Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Update: 90 Dead, 500 Injured Islamic Attack

I posted this morning that it was likely more would die today, Easter Sunday, due to the criminal supremacist ideology of hatred: Islam.

Although Easter is not over, there are 60 dead, and 300 injured in Islamic suicide bombing in Pakistan.

Update:  add at least another 30 dead in Iraq with another 200 injured.  

Were these dead irrationally fearful of an ideology that prescribes death to "infidels"?

Better to be called "phobic" than to lose a limb.

German yields to Sharia gender rules of separation and are now offering women and children only trains rather than arrest the perpetrators.

Brussels police showed 'em who's boss.

A security guard was murdered and his security badge stolen.
Brussels police announced that they were canceling his security badge.


This from the same department that is afraid to call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism and says that they do not have the manpower to stop Islamic terrorists but send three officers to a teacher's house who texted about Muslim schoolchildren applauding the dead. 

Not exactly confidence building by the higher ups. 

"As the FBI well knows, ISIS is already inside the United States. Guarding our gates is still necessary, but it is not enough when thousands of Islamist jihadists are already here — and being aided by Muslims attending a friendly neighborhood mosque near you.
The unpleasant, politically incorrect truth is that ISIS is only the point of the spear, the jihadist with the suicide belt and the duffle bag bomb, but that messenger was sent by Islam itself.
In Brussels, police have said that some of the murderers who carried out the Paris attacks were hidden and aided for months by the Muslim communities in Brussels. ISIS “cells” cannot survive and build their bombs and conduct their attacks without help from a broader network of sympathizers.
After each terrorist attack carried out by Islamist militants, we are told that the religion of Islam is blameless and we are lectured and warned against the evils of “Islamophobia.” No one is permitted by the PC police to hold the “religion of peace” and its mosques and imams accountable for crimes committed for the greater glory of Allah.
To the American left and its willing collaborators in the media and the halls of power, “Islamophobia” seems a greater threat than ISIS. This moral confusion violates Sun Tzu’s first principle of warfare: know thy enemy. Effective war planning and countermeasures are impossible if you are more concerned with political correctness than defeating the enemy.
Common sense says don’t let the enemy inside the gate. Political correctness says put out the welcome mat."

Belgium authorities, with the suspect in custody for 4 days, interviewed him for 1 hour because "he was tired."

U.S. counterterrorism officials are frustrated and angry at Belgium’s inability to tackle ISIS terror cells that are successfully plotting murderous attacks on the West from inside the country’s tiny capital city.
The twin terror attacks in Brussels that left at least 30 dead and 230 injured on Tuesday, despite repeated warnings from Washington, left U.S. officials fuming.
A senior U.S. intelligence officer likened the Belgian security forces to “children.”
“It’s really shitty tradecraft,” the agent told The Daily Beast.
Brussels has become a hotbed of terrorism—concentrated in the Molenbeek district near the city center—and yet the Belgians have made little progress in disrupting a network of violent extremists linked to last year’s Paris attacks that killed 130 people.

Even before the arrest last week in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, a suspected terrorist behind the Paris attack, there were worries among many U.S. counterterrorism officials of an attack in Belgium. The Belgian authorities had long struggled to resource a counterterrorism campaign. At the same time, it ostracized its burgeoning minority communities, creating isolated enclaves like Molenbeek where potential jihadists could easily hide.


Tania Cadogan said...

No one will say the 'dirty word' muslim.
No one will blame the dirty word' islam'

As always it will be minimized and blamed on radicalization, a couple of extremists who do not represent what islam is and what muslims believe.

As always it will be the left wing, the liberals, the do-gooders who will blame everyone except the ones who should be blamed.

As always The West is to blame, if we hadn't done this or that, then muslims would not be killing people, they are only defending themselves against the great satan.
Failing to mention that the middle east has been at war with itself for millennia, long before the west even realized there were other countries.

Blaming Christians for crimes committed during the crusades (so helpfully pointed out by muslims who refer to crusaders and the crusades today) whilst failing to point out that the christian church in its various names has reformed and preaches love and tolerance whilst islam is still living 1400 years in the past and will not and cannot reform, ever.

Maybe they think if the West bows down to islam and muslims, accedes to every demand, lets sharia law become the norm etc, that islam will become peaceful.
What they can't and won't accept that in islamic countries where islam has become the dominant religion, there is anything but peace, love and tolerance.
Instead they simply turn their rage, their ire, their hatred on muslims from another sect.
How do they think we will manage, how we will survive, if muslims can't even tolerate other muslims of a different sect?

I wonder, if nazism came about today, hitler was doing his thing, would we be accepting of what he was doing to millions of Jews and thousands of gypsies, homosexuals, disabled etc.
Would we be accepting nazi migrants knowing they wanted the destruction of pretty much everyone except aryans?
Would be be clamping down on far right extremism or would we welcome them in knowing they wanted us dead?

This is world war three.

It was thought that Russia would be the one to fight against us,the Eastern bloc then it became, China, even North Korea with its saber rattling was considered.

Instead the enemy is the one we have welcomed with open arms, it isn't even a country.
It is an ideology.
We minimize it and blame the atrocities on a few extreme people, an extremist religious belief, it works as it is portrayed as rogue muslims against Christians.
The issue is that it isn't religion, it is an ideology.
It covers every aspect from birth to death.
Pretending it is a religion achieves nothing, it enables more atrocities.
Germany is screwing itself into the ground and getting nowhere.
The scars left by world war two, the extermination of millions of Jews and other 'undesirables' prevents them from action.
To make up for the guilt caused by the war, they now submit, bellying up to islam.
It has paralyzed itself due to guilt.
It cannot and will not do anything for fear of being seen as what it was under hitler.

The only way this will ever end is with the complete obliteration of islam.

I got into a debate as i suggested bombing the *&(& out of Syria, wiping out everyone.
They said what about the innocents? What about the children?
I asked if they had seen what daesh children were doing, decapitations, warfare, explosives and so on?
Could we ever trust a child who has been trained to kill every non believer, who hated everything non islamic, who would happily rape young girls, who would turn their parents in for some perceived or imagined crime?
The same goes for those who want to return, can they be trusted or would they be suspicious that they have been trained and will commit atrocities if given the chance?
Especially since we know they will lie, it is demanded and expected of them.

Nic said...

Peter, we read about this before heading out for Easter dinner with my family and I immediately thought about your earlier post.

Your earlier post also left me thinking that the last place I would want to be today was in a church. Then I wondered whether it will be safe for my kids to ever say there were educated in the Catholic school system (or if it will be safe for their kids to even attend a Catholic school.)

Tania said:

Germany is screwing itself into the ground and getting nowhere.
The scars left by world war two, the extermination of millions of Jews and other 'undesirables' prevents them from action.
To make up for the guilt caused by the war, they now submit, bellying up to islam.
It has paralyzed itself due to guilt.
It cannot and will not do anything for fear of being seen as what it was under hitler.

You are spot on. This especially resonated with me because I know someone who lives in Germany and I fear for her. She is scared and at the same time thankful she does not have a daughter.

I've posted before that my sister-in-law and niece are travelling to Germany (in May). There was a lot of talk and excitement about it this evening. They know I'm anxious (I've emailed them my concerns and linked more than I probably should have.) So I just hugged them hard and wished them both safe travels, as I don't expect to see either of them before they head over seas.


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:13 the difference is the group of Christians and coaches you discribed are individuals warping their positions of power to engage in immoral behavior. When caught the world will rightly condemn them. In the case of Islamic terrorists, They are following the step by step instructions in the Qur'an. Their holy book says they must kill us all, pedophilia is normal and those who kill in the name of Allah are heroes. That's the difference

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous post used tangent instead of showing an ounce of empathy for the victims. Roman Catholicism does not teach pedophilia; but it created an environment where it prospered. It is, however, a different topic than the Easter murders this post addressed.

It is to follow Obama. Islam slaughters Christians; Obama lectures Christians, or, better yet, speaks of the danger of global warming...another favorite tangent to remove Islamic blood guilt.

Here is a quote of consideration --the cuckoo bird syndrome from a historical perspective. When you read of nations that were once free, with only a small minority of Islam, and to watch what happened in a generation, it is frightening.

Who falls first? Belgium, Sweden, Germany....? France, UK? Then US? It is a matter of time. I was reading a french author simply because he was severely fined in France 16 years ago for his warning. He looks like a prophet now.

History amply demonstrates that once Muslims are given democratic rights and authority within a territory they are in the process of occupying they will use those rights and that authority to gradually abrogate the rights and authority of the original inhabitants. Thus when it’s in an absolute minority Islam will incessantly demand more and more minority rights. When it becomes a significant minority the pace and intensity of its demands will accelerate exponentially. Then, once Islam becomes a majority within any socio-political or geographic environment, at local, national or continental level, or it finds itself close to becoming one, there will be no more minority rights — for anyone. That is when the original inhabitants will cease to exist.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Tania said:

Germany is screwing itself into the ground and getting nowhere.
The scars left by world war two, the extermination of millions of Jews and other 'undesirables' prevents them from action.
To make up for the guilt caused by the war, they now submit, bellying up to islam.
It has paralyzed itself due to guilt.
It cannot and will not do anything for fear of being seen as what it was under hitler.

Again, well said, Tania.

It is difficult to understand why Brussels is all but destroyed, and why Sweden let itself become the Rape Capital, but there it is. --I follow a journalist who had to leave her homeland just to have the freedom to write. --some good intellect material.

xenophilia in history is another fascinating topic which shows historic destruction.

Nic said...

Quick correction: (dot net)

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Kyle Parker charged with rape, murder, child molestation in Shaylyn Ammerman case

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Any connection to the father?

Tania was on right scent about that household: even if this guy is not related to the household, the father had dangerous associations with people, via his own words.


Anonymous said...

Tania, I wish you worked in government because you have a clearer understanding of what is happening than those in power do. Peter does as well. It's so frustrating that people who SHOULD understand the dire straits we are in appear to be ignorant or confused about Islam.
WE THE PEOPLE are NOT Ignorant nor confused and the more we speak out the more we will be heard. Those who want to keep their head in the sand will call us Islamaphobes. I don't care. None of us should give a damn about "offending" the enemy.

Pak31 said...

The uncle claims the guy was a friend of a friend. He appeared to be at the home more than once. Friends say he was creepy and into child porn. He had a record for drug possession. How could you allow someone like this around your child? Looks like a lot of ignorant people in this situation. You become a parent, you need to grow up and be a man. Another case of adults failing a child.

Nic said...

And then there is this:

Mugshot Justin Ammerman 2012


I don't understand the people who live in that house. I'm trying to be objective, but they make it very hard not to judge. Aside from the instances of changing "facts", they didn't appear to be at all upset when they were interviewed. There was one interview I read wherein they reported that the grandmother was out with flyers (expected). But in one of the last interviews linked to on this blog (grandma with hand on upper thigh,) nobody seemed at all bothered by the fact that a baby went missing from their house in the middle of the night! The uncle has his face stuck in the screen of his handheld, the other two practically need to be defibrillated into some sort of emotional response. They just appeared so laid back and passive! Then I come across the above mugshot on another site and read that the father was allowed supervised visits. wth? Is that why the grandmother was quick and clear to say in the posted telephone interview that she was the one who took care of the baby? It's coming out now that they knew Kyle Parker liked porn and spanking and what have you, and they let him in the house and stay up by himself drinking with a baby in her crib in the living room? Is it reasonable to think that there are at least child endangerment charges to come for the others? At least? My God. They gave away her stuff beginning on Saturday night! They demolished her crib with a hammer! She's not even buried yet and they have completely destroyed and rid themselves entirely of Shaylyn's existence.

Anonymous said...

Destroying the baby's crib with a hammer is deeply disturbing. It is where she slept, the safest place a baby should be.
Most grieving people treasure their baby's belongings. Oh my God is right. These people are SICK.

Unknown said...

Interesting...Dad says he doesn't know Kyle and the brother calls him an "acquaintance"

Yet during the interview he says he trusted Kyle

How do you trust someone you don't know?

He doesn't seem fearful of worried when she was missing and after her death shows not an ounce of emotion

I hope they look at his involvement

Grandma then laughed twice during the phone interview when she was "missing"

This case is not solved.