a lot of good thought-provoking things to add to these discussions. I think we all share your frustration for Amanda's sake.

Louise K- I liked your post about LE. Certainly, there are "bad cops", just like there are bad doctors, dentists, nurses, bus drivers, and every other profession. The majority though, are out there day and night seeing the worst of humanity and laying it all on the line. These days, more cops are killed at routine traffic stops than shootouts (actually, numbers are rising on cops just being killed sitting in their cars because they wear a certain set of clothes). To our family, that translates to thanking our individual LE out and about, buying their meal if we are able, and a Thank You note to LE and our 911 Call Center. We've discussed it often and we really could not handle their jobs.

mom2many- Thanks for clearing up the laptop blue bag question! I apparently missed that or forgot I read it (it's been a crazy few weeks-LOL). Thank you!

Confused said...


It sounds like maybe he's a pedophile.

He obviously expresses the type of thinking a pedophile would have.

Disgusting...it reminds me of Jared the subway sandwhich perv.

Confused said...


My comment was referring to your comment about the Perry Noble video you had watched.

Confused said...


Yes, I agree, Davey will be emboldened by getting away with murdering Amanda, and it is quite frightening to think of anyone else being involved with him!

Many have discussed how he reminds them of Scott Peterson, but I think the similarities are superficial.

There is just something about him I cant quite put my finger on that reminds me of Bundy. He is intelligent, although Bundy was quite a bit more intelligent, but there is just something similar in their manipulative natures, their hiding in "plain" sight (whereas Scott Peterson looked GUILTY as hell to any onlooker), and just the look in his eye.

I just hope they arrest him.

Anonymous said...

It's all good, Foolsfeedonfolly ! I think some self-introspection on my part (with respect to my posts) is a good thing and it wouldn't have happened without your post. No worries, and I really appreciate the kind words !

I keep thinking back to the case where the wife was pushed off of a cliff while mountain hiking and three years later, LE snagged the husband for pushing her over the edge (he had said she slipped and fell). Some similarities for sure. And - the search warrant stated that anonymous letters had been written to LE urging them to take a close look at the husband and that seemed to be why they wouldn't let the case drop. One thing that piqued their interest is because he had relayed multiple versions of the circumstances (story) surrounding his wife's fell over the edge.

Really hoping that this is a similar situation, where various ones of us are making LE aware of videos, statements and thoughts and they are sorting things out behind our backs.


Foolsfeedonfolly said...

flightfulbird- I know what you mean. Peter made a post not too long ago that made me realize that I tend to look for the guilt first, instead of presuming innocence and then examining any "unexpecteds". Learning, learning. ;) It rally is true that old saying "You learn something new every day." Maybe one day, I'll even get it right. LOL! Seriously though, I think when people stop learning, they just fade away. Their mind dies long before their body.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


Like when am I going to learn to grab the Mac instead of this very old Dell. >:/

Pak31 said...

After all this discussion as to Weston being found in the home when LE arrived I have a comment. I don't know DB personally but, one would think that if a man walks into his home that he left earlier with his wife and son inside, he would expect both of them to be there. So he walks in and finds Amanda on the ground. Runs to her, sees she's injured. Not sure what he does next but aside from calling 911, you would think the next thing he'd do is check on his son. Why? Natural instinct. Mom is down and out and hurt. I would have looked for my son. If he wasn't near her go to his crib. Did DB do this? If so, was Weston sleeping? If not then he would have wanted out of his crib. I guess I would have expected DB to be holding his son when the ambulance arrived. Why would he leave his child in the home? That bothers me. I remember in some early news reports they said that Amanda died protecting her child. I was assuming Weston. I originally pictured her literally protecting him like standing in front of him etc. but it turns out she was on one floor and he on another. So I don't know why they said that. Was it misinformation?

Karl said...

How likely is it that someone who is so in charge of his life and talks much of "capping", and otherwise violent behavior to take care of problems, would allow someone else to take out his "problem", Amanda? If someone else is the murderer, and he has no connection, why doesn't any of the language about violently taking out a problem enter his words about the murder? He is not a forgiving person, especially of someone who murdered his wife. He couldn't even forgive his wife of the grill damage.

Anon "I" said...

Oh wow! Karl, that is a very interesting point. He can forgive murder of wife and child, but a food grill is on the unforgivable list. Just, wow!

Nadine Lumley said...

Amanda's kid and Davey's new step kid are not smiling in this pic. I find that very unsettling and I'm nervous for them



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