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Jerry Sandusky Continues to Write

Jerry Sandusky apparently writes from prison, pledges to continue his fight

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, now serving time in a Pennsylvania prison for sexual assault on 10 young boys, is apparently corresponding with people outside the prison walls. And, much like letters from former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, Sandusky's words reveal much, perhaps even more than he himself realizes. The usual caveats apply about the truthfulness of these letters, of course.
"I've been quite confined, always searching for purpose," Sandusky writes in a letter obtained by TMZ and dated May 19"For now, my main purpose is to endure, learn from and grow form this experience. It is very challenging. I exercise, read, meditate and do a lot of writing. I've written andcontinue to write my account of what has happened."
Sandusky clearly has not accepted his conviction on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse as the final word on the matter. "An appeal is in process," he writes in a letter dated June 16"but I don't know what to think.I would feel better if we could reveal all the information and unfairness." He writes that he has support from all over the country.

note that "information" comes before "unfairness" Note also that "I didn't do it" has been absent from his words for a long time.  For a truly innocent person, it is something that dominates everything. 
The letters, while short, hint at Sandusky's mindset, and how he is grasping for purpose. "God's light has warmed me with many letters of support and motivation," he writes. "My plan is to continue this battle until the last whistle blows. My hope is to serve even better purposes. Each day, my goal is to embrace each day as a gift. Never surrender except to God. Don't let our circumstances get the best of us. Understand God's presence and purpose. Remain as positive as possible. Exercise your mind, body, and spirit."

A reliable denial, of 3 components, continues to dominate by its absence. 
In another, he recounts, without additional context, an episode from his youth. "Today, I remembered my childhood, which took place about 20 miles from here. My dad and I were playing baseball, and he told me to choke up on the bat. I pulled it to my mouth and coughed on it. He knew he had a genius on his hands."
Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison. For the full letters, click here


rob said...

What is keeping him from outing all the 'information and unfairness'? At this point, what would he have to lose?

John Mc Gowan said...

"My plan is to continue this battle until the last whistle blows"

We have all heard of Spy's,double agents,journalist's covering up when stepping over the line,and going beyond their given orders/duties.

Then someone comes out and throws them under the bus.We know these as WHISTLE BLOWERS.

I find it interesting that Jerry Sandusky uses the analogy.

" until the last whistle blows"

Is there more to come out,is someone going to get thrown under the bus,or is Sandusky going to blow the whistle on someone else?

John Mc Gowan said...


Apologies if this has already posted..

Casey Anthony's Parents Sell Late Granddaughter Caylee's Toys at a Yard Sale.


This is not really the sort of estate sale that makes you stop and go "ooh."
But George and Cindy Anthony had customers all the same.
The parents of Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, held a yard sale over the weekend outside their home in Mount Dora, Fla., according to Radar Online.

"When I pulled up, they were taking tarps off the yard sale items that were covered due to the rain," eyewitness Christina Werner told Radar. "I immediately noticed the two white canopies over the yard sale tables because they looked like the tents used in the search for Caylee."
Werner said that she seemed to be the only customer who realized who the Anthonys were and the significance of what they were selling.

Werner told Radar that she bought toy heart lockets, a kid-size luggage set, a Winnie-the-Pooh backpack, a Tigger bag and several teddy bears.
She also found what appeared to be pants and purses that had belonged to Casey and she said that she bought a number of the purses at a discount—a fact that seemed to anger Cindy.
"When it came time to buy the items, [George] did not tell [his wife] he had discounted the purses and she was so upset about that," Werner said. "She began yelling at him and said he should have told her. I think the difference may have been a whole 10 dollars, but she was upset."

Anonymous said...

The bat comment is very telling....and kind of disgusting in relation to what we know of his crimes.

C5H11ONO said...

One letter as written line by line, including the self editing:

It was very kind of you to write me, and I appreciate it very
Much. Coaching at Penn State was an act of love and the many
Wonderful experiences have been a great reward in themselves.
I’ve been quite confined, always searching for purpose. For now
My main purpose is to endure, learn from, and grow from this
Experience. It is very challenging. I exercise, read, meditate, and do
(scractched of what looks like “I”) A lot of writing. I’ve written and continue to write my account of
What has happened. God’s light has warmed with with many letters
of support and motivation. My plan is to continue this battle until
the last whistle blows. My hope is to serve even better purposes.
Each day, my goal is to Embrace each day as a gift. Never
Surrender except to God. Don’t let our circumstances get the best of
Us. Understand God’s presence and purpose. Remain as positive as
Possible. Exercise your mind, body, and spirit. This, too, presents
A challenge. I’m hanging in there. Give my best to your dad.

C5H11ONO said...

It appears that his purpose, his plan and his hope and his goal are all different.
He writes a lot. In fact he self-edited at one point where he wrote: I exercise, read, meditate, and do
A lot of writing. He wrote an “I” after do. Was he going to write “and do I write!”. He inserted/used the word write or a version of it 3 times in this letter. (No lie!).
He states he is “quite” confined. I think he welcomes the confinement though that’s why he weakens the statement. If he felt “confined” he would have said so. I think he has the opportunity to go outside of his cell, but he has chosen to remain “quite” confined.

His plan is to continue “this” (closeness) battle until the last whistle blows. – I believe he expects more whistles to blow before his plan ends. There are several statements where he removed himself from it, so we can’t assume he is committed to the statement. He knows how to use “I” and “my”, but has used “our” in other statements.
“Never surrender except to God” - no pronoun and never is not no.
“Don’t let our circumstances get the best of us” – He’s not saying he doesn’t let his circumstance get the best of him and chose to use plural here “our” and “us”
“Remain as positive as possible” – he’s not saying he is remaining as positive as possible.
“Exercise your mind, body and spirit.” – he’s not saying he is exercising his mind, body and spirit.
He even states “this too presents a challenge” – He is not saying that it presents a challenge to him.
At the very beginning of the letter one of his first statements he conveys was that coaching at Penn State was an act of love. Interestingly enough he perpetrated much of his “acts” on children at Penn State. He is probably including those experiences with this statement.

Jeffssis said...

What I find odd is the repeated use of clich├ęs. Can't the man give an original statement? He says a lot, yet says nothing.
It would seem to me that someone who speaks like that is very guarded and tries very hard not to let anyone get a glimpse of the real person he is--at least not through his mouth.

Anonymous said...

" until the last whistle blows"
might refer to prison sounds

Anonymous said...

OT: is anyone following the supposed python killing of two boys in Canada? I wa suspicious from the start, and nwo this quote hascaught by eye in the Globe and Mail:

Jean-Claude Savoie, owner of Reptile Ocean, said the snake fell through the ceiling of the living room, where Noah and Connor were sleeping. Asked by Global News whether he had heard anything, Mr. Savoie said: “No, that’s the thing. They were sleeping and they never opened their eyes or nothing.”

Huh? How would he know if they opened their eyes unless he was the one who killed them? I have been hoping that Peter or someone else smarter than me would opine on some of thie things being said in this case.

Another article said that there were always "lots of kids" hanging around the "pet store". Granted, that might be normal for an exotic pet store, but it reminded me of what people used to say about Sandusky - he always had kids around him.

Jen said...

Since he was a coach I would think 'until the last whistle blows' is a sports analogy meaning until the end, or until its over.

This also falls under jeffsis pointed out most of his letter is cliche type statements and not his own thoughts/feelings.

Anonymous said...

most of his letter is cliche type statements and not his own thoughts/feelings.
He may be writing a book in prison

Anonymous said...

How would he know if they opened their eyes unless he was the one who killed them?
What if the snake victims who open their eyes while being compressed get bug eyes?

Jen said...

Since he was a coach I would think 'until the last whistle blows' is a sports analogy meaning until the end, or until its over.

This also falls under jeffsis pointed out most of his letter is cliche type statements and not his own thoughts/feelings.

Anonymous said...

Another article said that there were always "lots of kids" hanging around the "pet store". Granted, that might be normal for an exotic pet store, but it reminded me of what people used to say about Sandusky - he always had kids around him.

August 7, 2013 at 3:59 PM
Another creepy article with pictures

Anonymous said...

Mr Savoie, earlier described how he found the boys at 6.30am on Monday and at first thought the boys were just sleeping.

'They were sleeping,' he said in an interview. But 'they didn't even open their eyes or nothing. I thought they were sleeping until I [saw] the hole in the ceiling. I turned the lights on and I [saw] this horrific scene.'

He explained: '[The snake] went through a ventilation system. I don't understand how it did it. It went through the ceiling... and the snake fell into the living room from the ceiling.'

Mr Savoie said that after finding the boys' bodies, he found the snake coiled in a hole nearby, held it down and put it in a cage.

~ABC said...

The large python that is believed to have strangled two young New Brunswick brothers while they slept was being held in the apartment where the boys were sleeping, not in the exotic pet store below, police said Tuesday.

Trigger said...

John said,

...or is Sandusky going to blow the whistle on someone else?"

Good thinking, John.

All those little victims came from broken homes or troubled backgrounds.

Did Jerry have other powerful men that he shared "his boys" with?

Trigger said...

"I exercise,read, meditate, and do a lot of writing. I've written and continue to write my account of what has happened."

Order of importance, first is exercise, second is read, third is meditate, and last is "do a lot of writing."

The least important is continue to write "my account" he does not say that he is going to tell thef truth about "what has happened." He does not deny his sexual abuse or rape of little boys, so he may be referring to his trial and conviction.

He has never said that he is sorry for raping those little boys who were already broken. He cares nothing for their pain and shame. He only cares about his "account."

Trigger said...

"I pulled it to my mouth and coughed on it."

That sounds odd the way it's worded.

Was Jerry comparing "choking up a bat" to a sexual act?

Anonymous said...

Was Jerry comparing "choking up a bat" to a sexual act?

August 7, 2013 at 6:33 PM
Did Jerry have other powerful men that he shared "his boys" with?

August 7, 2013 at 6:04 PM
The victims can probably identify their rapists

sidewalk super said...

Snakes usually consume what they have strangled, and I've never heard of two victims, both left lying unconsumed.

this story doesn't make sense.

Maybe the "pet" owner hoped consumption would be what happened when he put the snake in with two already dead boys.

sidewalk super said...

sandusky is a pasty face pervert who will have lots of time for his new hobby. Just keep right on writing, finally you are where you cannot hurt more young children...

Whistles are used by referees on the field in football games.

OldPsychNurse said...

Jerry's dad was extremely similar to Jerry. He operated a local charity for disadvantaged kids, was considered to be a local "saint" (could therefore, get away with a lot more suspicious activity than others), and only had one child in an age with no birth control other than abstinence. This wouldn't send up red flags except that Jerry was his offspring. The following statement makes me nauseated and not because Jerry is a narcissist.

" I pulled it to my mouth and coughed on it. He knew he had a genius on his hands."

Lemon said...

I agree with OldPsycheNurse.

annie said...

If these people wanted to make some money, they'd hire someone to put them on eBay. I think they would have made quite a lot of money.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Autumn Pasquale's 16-year-old killer pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter today after admitting he strangled and choked the Clayton Middle School student to death last October.

Justin Robinson was 15 when he was arrested alongside his brother Donte, then 17, in Clayton, New Jersey, just days after the 12-year-old girl went missing in 2012.

Robinson was 'voluntarily waved to adult court' during his hearing on Wednesday morning and pleaded guilty to Judge Walter Marshall Jr, reported.

The teenager now faces up to 17 years in prison for the crime, 85 per cent of which must be completed before he's eligible for parole.

His brother Donte also faces charges but today's hearing only focused on Justin, who will be sentenced in September.

Autumn Pasquale's body was found in a recycling bin on an abandoned property next door to the brothers' home.

She was found just days after she went missing in October and the brothers were arrested within hours of her body being located.

Police believe the teens lured 12-year-old 'tomboy' Autumn to their home under the pretense of trading bike parts and killed her.

An autopsy concluded she had died from 'blunt force trauma, consistent with strangulation'. She was also beaten. There was no evidence of sexual assault.

Just three months after her killing, Autumn's parents began fighting over the money that community members donated to help ease the financial burdens of their daughter's tragic death.
The divorced parents, Jennifer Cornwell and Anthony Pasquale, were squabbling over $100,000 in memorial donations.

Heartbroken members of the community in Clayton donated the money - first to secure a reward when Autumn went missing on October 20, and later to pay for funeral expenses after her body was found stuffed in a recycling bin at a neighbor's house.

Autumn's mother Jennifer filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband Anthony in February after he removed her name from the memorial fund bank account, which had about $85,000 remaining.

She asked a judge to give her half the money and order Anthony Pasquale to stop making decisions about Autumn's grave site and headstone without her.

Autumn's disappearance in October brought together the southern New Jersey town where she lived and - briefly - reunited her parents who had been separated since 2002.

Ms Cornwell, said her ex-husband took Cornwell’s name off the memorial fund bank account that they had agreed to control together to pay for their daughter’s funeral, legal expenses and help with the college education for their two surviving children.
She also says her ex-husband had refused to consult her on what the girl’s headstone should say.

Ms Cornwell asked a judge to split the memorial fund so that each parent could have partial control and to bar Mr Pasquale from completing the headstone design without Ms Cornwell’s input.

Court filings lay out acrimony between the girls’ parents: Cornwell moved out in 2002 when her children were 4, 3, and 1 years old.

Though the parents legally had joint custody, they spent most of their time living with their father.

The couple were divorced in 2005, seven years after they married
Cornwell says her ex-husband did not inform her that their middle daughter was missing until two hours after police were called on October 20.

Pasquale says his ex-wife picked up items left at a funeral home by mourners without his permission. She contends he said it would be OK. He also says she was wrong to withhold money from a fundraiser from the fund.

She says the money - a $15,500 check plus unspecified cash - is in a safe-deposit box where she placed it after learning she no longer had control of the bank accou

Read more:

John Mc Gowan said...



Boys in snake attack asphyxiated, RCMP say:


Preliminary autopsy results on two New Brunswick boys who were killed after an African rock python escaped its enclosure in Campbellton, N.B., show they died from asphyxiation, RCMP said Wednesday, as questions lingered about how the large snake came to be in the possession of a pet store.

The pathologist completed the autopsies on Noah and Connor Barthe on Tuesday.

"At least right now we have a cause of death. Even though we still need some reports from the pathologist to be forwarded, that's going to help the investigation to move forward," RCMP Sgt. Alain Tremblay told CBC News.

"Our investigators are looking at all aspects of this tragic incident, and that will take some time," he said of the investigation into the deaths of Noah, 4, and Connor, 6.

John Mc Gowan said...

Asphyxiated is very vague.

Asphyxiation, or death due to a lack of oxygen, can have many causes, including strangulation or compression of the neck, suffocation, drowning, choking, and hanging.

In the case of strangulation, the autopsy would typically reveal injury to the neck caused by manual compression, something tied around the neck, or hard blows to the neck, which can damage the larynx and lead to suffocation. Hallmarks of strangulation include bruises, fingernail or ligature marks on the neck, bleeding in the throat area, and a fracture of the hyoid bone, a U-shaped bone located at the base of the tongue.

Evidence of suffocation include petechial hemorrhages - red splotches - in the eyes, face, lungs, and neck area.

Physical evidence suggestive of suffocation would include the presence of petechial hemorrhages in the eyes, face, lungs, and neck area. Petechiae are tiny purple or red spots on the skin that are caused by small areas of bleeding under the skin.

If it was caused by the snake
would there be any traces of the snake left on their bodies,oils,skin,scales etc,and would there be fibres of clothing on the snake if the boys were wearing pajamas,if not would there be Epithelial tissue left on the snake?...So many questions so little information..

Anonymous said...

The snake was Evil.

Anonymous said...

Snakes dont attack humans/children,unless they are trained to attack them,as humans make"noise"when threatened,

texas granma has a baboons anus said...

Snakes eat Amanda.

Mainah said...

OT: I just feel like sharing some vintage '65 Bob Dylan w/ y'll this mornin'


texas granma has a baboons anus said...

Im dancing!!!! Thank you mainah!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any songs by "snakey fart fart"????????,Observer

Anonymous said...

Snakes will only attack humans If"cornered".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A snake (like other)mammals will try to avoid conflict,unless goaded into battle by its owner.

palaminodee said...

red flags are flying for me re: the snake case...not buying it...the guy needs to be investigated. the photos are totally disturbing.

Anonymous said...

What photos?

Anonymous said...

Palimoddee answer"anon"you ignorant lump of TURD,Observer

fizzy pop got any fizzy pop trev? said...

The real"snake"is the snake "owner".

Anonymous said...

The Boys name is"noah"shouldbt there be two Snakes*

John Mc Gowan said...


Hope for Hailey facebook
4 August.

Hoping our Hope For Hailey families are having a nice Sunday. I've decided I need contacts to touch base often with in EACH dept involved in our case, hoping to be able to bring updates & news for us soon. Of course at the top of my list- who & why & what. I want LE to know every detail, however I only want minimal on what,just would like to know it was quick & painless for Hailey. I've been told by several LE I won't be told until I get her back. Texas Rangers are over what's going on with Hailey's remains & them being released, so i'll be bugging them this week again, as well as following up with my ccpd contact who's investigating a tip passed to them last week. Kelsey Rivera did promise me that Hailey still is & will remain a priority for them. Let's keep praying for a confession. Please call tips to Snyder LE @ 325-573-3351.

Tania Cadogan said...

If the boys were asphyxiated by the snake then they will be covered in snake DNA and possible scales.
Since the snake was a constrictor the usal area they target is the torso wrapping themselves around their prey and constricting it's body so every time the prey exhales the snakes squeezes theus preventing the prey from inhaling.
There would also be probably broken ribs.

If the snake 'stangled' then there would be nmarks of constriction on their necks as well as possible marks from the snakes body ( no finger marks or marks from material, there would also be DNA on their necks.

One has to ask if a large snake got into the room either by dropping (in which case why didn't the kids wake up? a 100lb snake will make a lound bang on landing)

How where the bodies placed since restricted breathing would cause one or both boys to wake up, if it were around their necks why or rather how would a snake be able to 'strangle' both of them at the same time? there would be evidence of a strugle as their instincts to breathe would kick in.

Expected is the snake would attack one and then once dead would commence to eat it's prey, snakes don't kill for the hell of it.

I also noted the strange langauge from the adults which has got my SA sending up flags.

Emotion in the perfect place springs to mind, the boys had a super "perfect" day before they died.

There were no squabbles everything was perfect, too perfect.

A perfect day ( a la Maddie McCann saying she had the best day ever prior to being "abducted" or rather killed)

I would suggest LE polygraph all the adults present in the house that day and during the night.

I would also like to see statements from all the adults as what i have seen so far is making me go hmmmm

Tania Cadogan said...

A burglar who stabbed a 79-year-old woman to death has confessed to the crime after a decade claiming he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Simon Hall, 35, was jailed for life in 2003 for the attack on Joan Albert at her home in Capel St Mary, Suffolk.

His case was investigated by the BBC series Rough Justice in 2007 and his claims of innocence also won the backing of ex-Ipswich MP Chris Mole.

Police said Hall had now admitted his guilt to prison authorities.

Mrs Albert was found dead in her hallway and had suffered at least five stab wounds inflicted with a carving knife from her kitchen.

Her family said in a statement: "During the last 10 years the publicity surrounding the appeals has been very distressing making moving on impossible.

"But we would like to thank Suffolk Police, including Roy Lambert and his team who carried out the original investigation, to present day officers who continue to support us."

Hall's case had been taken to the Court of Appeal in 2011 but the judges upheld his conviction.

His legal team had cast doubt on fibres evidence used in his trial.
Joan Albert Joan Albert was found dead in the hallway of her home

In January, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) said it was examining a new claim by Hall that he was carrying out a burglary elsewhere on the day Mrs Albert's body was found, but said this had now been dropped.

Retired Det Supt Roy Lambert, who led the original inquiry, said: "I've always been satisfied that he was responsible for killing Joan.

"Lots and lots of people were supporting him, MPs were supporting him and now he's deceived all of them because all along he's known that he's done it."

Suffolk Police said: "We sincerely hope that Simon Hall's admissions to having committed this brutal crime will in some way enable the family to move on with their lives."

Hall's original trial at Norwich Crown Court heard Mrs Albert, a former hairdresser, was the victim of a "sudden, savage and brutal attack" after a burglary attempt went wrong.
Online messages

When Hall, originally of Hill House, Ipswich, was sentenced in 2003, he was given a minimum tariff of 15 years in jail.

Hall's wife Stephanie ran the Justice 4 Simon campaign for many years in an attempt to free him from prison and Hall regularly sent online messages to his supporters.

In the most recent post on the Justice4SimonHall website, which is no longer available to the public, he wrote about how he was preparing to be released from prison.

Last month he said he had been moved to Hollesley Bay open prison in Suffolk and preparations were under way for him to be released to a bail hostel.

But Hall claimed plans for him to be allowed on day release had been blocked after Mrs Albert's family asked that he be excluded from Ipswich because of its proximity to the crime scene.

The Ministry of Justice said a confession by a person serving a life sentence would have "no impact" on the minimum tariff they would have to serve before being considered for release.

Tania Cadogan said...

I feel sorry for those who were taken in by his claims of innocence, those who donated, those who defended him.
It must be horrible to realise you have been taken in by a murder, that you too have become one of his victims.

I can't but help look at the similarities in the way he used the media, the public, sundry organisations and even MPs to avoid justice and the way the mccanns are following the self same pattern although so far they have managed to stay out of criminal court (apart from against Goncalo Amaral whereupon they tried to come to an agreement acceptable to him if they withdrew. It is almost unheard of for a plaintiff to drop a case against a defendant. Methinks they don't want to appear in court since they will face jail for perjury, plus their own lawyers have admitted they only have the mccanns word it was an abduction)

Having looked through the levenson enquiry it is clear kate committed perjury buy claiming there were no body fluids in the hire car!

Tania Cadogan said...

A killer who has spent over a decade protesting that he is the victim of a miscarriage of justice has finally admitted that he is in fact guilty.

Simon Hall, 35, was jailed for life in 2003 after murdering Joan Albert, 79, at her home in Capel St Mary, Suffolk.

Widow Mrs Albert was found in her hallway in December 2001 having been stabbed five times.

Mr Hall had protested his innocence ever since, launching a series of appeals in court, and his claims were even investigated by BBC series Rough Justice in 2007.

His plea that he was the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice won the backing of ex-Ipswich MP Chris Mole and Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell.

Mr Hall was charged with murder in July 2002 and convicted the following year by a unanimous jury who gave him a life sentence at Norwich Crown Court.

A dedicated team of more than 20 detectives had carried out a long, complex hunt called Operation Magdala to secure his conviction.

However, the former power company office worker maintained that he was stealing CD players from a shop in Ipswich as his alibi and submitted two applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to reconsider his case.
Detective Superintendent Roy Lambert, who led the investigation, said today that he felt 'vindicated' by the confession.

He explained that there were very few lines of inquiry and clues at the time of the murder, making it a very difficult case that took a great deal of perseverance.

Mr Lambert said: 'It took us several months to identify Simon Hall because of the limited amount of evidence.

'He was eventually caught with regards to fibres that were found at his home and in his car. They were linked directly to the murder scene and Joan Albert herself.'

In a letter to local journalist Colin Adwent at the East Anglian Daily Times in July 2009, Hall protested: 'To this day I have maintained that I am innocent of this crime and many people believe that to be the case.'

'I don't know if I will get my chance back in court to prove my innocence but I will keep fighting to that end.'

In January 2011 Hall’s wife Stephanie even put up a £10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the 'real killer' of Mrs Albert.

Now that Hall, from Ipswich, has admitted his crime to prison authorities, his campaign and the case can be finally closed.

The website Justice4SimonHall this morning displayed the message: 'This site is closed.'

A Suffolk Police spokesman said: 'Over the 10 years since Hall’s conviction there have been a number of appeals and campaigns which have asserted that Simon Hall was wrongfully convicted of Mrs Albert’s murder.

'These events and the related uncertainty have undoubtedly exacerbated the suffering Mrs Albert’s family have had to endure since Joan was murdered
'We sincerely hope that Simon Hall’s admissions to having committed this brutal crime will in some way enable the family to move on with their lives.'

Retired hairdresser Joan Albert, whose husband Cyril died in the early 1990s, was born in Suffolk, one of seven children.

Mrs Albert went on to work as a hairdresser along with her two sisters, Madge and Kathleen.

She lived with her parents until marrying late in life to Cyril, a widower from Sevenoaks, Kent.

The couple met on a Caribbean cruise and after moved to Capel St Mary when Cyril retired. They did not have any children together.

In a statement last night, her relatives said: 'During the last 10 years the publicity surrounding the appeals has been very distressing for our family, making moving on impossible, but we would like to thank Suffolk Police.

'We are also grateful to those who have helped us throughout this difficult ordeal.'

Tania Cadogan said...

Website, a Manchester-based organisation which supports innocent people in prison, still has his old version of events online that reads: 'Simon was convicted of murder despite the fact that forensic and DNA evidence did not place him at the scene of the crime'.

They were unavailable for comment this morning.

Mr Hall's mother said she was stunned by her son's murder confession and still insists he did not do it.

Lynne Hall said: I'm absolutely shocked because I know he is innocent and I still believe he is. I know he has been really low and in hospital recently. He's given up.'

Read more:

Shelley said...

This is why I so strongly belive in the death penalty.

You watch this guy get out early for good behavior (no kids in jail so hes safe from offending in there)


He will get off for some other reason.

I think I have seen enough bad choices by judges in the last few years letting out violent criminals who go on to offend and even worse, kill... that I dont have the faith in the system.

So killing them solves that problem.

If this guy gets out, he will do it again.

Shelley said...

Anon 3:59 good catch with the...

"They were sleeping and they never opened their eyes or nothing.”

OMG. That to me says I was looking right at them.

Shelley said...

So, anyone want to do SA on this statment that Hobnob posted.

I really want to see analysis done on cases like this where they later own up to the crime. It helps prove the accuracy.

I have asked a few times for Peter to do a case like this where they admit it... or a case where the real criminal later was found where we can see from the statments made by the wrongly accused and how they showed honesty.

Here was the quote again from Hobnobs post earlier.



'To this day I have maintained that I am innocent of this crime and many people believe that to be the case.'

'I don't know if I will get my chance back in court to prove my innocence but I will keep fighting to that end.'

Tania Cadogan said...

At no point does he say i didn't kill/murder..
what stood out in particular was 'To this day I have maintained that I am innocent of this crime and many people believe that to be the case.'

This is close, that is distancing.
he maintains he is innocent, this would be the perfect place to say i did not kill/murder, lying is stressful so he cannot and does not say it.

he doesn't tell us he is innocent even, he uses the word maintain in relation to his innocence.
I could maintain the moon is made of green cheese, it doesn't make it true.

He uses the word This in relation to the crime, making him close to it rather than the expected distancing word That

He then goes on to tell us many people believe that to be the case.
He syas many people yet doesn't tell us how many people there are or who these people are.
What is his definition of many?

Many people believe, leaves it open for other people to disbelieve his innocence.
Again we see the word That in relation to beliving his innocence to be the case.
Expected would be the word This making the belief close in relation to his innocence, yet he uses That which distances the people's belief in his innocence.

He tells us he is innocent, he does not and until now did not, tell us he did not commit murder.
If the subject can't or won't tell us they didn't do whatever, we cannot do it for them.

I wonder what has brought his change of tune, is he due for a parole hearing and knows he has no chance of parole until she admits his guilt and shows remorse?

I see similarities between this case and the many cases of parent killing their children.

The website that was supporting his claims of innocence is now down. I wonder how many donated to his fund, how many were taken in by him.
Since he has now confessed could he face charges of obtaining money by deception from those who donated in the belief of his claims of innocence.

Until the moment they are found guilty, all suspects are presumed innocent and will loudly tell us so.
There have been cases where guilty people have used the innocence project or sought DNA tests and have again been proven to be guilty.
I wonder why they do so?
Is it because they believe they can beat the DNA test, is it to get attention?

dadgum said...

Re the girl not reported missing for 2 years..her sister was reported the same day when thought to be missing.

John Mc Gowan said...


Dylan Redwine update:

Dylan Redwine’s dad offers theories about son’s disappearance in videos.

DENVER – A month after investigators discovered the remains of missing teen Dylan Redwine, the missing teen’s father is using Facebook to share his thoughts on a possible theory for his son’s disappearance.

On two Dylan Redwine facebook pages, Mark Redwine has posted videos that describe the area where his son’s remains were found. The videos, which are taken by a cell phone, are meant to explore the possibility that Dylan wandered into the woods on his own to access cell service.

“This is all speculative, that if he couldn’t get reception being down in the valley on the road that I live at my house, he thought by trying to get to higher ground he may able to get cell phone service on his cell phone,” said Mark Redwine in a phone interview with FOX31 Denver Tuesday.

Since vanishing in November 2012, Mark Redwine has been labeled a person of interest in the case by other members of the Redwine family. The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office does not consider Mark Redwine a suspect in the case.
To watch the videos for yourself, check the Facebook page out here:!/JusticeForDylanRedwine

John Mc Gowan said...


Hope for Hailey shared Billie Jean Dunn's photo.


Thank you army for keeping the focus on these victims,helping them & others. 8-11-13 @ 9 a.m central time.

Hailey will be spotlighted on Angels on Air's 75th episode 8-11-13,thank you Kathleen Moore & Candy Stevens.

John Mc Gowan said...


Apologies if this has been posted before.

Hailey Dunn Case - Shawn Adkins - The Slasher Video..

Pause it @ 1:52,does anyone know who it is that has been edited out of the photo.?

Anonymous said...

@ 0:46 Has the knife SA's holding been tested for Hailey's DNA?

another view said...


another view said...

Alternative headlines for Al-Qaida victory over US embassies
by Larry Geller

The Obama administration has opened the floodgates for parody headlines by shutting down its own embassies based on “chatter” overheard on the Internet. Below, we’ll try out a few to see if they’ll fly.

If you are a believer, then it seems that Al-Qaida has succeeded in shutting down US embassies in the mid-East and Africa without firing a single shot or expending even one suicide bomber.

Behind the terror alert, if you believe, is intelligence of a threat so powerful that not only have 22 diplomatic missions been shut down until Saturday, but maybe their summer vacation will be extended until the end of August. Meanwhile, the US is out of business in those countries—no visas issued, no weapons sales completed, no coups planned.

Yes, the US has been shut down by what could simply be a cyber prank. Knowing that the NSA is listening, why not whisper sweet threats in its giant ear?

That could be the whole thing—a bunch of kids tweeting in Arabic from their smartphones or laptops. Meanwhile, if they didn’t know the NSA was listening earlier, since they know now, any terrorist worthy of the name is communicating by passing handwritten notes in class or stuffed into fortune cookies where US drones can’t see them.

Sooner or later someone will figure out that Al-Qaida is now able to twist the US around its little finger. Look: with just a few words planted on the Internet, the US superpower has been brought to its knees, made to close up shop in the mid-East. I’m surprised that Obama doesn’t see the implications of being made to close his embassies.

The popular wisdom in the subservient mainstream press is that this mass capitulation to an enemy that we’ve claimed is losing our war against terror demonstrates that the outrageous NSA spying program revealed by Edward Snowden is justified.

In the alternative press, there’s a thread of disbelief, holding that the Obama administration is staging terror alerts and embassy closings much as its predecessors did in order to win public opinion and get out of a really bad spot with the ongoing NSA spying revelations.

I haven’t seen the suggestion yet, but with all these embassies closed and no personnel at risk, how about a little “false flag” attack to really win the US public over to the side of increased phone tapping? Short of that, any explosion at one or more of the shuttered embassies would certainly generate sympathy.

As the 1964 presidential election approach, President Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, was being blasted by Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater for not being sufficiently aggressive in Vietnam. The Johnson Administration responded by claiming inaccurately that North Vietnamese gunboats attacked a US ship in international waters near the Gulf of Tonkin. Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in October, the US sent combat troops to South Vietnam, and in November Johnson won by a landslide.

[The Guardian (UK), As an American, I question the US travel alerts and embassy closures, 8/5/2013]

It would be foolish for any opponent to go after operating US embassies with sticks and stones, but if one believes the Obama administration, all it took was a few words to hurt them.

dadgum said...

Horseback riders met them in the wilderness, car has been found in Idaho..

Tess said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Family members say missing 15-year-old had painful life.

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Investigators told Eyewitness News that Erica Parsons' adoptive parents lied for two years about where she was.

Casey and Sandy Parsons told their family Erica was going to live with her grandmother in Asheville.

Eyewitness News checked and that grandmother died about five years ago.

Now, investigators said the Parsons are lying and family members said they know why.

On Wednesday night, family members of 15-year-old Erica sat down only with Eyewitness News to express their hurt, sorrow and disgust over the disappearance of the young girl nearly two years ago.

They said they found out a week ago on Wednesday that Erica was missing, but since 2011, family members said they were told the adopted girl was living in Asheville with her birth family.

"I don't know of any family member she could go and visit. Never been made aware of any family member that ever existed,"(This is the only part he drops the pronoun "I",why the none committal?) said one family member.

Family members said Erica has had a painful life for as long as they can remember.

"I don't think I've ever seen Erica not scared," said a family member, "You couldn't speak to her because she was being punished you couldn't look at her, she couldn't look at you," the family member said.

"I have witnessed some of the abuse myself, yeah I know she was abused."

Family members said although it pains them to think that Erica is no longer alive on Wednesday night, they do have some sense of peace.

"Sad but at the same time I feel like that Erica where she's at now is in a much better place than what she had here on earth," said a family member.

dadgum said...

Thank you, John..
I hadn't checked y local news for a day or two. Sadly, this sounds like she was the family scapegoat..

Pineapple said...

Maybe this site has made me paranoid, but the dad's comments hint at deception for me. I don't know if he thinks his daughter went away willingly or what, but he hasn't issued a very tortured/worried plea for his daughter's return. And the plea he did issue was odd. To me.

Peter could you look at it?

Posted: 08/08/2013
Last Updated: 1 day ago

SAN DIEGO - The father of two missing children spoke Thursday about his family's ties with the man suspected in the kidnapping.

Brett Anderson expressed shock at the possibility that his longtime friend, 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio, kidnapped his 16-year-old daughter Hannah and possibly his 8-year-old son Ethan, and allegedly killed his ex-wife Christina Anderson.

Authorities confirmed Thursday that tips are coming in, but concern is growing for Hannah's safety.

"We are very concerned for Hannah … that is a dangerous and desperate person," said sheriff's Lt. Glenn Giannantonio.

The charred remains of a child consistent with that of an 8-year-old boy was also found inside DiMaggio's Boulevard home. Police are awaiting DNA test to confirm if the child is Ethan.

Anderson described Ethan as someone who wore his heart on his sleeve.

"He would give, do anything for everybody, loved everybody," he said. "He was just my buddy."

Anderson said in an interview that the hardest part is still ahead of him.

"I believe the hardest thing emotionally is still to come, when I have to go … and start cleaning out apartments and rooms," he said.

Anderson said DiMaggio has known Hannah since she was six months old.

"He was always around and we always did stuff together as a family," he said. "Sometimes [DiMaggio] took the kids camping, but we just were just very good friends."

Anderson said he was at a loss as to why DiMaggio would commit the alleged crimes.

"You know, I've come up blank," he said. "I've been through every scenario in my brain. There was nothing to show any indication of this, everybody you could even talk to loved him."

As he awaits word about his daughter, Anderson has the following words for DiMaggio.

"You've taken everything, the damage is done," he said. "Just let my daughter go, let her go home safe and let her be with me and try to mend things from there."

On Tuesday evening, Anderson also addressed the suspect through the news media. He also directed a few urgent comments to his daughter.

"Hannah, we all love you very much," he said at the Tuesday. "If you have a chance, you take it. You run. You'll be found."

An arrest warrant has been issued for DiMaggio

Anonymous said...

"He was always around and we always did stuff together as a family," he said. "Sometimes [DiMaggio] took the kids camping, but we just were just very good friends."

The "but" is odd- why not "and"? What's sensitive about the camping trips?

"You know, I've come up blank," he said. "I've been through every scenario in my brain. There was nothing to show any indication of this, everybody you could even talk to loved him."

"You know" wants to to take for granted he doesn't know why. "Come up blank" seems like a "no idea," same with "every scenario," "nothing...any indication."

"Could even talk to"? Seems weak. Not sure he wants us to ask people. Why "loved" him past tense? Is this referring to the son or the suspect? If son, past tense seems accurate since its pretty clear he died in the fire. If he truly has no idea why the friend would do this, why does he defend him? Or is it possible the friend is dead, hence past tense? Or just knowing he's a criminal, he's no longer loved?

The words to suspect and daughter don't seem as hinky to me, but much of the language about why DiMaggio would do this indicates deception. I'd say in hindsight, the father thinks e should have known DiMaggio was no good, but doesn't want to look neglectful.

- Buckley

Anonymous said...

Update on DiMaggio and the teenager

- Buckley

Anonymous said...

What's sensitive about the camping trips?
The horror of hindsight
his longtime friend, 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio, kidnapped his 16-year-old daughter Hannah and possibly his 8-year-old son Ethan, and allegedly killed his ex-wife Christina Anderson.

~ABC said...

If this blog has a spam filter I'm sure adding just one word to it would stop 98% of the silly posts.

lol Can anyone guess the word??

~ABC said...


More black on white hate crimes? Cops say it was retaliation. How can we know??

John Mc Gowan said...


Kentucky jury acquits Joshua Young in beating death of stepbrother Trey Zwicker..

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Adoptive parents of Erica Parsons speak out.Weve done nothing wrong.

There are four clips here.

Clip 3:45 shows more of the interview with the adoptive parents.

The is also a short clip of the adoptive grandmother,and a audio clip of Erica's biological mother.


On Thursday morning, the Parsons told WBTV they wanted to get their side of the story out, saying the last week and half has been very difficult.

"It's hard," Casey Parsons told WBTV. "It's a nightmare – worst thing YOU can think of."

NB:She says,"its the worst thing YOU can think"I would expect her to use first person singular"I" given its her adoptive daughter.

Casey and Sandy Parsons say they didn't do anything wrong. They say when Erica went for a THREE-week Christmas visit with her paternal grandmother – they believed she would be fine.

A THREE week Christmas visit.

We note the number THREE to be the liars number.That is,if you ask someone to pick a number between 1/9 the liar will often times choose the number three.(McClish)

They say when Erica called two months later to say she was wasn't coming back - they accepted it. Now there's a police investigation.

"[Police said] we had killed Erica and buried her in our backyard," Casey Parsons said. "We told them 'Go do what you want to the house. Look. Go dig the yard up. Erica is not in THIS yard. Erica is fine. She's with NAN - she's with her GRANDMOTHER'."

"Erica is not in THIS yard"Could she be in someone else's yard,or for that matter buried somewhere else.

"We had done nothing wrong to these kids or Erica. Nothing," Casey Parsons said. "Even the social worker wrote on the paper we had nothing, there was nothing wrong with us to put our kids in danger."

"She WAS teenager. She WAS with her GRANDPARENT – completely safe, having fun, and just loving her life," Casey Parsons said. "She loves NAN. I met Nan. I talked to NAN. NAN is a very good lady."

"She WAS teenager. She WAS with her GRANDPARENT"

This is not good Erica is being refered to in the past tense.

NB the change from Grandparent to Nan.There are no synonyms in Statement Analysis.When someone choose a word,for instance.I saw the CAR,then the car is changed to vehicle,unless there is a change in reality deception is noted,i dont see any change in reality for her to go from Grandmother to Nan and back again.

NAN+ 5

Grandparent+ 3.

There is a lot of sensitivity surrounding "Nan/Grandparent.

The most significant thing for me, there is no RELIABLE DENIAL..

dadgum said...

John..the grandmother had died 3 years before Erica 'went missing'. The statement "Erica is fine. She's with Nan..she is with her grandmother" is of great concern, knowing this.

Also, parents state Erica visited her grandmother 3 times, and refused to come home after the 3rd visit.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Erica's biological mum speaks out..

"She is my biological daughter,i am very very concerned for her safety,im very concerned about her whereabouts.I want her to know i do still love her i always have and i always will.

Call somebody.Call rowan county.If the only thing you can think to do is pick up the phone and call anybody..

Don't not do anything.This is a kid this is my kid.Imagine if it was you,how would you feel,i feel like im in some body's nightmare and they will not wake up and let me out..

Why hasn,t the biological mother not mentioned before,that she hasn,t seen her daughter?.

This case gets more confusing every time i read about it