Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shorty Killer's Claim: Crack

Suspect in WWII vet slay: We were buying crack from victim

Family friends via KHQ-TV
Delbert Belton
One of the teens charged with beating to death a World War II veteran allegedly claimed he was buying crack cocaine from the 88-year-old and the transaction turned violent — but cops said there is no evidence to support that.
 The allegation was denounced as bizarre by victim Delbert “Shorty” Belton’s family and even dismissed by the defense lawyer for the other teen accused in the Spokane, Wash., case, which has drawn national attention.

The Spokesman-Review via AP
Demetruis Glenn, 16, listens to his lawyer, Christian J. Phelps, before a first appearance in District Court in Spokane, Wash., on Monday.
“That’s a bunch of crock,” daughter-in-law Barbara Belton told NBC News on Tuesday afternoon after suspect Kenan Adams-Kinard made his first court appearance to be charged with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery.
“He was a little senile, a little eccentric, but he was not into drugs,” she said, accusing the teen of concocting a self-serving story that would make the victim seem less sympathetic.
“Of course these kids are going to make excuses.”
Adams-Kinard and Demetruis Glenn, both 16, are accused of attacking Belton when he resisted a robbery attempt in the parking lot outside his Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge last Wednesday night. Both were charged as adults.
The teens, who have previous convictions for assault, were caught on security cameras in the area at the time of the slaying, but Glenn’s lawyer said there are no eyewitnesses or forensic evidence tying them to the crime.
An affidavit from prosecutors says that while he was on the run for four days, Adams-Kinard told two friends that the beating was the result of a drug deal gone bad. Police seized a letter signed with Adams-Kinard’s name that gave a similar account.
The letter said that after buying a “zip of crack cocaine from Shorty,” the teens “proceeded to sock him.”
“I took his wallet and another ounce of crack from his pockets,” the letter said, according to the court document. “He was unconscious so I made sure he was still breathing, and then I took off."
The letter was purportedly an explanation the teen was writing to his mother, police said.

Handout / Reuters
Kenan Adams-Kinard, 16, will make his first court appearance Tuesday in the beating death of 88-year-old World War II vet Delbert Belton.
Spokane police said they doubted the drug-buying story, with spokeswoman Monique Cotton saying in a statement: “We have no evidence to support that.”
Even Glenn’s lawyer, Christian Phelps, said he was highly skeptical of the claim, which was disclosed during Adams-Kinard’s court appearance on Tuesday.
“It doesn’t seem plausible to me,” Phelps said. “I wouldn’t put any stock in it at this point.”
Phelps also claimed "there are no eyewitnesses and no forensic evidence that links either of the kids to the crime." 
Belton, who survived being shot in the Battle of Okinawa, was a widowed retiree who liked to dance and play pool at the lodge, according to friends.
His death has made headlines because of his age and war heroism. While some commentators have seized on the fact that the suspects were black and the victim was white, police have said race played no role.
"A lot of folks just want to throw these kids away and the key — or worse,” Phelps said. "I would urge people to wait for the facts to develop."


dadgum said...

The best defense could come up with. That was well worth the money, I am sure..public defender??

Eliza said...

Τhis man survived through WWII to be killed like that by two punks? Both my grandfathers fought in WWII and I am mad reading about it... Shame on them!

John Mc Gowan said...

“I took his wallet and another ounce of crack from his pockets,” the letter said, according to the court document. “He was unconscious so I made sure he was still breathing, and then I TOOK OFF."

Peter an astute "Anon" pointed this out in another article.Would the words "I TOOK OFF" come under "I LEFT" in S/A.I say myself at times when i'm leaving somewhere "I'm getting off now".Would all these phrases come under the same umbrella.?

SALurkerOne said...

This kid is smoking crack if he expects anyone to believe his "story". This kid has no respect for anyone if he 1) kills this man in cold blood. 2) Makes up a horrible story as an "excuse" for his actions. Shows he has no remorse.

Shelley said...

New just had a clip.
Hannah Anderson case
Jim's sister states she told her brother.. Speaking about Hannah....
Clip of sister saying "You need to watch out for that one, she's trouble"

And then news quoted her as saying "the victim Hannah Anderson, isn't the real victim at all"

She then is on another clip herself and states "Hannah perhaps got herself into a situation that she couldn't get her self out of and I do believe that my brother gave his life to protect her"

That was it. I think more will be on later.

Anyone? Sure is interesting...

Anonymous said...

"Another" ounce of cocaine? Does he mean he had already taken some?

Trigger said...

So now, we are to believe that the murderer killed this man because he was a threat to society?

Oh, lets give these thugs a "hero's badge" for ridding our society of a bad man who was 88 years-old.

What a line of crap!

This was a cold blooded murder by savages who feel nothing for the elderly victim who was an easy target.

Anonymous said...

Twinkie defense,
Crack defense,
pathetic lawyers
pathetic murders trying to get away with their crime.

You have to have a good nose to smell the bulls*it.

Trigger said...

Shelly said,
" ...Hannah Anderson case...etc."

Hannah is a minor. She could not consent to anything according to law.

She is not a consenting adult according to law.

sidewalk super said...

Pathetic excuses for teenagers, these kids cannot be rehabilitated, and if their world picture is nothing but drugs, and drug dealing retribution and they consider murder justified, what hope is there for them?

I am guessing there was no stable father + mother home for either thug.

They are frightening.
As is their lawyer.

John Mc Gowan said...

James Dimaggio's sister on Piers Morgan.

Sus said...

The sister made of James Dimaggio made those comments on Piers Morgan last night. When Piers questioned why she had called Hannah trouble, she said, " Well, she wore a lot of eye make up." Huh?

I notice the sister interchanges her name for her brother, also...sometimes James, sometimes Jim. I question how close she really was to him.

Anonymous said...

His poor sister. It sounds like she is just desperate to have the truth come out about Hannah but can't say it for legal reasons.,0,1410466.story

Anonymous said...

“It doesn’t seem plausible to me,” Phelps said. “I wouldn’t put any stock in it at this point.”

""Phelps also claimed "there are no eyewitnesses and no forensic evidence that links either of the kids to the crime"."

Of course the lawyer puts "no stock" in the letter. They wouldn't need eye witnesses and forensic evidence with 3 confessions.

Jo said...

I agree that DiMaggio's sister should get the answers she is looking for. Even if her brother is 100% to blame, she deserves to know the facts of the case and if her brother's death was warranted. What if Hannah did kill her mother and brother and DiMaggio was just helping her "get away" with it. The killings seem to be anger driven and someone else would be aware of issues between them. They certainly would not have gone to visit if they were not getting along. Hannah on the other hand has told us that she had issues with her mother and the DiMaggio was the one that helped her deal with it. That of course could point to his guilt or innocence depending on what he suggested.

Thanks for posting the link, I wasn't aware the sister had done an interview.

Anonymous said...

ITA, DiMaggio's sister has a right to all the facts. She said the FBI and law enforcement knew she and her brother were close, and she could have talked him into surrendering.

Then many of the facts Hannah shared did not add up. He lured them up there to ride go carts. He tied her mom and brother up. Where was Hannah and what was she doing while he did that. She was uncomfortable around him, yet she took trips with him. She says she didn't tell her parents about his said attraction to her, not to affect their relationship with DiMaggio. That doesn't make sense to me. She could have enjoyed the special attention and getting stuff from him and said nothing. Then her odd behavior after "learning" about her mom and brother's dead. She seemed to love the attention and need to explain herself to strangers. Why? Her grief seemed shallow. Even for a 16 yr. old, her actions are more bizarre than typical of a 16 yr. old. More questions than answers imho. What were the messages she sent about?

John Mc Gowan said...


The Rescue Of Hannah Anderson:

rob said...

OT: I think Hannah was more 'uncomfortable' having her friends see how close she was to Dimaggio, and that is how she explained it. She obviously did nothing to separate herself from him.

sidebar said...

This girl has the power..
Now her biological father is giving up his job out of state to be with her in the "family" home. So that she is comfortable?
Whenever the life insurance was switched from the sister to hannah's grandmother is probably when things were progressing in dimaggio's mind, at the least.
And here we all are, waiting, knowing there will be more to this tale.

Shelley said...

Trigger said...

Hannah is a minor. She could not consent to anything according to law.

She is not a consenting adult according to law.


Kids are convicted. It all depends on what her involvement was. If she just was involved with him, that is one thing. But if she had any part of the murders that is a whole other story.

Who knows the truth, we may never know as I think history has proven itself over time.

But there is deception in this case. We just dont know what it is about.

Shelley said...

And as far as this case where they beat a man to death, WHO CARES if we was selling crack. They still killed him for no reason at all.

I didnt hear them say he attacked them (which at that age, would look like a joke) but hello, crack or no crack, they beat the man to death just because.

And how is that even a defense at all for them? I mean, so your saying you were buying drugs (ILLEGAL) and then decided to kill the drug dealer jsut because.

So to me, seems stupid first off tha this old man was a drug dealer.. but but if it was true, why would they admit they were buying drugs on top of the crime.

To me this seems to just make their case worse.

I have no clue how saying that is going to help them in any way.

Shelley said...

Back on the Jesse Jackson post... never sure how often people go back and read older posts...

But, as I listened to Martin Luther Kings speach yesteraday the thing that really struck me was how he was trying to promote equality and peace.

Jesse and Al Sharpton both are trying to promote the injustice against blacks. Not peace and equality.

They are part of the problem. Not a solution. They want to highlight anger and seperate blacks.

They need to wake up and see that they are just increasing the problem. But then I doubt they will anymore than Bille Jean Dunn will admit she was a horrid mother and was responsible for her childs death.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The adult daughter of a woman whose baby was fatally shot in his stroller testified Wednesday that her mother's account of what happened that day didn't add up.

A defense lawyer called Ashley Glassey to testify in the murder trial of his client, De'Marquise Elkins, who is charged in the March 21 killing of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago in coastal Georgia.

Glassey's mother, Sherry West, has said she was walking home from the Brunswick post office with Antonio in a stroller when Elkins, 18, and another teen approached her and demanded money. After she told them she didn't have any, Elkins shot her in the leg and then shot the baby in the face, West has said.

Glassey, 21, lives in New Jersey and testified through tears that she had only seen her mother for a few hours on one occasion since she was 8 years old.

Glassey said her mother called her at 8:30 p.m. the day of the shooting. West told her daughter two kids had come up to her and asked for money and then shot the baby and then her when she said she had none, Glassey said. When Glassey asked for more details, West changed the story to say she was shot first and the baby second, Glassey said
Glassey's grandmother had died the summer before and she had collected her grandmother's life insurance policy to cover expenses, Glassey said. Her mother knew that and called to ask how fast Glassey thought it would take for her to get the payment from a life insurance policy she had taken out on the baby.

"The whole conversation just didn't settle well with me," Glassey said.

Because she thought her mother's story didn't add up, she called law enforcement in Brunswick to tell them that and said she needed to talk to detectives in the case, she said. But when the police didn't call her, she told some media outlets how her mother had asked about the life insurance payout.

After Glassey's statements appeared, an angry West called her and told her she had no business talking to the news and that's the last time the two spoke, Glassey said.

West testified Tuesday that she had taken out a life insurance policy on her young son because he had been sick just after he was born and someone at the hospital mentioned the idea to her. She took out a $5,000 policy from Gerber Life Insurance Co., she said.

West paid a premium of $3.18 each month, and when her son was killed, she cashed in the policy, she said. She used $2,000 for funeral costs for Antonio and used the balance to pay her moving expenses, she said.

Prosecutors say Elkins and an accomplice, 15-year-old Dominique Lang, stopped West, and the older teen pointed a small .22-caliber revolver at her and demanded money before shots were fired.

The killing in the port city of Brunswick drew national attention, and the trial was moved to the Atlanta suburb of Marietta owing to extensive publicity

Elkins faces life in prison if convicted of murder. At the time of the shooting he was 17, too young to face the death penalty if convicted under Georgia law. Lang, who also faces murder charges, is to be tried at a later date.

Prosecutors have said information from Elkins' mother and sister led investigators to a pond where they found a revolver. Karimah Elkins is standing trial alongside her son on charges of evidence tampering and lying to police. Elkins' sister also was charged with evidence tampering.

Prosecutors have also accused De'Marquise Elki

Read more:

Shelley said...

So I often read the blog eyes for lies (she claims to be a human lie dector). However, I have to say I do not take it too serious. Mainly because she believes that Mark Redwine has been honest and well, Madeliene Mccain parents.

So I guess the "Taxi Driver" is back in the news as if it is BRAND NEW INFORMAION. She of course posted about this and stated even that this taxi driver was never interviewed. Well for someone that was never interviewed, I find it interesting that a 2008 article had the Mccains spokes person quoated as saying

Clarence Mitchell told the newspaper: "We are dismissing this primarily because the timings are entirely wrong."

Does anyone recall anything more about this. It also appears that it was again "brand new information" in 2012.

Just takes me back to the idea that Madeilines parents are reaching still to this day.

I have always thought they were responsible due to drugging her to make her stay asleep. Especially since the night before another guest complained that a child cried for over an hour.

But if anyone recalls any other specifics about this taxi driver. Just sounds off to me.

And I also was wondering about the fact that he specifically remembered that the little girl had the eye thing. But he says this was 8pm at night. Would it still be light. And would that be noticable?

Tania Cadogan said...

MARIETTA, Ga. – Defense attorneys are continuing to present witnesses and evidence Thursday in the trial of a man accused of killing a baby in coastal Georgia.

De'Marquise (deh-mahr-KEES') Elkins is charged with murder in the March 21 killing of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago in Brunswick.

The prosecution rested its case Wednesday. Then the defense began calling witnesses and showed most of a video of the child's mother, Sherry West, being questioned by police the day of the shooting.

Prosecutors say Elkins shot Antonio during an attempted robbery. West was shot in the leg.

The trial is being held near Atlanta because of pretrial publicity.

If convicted of murder, 18-year-old Elkins faces up to life in prison. His mother is on trial alongside him on charges of evidence tampering and lying to police

Read more:

John Mc Gowan said...

Missed clues & unanswered questions in the Hannah Anderson case:

The Plot Thickens..

Anonymous said...

The Plot Thickens...Due to inept police work, it's as thick as mud

Then there are the surveillance cameras that News 8 spotted just this week at the Mountain Top Market in Boulevard, located a 1 1/2 miles west of DiMaggio's burned-out home. They likely captured DiMaggio and Hannah driving past on Highway 80 on August 3rd, but we'll never know what the video showed. The owner of the market said detectives never came by to get the footage, and it was automatically erased two weeks after the murders.
Detectives also overlooked a surveillance camera at the Golden Acorn Casino in Boulevard, and another one across the street from Sweetwater High School, where DiMaggio picked up Hannah from cheer camp August 3.
In addition, the principal of Sweetwater High School said detectives never approached the school with questions about Hannah Anderson, DiMaggio, or potential surveillance video recorded on campus.

sidebar said...

Amazing how the pictures of these two thug/murders look almost like the three Florida thugs who beat the 13 yr old on a school bus in July. Victim lives with broken arm, facial bones, black eyes.

Trigger said...

"In my heart of hearts (what ever that means) I think (lacking commitment) that Hannah perhaps got herself into a situation that she couldn't get herself out of ( blaming the victim and disparaging the victim), and I do believe that my brother gave his life to protect her."(The 40 year-old perp who carefully planned his movements is now the victim according to his sister, so LE is lying).

Did he give his life for her mother and brother? He installed a timed device to ignite a fire after he killed two people, to cover up evidence and give himself a 20 hour head start.

I told him that Hannah was trouble. What made her say that to her 40 year-old brother? about a sixteen year-old girl?

The sister is withholding information in an effort to protect the killer/kidnapper. Is the sister after the insurance money?

Anonymous said...

You are supposing that Hannah IS a victim here, but if she is a co-conspirator or the perpetrator of the murders, then age of consent goes out the window.

mommaklee said...

This would be perfect for Alanna Gallagher.

JerseyJane said...

About tapes seeing Hannah in DiMaggio's car during pick up from cheerleading camp::::::

The texting/phone calls tell the story plus any eyewitnesses during the pick up at cheerleading camp during that time..

What would surveilance during cheerleading camp pickup tell LE that they didnt already know?
All the "misdoings" started at DiMaggio's home and on the road.
LE went forward to tracking, to find 2 missing people. Being that the one, DiMaggio, is driving HIS vehicle and Hannah is a child, DiMaggio is labeled the perpetrator, rightfully so with the evidence of 2 dead bodies and a timed device to blow up hishouse.

Sella35 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Regarding the letters Hannah sent to Dimaggio.

Anderson said that they were written about a year ago when she was having trouble getting along with her mother and she sought advice from DiMaggio.

"'Me and him would talk about how to deal with IT,' she said. 'And I’d tell him how I felt about IT. And he helped me through IT. They weren’t anything bad. They’re just to help me through tough times".

Here we see Hannah use the word "IT" 3 times this shows sensitivity.

What is "IT" he helped with?.

What is her definition of "TOUGH TIMES"?

"They WEREN'T anything bad".

We note anything said in the negative as sensitive..

In this age of technology smart phones,computers etc,why is it she felt need to put her concerns on paper?.This is very unusual not just for adults but especially for teenagers.Letter corresponding is very personal,and is usually employed by to make sure there is no miss understanding in translation as text messaging can be.It also does not leave an electronic footprint..These letters i believe will reveal how personal their relationship was if any..How did her phone end up in the fire?.A teenager goes everywhere with their phone,would she forget it?Did she receive the amber alert on it..Before the fire was Hannahs intentions always to be a firefighter.So many unanswered questions.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. It is very mysterious how Hannahs' cell phone landed in the house fire when LE had previously said that both Hannah and DiMaggios' cell phones were turned off from 4:00 p.m. til 8:00 p.m., then shortly after this is when the fire was discovered and Hannahs' cell phone was found in the fire having been turned back on at 8:00 pm., which would appear that she dropped as she ran from the scene of the murders and fire.

It clearly appears that DiMaggio picked Hannah up after the school practice session, they went to DiMaggios' house, turned off their cell phones and between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. they played hell with the lives of Hannahs' mother and her little brother; or at least ONE of them did if not both, which could have just as easily been Hannah, then set the house on fire to cover their tracks (or her tracks), while DiMaggioo ran with Hannah to protect her sorry butt.

I don't blame DiMaggios' sister for raising suspicious doubts about Hannah and her stories, or for questioning LE handling of the investigation, when technically there hasn't been an investigation by LE. I hope she can get to the bottom of what actually happened in that house and the real reason DiMaggio was running with Hannah.

BostonLady said...

As for Hannah Anderson, I find it very odd that all of the talking heads are protecting her and saying she is innocent. She couldn't possibly do this, she is only 16. DiMaggio is the perpetrator, he is the adult. Well, yes, he is the adult. But something just keeps ringing as untrue in this case. The police have stated unequivocally that she is innocent in every way and is the victim. Maybe they have facts they are not sharing? Maybe Hannah's guilt of being involved with DiMaggio in any way caused her mother and brother's death and so she is coming off as deceptive? I don't know.

For me, I need more information. In the meantime, I don't feel that Hannah is being truthful.

BostonLady said...

The brutal murder of Shorty is horrific. Boys beating a defenseless elderly man is evil.

I wish this was the only case like this but it's not. Elderly being abused and murdered occurs daily.


Jo said...

Q: Did you have your phone when you got kidnapped?
A: No it was burned in the fire with everything else.

The extra words "with everything else" seems to connect her phone with the other items that were purposely burnt in the fire to cover up.

Trigger said...

I am not "supposing" that Hannah is a victim.

LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS stated publicly that Hannah is a victim.

I believe LE, not some deceptive relative who wants to benefit financially from her brother's dramatic death by blaming a 16 year-old kidnapped victim for her middle-aged kidnapper's murderous, debauched behavior.

Trigger said...

Maybe Hannah has "survivors guilt?" It would fit.

Hannah did not invite Mr. DiMaggio into her life. Her parents provided him with access to Hannah in the form of a "family friend" relationship. He transported Hannah to and from her school and physical education activities with parental permission in a position of trust.

What did Mr. DiMaggio relate to his sister about his interest in Hannah that would cause her to tell him that Hannah was "trouble?"

The sister knew that her brother was infatuated with Hannah. He not care that his desire for Hannah was illegal, immoral, and dangerous, so the sister labeled Hannah "trouble" instead of examining her brother's behavior and calling it into question.

DiMaggio's sister is deceptive. Maybe "sister" was privy to her brother's plan?

Anonymous said...

You are WAY off track Trigger. Lori Anderson Robinson (Robertson?) is not being deceitful and has no reason to be.

The deceitful party here is slutty little Hannah baby herself, the real con.

Trigger said...

"...Hannah...the real con."

So Hannah fooled all those law enforcement agencies, including the FBI?

This is one intelligent 16 year-old girl!

The only one who is not fooled by Hannah is the sister of the murderer/kidnapper (DiMaggio), who in desperation, fired his weapon at police to protect Hannah?

I don't believe the sister's story.

Anonymous said...

It's your God-given right Trigger, not to agree with anyone other than a slutty little 16-year old trickster who has led you and quite a few others down the prim-rose path but not QUIET everyone.

How naïve of you to believe everything LE says, or media either, for that matter. You are WAY wrong, Trigger, but so are they.

Nah, slut Hannah is not intelligent. In fact, stupid not to realize that many could and would see through her. LE shot their wad from the get-go when they 'assumed' DiMaggio had kidnapped her and set his house on fire, and went charging off after him without one streak of evidence that he acted alone or that she ALSO might be involved in the gruesome murders and house fire, OR THAT she might have done the dasdardly deeds herself and DiMaggio ran with her to protect her. You TOO assume too much.

LE is SO sure of their pre-supposed opinions, when they charge off in hot pursuit of Hannah, that they shoot DiMaggio on sight without even giving the man a chance to defend himself in a court of law, which is ALSO our God-given right, when one shot in the leg would have brought him down. NOW they are stuck with what they did.

Do you honestly expect LE to do anything other than what they have done, and that is to declare Hannah 100% ABSOLUTELY innocent? They count on people like you believing them. I just hope the sister will be able to bring the facts to light, whatever they may be, and God bless her for trying.

Anonymous said...

There are many questions LE could answer that would not prevent them from protecting a minor.

When was the camping equipment purchased? By whom?

When was timing device purchased?

Who was last person(s) to see mother and son alive besides Hannah/DiMaggio? When?

Who dropped Hannah as camp?

With bodies burnt as badly as they were, time of death could not be determined. How do we know they were not dead hours/days prior to when DiMaggio and Hannah left the area?

How did letters survive the fire?

Was Hannah's room/computer searched for letters/emails from DiMaggio?

Did anyone witness recent interactions between Hannah and her mother?

When did the family arrive at DiMaggio's house? How long had they been there? Days/hours?

Hannah just turned 16, did she have a drivers license? Training permit? If so, why didn't she drive herself to camp?

Anonymous said...

And one more question, Anon @ 3:12: If Hannah & DiMaggio BOTH turned off their cell phones at 4:00 p.m., and they were off until 8:00 p.m. and then turned back on, as LE had said previously; how was it that Hannahs' cell phone was discovered in the burned out house fire later without her having been there during the earlier hours between 4 and 8? ummmm....? You see where this is going dontcha? IMO, that little slut was SO involved. Anyone who can't see it, is only because they don't want too.

valyriew said...

Peter could you look at this case and tell me what you think? This happened in Sarasota, FL.
SARASOTA, Fla. — Police in coastal Florida are investigating after they say a mother shot her 17-month-old daughter and then turned the gun on herself.

A Sarasota police officer reported going to the family's home Sunday morning and hearing the father repeat, "She shot our baby."

A police report released Tuesday says authorities found 35-year-old Sarah Harnish lying face down in the doorway in a pool of blood, still holding a gun.

She shot OUR baby. Is this hinky?

valyriew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Author Sue Julsen said...

For everyone following the Hannah Anderson case, you might be interest in following my blog. I am searching for the truth. Here's the link to part one. I'm up to part 5, with part 6 coming this Friday. Autopsy report findings are included.