Thursday, August 1, 2013

Roger Clemens: Narcissist?

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It's expected that Alex Rodriguez will be suspended before the end of the week.

Major League Baseball appears set to suspend Alex Rodriguez this week, a punishment that will likely mark the end of the embattled superstar’s controversial career.
But at least Roger Clemens still has his back.
“A-Rod was my teammate in New York.  I’m glad he was my teammate.
“I did things to make him feel comfortable. I did that for all of my teammates. I think I was a pretty solid teammate.”
Clemens, accused by federal prosecutors of lying to Congress when he claimed during a 2008 hearing that he had never used steroids or human growth hormone, was acquitted last year of perjury-related charges. He spoke to AP in Boston, where he was at Fenway Park to mark the 25th anniversary of the Red Sox club that won the 1988 American League East title.
Clemens declined to discuss his thoughts on MLB’s Biogenesis investigation
Statement Analysis showed deception by Roger Clemens


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Have you heard about the Coral Hall case? Went missing in 1998; statements from Grandmother who confessed to killing her with a hammer, dismembering her and scattering her remains. I think if you can find the old articles and I believe there is one audio it would be an excellent example of SA since we now know for certain that Grandma was responsible for her death.

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