Saturday, June 22, 2013

New England Patriots' Star to Be Arrested

note the quotes and what topic the mother introduces.  Why was this introduced at such a painful moment?

Arrest warrant expected to be issued for New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez for obstruction of justice: reports

An arrest warrant is expected to be issued for New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez in connection with the shooting death of semiprofessional football player, Odin Lloyd, according to reports.
WBZ Radio in Boston and ABC News say the warrant has been issued but Boston police have not officially named Hernandez as a suspect or charged him. The Boston Globe says the warrant has not been issued yet.
Lloyd, a friend of Hernandez, was found dead in an industrial park about a half-mile from Hernandez’s home on Monday. Police told Fox 25 that Lloyd was killed near where he was found.
CLUE DIG: Massachusetts police sift dirt yesterday at an industrial site where an associate of New England Patriot star tight end Aaron Hernandez was found slain.
CLUE DIG: Massachusetts police sift dirt yesterday at an industrial site where an associate of New England Patriot star tight end Aaron Hernandez was found slain.
A source told Fox 25 the warrant was for obstruction of justice.
Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston
Family members have said Lloyd, a semi-pro football player, was never in trouble and that many things are puzzling about the case. But they also said Friday that they can see progress in the investigation.
"I want the person that killed my son to be brought to justice," said Lloyd's mother, Ursula Ward. "That's my first-born child, my only boy child, and they took him away from me. ... I wouldn't trade him for all the money in the world. And if money could bring him back I would give this house up to bring my son back. Nothing can bring my son back."
Hernandez was spotted on surveillance video walking into his suburban home just minutes after neighbors heard gunshots nearby, according to reports.
The residents told police they heard gunfire between 3 and 3:30 a.m. on the same day that Lloyd was fatally shot, according to Fox 25.
Separate surveillance videos show the tight end outside Lloyd’s home about an hour before the incident, and then walking into his own North Attleboro, Mass., home after the shots were heard, the station said.
ABC News said the murder was “execution-style.”
Meanwhile, cops who searched Hernandez’s home Tuesday plan to go there again with a new search warrant based on evidence that “he destroyed his home-security system,” an investigator told ABC News.
Law-enforcement sources said Hernandez’s security setup, which includes video surveillance, was smashed intentionally, ABC said.
Hernandez’s lawyers have turned over a cellphone — smashed “in pieces” — to investigators, sources said.
And in another odd coincidence, Hernandez hired a team of house cleaners to thoroughly clean his suburban Boston mansion Monday, law-enforcement sources told ABC.
Boston news helicopters followed Hernandez yesterday when he visited the offices of his lawyer, Michael Fee, in Boston and the Patriots’ home, Gillette Stadium, in Foxboro, Mass.
But Hernandez was booted from the stadium when he showed up for a workout, the Boston Herald reported.
Team officials said they didn’t know why he’d arrived — because no coaches were there.
Hernandez “has not been ruled out,” a police official told ABC yesterday. “We are not calling him a suspect, but he’s definitely not in the clear.”
Hernandez, the victim, and two other friends were sitting at a VIP table at Rumor nightclub on Sunday evening, just hours before Lloyd was shot and killed, manager Thomas Moore told the Herald.
There was no trouble at the table, and all four left together, according to reports.
Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been refiled in Florida against Hernandez by a man he allegedly shot in South Florida in February after the two left a Miami strip club


Trigger said...

Two different people on two different dates in the company of Hernandez after a night of fun, both shot.

This is more than a coincidence.

I hope that he talks to the media soon.

Anonymous said...

CLUE DIG: Massachusetts police sift dirt yesterday at an industrial site where an associate of New England Patriot star tight end Aaron Hernandez was found slain.
A source told Fox 25 the warrant was for obstruction of justice.

major typo in the photo caption: odin lloyd found dead not aaron hernandez

Anonymous said...

oops associate just not a clear sentence at first read...
Is money underlined because the mother thinks her son's death is over money?

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Authorities say the body of an 8-year-old Jacksonville girl abducted from a Wal-Mart has been found at a church.

Charish Perriwinkle had been shopping with her mother Friday night at the northeast Florida store. Sgt. Lonnie Mills of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office tells The Florida Times-Union ( ) that the pair was befriended by a man who offered to take Charish to buy a snack.

The man is a registered sex offender. Sheriff's office spokesman Shannon Hartley said Saturday that the 56-year-old man had been taken into custody after officers surrounded his van.

The sheriff's office Facebook page says authorities are beginning a murder investigation.

About an hour later, the girl's body was found at a church.

Read more:

All I can say in polite language is what the hell was she frikken thinking!?

Responsible parenting means not letting total strangers met is a supermarket/park/beach or wherever take your child out of your view for any time or for any reason.

If a stranger starts talking to you and then offers to take your child for whatever reason especially if it's a male then you say no.
heck you might even want to mention it to security or a cop.

A little girl was murdered because of her mom's stupidity.

A little bit of common sense, being a responsible parent and this little girl would still be alive today.

I don't know about you but when i am out and about with my bro, his wifey and their two kids we watch them like hawks, especially the younger one as she is special needs.
They are 13 and 11, they know their boundries when we are out, they are either in our view or we are in theirs.
They come when called and we come when they call
We do not allow strangers to take them off for a snack or on a ride, it wouldn't even cross our minds to let a stranger take them away, even if we have been talking to them for a while, it simply isn't done.

Another child dead due to parental stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, as the parent of an 8 year old girl, there is no way in hell I would've let my daughter walk off with a stranger like that!

Anonymous said...

Poor Charish. Her mother is living a nightmare for a stupid decision. Why do women trust men so easily with their children. Are they so desperate for a break, for help for even a minute that they don't see the risk ?? I wish more dads were in the picture, in the household. I'm speculating but I don't think a man would trust a strange man with his child. Not even for a minute.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich has for the first time admitted to doping, with help from a Spanish sports doctor at the centre of a major drugs scandal.

Ullrich - the only German to win the world's toughest cycling race - was found guilty of doping in 2012 and banned for two years.

He later admitted to having had contact with Dr Eufemiano Fuentes, but he consistently denied being illegally assisted by him.

However, the 1997 Tour champion has now revealed he "received treatment" from him, as he admitted undergoing blood doping procedures.

The remarks come a few months after a similar public announcement by his greatest rival and nemesis Lance Armstrong.

In January, the seven-time Tour de France winner admitted to doping throughout his career and was subsequently stripped of his Tour titles.

Ullrich, 39, told Focus magazine: "Yes I did undergo Fuentes treatments. Almost everybody back then took performance-enhancing substances.

"I didn't take anything which the others were not taking. For me, betrayal only begins when I gain an advantage, but that was not the case."

He said he was motivated by the desire to be competing on a level playing field with his main rivals.

"In my view you can only call it cheating on my part when it is clear that I have gained an unfair advantage," he argued.

"That was not the case. All I wanted was everyone to have the same chances of winning.

"I'm not better than Lance Armstrong but no worse. The great heroes of the past are today people with flaws with which we must cope."

Ullrich, who also won gold and silver medals at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, added he used his own blood for the treatment.

He was barred from the Tour de France in 2006 amid speculation he had used illegal substances. He retired from cycling in February 2007, denying he had ever cheated.

In February 2012, he was found guilty of a doping offence by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and retroactively banned for two years from August 22, 2011.

In addition to the ban, all results after May 2005 were removed from his list of achievements.

Dr Fuentes, at the centre of a much-publicised trial in Spain earlier this year, had told a court that as well as cyclists, his clients included football players, athletes, tennis players and boxers.

The Operation Puerto scandal broke in 2006, when Spanish police launched raids that uncovered more than 200 code-named blood bags, some of which were linked to cyclists.

:: Current Tour de France champion Sir Bradley Wiggins has hinted he may never ride the race again.

Sir Bradley, who withdrew from this year's event because of a knee injury, told Sky he did not know if he was willing to train for another Tour.

He said he has got "other things I'm concerned with in my life, which I give more time to and there are other things within cycling I want to do".

Tania Cadogan said...

So if everyone is doping then it isn't cheating and that makes it alright?

What a fine example to set to the younger generation, cheating is ok if everyone is doing it and no one gets an unfair advantage.

Excuse me?

All those athletes who play fair and square, who don't dope, don't fall down in a breeze and cry foul, who don't tamper with equipment, who train hard to be the best they can be are the ones at a disadvantage.

The clean athletes are the ones who cannot hope to compete on equal terms with the cheaters, why should they even bother staying clean when they know they will never win, they will never get the big money.
They see the cheaters winning constantly, they see the cheaters getting the big money and fame, they see the cheaters under suspicion yet get away with it do to high priced attorneys and spin doctors.
They see cheating being the norm, the expected and if the cheater is caught well a few tears and a surly apology and blaming everyone else, i did it cos everyone else was doing it, they see excuses galore.
The cheater only admits the truth when there is overwhelming evidence and even then they minimise it and blame everyone else and their dog.

Why bother competing honestly when you will always be the also ran?

Take the big money out of sport, ban the ridiculous sponsorship deals, no sportman should be paid tens or hundreds of thousand of pounds per week. playing with a ball or puck or riding a bike isn't worth more than being an emergency services worker or a member of the armed forces.

We need to get our priorities right, money goes where is is well earned or deserved not to a sportsman who is good at their chosen sport.

Once money came into the equation there was an incentive to cheat.
I suspect there are very few sports stars who have not cheated especially at the top of their game.
Simply because to come second isn't good enough.
Sponsors pay out to winners, you stop winning they move on to the next rising star.

Imagine it you are at your peak, you can't get any better, money rolls in.
Then, you get older, you lose your edge, rising stars are getting younger and faster, you can't compete, you want the bux to keep coming in , so you start to cheat, to dope.
There is a risk you will be caught though it's not a high one as the medics will always be playing catch up to the dopers.

The new dope is undetectable as no one knows about it so there is no test, you take it you win, in comes the big bux.

If you get caught deny, deny, deny and if that fails blame a legal medication. if that doesn't work, claim ignorance and blame your doctor, your coach, anyone but yourself, heck even the public for being so demanding and if that doesn't work, turn whistleblower and go for the sympathy card.

I still say sport should be divided, one half stays clean, the other half can dope to their hearts content.
The clean players can compete in both sides, the doped can only compete in the doped side, even if they only did it once and have stayed clean.
Once you dope once no matter how minor you are restricted.

Clean players get rewarded so the incentive is to stay clean, the dopers get a snazzy medal or a certificate (they have to declare every illegal substance they have taken prior to the event and in what amounts)
If you do not declare fully any substance then it is an instant ban.
Ditto if you dope in a clean event.

Be a good example to the next generation.

Pineapple said...

OT this little girl was found dead. WHY would you let a stranger take your child to the McDonald's, even if it was WalMart's MCDonalds??? Unless she was mentally impaired, I cry bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Hard to follow a story on this website with all the OT comments, jesus keerist

~ABC said...

Pineapple said...
Unless she was mentally impaired, I cry bullshit.

Amen Pineapple. I wonder how much money mommy got from the pedophile?

Eve said...

Hernandez is trying to buy off the victim's family. He's managed to skate for his misdeeds thus far and probably thinks money and celebrity will carry the day again.

Anonymous said...

Hernandez is a thug. If he hasn't already killed it's just a matter of time before he does. Forever bandishing a gun around and playing mr. big guy; just can't wait to shoot somebody. So now he has, and there'll be more if he isn't apprehended and jailed.

Ditto for Zimmerman, on the prowl, stalking to catch himself a burglar and be the condo commando hero. Doesn't matter WHO he killed, somebody was going to be shot dead by this hothead.

Same as Pistorius (sp?), a wild card with a hot head, forever on the prowl to 'protect his security', yet hankering to fire that pistol first chance he got. Scared of an intruder? Simple logic: There's no way this blade runner thought someone was in his condo when he had left the patio door open himself in his own bedroom and went to sleep with it open. If you're so scared of an intruder, you don't go to sleep leaving your patio door open!

You also don't walk (or crawl) around to the other side of the bed to get your gun out from under the bed without realizing your girlfriend isn't on her side of the bed; NOR do you claim you walked down the hall towards the bathroom without your artificial legs in place, then claim you did; not when the girl was shot from a level that would require wearing your artificial legs/feet! Simple logic; they argued, she was scared of him and run, and he being the hothead he is, shot her dead through the bathroom door.

Same simple logic needs to apply to Hernandez who is another uncontrollable hothead murderer looking for a place to happen. Observer

sidewalk super said...

@ Hobnob,
yes, agree with your summary, and then I started thinking that your scenario applies to politics as well.

the hernandez football guy is acting so guilty, law enforcement and his team should be taking action against him. Talk about red flags...

Another mother-in-name-only out there procreating, interacting with other sick sickos with disasterous results.
Why were either/both of these people allowed to be out there and looking to connect?

rob said...

This is either drug deals gone wrong, or Mr Hermandez is operating on the down-low.
Victims mama is making it known that money can solve this problem for her.

huanggu said...

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