Thursday, March 10, 2016

Announcement: Advanced Course Is Complete!

The Advanced Course in Statement Analysis is now complete and ready for shipping CD lectures and e-format which allows for analysis homework to be sent via email.  

It is almost 400 pages  and 12 audio lectures and may take 3-6 months to complete successfully.

Tuition is $895 and registration is limited to those who have had formal training in Statement Analysis  from approved instructors.  This is due to the complex nature of Statement Analysis Profiling and anonymous author work.

It is a lengthy, challenging course, and requires successful completion of a final examination and submission of a thesis essay showing deep understanding of the principles of our science.

See Hyatt Analysis Services for contact information, as well as potential CEUs from the University of Maine and tuition payment.

The course is specifically useful in law enforcement, human resources and psychology experts and is may take up to two semesters to successfully complete.  A solid understanding and successful application of Statement Analysis is a prerequisite for success in completing this course.

Advanced Statement Analysis

Table of Contents

1.      Chapter One.  Introduction                                                 Page 2
2.     Chapter Two  Time and Form                                             Page 21
3.     Chapter Three:  Who Should Not Profile?                          Page 67
4.     Chapter Four   PC and Ferguson Shooting                          Page 72
5.     Chapter Five  Contamination                                               Page 127
6.     Chapter Six   Collaterals                                                      Page 141
7.     Chapter Seven: Profiling 911 Homicide                              Page 192
8.     Chapter Eight:  Employment Questionnaire                        Page  225
9.     Chapter Nine:   Passive Aggressive                                     Page 279
10.  Chapter Ten:     John Bowlen                                               Page 282
11.  Chapter Eleven:  Anonymous Author Identification            Page 289
12.  Chapter Twelve:   Profiling and Psychopothy                       Page 313
13.  Chapter Thirteen:    Analytical Interviewing                         Page 335
14.  Chapter Fourteen:  Final Exam Part One                               Page 367
15.  Chapter Fourteen:   Final Exam Part Two                              Page 370
16.  Chapter Fifteen:  Final Exam Essay                                       Page 380

     Closing Thoughts…   Page 382  and one additional exercise   Page 395


ima.grandma said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

I'll start saving so i can take the necessary courses in preparation for this one.
My brain cell has been forewarned.

Anonymous said...

OT - Baby DeOrr Kunz Jr.'s parents gave an interview that will be aired tonight. It's the first one since being named suspects.

"EXCLUSIVE: Join me tonight on Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News @ 10. We will hear from the parents of missing toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr. I spoke with them exclusively for the first time since they've been named suspects in their son's disappearance." -Chelsea Brentzel


Lemon said...

Bravo! (claps loudly :)

Anonymous said...

Charges against Tammy and Sidney Moorer have been dropped/

Bad Juju said...

Video of new interview with Deorr's parents:

Anonymous said...

JustSayin' said...

WOW - there is no reliable denial. There isn't even an unreliable denial in this interview. Crazy. I hope Peter analyzes this, it seems like there is a lot of info here.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how Jessica Mitchell says they were up there looking for their son more than law enforcement was, and then Vernal Deorr Kunz contradicts her and say they had someone in law enforcement each time.

Hey Jude said...

Or, when not law enforcement, 'someone who knew what to look at.' Not LE each time, but he says there was always someone else as he is not an outdoors man, per se.

Lis said...

Here's a gold mine for statement analysis:
Uber driver accused of raping woman