Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Minnesota Police Officers Targets of Islamic State

How can someone teach a child to take a knife and go up and thrust it into an Jew in the street?

The child under such teaching is vulnerable due to level of disparate sophistication and is created to believe what the parent says.  When this violence is coupled with religion, it becomes even more persuasive. 

Islam is the world's most dangerous and successful criminal ideology.  It is described as a 'super virus' that enters, spreads, infects and destroys, in a domino effect.  Consider, for now, two simple elements of its ideology:

1.  It is not dependent upon a single charismatic leader. 

2.  It appeals to the baseness of human nature in two distinct manners. For the analyst, this is key to study.  

The greatest number of victims of this criminal ideology is the Muslim population born into it, who are enslaved by it, who wish not to be in obedience to its call for violence.  

1.  Islam, a political, militaristic and religious ideology teaches death to critics making it immune from reformation or change.  It teaches to lie so its presentation is propaganda, such as seen in the Common Core's dedication to both decreasing critical thinking while simultaneously presenting Islam in a positive manner, cleansing it of its core teaching and its bloody history.  

Movements where death has reigned, historically, has been fueled by strong, charismatic leaders.  Even early Roman rule and exploitation had its greatest successes under powerful leaders.  Josef Stalin of the Soviet era, and Adolph Hitler are both examples of powerful leaders who fueled murderous success.  When Hitler died, national socialism crumbled quickly after.  

Islam has its leaders, but they come and go, and movements change names, but deaths continue.  The White House has refused to call the murder of Middle East Christians "genocide" in spite of the most successful killing in modern times over the past 7 years.  

Much was put upon the hunt and killing of Osama bin Laden, but the killing continues in earnest.  Since 9/11, more than 28,000 deadly jihadist attacks have been recorded in obedience to the Koran.  We average 1,100 dead per month in obedience to the Koran.  

The Islamist sees the world in two parts:  one is Islamic and peaceful, the other is War, that is, territory and all inhabitants and property to be 'conquered for Allah.'

No other criminal ideology has been able to hold on to success long after a leader's demise. 

2.  Criminal Ideology and Human Nature

Islam teaches things that are specifically appealing to the baseness of human nature. 

Western ideology, based upon Judaeo-Christian teaching, begins with a list of "thou shalt nots", including:

thou shalt not murder;
thou shalt not take your neighbor's home
thou shalt not take your neighbor's wife

this creates a boundary between you and the two neighbors who live on either side of you.  It is not always obeyed (thus crime) but it is a part of 'western' culture and part of the basic thinking: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" was a radical new ideology that not only lessens violence, but allows mankind to move into higher culture, literature, art, poetry, music, architecture, and so on, while Islam remains in the 7th century and opposes advancement.  

What is it within Islam that is so appealing to people?

Perhaps this question can be answered by the fact that it is now predominantly taught in our prisons under new federal payments of teachers (also in our military). 

This is of the most importance to the analyst who examines words and practices.  In Minnesota, for example, the "jizrah" is being paid.  This is the Islamic 'protection money' paid to the supremacist to allow the infidel to live.  In Minnesota, tax dollars are being paid to Islamists to not attack citizens, and teach their children not to.  The money is to be accepted, according to the Koran, but as Denmark recently found out, the mosques where 'the religion of peace' is supposed to inhibit jihad, underground recordings revealed the truth:  the imman is not going to teach contrary to the Koran. 

The Koran teaches hatred, in specific terms:

"Thou shalt kill" in a way that catches the world's attention.  This is the 'spectacular' death, often associated with explosives intended to gain world headlines 'for Allah.'

"Thou shalt take your neighbor's home" where the world is divided into two sections, Allah or infidel.  "Peace" or "War" is either the land is 'Allah's' or it is to be taken by war.  This is not something the western mind grasps. 

"Thou shalt take your neighbor's wife" is something Europe is experiencing en masse; the rape of its citizens, with cruel statistics showing Sweden, for example, as one of the world's most dangerous places for women.  Even as Sweden's police have been stifled by their politicians (many crimes have now, 2016, been forbidden descriptions of the assailant's skin color, lest it be 'racist', which nullifies their efforts to capture the criminal. This is cultural suicide). 

Radical feminism has led to the inability of men to protect their wives and daughters.  A recent video of a "protest march" has surfaced from Europe.  Men protested the Islamic rape of their wives and daughters and took to a march with signs...

the men showed their 'solidarity' with women of Cologne.  Had I been told of such a video, I would have struggled to believe it.  

How will these 'men' stand up against the ferocity of the migrant men who have been not only taught violence as a religious duty, but grew up in homes where father beats his wives (plural) desensitizing the young boy to such unnatural violence against his own mother?

How can an ideology get its followers to actually rape, steal and murder?  This is where it appeals to the lowest of human nature:  it tells its follower that he is superior to all others, especially women and 'infidels' and even teaches that rape is an expressed 'gift' from 'Allah', which is even obtained in the afterlife.  

Objection:  Would this not leave human nature feeling immoral?

Answer:  Islam recognizes that cultural advancement will oppose open violent behavior as such, so the human nature must also be 'balanced' in this 'submission' to the ideology.  

A British politician was charged with "hate crime" regarding Islam.  

He quoted Winston Churchill. 

Islam teaches these base things:  invade lands, take what belongs to others, and rape.  Yet, it also teaches:

don't eat a ham sandwich.  

The prohibition list includes alcohol, pork, interest on loans, life insurance, and other such things that when followed, allow the adherer to feel 'good about himself' since he does not eat hot dogs, and he prays 5 times per day.  

This is how it appeals to human pride:  By not having sausage, the Islamist is 'sacrificing' and being 'obedient', appealing to his pride.  

How is it possible that a murderous pedophile could be not only held up as "the perfect man", but that simply drawing a cartoon of Mohammad can cause thousands of men to be willing to commit murder against the cartoonist?

The element of supremacy is to fill the pride and the societies where moral relativism have left them weak, with no understanding of right from wrong, allows for a vacuum where strong demarcation is presented. 

The psychological dichotomy:

Therefore, one who prays 5 times a day, abstains from pork, feels 'good' about himself, even though he commits rape.  The rape is 'justified' in his own mind because, for example, the European woman 'refused' to cover up, or is 'kuffir', and 'Allah' has given her to his 'right hand.'  

How does one teach a young man that rape is immoral when his religion tells him it is not only permissible, but is the highest reward for the afterlife?

Europe's silly "no rape" lessons and "no defecating in the streets" lessons do not take into consideration the message sent by the migrant:  they do what they do for deep rooted reasons.  

For 40 years they have not integrated, and Europe continues to ignore this truth, no matter how much land, safety and security they cede to the Islamist.  

Germany, for the third time in 100 years, is attempting to destroy Europe with its refusal to protect its own citizens, and its open ended welfare payments to migrants.   As thousands of ISIS fighters and thousands of advanced weapons have entered Europe in 2015 alone, the inevitable incessantly increasing debt, and the disturbance of citizenry through crime, Germany may now succeed.  

Here, the United States, too, fails to recognize and resist 'Creeping Sharia', that is, the virus strain that enters in small dosages and quickly moves from host to host, with small advancements coming from successful campaigns of complaint, such as school holidays, sharia compliant food, acceptance of butchering young girls genitalia, on upward to the erasing of "Islam" from "Islamic terror" guides, as well as the releasing of murderous criminals to fight again for their criminal and sexually violent ideology.  

The following is from The American Thinker:

ISIS appears to be planning a massacre of Minnesota law enforcement officers

An alleged ISIL "kill list" containing the personal information of dozens of Minnesota law enforcement officers is the focus of an investigation by state and federal agencies.

The list, purportedly created by a group of hackers affiliated with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, includes the names, addresses and telephone numbers of officers from across Minnesota. Authorities acknowledge that they are still gauging the seriousness of the threat posed by the group, which calls itself the Caliphate Cyber Army.

The personal information of at least 36 law enforcement officers — apparently including a Sauk Rapids police officer, five St. Paul police officers and a St. Louis County sheriff's deputy — along with instructions to kill were recently posted on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, according to news reports and screenshots of the list obtained by the Star Tribune. 
The screenshots depict what appears to be an ISIL logo superimposed over a photo of masked fighters. Along with the personal information, the message says "Wanted to be killed."

In the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, such threats cannot be ignored, to say the least. And it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the mass importation of Somalis to Minnesota – chosen by the State Department to receive them because of its generous welfare benefits – is behind the fact that Minnesota has sent more recruits to ISIS than any other state. Some of them may well bear grudges against specific law enforcement officers, including those in unlikely places like St. Louis County (in the far north of the state) or Sauk Rapids (a suburb of St. Cloud in the middle of the state).


rob said...

When it's too late, then we will learn.
Or we will never learn, and their way of life will become ours.
To speak out is wrong. To fight back is wrong.
Only accept.

Trigger said...

I heard our president tell the Muslim community that they are welcome here.

is this part of their plan to take over the White House as they stated they would do?

Kill the infidels then Islam will reign supreme like the Koran teaches.

Where were the child protective services when two Muslims stored bombs and weapons across the street from a school in San Bernardino with a baby inside the apartment?

I understand that Muslim homes where children reside are exempt from the "standard" rules and regulations of the child protective services.

It's a cultural exemption.

Anonymous said...

Don't vote Democratic Party again.

Anonymous said...


Gag order allows police, prosecutors to evade public scrutiny

Why have we stopped searching for Heather Elvis? It’s a valid question, but shockingly difficult for anybody to receive an answer.

Horry County police and prosecutors have been shutting the public out of the process since Sidney and Tammy Moorer were charged with murder more than two years ago.

Now that murder charges have been dismissed, Solicitor Jimmy Richardson should step up to the plate and immediately ask Circuit Court Judge Steven John to repeal the gag order the judge signed in March 2014.

It’s now nearly two years to the day since Judge John imposed a gag order prohibiting police, prosecutors, defense attorneys and Sidney and Tammy Moorer themselves from publicly discussing the Heather Elvis case. Presumably the purpose was to preserve the Moorers’ right to a fair trial. In actuality, it’s given public officials a fancy permission slip to conduct the public’s business in secret.

There’s been so much talk about the gag order and the consequences of violating it, finding Heather Elvis has become an afterthought.

Shortly after the Moorers were taken into custody, public attempts to find Heather Elvis came to a screeching halt. The focus seemed to shift from finding Heather to prosecuting the Moorers.

Because of the gag order, it’s become virtually impossible to evaluate the job of those investigating the Heather Elvis case.

How can Heather ever be found when police run for cover behind the gag order every chance they get?

Instead of “ensuring a fair trial,” the gag order gave police a convenient escape route when asked about why searches for Heather are no longer taking place.

Because of the gag order, the public also can’t question police about why more isn’t being done to crack down on documented reports of vigilantes running amok.

Anonymous said...

The dismissal of murder charges against Sidney and Tammy Moorer only reinforces our firm belief that the gag order is obsolete. The only remaining charges they face are kidnapping and a pair of financial-related counts. Sidney Moorer is also charged with obstruction of justice.

These are still serious charges, but keeping the gag order is overkill and makes it even less likely Heather Elvis will be found.

When Heather disappeared in December 2013, community volunteers turned out in droves to look for her. By keeping the gag order in place and allowing police to work in secret, there’s no incentive for anyone to continue the search.

How much longer must the public wait for the gag order to be lifted?

A month? A year? Ten years?

That’s unacceptable. The obligation of a prosecutor is to seek justice, not to obtain convictions.

That’s why we think Solicitor Richardson should petition the court to lift the gag order immediately. Once that’s done, public searches for Heather must resume.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Islamic religion. There's no good in any of its teachings. It's such a brutal, anti-human religion. The saddest thing is innocent kids born into can't escape it. Innocent little kids, like mine and yours. It makes me cry. They don't get to live peaceful lives, they're taught over and over again to hate until hate is all they know. It's so evil to indoctrinate kids into such a religion. I can't understand why Muslim woman don't stand up for the sake of their kids. Yes, I know Islam silences them. But imagine every Muslim woman, and their are BILLIONS of Muslim women,around the world REFUSING to raise their kids in hatred. Where would Islam be then? Only Islamic women can change Islam.

Anonymous said...

If Clinton is the next president Islam will have such a foothold in this country we will never recover. It's over. We are sitting ducks under a democratic presidency.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest mistake we (westerners) have made is underestimating the enemy and overestimating our influence; we think love will change the world, we think love will soften the hearts of the people who have been raised to hate us. We are so naive.

Anonymous said...

For a closer look at home watch Colin Flaherty's website & YouTube channel Horrendous under reported violence throughout our US cities. Had no idea. What is the cause for this arrogant, savage conduct? What would the honorable Mr Booker T Washington say if he were here today witnessing the destruction of the strong foundation he & white Americans together sacrificed and built?