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2nd Language Analysis: Sweden-English

We can do a basic or somewhat distant analysis in the 2nd language.  See various posts from Nuremberg transcripts.  

In such cases, although we cannot flag nuance, we can overall:

*Note priority within order
*Note sensitivity indicators such as:
a.  Refusing to answer a question
b.  Answering a question with a question
c.  Deflection, tangent 

Similar to contaminated statements, there are times where we know the source of contamination, void some sensitivity indicators (considering that some responses are not 'sensitive' in that they are in response to questioning that just took place.  We also cannot analyze "new language" as we cannot discern if the wording is that of the subject or from contamination from the Interviewer. 

The following is from Gatestone and is translated into English.  The setting:

The increasingly known rape and violence at the hands of migrants into Sweden, and the failure of the government to vet, to close the borders, to institute the rule of law that says that a refugee is to settle in the first non war country which he lands in.  Contextually, it is 

"The right of the refugee versus the right of a people to be safe" that was taken to this political official.  Introduced with:  

  • The atmosphere on Swedish social media is now almost revolutionary. People post videos of themselves accusing the government of murder, of filling Sweden with violent people.
  • When Alexandra Mezher was murdered, she was alone in the residence with ten asylum seekers. She was stabbed by one of the "children" she cared for.
  • When National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson appeared on the "Good Morning Sweden" TV show, the day after Mezher's murder, he expressed sympathy for the murderer, but barely mentioned the victim. This sparked frenzied outrage on social media.

Gatestone Institute called Sofia Häggmark, a non-partisan official at the Department of Justice unit for migration rights. Here is the Q & A:
Q. Should everyone get to seek asylum in Sweden, even if it leads to Sweden's undoing?

A. "The right of asylum is very strong. We have international rules and EU rules that say that if a person comes to an EU country, that person has a right to seek asylum."

Q.  Is it all right to say no if there are groups in your country that are being threatened by the asylum seekers -- minority populations such as Roma, Jews and Sami [Lapp]? Or that Sweden cannot afford it?

A.  "No, if a person has grounds for asylum or risks the death penalty or torture in their home country, you cannot deny them asylum."

Q.  Is it not the Swedish government's primary task to protect Sweden and the Swedish people?

A.  "We need to abide by international rules; we are obliged to do that. We can be dragged before the Court of Justice of the European Union if we do not allow people to seek asylum."

Q.  Which is more important – Swedish lives, or the risk that you might end up before the Court of Justice of the European Union?

A.  "I cannot answer that question; I can only tell you what the rules are."

Q.  So you are saying that if 30 million people come here to kill us, we have no defense, we cannot stop it?

A  "I can only tell you that the right of asylum gives very strong protection."

Q.  But not for the Swedes?

A.  "If a person kills someone here in Sweden, the criminal justice system handles that and tries them. We need to look at every individual asylum case."

Q.  Do you think it has ever happened at any time in the history of the world that a country cared more for the citizens of other countries than its own?

A.  "I cannot answer that. But there is no rule that sets a limit for how many [asylum seekers] Sweden can accept."

Q.  So there is no plan for what to do when the country is full and the citizens are scared?

A.  "No, there is not."

Q.  Do you personally think that feels okay?

A.  "I cannot answer that. That is not my job."

Q. If several millions of Muslims come here and implement Sharia law, then the right of asylum has effectively contributed to abolishing the democracy in our country, replacing the Swedish people and annihilating the whole concept of Sweden. Have none of you pondered these fateful issues?

A.  "I understand your thoughts."


Hey Jude said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you again Mr Hyatt for helping to bring attention to the insanity of Sweden.

Anonymous said...

If tourism and vacationing to Europe dies maybe then it'll be someones 'job' to seriously consider why no one trusts the authorities

Grace4Ayla said...

I am gobsmacked. Speechless even and that rarely happens.

ima.grandma said...

A single thought overrides everything else in her narrative - the rights of asylum seekers - without compromise; without weighing consequences.

The moral superiority of politicians costs a lot of money, and you can bet they won't be the ones paying for it. 

Fight the Power Sweden!

Anonymous said...

The people of Sweden are like lambs to the slaughter. They should an increase in rapes and murders at the hands of their Muslim refugees and more indifference from their leaders for their pain and suffering.

What a horrible thing.

Maybe the U.S. should give the Swedish citizens political asylum instead of the Syrians who reek havoc and destroy the culture of those who pity them.

lynda said...

What is the outcome of this?? This country will go to war within itself if this problem is not addressed! It is only a matter of time when the people of Sweden gather, organize, and decide to do what the government is not. Jeez

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

DJ Creato enters not guilty plea in son's death

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Swedish officials do not value its citizens over the EU.
I would be angry too, the same thing is happening here in the US.
The citizens really have no voice. Politicians don't care what we want.

trustmeigetit said...

And when did this religious group become more important than any other?

More important that a countries citizens.

Look at the countries they fled, that will be Sweden if they don't stop it now.

What is happening that your own citizens matter less than te evil coming in?

It's so simple so why is this happening?!?

trustmeigetit said...

It will end up like Syria.

Not sure why those countries continue this same cycle. Destroying and bribing violence...

trustmeigetit said...

And these idiots giving Muslims more power don't realize eventually they will get to them. They may be safe today but they won't be tomorrow.

All the need to do is look at Syria to see their future.

These people will just destroy one country after another.

trustmeigetit said...

I worry next about America. I have lots of Facebook friends that support the refegees coming in. I even had one tell me that the stories in Sweden are lies. That their citizens are not suffering.

Another friend posted a video of the shambles Syria is in...yet didn't think for a moment that if we let them in, that could be America...

How have people become so blind.

It's simple. To control violence you contain it. You don't allow it freedom.

Muslims are breeding evil.

It must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I think the Swedish political system needs an explanation. There are 8 parties, 4 on the right-wing and 3 on the left-wing. The right-wing consists of liberals and former conservatives. The left-wing consists of social democrats and former communists. Then there is a newer party that in media is called the far-right. This party is critical of the level of immigration, in values they are on the right and in the question of social redistribution (?) they are on the left. So they are actually in the middle and not the far-right. If you vote for this party most people keep quiet about it because there is a social stigma, even the prime minister, a social democrat, have called them fascists. This party is very much like what the social democrats themselves were 30 years ago. The whole spectrum of values for all parties is so much to the left that a conservative in any other country would be outside the map.

This xxxxx, from the former conservative party, was our minister of finance for 8 years until 2014.
The Nobel Peace price winner Obama has bombed 7 islamic countries.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "Lonna and I were both involved and now we have to pay the price," Ruben Ebron said at a hearing Friday where he pleaded guilty to four counts related to the death of toddler Lonzie Barton.

In court, Ebron testified that he left Lonzie unattended in the bathtub of the home he shared with the toddler's mother, Lonna Lauramore Barton. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office chief Tom Hackney said Friday that Barton and Ebron were having sex while Lonzie was in the bathtub.

When he and the child's mother returned, the child was face down in the tub, dead.

Prosecutor Rich Mantei said in court that after the death, Barton went to work at Wackos Gentlemens Club.

That's when Ebron staged the elaborate false kidnapping of the child, prompting a massive weeks-long search across the city. An AMBER Alert was issued and hundreds of police officers and volunteers scoured the area.

"He said he panicked and staged a kidnapping," State Attorney Angela Corey said in a press conference after Ebron entered a guilty plea Friday morning.

Ebron admitted to dumping the child's body in the Bayard area on the Southside of Jacksonville. In early January, Ebron led police to the site.

Prosecutors say preliminary evidence confirms that the body they found is little Lonzie's.

In court Friday, Ebron apologized to Lonzie in a statement that partially reads "I failed to protect you from the harm of others, I will and have continued to ask for forgiveness."

In accepting his plea, judge Mark Borello says "Mr. Ebron only you know how much truth is in that statement."

The big question now is what happens to Lonna, First Coast News legal analyst Janet Johnson says. Lonna faces child neglect and other counts but has not yet been charged in the child's death.

Ebron was sentenced to 20 years in state prison on four counts, the most serious being aggravated manslaughter.

Corey said Ebron's attorney approached the state about a plea, saying Lonzie's death was an accident and Ebron was remorseful.

acksonville Sheriff's Office chief Tom Hackney, who became the police face of the search for Lonzie, said Friday "If you don't want your kids or can't care for them, find someone who does."

Hackney says Lonzie's body was found under a pile of tires.

John Mc Gowan said...


Kidnap Scam Sees Mexican Cartels Tricking Victims Into Believing Their Relatives Will Be Killed

Katprint said...

It may be important for Statement Analysis purposes to know that there is an important difference between foreign language "interpretation" versus "translation." "Translators" convert a statement word-by-word from language into another, even if the result loses meaning. By contrast, "interpreters" may change the exact words in order to convey the gist of the meaning, for example the spanish idiom "when frogs grow hair" may become "when pigs fly." One of the reasons I started taking spanish language classes at my local community college was because it was driving me nuts when I represented spanish-speaking defendants who were asked lengthy questions by the court-appointed interpreters, to which they gave lengthy answers and sometimes asked the interpreter a question which was answered by the interpreter, then they gave more lengthy answers, and then interpreter's answer was a one word "yes" or "no." Obviously that was not what the defendants said but that was their official "answer." This happens so often that California has even adopted a standard jury instruction about it:

"California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI)
108. Duty to Abide by Translation Provided in Court

Some testimony will be given in [insert language other than English]. An interpreter will provide a translation for you at the time that the testimony is given. YOU MUST RELY SOLELY ON THE TRANSLATION PROVIDED BY THE INTERPRETER, even if you understand the language spoken by the witness. Do not retranslate any testimony for other jurors. If you believe the court interpreter translated testimony incorrectly, let me know immediately by writing a note and giving it to the [clerk/bailiff/court attendant]." (emphasis added by me.)

My personal favorite was when a court interpreter turned the phrase "pigeonholed" in a question into "pig in a hole." Mangled questions and answers are not reliable.

Also, court reporters in the United States customarily prepare verbatim transcripts where every word, partial word, noise and even relevant gestures are stated with great precision. In many other countries, it is not uncommon for the court reporter to prepare a "report of proceedings" containing a summary/synopsis of who said what instead of a verbatim transcript. If a case in the US requires a deposition or other legal proceeding to happen in a foreign country, the attorneys bring along their own court reporters from the US to ensure that a proper, admissible verbatim transcript is created.

Elizabeth Norway said...

I am fluent in Swedish, the translation is fine.
However, there will always be variations and nuances that are different.

Like the words I didn't do it or I am innocent, does not have the strong impact in the scandinavian countries.
we use other words.

Sweden is lost, and soon we will all follow.
There is no stoppong these lunatics.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thank you, Elizabeth.

I am so sorry for the loss of your country, and think often of the suffering that we have learned about, so little at a time, but so terribly consistent.

We do that which we believe, and I can only offer empathy for what has become your country. If you can, please continue to update and know you have many here in the States that care.


Anonymous said...

For Elisabeth Norway from our phonebooks until the eighties:

"En angripare kommer att försöka lura oss att ge upp, trots att vi kan kämpa vidare.Fienden kommer att säga att motstånd inte lönar sig."


Elizabeth Norway said...

I do not understand what you mean, Anna. Do you want it translated?
If so, here it is.

An attacker will try to trick us into surrender, even though we are able to continue to fight. The enemy will say that resistence will not be worth it.

Elizabeth Norway said...

Thank you so much, Peter.
I am afraid it is too late now. Maybe not for you and me, but for our children and grand children.

I have four children, my youngest daughter just turned four years.

We live in a small village outside Oslo, and we are now starting to get more and more muslims here too. And everything that comes with it.

Schools can no longer tell the history of Jesus without giving equal amount of time to the pedophile "prophet".

Kindergarden will no longer serve our national form of meat, called leverpostei. Because it contains pork.

Every chicken sold has been slaughtered in the name of their "god".

Statement Analysis Blog said...

A multiculturalist leftist began a rant at a meeting and boasted that her son and daughter in law just returned from Germany and would love to live there. Others knew better so they asked her questions.

They left Germany because they could not put their daughter in the school and were scared to death of the Islamics there.

It is the most severe criminal ideology; far worse than Nazism ever dreamed of being, yet the need to protect it shows the self-destructive marriage to a narrative.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Here is a summary article and it is both sad, yet still a warning for the united states.

The only defense I find is either Islamic (tacqua) or leftist narrative of denial. Some include the self loathing element which is contradictory to denial (an admission) but no real answers.

San Francisco has open air urinals surrendering its facade of decency. They voted down freedom of speech posters warning gays about Islamic teaching.

Anonymous above, I am familiar with the phrase "leatherneck" as the purchasing of the Koran by Thomas Jefferson showed a leader that continued to learn. Was he, too, in denial about their "religious" beliefs at first? Regardless, the marines armed themsevles accordingly.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

This is a pastor and historian of whom I have read and listened to for many years. His research is impeccable.

I urge readers to listen to the series on Islam, including supremacy and the Crusades.

for those interested in early American history, and how important definitions of words is, his series on the exploration and founding of America is fascinating, especially if you wish to understand the meaning of "freedom of religion."

I am interested in discussion of such, as I love history, though like others have said, I fear for my children and grandchildren.



The anonymous can email demanding references, perhaps asserting what the historian "can't" or is not permitted to do, according to them.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you again Mr Hyatt for helping to bring attention to the insanity of Sweden.

February 8, 2016 at 9:45 AM Delete


there are patriots in Sweden, Germany, France, and the UK, fighting the good fight, and preparing for defense. They are slandered and libeled, even as they fight for freedom. They are called "Nazi, phobic" and "hateful."

They are threatened, fined, and even now have had short jail sentences, and it is getting worse by the day. Each day, the supremacist rape, injure, or even kill, as we all quake before Islam.

This weekend, in Chicago, I was first "flagged" for testing for bomb residue on my hands.

Then, I was taken out for the full body search; a most humiliating experience.

This is due to Islamic ideology. Prior to 9/11 we had travel to an almost art form, the envy of the world with our efficiency. Now, Islamic ideology has created the hated TSA and we quake before it spending billions of dollars, while daily delaying millions of American free citizens, every day, also subjecting our own people to suspicious and even invasive searches.

We now have the common core with funding sources being backed by Islamic nations? 7 minus 3 does not equal 4?

This is why college kids are coming out as delicate snowflakes praising socialism not understanding the inherent madness and illogic of it, nor considering while they chant, "Bernie! Bernie!" what free college tuition will do to both the quality of the education and to their own paychecks later.

Perhaps the greatest madness is, however, the embracing of the criminal ideology even as it threatens the special interest groups and social justice warriors who propel it. Yet, is there anything more illogical than self destruction?

History has a way of setting a landmark for us, so that, for example, when people say "we are free!" they can know what freedom once looked like, and how it is no longer an element today.

It is time for us to awaken. It was just a short time ago that Democrats and Republicans debated, civilly, one to another, finding common ground in some issues. Now, the gap is no longer able to be bridged. Nazis sold Jewish body parts. Planned Parenthood sells millions more. How does anyone defend that and sleep at night?

God forgive us.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Those I know who feel that abortion is something extreme, and private, between a desperate husband and wife, and their doctor, making terrible and dreadful decisions, and the government should stay out, cannot stomach Planned Parenthood. It is the ultimate cheapening of human life. I was the generation that was told that America was at 200,000,000 people dangerously overpopulated and abortion was necessary.
Some were brave enough to report that blacks were the main business of the abortion industry and its purpose was to reduce the black population.

Now, Merkel told her people that their population was going to go from 80 million down to 70 million in a few decades. If you responded, "so what? Doesn't population go up and down?", you are using logic, with one exemption:


With the German population in decline, she imported Islamic supremacists to replace the falling population because of socialism. Socialism takes responsibility from the people to provide and puts it upon the shoulders of the government. The aging Germans have extreme high socialism benefits without a working class to support it, so began, in earnest, to bring in Mohammad to pay for Han's retirement.

Mohammad has no loyalty towards Hans, however, and unemployment goes for decade after decade of Islamics. The welfare system is imploding.

7 - 3 = unknown in common core, but not in life.

7-10 = a negative balance.

Eventually, you get Greece, but no one to bail her out.

Hence, Islamic revolution in full force.

See some of the countries where the small Islamic population overtook the nations and what happened to freedom and prosperity.

Yes, Sweden prospered for a long time, but are importing debt, daily, besides running their own debt. They think they are god, and god is limitless in wealth.

So even though 7 minus 10 may equal negative 3 in life, but not in Swedish (and American) text books, bills come due.

Dentists in Germany said that they cannot treat their own people because they have to treat migrants.
Landlords are, and will have their properties confiscated.
The homeless in Berlin grow, while criminal migrants are given 3 to 5 star hotel stays.

The Germans hand out pamphlets to teach the Islamic not to defecate in the street, assuming the Islamic does not know to use a toilet.

They know.

They know rape is wrong, too.

They are exerting their supremacy.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I recognize that this sounds "PC" and leftists, but it is true:

Muslims are victims of Islam.

Think of Islam as an ideology and not a people, nor a race. It is an ideology.

They are born into it.
It appeals to the basest levels of human nature.
It is given to them in extreme memorization/repetition.
It is given to them with the hormonal increase due to violence.
Following close marital laws, they inbreed and have historically the lowest IQs: this means poor impulse control.
This floods the Child Protective Services in the lands they migrate to
They have more children than anyone else
The Islamic nations represent the lowest GDP of the world
They do not report crime statistics but are the most violent, and where they go, goes violence
They are taught sexual violence. Whereas the average man will not be sexually aroused in rape, they are taught it from childhood on up.
Then, at the mosques, they target the weakest for jihad. This is exploitation.

They are trapped in an ideology that destroys.
Then, they are told if they leave, they will die.

It is always eye opening to read accounts of Muslims who leave Islam when, they say, they read the Koran for the first time in their lives and found it to be disgusting, violent, bloody, etc. They had to recited to them, but never really sat down and read it for themselves.

When a society does not know right from wrong, or male from female, it is ripe for such a powerful black and white ideology. When this is combined with the deliberate dumbing down of our children in school, it echoes a society ready to fall.

As even some liberals say, "One cannot have a welfare state and no borders. It cannot exist in this manner for very long." It is impossible to sustain.

Redistribution of wealth means that someone has the power to take from one and give to another. Which side of that equation are you on?

For the atheist, it is safer to raise a family in a neighborhood where the person on your left, and the person on your right, was raised with "thou shalt not steal" instead of supremacy ideology that says, "I am supreme to you. If you have more than me, it is due to fraud and I, with the help of my god, will take it from you, even if I must kill you, to make things just."

Obama tells us the threat is not Islam, but Christians with guns.
Obama tells us that those who are obedient to the koran in killing, are not Islamic.
Obama tells us that guns kill people, and the city of Chicago, with strict gun laws, needs more gun laws because criminals will obey the gun laws.
Obama tells (or told, now) that Europe is safe without guns. This narrative has been dropped.
Each time someone devoutly obedient to the Koran kills, Obama lectures Americans to be nice to Muslims and denigrates Christians.

When he feigns help for inner city black America, he deliberately threatens those who obey American border laws with arrest and prosecution, so that the flooding of migrants continues, unabated, every day, taking entry level jobs.
He has facilitated the worst killing of Christians in the middle east in modern history.

He quotes the constitution and tortures the language of it, to twist it to unrecognizable messes.

He used the IRS to target "tea party" and Christian organizations, brutally and shamefully, no different than Hitler and Nuremberg laws.

He has given the world's greatest export of terror, Iran, the nuclear bomb and calls the greatest threat to civilization, "global warming", something if you do not agree, as a scientist, you will lose your job.

The deception of Barak Hussein Obama has surpassed all expectations for a president to lie and deceive, in scope, more than any president we have had.

His loyalty to Islam, and the overall revolution to usher in Islam to America, has been wildly successful.

When you read non-Islamic politicians defending a brutal, criminal and sexually violent ideology, you are looking at "Dhimmitude" status of subordination and humiliation.

AliKat said...

I hope they do organize and try to get something changed. If they don't, they're just throwing up their hands also. how is it a country comes to fear the EU instead of desiring to take care of its own people? What is the overbearing penalty that the EU can place on them if they stopped giving asylum? And if something is a law, it's not set in stone, right? It can be changed! there's nothing wrong with recognizing that the initial law was a little too broad. Why not amended instead of just throwing their hands up and going oh well...? Maybe Swedes should start leaving Sweden and asking for asylum in other countries... No wonder non-muslims are seen as weak. They are! this is probably the easiest expansion Muslims have ever been through. Just walk in and take over a country, and the country just rolls over and hands it to them.