Monday, December 7, 2015

Davey Blackburn: Deception Indicated

Did Davey Blackburn really have a conversation with God?

The actual question for analysis is this:

Does Davey Blackburn, himself, believe that he had a conversation with God? Or, is this something he simply wanted his audience to believe?

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.  

In Statement Analysis (lie detection) one must have an intent to deceive.  If someone truly believes that they have heard a voice telling them, they will say so and this will then lead to other questions.  

In order to be deceptive about hearing this conversation with God, Blackburn would have to show a "need to persuade" or an "intent to deceive" his audience. 

Christian Post published an article about Davey Blackburn's claim of Amanda's death. 

The journalist left out much information but what he did give should be viewed. 

He did write that Blackburn claimed to have a conversation with God about Amanda's death.   The quote is for analysis. 

Statement Analysis Principle:  90% or more deception is through missing information.  A direct fabrication of reality is very rare. 

To come right out and say "I heard a voice" would be a direct lie.  It would also put him close to the "delusional" state where one does not know what one is doing. 

Blackburn knows exactly what he is doing.  In order to deceive, there must be 'intent to deceive' present. 

Davey Blackburn's language shows an intent to deceive people into thinking that he had a conversation with the Almighty in a shower.  Note how he does it.  

This is very rare in the world of deception. It is not only very rare statistically, but it is very stressful:  the subject has no memory from which to work from, and it is easily influenced by a variety of sources; what one has read, what one has seen in a movie, on television, what another said, and so on. 

The source of the fabrication has no experiential emotional connection. 
It is easy to mix up words, and the influences (it cannot come from a vacuum) can become entangled easily. 

The lying subject fears being asked a direct question about it.  

He does give some quotes and here you see the progression of deception.  He does not want to directly lie and say he heard a voice so note the progression:  

"I had a thought this morning in the shower. And felt like the Lord spoke to my heart and said: 'Davey, I want my church, I want my bride to come alive. And if I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?
Of course, like anybody else I said 'absolutely not. There is no way.' I'm good with being married and having two little kids, pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life. I am good with comfort. And the Lord said, 'That's why I didn't ask you the question beforehand.' Because sometimes when you say, I surrender all, you mean I surrender some. So you are put in a situation where you have to surrender all.'

What was the source of this Divine Revelation?

Note the progression:

1.  It was only a thought. 

"I had a thought this morning"  Note that not only does the subject know how to use the pronoun "I", but he states that this was a "thought."

2.  It was a feeling

It "felt" like God was speaking to him...

3.  It was only to the "heart" 

  If "felt" like God was speaking, not to his ear, nor his intellect, but his "heart"

4.  Conversation 

Now it is no longer a thought of his own, and no longer a feeling, or emotion, that was to his heart, now it is an actual conversation with direct quotes and something else that should not be missed: 

5.  Attention Getting First Name

 "Davey" enters the language of the Almighty.  

This is not necessary unless someone else is in the shower with hi.  Since he is alone, the "thought" progressed to not only a conversation with quotes, but then with his own first name:  This is not going to be lost on the audience.  

Davey Blackburn is to have God use his first name.  

6. Then he goes into direct quotes in Q&A

This is to show that he knows that by qualifying the "Divine revelation" or "conversation" he can answer back with "thought" or what "felt like" and then only to his "heart."

Yet, the deception is indicated in the direct quotes. This is not a case where someone feels strongly about something else, but to attribute actual words, including the use of his own name, within quotes for the purpose deceiving the audience into believing that he has had a direct conversation with God, with the subsequent authority that this would entail.  

 This is to deceive people into believing that he has received Divine instruction and he does not make them wait long for him to wield this new authority.  He will openly rebuke them and insult the work of their pastor.  

We have already noted the location of this revelation and its linguistic association with sexual abuse and sexual homicide.  

Please also note: 

The answer to "God's" question:

Q.  if I had asked you, Davey, before this if you were willing to give up your bride so that my bride can come alive, what would you have said?

A.  This is just his "thought" (a) then it is his "feeling" that is in his "heart") but now it is not only a direct question, but it is one in which the Almighty needs to use his first name, which in analysis is a point of attention.  Please compare this to the 'first name basis' of Davey Blackburn and "George" as in George Stephonolopholis on Good Morning America. 

Would you give up your bride?  

Please note that within the question, God's bride is not alive, but dead, in need of life.  This speaks to the egomaniacal nature.

Would you give up your wife?

What is the expected response?


In Statement Analysis, we often have investigators count the number of words after the word "no", or even the repetition of the word "no", as a signal of need to emphasize. 
Anything beyond "no" and the question becomes sensitive.  

Blackburn "responds":

Of courselike anybody else I said 'absolutely not. There is no way.'

1.  "Of course" is to believe without question.  This is to cause his audience to believe, without question that his answer is "no" which shows a need to make this a 'matter of course' that needs no further investigation or questioning. 

2.  "Like anybody else"

Do you know anyone else who has been asked if they would be willing to give up their bride?

This is very similar to the use of the word "normal" in Statement Analysis.  It is an attempt to make something sound acceptable and the norm, and is often used in deception. 

School story telling time:  "The day was like any other day..." will make 7 year olds' ears perk up with the information that something unlike any other day is about to be announced. 

"I am a normal male" is only said by someone who has either thought himself abnormal, or has been labeled as such by others.  This is often the defense of the pedophile who refuses to say "I did not molest or touch the child" instead says, "I am a normal male" or "I am happily married" to avoid the direct lie and internal stress of saying "I didn't do it."

"Like anybody else" is a need to persuade that he, just like every other husband  would not do give up his bride's life. 

This is to say "I am like every other husband " in a situation that is unlike every other husbands. 

How many husbands do you know who have had conversations with God in the shower about their wife's death?

How many husbands of murdered wives have husbands asked if they would be willing to give them up?

How many of these wives were found murdered, with their clothes removed?

Hence, the shower as the place of washing, and the analytical connection with sexual homicide or assault. 

3. "Absolutely not" is to use "not", which is appropriate, but to weaken it with "absolutely", showing the need for more emphasis, which is the weakening of the denial. 

He is not done there. 

4.  "There is no way" is to continue all the words after the simple "no" which was all that was needed.  

Instead of "no", which is one word, we have:

a.  of course
b.  like anybody else
c.  absolutely not
d.  there is now way

5.  Ordinary 

And then in a self revelatory way, he tells the Almighty that he would have been happy with the  "ordinary" which includes 120 people (again, revealing the obsession with numbers).  Not that 120 will be well cared for, but it is in the negative of what he was about to announce.  

This is a very lengthy response to that which only required a single answer of "no" and is seen as "need to persuade." 

He needs his audience to be persuaded that he would not have traded his wife in death.  

Who would need such persuasion? 

In order to conclude "deception indicated" the subject must know he is deceiving people. 

By beginning with "thought" and then moving to a "feeling" and then to the "heart" all before going into exact quotations, Davey Blackburn is deception indicated about having a conversation with God in the shower.  He is not delusional but knew he had to qualify the conversation before delivering it, so that the listeners would be left with the impression that God spoke to him directly. 

A delusional person who believes he hears God speaking will make the claim of hearing voices and not have the need to qualify it. 

Blackburn then took this "authority", immediately exercised it over his father in law, and gave a stinging rebuke of the church "not really caring" what they think of him.  This is to say:

The sheep are dead because the shepherd has not been feeding them.  They are dead because he has not inspired them, cared for them, nourished them and overall cared for them. 

The man was silent in the face of this accusation, for what could he say, against one who just received the word from the Almighty in the  shower?

The journalist left out the quotes about "history books" having not written...Someone in the comments section wrote, "Blackburn inches closer to confession..." as it is that he, himself, is making statements that should not be missed by investigators. 

Blackburn's claim sounds delusional; it is not.  He knew how to frame it so the message would be received while he could later defend himself against by saying, "it was just a thought."

He knows what he is doing and knows his future plans to further exploit her death for his gain.  Whereas Christianity teaches that Christ died for his Church to live, so does Blackburn teach otherwise, leaving him in the authoritative role of re-writing history books anew.  

Davey Blackburn has justified his wife's death.  

In that which is so senseless that only faith could say, "I do not know why, but I must trust", he, no longer "baffled" (note:  Blackburn never said, "I am baffled" but "we" were baffled), he now knows why Amanda died. 

Would he trade Amanda for his church to live?

This is not the right question to ask. 

"Did he?" is more appropriate.  

                       Investigators always listen.  

Analysis Conclusion:  Deception Indicated.  Blackburn knows that his choice of words will lead his audience to believe that he has just had a private conversation with God.  


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Anonymous said...

Closer to home, Amanda Blackburn's death has resonated with thousands, including the state's top executive. Her funeral at Traders Point Christian Church in Whitestown was attended by more than 2,000 people. Gov. Mike Pence was among them.

Anonymous said...

SLH and TJC,

Are we, maybe, looking at a psyop and crisis actors? That thought keeps recurring to me. I like my tinfoil helmet but it can get very uncomfortable.

Louise K said...

Anonymous rosy said...
Louise K said...
December 8, 2015 at 7:11 PM

I would think a husband might be able to explain touching his wife's underwear.

December 8, 2015 at 7:18 PM

Not if they already have him on record claiming he DIDNT touch it.

Louise K said...

"911 what is your emergency"

"oh hai. My name is Davey Blackburn im Lead Pastor at Resonate Indy, Im sure you've heard of me, anyway I had this conversation with God in the shower about what I would do if my Chief Bottlewasher Amanda turned up kinda anyhoo, she's now turned up kinda dead...I know right coinky dink!!!! But also God told me about Ezekiel so the MINUTE she turned up kinda dead, I IMMEDIATELY knew why!

Its so I can get a bigger church!

Its GODS WORK! He works in Mysterious Ways dontya know!

so can you kind of you know...send someone to clean it all up?


God Bless!"

Concerned said...

I'm thinking the only DNA on Amanda that might get Davey looked at sideways is his tissue under her nails. But he could say that happened during sex.
Seems to me what would be surprising is for no "touch DNA" from anyone else being present. If someone pulled her shirt like they were trying to get it over her head, something would have been left.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:48

I think it's entirely possible...but what could the motive be? I can think of a couple things..

1) to stir up racial tension...Amanda is white -"killers" are black

2) gun control agenda - Indiana has very few firearm restrictions,excepting handguns


Anonymous said...

3) to make IMPD look good


Concerned said...

You know how they find fingerprints on dead bodies using all sorts of gimmicks?
And they swab the bodies for saliva or sweat as well as semen from the perpetrator.
(I almost wrote "unsub" ---too much Criminal Minds!)
They use those sticky pads to find hair.

Would that not be possible on Amanda since she was in the hospital on life support?
Would they bathe her and therefore, destroy that kind of evidence?
I feel sure they did a rape kit but I wonder about the rest.
I guess we won't know until closer to the trial.

Concerned said...

I just had an awful thought.
Is the new mayor who just appointed the new police chief a pal of the governor who went to
Amanda's funeral?
That can't be good.

rosy said...

Anonymous Concerned said...
I just had an awful thought.
Is the new mayor who just appointed the new police chief a pal of the governor who went to Amanda's funeral?
That can't be good.
December 8, 2015 at 10:10 PM
Don't worry bout that. Governor Pence is a right wing Republican. New Mayor, joes Hogsett, is a Democrat. "Hogsett heavily focused his campaign on plans to reduce crime around Indianapolis and pledged to hire additional police officers. The former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana has hopes to cut down on Indy's soaring homicide rate." (FOX 59 news)

Kate said...

SLH, I don't think you're crazy, I've been on the fence with it as well. Also, one may contend that it was a race bait hoax, only it backfired. The only thing that prevents me from yelling it a full hoax is how Davey is acting. If they wanted this to go as planned, he wouldn't be saying all the crazy sh*t he's saying and they definitely would have pulled down all the crazy videos he has up. I don't know, time will tell, especially once we have the 911 call. BUT, if it turns out le never investigated, if it turns out they were good with his alibi and all his other lies, well then I'll be 100% convinced it was a hoax.

Kate said...

Also, during the presser, Captain Converse seemed like he was ready to crumble to his knees, I don't think I've ever seen another presser like it. Why were their nerves rattled so bad that they could barely keep it together at the presser?

Concerned said...

rosy at 10:26
Thank you. I feel much better.
More police can't be anything but good...unless you're Davey.

Concerned said...

Kate at 10:31

I felt weird after the presser.
It was the oddest thing I've ever seen and I've watched plenty of those.
I've never heard the words "probable cause" spoken so much in a short period.
And the weird looks!

It's what gave me confidence that there was a whole other story, a truth that was not included in the PC affidavit.
And it was almost as if they wanted everyone to know there was so much more without saying it.

I may have to watch it again to see if my thoughts have changed.

Concerned said...

This definition gives me even more hope that the Probable Cause affidavit in Amanda's murder case was just enough to allow LE to hold the guys while they build their case against Davey.

"Information Needed to Establish Probable Cause
The Fourth Amendment doesn’t define probable cause. Its meaning remains fuzzy. What is clear (after 200 years of court interpretations) is that the affidavits police officers submit to judges have to identify objectively suspicious activities rather than simply recite the officer’s subjective beliefs. The affidavits have to establish more than a suspicion that criminal activity is afoot, but do not have to show proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
The information in an affidavit need not be in a form that would be admissible at trial. (For example, a judge or magistrate may consider hearsay evidence that seems reliable, even if a judge might exclude it at trial.) However, the circumstances set forth in an affidavit, viewed as a whole, should demonstrate the reliability of the information (Illinois v. Gates, U.S. Sup. Ct. 1983). In general, when deciding whether to issue a search warrant, a judge or magistrate will likely consider information in an affidavit reliable if it comes from any of these sources:
a confidential police informant whose past reliability has been established or who has firsthand knowledge of illegal goings-on
an informant who implicates himself or herself as well as the suspect
an informant whose information appears to be correct after at least partial verification by the police
a victim of a crime related to the search
a witness to the crime related to the search, or
another police officer."

Anonymous said...


I'd think DB would've had to shut up a long time ago....yet he can't seem to help himself. He just has to have more of himself, more attention..ugh!

But are the people around him oblivious? They all seem to have this ethereal disconnect with reality.

Hoax or not, it's one sick twisted mess.


Concerned said...

Remember Scott Peterson?
He just kept doing those TV interviews and kept talk-talk-talking to Amber Frey.
Laci's family knew the police had him but couldn't say anything.
With all the info they had, they waited until the bodies were found to arrest him.

I'm convinced the police have lots of evidence against Davie but not enough to convict. Yet.
He may even be talking to someone they have wired. (Meg Griffith?)

We just have to keep the faith!

Has anyone seen Davey on Indy TV tonight? I can't find it online.

Kate said...

Concerned, yes it was and Captain Converse was the one who struck me as absolutely broken, I was like, "this guy is on the force???" but so did a few others and they kept saying how angry they were. I may have to go back and look at it again myself.

SLH You're right, it's a waiting game for now. I would think they've gotten the results back from the gun, they put a rush on it and yet we are hearing nothing on updates. Is the press going to leave it alone as well? If this wasn't a set up by Davey, you'd think they'd be all over saying they have a match or not a match and still looking for the gun? I don't know, but I keep telling myself, patience!

Concerned said...

As we wonder whether PN has pulled the plug on Davey, consider this info concerning a time in 2012 when PN took 2 months off from "ministry""

"Two issues he is currently working on, he confessed, are "fear of man" – being scared of what people think about him – and "control issues."

After years of hearing from friends and counselors that he needed to take a sabbatical, Noble decided to take their advice."

Wouldn't you imagine that seeing himself outed in Peter's Statement Analysis and within the comments on the blog, he would be experiencing some big-time fear and loss of control control? My goodness, yes!


Mark B. said...

- The police are on to DB
- DB can't even fake his love
- DB has been told to be quiet
- DB's blabbering friends will get / have gotten him in trouble
- Certain people rape but not the people arrested in this case

- I think the police are on to DB. DB sounded like an unholy mess in that message to his church explaining why he had to absent himself. This is a man, let's be honest, who speaks smoothly, unhurriedly, assuredly. He speaks in evangelico-nonsense that any Christian would recognize as totally snake-oil talk, but at least he speaks it smoothly. His "I need to get healthy" message was anything BUT smooth. He sounded like a trapped rat.

- Also, it's a-ma-zing that he is able to tell the church 'I love you' but he has not once said/fake-said 'I love Amanda' or 'I loved Amanda.' He really cannot hide his dislike for her. This may very well be the last statement we get from him, and the only time he says the word Amanda is 'the death of Amanda' or 'the loss of Amanda.'

This is your wife, man. How sick that all she represents to you is a death that must be "capitalized" on.

- DB's lawyers -- finally! -- have advised him to shut the f up.
Resonate church members have undoubtedly said 'We don't want to see him.'
A lot of women, who are hurt about the way a wife was mistreated and about a son being left motherless, have sent their grievances to Indianapolis. Women will take a lot, but they will not stand to see a struggling young mother be demeaned and dumped the way AB was.

- All of DB's associates are guilty as heck too, except maybe the Twitter alibi poster, who I think posted the Twitter status (Great talking to you!) as a favor to DB but had no idea that AB was being killed while they were talking. One of his friends tweeted, "No one gets excited about an execution" and I damn nearly passed out. Because it was the first anyone had said of an execution. It was supposed to be a murder right.

- I don't think the 'burglars' raped AB. If we are talking stereotypes here and probabilities, young Black male criminals don't rape young women. They will kill, they will steal, but rape is not in their arsenal. Just like young white male criminals will rape but will usually not kill. There are crimes particular to groups. Rape is not particular to the group of suspects under investigation (except of course to soon-to-be-suspect DB).

Anonymous said...

Kate and Concerned:

I yes it was capt converse who seemed so off, but I rationalized that he was shaken up by the whole thing, and yet, his behaviour was odd, and all of their statements seemed odd. I might watch it again too...

I don't know much about SP, but there's some info on how to detect lies in body language, using him as an I know a little now.

If this is all for real, then I'm convinced DB had something to do with it, or did it himself. I hope they get him.

As far as Perry Noble, he's one of those phony rock star pastors who's needed his wings clipped for a long time...I hope this has put the fear of God into him, but more likely it's just self-preservation. The evangelical world would be better off without his ilk.


Kate said...

The RTV6 article helped bring a lot of folks out today, their fb page lit up with remarks on how so many question CD. It was a nice, refreshing read. Surely if all those people are questioning, law enforcement must be as well.

Someone inboxed me about a major purchase Davey made yesterday, I'm not certain what Peter's rules are regarding this type of information, so I won't put it out here, but I do want to say that no one appears to be controlling Davey boy behind the scenes, at least with his donation prize money.

Concerned said...

Mark B at 11:26
Excellent post!

- I would be surprised if there are many truly regular Resonate owners/members/whatever they call them.
If the plant has only grown from 92 to the 120 Davey now claims in over 2 years, I doubt many are hanging around for long.
Chances are the ones there now weren't there last year and I believe, as you do, they don't want him. They may have even signed a collective letter asking PN to send them a new "lead pastor". That could be what has him so rattled now. He's about to be unemployed.

- Re: Kenneth Wagner
I hope his conscience has made him tell LE that Davey asked him to tweet about the timing of the phone call. He knows it's weird that he never was asked to tweet that info in the past 6 months. "Why now," he's had to ask himself.

- I agree that the thugs didn't rape Amanda or even undress her. I'm convinced Davey did that to humiliate her, even in death.

I can't wait for Amanda's family to be able to talk about their suspicions and what Amanda shared with them about her marriage. I'll be shocked if she wasn't planning to leave him.

rosy said...

Mark B said...
at 11:26 PM
"I don't think the 'burglars' raped AB. If we are talking stereotypes here and probabilities, young Black male criminals don't rape young women. They will kill, they will steal, but rape is not in their arsenal. Just like young white male criminals will rape but will usually not kill."
Mark do you have a reference for that? LE says currently there was no rape. And most rape by young Blamck men is against Black women. Leaving those factors aside, FBI's stats for 2012 for arrests under age 18 for forcible rape, are White 1,237, Black 655; Percent distribution, White 64.1, Black 33.9. There are other stats but these will do for a starting point.

Anonymous said...

Mark B...not only did he say he loved his church, but he said "I love you very very very much"


Concerned said...

Kate at 11:38
I don't think Peter would care if you shared info about Davey's purchase.
The people who are donating their hard-earned dollars should know if he's playing fast and loose with them.
If he bought a fancy new car, it's going to send us all right over the edge!
Tell it, girl!

Anonymous said...

Kate, which article? I'd like to read..


rosy said...

This is part of the background to why the cops were shaken up at the press conference. This case had only recently been in the news:

4 found guilty in brutal home invasion face long prison terms

Four Indianapolis men are facing decades in prison after a jury found them guilty of multiple felonies in connection with a violent home invasion and sexual assault of a young woman and her mother on the city's Far Northside.

The jury reached a verdict after a weeklong trial and nearly 12 hours of deliberation....

Michael Pugh, 23; Adrian Anthony, 21; Demetre Brown, 22; and Alexander Dupree, 24, were convicted a little more than a year after they broke into a family's house on East 79th Street, ransacked their home; sexually assaulted Eileen and Allison Potenza and left with many of their belongings.

Graphic details of the crimes were repeated during the trial .... Hearing everything over and over wasn't easy, Eileen Potenza said. The road to recovery, she added, has been long and difficult, but it has been made easier by the support of family, friends and others in the community. She said her family remains strong.

Kate said...

Ok and if Peter feels it is not needed, he can always delete it. And I guess the purchase was made last week, not yesterday. Hoping someone in the area may be able to confirm this, though the person has no reason to lie.

"True fact, last week he bought a new 2016 SUV from Hare Chevrolet and paid for it in cash. $50,000."

Kate said...

SLH - If you have facebook you should be able to read it here, otherwise it's on RTV6. But the facebook page is the best becaue of all the comments, if you haven't already seen it, it's quite entertaining and was so nice to have so many people out there who agree with us.

rosy said...

More on the home invasion:
The men drove to the Potenzas' home early on Oct. 29, 2013. Eileen and Allison Potenza said in court last week that they each were forced to drive to an ATM to get money. Eileen Potenza was shot twice — in the leg and in the ankle — for trying to escape.

Eileen's husband, Carl, was restrained in the bedroom with a blanket over him throughout the home invasion. He has a medical condition that requires him to wear braces on his legs and ankles.

The Indianapolis Star typically does not name people who are or may have been victims of sexual assault, but Eileen and Allison Potenza have given The Star permission to use their names.

Anthony admitted that he shot Eileen Potenza and sexually assaulted her in a car after they had left the home to go to the ATM.

Anonymous said...

Haha, response to DB's "Amanda died so the church could live" message


Anonymous said...

Once again, I'm the one that saw him at the store and he got into a white, 4 door car. I don't know the model, but it was a family car. Definitely not a brand new SUV. I'm not saying anyone is lying, but that seems a bit far fetched. It has been pointed out that the mom of the little boy who was killed by gang members in Chicago recently bought a new car shortly after receiving a lot of money from fundraisers. Makes me think this is a rumor that got started from that story??

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate (for link) and Rosy (for info about LE)


Anonymous said...

What is the persons connection who provided this information to you? This just seems too hard to believe. BC

Anonymous said...

How does this person know he bought an SUV.?


Concerned said...

Anon at 12:03
He may have been driving his old car until the new one was prepped or until they ordered in the exact one he wanted.
The only thing that surprises me about this is that PN let him have control of the money since it was going into the Resonate coffers.
But I believe this story as it's just the behavior I would expect from someone who would kill his wife and say God made it happen to slingshot Davey's mission.
Kate, please put that in the Facebook comments for the news station. I'll be your best friend!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking maybe he bought a new grill!

Concerned said...

Buying a new car with donated funds would be crazy enough but, in light of there being a black SUV casing your neighborhood before your wife died, is that the vehicle you would choose?
Crazy Davey for sure!
One of you Indy folks should ride by Davey's house and see what's in the driveway.
I suppose it could be in the garage if he already threw out the old furniture Amanda had so lovingly collected.

Concerned said...

Anon at 12:18

Kate said...

That's why I was hesitant to post it, but thought if someone local may see him? The person that contacted me is local, but just looking for a confirm. If he did make that big of a purchase, using cash, I'm sure le is all over it.

Concerned, how would you like me to word it? "Is it true Davey Blackburn bought a brand new 2016 SUV last week?" Lol, oh boy, can't wait for the replies but I don't have a problem putting it up there either :)

Sus said...

They already owned a dark colored SUV. The question is why would he want to trade it in? Hmmm

Anonymous said...

PN wouldn't be able to take control of the monies that came in, since the donations were supposedly for Weston's future/college fund.

Kate said...

I believe Davey has made FAT bank off of all of this, not just chump change. He not only played on the public, but on the members of all churches as well. His dad still has a donate page for Davey on his own church website. They get donations worldwide as the message is passed around. I'd make a trip out there to confirm it, but who knows where Davey will be within the next month or so.

Bobcat said...

He probably used insurance money for the new car.

Anonymous said...

Insurance money, already? That's too fast


rosy said...

So he bought an SUV for $50,000 cash out of a fund that ended by raising
$1,570 of $ 2,000 ????

Does the person who's telling this story work in the car dealership? If not, how they do know the $50,000 was paid in cash? Doesn't the sum of $50,000 sound susdpicioulsy rounded off? Sounds like BS to me.

As Sus said, they a;lready owned a black SUV, there's a photo of it in the driveway in front of of the black Honda Civic.

Kate said...

rosy said...
So he bought an SUV for $50,000 cash out of a fund that ended by raising
$1,570 of $ 2,000 ????

That's not the only fundraiser going on for Davey. Dave had several gofundme pages set up, one collected $4,360 alone before they had that one shut down. Davey and Perry as well as others have been directing people to donate directly to their church site. What that site alone has collected is anybody's guess. Davey received far, far more than $1,570-$2,000.

This past weekend they had some fundraiser where Davey and Weston received all the proceeds. I'll see if I can find the link.

Anonymous said...

Kate at 12:25
Yes, ma'am!
I would say this:
"Looks like Davey may have bought himself a shiny new black SUV last week with $50,000 cash. Thank you, GoFundMe?!"

CJ said...

The "Blackburn Support Fund" on Resonate Indy's website accepts donations via credit card.

With no third party to deal with (Paypal or GoFundMe) the funds collected would land in Resonate Indy's (Davey's?) bank account almost immediately.

I wouldn't be surprised if the fund is already into six figures given the media coverage.

Anonymous said...

Mark B: "I don't think the 'burglars' raped AB. If we are talking stereotypes here and probabilities, young Black male criminals don't rape young women. They will kill, they will steal, but rape is not in their arsenal. Just like young white male criminals will rape but will usually not kill. There are crimes particular to groups. Rape is not particular to the group of suspects under investigation (except of course to soon-to-be-suspect DB)."

Concerned: "I agree that the thugs didn't rape Amanda or even undress her. I'm convinced Davey did that to humiliate her, even in death."


That sounds Crazy, no doubt!

OTOH, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism: Taylor has been convicted for indecent exposure, hasn't he?

Rabbit said...


That fund ended early by request - they posted this:

"Thanks for stopping by the recent home of the Blackburn's campaign . As per the request of the family please use link below for any donations as we will not be accepting any on this page.

Please continue to support and pray for this family. Thank you everyone who has given."

And don't forget the T shirt sales that they started selling during Amanda's funeral - er, I mean celebration of life.

Anonymous said...

I must apologize for even coming close to laughing about this. Nothing about it is funny..

I just read the Facebook thread for the tv station and the comments made me so sad...sure lots of people are seeing through his phony charade, but look at the people who are turned off, want nothing to do with God because of nonsense like this.

And who can blame them...

God is not remotely glorified, honoured, or made much of in this fiasco. The religious talk is a ruse. And it doesn't represent God at all.


Concerned said...

rosy at 12:38
People were told to donate directly to Resonate with all funds given to Davey and Weston.
I saw a link on one of their family members' FB page asking people to donate on a Christian page similar to GoFundMe that didn't charge a percentage.
I expect the father and FIL's churches took offerings.

There's no reason anyone should be collecting money for him. Didn't PN pay for the funeral?
Davey's expenses should be less with one family member gone, right?

Rabbit said...

Oops! Kate beat me to it. I'd forgotten about the other fundraisers. Davey's raking it in.

Concerned said...

That's me at 12:43.
Got a little too worked up and hit Anon!

Kate said...

I just put it like this "Can RTV6 confirm whether or not Davey Blackburn purchased a 2016 SUV for $50,000 cash last week?"

We'll see if I get a response.

Kate said...

SLH, I'm sorry you were saddened by the facebook comments. I looked at it like God is exposing this cult-like organization for what it is. And that's a very good thing. Stop it in it's tracks. That way, the true Christian religion shines through.

rosy said...

Resonate is note posting a total of donations so far. I doubt they've collected much. And I think someone's un-evidenced claim that he bought a new SUV for $50,000 sounds like hooey. Round numbers are always suspect. At least fill in the make of SUV, the name of the dealership, things an outsider might know. Unless the i9nformant works ate the dealership, no way they can how much a customers pays for a vehicle. The days of the Saturn are gone.

Concerned said...

Anon at 12:46
Taylor exposed himself in a Target parking lot. I don't know if the girl was in his car or outside it.
No excuse for that.
I'm going to be curious to see what Taylor's IQ is and how susceptible he is to being set up.
The thugs' story just doesn't ring true to me.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I take back the 'who can blame them' comment.

False teachers are a judgment upon a nation. This is biblical.

America (and Canada) needs to repent and turn to God.

The very reason these false prophets can bilk people is because we allow them to! If there was no audience, they wouldn't have a platform, but people love to have their ears tickled.

That's the root of this problem.

Much of America loves the celebrity pastor. Well this is what you get with that. Love Joel Osteen? Well he's bilking you too, he's just not bumbling it like DB..

I guess I've made my point. I'm so frustrated with this tonight.


Kate said...

I'm sure the person was rounding it off and I know it's unfounded thus far, but I do believe we will receive confirmation. Davey can't help himself from spending that money and I'd bet the farm he wrote it off as a "church" expense. If Davey received $4,360 from one single gofundme account, it's safe to bet it didn't stop there. Time will tell.

Concerned said...

rosy at 12:55
Kate gave the name of the dealership.

rosy said...

That one got mangled, sorry. Time I signed off. I meant to say:

Resonate is not posting a total of donations so far. I doubt they've collected much. And I think an un-evidenced claim (rumor) that he bought a new SUV for $50,000 sounds like hooey. Round numbers are suspect. At least fill in the make of SUV, the name of the dealership, things an outsider might know. Unless the informant works at the dealership, no way they can know how much a customer pays for a vehicle. The days of the Saturn are gone.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kate, it is good that it's being exposed for what it is. Perhaps America will have a revival, as this false religion is exposed. Let's hope for that.


Anonymous said...


"The days of the Saturn are gone." Lol, what a blast from the past!

Kate posted it was Hare Chevrolet. It appears to be a real dealership in Noblesville, IN.

Concerned said...

Kate at 12:52
I like that.
Can you give us a link to your comment so we don't have to read the list, funny as it is!

I agree with you that these Facebook comments on an Indy station's page are a good thing.
Every person who makes his thoughts known about Davey Blackburn gets a bit more attention brought to the evil Davey did to Amanda, whether he actually killed her or not.
And the attention will stop him from grooming more young people with his gross sexuality and violence.

Good for you, Kate!!

Sus said...

I've had my sights on that SUV since the beginning. The police said in the first press conference that a dark colored SUV drove into the cul de sac at 6:00 and left one minute later. They seemed to insinuate the burglars loaded the loot into that SUV. I thought one minute was pretty quick.

THey also said DB left at about 6:00 or 6:11,depending upon the speaking.

After that conference, LE never spoke of the SUV again. It is not mentioned in the probable cause doc. The CI says they loaded tvs into the stolen Sebring.

So who was in the SUV? Is it possible DB left earlier than 6:00. According to his neighbor and his tweets he normally does. Then he drove back by? I don't know, just wondering about that dark colored SUV.

Concerned said...

rosy at 1:00
There's always the chance ole Crazy Davey told someone he just bought a $50,000 SUV.
Would you be surprised?!
Not me!

Rabbit said...

Maybe he bought it for his mistress grill.

Anonymous said...

Kate: you are the one who made the two you-tube videos about Davey, yes?

Have you thought of making number 3?

Kate said...

Concerned, here is where I left my comment

SLH I did make the videos and I'm working on the third, concentrating on his theme of murder and death. I'm always interested in other ideas though, so if you or anyone has any that you'd like to see included, just let me know. Some people tell me to get a life, but most of the feedback has been spot on.

If it weren't for Peter and JusticeSeekers, I don't know what I'd do. So thankful both of them picked up on this sham.

rosy said...

Sus said.

yes, I wondered about it. It's a loose thread. Never had confirmation that it is his car, but the initial police report of a dark SUV went out over radio news, then was never repeated. A photo of a black SUV in the driveway in front of the Honda, never explained.

Anonymous said...


I saw your videos early on when i was trying to figure out who the heck DB was..I was glad to see them.

you definitely won't lack for material!


Concerned said...

I tell myself to get a life!
I spent some time recently thinking about why I and so many others should spend time commenting here.
I came to the conclusion that good people trying to deduce the ins and outs of this can only help LE.

Then there are the people who come here seeking answers after each of Davey's interviews. We're bound to have new ones tomorrow after the Facebook page went nuts. We give them a place to sort out their thoughts.

Many comments here have helped Peter find new Davey statements to analyze.
That has to be a huge help to LE.

The most important reason for me is to help people know that Davey and PN do not define Christianity in any way. They are the antithesis of it, in fact.

So I'm staying but I'm trying to back off a bit.
I look forward to your video.

Louise K said...

CJ said...

[4:27] Today we will not have a, we don’t have a live guest speaker that we’re bringing in, ma– mainly because I wanted to, I wanted everybody to watch a message that has really, I think that God has used to prepare my heart for this, leading up to Amanda’s death. And has used, God’s used this to um, to help comfort my heart in all of this process. And it’s a, it’s a message that I’ve posted a, a couple days ago on my social media feed, um, by Levi Lusko called “Through the Eyes of a Lion.” And um you’re going to get to hear the story of Levi. I’m reading his book right now, um and it’s an excellent book to pick up, but it’s just talking about how to face impossible pain, and that through impossible pain God brings incredible power. And so um, again, I can’t, I can’t imagine trying to face this without, um, the the saving knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ and the hope of heaven. And so I’m really really grateful for Pastor Levi’s message, and I’m, um I’m actually really excited about being able to chat with him pretty soon over the phone, he’s reached out to me, and so I’m really excited about that, but I want you to make sure that you guys had this fresh, because I think it’s really going to help to speak to your heart as we’re all trying to cope with and deal with and move forward and move through, um, the loss of Amanda. And so, um, you guys enjoy this message. I know it’s going to speak to your heart. I love you very very very much. I cannot wait to be back with you. And uh, just just open your heart up to uh what the Lord wants to speak to you through Levi Lusko.

CJ, thank you.

December 8, 2015 at 11:45 AM

^^^^^^^^^^^^Davey is really, really excited

His wife isn't even cold

and hes EXCITED

Concerned said...

This is an excerpt from Amanda's sister, Amber's FB page.
I suspect her words are true and that Amanda was just this good.

As many have said here, Amanda may have been taking a stand against what Davey had become or perhaps, always was.
The Davey we saw in the videos and in interviews would not have been able to tolerate this female who wasn't as educated as him doing anything to put the skids on his success.

I believe she died taking that stand, that Davey was the one who killed her and everything else was cover-up.

"You see, Amanda is original in EVERY way. She always has been for as long as I can remember. She loves to be unique. It's WHO she is. She doesn't EVER go with the flow. In fact, she makes it her goal to go against the grain just to be different. She stands out. She can't help it. People are drawn to her stand - not only for Jesus - but WHATEVER she chooses to stand for. She stands unapologetically and with confidence. She does NOT care what people think when it comes to - well, anything. She never lets what others think of her influence her decision-making. She does the right thing. Always. She hungers and thirsts for righteousness. She's a trend-setter. She doesn't want to be like anyone else - except Jesus. She's authentic. She draws people in by her sincerity. She's real - never fake. What you see is what you get. She's not a people-pleaser. She speaks truth - sometimes hard truth - but always in love. She loves everyone. No matter who you are."

CJ said...


Of course he's excited.

Levi Lusko (one of Davey's heros) reached out to HIM.

"And so I’m really really grateful for Pastor Levi’s message, and I’m, um I’m actually really excited about being able to chat with him pretty soon over the phone, he’s reached out to me, and so I’m really excited about that, but I want you to make sure that you guys had this fresh."

RE the "you guys had this fresh"
I couldn't figure out what Davey meant here: fresh, in what sense? The Lusko sermon was published on YouTube on Oct. 7.
Then I noticed that Lusko's organization is called Fresh Life Church.

Davey has mentioned Lusko's sermon twice in his twitter feed, and now it is important enough to choose it for his third week away from the pulpit. One would think that after two weeks of guest speakers it was time for his own pastoral staff to step up and shepherd the flock. Are they not capable? Do they have a voice?

Anonymous said...

@12:23 concerned

There are many examples to justify suspicion and discussion of this crime and DB, but using this forum to encourage people from the area to drive past the Blackburn home to take note of the vehicles is stepping over the line.

Don't let observing crazy turn you crazy. Stalking is not justified. Let the LE do their job.

M said...

Anon @ 6:55 Yes.

The comments are so far off of SA now. The conspiracy theory that it's a hoax? C'mon folks.

I am hooked by this case, too, but it's starting to get weird on here.

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ with you, Anon @6:55, there is every reason to verify whether Davey bought a new suv, or whatever he is doing with cold hard cash he has scammed off unsuspecting good-hearted donors.

Davey Blackburn, a false prophet minister/leader, is thriving with multiple sources of donor funds pouring down on him all under the ruse that he is a 'grieving' godly widower with a toddler to raise, when he is not grieving and hasn't for one second, now claiming to be unhealthy; while it has become a known fact that he hated his pregnant wife whom he mentally and more than likely physically abused as well throughout their marriage; with many suspecting that he is guilty in her murder.

If you like being deceived and kept in the dark, bully for you but those donors who pour their heart into their love and concern certainly wouldn't appreciate being scammed. It is not stalking for donors to be made aware of where their $ went.

As for LE doing their job, how do you know they are? I certainly haven't seen any evidence, not a peep, of them doing any such thing as it relates to investigating Davey Blackburn; in fact, I've seen the exact opposite. The EXACT opposite. ABB

M said...

It doesn't sound like he is staying in his own home anyway.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the poster who saw him on the north side of town at the grocery store in a a 4 door white family car may have seen a Davey look alike with his kid since he doesn't own a white car. BC

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't M, he could be staying in motels throwing out even more of the donors money if he is in the Indy area, possibly using friends homes to bed down himself and little Weston for free baby sitters, or running up and down the road using the families. One thing we DO know, he is a user and a taker.

He conned Amanda into marrying him but could only carry off his scheme for one week before he starting psychologically abusing and using her and continued too until her ghastly murder, not even bothering to hide from his congregation how much he despised her. He will start in on little Weston now, if he hasn't already. ABB

Anonymous said...

Who knows BC? However, the description sounded like an honest person who believed she really did see Davey. He could have been driving someone else's' car, right? Or maybe a rental car for some crazy reason. Who can say about Davey Blackburn? ABB

Anonymous said...

A very interesting read:

Anonymous said...

As is this:

Anonymous said...

I might point out, in case no one else noticed; that he set himself up to plead guilty by reason of insanity when he came out publically advising his little flock that he is "unhealthy" and needs to recover. Unhealthy my butt. There's nothing sick about this fool and he knew exactly what he was doing when he gave his little impassioned speech in front of his FILs congregation. He is simply pure evil.

IMO, he has been advised by preacher Nobel via his legal team that Davey is to step back, stay off the pulpit, and announce himself unhealthy. This would be mentally, of course. What else could there be, in light of the "talking with God while naked in the shower" episode he so blatantly presented in front of his FIL's enraptured congregation. Now he's free to roam around and do whatever he pleases, and will.

I hope he's looking for a job, most preferably and eventually at McDonalds. ABB

Not a Robit said...

If it was indeed Davey that rhe poster saw, I'm surprised he has Weston with him. I fully expected Weston to be left with Amanda's parents or her sister.

If he's got him with him, that means without a doubt that he's got someone to help take care of him. No way DB can just take over full time care of a toddler after Amanda's been the main one caring for him all this time.

Anonymous said...


I think you have a valid point. It may have been a Davey doppleganger. If I had seen Davey and his son in a supermarket, I would have approached him to offer my condolences.

D said...

God talked to DB in the shower and told him to buy a new truck. But seriously if he bought a new truck that is a huge red flag.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it kind of funny that the user named "Buddy" stopped posting once all of the Ryan McConnell talk & discussion began?

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:05, thank you for the link. This is a very in depth and interesting read. It's a long one, haven't finished it yet. Could not get the other one you posted to link in. I have a hard time pulling up links anyway so it's probably my fault.

Not a Robit @8:21; at first I questioned if the poster had actually seen Davey but after more reading and another post made by her, her honesty and sincerity became obvious. I believe she did see Davey, or certainly someone who looked like him; on the other hand the guy had a baby with him that looked like Weston, so odds are it WAS Davey with Weston. He could be staying near the area where she saw him and not driving his own car.

Oh, I think he'll show appearances of taking care of Weston himself, Weston will be his ticket to financial support from others. Remember, he does not nor has he had a real honest-to-goodness full-time paying job. This is a guy who likes to leech off others with his practiced-pastor con job, flaunt his good looks, his sexuality, flex his muscles and prance around all over town chatting it up with people. He doesn't have time to work. He works hard at not working.

I believe he will treat Weston TERRIBLY and keep this child scared to death of him. Look at how he treated poor Amanda for something so innocent as to accidentally damage his stupid grill YEARS ago; HIS grill that he bought, used and should have been taking care of himself, HIS responsibility. He made her life hell over HIS grill. God knows what all kinds of little accidents poor baby Weston will cause that will drive him insane on a moments notice; which of course, will be unforgivable. This poor baby is already at his mercy. God PLEASE help him. ABB

Anonymous said...

Don't forget D @8:48; God talked to him in the shower while naked... or even in his sleep God must've nudged him and told him to go get that new suv. Oh he got the message alright, from a much higher source than we were ever told in the Bible that would be guiding and guarding us: The Comforter Jesus sent to us, and the angels BY NAME that we have only to ask for help, all listed in the Book of Proverbs.

But Davey's got more clout with God than any of us peons EVER HAVE HAD, even more than Moses and all the other prophets of old, right? He didn't even need to part the red sea or cause another burning bush to draw Davey's attention, just go right down there and talk to that boy in the shower WHILE NAKED. Yeah, that's it. ABB

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is kinda funny Anon @8:51 that Buddy dropped us. Guess his confidants over in the neighborhood where he used to live dropped off the radar? Or dropped him. Or weren't his best friends like he thought they were. Who knows? Since he is a know-it-all, he could at least come back and explain himself, right? ABB

Anonymous said...

Is there even a shred of evidence that Ryan McConnell is involved in Amanda's murder, or do people keep throwing his name around because it's just fun to accuse anybody and everybody of being involved in the murder/cover-up?

Anonymous said...

I believe too that she was honest and not making it up but the white 4 door car on the north side of town at 8:00 pm at night makes me wonder if it could have been a coincidence of another guy who happened to look like Davey with his toddler. With a metro size of 1.7 million people it's plausable.

Anonymous said...

Anon 09:30

Stop being so defensive. No one has accused McConnell of anything other than his behavior being weird.

Anonymous said...

I think M was referring to the comment that all of the family is acting and Amanda isn't really dead and that It's all a ploy for racial relations and gun control.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:42, I doubt that most people would know 'exactly' what they would do when caught off guard in any given situation. I don't know if it would have occurred to me either to run over and grab hold of Davey Blackburn's hand to shake it if I'd seen him out in public.

I've known and seen several celebrities out in public on the fly and certainly didn't approach them or even speak to them. We don't know what we might do. But then, I'm not impressed with 'who' I know or see in public.

I do know that there is NO WAY to withhold heart wrenching grief when we lose a close loved one, or even a dear friend. I cried solid almost for two weeks when I lost my secretary who had become my dear friend and she no longer even worked with me; and cried off and on for seven years after my husband suddenly passed away, and still at times twenty-five+ years later am overcome with tears for him.

I won't even go into how it devastates me having lost our beautiful son due to a massive heart attack last year, at only forty-one years old, when I knew he had congestive heart failure caused by a birth defect, that was rapidly progressing with uncontrollable and violent anxiety attacks. I felt it coming in my spirit, but the finality and the suddenness of it, totally unexpected by me at that particular time, and me seeing him lying on his bedroom floor in the most horrible throes of death, would be more than I could bear if Jesus had not sent to comfort me.

But Davey Blackburn could only show his gleeful happiness and expectation of better things to come when Amanda was so horribly and brutally murdered and lay in her pain that would be indiscernible in human terms, and he felt NOTHING more than excitement about his future?

There ARE no better things to come when someone is dead, for God's sakes. You can go in a different direction, IFF you can gather up the spirit and stamina to do it, but the best is over, rotting in the cemetery, (or burned to ashes) lost to us the rest of our lonely lives. You NEVER stop missing them. The man is evil. ABB

Anonymous said...

While some aspects of this story have been odd, I dont think this was a hoax folks. The post by Patty Jack to the Marion County Coroners facebook page questioning the Coroner on the date of death implies that she was there in the hospital when the plug was pulled.

Anonymous said...

You're some kinda joke, Anon @9:36. I've never even mentioned this person you refer too, I've never watched any of the videos involving this individual and don't even know who you are talking about but assume it's some neighborhood guy...? Duh.

You are so busy watching me you have made yourself sick with it. NOW I know who you are...! You just don't quit do you? I can almost predict when you are going to show up, trying to coattail me. You are possessed, you realize that, dontcha? I certainly do. ABB

Anonymous said...

Who could ever think it was a hoax, Anon @9:50? Have they lost their mind? For cryin' out loud, there was a human body lying brutally murdered, a celebration of sorts, and a burial. Yikes! WHO could call this a hoax?! A hoax of WHAT? I tell ya, more and more people go off the rails by the day. ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB said at 9:55 a.m.: "You're some kinda joke, Anon @9:36. I've never even mentioned this person you refer too, I've never watched any of the videos involving this individual and don't even know who you are talking about but assume it's some neighborhood guy...? Duh.

You are so busy watching me you have made yourself sick with it. NOW I know who you are...! You just don't quit do you? I can almost predict when you are going to show up, trying to coattail me. You are possessed, you realize that, dontcha? I certainly do. ABB"

If you meant Anonymous at 9:30 a.m., which was me, I wasn't talking to you when I mentioned Ryan McConnell. You do not know who I am, and I am not watching you. Paranoid, much? Maybe it's you who is possessed?


Anonymous at 9:36 a.m. said:

"Stop being so defensive. No one has accused McConnell of anything other than his behavior being weird."

Bullshark! Here's just one example from yesterday afternoon:

"Anonymous said ...

Thank you. I realize there's lots of potential for misinformation. I appreciate that.

I still think Ryan McConnell is part of the cover-up, and he's somehow linked to resonate.

(Thanks for all the transcribing you've done)

December 8, 2015 at 4:38 PM"

His name has been bandied about quite a bit. Some even suggested he "seems gay," so maybe he's Davey's lover and was involved in killing Amanda.

Kate said...

Ryan McConnell inserted himself into this crime when he continued to give interview after interview, when he claimed they'll make something good out of this, when he was referring to law enforcement giving him the inside nod. Ryan DOES appear to have quite feminine traits, similar to Davey. Was it Ryan who just happened upon a gun and took it to the fire dept? Why can't that be discussed?

Unless, of course, you are Ryan McConnell and this upsets you.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the person who posted below you at 09:30 not to you. Hope that clears things up :-)

Anonymous said...

There's actually webpages dedicated to all the hoaxes in the world. Apparently almost every single mass shooting or bombing is a hoax including the Boston Marathan and Sandy Hook. It''s all a ploy of Zionist Jews for One World Nation according to these conspiracy thearists.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon @10:46, for clearing this up. My mistake. My apologies.

A ploy of the Zionist Jews for a One World Nation? Is that too a hoax? I didn't know there were enough Zionist Jews to pull off such a feat. Are there? ABB

Anonymous said...

I pulled up one of the websites and no surprise that the San Bernardino shooting was also a hoax.
On a happy note isn't it great to know that nothing bad really ever happens?

Anonymous said...

It was definitely Davey that I saw. I froze when I saw him. After I relaxed, I thought to maybe say something, but it would not have been heartfelt (towards him) and I'm as good of an actor as he is. Ha! If I had said something though, I wouldn't have told you all that I saw him. The white car was very white and looked clean, but I also didn't see it up close. Maybe he did rent it or is it possible this is the new car he bought, and not an SUV? Could he have traded in his SUV and the story got twisted?? I thought I had seen on here that they had a black car, but couldn't remember.

You know how I also said he seemed worn down? Well that's the same demeanor he has in that new video for Resonate, to me at least. That might explain my impression of him, if PN is dropping him, or LE is on to him, or if he's leaving Resonate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the update! BC

Anonymous said...

Haha, Kate, I knew someone would accuse me of being Ryan McConnell. Typical.

I didn't say what could or could not be discussed here. I asked for evidence. You offered none. Giving a few interviews is not evidence that he's involved. At least I have my answer. Thanks!

Kate said...

Anonymous said...
Haha, Kate, I knew someone would accuse me of being Ryan McConnell. Typical.

I didn't say what could or could not be discussed here. I asked for evidence. You offered none. Giving a few interviews is not evidence that he's involved. At least I have my answer. Thanks!

Lol, how in the world would you expect "evidence" about Ryan McConnell? This is statement analysis, not evidence analysis. What Ryan has to say or did say was important, especially since he was so involved as the grand poobah of the neighborhood. Wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

OK Kate, then please tell me, according to the principles of statement analysis, what Ryan said that indicates he's involved. I'll be waiting. Lol.

Kate said...

You just sit and wait then, Ryan ;)

Anonymous said...

So, again, Kate, you can't offer evidence OR statement analysis. OK cool :)

Anonymous said...

When is this wierdo going to be arrested and charged with his wife's murder. He reckons he gets hits on his Twitter page from all over the world - let him know it's because people cannot believe what they are hearing and can't wait for justice to be served on this maniac.

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