Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jennifer Hicks' Body Found

Jennifer Hicks, 31, has been found dead.

No further information released.

We noted that her ex husband believed/knew she was deceased by his repeated past tense references.  The source of this knowledge and/or belief is not known.

Did he consider her suicidal?
Did he consider fatal associations?

He stated that she was not one to neglect their daughter.

He was consistent with this in his air searches.

Police stated that she was wanted for a crime of theft in excess of $10,000 value.

We await a statement.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Might consider postal fraud, pranks, etc. in the area.

Bad Juju said...

I don't mean to sound like a broken record since I just said it in the previous Jennifer Hicks thread, but I still think she committed suicide.

The language and the behavior of the ex-husband are what I would expect from a concerned dad who knows his daughter needs her mother.

Bad Juju said...

I forgot to add that I think she said something to him that indicated she was suicidal. If I'm not mistaken, he was one of the last people she spoke to on the phone.

Lis said...

I'm not surprised but aw, that's so sad. The poor little daughter.

Whatever she did, she could've gotten through it.
Like they say, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Anonymous said...

From Topix:

I work for garland rentals. Paul found her. The unit was unrented and was locked from the outside with a pad lock. Seemed suspicious so be he broke the lock to find that her car was inside. The smell was hellatous, the car was closed and locked with her inside sitting at the drivers seat. She was clearly dead by the looks and the smell of her decomposing body. It was enough to make him almost pass out. He called the sherif and that's that. People need to pray for her family and hope law authority can solve this crime.

(if the unit was locked from the outside, this is murder)

Anonymous said...

There is an unconfirmed rumour that she was found in her car in a storage unit that was locked from the outside.

The storage unit was very close to her home.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad to hear this, especially for her parents. Losing a child is living hell.

Anonymous said...

.....if the rumor of where she was found is true, then who killed her? The credit union, because she allegedly stole $10,000? The ex-husband? Didn't the ex-husband tell people to check sheds and out-buildings?

Anonymous said...

Oh, he did anon! Good catch

Anonymous said...

I would love to see analysis about Jessica Chambers. But I don't have anything to link to. Anybody have a statement? I hope her thugy thug killer is taken out of this world. He committed crime after crime and never should have been around innocent people,

dragaonfly2x said...

more comments on "Topix":

United States
#102 2 hrs ago
Screech wrote:

I spoke with Paul last night. There was most definitely a pad lock on that unit! He's the one who broke the lock and discovered Jenn in her car. He said the smell was horrid, so she wasn't just put there within the last few days. If you know Paul, you know he's an honest man. I dont believe he's lying. Sad thing is, I don't think we will hear the real story from CCSO, KSP, or KBI. Everyone should use some common sense here. My Jenn wouldn't have left work to kill herself! Why call someone and ask if they want you to bring back lunch? "Oh! Carol doesn't want lunch today-I think I'll off myself." Nah. Think about it. Who was she going to see? Who had she been arguing with for days? Who still tried to control her? The same person who will probably never be looked at seriously because he's buddy-buddy with LE.
I am really sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope that all of you friends and family will stick together and make the authorities do right by this. I have seen these things just blown off by LE too many times. And from what i have heard, you are right on those facts. And no, Paul has no reason to lie. I said all along, she never would have ran off without seeing her daughter or even taking her with her. And if she had of ran off, she would have called her daughter or her mom. And why would she be on the way to go see her and just not show up, disappointing her daughter? Nope. And as you said, why call and see if somebody wants her to bring them lunch if she didn't plan to return to work? I don't believe she was running at all. I think "somebody" killed her before she even had time to get to her daughter and that is what I have thought all along. Sad sad situation. I hope justice is served!

I believe that person has been on this website posting about this.

Anonymous said...

Before reading 8:31 post above, it hadn't occurred to me that "Paul" might be lying. "Paul", who works at "Garland Rentals". It's interesting the person posting on "Topix" seems to be close personal friends with both "Paul" and Jennifer Hicks. So, were Paul and Jennifer Hicks close personal friends, as well? Is Paul lying? If so, did Paul kill Jennifer Hicks?

GeekRad said...

There is some seriously poor reporting on this. Complete lack of any detail. Very odd, she drove herself into a storage unit and willingly let someone padlock her in? And the media hasn't picked up on this demanding statements from LE? This will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't assume anything being said on Topix is true. Topix is a cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

According to WKMS, she was found in a storage unit with her car.

Anonymous said...

OT - 11yo girl dies suddenly.

Mom's statement:
"It was just a normal day. She came home from school just like any normal day. After eating she started to complain about being dizzy and then passed out. She came to and was being taken to the hospital and everything seemed fine and then the next second she was crashing and had no heartbeat. They worked 75 min to save her life to no avail. We have no answers has to what happened to our sweet girl at this time," writes Jessica Jackson."

lynda said...

Even with the warrant, I just have a hinky feeling about this in regards to the ex. His initial statement analyzed pointed towards at least guilty knowledge. If her husband was buddy buddy with LE, maybe his "buddy" told him a warrant was coming. Maybe the husband thought that would be a great time to actually kill her because people would think she committed suicide because of the warrant. The warrant was for failure of dispensation? or something like that. That could have been anything from forgetting to write down a deposit, not making a deposit, embezzling, etc. If this was her first offense, I really don't think jail time would be involved. It wasn't that bad illegal wise for her to commit suicide. The vile things that the ex wrote on his FB are hopefully being noted by LE and they are not dropping this. If ex put this in motion based on info he got from an inside "buddy" he is an equal of Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, and Davey Blackburn in my book to name a few!

Bad Juju said...

Calloway County coroner Rick Harris says Jennifer Hicks died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound

Anonymous said...

Nic said...

@ Bad Juju,

Isn't releasing cause of death before the autopsy being performed, jumping the gun (pardon the pun). The article says "was set TO BE performed".

Lisa21222 said...

Calloway County coroner Rick Harris says Jennifer Hicks died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kentucky State Police found Hicks with her car in a storage unit at Garland Storage Units in Calloway County on Thursday.

Harris says he believes that Hicks had been in that storage unit the day she went missing.

Garland Storage has three locations in Calloway County and all are close to Hicks' home.

An autopsy was set to be performed Friday morning in Louisville.

Hicks had been missing since February 9.

At this point, I would really like to know if the locker really was locked from outside...

Bad Juju said...

Nic, I think it's just a poorly-worded article. The article was posted in the afternoon, and the autopsy was likely complete at that point. Maybe the reporter would be able to answer your question.

Lisa, I think the padlock rumor from Topix is probably bunk.

lynda said...

Fairly recent published study..Interesting


Hypothesis 1: Men will be more likely than women to use
a disfiguring method to suicide.
As seen in the model “All Disfiguring Methods to Head/
Face” in Table 3, the odds of men using a method that
disfigured the face/head was nearly twice that of the odds
of women using a disfiguring method (OR=1.896, p<.01),
supporting Hypothesis 1.
Hypothesis 2: Men will be more likely than women to use
a firearm to suicide.
Presented in Table 3, the odds of men using a firearm to
suicide were almost 60% higher than the odds of women
using a firearm to suicide (OR=1.60, p<.05), supporting
Hypothesis 2.
Hypothesis 3: Of those who use a firearm to suicide, men
will be more likely than women to shoot themselves in the
As presented in the model “Gunshot to the Head/Face”
in Table 3, the odds of men shooting themselves in the head
or face were substantially higher than the odds of women
shooting themselves in the face (OR=3.483, p<.001),
supporting Hypothesis 3.

Anonymous said...

They say LE is calling it "self-inflicted". I'm curious how forensics knows that so fast, just hours after finding the body.

Lizyanbudy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lizyanbudy said...

I wonder if she left a suucide note?

Anonymous said...

"But in exploring the data, the researchers discovered two things that were linked with the likelihood of women shooting themselves in the face or head: having prior suicide attempts and experiencing stressful events leading up to the suicide."

Anonymous said...

None of us know yet WHERE she shot herself. At this point it is only an assumption that she shot herself in the head, especially given statistics. She could have shot herself in the heart.

It may be too early to tell if it was actually self inflicted, we don't know the angle of the shot, the depth of experience of the coroner and there has been no mention of the gun being in the car. Which leaves room for questions.

Anonymous said...

It would not have been ruled a self-inflicted gunshot if there was no gun in the car. Come on!

Do not expect many more details to be released in the media. That's par for the course with suicides.

I'm sure the ex will continue to be dragged through the mud on the internet, though.

Anonymous said...

8:24, you are making an assumption that a gun was found in the car. The coroner could be a country bumpkin for all we know.

COME ON is right.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Either way, someone's daughter/friend/co-worker is dead and a little girl's life is forever altered. Likely, if Jennifer Hicks did embezzle/steal the $10,000, the idea of being separated from her daughter for years/embarrassing or letting her daughter down/her daughter rejecting her over the theft may have been too much for her to handle.

If Jennifer had no priors,along with her family and close friends, I'd like to know the why behind the theft. It just seems like an even $10,000 is such an odd amount. I would expect someone who works with money (and intending to steal) to skim smaller uneven amounts over time to avoid detection. For some reason, $10,000 makes me think in terms of a blackmail demand (particularly if it is out of character, with no known drug issues/gang affiliations or gambling addictions). The only other scenarios that come to mind are medical bills, bailing out a spouse's financially failing company, or funding a costly, protracted custody battle.

It's a tragedy all around. Suicide is never the answer.

Concerned said...

It's important to remember that people kill themselves because of deep depression which is a mental illness. They often hide the depths of it from friends and family but they feel profound helplessness and hopelessness. It doesn't have to be rational and often is not.
Regarding how LE can tell if a person shot herself, the blood spatter tells it all. It's very hard to make it look like someone shot herself because the blood isn't in the right places. It wouldn't take a genius, big-city medical examiner to know this.

Bad Juju said...

Fools, I don't think she necessarily took $10,000 even. The warrant was for "Theft by Failure to Make Required Disposition of Property over $10,000." It's possible she took a lot more than that.

I don't think the authorities have said whether it was taken in smaller amounts over time or in one chunk.

Rose said...

True, it could have been way more than $10,000.

Anonymous said...

I always kept a loaded gun insdie the storage shed when I had one. At least until someone figured a way to open the electronic gate. I emptied the unit at 5 am the next morning.

Hopefully she was smart enough to double lock it, just in case a doppleganger unit was operating. Easy to see if they had tried to enter.

Anonymous said...

It would appear the ex husbands use of past tense vocabulary was most likely due to him suspecting suicide...

Natalie said...

I still think the ex husband did it.

Anonymous said...

Remember, he didnt want to be bothered...he just "wanted to play with his mini-me". Yeah sounds like he was real concerned.

Anonymous said...

Unit was locked from outside? And so...that means it was murder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:26 p.m., how do you know the storage unit was locked from the outside? Are you the person who found her?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Bad Juju- Thanks for the heads up on the warrant language! Having worked in the financial industry in a previous life, that reported $10,000 was hitting me oddly. That makes much more sense now.

Jennifer's death was so unnecessary...everyone loses. I knew someone years ago, who embezzled significantly more than that over time from a local municipality. They had a new baby and her husband's business wasn't doing very well (she kept the books and kept him in the dark). Needless to say, she did some jail time-her family stepped in to help him take care of the baby until she got out. Yes, it was embarrassing. Yes, the family lost some friends. Yes, it's going to follow her. But she and her family worked through it and are still very close. The municipality learned a valuable lesson too- no one should have sole access to the accounting entries and any monies should be handled via dual control under surveillance.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

For what it's worth, I do find the dad's description of his daughter as his mini me very creepy. Parents may joke about how their child has certain mannerisms like them, but "mini me" generally relates to how a mom perceives her daughter. Sometimes the label is given because the child so closely resembles the parent physically. In some cases though, the mom is narcissistic or has an unhealthy attachment to the child. The child is denied an identity and personality if her own- hence, the "mini me". The mom is living vicariously through the child.

Having a father refer to the young daughter as his mini me is unusual; even more so in this case for 2 reasons. He is praising the mom's parenting devotion. He's reiterating how much the daughter loves her mom. Both even though they've been through a hostile divorce and while the mom is missing. Yet he's telling us repeatedly that his daughter is essentially a copy of him and he wants uninterrupted time with her. The context is really weird and unexpected. The email language comes across almost as if he was trying to isolate the daughter and win her loyalty. It reads as almost an urgent need to bond with his daughter.

Not knowing the family and the dynamics personally though, perhaps they'd let bygones be bygones and had come together to raise their daughter, for her sake. Perhaps he was trying to pre-emptively prepare her for Jennifer's death, knowing Jennifer was despondent/depressed (or perhaps someone shared about the alleged theft when she first went missing).

Kathead said...

No, but people close to cases do tend to post there. I know of two separate cases where people have posted. One was the father of a girl that wandered off from a day care and drowned in a soft sided pool in another yard. The other was the family of a man that tried to kidnap a 16yr old girl near/in Bath,New York.

People feel the need to defend people they think they know or that they are related to.

Anonymous said...

This is a post from the Funeral Home page, made by Eric Hicks.

"I will always love u Jen, I don't know how to say this but I want u back!! Kaylee needs u more than ever, she asks about u every day❤️ We'll see u soon momma !"

Posted by: Eric - Murray - Family
Feb 29, 2016

I'd like to hear what Peter has to say about this, especially the last sentence. We'll see you soon sounds so odd.

Anonymous said...


I saw several other things on Eric Hicks' FB page that gave me the shivers.

Besides the mini-me posts ... he showed photos kissing his daughter on the lips, bathing with daughter in hot tub, sleeping/posing with daughter in a bed.... yikes. If my father would have encouraged or done ANY of that to me I would have gone screaming.

Something is rotten in the Hicks' house.

So WATER comes to mind. He encourages and is engaged in water activities with his daughter. Kissing, snuggling. Yuk. Water seems to be an underlying issue regarding consciousness.

Anon "I" said...

Am I on moderation? My comments keep disappearing totally.
I haven't been here in a while, and wonder if I need to go
out to the yard and pick my switch for what I might have done

Anon "I"

Anon "I" said...

This is a post from the Funeral Home page, made by Eric Hicks.

"I will always love u Jen, I don't know how to say this but I want u back!! Kaylee needs u more than ever, she asks about u every day❤️ We'll see u soon momma !"

Posted by: Eric - Murray - Family

I think of this as very Josh Powell-esque and risky. "Soon," in this situation seems odd for someone who still has a daughter to raise.

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Harry Jams said...

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ben mark said...

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