Friday, December 28, 2012

Profiling Results Posted

DNA profiling

Profiling has been given a bad name in some circles yet it is something that most all of us do, whether we are aware of it or not.   For example, while speaking with someone on the phone, we are gathering information that will lead us to consider whether the person is intelligent or not.  In a limited sense, we are profiling. 

Profiling via Statement Analysis can be incredibly accurate when the principles are followed.  Yet, there is still an element of guess work, particularly about a subject's age, and education level.  There are always those who are immature, for example, or who are highly intelligent, yet without a college degree.  

Does the person speak like a male or a female? 

But in the bigger picture, our words reveal us.  This subject gave us a great deal of information.  

                     Can you find who this person is?

Here, the subject gives us a great deal of highly personal information that may shock some.  

The following is a statement written at the request:  "Write out what you did today, from the time you woke up, until the time you went to bed." This is best done when the subject (or you, yourself) chooses a day in which they were off from work, and did not travel.  Most choose a Saturday or a Sunday.  Here, the subject chose a work day. 

The written statement is verbalized reality that is written, or typed, and as such, it reveals us. 

"From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" remains in effect.  

Going line by line, please tell me as much as you can about the subject.  Do not be afraid to speculate.  If you have gone through this sample in training, please do not post what you know about the subject. 

Begin looking at the basics first, and then move on to the complex.  

A.    Male or female?
B.   Approximate age
C.   Marital status
D.  Work status
E.   Approximate intellect 
F.   Intelligence or educational level

After these, then move on to the personal information revealed within the wording.  

How much do you know about the subject?  

I will later post in the comments section what it is that the subject has revealed to us.  

Good luck!

I woke up late Friday morning 6ish because my alarm didn’t go off.  I brushed my teeth
made our bed, got Bobby changed. He was very cuddly and clung to me
for a long time.  I washed him up. Afterwards I was going to take him to daycare. Our baby is watched there really well; everyone loves him so much. I had to go to the pharmacy before I dropped him off but had to wait there a long time. The pharmacy was slow. I left the pharmacy
and went to the daycare.   day care is empty so there are not many kids there for Bobby to
I got back home and told my finance that he needed to pick up Bobby because I was starting a new case and had to cover part time shift on weekend. He told me that he wasn’t feeling well  I told him him he had to and I couldn’t deal with it now.
Got to work, read assignments, started typing, answered phone.
Daycare said he was throwing up. Supervisor tee’d big time.
I got home and Bobby was better.  My fiancé was laying on the couch and said that maybe the baby caught it from him. Did typing from home. Sup called again.
I made dinner. Bobby was unbelievably cute and I held him for almost a half hour without him trying to get down. I held him watching TV.
He fell asleep on my shoulder and I put him down.
We went to bed finally
Turned out the lights and went to sleep.

Here are the results with Statement Analysis in bold type.  

I woke up late Friday morning 6ish because my alarm didn’t go off.  

She is a hard worker, and an early riser.  She was exhausted and overslept and was angry about it, blaming the alarm clock.  Note that in the negative, as important:  "didn't go off" as well as the reason ("because") as sensitive.  She does not ever like to be late for work.  Strong work ethic is her norm.  Today is not her norm:

I brushed my teeth

The mentioning of personal hygiene is a signal that information later will be concealed, likely of a personal nature. This has been found linked to domestic violence.  The victim of D/V is often not hurt, as she learns how to 'walk on egg shells' and keep the violent partner subdued.  This leads to a life that feels out of control.  When she is in the bathroom (probably locking the door), for a few minutes, perhaps, she feels as if she has control over her life.  Everyone brushes their teeth (we hope) but few feel the need to mention it. 

This is the first signal that there is a problem in a relationship. 

made our bed, 

Married people:  "the bed"
Single people:  "my bed"
By saying "our" bed, she shows the need to share, and is our second signal that she is in a bad relationship.  

got Bobby changed. 

"Bobby" is not introduced with a title, but from being "changed", he is likely a baby.  

He was very cuddly and clung to me
for a long time. 

That he was cuddly and clung to her indicates that there may be bonding issues.  Without the proper social introduction, he may not be her child.  He doesn't generally spend time on the lap cuddling.

 I washed him up.

She may be concerned that Bobby has suffered abuse, perhaps prior to him coming into her life. Washing is often associated with sexual abuse.  This leads us to two questions:
1. Did the subject suffer childhood abuse?
2.  Does the subject fear that Bobby may have suffered abuse prior to her having him in her life?

(as it turned out, she feared he had been sexually abused before she had him) 

 Afterwards I was going to take him to daycare. 

"Afterwards" skips over time.  What took place here?  She only tells us what she was going to do, not that she did it.  Something took place here that she is not telling us. 

Our baby is watched there really well; everyone loves him so much. 

"Our" shows the need to share him.  He is likely not her biological child.  Note that "everyone loves him so much" seems to indicate she may not feel very good about daycare, but is without choice. 

I had to go to the pharmacy before I dropped him off but had to wait there a long time. The pharmacy was slow. I left the pharmacy
and went to the daycare.  

Note that "pharmacy" is repeated three times, making it sensitive. 
Note that the leaving of the pharmacy ("left") is sensitive to her.  This is 70% likely due to rushing, but 30% likely missing information.  That she mentioned pharmacy three times leads me to consider the 30% factor:  there is more to the pharmacy than what she reported, and it is not related to the rushing, even though she told us that the alarm did not go off, and she appears rushing.  

 day care is empty so there are not many kids there for Bobby to

broken sentence means missing information.  Some emotion may be playing here. 

I got back home and told my finance' that he needed to pick up Bobby because I was starting a new case and had to cover part time shift on weekend. 

"day care" is not capitalized.  
"my fiancé" is without name, indicating a problem in the relationship.  "my" is strong, but without the name, it is an incomplete social introduction. 
Here she even tells him the reason why he must pick up Bobby, making work (case) sensitive to her.  Note "told" is strong, not conversational. This talking at each other is likely what was missing in the information: 

He told me that he wasn’t feeling well  I told him 
 he had to and I couldn’t deal with it now.

They are telling each other, not conversing.  She is rushing off to work. 
"Wasn't feeling well" is vague.  

I now take the fact that "pharmacy" is sensitive (see above) with the nondescript "not feeling well" as concerning.  Was she there picking up meds for him?  If so, what kind of meds?  This may be pain killers which may people not feel too good when they run out.  

Got to work, read assignments, started typing, answered phone.

All dropped pronouns. There is no commitment to getting to work, reading, typing, or anything else.  She is 'not there' at work, therefore, the dropped pronoun. "Phone" is considered a person in her statement, since phones do not call, but people do.  Who is calling?  We do not have to wait long to find out:

Daycare said he was throwing up. Supervisor tee’d big time.

Daycare called.  "Supervisor" is without name or even an article; it is not a good relationship.  

I got home and Bobby was better.  

Bobby was mentioned first in her statement and is clearly her priority. 

My fiancé was laying on the couch and said that maybe the baby caught it from him. 

Note the body posture of the fiancé along with the change from "told" to the more conversational (and softer, "said" in his communicative language)

It appears that the fiancé is feeling better. 

I now wonder if she had to pick up pain meds for him and he was going through minor withdrawal, which is better now. 

Did typing from home. Sup called again.

dropped pronoun, again, regarding work.  Her heart is not in it.  The supervisor is now just the "sup" confirming that it is not a good relationship. (Later, she said that she did "some" of the work expected, but was not at all into anything but the baby and did poor work). There is a poor relationship (friction) between her and her supervisor.  I wonder if it had been good prior to meeting no-name fiancé.

I made dinner. 

Strong sentence:  she knows how to use a pronoun!  Here, we see strong commitment. We can believe that not only did she make dinner, but she made a nice dinner. 

Bobby was unbelievably cute and I held him for almost a half hour without him trying to get down. I held him watching TV.

Confirmation of bonding problems.  Bobby is the bright spot in her life.  Note that "I" and "tv" are far apart.  The tv may have been on, but she was into Bobby, not the tv.  Perhaps it was the tv that distracted him enough that she could hold him.  She mentions the length of time she help him, making it important to her.  He does not normally stay with her this long and she frets over it. 

He fell asleep on my shoulder and I put him down.

We went to bed finally
Turned out the lights and went to sleep

Here is the first "we" found in her statement regarding her and her no-named fiancé. 
"Turned out the lights" is negative sexual experience. 


She was a hard working police officer who was in a bad relationship with threats of violence on his part, but, in spite of the pleadings of her family, stayed with him (at the time of this writing) because of his child.  She would have left him but due to her love of the child, she not only stayed with him, but considered leaving a job that she loved.  In spite of being a police officer, she was on edge about his violent tendencies. 

As to the pharmacy, the guess was correct.  He has a prescription for pain meds for his back, had run out of them (again) early, and she was humiliated at the pharmacy, waiting for the pharmacist to get special approval from the doctor to fill it early.  She ran into several people that she knew, making it even more humiliating. She has proverbial back issues and lots of excuses why he cannot get a job. 

She has had an excellent work record, but it has become tarnished since meeting up with the fiancé who has not produced a ring nor a date for marriage (at the time of the writing).  

As for the evening, she made a fancy dinner, felt reinvigorated by Bobby, who, she worries, is hyper active and has bonding issues.  He was with his mother who was into drugs and sexual deviance, so she had no proof that he may have been molested, but is certainly fearful of it.  She acknowledged that she had been abused in childhood, and feels that she knows the signs.  

She has a 2 year college degree, and has undergone a dramatic change in work and personal habits since meeting up with this violent man, and has risked it all due to the overwhelming feeling of protective instinct she has over Bobby.  She was once the "go to" officer in covering extra shifts, and is still trying to be, but is torn.  

She hates dropping Bobby off at Daycare and tries to tell herself that it is all going to be okay, but feels like he is "just a number" there and not at all well cared for, even though they like to say "he is our favorite!"; she suspects that they say that about everyone.  

As to the evening romance:  he was feeling just fine but she was exhausted and fell asleep, much to his dismay.  

She is mid 30's, average intelligence, 2 years of college.  


John Mc Gowan said...

Wow that's going to raise some eyebrows.

amar said...
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Justme said...

I read it as everything from she abused and killed Bobby to an innocuous day in the hectic life of a working mother, and every combination in between.

SA, like most anything, can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands! Like mine. What a great lesson.

Unknown said...

I was totally off. I feel bad now. It's hard to believe she's a police officer. I hope her statement taking is better than her statement giving.

Unknown said...
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Mouse74 said...

GREAT lesson!! I want another one, I was way too assuming! Thanks Peter! Learning again!

Anonymous said...

(From ivanna-anna)

Thank you, Peter! What a great lesson!

John Mc Gowan said...

Possible indicators John,possible indicators.

Don't interpret,must learn to not interpret.

Valuable lesson,Thanks Peter.

Anonymous said...

I completely missed the police officer

BostonLady said...

Thank you Peter. This was very impressive! I did catch the improper intro of the fiance. I also caught the possible sexual issues with the "turn off the lights" and the "brush teeth". I wasn't sure about the relationship with Bobby. I did feel (not committed lol) she had a problem with bonding because she expressed he sat on her lap for the tv time. But everything else you brought up, I missed. I guess I have quite a bit to learn.

Your analysis is so methodical. You catch every nuance. Are you a natural at this or is this from practice?

I'm so impressed!!

Amaleen6 said...

I hope she dumped the fiance but somehow got custody of Bobby. That would be the perfect ending.

Anonymous said...

He may be unable to work if he is on pain meds due to a back problem. Perhaps a car wreck or scoliosis (sp)...we don't know his medical history. Obviously she thought him well enough to go pick up Bobby. He didn't...the flu.

She cannot take his child away from him. The boy is his even if the mother is a pitiful excuse for a human. She can, however, find another fiancee and have her own child or adopt.

Perhaps counseling would help her work out past abuse issues so she doesn't feel compeled to carry the world upon her shoulders.

Sus said...

Poor Bobby...I had him sexually abused by her, not someone else, and poisoned by her. I knew there was something wrong at the pharmacy.

This was a good lesson to go line by line. Thanks Peter.

C5H11ONO said...

Please do more!!!!

Worker Bee said...

Thank you Peter.
I would love to do another one like this. I have remembered some principals now and would like to try again while they are still fresh. It is nice to do practice on one when it's not a horrible crime.

Trigger said...

Thanks for the real analysis, Peter.
This is why I'm still reading your blog and trying to learn more from it.

shmi said...

Still learning! I only picked up on a little bit! Completely missed the part where she is a police officer. Also missed that Bobby wasn't her son. I thought Bobby wasn't his son.

Thank you, Peter! I am ready to try it again. Pretty Please?

Amaleen6 said...

I know she can't get custody of him, but I wish she could.

OT: Investigators are going to meet with Trista Reynolds:

Anonymous said...

Wow, I need to be a little more careful and slow applying SA. The only thing I got from reading this was that she is a police officer. She writes exactly like one.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The weeklong search for a Las Vegas girl ended Friday afternoon when officials confirmed that a small body found in an undeveloped housing tract belonged to the missing child.

The Clark County coroner's office said a body discovered Thursday belongs to 10-year-old Jade Morris, who police had been searching for since Christmas Day. She died of multiple stab wounds, the coroner's office said.

Jade was last seen Dec. 21 with family friend Brenda Stokes Wilson, who picked her up to go Christmas shopping.

Wilson, 50, returned the car she had borrowed for the outing to a friend two hours later. Jade never came back.

Investigators later found blood on the driver's door and steering wheel of the 2007 Saab sedan.

Later that night, Wilson was wrestled to the ground with razors in each hand after allegedly slashing the face of a female co-worker at the Bellagio casino.

A judge raised her bail to from $60,000 to $600,000 on Friday morning after she was identified as the prime suspect in the child's killing.

"As soon as we get all the evidence in that we need, we'll book her on the murder charges," Las Vegas police homicide Capt. Chris Jones said.

Wilson has been jailed since the 21st on felony battery with a weapon, burglary and mayhem charges that could get her decades in prison.

Police said she offered no help in the search for the missing girl. Murder and kidnapping charges could get her life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

On Thursday, Las Vegas police responding to a 911 call found a girl's body in unkempt brush near palm trees in a small traffic circle about 10 miles from the downtown Las Vegas outlet mall where Stokes was to have taken the girl shopping.

On Friday evening, Jones called the slaying "unfathomable."

"Even having our jobs, we still can't wrap our heads around this," he said. "A lot of people think that just because of our positions we can understand it, but we can't."

In court Friday morning, Wilson stood flanked by eight police officers as her lawyer, Tony Liker, clutching a Bible and a copy of the charging documents, asked the judge to postpone arraignment until Wednesday to give him time to meet with Wilson.

Wilson, who had been identified by police and prosecutors as Brenda Stokes, told the judge Friday that her full name was Brenda Stokes Wilson.

Jade's father, Philip Morris, was removed from court Wednesday by armed court officers after shouting questions about his daughter's whereabouts to Wilson. He did not attend Friday's hearing.

The two dated for several years, and Jade had a long and trusting relationship with Wilson, according to the girl's grandfather, Philip Tucker.

Tucker said Philip Morris lived in Billings, Mont., and worked at a Flying J truck stop for more than a year. He would stay with Wilson when he visited Las Vegas, Tucker said.

Authorities have not disclosed a motive for the slaying. But Tucker said Wilson appeared to believe that the face-slashing victim had become romantically involved with Philip Morris.

Wilson picked up Jade up for their shopping expedition around 5 p.m. Later, she got a ride with a friend to the Bellagio resort on the Las Vegas Strip. She allegedly attacked her co-worker, Joyce Rhone, around 9:30 p.m.

Rhone, 44, was hospitalized with deep cuts on her face, including one from her ear to the edge of her mouth.

Wilson told investigators that she visited her doctor last week, seeking to be admitted to a hospital "due to feeling like she wanted to hurt someone."

Read more:

Nic said...

This was amazing analysis. I feel like "cricket" reading the answer! LOLOL... I thought she was a clerk. I wouldn't have ever guessed police officer. Like another poster before me, I thought the baby was hers, not his. I thought something was going on at the Pharmacy, but addiction to prescription meds didn't even enter into my thoughts.

This was fun. I'd love to try again.

Thanks, Peter! said...

Just because "she"is a police officer DOES NOT make her a "good"person!(Adolf Hitler)was a teacher/trainee vet and look what HE did!

Anonymous said...

This exercise is important. I did not comment yesterday(not on topic, at least; I did post about the polygraph article), but did think through my analysis. Admittedly, I was not thorough, however, I did find many analyses posted to be quite assuming. Now, this is not to say that I wasn't making over-assumptions, myself. I was. I did not conclude that the woman had done something bad, but that the fiance had, and she was struggling in her mind to admit it to herself that all the indicators were there and she ought to be noticing them. I also concluded that Bobby was HER son, and that he was extra clingy and sat with her for extra long because the other person in the home had frightened him in a traumatic way. I determined it may have been a case where a woman was covering for a man that she had no respect for, but was struggling with her ability to leave him and turn him in.

The reason this exercise is important is because of the crazy little thing that happens every single time Mr. Hyatt posts a new case here. Immediately, EVERYONE wants to blame - sometimes parents, sometimes others (usually parents, some even clearly distraught and ridden with anguish). Often, comments get out of hand with different not-expert analysts feeding off of one another and drowning out any voice of reason. Mr. Hyatt must be a very, very patient man to watch this occur time after time without putting everyone in their places.

That all sounded angry on my part, and when I read such analyses, I do get angry that people are so quick to judge. Certainly, I learned in this exercise that I, too, judge without remembering that just because things are out of MY ordinary, doesn't mean I ought to jump to the declaration of guilt on a person from whom I've only read a few statements.

I, as well as all of us, need to be put in our place from time to time, and whether that was your intention or not, Mr. Hyatt, this was a very polite way to do so, and hopefully, something we can all keep in mind when further cases arise. Thank you.

John Mc Gowan said...


Reward to find missing 13-year-old Dylan Redwine near Durango grows to $20,000

DURANGO - The reward for help finding a missing Colorado boy has grown to $20,000.

Dylan Redwine, 13, of Colorado Springs, was reported missing Nov. 19 after a court-ordered visit with his Dad in the Durango area.

The boy's father, Mark Redwine, said he left his son at his home while he ran errands. Mark said when he returned, Dylan was gone.

The Durango Herald reported that $4,000 was added to the reward fund by a family friend this week.

The newspaper said on Wednesday, on the Find Missing Dylan Redwine Facebook page, a message labeled “from Dylan’s Mom” said,

“Good morning MY sweet Dylan. Christmas is over, and it was so empty without you. WE are doing everything we can to find you or get to THE PERSON who is responsible for taking you. I am so angry at THE PERSON who ‘LOST’ you. You should be able to trust that your parents will protect you and keep you safe. Just know that WE will find you and keep you safe again as we have for many years. Don’t give up Dylan and stay strong.”

The page administrator said the post was removed a few hours later, "due to the negativity and judgement that post was bringing to the page."

John Mc Gowan said...


Anonymous said...

His eyes were round and worried; he sat staring rigidly ahead, only turning to look up quickly, asking terse illogical questions. He was large and unexpectedly full of fear. I stood close to him for a while, I hope it helped.
It was only upon leaving that he relaxed, quietly laughing at his own inability to leave a direct and honest comment.
He left clutching his phone.

Eliza said...

I would have never guessed her age and profession right... I thought she would be at her late 20's at most...

Justpracticing said...

Anon @ December 29, 2012 5:26 AM said,
"Often, comments get out of hand with different not-expert analysts feeding off of one another and drowning out any voice of reason. Mr. Hyatt must be a very, very patient man to watch this occur time after time without putting everyone in their places."

I was a great lesson to not assume but to only apply the principles of SA. A lesson I'm sure I will have to remind myself of again and again. But I hope it doesn't make us too afraid to participate.

This isn't a trial or an investigation. This is a place to try to learn SA. The person in this example thankfully is anonymous and unaffected by our mistakes. I'm sure we would all be much more careful and sensitive if we thought they would see our wrong assumptions and conclusions.

Peter did say not be afraid to speculate. If all the non-experts are afraid to have any input there would be very little posted by anyone but Peter. It would be like the classroom where no one raises their hand for fear they will be ridiculed for being wrong. So, although I, for one, was way off the mark, unless Peter's patience runs out and he puts us in our place, I hope we don't let the fear and embarrassment of being wrong keep us from trying.

Anonymous said...

I see my post got deleted about Hobnob's posts about this case being deleted. Why to both? Can't Hobnob ever be wrong?

dr debo said...

not surprised- makes sense.....

Anonymous said...

A very Happy New Year to you Dr Debo....! Yep, makes sense.

I see you've learned a lot in the few years I've been reading this site and your posts. Once I even remarked to you "you've got a long way to go baby!" I see you have. Keep up the good work hon!

Lis said...

I never got the chance to come back and analyze the statement. Reading through it, I had picked up on the pharmacy thing and suspected drug abuse, and I also caught the attachment problems of the little boy, as it was clear it was not normal for him to cuddle. Also the boyfriend laying on the couch and being basically useless.

I did not pick up on the fact that the woman is a police officer. I had pictured more of a clerk or data entry or something. Also I did not pick up on the fact that it was not her own son but I did figure something was awkward there.

Very interesting analysis!

Anonymous said...

IT was obvious to me for some reason that she was afraid FOR the child. I did get a picture in my mind of sitting at a desk typing reports. Don't know why I pictured a young black woman. This is all fascinating, and I often wish I had the physical energy to pursue it.