Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trista Reynolds To Go Public To Have Justin DiPietro Prosecuted

This is not a tough "who done it?" case.

A single, unemployed father of two took out a life insurance policy against a child he wanted originally aborted.  Bitter about child support, the child was found with him to be repeatedly injured including a broken arm.

After taking out the life insurance policy, he telegraphed his plans, via text (not a rocket scientist) saying how concerned he was that someone might kidnap Baby Ayla.

Surprise, surprise, Baby Ayla went missing.

Father, Justin DiPietro, "smoked" the polygraph (flunked it) and his sister and girlfriend both lied for him.

Statement Analysis concluded:

Justin DiPietro deceptive, with knowledge of the baby's death.

This was indicated from the very beginning.

A year later, police finally agreed to tell the press that Ayla was likely dead, as blood was found in the home of Justin DiPietro.

No arrests.  It is not unusual to think that prosecutors may fear going up against high paid, private sector attorneys who could take DiPietro's defense for the free publicity.  This was the case with Baby Lisa.  Police were close to arrests when famed NY attorney Joe Tacopina stepped in, reminding the prosecutors just how difficult he planned on making their jobs.

Baby Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, was never brought to justice in spite of the obvious deceptive answers she gave regarding what happened to Lisa that fateful night.

The mother appears to have reached the limit of patience.  From Bangor Daily

The mother of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds has announced on her website that she will hold a press conference next month and release information in an effort to have the girl’s father, Justin DiPietro, prosecuted in connection with the girl’s disappearance.
Trista Reynolds will release information given to her earlier this year by Maine State Police detectives on Sept. 24, according to information posted on the site. Reynolds also said that she will hold a press conference in Lincoln Park, located across from Cumberland County Superior Court, on Sept. 25.
The press conference will be held after the scheduled court appearance of DiPietro on an assault charge unrelated to his daughter, according to information on the website.
No one has been charged in connection with the toddler’s disappearance.
“We were told by the Maine State Police in January of 2012, that more than a cup of Ayla’s blood was found in Justin’s Dipietro’s basement,” Jeff Hanson, Trista Reynolds’ stepfather, said in an email to the Bangor Daily News. “On Jan. 3 of this year, Trista was shown selected specifics and probable causes regarding the blood found by the Maine State Police in their investigation … and on Sept. 24 … the public will know too.”
Reynolds is asking that members of the public urge the Maine attorney general’s office to “press for prosecution” of DiPietro.
“We are seeking justice, administered in an orderly and legal fashion by the court system,” Reynolds said on the website.
“Our secondary goal is holding Justin to account for his actions in a legal proceeding where he will have fair opportunity to present his side of the story before an impartial decision-maker, be it a judge or jury,” she continued. “Honoring Ayla’s memory requires no less.”
The attorney general’s office prosecutes all cases in which the medical examiner finds that an individual’s cause of death was homicide.
“We base our decisions about filing charges on the evidence,” Deputy Attorney General William Stokes said Wednesday.
Dec. 17 marked the one-year anniversary of when the 20-month-old girl went missing from her father’s home on Violette Avenue in Waterville, according to a previously published report. Investigators conducted numerous interviews with those closest to the child and searched the home, neighborhood, woods and waterways in the ensuing months, all to no avail.


John Mc Gowan said...



EXCLUSIVE: Hannah Anderson speaks out, reveals new details of kidnapping.

Some transcripts and video.

Anonymous said...

Good for Trista!! Maybe just the threat of it will get LE off their butts!

Trigger said...

I hope that Trista's efforts will bring justice for Ayla and dread for Justin Dip.

Anonymous said...

Lighting the Way Home for Ayla

Shelley said...

I hope Trista has success.

Just seems that there is more evidence in this case compaired to others.

That "evidence" being the amount of blood to me seems like an amount that would cause death. A cup of blood for a small baby is alot and not the result of a small cut or accident.

I will be hoping for justice.

Not that it is enough until all cases get justice, but would be nice to at least get one case. I am hoping it will set the tone for others.

Anonymous said...

Me too Shelley. It sounds like they have a lot more evidence than they did for Bianca Jones' case and her father is serving life without parole now.

Carnival Barker said...

LE shouldn't be so afraid of Joe Tacopina. He's not invincible. Prosecutors in little 'ol Middlesex County, NJ took him on when they prosecuted Melanie McGuire for murdering her husband, chopping him up into little pieces, and throwing his body parts into the bay. They never found one drop of blood in Melanie's house, but she is now serving life in prison.

SALurkerOne said...

As a "Mainah", this case leaves a sting. It's terrible. I once believed the state police to be well qualified. But after watching the events in Ayla's case unfold - I have really lost confidence.

Not only is it heart breaking it is troubling. A seemingly easy case (it seems the only thing that's missing is a physical body) hasn't been tried because of the attorney general's fear. Fear of a two bit punk named Justin. Fear of him getting off on a technicality.

I have more faith in the good & wise people out there. This wouldn't be tried in Florida.

I hope you keep talking about Ayla, Peter. She a clear head to help her cause.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the state only has one shot at conviction, but unless they have serious doubts about who is guilty, which I can't imagine they do, then I'd rather cases like this went to trial. It would be better to give it a shot and lose than to let a baby killer live free, thumbing his nose at Trista, LE and the citizens of Maine and running the risk that he kill again.
There seems to be no fear of conviction for all the baby killers, nothing to scare them out of murdering their children. It's time to send the message to prosecutors everywhere that we want these evil people off our streets and out of our schools and homes.
Are you listening DAs?! Do something for these kids! At least try!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this post. I'm going to post the #'s to the AG's office, we need all the help we can get. If this is not acceptable on your site, I apologize, please delete it.
Thanks Again!
Everyone please don’t forget to contact the AG’s office, you can do this as often as you want. Help Ayla’s voice be heard.

Email the AG Office using this on-line form

Mail them at this address
Attorney Generals Office
6 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

Or call them using this number

Maine State Police’s Public Information Officer Stephen McCausland
Phone: 207.626.3811

Ayla can not and will not be forgotten!

Trigger said...

Justin is "trying to live a normal life" on Violette Ave. in Waterville.

Too bad that Ayla didn't have that option of a "normal life" while she was in Justin's care in Waterville on Violette Ave.

Pineapple said...

Is deception indicated in Hannah Anderson's statements? If not, couldn't you weigh in? Actually, either way. It just seems off. I'd like to know what you think. Not just underlining and hints, but straight out analysis, please?

Anonymous said...

Slightly OT, but Baby Lisa was mentioned-
Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin just did an internet radio interview, I think this was in July or August 2013.

Anonymous said...

OT Baby Lisa-

I'm not sure if that last link has the interview that is referred to in this article....

I will continue to look for the interview where Bradley speaks.

Jen said...

OT- update on baby shooting case (Antonio Santiago)

Testimony by the prosecutions 'star witness' Dominique Lang was ambiguous at best. For everyone who questions the mothers involvement, the fact that this 'eye witness' and 'accomplice' (to be prosecuted LATER, after his testimony for the state) admitted to lying at least 17 TIMES about the details of the encounter, leaves more questions than answers after hearing his current story about the incident. Oh, and the little fact that he refers to the victim West (supposedly a random stranger, targeted for robbery) as MISS SHERRY, when he speaks about her on the stand!

After his direct examination where he now claims he DID NOT see Elkins shoot the baby, only that he saw him shoot at the ground and toward MISS SHERRY'S leg, Lang admitted under cross that he lied repeatedly about what he saw or didn't see, changing his account multiple times. The defense went through lie by lie and Lang admitted to each one, and even said that he lied because the cops wanted him to say it, so he said it. He answered 'YES' when the defense attorney asked him if he lied when he didn't know the answer to their questions. He also admitted during cross that the video of him alone in the interrogation room shows him rehearsing and practicing the LIE that he was telling the police.

Lemon said...

"Missing" Erica Parson's adoptive 'mother' said in interview:
"Erica's not missing (pause) Erica is with Nan".

I believe her. Erica isn't missing because she/they know where she is and she is "with Nan" because both Nan and Erica are dead.

I hope LE find the evidence they need to arrest those two sorry excuses for parents.

Anonymous said...

OT Baby Lisa-

Here is the correct link, The last link I posted was about Baby Lisa but not a Deborah Bradley/ Jeremy Irwin interview.

Here is the (well rehearsed) hour long interview of the pair:

palaminodee said...

more than a cup of blood?? are you kidding me?
why isn't he and the others who were in that home at the time being charged with obstruction of justice and child endangerment at least?
that is what is happening in OH with the missing toddler.
glad to see LE stepping up and not letting these people get away with killing a toddler whether accidentally or intentionally.
same needs to happen here.
of course my opinion

Jazzie said...

"Based on everything we know -- the thousands of hours of investigation, the 1,127 leads that have come in, the searches, the dives and the evidence gathered -- we think it's highly unlikely that Ayla Reynolds will be found alive," said state police spokesman Stephen McCausland... ""They were the adults and they were there, and they may have answers," said McCausland. "Justin was the father, (and) we believe he knows more than he has told us."

NOTE: Steve McCausland states "Justin WAS the father". Past tense. Let's not ignore: "the thousands of hours of investigation, the 1,127 leads that have come in, the searches, the dives and the evidence gathered."

LE knows.

Sella35 said...

@ Carnival Barker said...
"LE shouldn't be so afraid of Joe Tacopina. He's not invincible."

Is Joe the sperm donor's lawyer, or do I have my cases confused...I thought he was the lawyer for the Baby Lisa from Mo.? And now that I say missouri, I am not sure that is where Baby Lisa went missing. ( I was thinkinf Kansas City, MO.)

Please give info as I did not know that DiPietro had hired him. And I am too lazy too look it up...Or I just worked another 7 days in a row...thanks for info!

Anonymous said...

Why is she waiting another month for the press conference?

Sella35 said...

@ anon August 22, 2013 at 3:32 PM

Thank you for the information. I sent in my letter via email now. I am so sick that baby Ayla has not had any help from the DA or LE, as far as I can tell.

Randie said...

Interesting...the blankets were found at the damn.

Justin himself said in regard to Ayla...."floating out there..."

Randie said...

I hope Trista is "safe" during this next month. Justine could try to harm her.

Sella35 said...

@ Anonymous said...
Why is she waiting another month for the press conference?

August 22, 2013 at 9:38 PM

It could be any reason, it might be because LE have asked her to hold off because they are close to charging this case.....

Maybe she has a reason that we do not know..something like a specific date that means something to her..../who knows *shrug*

If I were betting or guessing I would say maybe her lawyers want it that way??? Lawyers do tend to make the clients do what they want, vs. what a client really wants./shrug

Jo said...

I thought the month was to get her past the court date that Justin has on assault charges against him by his girlfriend. Maybe she wants him locked up before the girlfriend will give them a statement or cooperate with LE. An assault conviction may also help their case.

Anonymous said...

Randie at 9:57 This too.

Darrell Tudela said he believes DiPietro is telling the truth.

“Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said."

Anonymous said...

Peter~ Will you do an analysis on the ERICA LYNN PARSONS case? Dr Phil had a 2 part interview on TV this week with the parents, Casey Parsons(adoptive mom) Sandy Parsons(adoptive Dad) Thank You, e~ ;)

dadgum said...

anon..if you have time to post the transcripts, please do. We can't locate them..ACG from Websleuths is working on them.. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone can't seem to wait for this announcement... or

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

OT..Erica Parsons update..

Teeth, hammer seized in search for missing teen.

(These items by the way were found in a shed around seven miles away from their home)

Ney said...

John, about the Erica P case: It should draw automatic arrest of the parents when they don't report their missing child for 2 years. Why is that not a crime itself?

dadgum said...

The new law goes into effect soon..October??

These folks are within an hour of where I live. We are many cases, so many dead and hurt children. I have been shocked by DSS apathy several times..

Anonymous said...

Trista just gave birth to a little boy. She is probably waiting until she feels strong enough for the announcement and press conference.

BostonLady said...

Lemon said...

"Missing" Erica Parson's adoptive 'mother' said in interview:
"Erica's not missing (pause) Erica is with Nan".

I believe her. Erica isn't missing because she/they know where she is and she is "with Nan" because both Nan and Erica are dead.

I hope LE find the evidence they need to arrest those two sorry excuses for parents.

August 22, 2013 at 7:24 PM


I watched some of this interview and when the mother (term used loosely) said she wasn't worried because Erica is not missing, she's with Nan. I believed her too, Lemon. The parents know where she is and she is dead along with Nan.

The parents are whack jobs. A woman spoke on Nancy Grace last night saying she had this nutcase mother carry her baby to term. I don't know the logistics other than she was the surrogate. About 3 months into the pregnancy she told the parents that she miscarried. She lied. She did not. They had to fight to get their child from her. Evidently she was going to try to sell the baby thru a lawyer. (sorry I don't have the whole story.. just my memory from the show last night)

The woman on the phone said this parsons woman is evil to the bone. She had said she didn't want any money for carrying to term. She wanted any money to go to her church but before the couple could send any out, she called an said her dryer broke and she would need the check sent to her. And then continued with the excuses so that no money ever went to the church.


Jazzie said...

Responding to Anon 11:37

"Darrell Tudela said he believes DiPietro is telling the truth...
“Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said. “If whoever out there has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”

OK. Let's get to the bottom of it... Lake, Stream, Ocean???
And let's wrap our head around this statement: "If whoever out there has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”

"Thousands of lives better"??? How about one or two? Or a handful of family members?

In the end, AYLA only really means the whole world to a few who love her. We, the public, mean nothing. We may seek justice or truth but in the end only the few who really truly love AYLA deserve answers... justice, and peace.

For God sake's Maine. Kick the AG and prosecutors' ass into gear.

Jazzie said...

"the thousands of hours of investigation"


"help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”

You decide. Who to believe? McCausland or Tudela?

Jazzie said...

Thousands of questions unanswered.

Disappointed on a thousand levels.

Jazzie said...

I respect Maine's LE's efforts and diligence re:AYLA REYNOLDS' case. It does not go unnoticed. And I thank you. I understand your position. You may have knowledge and evidence but you can't move forward. Here's hoping that Maine's AG and Prosecutors listen to the truth you've obtained.

Good night and good luck -
Edward R. Murrow

Mainah said...

Darrell Tudela said he believes DiPietro is telling the truth.

“Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said."

Also, suffice it to say, Derek thinks Justin is "still very confident" by Derek is NOT? We can't say it for him...

Mainah said...

...should be "but" Derek is not...

Carnival Barker said...


In this story Peter mentioned that Baby Lisa's parents hired Joe T. and that is why they aren't being prosecuted. My comment was in response to that. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

Anonymous said...

Has it ever been made public where Phoebe was that night?
Having followed this case closely on statement analysis. looking back it seems like the info Angela shared in her letter about the "baby gate" and stairs might be telling.
Also, looking back, I wonder about Phoebe--just something creepy and not right about her.