Monday, December 3, 2012

"I Did Not Murder My Child"

Is Justin DiPietro and the State of Maine taking notice of what Detroit did?

It often takes readers a long time before they understand how dangerous a liar really is.  

A liar is not someone who tells Aunt Polly her blue hair looks "nice."

A liar is one who deceives because his (or her) needs come first.  

The liar will steal from your company. 
The liar will strike someone who gets on his nerve.
The liar will perjure even if it means jail for an innocent person. 

Lying is the verbal evidence of selfishness. 

Statement Analysis is in bold type. 

We have seen this before:  a child is struck, or in another way, injured by a parent, who feels that it was not "abuse", it was "discipline" and that the father did not "murder" the child because the child lived for hours after the assault.  

Detroit dad given mandatory life in Bianca Jones murder case, calls judge 'liar'

D'Andre Lane sentenced to life in prison
D'Andre Lane sentenced to life in prison: The father of Bianca Jones angrily calls Judge Vonda Evans a 'liar' after he is sentenced.
    Detroit  D'Andre Lane insisted Monday that he didn't murder or abuse his missing toddler daughter and called a judge a "liar" for ordering him to prison for life.

    "I did not murder my child. I did not abuse my child. I love my children, all of them," said Lane of Detroit in his plea to Wayne County Circuit Judge Vonda R. Evans before she imposed the sentence.
    "My daughter is alive. She's missing, she will be found. We will correct every wrong that's taken place in this system."

    Note that he used the specific word "murder" in his denial, just as he used the word "abuse."  He "disciplined" and did not "abuse" (in his reality)
    Note the use of the word "child" is often associated with child abuse.  He does not say "I did not hurt my daughter, Bianca" in his language. 

    He loves his "children" (plural) but them immediately feels the need to emphasize this love (making it sensitive) with "all of them" as additional words. 

    The 32-year-old Detroit man was convicted in October of felony murder and child abuse in the Dec. 2, 2011, death of Bianca Jones. Prosecutors say the father of seven paddled the 2-year-old to death over a bed-wetting incident, disposed of her body at an incinerator and fabricated a carjacking to cover up the crime.

    Evans, before she imposed the mandatory minimum penalty, told Lane he used "sex, manipulation, mental abuse and excessive discipline" to control those around him.

    "It was your way or the highway," she said. "That poor child — your child, Mr. Lane — you destroyed mentally and ultimately physically … you will now pay with your own life."

    The remarks got even more heated when Lane began addressing Evans by her first name, repeatedly calling her "Vonda" and saying "you're a liar" as he was being escorted from the courtroom.

    Lane's attorney, Terry L. Johnson, said his client lashed out because he's "upset" and "emotional."
    "It was out of character… he was just sentenced to life in prison," Johnson told reporters after the hearing.

    Johnson, moments earlier, had urged the judge to grant Lane a new trial, saying there was no evidence to support the conviction, which was a "trial by media," he said.

    Lane's defense team at the trial contended that prosecution couldn't prove the father of seven children from seven different women abused or killed Bianca since her body hasn't been found.

    Lane has claimed Bianca was in the back seat of his 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis that December morning when he was approached by armed carjackers near Brush Street and Grand River. The car was recovered shortly after, but the girl was not inside. Lane did not call 911.

    Bianca's mother, Banika Jones, also addressed the court Monday, saying she was "cheated" by the justice system.

    "They never looked for my daughter," she claimed. "They never really cared, they only wanted evidence and a conviction and to close out the case without solving it.
    "I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it."

    Note that "never" does not mean "did not." 
    Note that they never "really" cared; meaning that she knows they did "care" in some manner, but not in how she wanted it, which appears to be not what the jury saw it to be. 

    But Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb said the people responsible for caring for Bianca failed and that the jury returned a "correct" verdict.

    At trial, Lane's housemates testified that the child had been disciplined with a hard stick wrapped in duct tape in the overnight hours prior to her disappearance.

    Lane, in a five-hour videotaped interview with police, admitted he disciplined the child with the stick and said Bianca hadn't slept well after she fell out of bed and hit her head around 1 a.m. He claimed he then used the stick to keep her up.

    It is likely that Bianca did not die immediately ("murder") but lingered for some time.  Note that although this is not a quote, we see the word "discipline" is what he admitted to.  This is very common in child abuse cases. It is also why polygraphs must only be conducted using the subject's own words.  

    Each one of us has a personal, internal, subjective dictionary and it is in the pre screening session that the polygrapher enters into the subject's own wording. 

    A contentious piece of evidence in the circumstantial case was testimony from forensic canine expert Martin Grime whose cadaver-sniffing dog allegedly hit on human decomposition in Lane's car and Mitchell Street home two days after Bianca went missing.

    Johnson attacked the relatively new scientific method, noting Grime admitted there's no methodology to confirm the response — barking — is accurate when nothing is recovered.
    The FBI assisted in investigating the case.

    Jurors deliberated for more than seven hours before reaching a verdict in the monthlong trial.
    Johnson said Monday that an appeals attorney is expected to review Lane's case.


    Katprint said...

    There is substantial evidence to support the jury's verdict, especially the defendant's admitting to "using the stick" to "discipline" the child and to "keep her up" after she supposedly fell out of bed. (If he though she might have a concussion or other brain injury requiring her to be kept awake after the fall, why wouldn't he take her to the hospital? And using a stick to keep her up instead of gently waking her if she fell asleep? And the kid's mom was OK with this? WTF?)

    However, I have a big problem with dog handlers being allowed to testify about what their dogs smelled. The US Supreme Court has already taken up several cases involving sniffer dog handler testimony, and they have been increasingly skeptical of sniffer dogs' supposed infallibility as well as their handlers' qualifications to testify about what their dog smelled or didn't smell. My personal experience with drug sniffing dogs in the California central valley is that the dogs tend to smell what their handlers want them to smell wherever or on whomever their handlers want them to smell it. (And sometimes they bite people.) Failure to find physical evidence is chalked up to the evidence having been removed from the target location, not that the dog was wrong or that the handler misinterpreted the dog's signal.

    I'm fine with dogs being used as an investigation tool, same as a police investigator's hunch based on years of experience or neighborhood gossip or body language analysis or warrantless searches of school lockers, but in my opinion it just doesn't rise to the level of reliability required for admissible evidence. It's like the difference between someone saying what their cousin told them that the defendant's girlfriend told their cousin that the defendant told her vs. the girlfriend's cell phone recording of the defendant's actual statement to her. It may lead to the discovery of admissible evidence, but shouldn't be admissible by itself especially if admissible evidence is NOT discovered.

    I'm a little bit surprised that a counter-sniffer-dog expert witness industry hasn't sprung up, to provide defense attorneys with infallible sniffer dogs to re-sniff areas so their handlers can expertly testify that no, there was NO smell of drugs/decomp/scent trail/whatever incriminating smell that was smelled by the first sniffer dog. Actually, now that I think about it, I am acquainted with enough biased sniffer dog handlers with the dubious credential of having been utilized by schools and police agencies in the California central valley, I could start my own counter-dog-sniffer expert witness agency if I wanted to do that.

    As a side note: I have stayed up all night with two of my children, on two separate occasions, after they had been seen by medical professionals, when one hit her head falling off her tricycle and when another hit his head slipping and falling during a waterfight. It never occurred to me to use a stick to make my kids stay awake; My understanding was that if they couldn't be wakened easily every two hours then they were to be brought back to the ER for additional tests and treatment. If I had failed to take them for medical care after their head injury or failed to monitor them as instructed and their condition worsened fatally, that would be involuntary manslaughter all by itself, no specific intent necessary.

    Vita said...

    Bianca Jones was reported missing on December 2, 2011. I was online at that time, and watched it live stream from my local News site.

    2 yr old victim of a car jacking, I watched it unfold. All media on the scene within moments of her reported " taken". Not knowing the full story, only watching, and listening. My guts said no this isn't right. I have lived in the Metro D all my life. Most are young and stupid, who hijack cars, Punks. No punk is going to ride the streets in a stolen car, with a 2 yr old in the backseat. They would not dump the car and say oh hell yeah I got me a baby. She must be worth what on the street? Carjackings are historical in Detroit, and there has been cases, that a child/baby was in the car. Mother's who leave the baby in the car, car running to walk into a post office, store. What happened, the jacker bailed the car, baby safe. Leaving the car and the baby in a public area -within minutes of.

    --NO one want's kidnapping on their record, who is a two bit thief. It was all RUSE coming from the DAD, it was not instant, it though evolved within an hour of his " said story".

    Detroit Police investigated, they tested Lane, they gave him every opportunity to prove his story. To tell the truth. He is who is he. He is a child batterer, womanizer, mental abuser. He is a coward. He has 7 children by 7 different women. He is 32, with SEVEN children, he not to pay a dime of support to. He to shack up with his baby mama's and or find another unsuspecting woman to keep him. He not to hold a job. Why? because he is a felon. Drugs, Abusive behavior, Stalking, illegal activities, his record, he to serve jail time, for each.

    He says he disciplined Bianca, he did not abuse her. This is his home made discipline stick:

    Bianca turned 2 yrs old, last week of November 2011. Bianca Height: 2 ft. 5 in. Weight: 25 lbs. The Stick bigger than her torso, he beat her with. He covered it with duct tape to give it girth not cushion. Bianca was beaten because she peed herself, her not in a diaper at his house. She was not potty trained, no matter to him. He by design said his kids ARE potty trained by age (?)..that she defied him, and caused him discipline her. Her fault. He beat her to the point that his GF who was present, said it in court, testified. She heard Lane beat Bianca, his stick, to her bare skin. Bianca put back into her bed, laying in her " bed". She said, she had never heard sounds like that come from a human being. Bianca was dying and the woman did nothing, because Lane said she is my daughter. Lane then said that Bianca was sick, and he tried everything to help her. That she after he disciplined her, she fell out of bed, hitting her head on the floor. He hit her head onto the floor? her fault she fell out of bed. No, he was given visitation of Bianca and he took it upon himself to show her WHO is BOSS.

    This was a night of pure inhumane torture onto Bianca Lily Jones, a helpless 25lb, two year old little girl. His own child. Who her POS mother stands by Lane even today. Don't have sympathy for her. She testified in court that she agreed with Lane's parenting, discipline, she would have done the very same.

    Now that he is sentenced, my only wish, his new purpose, new nickname, once he is in Gen Pop - Wayne County Corrections, is he will be every mans - "Soap"
    Now that's justice. Let him be used up, treated like a commodity. Let him Cry, and no one come to his rescue.

    Everyone knows who Bianca is even in the local jail and prisons. Everyone knows he is her Murderer too. Hence why he called Judge Evans a liar. He had to get his last lick in, cuz he knows once he is dropped off, he is game over. Voiceless

    The Detroit Judicial System Made History - It's on the books now. NO BODY necessary, to arrest and convict a parent for murder. May other States pay attention. It's about time.

    Where is Bianca? For her to be at Peace she has to be found.

    Tania Cadogan said...

    Once you have learned his personal dictionary his guilt is writ clear to see and hear.

    He did not 'abuse' her, he 'disciplined' her.

    He did not murder her (active), she died of her injuries (passive)

    She's missing, she will be found
    Possibly the only true statement in this, he does not say she will be found alive, only that she will be found.

    "They never looked for my daughter," she claimed. "They never really cared, they only wanted evidence and a conviction and to close out the case without solving it. "I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it."
    Who is 'THEY?
    did she go out physically loking for her daughter?
    By charging him, having a guilty verdict they did slve the case.
    They proved beyond reasonable doubt Bianca was abused and murdered by her sperm donor.
    The only thing so far that haven't managed is to find where he dumped her.
    Probably in a dumpster or garbage bin between him dropping the kids off at school and parking in an alley.
    I am not sure if cell pings will show where he went and if he was in one location for any length of time ( more than a few mins)

    "I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it."
    What mistake did the court make and how does she intend to prove it?
    If it is the cadaver dogs their record is usually good. they can indicate where a body was long after it has been moved,
    How does she explain away their reacting to the car seat?
    How does she explain away the statements from her siblings about her being covered completely with a blanket and not moving or making a noise.
    Did the sperm donor take a poly?

    Is the mom in denial over her daughter's death or is she defending the murderer?
    Just who is her priority?
    If it isn't her daughter, why?

    Lucy said...

    No armed carjackers want an eight year old Mercury Grand Marquis. It simply isn't worth their time and effort.

    Vita said...


    The dogs alerted inside the closet of Lane's house. They alerted to Bianca's Car Seat, alerted to Bianca's blanket. Hits were within the house, that Bianca was visiting, days of.

    That night he was on a rampage. He not only beat Bianca, he had his son and Bianca's sister present under his watch.

    His son not bio to Bianca or her sister's mother, he was beaten because Bianca was crying. Lane told him he was to monitor Bianca. He a young boy. Mind you this was not Lane's house either, it was his Girl Friends House. He using it as his own " squatting grounds".

    Bianca would not stop moaning and crying and LANE said it was his job to keep her quiet. He the bastard went to bed, and she would not stop, so he abused his SON. He slapped him off his feet. Knocked him into Toledo for not " keeping" Bianca quiet.

    Bianca's sister testified, that she at age 8 wet her panties. GEE wonder why? Dad's a friggen Psycho beating her baby sister in front of her. He had her remove? or he removed her wet soiled panties that night - and he STUFFED them into her mouth, till her mouth ripped and bled.

    NO Contest - The evidence proven, Bebe Bianca Jones died within that home, her dead body in his car. He then drove around and did what with her? Where is Bianca?

    Bianca's sister -

    HE Lied out of his teeth - He did from jump. He is a coward.

    Katprint said...

    Vita -

    I agree with the jury's verdict of guilty of first degree murder. What I don't agree with is the admission of the sniffer dog handler testimony, particularly because it may provide grounds for appeal of an otherwise ironclad conviction.

    What sometimes happens when a conviction is overturned on appeal and the case is sent down for retrial, is that critical evidence has been lost due to earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, human error, etc., witnesses have died or moved away, memories have become less clear, etc. This tends to impact the prosecution more than the defense because it is the prosecution who bears the burden of proof.

    Additionally, as a general principle, I am opposed to the admission of expert witness evidence (including sniffer dog handlers' expert opinions concerning interpretation of their dog's behavior) which is not scientifically verifiable. I want convictions to be based on rock solid evidence, not junk science or untrustworthy jailhouse informants or experts-for-hire. I am delighted by genuine scientific breakthroughs like increasingly sensitive DNA retrieval techniques and mechanical sniffers.

    sidewalk super said...

    Thank you, Judge Vonda Evans!!

    BostonLady said...

    The mother of Bianca is challenging the judge saying the father didn't do this? What? I would think the mother would be grateful to have the murdering piece of trash thrown in jail forever.

    Thank you to the jurors for using their common sense and to the Judge for the sentence! We need these types of case outcomes more !!

    Vita said...

    Hobs -Bianca's mother, Banika Jones, also addressed the court Monday, saying she was "cheated" by the justice system.

    "They never looked for my daughter," she claimed. "They never really cared, they only wanted evidence and a conviction and to close out the case without solving it.

    "I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it."
    She has since DAY ONE stood by Lane. She to speak on the local news many times that her own said was heard with " wincing eyes" did she say that? She changed her story more than once in the days after Bianca's missing.

    She said that Bianca was spending the night, that night, one night and was to be brought home. She said that Bianca was with Lane for a Month. She said to another reporter, she did not know the last time she heard Bianca's voice or witnessed her, that she was in care of her Father.

    She said Bianca was to attend the families Thanksgiving and she was sad, because Bianca was with her DAD, and remained with him, till she was reported Missing. She then said he had called and said he would stop by to pick up clothes for Bianca, that he wasn't prepared to keep her for so long. Her lies to spew.

    She has never been on Bianca's side. She is on her own side and Lanes. She went on Dr. Phil.

    Dr. Phil asked her point blank have you spoken to Lane? asked him where is Bianca? She to respond, No, I have not and I won't, because I know he his telling the truth. She was kidnapped and she is alive, she is out there. Dr. Phil to stare at her dumbfounded. He said, Lady you're in Denial. You are Not Helping Bianca.

    She on Dr. Phil after the cadaver dogs hits, after he failed the poly's. After Lane was sent to jail for he voided the PPO, that he threatened his EX wife. His threat? he was going to kill their 3 yr old son, if he could not see him. This after her abused 8 yr old daughter was returned to her, she to witness Bianca's beating.
    He is the Victim she said on national TV, not Bianca.

    Going back to her saids today as Lane was sentenced. She feels no one looked for Bianca. No one cared. I beg to differ on that. The Judge says it, it is true. 100's of Detroiter's volunteered searching for Bianca - in area's no human should be in. They to walk into abandon drug houses without protection. They to go into places that many do not know exist, yet is everywhere within the radius of where Bianca was supposedly taken - inhabitable.
    Ms Jones who is 32, Veteran of the US ARMY. The house she lived in when Bianca was sent to her father, was handed to her. She not working, she living on welfare, child support ah no. The house she inherited from her Grandma. She gifted the house, unemployed, it was inherited not free. She blamed her Grandmother for not paying the mortgage, that she never viewed the papers. She on the verge of eviction.

    She says in the presser today no one cared, no one looked for Bianca. HOW can she stand there and say this!? SHE never LOOKED For Bianca. Nope.

    Mother's Day 2012, her loss her gain, she had a well known Detroit Local write a story upon her. She to be noted " Mother" of the year. How Special. Not only that, a group came to her, paid off her house mortgage, fixed everything within the house, repainted, and bought her all new furnishings. Found her a job. Why? because she was in the spotlight *victim* of Bianca's missing, as the article is linked below.

    NO ONE CARED? NO ONE Searched For BIANCA. She has never spoken to LANE one on one - NOT once, since Bianca's missing. She defends him to the 9's. She testified that she agreed with his discipline, she supports him. She is going to fix this injustice of Lanes conviction and sentencing. No one cared, no one did a damn thing? Who was left out?

    She needs to take a hard look into the mirror. Her alliance to Lane is the greatest injustice of all. Bianca is voiceless without her.

    Banika the victim

    Jazzie said...

    Maybe Banika the killer. In the least co-conspirator.

    Anonymous said...

    The "mother" 's alliance to Lane is out of stupidity and order of importance for her. Her acts and words tell us, her daughter was not important for her when she was alive and is not important for her now either. Her child is still hidden somewhere, missing, and her priority is to defent the ex, instead of begging him to tell the location. She either knows or just simply don't care. Several people look at parenthood differently. It seems she did not mind her 2 year old to be beaten for bed wetting, (that makes me so angry!!! a 2 year old!!!) and she don't mind if she has to live without her daughter. Mother instincts: zero.

    Anonymous said...

    Please West Virginia take note, and bring Lena Lunsford to trial for Aliayah's's been long overdue.

    John Mc Gowan said...

    "I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it."

    A lot of people have intentions and don't follow through,if I wanted to correct it,I would say,I will correct it not intend to.

    Tania Cadogan said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Tania Cadogan said...

    As matter of interest Katprint.

    If there was an incident and a member of your family vanished ( earthquake, flood, avalanche etc) Would you be demanding they use sniffer dogs to find your loved one who is trapped in the rubble and possibly alive, or would you tell them wait, i don't believe in sniffer dogs they are biased, i want a mechanical sniffer or umpteen hundreds of people to find them.

    If you knew your loved one was missing and a cadaver dog reacted in the place where they lived with their partner, you knew their partner had a history, your loved one had confided in you yet stayed with their abuser, would you pooh pooh the reactions of the cadaver dog, say the dog and owner is biased and the handler corrupt and the dogs reactions be completely ignored, or, would you be like the rest of us, be demanding they haul the partner in and get them to talk, demanding every test known to man to corroborate their findings in the hope they might be mistaken and it isn't their scent rather that of someone else who died in the property, demanding every spot, stain be checked because you know damn well what was done to your loved one and you want to find their remains to give them a dignified burial and make sure the SOB of did them in faces a long long sentence or death.

    drdebo said...

    Dispite tot mom- there is reason to belive juries would convict the last few years worth of faux-kidnapping/child killers- I think they should just try them with what they've got- that goes for wife and girlfriend killers too.

    rob said...

    I'm with you debo, throw out everything that you have and go for it. I would rather have tried and lost than never have tried at all.

    Anonymous said...

    Bianca Jones mother is in denial, pure and simple. She is in the mindset, that Bianca is 'alive' somewhere. The only way she will accept that Bianca is indeed deceased, is when her body is found. It is hard to accept that the father of your child killed them. If you can't accept that this is her mentality, then so be it. Until you have someone in your murdered, and the body is never found, despise the evidence, it is hard to accept. Sometimes impossible. Stop judging this woman for refusing to give up hope that her daughter is dead. One can never say how they will react if this was their situation. Everyone responds to situations differently.

    Katprint said...

    @ Hobnob - Two points:

    First, I agree that sniffer dogs are valuable investigative tools. I did not say that they should not be utilized for investigations. My position is, when sniffer dogs alert but NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE IS FOUND then their handlers shouldn't be allowed to testify about the alert.

    Second, search and rescue dogs are completely different from sniffer dogs. Search and rescue dogs are generally allowed to search on their own, off leash, rather than being led to a particular area. There is less risk of a search and rescue dog being influenced by its handler's subtle or unconscious cues.

    An avalanche search and rescue dog:

    A search and rescue dog at the World Trade Center wreckage:

    Search and rescue dogs in Haiti after the earthquake:

    Yet another off leash search and rescue dog, in Japan.

    If a search and rescue dog alerts but nothing is found, the search simply goes on elsewhere. Nobody tries to use that false alert as evidence in a court of law under the theory that the victim used to be there but somehow was removed from beneath the snow/wreckage.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon @ 3:27 AM, 10/4, you are entirely correct. This so-called "mother in denial" sat there and WATCHED Lane beat her 2-yr old baby to death for peeing on herself and AGREED with him! The poor little thing would have continued peeing on herself while he beat her some more for peeing some more.

    In denial? Are you crazy, Anon @ 6:06 PM? This mother is as guilty as the bio-dad and needs to be charged for complicity in the murder and sent up for YEARS. She is a danger to ALL helpless children. She WATCHED him kill her! People like you make me sick.

    Katprint? YOu are saying then, that it's irrelevant that Ayla's blood was discovered by cadaver dogs on Justin Dips basement floor, THEN was subsequently revealed? FRorget about it that little Lisa Irwin's blood was sniffed out on Bradley's bedroom floor? That goes for Haleigh Cummings' blood DNA being sniffed out by cadaver dogs on/in the nearby dumpster, beside and behind it too; all which the PCSO ignored and disposed of?

    It's irrelevant to you that Caylee's DNA was found in the trunk of the car that Casey had used to haul her dead body around for days/weeks? Oh, and let's just forget that Maddie McCann's DNA was found by cadaver dogs in the apt and in the wheel base of the rental car the MaCann's were driving? All for nought.

    Just throw them all in the garbage, according to you. For all you care, they could just dispose of the cadaver dogs, them being of no use according to YOUR analysis. Wrong. I TOO have read extensive research on their value in cadaver DNA searches.

    You know what? If I were you and really thought this, I'd never be so stupid as to get on this board and say so.


    Anonymous said...

    Vita, re your post at 6:18 PM, 12/3; Bianca IS at peace. Her little soul was lifted by the angels and carried straight to the Father's loving arms when she passed from death to life.

    Her spirit was not left wandering around down here seeeking peace. It's in The Book. Read it Vita, then you'll know. She is an angel now, no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears. She is not lost at all, nor was she left wandering; that is NOT what The Book says Vita.

    God bless and keep her; Bianca is at eternal rest and peace; of that you can rest assured. REB

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry, I meant to say that Lisa Irwin's DNA was sniffed by cadaver dogs on Bradley's bedroom floor, not her blood. Obviously the little girl was left lying there dead for some period of time while Debbie made her plans to dispose of her.

    Guess I ought to go back and reread what I post before I post it! Sorry. REB

    Anonymous said...

    Anon/REB Dec 05, 2012 7:25 AM

    Anon/REB Can you not comprehend? Not only are you crazy, but you are stupid as hell! Get your facts straight before you post. The bio mother did not watch lane kill her child. The parents lived in completely households. According, to lane (lies), he was on his way to Bianca's mother's house to pick up more clothes for her when he was carjacked. Yes, Bianca's mother is in denial. You are to, if you think I believe that twisted b/s you spewed. lol btw: you chose the right name: REB Real Effin Bitch. lol

    sn: you sound exactly like the blogger at juststopthelies and unitedforayla...go figure!

    Anonymous said...

    'completely different households'

    rob said...

    Lane is used to telling women and children how things are going to go, and if anyone bucks it, he forces his will. I bet it killed him, that the judge was female, and dared to talk down to him and force her will on him. Payday is hell. And he still has the ultimate payday to face.

    Anonymous said...

    That he does.... ultimately when he receives that final payday... no one will able to help or save him at all. ~R.