Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Child Molestation: Highlighting Sensitivity

Inscrutable repetition 
When someone is asked, "What happened?" or, "Tell me what happened", anywhere the person tells us why something happened, it should be considered very sensitive. 

In this sample, readership was able to determine that he did, indeed, molest his own child, highlighting the change of language. 

Note:  "my daughter" became "the girl" while in danger.  A father would not molest his own "daughter"; therefore, goes through an experience, in his own mind, to justify his action.  This change in the mind is seen in the language. 

Where you find two or more of these high levels of sensitivity, you have a portion, within the statement, of extreme sensitivity; often 'solving' the crime itself.

Those of you who studied with me recall, with sadness, the case of child abuse alleged by a young girl, against her own biological father.

Let's take a look at it to highlight the extreme sensitivity.

Remember:  there are two signals of high sensitivity.

1.  The reason "why"something happened;
2.  The departure of a place.

1.  The Reason Why

In (1), we highlight, "so, since, to, therefore, hence..." and so on, for sensitivity.  You will see them in a statement highlighted with the color blue.

a.  "I went outside to my car on my smoking break" is one way of saying something, yet here is another:
b.  "I went outside to my car because I needed to smoke"

In the second sentence, (b)  the person feels a need to explain why he was outside.  The first sentence (a) the subject felt no such need.  The sentence (b) is sensitive.  For whatever reason, the subject anticipated being asked, "Why did you leave the building?" or, "Why did you go outside?" and said to himself, "I better explain why I went out there, otherwise, they are going to ask me."  This is often a guilty conscience at work.

2.  Departure:  The leaving of a place 

In the second, we highlight (also in blue) the word "left" (or "departed") when used as a connecting verb (the leaving of a place), as sensitive.  This means that the leaving of a place is still on the mind of the subject, instead of the destination of where the subject went.

For example,

"I got off work at 5PM and went home" is one way of saying something while here is another:
"I left work at 5PM and went home."

The second sentence uses the word "left" as a connecting verb; connecting two places.  (If someone says "I left a voice message for someone..." it is not sensitive).  The second sentence uses the word, "left", making it sensitive.  This sentence shows that the 'leaving' of work is important to the subject.  It is 70% likely related to rushing, time constraints, traffic, and so on, but 30% likely to be critical information, relevant to the case.

The sample of the child molestation case is rich with sample for analysts to learn from.  Previously, you highlighted the change of language, but now you are to highlight the word "left" ("left, leave, leaving, depart, departed") as sensitive.  In this case, it falls under the percentage of critical missing information, and literally shows the subject blaming another for his own actions:

"This is a load of crap.  You people should be disgusted with yourselves. Do you think that I am disgusted?  This is a bunch of lies and you people know it.  
What I did is this.  I got home from a friend's at 10AM and my wife and my daughter were home.  She was ticked that I was out early because she
wanted to go shopping.  She left.  I was busy and the girl had homework anyway. 
The next thing I know she gets home from shopping, wants me 
to carry in the groceries and my daughter is crying like there's
something wrong.  you get called.  Cops get called and here
I am with this crap."


Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
An argument against my SA abilities, " You are falsifying lies."

Anonymous said...

Interesting that now the Russians think Americans aren't capable or moral enough to adopt their children.

The sad reality: much of what they say is true (don't know about cannon fodder)

Now that Grace has turned missing and murdered children into such a cash cow, another former prosecutor from Maryland wants a cut of the action. She makes Grace look not only sweet and demure, but also rather smart. This woman poses infront of a mirror and photographs herself in order to demonstrate how attractive she is regardless of what someone else has said. There's even a shot of her in her bra! A know-it-all brass teats type the Germans would have loved to had in their ranks. Even the blog title tells you all you need to know:a former prosecutor tells you all you need to know.

That, a bag of chips and much more.

The Russians may be on to something.

Trigger said...

This man is guilty. He has not given a reliable denial. He is blaming the wife and daughter for the "crap" that he is experiencing by being confronted by the police.

He is not disgusted by his behavior, but by the presence of investigators who want to find out if there is enough evidence to charge him for a crime.

Anonymous said...

Note: "my daughter" became "the girl" while in danger. A father would not molest his own "daughter"; therefore, goes through an experience, in his own mind, to justify his action. This change in the mind is seen in the language.

This is so true. For as long as I can remember, my father referred to all his daughters as "those girls". None of us had individual identities, we were always clumped as one entity in his mind and never personalized.