Monday, December 21, 2015

"For Us, We Have Nothing To Hide"

                   What is my own conclusion in this matter?

Consider the lengthy discussion into the murder of Amanda Blackburn and why this case has caught such interest. 

A young pregnant woman is murdered in a home invasion robbery and with video tape, police announce quickly that the husband is not the shooter and shortly later, criminal thugs are arrested.  

Case closed?

Not so fast.  

When a pregnant woman is killed, especially in her own home, the husband or boyfriend is the statistically most likely killer, but here, with video, the killer is behind bars but interest in the case, instead of subsiding, actually increases the 'who done it' conversation. 

"For us, we have nothing to hide."  Davey Blackburn, on Fox News.  

Instead of saying how it feels to be investigated in answer to the question, Blackburn said it was "hard to swallow" and then added a line that immediately invites new questions:  "For us, we have nothing to hide."  Had he said, "I have nothing to hide" he would have invited 'search' and suspicion, but retreating to the plural, he doubled up on the suspicion, something he had been doing since his first words after her murder.  

The public quickly concluded what Blackburn's mentor would later say:  "Something is wrong with this guy."


Statement Analysis of his statements issued and then of his interviews showed that Blackburn, in relation to the murder of his wife, is concealing or suppressing information.  His choice of words reveal deception via withholding information.  He uses the language of guilt.  

I have not concluded the source of guilt fully yet, however, basically because interviewers have avoided asking the very same questions they generally ask in murder cases.  Like Steve Doocey's embarrassing pass, they either ignore entirely any connection to the murder, or preface embarrassingly their questions with deference to ministry.  I do have a sense, though, as time has passed and he has spoken out again and again.  

There are various possibilities to the source of guilt which is being hid, but two main themes have emerged. A major difficulty, however, arises in the two: 

I.  Guilt due to prior knowledge of the murder
II.  Guilt over sexuality 

III.  Unknown

Q.  What is this major difficulty with the two?  
A.  The major difficulty is that the circumstances speak to both hypotheses 

I.  Guilt due to prior knowledge of the murder seems to dominate commentators here.  It is the suspicion of many in law enforcement.  Here is why:

a.  The marriage 

The husband's obsession is with numerical success and his wife wanted his attention.  This became very quickly a bad marriage, from the day the honeymoon ended.  He said it got worse when she became pregnant.  She became pregnant again and was murdered. The obsession with numerical success die his interpretation of Scripture to hyper-pragmatism; that is, "whatever it takes" which has led to a very specific choreography.  

b.  The timing 

The murder took place on the very day in which he always goes to the gym and always talks on the phone to the very same person but on this day, as luck would have it, the phone call kept him out of the house for 40 crucial minutes:  40 minutes which had he entered the house, might have led to earlier intervention into stopping the blood flow.  Might remaining outside the house for 40 minutes have cost her her life?

c.  The aftermath

Immediately after the murder, Blackburn showed little linguistic connection to the victims, instead focusing upon his career.  This was of alarm to Fox New, but what stood out more so to analysis is his utter lack of fear of the unknown killer returning to kill his son or himself.  The detached, driven husband's focus was solely on how many people he could get to notice his church through her death.  This was so dominant that he was incapable of stopping himself, even quoting the number of people who came to his church via the internet.  

If this wasn't bad enough, he went on to claim to have a conversation with divinity in which he received the news that his wife died for the church; supplanting Christ's own death, and that he was going to have a church that was so big that it had no historical precedence.  

That he mentioned the specific location of his meeting is significant in Statement Analysis:  the reference to water ("shower") is closely associated with sexual abuse.  That his wife's clothing was removed in her murder is not lost here, but the reference could also be due to his own childhood where he may have been a victim of sexual abuse, bringing him to the conflicting sexuality today. The connection with sexuality and deception is noted.  

The statements made and the behavior both show guilt in relation to the murder of his wife.  Is the source of guilt a prior knowledge of her murder?

This would mean some contact with a local gang where payment is made and low level gang members (kids) are sent out robbing, with the additional duty of murder.  The young gang members would not likely know of any connection and would not give up names of higher ranking gang members.  Better to go to prison silent, then go to prison and be sentenced to death as one who has revealed the information.  This would explain why he had no linguistic expressions of concern for his son, the neighborhood, himself, or for justice for Amanda.  

That he continues to subtly insult the victim also fits both categories:  guilty knowledge, and sexuality.  This adds to the confusion.  

II.  Guilt over sexuality. 

"For us, we have nothing to hide" was said in regard to the fact that police were investigating or looking into his life over Amanda's death.  This is not only to affirm that he has something to hide, but it gives the notion that what is hidden is in relation to someone else, with "we", but this too is then further emphasized, by the use of "us" in his statement. 

In the free editing process, he chose this word in less than a microsecond of time.  Either he needed to hide psychologically with "others", using the plural, or he is specifically thinking of at least one other person.   In either case, he compounds the guilt. 

Is what he has to hide sexuality?

Some of the very things in section one now support section two:  his lack of linguistic connection with Amanda, for example, could be guilt from either.  

It does not, however, explain the lack of fear, nor does it answer to the coincidental nature of the lengthy time on the driveway. 

What does support it?

1.  His self reported history. 

He spoke of a lie in high school that was told in which his parents, teachers, faculty, coaches and even peers abandoned him.  Lies will generally bring condemnation from peers or adults, in high school, but not both.  The only thing I can think of that even friends would not support is a destructive lie about sex.  This may have been severe enough to move to another city, and his father to give up his church and move to another.  

2.  His mentor's statements. 

His mentor not only told us that he recognized something "wrong with that boy" but in a memorial about Amanda, the mentor had Davey on the mind:  he spoke in sexualized terms about Blackburn, physically, as one would speak if sexually attracted.  The mentor qualified this with, "if you're a man you know what I am talking about" (to which men have said that they do not know what he means) to exclude himself as homosexual.  

His mentor's language appears supportive of this.  

3.  His own 'sermons.'

In video taping his messages, Blackburn wears tight fitting shirts, and walks back and forth, choreographing himself as if in a performance, while speaking repeatedly about sex:  specifically communicating to his audience of his great heterosexual sex drive; so much so that his wife, the victim, could not satisfy him.  His drive for sex with aa woman is so great that he said he was incapable of concentrating on dinner conversation.  This is the language of sexual addiction; something many gay men seek help for.  His need to convince his audience that he is a heterosexual is evident.  

4.  The disconnected language. 

Who would not give linguistic connection over the loss of his wife?

a.  One who orchestrated her death;  or...
b.  One who was trapped in a relationship  against his sexuality.  

The deception exists, but is its source guilty knowledge of the crime, or that of sexuality?


Or is it something else?

The Unknown. 

What do readers think?

"For us, we have nothing to hide" is:  

I.   Prior knowledge of her murder

II.  Sexuality 

III.  Something Else either unknown or both?

In either of the two above, his statement, "for us, we have nothing to hide" is specifically why defense attorneys do not let their clients speak.  

Police investigators know that this is something said when the subject is specifically thinking of something he does not wish to be known.  This is no different from a 7 year old boy who harbors a guilty secret. 

The 911 call has not yet been released, and we may see further arrests in this case still, as gang connections are made.   

In either case, he has 'outed' himself with this phrase of hidden guilt, inviting closer inspection.  

I have been long asked my opinion but have yet to give it...this, however, is where I am currently:  

With his additional statements, I think the guilty knowledge is about his personal life that he is hiding, and that Amanda may have known about.    I think a connection to the gang may have been found by now, yet, it is his language that persuades me that this is a co-occuring deception: 

that is a deception that happens during an investigation where the subject is deceptive, but it is about something else, appearing at the  time that creates suspicion. 

That he has been deceptive is clear, but where, and why, have been ongoing questions that I have become more comfortable categorizing with his subsequent statements.  

The 'shower' reference makes this argument stronger.  

With the release of the 911 call, this could change, and it is only an opinion of the source of the withheld information.  

The deception regarding sexuality is his own business.  If he continues to speak publicly and is not involved in the murder,  and his statements are in line with this, I will not be analyzing statements with regards to his sexuality.  


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Kate said...


Lol, I highly doubt Daveyboy would consider defamation. He has a tough enough time collecting his thoughts and keeping guns out of the schools. But your veiled message is amusing.

JBB said...

Sorry. I meant "news" story, not NEW story in my last post! I don't want anyone to think it's a NEW story! the date is Dec 10.

JBB said...

BB @ 4:34--
LOL! Yes, DB probably has ALREADY forgiven everyone who has or who might comment on him in the future. He's like Jesus, but with muscles and hair gel.

JBB said...

Oh Boy! DB just might get me for misquoting him. He was actually referring to Jesus with the quote from Luke " Father, Forgive them . . . " It was a reference to Jesus speaking. MY mistake.

It's nice he was able to draw strength from Jesus's words and forgive the fine young fellows who beat and murdered his wife. His ability to show forgiveness this quickly is surely a testament to the power of his faith, prayer, and whatever other justifications DB finds via Jesus and/or all those pithy bible verses he Tweets.

Honestly, I should have read more carefully. I apologize for misquoting.

rosy said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
We all know about free speech . But there's the other side to that , defamation . Wonder if Davey has thought of getting a lawyer and suing .
Wow ! The comments on here are mind blowing ! His sexual orientation ? Drug use ?
I think a lot of folks on this blog are detective wannabes !
December 22, 2015 at 4:33 PM

Davey's lawyer would have to start with Perry Noble. It was he who said at Amanda Blackburn's Celebration of Life that when he knew DB in S Carolina he thought of him as "crazy Davey" and said to himself "'something's not right with that boy.' I know we're supposed to say nice things but … I was like 'something's not right.'" That's a Southern euphemism for "something's wrong." "Boy" is derogatory Southern term for a young man regarded as less than a full man. It was also Perry who used the term "beautiful" to describe the type of man he judged Davey to be, adding a snide comment that men would know how to interpret that.

So, go for it! Perry has deep pockets.

Cyndi said...

Anon at 3:15 PM,

Although the underlying theme of this blog is Statement Analysis and its use in analyzing both verbal and written expression to determine guilt or innocence, it also serves as a sounding board for contributors to voice concerns, fears, and difficulties they may have personally experienced. Peter has been very generous in allowing comments extraneous to and not specifically related to SA to be published.

Amanda's horrific murder, which is the centerpiece of this blog, has awakened many dark, unpleasant thoughts and memories that exist in all of us. So, it is only natural for readers to relate traumatic experiences that they have suffered.

As caring and compassionate human beings we should be receptive to another person's anguish. ABB is a spirited, passionate, and astute commentator, who happens to have undergone great suffering. For her to share with us such painful details of her life requires a great deal of courage.

I hope that ABB continues to grace us with her insightful commentary.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaa. Thanks for the laugh -- sue for defamation? One would have to have (good) character to be able to sue for it.

Thanks for that -- funniest thing I've read allll day!

Anonymous said...

Best guess is Davey is gay. However Amanda could very well have been a lesbian.

I don't think she was as into Daveyboy as much as some people think she was. Anyone can appear happy in a photo for a second.

Kate said...

Lol Anon@ 5:15, me too! :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo, JMTO!!

Anonymous said...

Plus, the ATM withdrawls, and those phone calls -- and driving back to pick up.

It sure seems as if they were confident of a certain lengthy timeline.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dateline NBC posted right away after Amanda's murder, and it sure sounded as if their antenna was up.

lynda said...

Getting away with murder in Indiana appears to be a pretty good shot...more than 50% chance that you'd get away with it. Those are abysmal stats for solving homicides there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's right, we singled him out just because.

HE has done nothing to place himself under suspicion.

lynda said...

I don't think I've seen so many deleted posts from administrators! Resonance and New Spring robos must be out in full force.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the Anonymous, but I agree with you 100 %, Lynda.

Thank you for taking the time to contact the LE.

But, you know, PR is strictly that, PR.

They ar enot going to be privy to, or reveal anything.

And don't pay attention to Davey and his "gang," so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I've read over and over that she was NOT raped.

Anonymous said...

It's okay, I can see you were attacked. Thank you for updating us on the email. :-)
-Anon @ 2:11

Mdkd6262 said...

It was reported early on that the FBI was involved in the investigation.

I believe at the earliest stage (beginning with the EMT's who requested police presence)that LE was alerted to DB's strange behavior and that they early-on requested an FBI profiler to profile DB. They would have been given the advice to make an early stance of DB officially being cleared as a suspect for the sole purpose of discouraging him from lawyering up and thus being told to immediately shut the *&%% up... An astute profiler would understand that a narcissist like DB would talk incessantly, if allowed, and that this would be their best approach to gathering more evidence against him as the perpetrator/facilitator of Amanda's murder...

Why else was FBI involved so quickly with this investigation??

I believe that is why they were so emphatic with reporters that he is 100% not a suspect (one reporter even said his police source said that he "wanted me to know" DB is 150% not a suspect)... to me the police are "leaking" their agenda by being overly eager to pronounce him as "not a suspect" and "not being investigated"

I believe that he is a suspect... I believe they were able to collect way more evidence than they are being credited with during their initial arrival on scene while DB was at the hospital.

There are views of the police on scene with forensics at nighttime with a taped-off scene... because her murder occurred early am, that means they were on scene all day and into the night.....

The neighborhood watchman's strange comment was the police have "shreds of evidence"... this raised my hinky meter big time... It was neither solicited nor necessary for him to say this... I believe he said it because it is sensitive to him... I believe he is well aware that they were there ALL DAY collecting even tiny shreds/fibers, etc... and this is of concern to him.

I believe they went back a second time because they were alerted to look for something specific....

Also, the PC document presented to have LT and JW arrested/charged does not represent the totality of LE's knowledge/evidence in the case, it only represents the minimum amount needed to justify LT's and JW's arrest...

lynda said...

LE has continually stated that "evidence thusfar does not support a rape" This gets a little graphic but they are what a coroner would do...

I think LE is being SO vague about this because Davey told them they had had sex within the last 24 hours or so. So unless the rapist left sperm, there is no way to tell whether she was raped or not because Davey could have done it during sex. If there was bruising and such , he could have said it was rough sex play. Samples of sperm that are NOT davey's obviously weren't there otherwise they would definitely state she was raped. Evidence of sexual intercourse could have come from DAvey AND the rapist..but without DNA there is no way to "pin" a rape on a perp if the husband states they had sex within a day or two of the attack.

Concerned said...

Mdkd6262 at 9:00

I believe you are right. Unfortunately, we have all speculated here and people have latched onto the comments as though they were facts. People have filled in the blanks left by the PC affidavit when we know those never reflect every detail in a case.
LE gets attacked daily for what they neglected to do when we don't have a clue what they have and haven't done!

I hope we can all relax and enjoy the holidays knowing that Davey isn't going anywhere and he isn't going to stop talking. If he's guilty of something (and I think he is), it will come out. The 911 tape is bound to be a doozy and we can look forward to Peter's analysis....even if it's 2016 or 2017!

Lee said...

In the PC Affidavit, page 20, it states that neither Alison Baker nor Jacola Searsbrook {the 2 other burglary victims on 11/10} knows Jalen Watson.

Is it telling that LE didn't include DB in that sentence? I know a pc affidavit is not a complete summary, it just seems odd to me that they didn't include DB in the parties that do not know Jalen Watson.

Lee said...

I guess you answered my question before I even asked it, Concerned @ 9:03! haha

That one line has just stuck in my mind since first reading it, but I am probably putting too much thought into an affidavit.

Lee said...

correction - Concerned @ 9:30, not 9:03

Maggie said...

Also interesting, and I've mentioned this before, the perps were given a "do not contact" list and DB wasn't on it. Someone questioned this and was answered "we don't think they'll try to contact him". Would it be standard in a normal case to include DB, the "victim"?

Maybe he was left off in hopes the perps WOULD try.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Mdkd62 @ 9:00PM

I agree with you. I think you're onto something too. I remember seeing those night shots of LE on scene, standing in the open front doorway with officers in the driveway. IMO, the autopsy prompted the return trip to the Blackburn home in search of specific evidence. Fibers is a thought-provoking idea.

A number of people here have assumed that the return trip was in vain because the carpets and crime scene had been cleaned. They are assuming that evidence was lost. I'm postulating that perhaps the evidence they were seeking pertained to clothing/a specific part of clothing/or fibers upstairs or elsewhere in the house matching those found on Amanda or her clothing. "Why would LE return to a professionally cleaned home?", many have asked. Barring blood-soaked padding/floorboards/under layment, fine microscopic blood splatter on walls/furniture/other objects in the room, why might LE return to a somewhat compromised scene? Perhaps because autopsy findings indicated fibers or something else from elsewhere in the house or even garage.

For example, perhaps Amanda's body/shirt/panties contained multiple fiber samples and LE needed to match or rule out fibers from other rooms (kitcheb, bathroom, Weston's room, laundry room, etc.) or fabrics (like those in their bed). Perhaps there were other suspicious marks on her body (like those indicative of an indentation with a unique design such as a typical shirt button or one with a decorative design) or bruising. Perhaps hair strands were found in her rings necessitating identification without the PR nightmare of asking a "grieving" husband for a sample.

Perhaps, the evidence in the room/from Amanda did not match the the given scenario as told, prompting LE to confirm their findings/suspicions by investigating what was there(i.e.what should have been there, but was not). Thinking perhaps the duct tape roll yielded fibers or possibly particles (like wood or paint dust from the garage from Amanda's furniture refinishing).

There are countless possibilities for why LE returned to the scene post-cleaning or what the autopsy may have indicated. I think the autopsy was key to the timing and what LE sought was unaffected by the professional clean-up. Just my three cents. ;)

tg said...

bravo to the posters from 900pm to 932pm...this is what this site inspires and deserves!

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

lynda at 9:02PM

That's a very good point! I found it very interesting that the Coroner did specify nail scrapings, particularly in view of Larry Taylor shooting Amanda because he allegedly feared her scratching him. That makes zero sense if he had no issue hitting her in the mouth with his gun and knocking a lower tooth out.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Between Mdkd6262 and lynda, now I'm curious about other fiber evidence like Alonzo Bull's pricey black coat (worn by his friends to and from this early morning crime spree). Not to be morbid here (distancing myself emotionally from Amanda as a person), I'm thinking the fiber evidence would be unusual. This little trio was several places that morning; including kicking back at the neighbor's, driving around in a stolen Sebring, handling men and women's clothing,and wrapping clothing around themselves. Minus the obvious that this is a murder of a fellow human being, coroners/CSIs/LE do an amazing job of logical deduction.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


*fellow human beings

rosy said...

A bit late at night and too near the holiday for questions but this occurred to me this evening:

Why did the Blackburns need a live-in baby sitter? Based on a few photos, I commented earlier that Davey seems to have treated Weston at times as an accessory. Someone offered the word "prop." But he did spend time with him.

What about Amanda? Was it too much for Amanda to care for Weston herself, given that Davey was willing to put in some time with him too? Was it urgent for Amanda to continue to work outside the home on behalf of Resonate? If so, did she not have flexible hours? Could she not have taken Weston along with her? After all she was working for her husband's (and her own) church and she did some of her counseling at home..

Why a live-in babysitter as distinct from, say, someone to come in to help with housework and a baby sitter a couple of times or a few times a week?

Weston was not born till close to six years into the marriage. Did Amanda want more children?

Have others thought about this?

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:12, I am not responsible for posts being deleted. Peter and/or his mods delete posts. Ask Peter why it got deleted. I have nothing to do with who or what gets deleted. You read the post, you know I apologized if you thought I should, and said I would try to do better; what more can I do? What more do you want? Don't blame me when posts get deleted. To repeat: I have nothing to do with deleting posts. ABB

Anonymous said...

Rosy, it seemed reasonable to me that Amanda would have a live in baby sitter. Amanda was shopping around, hauling, purchasing and refinishing furniture in the garage. Correct? This would be hard to do with a toddler baby crawling around and demanding your attention, getting into stuff, and dangerous to the baby as well.

It seemed to me to make perfect sense to have the live in sitter, who could also help with the housework, freeing Amanda up to do her refinishing job which is very time consuming and messy. It is also cheaper and more economical to have a live in. Room and board is part of the sitters salary. Hiring sitters by the hour/day/week can get very costly, even out of range economically. Besides, wasn't this live-in someone they already knew, a friend?

As to why she was having baby #2, who knows? I would have never had the first one with creep Davey Blackburn. I would have left his sorry ass long ago. But that's just me. He already hated her and hated sex with her and didn't mind saying so. Why was she still with him is the first question?

Not disparaging the poor girl, but he was never fit husband material in the first place and had already had six years in to prove it. For sure there wouldn't have been baby #2. He was a lousy husband and father, making her raise the baby according to some cruel book that forces you to leave your baby crying alone, etc. No WAY would there have been a #2. Maybe it was accident, or he forced her? ABB

Anonymous said...

In the end, what I really think is that this pregnancy #2 led to Amanda's death. IMO, however she got pregnant this last time would have been the final straw for Davey. He made no bones about blaming her pregnancy for making the marriage worse, when HE is the one who did the deed. WHY, since he hated having sex with her?

He is lower than a snails belly. No matter who else did what that morning, I just cannot imagine that he is not a suspect in her death. All told, how much more does it take to make a husband suspicious in his pregnant wife's murder? He doesn't even pretend to have loved her, nor does he show any feelings for the loss of the unborn baby, OR for Weston losing his mother. He is a killer of the soul. ABB

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Lynda @9;02. If course, Davey will clear his tracks in the sexual intercourse, fk'n user and taker as it suited him, NOT that he ever cared about Amanda's feelings; and I agree, unless DNA can be found that matches one of the intruders, he's free and clear on any violence that happened to Amanda during a sexual attack, violent or otherwise. God only knows how much this poor girl suffered that morning, and actually throughout the marriage trying to remain the dutiful Godly wife. It had to be horrendous. I hate even thinking of it.

Thank you Cyndi, very kind words at 5:15. You, Lynda, Kate & JTMO(?), makes me feel appreciated. Thank you. Maybe I can return that kindness to another stranger one of these days. ABB

JMTO said...

I agree ABB.

I just hope that LE knows more than we do, and they aren't viewing this as an open and shut case.


On another note- I had my very first comment deleted by blog administrators today hahaha
(Sorry, Peter (((bows head in shame))) )

JMTO said...

And anytime ABB- I love your posts!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Kate said...

ABB, no thanks necessary.

But on Rosy's point, I'd have to say I have no idea why or how Amanda and Davey would or could have a live in sitter. They were broke as a joke, Davey was busy spending away at Starbucks, gym memberships and other activities. I've not been able to understand why they would want this babysitter in the home when Amanda seemed to be such a hands on mother and with so many of her family and friends close by. I think the sitter was Davey's doing and I don't think Amanda was thrilled about it. But it's just all speculation on my part.

I would be interested to know how well she knew the neighbor's.

Kate said...

Here's how well Davey protected Amanda. It's from his "#ForIndy Week 4 Invite

"And I stared down the goose, and said you will not attack us! And I grabbed the goose by the neck and I choke slammed it! I wish I could say that, but I didn't. I took off and ran in the other direction. Losing my mind. Help me Tom Cruise (dancing around on stage) help me Oprah Winfery, I was so scared to death of this, cause all I was thinking was I don't have to out run the goose, I just have to out run Amanda (laughter from audience). I was freaked out by this goose. There was somebody in my life, whom I love very much that was in danger but all I could think about was myself."

Well, at least he admits all he does is think of himself.

JMTO said...

Since Davey was so obsessed with sex, I am thinking the babysitter was there for helping Amanda with Weston and around the house- so Amanda could be at Daveys's disposal anytime and not exhausted from running a business and a house and of course taking care of her first priority little Weston.

Running a business is hard.
Add to that supporting DB in their church, all of the people she counseled.....

If she breastfed or not....

The ridiculous parenting rule book he wanted her to abide by.....

All of these things alone are one thing- throw them all together with a husband who is rarely home before 8 pm and it makes for one exhausted mama.

Davey wanted to be able to have Amanda whenever he desired to- and looked at it as his right. She couldn't even have a conversation with him after he was on a business trip she had to satisfy his urges before he would even listen to her day.
I doubt he listened anyway. :(

I am thinking Meg was hired bc she was Davey's assistant when they lived in SC- and I am also thinking there was a falling out of some kind between Meg and Amanda.

Amanda wasn't in a whole bunch of photos with Weston the way Davey was, using him as a prop- but as a mom of a toddler myself I noticed just recently I am not in as many pics as dear hubby is, bc I am the one behind the camera 90% if the time.

Just thinking out loud.


BB said...

I have been under the impression that the babysitter was a temporary thing. They provided a friend/former intern who had just moved to town with a emporary place to live. In exchange she babysat. Not sure where this idea/explanation originated, but something like that has always been my impression of the arrangement.

rosy said...

Anonymous said... ABB
at 1:06 AM

it seemed reasonable to me that Amanda would have a live in baby sitter. Amanda was shopping around, hauling, purchasing and refinishing furniture in the garage. Correct? This would be hard to do with a toddler baby crawling around and demanding your attention, getting into stuff, and dangerous to the baby as well.
So when did Amanda spend time with Weston? That's what I really want to know. Were her photos with him photo-opportunities as much as Davey's were? Was this baby, in his first year of life, near the center of either of their lives?

BB said...

He really has no damn sense. What man would admit to this goosecrap? He should be embarrassed, but he has no shame. He must just really think he above reproach. He is not afraid to reveal his inner thoughts. He just thinks he's too cute for criticism.

rosy said...

This seems creepy - Meg Groffith (sp) has reopened her Etsy shop under the title and slogan

The Best Is Yet to Come!

Was Meg's original Etsy shop (before she closed it down)named this?

She also has a face book page under that name.

She posted on November 16: "Amanda and I loved to talk about refinishing furniture, taking old junk and making it beautiful and she taught me so much, especially these past few months, about seeing the potential in unwanted things."

Her work is an imitation of Amanda's. Some might call it homage, I would not. More like Fatal Attraction.

Since Amanda was murdered, Davey has been highlighting those 2 slogans, Nothing Is Wasted and The Best Is Yet to Come!

Ironically, it was Davey's father who had the sensitivity to title the first sermon he gave after Amanda's death after the name she gave to her business, "Weathered Willow."

What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Thank you JTMO @1:51 and 1:55... AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, and all!

I don't rule out anything anymore concerning the local Indy LE peons, and I definitely don't think they know more about this case and Davey Blackburn than many others do on this site. I have stayed on the sidelines while all this research was going on, one reason being that I am not computer savvy and wouldn't even know where to begin to do all the research others have done here who are far smarter than I am on the interwebs.

Another reason is that I thoroughly hate reading posts and watching videos made by so-called ministers of the gospel who pervert God's Holy Word instead of at least trying to win souls for Christ, however humble that may be. It so sickens me down in my very soul. I knew the big money machines in the ministry were out there, but to this scope, AND mingling sex into the fry? AND training young ruthless ones in their ways, like Davey, who thinks nothing of using and insulting his wife? I did not know they were so prolific and I just almost can't stand it.

However, hats off to those who are smarter than I am in these research areas. There have been several here, Sus, Rosy and others, who have worked very hard at doing research into the dark side of Davey Blackburn. This man is entirely capable of having killed Amanda, or having it done; also capable of sitting there watching her die as he talked on the phone with his bud. Sickening. AND getting away with it. There have been several times, even recently, I thought of walking away entirely and just don't read it anymore. Thanks again for your kind thoughts. ABB

rosy said...

Anonymous JMTO said...
at 2:22 AM
Davey wanted to be able to have Amanda whenever he desired to- and looked at it as his right. She couldn't even have a conversation with him after he was on a business trip she had to satisfy his urges before he would even listen to her day.

I don't buy it. That was an act, part of his church cabaret. I don't believe he made undue sexual demands on her. Much more likely, to keep up the pretense he approached her in half-jokey ways she was likely to turn down. He was not physically in love with her. That's one reason why he grabs onto the baby in all the photos after the bay was born. Or even onto the dog. I can't find one photo on this page to indicate a strong sexual bond between him and her.

rosy said...

^after the *baby* was born

Unknown said...

1. Is it a fact that MG was hired to live with them as the live in babysitter? Perhaps she stayed with them because she needed a place to stay for a while. She might have helped Amanda in the house, but was she actually employed to be the babysitter?

2. The letter received from the spokesperson from LE (or whatever he is), what other answer could he have given? I am sure he would not admit if DB was a suspect, POI etc. I think he gave the best answer possible under the circumstances.

The only people that might might know DB is under the proverbial magnifying glass will be Amanda's family.

There has been a letter to the Justice Seekers facebook page that "some of the family" is frowning on the behavior of the husband.

If DB is not a suspect at all, then I would hope these family members raise their concerns with authorities.

Anonymous said...

Kate, @1:58 & 2:12; I do understand how/why Amanda would have a live in baby sitter. I've had them myself when my youngest son was growing up. To me, it was the perfect arrangement; I didn't have to drag the baby with me everywhere, even tho I have taken him with me on numerous appointments and it was never a problem, but much more convenient just to be able to walk out the door and get back home without being under pressure.

Meanwhile, the sitter had everything under control at home. AND it was much more cost effective than having to run round picking up sitters and bla bla, that you couldn't depend on, and then pay thru the nose hourly. The live in sitter is right there, is using a spare bedroom anyhow, and how much can they eat? For me, it worked perfectly.

Amanda's work was hard and dirty and using dangerous chemicals that the baby would have to be kept totally away from. Yes, I believe 110% they were dead broke while Davey b'stard was blowing more than Amanda was making, but still she plowed on, trying to help the best she knew how. That poor girl. I admire her tenacity but it cost her her life in the end; that is, with the pregnancy being the final straw. Davey didn't appreciate her hard work. My husband did and helped me anyway he could. He had his own career, but did support me in mine.

There poor tired Amanda was, working her brains and body down to her last raw nerve, and HE was demanding sex before she could even have a conversation with him. God has been good to me, sparing me from such a man as this, because HE alone knows what I might have done to him; or maybe I used some judgment of my own as well. I do know this, I would not have taken that shyt! Once. ABB

Anonymous said...

Rosy, that is just the most disgusting thing; "nothing is wasted" and "the best is yet to come." WHAT in the HELL is wrong with people? Even lame-brained people know Amanda's life WAS WASTED. There IS no best is yet to come for Amana, not in this earthly life, or for her little Weston, or little Evie still in the early stages of gestation. Don't they get it; the best is OVER and never to be.

These people who say this makes me wanna puke, I don't care what kind of religious connotation they are hanging their hat on, THIS is disgusting. Now Amanda's former sitter is using the same slogans and capitalizing on HER business? I don't even know how stupid people like this can live with themselves. I just don't. ABB

Kate said...

Thanks ABB. I get why they had the sitter, I just didn't think they could afford it but as others have stated, maybe it was a trade off.

If you haven't watched all his videos, don't. The one I watched from last night where Weston is crying has bothered me ever since I watched it. I'm most likely being over-sensitive, but I can't shake it.

rosy said...

Sloane Berrie said...
at 3:01 AM

I call MG that because people here told me she was the live-in babysitter. I'm open to correction if this is wrong.

I'm interested in when MG began imitating Amanda's craft of making antique-y signs with uplifting mottoes and painting old furniture.

Someone here posted a link to a screen download of a Tweet Amanda made around the time MG left the house and advertised all her Etsy wares at clearance prices.

The Tweet, which Amanda deleted, included the words "kill" (maybe that was the last part of a word?) and "Jezebel."

In her Twitter account Amanda never mentions happiness at giving birth to Weston and raising him. Before she stopped Tweeting on August 21, she posted 2 photos there of Weston.

Jan 27
"My kid might be scarred from this video...but it will all be worth it! ;) SO excited about Feb 8th! #ineedaSOLUTION

Aug 20
Making someone's Thursday morning better by paying for their donuts! But we had to get some too! #ForIndy

Anonymous said...

Sloane, I don't know what to think about Amanda's family as it concerns any suspicions or undercover investigating that might be going on amongst themselves. I'm not buying it though, since they didn't even offer a decent reward for Amanda's killer(s), even before those who have been arrested became suspects.

From all I have seen, they are 100% in Davey's amen corner. Just look at the way they were at her final services, again, it was all about Davey other than a few words about how little trouble Amanda had been while growing up. They too disgust me, never keeping a close bond with their own daughter and her at the mercy of a madman crack-pot preacher, knowing so little (nothing actually), about the dog's life Davey had Amanda living.

I wonder, are they helping out now with little Weston? I doubt it. They are whiners who wring their hands, hug, crack a faint smile and move on. They are do nothing "I'll pray about it" people. PRAY?! DO SOMETHING!

I think they are all under the sickening "religious" swooning persuasion of preacher Nobel and the big money stick he wields with his legal team in the background always looking on. He DID pay for the funeral, you know; making them indebted to him. Oh, I'm sure there's lots more, we just don't know. ABB

Anonymous said...

Kate, I see it as Amanda having to work to try to make ends meet, and choosing the only thing she knew how to do, perfecting it, and doing it well. I admire this. But I also believe that Davey, being the fool and cold hearted man he is, defeated her at every turn.

I see having the live-in sitter as the only recourse she had to keep the costs down and the only workable solution. She probably looked into taking the baby to daycare, but this too is very expensive now, and also it wouldn't have helped Amanda when she had to go out to meet with potential customers or sellers during the evening hours or on Saturdays. I think she took the only logical way out in having the live-in sitter and made many sacrifices to make their lives work.

Thank you for warning me; no, I will not view the video of the baby crying. I cannot stand to know that a baby is being neglected. Babies don't cry much unless they have a reason too; like needing a diaper change, staying in filth with a diaper rash that burns and causes great pain, teething, hungry, too hot, too cold, sick with a fever, a sore throat, or an earache; you name it, there is a multitude of reasons a baby needs to be taken care of, NOT left crying in their misery.

Good LOrd, what is a mother for, other than to care for and love her baby? THIS is cruel and pathetic for the neglected baby. I think it could contribute to them growing up angry too, and having total distrust towards their mother and possibly disrespect for all women. Just my thoughts. ABB

rosy said...

Anonymous ABB said ....
at 3:22 AM

that is just the most disgusting thing; "nothing is wasted" and "the best is yet to come." WHAT in the HELL is wrong with people?
ABB, I agree, totally, but the slogans (based on Scripture) seem to have been ones that Amanda made her own. E.g. 3 Nov 2014 she Tweeted:

"My heart is overflowing with gratefulness tonight! Being a part of @resonateindy has changed my life and the best is yet to come!"

Somewhere along the line Meg G took these slogans and used them for the name of her business, selling signs and a few pieces of painted furniture modeled on Amanda's business.

That's one issue, did Meg G imitate Amanda's business and her words, and did this annoy Amanda? Is this one reason Meg left the house and put all her stuff on sale?
Is Meg now reclaiming those slogans for herself? Seems weird.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does seem weird, Rosy. Actually it IS weird. When Amanda first used those slogans she was well and happily looking forward to the future, trying to stay upbeat and NOT thinking death or that her own death lay just over the horizon. Well. There sure as hell isn't any 'best is yet to come' now, or 'nothing goes to waste', not when Amanda's entire life went to waste and there IS no best to come.

I don't know who this Meg person is, but she needs her head examined and her mouth washed out with soap; using those slogans now in Amana's death, as well as trying to capitalize on her business. We may never know the truth (very unlikely) as to why Meg suddenly left the house and Amanda stopped tweeting at about the same time, or was this at the same time?

IT is my feeling that some type of alteration happened there, maybe between all of them, because Amanda would have still needed her live-in sitter as much as she ever did, maybe more. I am so sorry for her. Totally defeated in every way. ABB

JMTO said...

Rosy- I am just going off of what DB said and Amanda said only, from his church video LoveSong 6 (I believe it is on the Resonate page).

Anonymous said...

BB, your post @2:28, cracks me up. You're right, what man is scared shytless of a damned goose? For heaven's sakes.

I read a little further up where he said he needed to have been protecting someone he loved, his wife? Or words to that affect. If he ever said that it would have been for himself, in such a way to make himself look good, certainly not out of love or protection of Amanda since he felt none and didn't bother to hide it.

Knowing Amanda, like I think I might as being the strong one, it would have been Amanda who would have been trying to protect herself from a stupid goose, NOT this mamby-pamby pretty-boy strutting his stuff and flexing his muscles.

On the other hand, not to disparage her, it does concern me greatly that Amanda was letting him get away with forcing her to neglect the baby. WHY? Neglect is abuse. Now THIS, I totally disagree with Amanda allowing, so maybe she wasn't so strong after all? ABB

Anonymous said...

Re: Trump (so there is no confusion)

He said "She got schlonged" regarding Hilary Clinton's 2008 primary loss to Obama.

Why is everyone (in the media) calling his statement "sexist" (extreme understatement) when it is in actuality a reference to rape?

What he is really saying about her defeat by a male opponent is "She got raped".

And the reaction in the media is "Now, now, Trump, don't misbehave!"

Anonymous said...

I still have strong feeling that mg and db were both involved in this somehow. About 1 month before murder db post about planning in advance for the infamous worship is a weapon sermon. I distinctly remember mg liking that post (100% sure she had liked it, 70% sure she had commented #nothing is wasted), but her like/comment no longer showing. Mg dressed up as robber for Halloween which is to me an odd choice of costumes but even more suspicious as yet another "coincidence". I also recall she was the one who commented on gofundme age that family wanted all proceeds to go through resonate page. Disappeared from social media shortly after ab's murder. I really feel like there's something there.

unfortunately I think le made up their minds that db was not involved way too soon and It doesn't make any sense. I don't get impression that they are still investigating but keeping it quiet. It's certainly odd and makes me wonder if db or pn have connections within police dept who influenced this. And who is le accountable to when they seem to be acting in biased manner. Typically the media or victims family, both surprisingly silent as well. To db's followers, just because le is not looking at him does not mean he is not involved. Perhaps he is, perhaps he's not... I'd feel better knowing they had at least looked into it.

Anonymous said...

"Getting screwed" is a common expression meaning getting ripped off / paying too much for something. "Getting f*@#ed" means getting defeated (like in a game) or getting hurt badly (like in an accident). I guess "rape" is a part of our culture (not just other cultures). "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

Anonymous said...

I don't think this directly relates to the topic, but, when Davey & Amanda first moved to Indy, she took a job as a babysitter/nanny and gently encouraged the mother to attend the launching of Resonate. See "Angela's Story":

Although sincere, strong and bold in her faith, as previously mentioned, Amanda seemed to make more personal connections and affected people in coming to faith, or growing in faith than her pastor husband, from what I've read and watched.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think PN tabbed Amanda for approval was that she was a woman.

From what I have gleaned from the videos, Amanda appeared to be a lovely and genuine Christian woman. I have not seen anything in her words to suggest otherwise.

In fact, far from seeking to 'convert' a wealthy person, she was not driven for numbers and success, but wanted her husband with her, not out 'earning.'

To portray her as a mercenary appears unjust unless you have language to justify it.


CJ said...

Davey desperately needs a speechwriter.

The latest ResonateIndy sermon has been posted to their site, with an introduction by Davey, who asks his congregation TWICE to keep information about the Christmas service on the DL. (An unfortunate choice of terms ... by any measure).

Excerpts from DB intro:

“Sometimes we can talk poorly about the body of Christ, sometimes we can criticize it, sometimes we can see its bumps and bruises, but I’m going to tell you what I’ve seen in the past five weeks is I’ve seen something beautiful come together.”

…“I’m not ready to preach today so I’m not going to, but I needed to step up here and just talk to you for a second, one I want to introduce to you who is going to be preaching today, but I also want to invite you to come out this Wednesday night, um, maybe you’re gonna be out of town, that’s fine, I’m sure we’ll put it up online, but I want to invite you to come out this Wednesday night. We’re going to have our family Christmas service. And I want to share with our church congregation what the Lord has been teaching me through this, through this uh series of events the past four or five weeks. And I want to just get real and vulnerable and, and raw, if that’s okay. And I want to talk through some of the things that, that I’ve been struggling with, that I’ve been working through, and I can guarantee you that whatever pain you, you have in your life great or small, that you’re going to be able to come in here and be ministered to because our God is a God who comforts those who are in pain, and ministers to those who are weak and strengthens, strengthens us. So I want to invite y’all Wednesday night seven o’clock um be here.

Um, do me a favor, we just, we kinda want to keep this um, on the DL from a social media perspective, um, I don’t know if you’ve seen anything but we’ve got a lot of, uh, there’s been a lot of media and so, we, we don’t, we want this to be a family thing. But I want you to invite friends and family, because I promise you people are going to meet Jesus, because our God moves, and um, so I would love for you to invite friends and family but try to keep it on the DL as far as Facebook and social media, the fact that I’m going to be speaking, we’ll continue that once we get back into the swing of things. I want to walk you through some direction and stuff that God’s been giving us for the next several weeks and stuff.”

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Blogger Peter Hyatt said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Re: Trump (so there is no confusion)

He said "She got schlonged" regarding Hilary Clinton's 2008 primary loss to Obama.

Why is everyone (in the media) calling his statement "sexist" (extreme understatement) when it is in actuality a reference to rape?

What he is really saying about her defeat by a male opponent is "She got raped".

And the reaction in the media is "Now, now, Trump, don't misbehave!"

December 23, 2015 at 7:48 AM Delete>>

It is a region term. It is not associated with rape.

See Geraldine Ferraro's obituary posted by her supporters at NPR.

Someone posted it on the blog. It is a NY term I have not used and always disliked, but it is not sexual to New Yorkers and it has no association with rape.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I know you are following those pronouns!


Anonymous said...

I made a post earlier where I misused the word 'alteration.' (typo) I came back moments later and corrected the word, meaning 'altercation.' It was a one line post. Now that post is gone. Why would this simple post be deleted? I don't get it. Thank you. ABB

rosy said...

Anonymous said...
at 9:33 AM
PS Thanks for the pointer, I'll revisit the video, unpleasant as may be.

My thought is, who was paying Meg's salary if she had one? I'd wager, Perry Noble via NewSpring.

Perry Noble decided from the start that Amanda was the driving force behind Resonate and invaluable for "planting" this new church in Indy.

Perry Noble wouldn't want Amanda cutting back on her pastoral and counseling hours to focus on motherhood and her own focus on shabby chic furniture sales. He'd decided she was the #FORINDY dynamo.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Rosy, Heather cannot watch another moment of video. It's that bad seeing him 'perform' alone but his degradation of Amanda is sickeningly subtle.

Others, here is the post from other article:

From NPR

"Sad news to report from this past weekend. Geraldine Ferraro died of blood cancer at the age of 75, the three-term congresswoman from Queens, the first woman to run for vice president of the United States in 1984, the first woman on a major party ticket to do so... And Chris Cillizza, that ticket went on to get schlonged at the polls, but that's a historic moment."

Anonymous said...

Peter at 10:23
It looks like the Washington Post agrees with you on that.

Anonymous said...

from WP article: "Lots of words that were common and unremarkable decades ago are now viewed as disrespectful or inappropriate, of course, but Trump, it seems, might well be right."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It's an expression I have always found in poor taste,and it was more common in the 90's among 'big shots.'

I found it disrespectful, but I also grew up in Irish family where my parents hated NY accent. :)

There are many phrases popular that I don't use, though, and have been for years.

Recently, I have analyzed employment applications with "LOL, OMG and abbreviated spelling. Not impressive!

Imagine submitting something online, with spell checker, but not bothering to use it when you wish to impress someone to hire you!

I think that as people read Statement Analysis they become hooked. This leads to an employment of its basics while reading and it appears that more and more enjoy deeper old movies due to the complex dialog, over time.


Anonymous said...

Peter at 10:42,
Can you name/recommend any such movies?? Something old with interesting dialog. I can think of one that struck me that way: The Servant (1963). Fascinating. Another one, a comedy: Angel on My Shoulder (1946). I would love any others! Anyone? Need some good ones to pick up at video store - 4-day weekend coming up.

BB said...


In the spirit of the holidays, I wish we could see an analysis of this 911 call! :)

Merry! Merry! Merry, All!

Anonymous said...

The Village (2004) - not old, but has some incredible dialogue, and a really neat quiet movie and neat story. Also: In the Bedroom (2001)- Quiet movie with excellent dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Several times during the day and evening Turner Broadcasting rolls a list of old movies they will be showing. You might pick up something from there, although many of these older movies do not appeal to me as I see some of the actors (all now deceased), that regardless as to how popular they were during their day, IMO were not good actors at all and actually were quite boring.

Now I can't imagine how some of these oldie goldies ever made it in the first place, but you might find something there you really like. I find anything with John Candy to be good, also Steve Martin (not so old). You know, everyone has different tastes. Or you could ask at the video store. Just a thought. ABB

Anonymous said...

Thank you BB, and a very Merry Christmas to you & yours too! ABB

Anonymous said...

There's Chevy Chase, also old Barbara Streisand movies. Not much into old Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sanatra, Dean Martin, Jimmy Stewart and Bing Crosby movies. Got bored with Doris Day movies too. But again, it's all in ones' personal taste. Have fun watching movies for four days and Happy Holidays! ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB at 11:12,
Speaking of Steve Martin, I recently saw "Father of the Bride" - not the original but the re-make, with Steve Martin. I swear - that movie has some of the absolute best dialog and funniest expressions and situations!! I had never bothered to watch it - I always thought it was some dumb low-quality comedy. One day my sister recommended it to me, so I watched it, and was thoroughly entertained!!

Anonymous said...

ABB @ 11:20,
I'm sooooo with you on Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day!! I always wondered if it was a generational thing. Whenever I watch them, even with an open mind, I usually come away with: "I don't get it." Sometimes it feels like I lack the ability to see people with the same "eye" that others were seeing them with, at the time. Decades go by, and when I look at, for example, an old clip of Frank Sinatra, I think "I don't get it."

Anonymous said...

Yep. That's one of the ones I had in mind Anon @11:29; also Planes, Trains and Cars. The title isn't so hot but the movie and dialog is excellent. Course, I do love anything with John Candy. IMO, losing him was a great loss to the movie industry. There's another one with Steve Martin that is excellent, with Bernadette Peters; I can't think of the name of it; something like "I was born a poor black child." Which of course, he wasn't, just raised by a black family and thought he was 'black.' Hilarious. ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB @ 11:35:
The Jerk!!! Great movie!! "I was born a poor black child" was the first line in the movie, I think!! Oh- and "Roxanne" - one of the greatest Steve Martin movies of all time!! Yes I agree John Candy was so talented!!

Amy Smith said...

DB asks church members to "keep it on the DL" that he's speaking tonight & will get "real, vulnerable, & raw." What an awful joke this guy is. He asks them to do him a favor to keep it quiet and says this ON VIDEO that is posted publicly on the Internet. So tonight's service will not be videoed & posted? I sure hope someone records it. If any preacher asks for secrecy about what he's going to say from the stage, ya sure better pull out the phone, record it and then get the heck out of there, never to go back.

In 2011, during a Sunday morning service at Morrison Heights Baptist Church, pastor Greg Belser told the church to put away their phones. Then, minister John Langworthy got up and confessed to child sex crimes from the pulpit, with victims in MS and in TX. Someone recorded it and sent it to me anonymously. I gave it to reporters and the story aired in Dallas and then in Jackson, MS, which led to 1 then 5 more victims coming forward. I also gave the video to police & prosecutors. Langworthy pleaded guilty in Jan. 2013.

Anonymous said...

Tell you the truth (not that I don't always tell you the truth!), but I never did 'get' Frank Sanatra. He had a few popular music hits I liked, other than this he was a total turn off with me and still is to this day. His 'ole' blue eyes never did a damned thing for me.

I think it started out with him referring to women as broads. Back in the day that was a big put-down to women, was very disrespectful. Then too, I found him disgusting for having an affair with Mia Farrow's mother, then having an affair with Mia Farrow and ultimately married her. I looked at it as pedophilia, sort of, and actually wondered if he could be her father. Take a close look at her with shorter hair, she does look a lot like him. Oh well, he was not and still is not my cupa tea.

I watched a short clip with Rita Hayworth yesterday and saw what a lousy actress she was, also a clumsy dancer. She flung herself around like a clod horse trying to get his bearings. I guess she made it on her looks, not a bad singing voice but that was pretty much it. Terrible actress and dancer. Susan Haywood wasn't bad, had some decent movies too. All so long ago. ABB

Anonymous said...

That's it! "THE JERK." I agree, Roxanne too, A great movie! Bernadette Peters was good when teamed up with Steve Martin, in some other good ones too. ABB

Anonymous said...

Great for you Amy Smith!!! Turning in a f'kn pedophile preacher, with the goods to prove it. Just what he deserved! You've got some nerve lady, and I LIKE IT. They ALL belong in prison, permanently IMO.

The amazing thing is how some of the churches stand by them. I knew of one who was caught, a youth minister in a big charismatic church, where the senior pastor and their church lawyer defended this sick criminal who molested a number of little boys AND kept him in their employ. Can you believe this? True story.

There is a poster here who lives in Davey's area, maybe you can talk this one into going to Davey's service this evening. There's no telling what the dirty freak will be spilling his guts about.

Great for you! At least you got one off the streets and locked up for a while. Proud of you woman! ABB

Anonymous said...

Fun post at 11:52! I laughed out loud at the last paragraph - I'm definitely going to look up Rita Hayworth this weekend - of course I've seen her before, but I don't remember her very well. Now I want to see her dance! Ha ha! What are/were your impressions of Laurence Olivier? I saw him in "The Prince and the Showgirl" with Marilyn Monroe, and I was blown away by his superior acting talent. (I also thought that was one of MM's best films.)

Anonymous said...

ABB said
"You've got some nerve lady, and I LIKE IT."
I would have to agree on that! I've been admiring her for a while now. We are lucky to have people like her and Peter Hyatt in the world.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember much about Laurence Olivier or The Price and the Showgirl. I liked him and probably saw it way back when; also was fond of MM. I think she was way more intelligent and a better actress than the parts she was given. A real pity, her only draw actually was her sexuality and for this she got used up, not that she wasn't pretty good at playing into it all by herself. She was hot and she knew it but was never able to break the barrier so she played it up for all she was worth which destroyed her emotionally. Too bad.

As of now, one of my favorites of all time is anything with Tyler Perry. Some might disagree with me, but IMO, he is the most talented guy in Hollywood right now. This guy is GREAT! I'm talking real talent in everything he does. Writing, directing, acting, he is fantastic.

However, I like those shows better where he is acting in them himself, not so much the all-black casts where he writes and directs, although his talents in those comes shining through too, but those he actually stars in. IMO, He just can't be beat. He is a GREAT actor.

The one where he winds up on Dr. Phil's couch is unbelievably funny and with good dialogue too, also the one where he(she) has to take a DNA test to prove her grown daughter is silverback's daughter, (who isn't), where she (he) goes nuts down on the floor when it is revealed on the Maury Show. He is SO good and vastly talented. Just my opinions and thoughts.... ABB

Anonymous said...

Anon, I meant to say The PRINCE and the showgirl. Should have proofed. ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB - I will make a point to rent the Tyler Perry movie! What is the title??

mom2many said...

My husband and I re-watched White Christmas for the umpteenth time last week, and we both still chuckle at the dialog. Danny Kaye has been a favorite of mine since I was a teen, especially The Court Jester.

Sus said...

Well, look at that. DB is worried about social media, or WE are. I'm beginning to see a whole new meaning to his WE. He's biting at the chomps to speak. Who isn't allowing him?

mom2many said...

Sus, I also have the impression that he has been held back from preaching by someone else. I keep reflecting on his notion that he needs to 'get healthy' so he can preach from a position of 'health.' This still seems like a short period of time to now be in a healthy place.

rosy said...

I'm surprised he would use the idiom "on the DL" (on the down-low) twice in one message in church. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term:

"Down-low is an African American slang term that typically refers to a subculture of African-American men who usually identify as heterosexual, but who have sex with men; some avoid sharing this information even if they have female sexual partner(s) married or single.The term is also used to refer to a related sexual identity. Down-low has been viewed as 'a type of impression management that some of the informants use to present themselves in a manner that is consistent with perceived norms about masculine attribute, attitudes and behavior'."

JMTO said...

I am REALLY hoping at least ONE of his parishioners has a strange feeling about this request for secrecy- hopefully one who also found it odd when he asked them not to speak to media after Amanda's death, and brings a phone or video camera in to record this "raw message" Davey will be sending out.

It would be horribly unfortunate if he says something that implicates him in her murder and everyone catches it, but no one has it on video.

If I was LE, I would be sitting in the audience tonight, for sure.

rosy said...

Resonate on the down-low, couple of things:

1. "I also want to invite you to come out this Wednesday night, um, maybe you’re gonna be out of town, that’s fine, I’m sure we’ll put it up online, but I want to invite you to come out this Wednesday night."

Indicates it will be put online.

2> "I want you to invite friends and family, because I promise you people are going to meet Jesus, because our God moves, and um, so I would love for you to invite friends and family but try to keep it on the DL as far as Facebook and social media, the fact that I’m going to be speaking...."

Indicates he does not want to be speaking to a potentially skeptical crowd of newbies attracted by Facebook and other social media. On the other hand maybe a crowd is just what he wants--except he cannot say with any DECENCY, in the tragic circumstances, Tell all your friends! I'll be speaking! Me!

3. "Sometimes we can talk poorly about the body of Christ, sometimes we can criticize it, sometimes we can see its bumps and bruises, but I’m going to tell you what I’ve seen in the past five weeks is I’ve seen something beautiful come together.”

Davey has adopted/kidnapped the traditional term "the body of Christ" (for the Christian Church, Cor. 1) from his father-in-law's church. They use it there all the time.

Well, who speaks "speaks poorly about the body of Christ"??? Who criticizes
the body of Christ"? Hasn't Davey (like Perry) feared and opposed gossip? What does "the body of Christ" mean to him?

And why does he slip into a language of violence or domestic abuse -- "sometimes we can see its bumps and bruises"??

BB said...

To Rosy at 1:23 I wouldn't read too much into the "DL" comment. The origin, or particular usage among gay men may be one particular use of it. I'm not saying it isn't still used in that context, but "keep it on the DL" has apparantly also spread to common use in language unrelated to anything sexual in general among multiple types of people in the population. It seems to have become a neutral term for keeping something quiet. Although he leaks so much I'm not surprised he used it.

Anonymous said...


Remove "Body of Christ" from the statement and replace with "Amanda."

Works for me.

rosy said...

Anonymous said...
at 1:49 PM
Remove "Body of Christ" from the statement and replace with "Amanda."

Whoa, that's swift. Could be. Talk about slippage.

I was thinking maybe he can see advantage in taking shelter under big church tent with FOL, and needs to make amends for talking trash about mainline Baptists and such. But "bruises"...

Sus said...

I'm going to my mom's birthday party now. I dint think she would understand if I said I'm discussing DB. :-) Though I'd like to. There is a lot in that statement.
Yes, "on the down low" can refer to hidden sex with men.
But, look at those pronouns switch. I, we, I, we,

rosy said...

BB said ....
at 1:44 PM

I take your point. Coming from Davey though, and in "church" in that middle school auditorium, it sounds needlessly provocative.

Some people in his congregation may not know that piece of slang at all. Say, Angela, the woman converted from Catholicism. So why use it if not to connect with a few who do know it back to its roots?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


your portrayal is one of greed and exploitation: she targeted a rich person for conversion.

Do you have any linguistic proof or even hint of that?

If not, why do you post it?

This is my point with assertions made strongly.


BB said...

True, Rosy. He DOES seem to be "hiding in plain sight" with a lot of his language.

I want to go to that service tonight so badly. But, as a Christian, I know it would be so wrong. Not the right reason to go to church... and I couldn't bring myself to do it for such a wrong reason. I can't stand the idea of bringing such a darkness over my Christmas holiday. I REALLY want to go, but this is not a game or a TV show. It is real human tragedy.

I'm going to enjoy my holiday with my family and focus on the reason for the season.

JBB said...

Where's the latest DB video message where he talks about tonight's service? I am on the Resonate Church page, but cannot seem to find it. If anyone has a link or directions, I would appreciate it. Thanks:-)

JMTO said...

This is just my opinion- but I have long suspected Davey is a reader of this blog.

He might have put those words in his speech- "DL" (down low)
on purpose after Peter's latest blog postings just for his own amusement.

(I think he sad and does a lot of things pertaining to this case for his own amusement- just to get a little kick since he feels he is untouchable.
I don't know if he is gay or not- but I def believe he had something to do with Amanda's murder.)

So that might be a little shout out- knowing there is a double meaning.

Also - why ask your parishioners to keep it on the DL- social media wise- as to not draw a bigger crowd?
That doesn't even make sense, since Davey is all about the numbers being drawn into the church.

I think he said it to add some "mystery" to his sermon- get people talking and get MORE people to come out, thinking he will say something to implicate himself.

He's pretty shrewd when it comes to advertising, and as we can see, he will go to despicable lengths to get those numbers.

Odd choice of words about the Body Of Christ.

Anonymous said...

how much you wanna bet he says at some point "I have a confession to make". or "I'm about to tell you something that might shock you." or "this is going to be the most difficult talk I have ever given".....

Anonymous said...

he's going to "confess" to something frivolous.

JMTO said...


While I respect your view- I have to disagree.

As far as her tweets were concerned, you have to remember that power hungry, controlling Davey would be in the audience of Facebook and Twitter followers, and while she supported her husband in his quest to grow a successful church, she wouldn't be off the hook for not posting valuable advertisement when it came to their church.

Davey was indebted to Perry Noble for 100,000 dollars - so as far as he was concerned, he needed to get that church up and running immediately and show results.

As far as her Twitter, Instagram and Fb pertaining to Weston, I'm sure there were much more pictures of Davey and Weston than of Amanda and Weston due to their act that she was taking the pictures.
I try to follow a rule when it comes to social media.

If someone is on FB saying how great their husband is over and over, statement analysis shows they probably don't have that great of a relationship. Same thing when someone is trying to portray themselves as the best parent in the whole world. If you spend time with your child and love them, why the need to express that to 1,000 Fb friends?
Who are you trying to convince?

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

Add into that the ridiculous parenting book that Davey swears by in a Twitter post- where the child comes second and the parents come first, Amanda might have been reluctant to post pictures as Davey would interpret it as her idolizing Weston.

I have no doubt Amanda loved Weston very much.
Amanda doesn't complain about Weston being a huge stressor on their marriage.
That all comes from Davey.
I think Amanda would have been excited at the prospect of Weston having a brother or sister- but I think Davey, having been so use to having Amanda as his personal cheerleader for so long, after losing part of her attention to Weston, could not handle the thought of being put dead last on the list when little Evie got here.

I think he made sure she was killed before Evie could make it to viable term, and that's why he was leaking so much in his "Weapon of Worry" sermon that he had to throw together within a few weeks. It all came out in his language.

But, I am speculating as well and these are JMTO

GeekRad said...

He is going to pretend to bear his soul to the congregation so he can get his continued support (money) and sympathy. He is grandstanding again.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

There was a projection of embittered feelings coming out I had hoped you would recognize and delete.

I asked about the source because if Amanda had said things that led to the conclusion of greed, it would have been legitimate.


JMTO said...


Two years before the start of the church in Indy- so this would have been after her and Davey married and in living in South Carolina- while her whole family was back in Indiana, correct?

She did throw herself into her work there.
She's talks about it in Love Song 6- when she described the honeymoon being over after the wedding and subsequent move away from her family. She also says it was good for their marriage that her family was so far away, bc with Davey being away so much she would have run to her sister to go shopping, instead of dealing with their problems head on just her and Davey.

I am not saying she didn't have feeling and opinions of her own, but she was not the controlling one in this marriage, that I see.

Kate said...

I was doing some snooping last night and I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but for those who haven't seen it, James Byars shared this post on FB with a friend on November 12th.

Concerning a Celebration of Life service from Resonate Church:

"Hey guys! This is Derek Barrett from Resonate Church with Davey Blackburn. I know many of you have been asking about details for Amanda's celebration of life service. Here are the details we'd love for you to send out to as many people possible! It will be open (and highly encouraged) to the public and we'd love to have as many people in attendance as possible to help celebrate her beautiful life!
Sunday, November 15th
5pm Celebration of Life service @ Trader's Point Christian Church (6590 S Indianapolis Rd
Whitestown, IN 46075) with visitation immediately following"

So they go from pushing their members to invite and bring as many people as possible to Amanda's celebration of life, but keep it on the down low when Davey returns. Lol, this guy is a ticking time bomb, his own worst enemy. I don't even care if IMPD is investigating him anymore, he's going to end up self destructing, he can't help himself.

Man I hope someone tapes it on Sunday.

BB said...

It is really hard to get a full picture of the complexity of someone's life from social media, ESPECIALLY if social media is used for branding that ties one's personal and professional lives together. We also don't know what kind of privacy settings she had. We don't what she shared publicly vs. what she shared with private groups or select groups of friends. You have a lot of control over who sees what on FB if you know how to use it. She was apparantly tech savvy. I'm leery of assuming too much about a person from their FB. God knows, you'd think I was a bitch from my page because of my sense of humor and intensity.

Bobcat said...

BB 2:07,

Please go to the service if possible, and RECORD. What do we know?
Amanda is dead and we suspect Davey may be connected.
Davey's words indicate deception.
Davey is a false preacher.
Your transcribed recording (notes, anything...) would be valuable for statement analysis!
Tonight's service should not fulfill any other of your Christian responsibilities.
PLEASE go as a public service to justice for Amanda.

BB said...

Bobcat, DB's too vain not to put it on the web. I can't bring myself to get that close to it. Sorry. I've got too much to do tonight anyway! Sorry. If something changes and I do end up going, I'll record or something.

Merry Christmas!

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


I can understand why you've drawn those conclusions and I see what Peter's saying also. I know you requested those posts deleted, but they're actually a good discussion starter for both how we much value we ascribe to Twitter/Facebook posts (snapshots of someone's life they've chosen to share), in relation to what else we know of the person (personally or via other public statements/interviews/sermons). I try (but sometimes fail) to consider SM posts in context with what I know of the person. Context is everything and the more information we have builds a more accurate picture.

As for Amanda being consumed with the numbers (from her own tweets, as well as Amber's, Ashley Barrett's, and others who've spoken about her), I believe Amanda was an idealist and was likely compassionate, sincere in her faith as well. As an idealist and compassionate, the vision of Resonate Church being FOR INDY would appeal to her. I believe she solely referenced the numbers because that was Davey's measuring stick for his personal success (and PN's). Her diary entries reflected her excitement over the 16, as well as the one person who was saved; Davey admonished the congregation for failing to meet the 400 quota and the 16 got a passing nod. Amanda was happy just praising God and seeing what He would do, Davey wanted "butts in the seats".

IMO, Davey and PN exploited her idealism and sincerity, to manipulate her. Cult speak- they manipulated her about saving Indy and what a "good" pastor's wife should do and be to build The Church. Because Amanda was raised a people-pleaser (her relationship with her dad, her mother's comments, Amber's comments), she believed she was doing and being "for God". Unfortunately, she didn't have enough actual Bible study and discernment under her belt to see the lies. I've no doubt Davey can be charm personified when he needs to be. In the Q & A videos, we begin to see Amanda "push back".Note she takes issue with his integrity, not the way he treats her or talks to/about her. IMO, she was becoming more unwilling to let Davey slide as she became more devoted to God. That never sits well with narcissists who can't admit they do anything less than the best. Davey, like many narcissists, is very good at false humility. His need to portray himself in the best possible light will not allow him to admit he's less than in any area, much less needs God to fix him or help him (he never references his own personal relationship and dependence on God, it's always couched in "our God", "we", "us").

It really is about promoting Resonate, the Brand- every event and production is designed solely to increase their numbers-increase their $$$'s (marketing). It's thinly veiled in "reaching the people of INDY". We call this the Program-of-the Week Church. PN, NewSpring, and Davey have it backwards. They brainstorm events and plan productions to increase their numbers because it's about money. The Apostles introduced the people to Jesus and He met their needs. They went and shared about what this Jesus did for them and many were added to their numbers. The differnece- Jesus and the disciples weren't building a personal empire with mega salaries, bragging rights, and funding a lifestyle. They were changing people one by one and impacting their day-to-day lives.

Bobcat said...

BB - I understand. Busy busy busy!!

RE the social media image of Amanda. Many of us curate our social media images, and Amanda had a great eye and used it for business. You can have style and substance, and be a good Christian woman. She reminds me of the verse Proverbs 31:10-31:
"An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life. She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands. She is like the ships of the merchant; she brings her food from afar."

Hey Jude said...

BB - How can you resist?! Gritted teeth and research cap, no conflict. :) Wild horses wouldn't keep me from Resonate if I was within visiting distance. Family and Chrisrmas might, though. :-/


I'd like to be a fly on the wall for Davey's DL sermon - perhaps he'll enlarge on his High School lie, or give out his diagnosis, if he has one. I'd anticipate at least some self-justification for not behaving as expected, some addressing of the online criticism, even if he does it in a roundabout way. Maybe he'll use Weston as a baby Jesus prop, though that's unlikely, if only because it would divert attention from him.

Perhaps he'll talk about honouring one's parents, as he did his father (in law) when he took over his church and microphone the other week. That's not likely either, as the Ten Commandments are only suggestions to the Nobleites.

It has to be an attempt at reverse psychology - 'keep it quiet' - as he can't respectably start talking about numbers again quite yet (or ever, morelike), though he will.

I wonder how he's doimg without Amanda, now, and what he does on date nights these days. Well, that's too much wondering, for sure.

Bobcat said...

OT but whenever I hear the phrase "Not Saved" it sets my FALSE PREACHER Alarm on Red Alert. It's such a judgmental statement - AARGH!!!!! AS IF we humans with our little checkboxes know with certainty (enough to say out loud) whether someone is saved or not.

To me, it's a fear tactic selling point for the weak-minded. Like an insurance salesman using the phrase "God forbid, something should happen..."

What I know with certainty is that everyone should try to Do Their Best.
My favorites are these:
The Cub Scout Motto - "Do Your Best"
The Boy Scout Motto - "Be Prepared"
And the Ethic of Reciprocity / Golden Rule

I don't think that judging someone as Not Saved fits with the Golden Rule.

Rant over.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


I agree with you that Amanda didn't do anything in halves. If she was in, she was all in. Some people are wired that way and some are raised that way...I think she was both. ;) That's a great attribute used correctly. Without discernment and wisdom, it's a recipe to be emotionally and spiritually manipulated and become the die hard (seriously) cultist. Zeal (i.e. religious fervor) comes from the same area of the brain as political beliefs and we know how string those can be. ;)

I'm not sure about anyone else here, but I struggle sometimes with objectivity in this case- I strongly dislike Davey (zero tolerance for pastors using the Bile/God for personal gain and empire building; zero tolerance for pastors and people playing church- 6 day Sinners 7th day Saints). I try to be aware of my biases and sometimes either a family member or Peter points out my blind spot. After I get over being offended, it does help me.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Well, my real life just called and left a message. LOL Although I know Le doesn't need our help and we're not going to crack this case, there's been lots of good discussion points and we're getting better at actually listening to people (as opposed to hearing them). Have a good rest of your day!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Bobcat, with your 'rant' on the golden rule, thinking through your point:

what do you do with Christ's own discernment of the "lost", or the "blind" (not physical) or the one of whom needed "the physician"?

If He gets a pass, what do you do with the same exercise of discernment followed by the men He commissioned?

My caution is not just for you but all of us who hold to faith:

"DB types" are so extreme and offensive, that they make it both easy and tempting for us to paint with broad strokes.

He is the ultimate squeaky wheel. I think 'fools' is touching upon the same thing. We should not let DB types impact our thinking.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


the discussion is going to get a bit richer soon.


Sus said...

Are you going to analyze CJ's post? That is rife with info.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I was watching "My Favorite Wife" on TCM this week.

When "Eve" turned to "Adam" and said, 'the husband suspects something went on between you and me...'

Adam said, "I have nothing to hide!"

When Cary Grant looked puzzled and said something innocuous, the character of Adam turned and said,

"Well, this is a good time for me to tell you then. I would like to marry Eve."

Even writers, when trying to put self into a character, get that "I have nothing to hide" indicates that the subject is thinking of that which is hidden, while referring to the allegation, whether spoken or unspoken.


Bobcat said...

"Bobcat, with your 'rant' on the golden rule, thinking through your point:
what do you do with Christ's own discernment of the "lost", or the "blind" (not physical) or the one of whom needed "the physician"?
If He gets a pass, what do you do with the same exercise of discernment followed by the men He commissioned?
My caution is not just for you but all of us who hold to faith:
"DB types" are so extreme and offensive, that they make it both easy and tempting for us to paint with broad strokes.
He is the ultimate squeaky wheel. I think 'fools' is touching upon the same thing. We should not let DB types impact our thinking.

Thank you for your questions!

"what do you do with Christ's own discernment of the "lost", or the "blind" (not physical) or the one of whom needed "the physician"?"

If we're comparing terminology, meaning "lost" = "not saved", then I can accept the term as stated. Some terms bug me more than others. I trust the discernment, but I also believe the final judgment takes place after physical death, and that the most vile person can still be "found" and "see", even on their deathbed.

"If He gets a pass, what do you do with the same exercise of discernment followed by the men He commissioned?"

Again, I think the final judgment takes place after death. My preferred method of reaching the lost and blind is not judgment, but love and patience. The deathbed is not too late. Some people need to accept love (God is love) at their own pace, and scare tactics probably do more harm than good.

Personal note - we had a youth director at our church who frequently used the term "not saved" when talking about some people. But, at the same time, she wanted to take the youth on a mission trip to an Indian Reservation where she described their "spirituality" as "really amazing" (even including body suspension). I can't imagine that those practicing body suspension were "saved" in the "traditional" sense, but she never described the Indian Spirituality as "not saved". I should have asked her about it - the judgment on one hand but total acceptance on the other seemed off to me. Not that she was a false preacher, but the message was muddied.

More personal reference:
I was "saved" in middle school, at least twice. It bothers me when some Christians indicated that my method was not good enough, and I have to be saved in a different way.
I was baptized, confirmed, and married in a Catholic church.
I married a Lutheran, and our marriage was also blessed in a Lutheran church.
I have been a member of a Methodist church for 10 years.
I have served as a substitute youth director in a Methodist church.
My sister has an MDiv from Yale. We enjoy lively discussions about all things spiritual in our family!

Bobcat said...

correction @ 5:44

The youth director used to say "not Christian" (not "not saved")

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I appreciate your response and the opportunity to 'air' a bit of a concern----how does this anomaly impact readers here...something worth considering.

I also appreciate other posters, too, who have directly addressed certain prejudices; things we all feel, but should confront when posting an opinion.

I have been back and forth on this case but am leaning, again, towards associative involvement. I am obviously influenced by the opinions of others and I believe the language has shown the 'secret' that his hidden, but it may not end there.

Not only the coincidence being too much, but a recent scenario put forth to me has made a lot of sense. If I can work through it, own it, and see how it works with the language, I will post it.

I am leaning towards this regardless of whether investigators spot it or not.

DB is very smart.



lynda said...

Crazy Davey takes the stage in 7 minutes..I wish they had a live stream

lynda said...

somebody posted this on Justice Seekers page, it is FB post from Amandas sister Amber. It is a GOOD post about the love of God and how her family is coping. Gives a little more insight into Amandas family. Interestingly, she only talks about HER family and parents, she does not mention DAvey once which is a change for her. She talked about Davey alot in her posts in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Canada here. Check out mrsabarrett fb account. It looks like Davy is now sporting a beard? There were 12 baptism at the "church" last Sunday so it looks like Leiden goes on and no consequences for using a gun at a public school. This is discouraging.

Anonymous said...

I meant "life" goes on. Derned autocorrect.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Mrsabarrett Instagram account. The picture posted Sunday. Is that DB in the baptismal font?

Anonymous said...

I meant "life" goes on. Derned autocorrect.


rosy said...

One of DB's local down-low connections on FB may be Kyle Horton-Dunnigan may be. He's one of DB's few African-American friends. He has out gay friends. E.g. Jamar Reeves, Ryan Harris, Terrion Marshaun Vanchartier, Corey Brown-Love "straight men live interesting yet boring lives. all they do is claim "no h*mo", get they ass beat in 2k & rap about b*tches they DONT get") and gangsta friends including (currently in jail) Treley Kidd (UptownKiltgangsexygangyesgang).

rosy said...

* cut the second "maybe": One of DB's local down-low connections on FB may be Kyle Horton-Dunnigan.

Rella said...

Nice job Rosy!

Rella said...

I didn't find him on DB's friends list Rosy

rosy said...

Amanda's attitude toward child-bearing 2 years after marriage, 2 years before Weston:

12 Aug 2010
Sitting in a waiting room filled with LOTS of pregnant women. I hope I don't catch their kooties!

Remark about her dog around same time:

19 Nov 2010 "Mel, stop running around the yard with scissors in your mouth!!!" #reasonswhyidontneedababy

rosy said...

Kyle Horton-Dunnigan, among DB "friends who also live in Indianapolis, Indiana"

Anonymous said...

Canada, do you have a link to instagram for @msabarrett? Cannot find it !

Rella said...

Okay, I see it now.

Anonymous said...

sorry Canada - found it - it's @mrsabarrett, I left out the "r"

rosy said...

For Kyle I have a screenshot above "More About Davey Blackburn" lest he be dropped.

Bobcat said...


I look forward to your future analysis!

DB's ancestry is very rich with brilliance and physical skill on both sides of his family.
I hope he didn't plan well enough to get away with murder, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did.

Anonymous said...

Fools at 4:35, yes. We need to take our lives back. we can't direct or predict LE. Time to move on. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all.

M said...

Well, today I was at Target in Carfield/Westmel - or Warmelsville as my friend calls it (anyone who lives around here will know exactly what I'm talking about) and I saw this person from the back, but I could see a little of his profile, too. My immediate thought was "Is that DB?" followed by, "oh. no. That guy has a beard. It can't be him."

He didn't have a baby with him either.

...and then I came home and read the post about DB sporting a beard.

Anonymous said...

Did he stretch his neck from side to side like a boxer getting ready to fight? I saw him do that in some of those church videos, where he was in the audience, and not on the podium.

BB said...

Local news just teased coverage of DB's sermon tonight. No specific content teased, just "DB speaks for first time about.....????" I don't realize it was DB on screen until tease was over. Apparently local news had cameras there, or got film. WTHR will have the story at 11. I imagine FOX 59 and CBS4 will have coverage at 10.

Anonymous said...

Db has deleted Kyle Horton-Dunnigan from his friends.

Through this one friend DB was one degree away from that friend's out friends and other out men that friend follows, & 2 degrees away from the driver on Nov 10, Diano Gordon, blood cousin to Kyle H-D's friend Treley.

M said...

I'm one degree away.

It he had any knowledge of his wife's murder, I can't see him leaving any one on his fb friends list who would connect him to it.

Rella said...

I can still see DB as friends with Kyle

lynda said...

I agree with Peter...Davey is smart..diabolically smart.

Anonymous said...

Kyle (last name)?

Rella said...

Kyle Horton-Dunnigan

lynda said...

Do you think it is just a coincidence that the first time DAvey "preaches" God's word, there is a rare tornado in Indiana? lol

M said...

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the lady on this Kyle guy's fb page looks like she is holding her own head? : )

Anonymous said...

Diabolically smart isn't even a kind of smart. He might be intelligent, but I doubt he is as smart as some people think.

Anonymous said...

Rella said
at 10:00 PM

You're right. Don't know how that happened, I missed it or searched wrong. The degree of separation from the driver Dian Gordon by way of K's "Friends: Following" link to his Gordon's cousin Treley got to me.

Anonymous said...

He looks just like Sigourney Weaver.

Anonymous said...

Canada here. Do you think that is DB in the baptismal font on mrsabarret insta account?

Rella said...


I thought it looked very much like DB in the Instagram photo.

Maggie said...

Treley is also friends with "Treezy" under his other FB "Bossman Ripliljay Crawford" - the very same Treezy who was actually FB friends with DB until about a week after Amanda's murder.

So many connections - and to think their friends "randomly" robbed his house and murdered his wife!

lynda said...

Anonymous said...
"Diabolically smart isn't even a kind of smart. He might be intelligent, but I doubt he is as smart as some people think."

December 23, 2015 at 10:11 PM


*sigh* I see that it is redundant...diabolical meaning very evil but often intelligent.

Davey is Diabolical...people are thinking he doesn't have the smarts to pull this off but they are wrong in my opinion. If he was not involved in Amanda's murder, he should still not be allowed to preach scripture or have influence over the young and/or vulnerable.

Rella said...

Anon @10:11-

It was strange enough that DB was friends on Facebook with Treley Kidd, but I think its more than coincidental that he is also friends with Kyle H-D, because of Treley and Kyle also being friends. I don't know about others, but I personally am not friends on Facebook with people who are the friends of my friends. I would have had to have met them at least once. Does what I'm saying make sense?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are friends with friends of their friends. They form networks.

Rella said...

So, do they just randomly pick someone who is a friend of a friend and then click "add friend"?

Anonymous said...

Maggie said:

"...the very same Treezy who was actually FB friends with DB until about a week after Amanda's murder."

Maggie also said:

"So many connections - and to think their friends 'randomly' robbed his house and murdered his wife!"

Thank you, Maggie!

lynda said...

What I still do not understand is WHY Alonzo Bull hasn't been at least dragged down to the station?? He SPOKE to the killers several times DURING THE ACT and then told them to go back and pick up Taylor. I do not get that at all. Wouldn't that be a huge red flag that Alonzo is involved somehow? Am I missing something?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Rella said at ....
at 10:32 PM

Maybe some people do that. Maybe that's how they accumulate thousands of friends. Other people have mutual friends have gotten to know one another through a shared interest or activity.

Rella said...

There is a picture of DB on Twitter from tonight's Christmas service where he spoke, and yes, he is growing a beard.

rosy said...

lynda said...
at 10:38 PM

What I still do not understand is WHY Alonzo Bull hasn't been at least dragged down to the station??
Y/day I chanced on a local tv news clip I'd not seen before in which 4 people were picked up by LE from a northside and taken to the station, one was a young woman carrying a baby, looked like Donae M, was blurred. This clip dated from early on in events.

Anonymous said...

I've watched lots of ID Discover, etc. Investigators seemed to be "spurred on" by the family nagging them for results. As far as I can tell, Amanda's family is NOT making daily phone calls, insisting on pursuing obvious leads, reporting suspicious behavior by husband, etc. It seems to me that if the family doesn't give a (blank) about getting to the bottom of this "tragedy", then LE will turn their attention elsewhere. If you doubt me, watch ID and other crime channels. A family member or close friend of the victim is usually pushing LE to solve the crime.

The question is . . . . why???

Rella said...

There is a Tweet from someone that apparently attended the service. The Tweet says...."Pastor says Amanda Blackburn died a martyr because she came to Help others like those that killed her".

Anonymous said...

ID Discovery @ Anonymous 10:45

Amy Smith said...

A reporter attended the Resonate service tonight.
"Pastor says Amanda Blackburn died a martyr because she came to Help others like those that killed her."

"Talks about dealing with loss, being alone and the blessing his wife enjoys today. On NIGHTBEAT Wednesday"

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Is he alluding to Amanda being the reason for his connection to the hood rats in the first place. Well played Davey. But, no checkmate yet.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10:50

Great point!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:50
That was me and a response to Amy Smith. Sorry for the confusion Rella.

M said...

A martyr is killed because of their faith. This was a senseless murder, but she didn't die a martyr of Christianity.

He keeps trying to turn it into something it isn't.

Rella said...

Maybe in his eyes she did die because of her Christianity.

Rella said...

Anon @10:55-

No confusion. No problem!

rosy said...

lynda said...
at 10:38 PM

What I still do not understand is WHY Alonzo Bull hasn't been at least dragged down to the station??

Lynda what side of town does Alonzo live? The old clip is Nov 19. There were 2 searches that day looking for clothing (e.g. the Pelle-Pelle jacket). In one search, 3 individuals were taken downtown from a "far-northeast side apartment just after 4 this morning. Detained 3 individuals, and a young mother and her baby were taken outside to a waiting police vehicle. Police obtained a search warrannt and called for the rime lab. Spent several hours inside the apartment ... looking for clothing."

Does Alonzo live far NE? If so he was taken downtown and Donae M was in the police car.

Rella said...

To clarify what I meant @11:02-

Supposing he killed her himself, or made the arrangement, maybe the reason for him wanting her to die had to do with her Christianity. If so, technically speaking, she died because of her Christianity, thereby, a martyr.

rosy said...

Inevitable he would call her death a martyrdom. Yet to see evidence she or DB or Resonate came to help "others like those that killed her."

rosy said...

Rella said....
at 11:08 PM

Interesting point.

Sus said...

That was A Bull. He was interviewed and said it was all a misunderstanding. He also said it was embarrassing. I'll look for the article.

That same search yielded the jacket which Donea said Jalen Watson often wore. Later the story between all became "I think Larry Taylor was wearing it."

It also yielded a gun. But it was a pistol and the probable cause doc says they think (not sure) the gun used was a revolver.

I could have sworn I read four persons of interest were questioned, which would include Bull. I don't know where I got that.

rosy said...

If he killed her or had her killed, the likeliest motive would be fear of exposure and loss of reputation. A huge stretch from that to having the leverage to get it done.

rosy said...

Sus said ....
at 11:43 PM
I could have sworn I read four persons of interest were questioned, which would include Bull. I don't know where I got that.

Sus, the same TV news channel said they interviewed 4 others the same day.

Sus said...

Four questioned.

lynda said...

rosy said...
lynda said...
at 10:38 PM

What I still do not understand is WHY Alonzo Bull hasn't been at least dragged down to the station??

Lynda what side of town does Alonzo live? The old clip is Nov 19. There were 2 searches that day looking for clothing (e.g. the Pelle-Pelle jacket). In one search, 3 individuals were taken downtown from a "far-northeast side apartment just after 4 this morning. Detained 3 individuals, and a young mother and her baby were taken outside to a waiting police vehicle. Police obtained a search warrannt and called for the rime lab. Spent several hours inside the apartment ... looking for clothing.


That had to be Bell and Donae then. I still don't know how they could have just been released when Alonzo was in contact with them during the murder. he could have been the one pulling the strings and didn't they take stolen property to bulls house. Alonzo went to North Central high where davey taught at one time. Connection.

Amanda did NOt die a martyr...I can't even believe he is throwing that down.

lynda said...

Part of Davey sermon...reported by wthr

It's a church congregation that has had to endure the unthinkable. Now it's thinking about the future.

The season's sounds resonated at Resonate Church Wednesday. It was the first evening Christmas service since the murder of Pastor Davey Blackburn's pregnant wife, Amanda, last month.

It was also Pastor Blackburn's first sermon back in front of his congregation.

"Hope in the midst of hurt," he told those gathered. "Don't you think that I've asked God, 'God I feel like Your promises, the dreams You put in my heart for Amanda, I feel like they failed.' You don't think I've asked that? Amanda was one of the most righteous and Godly people I know."

And she received many blessings, he said.

"Amanda experienced and is experiencing every single one of those. She was righteous and I believe highly favored."

But for him, he sometimes feels like he is on a trip.

"My mind goes through that progression about coming home, then I realize I don't have a home because Amanda was my home. It hurts."

He told the congregation, "Sometimes I feel like somebody's got my head and they're just pushing it under water over and over and over. And I have no breath inside me and I hurt so deeply and I can't breath underwater and yet, for just a little minute, maybe a couple days, maybe a couple hours I get this breath. I feel this hope....I also believe Amanda is among the martyrs. Do you know why? Because she and I moved up here to reach people just like the people who killed her."

He was optimistic and asked his congregation, "What if these three guys end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?"

While Blackburn returned for Wednesday's sermon, he is expected to take some more time off before returning full-time

Mdkd6262 said...

From DB's Wed night sermon... sure is a strong reference to water. Made me uncomfortable reading it... the image I got was him doing that to Amanda not it being done to him.

"Sometimes I feel like somebody's got my head and they're just pushing it under water over and over and over. And I have no breath inside me and I hurt so deeply and I can't breath underwater and yet, for just a little minute, maybe a couple days, maybe a couple hours I get this breath."

Kate said...

Why in the world would he care if the three suspects met Jesus? What in the world? Did I hear that right?

Here's a link for anyone who wants to view it.

maudes harold said...


Imagine the story that would be?? Bigger than Lesko's even.

What a diabolical plan if true.

rosy said...

He says, "for a little season" (not as WTHR transcript says "for just a little minute). It's an idiom he uses in his sermons and other messages.

And he says "But I believe that Amanda is listed among the martyrs now." That's more formal than the TV transcript (....I also believe Amanda is among the martyrs).

Is there any evidence that he and Amanda moved to Indy, as he said tonight, to reach out to people like the men in jail? Beyond two or three people among his FB friends, he seems to have made no connections with leaders or with people at large in the African American community.

rosy said...

maudes harold said...
at 12:43 AM

Imagine the story that would be?? Bigger than Lesko's even.
What a diabolical plan if true.

Taylor is facing a possible death penalty.

Back when he "pastored" a NewSpring FUSE group is SC, made up of grade 6-12 kids, Davey told them in one message that people wear a cross round their necks as if it was nothing much (an ornament, a piece of jewelry, forget his exact words); but the cross was for execution, so instead of a cross those people should wear a little electric chair.

He already had a frighteningly morbid streak.

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