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Examining Motive in Murder of Amanda Blackburn

In every murder, police, prosecutors and jurors like to hear motive. 

Police have, thus far, given us the following motive:

Known gang thievery with opportunistic or confrontational assault. 

The victim was without her clothing, yet we do not know if sexual assault is indicated, or if it was interrupted or if the clothing was a staging of a crime scene.  We know the gang robbed other locals, without violence or murder.  Amanda was shot three times, which indicates intent to kill.  

The motive for a murder is something that is needed.  Here are two possibilities to consider:

I.  Crime of Opportunity 

That is, unplanned murder where the victim was either an intended rape victim and/or she fought her attacker who then killed her.  This is what police have concluded to the media thus far. 

II.  Murder by Husband/Boyfriend For Self Preservation 

This is the statistical odds on favorite in the murder of pregnant women:  the husband  or boyfriend killed her during pregnancy.  If the husband, Davey Blackburn is linked to the gang in any way, police would then need to establish a motive as to why he would want her murdered.  

The following is a speculation based upon the language of Davey Blackburn, Amanda Blackburn, as well as two people most close to him, his mentor, Perry Noble, and his college roommate, Kenneth Wagner, with the backdrop being circumstances of the crime.  

1. Circumstance 

a.  Coincidence 

In public statements, Davey Blackburn stated that his marriage was bad, and that pregnancy made it worse.  Amanda Blackburn had publicly stated that her marriage was bad and that it went bad immediately following the honeymoon, citing Davey's work as the cause, and expressing a consideration of leaving him.  

She complained about him at work and he said that a pastor's wife can help or hinder the work, and her expressed complaint was to take him away from his work and focus him upon herself.  His words revealed an extreme drive to "success"and that success is defined in the number of people in attendance.  

               She and the pregnancy are now gone. 

Two days before her death, he brought a gun to church and used it in a public display. 
Amanda died at the end of a gun. 

He stated that he has sexual temptation at the gym, and was at the gym, on video, when his wife was murdered.  Police "100%" cleared him as the shooter.  

He was on the phone with his friend, which, we are told with emphasis, was every week at the very same time. This is to establish routine and designed to lift suspicion.

We then learn that this particular week, he stayed on the phone as normal routine, but while his wife lay dying, specifically out on the driveway for 40 minutes.  

b.  Sexuality

In public statements, Davey Blackburn asserted his sexuality, specifically, his heterosexual sex drive, and asserted that his wife was inadequately meeting his needs.  

The frequency of his assertion of his own heterosexual drive is such as to appear an obsession including the inappropriate projection of self into messages to young people.   

He does this while choreographing the videos in his appearance including tight fitting shirts to highlight his muscles while walking back and forth.  

Sexual Addiction

He speaks as one who is "addicted" to sex:  incapable of concentrating on dinner until Amanda "gives in" which is the language of addiction as well as de-personalizing of his wife.  This agreement was part of a "negotiated settlement" of intervention to save the marriage. 

To most listeners, he is both obsessed with sex and with success.   His own wording showed more passion about failing to meet  a numerical goal than  his words showed in his wife's murder. 

When his wife was brutally murdered, Blackburn spoke of his career.  

He did not initially mention the unborn child, and he used the murder, repeatedly, to advertise his church. Repeatedly, he showed focus on numbers, including control, telling audience to "invite as many as possible", what to tell media, and how to dress.  

He did not express fear of the unknown killer still on the loose.  

He did not say "I loved Amanda" or "Amanda loved me"; and his language was consistent with anti-social narcissism, along with signs of sexual addiction and control.  

He spoke about being sexually  tempted at the gym.  

He was at the gym when his wife was murdered. 

2.  Langauge of Guilt, Priority and Sex 

Davey Blackburn used the "language of guilt" in his statements about Amanda, and when asked to deny involvement, he refused, instead saying,

"For us, we have nothing to hide."

This language is the language of guilt, and it is to challenge investigators not only to find what he is "hiding" but that the "hiding" involves at least one other person (plural) and it is not Amanda. 

What do we often hear in homicides from guilty subjects?

a.  Distancing language, including incomplete social introductions, "that", failure to use name, and in this case, "the family was devastated" as if he was not in the family.  "Dialoging with Weston..." etc.  

b.  Subtle insulting of the victim --very slight negative statements, even in 'compliments' as if 'passive aggressive' is noted.  This is even in child killer's language where "the baby would not stop crying..." as if to blame the child.  In teens, "you know how hormones work" is to subtly insult the victim.  

What was the "best" thing about Amanda?

He told the nation that the best thing about Amanda was that she did not steal the spot light from him.  

This is directly related to: 

c.  Subtle justification of the crime, as if the victim 'deserved it' or 'did something'.  This is where the human brain seeks to reduce guilt. In his initial statement, Amanda was not said to be in 'heaven', but, he let everyone know:  his career was going forward.  This 'justification' is usually subtle but in this case, he tells us that Amanda died so even "more people would come", and while on national television in the context of talking about murder, he quoted the number of people who "came" or "attended" online:  6500.  Where most men would be close to incapable of speaking and would talk of how much love they have for their wives, he was working the statistics.  Amanda died to help his business. 

d.  Pronouns  

Even parents of small children know what psychologists know: We feel less guilt when we are 'hiding' in a crowd.   He instinctively goes to "we" consistently and repeatedly when it comes to the crime, to Amanda, and even to his own child.

When his mentor and best friend spoke, we learned more.  

Context:  Remembering Amanda in Christian Setting 

This is easily lost in the wording. Christianity's claim is the Resurrection of Christ as central to everything it says and does.  It is the dominant theme of Christian funerals, wakes, and memorials.  Its application is both immediate and plain: remembering the dead before them.  

When both Kenneth Wagner and Perry Noble spoke, a  stated goal was also to speak about Amanda, for she was, after all the victim who had died, and was the one being memorialized. 

                Both spoke mostly about Davey. 

Both spoke about Davey in negative context, while at his wife's  memorial service.  

Both portrayed him negatively, and both portrayed Amanda:

1. As at risk for marrying Davey 
2.  As one to fix whatever was wrong with Davey.

The mentor repeated there times that "crazy" Davey had something wrong with him, while the friend took the side of protecting Amanda; both in humor touched the same theme:  something wrong with Davey, which only a woman could fix, with risk to the woman, herself, noted by Wagner.  

Statement Analysis recognizes that humor may be intended:  we look at the words specifically used in the portrayal of a humorous statement.  Within humor, there is the same 'genesis' of language that is evident when one is not jesting.  You may search on humor in the blog to see examples of how, even comediennes do not suspend "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  Comedy does not negate this principle.  

What could be specifically wrong with Davey that needed a Christian woman to fix?

The mentor "knew" something was wrong with Davey and the female could fix it. Even in hiring Davey, he used distancing language, specifically to tell us that someone else approached him.  This is to be able to blame someone else should something very "wrong" surface about Davey.  


Could it be in the language of Perry Noble that it is homosexuality that is "not right" and needs to be "fixed" by this woman?

This must be seen in context of the subjects (speakers) who's language is examined.  To know their context, what might they believe about homosexuality, itself?

Concerning homosexuality, the Bible Old Testament (Judaism) teaches "thou shalt not" for thousands of years and the New Testament  has been studied for 2,000 years without this topic being in question or challenge.  Those who hold to the Bible as authoritative thus believe that homosexuality is prohibited as sin or transgression in the Bible.  When this became unpopular beginning in the 1960's and 70's, churches were thus faced with:

a.  Continuing to uphold the teaching of the Bible. 

b.  Ignore or Dismiss the teaching of the Bible. 
c.  Change the teaching of the Bible by altering language. 

In Judaism and Christianity,  gay men and women are free to disagree with these two major religions and may choose any other religion, philosophy or ideology they wish to:  There is no compulsion.  There is still something else that must be understood in context to examine this possible motive: 


The Scripture also says that not only was homosexuality something to be repented (turned) from, but specifically mentioned those who had done this very thing:  no longer homosexual.  This means, contextually, if this position is held by Blackburn's mentor and Blackburn's other friend, that "if this is wrong, it can be made right", theory will bring us to Amanda.  

Without certainty, I think Resonate church, as well as the mentor and friend's church, hold to homosexuality as a sin, transgression, or problem, needing remedy, repentance, or "fixing."   If this is accurate,  I now seek to learn if they believed Davey had this "wrong" that needed to be made "right" by a Christian woman.     

It must be understood from the context of the subject.  

Why did Davey Blackburn need to repeatedly assert that he has a very strong heterosexual drive unsatisfied by Amanda?

Listen to the language chosen by the mentor:

A.   "I, uh I first met Davey when he attended college. He attended Southern Wesleyan University which is close to the church where I pastor. And uh it was “Crazy Davey”, that’s kinda’ how I, um, referred to him in my mind, I don’t know if that’s proper or not 

B.  "I remember thinking about Davey, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, um, I remember thinking about Davey, um, s–, something’s not right with that boy. I know I’m supposed to say nice things but I, I like I said something’s not right. I thought it might be because he was an Alabama fan, um, and we still haven’t got that worked out, so there’s a matter of prayer that we’re going to have to take to the Lord, but I was like, something’s not right.

Note the need for emphasis in repetition (sensitivity) and the refutation of saying "nice things", with "but."  

C.  Then, we have the mentor's words about Davey which cause us to ask:

 What topic is raised by the mentor in his words?

Because  I’m like, Davey, um, Davey’s the kind of guy that I didn’t like when I was in school ‘cuz he’s beautiful. He’s a beautiful man, and if you’re a man you know exactly what I’m talking about. Like he walks in the room and he’s an athlete, and he’s chiseled, and he’s got that smile, and that little dimple thing and, he’s beautiful

When in school, there was a "kind of guy" (not "person") that he did not like and it was "because" of something specific:

"He's beautiful." In this short section, he said that Davey Blackburn was "beautiful" three times.
First, he is "beautiful"
Then, he is a "Beautiful man", with the introduction of gender specific "man"
Then he is, again, "Beautiful"    

This sounds like a female romantic description of a man, or a man's description of a female, including specific attributes included.  

Note the repetition  of "beautiful" and he goes into specifics:

a.  the way he walks into a room
b.  he is athletic 
c.  he is chiseled
d.  his smile
e.  his dimple
f.  he is beautiful again. 

Q.  Who introduced the physical beauty of Davey Blackburn?

A.  Perry Noble

Q.  Under what setting did Perry Noble introduce the physical beauty of Davey Blackburn?

A.  In a service to remember Amanda.  This is critical.  

Q.  What does Davey Blackburn's beauty have to do with Amanda's death?

Principle: When one avoids a question, by answering a question with a question, changing the topic, or refusing to answer, the question, itself, is "sensitive" to the subject.  This sermon began with a question: Isn't Amanda's life worthy to celebrate? 

In posing the question, we wait for him to answer with specific details about Amanda's life, showing it worthy of 'remembrance.'

Instead, he gave no specifics about Amanda, but many about Davey. 

This is Statement Analysis principle:  it is not only "unexpected", but it is an avoidance of answering the question, he himself, posed, about remembering Amanda.

It is "outside the boundary of the question" about Amanda, meaning that it is very important to the subject.  

Objection:  Are you implying that Perry Noble is sexually attracted to Davey Blackburn?

Answer:  No. In fact, I see the opposite.   It is to assert that while speaking of Amanda Blackburn's life, at Amanda Blackburn's memorial service, the topic on his mind is Davey's sexuality.  

Perry is not signaling that he, Perry is gay, which is why, in this description he feels the need for support and understanding by men when he says, "if you're a man...."

If Perry were gay, he would not have the need to support his statement.  A gay man would say another man is "beautiful" without the need for 'understanding. '

This topic, that is, physical beauty, is introduced not by "internet trolls" but by the mentor himself.  It was on the mentor's mind and the mentor causes the audience to consider the murder' victim's husband's physical beauty. He is thinking of Davey and sex, while he is attending to Amanda's death service.  

The expectation for a Christian memorial service:

1.  The Resurrection of Christ.  
2.  Specific attributes of Amanda to be 'remembered'
3.  Peripheral details:  prayer for the killers to be caught, others safety, and prayer for the victim's family. 

It is the last place you would expect such 'romantic' or 'sexual' detailed language to enter unless it is on the subject's mind.  

 Why is this on his mind? and...Why now?  Why here? 

 Please note the sentence, "if you're a man you know exactly what I am talking about" is not something a gay man would need to say.  Perry is not gay.  But sexuality is in his language because it is on his mind at Amanda's funeral. 

Objection:  This could be because, perhaps he worried that Davey was having an affair with a woman.

Answer:  It is a fair objection.  To this, however, I add that Davey's need to assert his sex drive, over and over, at age 30, might be related to what was "wrong" with him, that Noble knew.  An affair would be wrong "now", but Noble and Wagnor both refer to him years ago, in the negative context.  

Perry has told us:

1.  Something is very wrong with Davey. 
2.  Amanda can fix it. 
3.  Davey's sexuality in appearance is on his mind at Amanda's death remembrance service. 

This is his sequence.  This is being viewed in light of all that Davey himself revealed in his videos.  

It is that Davey Blackburn has a very strong need to communicate that he has a strong sex drive for a woman, even as he insults and humiliates his Christian wife. It is this important to him.  

Question:  Who might need to portray his heterosexual sex drive?

Answer:   Not a gay man comfortable with his sexuality, but a man who is struggling with his sexuality. 

The need to repeatedly tell his audience that he has a strong heterosexual sex drive for a female as projection may give us insight into something that his friend and mentor found very "wrong" that needs fixing. It may even be what is behind the tragedy of high school and the inappropriateness of college. 

Gay men often report a high level of sexual addiction and a love of gyms. They seek professional intervention for the addiction, and, like many others, battle a myriad of health issues at the gym with the 'healthy addiction' of exercising.  

Regular workout becomes addictive for all, but "gym" is specifically in the language of Blackburn both his location during the murder, and the place of his sexual "temptation."

Davey Blackburn has a strong need to show that he desires women and must have sex.  
He dresses in a way as to draw attention to himself.  
He portrays Amanda, sexually, as in the negative; not satisfying him, while depersonalizing her. 

His mentor said something was wrong and he needed fixing and fixing was in the form of a woman.  

In a Christian college, he lost two full letter grades for "an inappropriate remark" though he did not disclose:  

What would be so inappropriate as a single "remark" to cause a professor to knock two full letter grades?

In high school, he professed to have a specific reputation but told a single "lie" that caused his teachers, the rest of the faculty, his coaches, his parents and even his peers to abandon him.  

Is it the lie connected to sexuality?

Whatever it was, he stopped going to school there and his family picked up and moved to another city, with his father now changing churches. 

He did not disclose it and did not show any sympathy for parents, faculty, coaches or teachers:  only for himself.  


If Davey Blackburn is somehow connected to the killers, was it because Amanda was going to destroy his ministry by either leaving him, and/or "outing" him?

If Amanda leaves him;  he loses his ministry. 

If he is exposed as homosexual or bi-sexual and the church holds to this teaching in Scripture, he loses his ministry. 

If Amanda threatened his ministry, she would have to be silenced. 

Police are well aware of the coincidental nature of the case as well as all the public statements made.   

They will see if anyone connected to the three in custody has had  contact with Blackburn.

All persons posses the legal status of presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law, including the three under arrest. 



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Confused said...

Peter, Thank you for staying on this case.

I was wondering if you or we as a group should analyze the "love letter" that Amanda wrote to Jesus hours before she died to perhaps determine if it was written by someone else or dictated to her. I have seen the letter in print. It seems to have been written by a left-handed person. I don't know what that reveals but I wonder if it could have been dictated to her by Davey.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion I don't believe he is homosexual but may have a sex addiction. I am still very bothered by all the recent posts on social media. The pina colada posted really bothers me. It doesn't sound like a comment of a grieving husband after his wife was violently murdered. I could see someone making this comment to comfort the family much later but not a husband right after losing his young wife and being left to pick up the pieces with their young son. BC

JMTO said...

Just my speculations......

Amanda probably could put up with all of Daveys insults and put downs, but she was NOT going to put up with them after she became a mother.
She wasn't about to have him treat Weston the same.

She might have even looked at the Baby Wise book and heard other parishioners talk about it with glee, and thought well maybe....

Everything changed when she became a mother.

Her focus
Her drive
Her love
Her attention

All given to baby Weston.
Not Davey boy anymore.

When he looked out into the crowd when he preached, he found Amanda staring down at tiny Weston instead of paying attention to his sermons.

When he wanted to go and have a romp, or run around Indy chalking everything he found her too tired and wanting to watch some Netflix in some sweats.

She was fine when she could give him her love, attention and adoration, but couldn't handle it when Weston came along and "stole" it all.
Her heart included.

He wanted Weston to be disciplined for blowing raspberries at the dinner table.
"High Chair Incidents"
Smacking the hand of a infant, pinching, and leaving them alone in their crib to cry not having any clue what they did wrong.

Can you imagine how hard that would be to sit through?
I couldn't do it.

I surmise Davey boy wasn't home all the time, so Amanda probably threw the book out the window. Which would then irritate him to no end.

In the end, he saw that she was disobeying him by not following the books orders and putting Davey first and foremost, and knew she would do the same in regards to their second child. He had no control over her after she became a mommy.

She was no longer his bride.

Her heart belonged to Weston and he was jealous.

And maybe the guilt of hiring someone to rid him of his problems, who wouldn't follow his parenting techniques and was preparing to bring ANOTHER child into their family to take up MORE TIME was the reason we heard nothing about how much Amanda loved Weston or Weston loved Amanda, etc in his first interviews.

He just couldn't hide his contempt for her, so he said nothing at all.
December 2, 2015 at 5:26 PM

Confused said...

Also, regarding the letter, it seems particularly questionable whether Amanda (voluntarily) wrote the love letter to Jesus hours before she died considering Davey has been seeming to justify her death by saying she is now in heaven with Jesus Christ who she was "in love with".

Sorry I have not read above post yet, was reading through your previous post and comments, but I feel that this letter which he may have dictated to her could be a reflection of his homosexuality. It sounds crass but what I mean is that if he was not attracted to her it may have been his way of saying "get away from me, I'm not attracted to you, go be with Jesus, you're in love with him anyway."

Confused said...

Just read through article, you ask very good questions. I believe Davey is gay. I also feel that he may have deviant sexual interests (apart from being gay). The way that he degrades Amanda and humiliates her that she cannot meet his needs may be a reflection not only of homosexuality but of someone frustrated due to having perhaps sadistic sexual fetishes or other abnormal fetishes that most people would not willingly consent to being a part of.
I for one can not ignore his joke he made about if his wife falls asleep on their date night he can "bring the butter" which implies he may have an interest in rape or maybe even necrophilia. But yes, apart from these observations, I think that he is also homosexual, and certainly may have raged at his wife that quite frankly, she was not a man therefore was not attractive to him.

Anonymous said...


What is the big deal about the Baby Wise book? I have a copy of it on my bookshelf. I read it when I was pregnant along with several other books. I thought it was helpful as far as scheduling advice goes but didn't hang onto every word like it's the official Baby Bible. Why are people trying to make it a big deal? I don't get it.

momofmany said...

I suspect that Davey was sexually abused, and he has been trying to prove his manhood to himself ever since. His narcissism and contempt for his wife likely made Amanda's life miserable, and I think he killed her because she was going to leave.

Maria said...

This was masterful, and totally makes sense, Peter.

Thank you!!

DB's friend, Kenneth Wagner, seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

On the one hand, he seemed genuinely moved by Amanda's death.

On the other, he seemed to criticize her, when he made the comment about DB had always wanted to marry a woman who loves Jesus more (than her husband).

Perhaps deep down inside, he feels sorry that his bud married a woman who "loves Jesus more."

He not only tweeted about his conversation with DB on the morning of the murder -- he also tweeted this week (yesterday, Tuesday) about how fortunate he is to have these long telephone conversations with his buddy.

He is emerging as someone who wishes to be an active, protective voice in the life of DB.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Davey doesn't have dimples is right. Just wanted to add to that.

Louise K said...

I don't think he was sexually abused

Rather the opposite

Some kids are like that you know

Just born "wrong" somehow

Scott Peterson a good example

Absolute Clean Slate on the surface

But I bet if you did a bit of digging you would find some not so pleasant stuff

Davey's referral to Concentrating on Building His Reputation as a teen bothers me.

I had two teens and they had a good reputation because they were good kids.

They didn't even think about their reputations ya know? maybe amongst their peers which is normal

But a teenager actively working to Build a Reputation tells me Davey Boy is hiding something Big and Nasty

And it could well be his own persona

2 Corinthians 11.14

And no wonder, for even satan appears as an Angel of Light

Anonymous said...

Peter, you're brilliant and this is the best analysis I've read. Well done, sir.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

The father of an Arkansas toddler who went missing last year has been arrested on suspicion of capital murder and abuse of a corpse.

Jeffery Clifton, 43, of Searcy, was taken into custody just after midnight on Wednesday. His son, Malik Drummond, was two years old when he disappeared more than a year ago.

Police have not released any additional details on the case, including whether they found the boy's body.

Last month, Mr Clifton said he was still searching for his son, 'looking at cars that pass, in parks.'

Malik's mother, Tanya Drummond, told police the toddler, who was described as autistic, wandered away from their home the evening of November 23, 2014, while Clifton was sleeping.

Dozens of volunteers spent weeks scouring the neighborhood about 50 miles northeast of Little Rock.

Nearby houses,including abandoned homes were searched. Even ditches and sewers were drained and examined.

In an interview two months after Malik's disappearance, his mother said she thought her son had been kidnapped.

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of Malik's disappearance, the FBI offered a $20,000 reward.

Nancy Payne, Malik's grandmother, told the station THV11 on Tuesday that she was told by detectives that Clifton had made a confession to police 'a little after 11' that morning.

Ms Drummond, who also has a daughter, was quoted as saying that her boyfriend, Jeffery Clifton, turned himself in because 'his conscience was eating him alive.'

Read more:

Louise K said...

I'd say by the end

Amanda didn't love Davey at all

That was possibly the trigger

He feared Divorce

Much more acceptable to be a Grieving Pastor than a Divorced one...

Carnival Barker said...

Very, very interesting. One of the suspects was offering some kind of service on Backpage. Now I'm REALLY intrigued to find out what that service was. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Backpage was probably how they sold their stolen wares. It's just a Craigslist type thing.

Louise K said...

Hire a Murderer? Lolz

madge said...

He very well could be gay; he has "gay face" (see urban dictionary)

Also this:

Louise K said...

PMSL @ Gay Face

Personally I think DB would shag the hair on the barbershop floor = trysexual = try anything once

Carnival Barker said...

It's also used to solicit for sex.

Madge said...

One definition of "gay face" from urban dictionary... See photo above while reading:

"Gay men do not differ from straight men in the size and shape of any facial feature. Rather, the use of certain expressions can become ingrained in the musculature of the face over time. Since effeminate gay men utilize similar facial expressions as women, they develop female aging and muscle contraction patterns in their face. For example, gay face includes tightness around the mouth from pursing the lips, a facial expression common to gay men and women—but not to heterosexual men. Also, gay men are more emotionally expressive, leading to a general 'tightness' and muscular activation throughout the entire face. Gay face includes an eye expression that is both surprised-looking and predatory. Eyebrows are usually arched higher than that of straight men, and eyebrow hair is manicured. There is often a slightly tan and/or leathery look to the skin, especially among older gay men. Lesbians also have a version of gay face that emulates the facial muscular usage patterns of straight men. They exhibit an underexpression of emotion, relaxed brows, relaxed eyes, and less taut mouth and cheek muscles than straight women. The skin is usually pale and splotchy."

Louise K said...

I don't know if y'all noticed but DB has crooked teef in front

This means that someone didn't get them straightened for some reason, when he was the right age

It doesn't fit

Did Davey grow up poor? Did the money come from Amanda's side?

Is Davey so far up Dad's butt Dad is a Believer too?

Scary people all of them - what they do, what they say, how they behave - all, bizarre and inexplicable

The glaring absence of grief - its just, WTF?

Are they ALL drinking DB kool aid???

GeekRad said...

I hope you are right about LE looking for a connection between Davey and his associates and the arrested suspects. Surely they won't let that go cold because they conveniently have a case against the suspects.

Sjeo1982 said...

JMTOs comment was exactly what I thought. It happened to me, so my husband cheated. He wanted a mom, not a wife.

But while were examining this idea of DBs homosexuality, a couple of thoughts:
- On one side, I'm not completely convinced, just because I've been in Christian circles where they have "bromance" type relationships, if you will. Although peters analysis of why PN would bring it up at a funeral makes perfect sense!
- On the flip side, I thought of this possibility when I heard him make the butter comment...I thought that was an "urban dictionary-essays" reference to forms/functions of anal sex, which CAN be done heterosexually, but mostly associated with homosexual lifestyle.

There was the recent case of Bethany Deaton, married in an conservative Christian circle, to a man who was hiding he was gay. She turned up dead weeks after their wedding:

Louise K said...

Tyler Deaton didn't hide his gayness.

Bethany thought she could change him.

Like all good, they had the Power of Prayer so

I've always wondered if Davey is a stronger, straighter, scarier version of Tyler Deaton.

Anonymous said...

Now I realize who Tyler Deaton is, since Bethany's name was just's the IHOP guy...the whole thing was on dateline or inside edition...they never could get Tyler for it, to my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong.

The behaviour from Tyler and Davey seems see Tyler interviewed was creepy.
Reading this post is opening my eyes to what may be at the root of this...I didn't really consider DB to be possibly gay, just thought he was sex-crazed (and maybe is anyways).

Sad thing that sin destroys! Like God said to Cain, "sin is crouching at the door, but you must master it"


Louise K said...

No they never did get Tyler on it

they are still working on it though

So they may still get him

But the simple fact is, although Tyler may have planned Bethany's murder, it was undertaken by one of his acolytes, who still believes the sun shines out of him and will never talk.

Which is likely what they need to prove the Scheming.

I hope this isn't the case with DB...because they're really hard to crack

Louise K said...

I think DB is sex obsessed BEYOND straightness or gayness

Takes it to a whole new real

As long as it moves, he's gonna try

rosy said...

Confused said...

his joke he made about if his wife falls asleep on their date night he can "bring the butter" which implies he may have an interest in rape or maybe even necrophilia. December 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Bring the butter alludes to anal sex. The allusion goes back to Last Tango in Paris. "The film's scandal centered mostly on an anal rape scene, featuring Paul's use of butter as a lubricant."

This is the subtext of DB's pronouncement in the "Love Song" video that within marriage, everything is permitted. He repeats this in several ways.

DB knew that among the "broken" people he targeted for conversions were some men and women who were conflicted over gay sex. In one early video, Amanda's NewSpring group includes a young women in a red soccer uniform, conflicted over her love of playing team soccer. She learning to give up soccer and that world. So sad.

Resonate Church preached against all sexual activity outside of marriage and against all homosexual and lesbian activity lifelong. They did not oppose persuading or attracting "saved" homosexuals into marriage between one man and one woman.

DB was signaling to gay males, you can have it all. Your wife must submit to you. All her orifices are yours. She is your sex-slave, because you, the male Christian, die for Christ.

Resonate's use of the term "brokeness" is in tune with churches or groups that specialize in this side of the business. Take "Our desire is to shed light on the complicated issues of sexual and relational brokenness with a special expertise on homosexuality," at Hope for Wholeness, Freedom from Homosexuality through Jesus Christ

Not coincidental that the Epistles provide texts open to interpretation (some would say heretical or perverse)on this topic. The early Christians spread their new religion into Hellenic and Roman domains where sexual relations between men and boys was accepted. Paul told those men, it is better to marry than to burn (with lust).

Nor is it coincidental that in 2012 DB saw potential for this ministry in Indiana, where the political fight to legalize same-sex marriage was on the rise.

Anonymous said...

Well, in other news, it's nice we now know that God asked DB, on the morning of 11/29/15, how DB would have felt if God had asked DB before Amanda's murder, whether or not DB would be willing to allow his wife to be murdered in exchange for the resurrection of God's church, and that DB replied to God: "Absolutely not. There's no way. I'm good. I'm good with being married, and having two little kids and pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life. I'm good with comfort." Oh, and the Lord said: "That's why I didn't ask you the question beforehand."

To see the part I'm referring to, go to 1:32:30

Louise K said...

Absolute CLASSIC leak...!

DB just cant shut up

talking himself into the electric chair

rosy said...

Madge said...

One definition of "gay face" from urban dictionary... See photo above while reading:

"There is often a slightly tan and/or leathery look to the skin, especially among older gay men. Lesbians ... skin is usually pale and splotchy."
December 2, 2015 at 6:36 PM

Did the urban dictionary contributor who wrote this know any farmers? How about sailors? Tan and leathery my eye. Count the tan and leathery older men in Florida.

This kind of thing reminds me of the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) with its instructions for priests and magistrates on how to tell that some poor old man or woman in YOUR village is a witch.

JMTO said...

Whats the big deal.....

Well- it's the only parenting book the American Academy of Pediatrics deems "dangerous" for one thing.
(Failure to thrive, dehydration due to restricted feeding times)

If my husband would have brought this book home to me while also adding a Twitter pic saying that he "swears by this book!!!"
I would have ripped his arms and legs off and beat him to death with them.

But those are JMTO.

Anonymous said...

And isn't it amazing how the Lord put a thought into DB just moments before he was to speak alongside his father-in-law on 11/29/15! DB said the Lord had spoken to his heart just a minute before he came on stage, and that DB felt it would be "disobedient" not to share it. DB added he normally has "carefully crafted phrases and sentences" in his sermons "because the Lord has allowed preparation" but that, in this instance, "He hasn't allowed that right now, and so I want to ask for your grace in all of this." and then DB told us that the Lord (a minute ago) brought his attention to Ezekiel. "He's a prophet that God used in a mighty way to speak into the heart of his, his kids." And then he goes on and on. I think he forgot to mention the part where God kills Ezekiel's wife. See it here, starting at 1:32:30.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get your gaydars adjusted.

Monty Python's 'She's a Witch' skit keeps popping into my mind.

Madge said...

I have a Mormon friend who married her husband because he was a model Morman guy who was religious and pious and had done a mission, etc. He was a white knight Mormon catch. Two years in she suspected he could be gay. Four years in she started asking about it/wanting to talk about it. He became cold as a rock while also telling her to shut up and never bring it up again, By year 12/13 she figured it all out and that he was having down low sex on the side. Years 14/15/16 he was emotionally abusing her and manipulating her with money to have to stay and portray the perfect mormon wife/family. She went back to school. Year 20 they are divorcing and he won't sign papers and is obsessively trying to control her while also have free and wild gay sex. Year 22 they are divorced and she has a restraining order on him. He is unstable, violent, stalking her and using the teenagers as pawns (like not bringing them to appointments and school) and the longer she goes with calm, quiet, happy weeks, he surely comes back around with abusive craziness. She won't even think about dating again.

DB could be one of those people whose untreated mental illness has become etched in their nervous systems, etc, escalating worse and worse until they become fully disabled from it and are walking around society in a barely functioning status. Even if he didn't murder her, we may be witnessing the accelerating severity scale of his pathology.

Anonymous said...

Where are the people from the college? The high school? They're out there. The truth is available.

Madge said...

I posted that part because it wa basically describing the photo above. Urban dictionary is completely subjective and you can put what you want. Most farmers and sailors I know may have tans but they don't have tans, expressive faces and manicured eyebrows with arches (all at the same timw). My yoga teacher, however, does.

Louise K said...


Or he could just be a power hungry controlling FREAK who didn't want the messiness and expense of a divorce once Amanda saw through him

I wonder what happened in the days leading up to this

something seems to have turned on or just before Thanksgiving Day ...??

Maybe he snubbed her in the Thanksgiving Prayer and it was the last straw

She decided to divorce the turkey

Got slaughtered instead

kimisan03 said...

This analysis is great as usual, Peter.

I never believed DB was gay because of his narcissism. I believe that a gay pastor trying to shepherd his flock in these "unknown times" would get far more publicity than a young widowed pastor. I think DB wants the spotlight on DB any way he can get it.

Confused said...


Thank you for the information, and yes that is very disturbing that he was conveying to the audience that all of his wife's orifices were his for the taking. It also suggests that he felt he could have sex with her while she was sleeping, which adds another disturbing layer. It reveals that he is joking about raping his wife while she sleeps which shows how violent his mind is.

I can't reiterate enough that the resemblance between DB to Scott Peterson, in my opinion is a somewhat superficial one...I see a much stronger similarity between DB and Ted Bundy in terms of speech/demeanor, look in the eye, thoughts processes etc. Ted Bundy also desired to feel like he was God and could decide who could live and could die, even volunteering as a counselor at a suicide hotline. His reason for this was that he enjoyed deciding these people would "live". Disturbingly he had an equal desire to decide that many should die. I find DB's "valley of dry bones", and his congregation who he viewed as "dry bones" being "brought back to life" by the death of Amanda a RED FLAG that he may be a dangerous psychopath whose fantasy life may include having omniscient power to decide life and death for people.

Louise K said...

I know a lot of gay men that are as masculine seeming as can be.

Older ones, still of the generation that finds it shameful. Aussie blokes (who all end up with leathery skin btw)

Everyone KNOWS and everyone pretends not to know

out of kindness really I suppose

Like not mentioning your Dotty Aunt Mabel turned up wearing a lampshade on her head

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Confused, Louise K and Tania from an earlier post. In my very strong opinion and belief, Davey Blackburn is homo and used Amanda to hide behind. She was the epitome of feminity and he despised her, humiliated and insulted her for it. They always do in one way or another, destroying the woman in their life.

Poor Amanda, a sad woman unloved as a woman; knew what he was just by finally figuring it out, she was no longer in love with him nor fancied herself in love with him, or even trying to love him any longer other than as her Christian duty as a pastors wife, bowing under subjection to him; she was trapped and wanted out with little Weston so she could properly raise and protect him from Davey's mean, cruel and spiteful spirit. Under no circumstances should he be raising a child.

I've known homosexual men who were married and hiding their preference, admitted homosexual men, and men who were addicted to hetereosex with women. Davey Blackburn does not fit the description of a man who loves sex with women. A man who is sexually addicted to sex with women has the good sense to keep his mouth shut and get it wherever he can, when he can, NOT displaying himself blatantly as if on the search for sex with a woman every minute of every day. Their addictive cheating with women is very discreet.

Davey Blackburn is homosexual, he sexually pranced, preened and cavorted about, making himself attractive to men, luring women was just his public show of appearing to desire women and make them desire him; which by the way, would also serve to make any male sex partner extremely jealous. The love the limelight and to hell with what Christianity dictates. Period. He has been hiding it all of his life and will continue too. The POS will whine and complain openly about the next woman sexually too, while she too lives a life of misery. IMO, he IS a homo. ABB

Concerned said...

I imagine Davey's patience was wriggling in the pew while his FIL held center stage on Sunday. Lucky for him Phil asked people to stand if they were afraid of giving out Bibles. (I think I'm remembering that right. I just can't stand to watch it again!) Remember how surprised Phil was to see Davey standing? And then Davey moved in for the kill and got to deliver his sermon to those dry bones in the pews who could only gain some tendons before Amanda's death breathed life into them.

If this weren't so frightening, it would be funny.
And yet a handful of people are buying the act and celebrating him, prompted by the mentor, I would imagine.
I expect PN to be wriggling in his chair today as Peter tells it straight.
Most "authors" and speakers have a Google alert for every time their names are used online. PN has a lot to read tonight and he's going to really regret letting that crazy come to work for him!

Unknown said...
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Louise K said...

Davey felt Amanda's death was a Necessary Sacrifice to Build the Church.

And free him to shag whoever he wants

Next we'll find AB Dad was just about to pull the plug on Davey financially...

Confused said...

Rosy, And very astute observation!

DB was signaling to gay males when he said that! That is so disturbing!

Anonymous said...

This is another creep-out video.

From April 2014. He said he was filming it from Alabama, where he said he is fundraising.

"Open-door treatment with the (public) schools?" Yikes.

"We've got to capitalize on this....we've been given a lot, with the favor of the school system"

"Ultimately, you can't turn peoples' hearts until you turn their heads."


"make sure you're matching that if you accessorize girls" (with hand gestures)


Madge said...

This is a straight farmer with a tan:

This is a gay farmer with a tan (safe):

Anonymous said...

Ann Reycious ‏@ann_reycious 12 Aug 2010

And she said twitter was gay, but now she has one lool @amandagrace follow her guyz
0 retweets 0 likes

Mdkd6262 said...

He may love men but there's no doubt he HATES WOMEN!!! He despises them.... he hates everything about them and repeatedly tells us that in his "messages"....

I've looked back at some of his "home life" pics from his teens and they are all very disengaged and unenthused with each other.... it's really a sad sight.

Also, there's a post somewhere in Amanda's fb or twitter where she comments about the dog and how he clings to her everywhere she goes.... it's accompanied by a pic of the dog right up under her...

Mdkd6262 said...

And speaking of dry bones, muscle tendons and tissue.... someone reposted on a previous thread from DB's twitter post from several years back about chasing a rabbit with a blow torch (or to that effect)...

IMO: he likely has a history of abusing animals

Where are those people from his past? I bet they have a boatload of info on ole Crazy Davey...

Anonymous said...

If only God had asked Davey before the murder (God decided not to because he was afraid Davey would say no), then maybe all of this could have been avoided, because Davey would have told God "Absolutely not!"

Madge said...

Just noticed this: look at the undated photo of them and Amanda has long hair. Look at his eyes. This is what you call "crazy eyes":

Confused said...

ABB wrote

"Davey Blackburn is homosexual, he sexually pranced, preened and cavorted about, making himself attractive to men, luring women was just his public show of appearing to desire women and make them desire him; which by the way, would also serve to make any male sex partner extremely jealous. The love the limelight and to hell with what Christianity dictates. Period. He has been hiding it all of his life and will continue too. The POS will whine and complain openly about the next woman sexually too, while she too lives a life of misery. IMO, he IS a homo. ABB

Amen. These are words of wisdom you've written. All women should be very wary of a guy who is trying to pick them up saying "my girlfriend/wife just isn't sexy...OR "my girlfriend or wife gained 15 lbs, I can't be attracted to her anymore..." BE CAREFUL!!!! Oftentimes, this man will be making his next partner feel just as unsexy. Why? Normally, the reason why he is trying to pick up a new partner is because he feels that he can use that woman's looks or even proximity to another man to try to lure in through jealousy a new gay partner for himself. Watch out for any guy who wants to go on "double dates". Gay men in the closet are some of the most devious men out there. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck....

Confused said...


I agree! I believe he has linguistic indicators he may have abused/killed animals.

SSSSS said...

Peter, I just read this latest blog posts. I agree with you 100%!! Now, go back, back, back to what has been written about Davy's best friend at the time wanting to find sisters for he and Davy to marry so that they could always be around each other. I have always thought that statement was so strange! I just don't believe straight guys would EVER say that. None I know at least.

concerned said...

Anon at 7:52
But if God had told Davey about the 6000+ watching online and the 2000 in the seats, I think he just might have said, "Well....okay."

Anonymous said...

Concerned, you have a point! So, maybe God actually did ask DB ahead of time, and DB told him "go ahead", but now DB won't tell us that part because the Law of the Lord is above the Law of the Land?

Anonymous said...

But the thing is, it was God who decided not to consult with Davey before the murder, and when God asked Davey later, what he would have said if God had asked him before the murder, Davey would have said "Absolutely not!"

Anonymous said...

Davey tells about conversation with God and wife's death at 1:32:20

Anonymous said...

Davey doesn't hate all females. Check his photos. You'll find him driving the mini van full of white, smiling, attractive, teenage females.

Polka Dot Pants said...


Anonymous said...

reading through these texts, it seems DB's fragile sense of masculinity needed a lot of boosting up by his friends.

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 1 Mar 2010

I feel like such a man right now -- burning a wood smelling candle, watching PTI, and my dog chewing a huge hide on the rug in front of me

Jeremy Hendricks ‏@themrdudeman Jul 12

"For six years I've had a man crush on @daveyblackburn " - @zwoolie
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Nick Mauney ‏@nickmauney 2 Nov 2011

Hey @daveyblackburn thanks for being born man. I love you. #felizcumpleanos
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ryan mccrary ‏@ryanmccrary 2 Nov 2010

RT @AmandaGrace: Happy birthday to the love of my life @daveyblackburn! So proud to be married to such an amazing man! / me too! Wait, what?
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HowardFrist ‏@HowardFrist 2 Nov 2010

Happy Birthday @daveyblackburn You love Jesus, your wife & HIS church, in that order. That makes you a real man in my book!
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 13 Nov 2009

I get really heeled out when I complete "MAN projects" at the house . . . Don't judge me
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 12 Jun 2008

@pudgehuckaby - hey i have a great taylor i COULD refer you to . . . But he only works on guys' pants . . . Sorry
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pudge huckaby ‏@pudgehuckaby 12 Jun 2008

@daveyblackburn...secret alternative gender pants...secret! Man you can't tell your friends anything now a days! :)
6:07 AM - 12 Jun 2008 · Details
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pudge huckaby ‏@pudgehuckaby 10 Jun 2008

@daveyblackburn thanks man! We'll have to go have a fun lunch or something tomorrow.
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Anonymous said...

Amanda's Instagram makes it seem like she really loved Davey. Also she posted a pick that said she was made for the beach which would make his post about sun bathing make some sense ( it was obviously something she loved to do by her Instagram) doesn't mean it isn't a weird post on Davey's behalf.

Anonymous said...

Of course he hates women, MdKd @7:46, they expect him to produce when he can't. God only knows the humiliation he must have put Amanda through, trying to get him aroused to have sex with her, which he hated, which was all her fault, of course, making him impotent. It would have been Amanda who insisted on the counseling, believing this fool that it was all her fault. Poor girl. She took the worst psychological beating a woman can take.

Of course he hated the dog too, the dog was hers's, not only this but he is cruel and evil. The poor dog would have been scared to death of him. He would have treated Weston even lower than the dog over time. He still might, Weston came from Amanda who he found disgusting and despicable. Poor girl, actually lived a dog's life. I really do believe this. ABB

Polka Dot Pants said...

If he is guilty, I would think there would be more distancing between him and his father-n-law. Scott P really started pulling away from his inlaws. Does this make anyone else scratch their head? And how can fnlaw not be suspicious of his bizarre behavior?

Confused said...


That is a good picture of the "crazy eyes"!!! If you're interested, the link below shows a picture of Davey next to the 2 suspects, it is interesting to notice which of the 3 have the craziest looking eyes!

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like AB was a "beard" to cover his sexuality. Usually when people are getting married, they are excited, perhaps scared a bit, but overall thrilled. According to twitter he was taking phone numbers from teenaged girls at a mall.


daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 25 Jul 2008

so this time next week i will be a married man . . . Words cannot describe the myriad of emotions i'm feeling right now
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and less than a year later...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 24 Jun 2009

I am Called and Commissioned not by man, not by self, but by the Almighty, Triune God . . . It is so rooted in my soul I CANNOT divorce it!!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Amanda died to give life to the church.
He is going to be bigger than anything the history books have imagined.

This is a delusional cult leader and it is shocking what comes out of his mouth. I get the "we" now: he thinks he and God are one.


Research may tie him to the gang through the school.


Anonymous said...

More on DB and Babywise. He posted a very elaborate black board chart of Weston's feedings, wet and dirty diapers etc. At 6:30 a.m.

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 7 Aug 2014

#BabyWise #DadLife #ALittleOCD
Embedded image permalink

Renee Kay
Susan Jenkins

6:30 AM - 7 Aug 2014 · Details


BallBounces said...

Davey Blackburn used the "language of guilt" in his statements about Amanda, and when asked to deny involvement, he refused, instead saying, "For us, we have nothing to hide."

* * *

Peter, if you are thinking of the interview with Steve Doocy on Fox, I think you need to take another look at that interview. Doocy asserted at the very beginning that Davey Blackburn had been cleared by the police, and thus at no time did he ask Davey Blackburn to deny involvement.

Here's the actual question he asked Davey Blackburn.

Q. Initially though, as is the case, they always look at the husband, however the police came out very quickly and said you have been cleared of all of that. But still, in the very beginning, to have this suspicion hanging over you, what was that like for a man of God to worry about something like that?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I did not miss that the whole "conversation" with god started in the shower.

This unnecessary reference is associated with sexual abuse, sexual homicides etc.

He is pulling the wool over poor Amanda's father's eyes, but if this man is a pastor and believes the blasphemous ego-centric statements that Davey made,he lacks the discernment and will be stunned if Davey is arrested.

Davey has done a lot to remove doubts from my mind.

It feels more like, "Will police find it?" rather than "is he connected?"


Mdkd6262 said...

This pretty much sums it up: Tweet from Derek Barrett (DB's Worship Leader)

Derek Barrett ‏@derekmbarrett · Feb 11 (2015)
Approval, Admiration, & Applause are so dangerous to worship leaders. You can't battle God for his glory - and win!

BB said...

He has A LOT of individual pics of Amanda's sister's husband on his FB page.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and analysis above Peter. My thoughts entirely. What a disgusting and sickening individual. I have a hard time even finding the right words to describe this demon possessed puke. Shocking beyond words. Is he even human? ABB

Anonymous said...

Davey is only 28 and will talk to his children (his parishioners).

Anonymous said...

Nope, he's 30. Amanda was 28..

Mdkd6262 said...

Amanda's tweet about her son being cast in that hideous commercial where he is crying in the highchair having food shoved in his face... with the banner about "Distraction-free sex" flashed in front of his image... Amanda is "leaking" here. She was duped but her gut knew... many a truth is uttered in jest.

AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace · Jan 27
My kid might be scarred from this video...but it will all be worth it! ;) SO excited about Feb 8th! #ineedaSOLUTION

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it weird that in the court docs police say they found duct tape in the home? If the suspects thought they were going into an empty home why would they bring duct tape?? Also does anyone else find it weird that at the hospital when DB was being interviewed after the most traumatic experience of his life that one of the things he pointed out was a swisher sweet package? You see your wife in a pool of blood but have the frame of mind to notice that?? Almost like he was pointing out to police that it had to be someone else

BB said...

When he can't bring himself to say something positive he routinely hides behind "not being able to express his emotions." He is only moderately intelligent. As for emotional intelligence, he is a drooling moron. Literally an emotional infant. He is a monster.

Carnival Barker said...

As sure as I am that DB orchestrated the break-in (or walk-in I should say), I'm still not convinced that he intended for her to be murdered. The fact that they only took that ONE bank card among several, the 25-minute drive to the specific ATM that is on the same block as Resonate, and the fact that they had to be coaxed into coming back to pick up the thug they left behind gives me the impression that this was intended to be a burglary and Amanda didn't react the way Davey had anticipated she would. I think he underestimated the instinct of a mother to protect her child.

I have a feeling the answer lies in following the money.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter for saying what I have felt all along. I have been perusing fb pages of treezy, breezy and Alonzo and others in their circle. Most are probably known to law enforcement .

Anonymous said...

Narcissistic Personality Inventory test questions

Anonymous said...

I find all of these speculations very interesting, but they remain just that—speculations.

Here’s my question: if I were one of the arrested men (who by the way could not be unaware of the speculation about Davey), and if I had any connection at all with him, why would I have not said so by now in a way that would have at least leaked to the public?

All of these analyses of Davey’s character may be entirely on target, and yet have absolutely nothing to do with the question of who murdered his wife.

Anonymous said...

DB is posting more journal pics on Twitter.

" @daveyblackburn Amanda's prayer journal entry after our last Sunday @newspring before moving to Indy. Wow. "

Concerned said...

Anon at 8:30@pudgehuckaby -

Within your copies of the "man-tweets" concerning Davey lies this little nugget....

"hey i have a great taylor i COULD refer you to . . ."

Larry Taylor!!
(just a little levity in the midst of our angst)

BB said...

Great analysis, Peter! I get angrier and angrier at DB. His grandiosity is going to do serious harm to not only his brand of Chtistianity, but will turn off many souls who might otherwise have been called to the Light. The damage he is doing to Christianity is horrible. Sad thing is that it will all be wasted. Nothing but sadness can come from this.

Sjeo1982 said...

Here's the thing. Davey is indeed crazy.

But this can't all be one big and why is her family staying silent? Do you all think they see through him? Are they offended? Are the shocked? How can't they be?

If so, maybe they're quietly bringing their concerns to LE? Maybe they're all afraid to be the one who sees their sister/daughters/grandsons loved one as guilty? I can't wrap my mind around that aspect of this...

Concerned said...

Anon at 8:44

"so this time next week i will be a married man . . . Words cannot describe the myriad of emotions i'm feeling right now"
Davey just never can describe the way he feels when it comes to Amanda, therefore we can assume he feels nothing.
If he won't say it, we can't say it for him, right?

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why no one has talked yet. There have to be people from Davey's past that know his crazy side. Also if he was connected to the killers, why haven't they talked? Ugh the longer this goes on, I start to question it all.

Concerned said...

Peter at 8:51,
Me too!

"Derek Barrett ‏@derekmbarrett · Feb 11 (2015)
Approval, Admiration, & Applause are so dangerous to worship leaders. You can't battle God for his glory - and win!"

So telling that the Resonate "Church" Worship Leader would say this.
I think we know he would be talking about Davey.

BB at 8:53
His brother-in-law wanted Davey to marry his girlfriend's sister so he could spend lots of his life with Davey. I forgot the exact words...somebody help me here.

Confused said...


That was probably one of the "excuses" he used. We can't have sex now that there is a baby in the house, the baby might cry needing to be fed, etc.

Jojo said...

There was a guy named Joe on the chat a time or two who knew some of the family. He said Amanda's dad did not like Davey and did not want her to marry him. I think her family is just giving him rope to hang himself.

Amy Smith said...

If you've seen the new movie Spotlight, then you may have some insight into how people can and do stay silent even when they know something is very wrong. "They knew! They knew and they let it happen!"

Anonymous said...

We have no idea who is talking to LE and what the conversations are. They have survived a trauma - the brutal murder of AB and her unborn child. I think we need to "asses" their responses with that fact in mind. This was a shocking violent murder. People have been charged and arrested for it. It is overwhelming emotionally to now consider DB was a part of this. It's just too much to handle emotionally right now.

On a separate note, I looked at the fb photos of DB's family - his brother and parents. From what I can see, they are terribly estranged and unhappy.


Anonymous said...

BB, I share your feelings in your post @9:10, nothing but sadness and pain can come from Davey Blackburn for the rest of his sorry life. The damage he is doing to Christianity is beyond repair, in a world where so many already despise Christianity; as is the shame he has brought once again to the cross of Jesus. All from satan, his father, the father of lies. These are some of those who are described in the judgment, where Jesus says to them: "depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you."

Sjoe, many are deceived, becoming followers of their blind leaders. They do not see truth because they do not want to see truth. There are many over the years who have tried desperately to stop these cult leaders, but their followers will blindly follow and defend them every time. It is very sad to see this in progress.

Anon at 9:13, I understand very well why no one from Davey's past has talked yet; how can they if no one tracks them down and questions them? I sure don't see any media on top of this, do you? As for the (so-called) killers, some of them have been arrested and aren't sitting around reading this on the computer. They're in jail and don't have the remotest idea what is going on. How could they? ABB

Concerned said...

Carnival Barker at 9:01,
Maybe all those credit cards were maxed out and the only way the thugs could be paid was with the Debit Card for an account holding Resonate's money. Possible?

I can't wrap my mind around robbers leaving behind a stack of credit cards that could be sold to someone. Credit cards are stolen from people all the time here. I've had mine stolen by someone at work and they got hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise within an hour. A random robbery and you only take a Debit Card? I'm not convinced they took the MAC as I think it left with Davey on his way out. I would expect it hit a dumpster that morning.

Re: Mr. Wagner, AKA The Alibi > Has he explained why he never tweeted about the Tuesday Doing-Life-with-Davey calls before that day? Someone confronted him about that on Twitter and he ignored it. I would think he'd be re-Tweeting one of those for every single Tuesday, wouldn't you? If they existed, that is.

Concerned said...

I think the answer to your question is Weston.
One suspicious query and they might not ever see him again.

Elizabeth said...

The Rochas, Laci's parents, were supportive of Scott until Amber Frey came forward. Amber is what changed everything for the Rochas.

Sjeo1982 said...

Ahhhh yes, makes sense!

Concerned said...

And Sharon Rochas turned into a Mother Lion once she suspected Scott.
But I don't think she went public until they knew they had enough evidence to charge him.

I imagine the Byars will have to handle this the same way. Once LE has some facts for them, they will turn on Davey and demand custody of Weston. How could they not?

Anonymous said...

I'm just blown away that Davey is suddenly not friends with that Treezy guy on FB anymore.

Concerned said...

Don't you wish there was a "Catch Davey" GoFundMe page?
I'd be all in!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:44

Just another coincidence. NOT!

Sarah said...

Please tell me someone got a screenshot and sent it to LE

Anonymous said...

I've said this from the first time I hard about this crime--his church was more like a cult, he has NPD, and after watching and listening to him talk and what he said about women and sex and his man + wife for life... I did not buy if. He is clearly gay.

I know of several married men who basically, at 30, got divorced and finally came out.

Davey is 30. Because he is a pastor that preaches homosexuality is wrong, he cannot come out. (Sad and ridiculous.)

I've also said that they were sent to Indy to appear to be a straight couple. They spent ten years together, yet seem like strangers. Partly because DB is clearly mentally ill (and gay, and that is how he was born; nothing to do with mental illness) and married to be with his MALE friend for the rest of his life...

I am wondering if AB was a lesbian and Meg was her girlfriend.

I do not believe for a minute AB was all goo-goo eyed over DB for years. He's icky--she could see that years ago...

They may have been married, but for the 10 years they were together, they spent a lot of time with other people who they wished to spend time with.

I am so curious how this will all shake out....

Concerned said...

Anon at 9:44
Isn't Treezy the one who was shot 5 times in a robbery and paralyzed in September or October?
I wonder if Davey went to see him in the hospital.
His mother said on FB that he was there for some time.
The ministers of my church are at all the area hospitals every day.

Mr Dos Centavos said...

All comments are pure speculation - the SA posts indicate guilt of something. This is also speculation, but perhaps not pure - that said, many theories espoused here show evidence critical thinking and matter-of-fact logic and thus, to my mind, are sound.

"Something is not right with that boy". Never truer(speculative)words.

The 911 tape in everything in this case - and it has GOT to be a gem. Very telling that is has NOT yet been released.

Or, are we all barking up the wrong tree?

Confused said...

There's no way we're barking up the wrong tree since he telegraphed what was to happen during his gun sermon right down to her getting punched in the mouth with her tooth knocked out.

Anonymous said...

Are 911 tapes usually held this long? I know nothing about investigations so I'm just curious as to what the hold up is.

Concerned said...

Mr. Dos,
Davey keeps shaking the tree and making us bark.
We waited patiently for a reliable denial and some sense that he is sorry Amanda died.
Every week he shakes a little harder and hits us on the head with new info as he further demeans her and justifies her murder.

Forgive me for highjacking your analogy! or whatever you call that figure of speech. : > )

Anonymous said...


Yes I believe so. I have no clue who the kid is but just thought it was strange that Davey was friends with someone who is pointing a gun at a camera on Facebook and now suddenly isn't.

Anonymous said...

LE must be still investigating. Otherwise, the 911 tapes are public record. Then again, it would take a proactive media to ask for the tapes. And based on what I have seen of coverage so far, IndyStar and Indy tv stations are passive.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that they're just waiting. Also with their other daughter married to his bestfriend they would need to keep any suspicions they have very private so it doesn't get back and end up being kept from both grandkids.

SSSSS said...

Just watched the church service with his father. If you all haven't watched that yet then watch it NOW!!! So ... basically, Davey is saying his father-in-law's congregation was a sorry bunch of folks and if it wasn't for him (Davey), oh yeah, Amanda too (that is how he acts), his father-in-law's congregation would STILL be a sorry bunch of folks, but b/c he (Davey) is here to save the day with his "story" his father-in-law's congregation just might turn out not to be dead beats after all.

Wow. wow. wow.

These people are crazy. Full on crazy.

SSSSS said...

Ya'll, this was in the IndyStar today. It is about urging those that know about crimes to break their codes of silence. Remember the comments from LE before the arrests?

Anonymous said...

Gag news.

Davey posted another photo of a journal page on his twitter. The handwriting doesn't match the previous page he posted, yet they were both supposedly written by Amanda.

Concerned said...

I bet if someone took a poll of the Elkhart First Baptist church folks, you'd find they were quite offended...
That's assuming they were even still listening to his mini-sermon.
Obviously, it was videotaped and nobody has to miss where he said he really didn't care if he offended them.

I would think they would question whether Phil Byars told Davey they were dried up bones. Otherwise, why would Davey assume that? He never lived there. He didn't know them.

Anonymous said...

Is this DB at the left hugging AB's brother? This is the most physically affectionate I have seen him in any of the many photographs.



Anonymous said...

Again, Weston is turning away from DB.


Anonymous said...

Here, DB gazing at his FIL.


Maggie said...

For the record, Treezy (DBs ex Facebook friend) was not shot. No post on his page about this or from his mother. Another friend - Breezy (Montana) is the one who was shot and is still in the hospital.

Also, just roamed through some of Alonzo's friends pages and on the 12th or 13th someone put up a post complaining about being inundated with fake friend requests. Others wrote they had the same issue and most believed it was the "Feds" - so hopefully LE has been on top of this angle from the get go.

Anonymous said...

Canada 10:18 - I think that's Gavin he's hugging. The one that he always wanted in his life.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:11

Re: Yet another journal page to piggyback on Amanda's private thoughts for personal gain.

I bet Davey wonders what happened to the 6000+ who watched the memorial service and the 2000 bums in the seats. They don't seem to get excited about his social media posts. He had a grand total of 171 re-tweets on the first journal installment. For a national movement led by him, this is not a good start.

He has made me downright surly.

Anonymous said...

DB's favorite buddy @@

Anonymous said...

Compare Photos:



BallBounces said...

Concerned said…
SSSSS, I bet if someone took a poll of the Elkhart First Baptist church folks, you'd find they were quite offended…

* * *
The video shows the congregation giving Davey Blackburn a standing ovation when he finished speaking.

Donna said...

DB has been rocking that blue sweater all week.

Concerned said...


You're right.
Can you imagine why a church would applaud something so foreign to what the Bible teaches?
I can't.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's at Gavin's 30th birthday party. It appears DB finds the child an intrusion.


Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys need to get your gaydars adjusted.

Monty Python's 'She's a Witch' skit keeps popping into my mind.

I love Monty Python.
The Life of Brian is one of my favorite films.

He's not the Messiah> Hes a very naughty boy

And this clip from Monty Python is just so davey :)

~ heads off to the naughty corner~

Sus said...

Again, yes Treezy was shot. Five times. He's been in the hospital since "two weeks before November 9." He just recently was released.

I'm not sure who Treezy connects to. I did find "Cheese" through him.

I'm interested because if DB hired someone I don't think it would be directly. First, he's too smart for that. Second, those three arrested would have given him up by now. Code of silence doesn't extend to "white boys."

Think Taylor > Bull ( I wonder if cheese is in on this. According to the probable cause doc, Taylor got out at Cheese's with the loot.) > ??DB's associate

Only my musings and speculation. ( except for Treezy being shot.)

Maggie said...


can you provide the link you're finding out this info about Treezy? Perhaps there are 2? Because I've looked at his entire timeline and don't see anything about him being shot or in the hospital.


rosy said...

Sus said...
at 11:03 PM

Thanks, Sus.

Sus said...

As far as Feds on their pages, yes, they always are. At the first press conference the sheriff introduced his guy who took care of social networking. I can't remember what his title was. But it's the same program Chicago and lots of big cities use to fight gang crime.

It sure makes you wonder how stupid those gang members are. They still post pics of themselves with stolen goods and money and illegal guns.

Maggie said...

Here's the link to the Treezy who used to be friends with DB

Sus said...

His mother comments on the first pic on his timeline. Read her timeline. He never says a word about it.

Maggie said...


Yep stupid they are. And I don't know why Feds need to friend request them - none of their fbs are private. Maybe it's a tactic to let them know they are watching.

Sus said...

They're not friend requesting them.

Concerned said...


Treezy's mother is Antoinette Crawford Olive on Facebook.
Go back a bit and you'll find her asking for prayers for her son who was robbed and shot. That's Treezy who was Davey's Facebook friend until yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that they're just waiting. Also with their other daughter married to his bestfriend they would need to keep any suspicions they have very private so it doesn't get back and end up being kept from both grandkids.

Sus said...

Thank you. I've looked through so many pages today I couldn't remember her name.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Tweets or FB posts about Davey visiting hospitals?

Concerned said...

You're the one who found all that info for us.
Thank you for all the work you must have done.
Well, except that I can never scrub my eyeballs enough to unsee the evil on those FB pages! Nasty stuff!

Concerned said...

Does Facebook have any limits on the words and images it allows?
Right now I'm thinking not.

Anonymous said...

tania cadogan said
I love Monty Python.
The Life of Brian is one of my favorite films.

He's not the Messiah> Hes a very naughty boy

And this clip from Monty Python is just so davey :)

~ heads off to the naughty corner~

LOL Thanks for posting Monty Python's Crackpot Religions link! So appropriate for Davey’s thread.

KD said...

If I were a betting person, I would be all in that DB is a repressed gay man. The first time I saw him it was "obvious" to me. I put obvious in quotes because it's clearly not fact, but I can tell you that the same "unknowable" thing inside these folks that tells them Jesus is talking to them is telling me that DB is more closeted than any of my deepest skeletons.

For the record, my gaydar has a nearly impeccable 20 year record....and my gay friends agree....

Regardless of religion, this is why I think sexual repression is the absolute worst. AB didn't even want to kiss a man before she married. She took a vow of purity in that regard. So when she married Db she was a virgin in the truest sense of the word and had no idea what to do or how to have a sexual relationship that pleased her desires!! My god! I can't even imagine being in my twenties and having no clue what physical intimacy is like, or what it was that I enjoyed. Your 20s are for trial and error....folks...the time when you learn what works for you and what doesn't....

Women need to be empowered by their sexuality, not be told that they are dressing like whores and prostitutes a la DB. AB was a victim of DB, but she was also a victim of her church. She played the role that was handed to her and had little or no hope (or desire?) of getting out. We all watch the videos of DB preaching and see an oversexed, misogynist monster, but I DONT THINK SHE DID. How could she? She, literally, knew nothing else!

When women are raised like this, they are not prepared for "real" life. They are not prepared for intimacy or sex (and the fact that they can pleasure from it), nor are they prepared for motherhood without losing their sense of self. It's a terrible place to live. While everything may be perfecto looking on instagram and at the dinner table with other indoctrinated folk, these women (and men) have no idea how to equate what they are supposed to be projecting versus what they are feeling. Hence the constant references by DB and AB as to not to act on your "feelings" but on Jesus and scriptutre. The message here is to IGNORE YOURE NORMAL HUMAN FEELINGS AND IMPULSES. The message is not - hmm...let's think about the feelings I'm having and why and how they might compare to my belief system, it's NO LETS PUT THIS ALL TO JESUS. It's not a good way to live, but it is the way AB and DB and both of their families live.

Sorry, we are in the 21st century, This amount of sexual repression will not sustain itself. I encourage New Spring and the esteemed Perry Noble find another way to young people's hearts.

Maggie said...


Thanks Now I see. When was he shot? I didn't have time to read it all, past my bedtime. And I apologize for questioning this but It's hard to keep up with the pace of these comments so I miss a lot.

But, that's certainly an interesting turn of events.

Who would want to shoot poor Treezy?

Confused said...

Anon 10:47

DB looks very gay in the picture you posted.

Sus said...

I almost hate to put this all public. Because it may harm someone that isn't involved, but also I hate to give notice if they are. Haha.

Anyway, has anyone checked out Cheese's Facebook? He has two. One when he was in high school. He played football at Lawerence central. Graduated 2011. So I suppose he's 21 or 22.

His page now has a picture with who I think is Larry Taylor. I'd like to know the middle guy in the pic and if you all think it's Taylor.

Desmond Cheeseburough

Concerned said...

If I remember correctly, Treezy was shot sometime between mid and late October. His mother seems like a hard working person and I feel sad for her.

I bet those guys get robbed a lot because they can't stop bragging after they rob somebody else! They take pictures of the cash or their girlfriends do. Treezy isn't having much luck with the girls though, if his memes are any indication.

I need to get a life!!

Sus said...

At least Treezy was robbed on his way to WORK. If I have to see one more thug with a wad of money in his teeth or up to his ear like a phone...

Anonymous said...

This struck me kind of funny on the Twitter discussion of Davey's behavior:

"Pstr J. Vernon McGee: In the Bible it was a miracle when an ass talked; now it's a miracle when one shuts up!"

Sus said...


Lemon said...

CAIR getting out in front of the naming of suspects in the San Bernardino shooting:

" (ANAHEIM, CA, 12/2/15) – Later tonight, the Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) and the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California will hold a news conference with leaders of the Muslim community to condemn today’s deadly shooting spree in San Bernardino, Calif., to offer condolences to the loved ones of those killed or injured and to respond to the naming of one of the suspects.

A relative of one of the suspects named by the media will take part in the news conference.


“We condemn this horrific and revolting attack and offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of all those killed or injured,” said CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush. “The Muslim community stands shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Americans in repudiating any twisted mindset that would claim to justify such sickening acts of violence.” ... "

Concerned said...

Didn't Treezy work at the FedEx hub before he was shot? Seems like I read in his comments that he bails on work every few weeks just because he doesn't want to go. Does a part-time worker qualify for SS Disability?

The worst thing on these thugs' FB walls is their incredible derogatory attitude toward women.
Ding! There's something they have in common with Davey right off the bat!

mom2many said...

How could Davey have a pic of Weston's schedule Aug 7, 2014? Amanda's fb (I think it was the Weathered Willow one) said Weston's bday was Aug 28. My own son's is the 26, so that stuck out to me.

Mdkd6262 said...

@mom2many 11:55

Look at Amanda's sister's fb page... Amber Byars Wilkerson. Says she got the call July 28 2014 that Amanda's water broke at 2:45 am... he was born that day according to her story doesnt say what time though

Anonymous said...

The more I read and watch, the more frustrated I feel...that this kind of garbage, masqueraded as Christianity, takes place. The utter blasphemy every time DB opens his mouth causes me to feel so angry. But I am reminding myself tonight Who is actually in control...Who sees and knows all and will make all right someday.

Pray! Pray and trust God. He is altogether good!

He is a Just Judge! Justice for Amanda will be realized, if not in this life, then in the next.

DB is a false teacher, which is part of the judgment of God on a people who do not seek His face. This is nothing new; it's been happening for thousands of years.

Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call on Him while He is near. He will save!
Hoping to encourage anyone who may be feeling discouraged by the injustice of those whole situation.

Blessings to all,

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't label Davey's sex preference as gay, I'd list it as AG, that stands for ANYTHING GOES. He'd go with young, old, male, female, trans, animals, whatevah.

I really hate to rip on a victim, I do. But the way Amanda's Mom, sister and brother have been is disturbing as well.

It wasn't just Davey who stood up to receive the prayer for strength to pass out bibles, but the brother in law of his as well. Same brother in law who said "Hey Davey Buuuoooy, hook up with Amber's sis so you and I can hang out forever." Why would both of these grown men stand up to receive a prayer to hand out friggin' bibles? Davey is a Pastor and I'm sure the brother has his faith in order as well. Show boat much?

Gemini said...

Bring the butter might be a reference for anal sex, but here he was making a joke from her text that read "you trying to butter me up?". I don't think he was referring to anything but her text.

James Brooks said...

I'm curious: is it likely these statements were made by the same person?

Statement 1

"I saw the 9/11 video of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey. I was shocked and wondered, "why do they hate us?" I was surprised when the video did not replay over and over. Back then, the news was on "constant alert status" with repeated video of the towers, people running and so on.
The video was more like 'hundreds' and not 'thousands' and I saw people dancing in the street, singing, jumping up and down. I saw men, women and children celebrating. Recently I read people saying that American flags were stepped on and I think I recall that, too, but I am not certain."

Statement 2
saw the video of Muslims in NJ celebrating in the street. "Thousands"? No. Hundreds? Perhaps. I have an emotion connected to the memory. I asked, "Why do they hate us so?" and then I was surprised it was not played again.
It could have been Pakistan, but the words on the screen said "New Jersey." I do not recall what city. It was hundreds, men, women and children. They were in the street and their hands were up and they were dancing, yelling, chanting, etc. It was then that i began to study the pathology of Islam and how it has conquered and murdered for 1400 years and I learned "it's the ideology stupid."

mom2many said...

Mdkd, Thanks. That makes more sense. I scrolled back through Davey's twitter and found the newborn announcement, too. And I found the post with the schedule and it just makes me sad. I'm a baby watcher, not a clock watcher. My babies cluster feed in the evenings. I don't think my 16mo is down to 8 feeds a day yet (including both solids and nursing, of course, at this age). I can't imagine restricting a newborn to 8 feedings a day. Yes, it gets annoying sometimes. But it's sacrificial love. Motherhood. Parenthood.

James Brooks said...

I apologize: Statement 2 should start with "I".

Also, I should have labelled as "OT".

Sus said...

Treezy worked there? Are you serious? That's where cheese works. Is that who you are remembering? interesting if both work there and Taylor ties into cheese.

I found the pic of who I thought was Taylor on cheeses timeline. It's not.

Confused said...

Regarding the tweet someone posted where Davey makes a joke about how his "gender confused pants were supposed to be a secret"...could he have been into cross-dressing?
Sometimes dressed in women's clothes and Amanda caught him?

Something about the diary troubles me. And the way he clings to it and reads from it, yet the one page I've seen it looks like it was written by a teenage girl that way that the writer instead of writing the word "heart" in a sentence drew a heart. Someone else has stated on here that they have seen different pages and that the handwriting doesnt match. It may sound way out there, but I wonder if part of his confusion could not only be sexual but if he also had gender confusion. The way some cross dressers will sneak and dress up in their wives' clothes, could Davey have enjoyed pretending he was a girl and trying to write "girlish" stuff in a diary using girlish handwriting and girlish "heart" symbols? Amanda was an intelligent well-spoke woman and I doubt she would write a heart symbol instead of writing the word "heart" in a sentence. I also thought it was odd the way that she underlines the word "You" when referring to Jesus, in her love letter to Jesus. It strikes me as something not natural for a woman to have done, but perhaps someone pretending to be a woman. Like, if he was pretending he was a woman "in love" with Jesus he may have felt that that would be how a woman would write that by underlining the "You" for emphasis.
Also, the handwriting slants dramatically to the left which is pretty unusual.
I don't know...I get a weird vibe off the whole diary thing, and it has to do with me thinking that Davey likes girlish things like diaries.

Sus said...

And the there are two Desmond Cheesebouroughs. The one called cheese works at fed ex and is younger than 21.

The other was the football player at lawerence central. His fb ends at 2011 I think, or 12.

rosy said...

Anonymous Sus said...
at 12:48 AM

And the there are two Desmond Cheesebouroughs. The one called cheese works at fed ex and is younger than 21.

The other was the football player at lawerence central. His fb ends at 2011 I think, or 12.
I assumed they are the same person, first in high school then, starting a new FB page, older, working for FedEx.

You think not?

elf said...

I don't think Blackburn is gay. His 'sermon ' in which he was telling about his sexual frustration reminded me of nearly every married/committed sleazeball who hit on me when I was a convenience store cashier. It was always the same theme- the wife/girlfriend not meeting his needs. It's an effort to elicit sympathy.
Blackburn is a pretty man, I'll give him that. He's very metrosexual looking though :/ I don't think Blackburn is gay. Sex obsessed, definitely, but not gay. I think he's vain and a serial cheater. I think because he has such a high libido his high school lie was something to do with date rape. A lot of his life is centered around his image (Blackburn not God's image) and his needs. He's pretty immature as shown by his statement about how he has to be sexually satisfied before a dinner date (I want what I want and I want it now). If he contracted a hit on Amanda I don't think it was planned very far in advance because he's an immediate satisfaction kind of guy.

Anonymous said...

Handwriting slanting left is usually by left-handed writer? Who was that?

Anonymous said...

KD, re: your post about the purity movement,I thought you might enjoy this gem

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you ruled out Perry as latently gay in this. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but I read his quote of adding on the 'you guys would understand' as attempting to cover what was a rather over the top celebration of Davey's attributes. He was self-conscious of sounding too gay, so he had to shrug it off by making it seem like a typical guy thing, by appealing to the other guys in the audience.
As for Davey's sexuality, who knows, he's definitely compensating for something. I think he was a horrible in ned, whether or not homosexuality played a factor in that. He obviously would be a selfish lover too, with an apparently high sex drive, and combine that with Amanda's inexperience at marriage and a general society where sex has an air of shame around it, and you've got a major risk for sexual incompatibility. There's no doubt Davey's performance in bed would make Amanda all the more reluctant to sleep with him, thus leading to the hardly concealed resentment he had over her lack of sexual openness. I think the sexually repressive environment they grew up in is partially why Davey wanted to throw the doors open on the taboo subject of sex, and yet did so espousing a perverted and selfish interpretation of spiritual sexuality. A case complicated as all get out.

The Beckster said...

Handwriting does NOT match!! The g's and y's are completely different in the notes. I think he wrote the one he just posted about the "greatest church".

Mdkd6262 said...

@mom2many at 12:39

Well said... I believe he despises Weston because he was , as someone said earlier, jealous of the attention that weston takes away from him & he no longer had AB's full attention and he sees him as a "prop" to be used and then he wants him to be put away (controlled to the nth degree) and not be bothered by him until he needs him for a photo-op or other staged scenery. I see no bonding whatsoever between DB & Weston esp when you hear DB speak of him.

I believe that he will not be able to tolerate Weston's needs now that Amanda is gone & he will essentially abandon him to the in-laws (unless they dare cross him) and justify it that he is too busy etc & they will then begin to see his true lack of love for Weston...

I see the need for a live-in babysitter....

The Beckster said...

Handwriting does NOT match!! The g's and y's are completely different in the notes. I think he wrote the one he just posted about the "greatest church".

Sus said...

I found where the younger cheese congratulated his older cuz, the football player, on his graduation.

Mdkd6262 said...

From all i can tell... if DB couldnt make the weekly rent payment next week on this middle school auditorium, his church would basically go poof and evaporate... it actually doesnt exist. It's a rouse, a fantasy, an online-illusion. No bricks & mortar. Just a handful of a few regulars and a cover band that will quickly disperse when the shit hits he fan...

Mdkd6262 said...

At beckster 1:03

Maybe he has MG helping him...

Confused said...

Anon 1:00am,

Yes, absolutely, the handwriting of love letter to Jesus had to have been written by left handed person.
Davey appears right handed, in gun sermon he is waving the gun around with his right hand.

Amanda wears her watch on her left hand which, if she were left handed would wear it on the right hand.

She appears right handed in the love song talk, holding microphone in left hand when she begins gesticulating with her right hand. This is what a right handed person would do.

Does the plot thicken? Who wrote it?

@ Beckster, I am not able to find the other diary page pictures that people are discussing. But others have said that the handwriting doesn;t match! Very concerning.

I think police should be made aware that that love letter posting written before her death was written by left handed person.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Sus & Concerned

Yal are crackin me up with your posts (in a good way!! Hahaha)

Here is something to consider... you are perusing a totally diff world that is full of smoke & mirrors operating in a world where they have to be survivors... so you have to think outside the box. They have hopes & dreams & love & lives just like everyone else & you are getting a glimpse of that. they play by totally diff rules than the outside world... Im thinking the Fedex "package handling" job may be code for drug runner... i may be wrong. Yal are making some great connections and could potentially find that one key that can connect them to CD and help them take him down... dont stop!!

The only diff in gang bangers and this DB pseudo-church bunch is at least they are honest about who they are... I would feel safer hanging with them than I would @ DB's & PN's so-called "church"...

Anonymous said...


I'm left handed and I wear my watch on my left hand, but I'm weird like that. lol Seriously, I cannot wear my watch on my right hand, it feels too bizarre.

The Beckster said...


The Beckster said...

Go to the Facebook Page "justice seekers for Amanda Blackburn" to see them side by side. I also copied and saved both pics to my phone but can't upload pics here.

Anonymous said...

If Davey is gay, that might explain the lack of visible support and presence from his family. One of my best friends is gay and he has told me how traumatic it was for him to be ostracized by not only his fundamentalist church but by members of his own family when he came out.

rosy said...

Gemini said...

Bring the butter might be a reference for anal sex, but here he was making a joke from her text that read "you trying to butter me up?". I don't think he was referring to anything but her text.
December 3, 2015 at 12:29 AM

I missed that. You're right, except that jokes always refer to more than their springboards. He is re-contextualizing her text, using it as springboard for sexual innuendo.He moves her "wholesome" idiom "butter me up" from the domain of affection and domesticity into that of free range sex.

He aims the innuendo over her head into the audience, and she says "Whaaat?" Same verbal move as when he projects or ventriloquizes her voice saying at the end of the day, as a tactic to stall having sex, "Pick up the toys and put them in the toy box" and he drawls back, "I'll pick up your toys for you and put 'em in...."

In the Love Song videos he treats her idioms as equivalent to the virgin pina coladas that she drank on their honeymoon - the sweet, "innocent" alcohol free drink that this week he imagined her drinking on the shores of heaven.

Concerned said...

Mdkd at 1:09
Is it a fact that Resonate was about to go under?
That would be important for LE to know and I know Peter would want to know too.

It would be interesting to know if there has been a steady decline in "ownership" (their word) over the last 6 months. That could account for Meg Griffith (Griffin?) being sent in to help this summer. (Yeah, help with what?)

Davey's words at First Baptist Sunday about being content to pastor a church of 120 made me wonder if that was a much smaller number than anyone expected after all this time and money spent on the Brand in Indy. The way he said it made me think he was disappointed in the number. And, of course, we saw him pitch that little video fit about "them" not getting 400 to the special service. (Never mind those 16 saved souls!!)

Does anyone have info on whether there is life insurance on Amanda's life?
Does being murdered count in a double indemnity pay-out? Or is that just accidents?
I wonder how long before Davey files for the pay-out if there is one.

Kip said...


Anonymous said...

D loc is a gangbanging (crips) musician. He played in Indianapolis a week after Amanda's murder.

Anonymous said...

These are some odd dudes.
Kenneth Wagner is digging the profile picture of
Blake Eric Adams on Twitter.

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@Sus & Concerned

Yal are crackin me up with your posts (in a good way!! Hahaha)

Here is something to consider... you are perusing a totally diff world that is full of smoke & mirrors operating in a world where they have to be survivors... so you have to think outside the box. They have hopes & dreams & love & lives just like everyone else & you are getting a glimpse of that. they play by totally diff rules than the outside world... Im thinking the Fedex "package handling" job may be code for drug runner...
The only diff in gang bangers and this DB pseudo-church bunch is at least they are honest about who they are... I would feel safer hanging with them than I would @ DB's & PN's so-called "church"...
December 3, 2015 at 1:26 AM

Well said.

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Anon at 1:37
So much talent associated with Alonzo and Doane!
Isn't Breezy a not exactly female, not exactly male rapper?

Anonymous said...

That's Donae. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the titles of the books that were purportedly stolen from the Blackburn residence. Books ffs. As if.

Were the perps "well read"? Maybe enjoying a spot of CS Lewis after the home invasion and murder?

While I'm at it, before the babysitter's instagram went private, she posted a stack of books (5 I think) with some comment about taking so many away for a very short trip.

Crazy Davey liked the comment and said he thought it was normal.

Oh and then later posted his own stack of books on Instagram.

Anonymous said...

The "sun tanning and virgin piña colada drinking in heaven" comment is one of the most reprehensible things to come out of CD. It is yet another subtle disparagement of Amanda.

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Mdkd6262 said...

@concerned 1:33

Re the insurance policy, someone on here has said he joking mentions having ins policy on Amanda (in his typical demeaning fashion) in one of his sermons...

I just dont hink the numbers add up... old time rural country churches have as many members as he does (120- is a joke for working 4 years to build a mega-church atmosphere-type congregation). Remember him talking in that one video about the finances & he's telling all his "resonantors" (the camera not actual people) that there's no way they could get their own place right now and how the rent was like several thousands of $ each month... then you look at the lack of congregational support on social media - its actual just a handful of a few besties & his PN peeps. And listen to his congregation is the background. Its actually not that many people & the camera never shows them its always just a strategic shot of him on that rented stage, a false backdrop, and a few band members scattered across the stage. Other than for the one day a week they get use of the auditorium they actually dont exist. Look at their webpage. Any body could create that... There's no pics of the congregation, no staff listed, no pictures of a building. Its a sham...its a one-man show of smoke & mirrors. He couldnt build up a growing congregation cuz after they heard a few of his sermons legit people hit he road. thats why he ran to PN. Thats why the celebration service had to be held at another facility & PN paid for it all (it said so in the interview of PN). AB is a fraud that Amanda cud no linger believe in and he was running out of money, supporters, & people to con... He was in desperate financial need, hence the immediated "donate to davey" fund, the go-fund me drive, the book deal hints, the lack of upping the reward $, & the desparation of selling f-n tshirts at his wife's funeral. He was desperate. I believe her life ins policy was a major factor in his decision to finally do it... he justified it by blaming her for all his woes. Amanda couldnt fix Crazy Davey.

Mdkd6262 said...

I certainly meant DB is a fraud (not AB) in above post...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Davey's " problem with planning so far in advance " post is?

Anonymous said...

per the swisher's possible. Luckily, I've never been in that situation but I might notice something completely foreign in my home and recollect it later.
As for the duct tape...I wondered about that, too. If it was brought into the home or already there? Anyone know??

Mdkd6262 said...

Anon@ 1:44

I think you nailed the essense of Breezy spot on...

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