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Belief, Articulation, and Action Part One: Blackburn Murder

This is the first in several articles on the topic of "Belief, Articulation, and Action" that centers upon one's words revealing one's belief system, allowing us to adequately predict how someone may react in any given situation. 

This article focuses upon the murder of Amanda Blackburn and a recent statement by her husband, Davey Blackburn. 

He said that he was in the shower when God spoke to him and told him that Amanda died to give life to his church.  

It is critical to have a reference point for readers to understand what this means within Blackburn's own world.  In Statement Analysis, we do what we can to 'walk in the subject's shoes', to understand what he says, according to he believes.  

What we belief, we articulate and this is the best predictor of what may happen tomorrow.  

          "Amanda died so the church could live." 

 Christianity teaches that God is the Father, and that Christ died for His Church, that is, his people made up of both Jew and Gentile; and of people of all races and nationalities.  This message was then delivered to the men that Christ commissioned and has gone out through the world within history.  This is a central to their beliefs:  Christ died to give life to His people.  God is the Father.  

In this short video dated Sunday, November 29th, 2015, Davey Blackburn said he was not going to speak but his father in law told him to, and in this, he must obey his own "father" before he "speak to my own children", that is, his church (in full context).  

Rare is such visible linguistic display of narcissism but in this, he was only just getting started.   He began with stating he might not be able to "get through" speaking, but then went into the free editing process to speak without halting. 

What did the husband of murder victim Amanda Blackburn say, weeks after her murder?

Blackburn stated that "God" spoke to him while in the shower.  This was in a direct "Question and Answer" format. It began as a "thought" but quickly moved to direct quotes.  

For Christians, and for investigators regardless of belief, it is important to note his claim:

 God spoke to Blackburn outside the boundary of the Scriptures. 

This is important in understanding the murder in the context of religious belief of which the language is wrapped in.  It is important in understanding how cults are formed.  Once a boundary is broken, there is no telling how far it will go. The flood gate is open.  For some, it is immediate, while others, such as organizations, it can be generational.  

It is important in understanding the psychological need he is expressing. 

I.  Basic Background 

The Christian minister professes that the Bible is of Divine Authority and he is to declare it. There is no other Divine Authority than what is in Scripture.

 The most predominant feature of a cult is "control", something readily recognized by people, even without study of religions. 

This can be understood in religious context, or even in societal, or corporate context.  

In Protestantism, the stated belief is called a "Creed", and it is a "binding of the conscience to the Scripture alone." Every church has a creed; it is just that some do not write it down, but they have it.  Every human organization, such as a company, has a 'creed' or written standard.  
In Roman Catholicism, it is the same but with the addition of "sacred tradition" and Papal "ex cathedra" authority.  But since Blackburn reports to be "evangelical", we limit this to Protestantism. 

With the stated belief that the Bible is God's Word, a minister cannot be faithful to it if or when he decides to instruct or speak for beyond this authority.  

Even beginning it with "speaking to my heart" he still moved to direct quoting.  It would be no different than a president declaring a new law, without legislative procedure.  It is 'beyond' the scope of his authority and if accepted, there is no longer a limit in existence. This is the precise way a cult operates and a dictatorship operates.  

Authority is "beyond" that which is agreed to.   Once one has successfully gone beyond the set boundary (law, constitution, creed, mission statement, etc), the success may lead to more attempts.  

The scriptures, in fact, limit authority of government, church and family to the point where our founding fathers used it in forming the United States.  It allows for freedom which, historically, was without precedent in the early United States.  With this freedom comes responsibility and risk.  People can and have abused freedom, but with the belief system, corrections came along the way. Freedom and Tyranny are opposites.  

If the church states that its beliefs are from Scripture, it tells those who consider joining that they are limited to Scripture in authority.  

Cults, like tyrants, seek control and when people begin hearing what  is not found in the Scripture, creed, or by laws, but from "God", they take note that control is going "beyond the stated trusted boundary"and there is no telling where it will end.  

Let's say this is a library and not a church. 

The library organizes itself and has a board of directors and a mission statement and when people "join", they know "the rules."

Should someone in the library group have a very strong personality and begins to first suggest that he knows more than the bylaws, and then moves to demands, the remaining people can try to "hold him to the library's constitution and by laws" and if not, toss him out. They rightfully claim "tyranny" because they have a written standard. 

Our forefathers in the United States believed, religiously, in submission to authority and persuaded France to join the fight, specifically with this argument.  They were not in a "revolution", but a "resistance movement" because British Parliament did not represent them, and they had no legal authority to tax them.  They claimed that the oppressive taxes interfered with their Christian obligation which mandated that they had to provide for their families.  They made lengthy protests to the King stating, "you are obliged in our contract to stop Parliament who issues taxes while not representing us, and then enforcing the taxes with their soldiers.  You are legally and morally obligated to stop them. "

The king did not. The leaders took this to the people, who, many of them, took up arms against British soldiers.  Had England won, the very heroes we celebrate, would now be "villains" hung for treason.  When John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, the loss of the war would have meant death by hanging, and infamy in history.  

He did what he believed, as freedom has its risks.  

II.  Blackburn's statement is important because:

1.  It reaffirms why Amanda died.
2.  It affirms Blackburn is beyond the restraint of Scripture 
3.  He equates himself with God 
4.  He reveals delusional grander in his future plans.  

5.  For what it tells Criminal Psychologists 

1.  Amanda's death

Fox News highlighted that when Amanda was murdered, the initial statement of the husband looked suspicious:  no grieving, but a reminder that his work will go on.  This was shocking in itself, but what else was missing was any fear of the killers.  In a brutal murder where he found his wife with her head opened up and clothes removed is terrifying from top to bottom.  He indicated no fear, nor need for the killers to be caught.  

He used her death to advertise his church, repeatedly, even after public criticism.  He linked her death, verbally, to his success.   

But on November 29th, 2015, Amanda's death, which was consistently assigned to success in church growth, now was in a statement from God, Himself, to Davey Blackburn, himself, while "in the shower."

"In the shower" is an unnecessary detail which, in statement analysis means it is very important to the subject.  We would not care to know where he was or what he was doing when the Almighty spoke to him.  We would not care, but he cared enough to include this detail. 

Please note that in sexual homicides, references to water are frequently found in the language.  You may read about it here and in Amanda Knox' statement and in many other cases.    

Psychologically, there may be an element of 'washing' and we only highlight references to water (as well as lights and coverings) when they are unnecessary.  If one is asked, "Did you do the laundry?" a reference to water is expected.  

On the rape and murder of a teenager many years ago the suspect was a truck driver and his statement revealed the time of death:

"I was driving along Interstate 95 when I went south on 295, stopped and got gas.  Washed up, and then proceeded to..."

The unnecessary inclusion of "washing" pointed to the time of death, being just prior.  The need to 'wash' or 'cleanse' is in the language.  

It could be the language of the perpetrator, the victim of sexual abuse, or even enter the language of professionals who work with sexual abuse victims, but it is, when unnecessarily used, a linguistic signal to explore.  

It is interesting to note that when he claimed God "spoke" to him, he referenced specifically being in the shower, while:

a.  his wife was murdered and found with her clothing removed
b.  his mentor gave a detailed statement about Davey's 'sex appeal' at Amanda's service
c.  he frequently informed his followers that he has a strong heterosexual sex drive which Amanda failed to satisfy
d.  He "told a lie" which in high school caused both adults and peers to abandon him

2.   God "spoke to him" which now means this for Protestantism:

The insufficiency of Scripture.  

'God' addressed Davey directly, outside of Scripture in a Question and Answer format, in the shower.  God cannot be wrong.  God is eternal.  God's Word is eternal and even a single Word from God about a unique situation from 3,000 years ago, is seen in the Bible as having benefit for all mankind, for all time. 

Without 'God's words' to Davey, the Bible is insufficient.  There is something out there that needs to be added to it, and, in this case, it is 'really big news' of 'historical proportions.'

It is no different than the 'date setting' that cult or cult like leaders have done, or the psychic 'finding of children' claimed.  

Thus the message of insufficiency without Davey Blackburn is the message to all who listen to him.  

His father in law is now in the presence of one of whom "God" speaks directly to and has even told this young man what is going to happen in the future in the United States.  

If you are not associated with religion, but can see this from the perspective of the "library" or legal organization, 

Davey Blackburn has just spoken with Divine Authority.  If his father in law goes against him and defends his church, is he speaking against Davey, his son in law, or is he speaking against 'God'?

If you want to hear from "God", you must hear what "God" told Davey Blackburn.  Since any Word from the Almighty is eternal and profits all, those who have not heard, need to, and those who do not heed, are in deficiency. 

 Davey Blackburn has just seized the opportunity of his wife's murder for cult leader status.  

He even used this to insult his father in law's church, without a rebuke from the father in law, as pastor, when he called them "dead" and "dry" and that "Amanda died to give them life!" which led those without discernment to applaud.  

How did he 'know' this?

He had a "vision."

There was no rebuke nor correction from the pastor who allowed his flock to hear the nonsense while being given a solid "performance" from one who attempted to sound 'upset' at first, yet without tears.  

Thus the cult leader's status is established and submission to one who is so close to 'God' as to have 'God' talk to him while in the shower, is publicly declared. 

Blackburn did not stop at the status of a "prophet" with visions and a direct two way conversation in the shower. 

3.  Davey Blackburn equates himself with God. 

Is this the mystery of the "we" he so often used?

Please note, he does not equate himself as a "prophet" in his language, but is vaulted to equality with God.  

If so, it is something that makes sense to not only hide guilt, but to show just how delusional he is. 

He has no wife and when asked what he would tell his son, he said,

"We will dialog" with Weston.  "We will shepherd his heart."

It would have been considered rude, but I would have asked, "Who is this 'we' you refer to, Mr. Blackburn?"

Davey  referenced his church as his "children."  

The use of "we" is well documented and it is closely associated with guilt, from childhood right up to career criminals; the guilty do not feel comfortable being alone. 

Davey Blackburn tells us that Amanda died to give his church life.  Blackburn said that God did not ask him about doing this trade, his wife for the church, ahead of time.  What would have Blackburn said?

"Of course", he said, he would not "give" Amanda's life for the church. 

"Of course" is something we note in Statement Analysis  as one will say when a subject does not wish, nor feel the need, to be questioned. The subject wants the assertion accepted without question.  

Blackburn's use of "of course" should have been unnecessary, but it was not.  

Amanda died for the church, who are Blackburn's children.  This is his own language which brings the correlation between himself and 'God.'  The Scripture says "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..." not that Amanda gave her life for the church of whom Davey Blackburn is father.  Remember, this is his belief, and his articulation.  It is his verbalized perception of reality; not reality itself. 

Here, "God" told Davey that Amanda gave her life for the church, as he calls the church his children.  

This, alone, should send a chill down the spine of those investigating any connection between Blackburn and the gang who killed Amanda.  The reaction from Christians is predictable as it is from psychologists.  What is seen as outrageous, blasphemy, mental illness or personality disorder, received applause by those present.  This is consistent with his mentor's language about "Davey working a room" and what presence he has, yet, "something is wrong..."

4.  Blackburn's Delusion of Grander 

He said that "history books have not written" what greatness is about to happen through Davey Blackburn, because of Amanda's death.  

Over the years, I have noted many justifications by killers with most being subtle in the language.  Some have said that they killed their own children to spare them from future pain, but even there, the 'noble' or 'higher' motive reveals:

a.  The need to make the motive sound 'noble'
b.  It was not the truth, anyway. 

Susan Smith was depressed and wanted to spare her children future pain.  This was the illness justification and the 'noble' motive, yet we learned that she felt she, herself, had better romantic results without children.  

The need to assign motive, itself, is concerning. 

Even in his religious "vision", he leaves himself a way of blaming someone else:  "don't let this go to waste", so that if it does not happen, he can blame them.  The "revival" like never before, will not be because he was 'wrong' but because they let it waste. 

This man believes that the Creator of the world is not only talking directly to him, but he felt the need to say that it was in an intimate setting of "showering", something found in sexual homicides, and it was a message that contains information so great about him, that it is beyond historical precedence. 

Will many people be surprised if police announce an arrest?

He says that he would not have "chosen" this, but would have been happy to have a wife and 2 kids and a "church of a 120"


The setting is rather 'dull' by comparison of a church so large that history hasn't conceived of it, and by context, he is portraying the church of over 100 members in the negative, as if their souls are less valuable. 

This is not the first time we heard this from him.  

Statement Analysis showed that linguistically he did not connect himself, personally, to the loss of Amanda. 

Yet, he records himself with linguistic personal emotional connection to "failure" to get 400 people out to his church.  If this is not convincing enough, he compares something else to this, to highlight his disappointment:  salvation of 16 souls.  Whereas Heaven may be described as "celebratory" over one lost soul returning, 16 times that amount brought personal emotional disappointment in language stronger than in losing his own wife to murder. While his wife lay dead, he quotes how many customers attended on line. 

What we believe, we articulate, and we act upon. 

You now are looking at a man who believes himself equal to God, and the church his "children" and he, too, has given someone to die for the church.  I do not write that he gave someone he loved because Blackburn specifically avoided this in his distancing language.  

The language of delusion is evident.  Being able, then, to adequately predict what actions will follow is not difficult:  

Expect to see him do "whatever it takes" to "fulfill" the "vision" he had.  

He is no different than a psychic claiming to have found a lost child, except he wraps his in religious language.  

I believe that he self reports a history of anti-social behavior, without empathy of its impact upon others.  This is why his language is void of any emotion about Amanda's death, or even about his son losing his mother.  

His language is the language of guilt and delusional thought, as one who is exploiting others, with religion as merely a tool to use to accomplish his "vision" of overseeing an empire so great that history books have yet to be written of such.  

His obsession with projecting his sex drive before his followers is done in context with humiliating the victim of the murder. This too, as projection, is part of this murder investigation.  His own mentor addressed this very topic instead of Christ's resurrection, or even tribute to the victim.  

Blackburn's language is the language of distance, guilt, and narcissism.  He is obsessed with success, and even under scrutiny, he is incapable of refraining his ambition.  

He has now openly declared "why" Amanda died and this came directly from "God" to him in the shower.  Previously, seated alone before a camera he said that "we" were "baffled" as to "why", but now it is clear.  

5.  The connection of sex

As many have commented upon, he is obsessed with sex in his performances, and it was a theme even of his mentor in the memorial service. In 'sermons' he uses himself, repeatedly, as the example for sex.   Note now, even when he is hearing a voice, the subtle context of sexuality is in play: 

He heard the voice of "God" in the shower; and held his own 
"Q &A" with the Almighty while naked in the shower.  Do not miss the connection with his other "Q&A" where sex is also a topic.  

He reveals this, even under the delusional pretext.  He wants his listeners to picture his "Q & A" literally, with him without his clothes on.  This is not something that was essential for the narrative, yet it so dominates his thinking that it enters his language. 

Amanda was found with her clothes torn off her.  

If tests show she was not sexually assaulted, was this possibly staging of the crime scene?  Was the perpetrator told, perhaps, what we, the public had been told about Amanda's 'sexual inadequacy' (according only to her husband)?

Is this just another in an extreme list of coincidence?

He did not have to tell us that he was, too, without clothing when he had a "Q & A" with "God", but he did.  It was on his mind, and important to him.  That he was not only naked (sex) but was in the shower (water) may suggest the desire to be cleansed. 

Who was with him in the shower?
It was "God" in the shower with him. 

Criminal Pyschologists will wonder if this is a cry to forgiveness, a 'cleansing' that we see enter the language of perpetrators.  

He saw an insulting "vision" of Amanda's father's church
He has been assigned this great task of "bringing the church, his children, to life" because 

"Amanda died, so the church could live."

This too, will not be lost on police investigating this crime.  

*Is he involved in orchestrating the murder of Amanda Blackburn for his own success?


*Is he so sociopathic and narcissistic that he is incapable of human empathy and sees her death only in terms of how he can manipulate media and audiences for his own success?

Analysis Conclusion:

Davey Blackburn did not have a "Q & A" session in the shower with God.  His need to tell his audience that he was in the shower is significant.   

Move past the cult leader status, and past the claim of a "vision" that will propel him into the history books, and even move beyond equating himself with God, giving in death so others could live. 

Listen to him.  Listen to his need.  

When a little boy comes to school and the teacher has to prompt him to wash his hands before snack, this is normal and unremarkable.  

Should the same child come to school and the teacher notice that he is obsessively washing his hands, she will become concerned that something is very wrong with him, and will wonder if he is a victim of child abuse.  

In many investigations, the same is seen in the language.  

Victims and perpetrators both use references to water, in some form, in cases involving sexual abuse including sexual homicide.  

Both victim and perpetrator can show a  'need to wash' or be cleansed.  

I once had a nursing student make an unnecessary reference to water and asked me why this was.  I simply asked her a few questions which revealed:  She had just come from a class on sexual abuse of children and was shocked and felt a desire to take  shower.  The connection made sense to her. 

In investigating allegations of sexual abuse where the victim was mentally retarded and non-verbal, behavioral patterns are observed. Some victims refused to leave the home and wanted to take a shower every few hours.  Others became incessant hand washers.  Even when their words could not express it, their behavior did. 

For Blackburn, he is putting himself with 'God', the one who can 'wash' him, together, as having a conversation, literally with Questions and Answers, where he, himself can be 'cleansed.' This is why the location of God talking to his "heart" is important enough for him to tell the audience. 

He now places himself, with a desperation to be historically relevant; he is so important that 'God' is speaking intimately to Davey and making Davey of immense importance. 

It is easy to become angry at one who is taking a cult leader status, but listen to his words; listen to the choice of words he uses to convey the message:

He needs to be cleansed; 
He is without his clothes on;
He is the single most important person in that large room where this was spoken; all eyes were on him and the Almighty did not speak to any of them,
just Davey. 

The message makes Davey of "historical importance" and center of all that is about to happen.  He and God both, are the "father" of the church.  

Yet, in the words he chooses, we see the connection to the need of cleaning, specifically related to sexual abuse or sexual homicide. 

Blackburn has a need to be relevant that is so powerful that it literally overruled all the normal grieving reactions that any man would have who's wife was murdered. He 'sees' what was not what his eyes saw.  

If he is not connected to his wife's murder, the guilt would have to be explained in some other way, yet, what did he tell us in this video appearance at his father in law's church?

This is the language of guilt but even in the language of delusion of his future 'history making' acclaims, there is something very wrong with him and readers should consider not only the connection with sexual homicide or sexual abuse, but the fact that 

Davey Blackburn is broadcasting a need to be 'cleansed.'

He has a need to justify Amanda's death. 
He has a desperate need to be important, above all others, even to the point of making history.  

He has a need to be cleansed from sexual abuse, either as victim, or as perpetrator is not yet known, as it could be both.  

He has gone so far as to equate himself equal with God, as both he and God know what it is like to have their loved one die so the church could 'live.' Amanda's "breathe" was taken from her and put into the "church" to become an army for God.  

Blasphemous?  Yes, to the Christian, but to the Criminal Psychologist,  it is the words of a man terribly troubled and it must be learned if he orchestrated his wife's demise to profit from it and make himself the center of soon to be written history, or simply is one drive to profit from it.  He is calling out his own guilt.  

Listen to him:  

'I am the most important person here. I am of historical importance. Even the Creator has addressed me personally.  I and He are on the same level in having given one for the life of others. 

I am naked.

I am in a location of washing.'

God is present with me.  

It is true that many have made such grandiose claims, but we ask:  did those claims come on the heels of a murder?  The context of these delusions is murder. 


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trustmeigetit said...

Quick OT

Oscar Pistoris was found quilts in appeals.

That first judge was so wrong. Still shocked she ruled as she did.

trustmeigetit said...

Guilty not guilts

John Mc Gowan said...

I was hoping you would comment on the "water" reference.

Thank You!

CJ said...

Who is the photo of?

John Mc Gowan said...
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Concerned said...

Such a fine, yet troubling analysis.
I rarely entertain the thought any more that Davey is innocent in his wife's death.
Now I waffle between whether he actually did the killing and staged the rest or
whether he planned to have the thugs carry out the murder.

But this thought just hit me (not in the shower!).
Could his guilt and need for cleansing come from having raped
Amanda often in their marriage and forced/coerced her to participate
in acts that offended her Christian beliefs?

I have to admit that this "sermon" helped convince me Davey Blackburn could rationalize anything.

Mdkd6262 said...

Peter: great analysis!!!! So many relevant points... much to be learned here.

Concerned said...

CJ at 1:41
Don't you recognize those muscles?!

Mdkd6262 said...

This pic of DB at the top of this post is creepy... looks like he's taken notes from Mike "The Situation"

CJ said...

Every other guy in the group, tucked behind the women. Except Davey. Now that's just rude.

CJ said...

No way. The black hair. The sideburns. The goatee.

Where is this photo from?

Anonymous said...

Is there a possibility that one of those journal entries could of been wrote by Ms. Meg Griffith herself???

Anonymous said...

I am sure this is buried in another post or comment section, but can someone give me the link to the video where Davey speaks at his father's church?

Anonymous said...

Davey and Phil speaking at church

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great, Peter. I like the way you articulate things. It makes DB's deception very clear.

His blasphemy on his church stage is one thing...he speaks regularly like he knows exactly what God always does and thinks, etc.

But his abuse of Amanda's death in his Ezekiel speech takes his blasphemy to a whole new level I think..he says that the Spirit has breathed out through Amanda's death, so that the church could breathe in the Spirit, and be made alive again..

Jesus said that anyone who blasphemes against the Son can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. Matt 12:31)

What is Davey doing? He is ascribing things to the Holy Spirit that the Holy Spirit has not done.
And I do believe he has equated himself with God too.

Anonymous said...

Even if police went back to look for more evidence, they will still have a hell of a time proving Blackburn was involved as the crime scene was botched from the start.

Could this be a case of incompetence? Could law enforcement have looked at the surveillance both in the neighborhood and at the gym and concluded Davey, a pastor, a father, a husband was completely incapable of murder? Was Davey able to bamboozle the cops? I just don't think so in that he is so full of himself, but on the other hand, time is a ticking, they're letting a potential murderer shephard little Weston.

This is the most bizarre case I've ever seen. Has there ever been another case were law enforcement cleared the husband that fast? Cleared the crime scene that fast? How was Davey able to get the cleaners in the very next day, how did they clear that crime scene SO fast? Was this aimed to look like a racial hit to ignite more racial tension?

What is UP with this case?!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the picture just changed...was that other pic not DB?


Anonymous said...

Is there a chance that one of the neighbors could of been involved in this as well? One of those neighbors had always seemed a little too happy to be infront of the cameras

annonymous17 said...

Hmmm...another person who has "no idea" how something could happen:

From CNN article regarding the shooting in California:

Farook's brother-in-law Farhan Khan said he was "devastated" by the news.

"I have no idea why he would he do something like this. I have absolutely no idea. I am in shock myself," Khan said. "I don't have words to express how sad and how devastated I am."

Khan said he last talked to Farook a week ago. Farook's family had tried to reach him all day Wednesday but could not. Hussam Ayloush, the head of the Southern California chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, said Farook and his wife had dropped off their 6-month-old girl with her grandmother and claimed they were going to a doctor's appointment before the massacre.

"There's absolutely nothing that could justify (this shooting)," Ayloush told reporters. "And we stand in mourning and sadness for what happened."

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:20

I've been saying that for weeks. Are you talking about Ryan McConnell? The neighborhood watch captain? The local press continued to go back there to get the updates from the neighbors, only thing is he was usually the one talking. I've always had suspicion on him, I don't think the entire neighborhood was in on it, but Davey had a little help from some friends, in my op.

Anonymous said...

I wonder the same thing about the neighbors...didn't a neighbor say they heard shots and a scream?

Why did they not call the police?


Anonymous said...

Anon 02:25 & 02:29

Is Ryan McConnell the same neighbor who has Amanda's dog now? Could the dog have been left with a neighbor that morning while AB was still asleep?

Anonymous said...

Exactly SLH and why, when they saw the thuggery activity going on that early did they not call law enforcement? They said he was trying to hide his face, they saw this and still didn't call? Also, early on, law enforcement released a description of a light skinned black person. Where the hell is that person? Better yet, WHO the hell is the person that law enforcement describes as a light skinned black man?

Wait til this case goes to court, it's going to be quite the mess. Why, if law enforcement had this locked up tight, did they not release the better video footage? Why did they release the back shot of a grainy man/woman? Why did they describe the suspect as light skinned? Purposely misleading the public to bolo for a light skinned male? Why did they not release the ATM video footage, etc.

Lemon said... just gets more disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:31

Good question, I don't know the answer, but..

Capt converse said the dog greeted them with licks when they arrived at Amanda's house, I think he said the dog was in a bedroom, but I could be wrong...

It struck me as strange b/c I think the dog would be going berserk from what he would have heard, and would smell blood too


Anonymous said...

I know one of the neighbors has poor Mel, but not sure which one. Ryan McConnell is HIGH HIGH HIGH on the gaydar and speaks quite similarly to Davey.

Sidenote: Why do the neighbors have Mel? Why the hell didn't one family member go and get that dog? Ugghh!

Lemon said...

Also, he is not being very subtle that he believes Amanda died to give him more "success". All couched in religious terms, of course. Davey believes God has big plans for him.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:34

Many of us suspect that the lighter-skinned man is Alonzo Duguoise Bull.
Perhaps Larry Taylor was set up?
Maybe the calls to and from Alonzo's phone were to and from his girlfriend (with his phone at home), done Mitchell?

Anonymous said...

Donae Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Of course, he's already chomping at the bit for speaking engagements. Can you imagaine how much this guy will rake in making appearances at various super churches to give his "testimony" of how his wife was brutally murdered and how HE came up on top with Jesus walking right next to him. He's going to make BANK if he doesn't get thrown in the clink.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:43
I'm betting on the Clink.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 2:40

Yes, I agree with them. The entire story about doubling back to pick him up, in a damn cul de sac no less! None of it makes a stitch of sense.

Anonymous said...

Who gave the three thugs the alarm code to disarm in the first home that was burglarized in the neighborhood?

Tania Cadogan said...

A great analysis.|
I picked up on the 'prophet angle'immediately.
God spoke to him one on one and said this and that
The water made me go with sex was he abused, the abuser or both?
Amanda was a virgin in the full meaning of the word.
Her only sexual experience came from what davey did to her.
Did she have an idea of what was 'normal'?
The talk with mom about the sex side of a healthy relationship?

Did he make demands that were 'not normal'?
The butter comment in open church as an example.
Was she a victim of sexual violence at the hands of her husband?

I think so.

He is emasculated, he broadcasts his manliness and studliness, his high sex drive to his church and latterly to the world.


He has to present an image, he is overcompensating.
He fears what he is is blatant to others, his dirty little secret.
Thus he comes out loud and proud of his manliness, he is a father to one son and would have been a father to another child (possibly a girl)

Unless his business was progressive (it is not a church no matter how much they spin it) having a gay or bisexual pastor means game over.
Divorce means game over.
Getting divorced because he abused his wife, lied to her about his sexuality , lied to his business about his sexuality means game over.

Being fired means he has to find all the money he was 'given' to start up his own business.

Numbers is his obsession, numbers means money, was a repayment due and he didn't have it?

He told us he was "smokin' what i'm selling"

He can't be gay or bi, he has a kid to prove it, a studly son.

I wonder why Amanda and her child had to die?
Did she mention divorce and the truth would have come out ruining all his business plans?

Did she deny him what he wanted and no one is allowed to tell davey no.

Does he truly see himself as a prophet and sacrificed Amanda and her unborn child to prove his worth and seal the deal?

Did someone he has a relationship with get jealous on learning his wife was pregnant , when perhaps, he had been telling them he wasn't sleeping with her?

Did he telegraph his needs via the church sermons and videos?
The punch in the mouth - Check
The shooting your worries away - Check
The demeaning of his wife sexually and often in church - Check.
Broadcasting his high sex drive - Check

I am wondering if we are seeing the beginnings of an insanity plea?

God talks to him, god tells him what to do etc etc.

Is the net closing fast that he knows the only way to avoid death or a life sentence is to claim insanity.
if you are going to go insane, then do it in style and with maximum publicity.

Right now i have concerns for his son if he has access to Weston (josh powell anyone?)

He is also at risk of self harm, he is a tinderbox waiting to explode.

He desires and needs have been pulled from under him, what will he do to remedy this perceived slight?

Mdkd6262 said...

The only reason we "think" she was murdered between 6:40-6:45 is based on the neighbor's statement of hearing two gunshots and a woman scream at that time... AND THEY DIDN'T CALL THE POLICE????? That kept bugging.... how could that be held as a "credible" account??? If I was the police I would want to know if you heard all that with such certainty then why the #%&* didn't you call us??? This is not the hood we are talking about.... I would take a serious look at someone who "CLAIMS" they heard all that (I'm seriously doubting there ever was a scream now)! If you take that one piece of the puzzle away that we have all accepted as fact it blows this whole thing out of the water and makes it very likely that DB did actually shoot her....

Mdkd6262 said...

It's very hard to muster up the image of DB "in tears" on the train to Chicago watching a Sermon that foretold Amanda's death but I have absolutely no problem mustering up the image of him knocking her teeth out and gunning her down and standing over her watching her bleed....

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noted that they state the home directly next door to the blackburn's was attempted to be broken into as well? So while ole' Davey boy was heading off to the gym, the thugs were right next door, not two homes down, but right next door. Has anyone else seen this?

Those are some ballsy thugs to strut around the neighborhood like that, as if they were deliberately trying to get caught. Why did they not continue to make withdrawals on the ATM card? So for $400 bucks and a few electronics, that's the price for murder? That's the price for that violent of a death? $133.33 to each when all is said and done? Even for the most extreme crackhead, that seems rather miniscule.

John Mc Gowan said...


Check out how excited he is about the size of this venue and how many it seats.

Also, he highlighted this from a scripture!

"And David became greater and greater, for the lord, the god of hosts, was with him!

It just happens to have his name front and center!

Anonymous said...

"I've been in full time ministry for the past 5 years and now ... I'm not. During the first few weeks of transitioning out of my job and into new jobs I've heard three resounding words from God ... "Nothing is Wasted"."
Megan Griffith (from her Etsy shop)

What is MG's job in Indy? What has she done since the "iving with the Blackburns babysitting gig" with Weston ended?

CJ said...

Here's a find"

I wonder if PN considers Davey a Victim or a Victor?

Anonymous said...

Some random thoughts:

Why has Perry Noble unfollowed Davey on Twitter? Also, there is no mention of Amanda's death or her celebration aka funeral on Perry's twitter page. Why has he distanced himself so far away? Unless he knows or highly suspects that Davey is guilty.

If Amanda is found to have been raped or sexually abused, I wouldn't doubt that Davey is guilty, especially if she was sodomized, as it appears he wanted that badly.

On her journal pages, can someone here possibly enlarge them and see what was written on 1) the other side of the entry she wrote before they moved, (you can see it coming through on that page, and 2) what is imprinted at the bottom of her supposed "last" entry/love letter to Jesus. If you look closely, you can see where writing from previous pages has came through.

I tried to enlarge them and see but I wasn't able to figure it out.

CJ said...

And Davey know how PN feels about victims.

26 Augdaveyblackburn @daveyblackburn
"@perrynoble: In case you didn't see it yesterday...there are basically 2 types of church planters -" // A Must-Read!

andrew said...


To this, I can only say: bravo.

Mdkd6262 said...

If I was innocent and my spouse/unborn child had just been gunned down in our home and put on life support, declared brain dead, and was awaiting organ procurement, there's not an army of horses big enough that could have dragged me away from that hospital until she had been pieced back together and pronounced dead and I was able to hold her one last time as I said goodbye....

I sure as $%#* wouldn't be out ordering f n t-shirts.....

The outrageousness of this arrogant diabolical murderous psychopath grinning, celebrating, and fake crying over the grave of Amanda and Evie and bathing in her blood & infusing himself and the congregation with her dying breath declaring himself the Almighty all the while being praised and embraced by Amanda's family & potentially being given a pass by LE thereby enabling him to maintain control over precious little Weston is making me infuriated!

CJ said...


RE: "I am wondering if we are seeing the beginnings of an insanity plea."

I have been wondering this too.

If arrested, I expect DB to plead guilt by reason of insanity. And who wouldn't believe him? Look at his bizarre behavior, including gun waving and violent references, leading up to the murder? Those oh-so-carefully-crafted phrases and sentences may not be a liability after all.

Anonymous said...

Whoa....PN unfollowed DB on Twitter????

CJ said...

Oops, I meant "not guilty" by reason of insanity.

(But then you figured that out already, right?)

Boston Lady said...

Blogger tania cadogan said...

Right now i have concerns for his son if he has access to Weston (josh powell anyone?)


A very frightening thought.

This whole case continues to confuse me. I didn't think Davey was involved and it was just his narcissim speaking. When he spoke at his father in law's church, it was eye opening. God asking Davey "if he had asked him" When does God ask? But then Davey thinks he is on the same level of God, it makes perfect sense. Is he unraveling? It makes Hobs's statement above about Weston's safety, very very frightening.

I hope Weston has safety with Amanda's family.

CJ said...

Anon at 2:53

What is your source for this info (attempted break-in next door)?

Boston Lady said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Whoa....PN unfollowed DB on Twitter????

December 3, 2015 at 3:10 PM


I don't think he was ever following him. I looked at that earlier on and he wasn't friended by PN.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the old "God told me to do it..

It'll be interesting to see if that plea is used eventually.

If I was an investigator, I'd leave no stone unturned.


Louise K said...

For those who are thinking Law Enforcement incompetent

They weren't being incompetent when they announced in their presser

"you think you're smart but you're not"

They WERE NOT talking to a bunch of burglarizing hood rats when they said that

Police are all over DB and this does not work like an episode of CSI

It takes time patience and a whole lot of hard work to seal charges that will lead the Midwest Bible Thumping potential jury into a Guilty Pastor frame of mind.

In short they need a Smoking Gun

A connection between DB and the offenders

A hard connection with $$$$ at the base of it

Not so easy when you think about it

Facebook doesn't count some people have thousands of "friends"

They need to PROVE concretely that DB is not only behind this murder he also had the ways and means to set it up

Not so easy...!

See: (again) Tyler Deaton - still running free as far as I know

Anonymous said...

Thought the same thing!

Louise K said...

BTW I don't have the stomach to check out another DB vid today

I simply cannot FATHOM how folk with working brains can look at this creepster and go

"ayup - Holy"

To me he is the devil incarnate and his REACTIONS to his wife and daughter being murdered are utterly inexplicable

He's HAPPY about it

= he PLANNED it

Anonymous said...


You're right, if they're going to nail him, they have to have HARD evidence.

Circumstantial evidence won't cut it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what they left behind at the crime scene that connected them to the crime? My thought was that they left something and that's what LE was talking about when they said "you think you're smart but you're not". Do you think that early on they suspected Davey, and if so how?

Louise K said...

Weston is not "safe" yet he is also safe as houses.

The type of Christianity DB burbles is also (fortunately) the type that thinks children are the ladder to heaven so Weston was unharmed and will remain so

He is however in Danger because he is surrounded by bible thumping LUNATICS who worship (apparently) his mother's murderer.

Nope, I wouldn't call that "safe" myself...Physically safe only...

Anonymous said...

Anon 03:26

They left behind duct tape? and Swisher cigarillo's.

Anonymous said...

I just glanced at Perry Nobles twitter page. How many post does he have the the 28th. What did he do to make so many people angry? How did I miss this. How do so many people have so much time to constantly post on their social sites. Are they in mid conversation in real life and have to stop and twitter...

Concerned said...

Louise K at 3:21
I believe what the police spokesperson said was, "You're not as good as you think you are," which is even more damning and personal to Davey.

I would expect Davey, in spite of that wicked holier than thou mini-sermon, is shaking in his boots.
He's also probably visiting this site many times a day, proving he's not a robot by clicking on cacti.
If he's visiting as many times as me, I feel for him. This is exhausting!!
: > )

Louise K said...

Yes they suspected Davey

This is the most OBVIOUS set up I personally have ever seen

The second they met him they KNEW. Canny old sniffer dogs are police

They deal with grieving families every single day.

When you come across a husband who is NOT GRIEVING its like a big ole red STOP sign to police.

There WILL be notes in the First Attendees notebook saying "DB was yelling a lot but dry eyed"

The first attendees would've noted the Absence of Grief (most husbands would be a blithering mess no matter how bad the marriage was) and the next attendees and so on...

Also Police attend burglaries every day.

The amount of burglaries that end up with a pregnant young mom shot on the floor = 1 in 100,000 at best


I suggest this is behind the Show of Force at LE Presser. Every man and his dog got the microphone and each was angrier than the one before.

They were not angry because they Caught The Perp

They were angry because they haven't yet

all my humble opinion

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

DB also blocks anyone who remotely criticizes him on Twitter...

Anonymous said...

Louise K
You lost me on children being the ladder to Heaven.
Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Why do the negative comments toward Davey and PN still show up on their Twitter pages?
Can they block someone but not remove their comments or are these just new people when I visit the pages?

Sus said...

This is a great post, Peter. If I may ask, do think "history books have not written" equates or even goes over the "perfect ministry of Jesus on Earth"? I think DB has had that delusion building for quite awile.

Louise K said...

I doubt Davey is shaking in his boots

You and I would be but Davey is a psychopath

Absolutely CONVINCED -

1. he's the smartest in the room (see: cant shut up)
2. Police have no idea (as above)
3. Jesus is backing him all the way because Jesus understands the Sacrifice DB made

Davey Blackburn at this point possibly views police as an inconvenient side effect of the Momentous Decision Jesus instructed DB to make

Remember old Jesus knew before Amanda was murdered, that she was gonna die

See: DB personal convo with Jesus when J asked what DB would do if AB died

Davey Blackburn believes he is put on this earth to GROW a church and that it is Gods Work and whoever dies in the meantime - well, its Gods Work innit...

Anonymous said...

I keep asking - where are the people from the town where he performed the "big lie" - there has got to be SOMEONE out there talking....

Anonymous said...

CJ posted a link at 3:03 pm,

it was to a twitter post that Perry Noble had tagged Davey in, titled "2 types of church planters". He told Davey to go and read it.

Go to that link and there is a link to another article written by Perry Noble:

(Note: the paragraph below is copied and pasted from the website. The words in ALL CAPS are the way Perry typed them. Notice he put BURNS in all caps...Conspiracy theorist that I am, it makes me wonder if he was trying to point this paragraph out to Davey.)

" #4 - When The Leadership Allows The Vision To Get Hijacked In Order To Keep Everyone Happy!

EVERY church planter WILL experience SOMEONE trying to hijack the vision of the church…MOST of the time before the church ever officially launches. Pastor..BEG God for HIS vision, let Him BURN it in your heart…and then go for it and don’t let anyone talk you out of what God has clearly spoken into you."

Did Davey feel like he had to try too hard to keep Amanda happy, and then realized he needed her out of the way to achieve what he felt he was called to do?

Mdkd6262 said...

I think that the "burglars" were hired to get rid of her body and was given the inside info to do the job two houses down as a form of down payment on the job... the first burglary was to procure a stolen get away car... there was duct tape and sheets... the debit card was also a form of payment for the job that's why they only took it and travelled to the ATM that DB told them to use that was familiar to him and he's the one that gave them the PIN # he just probably wasn't thinking about or aware of the limit per withdrawal creating a decline for the $500 they were told they would get. That's why dude stayed back at the house because they weren't going to haul off the body until they got paid and then I believe as LT smoked his swisher sweet and waited on them he realized she wasn't actually dead and got spooked.. (remember supposedly the neighbor heard "two" shots (what DB told the neighbor to say as his alibi for "6:45"because he shot her twice -once thru the arm and once thru the back -assuming she would surely die - but she was shot "three" times! I think the 3rd shot was from LT to finish her off... that's why he leaned over her watching her bleed) the two that went after the money freaked after LT told em he had to shoot her in the back of the head & that's when they refused to go pick him up and Alonzo Bull (or whoever it was running the "haul of the body for hire" talked them into not leaving him behind. so when they go back to get him that's when dude #3 says no way am I going back to that house so he jumps out at the entrance of the neighborhoods and waits to be picked back up. Meanwhile, Crazy Davey has to come back to what was supposed to be him thinks going to a scene where the body has been removed & his job will then be clean up and coming up with his excuse that she has now disappeared but instead he's got to come up with another plan so he delays going inside... he probably actually did get off the phone at 8:00 and sat there another 20 minutes having to come up with what he's going to say on his 911 call he's now got to make since the "burglars" botched the job they were hired to do which was to get rid of the body... THIS MAKES SENSE TO ME

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:33
Bless you little heart.
Your humor is so in the vein of Davey and the other Lost Boys that one would almost think you were Davey himself.
But we know he is home naked receiving divine revelation.

Louise K said...

Im not explaining a damn thing to anonymous anyone any more

get an account or at least a name otherwise bug off

Louise K said...

Here's a guess -

Amanda was more popular and loved than DB was

There's a quick and easy way to reverse that eh?

Anonymous said...

If it's still an open investigation then why did they allow him to leave town? I mean I understand he was cleared but I guess I'm just confused as to what they must be thinking.

Louise K said...

Why did they allow DB to leave town

1. they cant stop him he's not under arrest
2. enough rope
3. He's not going to murder anyone else

Mdkd6262 said...

Remember from the probable cause document that LT distanced himself from the 1st two shots - he was very vague about describing them saying he shot her "somewhere in the upper body' and the "I shot her to stop her from scratching me" never passed the sniff test... but he gave great detail about the head shot. Cause it was from experiential memory as opposed to the 1st two shots which were delivered by crazy Davey.

John Mc Gowan said...

And the award for post of the day, goes to...

Louise K said...

"Im not explaining a damn thing to anonymous anyone any more

get an account or at least a name otherwise bug off"


Anonymous said...

In the shower with God = intimacy with God = DB thinks he is one with God


Louise K said...

PMSL @ John Mcgowan

you will note that in the very next post
I answer someone anonymous


The hypocrisy is strong its catchy too apparently

Anonymous said...

Mdkd at 3:44
That is so interesting. I have to mull that over for a while.
My struggle with this theory is what was Amanda doing until Davey could get the thugs there to finish her off?
Were those first wounds incapacitating?

Louise K said...

I just freaked myself out

Is THAT why Weston survived and Everett didn't?

Because Everett was a GIRL????????????

CJ said...

Anon @ 3:26

Here's a link to the Probable Cause.

The suspects ditched the Sebring that they had stolen from the first crime scene, and in the car was a pink sweater and an ATM receipt with Amanda's debit card # on it. LE found DNA on the sweater that led them to Jalen Watson. His phone records led them to Bull, Gordon and Taylor. A CI subsequently named Taylor as the murderer. Surveillance footage from the homes burgled/robbed and the neighborhood matched the suspects that were eventually arrested.

At the moment, LE has no murder weapon and no direct evidence of Larry Taylor's involvement in the murder, it is all circumstantial.

Anonymous said...

John at 3:45
Laughing with you.

Anonymous said...

Louise K at 3:52
They only imagined she was a girl. too early to tell.

Anonymous said...

Just curious if I missed it, but I no longer see the curious tweet from Kenneth Wagner from the morning of Amanda's death? I definitely saw it the other day, the only time he tweeted how much he enjoys his weekly dialog with his best friend Davey. But now, it seems gone? Am I missing it? I am a follower of Christ and continue to pray that the Lord will shed light and truth on this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Never one, I missed it, the tweet is still there. My mistake! Still I continue to pray.

Louise K said...

Anonymous @ 3.55 (1)

They imagine everything else like Jesus yapping in the shower

Imaginary or not (its hardly relevant if they Believe you see)

Weston survived the hit the daughter didn't

CJ said...


I don't believe that whole "Amanda wanted a girl and so we named her Evie Grace" spiel.

First, because he didn't even acknowledge the unborn child in his first statement, and commenter's here have speculated the tale he told was overcompensating for this initial lack.

Second, in his Worship Sermon Davey introduced a biblical figure named Jehosaphat. He stumbled a little on the name and recovered by making a joke about how they were going to give that name to the baby.

Yeah, right.

M said...

Louise K

#3 - unless backed into a corner. I'm afraid he would take Weston with him if he felt like he was caught with no way out. I can't say the words - so hopefully you can analyze my statement well enough to understand what I mean.

Is that a mountain or a row of trees? I just can't tell.

Sus said...

Another disturbing fact is DB sat in his driveway (we think, because we can't really tell by his phone) until his neighbor pulled up. Their calls to 911 were within minutes of each other. I believe 8:18 and 8:22. Is that correct?

Concerned said...

Anon at 3:55
It's still there, just click on the Conversation.
Twitter is such a strange thing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the tweet is still there, and if I'm reading correctly, shows it to be tweeted at 7:18 AM

Concerned said...

That timing makes my Coincidence Meter fly off into space.
You're right. 5 minutes.

Louise K said...


Psychopaths don't get backed into corners

Psychopaths like DB ALWAYS think they will get out of trouble somehow

They yell their innocence as they head to the electric chair

With DB we have the Added Complication that

I actually believe he actually believes that Jesus wanted Amanda Murdered.

He has 100% confidence in Jesus and 110% confidence in himself

He will never, ever admit it

See: Matt Baker, Tyler Deaton, Chris Coleman, Scott and Drew Peterson

>>wusnt me<<

Anonymous said...

So many questions and no answers.... Did DB want to be seen getting out of his car...

Louise K said...


maybe you're right


DB murdered that pregnancy no?

Whether it was Too Early to Tell or not

It may have even been a tipping point

If Amanda and Davey BOTH believed the (un)welcome pregnancy was going to be a girl for whatever reason

it could've made Amanda all that much more disposable

in his head

I don't want this Wife and I don't want her mini-me running around either

Don't forget there is still Babysitter Question Marks - things and people involved in this we still don't know about.

Babysitter obviously got a good lawyer

CJ said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm getting a little disturbed at Peter's obvious attraction to Davey Blackburn.

December 3, 2015 at 3:33 PM

If DB and Co. would stop making statements we could all move on.

But they don't, so the SA machine grinds on.

Mdkd6262 said...

I think she was shot much earlier than 6:45 - I don't think the neighbor's account is credible... how would any body in their right mind hear two gunshots and a woman's scream next door to them and not call 911... It's safer in the hood than hanging out with these religious gangsters.

Concerned said...

Where did that photo of Davey's beginner muscle go?!

To all:
It's interesting to see that the Mentor did not tweet a link to Davey's in-the-shower-prophecy on Sunday.
You would think he would find that monumental news for the other "leads" and "seconds" or that he would bring Davey in for a special session at the home "church", him about to lead them through the Red Sea and all.
But wait, PN is the one who gets the direct instructions (remember that Christmas Eve one overturning the Ten Commandments?)!

I would feel terrible about saying these sarcastic things if I thought for a minute these imposters had anything to do with the God I serve. As many of you have said so eloquently, our God is bigger than this and He doesn't miss a beat in loving and caring for those who struggle in this world to honor His will. I'm so thankful we don't have to receive the Breath of Life from a murdered young mother but from the very Son of God.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:33
Bless you little heart.
Your humor is so in the vein of Davey and the other Lost Boys that one would almost think you were Davey himself.
But we know he is home naked receiving divine revelation.

December 3, 2015 at 3:38 PM


Anonymous said...

Whenever Peter posts a new one of these analysis articles, I feel like a little kid getting a Christmas present! I print it out and careful pour through ever word, with a highlighter and a pen!

Anonymous said...

So, I wonder what time the phone call BEGAN with DB's best friend that morning, since he made the tweet about how nice it was to have the conversations at 7:18am?

Anonymous said...

Davey wanted the neighbors to phone 911 first, to keep the timeline intact. The fact that they haven't released the 911 tape is very telling. I believe there is gold in that 911 recording.

D said...

I'll usually read comments first, and then read and reread Peters newest article. I usually do not hang around as much, but decided to add a name, I wouldn't want Louise to skip my anon post! lol I am just happy that here we can discuss the fact that DB is guilty of something unlike over in websleuths, you'll get a timeout,... What are we toddlers.

Concerned said...

Anon at 4:14
I'm not sure whether you give me hope because I haven't yet pored over a print-out or
fill me with dread that I'm almost to that point!!

I do almost clap my hands with each new SA!
My husband thinks I'm slap crazy!

Let's hope we get this settled soon or the Christmas presents may have to buy and wrap themselves!

CJ said...

Anon at 3:37,

Good catch. These two blog posts from PN exhibit that Davey most likely had no reason to expect continued support (or respect) from his mentor if he couldn't make his church plant work. This was his one shot.

Remember Davey's list of worries from the Worship is a Weapon sermon?

1. "You’re not going to show up to this church"
2. "Our" finances (bills to pay, making ends meet, how are we going to do this?)
3. "My" future
4. The future of this church
5. The fragility of a new church, and what that looks like
6. Kids

Depending on how you view this list, the church was featured either three or four times in his top six (#2 doesn't specify if the "We" is him and Amanda or him and Resonate).

Louise K said...

I cant read em even this time - there's so much of it and its all in the same vein "covering DB arse"

This case makes me sick

Really sick

Im just here with IMO MOO and JMO

To express my disgust and disbelief with others who follow and use SA and other Investigative techniques to detect BULLSHIT as we eloquently name it Downunder

My BS meter is in utter overdrive and sadly this case is looking Less Like A DB Solely Plan and more like a fuckn great conspiracy between quite a few "Godly" types to bring her down...!

A conspiracy no less

I hope im wrong

But Pastor K definitely involved and Amandas Dad is flicking the needle too so WTF do we have here...too much money involved...too many dodgy stage hoppers...Men front and centre and women either silent or silenced...

Ping ping ping ping

Anonymous said...

I don't see DB as having mental illness or even being delusional; rather, I see him as just the character we've had all through the ages: the plain old shyster - trickster, scammer, cheater, liar. But not delusional or mentally ill. Narcissistic, yeh. But, for instance, the personal talk with God in the shower - that's just plain old-fashioned lying.

Louise K said...

"911 What's your emergency?"

"oh hello. My name is DB and I am Pastor at Resonate Church, I've just walked in the door and something awful seems to have happened..."

Anonymous said...

Louise, this is one anonymous poster who loves your comments and wish I could thumb them up. I'll work on getting an account here, didn't know I'd be here this long, but it looks like we are all here to stay for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Preachers, men of "God", have been shysters for as long as man has walked the Earth! Not all of them, but it seems to be a line of work that attracts plenty of them!! I mean, there's good money in that!

Amy Smith said...

"I've found her in the condition that she's in."

Anonymous said...

Amy at 4:26
That one gets me each time I see it.

Anonymous said...

As far as Davey potentially going the insane route, take a look at the Elizabeth Smart Case. Her kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell really was a lunatic, he was claiming God was speaking to him, wearing robes in public, kidnaps a girl. I mean, if ever there was a case for a loon, this was it. Yet in 2010 they declared him competent and off to trial he went.

Davey doesn't stand a chance w/the insanity plea, especially in Indiana. JMO

D said...

Anytime I start listening to one of DB talks, I cringe and want to change it. Almost like a movie that has gone weird. He makes me uncomfortable listening to him. I've never been to church before, no plans to, if I went to these peoples church I would probably leave thinking wtf.

Concerned said...

Louise K
Re: the 911 call

I predict it will start with, "I was at the gym..."

Amy Smith said...

"What you need to know is..."

concerned said...

Anon at 4:28
They might be able to get PN to stand up and say, "I always knew he was crazy."
Would that help?

BB said...

My main hurdle is this: If Davey is behind it, HOW did he think he was going to get away with it? Was he banking on the killers not getting caught? If he set the killers up to do it, he had to know they were NOT going to keep quiet to protect him if they do get caught. He had to know this. Did he overestimate their skills? Does he just think he is above it all and everybody will buy any bs he spouts? Has that REALLY been his experience in life? Have people REALLY taken to him like he thinks? He seems like a douchebag that people would run screaming from. Is his sense of self so inflated that he thinks nobody will believe he could do such a thing? Does he not know that he can't dupe experts? Does he think he can? Seems really stupid.

D said...

Oh I can't wait for the 911 call to be released.

Mdkd6262 said...

BB @ 4:31

DB absolutely believes he will get away with it - he is narcissism personified. Plus in his mind he's not guilty because he was commissioned by god for a wife swap...

Concerned said...

BB AT 4:31
It appears that PN's employees have to take their cues from him. When he posts something or Likes it on social media, they jump up and down to do the same.
Once he throws Davey to the wolves for damage control,
they will probably feel free to tell their personal stories of the Crazi-Daveyness.

And when Davey is arrested, the news media will tear up Birmingham and Tuscaloosa for the Serious Lie story and others.
Nancy Grace might even get over her Don't-Touch-This attitude about the case. BOMBSHELL!

concerned said...

Mdkd at 4:37
You're killin' me!!

Amy Smith said...

Yes, there are pastors who truly believe they are above the law and untouchable. In 2011, after I wouldn't be quiet about my former Prestonwood Baptist youth minister who had sexually abused boys there, his new church in MS let him confess from the pulpit on a Sunday morning. He said "while serving at a church in MS and in TX, I had sexual indiscretions with younger males." Someone got it on video and sent it to me. WFAA news in Dallas then ran the story and Jackson, MS news picked it up. Several victims then came forward to police there. I gave the police & DA the video confession. Langworthy pleaded guilty in January 2013 for child sex crimes: 5 victims ages 6-13 years old from 1980-84. A TX victim from Prestonwood Baptist also assisted the prosecution.

BlueRibbon said...

I couldn't agree more with everything you said.

Anonymous said...

That's an incredible story, Amy Smith! Thank goodness you aren't afraid to take a voice!! SOMEBODY has to stick their neck out for those who need protection!!

D said...

I agree with Anon 4:49 Amy amazing job. I honestly can't believe how much sexual abuse takes place. It frightens the hell out of me. I trust no one with my kids.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Anonymous 4:49


Anonymous said...


Don't forget in Davey's 911 call he would have made sure to mention that he's the *LEAD* pastor at Resonate....

Great SA and discussion. -L

Mdkd6262 said...

And I'm sure that Davey would have also included in his 911 call that he showered prior to going to the gym...

Louise K: please construct for us a full 911 call complete with all the Davey-isms!!

Unknown said...

Peter, Are you familiar with Wayne Grudem's interpretation of prophecy in the New Testament as compared to the Old Testament in his book THE GIFT OF PROPHECY IN THE NEW TESTAMENT?

Anonymous said...

If Taylor and Watson were hired to kill her, or clean up the scene, I don't think they knew it was orchestrated. I believe someone else was in on the planning, without telling Taylor and Watson what was up. If I were a member of LE, I would be looking at the person who gave them directions, who said "hey, let's hit up this house", and seeing what kind of link there is to DB.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Davey had any blood on him at all when police arrived. Any loving husband would be covered in blood from comforting his wife.... just a thought.

Amy Smith said...

Thanks for the kind words. In February of this year, Dallas Observer featured the Langworthy/Prestonwood case in a cover story:

Anonymous said...

"There's been an event"

Concerned said...

Good comes out of every instance when an abuser is outed.
I'm thankful you worked hard to see that justice was done.

Unfortunately, the child abuser in our midst died before anyone told.
I have since forgiven him but that took some years and some doin'.
I spent years fantasizing about which punishment I would inflict if I
could bring him back to life.

I hope that whether Davey is ever convicted or not, this will make the
hairs stand up on the necks of these young women who are yoked to narcissists.
I hope they will run in the other direction even when encouraged to stay by family and
church members who just don't get it.

Amy, I read recently that your contact info was published by those who would silence you about this case.
I hope no harm has come to you as a result.
God bless you.

Mdkd6262 said...

Anon at 5:08


Unknown said...

(Maybe somebody has already asked this…) Wouldn't it be common practice (due to statistics in cases like these) for LE to give the husband a lie detector test ASAP, before they state he's 100% cleared? Seems like common sense. And if not, are lie detector tests reliable after much time has passed - (does a guilty person start believing they've gotten away with the crime and therefore perform "better" on the test?
…and GREAT analysis! Thank you!

Louise K said...

"911 what's your Emergency"

"oh hai.

My name is Davey Blackburn, I was just at the gym and on a regularly scheduled phone call to Pastor Kenneth, you know hes also a Pastor, well did I mention Im Lead Pastor at Resonate?

Yes so anyway I was having my regularly scheduled call with Pastor (you can call him and check heres the number) then I walked into my house, then I noticed something amiss.

First I checked the mirror thinking - hey - maybe I have a hair out of place! then I checked my waistband - nope, gun still there - then I realized that there was my Wife and Major Helpmate on the floor, GOD ALONE KNOWS what im going to do without her, anyway I had sat in the driveway for an extra 20 minutes yapping so it definitely wasn't me, you can do gunshot residue tests - clean.

Nope, im clean as a whistle sir"

"is she breathing"


"i said, is your wife breathing?"

"welp just hold on a dickety doke there Ms Operator while I put my phone and gym bag down and I will check her. Did you know im so chiseled and beautiful that when I strode into my own room I just knew there was something up...hang on....ah yes she's breathing...(fuck it)...I am going to hang up now and pray while you guys hurry up and clean this shit up for me ok?"

Randie said...


Wow! I'm anxious for part two and part three.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Louise K 5:17


rosy said...

Peter, two thoughts:

Yes he is delusional. His hallucination of God speaking to him in the shower and the Ezekiel based vision of skeletons coming to life represents a psychotic break.

He is a danger to himself and others. He has custody of a small child. He owns a gun and knows how to use it. Who will intervene?

Beyond that immediate danger - why did he launch this vision of church renewal at this father-in-law's church? Why did he not hear the voice in the shower in Indianapolis either before or after Amanda's murder?

Davey is reinventing the wheel. Under the cloak of leaning on his father-in law's love and support, he is challenging his father-in-law's efficacy.

Witness "Revive Indiana," a movement launched in northern Indiana early this year. Amanda's father and mother were/are leaders in Revive Indiana. The organization was sparked and run from out of state by a young Texas evangelist.

Is Davey angry that he, backed by his out-of-stated mentor, was not called by the Lord soon enough to slingshot this revival? How many people is he angre with?

Concerned said...

In light of all Davey's pre-crime leaks, what with the shooting his worries, bashing the teeth of a girl who disagreed, the sex-denying Bible wife getting raped, the only more surprising thing would be if Davey called 911 and said:
"My bride has been slingshotted."

Anonymous said...

The best and most missed Davey stunt is when the reporter asks Davey if he hoped the new baby would have the dimples and Davey's like "I hoPed" and right at the end, he nods his head, pushes his eyebrows together, like pfffft, yeah right lady. Anyone else catch this?

Also, when I have to listen to Davey speak, it absolutely drives me nuts when he emphasizes his "P" sounds. I can't even believe Davey had more than 3 friends. Who could tolerate him for more than five minutes? My radar is HUGE on Amber's husband. The surface has only been scratched with regards to those two.

Louise K said...


Davey at this point would have to consent to a LDT, or a warrant be issued to force him

At this point he's out of town

lawyered up

and out of reach

Anonymous said...

Wealthy EVANGELICAL pastor Perry Noble makes those hoping to become church planters (to spread the Word of God) pay money to attend his "how to start a church" seminar. Those hoping to spread the Word of God, but can't pay his ticket price and ask for assistance are "seeking a handout". On this site he praises one couple who sold one of their vehicles to be able to purchase the expensive tickets to attend his seminar. Lord have mercy.

Mdkd6262 said...

If I were suddenly unable to recognized bodies of water, cacti, grass, and trees... I would be in big trouble


Anonymous said...

Has a SA analysis been done on this? It was released on Wednesday, the day after the shooting.

Perry Noble, senior pastor at NewSpring, released a statement Wednesday in which he said: “At this point, I am talking with Davey consistently and trying to determine how our church can best help him and his family in the coming days. Right now, I’m asking our church family to pray. Pray for Davey, his family, the investigation and that justice will be served. As we know more or if there is anything else we need to do as a church, we will let you know.”

Anonymous said...

Davey isn't psychotic. He knows EXACTY what he's doing. He's manipulating sheep to create his empire.

Anonymous said...

Very well put. Agree.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my reaction. Whoa.

Concerned said...

Rosy at 5:20,
While reading your post I wondered if another source of angst and downright jealousy for Davey was her closeness with and admiration for her father.
He seemed manic about taking the floor from Phil Byars right there in his own church. He grabbed that opportunity when Phil asked people who were afraid to pass out Bibles to stand, then approached Phil, asking to make his "unplanned" speech.

He told the people who came there to worship that he was going to offend them and he didn't care.
How better to put down Amanda's dad than to say the people who had been lead by him were just worthless bones?!

Also, I'm thinking if God outright told Davey he was going to lead the masses to Him, bypassing His own inspired Word and His son, Jesus, wouldn't Davey have run in the door insisting on telling NOW?! How could you sit quietly for an hour?
It all makes me crazy.

Amy Smith said...

The dimple comment grimace was glaring.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:26
About those sheep...
When you only rent the pasture for a half day on Sunday and the rest of the time you're at the gym, it's hard to keep them fed.

Concerned said...

Mdkd at 5:25
Oh that I could send in a check and be permanently declared "Not a Robot"!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you all have watched the Sunday service in which Davey spoke at Amanda's father's church. Many people are speculating how the father feels about all this and Davey. In watching that scene, it seems completely scripted- Amanda's father asked those who were ready to go out on a limb and dedicate themselves God to please stand up. He looks around and says "Davey what are you doing standing up, you're a pastor!" Except the way it sounds to me is complete faux-surprise, no emotion, as if that was pre-planned and he was acting it out. In what is meant to be an unscripted moment, Davey gets up front and says he wasn't planning to say anything for fear of breaking down-- except nobody asked him to speak. Or even go up there. Adding to how artificial it all feels after his father-in-law's fake shock, Davey seizes the spotlight and launched into his heroic and quite unbelievable speech, which is described here, during which he showed no emotion or danger of breaking down, of course. The whole thing seemed staged, like they were scripting this pivotal moment for the Amanda's Story book/movie.

Anonymous said...

she died so the church could live.

Amanda was found with her clothes torn off her.
If tests show she was not sexually assaulted, was this possibly staging of the crime scene?

two and two
she was prego, not his child.
she had to die.

CJ said...


I'm not seeing an RD here, which leads me to the conclusion that your statement is deceptive.

Either your check is going to bounce or you are, in fact, a Robot.

: )

rosy said...

Anonymous said...
it absolutely drives me nuts when he emphasizes his "P" sounds. I can't even believe Davey had more than 3 friends.
December 3, 2015 at 5:20 PM

Does he emphasis his P's as much n prior videos? I inferred that under the psychic stress of Amanda's murder, and whatever role he played in it, he regressed. By the time of that interview, after Amanda's Celebration of Life, he had regressed to the state of a good little boy, minding his Ps and Qs. Like a good little boy in Sunday school.

Or he may adopted that persona for that woman interviewer. Since then his persona has changed again.

Donna said...

"You're not as good as you think you are" - LE at the presser.

Could "good" mean as in reputation? Like the "good pastor"/"decent Christian"?

BTW, Louise, I really look forward to your posts!

M said...

Somebody mentioned that he is out of town and 'lawyered up'. I remember a couple of weeks ago that someone mentioned some heavy-hitting lawyers being hired. Anybody remember that conversation?

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he really is lawyered up and that lawyer is pounding his head every time CD opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Article about Davey, but focused more on Perry Noble, also video of Perry Noble and Ben Carson interview.

Peter Hyatt is mentioned in the article.

Peter, what do you think of Ben Carson's story about attempting to stab a friend to death during a fight? Several of Carson's stories do not match up.

Ps. The author of this article states he is starting to get the Dr Duncan treatment (of pajamapages). Do these people stop at nothing to harass anyone who goes against them?

Randie said...

Anon said: "I'm sure you all have watched the Sunday service in which Davey spoke at Amanda's father's church. Many people are speculating how the father feels about all this and Davey. In watching that scene, it seems completely scripted- Amanda's father asked those who were ready to go out on a limb and dedicate themselves God to please stand up. He looks around and says "Davey what are you doing standing up, you're a pastor!" Except the way it sounds to me is complete faux-surprise, no emotion, as if that was pre-planned and he was acting it out. In what is meant to be an unscripted moment, Davey gets up front and says he wasn't planning to say anything for fear of breaking down-- except nobody asked him to speak. Or even go up there. Adding to how artificial it all feels after his father-in-law's fake shock, Davey seizes the spotlight and launched into his heroic and quite unbelievable speech, which is described here, during which he showed no emotion or danger of breaking down, of course. The whole thing seemed staged, like they were scripting this pivotal moment for the Amanda's Story book/movie.

December 3, 2015 at 5:43 PM

Peter and Anon this reminds me of when Jesus came to be baptized by John...Matt. 3: 14, 15...." But the latter tried to prevent him, saying: “I am the one who needs to be baptized by you, and are you coming to me?” Jesus replied to him: “Let it be this time, for in that way it is suitable for us to carry out all that is righteous.” Then he quit preventing him."

This sounds staged to me in mimic of Matt. Chapter 3

Concerned said...

CJ at 5:46
I might as well be a Robot for all I'm getting done around here!

Please tell me this, CJ....How long can I call myself an artist when I actually just sit on the Internet waiting for a crazy man to get arrested?
Peter needs to wrap this up in a neat bow and set me free before the checks do start bouncing!

Anonymous said...

Rosy, yes he unfortunately does. I've had to go through a great deal of his footage, he empasizes certain words on a regular basis. Especially the word HOPE, or as Davey pronounces it, HOPPPPe. In videos he has done years ago, this was not present. If you listen to Anthony Robbins, Davey speaks very, very similar.

Randie said...

Give DB enuf rope and he will hang himself.

Keeeeeeep talking Davey....

Concerned said...

Anon at 5:22
PN went from having paid interns to now requiring "students" to pay $2000 per year + books & materials to attend "college" for which they get no credits that can transfer anywhere. They have a clause in the contract revealing that they will be doing grunt work like moving chairs and such and they have to be available on holidays and week-ends.

Incredible, huh?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Concerned said...

Oh, dear!
Donae Mitchell wants to know if her FB friends would like to make $500 this weekend!
What on earth could that entail?!

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as statement-analysis burnout? I posted comments earlier this afternoon (while tired), which, looking at now, I think I am losing my perspective. After spending hours every day on this website, today I posted that I think he's just a common liar/shyster. It seems like looking too close, for too long, can compromise a person's perception. Some others see extreme narcissism, delusional grandeur, possible psychopathy. I'm tired, and realize my perception isn't too great right now. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Davey in the shower

Anonymous said...

Okay, I take it back re SA burnout. I think NOW i'm burned out, but I like what I wrote at 4:22.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't see DB as having mental illness or even being delusional; rather, I see him as just the character we've had all through the ages: the plain old shyster - trickster, scammer, cheater, liar. But not delusional or mentally ill. Narcissistic, yeh. But, for instance, the personal talk with God in the shower - that's just plain old-fashioned lying.

December 3, 2015 at 4:22 PM

Concerned said...

I read this today and wanted to share it here, hoping that Davey does indeed read this blog and the comments.

Davey, the sacrifice for bringing the lost to God was made by His Son.
Your lovely wife did not need to die a violent, humiliating death for the masses to come to the Lord.
They will come one by one as they learn of the single necessary sacrifice to cleanse them of sin.

"God so loved the world, that He gave His only son. HIS ONLY SON died on a cross, took our sins upon His back, and suffered for them. And then the story changes. Then He rose up. He conquered. The price was paid for me and you. We can’t earn that kind of love. That’s grace. Completely undeserved grace. And now, if we believe, we have victory."
(Mundane Faithfulness Blog)

Anonymous said...

I posted this yesterday but I think it got buried in comments but..
Does anyone else find it weird that in the court docs police say they found duct tape in the home? If the suspects thought they were going into an empty home why would they bring duct tape?? Also does anyone else find it weird that at the hospital when DB was being interviewed after the most traumatic experience of his life that one of the things he pointed out was a swisher sweet package? You see your wife in a pool of blood but have the frame of mind to notice that?? Almost like he was pointing out to police that it had to be someone else

Anyone have thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Conceerned I have been lurking on her page on occasion this past week and I think they need people to drive them around to make runs, either drug rugs or boosting runs, boosters are people who take orders for items, then go and steal the items for resale. Also Alonzo Bull does the same type of requests for drivers.

Louise K said...


DB did NOT have a psychotic break

A psychotic break would see him talking to invisible people and attempting to cut his own wings off; maybe jumping off a building in the false belief he could fly

DB has shown ZERO psychosis.

If you're going to include "talking to Jesus in the shower" you also have to accuse every single adherent of every single organized religion as also having a psychotic break.

I know "Christians" who use God and Prayer like online shopping

"Dear God, bring me this, give me that etc"

They are not ALL having a psychotic break

Please learn your terminology if you're going to bandy it about

This was PLANNED and the mentally ill on psychotic breaks cant even plan their way out the front door half the time.

Anonymous said...

Louise K, Anon 6:53 here. Thanks so much for your incredibly helpful post!!! That fills in a lot of the gaps for me!!

Concerned said...

Anon at 7:12
Wow, how bold and in-your-face to LE to advertise on Facebook.
There is a whole world we cannot understand, isn't there?
Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

this is rare they cant get along

Mdkd6262 said...

@Anon 6:50

This video you found of "Davey in the shower" is so perfect to describe the caricature of Crazy Davy.... I propose that instead of this video being directed by "BabyWise" it was directed by his evolved alter ego "StudWise" (WORTH WATCHING)

Louise K: You could use some of the info from this video in your next Crazy Davey 911 call :)

Huff said...

has anyone discussed why on this day Davey stayed in the driveway? It seems to me that he stayed in the driveway because someone had let him know, somehow, that Amanda was fully dead and the mission failed. I don't think it was his friend on the phone but maybe someone in the neighbored ---one of the gang guys

is his pastor friend really going to tell us that every week he sits in the drive way?

Louise K said...

Okay if the thingumyjigs mention duct tape in the home

That tells me Amanda was restrained somehow

with duct tape maybe

Its not so much the existence of the duct tape (I have a bunch too) the fact they removed it for testing shows they think she was bound with it at some stage

This is starting to look absolutely FUNKY as hell

Duct tape her to get the ATM number...?

then untape her...?

wtf...went on in there...

Did DB tape her before he left the house....??????

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me how Jesus allowing Amanda to die a violent death is going to bring revival like history has never seen (Daveys words that God allowed this) I'm genuinely confused how this tragedy is going to bring people to church?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the police have all the phone records (unless he has a secret phone)

Anonymous said...

Davey's father, David Blackburn's, statement the day Amanda died:

"The Family of God is amazing! So many of you, literally from around the globe, have come together to pray for Amanda Blackburn. Our families are overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayer and expressions of love. I will tell you that we have been leaning on those prayers heavily."

I am new to SA, but does anything about this stand out? The one thing I did pick up on was "I will tell you..."

Anonymous said...

He's a pastor so I think that's probably normal for him to say that.

Anonymous said...

Louise K at 7:20
We should only hope that Davey used the duct tape on her.
On Forensic Files they always get fingerprints from duct tape!

I would have expected Amanda to use lots of masking tape in her furniture refinishing but not duct tape.
Do we know anything about whether the duct tape belonged to the Blackburns?

Louise K said...


Fortunately Davey has already told us

there was a valley of dry bones and then old Davey boy came along and BREATHED life into it, which resulted in all this funky ass tendon growing (meaning $$$) and then it became a

zombie? Lead Pastor?

Davey's new church?

Anyway Ezekiel, yo

Waste Nothing (You Cant Afford to Lose)

Anonymous said...

I watched his speech and I'm still confused how the dry bones thing works!

Louise K said...

I don't know

maybe she wasn't bound

But if Police knew she was startled and shot pretty much straight away

They wouldn't be taking the duct tape to forensics

why test something you know isn't involved?

Louise K said...

Well you know, im still stuck on the whole Mary was a Virgin thing.

I went to Catholic girls school

There were a few virginal pregnancies there too

Not one of them deemed holy by the sisters

Randie said...

Can I please have a link to the new sermon.

I can not find it.

Concerned said...

Unknown at 7:30
Never underestimate the power of a computer to change your intended words.
I always assume that first when anyone has a word error.

Louise K said...

Yea Davey Boy had a burner phone

But guess what

unless he's extremely organized

The perps didn't have burner phones

so unusual calls can be traced...possibly to phone towers near the Blackburn home/gym/wherever else DB hangs out daily

BTW, is it just me, or is Planting A Church polite religious speak for


Anonymous said...

Scroll down for picture of neighbor who is taking care of Mel, the dog belonging to Amanda. Is this the neighbor who is also the neighborhood watch captain?

Louise K said...

The Important Thing about the Dry Bone Analogy = first, you need bones

Louise K said...

PMSL @ neighborhood watch

These "burglars" were in and out of that cul de sac all freakn morning for HOURS, and Old Mrs Neighbourhood Watch apparently missed the entire thing including gunshots and strange vans being loaded with Out of town neighbors gear!

Concerned said...

Louise K at 7:35
If not for church planters, there would never be new ones and people who do it for the right reasons work very hard.
Actually, I guess people who do it for the wrong reasons could be working really hard.

I'm thankful for the self-sacrificing people who gave their money and time to start the congregation where I worship.
I'm sad for the people in Indianapolis who have poured their money into Davey Blackburn's business/brand.

Confused said...

I have a thought regarding the journal:

I think that the journal entries reflect someone who may have been being told (by Davey) that they were eventually going to die (and probably for the purpose of "breathing life into Davey's church".

For example,

Her entry from before they moved to Indianopolis:

"Please encourage my spirit and sustain me."
"Help me to remember what you have in store."

"have in store" to me has negative or ominous connotations. Far different than if she had written "help me to remember the great blessings you have promised" or something of that nature.

"have in store" is ominous

From her entry right before she died:

"Thank you for letting me get to see all of this with my own eyes."

(This sounds like the way someone dying of a disease would express thanks that they were able to live long enough to attend an important family event or something of that nature and see it "with their own eyes".)

Unfortunately I am having trouble finding some of the entries. The ones that I have read, in my opinion, reflect someone who may have been terrified they were going to die. There is always the possibility that Davey dictated to her what she was to write, terrifying her in that manner.

Donna said...

@ Anon @ 6:43. I know what you mean. OT - As a highly intuitive person (empathic INFJ on the Myers-Briggs classifications of the 16 personality types), my first impression of DB was that he was a narcissist, griftery, Koresh-like person (I feel DB is ESTJ on the MB). A week or so ago, another poster here chided me on a question I had about DB and Koresh, but I could feel a twinning with the two on some levels. It's more symbolic for me and is difficult to find words for. I've been trying to make sense of my "intuitive leaps" by trying to explain them through things like SA, but I don't think it's super-necessary for me. This is how it works for me: "A" + "%" = "C". The SA delving, "thinking" and liberal applications of "logic" has just left me feeling physically exhausted and mentally drained, and I need to do some grounding and centering to counter that. The "thinking" part of my Myers-Briggs type is my monkey wrench and can seriously cause me to derail and feel numb.... meaning I have to just let it swirl around, maybe add a dash of this or that (ex.: "%" as outlined above could mean birds or ocean or green sandals, whatever I feel I need to add or if my mind does it unconsiously - my type is strange, LOL!) and an "answer" will form itself later on, whether in symbol form or some other woo-woo thing. My initial gut feeling is usually correct (even if it was symbols and feelings, AND if I don't use the thinking part), as my gut is my truth. Yeah, I've tried to explain that to a judge in a murder trial and was dismissed (I was in the pool for potential jurors earlier this year). Here's my takeaway: SA is fascinating and another way to get to the truth. Through learning about SA I am examining how I speak/talk/interact with people and they with me, and applying it to some things that come my way, but I won't use it for all (too exhausting!), because I have another method that works well for me -- and I don't need to bust my noggin over it. SA is a way to visualize it (although intuition picks up on it), especially in written form. Sorry if I've rambled, but that's how doing too much SA for my type affects me.

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