Monday, December 7, 2015

Davey Blackburn: Deception Indicated

Did Davey Blackburn really have a conversation with God?

The actual question for analysis is this:

Does Davey Blackburn, himself, believe that he had a conversation with God? Or, is this something he simply wanted his audience to believe?

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.  

In Statement Analysis (lie detection) one must have an intent to deceive.  If someone truly believes that they have heard a voice telling them, they will say so and this will then lead to other questions.  

In order to be deceptive about hearing this conversation with God, Blackburn would have to show a "need to persuade" or an "intent to deceive" his audience. 

Christian Post published an article about Davey Blackburn's claim of Amanda's death. 

The journalist left out much information but what he did give should be viewed. 

He did write that Blackburn claimed to have a conversation with God about Amanda's death.   The quote is for analysis. 

Statement Analysis Principle:  90% or more deception is through missing information.  A direct fabrication of reality is very rare. 

To come right out and say "I heard a voice" would be a direct lie.  It would also put him close to the "delusional" state where one does not know what one is doing. 

Blackburn knows exactly what he is doing.  In order to deceive, there must be 'intent to deceive' present. 

Davey Blackburn's language shows an intent to deceive people into thinking that he had a conversation with the Almighty in a shower.  Note how he does it.  

This is very rare in the world of deception. It is not only very rare statistically, but it is very stressful:  the subject has no memory from which to work from, and it is easily influenced by a variety of sources; what one has read, what one has seen in a movie, on television, what another said, and so on. 

The source of the fabrication has no experiential emotional connection. 
It is easy to mix up words, and the influences (it cannot come from a vacuum) can become entangled easily. 

The lying subject fears being asked a direct question about it.  

He does give some quotes and here you see the progression of deception.  He does not want to directly lie and say he heard a voice so note the progression:  

"I had a thought this morning in the shower. And felt like the Lord spoke to my heart and said: 'Davey, I want my church, I want my bride to come alive. And if I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?
Of course, like anybody else I said 'absolutely not. There is no way.' I'm good with being married and having two little kids, pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life. I am good with comfort. And the Lord said, 'That's why I didn't ask you the question beforehand.' Because sometimes when you say, I surrender all, you mean I surrender some. So you are put in a situation where you have to surrender all.'

What was the source of this Divine Revelation?

Note the progression:

1.  It was only a thought. 

"I had a thought this morning"  Note that not only does the subject know how to use the pronoun "I", but he states that this was a "thought."

2.  It was a feeling

It "felt" like God was speaking to him...

3.  It was only to the "heart" 

  If "felt" like God was speaking, not to his ear, nor his intellect, but his "heart"

4.  Conversation 

Now it is no longer a thought of his own, and no longer a feeling, or emotion, that was to his heart, now it is an actual conversation with direct quotes and something else that should not be missed: 

5.  Attention Getting First Name

 "Davey" enters the language of the Almighty.  

This is not necessary unless someone else is in the shower with hi.  Since he is alone, the "thought" progressed to not only a conversation with quotes, but then with his own first name:  This is not going to be lost on the audience.  

Davey Blackburn is to have God use his first name.  

6. Then he goes into direct quotes in Q&A

This is to show that he knows that by qualifying the "Divine revelation" or "conversation" he can answer back with "thought" or what "felt like" and then only to his "heart."

Yet, the deception is indicated in the direct quotes. This is not a case where someone feels strongly about something else, but to attribute actual words, including the use of his own name, within quotes for the purpose deceiving the audience into believing that he has had a direct conversation with God, with the subsequent authority that this would entail.  

 This is to deceive people into believing that he has received Divine instruction and he does not make them wait long for him to wield this new authority.  He will openly rebuke them and insult the work of their pastor.  

We have already noted the location of this revelation and its linguistic association with sexual abuse and sexual homicide.  

Please also note: 

The answer to "God's" question:

Q.  if I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?

A.  This is just his "thought" (a) then it is his "feeling" that is in his "heart") but now it is not only a direct question, but it is one in which the Almighty needs to use his first name, which in analysis is a point of attention.  Please compare this to the 'first name basis' of Davey Blackburn and "George" as in George Stephonolopholis on Good Morning America. 

Would you give up your bride?  

Please note that within the question, God's bride is not alive, but dead, in need of life.  This speaks to the egomaniacal nature.

Would you give up your wife?

What is the expected response?


In Statement Analysis, we often have investigators count the number of words after the word "no", or even the repetition of the word "no", as a signal of need to emphasize. 
Anything beyond "no" and the question becomes sensitive.  

Blackburn "responds":

Of courselike anybody else I said 'absolutely not. There is no way.'

1.  "Of course" is to believe without question.  This is to cause his audience to believe, without question that his answer is "no" which shows a need to make this a 'matter of course' that needs no further investigation or questioning. 

2.  "Like anybody else"

Do you know anyone else who has been asked if they would be willing to give up their bride?

This is very similar to the use of the word "normal" in Statement Analysis.  It is an attempt to make something sound acceptable and the norm, and is often used in deception. 

School story telling time:  "The day was like any other day..." will make 7 year olds' ears perk up with the information that something unlike any other day is about to be announced. 

"I am a normal male" is only said by someone who has either thought himself abnormal, or has been labeled as such by others.  This is often the defense of the pedophile who refuses to say "I did not molest or touch the child" instead says, "I am a normal male" or "I am happily married" to avoid the direct lie and internal stress of saying "I didn't do it."

"Like anybody else" is a need to persuade that he, just like every other husband  would not do give up his bride's life. 

This is to say "I am like every other husband " in a situation that is unlike every other husbands. 

How many husbands do you know who have had conversations with God in the shower about their wife's death?

How many husbands of murdered wives have husbands asked if they would be willing to give them up?

How many of these wives were found murdered, with their clothes removed?

Hence, the shower as the place of washing, and the analytical connection with sexual homicide or assault. 

3. "Absolutely not" is to use "not", which is appropriate, but to weaken it with "absolutely", showing the need for more emphasis, which is the weakening of the denial. 

He is not done there. 

4.  "There is no way" is to continue all the words after the simple "no" which was all that was needed.  

Instead of "no", which is one word, we have:

a.  of course
b.  like anybody else
c.  absolutely not
d.  there is now way

5.  Ordinary 

And then in a self revelatory way, he tells the Almighty that he would have been happy with the  "ordinary" which includes 120 people (again, revealing the obsession with numbers).  Not that 120 will be well cared for, but it is in the negative of what he was about to announce.  

This is a very lengthy response to that which only required a single answer of "no" and is seen as "need to persuade." 

He needs his audience to be persuaded that he would not have traded his wife in death.  

Who would need such persuasion? 

In order to conclude "deception indicated" the subject must know he is deceiving people. 

By beginning with "thought" and then moving to a "feeling" and then to the "heart" all before going into exact quotations, Davey Blackburn is deception indicated about having a conversation with God in the shower.  He is not delusional but knew he had to qualify the conversation before delivering it, so that the listeners would be left with the impression that God spoke to him directly. 

A delusional person who believes he hears God speaking will make the claim of hearing voices and not have the need to qualify it. 

Blackburn then took this "authority", immediately exercised it over his father in law, and gave a stinging rebuke of the church "not really caring" what they think of him.  This is to say:

The sheep are dead because the shepherd has not been feeding them.  They are dead because he has not inspired them, cared for them, nourished them and overall cared for them. 

The man was silent in the face of this accusation, for what could he say, against one who just received the word from the Almighty in the  shower?

The journalist left out the quotes about "history books" having not written...Someone in the comments section wrote, "Blackburn inches closer to confession..." as it is that he, himself, is making statements that should not be missed by investigators. 

Blackburn's claim sounds delusional; it is not.  He knew how to frame it so the message would be received while he could later defend himself against by saying, "it was just a thought."

He knows what he is doing and knows his future plans to further exploit her death for his gain.  Whereas Christianity teaches that Christ died for his Church to live, so does Blackburn teach otherwise, leaving him in the authoritative role of re-writing history books anew.  

Davey Blackburn has justified his wife's death.  

In that which is so senseless that only faith could say, "I do not know why, but I must trust", he, no longer "baffled" (note:  Blackburn never said, "I am baffled" but "we" were baffled), he now knows why Amanda died. 

Would he trade Amanda for his church to live?

This is not the right question to ask. 

"Did he?" is more appropriate.  

                       Investigators always listen.  

Analysis Conclusion:  Deception Indicated.  Blackburn knows that his choice of words will lead his audience to believe that he has just had a private conversation with God.  


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maudes harold said...

“Um, I, I wholeheartedly believe that God has still called me to Indianapolis, that He called our family to Indianapolis, and that Amanda um gave her life to see Indianapolis changed.”--->>so God killed Amanda?

“that that I’m not going to be, uh the primary communicator. But we do have folks that we’re bringing in who are very close to me, who are excellent communicators”--->> why the change in language? He’s not a ‘Pastor’ now but a communicator? Or is it that no one else is a 'Pastor’ of his church but rather a ‘Communicator’?

“and that through impossible pain God brings incredible power.”---->> so the end result of Amanda’s death is more Power? There it is, again.

Rachael said...

Huh. I wonder where Davey was when the Lord told him he wanted his flock to hear from Levi Lusko?

Rachael said...

"So, so I want you to invite your friends, I want you to invite your family, and uh I don’t want this, this tragedy to be wasted, and so I want us to, to capitalize on seeing more and more and more people come to know Jesus as their personal Savior."

Tragedy, or grand opportunity?
It's nice to see him acknowledge that he's trying to capitalize on Amandas death, I suppose.

I wonder if he has been told that it's time to sit down and shush for awhile, and I also wonder if he's keeping out of town to avoid LE.

M said...

Kinda OT - Look at IMPD facebook page, Dec 6. Is that Ryan McConnell standing next to Hite?

Concerned said...

Thanks, CJ,
This um, um, um tragedy has been such a big deal for Davey that again, he can barely mention Amanda's name.
And he loves Resonate so much that he doesn't show up for the once-a-week service even though we know he was in town because one of the commenters here saw him at the grocery store with Weston.

I have begun to wonder if what we predicted has happened - that Perry Noble has decided to dump Davey.
We knew that PN would not take kindly to all the negative attention brought his way by his underling.
He would be especially alarmed when Peter outed his sexy talk about Davey at the "celebration" service for Amanda.
This also has caused the pajama shocking info about NewSpring to be revived.

Could Davey be trying to hitch his star to Levi Lusko as Perry Noble decides the no-Amanda-Davey is just too crazy?

Sus said...

I think this is the first time I've heard the words "get healthy" from DB. He said it twice. Does anyone else remember hearing him use that before?

Anonymous said...

That Levi Lusko looks sooo weird.

I was watching the video without sound and he reminded me of David Bowie.


PS said...

Wow, the new release from Davey is fascinating. He seems off-balance in it. This is a guy who we have routinely seen on his game, always knowing what to say (no matter how weird out looked to us, it was collected and practiced). Just a couple days ago he was declaring his joy that he'd be back with Resonate on Sunday. The fact he wasn't with zero notice, as Amy Smith pointed out, implies this was not his decision.

The way he talks makes it seem like Resonate's future is in depth. While he does use some of his old lines like the need to capitalize on Amanda's death and remember to bring your friends, the first part sounds very vague. That he's needing to stay away for awhile and 'get healthy', even though just two days ago he was ready to go and be back with his children. Davey looks a bit bewildered and confused, like for the first time he is taken off-guard and not all is according to plan. Compare this to his sermon last week, they are like different Davey's.

Another sign that this was not planned out is they had no backup pastor ready, even though in past weeks random friends of his were even being tapped to lead worship. Certainly someone there COULD do it with some preparation, but judging from the video I'd wager it was the night before and Davey had just gotten the news, so he had to resort to making the next morning's worship session movie time at Resonate. He did not see this coming and for the first time sees a wrench in what has otherwise been a clearly planned and orchestrated month.

rosy said...

MrKatz said...
Does he have an advanced theology or ministerial degree?
December 8, 2015 at 8:05 AM

No he does not have a theology degree, he has a degree from Southern Wesleyan University in media communications. He has never been near Jerry Falwell's university. Here some things get made up out of thin air. His degree:

Concerned said...

If Davey was indeed "pastoring" the "owners" at Resonate, were there none who needed counseling from their "pastor" due to Amanda's tragic death. If these were his "children" (his word), don't they need his great wisdom in this terrible time?
If he has now been set on a world-shaking mission from God, wouldn't he want to share that in person with Resonate?
I can't wait to read Peter's analysis of this latest statement

Davey is shaken, for sure.
I believe his "Dad, I want to rip the face off evil" at First Baptist was a leaked confession. Maybe I'm just too much a novice of Statement Analysis and I look forward to what Peter has to say about this. In light of Davey's stories about bashing a girl's teeth in and face-smashing imagery, perhaps he did indeed smash Amanda in the face with the gun.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the "intern/babysitter" to show up on the scene - when the coast is clear. You know, to "help" with Weston. Where is CD these days? Still hanging with PN or is he back in Indy? -TJC

CJ said...

This is the first time I have heard Davey express uncertainty as to his role at ResonateIndy: he wholeheartedly believes that God has STILL called him to Indianapolis, there is going to be an absence, he is stepping back.

He also is using the language of AA and telling us that he is currently unhealthy:

"I want to make sure I’m in a PLACE where I’m healthy" [Rehab, perhaps?] "... And right now I just need to take a step back and get healthy ... I’m just kinda taking this a day at a time and one step at a time, so thank you again for understanding, and um, I’m excited to hear about what the Lord does today".

Concerned said...

He's in Indy.
A commenter saw him at the grocery store this week with Weston.

Anonymous said...

I literally can not stand watching DB in action. Your point about the microphone had me really doubting that this was spontaneous,so I had to view PB's reaction to DB myself.Just viewing the still shot on this article, I was able to maintain my hope that PB was mortified by DB's interuption and spiel. I am so disheartened after watching the end of that video because it's very apparent that it was staged. Neither PB or DB are good actors and the whole thing came across as just cheesy. I am not sure PB knew or approved of what DB said, but I am sure he was in on the deception of pretending it was impromptu. KK

Concerned said...

Sus and CJ,
Somebody has told Davey he is too unhealthy for ministry and I would guess that person is the one who signs his check, Perry Noble. If he were a Hollywood star or a Duggar, he would be heading off to rehab about now.
Hmmmm, that could happen.

Anonymous said...

Ha..! In reading through the transcripts that CJ posted above, one could interpret Davey's ploy to slide right on out of his little Indy church. Wonder what he's really got up his sleeve?

I mean, he's loves it so much and them so much and wishes he were there, then why isn't he there? Bull. He's working through this and that and all the other and needs all this bit of time, and so on and so forth and all like that; time for WHAT?

Alls he has to do is load up the baby, load up his shyt, get his ass in the car, and go home. Am I seeing a stall tactic here? I think I am. ABB

Anonymous said...

DB to his 'church'

"I love you very very very much".!!!!!!

Would that he'd said this about Amanda.


Concerned said...

The more I think about Davey's latest speech regarding getting healthy, he seems to set the stage for backing out of all his recent actions and statements. Having a mini-breakdown could cover a multitude of sins like a lack of grief and his Moses on the mountain moment last week.

Sus said...

I called him unhealthy, on the path to a psychotic break, the first time I saw his video.

You're late to the show, Davey.

Skittles said...

In this latest video Davey definitely has a different demeanor. I can't put my finger on the word I'd use, but it's close to "reserved", "uncertain", "disengaged". I agree that it appears this absence at the service was completely unplanned. He JUST tweeted, on Dec 6th, that he "can't wait to be back with our resonate family this morning!" And yet.... ? I don't know- how did he tweet he couldn't wait to be back and then do this video the same morning? What am I missing?

I think his reserved demeanor in this video has much more of an expected tone of what I would have anticipated from a grieving husband and father in the very beginning. I suppose it's possible all of this media-blitz, high-profile positivity that he's been riding has finally caught up to him emotionally after a month. Maybe he's just exhausted and he crashed and burned.

Concerned said...

I think Peter's going to call "sensitive" on all Davey's "very"-ness!
He doesn't care squat about those people (if there are any people).

Anonymous said...

Rosy, I did not make it up when I related back to Mr. Katz that Davey graduated from Falwell's Liberty University. I do not spread gossip or rumors or make them up. I read it right here on one of the posts during the first week after Amanda was murdered.

I like you Rosy, and enjoy your posts, but let's not be slinging mud just to make yourself look good. ABB

Rachael said...

Concerned, I was just about to post the same thing.... to much qualification with all of those 'verys'.

Davey loves Davey. Everyone else is just a tool to increase his importance and majesty.

Concerned said...

For someone exhausted, he has looked quite refreshed up to now.
It may be that he has read enough of the suspicions about him here that fear has set in.
Maybe he's back in Indy because LE wants to question him more?
Maybe he finally has a lawyer who told him to shut his trap?
And maybe, just maybe he finally feels guilty? Nah!

Anonymous said...


Yes! Like the opposite is actually true.


Concerned said...

On his LinkedIn resume, Davey says he has a Communications and Christian Ministry degree from Southern Wesleyan University. No mention of Liberty. His brand of "Christianity" does not fit Falwell's model.
About the Christian Ministry major, I sort of doubt that no matter what Davey said.
Unfortunately, info gets shared here that hasn't been checked out. Easy mistake.

MDB said...

1) He's on advice (whether legal counsel or not) to shut up for a while.
2) He's on his way out of Resonate (and probably Indy) and is working his networks for a next opportunity to take another shot at becoming a big-time pastor.

Anonymous said...

Concerned, thanks! I wonder who's helping him with Weston?

One thing I noticed while looking at the Barrett's twitters is that they LOVE to show everyone what they are doing in the name of Christ and/or their Resonate church. Good works? WOW! They literally tweet every time they do a good deed. I'm from a long line of pastors and have been in the church for 42 years... this behavior and bragging is over the top IMO. It's so much SHOW I can hardly stand it... in one of Ashley's tweets it shows a picture at Thanksgiving... who is the family? Amanda's? Anyway... she's taking pics while everyone is praying?!?!?! What is WRONG with these people!?! Is every moment a photo op? I've never seen anything like it. How are Ashley and Derek "related" to the Blackburns? Just the church? Where they in SC with them and moved to Indy? Do they have links to PN? What does Derek do?


Skittles said...

How'd he tweet he was looking forward to being at Resonate the same morning he sent out that video that he wasn't going to be there? I'm so confused....

Sus said...

I'm sure Peter will analyze this, but I want to just take a look at it.

Where one begins is important. DB begins by thanking his church "family" for their support. He wants to address what they have done for him.

Then he slips in some phrases that show he's aware of his audience. "I honestly" "You know" . These are in reference to being with the family of God and being alone. There it is again. He doesn't plan to be alone.

From the first paragraph, alone, I'd say he's hinting to his church that he is leaving. He is going to say he needs to be around family or friends.

Anonymous said...

Amy Smith said...
"If you watch closely, when PB takes DB by the hand and leads him up on stage, a man quickly comes in from the side of the stage and hands DB a mic. I'm not sure this wasn't planned from the get go. DB had only whispered to PB that he wanted to speak. But the mic was ready. The stage hand was ready. How did the stage hand know PB wasn't just bringing DB up to pray specifically for him? "

Maybe they planned it out the same way that Steven Furtick's church has "spontaneous baptisms" happen?

More on Steven Furtick:

Who Are the Megachurch Leaders Who Decide Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick's 'Secret' Salary and Influence His Ministry? "Pastor Dino Rizzo (Healing Place Church – Baton Rough, LA), Dr. Jack Graham (Prestonwood Baptist Church – Plano, TX), Pastor Perry Noble (Newspring Church – Anderson, SC), Pastor Kevin Gerald (Champions Centre – Seattle, WA), Pastor Stovall Weems (Celebration Church – Jacksonville, FL), [and] Pastor Steven also serves on the Board, but does not vote on his salary."

MDB said...

So bizarre that he recorded a video for the service in preparation for his absence... then tweeted that morning that he was excited to be with them that day... then didn't show. What the heck?

Doesn't make any sense, unless the video was prepared at the very last minute, between when he tweeted (9:35AM) and when the service took place at 10:15 AM. That's a *really* short time to 1) decide to not be with them, 2) select and get the video sermon ready to go, 3) communicate w/ the necessary people to make sure everything goes right, and 4) record a message (even if brief) from himself.

That really doesn't make sense???

Louise K said...

As always Davey is right on point :

I, I, I, me, me, me

I don't think Resonate will ever begin again

I believe that Davey has shown EVERYONE his true soul

I believe his own congregation have turned on him because

They were actually AMANDA'S congregation

M said...

Was it a recording or facetime?

Skittles said...

Someone please help MDB and I out.... How'd he do a 180 on the same morning?

Anonymous said...

"What is WRONG with these people!?! Is every moment a photo op?"

TJC, welcome to the new church, the church of appearances, entertainment and numbers, the church where ears are tickled and where the end justifies the means. "Whatever it takes" to get people to come to church.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that LE is looking at the hundreds of leads commenters on this blog have brought up... from facebook friend connections and deletions, to old videos, to the current videos being released...

I want to hear the 911 call. That will probably tell all.

My heart goes out to Weston.

I have no sympathy for DB. He showed he did not honor or appreciate Amanda in her life and he has failed to do so in her death.

If man fails to find fault in him, I know God will not fail in administering justice in this case. DB if involved in any way will answer for what he did.

Louise K said...

Yeah and they aren't so interested in Saving those folks

But their wallets

See: Davey spouting that 12 had Come To Jesus then utterly ignoring them thereafter.

Skittles said...

Looks like someone tweeted below Davey's tweet about looking forward to seeing people at Resonate that morning, "So good to see ya Davey". Tweet appears to be after Davey's tweet, but before the scheduled service time.

Yep, still confused here.

Louise K said...

"what is wrong with these people" = the same thing that is "wrong" with Catholics Muslims Jehovah Witnesses Mormons Scientologists Baptists Methodists Anglican = they believe a man on a stage with a mic brings them closer to God.

Why this would be - I have no clue

But it seems to be Universal

One class of Adherents need not criticize any one else for their Beliefs

Because they are all in the same boat

Anonymous said...

That Steven Furtick is another creep. All church volunteers/workers are to stand up when he walks in a room... Not sure why anyone follows these rockstar hopefuls. These "churches" are not churches, they are businesses. All about money. If the money was not in it, they would have moved on to something else..

Louise K said...

So good to see you Davey = his Resonate Flock have not seen hide nor hair of him since Amanda's death.

Why would a Pastor ignore his own flock in preference to GMA?


1. he's been INSTRUCTED to (Newspring pulling their support)
2. the Resonate congregation also believe Davey has guilty knowledge

That's it really

His own flock needed him badly and he was off on teev

Blabbing on Twitter

Lining up interviews with anyone who waved a cheque

While his own "flock" are soaked in grief, misery and fear at what has just happened

Meh...move Davey said, The Only Thing That Hurts is Weston without a mom.

The rest of its hunky dory

Anonymous said...

OR maybe it's just a sign that DB is reading Peter's Statement Analysis? Yea, that's where I'll wager my money.


Anonymous said...

Re: two contradictory tweets the same morning....

It's very confusing...DB says one thing and does another. This is related to the hype and falsity of the mega-church rock star pastor's all about appearances...I want to be with you, BUT...

There is much more going on behind the scenes..these people talk our of both sides of their mouths.


BB said...

WRTV6 in Indy has apparently picked up on the hinky. They just posted this story. If they run it, other stations will likely dedicate coverage as well.

M said...

Perhaps he tweeted that he was looking forward to being with his resonate family because he wanted to make sure people showed up. If attendance was down, the offerings would be down.

Louise K said...

Davey absolutely is reading here

Daveys own

"Davey wont sleep with you Peter" has come from Someone Who Knows Davey Wont Sleep With Peter

Also someone who apparently thinks its POSSIBLE that Davey MAY sleep with Peter so needs to SAY they wont - Does the writer have secret gay knowledge on Davey...?

The rest of us never even THOUGHT Peter wanted to sleep with Davey

Only the commenter did = the commenter IS Davey.

Overweening ego and/or knowledge that Davey would stick it in to most folk who ask and (possibly) a good few who do not

Louise K said...

The Entire Reason Amanda Had To Go is Because Pastor Blackburn had a convo in the shower where GOD SUGGESTED IT.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope his FIL gave him a few things to think about! I can hope!


rosy said...

CJ said...
at 11:27 AM
[4:27] Today we will not have a, we don’t have a live guest speaker .... I think that God has used to prepare my heart for this, leading up to Amanda’s death. ... it’s a message that I’ve posted a, a couple days ago on my social media feed, um, by Levi Lusko called “Through the Eyes of a Lion.”
Peter, the timeline on this is odd.

1) Vimeo says, "recorded November 29, 2015" and "Posted 1 day ago (i.e. December 7). If this was really made and accurately time-stamped Sunday November 29, for some reason he and Resonate decided not to play it to excuse his absence that day, but to hold it over till Sunday Dec 6 along with the Levui Lusko video.

2) Sunday November 29 daveyblackburn Tweeted ‏@daveyblackburn Nov 29
I'm thrilled to hear about how Jesus moved @resonateindy this morning. I love you guys and can't wait to be back with you! #NothingIsWasted

3) Sat Dec 5 DB RT'd the church's:
Resonate Church ‏@resonateindy Dec 5
Please help us welcome guest speaker @KalebCarlWhite to Indy! He’s #ForIndy!

4)Sunday Dec 6 daveyblackburn Ttweeted:
‏@daveyblackburn Dec 6 Can't wait to be back with our @resonateindy family this morning. It really is impossible to do this life alone!

5) Dec 1 Dvey Tweeted:
daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Dec 1
"Death is not the end of the road; it's just a bend in the road." - @levilusko

6) Jenny said...
November 24, 2015 at 10:56 AM
"(on Twitter) he claimed they were "tears" -- I believe he meant IN tears -- watching the Elevation Church vid of Levi Lusko while on the train. Going for a romantic getaway, you're watching a "sermon" on a device instead of holding hands"

I reposted that tweet but now it seems it has been deleted.

Anonymous said...

LouiseK, maybe Americans enjoy religion as opposed being on the same boat shipped to a foreign island for thieves, murderers and other societal criminals. To remove the stain upon their heritage and give that heritage-once criminal- a chance to forge a new country.

Kate said...

BB, thanks for the link. Check out the fb story where people are allowed to comment on the story :)

rosy said...

Anonymous MsDp said...
Well, I hope his FIL gave him a few things to think about! I can hope!
December 8, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Apparently he did! Davey Blackburn now uses the phrase "the Body of Christ" for the church.

Concerned said...

Like the rest of you, I'm wondering about why Davey seemed to bail on Resonate Sunday in such a short window of time time.
If they have a Sunday School prior to the worship service, he may have received a call from one of the few volunteers that hardly anyone was there. He may have been afraid news media or look-loos would be there and comment on how few came to see the new Moses. Just a thought though I do believe he's on the way out. The excuse will probably be that Weston needs to be with family.

Skittles said...

Why was Kaleb White back in Indy this weekend? (tweeted about it) He didn't speak. Required a plane trip the second weekend in a row. I'm getting more and more confused....

Concerned said...

Louise K at 1:20
When you speak about such things when you have no knowledge, it makes you lack credibility the rest of the time. Your posts are sometimes well thought out and then it seems people who actually love the Lord and believe send you off into a spin. Has someone deeply hurt you while claiming to love God?

rosy said...

My mistake, the Levi Lusko on train Tweet dates from AFTER Amanda's death:

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Nov 18

3 weeks ago @amandagrace and I were tears on a train to Chicago listening to this message from @levilusko - …

The timeline remain weird.

Sus said...

Ok, think about it. DB was preparing himself for his wife's death when she was a healthy young woman.

Then DB tells us his wife would have wanted to die for his church. #forindy Yep, that's just the way she was. He'll bring out her journals to prove it.

Next, we have proof from God himself...through DB. God spoke to him in the shower, telling him God did it.

Yes, God didn't even ask DB. But remember...he was preparing his heart for it.

I would love to ask DB how long God has been talking to him in the shower. I'd ask him if God spoke to him before his wife died. I hope police are doing just that.

D said...

I wish I could see the behind the scenes and see what People are talking to DB about.

Anonymous said...

The Indy Channel's Facebook page has the story posted along with plenty of comments.

Anonymous said...


I've seen a couple references today to DB being a type of 'Moses'

Can you tell me where this came from? I think I've missed something.


D said...

On resonate church twitter is says Kaleb White was a guest speaker, for the 5th. Do they have church on Saturdays?

BB said...

There's a $hit$torm brewing on WRTV6's FB page.

Also, IMPD just announced new police chief. Not to be taken to mean too much. New Mayor, new leadership...

mom2many said...

IMPD just announced Chief Hite's resignation:

"After much consideration and consultation with loved ones, I have decided to step down as Chief of IMPD," said Chief Rick Hite. "I have enjoyed my tenure as Chief and thank all the dedicated employees of the department for their dedication and commitment to making this city safe."

Concerned said...

I was just being facetious about Davey leading people after God spoke to him. Like Moses getting the commandments from the burning bush.
Sorry I didn't explain.

Louise K said...

Concerned: anyone who believes their God is the only right one, hurts me deeply, because it is a CONSTANT reminder of how stupid people are.

I thank God every day I was raised Athiest

Put yourself in my shoes

I had a mother who wanted us Anglican and a father who wanted us to burn any bible we came across (he was traumatized by the Methodists)

I got sent to Catholic school and I WAS THE ONLY ONE who suspected Mary wasn't a Virgin...!

I simply cannot understand how the King James Bible is superior to say, the Swahili Quran

Its all fairy stories to me


which is fine, I love Santa too

But I don't get a mic, get up on stage, and expect my audience to believe in Santa just because I said he had a convo in the shower with me that morning

That's crazy

Just insane

Whether it was Jesus or Santa - its a sign of Delusion

The Opiate of the Masses = religious folk are addicted as surely as any drug addict

The issue I have is, the drug addict is allowed free thought and action

The Christians are not.

Do as I say, not as I do<<<<<>his flock

rosy said...

Another odd thing about the video to tell the church he's taking time off to get healthy - Looks as if he recorded it in a restaurant, or maybe in a washroom in a private home. A card on the corner cupboard, cheery but impersonal, color matched to the beige shabby chic decor, says "Enjoy your day," A rack of hooks low down, as if for towels. Maybe at his in-laws, say in a guest bathroom, or on the road.

He's wearing an outdoor jacket (like Levi Lusko wears in church). He's a chameleon.

I'm struck by a contrast between the informal, improvised setting and his presentation of himself as worried and concerned (wrinkled brow) yet calm, composed, firm, and intentional.

Louise K said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
LouiseK, maybe Americans enjoy religion as opposed being on the same boat shipped to a foreign island for thieves, murderers and other societal criminals. To remove the stain upon their heritage and give that heritage-once criminal- a chance to forge a new country.

December 8, 2015 at 1:34 PM

Yo Anonymous

compare the Murder Rates between your Godly country and ours

then come back and tell me where exactly Satan makes his home and finds his followers

Anonymous said...


ok, no wouldn't have surprised me if he referred to himself as a Moses...his audacity knows no bounds


Louise K said...

Maybe that's what Davey was doing instead of resus and comfort care to his dying wife.

In the shower dialing up God

God are you there? See, I just have this little mess I need some help with - it was all YOUR fault so dig me out here...

Louise K said...

Also, anonymous, if you learnt your history you will know that ZERO murderers were sent to Australia - they were sent to the gallows

But carry on with your Country of Evil fantasies

God knows the Truth is irrelevant in all this

Anonymous said...

Could he have been at the service but didn't want to speak in front of everyone?

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Looks like he is preparing for his criminal trial

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 6h

Train now for the trial you're not yet in, so when it comes you will instinctively look to Jesus to see you through!
20 retweets 34 likes


Boston Lady said...

Louise K said...
"what is wrong with these people" = the same thing that is "wrong" with Catholics Muslims Jehovah Witnesses Mormons Scientologists Baptists Methodists Anglican = they believe a man on a stage with a mic brings them closer to God.

Why this would be - I have no clue

But it seems to be Universal

One class of Adherents need not criticize any one else for their Beliefs

Because they are all in the same boat

December 8, 2015 at 1:20 PM


Please stop lumping all religion in one boat. As you have indicated by your own statement "you have no clue". I'm Catholic and I do not subscribe to Davey's religion. Thank you.

Skittles said...


I was thinking it might be in their house- eating area- on SCourt? I've been trying to find the video where I remember Davey sitting and giving a talk into the camera that church was going to be cancelled due to snow.... but can't find it. That video was taken, I think, at the breakfast bar looking into the eating area.

Peter-getting away from SA here, I realize. Apologies for the diversion!

mom2many said...

I wouldn't doubt Davey would look to Moses as an example. Moses was with the Midianites at the time of the burning bush because he had murdered an Egyptian. From Moses, to David, to Paul, there are enough precedents of involvement in murder but still being used by God for great things if one is looking for justification.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Davey stayed home from church on Sunday because he knew $hit was about to hit the fan?

Concerned said...

Louise K at 2:00
Yes, I sensed trauma and having it confirmed helps me to understand your language.
I've written before that your inability to believe in something bigger than yourself makes me sad and you gave your speech about believing in your shoes.

If you were comfortable in your atheism I don't believe you'd feel the need to harshly criticize all believers, painting us all with a broad brush. That is not a sign of the all-accepting, free-thinking persona you claim.

But you don't care what I think and I'm sure a diatribe will follow that will make that clear.
It's okay.
Praying for the lost is what Christians do. We've got your back.

Sus said...

I'm thinking that Indy news story is a pressure tactic. I'm a bit happier with LE.

That looks an awful lot like a leak.

Louise K said...

And I've said before (this is the 3rd and final time) its not Higher Power I struggle with

But the sheeplike belief of The Word of Man by folks in pews

And the hijacking of that Higher Power for nefarious reasons by Men with Mics

See: Resonate Church

I have no issue with religion as such, see: Santa

What I do have a problem with is the way it stunts the brain to the point that y'all believe the Guy in the Pulpit has the answers

See: Resonate Church

I would possibly have more faith if the Man in the Dress had Q&A afterwards

but you're not supposed to speak in church eh

Just listen

good lambie

Louise K said...

I have far more of a clue about other religions than your average Indy Baptist TYVM

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:08 that's what I'm wondering. What if he has been questioned again since coming back to town. What if the gang did rat on him and LE is watching him.

Louise K said...


of course its a leak

IMPD have got this

Davey's latest tweet about "preparing for trials" is evidence that is EXACTLY what he's preparing for...!

Louise K said...

I don't believe Resonate are supporting Davey

I believe the Resonate congregation have huge ????

Remember, they are the ones who saw Davey and Amanda together the most

Perhaps they'd already gossiped between themselves about odd dynamics or something

Perhaps THEY think he murdered Amanda, more than anyone

Louise K said...

Has anyone ever seen any commentary anywhere by Resonate Congregation member...?

Sus said...

Rosy and others,
Are you thinking DB made that tape a couple of weeks ago? Then it wasn't used for some reason?

DB planned to be back in the church Sunday. He tweeted he was going to be. Something suddenly came up and his assistants pulled the tape out for use.

Is this what your all saying?

Louise K said...

Anonymous said...
Anon 2:08 that's what I'm wondering. What if he has been questioned again since coming back to town. What if the gang did rat on him and LE is watching him.

December 8, 2015 at 2:21 PM


The gang - this confuses me

but there seems to be an Unnamed member who is talking...suspect 3?

Suspect 3 had not been named = cooperating with Police

GeekRad said...

"I’m taking time to, um, to make sure Weston is doing real well, and in this whole, um , in this bit of chaos that he’s finding some stability...."

WTH, in this bit of chaos! A bit of chaos that Weston's mother was brutally murdered and that his father is trying to be a superstar. Just a BIT of chaos.

Anonymous said...

Skittles, Rosy

Church cancelled due to snow video

The arrogance in his statements is astounding.


Anonymous said...

Louise, I assume referring to suspects?

I say gang a lot referring to a group, pals, family. The gang is going out to eat. Is this word used like that in Australia? BC

Skittles said...


No, not what I'm saying or implying. I'm genuinely just confused. No agenda or theories as to the weird about-face. Other than pointing out it appeared there were plans to be there and suddenly those plans changed.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how this will affect the Blackburn case..but IMPD Police Chief Rick Hite (The big black man who spoke at the two pressers) IS OUT as police chief, per the newly elected mayor.

Sus said...

There are three arrested. Taylor and Watson for murder and other charges. Gordon for burglaries. There is no doubt that Gordon is the CI. You can tell by the facts he shares. Cooperating witnesses are Alonzo Bull and his "wife", Mitchell. You should really read the arrest document, Louise.

Kate said...

Louise, a few members spoke on Amanda's celebration tape. One woman smiled the entire time, the entire time.

Skittles said...

Anon 2:35, thanks!

Well, looking at that vid again, it doesn't look like the rooms match up after all....

Anonymous said...

I caught that too. Poor Weston with his split personality dad referring to "we" and "our" all the time. Makes me so sad this sweet boy will never remember his mother. BC

Anonymous said...

The fact that Indy media has picked up on DB's church comments is HUGE. Indy media has been siding with DB from day one and NOW that the fact that this has been reported today along with news of a new police chief, plus DB's videotaped speech on Sunday, may mean that charges are coming....

Anonymous said...

If it was recorded the week before, he was with his parents part of the time and Amanda's parents.

Amy Smith said...

He's "taking a step back" what with the need "to process" and all you know.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:40 Why would the police chief resigning have anything to do with this case? BC

Louise K said...


yes its used but it will usually have some extra descriptor such as "motorcycle gang" (bikies - now illegal in most states) or "gang of youths"

I think in the States "gang" by default means, Crips or Bloods or some other quasi organization?

Down here its more general. We've made bikies illegal so
"gang" now is typically more generic these days. We almost always use that word with a descriptor of some kind.

We had a "Gang of 49" which is the term police gave to an organized group of indigenous young people who accounted for 90% of all crime in a particular area

The identified them this way because these kids were in and out of the system which was always, predictably, incredibly soft on them as they went to Aboriginal Court which IS softer on the Poor Wee Thugs

Some of these kids were as young as 8 and 9 out stealing cars and smash and grabs with older ones

No child goes into custody here like they do in the states

so they kept getting released

it became generational - older brother younger brother

so if you come to my town and say "gang of 49" everyone knows who/what you're referring to.

Louise K said...

Kate - I wonder if she was planning on becoming Pastors New Helpmate...?

Sus said...

Thanks. I can't figure it out either. I thought that's what u guys thought. Lol

Louise K said...

I'll take the wild theories one further

and ponder

If Davey instructed that Amanda be dented in the grill


It does seem like an "out of place" injury

The story is that he shot Amanda as she rushed him, and she dropped immediately

So exactly WHEN did the shooter get the chance to smash her in the face?

and why? if she was already down with 2 bullets in her

and he intended on shooting her in the head?

He cant have busted her in the grill BEFORE he shot her as she rushed him, right? They took each other by surprise seemingly.

So that only means he busted her in the grill AFTER he shot her.

Why? When she was already down? When you were about to shoot the back of her head off?


It doesn't fit unless it was part of the Instructions

Nothing about this "burglary" makes any sense at all

Anonymous said...

Whoever questioned the IMPD pic on Facebook "is that Ryan McConnell beside the chief?"

Yes! I think so, it does look like him..why is he there?

He just "happens" to live in DB's neighbourhood, and his statements have also been strange...

Also, the other day I googled "Ryan McConnell" +Facebook +crime watch - to get some info on him, see if he really is involved in crime watch...guess what the first option was that popped up..

Davey Blackburn - Facebook.

It leads to a resonate update from the day after Amanda died 11:09 was the posted time...She had not been pronounced dead until at least 12:35, when a news report stated that the coroner had said death was imminent, but hadn't happened yet

****** Is Ryan mcconnell updating for DB? Is Ryan's name somehow linked to DB and resonates Facebook page? Hmmmmm...

Still would love to see some analysis of RM's statements


Louise K said...

Sus, yeah I should read the arrest docs

in fact I did scan them

but the thing is - Im not interested in the shooters

if I was id be posting about the shooters

im interested in DB

and as far as we know there are no arrest docs to read on him (yet)

Anonymous said...


The resonate update from 11:09 stated that Amanda had been killed...was dead.

Anonymous said...

Not the day after she died, but the day after she'd been was posted before she'd been pronounced dead.
Sorry I confused that.

Louise K said...

Oh and no, we wouldn't say a "gang of kids" unless it was meant negatively.

It would be a group of kids, a heap of kids, a bunch of kids, a load of kids

Gang = negative connotation

Kate said...

Watching the #forindy week 3 initiate. He actually talks about Weston pinching his nipple and how the nipple turned purple. This guy has absolutely no filter. He also declares himself borderline blind, said the drs cut off two coke bottles for glasses. Maybe that's why he didn't see the obvious gunshot wounds, busted lip, scratched cheek and busted out tooth. Yeah, that's a good excuse :)

rosy said...

Sus said...
December 8, 2015 at 2:26 PM
Rosy and others,
Are you thinking DB made that tape a couple of weeks ago? Then it wasn't used for some reason?

Yes, though not sure. Reconstructing time and place:

1) I was wrong about "on the road" context. He made this video message for Resonate at or in a home, probably his own home. Near the close of his intro I hear a child (Weston) in another room.

2) Vimeo tags the video (under "more") "Uploaded by Resonate Church Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 7:42 PM EST"

Below that the video itself is tagged: "Recorded November 29, 2015."

November 29 may be the day Davey added his message to the front of an edited version of the full Levi Lusko video, which was uploaded to YouTube by Elevate Church labeled "Published on Oct 7, 2015"

November 24, Davey Tweeted that he and Amanda watched this Lusko video with "tears" on the train to their romantic getaway in Chicago. So, by late October Davey already admired Lusko and empathized with how Lusko has capitalized on the death of a loved one (Lusko's child) by turning it into growth for a church. Lusko even describes his child's organ donation.

Why did Davey need to set up this message and Lusko video for December 6? The church expected another speaker:
Resonate Church ‏@resonateindy Dec 5
Please help us welcome guest speaker @KalebCarlWhite to Indy! He’s #ForIndy!

Kaleb White already preached at Resonate the week before, November 29 - God of the Valley - Uploaded by Resonate Church
Monday, November 30, 2015 at 10:09 AM EST

Dec 6 , Davey Tweeted :Can't wait to be back with our @resonateindy family this morning. It really is impossible to do this life alone!"

Instead, the church played the video with the message Davey recorded the week before. Last minute decisions? Back up plan? idk

Louise K said...

He should've chucked her off a bridge in Chicago

He might've got away with it then "she fell"

Louise K said...

A while ago I said

Something happened on/about Thanksgiving

Was it the Chicago trip that CAUSED the Final Decision somehow?

Anonymous said...

Another Indy station...WTHR now reporting on it as well...

Scott Swan ‏@ScottWTHR 17m17 minutes ago
"We're going to see a revival" @daveyblackburn tells father-in-law's church on 11/29. #WTHR Watch @FBCElkhart
1 retweet 1 like
Reply Retweet 1
Like 1

Sus said...

"Suspect number 3 had not been named = cooperating with police"

Maybe I misunderstood you. I took this to mean the third suspect is not named. Which he is. Diano Gordon. And when you read the docs, it is evident he is talking. How much is truthful is anyone's guess.

Sus said...

Funny you mentioned "chucking her off a bridge in Chicago." I can't explain it, so I never posted it. I thought maybe that was his first plan, to have her killed in Chicago. It was the way he mentioned risk-taking. It was the manic way he acrid and talking about laying down your life. I just thought maybe he planned an accident there or hoped for a crime by visiting unsafe neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention again that I saw him at the store, but he was not wearing that outfit. He did have quite a bit of scruff though, longer than what's in the video. (I noticed b/c he's always clean shaven.) Could he have recorded it the night before? The outdoor color looks more to me like nighttime than the morning. If it was morning, it was before the sunrise, so definitely before his tweet around 9:30.

His message says to me, he will be leaving and he's buying time right now. The week before, he was so excited to get back and I didn't hear that excitement at all this time.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...

daveyblackburn (@daveyblackburn)
12/8/15, 8:01 AM
Train now for the trial you're not yet in, so when it comes you will instinctively look to Jesus to see you through!

December 8, 2015 at 9:17 AM


CJ said...

Here's the latest from DB (thanks for the heads up, Canada). This is his videotaped intro to Sunday's ResonateIndy service.

You know one of the things that we say all the time is it’s impossible to do alone and I’m really feeling, um, that, that conviction as a, as a reality in our life right now. So I just want to thank you from the bottom of, of my heart.

I spy leaking marbles

Train now for the trial you're not yet in, so when it comes you will instinctively look to Jesus to see you through!
An interesting choice of words given the current circumstances.

He is expecting a trial he is not yet in.
He speaks to the future, not the present.

Who is the YOU he refers to?
He uses the pronoun WE a lot is he speaking to himself?

Clearly the murder of his wife and unborn child is not considered a trial of life.
We all go though life experiencing a wide rage occurrences, feelings and emotions, experiences, some good some not so good.
Life is full of trials and tribulations, yet, he refers to a trial he is not yet in.

He then speaks of conviction when he said I’m really feeling, um, that, that conviction as a, as a reality in our life
Is he speaking to a future trial and conviction?

He is seeing his world unravelling, by his own words and behavior he is coming unstrung.
The more he tries to cover his butt the more leakage there will be.
not even adult depends can help him.

Sus said...

I have no idea why "acrid" is there. Autocorrect has a mind of its own.

It should read "acted"

Anonymous said...

I have to say - I have a brother who is a pastor and Davey sounds JUST LIKE him. It scares me. My brother is not very good at one-on-one conversations, doesn't appear that educated, is very over the top ... but tries very hard to be charismatic and charming at leading a church. I suspect that the reason my sister in law married him is because she wanted to be the wife of a pastor with a megachurch (he's NOT). My brother does the whole thunking of his tongue thing when he's talking, like DB does, he has a scary grin on his face during preaching, much like I've seen in DB, and honestly doesn't give a rats ass about his family. He's estranged from many of us - he quit talking to me years ago because he didn't agree with my life choices (I'm a Christian, but I did move in with my now husband prior to marriage - a big no no in my brothers eyes) and he also quit talking to my dad. My mom was actively dying of cancer last year, in hospice in my home, and my brother never once came to see her and never once allowed his children to come either. Very sad. He never came to her funeral, though he continues to be angry with our dad for fights that they had (as husband and wife) YEARS ago. I'm not sure what it is about these guys... what makes them see themselves as "exempt" from being human, from being kind, from making mistakes. My brother would NEVER admit that he'd made a mistake. I swore to my mama on her death bed that I'd try to forge a relationship with him and his family and it's already fallen though - a year later. He's just not a very nice or likable person. I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that he'd never leave his wife, he's told me "I've made my bed... I must lie down in it..." regardless of what the situation may be. I fear for his sons lives - they are teenagers now and I know they've been poisoned by his false teachings. It saddens me. I fear for little Weston along with the rest of you. :(


Kate said...

ForIndy Week 3 - Initiate 44:46

"Buh-but my wife doesn't have a particular date that she knows, but she knows the moment, and when she was like 3 or 4 her brother came up to her and was like, "Listen, Mommy and Daddy and me and sister, we're all going to heaven and you're going to hell." This is what her brother told her. He goes "do ya wanna go to hell?" She was like "no-oooo" (Davey does an imitation of a scared child), rigghhhht and so he goes "well you need to say this prayer" ahahha right?"

He then trails off as to how Amanda struggled with whether or not she was saved for years.

There is so much death talk in his sermons, it really is astounding.

Louise K said...

Weston is DB's Major Prop

He's in zero danger - he would've been killed with his mother.

But - he shouldn't be in DB custody either


Louise K said...

Brainwashing by fear - harping on Hell

What a marvelous way to insert a threat into a sermon

Rabbit said...

Anon @2:40 - you said it! Early on I saw that many Indy reporters included statements like "believer," "person of faith," etc. in their brief Twitter descriptions. I was concerned that it would color the coverage of Amanda's murder - and maybe it has, who can tell?

But that can become a double-edged sword; as Davey's statements got bolder and wilder the reporters who profess to be Christians may have gotten upset. Based on the comments on the WRTV FB page it seems that many people are upset with Davey and his coocoo assertions that God allowed Amanda to be murdered in a horrifically painful and prolonged way in order to bring new members to the resonate church. You can't make this stuff up it's so crazy - and it seems that fewer people are buying it.

As Peter noted, it's not the atheists coming out and condemning Davey's words, it's Christians who are horrified at his self-serving misrepresentation of Christianity.

Regarding SA, it's interesting that Davey is now a "communicator" - change of language. As Peter has taught, a gun becomes a weapon when it's fired, then a gun when it's holstered. A car becomes a vehicle when it's broken and a car again when it's fixed. What caused Davey to no longer be a pastor?

Louise K said...

Lol I thought ve-hikle was Police speak for "car"

BB said...


rosy said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
December 8, 2015 at 3:31 PM
Could he have recorded it the night before? The outdoor color looks more to me like nighttime than the morning. If it was morning, it was before the sunrise, so definitely before his tweet around 9:30.
I agree, the light outside the windows is bluish, late afternoon, early evening.

Your thought

- "he will be leaving and he's buying time right now. The week before, he was so excited to get back and I didn't hear that excitement at all this time."

Agree. Even if he's scrambling to supply fill-in speakers, to me his presentation sounds like he's becoming more used to planning ahead. He wants his church to take the situation as normal.

His Tweet about upcoming "trials" may be a feint, to message that he will definitely stay put till the trials roll round.

Maybe he'll take a little vacation down in their honeymoon spot? Leave Weston with Amanda's family?

December 8, 2015 at 3:31 PM

Anonymous said...


Davey is friends with many Indy media members on Facebook. One was also invited to the flag flootball game that "honored" Davey and Weston with all proceeds going to Davey. There is also another Indy media person who is a member of Resonate's church.

Anonymous said...

CBN News
Grieving Pastor Says God Spoke to Him About His Wife's Death

Louise K said...

Davey can be friends with all the media people he likes

but the second they smell his blood

they will tear him apart

Rabbit said...

Anonymous @3:52. Ah, thanks for that! I suspected there may be a church member in the reporter pool. My thoughts were mainly about the reporters who openly stated they were religious but it crossed my mind. I figured the odds were against it since the resonate church only has about 120 members.

Regardless, it seems the tide is turning and a reporter is a reporter after all and he/she will follow a good story wherever it leads.

Kate said...

I wonder why WTHR took down the celebration family video? Is there another copy out there? Specifically including Davey's dad? WTHR left it up so it appears the video is still there, but removed the content.

rosy said...

Question of why DB needs donations, a fund raiser. My naughty brain spoke to me while I was in the kitchen. It said, Getaway money?

Anonymous said...

I know DB's 2 part interview where he throws Amandas journal on the floor wasn't on their website anymore either. I had to go to google videos and it was hard to find.

Louise K said...

DB needs donations because $$$$ was the Major Motive.

He had no church

He was at the end of the tolerance of the school and under pressure by Newspring to find and fund a church building

Was unable to do so

His manic style turned people off

He kept moving to bigger cities to grow his congregation even then it didn't work the way it should have by law of supply and demand

DB was on the brink of becoming a Major Failure

Amanda's death rescued him

CJ said...


Amanda was declared legally dead at 7:55am on Nov. 11.

There was a lot of confusion in the reporting of this (including mixed messages from the coroner's office).

Anonymous said...

To be clear, my fear for Weston is deeper than his physical safety. Much like I fear the way my nephews are being poisoned by false teachings, I fear the same for Weston, among a multitude of other things.


Anonymous said...

I remember LE saying in the first press conference that the Police Chief would be leaving.

Anonymous said...

To someone looking for Amanda's funeral video

..on FBC Elkhart, Vimeo account


GeekRad said...

Wow, maybe WRTV is finally on to Davey. It is encouraging to see from the Facebook comments that we aren't the only ones who find his behavior off. Unless, of course, all those comments are the commenters here:). I think Davey is about to finally get some negative media attention. Finally.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. I realize there's lots of potential for misinformation. I appreciate that.

I still think Ryan McConnell is part of the cover-up, and he's somehow linked to resonate.

(Thanks for all the transcribing you've done)

Anonymous said...

Yes, there was a picture on Amanda's Instagram of a pretty blonde at a woman's get together at their house. I can't remember her name or what station she worked for.

Louise K said...

Davey did a Communications and Media degree right?

So it would be natural for him to rope in some old college buddies to Resonate.

And to have contacts within local media, ongoing...

Knowing old DB and his media savvy, he's been grooming the local media ever since he's been in Indy

Anonymous said...

Seems some of the Christian media are not liking this.

Anonymous said...

There is a husband and wife that are members of Resonate and work for Fox59 as a producer and a newscaster.

Bobcat said...

Best facebook comment:

"This jaggoff is a leading cause of atheism."

Baahahaha!!! He's not the only one!

Anonymous said...

There is a married couple that are members of Resonate that work at Fox59 as a Producer and a Sportscaster.

Louise K said...

How many members does Resonate have?

I thought they weren't much bigger than a loungeroom?

They still meet in a school classroom right? So that's what - 30 people at any given time?

Kim said...

According to Davey's "spontaneous" message at his FIL's church last week, he has 120 members.

Unknown said...

This last Sunday first Baptist Church of Elkhart promoted resonate church in this video.

This was one week after Davey spoke about his wife's murder being necessary so that God could grow His Church. It begins at .40

The church leaders must think what he said last week was proper.

Nothing was said in the service to correct the words spoken on 11/29.

I truly do not understand the theology at this church.

Would someone please explain it to me?

Juliet said...

It sounds to me as if Davey has been told his mental state is cause for concern - he needs to get 'healthy' - if appearances are anything to go by, it seems his physical health is fine. He's obviously been told he needs to 'step back' for a while. Weston's future may not be with Davey - (separation in sentence) - also Weston needs stability (not guaranteed with Davey, whose mental health is in question). Possibly Phil and Perry Noble have had a chat, or two.

Davey - please stop, take a reality check: Amanda did not GIVE her life - she was murdered, which removes the elements of choice, consent and sacrifice. Amanda did not give her life - her life was taken from her, appropriated, for the furtherance of your ministry (as you keep saying). No-one else sees it as you intend for them to see it, and God is not mocked. Trying to account Amanda's murder to God's greater plan for you is contemptuous, at the least. Smashing someone's face in is recognised as a very personal crime - an act fuelled by the desire to literally deface, an attempt to destroy the person's identity, even in death.

Taylor was in trouble for indecent exposure - flashers are sexual inadequates - from that point alone, it's unlikely raping Amanda was ever on his mind.

Tears on the train to Chicago - I bet: what could she do, who could Amanda turn to, suspecting she was soon to become her husband's perfect offering, yet being unable to express her fears, even begin to acknowledge them for how insane it would have to sound - but the brain knows what it knows - Amanda was gas-lighted for some time, I believe, and Davey enjoyed it. Wicked would be the word - not excusably insane, not merely misguided or delusional, but old fashioned wicked. IMO.

Esther said...

He is manipulating; if people dont come, amanda will have died in vain...

Anonymous said...

Louise, in this country our citizens are not honor bound in any way, or gagged and hog tied and forced to follow the leader, pastor or preacher of any church, denomination or church group. We have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Anyone is permitted to get up and walk out of any religious meeting or service in America. There are no holds barred.

We did not write the Holy Bible, that we do believe to be the Holy Word of God. There are many interpretations of the bible, if you don't like one, you can chose another one, or none at all. Our ministers preach select scriptures from the Bible according to their own interpretation or misinterpretation as they see fit.

We have no police state that sits in our pews to declare if it was preached just right, or modified. We are free to accept or reject their teachings. For the sake of my own soul salvation, I chose to reject most of them; just as the scripture warns us, "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." There are many false prophets in sheep's clothing. Davey Blackburn is only one of many.

We are not a bunch of air heads Louise, being led around by the nose, any more than you think you aren't. Sure we hear of cults that become highly destructive and that get their footing through those who chose to believe in and follow them. This is very sad and most unfortunate, but somebody made the choice to join them before they ever reached cult status. They are very difficult to destroy or break out of, and highly destructive to the children who are forced to join their ranks.

We do try to have respect for each other's different denominational views, just as we respect yours and others on this thread whose God given right it is to be atheists, if this is what they/you chose to be. I haven't seen anyone here trying to chastise your non beliefs or win you over to their way of thinking, or deserving of any chastisement by you. You are a very sharp lady Louise, and IMO you have brought a lot of valuable insight to this blog site, no need to get snarky towards anyone's religious beliefs. I enjoy your posts for the most part and wish you well. Have a good rest of the day! ABB

Rabbit said...

It's reasonable that Indy reporters haven't been bashing Davey since there isn't any hard physical evidence to connect him to Amanda's murder - yet. However, I believe Davey's "God allowed Amanda to be murdered" speech was enough to begin questioning his involvement in the press. Notice that the reporters are only quoting what he said without editorializing - yet.

I think Davey didn't realize how incriminating his words sounded to others - he was too caught up in spinning his story. At the very least maybe this will expose him as a religious fraud in the eyes of many Christians.

In the meantime it's going to be tough to directly connect him to the murder - if he's involved - without something tangible, like a money trail or an accomplice spilling the beans.

IMPD arrested Delano Wilson's father for murder even though Delano's body was never recovered. It took 6 months and when the probable cause document was released it was clear that they suspected dad from day one. Hopefully IMPD is dilligently working in the background of this case too. If Davey is ultimately cleared it should be because a thorough investigation was conducted and not because LE had a quick 'n' easy solve by way of a group of nincompoop bungling burglars.

Louise K said...

its not a burglary

its a hit

it has all the hallmarks of a hit including a shot to the torso and one to the head

the shooting was immediate upon entry

Amanda's underwear removed but apparently no sexual assault<<staging

It was a hit

NB: the suspect left empty handed yet Allegedly is in possession of a Blackburn blue bag with a laptop - how did he get it if he didn't remove it himself...?

Rabbit said...

Louise K, that's exactly what I believe too. In the game of One of These Things Are Not Like the Others - the answer is the Blackburn house.

The burlars' MO changed radically between the first break-in that morning and the murder. They entered her house by the front door and not the back, took her ATM card and committed murder, just to name a few differences. Burglars are creatures of habit - they keep on doing what works.

This case just stinks of "hit."

Louise K said...

They were hanging around too - waiting imo

If a gang of burglars hit a white middle class street they are in and out before folks knew what hit em

These guys were all over the place - took their sweet time

Didn't give a rats about cameras - in fact the Shooter appeared to shield his face from a camera he KNEW was filming him

This is a neighbourhood watch street

no prizes for guessing who the Lead Neighbourhood Watch Person was - the one who had everyone's alarm codes keys and passwords - the one Everyone Trusted...

Anonymous said...

Ok ABB if you are truly every anonymous signed as ABB you are posting constantly. Don't you even stop to pee? I don't know what your beef is with Louise. Seriously,I've gone back to look and I don't see what you keep ranting about. It's ridiculous,would you please just stop?

Anonymous said...

Anon #6:24, I no longer post here without signing myself ABB. I came to realize that it shows little credibility to our posts if we can't at least identify ourselves, which also bothers other posters, so why don't YOU??!

I don't know who the hell you are or think you are, but you are NOT the gastopo policing me. Besides which, I was NOT beefing at Louise. I happen to like Louse. For your further info, I am NOT on here hours at the time... YOU are the one here obviously searching to see if I'm here. GEt a l.i.f.e, freakin' nutso. ABB

Louise K said...

Here's what I have issue with ABB:

The Religious Beliefs of X trumping the Religious Beliefs of Y

All Religious Beliefs are supposed to be equal under the eyes of the law

So One cant claim to be The True Religion

legally or morally or any other way

See: The Middle East

rosy said...

Louise K said...
How many members does Resonate have?
.... They still meet in a school classroom right? So that's what - 30 people at any given time?
December 8, 2015 at 5:28 PM

The meet in a middle school auditorium.

Anonymous said...

Louise at 6:40
And one more time the pot calls the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Davey says they have 120 members might make me lean toward half that with babies and children included.

Kim said...

"Find out more about how he's [Davey] finding good, tonight on Channel 6." Looks like our friend, Davey, is going to do another interview for Peter to analyze.

Louise K said...

Ok and regards to that middle school -

Davey posted a vid a year ago praising the Indy School System for allowing him More Time.

He explains that traditionally they turf church plants out after 12 months.

Davey had already had his 12 months and was thanking *whoever* for buying him more time.

The reason they shift church plants after a year is because those churches are expected to have Grown in that year.

Failing churches have the rug pulled out from under them. Growing churches are ok because they're growing.

Every piece of evidence I know about implies that DB was at the crossroads, financially in regards to his Planting Venture.

A lot of people had great faith in him, and just like his HIgh School Shame, he has let them down.

This will be an ENORMOUS stressor on the vainglorious Davey. Killing Amanda could've looked like The Only Way Out.

Plus, on a more personal level, I'm pretty sure he actually hated her. See: 2 day rant over busted grill.

I think she mentioned divorce, and he was relying on her father to pull him through his latest disaster. She literally HAD to go. He could not risk ruining his reputation a second time by divorce.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the confusion, phone calls and hanging around by the "burglars" is because they were instructed to kill all the occupants of the house. When they got to the house and they realized the occupants included a 15 month old baby, they baulked. They panicked. Confusion ensued. The original plan was hastily abandoned. Maybe Weston WAS on the hit list

rosy said...

Rabbit said...
at December 8, 2015 at 5:48 PM
.... since there isn't any hard physical evidence to connect him to Amanda's murder - yet.'s going to be tough to directly connect him to the murder - if he's involved - without something tangible
This is true. So far, Probable Cause is lacking. LE would need Probable Cause for a warranty to search the house, the church, his computer(s), his other devices, the records and devices of the two people (Amanda and one other person) who had the locks on his anti-pornography app, Amanda's journals, and so on.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

rosy said...

* warrant, not warranty

rosy said...

Add, LE would need Probable Cause for a warrant to search personal and church bank records and internet history.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Davey is taking a step back so he can figure out how to move forward. Lol.

rosy said...

Absent forensics LE would need "reasonably trustworthy information" from a witness or CI to obtain a warrant.

Louise K said...

forensics are still being tested

whats the bet they're waiting for the touch DNA on the underwear

if its Daveys he isn't going to be able to explain that easily

rosy said...

Louise K said...
December 8, 2015 at 7:11 PM

I would think a husband might be able to explain touching his wife's underwear.

Rabbit said...


What you said is exactly correct; LE would have to do comprehensive searches of computers, bank records and so on. It's concerning that LE released the Blackburn house so quickly too - they did come back for a second search and removed some items but it was after a cleaning service had come in. That, coupled with LE saying Davey was "100% cleared" of Amanda's murder makes me wonder if IMPD acted too hastily. I hope not.

On top of all that it would also be hard to trace any money anyway since the church's income would mainly come from weekly basket donations - in cash. Unless the church has a treasurer who immediately collects it and logs the amounts into the books there's no telling what the total was. At least I assume it works that way. Plus, payment could be promised after any insurance paid out.

Also, I believe LE only received CCTV video for the morning of the murder so if Davey had hooked up with someone through the gym any video would have been overwritten within a week or so and if he was smart enough to avoid any communications or Google searches on his computer/phone/iPad there isn't going to be much of a trail.

In Teresa Sivers' case the hit man was in IT and still was stupid enough to leave a long history of calls, emails and texts. If Davey planned carefully enough to avoid those pitfalls then the best bet of finding a connection is going to be someone ratting him out.

Concerned said...

I wish I thought tonight's reporter in Indy had read up on Statement Analysis and would ask appropriate questions.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an interview with Peter concerning Davey's obvious lies?

And the cherry on top would be the release of that 911 we're all licking our chops over!

Anonymous said...

For those familiar with LE procedures... what is your take on the 911 call not being released? -TJC

Concerned said...

As we worry about whether anyone will start to talk, let's remember that this little 17 year old is married to Alonzo Gold from whose apartment the thugs departed that night. She knows who really wore the jacket and how the gun got under her bed.
A few weeks ago, she was happy as a clam with her man who had supposedly cleaned up his act and loved God and her. Now there's trouble in paradise.

I understand that alliances shift quickly in their world. I would look for people to start talking if they haven't already.

"I have to keep reminding myself everybody ain't cut like me. I swear I wouldn't do people how they do me. Can't wait til I get it together I promise a lot of people won't be seeing me or mine" Donae Mitchell on Facebook

Concerned said...

That's Alonzo Bull at 7:37. Sorry!

Concerned said...

Re: 911 call
For what it's worth, I think LE is not releasing the 911 because it makes Davey look so guilty everyone who hears would point to that guilt, including reporters. He would lawyer up and stop leaking his marbles everywhere! They have nothing to lose by letting him run around declaring he is God! JMO

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like Davey's on a time-out. Yet he says his plan is to return asap and he cannot wait to do so, and
I believe that. So who's not letting him return, and why? Is it PN and does he know something is coming down the pike?

Davey's still doing the "we" thing. I wonder if LE is squeezing him by constant questioning, or just leaving him alone, letting him wonder whether his involvement is suspected.

VLW said...

Since when is being murdered considered as "giving" your life? There was no giving. Amanda's life was TAKEN.

Anonymous said...

I do assume that people close to Davey think he needs help, at the very least, and are recommending he not go back yet to preaching regularly preaching.

And, I agree that his most recent taped message sounds like he's laying the groundwork for not returning as the Lead Communicator. In reality, I seriously doubt that he's getting any kind of real help....Davey is probably checking out the various paths to get a book deal, and/or a TV deal, imo.

As for the police possibly closing in on Davey- fingers crossed, sign of the cross, etc (no disrespect intended to anyone of any religion). But, WHY does Davey still have Amanda's two journals?


Anonymous said...

* regularly preaching


Anonymous said...

I'm probably going out on a huge limb here, but I've been wondering if the whole thing is an elaborate hoax.

Before anyone hates on me :) let me give you my reasons..

1) EVERYBODY in this case acts strangely and says strange things...they all seem disconnected from emotion and Amanda - are they all actors?

2) IMPD's statement that DB was 100% SA, from what I understand, this is a point of sensitivity...(100% is unnecessary) -I'm not so sure the police are looking into DB, they don't usually act this way - even if they want the guy to think he's not a suspect

3) The timeline makes no sense..the story makes no sense...the "coincidences" make no sense

4) DB has connections to the media, what other kinds of connections does he have? Why is there such a smoke-screen in front of him?

5) we NEVER see anyone from this Resonate church. Does it even exist? All we see is a stage...

6) the police didn't go back to investigate the scene of the crime until Wednesday night..what??? How is that investigation...leaving it to be tainted, or 'cleaned up'.

7) whatever else about this whole thing that doesn't add up

Am I crazy for thinking this? Or is it possible?


rosy said...

Inside Resonate church (auditorium) 08/18/2013

Another person who knew the dog (or, who the dog knew)
megsgriff I love that dog. 2y

concerned said...

Amanda states to the right of that photo that they were blessed to see 92 people at Resonate on that day, August 18.
If that was this year, Davey hadn't actually reached that 120 with which he was going to be content if God gave him a pass on Amanda dying?

This is the only photo I've ever seen of their "crowd" so I wonder if this was a large group for them. Anyone have a link to a big crow shot?

Anonymous said...

SLH - I have thought about that a time or two... like the dog running around while they were doing their investigation, giving them "lots of licks"... they would have had that dog put up. RIGHT... like LE is going to let a dog go running through evidence. The "coincidences" in this case are FRUSTRATING to say the least. Is it a hoax? It is definitely odd. I tend to lean on the conspiricy side though. lol -TJC

concerned said...

crowd. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

SLH - also to add, I have wondered about the media connections as well. It's as if GMA and Inside Edition just grabbed him up... he left Indy, was all over tv... heck, even Nancy Grace did a segment on this story. People are killed every day. What makes some murders national stories and others not? Many years ago in Indy there was a Pastor AND his wife who came home after church and were murdered in their home... never made a huge national story. All the connections are odd. -TJC

rosy said...

Anonymous concerned said...
The date was August 2013 -- 08/18/2013

Anonymous said...


And about the dog, wouldn't he be going berserk if he'd heard all that happened in that house? Wouldn't he run to find Amanda, and be smelling blood everywhere? That would be normal dog behaviour...

Also, that press release with capt converse was so awkward...he was nervous, fidgeting, didn't know what to do with himself...police detectives don't act like that...

And you're right about the media attention. It was as if these media appearances were already set up.

And the police talked a lot about how reliable their department was and their success in making arrests. Insecure much?


concerned said...

Rosy at 8:46
So Resonate has only grown from 92 to 120 in more than 2 years?
I can't imagine that those numbers would have left Perry Noble (with his 3000 in the seats) pleased with Davey.
I wonder if people are correct in thinking the rug was about to be pulled from under him.
LE would certainly put that in the "motive" column, especially if there is insurance money involved.

Concerned said...

Anon at 9:05
I think Davey, who thought so much about Weston's sleep that he mentioned it as the best thing about him, would have given a Benadryl to Weston and the dog. Of all the absurdities in this case, that one seems most certain to me.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered, why did the governor of the state of Indiana attend Amanda's Celebration of Life/funeral?

Concerned said...

Correction of my 9;08 post.

Wikipedia says New Spring has 32,000 at church on Sunday.
Is that even possible?

rosy said...

concerned said...
at 9:08PM
Perry Noble (with his 3000 in the seats)

I've seen this number before on these comments. It's a huge underestimate, should be thirty thousand.

In 2014 NewSpring was he 2nd largest Church in the Southern Baptist Convention with congregation of 27,158. At some point SBC kicked then out, due to Perry's rewriting of the 10 commandments. No sign that this reduced their numbers.

Concerned said...

Anon at 9:21
Don't know if that was true but it was reported here that the governor went.

Concerned said...

Thanks, I corrected that while you were typing.
Incredible, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Concerned: IIRC, it was the reporter who was covering Amanda's funeral who said that the governor was in attendance.

rosy said...

Anonymous Concerned said...
Anon at 9:21
Don't know if that was true but it was reported here that the governor went.
December 8, 2015 at 9:23 PM

The governor, Mike Pence, went to the Celebration of Life service (among over 2,000). He won't say which church he attends. He was raised Catholic (Irish family background). "At some point in the mid ’90s, Pence and his young family switched to an evangelical mega church. (In 1995, he told the Indianapolis Star that they attended the city’s Grace Evangelical Church.) Whatever the route, though, the destination is pretty clear: Pence’s evangelical faith has informed every aspect of his political career."

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