Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Year old Shaken To Death

“I think he might be having breathing trouble, because his mom has asthma and he may have it too,” says Dimambro.
 “He keeps like gasping for air. He might have had an asthma attack or something.”

Note the need to explain why he might have an asthma attack is anticipated before he is asked, making it very sensitive. 

2-year-old Damian Sutton, Washington Township boy allegedly shaken by mother's boyfriend, dies in hospital

damian sutton.jpgCourtesy of the Prayers for Damian R. Sutton Facebook page
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, MI — Damian R. Sutton, the 2-year-old Washington Township boy who has been hospitalized in critical condition since last Wednesday, died Tuesday morning, Macomb County Sheriff Anthony M. Wickersham's office has confirmed.
The boy was hospitalized after suffering critical injuries while being babysat by his mother's boyfriend, 26-year-old Ronald A. Dimambro.
Dimambro told dispatchers he believed Damian was suffering an asthma attack, later said he fell out of his crib and ultimately admitted to shaking the child, police said.
Damian underwent a brainsurgery Sunday to remove a portion of his skull to relieve pressure from his swollen brain.
Dimambo is charged with first-degree child abuse and detectives are preparing a case for amended charges in the wake of the child's death, Macomb County sheriff's officials said.
Dimambro was scheduled to appear in Macomb County District Court at 9 a.m. Tuesday for a preliminary examination.
With in minutes of the news becoming public, an outpouring of condolences appeared on a Facebook page named "Prayers for Damian Ryan Sutton," set up to support the family and their medical expenses.
Dimambro.JPGRonald A. Dimambro, 26
"My heart is heavy this morning as it is every morning I wake up and see another child has lost a life because of the abuse from someone else," wrote Melanie Loafman. "R.I.P. angel, you're in Heaven and nothing can hurt you now. I pray to bring relief to the family during this time. I can't imagine what the mother is going through. Stay strong.
"Damian touched so many people's hearts and didn't even know it."


Anonymous said...

Well. Until I know more, I certainly don't have any pity for the mother of this helpless abused to death baby by her sorry a@@ POS boyfriend. These stupid, stupid, stupid women who continue to leave their poor children at the mercy of abusive men get no sympathy from me. They make me livid. As far as I'm concerned they are just as guilty as he is.

Shelley said...

I agree anon.

I am a mom and there are less than 10 people I trust to care for my son.

There are even family members I wont leave him alone with just cause I feel they lack responsibility.

And if someone did hurt my child, I would not be polite and forgive like the Ramsey parents did.

I would be out for blood! If they did not go to jail, they were not staying on this planet.

Hey I figure if these drug addicted losers can murder their kids and get a way with it, I can do it too.

John Mc Gowan said...


Live blog: Mother in baby shooting testifies

De'Marquise Elkins, 18, is charged with murder for allegedly shooting a 13-month-old boy in the face.


dadgum said...

Just home from the attorney's office. Finally, finally my daughter spoke up! She has left several times, only to fall for his lies. She hid the bruises for years. When he began his manipulation, control, and mental abuse on the 12 year old girl, slapped the 7 year old's face, and threatened all 3 with a belt over getting dressed one morning, she brought them here.

We'll make it. The girls are loved boundlessly here. Looks like the oldest will have to testify. It is all for the best, before he lays another hand on them, or dooms them to a future of abuse. He has no concept that punching his wife is wrong. None.

This story, and the tape are saddening, the picture heartbreaking. He called his father before 911? Women don't need to settle for trash. And yet, they do.

Shelley said...

dadgum - are you talking about your own daughter?

either way, i just do not get people and their need to hit.

that does not teach kids anything and its sure not what is wrong with the world today.

i have never hit my son and he is so well behaved and respectful. Has he been in time out? yes. have i taken away a toy or video games for a whole day? yes. but when a kid is raised with love and respect, they grow up loving and respectful.

my inlaws all act like my no hitting rule is just a joke and that because of it my son will grow up to be an out of control thug yet time and again, my son is always the best behaved, the most polite and respectful kid of them all.

People need to watch the show super nanny. Her methods works better than any spanking ever will.

dadgum said...

oops..I meant to post anon..but the kids hollered and..oh well..lol.

Stressful day for all here. I can't imagine my husband hitting..or even being mean to me. Neither can he..Mistreating our kids is unthinkable.

We have cared for many abused and neglected kids over the years..now our own family. I hurt for them all.

Damian's eyes are haunting. Such a beautiful boy....

Anonymous said...

This makes my blood boil. Surely, the bf's anger issues were obvious prior to this sad event. Uncontrollable anger doesn't suddenly happen, there is normally a pattern. The beautiful child, little angel, is surely safe now. Mommy failed to do her job.

sidewalk super said...

This simian thug looks like dipietro or maybe phoebe......

Vita said...

Thank you Peter for posting Damian's story. I wish it was a post of him alive and well. It's not, it is his obituary. Damian's mother on video, two days after the beating/ 911 call, Aug 23rd. " Mother's boyfriend" not named yet named perp of assaulting Damian. She is speaking directly to the camera, to him, it appears.


Carnel Chamberlain lost his life, to his mother's boyfriend June 2012. 4 yr old Carnel, was beaten, tortured, said to be dismembered, as he was found burned beyond recognition. " Under mothers porch"
This too another Michigan case of MURDER, an innocents life taken. Carnel's mother, her residence upon federal land, he murdered upon federal land, Michigan law does not apply. "His Killer is awaiting trial" yet.

Michigan Law, Dominick's Law does apply to the POS that killed Damian. He, Damian, is stated he upon being brought into the hospital had 20 percent brain activity. He was put on every machine, induced into a coma, portion of his skull removed to stabilize him, not sustain him.

The passive aggressive exchange, vocabulary of RONALD speaking to the 911 Operator is gut chilling. He is non emotional, no affect, no urgency, he is attempting to blame Damian, to solicit himself as a innocent bystander. As Damian is dying, he is, you can hear him in the audio. He is heard gurgling, whimpering, as Ronald speaks to the OP, his (D) teeth are clenched, his mouth won't open. The 911 Op believing, Ronald & his father, this baby had suffered an Asthma attack> or has a medical issue.

Damian was beaten, kicked, thrown, and shaken until his brain was jello, he to be Ronald's Human Pinata. Ronald is said, Mother put Damian in his care, twice a week, as she worked. What a Bonus: He unemployed, no drivers license, he on probation. He to have a laundry list of records including domestic violence. He 27, homeless, living with his father, his house Damian was tortured. His Dad was home? this why they both sound like two bewildered " I dunno" he all of a sudden stopped breathing.

Damian his body, head to toe bruised, his abdomen used as a punching bag, his mouth swollen shut, the visual of him as he was brought into ER. Dominick's Law is going to be the determining factor within Damian's Justice. ( If applied) Ronald if charged with Homicide, his sentence will be LIFE, no chance of parole.

Damian his life wasn't in his hands. Dominick's mother's boyfriend tortured killed Dominick. His Mom sentenced 13 yrs, Boytoy: LWOP

Dominick died at 4 yrs, Damian 2 yrs. Dysfunctional " Boyfriends" have NO FEAR. It all begins at HOME, starts and Stops with MOM. This MAN of many red flags, you date, bring into your life isn't a game. He proven unpredictable, volatile, needs to be coddled, you paying his way, he blaming you for everything. He disrespecting your children, as he is UNHAPPY with HIMSELF. ONE WAY PAL: to the CURB before someone gets hurt, not after.

Women who are reading this that are in a relationship " uncertain" listen to Ronald engage with the 911 OP. He wants the OP to think he is a " good guy" He beat Damian, he the batterer. He coward, he had to call 911. Or else, MOM would have picked up a DEAD or Missing baby. He to impress, "I am the Good Guy" Damian? he's the one that stopped breathing, it's HIS fault.

*People Tell us who they are* He Ronald, listen to his vocabulary his chosen words, Mr. Innocent. He did or did not attempt to administer CPR? the 911 OP clearly in belief he was following his instructions. Did he? or he let the chips fall, if Damian died before the Ambulance arrived, he was off the hook,(his mind).

Shelley said...

I think that its fair to say that typically (again I realize its not ALWAYS the case) these type of women are not loving caring moms and are attracting the type of people that they are themselves.

Like with Carnel, we found out that his mom also was abusive and she was aware and allowed this man to also abuse her child.

I WOULD NEVER abuse my child or let anyone abuse my child. I would rather they head to the store "and never return" and end up being the face on the missing poster before I would EVER stand by and alllow this to happen to my child.

Its a cycle. I guarantee both mom and boyfriend likely came from abusive homes as well. Because with the exception of those that simply have mental problems, this type of behavior is learned and continued.

Anonymous said...

@John, Have you been watching this trial? I think the most interesting and telling thing, was when the so-called mom was on the stand and they asked if she saw the shooter, and she shakes her head no, but says yes...then they ask her to point to the person who shot and killed her baby and she breaks down crying. I think she was crying because she had to point to an innocent young man.

lso when this was asked....

Ekonomov asked, "Did you see him shoot your baby?"

"I tried to stop him. I put my arms over my baby but he still shot him," said West as she cried.

This was a simple yes or no. Plus, if she put her arms over her baby, wouldn't her arms have been shot, but I think only her leg was shot?? I think this mom is not truthful.

Lemon said...

hugs to you non-anon 'Gum.

shmi said...

Aw, those big blue eyes, an angels face! RIP little baby.

Jen said...

Sherry West's brother was on Dr Drew tonight trying to defend/explain his sister's purchase of a life insurance policy for her infant son (this is a woman who was on disability, expending monthly fees for a life insurance policy on her baby who just happened to be murdered at 14mo). He claims she only purchased the policy because the HOSPITAL was running a special where she got the first few months free, and then she could chose whether or bot to continue it, which she did. (When have you ever been sold an insurance policy by a hospital?)

He also tries to explain a few other things, and paint his other nephew as a hero who was killed after intervening when his girlfriend was offered drugs. (West's older son who was previously killed in a robbery/drug deal). He has an explanation for everything...but the problem is her story SHOULDN'T need so much explaining, if it were true.

Most interestingly, one of the guest panelists asks him if West had any connection to the perps prior to the shooting and he answers...."she told me that she never RECOGNIZED him that day"...which the panelist took to mean sge didn't know him. However you can't recognize someone if you dont already KNOW them!

Also the gun found in the pond (according to Dr Drew's show) was NOT definitively linked to the crime scene, or the bullets that wounded West and killed Antonio. The gun was linked to Elkins by his mother and others, but was not PROVEN to have been the weapon fired at the victim during the 'robbery'.

Jen said...

Poor baby...rest in peace.

rob said...

Jen, when I had a baby , while in the hospital, I recieved a packet of baby-related material, coupons and such. One of the items was a Gerber life ins. policy ad. I didn't take it, because my job offers life ins. to family members. But the policy was very cheap, and my nephew, born before my son, was born with a terminal illness. It made us all think about life ins. because he was not dianosed until about 9 months.
Just saying, this woman had already lost a child, she knew what it was like.
And above all else, she is mentally ill. I thought she did pretty well considering.

Sarah said...


Jen said...

I know the type of policy you mean, and I don't doubt she got the packet AT the hospital...but her brother tried to make it seem like the hospital enrolled her or like it was not her decision to impliment the policy...like her only choice in the matter was whether to continue the policy after the free months, which is NOT how it works. The hospital provides tons of information, coupons, etc..but they do not automatically enroll babies in life insurance plans.

I just find the whole story bizarre. She was on disability, yet she chose to spend the little money she had on baby life insurance!? And yes her other son was killed, but that wasn't her only previous insurance settlement payout (if I remember right there were at least 3 previous insurance settlements, which she mentioned repeatedly in her initial interviews about her murdered baby). And like I said before...her story just needs WAY too much explaining. Every issue that was raised on earlier analysis has played out and leaves alot of room for doubt. The star witness admitted on the stand that he lied 'to tell the cops what they wanted to hear', the gun wasn't able to me proven as the one used in the attack (the bullet was never even removed from West's leg for comparison), and every indcation shows that she DID know these two boys before the incident (from her brothers claim that she didn't RECOGNIZE them, to the 'accomplice' calling West 'Miss Sherry' on the stand!

I respect others opinion on the case, but I just can't dismiss all the weirdness and her focus on insurance payouts in the hours after her babies murder as being due to her mental issues.

Tania Cadogan said...

regarding her being shot in the leg.

Was it a through and through?

Was it a flesh wound?

Did she get medical treatment?

Was it in the leg when she went to hospital?

Was it removed in the hospital if the bullet was in situ?

If it wasn't removed why was it left in situ?

Was it because removing it was risky, a possibility of causing more damage?

Did she refuse to have it removed?

The bullet would be classed as evidence, it is not unknown for people with bullets in them to refuse to have it removed as it then becomes evidence which could incriminate them in a crime ( they managed to shoot themselves, the gun has been used in previous crimes they were involved in, or any number of reasons)

It would be a problem if the bullet allegedly shot in her by the accused turns out not to match the bullet used to kill the baby or it matches the baby but not the alleged gun used ( it would also explain the GSR on her and her husband)

Modern forensics are amazing, it is even possible these days to retrive a print from a fired bullet ( the acids in the sweat and oils from our skin etch a microscopic print into the metal)

Her story doesn't ring true.

Money is her motive, she has admitted as much.

What we don't know is if she arranged for her baby to be murdered with the killers getting a percentage of the payout, if she shot the baby and then herself ( all those pain meds she was taking) if she got hubby to do the deed or if it was as she claimed (although her language and body language indicate deception.

Lying is stressful, is this why she started crying when asked to identify the shooter?
Lying by ommision, crying means she doesn't answer and next question please.

Trigger said...

Another boyfriend who just wanted to have fun with a child's mother, so he got rid of the "unwanted responsibility" that meant nothing to him.

Jazzie said...

Thank you.
Here's the transcript:
Sheriff Anthony Wickersham:
"It just frustrates you. It makes you appalled that, you know, ADULTS would... would harm the young child that could not defend themselves. There's no good reason, no reason I should say, to assaulting or hurting a child."

Carnel Chamberlain is still in my heart and my prayers.

Mother is complicitous.
NOTE: Had already dog eared my dictionary for the word "complicitous"

Why is spell check flagging me for my spelling of "complicitous"? Freaky weird.

Jazzie said...

Another child dies at the hands of their mother's boyfriend...
Because... why?
Who harms or kills a child?
Who chooses to live with and love someone who will kill their child?

This I want to know.

Jazzie said...

Please read:

Jazzie said...

911 call of Damian:

Jazzie said...

For Carnel: