Monday, August 19, 2013

Hannah Anderson: Statement Analysis

Q:  How did he separate you from your Mom and brother?
A:  He tied them up in the garage, I’m done answering questions about it.  So don’t bother asking.

The question is sensitive to the subject; as she not only avoids it, but says she is "done" answering it and then adds in the reason why she is "done" answering it; making it a very sensitive question. 

What makes it so very sensitive to the subject?
Q:  Did you think anyone was looking for you ?
A:  I thought my mom would be the first person looking for me.

She also avoided a strong or direct answer to the question, not answering who she thought was looking for her, but answering as who "would" have looked for her.  This is a way of avoiding the question.  The question, therefore, should be considered sensitive. 
Q:  Why are you talking about this on social media? Are you sure you’re a victim?  You seem completely fine about it.
A:  Are you kidding me?  I’m answering these questions so people know the truth.  So a******* like you don’t assume things like that.

It is a compound question, which should be avoided, followed by an accusation.  It is, entirely however, sensitive to her, as she answers it with a question, "are you kidding me?" 
Here, she gives her reason for answering questions, making it sensitive.  
Q:  Hannah, We are reporters at U-T San Diego and saw your comments about your ordeal.  We’d like to talk to you and your family about what you share.  We know you are upset with inaccuracies in news reports, and we want to do our best to get the truth out about what happened.  We’re at  (number deleted) 
A:  No please leave me alone.  All you guys don’t know the story.  And don’t need too. You already got a lot of  things mixed up. So please just leave me and my family alone so we can heal.  Thank you.

Note that "please" and "thank you" indicate that she does, to some degree, want to speak to media.  Also note that there is missing information in the "story" and that media has not gotten it wrong, but are "mixed up", which is a "lot" but not all, and not incorrect.  

Note that she needs to be left alone (and her family) so that they can heal. This is  a strong indication that the media coverage is impeding her opinion of healing. The information reported should be considered very sensitive to her. 

Media would not back down: 
Q:  The media is a big reason why your’re found, they talked about you non stop and got the word out there, you can’t blame them for wanting to know the whole story, but camping out is ridiculous.
A:  Well they should really get their stories straight before putting it on tv. it could really hurt someone.

Note what she does not say:  
She does not say that the media was wrong, only that they need to get their stories "straight."
Note that she does not say she was hurt by media, only that it "could" really hurt "someone." 


Bayou belle said...

I hate myself for even considering Hannah's involvement in this tragedy...however....methinks something stinks here!!

QChick said...

I agree that not all is as it seems

Anne said...

I am concerned about the statements Hannah is making. There is more to this whole story that we are all going to find out.

I just want to bring up the issue of women bringing men into the home again. Hannah is underage. This man was in his 40's? Whatever we find out with this story, he had a long time to groom Hannah and to stalk Hannah.

I know that to live in this world we have to trust some people; however, I don't understand why a woman wouldn't be concerned when a man of his age wants to spend so much time with an underage girl. The whole picture of Hannah's behavior and the perp's behavior should have sent red flags up to the mom.

I try to hold myself back from judging because I know that perp's can spend years grooming a victim and even a victims family and friends.

This story has many sides to it. I am not saying any of this excuses Hannah if she was involved, I am just saying this very much older man had access to Hannah for a long time.

Randie said...

[ Q: How did he separate you from your Mom and brother?

A: He tied them up in the garage, I’m done answering questions about it. So don’t bother asking.

Peter said: The question is sensitive to the subject; as she not only avoids it, but says she is "done" answering it and then adds in the reason why she is "done" answering it; making it a very sensitive question.]

She won't answer HOW they were separated.

Whoo Hoo...and she wants the questions to stop now as soon as it was asked! Ummm...who is the one who wants to "get the truth out"??!!!

She sure shut down the news fast! Hmmm.......

Anonymous said...

So, Peter, based on your expert analysis of an account of a 16-year old girl, please tell us exactly what happened to Hannah. In detail, we would like to know if she was involved or abducted, the nature of her relationship with James DiMaggio, WHY he went off the deep end and all the gory details of an sexual encounters they mave have had. You have plenty to work with to blow this case wide open.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT..This should be very interesting..

Dr. Phil to air 2-part special on Erica Parsons case.

The adoptive parents of a missing Rowan County teen, Erica Parsons, will be in court this week for custody reasons.

Casey and Sandy Parsons have a civil summons from the Department of Social Services.

Casey’s mother has temporary custody of their youngest kids after Erica’s disappearance went unreported for two years.

The Parsons said they thought she was in Asheville the whole time.

TIMELINE: Erica Parsons case

Investigators said that is not true.

Just last week they searched the Parsons’ Salisbury home.

Search warrants show they took carpet pieces, drywall from closets with red stains, knives as well as cameras, phones and magazines about JonBenet Ramsey.

Erica’s disappearance is getting national attention.

Casey and Sandy Parsons will appear on a two-part special on Dr. Phil this week.

The two-part special will air Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 p.m. on Channel 9 followed by Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.

Stay with for complete coverage on the Erica Parsons case. Visit our special section for latest updates, here.

rob said...

Hannah doesn't seem to get the horror of what happened to her mother and brother. As if a blue/pink nail in her 'post rescue manicure' it tribute enough to them. I don't want to think bad of her, but her story stinks. I would so love to hear what she actually said in her LE interviews. I would also like to hear what family/friends think of all this social media blabbing she loves so much to do. IMO, her dad needs to shut her down.

rob said...

Also those letters found in the guys garage. Important enough to him to save them, were they left there on purpose?
Girls of this age generally don't letter write, more tests or emails.
Whole thing is so odd.

Jo said...

Q: How did he separate you from your Mom and brother?

A: He tied them up in the garage, I’m done answering questions about it. So don’t bother asking.

What was she doing while he was tying them up? And then how did she separate from him long enough for him to torture and kill them, (which she claims no knowledge of) AND set timers for the house to burn down? She seems to have unaccounted for time here.

Anonymous said...

Jesus -- she is traumatized and it shock. she is a victim but that doesn;t mean she can't talk - makes perfect sense she said are you kidding. she's also 16, so there are ways for her to talk that are more comfortable than others -- her choosing social media over "the press" makes a lot of sense. ad even if she does want to lie or hide some things -- fine -- maybe there are parts she wants to talk about and parts she doesn't for her own emotional protection. i'd say give her a biggggg break. she's sixteen and in shock. she's not a public figure.

rob said...

She doesn't act like a kid in shock to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter, but is deception indicated in your opinion? Also there were much more telling quotes. will you be analyzing those? Please?

Anonymous said...

A serious look on her face??
guilt, perhaps?
Fear, of being arrested?

Gwen said...

The story was believable when it first happened. In fact, we live in Oregon and got an amber alert. Since my husband travels a great deal within the city, I showed him the photos and he memorized the license plate number in case he should see the car.

However, when I opened my newspaper the other morning to see that Hannah was chatting up her ordeal on a social media site, my hinky meter went off. Of course they trot out the "experts" to tell us that this is how kids nowadays deal with trauma, blah blah blah. I'm not buying that. As I understand, she was online for hours and when someone asked, she even uploaded a photo of herself (with a big smile). Your mother and brother are murdered, you are kidnapped and hauled across the West. I'm supposed to believe this is how you handle the trauma. Right.

And why is she complaining about the media attention but parks herself online in order to tell the media they are all wrong?

Thank you, Peter, for posting this.

REK said...

The fact that she claims the story is "mixed up" instead of facts being plain wrong is what disturbs me.

Anonymous said...

A: Well they should really get their stories straight before putting it on tv. it could really hurt someone.

Her mother and brother were killed and she is worried that the media could hurt someone with incorrect information? The only one left to hurt is her and her father. She does not mention her father at all.

Anonymous said...

I’m answering these questions so people know the truth.

No please leave me alone. All you guys don’t know the story. And don’t need too.

Which is it?

Anonymous said...

She refers to it as "the story", when someone uses story to reference what happened, it is most likely just that - a story.

Anonymous said...

"We do not wish to divulge the information within these documents for fear that the perpetrators will destroy evidence."

perpetrators...The search warrant uses plural for perpetratorS

Anonymous said...

Alright lets just skip to the chase people instead of dancing around and insinutating she had something to do with her mother/brothers death lets just call her a murderer. She helped tie them up and torture them, then she ran off with nutjob, there, feel better?

Tania Cadogan said...

Interesting they use the word perpetrators since the alleged perpetrator is dead how can said perpetrator destroy evidence?

The logical conclusion is that there are others involved in the crimes, since the mom and brother are dead, this leaves the alleged abduction victim and the father.

Given what we know about hannah and the multi day trips and overnight stays, the temporal lacuna in her timelines, the 13 calls on the day before both phones were turned off at 4pm, the handwritten letters, the discrepensies in her story, the fact she tells us the media has mixed up stories not that everything is a lie and she is a victim and not a perpetrator, the strange behavior and so on, i suspect LE have her in their sights as a perpetrator either in the setting up of the crime or active participation in either the torture or the murder.
Was she the one inciting or was she the one incited?
The three people who could tell us are dead which is in her favor, They can't talk and thus cannot use their knowledge for a plea deal. If she plays her cards right she gets away with murder.
However, she loves the media and the more statements she makes the more donations she gets, her own words will trap her.

The father puzzles me though, his flat demeanor. His wife and son are murdered horribly yet there is no anger, nothing.

Does he gain anything from this financially?
What was the family relationship like?

How long before she lawyers up?

Randie said...

Hobnob, I like what you said!

"Interesting they use the word perpetrators since the alleged perpetrator is dead how can said perpetrator destroy evidence?"

Anonymous said...

I wondered what statement analysis would think of Hannah's statements. I thought her story sounded fishy too. I did not think I would see it here because she is a minor but I was glad to see it here. What a strange story, now we find out Dimaggio left his life insurance to her paternal Grandma WTH?

Anonymous said...

The logical conclusion is that there are others involved in the crimes...the warrant predates her rescue I think

Anonymous said...

Was she the one inciting or was she the one incited?
IMO she the one groomed and possibly raped
James DiMaggio was an employee at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla.

Anonymous said...

be sure to check out the related links at the bottom of the page, but this site has a lot of screen shots of what she posted.

Shelley said...

I also wonder, does anyone know... what would have pushed her to go online to discuss.

It seems in one sense she is saying “leave me alone” and “I don’t want to tell you about that” but then why be online to talk about it.

And the fact that she so quickly is talking about facts that are wrong seems to me that there has already been some questions about her story/involvement.

It almost feels like her little online story sharing was more to persuade people that shes telling the truth. Like building her case already.

I find that concerning…

And the fact that she knew her mom was tied up, yet that was who she said would have looked for her? Rather than her Dad who was apparently not held captive.

I would think she would be unsure if her mom was even able to get free (assuming she knew nothing more than she was tied up)

So many gaps and contradictions.
And going out to get your nails done the next day. Seems like something Billie Dunn would do. And I think that says something.

And like Billie Dunn with her facebook posts… It feels a lot like “let me start to build my case so I look like the innocent victim” more than someone sharing her story.

Anonymous said...

Reports are the mother and brother were tortured before they were killed

Trigger said...

Hannah is a minor. She could not consent to anything without her parents' OK.

Hannah's abductor has proven that he was a dangerous perpetrator. He is responsible for everything that happened to Hannah and her mother and brother.

What sixteen year old girl wants to be away from her friends? She was a cheerleader. She did not want to go with a 40 year old man to the back country without her makeup, cell phone, and best friend. Only death threats could cause her to go that far from home without a fuss.

Anonymous said...

well trigger, what if she was the one who whacked her mom over the head with the crowbar?
the brother and dog died in different manner than the mom. think about that. would that cause her to go along without a fuss?

Dee said...

OT...announcement at

Skeptical said...

She would not be the first teen to commit matricide. Back in 2000 Kristi Koslow and her boyfriend killed Kristi's mother Karen in Fort Worth, Texas. Noura Jackson stabbed her mother to death in Tennessee in 2005 because she had forbidden her to see her boyfriend. There is Elizabeth Haysom in Virginia who helped kill her parents because of a forbidden relationship.

I mention the above because it is not that uncommon. If Hannah had been forbidden to see DiMaggio, it could be a motive if she is found to be involved. What I find troubling are the statements from law enforcement that she was a total victim. It sounds as if they are not even willing to consider the possibility that Hannah could be involved.

My compassion and my logic always meet at the crossroads in cases like this. Victims deserve compassion, but victims also know right from wrong.

Jeff said...

When I first saw Hannah was answering questions online so soon after the supposed ordeal, my first thought was, alibi building.

Randie said...

Yep, I agree. Alibi building.

Pak31 said...

Jo said...
Q: How did he separate you from your Mom and brother?

A: He tied them up in the garage, I’m done answering questions about it. So don’t bother asking.

What was she doing while he was tying them up? And then how did she separate from him long enough for him to torture and kill them, (which she claims no knowledge of) AND set timers for the house to burn down? She seems to have unaccounted for time here.

August 19, 2013 at 2:25 PM----------------Well put Jo. I have been wondering this myself. WHERE was she when the crime was committed? Now the fact that she won't answer that makes me even more suspicious. Then to the people who say to give her a break she's only 16. I say no way. At 16, to go from supposedly being kidnapped, to having your life threatened with a gun, to then finally rescued, then finding out your mom, brother and dog were killed by that man, and horrifically, not to mention coming to the realization that you too could have been killed then you would think she'd be a complete basketcase. I mean her whole family was wiped out. How does she then have the ability to sit through a full manicure, chit chat on social media, do her hair and makeup and pose for pics on the social media??? I just don't get it. I wouldn't be able to function for quite a while after an ordeal like that. Instead she's acting like a celebrity. If she's innocent in all of this then she has emotions like a rock, I see no sadness at all.

Pak31 said...

Hobnob, you mentioned that you were puzzled by the father's flat demeanor. The way he spoke when this first happened almost made me not so interested in this case. He had no emotion, almost like he wasn't scared for her well being, he knew she would be home. I got all of this from only seeing about a minute of him talking. This whole case is just so strange.

momofboys said...

where is her father? why is he not keeping her away from social media, protecting her, advising her, keeping her safe. the dad seems to have no parental involvement or direction for hannah. as am mom of two teenagers, even though they are boys, i would shield them like a mother bear and protect them from all this. where are her elders who should be guiding and helping her and most of all protecting her?

Anonymous said...

08-10-2013, 12:59 PM

Registered User
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: South Jersey
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Was Hannah's dad friends with these other men? They seem to have connections to each another. Jim and dad are friends, Jim goes camping with these other men ..
Jim worked for Scripps, right? What else did he do besides the mattress thing? I mean, I'm very curious how he became friends with such high profile famous people as Andrew Spanswick and Berry Robinson, which are both connected through Wonderland Treatment Centers And KLEAN.

Carnival Barker said...

OT - -

Peter, can you do a statement analysis on this hate letter that was sent to the mother of an autistic son ...

MizzMarple said...

THANK YOU PETER -- THANK YOU -- for this Analysis !

I knew there was DECEPTION in Hannah's responses and responses on her social media accounts.

I sure do hope LE is looking into this.

All My Opinion.

MizzMarple said...

rob said...

Also those letters found in the guys garage. Important enough to him to save them, were they left there on purpose?
Girls of this age generally don't letter write, more tests or emails.
Whole thing is so odd.

August 19, 2013 at 2:09 PM

Yes -- it is very ODD that a 16 year old would write letters to a 40+ year old -- especially since these kids/teens have grown up with cell phones and computers !

JMO but there is much more to this story than is being told !

All My Opinion.

Anonymous said...

You live in a make believe world.

Teenagers are capable of extreme violence and anger.

She was not 5.

Anonymous said...

Website not coming up... What is the announcement?

MizzMarple said...

Check this out :

" . . . Nor does it justify why she was kidnapped – if indeed she was. Simply put, we found evidence of her being less then this 100% loved by everyone she knew wonderful angel, but this is a good thing – for her odds of escaping increase. She wasn’t such the pure & innocent little girl the media is reporting, so we thought we would publish this to get your hopes up that she will be found alive & because it’s worth noting for no other reason then to mock the mass media’s lopsided coverage.

There are also snippets from her social media account before the "kidnapping."

Anonymous said...

and why did the idiot take her cat along?? because she loved it...her story stinks, and she knows it. sixteen, thinkin on 22 I say. No, she doesn't want to talk to media now, because she knows she screwed up, shes not mature enough to follow her lies, or omissions like a Jodi arius would. The phone calls the day before are extremely telling. What could they possibly have to talk about in that many calls people?? The public isn't stupid, but she thinks they are.

MizzMarple said...

Check this out :

"SAN DIEGO (AP) — A spokesman for the family of a California man who abducted a 16-year-old girl and killed her mother and young brother says a member of the family is the beneficiary of his life insurance.

Andrew Spanswick said Monday that James Lee DiMaggio left $112,000 to Hannah Anderson's paternal grandmother. Spanswick says he doesn't know why but believes it is for Hannah's benefit."

Link :

JMO but I doubt that the insurance company would pay out because of DiMaggio ...

But on the other hand, they may pay out because it will go to the "victim's family."

I sure hope that LE reads Peter's Analysis on this case !

John Mc Gowan said...


Erica Parsons listed on national missing children database.


The organization put Parsons' picture on its website Friday, but has not received any tips, according to center officials.

Meanwhile, Parsons' adoptive parents Casey and Sandy are scheduled to be on the Dr. Phil show and tell their story to the nation Tuesday and Wednesday. The show's website says Wednesday's airing INCLUDES A POLYGRAPH TEST.

Family attorney Carlyle Sherrill says he is aware of the polygraph test but is not revealing the findings prior to the show airing.

toonces said...

Any of you ever heard of Stockholm syndrome? It is a psychological coping mechanism that helps victims survive, physically and mentally. Poor Hannah is F'd up in the head because this trusted, really great family friend was part of her normal. She knew him her whole life and both her parents apparently liked and trusted him, just like your kids would be with your longtime family friends. Weird, maybe, but what kid could be mentally prepared to deal with a situation like this. I don't mean this to be mean, but she doesn't exactly look like the smartest kid in class, and she obviously has nobody looking out for her best interests either. She needs mental help. This was a case of systematic manipulation by a creep that her family exposed her to her whole life. I used to really enjoy this blog. Now it is more like a witch hunt and everybody's guilty.

toonces said...

So you think Hannah was the ringleader and poor old uncle Jim just got caught up in her sexy little web like any red blooded 40 year old man would do. I would LOL if I wasn't so grossed out.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi toonces,im sorry you feel that.Know one is saying it is all Hannahs fault,it is not a witch hunt.

This is a Statement Analysis site as you are aware.People are only pointing out the inconsistencies in her statements.It is not only this site who have picked up on her vague language.You only have to google her name and you will find multiple sites doing the same as here.Only here we go a little deeper into her language,as i said this is a Statement Analysis site after all..

Anonymous said...

She posted to her 5300 fans on Instagram that the letters she wrote to DiMaggio were about family issues that she didnt want to bring up with them personally.

Anonymous said...

Oh "Observer"is back i see.

Anonymous said...

that's good work 10:36, learn statement analysis at your own pace, that is the beauty of home schooling.

Randie said...

[She posted to her 5300 fans on Instagram that the letters she wrote to DiMaggio were about family issues that she didnt want to bring up with them personally.]

Can you provide a link please?

Anonymous said...

Stockholm syndrome would mean that she identified with her captor.
Hannah said he 'deserved what he got.'
So... your point is... moot.

Anonymous said...

August 19, 2013
Hannah Anderson
Yes I saw this hole the William. These people are pathetic and disgusting. But they have the right to speak their minds. It's just sad that they are all adults calling me a hoe and stuff. You would think they would have more respect right.? And it doesn't bother me because that's what they want. They are all sick. And people who know the story knows I'm innocent. The news even said so they can think what they want. My mom brother and I were inseparable an they people who KNOW me and my family know that. So they can go about because all they can do is hide behind a screen and talk bad about me. That's how heartless they are. And the sad thing is some of them even have children of their own. You would think they would have a better heart. And way to set an example right.? I'm strong and this page and cold people aren't gonna tear me down. My mom raised me better then that.

"And people who know the story knows I'm innocent. The news even said so they can think what they want."

lets include as many as we can to back up the "story", and lmao, because the news said so, smh. and she still leaves it up to we the reader to decide. these are red flags.

"My mom brother and I were inseparable"

well they are separated now so i guess that's a lie eh? and she again includes the ole "you can even ask other people" to back her up.

Anonymous said...

"And people who know the story knows I'm innocent."

Let's see, who knows the story - her mother - dead, her brother - dead, her kidnapper - dead........that leaves her and she doesn't say she knows she is innocent, just "the people" know she is innocent.

Anonymous said...

Every picture of her, she looks like she's 19, 20, 21 year old party girl

She's a trash whore who helped him murder her mother and brother and ran off with him

Execute the slut

Anonymous said...

"And people who know the story knows I'm innocent. The news even said so they can think what they want."

If she didn't care what people think, she wouldn't continue to try to convince people of her innocence and she would ignore all the accusations and walk away from the computer. Instead she continues to seek out what people are saying about her and tries to convince everyone of "her story" then shuts down as soon as someone questions an inconsistency in her story.
99% of her post are defending herself and 1% regarding her mother and brother.

Anonymous said...

And very little if anything from her regarding her kidnapper - you would think she would have more negative things to say about him.

Anonymous said...

She probably has PTSD. Peter, you are misleading people or ignoring an alternate reading of her words. Maybe she is angry at her dad for not protecting her, disgusted with people wanting to know if she was sexually assaulted, it's a repulsive question for adults to be asking. She is still a kid, is anyone getting her some counseling? She sees people treating her like crap. Thats a lot to take in, family murdered, predator suiciding by cop, media carnivorous for sordid details, a dad who seems disconnected--she is ripe for PTSD, she has come home to NOTHING, unless you consider the rage and disgust for her and no comfort SOMETHING.
You can't know how an ordinary person would handle that. She is not ordinary anyway. Her behavior says, I am wounded deeply and was acting out. Her parents obliviousness to a predator says, we dont believe our daughter and we live in denial. We love and respect this manchild we did not give birth to more than our own daughter. I have seen parents mock their children, blame them and deny what happened to their child be ause they are bad parents who dont want shame in them. They mock the child when the child cries or needs comfort or has resentment later. Not always. But he was a predator and they let him live with them. If this was a married woman who claimed not to know her husband was raping her daughter youd be all over that woman. They had to have known. Lucky kid, gets crapped on by strangers. You know what most people would feel? They'd feel 'SCREW YOU, WORLD!'

Anonymous said...

Well the questions they were asking her said, prove you are a victim! She may have thought someone was going to advocate for her but it was just another vulture. Peter, these questions in this interview are appalling. I dont think its reliable or responsible to apply SA here or to a kid who was being predated on. It repulses me.

Anonymous said...

The media is saying--emotional blackmail. We did everything to save you. No, that was a by product of a hot, salacious and bizarre news story. The media is not altruistic.
She owes them nothing.

Anonymous said...

Teenagers who are capable of extreme rage and violence have been hurt by their caregivers.

Anonymous said...

Her lacuna maybe from disassociating, which would be normal and for survival. My bet is she is used to lying for her dad. Flat affect, maybe he is a predator too.

Anonymous said...

Denial, or nervous breakdown. You have no idea how you would procesz that horrifying string of events, but that does seem to be the two common results. Denial/disassociation seems to be the case here. If she was alibi building why call attention to herself for a manicure. Trauma kids act in irrational ways.

Anonymous said...

Some people aren't going to believe Hanna could possibly do anything wrong, after all she is white blonde and pretty. Wonder if they release some letters she wrote to her so called 'kidnapper' what if that shows she was a little temptress and in on the whole thing?
People are idiots if they assume a girl MUST have been brainwashed by a guy. Girls brainwash guys all the time and get them to do their bidding. I'm sure if you watch discovery ID channel you've seen several 14 year old girls plan their parents demise.

Anonymous said...

Hannah was posing and smiling in the pictures she took with her "kidnapper". Any teen forced to hang out with a CREEPER is not going to be posing and smiling in pics with said creeper, ok? Get a CLUE!

Teenaged girls usually do not write hand written notes to dudes they think are 'creepy', either.

she talks out of both sides of her mouth, she doesn't want to speak to reporters because they DONT NEED TO KNOW THE STORY, but she's talking on social media TO GET HER STORY OUT THERE. She's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but but my "that's not true" meter is flashing at 100! I have now followed many different examples where the victim is not as they seem. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The part that still hasn't been explained: she said in her chat that her cell phone burned up in the fire (in response to a query asking what she lost in the fire). But how did it get to DiMaggio's house? It's not explicitly clear if or when she was ever at the house the day her mom and brother were killed, but it usually sounds like the cops think he killed them and then picked up Hannah and took her on the run. If he picked her up from cheering practice, after exchanging texts with her supposedly coordinating said pick-up, her phone had to have been with her that day, at cheer practice. The two of them turning their phones off and on again at exactly the same time is hinky, too!

Oh, and finally: she said that he invited them over to ride go carts, with no mention of cheering practice. Very odd. None of it adds up. Fortunately there's no statute of limitations so even if it takes a long time to build the case, there's no time limit.

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled that there are commentors who think "she's just a victim and is coping in her own way, if she doesn't make sense it's because she's got PTSD." Have any of you ever been a teenage girl OR been sexually assaulted OR had PTSD? If you're traumatized, you don't post pictures depicting you as a happy-go-lucky "gansta/thug" with a new manicure because you're just a little messed up... you JUST DON'T PERIOD.
She's trying to convince people that she was essentially on the verge of being murdered at any moment during those 6 days (not to mention being starved and kept awake) and her first act upon getting rescued and returned home isn't to curl up in a ball? It isn't to ask for medication so she can sleep without waking up screaming from nightmares? "I'm just trying to be strong," my ass. WHO IS SHE BEING STRONG FOR?
Even if you're trying to put on a face, the trauma easily shows through the cracks. She talks about not being comfortable around men anymore and then publishes a picture holding hands with some guy and his hands around her waist in a hug. If she was not comfortable around men as she claimed why would she happily snuggle up to one. She wouldn't want to be touched at all.