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Statement Analysis: Mark Redwine, by Kaaryn Gough

Kaaryn Gough

The following is Statement Analysis by analyst and investigator, Kaaryn Gough, on remarks made recently by Mark Redwin, father of murdered child, Dylan Redwine.

Statements made by Mark Redwine to the media:
From ABC 7 News report dated Friday, June 28, 2013.

  1. "Based on the conversation I had with law enforcement yesterday, they've only found two percent - or approximately two percent - of his remains. That means there's 98 percent of my son still strewn about the countryside."

  1. “That means there’s 98 percent of my son still strewn about the countryside”— The subject’s focus is more on the location of the remains rather than whether or not they have been found.
  2. “strewn” suggests widespread.

  1. "I want to talk to them about going to the location so I can be close to my son, but i don't know the specific locations where the remains were found," Mark Redwine said, after explaining that his home faces Middle Mountain.

  1. “the location”—a known location. Singular. One place. One should wonder why the subject says “the location” when he believes the remains are spread across a wide area. (“…strewn about the countryside.)
  2. The subject changes language from “location” to “locations”. A change in language indicates a change in reality for the subject.

Here the subject demonstrates that when Dylan was “my son”, he relates to one location. When Dylan became “the remains”, the subject relates to more than one location.

As a complete and intact body, Dylan would be buried in one location.

Note: We should also wonder if the change in language occurred because “the location” to be close to his son is a different place altogether than “the specific locations” where the remains were found?

  1. the remains”—not “Dylan’s remains”, or “his remains”. “the remains” is more distant and clinical.

Excerpt from Mark Redwine Letter May 17, 2013:

  1. “You can't run far enough or hide under any rock that can't be turned over.”
One should wonder if Dylan was originally buried and a rock was placed over the spot to prevent animals from digging up the remains. A large rock would need to be turned over and over on itself for placement.

Excerpt from Jan 31, 2013 Interview with mark Redwine:
  1. R: Do you blame yourself too, a little bit? (note facial expression in video)
  2. MR: I normally wouldn’t , but I do, I do blame myself . I relive this a thousand times and every time it comes back to  I s-seeing him laying on the couch and I didn’t try hard enough, maybe, to wake him up to have him come with me knowing that he had talked about going to spend time with his friends and letting him sleep like he does so many time before, I beat myself up over that constantly. But that’s not helping me. And it’s not helping Dylan. I mean, it’s hard enough for any parent to have to deal with something like this and to sit here and beat yourself up over and over and over again about what you could have done differently, could have made the difference is a—not helping me stay strong which is what I feel like what I need to do for Dylan. I don’t know how to do it and I struggle with that every day, but it’s something that I believe I have to dig down deeper and deeper every day and find the will and find the strength to stay strong for him because I believe that he needs both of his parents. He needs me to do that for him and I know he needs his mom to do that for him.
    1. "I normally wouldn't"--"normally"--there is something about this situation that is different from previous ones. What other events have occurred similar to this one? Is there a history of his children 'disappearing'? Has he been accused before of harming his children? 

  1. "I relive this"--"relive this" speaks to a specific moment in time where an event of note took place. We don't "relive" hum-drum, day-to-day, non-important moments. His brain holds onto this moment. Why?

  1. “I-- s-seeing “—the subject starts to say something about himself, but changes his mind. This is an important point of edit.

  1. "seeing him laying on the couch"--not "sleeping". Was Dylan doing something other than sleeping? The subject’s next sentence. “I didn’t try hard enough, maybe, to wake him up” indicates Dylan was not conscious. Was he asleep? Unconscious? Deceased?

  1. "beat myself up"--physical violence. The question was "Do you blame yourself?" and he acknowledged he did blame  himself. But then he moves to saying "I beat myself up" indicating that for him, “blame” and “beating up” are connected. 

  1. "beat yourself up"--no longer, "myself". He has distanced himself from this action. Still, he uses "beat up", a physically violent action.

  1. "struggle" - 1) an attempt to overcome a problem or 2)a physical altercation.  This word is very important to the subject. It appears often in his language.

  1. "dig down deeper and deeper"--not just "deep" but "deeper and deeper" suggesting he got to one level but then decided he had to dig further. He got to another level and decided he still had to go further.

NOTE: This may be “leakage” of what the subject’s brain knows. One should wonder if it relates to the disposal of Dylan’s body.


Jo said...

"Based on the conversation I had with law enforcement yesterday, they've only found two percent - or approximately two percent - of his remains. That means there's 98 percent of my son still strewn about the countryside."

Telling us he got the above information from LE seems like extra information that would not be necessary to include in his statement. He is focused on the small percentage that was found of Dylan's remains rather than the reality that his son was found deceased.
The comment about "strewn about" seems very cold. I would expect a parent to hope the rest of his remains could be recovered or something of that nature rather than verbalizing that he is strewn about. Could it be that Mark visited the dump site recently and he moved bones to other locations?

"I want to talk to them about going to the location so I can be close to my son, but i don't know the specific locations where the remains were found,"

This seems like extra information also, why does he have to tell us he does not know the location(s) where the remains were found. He also says "he wants to talk to them", didn't he just talk to them? Wouldn't he have asked that right away?

How was Dylan identified so quickly? It took weeks for Hailey to be identified?

~mj said...

Is it possible that the "seeing him on the couch" comment and not being able to wake him is so awkward because it simply did not happen?

Tania Cadogan said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

It caught my eye that he used the word specific.

He doesn't know the specific locations (plural) he may though know the locations.

He dumped the remains just before winterso he knows that they may be moved either due to mother nature (weather) or predation.

Why does he use the word locations rather than the expected location.

I would assume as would any parent of a missing child or in fact any missing person, that the remains would be in one location indicating the body was intact, even assuming the remains had been exposed to the weather or predation they would still assume the body would be pretty much in one place ie one location.
That he uses the word locations makes me think dismemberment and the the remains placed in locations apart from each other as in they would not be expected to have gotten where they did naturally( weather, predation etc)

He uses language which makes me think burial rather than exposed to the elements, I wonder if he visited the site during the winter or more recently?

I wonder if that is why they searched that area for such a long time?
Is there a cell phone signal there?

Have they been watching mark, tapping his phone etc?
Did he let slip something during mediation?
He hates Elaine with a vengeance, she disobeyed him, stood up to him, in his eyes she emasculated him thus the only thing he has to control her is the location of Dylan's remains.
Offer her a titbit to keep her having to talk to him, his ego stops him from thinking clearly.
His urge to overpower her, to make her obedientto him, to make her compliant overrides anything his brain is saying about shutting up.

He is gloating about the 98%not found, it is in his voice, he knows and could end it all in a moment.
Get Elaine to admit defeat and she can have him back, he has done the worst thing you can do to a mother, killed her child.
Going to jail will be worth it to him, he has beaten her by taking away one of the two things she loves the most.
It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't try again with Cory after all he has nothing to lose now Dylan has been found.

He knows LE know, he knows his claims of Elaine being involved is complete bull and unbelievable, He is now waiting for the knock on the door.
In the meantime he will drink, and harrass Elaine till they arrest him

Anonymous said...

There's a lot about this sick relationship between Marc and Elaine that I just don't understand; for one, how could either one of them allow this sickness between them to go on for so many years while their children had to live in the misery, fear and heartache their parents created and constantly exposed them too?

Wasn't there ever a time with an end in sight where one might have decided to let the other live their life in peace however they pleased and BOTH move on, allowing the children to find some peace? Weren't the children ever important enough to the both of them to stop their insanity once and for all?

Just like alcoholic couples who get drunk and physically fight it out, nearly kill each other and beat the children, but eventually fall into a comatose slumber; it had to end in disaster someday, it couldn't have ended in any other way. Is one just as much the blame as the other one is? I just don't know, can't answer or even speculate on this, although it does appear that Elaine tried to move on; but it also seems to me that one or the other of them could have ended their sick relationship long before it ended in such tragedy; yet still seems to be ongoing between them regardless as to the fact that Elaine now has a live-in boyfriend.

Marc is a disturbed perverted crazy man, maybe that's the only answer to why this has gone on for twenty years, but now a child is dead, likely killed by his own father just to spite Elaine and in Marcs' never-ending doggged quest for the respect he demands, knowing he is lower than dirt. STILL, the madness and bickering of gigantic proportions continues on and on and on. Observer

Anonymous said...

Take MR's passport!!!

Sus said...

I understand that Dylan's remains were found in a drainage (river bank) that runs parallel to the road. That might explain plural "locations" because part of the remains and Dylan's other things could have been carried to the lake. That also explains why Mark drove by the lake the next morning - to see if anything was showing, and the dogs picking up a scent in the lake.

Vita said...

Not the work of a Wild Animal says reporter, he informed by the County Sheriff, Evening News 6/28/2013

The La Plata County Sheriff's office says this was not an accident and not the work of an animal.

No suspects have been named, but they were clear: someone did this to Dylan.

Homicide is Dylan Redwine's cause of death.

Cory Speaks

Vita said...

9Wants To Know investigator Melissa Blasius talked with Mark Redwine by phone.

"Anyone who has met Dylan loves him and knows what a wonderful child he is," Mark said.

Mark Redwine's voice cracked as he described the last pictures taken of his son.

"It's my worst nightmare that came true," he said. "All I have on my mind right now is to reach out to Elaine and Corey, figure out what we need to do as his parents to give him a proper burial, because I think he deserves that."
Cory+Elane and Mark are not Dylan's parents, as he says it, he knows that nothing has changed. They remain divided. His statement, somehow I believe he takes great pleasure in, taunting, Cory and Elaine.
Same article, Elaine Redwine issues Statement 6/28/2013

Elaine Redwine released the following statement Friday:

Dylan's mother, Elaine, Mike and his brother Cory, as well as other members of Dylan's family have been without Dylan for seven months now. Each of those days held a glimmer of hope that they would see Dylan again. Yesterday, that hope vanished with the confirmation that our sweet, innocent Dylan had passed. The news was a crushing blow to the entire family as well as to so many of Dylan's supporters and friends, locally and around the world. The family would like to thank everyone who has assisted the search process by donating their time, energy or money as well as those who continued spreading Dylan's picture around the world. We would also like to thank law enforcement for your continued efforts and thorough searches and thank all the business owners who so willingly hung Dylan's posters in their windows in an effort to bring him home. While we have found him, we still do not know what happened to him and are determined to find out. While we continue to honor our sweet boy Dylan, our next mission is to get Justice for Dylan. We hope that everyone who has helped spread Dylan's face will now help us work to uncover the details of his disappearance and death. If anyone out there has any information that could help us bring justice, please contact the La Plata Sheriff's department. Children are the light in this world and we need to do what we can to keep other families and communities from tragedies such as this.

Other than the candlelight vigil planned in Bayfield on Saturday night, there are no other services planned at this time. Once those plans are made, the information will be shared on website. Thank you and God Bless.

Anonymous said...


Vita said...

The La Plata County Sheriff states this was not the work of an animal. The reporter says not the work of a "wild animal" he repeating what he was informed by the Sheriff's office. Same article that Elaine issued a statement. Press: The La Plata County Sheriff's office says this was not an accident and not the work of an animal. No suspects have been named, but they were clear: someone did this to Dylan.

The same link is Mark Redwine on audio, he on the phone, " 2:25" Reporter speaking with him, gathering his reactions.

MR says passively 2:56 ( Video)

It's sad because (sic)yoou know, the aanimals got to him, aannnd, there are very little of his remains left, then thats what bothers me...(crying)

What then bothers him? that animals " got" to his body?

It cannot be both.
He, Mark says opposite, that it was animals. If it was not animals that carried and spread Dylan's remains, is it that the autopsy results prove otherwise? as Dylan was dismembered? as it is the statement "Someone did this to Dylan"

It is what the statements says. The statements are animals did not kill him, no.

" Not the work of an animal" is ? not the actions of? meaning animals were not the cause of (Dy) his remains in multiple places? the remains then they continue to search. That this is sensitive to MR. He wants the location disclosed to him, for his own personal comforts? that he felt he did a sufficient job, Dy was never to be found? not even by animals.

He MR is not being camera shy. His family is NOT his family. Cory and Elaine want nothing to do with him, and have not for quite some time. This included Dylan as it wasn't his choice, he was forced and forwarded, visitation with MR.

Now more divided than ever. MR being the brawn, iron fist, he spun out. Created by MR and his atty, that he would not let up. All came to a head late summer, Dy, forced to see him then. He with his Truck Driver Woman friend, she who berated Dy on national TV, Dr. Phil.

Nov of 2012, Dy, was again forced, forwarded to MR's house. It was decided by " We", he was going to end it once and for all. All the years ongoing war, the war would cease? he would gain Elaine or Cory back? this why he did kill Dylan in the first place? he MR used Dylan as his own sacrificial lamb. He, now no longer we, but I, MR is his own martyr.

Elaine, her people she is not giving interviews. I don't blame her.

MR is freely speaking, is it for his benefit to do so? As long as he is " IN" with media he is learning the details of the case. As they the media are updating the news online, every hour since this broke yesterday. He to continue to speak, they the media are indulging him? Mr. Redwine we were informed this by LE, and or by our sources, what is your reaction? He is learning, he is reacting to what Media is telling him, not what is the truth. As no one knows the truth, not yet.

"It's extremely difficult," Dylan's father Mark Redwine told 7NEWS by phone. "Based on the conversation I had with law enforcement yesterday, they've only found two percent - or approximately two percent - of his remains. That means there's 98 percent of my son still strewn about the countryside."
He is speaking of his SON, his dead son, his son's body. He the last person to see him alive. MR is offering a weather report of Dy's remains. Vita: Bang my head on my desk.

This isn't going to last, MR's free spoken come hither talks to the press. He will or will not have an atty by Monday am? Unless he does something over the weekend that he won't wake up. That no one will hear a peep out of him. Not a Pint, it was a gallon.

Nic said...

This is so sad. God speed to Dylan's mom and brother.

Every time MR opens his mouth I have to re-read parts of the transcript because I can't believe what he is saying.. or that LE wanted him left alone. ?? What now? Will LE focus on MR?

The 98% reference really bothered me. As the parent, I'd be consumed with the idea that they found Dylan. Not that 98% was unaccounted for. What 98% is MR referencing? Why reference anything at all if you don't know what else is out there? His back pack doesn't make up 98% of Dylan. This reference sticks in my craw.

Nic said...


DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4)- Now that the remains of Dylan Redwine have been found the question remains: how did he get there? Dylan’s father told CBS4 that his ex-wife has called him a killer.

“I was standing outside and her vehicle passed by and turned around in the driveway in front of my house and as she was passing by she muttered out the window, ‘Murderer,’” said Mark Redwine.


“Obviously I love Dylan very much and he’s a very important aspect of my life and always has been. I would never do anything to hurt him,” said Mark.
[end snip]

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting that finally, now that Dylan's remains have been found - he is speaking of him in present tense?!?
I am horrified that he is still free, and can't seem to stop talking to the press. I am horrified every time he opens his mouth. He want to know the location(s) - so he can pay his proper respects, say goodbye - really? I am sad, horrified, appalled......I'm not even sure what to say at this point.

Anonymous said...


June 28, 2013 at 10:03 PM

Anonymous said...


June 28, 2013 at 10:41 PM

Anonymous said...

Mark Redwine reminds me of Drew Peterson. He seems to view others only as possesions and not as individuals.

Anonymous said...

Sus said...
I UNDERSTAND. that Dylan's remains were found in a drainage (river bank) that runs parallel to the road. THAT MIGHT EXPLAIN PLURAL" LOCATIONS" because part of the remains and Dylan's otherthings could have been carried to the lake.THAT AL ...SO EXPLAINS why Mark drove by the lake the next morning - to see if anything was showing, and the dogs picking up a scent in the lake.
June 28, 2013 at 8:14 PM

ellie said...

i agree, Nic, that if my son's remains were found, any of them, and he was no longer missing but confirmed dead I would be devastated, not asking where the rest of him was.

MR is bizarre.

ellie said...

i agree, Nic, that if my son's remains were found, any of them, and he was no longer missing but confirmed dead I would be devastated, not asking where the rest of him was.

MR is bizarre.

BostonLady said...

So many things wrong with Mark Redwine's statements. First. "I want to talk to them". Why does he tell us this? Why not just ask? Is it because he knows they are not going to share any information with him as he is a suspect?

Next, Mark Redwine used some interesting terms when speaking to the newscaster saying "only 2 percent has been found". The fact that any of his son's body has been found is a miracle. But instead, he's focused on the 98% "strewn" about the countryside. How does he know this?? The 2 percent has been found but it does not mean that the rest of Dylan's remains are not intact. Unless, Mark Redwine is leaking knowledge of what he did to Dylan??

Last, Mark Redwine made the following statement:
Obviously I love Dylan very much and he’s a very important aspect of my life and always has been. I would never do anything to hurt him,” said Mark.

Obviously? Not in my view. And obviously is like "of course" He is trying to pull the reader in to believe he is a loving father. But then he goes on to say "He's a very important ASPECT of my life"??? ASPECT?? wow. Dylan is just an important piece. Pieces strewn about the countryside? And then he states "he would never do anything to hurt him" We know using statement analysis this is not a strong denial. In fact it is deceptive. "Would" in the future and Dylan has no future. "Never" this does not say "Did not". And, "hurt" him. No, he's dead. You cannot hurt him now or ever again.

Anonymous said...

He may be trying to destroy evidence, burning things...They need to take his passport!

Anonymous said...

No, he's dead. ...MR statements are alive

Anonymous said...

According to the Durango Herald Elaine was in the Vallecito area from June 20, before the search began. Maybe she was present at all the searches or maybe after the mediation with LE present she had strong reason to believe that they would find Dylan in that area.

Anonymous said...

Also according to the Durango herald they found a fishing pole on the dam and had the dogs check for Dylan's scent. How often does someone walk off and leave their fishing pole behind. Was it a coincidence or was the pole planted there to try to make LE focus most of their search on the lake?

Randie said...

"that means "there's 98 percent of my son still strewn about the countryside."

When I read the news yesterday...I decided these words were framed words. Mark "strewn" Dylan over the countryside.

If he took his son's death personal. Shouldn't he have said: "THIS means there's 98..."

"He didn’t like the turmoil that was going on between his mom and me I think he struggled with that. He tried the best he could to love both of his parents equally. THAT'S what I remember most about him."

It should say: "THIS is what I remember most about him."

Also, he remembers this...because this is what his last conversation was about with his son!! It is engraved in his mind.

“How many times do you have to search the damn thing til you realize he’s not in the lake?”

How does he KNOW what/where a "kidnapper" did with Dylan. If it was a kidnapper...he can't read his mind.

Trigger said...

How does Mark know that 98% of Dylan's remains are "strewn about the countryside?"

Does he know that Dylan's body was cut up and buried in more than one location?

I wonder what, if any, other physical evidence was found with Dylan's bones?

Also, Mark implied that he believes that Dylan was somewhere looking down on all that was happening. Is the mountain where Dylan's bones where found above Mark's home?

Randie said...

Thank you Vita....

"It's sad because (sic)yoou know, the aanimals got to him, aannnd, there are very little of his remains left, then thats what bothers me...(crying)"

He said (the) animals. He didn't say: "it's sad because animals got to him..."

Didn't Peter teach somethng about the word: "the"???

Anonymous said...

Peter isnt jesus!,Observer

Randie has a big fat anus said...

Hiya big Booty

Anonymous said...

DONT ask stupid questions,Observer

Anonymous said...

@ Bostonlady 11:48P.M.
Your entire last paragraph makes so much sense. I remember Casey Anthony being interviewed by Piers Morgan and saying "Obviously I didn't murder my daughter" it seemed like the same thing, trying to pull the other person in - to convince them- to agree with him on something.
In fact though, it isn't obvious to us. What seems obvious to the rest of us, in both cases, is that the person speaking, HAS hurt or killed the person. They want to steer us in another direction.
I wish that Piers Morgan had responded to Casey by saying that the oppostite was true, that in fact it was obvious to almost everyone that she HAD murdered her daughter. And with Mark Redwine, it seems obvious that he is most likely the one responsible for Dylans death - what he said is that it is obvious that "he loves Dylan" He wasn't quite as broad as Casey in the statement he made. But when Casey made that statement she had been declared not guilty so she had that "leg" to stand on. Mark Redwine doesn't have that, however, my guess is that as unhealthy and evil as he seems, there always has been a part of him that does love Dylan. I remember reading or hearing that the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference and that there is sometimes a fine line between love and hate. When you love someone you are much more vulnerable to being hurt by them. Many of us have speculated that Dylan may have done or said something that M.R. perceived as disrespectful and that M.R. lashed out because of it. I think there is some truth to M.R.'s statement that it is obvious that he loves Dylan - but that doesn't mean that he didn't kill him. He is able to state that he loves his son - however he is wanting to convince us of it by adding the word "obviously"
Peter, Kaaryn and S.A. have taught us that it's uncomfortable for people to directly lie so they'll put out portions of things that are truthful but leak out information at the same time. I think that is what his statement about "obviously loving Dylan" is doing.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^stop babbling,Observer

Vita said...

Randie, he is a freak show, MR is.

He was interviewed 2 weeks ago on Blog Talk Radio, by Tricia co-owner of Web Sleuths. I tried to listen to the interview last night. Wearing my headphones, to hear him breathing as he spoke " Markanese" put me over. I had to shut it down. My stomach flipped, no joke. He comes on @ 42 mins of the show, if anyone wants to listen to him ramble.

Maybe someone reading here can help out, who is Teresa ? Theresa? Martinez. Mark's personal friend that is in the know of what was found of Dylan. I am not a member of WS. I read on the boards of Dy now found, that Teresa was interviewed by Tricia of WS. I am not clear that this is even true, that it was an actual interview. She to inform WS Tricia? that she was told by MR?? I am not sure who said what.

Graphic, what I did read that was said by this friend of MR, Teresa, she to state, A partial finger bone of Dy's was found within coyote feces.

I know that MR's Ex Wife (who was on the Dr.Phil show) posts on WS, she to be Team Dylan. I am really confused, as the posts are all over the place, of everyone in shock, Dy found. This expected.
The known that was disclosed of Mark Redwine, his sick and twisted fetishes. As it was said months ago on WS, that Dy and Cory did come across photos of MR dressed in his glory of secrets.

That he blamed DY and Cory that they planted them in his house, on his computer. His attempt to convince who what? He then blamed Elaine for the found out in his personal home. I can barely type it, how sick of an individual he is, as it was proven within his own photos. Dy and Cory to witness this, him, they to know much more than we will ever know.

The smack in Dylan's face, MR was granted Dy by a judge, DY sent by court order. He would be alive right now, had his voice at age 13 and younger been listened to by the Judge. Dy taken seriously, that he I am sure informed the court, I am at risk with him, I fear him, to be alone with him isn't in my best interest. SMH.

Vita said...

This link is to Scared Monkey's forum discussing Dylan found.

Jen who posts here, one of her quotes re-posted, Jen if your reading, your post came around full circle..You wrote here on Statement Analysis, in Feb after you viewed the Dr.Phil show. You quoting MR his said on the show. Your ears perked, as you wrote it here, MR speaking of the " Cliff" he being pushed off of.

Snipped from Scared Monkey's Jen's written posted:
So they re-schedule for 8am the next morning and the REAL Mark shows up. He is disheveled, sloppy, red-eyed and mumbling excuses about being 'not ready to take it, but WE'RE gonna take take it, WE'RE gonna do what WE gotta do'..then he walks in to speak with the polygrapher who asks him repeatedly if he's going to take the test as he grumbles about how he 'feels like he's being pushed off a cliff'. Finally when the polygrapher pushes for a direct answer he says he 'didn't come here to waste anyone's time' (passivity and doesn't not directly consent to the test).
Teresa (MR's friend) who spoke of Dy's finger bone, this copied from the Scared Monkey's link: Written by TexasMom - she to provide the link of audio, Teresa speaking. She, TexasMom was in the chat room (?) I do believe she was,..her words:

Consider the source on this one. Teresa is a friend of one of Mark's step-sister's who has been Mark's friend as well for about five years. Most of her statements are based on what Mark or others have told her. From my understanding she lives in West Virginia iirc.

At about 13:40

Last night Tricia asked Teresa (Mark's dear friend) a question from the chat room that said someone had heard that Dylan was thrown over a cliff where he was found. Tricia asked Teresa if she'd heard that. Teresa said no because to be honest after she'd gotten the call today she turned her computer off (her phone was blowing up) and just turned it back on about an hour ago. She said that she does know that where they did find the very small amount of remains of Dylan was on the side of a mountain, from her understanding that sits up higher than Mark's house and if you drive it was 10 miles but the news reports online she's seen you could walk it in about 10 minutes and look out Mark's front door and actually almost see it. Tricia says "really". Tricia asks when she says he was found on the side of the mountain could it logically say that he could have been thrown off a cliff. Teresa says you can't rule anything out until the facts are in. Tricia says true, but the reason she asked is because a lot of people are talking about the Dr. Phil show.

I stopped there but I remember later when they were discussing the wildlife in the area Teresa mentions the femurs and clavicle and also describes a phalange (finger) bone of Dylan's that was found in coyote fecal matter.
Now we/I know the source, linked is the BTR Show, to listen to the Audio of Teresa being interviewed. Is to hear it in it's entirety for it to make sense. Man oh man, he has been leaking his Marbles all along hasn't he.

Link to SM:

Randie said...

Mark, keep talking.....

Anonymous said...


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

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The court ruled that the 21-year-old's death was a 'sex game gone wrong' and have ordered Sollecito and Knox back for trial.
This has resulted in Sollecito launching a desperate $500,000 (£320,000) online appeal for donations to fund his retrial.

The computer studies graduate said he was hard up and needed the cash for 'legal expenses' but added he would donate anything raised above the target 'to a research foundation'.

In an appeal posted on his Facebook page, Sollecito wrote: 'Well Guys, the problem for me now is pretty though.
'I'm deeply concerned not just for the issue I'm facing and most of you already know about, but also because I don't have resources anymore to fight this injustice.

'I badly need to be able to hire experts, when needed, or pay my attorney fees, documents fees, and so on when the new appeal will start.

'I hope to not bother you, but I need your collaboration to face this ordeal. Otherwise I don't want to forced to give up just for financial reason.

'I hope you will understand. I'm just asking if you, buddies, know how to build up a non-profit raising funds foundation. Big Hugs, Raffaele Sollecito.'
Sollecito is thought to have been paid $1million (£650,000) for U.S. TV news interviews and an advance on his book Honour Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox, which was published last year.

However a sizeable proportion of that was swallowed up in legal fees to his team of lawyers including Italy's high flying Giulia Bongiorno who is said to have the highest fees in the country.

On Tuesday, the High Court issued its written reasoning for doing so. Miss Kercher's body was found in November 2007 in her bedroom of the house she shared with Knox in Perugia, a central Italian town popular with foreign exchange students.

Tania Cadogan said...

Knox, now 25, and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, 29, were initially convicted and sentenced to long prison terms, but a Perugia appeals court acquitted them in 2011, criticising virtually the entire case mounted by prosecutors.

The appellate court noted that the murder weapon was never found, said that DNA tests were faulty and that prosecutors provided no murder motive.

A young man from Ivory Coast, Rudy Guede, was convicted of the slaying in a separate proceeding and is serving a 16-year sentence.

In the 74-page Cassation ruling, the High Court judges said they 'had to recognize that he (Guede) was not the sole author' of the crime, Italian news agency LaPresse reported. The judges though said he was the 'main protagonist'.

They said the new appeal process would serve to 'not only demonstrate the presence of the two suspects in the place of the crime, but to possibly outline the subjective position of Guede's accomplices'.

It said hypotheses ran from a simple case of forced sex involving Kercher 'to a group erotic game that blew up and got out of control'.

The high court faulted the Perugia appeals court for 'multiple instances of deficiencies, contradictions and illogical' conclusions.

The new court must conduct a full examination of evidence to resolve the ambiguities, it said.

Knox and Sollecito denied wrongdoing and said they weren't even in the apartment that night, although they acknowledged they had smoked marijuana and their memories were clouded.

Miss Kercher was found semi-naked and with her throat cut in the bedroom of the house she shared in the Italian hilltop town of Perugia with his American former girlfriend.

He was given a 25-year jail term while Knox was given 26 years but in 2011 the verdicts were overturned and they were released on appeal.

However, three months ago Italy's highest court ruled there should be a fresh trial for both of them.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Mark also used "98 Dots" in a text to Elaine, several days before the "conflict resolution" in Boulder.

Jen said...

Hi Vita,

Thanks for pointing that out! I just went back to read it and I remember finding that phrase very suspect (especially in reference to being put on the spot about taking the polygraph). His son is missing, and every moment that passes the possibility of him being alive and safe dwindles..but taking a polygraph is what makes MR feel stressed and 'like he is being pushed off a cliff'! Now that Dylan has been found I feel more confident than ever that MR has already told us the tale of what happened that night, even through his drunken, mumbling, bumbling attempts to cover his tracks.

He picked up Dylan from the airport with a mission...he was going to sit him down and have a talk with him about how things were going to be. MR had been awarded his forced visit and he had plans to:

A. Try to smooth over the awkward disgust Dylan felt toward him after witnessing his perverse behavior.

B. Make the most drama and aggravation possible for Elaine through his forced visit. Based on the early morning appt. with his attorney on the second day of his precious visit time with Dylan (to take care of some documents that he needed to file with the court) I believe MR had plans to file an emergency custody injuction, or some other desperate attempt to harass and control Elaine's life through the court and Dylan. If he told Dylan of these plans, then it may well be what sparked the confrontation.(Just like he is still pushing for mediation, MR uses the court as a weapon and means of forced contact with Elaine, draining her of time, money and controlling her by way of constant filings/accusations which she must answer.

When Dylan arrived he (as most 13 year old boys would) made it clear to MR that he had no interest in being there with him, didn't want to hear anything he had to say, and had made plans to spend the time he was forced to be there with his friends. As we have witnessed on the Dr P show, MR is a pathetic drunk who does nothing to earn the respect of others, yet demands respect from his sons over all else. Even when he was being called out on national TV by both ex-wives, Dr. P, the polygrapher, and his guilt was clear to all...his focus was on the disrespect he felt Cory showed toward him.

Just as Peter has concluded through analysis, I believe a struggle took place with MR attacking Dylan and "banging him in the head', as MR stated he wanted the police to do) when Dylan stood up for himself and mother, after which Dylan was unconscious on the couch, unable to be roused. MR then drove deep into the woods, disposed of Dylan's remains by 'pushing them off a cliff', and later staged the fishing pole to make it seem as if Dylan left on his own. Then MR took his trip to town in order to establish an alibi for his whereabouts the morning Dylan went 'missing', returned to the Lake area feigning to 'look' for Dylan (and check for any evidence possibly left behind in the daylight). Cory claims the fishing pole was stored in the garage, and NOT in an easily accessible or noticeable area of the home, to be noticed missing upon return as MR has stated, and therefore appears to be a prop MR used to divert LE...especially since he references it and the false sighting repeatedly despite both leads being disproven.

In addition to the 'cliff' remark, the location where Dylan's remains were found fit perfectly with Marks 'I know Dylan's out there and can see everything that's going on' comment from his 6mo statement (if you can indeed see the area from Mark's house).

Vita said...

Jenn, good to see you here.

The discussion of the Cliff, is on the BTR show, hosted by W.S. Tricia. The first portion of the show Which is about Mark or Dylan? I believe was impromptu upon the breaking news, that the remains were Id'd as Dylan.

There was some planning in the show, as there were two who spoke, one guest Teresa, one other
" Raine" ( she is W.S.Staff) she did speak to Mark Redwine earlier that day. She to share what she learned from him, Dy confirmed found. She to say, that she has spoken to MR for 2months, one month (?) her said, on the show.

The discussion begins with Dylan, the end of discussion is around the 64:00 minute mark. A woman joins in, last 10 mins, 12 mins, Sheryl McCollum of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute.

She to bring in objectivity, as she is who she is, she studies cases. She was interesting, I wished she was on longer. She not interested in emotions and or he said she said, she to offer her incite on Dylan's case.

Guest Teresa is friend of Mark Redwine and his sister. She to know him or of him (?) 5 yrs. She to speak on his behalf, she is on first. She certainly isn't speaking on Dylan's behalf, It's not my personal opinion, it is Mark she has clear interest in, protecting and Saving him. As she believes he is the Victim.

I like many here have followed Dylan's missing since he was reported. As you Jenn watched the two Dr.Phil shows, and have been here all along, within the analysis of statements, since jump, since Dy reported missing.

It's a hard listen. The show is. I found myself grappling within the content, is this a Save Mark (victim) scuttlebutt, and or is this about 13 yr old Dylan Redwine, who has captured the hearts of American's across our Nation as a missing endangered boy, now found. God rest his soul. His mothers/brothers too.

The information shared on the show, I have not read in pressers.

This the only benefit of listening, to hear the unheard. You may want to take notes, I did. AS when it is said in the media, if it is said, it can be compared, dependent upon who releases this info. LE or MR?

This all new, not in the press, not that I have read, doesn't make it true, as it is 2nd party told, restated, that MR said. He, Mark Redwine, is not on the show, it's his said to the two women, either in person or on the phone. One to be his " camp" Teresa, the other woman (Raine) to repeat his learned upon Dy being found.

I suggest boots, as it gets a bit deep. I think it is though worth listening to, as you picked up on in Feb, what is of topic, within the discussion. Dy's remains found, where and how. We to learn more every time MR speaks at present, his leaks, gushes, his boulders rolling out.

The cliff, the property of Mark, he to show Teresa (?), that She states you can see where they found DY's remains from his front door. The press to say 10 miles, this is not true. It's walkable and viewable, where searchers found his remains - from MR's property. These her statements. Her learned from Redwine her friend, her buddy. :X

The link for you/anyone that
wants to listen:

Anonymous said...

Teresa is an outrageous liar and an enabler to a child killer who is very likely to have a poop-eating fetish.

Vita said...

Anon, she " Teresa" did not impress me. Her only reason for being on the BTR was her own. Her own motives. Her and her Buddy ol Pal, Mark. She to so eloquently defend, even after she was challenged by Sheryl.

Sheryl not to mince, she to call Teresa out, for for being a bit
" Shade" leaving out factoids purposely. This and she to call her out, that you were not in the know that Dy was missing, he didn't tell you, when was it he informed you? two weeks post his missing? You though are professing you have all this intimate knowledge (my paraphrase)...

Anon- um it was pretty much figured out from the moment she started her " fest" of Mark's my BOI, my brain went sideways. That and when she said she was a guest or (?) on the Sally Jesse Raphael show, 20 yrs ago.. she comparing the Show of Dr. Phil, Dy's missing. I said to my self, this woman is crackers, with motives, 15 mins of fame, seeker. No credibility.. Sheryl to nail her in the end.. guess my gut wasn't too far off.

My gut in the first mins listening to her, was oh here we go, I want mine, I am famous don't you know, I am IN this to win it, I mean I am Marks best friend I am invested,.. Dylan Who? oh him?

Shame Shame on Her, I do not think she cares if people believe her or not, as this was all about her, and butt of coarse " Mark".

Anonymous said...

Mark sent a message about 98 dots. To what is this 98 dot comment referring? I googled the term and couldn't find anything that made sense.

JerseyJane said...

Jen, so true. Excellent scenerios!! Remember in one of Peter's earlier posts from the earlier reports of Dylans disappearance, some of us spoke of the possibilities of that fishing rod being a staging. MR also made it a point to knock on a door at a house near the lake that Dylan had a friend that was a girl that he fished with.( that could have been a ONE time fishing with someone but remember it's coming from MR). If Dylan was found caught up in his fishing line and found in water, would have been a better scenerio to get away with(especially if MORE time would have passed by).
NOW...... The fishing rod seems stupid and misplaced in the facts of this case. What I am trying to say, is a body and whatever amount of personal belongings being rolled, placed, thrown down a cliff(steep embankment)
makes the fishing rod looks like it's in limbo like ONE big stupid move on MR part... It has him written all over it, NOT Dylan... Dylan is not magically going to pick cold weather fishing over chilling and meeting up with friends.. Even his texts MAKE that fishing rod a smoking gun!
I also think his anger for Dylan not using and probably hating that fake " fishing with my dad" playacting rod drove MR insane.. That rod was leaving WITH Dylan, it symbolized a big FU to his son for not embracing it(MR)... I am so glad it has backfired. Dylan, God Bless You, Baby... You there, Lil' man have caught a monster!!

Vita said...

Anon " 98 Dot" in parenthesis

Google it, just that way in quotes, go to Google Images.

Armory Guns: Collectable Guns, Rifles, bullets to be the main concentrated images.

He being a trucker, DOT, Dept of Transportation. 98 is a highway or Route?

U.S. Route 98
U.S. Route 98 is an east–west United States highway that runs from western Mississippi to southern Florida. Wikipedia
Length: 964 miles (1,551 km)
Constructed: 1933
Anon, Do you have more info on the text?

Vita said...

Q & A - La Plata County Sheriff answers reporters questions,
Video Extra, Very informative.

Vita said...

I am listening, he La Plata County Sheriff, Rep, at 4:56 -
Reporter to him, now that this is a criminal investigation,

His,Sheriff Rep, response, this has been a Criminal investigation since the first 24 hours, Dylan was reported missing.
All points to a criminal act, ..
that was LE's belief, a criminal act upon Dy, from jump (my words)paraphrasing his, as the audio is faster than I can type.

He discusses where Dy's remains were found, he totally blows what Teresa said that MARK told her or showed her, she to say his remains were found walkable viewable from MR's front door.

NO, his explanation, his known, he being spokesman, he not hiding information, he is quite detailed, and it's not remote to Marks door nor property. Dy found.

LE/Search is satisfied at this time, that they have found all that they believe, was to be found. 5 days plus the initial day that led them to go on. His said, to include a variety of items, collected, which was HOW they began the extended search. They came across items, that led them, they to believe the items were Dylan's.

I wonder if it was his contents of his backpack, this personal possessions. He clearly defines remains not to be included in the variety of findings collected, that led them to continue, they then to find Dy's remains. The items found to broaden the search, to bring in more people to aid.

Link: 8:22 mins in length

JerseyJane said...

Maybe MR texted 98 periods in his text to Elaine. Showing his immature anger.


I might have messed up. LoL

Vita said...

this posted on Scared Monkeys -

Re: Dylan Redwine, 13yrs old, last seen 11/19/12, Vallecito, CO #2 (Body Found)« Reply #28 on: June 28, 2013, 11:39:25 PM »

This is kinda weird...eerryyy imo. I knew about the text messages, but didn't even think about a connection. Elaine, Mike, and several others were camping and searching at Lake Vallecito during the Memorial Day weekend, that's when Mark sent the text below.

Rodney Brittain posted on Calling Mark Redwine
52 minutes ago ·

Quote by Mark Redwine in the Denver Post

"Ninety-eight percent of Dylan is scattered about the countryside," said Redwine, his voice trembling in an interview Thursday night.

Wasn't it not to long ago that Mark texted Elaine something to do with "98 dots connected?" or something along those lines.

Calling Mark Redwine
Here we are at the end of another week. Let's reflect back, we know that Mark and Elaine had Mediation on Wednesday, it seems that Mark just wants to "work it out". At least that's what FDF is touting, they've posted the song lyrics to "We can work it Out" by the Beetles.

But.... is that what song Markie is really sending to Elaine?

Or is this the REAL song he's sending?
MR-one week ago to Elaine Hatfield via Text message~

"98%, Dots are many time you burned me you thought I was introduced me to Papa Roach .... soooooo BURN!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you have money to raise for your Colon Cancer riddled BFF"?

V: if he did text that, no telling what he is capable of, I hope Elaine has 24 hour protection.

Anonymous said...

If Dylan's phone and Ipod touch were found they could contain incriminating evidence.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! U must be a policeman!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for the links Vita...I will give it a listen. Is 'Theresa' the same woman who was defending MR from Dr P show, or is she another 'don't say MR is guilty UNTIL there is evidence' groupie.

I can't understand how these idiot women defend him and don't see that everything from MR's actions, his refusal to search, refusal to polygraph, his past tense references about Dylan, his language full of violence in regards to his son, and his unending venom toward Elaine all point to him being the killer. Not to mention the fact that Dylan met his demise in MR's care. What more do they need, a flipping video tape of the crime happening?! Don't they realize that a stranger abduction targeting a 13 yo boy in rural Vallecito Lake, mere hours after Dylan arrived.. and that same stranger disposing of his body on a forest service road across from his Dad's house which is impassible most of the time is BEYOND coincidence?! (Especially considering the background of the visit being forced, and after the discovery of the perverse picsof MR by Dylan).

Anonymous said...

LE has to have good reason and evidence to rule it a criminal investigation within a mere 24 hours. They didn't even consider that Dylan might have wandered off and gotten lost in the woods or any other possibility. I take that to mean they know who, they only needed the remains to go forward. At least I sincerely hope that's the case.

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are a master at summation! You put it all together in such a clear fashion. The only thing I would add is his history with his first wife, keeping the kids from her. Mark's control issues didn't start with Elaine.

Jo said...

“I’ve always believed that one of two things happened. When he walked out the front door he set out for a destination and never made it. Or I’ve always thought a vehicle pulled up in front of my house and he knew who it was and he got into a vehicle with somebody,” MR said.

Both of these descriptions are too detailed, too much extra information. Dylan did not "walk" out the door and did not leave out the "front" door. He had a destination (his friend's house) and that is what they argued about and resulted in Dylan "not making it" A vehicle was pulled up to the house to dispose of his body and it was someone Dylan knew.

Sella35 said...

@ Vita, I have not had a chance to read everything yet. One thing that caught my eye on your post is "All I have on my mind right now is to reach out to Elaine and Corey, figure out what we need to do as his parents to give him a proper burial, because I think he deserves that."
because I think he deserves that.

His own dad says BECAUSE I should not think anything he should say ...HE DESERVES THAT..

I will try to spend time tomorrow reading more comments on SA blog. That statement made a chill run up my spine! /sad

Vita said...

Teresa is not the same woman on the Dr. Phil show, once I dated MR, she to experience Dylan at MR's house, last forced visitation, Dy had no choice. Not the same woman friend.

Teresa, her name is on pressers, that are of Dy's Missing early on. She her FB header, from when he was missing in the beginning. Her header is Winter, Christmas.

Jen said...

Thanks Vita!

And Thanks Anon, I agree with you, MR is a life-long controller and abuser. He gains 'respect' not by his actions or by example...but by the pain and control he exerts over others through his vindictive and manipulative actions. MR gets his courage and bravado from a bottle, and if anyone dares to challenge him, he turns all of his energy to making their life unbearable. What a waste of human life these women are defending!

Vita said...

Teresa, Camp Mark,
She posted this on FB,...
It's post creepy. A drawing he (MR) made of Dylan. I read it is in the interview "video" held at MR's house, the one that is uncut. That it can be seen hanging over his couch. A shrine of Dy in the dark? blackness - it gives me chills.

Dylan a vibrant boy full of life.
He his Dad saw him the opposite?

Jen said...

I'm reading the tea leaves here, but in reference to the 98%/Papa Roach text that was said to be sent by Mark..I was trying to think what 'you introduced me to Papa Roach' might mean, and this came to mind...Papa Roach has a song and album titled 'Getting away with Murder'. The actually chorus is.. "I feel irrational, so confrontational.... but the reality is I'M GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER".

Have a listen to all of the songs lyrics on youtube and see what you think. Pretty creepy considering his know fetish and lyrics about loving punishment, etc. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Shorten your rants please!!!! Let others comment!!!! ,Observer

Anonymous said...

Shut UP!!!!!,Observer

Anonymous said...

Miller Might have stickertje

Anonymous said...

I disagree,Observer

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of this idiot!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of this idiot!

Sus said...

MR said he felt "blindsided" by the news of finding Dylan's remains.

Blindsided = attacked, assaulted, snuck up from the side.

In MR's latest later there was almost a smugness in saying "it has now been 6 months." MR was speaking from a feeling of safety at 6 months that no clue of Dylan had been found.

Now they find Dylan on the mountain MR said it was "stupid" to search, and he feels attacked.

Mm hmmm...telling.

Sus said...

later = letter.
Autocorrect, of course. :(

renah said...

Ive always been somewhat skeptical about SA, even though i have learned here & very much appreciate peter taking time to offer these lessons to us.

I just have trouble agreeing that SA or SCAN is the end all of end alls, and the intimation that if only we learned more, the inconsistencies & seeming loopholes-- in other words, the apparent failures --of analysis would all go *POOF*... We'd been blind and now we can see! HOWEVER:

If it turns out that Dylan's poor body was in fact A) rolled down or off a cliff, & B) he and/or his body was deliberately "strewn", and finally C) there is evidence that multiple attempts to bury the evidence & physical remains "deeper & deeper"

I will DEFINITELY AND INSTANTLY become a true blue, dyed in the wool, fervent SA believer!!

Shoppergalone said...

The shoestrings are bothering me quite a bit. They found the shoestrings. They had been removed from the shoes. Why? For what purpose? Animals didn't do this. Even an animal chewing on a shoe wouldn't unlace the strings. Does this bother anyone else?

Shoppergalone said...

The shoestrings are bothering me quite a bit. They found the shoestrings. They had been removed from the shoes. Why? For what purpose? Animals didn't do this. Even an animal chewing on a shoe wouldn't unlace the strings. Does this bother anyone else?

Sus said...

yes! It bothered me, but then it occurred to me that possibly Dylan was wearing shoes without laces or no shoes. Maybe the laces were packed separately in his bag in case he needed them. Has anyone noticed his shoes on the released pics? It is the style not to wear laces in certain type shoes.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of us are playing "what if" in our minds. "What if it were my child, and I were innocent - what would I say? How would I behave?"

If I were his father, I would be in touch with the police every day, asking questions, giving information. I would be walking around the hills around my house, searching for my son. I would make myself available to the media. I would do anything - even if it's humiliating - to get my son back. ANYTHING.

And I wouldn't be talking about him in the past tense one week after he went missing.

Jazzie said...

Kevin Torres
Thursday via mobile
just interviewed la plata county sheriff spokesman Dan Bender:

- items discovered on Middle Mountain were important enough for deputies to ask both sides of the family to come to town.
- Elaine Hatfield, Dylan's mother, was notified about the items when she arrived midway thru the week.
- Mark Redwine, Dylan's dad, is currently in the La Plata County sheriffs department being notified.
- No reason to believe mom or dad had anything to do with Dylan's disappearance.
- this is a criminal investigation.

"no reason to believe mom or dad had anything to do with Dylan's disappearance."

This is from La Plata County Sheriff spokesman Dan Bender.

Jazzie said...

Forget the shoelaces, what concerns me is the missing skull.

Shoppergalone said...

Jazzie, I didn't know the skull was missing. I haven't seen a list of what they have found or have not found. Has that been released to the public? If so can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks in advance.

Jazzie said...


Not in news. I assumed that when they said only 4 to 5 bones found and were DNA'd, they had to do this because they didn't find the skull so they could dental record ID. Sorry. I shouldn't have posted my assumption.

"Mark Redwine said investigators told him they had found only four or five of his son's bones and that they would continue searching. He said authorities told him his son was ravaged by wildlife.
Investigators also found a piece of the boy's shirt, one sock and his shoestrings"

Jazzie said...

“During the search of Middle Mountain we found a variety of items, including bones, and those were sent to CBI, and they confirmed they were human remains,” said Dan Bender, spokesman with the sheriff's office. “DNA testing confirmed they were Dylan.”
...At first they were uncertain if they found human or animal remains, Bender said."

I assumed if they had found a skull that LE would've been able to identify the remains were human.

Anonymous said...

Vita: I noticed that spooky imagery of Dylan too. Did Mark draw that collage of existing photos? Why is there a hole in Dylan's clavicle in the top image?

Jen: Both the Papa Roach “Burn” and “Getting Away With Murder” lyrics are worthy of a SA. “I feel irrational, so confrontational
To tell the truth
I am getting away with murder
And is it possible to never tell the truth?
But the reality is I'm getting away with murder
Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness
I need to calculate
What creates my own madness
And I'm addicted to your punishment
And you're the master
And I am craving this disaster”

Anonymous said...

Your insane^^^^^

Sus said...

l agree with Kaaryn's analysis about "location" and "locations". There is one burial site which the animals then scattered. I am taking from the sheriff's and MR's words that they found the scattered remains, not the burial site...and thus not the skull.

MR is further leaking about the burial in every interview since finding Dylan's remains. He was holding Elain hostage with Dylan's remains and is reminding her 98% is still gone. MR is desperately trying to contact Elain about a "proper burial". He has a need to be in control of that.

Anonymous said...


Sus said...

In a November interview MR used the future tense to tell what Dylan does: "He'll walk down to the river across the street or you know he might go up into the campground where he can be next to the river up there."

MR is seeing something in the future back in November. Could it be the following...

"First thing I thought of when I heard was maybe they found his backpack, an Ipod or whateverit would be,"Mark Redwine said through tears.

I believe Dylan was buried, then his belongings were thrown in or along the river to flow into the lake.

Deejay said...

Of course it is criminal- Dylan didn't walk up a cliff 12 miles away and toss himself off. I just wonder if Mark planned this horror as an ultimate punishment to Dylan, Elaine and Cory...
Dylan was probably dead by 9 pm. Mark Redwine can't even put the blame on alcohol. Keep him away from Cory!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Deejay. Think it was pre-mediated, with a possible shallow grave already dug. Mark drove Dylan up there on some pretense, maybe asked him if he'd changed his mind and wanted to come back to Bayfield, Dylan said "no," and that was it. Mark won the custody battle. Dylan remained in Bayfield. And Mark did not have to pay child support. The cell phone told us when. Mark's interviews have told us where, how, and why.

Jazzie said...

Redwine death will likely remain 'undetermined'

"9Wants to Know has learned from Dylan's dad, Mark Redwine, that that only a few of Dylan's bones, including a leg bone and a shoulder bone, were recovered. Mark Redwine says investigators also found shreds of one of Dylan's shirts. Mark Redwine says deputies took him on Saturday to the area where his son's remains were found, and the area stretched 1.5 miles in length."

Jazzie said...

The dispersion of Dylan's bones freaks me out. I think the scattering is due to nature (weather, terrain, animals, etc.) but the thought of his bones scattered just freaks me out. Now a few of his found bones are held in suspension, by forensics, to unravel the mystery. They can't release the few bones they have found, until they find the truth.

But it all still freaks me out.

Sus said...

It freaks me out more that Dylan's father talks about it to reporters.

Jazzie said...

"Mark Redwine says he’s been asked to retrace the case facts with investigators on Tuesday."

Jenn said...

Everything about MR's statements about wishing he tried harder to "wake" Dylan on the sofa has always raised a red flag with me.

I think he choked the boy.

I think it's the only way Dylan could have gone off-the-grid before 10PM and be "discovered" by Mark in the morning in a state where Mark could wish he'd tried harder to "wake him up" without a significant amount of blood evidence left behind.

I think Mark was expressing some wishful thinking which was the result of "Hero fantasies" after the fact. I think he throttled Dylan on the sofa and it's possible that Mark, in a drunken state, didn't realize he'd done permanent damage to Dylan's airway until morning.

It's the only thing that fits, to me. It's the one thing my gut says fits.

And to Elaine and Cory or any loved ones of Dylan who may be reading my comment here: I apologize if the graphic nature of them hurts you. It's a nagging feeling and it needed to be said.

Randie said...

Mark Redefine was indicted and arrested. Blood found in different places in his house.