Monday, February 1, 2016

Training Reminder: February 6-7, 2016 Seattle

Statement Analysis Training is Saturday-Sunday February 6-7, 2016 

Location: Roosevelt Room, The Dreamclinic in Seattle, 916 NE 65th Street
Seattle, WA 98115
6 February, 0830-1600

$100 Fee


There are still seats available. 

Please note the following:

Successful completion of the course allows the attendee to attend monthly training sessions with analysts, investigators and professionals from around the country, Canada, and the UK.  

These are regularly scheduled monthly sessions, from 9AM to 3PM EST at Go To Meeting.  

They are confidential meetings, with strict confidentiality agreements entered into,  and a significant discount is granted for yearly membership.  

At the conclusion of two years, certification is given, accredited with the Continuing Education Units from the University of Maine, for the analyst.  At this point, the analyst possesses the skills necessary for a wide variety of fields, and continuing beyond this mark only yields advanced understanding, including Analytical Interviewing, Anonymous Author Identification, and psychological profiling.  

These trainings are held the same day each month, and do not exceed 15 analysts per.  This allows both planning, and intimacy. 

The material in the seminar is not the material found here in the blog.  Here, public statements are analyzed and general analysis only is done.  

Those who move from general reading to formal training see the difference, as the training is in depth, challenging, and more complex than blog postings.  

Seattle seminar represents an excellent opportunity for local investigators, human resource professionals, attorneys, therapists, and others interesting in learning Statement Analysis where the group moves at the pace it can handle, with free Q &A, and specific topics addressed.  

It will require effort and energy, as well as commitment, but the reward of excellence, in the months of follow up allow, accredits the level of commitment given. 

I look forward to meeting those of you who are able to attend...

fasten your seat belts.  



VLW said...

Off topic, but I'm curious is anyone else has been following this story:

The "three masked men" jumped out at me immediately, though I suppose home invasions do involve three culprits sometimes. But the girlfriend's demeanor in the interview seemed emotionally lacking and, apparently, nothing was taken in the end though the young man was murdered. Any thoughts? Such a senseless crime.

LRO said...

Another off topic. Here are the links to Brandon Bostian's interviews regarding the Amtrak derailment. I'd love to see these analyzed.

Bostian Interview No. 1

Bostian Interview No. 2

Anonymous said...

Biggest story in US. Flint Michigan poisoned drinking water.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

A really good article:

ima.grandma said...


brain teaser ~

Peter's three cats are sitting side by side inside the House of Logic. Their names are Truth, Lie and Wisdom.

Truth always speaks the truth.
Lie always lies.
Wisdom can either lie or tell the truth.

Peter's friend comes to visit the House of Logic. 
Friend asks the cat on the right "Who is sitting next to you?"
"Truth" the cat replies.
Friend then asks the cat in the middle "Who are you?" 
"I am Wisdom" replies the middle cat."
Friend then proceeds by asking the cat on the left "Who sits besides you?"
"Lie" the cat answers.
It then became clear who is who...

How did the friend know each cat's name?

There is a logical answer.

Hey Jude said...

I think it's Truth - Lie - Wisdom


Truth cannot be in the middle or on the right as Truth does not lie
Lie cannot be on the Left as Truth cannot Lie
Lie cannot be on the right as Truth cannot Lie

Truth can only be on the left, Lie can only be in the middle as Truth does not lie - therefore Wisdom is on the right. (I think...)

Kathead said...

Right-Truth. Middle-Lie. Left-Wisdom.

Hey Jude said...

Kathead - Truth can't be on the right as Truth would be lying by saying Truth was in the middle, - Truth cannot lie, so Truth cannot be on the right.

Anonymous said...

Left - Truth
Middle - Lie
Right - Wisdom

Wisdom on the right exercised his lying option by saying Truth sits next to him, making it Lie. Lie is in the middle lying about being Wisdom.
Truth is on the left truthfully reporting Lie sitting in the middle.

Spooner is burrowed into the kitty treat cabinet, gorging himself on all of the catnip and Temptations kitty treats, thanking ima.grandma for successfully distracting everyone.