Friday, August 16, 2013

Statements by Billie Dunn for Analysis: Part Two

What of the language of one who was sexually abused in childhood?

There are certain distinctions researchers have found which flow from disassociation.  More on this later.

Here is the first statement made for analysis, which is in bold type, with emphasis added for clarification.

Statements made by Billie Jean Dunn 2013 Hope for Hailey July 28 via mobile

Hello everyone,Billie here. I'm awaiting calls for updates on our baby's case, any news really,just to know the case is still very much active.

As we have noted consistently, the subject remains concerned that she does not receive information from law enforcement and shows acute sensitivity in her attempts to persuade her audience to the contrary.  

With Hailey's birthday approaching it tears me up to realize it's another birthday without her,another year, I can't let her become one of those many unsolved cold cases.

Note the word "let"; as if by permission.  We have seen a great deal of language of control by the subject, over the years.  We see the need to control the public's viewpoint, so much so, in fact, that she has gone directly against the advice of her attorney.  

Note also the continuing need to portray in the plural as a means of sharing guilt.  

I keep praying for a confession & I ask that all of Hailey's supporters to continue to pray for answers & justice for her too. Pray for LE to be given that break in the case & the patience to wait for it,the clarity to see it. I pray for all of us the patience.

The subject has consistently torn into law enforcement (LE) since she failed her polygraph.  She has been arrested for harboring (and lying) Shawn Adkins, the co-Person of Interest in the case. Note she prays for a "confession", but also for "answers" (in the plural) and justice.  She calls for prayer for the same LE that she has ripped.  
Note the break in the case is "that" break (distancing language).  

Statement Analysis concluded, from just shortly after reporting Hailey missing, that the mother had guilty knowledge that Hailey was deceased.  This was first published in January of 2011 under "The Death of Hailey Dunn" and was roundly condemned for "giving up hope" while it was the mother's own words, from the beginning, that showed that she knew Hailey was dead, even while attempting to portray fake sightings to keep the public sympathy alive. 
Hope for Hailey Thank you everyone,Frankie thank you,I'm very grateful for any help. I've been feeling helpless lately,I'm failing,I don't know my next move,but I'm talking to many ppl,including other lawyers & I'm taking all advice I can get to figure out who to approach next & how. July 28 at 11:47am via mobile • Like • 3

Note the frustration on who to contact:  "I'm taking all the advice I can get" would indicate that advice from Law Enforcement ("tell the truth!") and from her attorney ("shut up!") has been discarded. 
Hope for Hailey I know there are LE who care for Hailey,I know some only want to make a name for themselves,but some love her,so I know they try,I just wish I got regular updates & at the least returned messages to me & ppl who call on my behalf.

Here we see the narcissistic desire to share the spotlight with no one, as well as the desperate need to control information. 
July 28 at 11:49am via mobile • Like • 2 Hope for Hailey I feel like he has a dangerous side to him,that I seen everytime I asked him to leave. I was also told things a year ago by LE that has truly made me disgusted with him. I know media portrayed ppl in a negative light,myself included,so that's not what I'm going on. For a while now I have believed him a possibility,I don't want to get into it too much on this page,but he is someone I despise with everything in me & I believe he is a monster in disguise from even his own family & I do have reasons. I'm friends with all my exes except him,so that's not it either.

Note that she had called the police on Shawn Adkins and reported him as threatening, to which Adkins acknowledged threatening her and Hailey.  In spite of this, Dunn re-invited him into the home which led to Hailey's death.  This is a very sensitive point and a desire to blame only him, though the questions she failed in the polygraph, as well as her public statements, show a very different account. 

Note the claim that LE told her things that made her "truly" disgusted.  What was not disgusting about the child pornography two years ago?  What was not disgusting about the bestiality two years ago?  Dunn, herself, answered this question when she asked, "Who hasn't received bestiality?"

The answer:  most.  

Note the ownership of her ex partners "all my exes", as the need to control.  

July 28 at 11:58am via mobile • Like • 4 Hope for Hailey I heard about this,of course not from LE,I also reported problems MONTHS before she went missing,even after she went missing I brought it up again,but it wasn't taken seriously,the man we seen in our carport (by Haileys bedroom door) doesn't fit that description,however it was dark at 1 a.m July 28 at 12:09pm via mobile • Like • 1 • •

"of course" wants us to take for granted.
"not from LE" is in the negative, making it very important. 

Hope for Hailey Thank you. I was never questioned about it pamela,but I did tell them & even had to call them at one night. July 28 at 12:16pm via mobile • Like
Hope for Hailey There are so many possibilities & coincidences everywhere,that I just don't know what to do,I get uncomfortable,I don't want to start a bash session against anyone. I just know I want my daughter back & I want to know 100% who abducted & murdered her & I want them punished! And not only that,if they did it once(which we don't even know that) they can do it again. July 28 at 12:22pm via mobile • Like • 1

It is interesting that a mother wants to know "100%" who abducted and murdered her daughter. Why the need for emphasis?  Would any mother need to know any less than 100%?  This, again, takes her "knowledge" into an area of sensitivity.  Why would knowing be sensitive?
It is the assertion of law enforcement as well as the assertion here, that she does not need to know 100% because she already knows, hence, the need for emphasis. 
Hope for Hailey Thank you Holly & Ester also,just keep praying,we can't lose faith in that,someone has got to come through for Hailey! It's such a dilemma what do you do,push LE & they possibly arrest the wrong person,or they can't get a conviction on the right person for lack of evidence & poor handling of the case??? I try to trust they doing everything necessary,that's what they tell me when we do talk,I just wish we talked more. July 28 at 12:32pm via mobile • Like • 2

Note the mother's concern about arresting the wrong person coming before arresting the right person without a conviction. 
It would be interesting to learn who she thinks is the "wrong" person (gender neutral...note, not the wrong "man" or the wrong "guy") actually is.  
August 4 Hoping our Hope For Hailey families are having a nice Sunday. I've decided I need contacts to touch base often with in EACH dept involved in our case, hoping to be able to bring updates & news for us soon. Of course at the top of my list- who & why & what. I want LE to know every detail, however I only want minimal on what,just would like to know it was quick & painless for Hailey. I've been told by several LE I won't be told until I get her back. Texas Rangers are over what's going on with Hailey's remains & them being released, so i'll be bugging them this week again, as well as following up with my ccpd contact who's investigating a tip passed to them last week. Kelsey Rivera did promise me that Hailey still is & will remain a priority for them. Let's keep praying for a confession. Please call tips to Snyder LE @ 325-573-3351.

Note the need to have "contacts" with "each Dept": 

1.  Why can't the mother be her own contact?  Because law enforcement will not share information with her outside of Discover to her attorney.
2.  What is "each" department she refers to?  This may be that the various localities are not specifically known for the various charges she may face, including child pornography, lying to law enforcement, child endangerment, as well as the possibility of facing kidnapping and murder charges, and illegal disposal of human remains. 

Note "I'll be bugging" is future tense.  She is not "bugging" because they will not speak to her.  

Note that her ccpd "contact" is not said to be a cop. 

There appears to be a strong sense of anxiety within the Facebook postings.  This may be that she is simply "outside the loop" of knowledge, and quite fearful of being arrested, or it may be something else:  

She mentioned tips being called in that upset her.  She may be fearing that there is unknown (to her) information that is going to catch her, or that prosecution team is getting closer to an arrest.  
In whatever case, the Facebook postings clearly show:

*need to persuade readers that she is in communication with law enforcement
*need to share guilt  


Anonymous said...

I think it's this one: ...and quite fearful of being arrested,
JUSTICE for Hailey arrest and fry the bitch!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She has an Evil face.

John Mc Gowan said...
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Anonymous said...

Peter you know inside info...please do tell why are BJD and SA free? Did BJD fuck members of LE? Is that why there's been no arrests?

Anonymous said...

We have seen a great deal of language of control by the subject, OVER THE YEARS!!!
ANON @ 9:02 There must be someone in LE that's ignoring the mountain of evidence , her fabricated story HER WORDS ALONE COULD CONVICT HER!!!

Anonymous said...

She has an Evil face...She'll fit in... in hell.

Anonymous said...

What she posts on hope for hailey soo different from the shit she posts on her own page. she is a dick immature narcissistic piece of shit fucktard.
Justice for hailey in the name of father and the son and the holy spirit...amen.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

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Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

As those who know me know, i suffer from a severe case of lateral thinking.
I let my mind freewheel with a question or problem, words that seem to have no connection or only a vague connection will lead to a train of thought and thus an answer (pub quizzes worked well with this method eg. 3 wheels on my wagon name the singer. lateral thinking led me down childrens programmes-trumpton-windy miller-roger miller and this is the anseer.)

Anyhow. i was reading the various statement s and articles about hannah and dimaggio, something caught my attention in passing.

In the reports the mom and brother were tortured murdered and burned, the dog was found UNDER A SLEEPING BAG.

Is the last bit relevant in the overall case?

Yes it is, and it stood out for me for not only what was done, but also what wasn't done and by whom.

Think about it for a moment.

When someone covers a body or the face of a victim it is often a sign of undoing of the crime and is often done by someone known to the victim.

Here there is no mention of the mom and brother being covered, only they were tortured, murdered and burned.

Why would the killer cover over the remains of a dog and not the people?

The only logiccal conclusion is there were 2 people involved, the dog was maybe not killed by the 2nd person, they however covered the dog.
Hannah has told us it was her dog and she loved him, she is the one who would cover the dog.

Why would someone torture and murder a mother and child?
They had nothing of value, no information , especially the child so what was another motive?
Hatred is a good reason to torture someone, jealousy, rage.
A way to make them suffer for some perceived slight.

Why would a man torture his victims before killing them and abducting their relative?
If his intent was solely abduction he isn't going to hang around torturing his victims since at anypoint someone could show up, there is also a risk of his allged victim screaming to draw attention or escaping..
Abductors are in and out and gone.

He obviously felt safe enough from discovery to take time to do what was done.

The more i let my mind freewheel, the more everything leads back to hannah being involved in the murder.
her language her actions do not say innocent, rather i see a path where a pissed off teen thinks everyone is against her being happy, the family perhaps trying to stop an innapropriate relationship.
The torture indicates to me revenge, payback, now you know how i feel.
It was unneccessary, it was done out of spite, anger, rage, it screams angry teen, especially against her brother.
Payback for him telling tales perhaps?

The dog was killed presumably quickly unlike the humans, why kill the dog unless he was protecting the family.
the fact he was covered whilst the humans weren't leads me to think this was an action done by hannah rather than dimaggio.

LE need to polygraph her or at least her her interviewed by a statement analyst. She is a part of the crime and not as a victim.
Just what her role entailed is yet to be seen, this was not an abduction, this was an elopement.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hobnob--that is really interesting and you may be onto something. I raised an eyebrow myself when I read that Hannah was on some internet site 24 hours after she was rescued answering questions about her abduction and posting smiling picture of herself. That is a very interesting theory about the covered dog. Something is not right with the story that's for sure.

shmi said...

I don't know Hobnob. She's only 16 and has known this man most or all of her life.

Her father was not in the picture anymore, (He lives in Tn?) so she was vulnerable. He was trusted by family. She might think she is special being admired by an older man. I think he took advantage. Maybe brainwashed her into going along with his plan. Time was on his side. He probably had an inappropriate relationship with her for a long time.

What the hell were either of her parent's thinking, letting a 40 year old man take her on trips? Who does that??!! Has their heads been stuck in the ground for the last century? Grooming sound familiar?

I can also see your point about covering the dog, and who and why someone would do that.

This story is hinky. There is more info that is not being made public. I can't decide which way to go, but I know a 16 year old girl should not be left with a 40 year old man, approved by the family.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob... the mother was covered as well, with a tarp. It melted to her head. It's in the warrants.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hannah's mother was covered by a tarp. They haven't yet said what type of torture, but do mention a crowbar. Are they considering killing with a crowbar torture?

My gut says she's not involved in murder but something inappropriate was going on. She made several comments to friends that he made her uncomfortable. Also, since it is being said that chances are he planned to kill her and commit suicide, I doubt she went willingly. JMO.


Shelley said...

shmi said... "I don't know Hobnob. She's only 16"

We have alot of cases where kids have killed their parents. Or friends. Just a few below where the reason was NOT a lifetime of abuse. Which in those cases, I dont view the kids as evil but rather victims.

Sarah Johnson was 16 years old when she shot and killed her parents because they did not approve of her 19-year-old boyfriend.

15-year-old Nakisha Waddell explain why she'd murdered her mother…."It's from all the years of fighting and fussing,"

16 year old Rachel Shoaf killed her best friend with another friend. Why? They said they didn’t want to be friends with her anymore.

17 year old Jake Evans confessed to killing his mother and sister by telling 911 “I don’t know … it’s weird. I wasn’t even really angry with them. It just kind of happened,”

John Mc Gowan said...

Hannah Anderson sent James Lee DiMaggio letters, warrants reveal..

Hannah Anderson arrives at a fundraiser in her honor to raise money for her family, in Lakeside, Calif., Aug. 15..

KMN said...

I think her reaction when Dimaggio was killed would be telling, as well as when she was told her mother and brother were dead.

I'm curious about the letters too. One official stated that she absolutely was not along willingly. We will see.


Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks for the info about the tarp, again covering the victim is a sign of undoing the crime and is often done when the victim knew the killer.

I still keep coming back to her being involved, the phonecalls to each other before both phones were turned off ( what teen turns their phone off0 the letters, the multi day trips all of which scream relationship despite her friends claiming she said she was creeped out by him.

What, i wonder were her exact words in relation to him?

if she was creeped out by him why the long trips, the letters and phones calls?

You do not contact someone who creeps you out, you avoid them.

it will be interesting to see what is revealed on her social media, messages and photos, , i also wonder if she kept a journal or diary, if she confided in a friend.

if she has said anything about dimaggio to anyone they need to be talking to LE even if they don't think it is relevant or will get hannah into trouble.
This is not something that can be swept under the carpet, this was murder.
saying nothing is not an option and could lead to possible obstruction charges if they withold vital information.

Anonymous said...

The main thing for me was the fact that she was online answering questions such as what is your favorite color 24 hours after being rescued. Something is not right about that! Her family was brutally killed, she was kidnapped! Everyone handles trauma differently, but my God to me that is a little too calm, cool and collected to be online answering casual questions, posting pics, etc. 24 hours after being freed, kidnapper killed in shoot out, family brutally killed. Doesnt add up!

Randie said...

"I've been feeling helpless lately,I'm failing,I don't know my next move."

"There are so many possibilities & coincidences everywhere,that I just don't know what to do,I get uncomfortable."

She doesn't know her next move. She is uncomfortable. She doesn't know what to do.

Well.....the guilty feel just like suck it up Billie.

BostonLady said...

Anonymous Randie said...

"I've been feeling helpless lately,I'm failing,I don't know my next move."

"There are so many possibilities & coincidences everywhere,that I just don't know what to do,I get uncomfortable."

She doesn't know her next move. She is uncomfortable. She doesn't know what to do.

Well.....the guilty feel just like suck it up Billie.

August 16, 2013 at 4:32 PM


Exactly Randie! Why does she say she is feeling helpness "lately"? What about when Hailey went missing and the 2 + years since?

So many coincidences and possiblities she doesn't know what to do? What does she have to do now that Hailey's remains have been found other than wait to get them back and bury her?

I agree Randie, she is worried because she can't figure out what her next move should be because LE is giving her nothing.

Billie didn't express feeling helpless while Hailey was missing. Could it be because she knew what happened and where she was?

BostonLady said...

Mistake.. Helpless, not helpness.

Anonymous said...

the actual evidence is lacking.

August 16, 2013 at 1:35 PM

Huh? There's hundreds of pieces of damning evidence!

Anonymous said...

And please do not cite as evidence any conjecture "she looks this way", "she acts this way", "she cared too much about an xbox", "she was abused as a child", she feels helpless now but didn't feel helpless when Hailey 1st went missing". Helpful would be to number the examples of evidence.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also please don't include "she has an evil face" in the evidence list.

Jo said...

Please continue to pray that Hailey recieves the justice she deserves and those (plural) that cut her precious life short pay with their (plural) own!

Is she telling us she would prefer a death sentence to life in prison? Does she really believe Hailey deserves justice or just the justice that she feel Hailey deserves which may not be any.

Jo said...

In response on Hope for Hailey page:

Carole Barrett I continue to pray EACH night that the Two animals that killed this baby girl will be arrested, charged with her murder and sentenced to DEATH! JUSTICE FOR HAILEY!

What does she know regarding two killers? Will see if it is deleted but I would have to question if she is suggesting Billie and Shawn while appearing as a supporter on the page.

Tania Cadogan said...

I cant sleep. it hasnt processed in my head yet, I still can’t believe what happened. It hasn’t even hit me yet that you guys are gone. I don’t want to believe it. I already miss you guys so much. But god needed two perfect angels with him up there to get me home and that’s exactly what you guys did. I’m sorry I didn’t say I love you enough. And I wish I could see you one last time. You both didn’t deserve any of this. And I’m sorry I couldn’t have saved you. I love you guys so much. And I’ll always know your watching over me. Ethan I hope your having fun playing with Cali up there and being a football player like you wanted to be, and mom I’m going to stay strong and go thoroughly with life to make you proud, say hi to grandpa Bob and the rest of the family. I promise I won’t let you down. Love you both with all my heart. I’ll get to see you guys again it may be soon or awhile but I promise I will see you again. #ripethan #riptina #iloveyou #imissyou #cantbelieveit #hannahstrong

When i'm sorry crops up in any statement it is a red flag and needs to be noted.

here she says it not once but twice making it sensitive.

I already miss you guys so much
The word already weakens this statement, already being a qualifier.
Why does she need to qualify the statement that she misses them.
Did she not expect to miss them?
Did she expect to miss them at a later date?
Who is she trying to convince?

But god needed two perfect angels with him up there to get me home and that’s exactly what you guys did.

But is used to negate the previous, why does she negate the missing you already?

I didn’t say I love you enough. And I wish I could see you one last time.
And at the the beginning of a sentence indicates missing information, what is the info that is missing between her saying she didn't say i love you enough and seeing them one last time?

You both didn’t deserve any of this. And I’m sorry I couldn’t have saved you.
This is close, that is distancing. Why is she putting herself close to what happened to them.
Again we then have AND at the beginning of a sentence indicating missing information.
It follows them not deserving what happened (torture and murder) and her saying i'm sorry.
Is this her apologising for what was done to them?
Why should she apologise for something she supposedly didn't do and didn't know about.

I love you guys so much. And I’ll always know your watching over me
She uses guys a lot in this rather than the expected mom and Ethan, guys is neutral, it conceals gender and identity, it is a distancing all encompassing word not an up close and personal word which is to be expected at the death of her mom and brother.
This would cause me to enquire about family relationships and dynamics.

Love you both with all my heart.
We know she is familiar with the pronoun I, it is one of the first things we learn as a child, i, me, mine.
When the pronoun is dropped then we understand if the subject cannot take ownership of what was said , we cannot say it for them.
the same if the pronoun changes from , i, me etc to you (2nd person distancing) or we/us ( shared, unity, co-operation)
Here we see she drops the pronoun in relation to loving them with all her heart, yet, she uses the pronoun I frequently and appropriately in her other sentences.
If she cannot take ownership of loving them with all her heart, we can't say it for her.
This again leads me to wonder why she won't or can't take ownership of loving them with all her heart.
This leads back to relationships and family dynamics.
i will go so far as to say there were/are problems in the family, did she resent her mom and brother?
Were they trying to stop an innapropriate relationship?
Stop her from seeing or contacting dimaggio?

Tania Cadogan said...

I’ll get to see you guys again it may be soon or awhile but I promise I will see you again. It concerns me she says she will see them again, it may be soon or a while.
Why would she introduce seeing them soon?
Given her age the expected is she is going to see them at some distant point in the future.
Is she perhaps giving us warning that she may self harm?
Has she self harmed before?
Why would she see them soon?
Is there something that would cause her to see them sooner rather than later?

What could be the something?

It wouldn't be a death sentence since given her age it wouldn't apply should she be charged, could she then self harm to avoid justice?
Self harm to be with loved ones ( would that be her mom and bro or dimaggio?)

Where was she whilst her mom and brother were being torutred?
This would have taken time.
Was she there helping, encouraging or doing the torture?
was she elsewhere?
if she was elsewhere, where was she, what was she doing, what prevented her running away and screaming for help or dialling 911?

How did she know the fire was set to go off by timer?
Who told her?
When did she find out?

If this was a simple abduction why was there a need to torture, to murder, to set fire to the house.
Abductors go in grabs the victim and run, they don't hang around.
Every second counts and runs the risk of being spotted or their victim raising the alarm.

That they were tortured indicates they knew they had plenty of time, there was no fear of the abductee escaping or raising the alarm.

Given he had been allowed to take her on multi-day trips, what changed that this time he had to resort to murder to take her away?
She could have packed a bag and run away at any time.
Concealing who she was with wasn't a reason since they already knew him and had allowed her to go away with him, he wasn't a secret.

When you kill someone you have a reason, be it anger, to prevent disclosure of information, revenge or to facilitate escape.

Given what we know so far, there was no reason for the torture and murder especially of the boy.

This smacks of anger, revenge.

The torture makes me think of anger and revenge.
Payback for not being allowed to do something or to see someone?

Murder fits the facilitate escape or anger.

The torture indicates this was personal.
Torture is sometimes seen in sexual homicides, was there sexual abuse prior to the murder?

Why would dimaggio torture and mom and 8 yr old boy?
What reason would he have?
It wouldn't be because he was perhaps banned from contacting Hannah, he already had access to hannah and could collect her anytime by a single call.

Hannah on the other hand would have a reason to torture.
Anger at not being allowed to have her own way, banned from seeing or contacting dimaggio.
I will make you hurt like you hurt me.
Why her brother though?
jealousy perhaps?
he was the favorite child, the good grades, the bio child that she wasn't perhaps.
Payback for all the tattle telling perhaps?

Torture was done for a reason , i think this was done at hannahs behest or done by her, she would have the reason to do it whereas dimaggio would be the let's get out of here, tie them up and let's go.

Tania Cadogan said...

The covering with a tarp and sleeping bag is a sign of undoing the crime, it is often done by someone known to the victim, perhaps to hide their face and thus their identity so the killer can move on.
Why would dimmagio cover them with a tarp and bag before torching the place?
the material might catch fire and ensure burning of the bodies?

Again it takes valuable time.

I would be checking the murder weapons, the tarp and bag for hannahs fingerprints and DNA.
When you go anywhere you leave traces of you behind and takes traces of the location with you.

I would also require hannah to undergo a polygraph and /or interview by a statement analyst.

The letters, the phonecalls etc all need to be examined and answers obtained.
if you were so creeped out by him as allged why the letters, the calls, the multi day trips.

just what exactly was your relationship like between your family, between them and dimaggio, between you and dimaggio?

LE will need to tread carefully in this case.As long as she stays quiet the blame can be laid solely at dimmagio's feet.
However she isn't staying quiet and she is leaking marbles both in language and in bodylanguage/actions

Any bets on how soon lawyers get hired and shut her up??

Anonymous said...

Hobnob--I agree with everything you wrote.
The scariest statement to me is "You both didn't deserve any of this."

Why would this need to be clarified that they didn't deserve this? Um, of course they didn't!!!! This is the type of statement a teenager might say if they had kept their parents up all night worried because they had stayed out all night with friends. Sorry you two didn't deserve any of this. Then it makes sense.
In my opinion, THIS is a perfect example of sociopathic language. Where everything "sounds so perfect" and yet there is something incredibly wrong with every single statement when one examines it.
There is something VERY wrong with this story.
An abductor would not need to torture and burn in order to abduct.
I also thought it was incredibly strange that he chose to "hide out" on horseback. Why? Well, it just seems like if someone is under extreme duress, the abductor has just brutally killed the abductee's family, etc. it might be quite difficult to get them to compose themselves enough to ride a horse. It is just a very complicated activity--horseback riding if a person was under extreme duress. I have ridden horses. If someone was under extreme duress, needed to be threatened to keep silent, extremely stressed out, etc. the horses would probably throw off the rider.
There is just something VERY wrong with her story.

Anonymous said...

Also odd is the verb usage "And I'm sorry I couldn't have saved you."

It's much different than saying "And I'm sorry I couldn't save you."

What she has written is the negative form of "And I'm sorry I could have saved you."


Anonymous said...

Really scary too the way she ends on a "perky" note like have fun at the picnic in heaven sure you're all havin a great time! Have a blast! Give everyone a high five for me!

Messed up.

Anonymous said...

Also it is strange the way she is "reassuring" the people in heaven that she will see them again. It is telling how she ends the note that way also "I promise I'll see you again" after wishing them to have fun in heaven. I would think it would be the other way around where when someone loses someone usually they reassure themselves saying things such as "I know one day I will get to see them again." Very peculiar how she is reassuring them up in heaven especially immediately after she has just told her brother to "Have fun..." up in heaven and to "say hi..." to people up in heaven.

Dawn said...

I haven't read much on the case. Could it be she wasnt there but came home after they were murdered?

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, I just googled the DiMaggio story. You know whose statement are REAL STRANGE and need to be analyzed?
Hannah's father's statements!

Also, there was a DNA swab test found in the mother's car.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, no she was there.

sidewalk super said...

How did the murders, and fire at dimaggio's home lead anyone/authorities to originally call this a case of abduction?

How long had the father been out of state, out of hannah's life? What did hannah's mother do to support herself and the children?

And how did both parents first connect with dimaggio and when, under what circumstances?

Anonymous said...

sidewalk super--don't know the answers to your questions, but the father does not seem very upset. I watched the interview he gave before the fundraiser for his family, and someone needs to analyze it.
He seems very odd in his speech surrounding the horsemen who "rescued" his daughter like he wants to steer away from talking about it.
I'm going on memory but I believe he said "It was a chance encounter, but it saved my daughter's life. Other than that, Hannah sends her love."

"It was a chance encounter"
We would assume this, that the encounter happened by chance, everyone already knows this that the horsemen spotted her by chance. The word CHANCE is sensitive.

"but it saved my daughter's life".

But minimizes the phrase that comes before it. One would expect to hear "it was a chance encounter AND it saved my daughter's life"

He then quickly moves on "Other than that..."
Why move on so quickly??? This is the MAIN THING. The horsemen who spotted his daughter. He should be FOCUSED on this, if it weren't for them he would not have his daughter, the one surviving member of his family.

The word CHANCE is sensitive here. Do I think the horsemen didn't find her by chance? No, I think they did find her by chance. What I think though, is that to the father it was not such a CHANCE ENCOUNTER. I believe it could point to involvement on his part somehow and certainly to knowledge of where DiMaggio and the daughter were at the time the horsemen discovered them "by chance".

John Mc Gowan said...

Normally, when a killer shows remorse or tenderness in any manner towards a corpse, in this case, covering the bodies, this suggests the murderer had an intimate relationship with the victim, or at least that they knew them. This behaviour was exhibited in the Jonbenet Ramsey case: her favorite nightgown was laid on the floor beside her little corpse after the murder.

So given this,did DiMaggio cover the bodies because he knew them,or did Hannah do it,or did they both do it together..

It would also be interesting to see how the bodies were laid out.Were they in a slump,curled up,or laying flat on their backs like you would put someone in coffin..If it is the latter then i would strongly that suggest that Hannah was present at the time,or had some input in the positioning of the bodies..

lane said...

lane said...

8.14.2013, 21:56 PM
Suspect traded 13 calls with kidnapped teen Hannah Anderson before he tortured and killed her mother and brother: documents


Investigators found a pair of feet sticking out from underneath a green tarp in the garage.

A firefighter “lifted the tarp and saw the bottom half of a human torso, legs, and feet. Captain Gutgesell said that he saw a human body was face down and noticed the tarp was partially melted to the head, and what appeared to be human hair,” the warrant said.

The captain then discovered a crowbar next to the body and blood on the ground near the head. The body belonged to Hannah Anderson’s mother, 44-year-old Christina Anderson.

sidewalk super said...

so why the DNA kit?????

dimaggio related to father maybe?

hannah looks well taken care of, what did mother do for income?

Anonymous said...

The "mother"is very ugly indeed,Observer

Randie said...

Anonymous said:

Also odd is the verb usage "And I'm sorry I couldn't have saved you."

It's much different than saying "And I'm sorry I couldn't save you."

What she has written is the negative form of "And I'm sorry I could have saved you."


Good catch!!!

Randie said...

Thanks Hob Nob!!! Great work!!!!

"I cant sleep. it hasnt processed in my head yet, I still can’t believe what happened. It hasn’t even hit me yet that you guys are gone. I don’t want to believe it. I already miss you guys so much. But god needed two perfect angels with him up there to get me home and that’s exactly what you guys did. I’m sorry I didn’t say I love you enough. And I wish I could see you one last time. You both didn’t deserve any of this. And I’m sorry I couldn’t have saved you. I love you guys so much. And I’ll always know your watching over me. Ethan I hope your having fun playing with Cali up there and being a football player like you wanted to be, and mom I’m going to stay strong and go thoroughly with life to make you proud, say hi to grandpa Bob and the rest of the family. I promise I won’t let you down. Love you both with all my heart. I’ll get to see you guys again it may be soon or awhile but I promise I will see you again."

*****It should have have been written like this******

I cant sleep. I can’t believe this has happened. I am so angry! How dare he take my family away!! I miss you Mom so much. I wish I would have said I love you more often. I’m sorry I wasn't there to save you. I love you guys so much. Ethan I hope your having fun playing with Cali up there and being a football player like you wanted to be. I Love you both. I know I will get to see you guys again. I wish the pain would stop. I feel like my whole life and been ripped from me. This isn't fair. Oh how I HATE him!!!!

JerseyJane said...

Hannah's note to her mom and bro is perfect for right now... A victim may not express ANGER right away..

I am glad Hannah DIDN'T taint her loving note to her mom and brother with mentioning their KILLER. Do we even know what he did to her for all those days? Limited food, limited sleep, threats of death, all in an outfit not fit for that terrian(horseback rider described Hannah's pants as something u would sleep in and shoes not for the areas terian)....
Hannah mentioned IT MAY BE SOON OR AWHILE before she will see them again...Hannah said soon or awhile, from what I believe, Hannah believes God is the one in charge of her leaving this world...or as some say, when my number is up..
As far as the nails, remember the 3 victims that were finally rescued from the House of Horror? They got nails, hair done, and rightfully so.. Hannah may have been taken under someone's wing(care) and they paid for this to happen..feeling good is a start to the healing.. . I am thankful that someone came forward and cleaned and pampered this young girl from head to toe to help with her healing.. Hopefully washing away the touch of a disgusting person. How many of us could stand the thought of the person that killed your loved ones then probably touched you, even just a pat on your head or grab of your arm? Could you not wash, and wash til you could wash no more???
Hannah's letters.. I wrote notes, letters, thanking my relatives and continue today. He probably kept whatever he could of hers and probably lusted over reading them. If you get my drift! Maybe the asshole asked for advice, who the f*ck knows? If they were love notes on her part, they would be exposed as part of his motive. And we would know his motive...
If there is truth to be found, the FBI and M.E. Office will document it...

Kmn said...

@Jersey Jane I agree! Is it possible she had a secret relationship with this man? Yes it is possible. She is 16 and he WAS 40. So if that is true, he used his relationship with her family and took advantage of her weaknesses to get what he wanted. Anybody remember being 16? Your dad leaves and uncle Jim saves the day?

s said...

It's also possible that the mother of Hannah was in a relationship with Dimagio. It's possible she mistakenly trusted him with her kids. (trips, cheer practice, etc)

s said...

Read between the lines....

JerseyJane said...

Kmn I agree!
S, another hidden possibility!

Some here have commented on when the horseback rider said You know fish are in there?(jokingly, playful) to Hannah when she was dipping her feet. And Hannah replied, Now we are in trouble..
Many commenters here thought she was speaking of her and DiMaggio. I believe Hannah was using language passivity as Peter Hyatt speaks of in above article.. I believe Hannah was speaking outside of herself and was referring to her and her toes only... No, she wasn't being raped there at the time but she was in a passive controlled role by a lunatic, a threatening situation with good people before her and a hidden lunatic with a gun..

Anonymous said...

I have experienced half of what I presume Hannah went through, at 12 I was kidnapped and rapped by two men.I have been trying really hard to understand her mindset and not judge. when this happened I couldn't leave my house for a month, it took several nights for me to leave the house alone and longer that that for me to stop waking up at night screming bc I thought someone was on my room. this was over 20 years ago. I felt dirty and gross and tainted. I don't presume to know how teens these days react but less than
48 hours after being rescued to go online as if she just got back from a family trip and the Selfies she's posting her eyes are telling, not red from crying, not showing any lack of sleep, I just don't know also I have a teenager and let me tell you SHE HAS NOT WROTE A HANDWRITTEN LETTER TO ME OR ANYONE SINCE SHE WAS TEN, unless it's one she wrote to her bf AMD that was in Jr high school. this is just so ODd behavior

Randie said...

Speaking to her toes???

In due time Hannah will reveal thru her language that her statements are sensitive and or deceptive.

Randie said...

Anonymous at 12:55 8/18

Thank you for sharing such private emotions.

I couldn't agree more...Something is going to come out about Hanna and due time.

Jen said...

I don't think there's any doubt that the relationship between Hanna & DiMaggio was inappropriate...the question is how far had it gone, and how much 'blame' (responsibility for the nature of their relationship) can be assigned to the Hanna vs. DiMaggio, the adult male 'uncle' figure. Sexual contact between a teenage girl and a man DiMaggio's age CANNOT be consented to, and therefore if they were indeed sleeping together she is a victim of statutory rape and 'grooming' behavior.

I agree her statement's (and the fact that she is making any statement) are strange, and I found it interesting that she declined to answer whether she had been raped, saying she 'can't talk about it'. Yet when she was later asked why it was hard for her to be around her dad, she answered that it was "hard to be around any man right now", (basically spelling it out). This statement leads me to think that some kind of sexual contact took place, and she is conflicted about what happened, and the role it played in her families murder. It's possible that she was taken in by DiMaggio, and the idea of being with him, treated like an adult, no longer under her parents control, etc. But she may not have realized he was planning/capable of such violence to accomplish that goal.

Whatever the case, we will eventually learn the truth, either by LE investigation, or by her statements. I believe she will end up giving interviews or writing more about what happened (she couldn't even resist for the first 48 hrs) so hopefully we'll have a chance to analyze her first person account of the incident.

Randie said...


I agree with you.

"It's possible that she was taken in by DiMaggio, and the idea of being with him, treated like an adult, no longer under her parents control, etc. But she may not have realized he was planning/capable of such violence to accomplish that goal."