Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sergio and Becky Celis on Katie Couric

Body language analysts will have much to say about this appearance. Statement Analysis has concluded that both Sergio and Rebecca Celis are deceptive. They do not plan to give answers to anyone.

Couric asked about the polygraphs:

Becky said that they are not allowed to discuss the results of the polygraph; which is not true.  Innocent people say, "I passed." They also say, "I passed because I told the truth."

Sergio then rebutted:  yet Sergio then said, "Honestly, they didn't really discuss them with us...they were very vague about things."

Becky:  The police told us we are not allowed to reveal the results.
Sergio;  The police did not tell us the results. 

They were not prepared for this question.  

Deception... again.  

Sergio:  someone that did this not only knew the family, but knew the "yappers" (dogs).  

This is a truthful statement. 

Q.  Do you believe your daughter is alive?

A.  "I do.  I totally absolutely do."

Note that "I do" answers the question, yet the additional words weaken the assertion:

"totally" is the first indicator;
"absolutely" is the second indicator.

Yet, anything after "I do" will be weak, if used to assert, rather than explain why there is hope.  

Deceptive parents continue to attempt to avoid arrest by controlling media information. 


Anonymous said...

I totally believe your analysis Peter. (for me in this case, "totally" = no doubt.)

To further compound the guilt of Sergio and Becky Celis, the matter was settled for me when the precious little girls' handwriting was found scrawled inside the wall of her dark closet: "My daddy is a bad man."

Poor little sexually torn and abused sweet girl, painfully battered and ripped, she wanted someone someday to know what her daddy was doing to her.

He took her life, obviously with her mother's knowledge and helpful coverup. My heart aches for this precious child. REB

Vita said...

Peter: Body Language

The clip of the first time the parents spoke to the public, at 1:19 in this video. Sergio is wailing like a woman, Becky puts her finger to her nose bridge. I swear she is trying not to laugh at him. His performance. After listening to the 911 call that came much later, we to find out he has multiple voices in tone. From lax lazy to uncaring, snarky and then here he is operetta.

They are introduced and Becky looks as if she is going to throw up. Was their interview before or after John Walsh was on with Katie. She giving it her all to appear " upset". Isa has been missing since April 21, 2012. They to purposefully remain away from the cameras. Her on the show, appears as if Isa was taken in the last 24 hours. She to be opposite when Isa was first reported. She to be Tough Nut and No one is calling me out, my family out, I need to be alone, this is me. She antagonistic to reporters interviewing her and Sergio.

Moving along the video at 3:10 Becky say's sorry, as both were to speak at once. She has done this before. She to micro expression to flick her head, say sorry to Sergio, he to say it's okay. Is this integral to them as a couple. He wears the emotional pants. He comes first? she knows her place is secondary? I noticed she has adopted his speech pattern. She sounds mimic to him as she did not before.

Sergio continues and has all along not been able to keep his head from bobbing side to side, into a full swing circle or up and down. He closes his eyes when speaking which is what? in body language? It is extremely irritating to view him, eyes closed and head bobbing, while speaking.

4:00 Sergio speaks of the boys, their ages, when that happened they were 10 and 14. When that happened. *left field.

He when speaking @ 4:30 of accounts says one thing and his head is going left to right -shaking NO, which is the opposite of what he is attempting to convince.

5:00 Becky is blaming ISA again. Cannot rule out anyone, anything until Isa comes home. That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. She and her Wife Sergio have not once pleaded to "the abductor" - they have been " out of the press" by their own doing. They will not present themselves and yet here they contain they have been treated unfair, poorly by LE and who else? this their own design, that they are victims? they to create their own self portrait and not stand up and scream different.

Sergio 5:50, wasn't a random act, was a decisive act by someone who had been in the home. Yep. He is correct. The Dogs mentioned. That someone had to have known their elder dog kept outside was DEAF.

Hmmm, you keep the DEAF dog outside for what reason? to non protect the house? that backs an alley. Rebecca/He to say the other Yapper dogs were kept in their room, on the other side of the house. Head scratch. RC was up and went to work at 7(who knows). SC said he slept on the couch, fell asleep watching Baseball. On the wall outside Isa's bedroom. The yapper dogs were heard at 6:30ish AM outside, with Male Voices, by the Neighbor in the breezeway. She heard the Celis dogs barking on the other side of the house, as they were IN their master bedroom?
Who are they kidding?

Neighbor in the press her account:

Frannie said...

Anonymous 11:20 - Please share the source where the quote written in the closet can be found. I have not seen that information published before. Thanks.

Tania Cadogan said...

Isn't it strange how police are happy to let innocent people broadcast their passing of the polygraph and heck even their failing of a polygraph such as shawn and pillbillie, yet have stopped these 'innocent ' parents from announcing their passing of the polygraph to the world.
One would have thought if they had passed they would be shouting it from the rooftops so us cynical public could then concentrate our efforts on people outside the family and so hey could get donations to help with the search.

Forgive me if i am a tad cynical here, if they failed the polygraph that would indicate they are involved in Isabel's death and subsequent disappearance, their plea for donations is in fact a fraud and that they are liars and guilty.

Innocent people have no reason to hide their innocence and do not do so.

Guilty people on the other hand have very good reasons to hide their failure and thus guilt and use every excuse they can think of to hide their failure.

Guulty people also have a darn good reason to refuse a polygraph.
Even though it cannot be used in a court of law it points LE in the right direction.
Kate mccann i am talking to you.
If you were innocent you would have no reason to fear a poly since it would prove you innocent, however you have every reason to fear it due to your guilt which explains the rapid backtracking.

rob said...

I would like to ask the Celis' a few questions:
*are you still taking donations?
*how much have you recieved?
*what have you done with that money?
*have either or both of you went back to work?
*are the boys back in school, playing ball, their usual life?
*what do you say about the neighbors acct of the dogs and men talking that morning?
*how do you explain the writing in the closet, did LE cut that piece of drywall out?
*for an hispanic family, how do you explain none of the extended family speaking out? did you ask them not to?
*why did you say 'get your butt home' and snicker about it in the 911 call?

Vita said...

Snipped from Body Language sites:

Eyes closed while speaking or while in conversation with another.

Closing the Eyes
When the person suddenly closes his eyes, it indicates whether he is shocked or horrified of something that he doesn’t want to see. If a person closes his eyes in between the conversation, this means he is either avoiding or ignoring the conversation.

Closing Your Eyes
By rubbing, covering, or closing your eyes for longer than a blink, you’re trying to keep out certain auditory or visual cues. It’s a survival mechanism to prevent the brain from processing anything undesirable or threatening.

Cannot find much online. I did find one site that offered a perplexing suggestion, try having a conversation with another with your eyes closed. If it were to be of a serious note, I would not be able to do it without feeling discomfort. If between friends I know it would turn into laughter.

Vita said...

Anon, Crayon statement Rebecca Celis, Sergio:

Rebeccas Celis said, "Everything is Isabel so it's hard to want to walk in there and see all her stuff. Isa had toys she was playing with around the house."

Sergio Celis added: "Writing on the wall, the crayon, the words, everything, her pictures, everything on the fridge, absolutely everywhere you look in the house she is there."

From Presser dated: May 17, 2012
Hawke said it would be inappropriate for police to discuss the state CPS case. She referred media to the state agency, which has refused to answer any questions related to the Celis family.

Hawke said police have gone to the home before, but she would not provide details or dates for the contact. Hawke also did not answer a question from a reporter about anonymous and unconfirmed reports that investigators found a message apparently written by Isabel on her closet wall.

Hawke repeated that the police would not discuss evidence in the case, and that she was unaware of such a discovery.

“The integrity of the investigation is paramount,” Hawke said in explaining why the department continues to withhold case details.

Nancy Grace Transcript
Message from Missing Isabel Celis?
Aired May 17, 2012 - 20:00 ET

Anonymous said...

To hell with Hawke and his itegrity of the investigation! It's no time to hide the FACTS. IMO, without exception, every damned one of these DHHR services and DCF offices should be forced to open their case files in every missing and deceased child case or when abuse charges surface again.

Frannie, I'm so sorry but I can't post the link concerning Isa's handwriting on her closet wall. I can't store these links, etc., as I retain extensive files for business purposes and legal requirements. Sorry. Maybe Peter or someone else kept the link? I just know it DOES exist. The writing WAS found on Isa's wall.

Vita, there is more concerning the shifty and closing eyes. The Book tells us, "the eyes are the window to the soul."

I knew a brilliant man for many years who would look down and quietly close his eyes momentarily before speaking, particularly when asked a question. He had years of seizures and had to collect his thoughts before speaking; then would lift his head and look directly into your eyes when answering. In forty years I never knew him to tell even ONE lie or give a wrong answer. Again, the eyes were the window to his soul.

Use your own judgement Vita; but again, Sergio is lying. So is Becky. Their lies are in their shifty eyes. Proof is in their words and actions, or lack thereof. REB


Lemon said...

REB at 11:20

Your graphic detail is disturbing and TMI.
I repeat, before you jump, your detail is disturbing and TMI.
Please curtail.

Vita said...

Sergio and REB "your friend" - you are correct, People tell you who they are. Mild to Extreme.

What is histrionic personality disorder?

Histrionic personality disorder is one of a group of conditions called dramatic personality disorders. People with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions and distorted self-images.

For people with histrionic personality disorder, their self-esteem depends on the approval of others and does not arise from a true feeling of self-worth.

They have an overwhelming desire to be noticed, and often behave dramatically or inappropriately to get attention. The word histrionic means “dramatic or theatrical.”

Anonymous said...

I too would love to see the link to the writing on the wall, I have followed this case closely and have not seen anything to suggest they released info about what was written in the closet. Just that they found SOMETHING written in there.

Mainah said...

REB, Tone it down, please. Now would be a good time to check yourself, before you wreak yourself....You're projecting what you think to be true about yourself onto another person...

stupid, idiot, stalker, mentally troubled, disgusting, sicko...

These words entered your language for a reason.

"...of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks..."

Anonymous said...

REB... Ive seen Lemon posting here for a long time and nothing has been disgusting or sick or what ever. You've been posting for what... a week? And you have been told by multiple people to back off... that should tell you something right there.

JerseyJane said...

Add " dead broke" and "lily white"( prejudice).

Vita said...

In retrospect of - who's calling who out. Taking the trash out, seems we need a janitor in-house.
You know who you are.


(of a person) Not identified by name; of unknown name.
Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.

nameless - authorless - unnamed

Anonymous said...

REB, wow. I don't always agree with Lemon's analysis, but I've never found her to be the things you describe; rather, she is thoughtful and engaged and informed, and posts things appropriate to statement analysis.

Your comments, on the other hand, are getting a teensy bit out of control. Your first post up at the top is unbelievably assuming, and graphic and vicious, and you state it as a proven fact, which it is NOT at this time. You are out of line for making such statements; that is not what this site is about. Take your cues from Peter here - indications of deception may mean any number of things. It COULD mean guilty, but at this time, we don't even know what "guilt" would entail. You've gone and assigned a whole host of deplorable charges to a set of parents who have not been charged with a thing, nor have they been arrested. Of course, anything is still possible, but YOU DON'T KNOW what happened. That's called malicious slander/defamation, and it's against the law. far, we have 2 likely deceptive people who may or may not have broken the law, and we have one poster on this board who has no problem at all disregarding laws. You need to tone it down or find a forum better suited to your style of rant. This one is NOT it.

dadgum said...

I'm not sure what it means when I take to looking more at particular commenters than the statements they are posting about. Kind of a switch, but revealing, and I suppose still to the point.

Yet another..sigh..for today.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just WOW. For your info anon @ 3:49, I've been posting here for a looong time, likely two, three years or more under anonymous, and for several weeks (not days ago) I have been posting as REB. Got the posts to prove it.

Some of you want to jump me in favor of Lemons? Go right ahead. This just proves how little you know. She has stirred up trouble many times on this board; that's what she does best, stir up trouble. See how quickly you all jumped on her pitiful bandwagon? That's exactly what she's looking for! You have made her day, played right into her hands.

But guess what? I'm not the only one; there have been others she pounced on here whenever she has one of her 'days' and those posts have all been kept. This is nothing new, it so happens she's inflicted several of her stalking posts on me and I've had enough of her. She thinks she's the commando critique of this board; well, she's not MY haunco.

I wouldn't exactly say you are doing her any favors by reinforcing her nastiness to me at this late date. I certainly WILL file a complaint against her with the U.S. Dept of Justice for internet stalking if she doesn't stop it. If she doesn't believe I know how to do it she is kidding herself.

The words I used Mainah? Git over it. All that proves is that I DO have a short fuse once I have finally gotten weary of someone's constant bullshyt; and BTW, I DO win, so get off my back Lemon unless you want to find out what REAL trouble is. Thank you! REB

Anonymous said...

I LOL'ed.

So true.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading and posting on this site for a good long time, over a year.
I have never seen anyone treat another poster with a lack of respect, until now.
Please, let´s keep it the way it was!

ps I post anon because I don´t see any other way to publish my comments.

Amaleen6 said...

I'm sorry to say that the Evansdale Iowa Police Dept. just had a press conference. Hunters apparently found Elizabeth Collins' and Lyric Cook Morrissey's bodies.

Amaleen6 said...

Anonymous said...

Lol you only win in your own mind.

If you could back up all the bull you've been spouting, you would've posted it. If you had a real "case" against Lemon, you woul've handled it already. No one sits and waits and claims they have "all the posts to prove it" and NOT SHOW THE PROOF.

Vita said...

U.S. Dept of Justice> for real Ann?

I mean Florida, I mean Anon 101, I mean, how many not registered profiles you have never had.

Do you think that the regulars here do not recognize your writing style, your snarks, your patrolling, your monitoring of everyone who posts here.

You offer no RESPECT to the Hyatt's.

As you feel unleashed to post
" whatever is deemed necessary to make yourself feel better" To challenge and rebuttal others for posting on PH's written. You feel it's your job to correct them, to reinstate what YOU believe. That their comments are NOT to your agreement. You find it so that you need to tell them WHY.

This BLOG is fundamental - its analysis of "Statements".

Not your Playground to be Keeper, to be Queen Snark, Your wit and your stings to others is what it is a detraction. A slam towards the Hyatt's efforts.

You to Attack Lemons' is why? because she is the only one who has directly told you to STIFLE your comments and check yourself. You offend 99 percent of the people who POST here.

Bravo to her. Shame on You.
as I said, and you obviously did not catch on, my earlier post, Histrionic Personality Disorder. People tell you who they are.

You have told us for a long time.
WE know you. Enough is Enough.
Justice dept Hah. My ass, Go for it. They probably already have your name and address on file.

Anonymous said...

@REB, What exactly do you think the U.S. Dept of Justice for internet stalking is going to do? Is she following you around to other sites? Or is she replying to the insane comments you post here? Since you are the one threatening to track down her IP, I would think the department would have a better case looking into you!

Apple said...

Nooooo :(

Amaleen6 said...

I'm sorry, Apple. :-(

dadgum said...

It's all your fault, vita. I spurted coffee out my nose all over my keyboard, and now..well..and it's sticky, being peppermint mocha, lol

Right on usual.

To quote a much overused youtube, "leave Lemon alone!!!"

Ann,anon, REB, goodness! Why don't you consider starting your very own blog, and there those who want to read what you think, will be able.

dadgum said...

Amaleen, thank you for posting. so sad.. I wonder if the family really knows who did this?

Vita said...

Dadgum ~~ you know I don't say it.
Push my reading eyes once, ehh, push my reading eyes 700 times ehh.

When it becomes " personal" and it's not just ..

Bernie Mac says it best, his own words from 23 seconds to 29 seconds. Poignant - seconds.

I am not any different here than anyone else, and I am not a comedian - Bernie is was. When I say it, I mean it. V

Vita said...

Amaleen, thank you for informing.
I too found out within the last hour LE found those responsible for killing to local boys, teens from my area. Execution style.

It's not pretty, it's though the beginning of the end. Now it's in the hands of the court. The boys 17, 18 yrs old. Their demise unknown until tonight.

dadgum said...

Vita..didn't mean lol at what you said..was at my sticky kbd..

I am happy that folks are calling a spade a spade. (Card reference, for anyone who thinks otherwise).

Snarking for no purpose other than to hurt and intimidate. Benefits no one. Builds up no one, only tears people down. Bullying at an arms length.

Amaleen6 said...

I'm hoping that LE knows who did it and just needed the bodies to move forward with arrests.

SunnyDayNM said...

Here's a link to the Lyric Cook-Morrisey/ Elizabeth Collins story about hunters discovering two bodies:

Anonymous said...

Okay. Moving on. I read you loud and clear. Just surprised and disappointed in some of you, that's all. Just goes to show I am not the best judge of character. But then, I always did value others more than they valued me; people have always been my biggest disappointment in life. Listen up; they can, and do, hurt you so bad.

Some of you, I thought were nicer than you really are, not to mention not as smart as I thought you were, or had the potential to be. Alas, such is life.

Fact is, I have a lot of other things I should have been working on anyhow, and I knew it; and not spending so much time here. Some of you, I hope you enjoy your dull lives and dull conversations. Believe it, there are several who have no other life. So sad, too bad.

Peter, with fondest thoughts, I wish you and Heather the best. I know you've been through a lot in your life Peter, and you deserve it. Sorry we never got to have that political and Hostess discussion; I do think we shared many of the same thoughts however. Maybe another time, another place. Best of luck to you. xx00xx REB

Apple said...

I like Lemon very much. I enjoy her posts. I like her heart. I think she is a more interesting person than many know.
REB, can you stay and just consider that people are sensitive and post with that in mind? I think all commenters add to this SA site for different reasons. I hope that we can stand together in the fight for justice for these children.

Anonymous said...

Apple, you are very sweet, and I thank you so much for your kind words and invitation to stay. I would have liked Lemon too had she just not been so critical of me whenever the mood overtook her, and that's just not right. Too bad.

I too wish we could accomplish something in the fight for justice for these children, that would be my highest desire, but so far I haven't seen it happening; that's not to project that it won't as it could sometime in the future. I hope and pray that someday there will be justice for all of them.

I did learn a lot about statement analysis, however. Peter is a very thorough instructor, honest, brilliant, and patient through and through. He's finally even gotten me questioning John & Patsy Ramsey's innocence, which I thought would never happen; now I honestly do wonder about them.

But for now Apple, I really do need to get busy on some other important issues which are going to be very time consuming and will require a lot of concentration on my part; WHICH I have been procrastinating on, so I am taking the unpleasant situation that arose here today as my signal to do just that and stop wasting my time talking to strangers on the interwebs; some I felt that I knew better than I did. In the end, it's not like I see it going anywhere.

Sometimes I feel that God is trying to tell us to stop and get back to what we're supposed to be doing, only we're not listening. (I mean me). I have made that mistake in judgement before, this time I don't think I'll ignore what may be God's guidance in my own best interests. The price is too high to pay, and the loss too great.

You take very good care Apple; I will remember you and will think of you fondly. REB

Anonymous said...

Maybe God is telling you to stop your vicious name calling and cursing. Maybe that is in our best interests.

Jen said...

Whoa, I missed all of the action! REB- To bring things back to the original issue before the threats of lawsuits, justice dept. tattling and outrageous personal attacks came about, I too was uncomfortable reading the graphic content contained in your 11:20 post. All of us are adults here and capable of imagining the horrible fate that Isabel may have met, however we need not express it so graphically. Think how terrible it would be for one of her brothers or her Grandparents, or classmates to read those words. Please don't take offense but rather move forward with a better understanding of the 'flavor' of this very informative & helpful blog and the helpful and well informed commenters who frequent it.

JerseyJane said...

REB your words are strong, your thoughts are strong, you are strong, I see your physical strength having no choice in the matter, but to follow suit!! Give it your all!! Simon Says..

God Bless..

Anonymous said...

Reb... You are a distraction to this sight. I am here to learn SA and I am constantly having to skip over your grand standing posts.. Somedays I don't even read the posts of others because there are so many from you. And then there was the time you felt the need to 'enlighten' me.... Your smarts get lost in your arrogance.


Child Advocate said...

Thank you for the analysis on the Sergio and Rebecca. I hope they find Isabel soon. She deserves to laid to rest with respect and dignity. Of course, I hope whomever is responsible, goes to jail and never get out.

I'm so sad to hear they found the bodies of Elizabeth and Lyric. I was hoping the FBI was correct and they were still alive. Now comes the horror of burying two you girls who were robbed of their lives too soon.

drdebo said...

Lemon you are not he boss of this site- anon 11:20 can say anything they like.

Anonymous said...

Lemon spoke for many of us. I agree with what she said.
So do others. You dont need to start more drama, especially since REB has decided to leave. It ended, yet you seem to want to stir it up again.


Shelley said...

I hate that these parents are able to get away with this. Pretending to be a parent with a kidnapped child... These poor kids.

I live in Arizona and a 26 yr old man left a bar this weekend and has not been seen. His mother was on the news. She was crying, frantic and her and her other kids were physically searching for him and even found his shoe. It's only been a couple of days and he's an adult yet this mother is crying, frantic and actually looking. And unlike Billie, she was taped on the street walking with flyers. Billie was usually sitting comfirtabbly on a couch.

Becky said she was "grieving" and needed to be alone when first questioned about her lack of appearance....

Exactly, cause you know she is gone. You grieve when someone dies, not when they have been "kidnapped". Your looking... But she told us then the child was deceased. They are not looking for her, they are playing a part to appear innocent. The role of a life time.

End of story, I just wish Peter could interview them! I would love to see that!!!

Lis said...

This isn't the first time someone has attacked Lemon here for no reason that I can discern. It's wierd.

I agree with others who have said, please stick to the statement analysis and don't bring conjecture about what might have happened into the discussion. There's plenty to discuss in the actual words used.

Lis said...

I've noticed that sometimes kids who are under a lot of stress put on over-emphatic smiles that are more like grimaces. The boy in front has one in this photo.

Since we've discussed psychics on this board before, I thought some might be interested in this article on Discovery

Anonymous said...

"I've never not felt it, that she is not alive" ?

Tania Cadogan said...

To the anon who isn't sure how to make a name when posting.

You can either create a google account which is quick and free and which also allows you to delete your own posts if you oopsie like i do or you can choose a name and check the name/ url button

John Mc Gowan said...

Are my ears deceiving me did becky Celis say at 2:52 "i went to her room and couldnt find her and the CIRCUS began.
Circus!this is your missing daughter your speaking about not a carnival arrangement,very odd choice of words.

John Mc Gowan said...

RE,Body language.

The absence of emotion is just as important as the presence of emotion.?

Anonymous said...


your post at 10:42 "lemon you are not the boss of this site...."

Oh yes she is. don't be deceived like so many here are, who don't care, or are otherwise blind as a bat.

they don't pay attention to lemons cruel criticisms of anyone she doesn't like and insults until they finallly leave the thread, then they come forth and applaud her. attention and applause is what she seeks most and only then is she happy while another one bites the dust.

time and again, they either don't remember or don't read, how she ran off so many good posters over the several years i've been reading here, or either flat didn't care. no matter what, they will support lemon.

the truth is, she will swat you down like a fly with just a few words. that's her game, run off anyone she doesn't like for whatever her twisted reason is, or is jealous of, and nearly everyone else other than those she has already run off supports her.

they stick together like flies in honey and drag other dummies into their little game of supporting lemons. i don't believe a single one left here has the intelligence to see what lemon really does to others that she wants rid of or either they don't have the gumpton to stand up to her. either way, lemon is the winner.

many of these people don't care how anyone else feels other than themselves and their little buddies like lemons, hobnob and vita who always stick together and have no respect or appreciation for the intelligence of others.

she does run this thread, is a vicious troublemaker and peter lets her get away with it.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon 10:18 am

many of these people don't care how anyone else feels other than themselves and their little buddies like lemons, hobnob and vita who always stick together and have no respect or appreciation for the intelligence of others.

Thanks for the mention, i was beginning to feel left out.

A diatribe is no fun, in fact, i will say, severely lacking if it doesn't mention Lemons, Vita or myself at least once.
It has to be all 3 of us with at least one mention of Peter and/or Heather to warrant a decent score.

Mentioning only one of us shows a distinct lack of effort and a careless attitude and will scored poorly as a result.

Points will be awarded for artistic use of insults, spelling and punctuation including use of capitals.

Bonus points can be awarded for rabid frothing at the mouth, correct spelling of uncommon words and general lookie me i am angry and spiteful verbal diarrhoea.

Therefore on your last post i give you a 4/10 on the artistic side, a 5/10 for technical merit, you need to work on your punctuation especially capitals for new sentences and proper names and a bonus 0.5 points for the word gumption ( you would have had a whole point if you had spelled it correctly.

This gives you a total score of 9.5/20.

Have a nice day

mommaklee said...

Hobs, you rock! That's all I'm gonna say :)

Shelley said...

I am just here to comment on the clip. I could not open at the point I left my last comment, but finally was able to.

But I have to say, Becky sure looks like. Like she has been taking good care of herself. That was disturbing to me. I get shes on TV and all, but she clearly is not being destroyed by this like it does most parents. She looks like shes doing well.

And the other thing that I thought, they must be reading statement analysis. I felt like they were trying to make sure the words and the way they phrased things was more in line with what should be. And considering how different this was from past comments, I have to wonder if they have been "practicing" the way they should be talking?

Shelley said...

Oh, and every parent that passes a polygraph is allowed to state they passed and there is no question about it. No vagueness. I think that Sergio saying LE was "vague" is because he failed and they are keeping that information to themselves becuase he is still a major suspect in their minds.

Mainah said...

RE: Sergio
I don't know much about body language analysis, admittedly, but his "emotions" seem forced, deliberate, too properly placed. Look at Carlie Brucia's father's pictures, and Ed Smart. The difference is like night and day. They look defeated yet determined, scared yet hopeful. It's in their faces and their eyebrows, naturally, not "put there" intentionally. Watch the differences in Susan Smith, Terri Hormon, oh, and Charlie Rogers is another good example of placed facial emotion.

I also saw similarities in the body language of: McAfee, Dennis Deschaine and W3's Damian Echols -their chins are all pumping nervously upward. I wonder what tossing, or thrusting your chin up ward at someone means?

John Mc Gowan said...

Gesture. Lifting the chin and leaning the head backward (dorsally, i.e., toward the shoulder blades or scapula bones).

Usage: Lifting the chin and looking down the nose are used throughout the world as nonverbal signs of superiority, arrogance, and disdain (Eibl-Eibesfeldt 1970, Hass 1970).

Anatomy. The prime mover of head-tilt-back (i.e., of extending the spine) is the erector spinae muscle group, components of which reach to the skull's occipital bone to produce extension movements of the head as well. These deep muscles of the back and neck are basic postural muscles which are innervated by the spinal nerves directly, without relay through the cervical plexus or brachial plexus. Thus, we have less voluntary control of our haughty head-and-trunk postures than we have, e.g., of our hand-and-arm gestures. (N.B.: Gross postural shifts which involve back-extension and head-raising may express unconscious attitudes of power and dominance.)

Culture. 1. In Greece and Saudi Arabia, a sudden head-tilt-back movement means "No," and may originate from the infantile head-tilt-back used to refuse food (Morris 1994:145; see also HEAD-SHAKE). 2. In Ethiopia, the same gesture means "Yes," and may originate from the backward head movment used as a greeting (Morris 1994:146).

Origin. In its "superior" sense, head-tilt-back is a constituent of the primeval high-stand display.

Politics. Political leaders who used the head-tilt-back gesture in public speeches include Al Gore, Benito Mussolini, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and George Corley Wallace.

RESEARCH REPORT: Head-tilt-back may be accompanied by "contempt-scorn" cues: one eyebrow lifts higher than the other, the eye openings narrow, the mouth corners depress, the lower lip raises and slightly protrudes, and one side of the upper lip may curl up in a sneer (Izard 1971:245).

John Mc Gowan said...

Link to above.

Mainah said...

WOW! AWESOME! Thank you, John!

That is exactly the impression it gave me to watch them - arrogance and contempt, etc...(that is so cool!)...I mean learning is cool, not contempt :).

Thank you for the link too! I enjoy spending hours reading case studies every night, looking for clues or puzzle pieces...

If there is any research work I can offer to do, let me know!

Anonymous said...

You just can't leave, can you REB? You say you're moving on, but you can't. Saying one thing, but doing another is deceptive, and a lie.

Anonymous said...

REB... just can't stop, can you? Still making this all about you.

Tania Cadogan said...

Someone is in need of a nap and a book on grammar and punctuation and how to apply it.

Capitals at the beginning of a sentence and for proper names.

Starting any sentence with AND indicates missing information.

if you insist on berating commentators on this blog it would be appreciated if you can actually give examples where such comments have been made about you .

This means providing a link to the relevant topic and pst so we can verify you claims for ourselves.

If you really dislike what happens on this blog then perhaps you can go elsewhere and find a blog more suited to your needs since clearly this blog doesn't fulfill your current requirements.

You of course do have the option of ignoring any member you don't like, if you continue with your infantile eruptions of a kindergarten nature then please note, your comments will be analysed, critiqued and then ignored.

Please continue having a nice day and when you do head off for your nap, don't forget your blankie and pacifier otherwise you will be all cranky which will result in general annoyance to the maturer members herein.

Anonymous said...

~ kicks up dust ~

Brill, Hobs.
Bonus points for "infantile eruptions".

Dense Minion

Anonymous said...

(hand to ear)
"Dance Mitten"? Who is "Dance mitten"?!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I'm with REB on this one. I have been berated by both Lemon and Hobnob before, and have left this site for several months at a time due to the embarrassment. You are not imagining things REB and DrDebo.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...
Sorry, but I'm with REB on this one. I have been berated by both Lemon and Hobnob before, and have left this site for several months at a time due to the embarrassment. You are not imagining things REB and DrDebo.

Dropped pronoun.
if you can't take ownership we can't do it for you.

But negates the previous, in this case, the word "sorry". You are anything but.

If you have been berated by myself or Lemons, please provide examples of the relevant text and links to same.
If you have been berated then it was with good reason such as your continual sniping and demeaning of other members without explanation other than a perceived notion of insult.

Again a dropped pronoun in relation to leaving the site for several months.
If you can't take ownership we can't do it for you.

Anything in the negative is sensitive.

It seems the only one to have a high opinion of themselves is you.
The rest of us find your posts at best mildly amusing and perhaps educational in regard to analysing what is said and at worst, a waste of valuable webspace and bandwidth.

The only embarrassment you have suffered is caused by your own behavior and attitude on this blog.

Far from leaving for several months, we, in fact, have trouble shutting you up.
Cudos to Peter for allowing your comments to remain.
Personally, i find it useful practice for my analysing skills to look over your comments and your replies to yourself as another anon.
Might i suggest you use a name, it is free and painless, unless of course your pseudonyms help you keep track of what you are saying.
It is embarrassing when you reply to yourself in the same name you posted the comment under, and, i might add, a bit of a giveaway.

If you don't want to be embarrassed by having your comments analysed and critiqued, i suggest you keep a civil tongue in your mouth and comment on the relevant topics of discussion rather than than acting like a sulky toddler who has has their rattle taken away.

Ps i will award you a point for Capitalising starts of sentences and proper names.
see you are paying attention to what is being suggested.

Good girl.

Merry christmas

Anonymous said...

@REB -I felt battered by those two also some months ago for having a different perspective iirc. I'm not too into pizzing matched

@shelley -yes, RS looks very pretty and healthy -and there is much, much more of her now than back in April...20+ lbs? Chronic, unceasing stress can do that to a person...

As for deception. I still do not believe the parents had anything to do with Isa's disappearance> I still believe they do not know where she is. AND I think that they are being deceptive about something -but what? Guilt?

drdebo said...

Kathead- you are not the boss of this website- either- don't speak at me- if Peter wants to reprimand that's his perogative- not yours- mind your business.

drdebo said...

Dear Anon December 6, 2012 10:18 AM- "she does run this thread, is a vicious troublemaker and peter lets her get away with it."- thanks for the insight - good to know what's going on here- I don't have much time to visit and read muchless write- but when I see that ridiculous finger wagging and school-marm tone I have to do the social worker thang and stick up for the underdog- I appreciated REMs comment- he/she is able to make words create a picture- and she/he has passion- but excellent qualities.

Maggie said...

The most disturbing part of the interview is where Becky says "and then that's when the circus began".

She speaks in cliches. She is very emotionally detached from Isabel and what has happened to her. Sergio--I agree has histrionic personality disorder.

The mother's coldness is extremely troubling.
Her use of cliches in speaking about her daughter's disappearance troubles me.
I feel sure Becky knows what happened to Isabel. Sergio--he is deceptive for sure but I get a worse feeling from the mother.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I've been reading SA for some time now. I've needed to take a break here and there as it can get emotionally overwhelming knowing these cases are REAL. This is not a television program. Most of these cases are unsolved. Here we have the opportunity to help an investigation. The more brains involved the better. I understand to suspend my emotions during the analysis but as a beginning student it is a difficult task. I keep coming back because I want to help find Isabel. Although I read other cases, I have chosen to focus on one case. I choose this case because I live in Tucson. From the moment I saw Isabel's missing poster I wanted to help in her search .

I am appalled at some of these nonsense posts that are taking the focus away. Let's stick to the case and find the truth on what happened to Isabel.

Unknown said...

Peter, Have you done SA on Isabel's uncle? His response when he asked how Isabel's brothers are holding up is disturbing to me. His answer: "They've lost a sibling... I mean... they want their sister back and their main concern is for her to come back safe and sound. That's that's their main concern. they're really sad about the situation. They love her to death and... they're never gonna stop looking for her."

Em said...

I agree that the parents statements indicate deception I am just not sure of what.
From my understanding, sometimes the FBI or investigators will instruct people to say or not say certain things in interviews with the media in an attempt to manipulate the perpetrator
(I read a few books by an FBI analyst, that's my only source)

If this is true, could it be that the parents have been told to say certain things to give the impression that LE has less information than they do for investigative purposes?
Could it be that RC and SC are having an extremely hard time integrating the instructions of LE with their natural way of speaking?

If so, could we be picking up on ques of deception that are not malicious?

Are there any SA ques that indicate the intent of the deception?--could they be being deceptive but for some other reason besides having a hand in their daughters disappearance?

Also,I wonder, if a parent feels guilty for not protecting their child and blames themselves, wouldn't that show up in their statements and couldn't it be misinterpreted?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Repeating a lie, (assuming the FBI fed them what to say) would not show up in language as deception.

Deception is an exercise of the will of the person.

See Sergio's 911 call. There was no kidnapping.

Peter Hyatt

t said...

on the jane velez mitchell show
a statement by sergio stands out to me. he says .....

S. CELIS: Honestly, at first, I didn`t think she was missing. I thought actually she might have just been taken by either Becky`s brother or her aunt, gone out for breakfast, something logical. Something logical.

"taken", seems very strong to me. i would say, my sister came over and they went for breakfast. i would sometimes say take, but in the context of sergio's sentence structure and verbiage, it seems to be an aggressive word. "take" is largely used as a verb as in to grasp, lay hold, etc... it is a physical word. i think this says something as to who might possibly have taken isa and that sergio very much knows who did.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


it sounds strange because it likely did not come from memory. good point.

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