Thursday, March 24, 2016

Police Release 911 Call In Staged Suicide

Police Release 911 Calls Of BA Woman Accused Of Staging Murder As Suicide

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -
Wednesday, police released 911 tapes that give us a first-hand account of what went down in the hours after BAPD says a woman shot her ex-husband and staged it to look like a suicide.
Investigators said the story Judith Nix told didn't add up, and she’s now in jail, facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Kenneth Nix.
In the 911 tapes seem to reveal Judith had a calm demeanor and could be heard laughing at times.
“Somebody has shot him. He has passed away." That is one of the first things Judith told dispatchers when she claimed she dropped by Kenneth’s Broken Arrow home to bring him dinner.
Dispatcher: “Okay and you say someone shot him?”
Judith Nix: “It looks like someone shot him. There’s a gun lying right by his left hand.”
Dispatcher: “Okay.”
Judith Nix: “And, uh…it's the best I can tell. I didn't want to touch anything."
Then dispatch asked her about his state of mind.
Dispatcher: “Been suicidal at all?”
Judith Nix: Yes, he’s very despondent, he’s got so many health issues. Neuropathy is getting so painful he just can’t deal with it anymore…He is so active he can’t hardly deal with this.”
Judith Nix then mentioned she heard sirens in the distance.
Dispatch: “Let me know when you see them.
Judith Nix: “They're turning in.
Dispatch: “Okay. I’m going to let you go.


Maybe said...

Maybe said...

Audio of the 911 call

Anonymous said...

That 911 call would have fooled me.

Anonymous said...

The gun was by his hand and he was suicidal, so why did she say "someone" shot him? Wouldn't you say "It looks like he shot himself"?
Ah, she couldn't outright lie, right? Because she knows he didn't shoot himself.
I'm thinking aloud here.
Another thing, the gun by his "left hand" is more detail than one would expect, too. Unless of course he's LEFT-HANDED and she knew she'd have to get the right placement of the gun.

Anonymous said...

When someone "looks like" he has been shot, I would think holes through his body and large pools of blood, not a gun lying near what I immediately register as his dominant hand.

Another one who addresses the issues of evidence and scene contamination when she's supposedly shocked and traumatized by the unexpected horror she just discovered.

This wasn't an interview obviously, but it's a good example of what Peter cautions against in coaching the liar.

She was all set in her concocted scenario, describing his prone body and her care in not contaminating the evidence.

Then, when the dispatcher tossed her a big, meaty bone of suicide she instantly points out which hand the gun is near and describes in detail his depression and miserable quality of life.

Peter, obviously dispatchers have different priorities and mindsets than do homicide detectives
But should that question not be asked at that point, since there was no way to prevent the shooting, and they weren't looking for someone in danger of harming himself?

I can only imagine her listening to the dispatcher, fixated on getting in all of her important points like gun placement and uncontaminated scene, then suddenly realizing DUH!! why in the heck would a killer place the biggest piece of evidence neatly right next to the body...

Oh well, at least she's probably too stupid to have gotten away with it before.

Anonymous said...

Was she intending to fake his suicide all along, letting the idea come from authorities instead of her?

Or did she actually intend to make it look as if she discovered his murder, and when the dispatcher fed her the suicide angle she pounced on it?

Bas (The Netherlands) said...

Judith Nix: Yes, he’s very despondent, he’s got so many health issues. Neuropathy is getting so painful he just can’t deal with it anymore…He is so active he can’t hardly deal with this.”

Present tense when he's already dead? Or if he wasnt dead already, why is Judith not asking for help? Instead she's giving details about where the gun is (next to the left hand). The word "left" enters language. Kenneth was already dead?

Anonymous said...

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