Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obvious Phrases of Leakage

Interesting phrases:

"My marriage is on the rocks"

Man relapsed on alcohol addiction

"How did you do on your polygraph?"

"I smoked it!", Justin DiPietro, father of Ayla Reynolds who failed polygraph and made false kidnapping report. 

Another from DiPieto:  "Contrary to rumors floating around out there"  as water is searched for evidence of where Ayla's remains were dumped. 

"Mom, in my heart, I know she's close."  Casey Anthony, prior to Caylee's remains found down the block from their home, in the woods. 

"George and I don't believe Caylee's in the woods, or anything."  Cindy Anthony, prior to remains found down the block in the woods. 

DiPietro gets Father's Day nod for awards in masculine leadership when asked to come speak to the kidnappers and call out to Ayla he sent out a note, 
Stressed out mom desperately searching for her daughter

"I'm not emotionally capable right now..."

Billie Jean Dunn on searching for Hailey:

'I'm missing out on so much in life...'

What have you heard?

Please add accurate quotes to our inventory! 


Vicki said...

Billy Jean: "Every day that they don't find something is good for me"...she would cover Haley with kisses...and she would not search the ugly fields (where she was found).

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thank you.

I should have been clearer:

I am looking for good quotes like this.


Tania Cadogan said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

kate mccann

Officer“Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardizing the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?”

Kate: “Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.”

'Breaking down in tears, distraught Kate said of the Portuguese police: "They want me to lie - I'm being framed.
"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."'

There are still moments where I think 'how did that happen?' You can't imagine in your wildest dreams that anyone would do something like that. It's awful for us but I have absolutely no idea what Madeleine's feeling. How can someone do that to a child?

"I had I suppose this temporary thought that perhaps she's cowering in a wardrobe or something"

"Gerry and I have managed to dig deep and remain focused, although the temptation to shout the truth from the rooftops has always been there".

"It really isn't easy," coping. "Some days are better than others. ... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that."

Susan healy, kate's mom, said: "She told me she has difficulty sleeping and wakes during the night. I asked: 'Do the twins come and wake you up?'

Kate said: "No, it's Madeleine. She comes in.'"

Answered this so many times but I felt it was incredibly safe (to leave her alone). I cannot love Madeleine more than I love her, would never have taken a risk.

"I can't stop thinking about Madeleine, about her fear of pain"

I wish I could roll back time and go back to the day before Madeleine was abducted. I would slow down time. I would get a really good look around and have a really good think. And I'd think: Where are you? Who are you? Who is secretly watching my family? Because someone was watching my family very, very carefully. And taking notes.

'it's not us that's committed a crime, it's the person that's gone into that apartment and taken a little girl away from her family'?

"I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances"

"I cannot love Madeleine even more than I love her".

I know the situation that we were in that night and uh, I've said all along, I didn't feel I was taking a risk.

We have to keep going for us and for the twins. And also for Madeline.'

I can't describe how much I love Madeleine.

"You know, there isn't a text book that tells you what to do when your child has been abducted".

Jenny: 'And how will you deal with the guilt that will probably stay with you forever of having left Madeleine alone?'

Kate: 'Well, I have actually come to terms a little bit with... with that, Jenny, I mean, you know... I know the, errm, I know the situation that we were in that night and uh, I've said all along, I didn't feel I was taking a risk. Errm, yeah, I... I do feel desperately sorry I wasn't with Madeleine at that minute when she was taken. Errm, I'd also like to mention I've had so much support from so many people. I've had so many letters and comments sent me.. sent to me from other families, and particularly other mums saying, you know, we have done what you have done a hundred times over, do not blame yourself.'

Tania Cadogan said...

gerry mccann

"There's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death

GM: No, I mean, that, I think, was absolutely certain but, you know, before you raised the alarm, we double and treble checked but we certainly had no doubt in our mind that she'd been taken.

"Any parent will understand we will do anything to get that child back. We will go to the ends of the earth."

We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing, It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that.

I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine's disappearance in the long term.

We are hoping for the best possible outcome for us.... and Madeleine.

"Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand. An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended. Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear.”

"Kate killed her in frenzy, Madeleine was sedated by us, she fell down the stairs, in which case you would have thought they'd have found her body.
I've heard all that.
What I want to know is, who told them all that?"

Rose said...

Gerry Mccann: “I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up…That is when I really felt I had a clear path.”

I am still convinced that Madeline's body is in a tunnel or a culvert of some sort.

lynda said...

The first one to come to my mind is

1, Deorr Sr. "Uh, we searched for - after about twenty minutes in a dead panic, not knowing where he was in such a small area, and not knowing, never being there, I knew I was in trouble"
The word "dead" is unexpected and could be leakage that he knows child is dead. He uses first person pronoun "I" to say "he knew he was in trouble".

He knew his child was dead, he was panicked, and he knew that his child being dead would cause him to be in trouble.

2. Jessica Mitchell " You could walk right by him"
This interviewer is the longer version not analyzed by Peter but Jessica says this 4 times. I believe this is leakage that he is buried and people have actually walked right by his grave.

3. Mark Redwine : "I have to dig down deeper and deeper every day and find the will and find the strength to stay strong"
“You can't run far enough or hide under any rock that can't be turned over.”
Since some of Dylan's bones were found, we are unable, without a confession, to say whether this is leakage or not but to me it is. Mark REdwine dug a grave, used a rock for a marker, but did not dig deep enough as the body was ravaged by animals and "spread across the countryside"

4. Kate McCann: "It gets even more ludicrous that we’ve obviously hidden her somewhere incredibly well where nobody’s found her .."

Admission of what they've done? Hidden her so well no one will find her

Just a few...Deorr in the latest longer version interview leaked all over the place I believe. He said, "laid to rest, lay to rest " I think 4 times.

Ali said...

Robert Loosman, arrested and charged with the VEHICULAR homicide of Alex Teehee, (when asked if he knew the victim) said "I didn't really know him...I RAN into him".

Bobcat said...

Davey Blackburn 2/21/2016:

"And so I just eavesdropped on the conversation and it made me really nervous, when I started hearing one of ‘em say, “I got it, boss. I got it taken care of. I got a guy. Don’t worry.”"

Anonymous said...

What's the context, Bobcat? Is he talking about his wife's murder?

Bobcat said...

The context is a Resonate 'sermon' from 2/21/2016:

“Hey God, what do you want to do w-, in the valley?” So, if you let Him, the first thing He wants to do to you, is he wants to make you dangerous. Oh come on, somebody. Somebody should of AMENed right there. He wants to make you dangerous, because it says “He prepares a table before me, in the presence of my enemies.”
Can I ask you a question? How dangerous is the dude that dines in the presence of his enemies? Like I picture Liam Neeson, right? Who he’s surrounded by all these, like, bad guys, who are trying to kill him, and he sits down, and he goes “Before I open up a can of whoop-butt on you, I’m gonna open up a can of Chef Boy-ar-dee right here and I’m gonna dine in the presence of my enemies.” That’s a dangerous dude!

I, I remember sitting and eating someplace one time when I was, like, ka-, I was scared where I was eating. We were in, we were in Boston, and we were in, down, like, a, a, a little part called Little Italy. And, and I was, like, I, uh, uh, noticed this conversation going on at this table over beside me and, and, only a couple people were eating, and there were these guys that like, legitimately looked like they came straight out of The Godfather movie. And so I just eavesdropped on the conversation and it made me really nervous, when I started hearing one of ‘em say, “I got it, boss. I got it taken care of. I got a guy. Don’t worry.” I was like, ahhhh, like I was intimidated in the presence of my enemies but, but what, what I believe Jesus wants to do if you let Him, in verse 4 is that He wants to make you dangerous. Because a dangerous person can sit (picks up sword) and dine in the presence of his enemies.

28:35 (Carries sword…)
This is a sword from the movie Braveheart. Come on. Who likes Braveheart? Yep. Right. And, and I really like Braveheart because I think the Braveheart has kind of come alive to me. Amanda and I used to love watching Braveheart. We watched it over and over and over and over and over. If you know the plot of Braveheart, what happens? Mel Gibson’s wife is killed. And he spends the rest of his life, up to his dying breath, fighting for retribution, and fighting to free his people from the bondage of their enemies. Hello someone! Do you know what I feel like God is doing in my life? I don’t know. I can’t speak for you and your valley but I can speak for what I believe God is trying to teach me in my valley. I believe He’s trying to teach me, “Hey Davey, until your dying breath…” Right. FREEDOM! Right. “Until your dying breath, I want to make you dangerous to your enemies.” Now listen. Remember, we don’t fight a battle of flesh and blood, so it’s not a real person that I’m fighting against. It’s a battle of the principalities of the supernatural, of the real enemy. The enemy that stole from us, but we serve a God that promises, promises to restore to us if we will fight with Him, because he has made us dangerous.

Kat said...

From Tania's post: I wish I could roll back time and go back to the day before Madeleine was abducted. I would slow down time. I would get a really good look around and have a really good think. And I'd think: Where are you? Who are you? Who is secretly watching my family? Because someone was watching my family very, very carefully. And taking notes.

So, if she could turn back time, she would choose to be more observant to potentially identify the abductor. Most parents would choose to not not leave the child alone so that she isn't abducted at all!

Tania Cadogan said...

Exactly Kat, i have pointed it out many times.
The expected would be to change things so the opportunity never arose and Maddie would be still alive.

The unexpected is what kate says.
She would look around and and have a really good think.

What would she think about?
How would it help Maddie?

This told me right there that Maddie was dead and turning back the clock to before the time of the alleged abduction would not change anything.

Anonymous said...

A mim's testimony in a case where her boyfriend killed her baby. She was not charged

"She was moaning so I thought she was dreaming, and I got clothes and threw them on the bed and went to check on her, and then I seen her ...," Pease said Tuesday. "I screamed for Matt, and I called Bronson (Methodist Hospital) prior to going there. Then, I took her to the hospital.

Note: The woman's boyfriend was found guilty of the baby's murder.

Anonymous said...

Blackburn is a loon. How on earth can anyone listen to hisvrambling nonsensical "sermons" and think "Amen!" Seriously. He's utterly warped and his followers are muppets to keep listening to his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

If she could roll back time surely she would have wished they'd stayed at home.
Having said tbat, I'm still not convincrd Madeleine is dead. I know most will disagree with me but I think she was snatched and she will turn up eventually. Miracles do happen.