Monday, March 21, 2016

Passivity in Deception: German Government

Passivity in Statement Analysis

Passivity is used to conceal identification and/or responsibility.  

When passivity is used, there is a psychological 'softening' affect upon the reader/listener.  When identity or responsibility is obfuscated, the words directly before or after can lead the reader/listener to an opinion. 

"Stones fly; police fire teargas..."

Here, we know that stones do not "fly", they must be thrown or projected by someone.  To use passivity, the propaganda technique is concealing the identity of who threw the stones.  Yet, German government, no stranger to propaganda, knew to place the term close to the police action.  This will have a slight affect for some readers to not only not think of who is hurling stones, but may even tie this activity with "police."

This, along with clever editing (see Making a Murderer) equals deceptive propaganda. 


Nic said...

Do you read, Peter? There is much more of this type of reporting there, not just coming from Germany, but from all over Europe. The video is translated and oftentimes there are transcripts, too.

I worry for what's to come.

Horse Chestnut said...


Fake hate? No mention of cops being called.

John Mc Gowan said...
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trustmeigetit said...

I don't understand why the media is more concerned still with offending a group that means harm to their own country.
They need to wake up.

Droll Skeptic said...

You want to hear some refreshing, unabashed, bold faced TRUTH? Listen to Nigel Farage's rebuttal to criticism for his words "following" the Brussels bombing. The media went to town on him for speaking out against the open borders policy "immediately following" the attack. He shows backbone and will not be cornered by the journalist, or apologize for "offending" people by acknowledging reality. He does so with grace.
If he loses his bid for office in May, I hope they send him across the pond! We can surely use him here... If not as a politician, at least as a sage adviser to our incumbent.

Anonymous said...

"Open the border!" is neither Arabic, Greek, nor Macedonian. I wonder why they chose English.